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1.choosing your character

2a.the forest

2b.forest enemies

3a.the cave

3b.cave enemies

1.choosing your character

There are three classes to pick from, hunter, ranger or force.

Hunters use swords as there weapon of choice and they have high attack power.
They can also use techniques.
They start out with a saber

Rangers use guns as there weapon of choice and have good accuracy.
They can also use techniques.
They start out with a handgun

Forces almost always use techniques and rarely actually USE there weapons.
They start out with a cane

*NOTE* If you choose to be an android, you may not use techniques, but on
       the bright side you can use traps and you see enemy traps, they also
       cant get poisoned or paralyzed, SO CHOOSE CAREFULLY!

2a.The forest

The enemies in this area are all native creatures, they are the weakest
creatures in the game. the scenery NEVER changes in this place.

2b.forest enemies

-booma-this is the most common enemy you will find in this place.
-gobooma-this is a stronger version of a booma.
-gigobooma-this is a stronger version of a gobooma.

*be careful not to be surrounded by these guys!

-savage wolf-these guys attack you when you show them your back, so dont turn 
your back on em!
-barbarous wolf-this is a stronger version of the savage wolf.

*If they howl, you will notice that they dont make there attack and deffence go
up, but down!

-rag rappy-these are just little chick things, but when you beat one, its not
dead yet, they have a tendency to play dead when there hurt.

-mothim/monest-the monest will keep shooting out mothims unless you kill it, 
so kill the monest first!

-hildebear-these are the strongest guys in the forest, they have strong punches
and they can shoot fireballs at you, so i suggest you kill it fast.

-Dragon-the boss of the first area is, of course, a dragon.
when its on the ground, hit its legs a lot so it can fall down and let you hit
its weak point (the head), keep doing this until he roars. Now he will burrow in
the ground and try to ram into you, use the map to see were he is and RUN
AWAY from him, until he does this 3 times and gets out of the ground to let you
hit him. He gives you 350exp when you beat him.


-al rappy-its a blue rappy

-hildeblue-its a blue hildebear

*NOTE* rare enemies will usually drop rare items like "flowen's sword" or 
"Mace of adaman"

3a.the cave

The cave is kind of like a maze, and its enemies are all A.beasts (watever the 
"A" stands for...). There like mutant life forms of the native animals.

3b.cave enemies

-evil shark-these are like boomas
-pal shark-these are like goboomas
-guil shark-these are like gigoboomas

*be careful not to get surrounded!

-poison lily-these guys can get really annoying, there spit can poison you and
they can paralyze you, but there the weakest in the place, so you can kill
easily, and hopefully FAST!

-puifully slime-these guys come up to attack you, but you can only hit em once
each time they come up, and be careful, they multiply each other too!

-nano dragon-this guy can hit you with rays and fly's around, kill it fast cause
he can kill the other enemies, but he gets stronger for each enemy he kills!

-Pan arms-this guy is kinda tough, wait until he splits into two kill them both.

*if you try killing when there together, you will just do 0's.

-grass assassin-these guys can hit you with its claws, charge at you and they
can use there spit to make you immobilized.

-De rol lee-the boss is a giant worm thing, you can keep on hitting it with a
gun or by using techniques cause your on raft, and he pretty munch LIVES in the

ATTACKS:he can shoot photon balls at you, use tail spikes like bomb things that
follow you around(hard to avoid), climb on the ceiling and make rocks fall on
you and hit you with its tentacles when its on your raft(the ONLY time a hunter
can attack it).

ATTACK WHEN THE LIGHTS ARE OFF:shoot plasma rays at you!

To beat it, you have to keep hitting its head until its mask breaks off, then
keep hitting its head until it dies.

I hope this FAQ helps a lot of people...

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