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                Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball FAQ
                              version 1.3
                         *Exclusive for Xbox*

                           Author: Scott Ong 
                       ([email protected])

               NOTE: I am no longer using my old e-mail account
                     [email protected]

           Latest revisions of the FAQ can always be obtained at

This FAQ is protected under the Copyright Law Act. No part of the
material should be copied without obtaining the author's consent.
Dead or Alive Extreme Beach Volleyball and Dead Alive are copyright of
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trademarks of Tecmo LTD. Microsoft Xbox and the Xbox logos are either
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other countries.

This FAQ is copyright of Scott Ong 2003

                           Table of Contents
1)  Author's Note
2)  Game Overview
3)  Zack's Island
4)  Characters
    - Kasumi
    - Hitomi
    - Helena
    - Leifang
    - Christie
    - Lisa
    - Tina
    - Ayane
5)  Exhibition Mode
6)  Bestiary
    - Swimsuits
    - Accessories
    - Items
    - Original Soundtrack
7)  Casino
    - Roulette
    - Blackjack
    - Poker
    - Slot Machine
8)  Secrets & Hints
9)  Credits and Acknowledgements
10) E-mail Policy / Q & A

                            Author's Note
Prior to these update, I have receiving e-mails regarding the game's
topless code. For the full explanation about the code, please check
the Q & A section under the last section of the FAQ. The code DOES
NOT work as based on my testing. However, a trick posted by people at
the GameFAQs message boards does works.

Thanks to a few readers, I have managed to corrected and expanded some
of the minor facets that I have overlooked.

As I am currently serving the Army, I will not have much time in reply
e-mails. By the way, please do not sent e-mails to my old e-mail a/c
as I no longer read e-mails from there. Please wait for at least 3
days for my reply. If you need help urgently, consult other FAQ
writers for this game. The message boards at GameFAQs is also a ideal
source of help.

                             Game Overview

This beach volleyball simulation game (I will not classified as a
sports game...) features those lovely chicks from Dead of Alive Series.
The game involves from Zack, the winner of the DOA 3 Tournament who
subsequently strikes lottery at the casino and bought over an island.
The name was named after him. Up to something mischief, he invites ONLY
female competitors from DOA series for the tournment, DOA 4. You will
be choosing to play as one of 8 gals for 14 day vacation in Zack's

                            Zack's Island

Zack Island consists of several places of interest and they are:-

  It's cool under the trees and it's green as far as the eye can see.
  It's a paradise! There's even a casino!
  The DJ has the place jumpin' Keep those request coming!
  What a cool little island. Well they say: When in Rome...
  Buy swimsuits here. Check back daily!
  Some nice, small items. Lots of variety
  All those sails are quite a sight
  A nice out-of-the-way spot. Wonder what's here
  A quite beach for Zack's private use
  A stall that would opens on fourth day of a girl's vacation.

3.1 - Basis
The gameplay is relatively simple as you just need to your time on the
island by playing beach volleyball, practice your hopping at the
poolside, purchases accessories and stuff from shops and interact with
the girls that stays on the island.

3.2 - Options Menu
Before you start the game, you can go to the Options where you get to
switch your controls between digital and analog. Analog controls will
cause the power of the character's spike, serve or jump based on how
hard you have pressed the button. Digital allows you to have a 4-
buttons control with Attack (hard), Attack (soft) and Receive (hard)
or Receive (soft). In my opinion, digital controller is easier as you
can control the hard/soft of the controls that you want. You can view
the federal warning and age settings under the Options menu.

3.3 - Starting the Game
Every character has her own likes and dislikes. Winning games help to
build teamwork and the relationship between the two. Whoever you choose
as your character, they will meet up with Lisa on the poolside who
offers to take you on a tour around the island. Of course, you are
playing as Lisa, you will meet up with Tina instead. On the first play,
you will be guided along for the first day. However if you have
completed the 14-day vacation with at least 1 character, you will be
given the option to skip the tour. However, it will bring down your
affection with Lisa. You start the game with 10,000 Zack Dollars or
your previous remaining amount from the character's previous vacation.
The reason why it is Lisa inviting your character for the tourney is
because she is co-host of Zack's Island & Zack's sister!

3.4 - Replaying a vacation
If you are using the same saved file but using another character, you
will most likely find items that you have previously given the
character as gifts (provided that she did not discard them...).
Unfortunately, they cannot be re-sent as presents $_$:)

C O N T R O L S 
(Configuration for analog controller - default settings)

(A)  A button        #  black button    R/  right thumbstick
(B)  B button       ()  white button    L/  left thumbstick/ D-Pad
(X)  X button       [S] start button    [B] Back button
[L]  left trigger   [R] right trigger

(A)  Select or Advance command. Attack button for beach volleyball
     (spiking, serving or blocking).
(B)  Cancel or Return command. Receive button for beach volleyball
     (tossing and receiving). 
(X)  Views items menu. You can choose to change your character's
     attire, accessories, view items and mingle with them. You can
     jump to the next page when viewing items.
R/   Moves the camera during gravure system mode and replay modes
L/   Moves the character and move cursors between menu options
[S]  Pause the game during volleyball. OK-Advances for screen commands
[B]  Cancels-returns to previous screen
#    Skip to the next song
()   Replay current song
[L]  Changes camera view during gravure system
[R]  Zoom in during gravure system and replay modes.

Digital Controls
- Generally the controls are the same except you can determine the
  hardness and softness of attack and receive commands.
- Typically, it is easier than analog as you can determine the power
  of the spikes/serves, which are crucial in winning beach volleyball
- Digital controls will apply only to gameplay of the beach volleyball
  & the hopping game.

The default settings for the digital controls are:
(A) Button - Attack Hard
(B) Button - Receive Hard
(Y) Button - Attack Soft
(X) Button - Receive Soft

Winning hopping game at the poolside or winning a beach volleyball
game nabs you Zack dollars, the currency used on the island. You can
also choose to gamble these money at Casino when your character gets
back to the casino at night.

D A Y    A C T I V I T I E S

A single day on Zack Island is practically divided into 4 "parts" - 
morning, daytime, evening and night time. You can only doing the
following events during the day (morning, daytime & evening):-

A day at Zack Island can be divided into 4 "parts" as the following:
1) Morning - everything accessible* except for Bass Island & Casino
2) Daytime - everything accessible* except for Casino
3) Evening - everything accessible* except for Bass Island & Casino
4) Night time - you can only access the Casino.

* Jack of All Trades only opens from 4th day of your vacation.

  P o o l s i d e

  Take a rest at the poolside and play the hopping mini-game. You can
  also view your items and have a rest (gravure system mode) at the
  pool. Note that when you are not moving D-Pad or left thumbstick, you
  will enter into the gravure mode while your character is lying on the
  bench chair.

  Entering the poolside will give you the following options:

  Leave the poolside : Leave the pool
  Take a rest*       : Enter into pool gravure mode system
  Play hopping game* : Play the mini game
  View items         : View your items, accessories, items & presents
  Quit the game      : Exit "Zack's Island Mode"

  I supposed most of the options are straight forward except for the
  options mark in asterisk. Select either one of these commands will
  allows you to move past a "part" of a day. Gravure mode will differ
  depends on the "part" of the day.

  I have also discovered that the Gravure movie will change if you
  change your character's costume or equipped the character's favorite
  item. Please refer to gravure mode listing under each individual
  character's profile. Gravure movie shown are also based on the days.
  For example for Hitomi, there are 2 gravure movies for daytime. You
  will get the gravure movie of her sitting by poolside on odd days
  while a gravure movie of her lying on the poolside on even days.

  ------------      Note: The digital controls can be applied for this
  Hopping Game            mini-game.
  The mini-game objective is relatively simply. You just need to move
  your character from one side of the pool to other by jumping on the
  floating boards. Once you fall into the pool, you will be given the
  option to retry or quit the mini-game.

  For analog controls,
  Hopping is basically affected by pressure sensitivity of the (A)
  button. Your character will hop further if you hit the (A) button
  harder. You can calibrate the pressure before beginning of any hopping
  mini-game game. Hit the start button to proceed. You can make use of
  digital controls by hit (A) as hard button and (B) as soft button.

  The faster you get to other side of the pool, the higher your score
  will be. All points earned on Zack's Island will be converted to Zack
  Dollars. In between, you will be gaining Nice points for making nifty
  steps by chaining your jumps smoothly. Nice points will be accumulated
  during hopping. However if you fall into the pool, the nice points
  earned will be not be forfeited i.e. you will not receive any Zack
  dollars. You can also zoom in while playing the mini-game.

  The hopping game can generates a steady source of income and it also
  allows you to be familiarised with the analog controls. It is ideal
  for practicing with the analog controls.

  S h o p s 
  I supposed I don't need to explain too much as Lisa will explain for
  you when you are playing the game for the first time. There are a
  total of three shops - Sports Shop, Accessory Shop and Zack of All
  Trades. The third shop will only open from the 4th day of the 
  character's vacation.

  The items will be changed between days. So make sure you check them
  out every time. However, there are a few points to take note of:

  . Items such as food (milk, lobster, crabs, etc) & flowers (hibiscus,
    roses, etc) will withered or go stale when you have keep them for
    more than half a day. Once withered/spoilt, they will be discarded

  . Accessories are the only items that can be worn. Exceptions
    includes the character's favorite item. For example, Kasumi's
    favorite item allow you to change her hairstyle to braids or

  . Swimsuits sold in the Sports Shops are ONLY specific to the
    character's theme. For example, you will find flowers-theme
    swimsuits when you are playing as Kasumi and birds-theme swimsuits
    when you are playing as Leifang.

  . In order to other theme swimsuits is by offering presents to the
    other girls so that they will sent you a return gift when you
    return back to the hotel at night. You can also play as the other
    character and give gifts to your character, which is the faster

  . Zack will give you 3 swimsuits for the character when they return
    to the hotel after winning beach volleyball. You can expect to
    receive a gift from Zack every night. It seems that changing to new
    swimsuits helps you to get new swimsuit earlier.

  . Hit (X) button before attempting to purchase will allow you to
    know whether the item is in your inventory. This hint is pretty
    useful when you attempting to complete the swimsuit collection for
    that particular character. You can also receive your character's
    swimsuit from other characters as gift.

  B e a c h e s  /  J u n g l e
  There are a lot of things while on the isolated regions of the island.
  You can play beach volleyball when you have a partner and there are
  2 characters within that area.

  When there is nobody within that area, you will automatically proceed
  to the gravure mode for your character. Hit Start or (A) button to
  exit. The time will passes for a "part".

  If you are alone, there are 1 or 2 companions on the area, you will
  be given the option of:- 1) forming a partnership and 2) giving the
  girl a present.

  There is some art in forming partnerships and giving gifts. Before
  forming a partnership, you must be on good terms with the character.
  The relationship can be enhanced by giving likeable gifts to the
  character. If you give a wrong item, it will bring down the mood
  between the 2 characters. Winning volleyball games help to build
  friendship. For the list of likeable objects, please refer to the
  Characters Section for more details. Doing a gift presentation or
  forming partnership (fail or succeed) will result you to spend a 
  "part" of the day.

  If you have a partner and there are 2 characters found in that area,
  you will be given an additional option of having a volleyball game.
  You can pause the game by hit the Start button. If you choose to quit
  the game, it will be counted as you lose the beach volleyball game.

