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-----  Disney's Treasure Planet FAQ  -----
-----  by Arthur Maggi II -----
-----  Version 2.0, March 23, 2003 -----

|         Copyright Stuff          |
Copyright (c) 2003 by Arthur Maggi II
This document was written completely by me.  You didn't write it, so you 
BUT ME.  I am no longer accepting offers to host my FAQ.  Someone who 
has attempted to host this has already modified it without my 
permission.  Only TWO sites have permission.  Do not rip me off and 
we'll be just fine.  I am not responsible for what happens to those who 
double cross me.

Disney's Treasure Planet and all of the game's contents are owned by 
Disney, Disney Interactive, Magenta Software, and whoever else took part 
in making the game.  I didn't make the game, nor to I claim any 
ownership to it.  I simply wrote this walkthrough to help people get 
through it.

The following sites have permission to post this FAQ:

***NOTE:  If someone isn't on my list, and they're posting my FAQ, 
notify me immediately, and I'll gladly sue them.

|           Version Info           |
Version 2.0:  (3/23/2003) This version is completed through Treasure 
Planet.  Every important thing in the game is there, with the exception 
of ONE clapboard from Treasure Planet itself.  (If anyone knows where to 
get it, let me know.)

Version 1.3:  (3/22/2003) Added Boss section

Version 1.2:  (3/21/2003) This is complete through The Legacy.

Version 1.1:  (3/20/2003) This version is complete through Spaceport.

Version 1.0:  (3/19/2003) This is the first version, totally complete 
through Montressor.  I'm working on it!

|           Contact Info           |

READ THIS BEFORE CONTACTING ME.  I have no trouble answering questions, 
but keep this in mind.  READ the walkthrough and FAQ first.  If I have 
already answered your question there, I probably won't answer it again.  
QUESTIONS.  If however, I've missed something, please let me know....  
(Please note, I don't actually own the game, so if you do have a 
question, please be as descriptive as possible when asking a question.)

If you would like to contribute to this FAQ, by all means do it.  I can 
be contacted via email at [email protected]  If you give me 
something I need, I'll gladly credit you for helping me out.  Any help 
you can offer would be great.  Just make sure that any email about this 
game has "Scooby Doo" in the subject line of the message.  If this isn't 
done, you will promptly be blocked and ignored.  Thanks.

|            The Basics            |
Before starting the game, it is important to remember one thing:  Grab 
all the drubloons you can find.  Not only will they help you get 100%, 
but you'll be asked for some cash to open certain areas of the game.  
(You won't need much cash though, so don't kill yourself to get every 
last one.)

----- The Controls -----
D-Pad/Left Control Stick - Move character around
Right Control Stick - Move camera
L1 = Bring up stats
R1 = Targets your plasma musket
L2/R2 = Moves camera
Square = Sword attack
X = Jump
Circle = Laser shot
X,X = Double Jump
X,Triangle = Float
X, Square = Overhead sword attack

The game is pretty basic.  Basically, you want to grab everything you 
see.  You're going for treasure pieces here.  You get them from 
completing mini-games, finding secret areas, exchanging yellow crystals, 
and for finding all 6 pieces of Flint's Journal on each planet.  There 
are 32 Treasure Pieces total.  Collect them all!

|            Walkthrough           |
----- Planet Montressor -----
You begin in the town of Benbow.  It's Jim's hometown, and he should 
know his way around pretty well.  Too bad you're in control!

Straight ahead from the starting point is an info box.  It tells you how 
to open the treasure chests nearby.

Double-jump, then float to the islands right in front of you to get your 
first Yellow Crystal.  The next island over has Clapboard 1/6.  Head 
back toward the start.  

Near the point where you started, you'll see a bridge to the left, but 
you can leave that alone for now.  You want to hang a right around the 

The info box tells you that you need to use a laser on those barrels.  
Jump and float to those floating islands to get your second Yellow 
Crystal.  Back on the mainland, keep along the outer edges of the 
building and go around the corner to get a free life.  Continue floating 
around the corners until you come to Clapboard 2/6.  That's a dead end, 
so head back from where you came.

