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                 (    , )       (.   )  (   ',    )
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   Version: 1.0
   Janus Operative
   [email protected]
   AIM: Janus182


 Table of Contents

   1. Introduction
   2. Controls
   3. Game Tips
   4. Game Modes
   5. Audience Mode
   6. Questions
   7. Extras
   8. Conclusion

      1. Introduction

Fire Pro Wrestling Ace for the GameBoy Advance is the second game in 
the Fire Pro series to be released outside of Japan. And that's quite 
monumental in itself; as the only other game was released a while ago 
on a older console. The game is a great wrestling game with loads of 
characters and an accurate game engine that depicts various different 
wrestling styles from shootfighting to Japanese deathmatches. It also 
features a more American style of wrestling, concentrating on showing 
off and entertaining the fans. The game features around 200 wrestlers 
from the various styles and organisations. Though the characters have 
fictional names because the game doesn't have an official license. 
This means that you have to fight as Steve Majors instead of the WWF 
wrestler Steve Austin, etc. The differences between the real wrestler 
and the fake version are easy to spot though and you can change them 
to their real life personas in the games huge edit mode. Overall FPW 
is a great wrestling/fighting game to own. An essential launch game 
to get if you're a fan of the sport.

It can be very hard though, and the complex controls mean a gamer 
with a short attention span is likely to get bored. Which is where my 
FAQ comes in. It is designed to help you beat the wrestlers you come 
across, whether they are big, small, brawlers or submission experts. 
I'll help you knock them down for the count, or submission depending 
on your preference. The FAQ also covers some of the modes and match 
types that you come across in FPW. What this FAQ doesn't include is a 
movelist as there are far too many wrestlers to list all their moves 
in this guide. However, I am working on a zip file that contains this 
guide and movelists for every wrestler - organised by federation. It 
will work a bit like Ken Gifford's M.C Kids zip file, though not as 
huge - if CJayC accepts it, that is. 

      2. Controls

Seeing as the manual for FPW is very accurate and helpful this part 
is made up mostly of the instructions written in there. It isn't 
completely copied though, I have written some addition comments where 
needed. And this section _is_ needed because the controls can be hard 
to grasp and not everyone reads the manual. 


     Control Pad:  Move the wrestler.

     B Button:     Weak attack.

     A Button:     Medium attack.

     A&B Buttons:  Strong attack.

     R Button:     Run; use with control pad.

     L Button:     Breathe.

     Select:       Taunt.

   The wrestlers grapple automatically when they are close to each 
   other. However you must be quick to get your move in.

     B Button:     Weak moves.
     A Button:     Medium moves.

     A&B Buttons:  Strong moves.
    NOTE: To perform different moves press one of the above button
    combinations with a direction on the control pad.
     R Button:     Whip opponent into the ropes.

     L Button:     Headlock opponent.

   This works the same as the front grapple; just walk close to an 
   opponent and be quick to get the move in. The above NOTE also 
   applies to the back grapple.

     B Button:     Weak move.

     A Button:     Medium move.

     A&B Buttons:  Strong move.

     R Button:     Throw.

     B Button - Near Head:  Pull opponent to feet.
              - Near Feet:  Pull opponent to feet.
              - In Middle:  Roll opponent.

     A Button - Near Head:  Move on upper body.
              - Near Feet:  Move on lower torso.

     A&B Buttons:  Attack opponent with ground moves.

     Select:       Taunt.

     L Button:     Drags opponent around the ring.


     Control Pad:  Changing direction halts the wrestler.

     B Button:     Weak attack. When opponent has been thrown into 
                   the corner by a hammer throw this is used as a 
                   diagonal attack.

     A Button:     Strong attack.

These are the basic controls that should get you through most of the 
game, though in the manual are some counter moves you may want to 
look up - countering isn't too much of problem if you don't go for 
the big moves right off the bat though. Bad timing can also lead to a 
counter move. Most of the second part of the grappling sub section 
(below) applies to counter moves too. 

