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Author: David Blake
Alias: iamnothing
Contact: [email protected]
Version: 0.1

Copyright 2000, David Blake. If you wish to use this FAQ on your site, then
please contact me at [email protected]

|                                Table of Contents                            
| Section 1 : Revision History                                                |
| Section 2 : Controls                                                        |
| Section 3 : Riders                                                          |
| Section 4 : Tracks                                                          |
| Section 5 : The Basics                                                      |
| Section 6 : Stunts                                                          |
| Section 7 : Season Mode                                                     |
|   - Tutorial                                                                |
|   - Novice                                                                  |
|   - Amateur                                                                 |
|   - Pro                                                                     |
| Section 8 : Exhibition Mode                                                 |
| Section 9 : Time Trials                                                     |
| Section 10 : Bonus Modes                                                    |
|   - Desert                                                                  |
|   - Stunt Course                                                            |
|   - NES Excitebike                                                          |
|   - Soccer                                                                  |
|   - Hill Climb                                                              |
|   - Excite 3D                                                               |
| Section 11 : Custom Tracks                                                  |
| Section 12 : Secrets/Codes                                                  |
Section 1 : Revision History
    0.1 - Generated cheat information and general information about the game. I
          just bought it and haven't gotten to play it a great deal, so it's a
          little sparse right now. I'll play it more this weekend when finals
          and my play is over (it's been an experience being in a play I co-

    Version 1.0 will be a complete FAQ/WT with all of the tracks documented and
    extras included.
Section 2 : Controls

Start - Start Game / Pause Game / Confirm selection and move to next screen
Analog Control Stick - Control bike
    Left and Right - Turn bike
	Up and Down - Adjust landing angle
	Left and Right + Down - Turn sharply, but slowly
	Down + Z or L - Pop a wheelie
A - Accelerate / Confirm selection and move to next screen
B - Brake / Cancel selection and return to previous screen
Z or L - Turbo
Z or L (twice) - Extra turbo boost at the top of jumps
R + Control Stick - Bike Positioning in the air / Slide
R + B - Skid around corners
C Down - Use in combination with analog and R button to perform stunts
C Up - Toggle Camera Angles
C Left - See stunt camera 
C Right - Toggle on-screen displays on and off

C Left - Move to previous test
C Right - Move to next test

Section 3 : Riders (from Nintendo)

--------------------------- Vicky "The Vixen" Steele --------------------------
Age: 19
Hometown: Houston, TX
Specialty: Fender grab

"I hope no one gets in my way, because if they do, they'll be eating my 

Landing: Below Average
Jumping: Average
Cornering: Average
Speed: Above Average

---------------------------- Nigel "The Duke" York ----------------------------
Age: 28
Hometown: London, England
Specialty: Double Can Can

"Technique, control, and discipline are the key, and I have all three."

Landing: Poor
Jumping: Poor
Cornering: Average
Speed: Excellent

----------------------------- "Tricky" Ricky Stern ----------------------------
Age: 14
Hometown: Los Angelos, Ca
Specialty: Kobe

"Better have extra film in your camera, 'cuz it's showtime, baby!"

Landing: Excellent
Jumping: Excellent
Cornering: Above Average
Speed: Poor

------------------------------- Sarah "Sugar" Hill ----------------------------
Age: 28
Hometown: Miami, Fl
Specialty: Cordova

"They call me Sugar, but it's winning that's sweet."

Landing: Above Average
Jumping: Above Average
Cornering: Excellent
Speed: Below Average

----------------------------- Bobby "Big Dog" Malone --------------------------
Age: 16
Hometown: Pittburgh, PA
Specialty: Lazyboy

"The Big Dog's bike is badder than it's bark, so I let my ridin' do the 

Landing: Below Average
Jumping: Poor
Cornering: Below Average
Speed: Excellent

------------------------------ "Jumpin" Jim Rivers ----------------------------
Age: 25
Hometown: Seattle, WA
Specialty: Superman

"It's not about whether you win or lose, it's about how high you fly."

Landing: Average
Jumping: Average
Cornering: Average
Speed: Average

Section 4 : Tracks

1. Kyoto, Japan (Novice, Bronze)
2. Mountian Quarry (Novice, Bronze)
3. Houston, TX (Novice, Bronze)
4. Lefty's Mill (Novice, Bronze)
5. Orlando, FL (Novice, Bronze)
6. Nashville, TN (Novice, Silver)
7. Canyon Chasm (Novice, Silver)
8. Long Island, NY (Novice, Silver)
9. Congo Course (Novice, Silver)
10. Las Vegas, NV (Novice, Silver)

Section 5 : The Basics

Learn to love the Turbo button (Z), but not too much. You just need to learn to
use it effectively or you'll overheat and lose horribly. After the first few 
tracks, you'll have learned to use turbo semi-effectively. It's not until some
of the larger, more complicated outdoor tracks come up that you need perfect
control of the Turbo button.

