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                              Goldeneye 007


                                 The FAQ

For the N64 Gaming System

Version 1.9


Written by Ian Rogers

[email protected]

Drop me a line if you liked my FAQ, have a question, or just want to say hi.

Revision History


Version 1.9

It's been a while, hasn't it?  On this update, I've fixed a bunch of errors, 
and added a few new Tricks and Bugs.  Oh yes, and the new Goldeneye Codes are 
now on this FAQ, and can be found in the Codes section.  Take a look at them 
if you really, really, really want to try out those cheats!  I also have a new 
section that describes the old cheats that are no longer in the final version 
of Goldeneye, including Line Mode, and Invisibility in Multiplayer.


Version 1.8

Well here we go, another update!  I've added four new Tricks and Bugs, 
including a trick to rename the Egyptian Temple, one to jump out of the Aztec 
Pit, and a trick to make guards float!  See the Tricks and Bugs Section for 
more Info.  Some more information has also been added to the Q Watch Section, 
the Level Walkthroughes, and the Weapons FAQ. 


Version 1.7

Well, this has been the first update to this FAQ for a long time.  I added a 
lot more Tricks and Bugs, found out 2 new Stupid Things Natalya Says, found 
some body armor in the Streets and the Frigate, added some cool links to 
Goldeneye websites, and updated the Enemy Rockets FAQ.

Also, the Big Update Note.  I am no longer in control of the best level times!  
That honor now belongs to Karl Jobst and his FAQ, which is also available at 
Gamefaqs.  He is posting the best times for both Agent, and 00 Agent, so go 
visit his FAQ!


Version 1.6

This was the first update in two weeks, and it was a big one!  I added more 
Stupid Things that Natalya Says, and I think that I might have a full list 
now.  I also got some faster 00 Agent times, and some new Multiplayer games.  
The Weapons FAQ has also been updated a little, and I found out how to get on 
to the Observation Deck in the Frigate (See the Tricks and Bugs Section).  
Finally, the Depot and Aztec Level Walkthroughes have also been updated, since 
I finally got a specific Body Armor count for the Depot.  And of course, I 
fixed a lot of errors.


Version 1.5

I added lots of things to the Tricks and Bugs section this update.  This 
includes the Null Weapon Trick, which as far as I know, is exclusive to this 
FAQ!  Well, maybe someone else has it....  Anyway, thanks to Mike 
 for telling me about it.

Oh yeah, I also added two more Invincibility Cheat Methods, added a full list 
of Smart-aleck things that Alec Trevelyn says, and fixed more errors.


Version 1.4

Worked on a few more little things this update.  I found out some info on the 
Island of the Dam (Thanks to James Minning) and finally completed that 
section.  I also added the Xenia on the Frigate Rumor (to the Rumors section, 
no less) as well as a link to a cool website about the All Bonds Cheat (found 
in the Other Websites Section).  The Acknowledgments section also got some 
more names added on to it.  And of course, I fixed some more errors and added 
some more Frequently Asked Questions.


Version 1.3

Let's see, let's see.....updates, updates.  I added the list of Rare employees 
that you can get using the Secret Characters Code to the Characters List.  Oh 
yeah, I also fixed a few walkthrough and grammatical errors.  There are also 
some new Frequently Asked Questions on the list.

Does anyone else see a pattern to when I update this FAQ? Because trust me, 
it's just a coincidence.


Version 1.2

Fairly good sized update here, I added a few more Tricks, fixed a few errors, 
and put up a few more Frequently Asked Questions.  I also proved that the 
"Open Locked Doors" Rumor was true, thanks to Sean for that!  

But the big update thanks go to Karl Jobst  and Greg 
Whatmore, for sending me their best level times, as well as an Alternate 
Invincibility Cheat Method, and a new way for beating Trevelyn!  Thanks for 
your help guys!


Version 1.0

Finally, this FAQ is finished!  Well, maybe not quite.  I still need more 
Invincibility Cheat methods, and some info on the Island of the Dam, but that 
can be added in the next update.


Goldeneye is a game like no other.  Sure, on the surface, it may seem like 
your average, boring, shoot-em up Doom type game, but it really isn't.

Of course, I know that everyone already knows that Goldeneye is the greatest 
shoot-em up game ever, I just needed to restate the point.

And also, I have recently come to the sad, sad conclusion that not everyone 
has beaten Goldeneye.  No really, it's true.  And that's not saying much.

That's where I, Ian, the self-proclaimed Goldeneye Master come in.  Not only 
have I beaten every level in the game on every difficulty, I've also gotten 
every cheat there is.  But enough about me...

(My apologies to anyone whose feelings were hurt by my bragging)

So anyway, I decided to help out all of the suckers....I mean, dedicated 
gamers out there that need help beating the game.  Come on, you know you 
wanna.  Whether you need to get the Infamous Invincibility Cheat, beat the 
Aztec Temple, or simply beat the Dam on Agent, I'm here for you.

Heh, heh, heh.

Of course, I've also got all the other stuff that I know you all want from a 
good Goldeneye FAQ, a Complete Multiplayer Guide, A Weapons Guide, alternate 
techniques for beating the hardest villains in the game, and a bunch of other 
stuff that all true Goldeneye fans can't live without.