      3. Game Tips

This is the meat of the guide - a collection of strategies and tips 
that will help you in Fire Pro Wrestling. As with the previous 
section, the manual helps out a great deal and some of this section 
features tips that are also in the manual. Though I've tried to 
explain them in greater detail and there are only a small number of 
tips that I used from the book. The majority of this section is made 
up of my own thoughts and opinions. This section is split up into the 
following parts.

          I. Grappling
         II. Breathing
        III. The Body
         IV. Misc. Tips

          I. Grappling

  Pulling off grappling moves is heavily reliant on the timing of 
  your button presses. The wrestlers will lock arms when they get 
  close to each other. Then as soon as their arms meet press the 
  buttons. It helps to keep your fingers over the buttons you want – 
  so you have to know what move you are going to do then when the 
  arms touch each other press down. If you did it correctly you 
  should pull the move off, and have the advantage. But it only takes 
  the smallest of margins - either too early or too late to press the 
  buttons and your opponent will get the move. However, if you manage 
  to get the move in the opponent may still counter it. Which is why 
  it is best to start with weak attacks (B Button moves) and work 
  your way up to strong attacks (A&B Button moves) over the course of 
  the match. But don't go by the timer. Go by your control of the 
  match (e.g. if it is late into the match but your opponent has had 
  the advantage for ages don't try a strong move. Try weaker moves to 
  try and regain some control).

         II. Breathing

  One of the most important aspects in Fire Pro Wrestling is the 
  breathing of your wrestler. And although that sounds like common 
  sense it is surprisingly easy to forget timely breathing when you 
  are caught up the match. When this happens the bout effectively 
  becomes a handicap match because your lack of oxygen intake wears 
  you down and you'll start to weaken. So every now and then press 
  the L Button - and hold it down if you have the time. It's 
  obviously not a good idea to do this in the heat of the action. But 
  if you have a few seconds to spare - you are on your own outside of 
  the ring, you are on the opposite side of the ring, in between 
  attacks, etc. - it is advisable to breathe.

        III. The Body

  The body is a fairly strategic thing in FPW, and correctly planning 
  your moves so that you concentrate on one specific area can give 
  you an advantage. For instance if you work on the neck of an 
  opponent and hit him with several piledrivers his neck will weaken 
  and a knockout becomes more likely. The effect of multiple attacks 
  to certain body parts varies, and a detailed list of the effects is 
  listed on page 32 of the manual. While singling out a body part can 
  have its advantages don't get too predictable. And that applies for 
  any situation. Mix and match your moves so the opponent has less of 
  an idea about what you are going to do next. 

         IV. Misc. Tips

  The following are some tips that don't really fall into to any 
  individual category or aren't big enough to warrant an entire 
  section. However there are a lot of general tips so this section is 
  quite large, well larger than the above sections anyway. Which is 
  why I bullet pointed the list and gave each point a subheading of 

  o  Play to your strengths
     If you are a submissions expert and you are facing a highflying 
     wrestler then you are going to try to slow your opponent down 
     with lot of submissions attacks. What you won't do is try to 
     match style for style and go for highflying attacks. As the 
     opponent will be much quicker and more adept at the wrestling 
     style. This applies to all wrestlers. Use the abilities of your 
     fighter's style to counteract the abilities of your opponents 
     style, don't try to match them.

  o  Pinning
     There is no outright pinning button in Fire Pro Wrestling. 
     Although the most common button press is A&B by the downed torso 
     of your opponent. To find out for sure what your pin is and how 
     to do it go to the edit menu and select wrestler models. Go to 
     your wrestler and press A. Now look at the moves of your 
     wrestler and find the pinning move. You'll now know what it is 
     and how to do it.