Use skidding (R + B) to take sharp turns and often take other bikers out of the 

    Use Time Trials to practice
Are you having troubles with a certain track? Use the Time Trials mode to play
the track and figure out the ins and outs of it. It can make racing a lot less
frustrating in the beginning when you're getting used to the system.

    Use "Jumpin'" Jim Rivers in the beginning
When beginning, use the most average of all the racers: "Jumin'" Jim Rivers.
Since he is the most stable, you can easily learn the basics of the system and
go on to other characters and better control their strengths or weaknesses. It's
kind of like using Paul in Tekken 3 to get used to the system (no, Eddie is for
button mashers; Paul is a good balanced Tekken system character). Jim is the
same way.

Section 6 : Stunts

When I first got to the Stunt Tutorial, I had trouble pulling them off because
I was looking at the display on the screen which only has partial information.
When I looked in the manual, I saw the full control sequence and pulled them
off easily. It's fun, and cool.

For the stunts where you have to move the analog stick in sweeps to perform
them, I will note them using the face of a clock as reference. I will also use
CW for Clockwise and CCW for counter-clockwise. Currently, I only have the ones
listed in the manual and the tutorial mode.

    For example:
    Bar Hop: C Down + 6 to 3 CCW

Push C Down and then move the analog stick down to 6 o'clock and turn it 
counter-clockwise up to 3.

No Hander: C Down + Down + Up
Fender Kiss:  C Down + Up + Down
Nothing: C Down + R + Down + Up
Saran Wrap: C Down + Right + Left
Bar Hop: C Down + 6 to 3 CCW
Nac Nac: C Down + 9 to 6 CCW
Heel Clicker: C Down + 6 to 12 CW
Cliff Hanger: C Down + R + 6 to 12 CW

Biker specialties:
"Jumpin'" Jim Rivers - Superman: C Down + 12 to 6 CW
"Tricky" Ricky Stern - Kobe: C Down + 6 to 6 CCW (just before getting airborne)
Sarah "Sugar" Hill - Cordova:C Down + R + 12 to 6 CCW
Bobby "Big Dog" Malone - Lazyboy: C Down + 12 to 6 CCW
Nigel "The Duke" York - Double Can Can: C Down + R + Left
Vicky "The Vixen" Steele - Fender Grab: C Down + R + 6 to 12 CCW

Section 7 : Season Modes

There are three season modes: Tutorial, Novice, Amateur, and Professional. Each 
mode (except for Tutorial) has two sections to win. You must win the races with 
an overall ranking of first to open the next series of races.

--------------------------------- Tutorial ------------------------------------
Tutorial 1a
   Accelerate, decelerate, reverse, turbo
Tutorial 1b
   Basic turns, tight cornering, 
Test 1
   Time: 12.00 seconds

Tutorial 2a
   Slide Turn, counter-steering
Tutorial 2b
   Brake turn
Test 2
   Time: 16.00 seconds

Tutorial 3a
   Short distance turbo, height and distance during jumps, basic landing
Tutorial 3b
   Speed adjustment for landing on downslopes
Test 3
   Time: 15.50 seconds

Tutorial 4a
   Turbo boost
Tutorial 4b
   Air turns
Tutorial 4c
   Speed control, landing adjustment, full turbo
Test 4
   Time: 21.00 seconds

Lesson 5
   Knocking opponents off their bikes to replenish turbo
Final Test
   Time: 56.00 seconds

Wheelie Tutorial
   Test balance on one wheel
Stunt Tutorial
   Perform the stunts in order. If you crash, just continue. This is a great
   place to get used to the stunt styles.
   The stunt order and motions are:
      - No Hander: C Down + Down + Up
      - Fender Kiss:  C Down + Up + Down
      - Nothing: C Down + R + Down + Up
      - Saran Wrap: C Down + Right + Left
      - Bar Hop: C Down + 6 to 3 CCW
      - Nac Nac: C Down + 9 to 6 CCW
      - Heel Clicker: C Down + 6 to 12 CW
      - Cliff Hanger: C Down + R + 6 to 12 CW

------------------------------------ Novice -----------------------------------
Kyoto, Japan >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 3 LAPS

|            |
|            |
|            |
|            |

The main thing to do here is to make use of the entire track since it is wide 
enough to facilitate nice cornering. Take the outside corners and cut into the 
inside stretch to take out your opponents. Also, make sure that you use the 
Turbo Boost at the top of jumps to get the edge on the competition. This is an
excellent beginning track to push your stunts to the maximum.