  Beach Volleyball
  The volleyball game is relatively simple as it involves moving the
  character around the field and using 2 buttons based on how hard you
  hit the button. Good serves, blocks and spikes can earn you nice
  points. The larger the point margins, the more points you will earn.

  Basic Rules:
  - Matches use the rally point system, where the serve goes to
    whoever team has mostly recently scored. The character will take
    turns in serving. The 1st player will have the chance to serve
  - The team that gets to 7 points first wins. Deuce may also be
    called when the score is 6 to 6. If the score reaches 9 - 9, the
    first team to reaches 10 points wins the game.
  - There are no sidelines and endline on the court.
  - Your team will always be on the left side of the court.

  The volleyball game consists of 5 basic phrases:

  - Hit Down or Up on the D-Pad to change position before your
    character begin to serve.
  - To perform a serve, hit (A) to toss the ball up and hit (A) again
    while the ball is in mid-air. You can make use of D-Pad to
    determine the aim point of opposition's court.

  Basically, there are 3 types of serves:-
  1) Overhand Serve - the default serve technique.
     View the instructions above. If you hit with good timing and a
     strong force, you will be award 1000 nice points for the serve.

  2) Underhand Serve
     To execute the serve, hold left on D-Pad when your character is
     facing right and hit (A) to toss and followed by (A) to hit.
     This move does not possesses much power but it is very easy to

  3) Jump Serve
     To execute the serve, hold right on D-Pad when your character is
     facing right and hit (A) to toss. While the ball reaches the peak,
     hit (A) to perform a Jump Serve. A great technique but hard to
     time. If you hit with good time and strong force - you will be
     awarded 2000 nice points for the serve.

  - Move your character towards the ball and lightly tap (B) to hit
    the incoming serve or spike.
  - To perform Two Attack,
    Hold down (B) firmly when your character are about to recieve
    the ball. For your character to perform Two Attack, hold down (B)
    when your partner receives the ball.

  - Short Toss: Tap (B) as your teammate receives the ball
  - Long Toss: Press (B) firmly as your teammate receives the ball.
  - You can determine the direction by pressing Up or Down on the
    D-Pad. If you lightly tap (B) when your teammate is at the
    backcourt, you can give her a quick toss for a back attack.

  - Position your character with D-Pad and while the ball is in
    mid-air, hit (A) to jump and (A) again to perform a spike. The
    power of spike depends on hard you tap (A).
  - When an opponent attempts to block, tap (A) again to perform a 
  - You will be awarded 1000 points for perform a nice spike.

  - Timing is important. Hit (A) when your character is at the net
    to perform a block.

  Controlling your teammate
  The computer will automatically control your partner, but you can
  direct them with the right thumbsticks

  Normal Shift         R/ Down from Above
  Your teammate decides whether to block or receive based on the

  Block Shift          R/ towards the net
  Your teammate will try for a block near the net.

  Receive Shift        R/ away from the net
  Your teammate will try to receive the ball in the backcourt.

  General Tips
  Generally, it is a game based on reflexes and you will need to a lot
  of practcie. I myself spend approximate 3 hours to perfect my
  volleyball skills. Remember: Practice makes perfect.

  - Make your receiving acts timely. Otherwise your character will be
    very vulnerable for incoming spike.
  - Spikes are great tools for attack but do not use them too often.
    Ocassionally, use (B) for a soft spike when your opponent is
    attempting to block you.
  - Toss the ball often and set up your teammate for a spike.
  - Plays the backcourt while your teammate is in front court and vice
  - Do not hit <- + any button when receiving a spike at the back
    court, your character will throw the ball off court most of the
  - You can force to automatic replay instantly by tapping L trigger
    after a score is regristered. This does not work on the match

  You will ONLY be awarded nice points if you are on good terms with
  your partner.

 Scoresheet and Zack Dollars Earned
 7-0    150,000 Z   Any other scores such as 7-6 and tie breaker scores
 7-1     90,000 Z   such as 9-7, 9-8, 10-9 will give 40,000 Z. If you
 7-2     80,000 Z   lose, no Zack Dollars (Z) will be earned. However,
 7-3     70,000 Z   you still get nice points that you have accumulated
 7-4     60,000 Z   in the game.
 7-5     50,000 Z

 Nice Points Listing
 Nice overhead serve                    1000 Z
 Nice block                             1000 Z
 Nice jumping serve                     2000 Z
 Knock opponent over with jump spike    1000 Z
 Score a point with jump spike          1000 Z

 Typically, these are conditions to attain nice points from your
 partner. Nice moves are indicated by shadow movement and they are
 more powerful than normal moves. To do this, you must achieve a good
 timing on your serves/blocks/spikes...

 Match points counts more than nice points. For example, a -1 score
 will result a cut of 10,000 Zack dollars or 60,000 if your score is
 6-0. You will need to score a lot of nice points to compensate for the
 loss. Thus, I do not recommend you to go for jumping serve as there is
 a high tendency of the ball hitting the net...

 If your character is getting on bad terms with your partner (due to
 losing beach volleyball matches or giving "dislike" & "hate" items
 to her), your partner's performance on the court will be weakened. The
 partner becomes more unwilling. It is like have a weak partner on
 your team. Thus maintaining a relationship is crucial in order to win
 breakout games.

 In-game or story relationships could hurt the team's partnership...
 For example, it is very hard to have a partnership between Kasumi and
 Ayane as Ayane hates Kasumi... The only solution is give "love"
 items to the partner and hope the relationship works out well. This
 will thus affect the ethusiasm rating of your character and partner.
 That is why it is marked with a "????" on the manual.

 Character Types
 Character types indicates the character's strengths. For example, a
 character with high power rating indicates that the character could
 dealt powerful spikes that could be hard for the opposition who will
 be receiving. Below is the listing:-

 Stats         What it does?
 `````         ``````````````
 Power (P)     Affects the power dealt in the character's serves/spikes
 Technique (T) Affects character's receiving of spikes and passing. 
 Defense (D)   Affects character's defense in block and receiving power
 Enthusiasm    Affects the character's mood in playing beach volleyball.

 Character Ratings 
 (listed from manual)

        Kasumi  Hitomi  Helena  Leifang  Lisa   Christie  Tina   Ayane
        ``````  ``````  ``````  ```````  `````  ````````  ````   ``````
 P      *       ****    **      *        ***    ***       *****  **
 T      *****   *       ***     ****     ****   ***       **     *****
 D      ***     ***     ****    ****     ***    ****      *      **
 Points  9       8       9       9        10     10        8      9
 Type    A       B       C       C        D      D         B      A

 Speciality Type A: Technique - Kasumi and Ayane
 Speciality Type B: Power     - Hitomi and Tina
 Speciality Type C: Defense   - Helena and Leifang
 Speciality Type D: Generic   - Lisa and Christie

 Not all strategies could guranttee 100% victory. It still depends on
 how you make your decisions while on the court...

 For playing as Weak Power characters 
 (Kasumi, Ayane, Helena & Leifang)
 If you are playing as Kasumi/Ayane/Leifang/Helena (weak attackers),
 it would advisible to recruit a character with high power rating for
 your offense. In this case, I would opt for Hitomi (in my opinion,
 she is easier to befriend than Tina...) Lastly, whenever you are going
 for a spike and opponent is jumping to block, use a soft spike avoid
 being blocked... Stay in the backcourt to utilize the character's
 technique ratings. (Despite categorised as a "Defense" character,
 Leifang has pretty good technique ratings...)

 For playing with Weak Technique characters
 (Hitomi and Tina)
 Hitomi and Tina will be likely to exprience in handling tough spikes
 and lobbing the ball to their partners. I would recommend you to have
 these characters stay at the front line for spiking. As for Tina, do
 not go for blocks! Get high technique characters such as Leifang,
 Ayane, Kasumi or Lisa as their partners.

 For playing with Weak Defense characters
 (Ayane and Tina)
 Defense does not count a lot if you do not go for blocks very often.
 For Ayane, keep her at the back when opponents are attacking due to
 her technique. As for Tina, stick at the front bay for catch lobs but
 do not go for blocks.

N I G H T   A C T I V I T I E S
There are only 2 places of interest: the hotel and the casino. More
details regarding the casino will be found at Section 6.

  H o t e l
  Your character will automatically returns back to the hotel. You will
  be able to view your items, your collection, watch movies (earned
  from Zack), give presents to girls (especially your partner), sleep,
  go down to the casino and gamble or quit the game.

  Sleep and Collection
  Sleep will bring you to next day of the vacation. Collection section
  allows you to view the number of swimsuits, accessories and items you
  have gained. Note that it is IMPOSSIBLE to gain all swimsuits within
  one vacation. You need to replay the Zack Island mode again by using
  the same file. The items, accessories and swimsuits collected will be
  available for usage when you play a new vacation with that particular
  character. Collection allows you to store 1 kind of that item.

  Giving Gifts
  In order to boost relationship with other 7 girls on the island, you
  will need to give them gifts. Gifts helps to build affection. If you
  get along with the other girl, they might even give you gifts! (Most
  importantly, other girl's collection of swimsuits.)

  You cannot wrap a gift at the hotel. You can only obtain gifts by
  buying and choose wrap at any one of the stores. If you are intend to
  send a gift which is perishable such as drinks, food or flowers, so
  make sure you bought these items during in the evening phrase.

  Gifts obtained from other girls and Zack will be unknown until you
  have opened the packaging. Note that you can give a gift from Zack
  to another girl! Gift boxes will give you a general idea of what the
  item will be like.

  Please take note that this is only way to built up affection with
  your partner as she no longer appears on the island. You cannot give
  video tapes, gold and silver volleyball and special swimsuits as
  gifts to other characters.

  Relationships also carries on from previous vacations. If you messed
  up the relationship with your current partner previously, most of the
  time, your partner will be unhappy thus breaking up the partnership

  Watch Videos
  There are a total of 7 video tapes, each earned from Zack. They are
  demos and creator's view about the series "Dead or Alive".

  DOA 1 Demo 1997            
  DOA 2 Realtime Demo 990217
  DOA 2 Realtime Demo 990909
  DOA 3 CF For Japan
  DOA 3 CF For UK
  DOA 3 CF For US
  DOA 3 Opening Movie
  Ninja Gaiden Trailer

  You will get them as you win more beach volleyball games. Some of
  tapes can only be obtained in your subsequent vacation with that
  character. You can view the video by selecting "Watch Video" option.

  C a s i n o
  This is the place where you get to spend your money by playing
  poker, blackjack, slot machines, etc. More details will be covered
  under Section 6.


The cast of characters feature a total of 8 female characters from the
Dead or Alive series. Each girls have her own set of swimsuits, hobbies,
favorite color and interests.

- Affection and Friendship -
Personally, the character profiles includes swimsuits listing and tips
on building up affection with the character. If you need a complete
help on affection building, please refer to Robert Goode's Collectable
Checklist FAQ, which is available at GameFAQs 

It is important to build up friendship as your partner will be more
motivated to team up with your character, thus it is winning beach
volleyball. Besides this, it also allows your teammate to accept
certain swimsuits as gifts. For example, not all characters likes the
Venus swimsuit.

- Gift Giving -
Please note that if the character is angry with your character, they
will also DISCARD away the LOVED items. Thus it is not advisible to give
a loved item to an angry character. If you want, wait for a day or so
to give the gift. If you given a gift that the character has already
have in their inventory, they will return the gift if you are good terms
or discarded the item.

- Phrases -
The character's phrases are obtained once you are in good relationship
with the character (i.e. you will find music notes on the character's
icon). They will open the gift and give the phrase as their comments.

- Gravure Movies -
Every character has their own set of unique Gravure movies. Some of
the movies can be locked when you are visiting that particular place
at even or odd days. The gravure movie controls are stated in your

Starting from the left from the Character Selection Screen:

 K a s u m i
 PROFILE                                     BACKGROUND INFO
 Nationality:      Japanese                  A runaway ninja who got
 Height/Weight:    5'2", 106 lbs             out of her village to
 Body Size:        B35", W21", H33"          avenge for her brother.
 Birthday:         February 23rd
 Age:              Not Avaliable             ABILITIES:
 Blood Type:       A                         Power:      *
 Hobbies:          Fortune telling           Technique:  *****
 Favourite Food:   Strawberry millefeuille   Defense:    ***
 Favorite Color:   Milky Pink
 Birthstone:       Amethyst

 Specific Swimsuits received from Zack:
 Gentian, Jasmine & Rabbit

 Swimsuits Listing
 - Bought from Sports Shop (38)

 Swimsuit                Cost         Swimsuit                Cost
 `````````````````````````````````    `````````````````````````````````
 Acacia                  550000       Hyacinth                  5000
 Amaryllis                10000       Indigo                   12000
 Begonia                 310000       Indigo (skirt)          100000
 Camellia                 10000       Iris                     45000
 Carnation                12000       Lilac                   550000
 Carnation (skirt)       100000       Lily                      5000
 Cattelya                550000       Marguerite               20000
 Chamomile               220000       Marigold                 45000
 Cherry Blossom           50000       Morning Glory            45000
 Clover                   12000       Olive                     5000
 Clover (skirt)          100000       Peony                    20000
 Cosmos                   45000       Pink                    370000
 Cyclamen                 10000       Rose                     20000
 Dahlia                   50000       Salvia                  310000
 Daisy                    10000       Sasanqua                370000
 Dandelion                50000       Sweet Pea               220000
 Freesia                  50000       Tulip (initial)           5000
 Gerbera                 370000       Pansey                   20000
 Bougainvillea           220000       Hydrangea                20000
 Favorite Item: Favorite Ribbon
 * This item allows you to tie Kasumi's hair in ponytail, tie or

