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*** Extreme G - The FAQ ***
Author: marshmallow 
E-mail Address: [email protected] 

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = 
- Version 2.0 -

Revision History:

June 15th - Thanks to Cheat Code Center, I have added a ton of codes! 
And I did a few other, miscellaneous things that no one cares about.

March 29th - Spellchecked and changed font, and a few other little 
December 22nd - First release

= = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Table of Contents
- - - - - - - - - - - 
1) Cars
2) Weapons and Items 
3) Levels
4) Codes and Secrets
5) Credits
6) Legal Stuff
7) Farewell/Final Notes

An "*" will appear next to the sections that have been updated as of 
June 15th, 1999.

1) Cars

Scales are on a 1-10 basis, 1 being pitiful and 10 being awesome. I'm 
judging what number it gets from the car selection screen, where it 
shows all of these categories

Acceleration: This is how quickly it can get to it's top speed from a 
stop. For racing, you really want a good score in this area.

Top Speed: Speed wins. PERIOD.

Handling: Duh! You want a car that handles well in the races

Shield: Except for Battle Mode, Shields are useless

On-Board Weapon: Again, nothing to wine about. Although they are pretty 
useful in the races...there are three types of guns. But remember, the 
power depends on the particular vehicle.

- Green Balls: This is the weakest, it has almost no range
- Purple Pulses: Awesome range, but hard to aim
- Red Laser: May have a short range, but this is the best weapon in the 
game. Pulls players in like a magnet! 

When you shoot someone, they slow down; be sure not to hit them!

Now on to the  eight cars...


Description normal bike with blue and red stripes on it

Acceleration: 1 
Top Speed: 8
Handling: 7
Shield: 4
On-Board Weapon: (laser) 9

Notes: This guy in FAST! But it's a trade off for acceleration, which is 
almost 0. If you're prone to hitting the edges of a track (and almost 
everyone is) then avoid this bike.



Description: Red, white, and blue! It's strange though, it looks so 

Acceleration: 3
Top Speed: 7
Handling: 8
Shield: 5
On-Board Weapon: (pulse) 9

Notes: This guy just plain sucks! After 30 seconds of accelerating you 
reach a bad top speed of barely 200 MPH...



Description: Blue wheels, yellow with white strips (looks like a cheetah 
almost) and a blue underside.

Acceleration: 9
Top Speed: 8
Handling: 5
Shield: 8
On-Board Weapon: (green balls) 3

Notes: This is a _GOOD_ choice if you want to take on the harder tracks. 
Even if you come to a complete stop you can get up into the 220 MPH 
range in just seconds! The handling takes a bit of practice, as it seems 
to be a little heavy in the back.



Description: The largest bike of all, this one must weigh about 10 tons 
with all of that armor. It has green and yellow camaflouge with black 

Acceleration: 1
Top Speed: 7
Handling: 9
Shield: 10
On-Board Weapon: (pulse) 4

Notes: This is the heavy-weight of the group, as it is larger than any 
bike you'll ever see in the game. This is NOT one you want to take into 
a race, but it's absolutely PERFECT for battle mode, where heavy shields 
are a must.



Description: This is basically Mooga stripped of all it's armor. It's 
light blue with some traces of yellow around the edges.

Acceleration: 4
Top Speed: 8
Handling: 6
Shield: 3
On-Board Weapon: 1

Notes: The only good thing about this vehicle is it's high topspeed, but 
everything else seems to be lacking. Leave this one in the garage!



Description: A purple bike with a cool painting of a shark's mouth at 
the head, like those WWII planes!

Acceleration: 10
Top Speed: 7
Handling: 4
Shield: 8
On-Board Weapon: (laser) 3

Notes: From the stats it wouldn't seem like a good bike to use, right? 
Well guess again! This one is a HOT bike. With a lot of practice, this 
can become one of the best bikes in the game!



Description: Fat body with a blue color and a slightly gray underside.

Acceleration: 9
Top Speed: 6
Handling: 7
Shield: 2
On-Board Weapon: (laser) 10

Notes: Well, it's not the best bike in the game. It's not bad, and it's 
not good. If you can master it, it's a KILLER car!



