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DragonBallZ: The Legacy of Goku - FAQ

Platform: Game Boy Advance/SP (GBA)

Written by: Whit3Ghost
E-mail: [email protected]


Version 1.0 - Finished then submitted to cheathappens.com

Version 1.1 - Updated on February 26th for correct grammar

Version 1.3 - Updated on March 7th for changes in the End section


© Copyright Zach "Whit3Ghost" Lewis, February 2008



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    Table of Contents -----------------------------------------------


  I. - Introduction
 II. - Starting out
   2.1 - Controls
   2.2 - Health
   2.3 - Abilities
   2.4 - Senzu Beans and Herbs
   2.5 - Faster Leveling
   2.6 - Enemy List
   2.7 - Experience Points

 III.  - Quest's and Item's
   3.1 - Quest list
   3.2 - Item list

 IV. - Boss Guide
   4.1 - Raditz
   4.2 - Nappa
   4.3 - Vegeta
   4.4 - The Ginyu Force
   4.5 - Frieza and all forms

 V.  - Extra Info
   5.1 - About the story
   5.2 - About the FAQ

 VI.  - End
   6.1 - Thanks and Goodbye


 I.  Introduction ---------------------------------------------------


Hello, my name is Zach Lewis, and my name on cheathappens.com is 
Whit3Ghost. I chose to write a FAQ to list how to complete the levels 
in DragonBall Z: Legacy of Goku and explain how to beat bosses, quests, 
and many more. They are not hard at all, but if you forget how to do 
the steps and tips I tell you, you will never beat them by starting out the
first time. This is the second time I have been writing a FAQ for 
this game so I will try my best to get you along the way to Frieza while 
also helping you with the quests on the path.

DragonBallZ: The Legacy of Goku is a game for the Game boy Advance
that was a big hit in 2003, it was a game that I used to play all 
the time. Let me go over what the storyline is and what different 
things you can do.

When you first start out, you are at Master Roshi's island 
and you introduce Gohan to everybody. Feel free to talk to 
anyone there. Then you will be asked to collect magazines 
for Master Roshi. Once done that, everyone is suddenly 
suspicious and Raditz teleports there from outta nowhere. 
He tells you to join him but you don't and he takes Gohan. 
After that little charade, Piccolo comes in and tells everyone 
about the guy they just saw. He tells you, that you and him 
need to fight Raditz in order to save Gohan, not only that, 
but peace.

Then you see the Nimbus Cloud appear. This means you 
have to walk on top of it and fly to the scene. But where 
it really takes you is your house, which really stinks, 
and it means you have to go on by yourself. After walking
through the path, you will be at a little forest village
of quests. You have to complete all quests to move on to 
the fight with Raditz. These are the quests you need to do.

Save Lost Girl

Find Dino Egg

Save Old Man

Recover Toy Boat

Flowers for Sue

Return Kitty

Then you have to talk to the village leader to proceed to 
Piccolo and Raditz. Go through. Now you should see Piccolo. 
Feel free to talk to him. Now walk up to Raditz's Space Pod 
and talk to him. You should now start the fight. After a good 
combo of hits to him you should move on to where Piccolo has
to use Special beam Cannon. the next part is started on Snake 

Once you proceed on, you will go to HFIL, then back to Snake 
Way, and then to King Kai's Planet. After that you will go 
back to Earth and fight Nappa and Vegeta. Nappa is Easy. But 
Vegeta is not. I will tell you how to beat him in the FAQ. 
Then after beating the two, you will ride your spaceship to 
Namek in order to take care of the Ginyu Force which is easy 
to beat, and then turned to fight Frieza and his forms.

The bosses in this game have all different skills, but have 
different weak spots. I would just like for you to know this because, 
to know their strategy, you will need to repeat something on and on 
at some point. They all become quite easy until you get to Vegeta...
Do not worry. After reading my FAQ, you will go into the game playing 
like a pro already.