Have Fun.

Table of Contents

I. Bond's Moves & Techniques
 1. Basic Moves
 2. Advanced Moves
 3. Other Things to Know

II. Level Walkthroughes
 1. Mission 1: Arkangelsk
   i. Dam
   ii. Facility
   iii. Runway
 2. Mission 2: Severnaya
   i. Surface 1
   ii. Bunker 1
 3. Mission 3: Kirghizstan
   i. Silo
 4. Mission 4: Monte Carlo
   i. Frigate
 5. Mission 5: Severnaya
   i. Surface 2
   ii. Bunker 2
 6. Mission 6: St. Petersburg
   i. Statue
   ii. Archives
   iii. Streets
   iv. Depot
   v. Train
 7. Mission 7: Cuba
   i. Jungle
   ii. Control
   iii. Caverns
   iv. Cradle
 8. Mission 8: Teotihuaca'n
   i. Aztec
 9. Mission 9: el-Saghira
   i. Egyptian

III. Cheat FAQ
 1. Cheat List
 2. Hints and Strategies
 3. Cheat Guides
  i. Dam
  ii. Facility
  iii. Runway
  iv. Surface 1
  v. Bunker 1
  vi. Silo
  vii. Frigate
  viii. Surface 2
  ix. Bunker 2
  x. Statue
  xi. Archives
  xii. Streets
  xiii. Depot
  xiv. Train
  xv. Jungle
  xvi. Control
  xvii. Caverns
  xviii. Cradle
  xix. Aztec
  xx. Egyptian
  xxi: Magnum
  xxii: Laser
  xxiii: Golden Gun
 4. The Lost Cheats
  i. Line Mode
  ii. Invisibility in Multiplayer
  iii. Maximum Ammo
  iv. Extra Characters
 5. The MIA Cheats
  i. Debug Mode
  ii. Extra Weapons
  iii. The Extra Health Cheats
IV. Multiplayer FAQ
 1. Overview
 2. The Scenarios
 3. The Levels
 4. The Weapons
 5. The Game Lengths
 6. The Characters
 7. The Healths
 8. The Aiming Options
 9. The Awards
 10. Tips and Strategies
 11. Suggested Game Selections
V. The Weapons FAQ

VI. The Gadgets FAQ

VII. The Supervillains
 1. Ouromov (Silo)
 2. Xenia
 3. Trevelyn
 4. Jaws
 5. Baron Samedi

VIII. The Fun Stuff!
 1. The Top Ten Secrets
 2. Codes
 3. Tricks & Bugs, and Other Cool Stuff

IX. The Q Watch
 1. The Options
 2. The Controller Settings

X. Miscellaneous
 1. Enemy Rockets FAQ
 2. How to Use a Throwing Knife
 3. How to Use the Golden Gun
 4. The Race!
 5. Alternate Invincibility Cheat Methods
 6. The Land Across the Sea...
 7. Rumors
 8. Stupid Things Natalya Says
 9. Smart-aleck Things that Alec Trevelyn Says

XI. Frequently Asked Questions

XII. Other Goldeneye Related Web Sites

XIII. Acknowledgments

XIV. Copyright Info

XV. The Closing Statement

Pretty Long, eh?


I. Bond's Moves & Techniques


1. Basic Moves

This is just a small section of my FAQ devoted to the folks out there who lost 
their instruction manuals, and it's also to make my FAQ look more complete.

All controls are for the default controller setting (1.1 Honey).

Move: Perhaps the most basic MOVEment of all, (bad pun intended) just use the 
control stick to run around.

Fire: Perhaps the most IMPORTANT movement of all.  Pressing Z fires any gun 
that bond happens to have out at the time.  If no gun is present, Bond slaps. 

Switch weapon: Press A to switch to a different (usually better) weapon.

Open doors/Operate: Press B to open doors, use computers, ect.

Aim: Press and hold R, and a cute red little cross-hair appears on the screen.  
You can also set it so that you can toggle aiming on and off.

Pause Game: Pressing start brings you to the Q Watch, essentially pausing the 


2. Advanced Moves

Switch to the Previous Weapon: Press and hold A, then press Z to switch to the 
previous weapon on the list.  Careful, because sometimes you may make a 
mistake and accidentally fire that rocket launcher into a nearby wall instead 
of switching.  Hey, it happened to me!

Duck: Hold R, then press Down C to duck down.  Release R, and you can move 
around freely.  Press R to stand back up.

Duck and Aim: Press and hold R, then hold bottom C to duck and keep aiming.  
Tough on the fingers, but it works!

Lean: Press and hold R, then press Left or Right C to lean in that direction.  
While leaning, you cannot use auto-aim, as releasing R will bring you back to 
a normal position.

Look Around: Press the buttons on the control pad (the one on the left) to 
look around.  Great Graphics, huh?

Detonate Mines the Easy Way: Press A and B at the same time, and all of your 
remote mines will detonate.  This feature also makes it possible to throw a 
mine, and then detonate it in midair.

Strafe: One of the most important moves of all; strafing makes you sidestep 
around, so that you can face one direction, and walk in another.  Strafing 
also makes you go a little faster.  To strafe, press Left or Right C.  See the 
next section for more info about strafing.


