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FIFA 98 FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) V1.02
This file is Owned and Compiled By Eric Dysinger of:

                               The FIFA Lounge
                           Home of the Player Editor

The purpose of this file is to provide the players of FIFA 98 with information
about the game this is covered and not covered in the manual. I get a lot of 
e-mails from people saying they didn't get the manual when the bought the game.
This file isn't a direct replacement for the manual, but it will help those
people out with the basics of playing the game.



Eric Dysinger (http://my.voyager.net/edysinger) - The FIFA Lounge
Guy Saner  (http://www.iscon.demon.co.uk/) - FIFA 96,97 FAQ
Matt Holme (http://www.neurogamer.com/fifa98) -  FIFA Online
Gadi Sastiel
NetDRE     (http://www.geocities.com/SiliconValley/Park/5509) -  (Closed)
Nachiket Karnik

                       Table of Contents

 1. Features
 2. Basic Moves
 3. Special Moves
 4. FIFA 98 Cheats
 5. System Requirements
 6. Hint and Tips
 7. General Questions and Troubleshooting
 8. Hot Keys
 9. Improving Game Speed
10. Modem Play


1. Features

       Exclusive World Cup 98 License

                Qualify for the World Cup in France 
                172 International Teams from 6 Zones 
                16 International Stadiums 

       Intense Realism 

                Precision Player & Ball control: "One Touch" Passing 
                NEW Motion Captured Players & Moves 
                NEW 40,000 word Play-by-Play and Color Commentary Script 
                Detailed Stats for over 4,500 players 

       Key Features 

                5 Ways to Compete: World Cup 98, Friendly, League, Penalty Kick
                Shootout, & Training Mode 
                NETWORK PLAY: up to 20 players on 8 PC's 
                MODEM PLAY: up to 8 players on 2 PC's 
                Detailed Team Management 
                Edit Teams and Players: Create your own dream team 
                Player Transfers for Cash 
                Night Games 



                    Keyboard     Grip	Gamepad Pro     Gamepad     JoyStick   

  1. Run	       Arrow Keys   D-Pad      D-Pad         D-Pad       D-Pad
  2. Pass	           S          B       Yellow        Yellow         1
  3. Shoot	           D          C        Green         Green         2
  4. Lob	           A          A        Red            Red          -
  5. Tackle	           D          C        Green         Green         2
  6. Slide Tackle          A          A        Red           Red           -
  7. Sprint	           W          Y        Blue          Blue          -
  8. Skill Moves        Alt/Ctrl     L/R       L2/R2           -           -



   Keyboard Controls

    When your team has the ball:

      Alt or Ctrl +
                     A = Flick the ball up tp yourself
                     S = Beat player by rolling the ball around them
                     D = Fake a shot then beat a player
                     E = Fake one way but go the other way 
                     W = 360 degree spin to beat a player
                     Q = Run foot over the ball then flick it to the side 
      Double Tap:
                     A = Flick the ball up to yourself
                     S = Through pass
                     D = Chip shot
                     E = Take a dive
      Give and Go:
                    Press Q to pass the ball to a teammate. Run into space
                    using the passer of the ball (the teammate will be computer
                    controlled) then press S to recieve the ball back. 

   When the opposition has the ball:

                     Q = Vicious tackle/lunge
      Double Tap:
                     Q = Hip check or elbow

   When the ball is in the air:

      Press and Hold:
                     A = Header to a teammate
                     S = Headed pass
                     D = Powerful header/headed shot on goal
      Tap & Hold:
                     A = High Volley
                     S = Volleyed Pass
                     D = Volleyed Shot
                     D + left or right = Bicycle kick

   When taking a Free Kick, Corner or Goal Kick:

                     Alt = Swing the ball the right
                     Ctrl = Swing the ball to the left

   When the Keeper has the ball:

                     A or B = Throw ball
                     B or C = Drop Kick
                          Z = Drop the Ball
     Double Tap:
                     A or B = Through Pass

   Penalty Kicks:

                          C = Shoot the Ball
                     Keypad = Aims shot
                          B = Change shot taker
                          A = Changes the side the player shoots from
                              (Left or right side of the ball)

   Throw Ins:

                          B = Swtiches receiving players
                          A = High throw
                          C = Low throw
                          X = Passback throw
                          Z = Switches from target to normal modes

   In FIFA 98, when your team has scored and are in the process of celebrating, press
   one of the following buttons to hear a special sound:

                     Shoot Button = Loud Drums
                     Lob/Long kick button = Horns
                     Pass Button = Crowd Cheers
                     Sprint Button = Normal Drums

