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HotHouse Creations
Eidos Interactive
Requirements:133 Mhz,cdrom,16mb ram,Direct x6.0

Gangsters is a game simulating 1930's gangsters and there illegal actions.It acts of recruiting hoods
to killing hoods,donating to churches to bribing churches.If you think you can handle gangsters then
step up for a real challenge.
Yet,this game is old,though people still play it,i wrote a guide for it.

1.Starting up
2.Starting fundings
3.Dealing with people refusing your wishes
4.Taking care of enemy hoods
6.Terms to know
8.Hints And Tips
9.Famous Gangsters and Mafia Men
10.Copyright and Credits

1.Starting up
If you freshly started a new game,first things first, recruit all the hoods you can,the useless hoods
can still be used for something(donating,collecting protection).
By week 3 or 4 you probably will be running low on dough, so by expanding your territory and gaining income
extort from local(yes local,and il explain this to you later).On the left button in the Lieutenants section
lies the actions you can use, by clicking on the tab "Minor Crimes" you can start extorting by clicking
extort and selecting the local business's.
Now you've got territory and paying business,but you got to collect protection ya know.Under the Business
orders you can order hoods to collect protection by selecting the business's paying you protection.
After reciving the normal 2k of protection,you might decide you need more,so under the business orders,
select the "Adjust Protection" order to modify how much money business pay you for your protection,but
as of under week 10, modifying this is not advised as the FBI WILL get suspicious and arrest you, so keep
it normal for now.After about 2 more weeks of collecting protection,you are ready to start the fundings
and make real money.So extort local and far business but BE CAREFUL,taking territory out from under a gang
leader might irritate them.So stay kinda close to you.But if your feeling bold,then extort the city.
2.Starting Funding
By week 10,you will need 4 things,an accountant,a lawyer, some high business hoods,and plenty of money.
Why you may ask?To buy legitimate business, and cover your illegal money,but for a backup, a lawyer to
get your dudes out of jail.Anyways,the protection racket is good,but you'l need more money to deal with
weapons and vehicles,so to make some real money,first,buy a legal business,but something that will blend
with your illegal business you might make later.For example a place dealing with milk or sodas would shield
a speakeasy.At the end of this guide il list almost every shield for illegal business.The first illegal
business you should set your mind at is destroying prohibition,and the best tool for that is a moonshine
still,but that brings no profit,a speakeasy brings the most money for a illegal business if you send your
best hood to deal it.On your territory,send a low quality business hood to buy a drug store, then another
low quality business hood to run the still.Next,the bar(speakeasy),get another low quality business hood
to purchase a milk bar or cafe(some place where citizens will eat or drink,drink things like milk or soda)
,find your best hood at Business and Organization to buy the empty land behind the business and run the
speakeasy.After buying the empty land, click on business orders in the Lieutenants section,then click on
Set Up Business and click on "Speakeasy",then find your front for the speakeasy and click it,he'll then
run it,and do the same thing with the moonshine still.
After making about 4000 bucks at the minimum with a speakeasy,you still may need or desire more money,time
to think about other business's,legitimate or illegitimate,the main legitimate business the bring the
most money are Department stores and Hotels,BIG Hotels,plus the Large Bank is another,if they are on your
territory,you have the option of making a ton of legal money,which also shields illegal money.By Sending
another high quality hood at Business and Organization to buy the store,depending on what you purchased,
you have another option of making lots of illegal dollars.For instance,buying the empty land on a Department Store,
which costs very little money,you can set a Casino up,a Department Store is a rich business,so a business
that makes a lot of money behind it would be a idea,but for the Hotel or Bank,theres only a few things
that will go behind them,for the Hotel(Large) a Whorehouse would go there cause they like to bring them up
to there room and do the nasty,but for the Bank(Large),a Loan Shark or a Counterfeit press would go there
because if a citizen cant get a loan from the bank,they can from you,and counterfeit dollars would screw
the citys economy up and ofcourse gangsters will screw anything up(including your mind).By buying more
legal business you can shield more illegal business's money and make more money.