Now it's time to head across that bridge where the locked door is.  The 
info box on the left tells you to use the laser on the switch.  Do so.  
That will open the door.  The info box on the right will tell you how to 
destroy crates.  Pretty easy stuff!


Walking past the first checkpoint, you'll come to your first mini-game.  
Ethan is having trouble defending the stockyard from the birds, and 
you'll need to help him out.  Finish the job, and you'll get your first 
piece of treasure.  After the game, continue onward!
*Note: For more help on the mini-game, check the "Mini-Game" section of 

To the right of Ethan, there are a few drubloons on the dock.  Straight 
ahead from Ethan, you'll need to shoot the switch to get the platform 
moving.  The first info box you come to will tell you how to climb poles 
and such.

Follow along, and shoot the next switch to get the platform moving.  
Before going ahead, take a left (toward the coins) and go behind the 
buildings.  The info box back there will tell you how to climb certain 
walls and ladders.  Duh! Climb this wall!  Up top, you'll find Clapboard 

The glowing green spot charges your plasma musket for 20 seconds.  Stand 
on the spot, and use R1 to use the weapon.  (If you stand directly on 
the spot, the 20 seconds won't start counting down.)  Shoot the barrel 
on your right, and another barrel on the FAR left.  (You may have to 
squint a bit to see it without moving closer.)

Continue toward that second barrel, and you'll see another info box 
before the door.  That one tells you about the Flint journals.  There 
are 4 journals (one on each planet), each with 6 parts.  The second info 
box tells you to use an overhead sword attack on the chest.  There's 
Journal 1/6.  Head through the tunnel.


Straight ahead is a plasma charger.  Shoot the center of the large box 
ahead.  It has a target.  There's also a small crate of cash to the 
upper left, and a barrel to the FAR right (near the 

On the right side of this area, you'll find some crates, cash, etc.  
There's also a free guy in one of the crates.  If you fall from one of 
the boxes, shoot the near the entrance to get the platform moving.  

After all that, jump across the bridge of crates that was made when you 
shot the big box with the plasma gun.

You'll come to an info box that tells you how to push objects.  Push the 
stack of crates.  (Using that crate, you can jump to the other ones and 
get a life refill and a red gem.)

Near the door, the info box will tell you that you need a power diode to 
continue.  Luckily, there's one in the nearby crate.  Get it and 
activate the power to the door.


Head straight ahead and jump onto the floating ship with the plasma 
recharge pad.  From there, shoot all the barrels in sight.  You can also 
open the chest to get Journal 2/6.

Go up the ramp (off the ship), and turn right.  Shoot the switch and the 
platform will begin moving.  Jump to the left from the moving platform.

The info box will tell you about the "death slide" (rope).  Skip it for 
now, and walk to the end to collect coins and Journal 3/6.  Head back to 
the "death slide" and slide down.  Shoot the switch in the back and it 
will lower a set of crates that will act as a bridge.  Cross the bridge.

The info box on the left will tell you to look out for secret areas.  
See the big crack in the wall?  That's a secret area.  Shoot it with 
your laser.  You'll get a treasure piece.

The man up ahead will tell you that you need to be a member of the 
Interstellar Union of Miners to get into the mines.  Of course, if you 
pay him, he'll help you become a member.  There goes 100 of your hard 
earned drubloons.

--- Inside the Mine ---
Once inside, grab the treasures and head left.  Follow the tunnel.  When 
you come to an opening, there will be a Crystal Deposit thing on the 
left.  You'll need to remember where this is for later.  You don't have 
4 Yellow Crystals yet.

Just go past the Deposit thing down the stairs.  Shoot the switch and a 
bridge will appear up top.  If you look closely, there's also a crack in 
the wall you can shoot.  You'll get Clapboard 4/6.  Head up the stairs.