   Scratchtastic indicates that you can control the crowd when you give up a goal:

                     Shoot Button = Booing
                     Pass Button = Whistling


4. FIFA 98 Cheats

   EA Sports completed the cheats for FIFA 98. To activate these, go to the player edit
   screen. Edit any players name with the following:

                    Name                            Result
                 johnny atomic                     Takes a Dive
                    xplay                          Hot Potato
                   eac rocks                       Large Heads
                   ur1ofus                         Invisible Walls
                  dohdohdoh                        Crazy Ball
                    footy                          Silly Moves

Now, in the stadium select (doesn't work in training or shootout modes), press F5,
which brings up the cheats overlay. After you have enabled the cheats, you can save
them in the Options Screen. More details for this should follow.

5. System Requirements


   Basic Requirements

      Operating System                    Windows 95
      Processor Speed                     100Mhz Pentium
      Hard Drive Space                    20 MB
      Memory (RAM)                        16 MB
      CD-ROM                              4X w/ Windows 32-bit Drivers
      Video                               1 MB PCI w/ Direct Draw Compatibility
      Controls                            Mouse and Keyboard
      Drivers                             Directx 5.0 (Included with CD)

   Ideal Requirements

      Operating System                    Windows 95
      Processor Speed                     166Mhz Pentium
      Hard Drive Space                    100 MB
      Memory (RAM)                        32 MB
      CD-ROM                              8X w/ Windows 32-bit Drivers
      Video                               4 MB PCI w/ Direct Draw Compatibility
      Controls                            Gravis Grip or Game Pad Pro

   Multiplayer Requirements

      Network        (2-8 PCs, up to 4 players per PC, 20 players maximum)
                     Pentium 100 MHz CPU or faster, IPX compliant network,
                     1 CD per computer 
      Modem          (2 PCs, up to 4 players per PC, 8 players maximum)
                     100% Hayes compatible 28.8 kbs or faster modem; High speed
                     serial port (16550 UART), 1 CD per computer
      Serial Play    (2 PCs, up to 4 players per PC, 8 players maximum)
                     Null modem cable; High speed serial port (16550 UART),
                     1 CD per computer 

6. Hints and Tips


      Go for the Header!

          (Eric Dysinger) I always check the ratings of the team I play. I always move
          a good header player as a forward. I'll run the ball towards the end line and
          lob the ball towards the center. It worked in FIFA 96 and it works now! It does
          matter where you lob the ball from, if you lob it too close to the end line,
          goalie can grab it. Also, how long you hold the lob key depends on how far the
          lob will go, you can end up over-shooting a player.

      Get in that Box!
          (Eric Dysinger) A weak defensive team is easy to get into the goalies box for a
         good shot on net. A stronger defensive team is still possible to get in the box,
         but you might hurry the shot and miss the net. I always wait to shoot until I see
         the goalie coming to challenge me. I then aim for the corner of the net and let
         it go!

      Corner, Free, and Offside Kicks made Easy!

          (Gadi Sastiel) Use the "E" key to select a player, press the "S" key to select
          the player you want to head the ball with.
             Corner Kicks: Move a player in a free space outside the 5 meter box.
             Free Kicks: Move a player in a free space but not too close to the goalie or
             the goalie may grab the ball.
             Offside Kicks: Move a player inline with the farthest defender.

          For all 3 kicks, use the "A" key to lob the ball, then the "D" key to head the
          ball into the net. Very easy goal, works very good against the computer because
          the AI is not very good in 'static situations' , the computer players won't run
          after your player when you move it before the kick.

     Gimme that Ball!
          (NetDRE)  Let it be known that it is once again possible to take the ball from
          the keeper.  As he's about to kick it, you can steal it with the lunge tackle
          (the shot button) and have an easy goal. I find this works best as you are
          running toward him or from the side because if you are not, your player
          usually lunges in the same direction as the kick. Anyway try it.

     Tap and Hold!     

          (NetDRE) The tap-and-hold moves are a lot more powerful than the hold moves because
          the player performs the action with his legs.  This is very important if you
          have a cross flying at your player and don't want a weak header that the keeper
          could easily stop. (the tap-hold combination is where most of the "special"
          and "cool" moves come in) (the time between the tap and the hold must be at
          a minimum because if you leave too great of a space in time, the game will
          register it as just a hold and disregard the previous tap.)
          I found it very helpful to go into the practice mode and choose a practice
          match. If you put on no defenders and just a goalkeeper, you can practice
          all of your moves with ease.  This is where you can clearly see the difference
          between the hold and the tap-hold moves. In Amateur mode it is very easy
          (too easy) to get inside and have a 1 on 1 with the keeper, whereas in the
          later levels (Professional and on) you will need to utilize the cross more and

     Set me Up!