Description: A rad red bike with hues of metallic blue on the sides

Acceleration: 7
Top Speed: 6
Handling: 4
Shield: 3
On-Board Weapon: (pulse) 9

Notes: This could very well be the worst bike in the game! If you fall 
behind you'll struggle to  catch up, and it's awful handling doesn't 
help hide that fact, either.

Out of these, the best bikes are (in order of greatness): Khan, Grimace, 
and at a very close 3rd, Main. Practice with Khan's above average 
handling and you have an unstoppable machine at your hands which will 
win any race. 

The following secret cars can be earned by doing certain things [See 
"Codes and Secrets" section]



Description: A brown, crappy looking (the color is crappy (brown), not 
the actual appearance) vehicle with a painting of a flaming skull on the 

Acceleration: 8
Top Speed: 8
Handling: 8
Shield: 8
On-Board Weapon: (green balls) 8

Notes: This one is awesome! Just be careful while racing, as some other 
cars have a higher topspeed.



Description: A cool, metallic blue with a reflective surface. Awesome to 
just stare at! =)

Acceleration: 10
Top Speed: 10
Handling: 10
Shield: 10
On-Board Weapon: (laser) 10

Notes: Absolutely perfect. It's top speed is around in the 300+ range, 
and it's the only vehicle that can reach the point where your speed-o-
meter won't go any further (650 MPH if I remember correctly). You can 
only reach that mind-numbing speed in two locations, with a special code 
on, though. But don't fret, you'll be going over 400 MPH (normally) A 
LOT! It takes a master to use this one, because of it's blinding speed. 

And there we go, ladies and gentleman! 

2) Weapons and Items

Description of Pick-up: A green ball with a yellow "M" in the middle


Proximity - As in GoldenEye 007? Almost. Set this on a wall and when 
someone comes by...BOOM!

Normal - Drop this behind you and it sticks to the road. Anyone who hits 
it will go flying!

Phosphorus Blast - This one will blind the other players for several 
seconds, very useful when going towards a jump!

Atomic Blast - Flames will go flying from your craft and rain down on 
everyone around you! Save it for when people start coming from behind...

Nitro Haze: Sends a purple blast along the road. It goes until it 
finishes a lap. It takes up the entire road, so it's almost un-
avoidable! When it hits you, you'll craft will go limp and you'll be 
unable to control it for several seconds. Learn the familiar humming 
sound that comes from behind so you can quickly get out of the way! The 
A.I. likes to use this one a lot...

Electro Mine: Sends two arcs of electricity away from your car. Anyone 
who tries to pass will be knocked around a bit.


Description of Pick-up: A giant green "R" with green energy surrounding 


Mortar (comes in one, twin, triple, quadruple, and fives) - These yellow 
rockets are painful! It's not the actual warhead that hurts, it's the 
explosions; they make your craft slow down a few hundred MPH! Don't fire 
these close to you or you'll feel the pain.

Normal (come in one, twin, triple, quadruple, and fives) - Pretty 
straightforward. Just be sure the target is in front of you! Pretty 
fast, too.

Road Blockers (come in one, twin, triple, quadruple, and fives) - You 
don't fire these one at a time, like the others. Oh no! These pink 
babies all fire AT ONCE! If aimed right, the entire road can become 
engulfed in flames!

Backwards Rockets (come in ones, twins, triples, quadruples, and fives) 
- These shoot rockets backwards...DUH!!

Grenade Launcher - Well, it shoots some explosive bombs 

Super Grenade Launcher - Same as above, except A LOT more


Description of Pick-up: A red "H" surrounded by green energy

Normal (come in one, twin, triple, and quadruple...and whatever you use 
for five) - These will track the nearest craft until it hits it! The 
target has to be in visual range, however.


Description of Pick-up: A yellow "A" in some green haze.

Normal - Makes a bubble around you. Now you can not be harmed by lasers, 
missiles, mines, or rockets!

Super Armor - Lasts longer than the normal armor.

Ghost - Makes your craft invisible to the enemy! 


Description of Pick-up: A red "F" with an arrow near it.

Normal - A rocket engine comes behind your craft. Upon activation, a 
long trail of fire and smoke will blast out of it at high speeds. 
Besides getting a pretty good boost off of it, it fries anyone behind 


Description of Pick-up: A blue "W" surrounded by a blue haze.