Mountain Quarry >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 2 LAPS

     /     \______
    /             \
   / _         ^\  * <-- Start position
  / ^ |        | \_|
  \/ \|        |     <-- Notice the small shortcut (in bad ASCII) thorugh a
      |        |         through a mine shaft. Use it to shave seconds off the
      |        |         competition.
      |        |

Remember how to hit the downslopes in the the tutorial. You need it here. Be 
able to hit them, every time. Also, play through the track on the Time Trials 
mode to get used to getting through the shortcut (it saves quite a bit of time). 
Also, to make an even better time, use the embanments as jumps when near the 
river segments to send you into the lead easily (though watch out for the cliff 
walls). You should be able to come in first easily if you use the embankments 
and the shortcut.

Houston, TX >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 3 LAPS

|                          |
|                          |
|   /^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^\  |
|  |                    |  |
|   \________________   |  |
|                    \  |  |
|                     | *  | <- Start position
\____________________/   \/

This is an easy track. Just make sure to hit the jumps with your Turbo Boost
and to position yourself for corners in the air. The only difficult part of the 
track is the tight corner near the start position. Do a braking turn to 
navigate it smoothly. The other riders slow down a great deal to smoothly 
navigate the turn and the braking turn gives you a huge advantage in time.

Lefty's Mill >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 2 LAPS

          |              \ | <- shortcut
           \               |
            ^^^\           |
               /           |
 /^^^^^^^^^^*^             | <- Start position
|                          |
|                          |
|                         /
|        /^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
|       |
|       |
|       |
|       |

This is another easy track. You can either take the shortcut or not because it
doesn't add much time. Do what you're comfortable with. It's kinda cool, 
though. I'm trying to hit it to get on top of the building. Like the last 
track, the only difficult turn is near the finish line. Just use a braking turn 
to navigate it and stay ahead of the competition.

Orlando, FL >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 3 LAPS

|              |
|      __      |
|    /    \    |
|   |      |   |
|   |      |   |
|   |      |   |
|   |      |   * <- Start position
|    \    /    |
|     |  |     |
\____/    \___/

Nothing special here. Just make good use of the skidding turn on the loops and
you will have no problem staying ahead.

Nashville, TN >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 3 LAPS
 /                 \
|                   |
|     /^\           |
|     | |           |
|     | |           |
|     | |           |
|     | |           |
|     | |           |
 \___/   \_________/

Opened it after rehearsal and haven't gotten to play it yet...

Canyon Chasm >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 2 LAPS
|\  / \
| \/   \
|       \
|/^\     \
    \     \
     \     \
      \     \/\
       \      /
        \    /
         |  /
Haven't gotten to play it yet.

Long Island, NY >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 3 LAPS

      |        |
      |        |
 _    |        |
| \__/         |
|              |
| /^^^^^^^^^\  |
| |          \/
| |           
| \________________

Haven't gotten to play it yet.

Congo Course >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 2 LAPS
        /       \          1. Use the shortcut and a braking turn and you'll
       |        _|_____       be on top for a long time.
        \ 1 -> (_  ____)
        /        \/
        |        |
        |        |
        |        |
        |        |
 ______/   _____/

I played it in Time Trial mode and saved a huge amount of time by using the 
shortcut (1). I also love the little huts. No strategy, yet since I haven't
gotten a chance to really play it, yet.

Las Vegas, NV >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 3 LAPS

 /^^^^^^^^^^^^\     /^\
|             |     | |
|             |     | |
|             |     | |
|  ___________|_____|_/
| /           |     |
| |           |     |
| |           |     |
| |            \___/

Haven't played it yet.
----------------------------------- Amateur -----------------------------------

-------------------------------- Professional ---------------------------------

Section 8 : Exhibition  Mode
This is the 2 to 4 player mode. There are four groups of tracks: Bronze, 
Silver, Gold, and Platinum. When all the tracks are opened in Season Mode, they
become available in Exhibition mode as well.

Playing with four people is annoying unless you have a big screen TV since
everything is so small and the camera gets in the way (I'm playing on a 21'). 