          (NetDRE)  The way you have your team set up is critical to the game.  Try to set
          all of your players as midfielders and forwards, move them upfield, and set their
          aggression to high, and when you play, you will notice that you dominate greatly
          on offense, but if an opposing player gets past midfield, he will have an easy
          one on one with your keeper.  If you set all of your players as defenders and
          midfielders, you will have a very little chance of scoring. 

     General Tips!

          (NetDRE)  Sometimes it makes more sense to pass the ball when you are in position
          for a cross.  If there's a forward nearby and he has a clear shot at the net and
          there's no opposition between him and you, it's better to pass the ball to him
          for a shot rather than lobbing the ball and hoping for a successful cross. 
          Also, I agree with everything about corners, free kicks, etc., but I think it
          is MUCH better to use the tap-hold moves in these situations because of their
          power. (be careful of double tapping a shot.  This generates a lob over the
          keeper, which is applicable sometimes, but usually you'll be looking for a clear,
          hard shot on goal rather than a tap over the keeper. (which could also cause the
          ball to sail over the top bar and out of bounds.)) 

      So Close You Need a Breathmint!

          (Nachiket Karnik) To score goals use what I call the close-up manuever,
            1. Take the ball and run to the D line (use sprint button for speed).
            2. Make sure you are in line with a defender or offside will be called.
            3. Go close to the keeper (Not as close as you would be if you were
               giving him a kiss about 2 cms or so on your screen) and make a quick
               move to the side of the keeper.
            4. Shoot as soon as you move or the keeper will grab the ball.
            5. You will be celebrating a goal unless you Messed up.

         Want quick-goals in Indoor?
            Make a formation of: 1 0 3 and pass when in danger.

If you have any tips you would like to add to this, please e-mail me at [email protected]

7. General Questions and Troubleshooting


   1. What do all the icons mean in FIFA 98?

If you hold the arrow over each icon, a message pops up telling you what
exactly each icon does.

   2. What does the FAT and BIO mean by a players name?

The FAT rating is the percentage of Fatigue the player is experiencing.
The range is from 0% to 100%. The higher the number the more fatigued
the player is. The BIO rating works with the fatigue rating.
The BIO rating is the fitness rating for the player. A higher
button is more to the right) BIO means the player will fatigue slower.
A player with a low BIO (button is more to the left) means the player will fatigue
faster and is more easily injured.

   3. What is Radar in FIFA 98?

Radar allows you to see each players position on the field during the match.
This is useful for setting up plays because you can't see all the players on
the screen at one time.

   4. I try to play FIFA 98 in 3D, but I get a messed up screen but sound works fine.

Even though you drivers might be certified, problems can still occur playing FIFA 98
in 3D. First, make sure you have the latest drivers from your video card manufacturer.
A list of video card and sound card manufacturers on the web can be found at
http://www.ea.com/techsupp/hdwlinks.htm. Even if you bought a 3D card recently,
it could still have outdated drivers. Just cause you just bought the video card,
doesn't mean it hasn't been sitting on a shelf for a year! If you still have problems,
I have heard of another fix. Go to the website
http://www.3dfx.com/software/download_glidert.html and download the file grtvgr.exe
and install it. I have heard that this patch fixes a lot of 3D problems.

   5. What is Kit Clashing?

Kit Clashing is an option for team colors. If the colors are too close
between the 2 teams playing, one of the teams will have a white jersey on
while the other team will have their regular colors.

   6. What do the Visual Indicator option do?

These are indicators to show you an open teammate to pass to. It helps you
when you want to pass the ball and you don't want the other team to steal it.

   7. What does the Automatic Crosses option do?

If you run down the sideline towards the opposition endline and do a lob,
it automatically lobs the ball towards the front of the goal no matter what
directional key you are pressing.

   8.  Are all the players names in the commentry because I have often had
players on for whole games and their names never mentioned?

All the player names should be included in the commentary, though I have played
quite a few matches and never have heard certain players mentioned.