  o  Corner attacks
     Although I don't tend to rely on corner attacks too much, they 
     can be useful of you want to inflict a greater amount of pain on 
     an opponent. The only downside, and quite a major one, is that 
     you leave yourself open to reversals and missing the target. If 
     you are playing with a quick wrestler it can be a good idea to 
     use highflying/quick corner post attacks. But a big lumbering 
     giant shouldn't climb the post too often.
  o  Too hard?
     If you are finding Fire Pro Wrestling too hard set the computer 
     difficulty level to 1 on the "com level" option before starting 
     a match. This difficulty level is pathetically easy so once you 
     win a match move it up a notch. Carry on in this manner - moving 
     the level up one every time you master that level until you 
     reach 8, 9 or 10. You won't reach this level over night but with 
     a bit of practise you'll be a FPW master!

  o  Counters
     In the manual are some counter moves you may want to look up - 
     countering isn't too much of problem if you don't go for the big 
     moves right off the bat though. Bad timing can also lead to a 
     counter move, especially when you perform a grapple from behind 
     and mess the timing up. Most of the second part of the grappling 
     sub section (above) applies to counter moves too. And yes, I did 
     write this in the last part of the control section but I'm sure 
     some of you missed that =)

  o  Test of strength
     The test of strength sometimes occurs when you both are accurate 
     with the timing of your move in a grapple, I think. To win this 
     test and regain the advantage tap left and right as fast as 
     possible. You'll either snap out of the move and be back to a 
     neutral position opposite the opponent or pull off a move.    

      4. Game Modes

This section covers all of the main game modes in Fire Pro Wrestling 
with the exception of the Audience Mode. The section is ordered like 
the main menu with the exhibition modes coming first and survival 
match last. If you have anything to add to my brief rundown of the 
different modes – and remember the main tips re in the game tips 
section – email me at  or contact me on AIM – 

   From the main exhibition mode menu you can select four options: 
   normal, deathmatch, gruesome and battle royal. Normal is 
   essentially the option that covers all of them – it just takes you 
   a little longer to configure each setting. However it is also the 
   gateway to the tag and handicap modes and tips on those modes will 
   follow  shortly. The only other option available nowhere else is 
   the "american" option setting. It is an option that allows you to 
   play in a conventional ring with no other gimmicks like cages. So 
   all the game tips should apply to this mode.

   Deathmatches are matches that take place in an electric cage with 
   explosives littered around the ring. After a set time the 
   explosives blow up. So what you are looking at is a regular ring 
   and match with an electric cage and a time limit added on. 
   Basically all the extra tips you should need is to stay away from 
   the cage, if you didn't know already... And try to end the match 
   before the whole thing goes up. However if this isn't possible 
   you'll have to try to pick yourself up and carry on. Don't restart 
   with the same plan you had before though – both of you will be 
   damaged. So it is best to start back with weaker/medium attacks 
   and work your way quickly to strong attacks. Don't rush it too 
   much though.
   The gruesome style - submission only wins and octagon rings 
   (hehehe) is really shootfighting, and a damn good shootfighting 
   mode too. As well as a submission only wins a knockout can decide 
   the match. Which means that it is best to use the natural 
   shootfighters for this match rather than wrestlers from the 
   American federations and lightheavywieght ranks. Though there are 
   some exceptions though, most notably Ken Shamrock. However, it is 
   best to use the wrestlers from the BLADE division – the Fire Pro 
   equivalent to PRIDE. These wrestlers are natural shootfighters, 
   with lots of submissions, holds and knockout blows (I did it 
   again) and you'll rarely see them powerbombing a opponent.

 Battle Royal
   The battle royal is a four way fight where you must beat the 
   opponents either by the normal ways or by knocking them over the 
   ropes. Knocking them over the ropes is best achieved when the 
   opponent has been weakened and you are attacking them by the 
   ropes. The normal battle royal rules are somewhat easier to fight 
   under. And the double team tag moves apply to the mode. A list of 
   tag match controls are on page 27 of the manual. However here 
   isn't much point in interfering with any attempts by your 
   opponents to eliminate another opponent. It's best not to look out 
   for others and just look after yourself in battle royals.