4. Other Things to Know

This section will tell you, the gamer, about some of the important "Sacred 
Laws of Goldeneye", and some other stuff that I couldn't really fit in 
anywhere else.

Law #1: The Railings and Pits Law

For some reason, bug or programmed trick, the enemies in Goldeneye can't shoot 
over pits and spaces in the level.  For example, on the Dam, if you're sniping 
in one guard tower, and another guard sees you from another guard tower, he 
can't shoot at you.  Instead, he has to jump down the ladder, and run halfway 
across the Dam to your guard tower, giving you time to nail him with a Soviet.  
It's the same thing with the railings on the corners of the stairs in the 
facility.  This "trick" is especially helpful when defeating Jaws on the Aztec 
Level (more on this later).  

NOTE: For some reason, this law doesn't work with that big pit in the Aztec 
Level, or with the high bridge near the ammo dump in the Depot.

Law #2: The Rules of Stealth

When you fire off a couple shots of silenced PP7 at as guard, no nearby guards 
are going to hear.  But when you pump a guard chock full of Soviet bullets, 
guards are going to come.  But, shooting only one shot off of the Soviet (use 
the aimer) will not attract any guards.  This is useful when going for head 
shots on stealth missions.  Another point is that shooting a Soviet and other 
loud guns at drone guns, video cameras, and some computers will NOT attract 
any guards at all.  This comes in handy on the Bunker 2.

Law #3: Guards have Different Amounts of Health

You've probably noticed this already, but on 00 Agent most Russian Soldiers 
can take one or two hits to the chest with the average pistol before going 
down.  It's also been noticed that most Janus Special Forces (the black guys 
on the Cradle) can take MANY ZMG bullets to the chest.  And or course the 
Supervillains (such as Xenia and Jaws) are totally different, so they get 
their own section of the FAQ.

Also Remember...

When using a PP7 (silenced or not), DD44, or even a Klobb, head shots are 
ESPECIALLY important, because these are weaker weapons.  When using more 
powerful automatics, you can afford to aim for the chest because most enemies 
will be a bit stunned after being shot, and automatics take advantage of that.

Know the Differences Between the Difficulty Levels!

I can not stress this enough.  On Agent, enemies are easy to kill, there are 
few objectives to get in the way, and body armor is plentiful.  On 00 Agent 
(And on Secret Agent, to a lesser extent) enemies can take WAY more hits, 
there are usually more objectives, and of course, a lot less body armor.

Know the Law of Spontaneous Generation!

The Law of Spontaneous Generation is VERY important.  Here, let me explain.  
You know how in the Facility, sometimes, guys will keep coming, as if from 
nowhere?  Well, that's exactly it!  They do come from nowhere!  In most 
levels, if you reach a certain spot, or set off in alarm, guys will start 
coming from nowhere.  That's the Law of Spontaneous Generation! 

Know when and when not to trust Auto Aim!

A very important fact that few gamers realize is the auto-aim is more 
affective on Agent than it is on 00 Agent.  I guess the purpose of this was to 
get you more used to crosshair aiming as you progressed through the game.

Ambushing is very important!

Remember that when an enemy turns a corner, there will be a short moment of 
surprise.  Therefore, the best places to ambush enemies are around corners!  
This is a very important strategy, and you can use it in any level of the 

Know your Strafing! There are 3 different kinds of strafing.

#1: The Speed Strafe

Speed strafing is used when going for that certain Fast Animation cheat, or 
when trying to escape your pursuers in the Living Daylights.  Basically, all 
you have to do is hold down the strafing button, (Left or Right C) and use the 
control stick to point you in the right direction.  Speed strafing is the most 
important kind of strafing, and it's also the easiest to get used to.

#2: The Circle Strafe

Circle strafing is usually only done in Multiplayer.  When you meet up with an 
opponent, strafe around them in a circle (use the control stick to move in the 
right directions), all the while firing at the opponent.  If ever you should 
become a victim of a circle strafer, RUN AWAY! (Using the speed strafe, of 

#3. The Mad Strafe

Mad Strafing is the hardest type of strafe to pull off successfully, but it's 
usually worth it.  To mad strafe, hold down the strafing buttons while firing 
at your opponents, (with a high power automatic weapon of course) either 
wounding them or killing them.  Don't take too much time trying to kill guys, 
just concentrate on getting to your goal.  Mad Strafing is usually only used 
on the ending to the Jungle level, Ouromov's Silo ambush, and the end of the 


II. Level Walkthroughes


Let's face the facts, there are a lot of people that haven't beaten all of the 
levels in Goldeneye yet, that's why this big hunk of FAQ is here.  But still, 
I like to know that I'm doing my part to help.

Level Walkthroughes are mainly for those people who don't know where the Comms 
room key is on the Surface, or can't find Valentin in the statue.  The Level 
Walkthroughes also try to provide some strategies on how to get through the 
level and get past certain tricky spots.

Of course, most of the strategies outlined here are strictly optional.  If you 
have a better way of beating Jaws or the Silo, then go for it!  Also, feel 
free to alter the strategies however you please, i.e., using this gun instead 
of that gun, going into this room before that room, ect.  Whatever works for 
you is OK!