Normal - First you lay down the exit, and then the entrance. If you do 
it right, any cars behind you will fall into the entrance first and then 
exit the exit...in other words, they get sent backwards!



Armor Re-fillers - These brown balls are quite common, they re-fill your 
shields a bit. The higher your shields the higher your top-speed is. 

Nitros - You get three of these a race and NO MORE. Activating these (C-
down by default) will make your craft plunge into the 300+ range. Don't 
even ask what happens when you try this when going down-hill...Save 
these for the last lap, as the other vehicles during a race always seem 
to catch up to you somehow, EXCEPT during the last lap! Sweeeet...

Nitro Curtains - Running through these flame-like objects has the same 
effect as activating a Nitro. If you activate a Nitro shortly before 
going through one of these, you're car will go so fast that your 
surroundings will just become a blur of colors and light! Mmmm...500 

Ramps - Don't go on these unless it's part of a shortcut or you just 
HAVE TO. They actually slow you down...

Corkscrews - These speed you up, up, UP!!

3) Levels

For some strange reason, none of the courses have names (maybe it was 
the "limiting cartridge format"...hehehe). Therefore, I will go through 
the levels as they appear in the "Meltdown" setting. 

- DESERT 1 -

This course is a road cut through mountains, sand dunes, ancient 
temples, and cave systems. You'll learn the pains, and pleasures, of 
Extreme G here. There is nothing difficult about this level, except for 
maybe the short jump over a chasm. You have to be going AT LEAST 130 MPH 
to clear it. Maybe less, maybe more, that's the best I could guess when 
I was playing. And quite frankly, I don't really care what the exact 
speed is so DON'T EMAIL ME ABOUT IT...yes, you'd be surprised how many 
people are so picky...

Short Cuts: 
Not exactly, but almost. When you get to a fork in the road with a 
yellow ground, take the left route. It's slightly longer, but the TWO 
(count 'em...) Nitro Curtains _more_ than make up for that. In fact, try 
using a Nitro before the second one. If you position your bike just 
right, you'll enter the looong cave ahead. This is one of the places 
where you can go over 600 MPH (with a code) and 500 (normally)!

Weapon of Choice: 
What is this section about? It's the best weapon in the level, or at 
least the most useful. This time? The mighty Homing Missile on the 
shortcut above. It might be difficult to get, though, because it's on 
the inside of a very tight curve. You might have to break a little...

- DESERT 2 -

Like the first level, it's in a mountain/desert like setting. This one 
is even faster, as there is a Nitro Curtain right at the beginning. 
Using a Nitro right before it, you can go ahead, up the ramp, and over 
the huge chasm and on the hilly road. After that is a looong dip which 
leads to a bunch of cave systems and jumps.

Short Cuts: 
Again, not a HUGE short-cut, but it's one all the same. At the first 
junction, turn right to find some tubes that lead to a Nitro Curtain. If 
you don't bang against the wall, you can get a tremendous boost!

Weapon of Choice: 
The Road Blockers on all of the curves in the level...VERY useful in the 

- DESERT 3 -

At the end of a desert stands the beginning of a large city, though this 
is the poor part as most of the buildings are breaking apart. Avoid the 
ramps at the beginning and take any path you want, they're all the same. 
You'll soon find a long yellow path, use your Nitros here. After a long 
corkscrew is a ramp and some more places, leading up to the end.

Short Cuts: 
After the giant corkscrew is a ramp, right? Well, jam on the gas and 
follow it up to another, shorter, road that will drop you down right in 
front of the cave system. This is almost essential to winning the race 
as the computer A.I. always use this (unless you "guide them away"...).

Weapon of Choice: 
On the short cut road, at the very end is a rocket; use this on anyone 
in the cave! They'll go flying and scrap along the walls.

- CITY 1 -

This is a favorite of mine...A long hill leads to a tunnel (use a Nitro 
on the hill for some knuckle whitening speeds) which opens up a long 
road. Avoid the ramps and choose a side at the loop-da-loop (both are 
the same length). After a stretch of road, duck into the tunnel. It's 
best to be on the LEFT side when doing this because you're aligned with 
it. After that it's easy breezin'. 