   The two main multiplayer modes in the game aside from the battle 
   royal are the handicap and tag matches. There isn't a lot to say 
   about either of the multiplayer modes other than win. Okay, maybe 
   a bit more than that... Read page 27 in the manual and grasp all 
   of the moves as they come in handy in the match. Be especially 
   sure to use double team moves and cut plays. As they can be all 
   the difference in the pace of a tag match or handicap match. 
   Though if you're facing two opponents I think you know what to do. 
   Hit and run! Also watch out for when the enemies perform cut plays 
   as they can have a huge impact on turning a match around.

   Fighting a continuous series of matches is quite hard. So it's 
   best to fight as strong wrestlers who can use their strength and 
   ability with more powerful attacks. As these wrestlers can try to 
   squash their way through as many of the first matches as possible 
   before they start to slow. However it is important to bide your 
   time and look for openings in your enemies defence if you're at 
   the end of the match when you're slow and tired. Having said that, 
   submission experts are also good for this mode. They can keep slow 
   you enemy down so you don't have to perform many big attacks to 
   down them. 

      5: Audience Mode

The Audience Mode in Fire Pro Wrestling is a unique feature in the 
game that makes you think about playing to the audience. Whereas 
other games want you to just win the matches Fire Pro Wrestling's 
Audience Mode requires you to put on a great match. Showing all the 
expected moves and performances of a particular style. The styles you 
are able to play in are:

   Strong Style
   King's Road Style
   Showman Style
   Soic Style
   Lucha Style
   Hardcore Style
   Free Style

Individual sub sections for each style are laid out in this section. 
The goal of this part of the guide is to help you win each style. So 
each sub section will go into as much detail as possible but you 
should also remember the game tips as well as the specific tips for 
each style. And at the end there is a section with general help that 
I have picked up from message boards and stuff that didn't 
specifically apply to any style sub section.

         Strong Style

  Correct me if I'm wrong... But Strong Style seems to be the mode 
  that requires the most physical involvement in a match. This means 
  you need a 30 minute fight with a lot of back and forth action. 
  Don't let the match get boring though, keep it interesting and 
  enjoyable to watch. Use a reversal to show your defensive ability 
  and then execute a strong powerful move to entertain the fans or 
  something like that. And keep it even until the end. There's 
  nothing the audience hates more than a five minute squash victory. 
  Too many criticals/knockout moves don't tend to impress either. I 
  like using a big knockout move for my finisher though! 

  You need to use a lot of powerful moves – to cover the offensive 
  abilties. So find a wrestler with some strong moves that will 
  please the fans. However, at the same time look for a wrestler that 
  is able to counter and take a lot of damage. He'll need to keep 
  going for a long period of time after all. You also need to make 
  sure the fight is fairly even throughout, which means being able to 
  absorb damage and then hand it out again is crucial. Then finishing 
  a match with a good knockout move or your finisher is a good idea. 
  Try to use a wide range of different strong powerful moves as well. 
  Varying your attacks will please the fans. And to do this you need 
  a range of attacks to choose from.

   Without all the rambling:
      - Have a long evenly matched fight
      - Show good offensive moves
      - But be good at defence too
      - Don't get boring, vary your attacks

  And when he breezed through Strong Style the skies opened, and down 
  came a flood of wrestlers... 

      APW:        None
      AWG:        None
      ECLIPSE:    None
      H-CLASS:    None
      BRAWLERS:   None
      BLADE:      None
      GRAPPLE:    None
      FREE:       None
      LEGEND:     Commandant, Carlos Klauser
                  The Champ, R.J Faze
      VJP:        The Legend, Victory Musashi
                  The Patriot, Hurricane Rikimaru
                  Dr. Voodoo, Zombie Masa
                  The Master, Kazuki Yamamoto
                  Drill Sgt. Ittetu Wakamoto
                  Fantastic Hero, Mask De Panther
                  Mad Bomber, Dynamic Kid
                  Dark Hunter, Toshiaki Igarashi
      BLACK:      None
      OJP:        None
      NOVA:       None
      IW:         None
      YUKIGUNI:   None
      DRAGON:     None