Now that you are getting ready to start, I would like to tell 
you that there are some pretty hard enemies and bosses in the 
game. Be careful of what you do against them. I will tell you 
all about everything in the game, so don't worry about that. 
But do be careful, like I said, with how you use the steps and 
tips. Now, let’s get started.


 II. Starting out ------------------------------------------------


 2.1 Controls

                        A BUTTON

Punch/Talk/Speed Up Text/Pick Up Items. Do this by pressing 
the A BUTTON, Goku will punch in whatever direction he is facing. 
This is one of your three modes of attacking, it is important for
Goku through battles in the game. You can talk to non-hostile people by 
pressing towards them and the A BUTTON. 

                        B BUTTON

Ki Attack/Show All Text. By pressing the B BUTTON, Goku will perform 
one of three modes of Ki Attacks. You yet only start out with one. 
You can unlock the others by completing the game. By pressing the 
B BUTTON in conversations you can speed the time up of the words and 
move on to the next box of the conversation. This can make
conversations way quicker if you’re tired of the slowness.

                       L BUTTON

Ki Ability Selection. Goku learns three Ki Attacks in the game and 
when unlocked can be cycled through. Although, be careful of how 
many times you press the L BUTTON in a fight if you’re trying to find 
the right attack and you’re stuck.

                       R BUTTON

Flight Mode. By pressing the R BUTTON, goku will initiate Flight 
Mode. During Flight Mode Goku can fly above the landscape at a 
numerous speed. You can fly above enemies and bosses in need of 
serious damage or you want to avoid as many as possible. Though, 
you have a limited amount of Flight Charge. This is the meter 
that tells you every time you’re flying how much energy you 
have left to fly. When you lose energy completely, you can find 
Flight Charge items to recharge some of your flight energy. Also, 
when you progress further in the game with the more experience 
you earn, your Flight Charge numbers increase for more flight.

                     START BUTTON

Menu. By pressing the Start Button, you will be taken to the 
Menu Screen and there you can look at completed quests, check 
how much experience you have, see how many Senzu Beans and 
Herbs you have and eat them for health points. You can do many more 
at the menu, but the rest is for you to explore.

                     SELECT BUTTON

Flight Charge Display. By holding the Select Button, you can see 
how many current Flight Charges you have. The game displays both 
your maximum and current amounts, so you don't have to keep flying to 
find how much you have.

                    DIRECTIONAL PAD

Moving. This moves Goku from place to place, whether you’re flying, 
or on the ground, or simply pressing up/down on the menu screen. It 
is the easiest control there is.

I hope that I made it clear to you, because you will understand that 
the controls are really quite simple.


 2.2  Health 

Your health is the one main thing you need to survive. All's 
it basically is is a bar on the top left that is the color 
red and it drops once you get hit. Now, you need to be careful 
of what you do while on a mission or quest. You could get hit 
by something like an enemy or Ki Blast. Your health goes 
down very fast at low levels but it slows down once you level 
up to at least 5-10 and then you will be good. You can also 
pick up items for your health but I'll talk about that later. 
This is the main thing about the game, the more Experience 
points you get, the stronger you will be and the higher of 
points you will earn in all your abilities including strength.
Remember this, because it is the only thing you got to stay 
alive in the game and not having to start back at a level from 
a long time ago. Health is your main bar that needs to be 
watched every time you get in a battle. I hope you understand
the concepts of this. Good luck.  


 2.3  Abilities

I listed some of the abilities in the Controls section but 
I will re-list them and the list the others. The abilities 
you have for Ki are regular Ki blasts, solar flare, and the 
kamehameha. The three attacks will take care of not just 
enemies, but of course the bosses and they are your key 
success to beat every single one.

+++++++++++++++ Ki Blast +++++++++++++++++++++++++

This is the normal move used to quickly take care of 
enemies and damage bosses. You can charge this as long 
as you want to make it powerful and put a lot of damage 
on your prey. The good news for energy in this game is 
that you don't need to go looking around for items to fill 
it up. It charges it's own and can give you up to unlimited 
blasts which means unlimited damage. Now, luckily for the 
you, there is no bad news. So it seems like a miracle. 
But not just yet, The bosses and enemies can still damage 
you. So what you do is you run away, and get to the point 
where they stop and you see them, charge your ki and blast 
it. That will cause critical damage on your enemies.