Walk across the new bridge and jump the gap to a checkpoint.


Right next to the checkpoint you'll find Journal 4/6.  All of the side 
areas are locked, so follow the only path.  When you pass the locked 
areas, you'll be on a skinny bridge.  Jump from the right side of the 
bridge and you'll find Clapboard 5/6.

At the end of the bridge, talk to the and he'll ask you for help.  Help 
him out!  When you complete the Mine Generator mini-game, you'll receive 
a piece of treasure.  (For more info on the mini-game, see that 

During the mini-game, you'll find Journal 5/6, Clapboard 6/6, Journal 
6/6, and a Yellow Crystal.  All of this is detailed in the Mini-Game 

Once you've got the treasure from the mini-game, use the lift to go up.

Just outside the fourth Yellow Crystal is just behind the pillars on the 
right.  At this point, it's probably a good idea to backtrack a little 
bit to the Crystal Deposit place.  You'll get another piece of treasure 

OK...  Back up the lift again, and head to the end.  Talk to the guy at 
the end, and you're done with Montressor.  On to the races!

----- Montressor Race -----
Racing is pretty straight forward.  There are 3 Clapboards, 150 coins, 
and 3 Treasures to be won here.  I'm not sure that getting all the money 
or clapboards really helps much, other than getting 100% completion.  
The important thing here is time.  You get one Treasure piece for each 
medal level you complete.  Here are the times needed:
Gold    3:30
Silver  3:50
Bronze  4:10

----- Spaceport -----
Immediately to the left, there's some cash.  Straight ahead there's a 
few crates stacked that will boost you up on the ledge.  On top, you'll 
find Journal 1/6 on the left, and a switch straight ahead.  Shoot the 
switch to open the gate.


The chest ahead has a 1up.  When you get to a small crate, stand on it 
and wait for the moving crate to come near.  When it does, jump up and 
grab on to it.  (Jim grabs it automatically.)  Jump again to get off at 
the other side.

Around the corner, you'll come to a marketplace.  There's a guy down the 
stairs (in the marketplace) that needs help.  There's a small minigame 
where you're shooting rats away from fruit.

After grabbing the treasure piece, exit the other side of the market.  
Around the corner, you'll find a pole.  Climb it.  Use the nearby death 
slide to find Clapboard 1/6.  Shoot the crack in the wall near the 
Clapboard and you'll find a Treasure Piece!  Hop back down and climb the 
pole again.

Up top, there's a plasma recharger.  Use the plasma musket to shoot down 
all the barrels and crates both here, and in the market place.  Collect 
the treasures.  Once that's all done, you'll need to jump across all the 
awnings outlining the marketplace.  There's a doorway on the other side.  
Go downa  few sets of stairs to a checkpoint.


Jump up on the ledge (on both sides) and kill the enemy.  Both of them 
will give you a diode.  There's a spot to use each one on the left and 
right of the staircase in the middle.  Once you use both diodes, the 
gate is now open.  Climb the pole for a free guy.

When you come to a room with a death slide, walk past it at first.  Head 
to the right side of the room, and jump (and float) down to the bottom.  
There's a crate down there with Clapboard 2/6.  There's also a moving 
platform that will take you to more treasures, including Yellow Crystal 
1/4.  Ride the platform back around and climb the wall to get back up.  
Ride the death slide.  The chest on the right has Journal 2/6.  Run 
through the next two hallways until you reach a checkpoint.