         King's Road Style

  King's Road sets the clearest guidelines and yet executing these 
  guidelines is quite hard. Basically you must have a long (15 
  minutes or so) fight that switches back and forth with both
  fighters being in control for parts of the match. So it is best to 
  pick a strong offensive and defensive wrestler. But you must make 
  sure you win the match. So it's quite like a normal exhibition 
  match with the added burden of making sure your opponent has an 
  even share of control over the match and then winning at the end. 
  It's good to end with a knockout move but don't use them all 
  through the match. Try to keep things evenly balanced for the most 
  of it.

   In one small paragraph:
      - Have an even fight
      - Have a long even fight
      - Win the long even fight
      - Keep things balanced.

  Pull through and live like a king by playing with these elite 
  wrestlers from the roster...

      APW:        None
      AWG:        None
      ECLIPSE:    None
      H-CLASS:    None
      BRAWLERS:   None
      BLADE:      None
      GRAPPLE:    None
      FREE:       None
      LEGEND:     Zeus the Moose, Rikiozan
                  The Brain, Big G.Bull
                  The Inventor, G.O Bright
      VJP:        None
      BLACK:      None
      OJP:        Super Giant, Great Shiba
                  The A-Bomb, Tommy Bomber
                  The 49er, Gold-Arm Yajima
                  Dr. Nuke, Kerry Boggy
                  The Peacemaker, John Peace
                  Lone Star, Harry Texan Jr.
      NOVA:       None
      IW:         None
      YUKIGUNI:   None
      DRAGON:     None

         Showman Style

  Showman Style is the mode that most accurately captures the WWF 
  type of wrestling. You need to play the crowd – use the taunt a 
  lot, use signature moves, etc. It's a very simple mode if you watch 
  WWF because you'll know exactly what to do. And when I say that 
  what I mean is 95% of the people reading this will find it easy. 
  Maybe more than that...

  It's obviously best to pick someone who appeals to the fans as that 
  is the simplest way to get them cheering and enjoying the match. 
  The obvious choice is The Salesman from the APW stable – otherwise 
  known as The Rock. He has some great taunts and crowd pleasing 
  moves. If you can manage to copy his whole spinebuster-taunt-elbow 
  routine you're on for a high percentage. 

  But with virtually any wrestler from most organisations the 
  guidelines are the same. You must taunt a lot and play to the 
  crowd. Knock a wrestler down then taunt, through him out of the 
  ring then taunt, etc. However, let the other wrestler get some 
  chance to take control and don't rush to fight back. If you can 
  pull off some close falls (let the count get to 2 before kicking 
  out) the crowd will get even more excited. Also use your finisher 
  in the closing stages of the match – and if you do you need to win 
  or the other guy needs to kick out of a pin (as mentioned before). 
  Essentially copy what you've seen on T.V I suppose...

   For those short on attention:
      - Taunt a lot
      - Play the crowd and get them excited
      - Have a few near falls
      - Only use finishers near the end
      - Copy the typical WWF style matches
      - Be entertaining!

  And when the happy full-of-excitement fans go home you can play 
  around with these wrestlers...

      APW:        The Lastman, Omega
                  The Runner, Kleebo
                  Godfather, Madman Musci
      AWG:        Darkman, Killa Kalani
                  Slim Jim, Mr. Mann
      ECLIPSE:    None
      H-CLASS:    None
      BRAWLERS:   None
      BLADE:      None
      GRAPPLE:    None
      FREE:       None
      LEGEND:     The Mountain, Giant Rozhmov
                  Mad Dog, Dick Maverick
                  Shamrock, Moss McLand
      VJP:        None
      BLACK:      None
      OJP:        None
      NOVA:       None
      IW:         None
      YUKIGUNI:   None
      DRAGON:     None