+++++++++++++  Solar Flare +++++++++++++++++++++++++

This ability is also your key to success. This allows 
you to blind your enemy. The catch is, to run away and 
blast that enemy or give it the old one, two (punch him). 
This ability is the most useful to your advantage. I When 
you’re in deep trouble with low health that would be 
the good time to use it or just fly away. Its main use
is to run away from your enemy and attack him/her or 
just run right away. I hope you use this to good use because 
it is the only key to winning when crowded in the corner 
of a boss battle without any Flight Charges.

++++++++++++++ Kamehame-Ha +++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Last but not least, the Kamehame-Ha wave. One of your 
strongest attacks. The best combination to use this is, 

#1: Use Solar Flare, 

#2 Get to a good spot to where you can see your enemy,

#3 Blast your Kamehame-Ha wave on him/her and cause some 
great damage. 

Now that you know one of the great combo's, you are ready 
to go with the Ki Attack's. Good luck in the game with these.


 2.4  Senzu Beans and Herbs

Senzu Beans and Herbs are your main source of health points.
When your in need of health at any time and you go to the
menu screen and find that you have no Senzu Beans or Herbs, 
your thoughts right away are, CRAP. Well, to be prepared be 
sure to look for bushes that appear anywhere you end up walking, 
walk up to it and press the A BUTTON to pick it up and as 
points it will fill your health meter about half way. You can 
collect up to about 5-6. Now, for Senzu Beans you will need as 
well. Except, for serious battles of course. Herbs are meant for 
Enemies and Boss Battles, but Senzu Beans are only meant for 
facing bosses. You can collect up to three and they are hidden in 
some places around the whole game map. There is one on the 
starting level and one when you in HFIL. Those are the only ones 
I can remember at the time. If you find them, save it, and use it 
for when you’re in a serious battle. When you complete the game, you 
will have the ability to carry four Senzu Beans. Good luck finding 


 2.5  Faster Leveling

To level way faster then usual, find a spot where there is 
a crowd of at least eight enemies and obliterate them all. 
Then go to a different spot and go back. They will be there 
so do it again and then repeat. There, you will level up 
faster with a bunch of experience points. Be sure to go back 
to the exact spot you were at.


 2.6  Enemy List

The enemies, more annoying as ever but make a big difference 
in experience.

Squirrels - Cute little things but are still enemies that give 5 
experience points

Snakes - Same as squirrels and give 5 experience

Crabs - These guys attack you and can be killed by ki blast 
from far away and give you 70 experience points

Wolves - Pesky enemies that are stronger than crabs, give 
70 experience

Earthbound Pterodactyls - You will encounter these guys at 
every stage of the game, they are quite a pain, 300 
experience given

Earthbound Dinosaurs - Very tough to kill, you'll find 
one of these guys in the beginning of the game, 600 
experience to be earned

Snake Queen - A very strong woman, be aware of this lady, 
3,000 experience

Spirit Cloud - Cloud stuffed with evil, obliterate these 
guys, 1,000 experience to be given

Namekian Dinosaur - Very strong dinosaurs, don't really 
fight back much, 4,000 experience

Bank Robber - An evil human, chosen for a quest, must 
kill these guys for experience, 1,000 free experience

Namekian Pterodactyl - Animal that is like a pacifist, 
gives a rough 1,000 experience

Frieza's Henchmen - Very irritating men, also very strong, 
give an amazing 10,000 experience

Improved Frieza Henchmen - Like the original henchmen, 
except more irritating and with an outstanding 30,000 


 2.7 Experience Points

Experience Points like I said before are the 
key to making you become stronger and rising 
your stats on abilities. It is also important
to have a lot because you also want to level 
up. If you use the faster level up tip I told 
you, you could be level 20 with a bunch of 
experience and the strongest you could be. 
You can also get a lot of experience in quest 
which I will list next. Be sure to get as many 
experience points as you can before you face Frieza. 