Safely ride the floating crates to the top of the room.  On the top, 
there's a floating platform on the far right side that will take you to 
the opposite side of the room.  Go through the next few doorways until 
you come to a clearing.  On the right side is Journal 3/6.  On the left 
side, you'll find a floating crate that you'll have to grab onto.  Ride 
this to the ship with the plasma recharger.  Use the plasma musket to 
shoot down all the barrels in the area.  On the right side, one of the 
barrels you shoot will contain Clapboard 3/6.  Continue through the door 
on the other side.  Push the crate in front of you for a boost.  On the 
ledge, you'll find Yellow Crystal 2/4.  Talk to the guy and use the 

Circle around, and you'll find a guy who needs help sorting fruit.  
Mini-game time again!  After helping him, claim your treasure and move 
on.  Straight ahead on the walkway, there's an enemy guarding a secret 
area with Clapboard 4/6.  To the left of that is Journal 4/6.  Go 
through the open doorway to a checkpoint.


To the left, a chest has Clapboard 5/6.  Also on the left, there's a 
switch.  Shoot it and cross the wood platform in the middle.  Once on 
the island, shoot that switch to move the crates out of the way.  Head 
back to that first switch and shoot it again.  Go across the bridge and 
climb the stack of crates where the plasma recharger is.  Again, shoot 
all nearby barrels.  After collecting the cash, climb the crates again 
and use the death slide at the top.  Around the corner (in the next 
room), you'll find a rope wall on the right side.  Use it to cross the 
gap, while avoiding falling barrels.  Through the next door you'll find 
a checkpoint.


The doorway near the left has Journal 5/6.  Head up the walkway on the 
left.  You'll see a death slide, but pass it for now and step on the 
plasma recharger.  Use it to shoot down all the nearby barrels.  (One of 
them has a Yellow Crystal, so get all of them.)  Once that's done, ride 
the death slide.  From the ship, ride the floating crate to land again.  
Just to the left (behind the pillar) is Clapboard 6/6.  Collect the cash 
you knocked down a minute ago, including Yellow Crystal 3/4.  Climb the 
second net on the wall to continue.  (The first net has a free guy in 
the room.)  

Go through the next four rooms and then push the crates sitting in the 
middle of the last one.  It's used as a bridge to get to a life refill.  
When you come to a big room where you hear barrels crashing, stick to 
the right side of the room.  Take the ramp on the right side.  Dodge 
barrels on the way up the side of the room.  Once you circle the room, 
you'll come to a Crystal Exchange and a checkpoint.  From the 
checkpoint, you're high enough to jump and float out to grab the fourth 
Yellow Crystal.  Grab it and exchange your crystals for a treasure.


Once you're through that area, you'll come to a locked gate.  The guy 
standing nearby says you have to be a guild member to get through.  Of 
course, he'll sell you a Temporary Guild Membership for 200 drubloons.

Head through the newly opened door, and grab Journal 6/6 on the right.  
Shoot the switch on the right side to move the platform leading to the 
Legacy.  When you're all done, board the ship!

----- Scroop Boss -----
At this point, Jim must face the Scroop Boss.  See the Boss section for 
more information.

----- Spaceport Race -----
This is just as simple as the other races.  3 Clapboards, 200 Drubloons, 
and 3 pieces of Treasure.  The times needed for treasure are:
Gold   : 2:40
Silver : 2:50
Bronze : 3:00

----- The Legacy -----
Right behind you (to the left) a guy wants to give you an initiation for 
new crew members.  Basically, it's a mini-game where you have to capture 
10 flags by jumping from sail to sail on the ship.  It's not too 
difficult.  Behind the mini-game guy there's a bunch of cash, so grab 

Walk down the first set of stairs on the deck to a checkpoint.


Climb down the rope that's right in front of you.  Kill the bad guy and 
you'll get Clapboard 1/6.  Climb back up the rope, and behind the pole 
(near the rope) you'll get Journal 1/6.  Run around the deck and collect 
all the treasure from the barrels and crates.  Now, I hope you had some 
practice jumping from sail to sail during that mini game.  You're gonna 
need it.

Climb up one of the rope nets on the side of the ship.  Now, since I 
can't really describe a "map" here, you'll just have to keep 
systematically going through all of the levels up there until you find 
all the treasure.  I can tell you what you're looking for though.  The 
good stuff includes Clapboard 2/6, Clapboard 3/6, Journal 2/6 and TWO 
Yellow Crystals.  Once you've found all that, you've got everything you 
need to continue on.