Mission 1: Arkangelsk

Setting: 9 years ago

Part i: Dam

Primary Objectives:

a. Neutralize all alarms (Secret Agent)
b. Install covert modem (00 Agent)
c. Intercept data backup (00 Agent)
d. Bungee jump from platform

Available weapons:

PP7 (Silenced)
DD44 Dostovei
KF7 Soviet
Sniper Rifle

Gadgets: Covert Modem, Bungee Cord

Important Items: None

Body Armor: 2 (Agent Only)

Secrets: Hidden rifle bullets for the KF7 and sniper rifle are in the boxes by 
the truck's gate. 

Notes: Even on 00 Agent, the Dam is a pretty easy level.  Agents will simply 
have to get to the Bungee jumping platform to complete the level.  You don't 
need to go into the sewer unless you're on 00 Agent.


After a little cinematic overview of the first part of the level, we find 
ourselves in a little corner of the wall.  Carefully lean out and look around 
the corner, and you should be able to nail the first guard right in the head 
with your PP7.  Grab the KF7 Soviet that he drops.

Walk across that little bridge thing (doesn't look very sturdy, but it holds) 
until you get to a guard tower.  Here you can get a couple a good shots at a 
guard that's standing against the wall.  You should be able to get him before 
he gets to you.

Next, a guard will come out of the tower.  Shoot him before he shoots you, and 
run up into the tower.

Now you're in the guard tower.  Here, conveniently enough, is a sniper rifle.  
Take the sniper, and switch to it.  Now go up to the side of the guard tower 
that faces the tunnel.  You should see two guards standing around.  Zoom in 
with the sniper (up C), not all the way, but enough so that you can get a good 
head shot.  Got him?  Now the other guard should come running, but you can 
snipe him easily enough.

Now walk out of the guard tower and pick up all the ammo that the guys 
dropped.  Switch to your PP7, and start walking through the tunnel.  Excuse 
me, make that start running through the tunnel, keeping close to the right 

Now, you'll come up into another big area, and guys will start firing.  Head 
for the guard tower on the right.  There's usually a guard around it, so nail 
him with your PP7. 

Run up into the guard tower, and Agents will find some Body Armor.

Anyway, get your sniper back out and aim for the little stone fort on the 
right.  If you zoom in all the way, you'll see two more soldiers in there.  
Take both of them out, and look to the big stack of wooden boxes right next to 
the fort.  Shoot the boxes, (they all should blow up) listen for a guard to 
yell out.

Now, stay on sniper and run out and collect everybody's ammo, then run up to 
that big gate.  If you find yourself dangerously short on sniper ammo, shoot 
some of the wooden boxes with your PP7 and grab the ammo that you find. There 
should be some buttons on the side of the gate, so press them and run in when 
the gate opens.  There's another gate, so open that one (darn thing has to 
wait for the first one to close) then run out into the next area.

Quick!  Zoom in with your Sniper and look to the left!  There's a green 
soldier running to the alarm!  Well, you better shoot him before he gets the 
chance to press it!

Once the green soldier is gone, run up to the next guard tower.  Take out any 
enemies that you see with your Soviet (You don't need to be silent anymore).

Important!  Don't forget to shoot the alarm that the green soldier was going 
to push!

Run up to the brown gate.  Open it up, and you'll find a green guard, and a 
guy with a Dostovei!  Shoot them both and grab the DD44.

Now go out the door to the other side of the gate, and you should see some 
wooden boxes on the right.  00 Agents should walk behind them, where they'll 
find a little computer screen thing.  Guess what this is?????  OK fine, pull 
out your covert modem and throw it on to the screen (Objective b: completed).

Alrighteeeee then, here's the gate to the Dam.  But oh no!  It's locked!  No 
matter, pull out your Dostovei (Any weapon will do, but the Dostovei just 
makes it cooler), shoot the lock, open the gate, and run on to the Dam. 

Now, all Agents should run across the Dam until they get to a little stairway, 
then just run up there, jump off, and you'll complete the Level.

                       End Agent Walkthrough

Now, lets get to the good stuff!  All Secret and 00 Agents run up to the first 
building on the Dam.  Open the door and shoot the second alarm.  No need to go 

Climb up the ladder and grab your sniper.  Aim across the Dam to the second 
guard tower.  You should see a soldier making his rounds.  Zoom in all the way 
and try to bump him off.  If not, no biggee, just get him with a Soviet as he 
comes running down the Dam in a vain attempt to catch you.

One that's done, run up to the second guard tower and do the same you just did 
(shoot alarm, pick off the next guard) and then run down to the next tower to 
get the final alarm (Objective a: Completed).

Now, all Secret Agents should run back to the bungee platform and jump off to 
complete the mission.

                    End Secret Agent Walkthrough

Now we come to the best of the breed, the 00 Agents!  We now have to descend 
into the hardest part of the level, so be ready!

With Soviet in hand, run all the way back to the first guard tower.  Open the 
door, run inside, and walk down the stairs.

You are now in the sewer (Some call it the Hidden Tunnel of Mystery, but I 
prefer the sewer).

Look through the gate, and you should see a guard.  Shoot him, and a few more 
should come.  Open the gate and enter.