         Soic Style

  Soic seems to meanthe same as shootfighting in this game. Beating 
  the mode is fairly simple. Pick someone from the BLADE group and 
  try to destroy your opponent as quickly and decisively as possible. 
  Use strong attacks and submissions – both are related to 
  shootfighting. Also, try to knockout your opponent and dominate 
  them. However it is best not to use wrestlers for this match or 
  wrestling moves. Use fighters that are shootfighters with good 
  submissions and striking moves. A pretty short explanation but 
  phrase "decisive and efficient victories" is fairly self 

   But I'll sum it up for you:
      - Fight don't wrestle
      - Strong submissions and strikes are the key
      - Knockouts also help
      - Quick and decisive wins are a must

  When you beat the Soic Style the following wrestlers can be 
  selected from the roster...

      APW:        None
      AWG:        None
      ECLIPSE:    The Fight King, Akira Saeba
      H-CLASS:    The Clone, Makoto Higaki
      BRAWLERS:   The Killer, Bos Docken
      BLADE:      None
      GRAPPLE:    Mr. Perfect, Nick Stacy
                  The Titan, Hercules Alevin
                  The Stylist, Andre Fagg
      FREE:       None
      LEGEND:     The Lost Boy, Neverland Roche
      VJP:        None
      BLACK:      None
      OJP:        None
      NOVA:       None
      IW:         None
      YUKIGUNI:   None
      DRAGON:     None

         Lucha Style

  The Lucha Style gives perhaps the simplest guidelines for getting a 
  high percentage. But it is a style where achieving the guidelines 
  is considerably harder than working them out. Or, more simply, 
  Lucha is a style that requires you to employ lots of quick moves 
  and flying attacks into your matches. It's a mode that will likely 
  see a lot of back and forth action because of the unpredictability 
  of high flying and quick lucha moves. One minute you can have a 
  match sealed and then you get countered. Back and forth action is 
  loved by the fans though.

  You should look through the wrestler's move lists until you locate 
  a wrestler with a great number of highflying and quick moves. This 
  wrestler should be someone you are comfortable with so that you can 
  use lots of quick moves with ease. Another important point is the 
  croner posts. You should use them to maximum effect. Jump off them 
  onto a wrestler standing outside the ring, use them for moves off 
  of, moonsault off them, etc. Just make sure you put on a great high 
  flying show. And let the other player get some high flying moves in 
  too. But don't forget the basics. Use quick grapple attacks you buy 
  yourself some time for the big moves.

   A quick recap for those that care:
      - Pick a wrestler with quick moves
      - Use the quick moves
      - Don't forget the game basics though
      - And use the corner posts to maximum effect
      - finish with a quick, lucha pin – hurricarana, etc.

  Fly to a high percentage in each match and he following superstars 
  become available for flying around with...

      APW:        None
      AWG:        None
      ECLIPSE:    None
      H-CLASS:    None
      BRAWLERS:   None
      BLADE:      None
      GRAPPLE:    None
      FREE:       None
      LEGEND:     None
      VJP:        None
      BLACK:      None
      OJP:        None
      NOVA:       None
      IW:         None
      YUKIGUNI:   The Condor, Maschera Condor
                  The Eagle, Maschera Eagle
      DRAGON:     Shining Dragon, Azteca Dragon

         Hardcore Style

  Of all the styles in the game, I found Hardcore to be the simplest 
  style to get a high percentage in. The definition of a hardcore 
  fight is also the simplest of all the styles, in my opinion. And 
  you should go into a hardcore fight knowing exactly what the crowd 
  will expect of the match. 