Toward the back of the deck, there's a doorway leading to a hall.  
There's stairs going down to the left, and stairs going up to the right.  
Go up to the right first.  The chest on the immediate left has Journal 
3/6.  Talk to the person in the room, and they'll give you plasma cannon 
training.  It's another mini-game!  Once you've gotten your 500 points 
and completed the game, you'll get a treasure piece.  Head back out and 
go down the set of stairs you passed up before.  Down the stairs, the 
guy will ask if you want to use the lift.  Do it.

Right when you get off the lift, you'll see a giant roundish pillar.  On 
each side of the pillar, there's a crack in the wall.  The left side has 
Yellow Crystal 3/4 and the right side has Clapboard 4/6.  Once you've 
grabbed the stuff, you'll want to head down the right corridor.  Follow 
the only path you can, until you get to room with picnic tables.  The 
guy on the left needs help making stew.  Like the fruit game from 
earlier, one green one ruins the batch, so be careful.  After collecting 
the treasure, continue onward dodging barrels in the next hallway until 
you reach the checkpoint.


OK, continue down the one way path until you find a room with large 
crates.  One set can be pushed, making a path for you to climb up.  
Float across to the next set, and then across the set that has the power 
diode on top.  Grab the diode, and make a note of this room, as the 
Crystal Exchange is here.  You'll be back later.

Head all the way back to that corridor where the two cracks in the wall 
were.  (This is also where the lift is.)  Head down the left side this 
time.  Use the power diode in the spot, and the door is clear.  Continue 
on to a checkpoint.


Head right from the checkpoint to find two power diodes (one in the 
hall, and one in the next small room) and a sealed door.  Grab the 
diodes and ignore the room for now.  Head back toward the checkpoint.  
Passing the checkpoint, there's a door on the left side where you can 
use the diodes.  If you use them in the first two spots, that sealed 
door you were just at will be opened.  Head back to that room, and grab 
the cash you find in there.

Continuing onward though, instead of turning left to the room where you 
used the diodes, head straight.  Go through the next few hallways, and 
you'll come to a left-right choice, with a crate in the middle.  Destroy 
the crate and get Clapboard 5/6.  Once you've grabbed that, head left.  
At the dead end is the last power diode.  Grab that, and head back to 
that room where you used the other two.  Now, go back AGAIN to the spot 
where you had the left-right choice.  Go RIGHT this time for a 


You'll go through a few hallways, and there will eventually be a green 
doorway on the right.  Skip that for now and go through the red one on 
the left side at the end of the hall.  Inside, you'll find Clapboard 6/6 
and Yellow Crystal 4/4.  Now is a great time to backtrack to the Crystal 
Exchange to get your Treasure Piece.

Once you've grabbed the treasure piece, it's time to go through that 
green doorway.  Inside, you'll find some cash, and Journal 6/6.  Once 
you've grabbed everything, talk to the man and you're out of there!

----- Legacy Race -----
Like every other race, this is very easy.  3 Clapboards, 200 Drubloons, 
and 3 Treasure Pieces to be won.  The times needed are:
Gold   : 2:30
Silver : 3:00
Bronze : 3:30

----- Treasure Planet -----
Now, you're on to the final land: Treasure Planet.  You're almost there.  
Immediately after starting, there's a mini-game in the first hut where 
you'll be defending the "base" from pirates.  Complete it for a Treasure 

Now you can leave, and keep walking until you come to a big chunk of 
wood over the water.  Ride the floating platform to the ledges above to 
get Journal 1/6.  Hop back down and jump onto the wooden pillars to 
continue.  Don't forget to grab Yellow Crystal 1/4 from one of the 
pillars.  Once you've hopped the pillars, there will be a checkpoint.