P.S (You can get a bunch of experience from henchmen 
at Namek and a lot from the Ginyu Force.) 


 III.  Quest's and Item's --------------------------------


 3.1  Quest List

Here I will list all of the quests there are to do in the 
entire game. Be sure that you do every single one that is 
listed if you want ALL experience points.

Roshi's Magazines - They are all mostly outside, just walk 
around the how and you should find them. The other one 
is in the house.

Save Lost Girl - Once you get into the little village, walk 
and fly over to where Yamcha and Puar are and proceeding through,
you should be at a place in the woods where there is a gang 
of dogs. Kill them and then on, you will find the girl. Talk 
to her and then take her back to her house.

Find Dino Egg - This is a very easy mission. Once you proceed 
into the woods after landing at your house from the Nimbus Cloud,
you will see a mamma dinosaur. She will ask you to go find her 
dino egg that got taken by a pterodactactyl. Walk straight in 
the green lands. The location of it is all the way to the right. 
You will see a mountain with a waterfall, fly on top and you will
see the egg. Kill the pterodactactyl. Now take it back to the 
dinosaur and earn the experience points. 

Save Old Man - This quest starts right near the mamma dinosaur. 
Proceed to the left and you will see an old man who is an architect 
who is stuck in the middle of a river. The way to do this is to 
find rocks in the area. There is one right near there to find in 
the middle of trees, the other two are near Tien and Chaozu. Talk 
to them though, and you will earn experience. Once you get the rocks, 
walk over to where the old man is and press the A BUTTON towards the
pits in the water and you will place the rocks there so the man can
walk over the path.  

Recover Toy Boat - In the little forest village, you will see some 
kids playing around. When proceeding to the left, you will see a boy, 
talk to him and he will ask you to get his boat. Now, make sure you
have your Flight charged up so you can have just enough energy to fly 
to it, and fly out. Then give it to him, and you will earn some 

Flowers for Sue - When walking all the way to the left in the little 
forest village, you will have the choice to fly across. So make sure 
your Flight is charged and once there, you will see a pterodactyl that
is flying around. Blast it a couple of times then turn left and fly 
up across there and you will see a little grass area surrounded by 
trees with flowers in there. Pick them up and return to the village.
Outside from the girl that you saved house, there is a boy who asked 
you to get him some flowers for sue. So talk to him and give it to him.
You will earn some more experience.

Return Kitty - This kitty is in the exact area where you saved the girl. 
Just talk to it and take it back to the village. At the top right there 
is the house of the village leader. Take the kitty to him and he will thank 
you. More experience to be earned. 

Defeat Raditz - 4,000 experience, For the steps to beat him, go to the Boss 
Guide part of the FAQ.

Defeat Snake Queen - After the battle with Raditz, you will appear on Snake Way.
Along the way, you will see a woman, she is quite dangerous. Just blast her with 
some Ki Blasts. Just a tip for Snake Way, to go extra faster, fly across each 
so you can get to where you need to go faster.

Gather Spirits - These are quite easy to find. While in HFIL, you will be asked to 
find the spirits that escaped. They are all in different places around there and can 
be confusing because there are also spirits that are your enemies. So here are
where they are, one is straight down from where you talk to the owner, the others 
are all to the right of the map and at the top. You will need to fly to get most of 

Eat Yemma's Fruit - After finding and taking back the escaped spirits, you
are then acquired to eat King Yemma's Fruit. This can be done by helping 
one Oni, talking to another and tricking a third. Then you will be able
to cross in to the apple and eat its delightful fruitiness. The apple 
allows the person infinite energy and also allows them to not be hungry for
the same duration.

Catch Bubbles - After catching the guy who bet you couldn’t at HFIL, you will 
go back to Snake Way and walk the rest to King Kai's Planet. There, talk to him
and he will tell you to catch Bubbles for extra speed. The way to catch him 
quickly is to fly right at him and run while pressing the A BUTTON. This should 
not take more than a couple tries.