 Recommended items as gifts bought from Jack of All Trades
 Strawberry millefeuille (5000), Strawberry Juice (600), Tarot Cards 
 (3000), Crystal Ball (10000), Origami (any color, 1200), Clover
 Brooch (4000), Amethyst (30000), Cushion (cute or checked, 3000),
 Strawberries (700)

 General Comment:
 Generally, Kasumi likes strawberries-type food. Fortune-telling items
 such as Crystal Ball and Tarot Cards. Flower-based items and pink
 colored items are her favorites. Rather easy to coax.

 Love Phrase      "Thank you. I'll treasure it!"
 Like Phrase      "Wow! Thanks."
 Neutral Phrase   "Thanks, I really like it."
 Dislike Phrase   "... Thanks. I guess"
 Hate Phrase      "Umm...Thanks."

 Gravure Movie Listing
 Poolside          Sitting at the table                   Most
                   Stretching on the poolside             Morning Only
                   Walking at the pool/ sitting at buoy   Daytime (Even)
 Jungle            Lying on a tree and view scenary       Most
 Private Beach     Resting on the swing                   Most
 Niki Beach        Stretching                             Day Only
                   Take a stroll on the beach             Evening Only
 Bass Island       Swim in the ocean                      Most

 H i t o m i
 PROFILE                                BACKGROUND INFO
 Nationality:      German               A young woman has dedicated
 Height/Weight:    5'3", 108 lbs        herself to mastering karate.
 Body Size:        B35", W23", H33"     Her manners are meticulous, and
 Birthday:         May 25th             she presents herself as
 Age:              18 years old         resolute and determined
 Blood Type:       O
 Hobbies:          Cooking              ABILITIES:
 Favourite Food:   Sachertorte          Power:      ****
 Favorite Color:   Sky Blue             Technique:  *
 Birthstone:       Emerald              Defense:    ***

 Specific Swimsuit received from Zack: 
 Bear, Cassiopeia, Orion
 Swimsuit Listing (arranged in alphabetical order)
 - Bought from Sports Shop (51)

 Swimsuit                Cost         Swimsuit                Cost
 `````````````````````````````````    `````````````````````````````````
 Andromeda                85000       Lynx                     20000
 Aquarius                 30000       Lyra                     30000
 Aries (initial)           5000       Marlin                   30000
 Cancer                  370000       Meteor                   85000
 Capricorn                20000       Milky Way               370000
 Centaurus                50000       Nebula                   20000
 Cepheus                 220000       Norma                    70000
 Chameleon                50000       Nova                      5000
 Corona                   85000       Pegasus                 370000
 Cygnus                   85000       Perseus                  70000
 Dolphin                  20000       Pictor                   30000
 Draco                    20000       Puppy                    30000
 Eagle                    30000       Pyxis                   125000
 Eridanus                 50000       Reticulum               220000
 Flying Fish              85000       Sagittarius              20000
 Fox                     275000       Scorpion                275000
 Galaxy                  125000       Serpent                 220000
 Gemini                   20000       Shooting Star             5000
 Giraffe                 275000       Southern Cross            5000
 Hydra                    50000       Taurus                  170000
 Leo                      30000       Unicorn                  30000
 Lepus                   170000       Virgo                     5000
 Libra                    70000       Whale                   370000
 Little Bear             220000       Zodiac                  170000
 Carina                   36000       Comet                   220000
 Colt                    275000

 Favorite Item: Favorite Headband
 * Hitomi's favorite headband can be equipped or disarm.

 Recommended items as gifts bought from Jack of All Trades
 All Receipes (10000, 8 of them), Microwave Oven (6000), Hourglass
 (2500), Sachertorte (5000), Milk (600), Music Box (3000), Heart 
 Brooch (4000), Frying Pan (2000), Emerald (30000), Silver Set 
 (16000), Teddy Bear (8000, Pink and Brown)

 General Comment:
 Her hobbies is cooking, which sounds sensible to give her microwave
 oven, frying pan, hourglass or silver set as gifts. She loves fluffy
 toys such as bears and recipes (for her cooking). Basically, you can
 give her any kind of jewels (as suggested by her swimsuit) along
 with sky blue items. One of the easiest to coax...

 Love Phrase      "Waah! It's the BEST! I can't believe it!"
 Like Phrase      "Alright! Thanks!"
 Neutral Phrase   "Thank you. I'll take good care of it."
 Dislike Phrase   "Well...I appreciate the thought."
 Hate Phrase      "Ummm...Thanks."

 Gravure Movie Listing
 Poolside          Sitting at the table                    Most
                   Lying on the poolside floor             Daytime/ Even
                   Sitting by the poolside                 Daytime/ Odd
 Jungle            Sitting on a log                        Most
 Private Beach     Sitting at the swing                    Most
 Niki Beach        Lying on the beach                      Daytime Only
                   Practicing karate moves at the shore    Morning Only
                   Belly dancing at the shore              Evening Only
 Bass Island       Riding a bicycle along coastline        Most

 H e l e n a
 PROFILE                                BACKGROUND INFO
 Nationality:      French               An up-and-coming prima donna, a
 Height/Weight:    5'7", 108 lbs        gift to the world of opera.
 Body Size:        B35", W22", H34"     This young woman always gives
 Birthday:         January 30th         off a high-class air.
 Age:              21 years old
 Blood Type:       AB
 Hobbies:          Walking              ABILITIES:
 Favourite Food:   Blancmange           Power:      **
 Favorite Color:   Pearl white          Technique:  ***
 Birthstone:       Garnet               Defense:    ****

 Specific Swimsuit received from Zack: 
 Champs-Elysees, Margarita, White Cat
 Swimsuit Listing (arranged in alphabetical order)
 - Bought from Sports Shop (32)

 Swimsuit                Cost         Swimsuit                Cost
 `````````````````````````````````    `````````````````````````````````
 Acapulco                500000       Panache (initial)        10000
 Adonis                  270000       Papagena                 10000
 Angel's Wing            550000       Polonaise                20000
 Black Velvet             50000       Salty Dog               270000
 Bloody Mary              40000       Shandy                   20000
 Blue Lagoon              20000       Sidecar                 125000
 Blue Moon                50000       Singapore Sling          10000
 Cafe De Paris           550000       Spritzer                125000
 Chi-Chi                  40000       Summer Time             125000
 Czarine                 500000       Tequila Sunrise         350000
 Daiquiri                 40000       
 Gimlet                  500000
 Gin Tonic                50000
 Golden Girl              50000
 Habana Beach             30000
 Kir Royal                30000
 Little Princess         270000
 Mai-Tai                  20000
 Manhatten               350000
 Martini                 550000
 Mint Frappe             350000
 Moscow Mule              30000

 Favorite Item: N/A
 Although, there is no favorite item for Helena, the ribbon on her
 hair changes as you change her swimsuit.

 Recommended items as gifts bought from Jack of All Trades
 Blancmange (5000),  French Bread (700), Doughnuts (700), Blue Conch 
 (2000), Candles (4000), Collar (3500), Dolphin Brooch (4000), Dolphin
 Clock (7000), Dolphin Sea World Ticket (2000), Garnet (30000), Pearl
 (30000), White Soap (1500), Murex (All 4, 1500), White Shell (1300),
 Shell Brooch (4000), Pen And Ink (2000), Perfume (3000), Diamond
 (30000), Purple Conch (1500), White Conch (1300)

 General Comment:
 Despite no identifable hobbies, Helena is rather easy to pleased. She
 is a vainpot who treasures expensive items such as pendants, shells,
 murexes, perfume and western food. White colored jewels such as pearl
 and diamond could help to improve her relationship with your
 character. Get her white colored accessories and she will like them.
 One of the most easiest to please with...