  At the top of the agenda are illegal moves and weapon attacks. For 
  this you will need a wrestler with an arsenal of hardcore attacks. 
  The most obvious fighter to pick is Master "Crazyman" Tohgoh. He is 
  listed in the FREE organisation of wrestlers. And he has an 
  assortment of hardcore attacks. These attacks – such as the big 
  fire, biting, fork attack, etc. – are perfect for the style because 
  of their brutality. Make sure you use these moves a lot and the 
  crowd will be pleased – Togah isn't the only good wrestler though, 
  look at the wrestler moves in the edit mode and pick yourself a 
  fighter that you like with an assortment of hardcore moves. It _is_ 
  also a good idea to get yourself a bit bruised and beaten though. 
  Especially if you are the victim to some hardcore attacks. As the 
  crowd enjoy both of you getting beaten more than you squashing an 

  Another factor that must play a part in your match is fighting 
  outside of the ring. Not for a few minutes though, at least half of 
  the match should be played in and out of the ring – alternating 
  between both areas. It is slightly easier to play in he ring but 
  fighting outside of it will attract more interest from the crowd. 
  And that makes it essential. You should perform powerful moves 
  while outside – make use of the harder floor as the crowd will 
  enjoy it. A few whips into the rings and railings help as well.

   So, the main factors are:
      - Using brutal, hardcore attacks
      - Having an even fight with both wrestlers getting beaten
      - Fighting outside of the ring

  And once you beat the mode, the following wrestlers become   
  available for general consumption...

      APW:        None
      AWG:        None
      ECLIPSE:    None
      H-CLASS:    None
      BRAWLERS:   None
      BLADE:      None
      GRAPPLE:    None
      FREE:       Kabukiman, The Kagura
                  The Arab, Abdullah Danger
                  The Untamed, Mad Tiger
      LEGEND:     The Mongolian, Mongol Kahn
      VJP:        None
      BLACK:      None
      OJP:        None
      NOVA:       None
      IW:         White Thunder, Haichi
                  Mad Bull, Ryoko Kishita
      YUKIGUNI:   None
      DRAGON:     None

         Free Style

  Free style is the strangest mode in the game. I think the game is 
  trying to get you to perform well with your wrestler. This means 
  you need to use his full range of moves to proper effect. A lucha 
  wrestler, for example should use a full arsenal of flying attacks 
  and quick moves. It is a strange mode though and it's odd that they 
  included it as it doesn’t appear to have any strict guidelines. Nor 
  can you win any wrestlers when you complete it. Just wrestle a good 
  match with your wrestlers abilities in mind and you'll get a high 
  score, I think. Nothing much else needs to be said here...

         General Help

  The general rule of thumb is to think about how would you as an 
  audience member would react to the match. If you saw two 
  prestigious Luchadores on a card, and the match consisted of single 
  domination by one of them using powerbombs, punches, and a ton of 
  rest-holds for about twenty-eight minutes without either 
  participant leaving the ground, would you be satisfied? I don't 
  think you would, neither would the rest of the audience. If you saw 
  a match that raised the expectation of both wrestlers taking big 
  bumps and being on the verge of collapse at the end, (Strong 
  Style), would you be happy if it ended three minutes into it with a 
  small package pin? Know what the audience wants, and give it to 

  Also, as a general rule, the audience tends to love a few late two-
  counts. Turn the volume up and listen. 1. 2. *ref shot shows him 
  holding up two fingers as the wrestler kicks out* A few big moves 
  later, some showboating, and a big off-the-turnbuckle move and 
  another pin attempt nets the same result, and then one hits a 
  pinning finisher. 1! 2! OH!!! You'll hear them scream as the 
  wrestler avoids the three-count. You can have a lot of fun playing 
  the audience. Just try to keep a wicked grin off your face as you 
  hear a female fan scream when they one of the wrestlers gets opened 
  up. Cackle in glee as the audience gasps after a big move on an 
  already mauled opponent. Hear them erupt when you land your 
  finisher. This is why we love Fire Pro, and it's what gets the big 
  scores for the most part.

  In addition, remember what goes on the highlight reels. A CRITICAL! 
  (knockout move) is an amazingly effective move that the audience 
  will remember for some time to come, and you can bet that all of 
  your little virtual fans will download a clip of your CRITICAL! 
  Chokeslam that sent your opponent to the hospital off of the 
  internet when they get home. I rarely have a match that ends with a 
  CRITICAL! not get over 90% fan satisfaction.