Hit Gregory - After catching Bubbles you are required to hit Gregory with
a humungous hammer. Fly around chasing after him and right when your 
literally close to him, change from flight to walk and press the A BUTTON 
immediately. After doing this after a while, you should complete it in no 

Save Lost Boy - When you start out, you start at the Mountains. Walk straight 
and on a cliff is a boy who says he was chased up by wolves. This is an easy 
enough quest. Take him down and exit the area into the city. Be aware, there 
is a Namekian Dinosaur that is way stronger than the one earlier. But it 
does give 4,000 experience so if you want to gain a level or two... Now you 
should be in the city. Walk south into the little area of houses. Walk into the 
house on the left (the first house of two) and inside will be the boy's mother, 
will be glad enough to see her son. For a reward, she will give you a Capsule 
from Capsule Corporation. Don't worry, you WILL use this. 

Find Capsules - After getting the capsule from the boy’s mom, now exit the house 
and cross over to the bank. There you should find several patches of tall grass 
which you should blast with your Ki, or use Kamehame-Ha to take all several out 
at once. Inside there should be a green tinge Flight Charge and another capsule.
Take the capsule to the man in the left house of the entrance and give him it 
and you will earn 1500 experience.

Stop Robbers - Talk to the people outside, they will tell you that the bank, south 
of the man's house, has just been robbed by three robbers. These guys aren't much of 
a challenge, they have guns. That's the only thing you have to worry about. So kill 
them all. Each robber is 1,000 experiences. 3,000 total.

Defeat Nappa - 20,000 experience, Nappa is quite easy, use Solar Flare, and run away, 
charge Ki Blast where he can't see you, attack, repeat, and he will be down for 
the count.

Defeat Vegeta - 30,000 experience, Vegeta is hard, and changes to even harder. 
He has three modes of battle. the first is regular, the second is angry, and the
final which is Elite mode (serious mode) which is the most dangerous of all in 
the game. He can run really fast, cause great damage with Ki and melee, and can
get really angry. So use these steps, Solar Flare, Kamehame-Ha, Ki Blast, run
away, repeat, this will take a long time, depending on your level. The odds 
are uneven. Good luck.

Save Saplings - Sounds pretty confusing, right? Well, when you first start out at
talk to one of the people and he will ask you to burry the saplings that need to 
be buried around Namek. Now, THIS IS A HARD QUEST, don't make me repeat that, it is. 
Let's get started with the quest. Travel Right, past the Pterodactyl on the upper 
ledge and farther from the poor Namekian, until you will find one of Freiza's 
Henchmen who is blue standing next to the first tree. Kill the henchman which can be 
difficult due to his enormous strength, so be very careful. There is also a flight
near there, it is colored green. Then walk up to the tree and take it along with you. 
It is best for you to grab all 3 since it would make your traveling much quicker. 
Be careful doing this.

Grab the Flight Charge if you need it, and fly up onto the higher ground. This will 
make your traveling quicker as well. Be sure to also pick up herbs, you never know
can happen... Continue your journey until you find a small path leading to another   
level of ground, there will be a rock there. It can be removed by a Ki Blast. 
Shoot the rock, and take out the pterodactyl and namekian dinosaur behind. Further
up on 
this path, you will find another one of Frieza's Henchmen. This one is Green and is 
standing next to a flight charge with a red tinge and the second small tree.  Kill
and grab the tree, and continue along the path as it turns to the Left, keep it up.
Almost done... Still though, be very careful.

Along this path, you'll come across another Pterodactyl flying in the air. 
Press onward, killing the flying pterodactyl as you progress, until you 
move to another area of enemies. Here you will find another Namekian dinosaur,
pterodactyl, and another Green Henchman guarding the 3rd and final tree.
Now, Fly right through these guys. The results will be positive. If you fight 
all three, the results would be not. So, grab the tree, then return to the Namekian 
house. Talk to him, he will be very happy.  

You'll find 3 holes in the ground around the house of the Namekian. Walk up to each 
and press the A BUTTON as if picking up a Herb, or Senzu Bean, etc... as you plant 
each tree, you will earn 7,000 experience. Well done, you just relocated 
three trees! One of the hardest quests in the game! That isn't sarcasm just to let 
you know...