 Love Phrase      "Oh!! It's so nice! I'll cherish it forever."
 Like Phrase      "Oh! Thank you!"
 Neutral Phrase   "Thanks very much."
 Dislike Phrase   "Ummm...Thanks."
 Hate Phrase      "...Well. I guess I'll take it"

 Gravure Movie Listing
 Poolside          Sitting at the table                    Most
                   Sit by the pool                         Daytime Only
 Jungle            Lying against a tree trunk              Most
 Private Beach     View the sea and picking seashells      Most
 Niki Beach        Practising fighting skills              Morning Only
                   Lying on the beach                      Most
 Bass Island       Swim in the ocean                       Most

 L e i f a n g
 PROFILE                                BACKGROUND INFO
 Nationality:      Chinese              A young genius raised in a rich
 Height/Weight:    5'4", 110 lbs        family. Though she's cheerful &
 Body Size:        B35", W23", H33"     kind to everyone, she can be a
 Birthday:         April 23rd           proud little princess.
 Age:              19 years old
 Blood Type:       B
 Hobbies:          Aromatherapy         ABILITIES:
 Favourite Food:   Chinese desert       Power:      *
 Favorite Color:   Lemon yellow         Technique:  ****
 Birthstone:       Diamond              Defense:    ****

 Specific Swimsuit received from Zack: 
 Panda, Peacock, Phoenix
 Swimsuit Listing (arranged in alphabetical order)
 - Bought from Sports Shop (39)

 Swimsuit                Cost         Swimsuit                Cost
 `````````````````````````````````    ````````````````````````````````` 
 Albatross                30000       Paradise                 10000
 Bluebird                 50000       Parrot                   10000
 Bush Warbler             45000       Penguin                 370000
 Canary                    5000       Pigeon                   30000
 Cardinal                 45000       Pipit                   125000
 Condor                  125000       Pipit (skirt)           500000
 Condor (Skirt)          500000       Raven                    30000
 Cuckoo                   30000       Robin (initial)           5000
 Emu                     250000       Rosefinch               500000
 Falcon                   30000       Sea Gull                  5000
 Flamingo                170000       Skylark                   5000
 Goldcrest                 5000       Sparrow                 125000
 Goose                   170000       Sparrow (skirt)         500000
 Hawk                    125000       Swallow                  75000
 Hawk (skirt)            500000       Swan                     10000
 Heron                   170000       Swift                    30000
 Hummingbird             170000       Woodpecker               30000
 Ibis                     10000       
 Kiwi                     50000
 Nene                     45000
 Nightingale              10000
 Oriole                  600000
 Favorite Item: Favorite Barrette
 * Leifang's favorite barrette can be equipped or disarm. You can
   choose between ponytail, braids or long hair.

 Recommended items as gifts bought from Jack of All Trades
 Aromapot (2800), Fan (3000, 3 kinds), Chinese Desert (5000), Diamond
 (30000), Nunchaku (12500), Orange Juice (600), Panda Doll (8000), 
 Feather Fan (2000, 3 kinds), Star Brooch (4000), Teddy Bear (2 kinds,
 8000), Meat Bun (700), Yellow Shell (2000), Candles (4000), Checked
 Cushion (3000)

 General Comment:
 Leifang is very easy to get along with. She loves all the fans that
 you can find along with Chinese related items such as chinese
 delicacies, nunchaku and orange. Apparently like Hitomi, she loves
 teddy bears. For aromatherapy, you can get her an aromapot and
 candles... She is easiest among all girls in getting good
 relationship. Generally, she loves anything that is yellow...

 Love Phrase      "Wow! Thank you so much!"
 Like Phrase      "Oh! Thanks"
 Neutral Phrase   "Thanks. I'll take good care of it."
 Dislike Phrase   "Th, thanks a lot..."
 Hate Phrase      "Ummm...Thanks."

 Gravure Movie Listing
 Poolside          Sitting at the table                    Most
                   Taking a buoy to the pool               Daytime Only
 Jungle            Sitting on a tree log                   Most
 Private Beach     Stroll and sit on the swing             Most
                   Play and fall on the beach              Daytime Only
 Niki Beach        Roll and lying on a beach               Most
                   Take a stroll with a large leaf         Daytime Only
 Bass Island       Practice "taiqi chuan" on the shore     Daytime Only

 C h r i s t i e
 PROFILE                                BACKGROUND INFO
 Nationality:      British              An incomparably cold-hearted
 Height/Weight:    5'10", 126 lbs       woman with all the
 Body Size:        B37", W23", H35"     characteristics required of an
 Birthday:         December 18th        assassin.
 Age:              24 years old
 Blood Type:       B
 Hobbies:          Driving              ABILITIES:
 Favourite Food:   Tomato Juice         Power:      ***
 Favorite Color:   Black                Technique:  ***
 Birthstone:       Turquoise            Defense:    ****

 Specific Swimsuit received from Zack: 
 Diamond, Panther, Pyrope

 Swimsuit Listing (arranged in alphabetical order)
 - Bought from Sports Shop (34)

 Swimsuit                Cost         Swimsuit                Cost
 `````````````````````````````````    ````````````````````````````````` 
 Agate                   220000       Obsidian                115000
 Alexandrite              40000       Onyx                    220000
 Amber                   330000       Opal                     90000
 Amethyst                 90000       Orthoclase              125000
 Aquamarine               40000       Pearl                   220000
 Azurite                 500000       Peridot                 275000
 Black Pearl             500000       Ruby                    125000
 Bloodstone              375000       Sapphire                330000
 Carnelian               170000       Spinel                  170000
 Cat's Eye               125000       Topaz                   115000
 Citrine                 220000       Turquoise               375000
 Emerald                 125000       Viridine                275000
 Fluorite                170000       
 Garnet                   40000
 Heliodor                 40000
 Incarose                 40000
 Iolite                  275000
 Jade                    375000
 Jasper                  500000
 Jet                     330000
 Lapis Lazuli (initial)   90000
 Moonstone               170000

 Favorite Item: N/A
 There is no favorite item for Christie

 Recommended items as gifts bought from Jack of All Trades
 Army Knives (8500), Guitar (16000, 6), British Bread (700), Revolver
 (8000, 2 kinds), Knife (7000), Steering Wheel (15000, 2 kinds), Pistol
 (8000, 2), Sub-Machine Gun (8000), Tomato (500), Tomato Juice (5000),
 Turquoise (30000)

 General Comment:
 Christie's occupation is an assassin, thus giving her westernised
 weapons such as pistols, knives and revolvers are good choice of gifts.
 She loves guitars and driving. Her favorite food is associated with
 tomato. Quite hard to please as there are very little accessories that
 could boost relationship with her. Sunglasses and black sneakers are
 good choices of gifts.

 Love Phrase      "Hee hee, thanks a lot."
 Like Phrase      "Thanks, I mean it."
 Neutral Phrase   "Okay, I'll keep it."
 Dislike Phrase   "What's this supposed to mean?"
 Hate Phrase      "Huh...What is this?"

 Gravure Movie Listing
 Under research...

 L i s a
 PROFILE                                BACKGROUND INFO
 Nationality:      American             The chief researcher at a
 Height/Weight:    5'9", 117 lbs        research facility. She's a very
 Body Size:        B36", W22", H34"     helpful person, cheerful but
 Birthday:         July 20th            never outright silly. She
 Age:              21 years old         played volleyball when she was
 Blood Type:       A                    a student
 Hobbies:          Surfing              ABILITIES:
 Favourite Food:   Cherry Pie           Power:      ***
 Favorite Color:   Crimson Red          Technique:  ****
 Birthstone:       Ruby                 Defense:    ***

 Specific Swimsuit received from Zack: 
 Arthemis, Leopard, Nike

 Swimsuit Listing (arranged in alphabetical order)
 - Bought from Sports Shop (41)

 Swimsuit                Cost         Swimsuit                Cost
 `````````````````````````````````    ````````````````````````````````` 
 Amaterasu               245000       Jono                     10000
 Aphrodite                70000       Kali                    375000
 Astarte                 600000       Leto                     90000
 Athene                   20000       Lilith                   90000
 Aurora                   70000       Luna                     45000
 Bellona                  10000       Mach                    600000
 Brigit (initial)         10000       Minerva                  90000
 Calliope                 20000       Ratri                   600000
 Cardea                   20000       Sati                     20000
 Cybele                  375000       Selene                   45000
 Demeter                  70000       Sophia                  170000
 Diana                   170000       Thaleia                  10000
 Dike                    170000       Tiamat                  375000
 Eirene                  600000       Trivia                   10000
 Eos                      90000       Usas                    600000
 Epona                    10000       Venus                  1000000
 Flora                   245000       Victoria                170000
 Freya                    45000       
 Frigg                    20000
 Gaia                    600000
 Hela                    600000
 Hestia                   20000
 Ishtar                   10000
 Izanami                 245000

 Favorite Item: N/A
 There is no favorite item for Lisa

 Recommended items as gifts bought from Jack of All Trades
 Cactus (1000), Cherry Pie (5000), Doughnuts (700), Fountain Pen
 (1800), Lavender (750), Lily (650), Pineapple (900), Ruby (30000),
 Salad (600), Scholarly Book (5 kinds, 200000), 

 General Comment:
 Lisa is another easy-going character. She loves red objects such as
 red sneakers, red visors, red bangles etc. She loves researchs that
 is probably why she loves scholarly books. A typical American who
 likes pie, doughnuts and salad. She likes flowers by the way...

 Love Phrase      "I love it. I'll cherish it!"
 Like Phrase      "Okay. I love it."
 Neutral Phrase   "Thanks. That's nice of you."
 Dislike Phrase   "Ahh... Thanks a lot"
 Hate Phrase      "Err... Ahh... Thanks"

 Gravure Movie Listing
 Poolside          Exercise and stretching                 Evening
                   Walk and stay in the pool               Daytime
 Jungle            Leaning against a tree                  Most
 Private Beach     Play on the beach & lying on the beach  Most
 Niki Beach        Lying and roll on the beach             Most
 Bass Island       Swim in the ocean                       Daytime Only

 T i n a   A r m s t r o n g
 PROFILE                                BACKGROUND INFO
 Nationality:      American             She is the American Women's
 Height/Weight:    5'9", 123 lbs        Wrestling Champion. She dreams
 Body Size:        B37", W24", H35"     of becoming a superstar and
 Birthday:         December 6th         having all world's eyes on her.
 Age:              22 years old
 Blood Type:       O
 Hobbies:          Cycling, videogames  ABILITIES:
 Favourite Food:   Seafood              Power:      *****
 Favorite Color:   Sapphire Blue        Technique:  **
 Birthstone:       Sapphire             Defense:    *

 Specific Swimsuit received from Zack: 
 Black Cat, Canopus, Polaris

 Swimsuit Listing (arranged in alphabetical order)
 - Bought from Sports Shop (36)

 Swimsuit                Cost         Swimsuit                Cost
 `````````````````````````````````    ````````````````````````````````` 
 Albireo                 175000       Pleiades                120000
 Alcyone                 370000       Pleyone                 280000
 Aldebaran               120000       Pollux                   25000
 Algol                   500000       Presepe                  20000
 Altair                   10000       Procyon                  25000
 Antares                 500000       Regulus                  25000
 Apollo                  500000       Rigel                   500000
 Arcturus                225000       Sheraton                 10000
 Arneb                   500000       Sirius (initial)         10000
 Asterope                 50000       Spica                   225000
 Atlas                   500000       Taygeta                 370000
 Bellatrix               370000       Thuban                  175000
 Betelgeuse              280000       Vega                     20000
 Capella                  10000       
 Castor                   25000
 Calaeno                  10000
 Chara                    10000
 Dheneb                  225000
 Fomalhaut               370000
 Maia                     50000
 Merope                   50000
 Mira                    120000
 Mizar                    50000
 Favorite Item: N/A
 There is no favorite item for Tina

 Recommended items as gifts bought from Jack of All Trades
 Blue Guitar (16000), Crab (1000), Doughnuts (700), Revolver (8000, 2
 kinds), Guitar (Blue/Red) (16000), Jewel Brooch (4000), Lobster
 (1000), Pistol (Black) (8000), Prototype Xbox (24800), Sub-Machine Gun
 (8000), Sapphire (30000), Ukelele (4000), Soap (1500, 2 kinds),
 Brooches (all, 4000)

 General Comment:
 In my opinion, she is toughest to please due to the limitation of
 items. Her favorite color is rather close towards Hitomi's sky blue.
 You need to find objects that is dark blue or blue in nature.

 Love Phrase      "It's just what I wanted! I love it!"
 Like Phrase      "Oh wow, thanks!"
 Neutral Phrase   "Thanks"
 Dislike Phrase   "Thanks a lot..."
 Hate Phrase      "...Well, I guess I'll take it if you want."