Straight ahead is a wooden bridge.  To the right is a blocked doorway.  
Go straight for now.  Shoot the switch at the end, and head back to the 
blocked doorway.  Inside the blocked doorway, you'll need to ride the 
moving platform, then take the ramp on the right side (or left depending 
on your point of view).  When you get to the top ledge, you'll have to 
double jump then float to the ledge with the power diode.  Grab the 
diode and take it back to where you shot the switch a minute ago.

Once you've used the diode, float into the new cave opening.  Carefully 
climb past the shooting fire, and you'll come to a checkpoint.  


Ride the platform across, and you're in a "monkey bar" type of area 
again.  Climb through the stuff, stopping at the little islands along 
the way.  The first island has Yellow Crystal 2/4, and the second one 
has Clapboard 1/6.  After getting off of the monkey bars, you can climb 
the wall and get to the top where there's a plasma recharge pad.  Use it 
to shoot down all the barrels in the area.  Grab the cash and move on 
through the cave at the end.

In the next clearing, you'll want to jump up the ledges on the left 
side.  You'll get Journal 2/6 on the way up there.  Climb up and ride 
the death slide across the valley.  Before going through the doorway, 
float to the ledge on the left and grab Clapboard 2/6.  Now you can go 
through the doorway.  In this next part, you'll have to jump from 
platform to platform being VERY careful not to fall, as you're pretty 
far from the last checkpoint.  Once you make the jumps successfully, 
there's a checkpoint on the other side.


Once you've hit the checkpoint, you'll find B.E.N. and you'll play the 
"Sneak past the guards mini-game.  It's pretty easy.  Sneak 
successfully, and you'll get a Treasure Piece.  When you're done, you'll 
be facing B.E.N. again, so you'll want to turn around and go the 
opposite direction.  When you do, you'll come to a chest with Journal 
3/6 and some random cash.  Walk up to the giant triangular portal and 
talk to B.E.N. again.  This will transport you into Flint's Treasure 

----- Flint's Treasure Chamber -----
Turn around again and start grabbing cash.  Right before the moving 
platform, you'll see a switch.  It's too high to reach with your laser, 
so you'll have to use the plasma musket.  Ride the moving platform for 
now, and jump the gap to the right to the checkpoint.


Ahead of the checkpoint is a plasma recharger.  Use it and turn around.  
Head back toward the checkpoint, jump the gap, and start aiming.  Aim 
for the switch that was too hard to reach before.  When you hit it, 
it'll make a staircase to some treasure.  Go there and get Journal 4/6.  
Back to the checkpoint again...

From the checkpoint/plasma recharger, head down the left path.  After 
floating across a large gap, there's a switch to shoot at the bottom.  
Shoot the switch and head up the stairs to the left.  At the top of the 
stairs there will be another checkpoint.


Jump from ledge to ledge around the area and smoke the pirate at the 
top.  Now you'll need to float across the gap toward the crates on the 
ledge across from you.  Kill the enemies and blast the crack in the wall 
for a free guy.  The enemy at the end is guarding a chest containing 
Clapboard 3/6.  Jump down and touch the checkpoint again.  

Now you can head through the hallway to the left of the checkpoint.  
(The room with the lasers.)  On the right side of the clearing, use the 
moving platform to get to the other side.  Push the crate to make a 
boost for the upper ledge.  From the ledge, float to the pillar with the 
drubloons.  From that pillar, float to the one with the power diode.  
After that, you can jump back to the mainland.  Push the crates to form 
stairs to get up to the ledge with the chest.  The chest contains 
Journal 5/6.  Float across to the other side and use the power diode.  
Once the moving platform is activated, use it to get Yellow Crystal 3/4.  
Remember this area, as it has the Crystal Exchange.  You'll be back 

Head back to the checkpoint and jump the gap again.  Keep right.  Use 
the moving platform to get across and shoot the switch.  Head back to 
the SAME checkpoint again and keep left this time.  Float across the big 
gap again, but this time go to the right.  Hop up the new area, and 
you'll find a checkpoint at the top.