Namekian Artifacts - This place is huge. It has a bunch of teleport pads as 
well. To be able to get through the Temple and out, you will need the three 
artifacts outside of the temple to be able to use them for a key to the outside 
on the other side. This to me what pretty hard the first time I played this game 
but it wasn't actually. Just made it seem hard to find them then go inside and 
go through lots of teleport pads. Then I found out that the stone hands inside 
lead to the outside. So keep that in mind and you will be out in a flash to 
save Vegeta, Krillin, and Gohan! the Namekian Artifacts are easily located by
walking around the Temple before you go in. Make sure of that.

Defeat Recoome - 40,000 experience, Use Solar Flare, Charge and Blast Ki Blast, 
Punch him, Recoome down, 3 to go...

Defeat Burter - 70,000 experience, Same as Recoome, Solar Flare, fly around and 
blast, then punch, obliterated. 2 to go...

Defeat Jeice - 70,000 experience, Fly around and mess around with him, Charge 
Ki Blast fully throttled, then blast him as many times as you can.

Defeat Captain Ginyu - 90,000 experience, 

#1 Solar Flare

#2 Kamehame-Ha and Ki Blast

#3 Melee


Defeat Frieza - 1,400,000 experience total, Remember the steps I told you. 
You will never lose if you use those tips. Frieza's first form is weak, very 
weak. You can use a bunch of Kamehame-Ha's and Ki Blast's on him. Then knock 
him out with some punches. Don't forget about picking up herbs and Senzu Bean's 
if you need them. You never know the odds. Frieza's second form isn't much 
either. Use the same steps as first form. Now, for the third form, you might 
want to just stick with far away Ki Blast's because when this guy get's on you 
with punches and Ki Blast's, you'll get crushed, literally... So watch out for 
those. And last but not least, Friezas Final Form, his strongest of all, the 
games strongest of all. But there is something also, you have transformed to a... 
SUPER SAYAIN!!! Your speed has now increased dramatically and strength as well. 
you can now put extra damage with Kamehame-Ha and Ki Blast. Punching even more. 
So here is what you do...

#1 Ki Blast like crazy

#2 Solar Flare a couple times

#3 Punch him and run away

#4 Pick up herbs when losing health badly

#5 Finish him off with KAMEHAME-HA!!!

Now you have totally obliterated Frieza with tips, and without cheats!!! Well done!!!

Check this list over just in case, you never know.


 3.2  Items List

There aren't a lot of items on the list so it won't be so long.

================ Flight Charges ===============================

Goku is the only one of a few people on Earth that can fly. Now, 
as I said before, to fly, you will need the Flight Charges 
that come in little capsules. You might want to pick them up 
once you see one. There are two different kinds, Green and Red 
tinges. So these are basically little orbs on the ground. After 
a while, they do regenerate so wait a little while if you need 

=================== Herbs ======================================

These little bushes of health really help you in tough 
situations. They can restore half your health. Although, Senzu 
Beans do more healing. These will appear on the ground as 
a little patch of grass with red dots. You can hold up 
to six at any given moment so take the opportunity.

================= Senzu Beans =================================

This is the most valuable item in the game. You will need 
to save them as best you can. Wasting this rare item would 
be not right. These appear at the same places as herbs so 
be on the lookout. They appear to look like little piles 
of green turds as described in Dark Vortex's FAQ, it is true.
You can carry up to 3 Senzu Beans, and don't mistake them 
for a little patch of grass. They are very small. So be careful.