 Gravure Movie Listing
 Poolside          Doing push-ups and exercise            Morning
                   Lying on a float board                 Daytime (Even)
 Jungle            Crawling on a tree log                 Most
 Private Beach     Dancing by the shore                   Most
 Niki Beach        Swimming underwater in the ocean       Most
 Bass Island       Riding a bicycle and perform stunts!   Daytime Only

 A y a n e
 PROFILE                                BACKGROUND INFO
 Nationality:      Japanese             Female ninja born in the same
 Height/Weight:    5'2", 104 lbs        town as Kasumi. Despises Kasumi
 Body Size:        B37", W21", H33"
 Birthday:         August 5th
 Age:              Not available
 Blood Type:       AB
 Hobbies:          Beauty Treatment     ABILITIES:
 Favourite Food:   Marrons glaces       Power:      **
 Favorite Color:   Dark purple          Technique:  *****
 Birthstone:       Peridot              Defense:    **

 Specific Swimsuit received from Zack: 
 Mermaid, Raccoon, Siren

 Swimsuit Listing (arranged in alphabetical order)
 - Bought from Sports Shop (33)

 Swimsuit                Cost         Swimsuit                Cost
 `````````````````````````````````    ````````````````````````````````` 
 Ainsel                  370000       Nymph (initial)           5000
 Apsaras                 125000       Oreas                    10000
 Ariel                    80000       Pixie                   370000
 Banshee                  30000       Roane                   475000
 Cait Sith                 5000       Rousalka                 30000
 Drac                    270000       Salamander               50000
 Dryas                    10000       Selky                   270000
 Echo                    550000       Shylph                   80000
 Elf                     125000       Spriggan                370000
 Fay                      30000       Undine                   50000
 Gnome                    50000       Wilde Frau              370000
 Gruagach                270000       
 Kikmora                   5000
 Lamina                    5000
 Maridah                 125000
 Meliae                   80000
 Merrow                   65000
 Morgan                  270000
 Naias                    10000
 Neck                    125000
 Nereis                   10000
 Nixie                    65000

 Favorite Item: Favorite Bandanna
 * Ayane's favorite Bandanna can be equipped or disarm.

 Recommended items as gifts bought from Jack of All Trades
 Grape Juice (600), Kunais (10000), Peridot (30000), Shurikens (10000),
 Swallowtail Brooch (4000), Hand Glass (2000), Marron glaces (5000), 
 Lavender (750), Music Box (3000)

 General Comment:
 Another tough character to get along with. Ayane is a ninja thus you
 should get ninja type weapons such as shurikens and kunais. She loves
 purplish objects and butterflies. Avoid giving her origamis. I have
 found out Ayane loves stylish caps and casquette...

 Love Phrase      "Oh my. Thank you."
 Like Phrase      "Hey hey, this is pretty good."
 Neutral Phrase   "Oh great. I'll take it."
 Dislike Phrase   "Huh! What's this thing?"
 Hate Phrase      "What is this? You have bad taste."

 Gravure Movie Listing

 Poolside          Sit by the pool                         Most
                   Walk and stay in the pool               Daytime
 Jungle            Sitting on the log                      Most
 Private Beach     Sitting by the swing                    Most
 Niki Beach        Sit on the beach and roll               Most
                   Play with the water and take a stroll   Daytime
 Bass Island       Exercise and stretching at the shore    Daytime Only

 G i f t   G i v i n g
 Just before I end this section, there are few key pointers that I
 would like to stress on about gift giving in DOAXBV.

 1. Beware of items such as drinks, flowers and food. They will go
    spoilt after a period of time (around 1/2 to 3/4 of a day). Thus
    if you are buy them for a person who is not found, I recommend you
    to buy it in evening and sent them via Hotel's "Give a Gift"
    option. Items sold at Zack of All Trades can be only be bought
    once for that particular vacation.

 2. As you give likeable accessories, the girls will wear it as you
    see them playing beach volleyball or during gurave mode. There is
    an important note regarding this.

    Make sure you did not give them the same gifts that they are
    currently wearing. I have tried once by giving Ayane a denim
    casquette which she is wearing. However, it got discarded despite
    her mood is good...
 3. It is possible to give swimsuits as gifts. However, I supposed
    most people attempt to collect all swimsuits and would rather
    spend the money on rarer swimsuits and items for gifts.

 4. On receiving a gift, make sure that you do NOT discard the item
    on that night. It will have a great impact on the giver's mood.
    If you want to discard, do it on the next day.

 5. Gifts that is not opened on 13th night will be available for
    viewing on the next vacation you begin with the same character.
    However, the chances of perishable items get spoil is relatively

 6. Get as many friends as possible so that you can finish the
    swimsuit collection fast! They will help by giving you swimsuits as
    presents... Specific swimsuits can also be obtained via this
    method. These swimsuits will be available only if you have played
    with the gift giving character. For example, I have played with
    both Hitomi and Kasumi. I got a gift from Kasumi that features
    the Gentian.

 7. Playing volleyball does not affecting your character's
    relationship with the opposition team. Instead, it will affect the
    opposition team's relationship! It does have an impact on your
    character and her partner though... Thus the best solution is to
    WIN beach volleyball games.

 8. This matter concerns Ayane and Kasumi. It seems that if you get
    along well with either one of them, you will get a negative effect
    with other due their personal hates. Well, I managed to get more
    information about relationships...

    Player       Likes             Hates               Dislikes
    ``````       `````             `````               `````````
    Kasumi       Generic           Ayane & Zack        N/A
    Hitomi       Leifang & Tina    Zack                N/A
    Helena       Christie          Zack                N/A
    Leifang      Anyone            Zack                N/A
    Christie     No one            Zack                N/A
    Lisa         Tina              Zack & Christie     Ayane
    Tina         Hitomi & Lisa     Zack                N/A
    Ayane        N/A               Kasumi & Zack       N/A

9.  The character's hobbies and activates (in-game) can also easily
    related to their preferred gifts.

    Character   Hobbies           Occupation / Fighting Style
    `````````   ```````           ````````````````````````````
    Kasumi      Fortune-telling   Runaway Ninja
    Hitomi      Cooking           Karate
    Helena      Walking           Opera Singer
    Leifang     Aromatherapy      College Student
    Christie    Driving           Assassin
    Lisa        Surfing           Zack's Sister & Volleyball player
    Tina        Cycling           Dancer, Singer, Pro-wrestler
    Ayane       Beauty treatment  Ninja

10. If you intend to give a swimsuit gift to a girl, make sure that
    the girl is not your partner (you have more opportunities in giving
    gift to her) and win games against that particular girl. Give her
    the swimsuit in evening (Ayane is a gift-thrower in the morning

                             Exhibition Mode
I recommend you to play this mode first before starting to play Zack's
Island mode. This mode could give you the feel of how the beach
volleyball game is being played and it is an ideal training ground.

You will be able to choose your characters and given 10 places for
stage select. You will be able to use the acquired swimsuits from
Zack's Island Mode for these friendly games. You can have a 2-player
versus game. (Too bad, Tecmo did not add a 2 tag-mode for what it has
did for DOA 3...). When selecting your party, you find the following
options appear underneath the character. The swimsuit selectable
comprises of every single swimsuit that you obtained in each of the 3
save files.

              Partner Level      Mood
              `````````````      ````
Unwilling     Weak               Bad
Usual         Normal             Neutral
Confident     Strong             Good

These three status indicates your partner's ability. Confident will
bring in a strong teammate for the game. Under level select, you
can set your skill level and that of the computer-controlled players.
Choose from "Weak", "Normal" and "Strong". You can also set the total
points from 7, 10 and 15.

The Exhibition mode is also a useful mode for determining the
character's mood. If you observe carefully, the character icon has
some minor changes as her mood changes. Recognise the icons and use it
to help you in determine moods of your companions while in Zack
Island's Mode. You can find a detailed FAQ featuring this at GameFAQs.

That's all for the Exhibition Mode!


    Kasumi  - Ka    Helena    - He     Christie  - Ch    Tina   - Ti
    Hitomi  - Hi    Leifang   - Le     Lisa      - Li    Ayane  - Ay

 6.a. Swimsuits
 Swimsuits are classified by characters. Character's swimsuit names
 carries an individual group of names. For example, Kasumi's swimsuits
 are named after flowers while Leifang's swimsuits are named after
 birds. Swimsuits can be bought at the Sports Shop at any point of day
 (morning, daytime or evening). However you can only purchase
 character-specific swimsuits. Certain swimsuits can only be obtained
 from Zack as gifts. In order to get swimsuits other than the
 character's own, you need to get it from gifts with the following 2

 1) Get into good relationship with the target character. She will give
    you a swimsuit gift eventually.
 2) Play as the target character on a vacation and give the swimsuit
    to your playing character. Choose "Leave tomorrow" and play as
    the playing character. You will find the swimsuit at your

 There is a problem with method 2 is that there is a possibility of
 the receiving character throwing away the swimsuit. The best solution
 is to build on good relationship with the character and give her the
 gift later. It is highly advisible not partner with the girl as you
 have more chances of giving gifts to the girl than night.

 Certain swimsuits upon equipped will give your character's additional
 features. For example, equipping the Black Cat swimsuit on Christie
 will features cat's ears on Christie.

 Zack will give 3 non-purchasable swimsuits to every character. These
 special swimsuits can only obtained for other character via gift
 giving. To collect all swimsuits, you may need to play for more than
 3 vacations. These swimsuits cannot be discarded. You cannot discard
 a swimsuit while the character is wearing it.

 There are a total of 304 buyable swimsuits. The swimsuit listing can
 be found each individual character's profile.

6.b. Accessories
 Accessories are items that can be bought from Accessory Shop & can be
 equipped on the character. Unlike swimsuits, you can purchase any of
 accessories listed below with any characters. The "Favorites" refers
 the character listing that you should give the gift to.

 Favorites that are marked with ? are unknown and will be updated when
 I got the character's positive reactions about it. The favorites
 listing may be subjected to errors.

                                              Watches/ Ribbons/ Bangles

 Item                                  Cost    Favorites
 Analog Wristwatch                     27500   Ti, Li, Ay
 Black Bangle                           1500   Ch
 Black Wristwatch                      27500   Ti, Ch, Li
 Blue Wristwatch                       20000   Ti, Hi
 Gold Ribbon                            1000   Le
 Marble Bangle                          1500   He
 Navy Ribbon                            1000   Ti, Ch
 Navy Wristband                         1500   Ti, Hi, Ch
 Pink Bangle                            1500   Ka
 Pink Ribbon                            1000   Ka
 Pink Wristband                         1500   Ka
 Purple Ribbon                          1000   Ay
 Red Bangle                             1500   Ch
 Ribbon Bracelet (Blue)                 1500   Ti
 Ribbon Bracelet (Orange)               1500   Le
 Ribbon Bracelet (Pink)                 1500   Ka
 Ribbon Bracelet (Purple)               1500   Ay
 Ribbon Bracelet (Red)                  1500   Li
 Ribbon Bracelet (Sky Blue)             1500   Hi
 Ribbon Bracelet (White)                1500   He
 Ribbon Bracelet (Yellow)               1500   Le
 White Ribbon                           1500   He
 White Wristband                        1500   He
 Wristband (Leopard)                    1500   Li
 Wristband (Panther)                    1500   Ch

 Item                                  Cost    Favorites 
 Black Framed Glasses                  10000   Ch
 Blue Sunglasses                       10000   Hi
 Brown Framed Glasses                  10000   ?
 Clear Framed Sunglasses                4000   He
 Common Sunglasses                      4000   Ti, Ay, Ch
 Common Sunglasses (Blue)               4000   Ti, Hi
 Common Sunglasses (Green)              4000   ?
 Dark Blue Sunglasses                   4000   Ti
 Goggle Sunglasses (Black)              4000   Ch
 Goggle Sunglasses (Blue)               4000   Ti
 Goggle Sunglasses (Yellow)             4000   Le
 Gold Framed Sunglasses                 4000   Le
 Hexagon Sunglasses (Blue)              4000   Hi
 Hexagon Sunglasses (Pink)              4000   Ka
 Hexagon Sunglasses (Red)               4000   Li
 Large Sized Sunglasses                 4000   ?
 Orange Sunglasses                     20000   Li, Le
 Oval Glasses                           4000   ?
 Oval Sunglasses (Black)                4000   Ch
 Oval Sunglasses (Brown)                4000   ?
 Pink Framed Glasses                    4000   Ka
 Pink Sunglasses                        4000   Ka
 Plastic Sunglasses (Blue)              4000   Hi
 Plastic Sunglasses (Red)               4000   Li
 Purple Sunglasses                      4000   Ay
 Rimless Glasses                        4000   Ay
 Rimless Glasses (Blue)                 4000   Hi, Ti
 Rimless Glasses (Yellow)               4000   Le
 Showy Sunglasses                       4000   Li
 Silver Framed Glasses                  4000   He
 Silver Framed Sunglasses               4000   He
 Sports Sunglasses (Blue)               5000   Ti, Hi
 Sports Sunglasses (White)              5000   He
 Sports Sunglasses (Yellow)             5000   Le
 Swimming Goggles                       5000   Ti, Li, He, Ka
 Titanium Sunglasses (Blue)             5000   Hi, Ti
 Titanium Sunglasses (Brown)            5000   ?
 Titanium Sunglasses (Orange)           5000   Le, Li
 Tortoise Sunglasses                    4000   ?
 White Framed Sunglasses                4000   He

                                       Hats / Caps / Visors / Hair Clips

 Item                                  Cost    Favorites 
 Blue Checked Visor                    4500    Hi
 Brown Casquette                       5000    Ay
 Butterfly Hair Clip (Blue)            10000   Ay, Ti
 Butterfly Hair Clip (Cyan)            10000   Ay, Hi
 Butterfly Hair Clip (Green)           10000   Ay
 Butterfly Hair Clip (Red)             10000   Ay, Li
 Butterfly Hair Clip (Yellow)          10000   Ay, Le
 Cotton Visor (Blue)                   4500    Ti
 Cotton Visor (Pink)                   4500    Ka
 Denim Casquette                       5000    Ay
 Fashionable Cap                       5000    Ay, Ch
 Floral Hat                            5000    He, Li
 Grapes Hair Clip                      10000   ?
 Gray Ribbon Straw                     5000    He
 Hearts Printed Visor                  4500    Ti, Ka, Li
 Low Profile Cap (Black)               5000    Ch
 Low Profile Cap (Pink)                5000    Ka
 Low Profile Cap (Yellow)              5000    Le
 Pink Baseball Cap                     5000    Ka
 Pink Visor                            4500    Ka
 Red Checked Visor                     4500    Li
 Red Visor                             4500    Li
 Sky Blue Visor                        4500    Hi
 Straw Hat                             5000    He
 Sunflower Hair Clip                   10000   Le, Li
 Washed Denim Casquette                5000    Ay
 Western Straw Hat                     7500    He
 White And Blue Cap                    5000    Hi, Ti, He
 White Hat                             5000    He
 White Ribbon Straw                    5000    He
 Yellow And Green Cap                  5000    Le
 Yellow Ribbon Straw                   5000    He
 Yellow Visor                          4500    Le