Short Cuts: 

Weapon of Choice: 
Shortly after the orange tunnel you'll come to a junction, take a right 
to find a Homing Missile. Now no one will pass you, Oh, and the few 
Nitro Hazes are pretty useful, too.

- CITY 2 -

Yep, this is also one of my favs. There is no defining features about 
this level. Maybe it's the erratic turns, or the lovingly crafted 
straight-aways ending in a hill that makes you go over 300 MPH...

Short Cuts: 

Weapon of Choice: 
I hate to say it...but almost all of the weapons in this level are 
useful! To the mine in the very thin sections (you should use Nitros in 
them, since they're so long) to the Fusion right at the start and end. 
BTW (By The Way), you should use the first Fusion in the first 
tunnel...it's so narrow that anyone behind you will be burnt to a crisp!

- CITY 3 -

Yes, this level is quite splendid. After the junction there is a canyon 
(we're starting to exit the city here) which goes to a hole and a path 
around it. Take the hole for the Weapon of Choice (see below) and then 
there is a long straight-a-way which goes to a TREMENDOUS 
corkscrew...then there's the exit =P

Short Cuts: 
Shortly after the start is a junction, one has a Nitro Curtain RIGHT 
there...if you use a Nitro before it, you can easily go over 500 MPH 
(normal) or 650 (with a code). Whew...it'll make your eyes bleed! 
Everything just melts...

Weapon of Choice: 
Remember that hole in the road? Well, inside there is a Fusion! After 
that there will be all kinds of goodies like Rockets and Grenade 


This one is a little short, but it's oh so sweet (I don't believe I just 
said that). The first half consists of one giant hill, when you finally 
stop you'll be going at excess of 400 MPH!! Great place to use Nitros. 
After that it's a long corkscrew which leads to the end...pretty much.

Short Cuts: 
None...aren't these new levels just sooo exciting? >=)

Weapon of Choice: 
Well, after the giant screw that comes from above, look to the 
left...Rockets! Fusions! Mortars! Yay! I can't stop using exclamation 


The first hill is like the first hill of a giant roller coast...you go 
up sorta slow, but when you reach the top...it's almost a drop straight 
down! If you use a Nitro at the bottom to get up more quickly, then 
you'll have so much momentum when going over the top that your wheels 
will probably come off the ground and you'll be floating a few INCHES 
off the ground! The rest of the level consists of hairpin tunnel turns 
and a lot of hills. Then there's the occasional pillar in the middle of 
the track to keep you on your toes :)

Short Cuts: 
After the blue hill is a ramp, get on it and turn your bike 90 degrees 
(in the air...) and you'll land on a track!

Weapon of Choice: 
Well, it's on the secret track explained just above! It's a Wally Warp! 
Then it turns into some Rockets. Then...dun dun dun...Homing Missiles!


AKA...HELL! Any fan of Extreme G will tell you that this is the hardest 
level to achieve first place on (unless you use Neon...), so it takes 
tons of practice. The first few sections have lava on either 
sides...with NO rails. Falling in will cost you several seconds, then 
there's the fact you start from a dead stop, which tacks even MORE time. 
There's two methods here: Go through as fast as possible and pray to God 
you don't hit a mine or someone else (which would quickly deposit you 
into the red goo) or...go through at about 100 MPH. Yes, even the A.I. 
falls in, so it wouldn't be so bad. The rest of the level is almost un-
explainable...it's unique, because you'll ride the ceiling and go into 
strange twists and turns...

Short Cuts: 
Well, falling into the lava is one! Wait, no....

Weapon of Choice: 
Aw, who cares? They all suck. You'll be cursing at the screen too much 
to even take notice of any weapons.


This level is...strange, to say the least. You go through a flying 
scrapyard with tons of movement. There are space shuttles flying over-
head, planes, cities in the background, and all other kinds of stuff! 

After the first hill, you'll encounter a large boulder in the middle of 
the road...SWERVE! You can either go left or right, pick anyone, none is 
better than the other as they are both the same length. After that you 
will find a place where you can actually ride on the wall, use this to 
avoid Nitro Hazes shot from behind (which is quite common in this game). 
Also, the best place to shoot your Nitros would be the yellow stripe 
right at the end (hard to miss since it's the _only_ yellow strip in the 

Short Cuts: 
None. Aren't these levels so riveting?