Now, take a left.  That is a LEFT!  The other way leads to almost certain 
death and destruction, yadda yadda yadda.

The sewer is hard 'cause there are a lot of guys here.  Be sure to get the 
ones that are far away (taking advantage of the scope on the Soviet).

IMPORTANT:  Each time you enter a new "room" in the sewer, look behind you.  
There is always a soldier hiding in the corner, waiting for a poor fool like 

Geez, that took a while!  After a long trek through the sewer, you'll get to a 
mysterious door.  What is beyond, you say?  Aladdin's treasure???  NO!  It's 
the computer room!  There are a few guards in here but they shouldn't give you 
any trouble.

Now go up to the terminal (if you blew it up, tough luck) and press B.  The 
Covert Modem will start to do it's thing, (Objective c: Completed)  and you 
can run back through the sewer, back to the first door, back on to the Dam, 
over to the platform, and jump off (Objective d: Completed).

                             Level Completed

Mission 1: Arkangelsk

Part ii: Facility

Primary Objectives:

a. Gain entry to laboratory area
b. Contact double agent (Secret Agent)
c. Rendezvous with 006
d. Destroy all tanks in the bottling room
e. Minimize scientist casualties

Available Weapons:

PP7 (Silenced)
DD44 Dostovei (Not Recommended)*
KF7 Soviet
D5K Deutsche (Not Recommended)*
Remote Mine

*Note: Not recommended after a weapon means that in order to get that weapon, 
you put yourself in either a lot of danger, or you risk failing a mission 

Gadgets: Door Decoder, Detonator.

Important Items: Clearance B Keycard, Clearance A Keycard.

Body Armor: 2 (Both are on Agent only)

Secrets: There is more Soviet ammo in the various wooden boxes that are 
scattered around the Facility.

Notes: Dr. Doak (The Double agent) appears in the following places:

The room with colored bottles, (on the left of the first stone hallway) at the 
top of the stairs.

The room with the gray bottles to the right of the first stone hallway.

In the room with the gas pipes (located behind the second remote security door 
on the right).  It is not recommended that you enter this room to find Doak.

In the final hallway with all the scientists.

In either one of the labs to the left or right of the final hallway.

It is not recommended that you enter the room with the gas pipes (the right 
security door, because of the danger of gas leaks, plus there are lots of 
guards in there.

You should also note that one you get past the first security door, guards 
will start appearing from nowhere to come after you.  Once you get into the 
upper hallway of the laboratory area, more guards will be coming, so watch 
your step!


You start off in a scary vent place.  Claustrophobics beware!  Walk forward, 
then take a left (the other way leads to a dead end).  Now you should see a 
little hole in the floor.  Looking down, you see two toilet stalls. Walk 
forward a little more and you should see a green object (it's a guard!) moving 

Now for the cool part!  Carefully, with your PP7, shoot him in the head!  All 
right!  Now you can jump down into the first stall.

Well, you're in the bathroom.  Run out of your stall, and you'll see a big, 
tiled wall in the middle of the bathroom.  Lean to the right, and fire some 
shots at the soldier that's standing guard over the urinals.

Grab the guy's Soviet, but don't switch to it yet!  Go up to that stall right 
in front of you, and open it.  Oh no!  Another soldier is standing guard in 
the stall! Get him out of the way now.  There's also another guard in the 
stall to the left of that one.  Before you leave the bathroom, be sure to grab 
everyone's ammo, including that of the first guy that you killed.

Open the door and walk out on the stairs.  There should be no one there.  Walk 
to your left on to the small balcony, duck down, and aim your PP7.  
Eventually, a guy should walk by.  Try to shoot him in the head.

Now, it's time for the fireworks!  A few guys should come running up the 
stairs to "capture" you, but your trusty PP7 will make short work of them.

Sneak down the stairs, and walk into the hall.  Here, Agents will find some 
Body Armor.  Run forward, and through the door.  There might be a guy in here, 
if so, I think you know what to do by now.  

Follow the little back hallway, and eventually you should come to a soldier 
that has his back to you.  Just to be cool, shoot him in the head for an 
instant death, and grab his ammo.  He also drops a keycard.

That keycard will open the metal door that was right near the stairs where you 
came down.  Why don't you go over there right now.

Upon opening the door, a guy will start firing at you.  Strafe to the side, 
and all three guys should run out of the room, one by one.  Your PP7 will make 
short work of them.  

Run back into that room, and activate the little computer.  It should say 
"Security Door Activated".  Now, run out of the room, take a left, and run 
across the hall, then take another left, open the door, and run through the 
(hopefully) still open security door.

You can catch your breath if you need to.  Look to your left, and you'll see a 
tiled pillar and some lockers.  Lean to the right and you should see another 
soldier.  Shoot him, then strafe out where another soldier should be hiding on 
the left side of the pillar.

Now you can take out your Soviet.  All right!  Open the next door, and you'll  
find a long hallway with three soldiers standing guard.  They'll start firing 
immediately, so duck into a little alcove on the left.  When the firing stops, 
lean out and nail the guys one by one.

Watch out, because now four guys should burst into the hallway from the door 
that you just came through.  Where did they come from?  It's a mystery...