Climb the ladder on the ship and grab Clapboard 4/6 from behind the 
chair.  Talk to the ghost and you'll play a mini-game where you have to 
put the wicks out.  It's pretty simple.  When that's done, you'll get a 
piece of treasure.  Walk to the end of the ship and jump off the left 
side.  Pick up Journal 6/6 and Clapboard 5/6. (***Note:  I am missing 
one Clapboard from the Treasure Planet area.  If you know where it is, 
please let me know.  It's the ONLY thing I'm missing.)

Right before you get to B.E.N. you'll grab a Yellow Crystal.  Head back 
to the Crystal Exchange and get your Treasure Piece.  Once that's all 
done, head back and talk to B.E.N.  It's time to blast off and leave 
Treasure Planet.

----- Silver Boss -----
The silver boss isn't terribly difficult.  If you need help, see the 
boss section.

----- Treasure Planet Race -----
Simple enough race.  3 Clapboards, 250 Drubloons, and 3 Treasure Pieces.  
Here's the times you need:
Gold   : 3:45
Silver : 4:00
Bronze : 4:30

That's it!  After beating the Treasure Planet Race, there's a cut scene 
and the credits roll.  If you've been following along, you've got 
everything in the game at this point.  Good job!

|             Enemies              |
There aren't many enemies to speak of.  There are actually only a few 
While they don't have actual names, they're all easily distinguishable.

Armored Goon - This is the first enemy you come across.  They have a 
slight pink glow coming from them, and this is their "laser armor".  
They'll shoot as you get closer.  One whack from the sword will take 
them out.

Big Ugly Goon - Any guy who is big can be shot easily.  They're not 
armored, and they're not smart.

A-ha Goon - These guys run around saying "a-ha" ... You can whack them 
with the sword or shoot them with the laser.

Most of the enemies fall into one of these categories.  None are hard, 
and none of them take more than one hit to kill.  Hey, it's a Disney 

|             Bosses               |
----- Scroop Boss -----
1st Part - Avoid the barrels coming at you.  When a grenade appears, 
grab it and return fire.  Aim at HIM.

2nd Part - Avoid Fire beam, and pick up grenades when they drop.  Throw 
the grenades at the crates in the back.  A red arrow will indicate where 
to throw.

3rd Part - Avoid the crates he throws at you by double jumping.  Shoot 
him with the laser when he gets close enough.

----- Silver Boss -----
1st Part - He'll shoot multi-colored plasma blasts at you.  Stand in 
front of the corresponding crystal and let the blast hit it.  If you hit 
two consecutive blasts of the same color at the crystal of the same 
color (i.e. 2 RED shots at the RED crystal), the crystal will disappear.  
The next part starts when all three crystals are gone.

2nd Part - He'll throw mines at you.  Don't step on them.  When they 
don't fire, pick them up and throw them back at him.  When you hit him 3 
times, the next part starts.

3rd Part - For this part, you're hanging on the wall.  Dodge everything 
but the blue crystals.  When you get one, push Square and Up to lob it 
back at him.  Hit him 3 times and it's over.

|           Mini-Games             |
----- Scrapyard Mini-Game -----
He'll run around and scare birds.  Your job is to shoot the birds before 
they get away with the parts.  Gold parts are worth 10, Silver are worth 
5 and Bronze are worth 1.  If you lose more than 50 Drubloons worth of 
parts then you lose.  It's not hard.

----- Mine Generator Mini-Game -----
Go back across the bridge and make the first right.  The info box says 
that "bruisers" can't be shot at.  Use your sword.  Head to the right.  
Use the moving platform to get across.  Shoot the enemy ahead and climb 
the ladder to get your first diode (1/5).  Activate the generator.  Turn 
around, and before heading back you need to float across to the other 
ledge and grab Journal 5/6.  Now head back to where the first enemy was.