Of course, I'm jaded, too since I don't like to be able to see what others are
doing (the reason the JagLink and the PSX Link cable were a good idea; 
Goldeneye would have rocked so much more if I couldn't see the other players 
waiting for me--and don't give me anything about that being part of the 

On the plus side, I didn't notice any slowdown when I turned on Hi-Res textures 
and had my Expansion Pack in, though.

See the strategies in the Season Mode for the track you are interested in.

Section 9 : Time Trials
In this mode, you can race against yourself (you are asked if you want to save
your data after the race). That way, you'll have a challenge no matter how good
you seem to think you are (or how bad).

I like this because it helps to see how my pace changes while I play.

It's also a great place to practice the tracks you are having dificulty with.

Section 10 : Special Tracks

------------------------------------- Desert ----------------------------------
This is a rather strange mode where you have to cycle across a large desert and 
find bonfires in the dunes before the other riders do. I only played this for a
short time before heading back to Season Mode to play the tracks there.

---------------------------------- Stunt Course -------------------------------
Select your rider and practice their stunts for points and fame.

--------------------------------- NES Excitebike ------------------------------
This mode is unlocked when you finish the Tutorial Mode.

Push the A Button to accelerate, and the B Button to brake. When your turbo is
active, watch out or you may overheat and be out of the race. For some of the
smaller obstacles, if you pull back on the controller to do a wheelie, you can
get past them.

Push L + Start to exit this mode.

Follow the arrows for the greatest speed and time. Also, make sure you're not
adjusting your landing when you hit the ground or you will topple further from
the track.

Unlike the original NES Excitebike, you can *save* any tracks you create to play
later. I love this. In fact, instead of playing with the normal track editor or
the Silver Tracks in Season Mode, I made tracks for this mode.

------------------------------------- Soccer ----------------------------------
Finish first in the Silver Round of the Novice season to unlock the Soccer 

I haven't unlocked this mode yet. I'll write more on it when I unlock it and
get people together to kick the ball around.

----------------------------------- Hill Climb --------------------------------
Finish first in the Gold Round of Amateur Mode to unlock the Hill Climb mode.

----------------------------------- Excite 3D ---------------------------------
Finish first in the Challege Round of the Pro Season to unlock Excite 3D.

If you push C Up, you'll change the camera to an isometric view.

I haven't unlocked this mode, yet. I'll write more when I do.

Section 11 : Custom Tracks

This is the coolest part of the game. You can create your own tracks to race 
on. You must save these to your Game Pak and can swap them with other 
Excitebike fanatics with a DexDrive.

The screen is split between two views: the menu and the editor.

Clear Track
   Erase a track you have created.
Edit Track
   Create your own track using straight sections, turns, and jumps.
   Load a track.
   Save a track.
Test Track
   Race on a track you have created.
Switch Dirt Type
   Switch between dirt, mud, and sand
Set Name
   Name a track you have created.
Exit Editor
   Return to the main Excitebike 64 menu.

Add Straight
   Add a short or medium length piece of flat track.
Add Turn
   Add a raised or banked 180 degree turn, or a flat or banked 90 degree turn.
   Press R to reverse the direction of the turn.
Add Jump
   Add one of 12 different styles of jumps, including tabletops and whoops.
Add User Piece
   Press the Z Button to edit your own piece. Press left and right to select
   the piece. Press up and down to select the height of the section. Place it
   with A.
Move Track
   Move the entire track to a different place on the grid.
Move Start
   Change the place where racers will start on your track.
Delete Piece
   Remove the selected piece.
Main Menu
   Return to the Custom Track menu.

While editing, the C Buttons perform various functions.
   C Up and C Down: Zoom in and out.
   C Left and C Right: Rotate the grid.

Get in and play to make some cool levels. It's worth having a DexDrive to be
able to share them.

Section 12 : Secrets/Codes

    *** NES Excitebike ***
When you finish the Tutorial Mode, the option to play NES Excitebike becomes

    *** Soccer ***
Finish first in the Silver Round of the Novice season to unlock the Soccer 
    *** Hill Climb ***
Finish first in the Gold Round of Amateur Mode to unlock the Hill Climb mode.

    *** Excite 3D ***
Finish first in the Challege Round of the Pro Season to unlock Excite 3D.

(from www.Nintendojo.com)
    *** Open Cheat Menu *** 
To enter the following cheat codes, you must first locate the cheat menu. To 
get it, hold L, C Right, C Down, and the A button at the main menu. 

    *** Stunt Bonus *** 
Type: SHOWOFF at the Cheat Menu. 

    *** Turn all riders invisible *** 
Type: "INVISRIDER" at the cheat menu.

    *** Big Head mode *** 
Type: "BLAHBLAH" at the Cheat menu

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