Weapon of Choice: 
Sorry. None really. You'll be more focused on the background...


This place is even weirder...there is a purplish-blue mist covering 
everything, which is very close to you, making it any man's guess what 
lays over the horizon (unless you know the track by heart). No, it's not 
to prevent pop-up, this time it's even closer than normal! Be careful of 
the many hairpin corners, some players might even want to slow down 
towards the middle to prevent scrapping along the metal rails.

Short Cuts: 
It's all easy once you get up to the loop-da-loops with all of their 
curves, twists, and...LOOPS! Most FAQ writers make the mistake that 
there is in fact a shortcut INSIDE the loops (i.e. go left, right, 
right). This is NOT true. No matter what direction you go, you'll end up 
in the same place at the same time. After that there will be a blue 
"wall" (portal, I guess). Turn right and hit your Nitro! You'll go 
sailing through a hidden (well, you can see it. But you have to know 
where it is since the blue wall prevents you from seeing it) Nitro 
Curtain. You'll go screaming past a straight-a-way before careening over 
a cliff. This will plant you right in front of the exit. 

Weapon of Choice: 
Around the middle of the course is a ramp, right? Well, when going over 
it, be on the left side and aim you vehicle slightly to the right (but 
still be on the left side). There's the Weapon of Choice! You'll get 
Homing Missiles, Rockets, and a Fusion!


Sadly, the last level does not present much of a challenge. Although you 
can tell that a lot of work went into this level. There is so much 
action in the fore-ground you might want to practice the course in 
practice mode before playing it so as not to get distracted...there's 
flying saucers with awesome flame effects twirling everywhere, birds, 
and even airplanes. All of this, plus players and everything, without a 
hint of slowdown? Amazing. This level has a lot of holes in the ground 
that make you fall in, go up a few hills, and then you're back out! 
That's pretty much the entire level right there.

Short Cuts: 
Near the middle, after coming out of a hole, is a ramp that goes to an 
upper corner. In it is a Nitro Curtain, slam on the Nitro to go flying 
(with a cheat, you go 650 MPH here) through a straight-a-way. To 
guarantee hitting the ramp, stay on the LEFT side of the road.

Weapon of Choice:
Almost all of the weapons in the level are useful! All of the Missiles 
and Rockets come in pairs of FIVE too! Woohoo! Explosions will be 

4) Codes and Secrets

None of these cheats are my responsibility, they were obtained from 
Cheat Code Central. If any of these do not work, or are incorrect, 
complain to them, not me. Thank you. Also, make sure you can beat the 
game and unlock all the cars before using these cheats, otherwise you're 
throwing your fun right out the window.


Enter "Contest" mode, then at the bike selection screen, press R. Then, 
enter "arsenal" (case-sensitive) as a name. If you entered the code 
correctly, you will hear a sound.


Enter "Contest" mode, then at the bike selection screen, press R. Then, 
enter "nitroid" (case-sensitive) as a name. If you entered the code 
correctly, you will hear a sound.


Enter "Contest" mode, then at the bike selection screen, press R. Then, 
enter "ghostly" (case-sensitive) as a name. If you entered the code 
correctly, you will hear a sound.


Enter "Contest" mode, then at the bike selection screen, press R. Then, 
enter "banana" (case-sensitive) as a name. If you entered the code 
correctly, you will hear a sound.


Enter "Contest" mode, then at the bike selection screen, press R. Then, 
enter "stealth" (case-sensitive) as a name. If you entered the code 
correctly, you will hear a sound.


Enter "Contest" mode, then at the bike selection screen, press R. Then, 
enter "xtreme" (case-sensitive) as a name. If you entered the code 
correctly, you will hear a sound.


Enter "Contest" mode, then at the bike selection screen, press R. Then, 
enter "magnify" (case-sensitive) as a name. If you entered the code 
correctly, you will hear a sound.


Enter "Contest" mode, then at the bike selection screen, press R. Then, 
enter "wired" (case-sensitive) as a name. If you entered the code 
correctly, you will hear a sound.