Any Secret or 00 Agents out there?  You guys should run into the rooms on the 
left or the right looking for Dr. Doak.  If you find him, he'll give you the 
door decoder, (Objective b: Completed) which you'll need to get into the 
bottling room.  If the good Doctor is not there, no sweat, you can catch him 

This would also be a good time to note that scientists are going to madly 
start running around the facility.  Remember your briefing.  No????????  Well 
then, just don't kill any scientists!

Anyway...where was I?  Oh yeah.  Run across the hallway, and switch back to 
your PP7.  Open tthe two doors, and get ready to fire!  There is usually a 
guard there, if not, he will soon be walking by.

Now, go to your left, and there's a guard around the corner.  Shooting him 
will result in more guards in that little room seeing you.  So switch to your 
Soviet, turn around, and get ready for a shootout!

After killing a dozen or so guys, go back into that room that the guys came 
out of, (Agents will find Body armor here) and activate the left computer.  
Another security door will open, so run back outside, take a right, and run 
through the open door into the laboratory area (Objective a: Completed).

Don't run up the stairs, but instead run forward to that pile of boxes.  There 
are two guys hiding behind them, so blast 'em!  Now you can run up the stairs 
and into the gray hallways.  Don't worry, you're on the home stretch!

There are either one or two guys in the gray hallways, so kill them with the 
Soviet.  Now you should be in the lab area, so run forward and look into that 
little space in the shadows.  Watch out, cause there's a guy in there!

More scientists should be madly running around now, making life difficult for 
you.  Remember....don't kill any!

Now, Secret and 00 Agents should start looking for Doak.  He's either in the 
either one of the laboratory's on the right and left, or he's in the hallway 
right next to you.  If you still can't find him, abort the mission and try 

NOTE: There is one more place that Dr. Doak could be hiding, and that's 
through the other security door (the one on the right).  I don't like to go in 
there, as it's full of guys, and there is usually a high potential for gas 
leaks, but it's your choice.

Anyway, now you should be all set.  Run down the hallway, and lean around the 
bend.  There are two guys there that have their backs to you,, so do what has 
to be done.

Now you're almost there!  Run up to that big door and try to open it.  
Hmmmmmm, on Secret and 00 Agent, it seems to be locked!  It should be a simple 
matter for you to open it using the Door Decoder.

Great!  Now you're in the bottling room.  Ignore the little passages and doors 
that seem to tempt you all around, and instead walk up to the bottles.

Hmmmmmmm.  Who is this man with D5K Deutsche?  Why it's Alec Trevelyn...006!  
Don't shoot him!  He's here to help.  Now Alec will start talking, or "rendez-
vous"ing with you.

Now, walk right up to those big bottles, and switch to your remote mines.  
Unless you foolishly wasted them in strange ways, you should have five of 
them.  Start laying them on those big tanks in a pattern, because you want to 
blow them all up with one big kaboom!

Here are the bottles before you throw mines on them:


In which case, every O represents a bottle.

Now start laying mines:


Where M is a bottle that has a mine on it.

Of course, if you really want to spite me, you could lay the mines like this:


OK, by now, 006 should be done talking (Objective C: Completed), so run out of 
the bottles and right up to that big door.  Oh yeah, did I mention that the 
alarm is now going off?

Switch to your detonator and look for 006.  He should be running around lost, 
so press the detonator and run away before Ouromov or any of those other nasty 
characters starts coming after you.

By the way, if you stay, you get to see a pretty cool cinema, but I only 
recommend that if you've beaten the level at least once.

And of course, if you've haven't killed many scientists, (Objective e: 
Completed) you've beaten the level.

                           Level Complete

Mission 1: Arkangelsk

Part iii: Runway

Primary Objectives:

a: Find plane ignition key
b: Destroy heavy gun emplacements (00 Agent)
c: Destroy missile battery (Secret Agent)
d: Escape in plane

Available weapons:

PP7 (Silenced)
Klobb (x2)
KF7 Soviet
Timed Mine

Gadgets: None.

Important Items: The Plane Ignition Key.

Body Armor: None

Secrets: I guess you could call the tank a secret, it's hidden in the little 
alcove to the right of the garage place.

Notes: This walkthrough is structured so that the Agent and Secret agent 
walkthrough is separate from the 00 Agent walkthrough.  I just thought that it 
was easier this way.  Also, if you really want to, you can fool around with 
the tank on Agent level.

Agent and Secret Agent Walkthrough:

On Agent level, the runway is the easiest level in the game.

You start off in this little garage place.  Look around, and you'll see a 
little box right next to you.  Oh goodie, grenades!  Now look around some more 
and you can see a little alcove.  Walk over there, and lean over to find a 
soldier.  Shoot him, and your reward is a KF7 Soviet and a box of timed mines.

Now go back to where the grenades were, and go out that little conveyer belt.  
Great, now you're on the runway!  There is a guard out here patrolling, and 
your Soviet will make short work of him.

Run up to that little brown building and grab the box of grenades that's 
sitting there.  Open the door and walk inside.  Just to be cool, throw a 
grenade into the little space next to the file cabinets.  Boom!  There goes 
two more soldiers.  Run up into the smoke (after the explosion dies down) and 
you should grab the plane ignition key (Objective a: Completed).