3.Dealing with people refusing your wishes
By week 13, the protection racket may go bad,people will decide you might not protect them and refuse to pay,
so its time to take care of them,first,look at the job index and see whos not paying,if its someone far away,
there just defying you,if there close,someone else probably took them as territory,oh anyways,first thing to do,
is send about 2-4 hoods with high quality Intimidation levels(4-5 stars) to attempt to scare them back on the racket,
if else fails,send a low quality or high quality hood to rob your money out of them aka a raid.Else fails,time to
climb the latter,take a high quality hood at intelligence to smash it up and screw its windows up and everything
inside to.If this fails,rob your money back out of them,then,violence must be started,send about 4 high quality hoods
at Fists to give them a official mafia-like beating,but a low knives skill,but not too low,they must feel pain,about 2
and a half-4,if higher,the assualters might stab the dude to death and murder him
(though ive never witnessed this,ive heard it happens),if this fails,give him a last chance and
 try to extort from him,still refusing,now violence is required,time to eliminate
him once and for all,depending on how you want to kill him is your decision,if you want to do a direct
kill which is advised,
because if you bomb it or set fire to it,citizens inside might perish,leaving the bombing/torching hood
with extra deaths which isnt good.But bombing it might be faster if the police are around cause your hood will
rush to the vehicle and flee
,that is,IF you supplied him a vehicle.
Citizens sure the hell aint the only people who might say no to your wishes,hoods,police,mayor,judges,DA,FBI head,
they might irritate you and need to be taken care of,first,
enemy hoods are always a threat,even with peace diplomacy,if a hood is on your territory,
you can either kill or give him a beating,giving him a beating wont threat the peace setting,killing
him will,your decision.Later in the game they might decide to start a war
 which is a basic hell for gangsters,not only do they shoot at your hoods on little contact,
they also put a contract on you(put a hit on you)and the mess your organization up by killing business owners
paying you valuble protection,and they aim toward getting you arrested or going broke,or flat out dead.
By destroying your legal business,your illegal business will attract the attention of the FBI,
 who might arrest you or your hoods,depends on how much you extort.And buy destroying your business your
 hoods demand money and will cause you to eventually go broke.
But if there really mad at you they will wipe
you off the gang history by killing you or bombing/torching your office.If hoods and citizens aint enuf,
the officials willaim toward you,
Police officers are the #1 people for your hoods deaths or arrest,depending on how hostile they are toward
you(you can find this out by looking at the city map and clicking hostility,white is the most hostile)they might
decide to look the other way when a rival hood will shoot at you,or they will arrest you when you
dont expect it.Police are influenced by the police chief who is influenced by the Mayor.
The Mayor is the first person you want to bribe,he controls
mostly everything,Police chief.Treat this dude with care,cause the more hostile he is on you,the harder
it will get.Should the police decide to arrest a hood,he is given a fair trial in court,this is when your lawyer,
comes in gooood handy,fortunately this is 1930's,everyone and thing is about corrupt,judges dont stand in
that way either,bribing the judge results in the case be IMEDIATELY thrown out and your hood released.
DA(District Attorneys),are also dudes you can bribe to get a list of the witness or jurors,yet,
bribing these dudes help,but,if not,intimidating
them normally takes care of them,but if not,you might have to give 'em a beating or just kill them.
The number 1 dude who will stand in your way is the FBI head,theres always one dude who aint corrupt,
and this is him,this dude needs ULTRA care,though you cant bribe him,you still need to watch out for him
his opinion,but violence will make him very mad and raid your illegal business.Killing a FBI agent searching for your
illegal business wil make you public enemy number 1,but it eliminates those raids.
4.Taking care of enemy hoods
By week 20,the enemy will most likely be at war with you or about to start one,one way of getting enemy info,
is a snitch(very nosy citizen),pay him the right money,he'll leak you valuble rival information,but another way
is kidnapping a enemy hood.Trying to kidnap them from a gym or pool hall is very very dangerous and risks
getting killed.A better way is to open the clipboard and select a hood on the street which will be
abducted by your hoods.After being kidnapped the hood will be brought back to your HQ where you can take
care of him by firstly,interrogating him usually lets him tell you information about the others,if not,
maybe you need to hurt him,click assualt 1 TIME,then if not,keep repeating,just dont kill him.After finding
rival information you may need to start exploring to find there illegal business and office where you
can start attacking the rival enemy.First thing,find people paying him protection then start bombing,
killing,and setting fire to these places when hopefully youll weakn his organization,and hit his
legal and illegal business's.Next,his hoods will shoot back at you on the street so arm your hoods
with rifles,shotguns,tommyguns,and pack pistols(pistols if you cant afford anything else)
.These will defend your hoods good even at 2 star firearms.After wiping his hoods and business's out,
its time to take him out,if you havent found his office explorethe city and find it,now that its
found starting torching it or bombing, but send low quality hoods,
cause many will die.Soon he should be dead,then repeat this with the other enemy.Since many will die,
you need to recruit more,so send a very high quality hood at intelligence to recruit from all the
pool halls and gyms.Sort which hoods you'll need and which will be cannon fodder.By now,
you should buy about 2 warehouses to store whiskey and export(this brings in TONS of dollars).