Enter "Contest" mode, then at the bike selection screen, press R. Then, 
enter "fisheye" (case-sensitive) as a name. If you entered the code 
correctly, you will hear a sound.


Enter "Contest" mode, then at the bike selection screen, press R. Then, 
enter "roller" (case-sensitive) as a name. If you entered the code 
correctly, you will hear a sound.


Enter "Contest" mode, then at the bike selection screen, press R. Then, 
enter "antigrav" (case-sensitive) as a name. If you entered the code 
correctly, you will hear a sound.


Enter "Contest" mode, then at the bike selection screen, press R. Then, 
enter "uglymode" (case-sensitive) as a name. If you entered the code 
correctly, you will hear a sound.


Enter "Contest" mode, then at the bike selection screen, press R. Then, 
enter "RA50" as a name. If you entered the code correctly, you will hear 
a sound. Then, begin a race and quit during game play. Now the race will 
complete with a finishing position the same as whatever place your bike 
was when the quit option was selected.


Enter "Contest" mode, then at the bike selection screen, press R. Then, 
enter "XGTEAM" as a name. If you entered the code correctly, you will 
hear a sound. Then, return to the name entry screen and enter the first 
name of one of the game's developers, from the credits. Some choices are 
Andy, Ash, Craig, Darren, Giles, Greg, Joe, John, Jon, Justin, Lloyd, 
Sadie, Shawn, Simon, Steve, and Omri. Now the faces of the developers 
will appear on the bikes.


Enter "Contest" mode, then at the bike selection screen, press R. Then, 
enter "FERGUS" as a name and begin shoot 'em up mode. Then, Fergus' face 
will now appear on the drones.


Complete the Meltdown circuit at the intermediate difficulty level. 
Alternatively, enter "51GG95 as a password for the Roach and all tracks.


Complete the Meltdown circuit at the expert difficulty level. 
Alternatively, enter "61GGB5" as a password for the Roach, Neon, and all 


Complete the Meltdown circuit at the extreme difficulty level with a 
bike other than the Roach or Neon and finish first on all tracks. Then, 
a small bonus track will be available in single and multiplayer modes. 
Alternatively, enter "81GGD5" as a password for the Roach, Neon, and all 
tracks including the bonus track.


Enter the bike selection screen. Then, press C-Left or C-Right to speed 
up, slow down, and stop the slow rotation of the bikes. Press C-Up or C 
Down to tip the bikes to view the tops and bottoms. 

5) Credits

= = = = = = = = = 

Nintendo: It's their machine.

Acclaim: Their company...

Probe Entertainment: For making it

Internet Sites
= = = = = = = = = = = = 

Cheat Code Central : Take Gamesages and add N64cc and 
what do you have? This site, containing the largest amount of codes for 
video-games on the planet. They are responsible for the huge amount of 
cheats in this FAQ.

6) Legal Stuff

You may freely distribute this FAQ as long as the following terms are 
1) The version you are taking is from gamefaqs.com
2) You give me credit
3) It is shown in it's full version
4) This fine print is included
5) It will not be used to gain a profit by ways of selling or bartering
6) You update it as I update it. I can not be bothered to send everyone 
the newest version, it would simply take WAY too long. And besides, I'm 
too busy (i.e. lazy). 

You may put it into HTML if you wish, but the above conditions must be 
met. It can be "broken into pieces" when in HTML as long as the text 
remains untampered, unaltered, unpirated, and just plain left alone 
(except for color stuff, bold, links, or whatever, but that's not 
changing the meaning). 

This document is copyrighted (c) 1998 - 1999 marshmallow 
All Rights Reserved  

7) Farewell/Final Notes

Oh man! I'm tired...Sure, it's only 6:07 P.M., but I'm still exhausted. 

If you find any mistakes, have some corrections, have a question about 
the FAQ or the actual game, or anything else my wacko brain can't come 
up with at the moment, e-mail me at [email protected] (found under 
the title of this FAQ as well).

That concludes yet another FAQ. I can't think of much to say, so I'll 
just let you on your way (hey, that ryhmes! I swear, it wasn't 

C-ya on the flip side
Or should I say, the next guide?

                                - marshmallow -

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