                                                       Sneakers/ Sandals

 Item                                  Cost    Favorites 
 Black Polka-Dot Sandals               15000   Ch
 Black Sneakers                        20000   Ch
 Blue Sandals                          15000   Ti, Hi
 Blue Sneakers                         20000   Ti, Hi
 Brown Sneakers                        20000   ?
 Camouflage Sneakers                   20000   ?
 Checked Sneakers                      20000   ?
 Flower Sandals (Pink)                 15000   Ka
 Flower Sandals (Violet)               15000   Ay
 Flower Sandals (White)                15000   He
 Flower Sandals (Yellow)               15000   Le
 Green High Heels                      15000   ?
 Green Sneakers                        20000   ?
 Hearts Sneakers                       20000   Ti
 Leopard Print Sneakers                25000   Li
 Orange Sneakers                       20000   Li, Le
 Pink Canvas Sneakers                  20000   Ka
 Red High Heels                        15000   Li
 Red Leather Sneakers                  25000   Li
 Red Polka-Dot Sandals                 15000   Li
 Red Sneakers                          20000   Li
 Sky Blue High Heels                   15000   Hi
 White Canvas Sneakers                 20000   He
 White Leather Sneakers                25000   He
 Yellow Sandals                        15000   Le

 - They will wither/dry up after a day. You can equip flowers on the
   girl's hair.

 Item                                  Cost    Favorites 
 Blue Hibiscus                         100     Hi, He, Li
 Orange Plumeria                       100     Li
 Orange Rose                           300     Li, Le
 Pink Hibiscus                         100     Ka, Li
 Pink Plumeria                         100     Ka, Li
 Pink Rose                             300     Ka, Li
 Purple Anemone                        100     Ay, Li
 Purple Rose                           300     Ay, Li
 Red Anemone                           100     Li
 Red Hibiscus                          100     Li
 Unknown Pink Flowers                  200     ?
 Unknown Red Flowers                   200     ?
 Unknown White Flowers                 200     ?
 Unknown Yellow Flowers                200     ?
 White Anemone                         100     He, Li
 White Hibiscus                        100     He, Li
 White Plumeria                        100     He, Li
 Yellow Anemone                        100     Le, Li
 Yellow Plumeria                       100     Le, Li
 Yellow Rose                           100     Le, Li


 - You can equip a volleyball and use it for a match by selecting the
   "Use" option when viewing the items inventory.
 - Gold and Silver Volleyball can only be obtained as presents from Zack
   or other girls.

 Item                                  Cost    Favorites 
 Blue Volleyball                       5000    Ti, Hi
 Camouflage Ball (Blue)                5000    Ti
 Camouflage Ball (Green)               5000    ?
 Camouflage Ball (White)               5000    ?
 Colorful Volleyball                   5000    ?
 Crystal Ball                          10000   ?
 Fluorescent Orange Ball               5000    Le, Li
 Gold Volleyball                       N/A     ?
 Green Volleyball                      5000    ?
 Leopard Print Ball                    5000    Li
 Light Green Volleyball                5000    ?
 Orange Volleyball                     5000    ?
 Polka-Dot Volleyball                  5000    Li, Ka
 Purple Volleyball                     5000    Ay
 Red Volleyball                        5000    Li
 Silver Volleyball                     N/A     ?
 Stars And Stripes Ball                5000    Ti, Li
 Union Jack Ball                       5000    Ch
 White Volleyball                      5000    He
 Yellow Volleyball                     5000    Le
 Zebra Print Ball                      5000    ?

 6.c Items
 Items can be bought from Accessory Shop (lotions and nail polishers
 only) and Zack of All Trades (Open only on the 4th day of any vacation)
 All except for the Ninja Gaiden Trailer and demo tapes can be bought.
 Those tapes can be obtained from Zack as gifts (you will have to play
 more than 1 vacation with the same character). Some characters have
 favorite items which cannot be given as gifts or discarded.

                                                Lotions and Nail Polishs

 - To apply, select "Use" option when viewing items inventory
 - Suntan and Sunblock lotions can only last for 1/2 of the day when
   applied. Suntan lotion makes your character looks tanner while
   sunblock lotion makes your character looks more fairer.
 - These items can only be bought at the Accessory Shop

 Item                                  Cost    Favorites 
 Nail Polish (Black)                   5000    Ch
 Nail Polish (Blue)                    5000    Ti
 Nail Polish (Cyan Blue)               5000    Hi
 Nail Polish (Green)                   5000    ?
 Nail Polish (Pink)                    5000    Ka
 Nail Polish (Purple)                  5000    Ay
 Nail Polish (Red)                     5000    Li
 Nail Polish (White)                   5000    He
 Nail Polish (Yellow)                  5000    Le
 Nail Polish Remover                   5000    -
 Sunblock Lotion                       1000    All
 Suntan Lotion                         1000    Li, Ti, Le, Ch


 - Food are perishable after a 1/2 of the day has gone. Thus if you
   have any item that you want to give and the character cannot be
   found, you should purchase it in the Evening and give it during
 - Food can be consumed. Upon inedible, the food will be discarded

 Item                              Cost    Favorites              Type
 Blancmange                        5000    He                     Food
 British Bread                      700    Ch                     Food
 Cherry Pie                        5000    Li                     Food
 Chinese Dessert                   5000    Le                     Food
 Crab                              1000    Ti                     Food
 Doughnuts                          700    Li, He, Ti, Hi         Food
 French Bread                       700    He                     Food
 Grape Juice                        600    Ay                     Food
 Lobster                           1000    Ti                     Food
 Marrons Glaces                    5000    Ay                     Food
 Meat Bun                           700    Le                     Food
 Milk                               600    Li                     Food
 Mineral Water                      600    Ti, Hi                 Food
 Orange Juice                       600    Le                     Food
 Pineapple                          600    Li                     Food
 Sachertorte                       5000    Hi                     Food
 Salad                              600    Li, Ti                 Food
 Sports Drink                       600    Li, Ti, Hi             Food
 Strawberries                       700    Ka                     Food
 Strawberry Juice                   600    Ka                     Food
 Strawberry Millefeuille           5000    Ka                     Food
 Tomato                             500    Ch                     Food
 Tomato Juice                      5000    Ch                     Food
 Vegetable Juice                    600    Li, He                 Food

 - These items are classified as "generic items". Individual characters
   will have different taste on items.
 - Weapons can be loaded but there is no specific features.
 - Music instruments play melodies when you choose to use them.
 - Upon using "Touch" option, Balloons will be spoiled automatically!
 - Lavender and lily are the only flowers that cannot be equipped. They
   will wither when kept for more than 3/4 of the day.
 - The cactus will also wither if keep for more than a day.

 Item                              Cost    Favorites            Type
 Amethyst                         30000    Ka                   Jewel
 Aquamarine                       30000    Hi                   Jewel
 Army Knives                       5000    Ch                   Weapon
 Aromapot                          2800    Le                   Hobby
 Balloons                          2000    Ka                   Hobby
 Black Compact                     2500    Ay, Ch               Beauty
 Black Fan                         3000    Le                   Hobby
 Blue Conch                        2000    He, Hi               Hobby
 Blue Fan                          3000    Le                   Hobby
 Blue Guitar                      16000    Ch, Ti               Music
 Blue Origami                      2500    Ka                   Hobby
 Brown Guitar                     16000    Ch                   Music
 Cactus                            1000    Li                   Hobby
 Candles                           4000    Le, He               Hobby
 Checked Cushion                   3000    Ka                   Hobby
 Clover Brooch                     4000    Ti, Ka               Jewel
 Collar                            3500    He                   Hobby
 Crystal Ball                     10000    Ka                   Hobby
 Cute Cushion                      3000    Ka, Hi               Hobby
 Diamond                          30000    Le, He               Hobby
 Dolphin Brooch                    4000    He, Ti               Hobby
 Dolphin Clock                     7000    He                   Hobby
 Dolphin Sea World Ticket          2000    He                   Hobby
 Emerald                          30000    Hi                   Jewel
 Fan                               3000    Le                   Hobby
 Flower Brooch                     4000    Ti                   Hobby
 Fountain Pen                      1800    Li, He               Hobby
 Frying Pan                        2000    Hi                   Hobby
 Garnet                           30000    He, Li               Hobby
 Gold Compact                      2500    Ay                   Hobby
 Gold Revolver                     8000    Ch, Ti               Hobby
 Green Murex                       1500    He                   Hobby
 Green Soap                        1500    Ti                   Hobby
 Guitar (Blue/Red)                16000    Ti, Ch               Hobby
 Guitar (Brown/White)             16000    Ch                   Hobby
 Hand Glass                        2000    Ay                   Hobby
 Heart Brooch                      4000    Ti                   Hobby
 Hourglass                         2500    Hi                   Hobby
 Jewel Brooch                      4000    Ti                   Hobby
 Knife                             7000    Ch                   Hobby
 Kunais                           10000    Ay                   Hobby
 Lavender                           750    Li, Ay               Hobby
 Leather Steering Wheel           15000    Ch                   Hobby
 Lily                               650    Li                   Hobby
 Microwave Oven                    6000    Hi                   Hobby
 Music Box                         3000    Ay                   Hobby
 Nunchaku                         12500    Le                   Hobby
 Opal                             30000    Le, Li               Hobby
 Orange Guitar                    16000    Ch                   Hobby
 Orange Origami                    2500    Ka                   Hobby
 Panda Doll                        8000    Le, Hi               Hobby
 Pearl                            30000    He                   Hobby
 Pen And Ink                       2000    Li, He               Hobby
 Perfume                           3000    He, Ay               Hobby
 Peridot                          30000    Ay                   Hobby
 Pink Feather Fan                  2000    Le                   Hobby
 Pink Murex                        2000    He, Ka               Hobby
 Pistol                            8000    Ch                   Hobby
 Pistol (Black)                    8000    Ch, Ti               Hobby
 Prototype Xbox                   24800    Ti                   Hobby
 Purple Conch                      1500    He, Ay               Hobby
 Purple Origami                    2500    Ka                   Hobby
 Recipe "Sanuki Udon"             10000    Hi                   Hobby
 Recipe "Sashimi"                 10000    Hi                   Hobby
 Recipe "Shabu-Shabu"             10000    Hi                   Hobby
 Recipe "Sukiyaki"                10000    Hi                   Hobby
 Recipe "Sushi"                   10000    Hi                   Hobby
 Recipe "Tempura"                 10000    Hi                   Hobby
 Recipe "Yakisoba"                10000    Hi                   Hobby
 Recipe "Yakitori"                10000    Hi                   Hobby
 Red Fan                           3000    Le                   Hobby
 Ruby                             30000    Ch                   Hobby
 Sapphire                         30000    Ti, Hi               Hobby
 Scholarly Book "Anti-Gravity"    20000    Li                   Hobby
 Scholarly Book "Clone"           20000    Li                   Hobby
 Scholarly Book "Cyborg"          20000    Li                   Hobby
 Scholarly Book "Time Machine"    20000    Li                   Hobby
 Scholarly Book "Warp"            20000    Li                   Hobby
 Shell Brooch                      4000    Ti, He               Hobby
 Shurikens                        10000    Ay                   Hobby
 Silver Compact                    2500    Ay                   Hobby
 Silver Revolver                   8000    Ti, Ch               Hobby
 Silver Set                       16000    Hi                   Hobby
 Sky Blue Feather Fan              2000    Le                   Hobby
 Sky Blue Shell                    1500    He, Hi               Hobby
 Star Brooch                       4000    Ti                   Hobby
 Sub-Machine Gun                   8000    Ch, Ti               Hobby
 Swallowtail Brooch                4000    Ay, Ti               Hobby
 Tarot Cards                       3000    Ka                   Hobby
 Teddy Bear (Brown)                8000    Hi                   Hobby
 Teddy Bear (Pink)                 8000    Hi, Ka               Hobby
 Topaz                            30000    Le, Li               Hobby
 Turquoise                        30000    Ch, Hi               Hobby
 Ukelele                           4000    Ti                   Hobby
 White Conch                       1300    He                   Hobby
 White Guitar                     16000    Ch                   Hobby
 White Origami                     2500    Ka                   Hobby
 White Shell                       1300    He                   Hobby
 White Soap                        1500    Ti, He               Hobby
 Wood Steering Wheel              15000    Ch                   Hobby
 Yellow Compact                    2500    Ay                   Hobby
 Yellow Feather Fan                2000    Le                   Hobby
 Yellow Murex                      1300    He, Le               Hobby
 Yellow Shell                      2000    He, Le               Hobby
 Zack's Autograph                 10000    No one               Hobby
 Zack's Statue                    10000    No one               Hobby

 6.d Original Soundtrack Listing
 You can view the list of soundtrack listing at the Radio Station. This
 game supports custom soundtrack where you can use saved soundtracks
 from your Xbox for the in-game as background music. Some of the
 soundtracks will be available after you have completed a vacation and
 they will be selectable only at the Radio Station. I have discovered a
 total of 18 soundtracks.

 Song Title                                       Artiste
 ``````````                                       ```````
 Jesse Hold on                                    B*Witched
 Fereal                                           Big Mountain
 Come on over (All I want is you)                 Christina Aguilera
 The Kids don't like it                           Reel Big Fish
 Bitchism                                         Raja-Nee
 If it don't fit                                  B*Witched
 Move it like this                                BahaMan
 Me gusta                                         Olga Tanon
 Do it                                            Spice Girls
 I want you girlfriend to be my girlfriend        Reel Big Fish
 Give me a reason                                 Aswad
 Sweet & deadly                                   Big Mountain
 Is this love                                     Bob Marley
 This is it                                       Innosense
 Lovin' you                                       Janet Key
 How crazy are you (opening theme)                Meja
 Pegaito                                          Olga Tanon
 Turn it up                                       Raja-Nee