   9.  What are Player Attributes and what do they mean?

Player attributes are ratings from 0 to 100 as to how each player does for
different abilities. A higher number indicates the player is better at that
attribute. I made a list of the player attributes in the game:

SPD = Speed            AGG = Aggressiveness           BCT = Ball Control
SPW = Shot Power       SAC = Shot Accuracy            AGL = Agility
RCT = Reaction         ACL = Acceleration             FIT = Fitness
PBS = Passing Bias     SBS = Shot Bias                TAC = Tackling
AWR = Awareness        HAC = Heading Accuracy         ATB = Attacking Bias

  10. I use the rain and snow option (PC version) but it doesn't work. What's wrong?

The rain and snow option doesn't allow you to see the snow or rain with a 2D video card.
All you get is an overcast sky. The only thing affected with the rain and snow option is the 
gameplay. The ball doesn't bounce as much and players fatigue faster. I have had people write
to me saying you can see the rain and snow with a 3D card. I have heard
that you can also see snow and rain in the N64 and PSX versions of FIFA 98.

8. Hot Keys


ESC - Pause Menu

F1 - Tele Cam	
F2 - Sideline Cam
F3 - Action Cam
F4 - Goal Cam
F5 - Stadium Cam
F6 - Shoulder Cam
F7 - Ball Cam
F8 - Tower Cam

F9 - Chat (network and modem games)
F10 - Hangup/Disconnect  (Network and Modem games, everywhere)
F11 - Quit FIFA RTWC 98
F12 - Quit Current Match (to Match Select or appropriate schedule screen)

1 - Controller Select
2 - Team Management
3 - Options
4 - Instant Replays
5 - Match Statistics
6 - Scoring Summary
7 - Foul  Summary
8 - Toggle Radar on/off
0 - Toggle sound and music on/off (in-game only)
T - Toggles Stadium textures/details on/off
Y - Toggles Pitch textures/details on/off

= (equals) - Increase screen size
- (minus) - Decrease screen size

9. Improving Game Speed


Here are some tips to speed up the game-play:

"-" (the minus key) reduces the size of the screen
"y" toggles field detail
"t" toggles stadium detail

Make sure no background programs are running. One way of checking this by hitting
CTRL+ALT+DEL and a menu will pop up. Shut down everything EXCEPT Explorer and Systray.
You may have to repeat this a few times.

Do a full installation of the game. If the game keeps having to access the CD-ROM, your
gameplay can suffer significantly.


10. Modem Play


 Modem connection may be direct or indirect. If you connecting directly, you must use
a serial cable with a null-modem adapter. If you are connecting indirectly, FIFA 98
requires that you have at least a 28.8k modem or faster with a high speed (16,550 UART)
serial port.

To Set Up a Two-Computer Match

 1. Make sure your modems are configured correctly.
 2. At the modem connect screen, one person selects "Dialing Directory", while the other
    person selects "Wait for Call".
 3. The person that selects "Dialing Directory", highlight a memory space, then click on
    "Edit". Enter the number you want to call. FIFA 98 allows you to save up to 20 numbers.
 4. Type the name and number of the computer you want to connect with, then press "Enter".
    The number is saved in the "Dialing Directory". To delete a number, highlight the number
    and click "Delete".
 5. Click "Dial" to start the call. When the connection is made, the "Match Select" screen
    will appear.
 6. Set your game up as you would in a standard FIFA 98 game.

Modem Setup Screen

 Modem Type - Go through the provided modem types. If your modem is not listed, use the
              "Generic Hayes Compatible".
 COM Port - Allows you to select which COM Port your modem is connected to.
 Baud Rate - Allows you to select your modem's baud rate (bps).
 Initialization String - If your modem has a specific initialization string, this is
                         where you would enter it. See your modem manual for more info.
 Dial String - You do not need to include the phone time (pulse or tone) in the dial string.
 Dial Method - Switches between tone and pulse dialing.

Modem Problems

 Here are some things to try if you are having problems connecting by modem:

 1. Your modem should be set to connect with data compression disabled and your modem should
    not locked into any specific speed.
 2. Hardware (RTS/CTS) flow control must be enabled.
 3. Consult your modem manual for the appropriate initialization strings. Put the correct
    modem initialization strings in your Windows 95 modem configuration screen in "Control
 4. Verify there is no COM port conflicts. Mice and other devices may be sharing the same COM
    port as the modem.
 5. Since EA Sports has released a patch to V1.1 of FIFA 98, verify that both computers have
    the same version or patch.
 6. Since faster modems have arrived on the market, they are more sensitive to phone line
    noise, try connecting at speeds of 9600, or 14,400 bps.

If you have any more suggestions for fixing modem problems, please send them to me at
[email protected].

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