Go right from the spot where the first enemy was.  Shoot the guy in 
front of the generator and grab his diode (2/5).  Start the generator.  
Keep going straight.  Climb the ladder.  

Kill the enemy and climb the ladder on the left.  Shoot the switch and 
head through the newly opened door.  Kill the "aha" guy and get his 
diode.  Start the generator (3/5).  Head back to the starting point. 

From the bridge, take the first left.  Once inside, take an immediate 
left.  Kill the enemy and grab the chest for Clapboard 6/6.  Continue on 
and shoot the switch at the end of the corridor.  Go through the open 
door.  Shoot the enemy and get his diode.  Start the generator (4/5).  
On the right side of that door is Journal 6/6.  On the floating island 
is Yellow Crystal 3/4.

Head back the way you came, and go down the hallway on the left.  (This 
is the only hallway you haven't been down.)  Kill the enemy and climb 
the ladder.  Kill the enemies up top and get the last diode.  Start the 
generator (5/5).  You'll be taken back to where you started.  Get your 

----- Marketplace Mini-Game -----
You'll be protecting fruit from the rats.  It's pretty easy.  When you 
see a rat, shoot them with your laser.  If they make off with 10 pieces, 
you'll have to do it again.

----- Fruit Sorting Mini-Game -----
You'll need to be quick as the fruit rolls down the belts.  Grab the 
yellows and reds, but the green will spoil the whole batch.  Yellow is 
worth 5 drubloons, and Red is worth 1 drubloon.  You need to get a total 
of 200 drubloons before time runs out.

----- Crew Initiation Test -----
You'll have to capture 10 flags from the top of the ship within 300 
seconds.  Start by climbing the net on the right, and grab your first 
flag at the top.  You'll need to practice floating from sail to sail, 
but with a little patience you'll get it.

----- Plasma Cannon Simulation -----
You'll be shooting meteors away from the ship.  If 5 hit the ship, 
you're done.  You need to rack up 500 points before time runs out.

----- Stew Mini-Game -----
This is the same as the fruit sorting from earlier.  Get 200 drubloons 

----- Pirate Defense -----
Keep shooting pirates to defend the base.  It's very easy.  If one 
shoots you, you can shoot his fire so that it doesn't hit you.  Keep 
shooting until time runs out.

----- Sneak Past The Guards -----
All you need to do is sneak past the guards.  The first one circles the 
fire, the second two alternate lights.  Sneak past when the light is 
off.  The other ones all walk normally.  Just don't step in the light.  
It's easy.

----- Powder Keg Mini-Game -----
This game involves using an overhead sword chop to put out the wick.  
Try to put out the ones with the shorter wicks first.  If you miss one, 
the game's over.  It will only take one or two tries to get the hang of 
it.  Good luck!

|    Frequently Asked Questions    |
1.  What are the Clapboards for?
I'm not sure.  You don't seem to get anything when you get all of them 
in a level.  If anyone knows what they're for, let me know!

This section will be completed when people start asking questions.

|             Credits              |
This is a list of all the people who helped make this FAQ possible:
My girlfriend.  
That's about it!

|         Copyright Stuff          |
Copyright (c) 2003 by Arthur Maggi II
This document was written completely by me.  You didn't write it, so you 
BUT ME.  I am no longer accepting offers to host my FAQ.  Someone who 
has attempted to host this has already modified it without my 
permission.  Only TWO sites have permission.  Do not rip me off and 
we'll be just fine.  I am not responsible for what happens to those who 
double cross me.

Disney's Treasure Planet and all of the game's contents are owned by 
Disney, Disney Interactive, Magenta Software, and whoever else took part 
in making the game.  I didn't make the game, nor to I claim any 
ownership to it.  I simply wrote this walkthrough to help people get 
through it.

The following sites have permission to post this FAQ:

***NOTE:  If someone isn't on my list, and they're posting my FAQ, 
notify me immediately, and I'll gladly sue them.

Copyright (c) 2003 by Arthur Maggi II ... No stealing!

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