 You can manipulate the soundtrack playing with the black button (
 switch to next song) and white button (replays current song). You can
 set the soundtrack playing "On" with (A) button and switch the
 position (X) button and move it with the directional pad.


Gambling is not always a sure-win thing. But you can use it to
maximize your earnings in order to purchase those expensive swimsuits
for Lisa, Christie and Tina. Before you start to gamble, it is highly
advisable to gain some cash. If you lose all your money, you will be
forced to return to the Hotel.

The casino is only accessible at night from the Hotel menu. 

Under the casino, it feature the following playable games:
- Roulette
- Blackjack
- Poker
- Slot Machine

You can switch your chips from 100 Zack Dollars to 10,000 Zack Dollars.
You can only bet once for Poker. Bet multiple times to top-up your
bettings. Press Cancel (B button) that number of times to quit.

 The roulette is most toughest to play. You will find your other
 companions betting on roulette where every character is represented by
 her own color chip. The color chip is as follows:

 Kasumi  - Pink       Leifang  - Yellow    Tina   - Blue
 Hitomi  - Sky Blue   Christie - Black     Ayane - Purple
 Helena  - White      Lisa     - Red

 Only 4 players can play the roulette at one time. You can bet at
 multiple squares within a time limit. You can view the scoreboard by
 hitting the (Y) button. Hit (A) and use D-Pad to place your bets.
 Hit (X) to commence the game.

 Your objective is guess where the ball will land on the roulette. The
 roulette is marked with black, red and green. You can choose to bet on
 odds or evens, columns or evens or even the individual numbers. It is
 possible to bet on all 38 spots but you will still lose as the odds
 are at most 36:1...

 I still need to more research. I would be happy if someone could help
 me to explain this...

 Blackjack is probably the most famous poker related game. Your
 objective is to draw a set of cards to reach 21 points as close as

 - If you get more than 21 points, you will lose your bet.
 - Banker must draw a card if its total is less than 16 and must stay
   at 17 and above.
 - The game will end automatically if the banker gets Blackjack (21)
 - Aces can be considered as 11 or 1 points.
 - K, Q, J and 10 are considered as 10-points card

Blackjack situations:
 - Insurance will be prompted when a banker's card shows an Ace and a
   covered card. If you choose "Yes"
   1) Banker's card is 21 - you will not lose any money
   2) Banker's card is not 21 - you will lose 1.5x of your bet.
   If you choose "No"
   1) Banker's card is 21 - you lose 1.5x of your bet
   2) Banker's card is not 21 - the game resumes
 - You will get 1.5x of your bet if you hit Blackjack (i.e. a 10-pts
   card and an ace)

 (A) Hit - Take another card
 (B) Stand - Keep the cards that you currently held.
 (X) Double Down - take an additional card to double your initial bet.
     Split - if your cards are of the same value. You can have 2
     "hands". If the split cards are Aces, you can get only an
     additional card per Ace.
 (Y) Surrender - take back half of your bet and give up the game.

 Mathetically, you can manipulate your winnings with some calcuations.
 A deck of cards consists of 52 cards. Thus calcuating...

 Chances of obtaining a card's value is...
 = 7 or > 7         (4x 7p + 4x 8p + 4x 9p + 4x 10p + 4x J + 4x Q +
                     4x K) / 52 x 100% = 53.8%

 10-value card      (4x 10p + 4x J + 4x Q + 4x K)/52 x 100% = 30.7%

 < 5 (include Aces) (4x 5p + 4x 4p + 4x 3p + 4x 2p + 4x A)/52 x 100%
                    = 30.7%

 Ace                = (4x A )/52 * 100% = 7.69%

 < 7     28/52 x 100% = 53.8%
 < 6     24/52 x 100% = 46.1%
 < 5     20/52 x 100% = 38.4%
 < 4     16/52 x 100% = 30.7%
 < 3     12/52 x 100% = 23.1%
 < 2     08/52 x 100% = 15.4%

 The reason for the high probability of drawing a 10-pt card is because
 of K, Q and J cards considered as 10-pt cards. Thus, there are sixteen
 10-pt card as compared to 4 cards of other numbers.

 It sounds logical that if you get 20, you should not hit as due to low
 percentage of getting an Ace. Do not hit if you get 17-pts or more as
 the chances of getting a card higher than 4 is definitely more than
 30.7%. If you want to know more about DOAX: Blackjack check out Agent
 Pliksen's Gamble FAQ, which is also available at GameFAQs 

 Poker is a fun game but you can only bet once. You will be issued 5
 cards where you need to draw a second time. You are allowed to hold
 your cards with the (X) button and cards that are not under hold will
 be swapped with new cards. You will earn money if your cards matches
 any one of the odds:

 Hands and Pay Rates
 Five Cards             50x     Flush             5x
 Royal Straight Flush   30x     Straight          4x
 Straight Flush         20x     Three Cards       3x
 Four Cards             10x     Two Pairs         2x
 Full House              6x     Joker             1x
 If you match any of the above combinations, you will win back your bet
 amount along with the pay rates. If your cards are combination of the
 Hands (listed in the chart above), you will be allowed to play a 
 "Double Up" Game. If you got a Joker (Zack), you will be allowed to
 play the "Joker" Game.