  In addition, the winning criteria in audience matches consists of a 
  certain amount of matches won, and a certain average percentage. 
  Both criteria must be met in order to advance. In addition, both 
  should be easily visible on screen in the match-ladder screen where 
  you have the option for Advice, Match, Save, and Exit if you hit B 
  or A, I believe. 

  There are many great specific guides for what fans want in each 
  category, but I urge you to remember this general advice as well.
                                    - Written by Crimson Coyote
                                      I hope you don't mind....
                                      But I liked this post....

 If you have any corrections or anything to add to this section email 
 me at  or cantact me on AIM: Janus182. I 
 also welcome more good general tips so I can get a wide view of 
 opinions on the Audience Mode. Then if my methods don't work for 
 you, you can try alternative ones. Anyone who emails me with good 
 quality tips will be credited like Crimson Coyote above. If you want 
 me to remove your tips jut ask...

      6: Questions

This section is currently empty! But if you have any questions email 
me at [email protected] or contact me via AOL instant messenger, 
my screen name is Janus182. I'll answer you with an email or an 
instant message and include the question and answer in this guide for 
the benefit of others. So get contacting!

      7. Extras

This section is rather empty. But I'll update it with a few 
interesting and helpful cheats and observations in the future. If you 
have any cheats or observations about Fire Pro Wrestling contact me 
via the methods listed in the first paragraph of the questions 

--- All Hidden Wrestlers
--> Choose the name edit option from the edit wrestler mode and enter 
    the nickname as ALL, then enter the first name as STYLE and CLEAR 
    for last name. Turn exchange off and leave middle blank. Now go 
    to the audience mode and start or load a game. Overwrite any data 
    if you have too, then exit the mode. All the secret wrestlers 
    should be saved and stored on the cart.

      8. Conclusion

I have finished most of this guide now. All future additions will 
likely be minor unless I decided to add a section. If you need to 
email me for any reason you can at  You can 
also contact me on AIM. My screen name is Janus182. 

 Version 1.0
  This is a fairly complete version of the guide. The Audience Mode 
  section is here and that is the main focus of the guide – and 
  probably the reason Fire Pro Wrestling is on the request list. 
  Future updates shall be minor compared to this one. They'll 
  probably include questions and extras. And, depending on reader 
  input, additions to the general tips sub-section of the Audience 
  Mode section. The CCS (below) will now end as well.
   Current Completion Status (estimated) 100%

 Version 0.5
  The exhibition section has been changed to the game modes section. 
  And as far as I'm concerned everything up to and including that 
  mode is fairly complete. However I welcome contributions for the 
  sections past the game modes section. And the FAQ is now halfway 
  complete. The next update should feature a huge section on audience 
  mode and hopefully some more content to the Q and A and extras 
  section – bringing the guide up to a full dot.
   Current Completion Status (estimated) – 50%

 Version 0.2
  I added a section on the exhibition mode – covering the types of 
  matches, rules and tips for each type of match. I also removed the 
  big ugly header and started the questions section. Next update 
  should feature a section about multiplayer matches (battle royals, 
  etc.) and some survival match tips, possibly...
   Current Completion Status (estimated) – 40%

 Version 0.1
  A very incomplete version of the guide. But most of the game tips 
  section is present and that is the main focus of the guide. I will 
  update very shortly with the rest of the guide. 
   Current Completion Status (estimated) – 30%

 Thanks to...
   o  Chained Angel for correcting an error
   o  CJayC for hosting my guides
   o  Crimson Coyote for a great tip 

    Legal Information

This document and everything in it is copyright 2001 Janus Operative. 
It can be printed out and used for personal uses but it may not be 
used for financial gain, this includes publishing it in a magazine, 
on a website, etc. without prior consent from me. If you do take the 
guide without my permission you will be open to legal action. 
Likewise, if you take any information from my guide - e.g. take 
chunks of the walkthrough and copy it into your guide - you will be 
open to legal action. 


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