 IV.  Boss Guide -------------------------------------------


 4.1  Raditz  4,000 Experience

Raditz is of course very annoying and kidnaps Gohan 
in the beginning of the game. Now, you first have to 
collect the magazines for Master Roshi around the 
house first. Once you do, take them back to him and 
you will get some experience and a couple herbs. 
Then hop on the Nimbus Cloud. Once on the Nimbus 
Cloud you will land at your house. From then on your 
on your own. Follow down the path into the woods. 
Now, before I proceed on, I would just like to say 
that to go on and fight Raditz, you have to complete 
ALL the quests in the Area. Now you should be at 
the part with the Dinosaur, talk to it and farther 
in the woods you should find a dino egg, it is on a 
mountain with a waterfall, fly on it. Here are the remaining 
quests in the area,

Save Lost Girl

Save Old Man

Recover Toy Boat

Flowers for Sue

Return Kitty

Then talk to the old man and he should give you the 
Solar Flare Attack and give you the path to the fight. 
There, you will see Piccolo who say's, it took you long 
enough, Raditz is up ahead, and you talk to him to 
start. Now, to take him out quick, use Solar Flare a 
lot and blast him with Ki Attacks until Piccolo is called
to use Special Beam Cannon and kill Raditz and you. Next 
you are chosen to do these quests,

Defeat Snake Queen

Gather Spirits

Eat Yemma's Fruit

Catch Bubbles

Hit Gregory


 4.2  Nappa  20,000 Experience

Now you should be in the mountains. Walk straight 
ahead into the city. Here are the quests you can 
chose to do for extra experience,

Save Lost Boy

Find Capsules

Stop Robbers

Now, you can move on to Nappa. There, in the mountains, you will 
see Gohan, and Krillin. They tell you to go take 
on Nappa and Vegeta. First, pick up as many herbs 
as you can and if you have Senzu Beans, prepare 
them. Now, start the battle. Run away, charge 
your Ki where he can't see you and shoot, repeat,
hit him at sides where it causes more damage. 
If he gets critical damage on you eat some herbs 
really quickly and then get back to the steps. 
This should kill him until at least 10-15 times. If 
not, then keep on going. Everything really depends 
on what your level is.


 4.3  Vegeta  30,000 Experience

Vegeta comes right after kicking Nappas butt. Vegeta 
can be really tricky because he's fast, powerful, 
and even more powerful. Pick up as MANY herbs as 
you possibly can for this cause when I say he's 
powerful, HE'S POWERFUL. You basically use the 
same step for Nappa except you use Solar Flare and run
away, get to a distance where he can't see you, 
and use the Kamehame-Ha wave on him 10-15 times 
and he should give up, then he gets angry and 
upgrades to even faster. Do the same thing and 
watch out for his dangerous Ki Blasts. Then when 
you take him out again, he should, say, "that is 
enough" and his outfit should change to Elite 
and he should be extra stronger, extra faster, 
and extra meaner. Run away when he gets close 
to you, in a couple punches from him, your dead.
So watch out for those and get him with some 
Ki Blasts and Kamehame-Ha's and you should be 
good. Then Vegeta will get up and make a moon 
and turn into an Ape. He will then crush you. 
But suddenly, Gohan transforms and crushes 
Vegeta and then Vegeta warps away. That is 
the end of Nappa and Vegeta.


 4.4  The Ginyu Force  270,000 Experience Total  

The Ginyu Force is not hard at all, but very 
cocky and weird. I would be careful though, 
some members of the Force are quite powerful, 
some are not. Before you even get to the area, 
you start out outside your ship at the grounds 
of Namek. Here are the quests to do for experience 
before you face the squad,

Save Saplings

Namekian Artifacts

The artifacts to the inside are outside behind 
the building. When inside, be aware that the stone 
hands lead you to the outside of the building. While 
inside, try looking for secret doorways into 
herbs and Senzu Beans. Now you should be outside 
the building and Vegeta, Krillin, and Gohan are 
in front of you. They say to go fight off the 
members, and you should as well. 

             Recoome  40,000 Experience

Recoome is not a problem at all, especially knowing 
that he is very dumb. Make him stand not knowing where 
you are and blow him away with your Kamehame-Ha wave. 
After 5 powerful shots, he should be dead.

              Burter  70,000 Experience

Burter is pretty hard. So make sure you have at least 
two Senzu Beans and stocked up on Herbs. Now, charge 
your Ki Attack up and keep attacking him. Then, cast 
Solar Flare and punch him a couple times and repeat. 
He should be dead in a couple blows because you 
should be at level 15 or higher.