 Getting the correct match
 The chances of obtaining good hand such as Royal Straight Flush is
 *extremely* slim. Your chances are higher if you discarded 3 cards,
 instead of 2 cards. The chances of getting a better set of cards is

 Note: If you fail the "double up" or selecting the Joker, you will
       lose only the original bet.

 "Double Up" Game
 If you hit the hands listed on the chart above, you will be given an
 option whether to "double up" your odds. This is probably best way
 to earn quick money. "Double Up" will result you to earn the winnings
 with the odds double. There are a total of 5 cards and open card will
 be shown with it facing up. Your objective is to choose a card that
 is higher than the facing card. For example, if the card is 5 of
 Spades, you need to get 6 and above. Spade of Ace is considered the
 largest and Joker beats any card on the list.
 There are at least 1 Joker among the 4 choices and this means the
 chances of winning the "Double Up" is high. It is 50-50 chance of
 getting a card higher than the initial card. However, the chances
 will be lower, as you goes on...

 "Joker" Game
 The Joker card game is a simple draw-a-Joker game. Initially, 2 cards
 will be laid on the table. You need to draw a Joker. Subsequently,
 there will be 4 cards if you have drawn the Joker in the previous
 draw. The odds are pretty good as draw the Joker once will double
 your bet money, twice will win you 2x of your bet money up to a total
 of 5 wins. It is basically based on your guessing and luck...
 Slot Machine
 There are total of 8 slot machines (one for each character ^_^:) in
 the game. The payout rate is different and some them could give you
 heavy losses if you are unlucky. You can also identify the character's
 likes from the machines, for example you see butterflies theme in
 Ayane's slots machine and dolphins in Helena's slots machine

 Controls: (A) Bet           Left Analog Stick - move the camera view.
           (X) Starts        You can view odds on the upper part of the
           (B) Cancel        slot machine.

 In my opinion, these is the "hardiest to win" form of gambling. All of
 these based on luck. You need to match three slots according to the
 score chart to earn money. The odds ranges from 5x to 500x! For
 example, you bet 100 zack dollars and matches a selection that pays
 you of odds of 100, you will get 100 x 100 = 100,000 Zack Dollars!
 But in some of slot machines, there are negative values that could
 cost you a fortune in losing a lot of money. If no match is made, you
 will not earned any cash...

 Slot Machines and their Payout Rates
 (reading from the left...)

 3x       All slots show this icon
 Any 2    2 of the slot shows this icon
 Any 1    1 of the slot shows this icon
 or       The slots show 2 of these icons. 
          (For example: Dagger or Bar. You win if the slots shows 2
           daggers and bar or 2 bars and a dagger)

* PS: I need help in confirming these names...
   | Kasumi Chan         | Go! Go! Animal       | Sea Paradise        |
   | (Kasumi)        1   | (Hitomi)         2   | (Helena)          3 |
   |Condition       Odds |Condition        Odds |Condition        Odds|
   |3x Kasumi        100 |3x Lion           200 |3x Dolphin        300|
   |3x 7              75 |3x Hitomi         100 |3x Helena         300|
   |3x Strawberries   50 |3x Panda          100 |Helena/Dolphin    200|
   |3x Peach*         40 |3x Elephant        75 |3x Bowfish*       100|
   |3x Pineapples     30 |Any 2 Lion         50 |3x Rear Fish*      50|
   |3x Cherries       30 |Any 2 Panda        30 |3x Stripe Fish     40|
   |3x Bar            20 |3x Parrot          20 |Any 1 Dolphin      30|
   |Any 2 Strawberry  10 |3x Penguin         10 |3x Shell           20|
   |Any 2 Peach*       5 |3x Squirrel         5 |3x Murex           10|
   |Any 2 Pineapple    3 |                      |                     |
   |Any 2 Cherries     3 |                      |                     |
   | Dragon Mania        | The Target           | Flower Garden       |
   | (Leifang)       4   | (Christie)       5   | (Lisa)            6 |
   |Condition       Odds |Condition        Odds |Condition        Odds|
   |3x Dragon        200 |3x 7 (Lock On)    500 |3x Lisa           200|
   |3x Leifang       100 |3x Christie       300 |3x 7              150|
   |3x Nunchaku       70 |3x Gold Revolver  100 |3x Blue Hibiscus  100|
   |3x 7 (Chinese)    50 |3x Dagger (Army)   50 |3x Red Unknown     50|
   |Any 2 Dragon      30 |3x Bar             30 |Any 2 7            40|
   |3x Meat Bun       20 |Dagger or Bar      10 |3x Bar             30|
   |3x Taoist Symbol  15 |Any 1 Boom!      -100 |3x Cherries        20|
   |3x Red Fan        10 |3x Boom!         -300 |3x Sunflower       10|
   |Any 2 Meat Bun     5 |3x 6             -500 |Any 1 Cherry        5|
   | My Fair Lady        | Violet Pixy            |
   | (Tina)          7   | (Ayane)           6    |
   |---------------------|------------------------| Y. - Yellow
   |Condition       Odds |Condition          Odds | G. - Green
   |3x Tina          300 |3x Ayane            200 |
   |3x Zack (red)*   100 |3x Y. Butterfly     150 |
   |3x Love (2 bar)   50 |3x Red Ribbon       100 |
   |3x Hamster*       20 |Any G./Y. Butterfly  75 |
   |3x Love (1 bar)   15 |3x Green Butterfly   50 |
   |3x Hearts         10 |3x Peridot           30 |
   |Any 1 Devil*     -50 |3x Ruby              20 |
   |Any 2 Devil*    -100 |Any 1 Red Ribbon     10 |
   |3 Devil*          50 |Any 1 Emblem*       -50 |

 Slot machines are difficult to win but they offer great payouts.
 However, some of the slot machines offer negative odds. If you bet
 100 Zack Dollars, you hit an odd that gives -100, you will lose 
 100,000 Zack Dollars! The most profitable and risky slot machine is
 Christie's - The Target. It is advisible to set your chips to 100 Z
 dollars instead of 10,000 Z. If you hit -500 (3 Sixes on Christie's
 jackpot with 10,000 Z), you will lose 5 million!

 Recommended machines: All except for Christie, Tina & Ayane

                             Secrets & Hints

Skip to the Ending
Once you have completed a 14-day vacation with any character, you will
find an additional option appearing at the Hotel menu that says "Leave
Tomorrow". By selecting this, it will end the current character's
vacation and proceed to the ending. It will applies on Day 2 of that
character's current vacation.

Complete Ending
Complete the 14-day vacation with any one of 8 gals. You will be able
to view the ending. Wait for the credits to view the aftermath of
Zack's Island.

Additional Soundtracks
Practically, some of the soundtracks are available at various parts of
the day. Some of the soundtrack are available in morning while some are
only available in evening. You need to enable them with (A) button by
visiting the Radio Station.

Visor Trick
To have this trick work, you need a transparent visor for the character.
The character needs to wear a swimsuit has some sort-of-see through. Go
to the Poolside. The character should be lying on the bench. Change the
camera view with the L trigger and you should get a view that you will
be view through the visor. You will see the character's skin & some
stars covering those sensitive parts.

Tested Swimsuits: Gimlet, Emu

                       Credits and Acknowledgements

1)  Thanks to GameFAQs  and its owner Jeff
    "CJayC" Veasey
2)  Thanks to Tecmo and Team Ninja for creating this stimulation game.
3)  Thanks to Microsoft for creating Xbox
4)  Thanks to my Dad for allowing me to purchase Xbox and PS2 at the
    same time.
6)  Thanks to my friend for recommending this game.
7)  Thanks to Sarah Franks  for Ayane's name
8)  Thanks Justin Chan  for corrections
    regarding the swimsuits listing.
9)  Thanks to Steve Lamb  for his help regarding digital
    and analog controls.
10) Thanks to Zechs  for the extra Hitomi gravure
    movie at Niki Beach.
11) Thanks to everyone on the GameFAQs message boards for the Visor

                          E-mail Policy / Q & A

E-mail policy
Before you consider e-mailing the author about further questions, please
kindly include DOAX or DOAXVB or Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball
as your subject than inputing the question as subject line.

Q & A

1) Where do I get more information about DOAXVB?
   Official links for Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball
   http://www.doaxvb.com (Official website) [flash website]
   http://www.tecmoinc.com (Tecmo's official website)

Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball Game Data
- 1 ~ 2 players
- Custom Soundtracks
- In-game Dolby(R) Control
- Exclusive for Xbox
- 14 blocks

2) How I get quick money?
   The best way is win beach volleyball games with large winning
   margins. Play the hopping game for last 4 days could get you
   at least 30,000 Z dollars per day if you have mastered that mini-
   game. Gambling helps but it is rather risky.

3) How do I give the Venus swimsuit to ?
   You need to play as Lisa as only you can purchase the Venus swimsuit
   while using her. First of all, you need to pamper the girl with a lot
   of love gifts. Next get Lisa to partner with that girl. Continue and
   improve the relationship with a series of "likes" and "love" gifts.
   Win beach volleyball games and give the swimsuit on the 13th day of
   the vacation.

4) Is there NUDE or NAKED mode in the game?
   Absolutely no. This game is rated as Matured.

5) Does the rumoured TOPLESS CODE by Electronic's Gaming Monthly works?


   Practically, it was another joke by the creators of the magazine. I
   have tested the code out. I have received e-mails regarding this
   code. According to my readers, the code is said to be done in the
   following steps:-

   In order to activate "Topless Mode", you need to finish a vacation
   with a new saved file under 0:13 by using any other girl except for

   1) Choose to partner with Lisa.
   2) Visit accessory shop as told and exit.
   3) Visit unoccupied places where you can view gravure movies. As
      soon as you enter the gravure movie, choose to exit immediately.
   4) In the evening, you will be forced to play a beach volleyball
      game. Hit START to pause the game and choose to give up.
   5) Do not visit the Casino at night and choose "Go to Bed" ASAP.
   6) For the remaining days of the vacation, visit unoccupied places
      to view gravure movies and quickly exit them. Go to bed when
      your character is back at the hotel during night time.
   7) Do this and view the ending credits. View your saved file and
      it must be under 0:13 to activate the mode.
   8) To activate, play a vacation with any character. Hit (Y) on
      the current swimsuit that the character is wearing. The "W"
      (wear) symbol will be replaced with "T" (topless).

   [Thanks to Ryoichi Toraneko  & Joe Smith

   To do it under 13 minutes, you can go to the poolside and choose
   "Take a rest" for a gravure movie. I have did that and get it under
   12 minutes for the entire vacation. The (Y) button does not have
   any impact on the swimsuit inventory screen.

   I have seen from the message boards at GameFAQs that you need to do
   it twice and save the second time on a memory card. Thus apparently
   is FALSE as you cannot save the file on the memory card. All saves
   have to be done in the console itself!

   Once again, I would like to repeat the code does not work and it is
   NOT A REAL CODE! By the way, do not trust the screenshots too much
   as they can be edited. I believe it is another APRIL'S FOOLS JOKE
   from Electronic's Gaming Monthly (EGM)

Last Updated: 2 March 2003                         Current Version: 1.3
Copyright of Scott Ong  2003

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