Now, run back outside.   See the plane?  No???? Well then, just start running 
(or speed strafing) across the runway.  You will get hit, but not enough to 
kill you.

Once you get close to the plane, Secret Agents should switch to their timed 
mines.  See that big brown thing?  Throw as many mines as you like on top of 
it, then run away!  The missile battery will explode (Objective b: Completed), 
leaving you free to escape in the plane (Objective c: completed).

                           Level Complete

                        Mission 1: Completed

00 Agent walkthrough:

Don't worry, this level isn't even that hard on 00!

You start off in this little garage place.  Look around, and you'll see a 
little box right next to you.  Oh goodie, grenades!  Now look around some more 
and you can see a little alcove.  Walk over there, and lean over the corner to 
find a soldier.  Shoot him, and your reward is a KF7 Soviet and a box of timed 

Now go back to where the grenades were, and go out that little conveyer belt.  
Great, now you're on the runway!  There is a guard out here patrolling, and 
your Soviet will make short work of him.

Run up to that little brown building and grab the box of grenades that's 
sitting there.  Open the door and walk inside.  Just to be cool, throw a 
grenade into the little space next to the file cabinets.  Boom!  There goes 
two more soldiers.  Run up into the smoke (after the explosion dies down) and 
you should grab the plane ignition key (Objective a: Completed).

Quick!  Run back outside!  Now the guys will start coming for you!  Follow the 
big building on your right until you get to a little space where there 
is....the tank!

WARNING: Do NOT attempt to strafe while inside the tank!  Doing so will mess 
up your whole driving...thing, and make driving the tank very difficult.  You 
have been warned.

Jump into the tank, and switch to your tank missiles.  Start driving back to 
the runway.  There should be lots of guys, but don't worry, because you can 
take A LOT less damage while in the tank.

Don't try to shoot the soldiers, just run 'em over!  But, you do have to shoot 
those big guns that are firing at you!  There are four of those big guns 
scattered around the runway, all within plain site (no pun intended), so you 
should be able to get rid of them easily enough with the tank missiles 
(Objective: b: Completed).

Now, drive your tank back over to the plane, and knock out that missile 
battery (Objective c: Completed) using either tank missles or timed mines, hop 
out of the tank, and into the plane (objective d: Completed).

                           Level Complete

                        Mission 1: Completed


Mission 2: Severnaya

Setting: 4 years ago

Part i: Surface (1)

Primary Objectives:

a: Power down communications dish
b: Obtain safe key (Secret Agent)
c: Steal building plans (Secret Agent)
d: Enter base via ventilation tower

Available Weapons:

PP7 (Silenced)
Klobb (2x)
KF7 Soviet
Sniper Rifle
Grenade Launcher

Gadgets: None

Important Items: Comms room key, Safe key, Building plans.

Body Armor: None.

Secrets: There is a grenade launcher in the room where you get the large key.  
It's not really hidden, but...

Notes: The thing about the surface is that it's easy to get lost.  Just 
remember how to find your way to the dish, then figure out how to get to the 
ventilation tower, and you'll be fine.


You start off in a small clearing in the middle of the snow.  Upon checking 
your weapons, you'll find that Bond actually brought something other than a 
PP7 on his mission this time.

OK, fine, you also have a sniper rifle and some ammo for it.

Anyway, start running forward, and dart over the snow on the left.  Watch out 
for the wall...I mean, trees.  Switch to your sniper, there should be some 
guys patrolling around here.

After getting rid of any stray enemies, go to where you can see two cabins.  
The one on the right should have some guys in front of it.  Take your sniper 
and shoot the gas barrels that they were stupid enough to stand next to.  That 
should be the end of them!

Grab their KF7 Soviets, and go into the cabin.  Hmmmmmm, some grenade rounds.  
Wonder what those are for.

The cabin on the left is locked, you'll be coming back here later.

Now cut through the snow to the right, always running in the basic direction 
of the satellite dish (see it in the distance?).  There are lots of guys 
scattered around here, so snipe them out.

See that cabin?  It's the one that has a door facing you.  Grab your Soviet, 
and run inside.  Kill the guy with the Klobbs, (and the other guy hanging 
around) and pick up the Large Key, and the Grenade Launcher and ammo.

The grenade launcher is a fun little toy, I don't really use it much, but I 
know that some people just love to blow guys away with it.

Anyway, know that you have the key, Secret and 00 Agents should run back the 
way they came, until you get to the two cabins.  Remember that locked cabin?  
Well it ain't locked no more!  Run inside and grab the safe key (Objective b: 

Agents should ignore the previous paragraph.

Now you get to run down the path to that big satellite dish you saw in the 
distance.  Get rid of any guys you see along the way with your trusty Soviet.

Run over to the dish and open the door.  See those stairs?  Good.  Run up to 
the top and go straight, ignoring the door on the left.  That door just leads 
to the roof, nothing special.

Anyway, inside this room is a suspicious machine.  DO NOT SHOOT IT!!!!!!!  
Instead, walk right up to it and turn it off.  Bwooooooooo.  (Objective a: 

Now, any Agents should run out the door and run into the nearest wall, I mean 
trees, that you see.  Follow the "trees" to the right, and you'll soon reach a 
little pipe thingy.  Climb up the ladder and climb down the shaft.  What's 
this, it's locked?  No matter, simply shoot the locks off with your PP7, and 
then jump down the shaft (Objective b: Completed).