These exports will buy your hoods guns and cars.Find business paying the other rival gangsters
protection,then send a few hoods to raid these to hurt them,not to mention,to bring a little
bit of money.Try to keep the enemys money and hoods low.
There are numerous ways to win,go straight,be mayor,or kill all rivals.going straight requires
a lawyer,money and land.Being mayor is a little bit harder,while yet again you need a lawyer,
lots of money,and plenty of land.You will have to get everyone happpy by donating to churches,
not collecting protection,and send patrols to make citizens happy.But one way of highering
your votes are the Teamsters,but a trade union and the land behind it then setup a teamsters
business.This will boost 10 % of your votes.The hardest way to win is completely dominate the
city or kill all rivals.This is easy put,destory all rivals and his business's.

6.Terms to know
This section shows you the words youll need to understand and know.
Hoods=Gangsters,the dudes doing your orders.
Lieutenant=Hoods that are higher in rank,the give orders to the lower ranking hoods
Accountants=These dudes are vital,the cover illegal money and determine how much money is being skimmed.
Lawyers=These dudes are also vital,he gets your hoods out of jail.
Mayor=This dude is the main dude of the city who influences the police.
Police Chief=Boss of policemen,needs to be bribed frequently.
FBI head=This dude know for his ability to be incorrupt.
Judges=This dudes do your hoods trials.
DA=The prosecutor of your hoods.
Reporter=Youll see these dudes on the street after you commit a crime,there the ones with a camera sounding like a pistol.
Editors=These people are the ones controlling the newspapers articles.
Intelligence=The main key for getting a job done.
Organization=Basically leadership.
Business=Determines the hoods profit being brought in.
Firearms=This is a vital key for hitmen incase there caught in a shoot out.
Fists=This used to assualt someone,the higher the skill,the harder they will get hit.
Knives=This kills hoods without sound.
Arson=This determines if your hoods can set fires good or not.
Explosives=This determines how good a hood can blow a building to the ground.
Intimidation=This can remove violence if used upon people refusing protection.
Driving=If used right,drivers can get out of places speadily.
Stealth=A Ultra valuble skill,if caught in a shootout,hoods can actually dodge bullets.
Pistol=This 6 shot revolver should be used to defend hoods doing a low priority order like collecting protection.
Shotgun=A ultra powerful weapon if used up close,best used for patrollers.
Tommygun=This gives a gangster style,give these to people patrolling or doing a hit.
Rifle=This is probably the best weapon to pick dudes off at a long range,give this to people patrolling.
Twin Pack Pistols=Best used for a direct hit incase the hood gets caught in a shoot out.
Bomb=This is used to blow a building to the ground if used by a good bomber.
Coupe=Standard vehicle made for transportation.
Truck=Best used for transporting large materials such as goods or hoods.
Speedster=The luxury car for speed.
Protection=In 1920,Al Capone starting extorting protection to business owners.
Extort=Pushes a business owner to buy your protection.
Bribe=Buying your way out of trouble.
Kidnap=Abducting hoods.
Smash Up=name says it all.
Assualt=Gives people a beating
Torch=Sets fire to a business
Bomb=Bombs a business to the ground.
Kill=Word says all
Ambush=Gives hood a patroll/kill order.
Audit=Decide how much money is being skimmed from you.
Employ Police=This employs police to look the other way when commiting a crime,some,but not all
decide to look the other way when a murder is in progress.
Card Games=Basically poker game with cards.
Casino=Big time gambling.
Counterfeit Press=Dollar bills copyd and printed,used as change to your citizens.
Dice Game=Basically a dice game like craps.
Gambling Den=A small place where people bet with each other.
Grifters=Basically a pickpocket thefting place
Insider Trading=Trading illegally stolen goods.
Loan Shark=Place where loans are given,but are payed back in triple the amount.
Moonshine Still=A Big pot that produces illegal liqour.
Numbers Racket=Place like a lottery that bets on things like horse races and things like that.