              Jeice  70,000 Experience

Jeice is pretty hard as well. But for same as the 
other two, run away, call Kamehame-Ha or Ki Blast and
repeat. It is really easy once you get the concept of 
each step.

           Captain Ginyu  90,000 Experience

Captain Ginyu, the leader of them all, way too easy. 
Combine all step for all the members which is, run 
away, call Solar Flare, attack with Kamehame-Ha or 
Ki Blast, then punch him and he's done for. Now, 
you have just beaten the entire Ginyu Force without 
a sweat.


 4.5  Frieza  1,400,000 Experience Total

Yes, Frieza has a bunch of experience points on just one
person. Yet, he is quite easy once you start to know his
moves. Be sure to pay close attention.

             Frieza Form 1  300,000 Experience

Frieza's normal form doesn't make you feel nervous, does it? 
Well, to defeat him, use the steps I taught you against the 
Ginyu Force. 

#1 Solar Flare Attack

#2 Get to a place where he can't see you

#3 Charge for a Ki Blast and attack

#4 Blow Frieza away with Kamehame-Ha like a true sayain.

#5 Punch him when you get the chance

It's not really that hard. Now for the second form.

             Frieza Form 2  500,000 Experience

For his second form you do the same thing except, 
it's only using Ki Blasts all the time. Get him at the 
sides and repeat. Be careful of his powerful ki Blasts, 
they can tear you apart.

             Frieza Form 3  600,000 Experience

For Frieza's third form he seems a little bit weaker 
so punch him a couple times with Solar Flare and then
use some charged Ki Blasts. That will totally blow 
Frieza away.

++++++++++++ Frieza Final Form +++++++++++++++++++++++

For his Final Form he is most powerful, but guess what 
the other is, your a Super Sayain now, now that Frieza 
killed Krillin. Your speed shall now increase and the 
battle will start. Punch Frieza with your fists of 
fury and then use Kamehame-Ha on him and set him 
straight. Then finish him off with some punches and 
then he will fall. Well done reader, you have just 
beaten the last and hardest boss in the game. YEE 
HOO for YOU!!!


 V. Extra Info -------------------------------------------


 5.1  About the story

I think that this game was great and I think I chose 
the right thing to write a guide on because I know a 
lot about everything on it. This is my second Guide
on Bosses.I would recommend this game to anybody because 
it has great action and great storyline. DragonBall Z: 
Legacy of Goku is a game to be voted great. That is why
I chose to write a Boss Guide on it.

Now, for the readers who read this FAQ I wish best of luck 
to you in the game. It is very fun and is easy to get used to.
You will see what I mean once you progress through. As I said 
in the FAQ, you will need to pick up herbs and senzu beans on 
and on because you never know what could happen. So thank you
for reading this. Goodluck with DragonBall Z: Legacy of Goku! 


 5.2  About the FAQ

After a while of updating, I'm sure it is all done now.
I came from very short Boss Guide to very big FAQ. 
Something like that I couldn't have done it without the
help ofsome friends from Cheat Happens and some tutorials.
I also came in writing this FAQ with a LOT of confidence.
This was very good confidence indeed. Especially with 
friends who have cheered me on. This is a FAQ that I am 
very proud of, so of everything I have done, I hope it has 
helped. Thanks for reading!!!


 VI.  End ------------------------------------------------


 6.1  Thanks and Goodbye

- Thanks to me for knowing all about the game

- Thanks to Cheat Happens for posting this guide

- Thanks to the Founders for creating such an awesome site

- Thanks to Darkish_Raven for helping me out with everything

- Special thanks to Neo7 from Cheat Happens for the guide on how to become an Author

Credit goes to www.gamefaqs.com for the disclaimer.

If anything else comes to mind about my FAQ, contact me at 
[email protected] You can also Private Message 
me at cheathappens.com. My name is Whit3Ghost. 

This FAQ Copyright Zach "Whit3Ghost" Lewis, February 2008

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