Office=A headquarters
PrizeFight Ring=Much like the numbers racket,this is where people fight and bet on the winner.
Speakeasy=A illegal bar where liqor is sold.
Teamsters=These dudes control the industrial buildings i think.
Whorehouse=Basically a place where prostituion is sold.
Prohibition=The 18th amendment prohibited liqor to be sold,made,and transported.21st repealed it.
Card Games: These go in areas where paper is used,Book store.
Casino: These go in rich places like the Bank(Large), Bank(Small), Hotel(Large), Department Store
Counterfeit Press: any place involving money or printing,Printers,Banks.
Dice Game: Pool hall is the only location I could think of these.
Gambling Den: Best place is pool hall.
Grifters:  Pawnbrokers Or Jewels
Insider Trading: Best place finnace company.
Loan Shark: These bestly go anywhere.Best place is rich place.
Moonshine Still: Drug Store Plumbers
Numbers Racket: Convience Store is the best place.
Office: Anywhere
PrizeFight Ring: Pool Hall
Speakeasy: Restaurants, Milk Bar, Cafe, Breakfast Bar
Teamsters: Trade Union, Anywhere
Whorehouse: Massage Parlors, Dance Studios, Hotels, Health Center, Large Hotel
8.Hints And Tips
When recruiting,look for a mix,cause if your getting a hitman,and he has low stealth,he is probable to fail.
Al Capone had a STD
Send patrols around your turf so the citizens feel protected.
Employing Police is probably the best thing you could ever do.
Bribe the mayor and police chief frequently,they lean on other dudes more.
During the beginning of a game,rob all the department stores and banks for some income.
Use violence as a last resort.
If a squealer squeals on you,KILL HIM.
Frequently employ police,bribe the mayor and police chief,and recruit.
Treat your hoods with care.
Guard your business's
Arm most hoods that risk being shot at.
Kidnap and buy info off of snitches.
If you are ultra active,the mayor highlights you to crack down organized crime.
Be ruthless,but use violence last.
9.Famous Gangsters and Mafia Men
Famous gangsters...
John Dillinger
Alphonse "Scarface" Capone
George "Bugs" Moran
Baby Face Nelson
Charles Arthur "Pretty Boy" Floyd
Frank "Enforcer" Nitti
George "Machine Gun" Kelly
Jack "MachineGun" McGurn
Earl "Hymie" Weiss
Fransesco "Frankie" Yale
Dion "Deanie" Obanion
Vito Genovese
Tony "Gentleman" Genna
Joe "The Boss" Massiera
Charles "Lucky" Luciano
John "Papa" Torrio
Murder Incorporated's Hoods
Carlo Gambino
John Gotti
Bugsy Siegel
Sammy "The Bull" Gravano<-------- The dude who brought down John Gotti
Sam Giancana'
Reggie Kray
Ronnie Kray
Arnold Rothstein
Dutch Schultz
Joseph Valachi
Bonnie And Clyde(Clyde Barrow and
Carlos Marcello
Benjamin Siegel
Meyer Lansky
Tony Accardo
Anthony Accardo
Frank Costello
Santo Trafficante, Jr.
Carmine "Junior" Persico
Carlos Marcello
Raymond Patriarca, Sr.
Gaetano "Tommy Brown" Lucchese
Albert Anastasia
Stefano Maggadino
Joe Profaci
Vincent "Chin" Gigante
Joe Colombo
Paul "The Waiter" Ricca
Angelo Bruno
Frank Balistrieri
Joe Bonanno
Nick Civella
Vincent Mangano
John LaRocca
Sal Maranzano
Giuseppe "Joe the Boss" Masseria
Nicodemo "Little Nicky" Scarfo
Aniello "Neil" Dellacroce
Carmine "The Cigar" Galanter
Anthony "Tony Ducks" Corallo
Phillip "Rusty" Rastelli
Gennaro "Gerry Lang" Langella
Joe Barbara
Carl DeLuna
Simone "Sam the Plumber" DeCavalcante
Frank DeSimone
Johnny Rosselli
Jack Dragna
Paul Castellano
Peter Milano
Jack Tocco
Joe Adonis(Joe Doto)
Frank "Funzi" Tieri
Frank DeCicco
John Stanfa
Anthony Giordano-St
James Lanza

10.Copyright and Credits
Copyright 2001 Kevin Hipps
Email:[email protected]
if you got questions email me.

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