                       End Agent Walkthrough

Hope all you Secret and 00 Agents ignored that up there, 'cause you're in 
trouble if you did.

Anyway, run out the door of the dish and take a left.  You should find a 
little out of the way passage.  Follow it into the woods.  

Now you should see some cabins inside a fence on your left.  Run inside and 
open the door to the first cabin.

Hmmmmmmm.  This cabin must belong to Ouromov...who else would wear such an 
ugly hat?!  Oh look, there's a safe in here!  Open it up and take the Bunker 
plans (Objective c: Completed), then exit back the way you came.

There isn't anything of importance elsewhere along the path, just a security 
camera and some exploding toys.  Heh heh heh.

There should be some guys waiting for you by the dish, so nail 'em with your 
Soviet.  Keep following the left wall until you reach the ventilation shaft, 
shoot off the locks, jump in, and you're done! (Objective d: Completed)

                          Level Complete

Mission 2: Severnaya

Part ii: Bunker (1)

Primary Objectives:

a: Disrupt all surveillance equipment (Secret Agent)
b: Copy Goldeneye key and leave original
c: Get personnel to activate computer (00 Agent)
d: Download data from computer (00 Agent)
e: Photograph main video screen

Available weapons:

PP7 (Silenced)
Klobb (x2)
KF7 Soviet

Gadgets: Camera, Datathief, Key Analyzer.

Important Items: Computer Room Keycard, Security Keycard, Goldeneye Key.

Body Armor: 2 (Agent only)

Secrets: None.

Notes: The first Bunker is a major stealth mission.  Use your Silenced PP7 all 
through the mission, until it's time to activate the terminal.  Whenever 
possible, use "run and hide" tactics to avoid letting loose the squad of 
soldiers in the big room.

If an alarm ever goes off (not including after you spring the datathief) 


You start off at the bottom of the ventilation shaft (remember the previous 
level?).  Open the door that's right in front of you.  Oh no!  Two guards!  
Shoot your PP7 at the group of computers.  They should explode, killing both 

Now run over there and grab their Soviets.  Don't switch to the Soviet yet!  
You won't need it until the end of the mission.  See that red button on the 
wall?  Don't push it!  Shoot it with your Silenced PP7 instead.  Don't forget 
to grab that brown box, it has extra Soviet ammo!

Now, Secret and 00 Agents should retrace their steps back into the ventilation 
shaft.  This time, open the other door, but don't go out yet!  Face the left 
wall, get your aimer ready, and lean out!  Quick, blast that camera before it 
sees you!

If the alarm goes off, at this time, or at any other time, (excluding when you 
use the Datathief) restart.

Now, go back into the room that had the guys in it.  Look out the little glass 
window (the one inside the door) on the right.  See the camera?  Well???!??!?  
Shoot it (through the glass), and duck back to the side.  Watch out, 'cause 
one, maybe two guys should come looking for you.

Once you've disposed of the enemies, open that door and take a right.  Go down 
the stairs, and lean out over the corner.  Shoot that guy behind the box.

Now, for some reason, some more soldiers should start coming.  Run behind the 
box (where the guy was) and get your PP7 ready.  

After a short (sometimes long) shootout, look around for a keycard on the 
floor.  That keycard is important, you will need it to escape!

Anyway, go back into the hall where the cardboard boxes are (strange, they 
blow up!), and lean over the right corner.  There is a guy at the bottom of 
the stairs.  He should see you, and bring some friends.  Ambush them as they 
come around the corner that you were leaning over.

Now, go lean over the left corner.  See that camera?  Blow it up.  See that 
guy?  Blow him away! Now run down this hallway (Here, Agents will find some 
Body Armor) to where another guard has probably come.  Shoot him!  Now lean 
over the left corner of the wall, and shoot the last guard.

IMPORTANT:  Somewhere along the way, you should have picked up a computer Room 
Keycard.  If you don't have it, go down into the big room using the strategies 
outlined later in the walkthrough to find it.

Go back the way you came, and you'll find a door in the hallway.  Agents can 
skip this part of the walkthrough.  Open the first door (Keycard!) but not the 
second.  Look through the right pane of glass, aim your PP7 at the closest 
guard, and fire several shots (one or two to break the glass, and one more to 
kill the soldier.

Now, QUICKLY, run back the way you came and duck around the corner by the big 
room where you ambushed those guards before.  The resulting shootout is 
smaller, and shouldn't give you much trouble.  I usually go back into the 
computer room to check for stray guards.

And now for the big room!  Go down the stairs and lean over the left corner. 
Some guys will probably see you.  Run back up the stairs and get ready to 
ambush them at the corner.

Finished?  Good.  Now go back, and lean out again.  This time, no one should 
see you.  Get your camera ready, and take a picture of the big screen that you 
see on the left (Objective e: Completed).  If you have trouble getting the 
photo, move back and to the right a bit.

Now, go over to the right corner and lean over.  You should see at least one 
soldier.  Shoot him, and more will come.  You can ambush these guys right 
where you are, it's a good enough spot at least.

Now would be a good time to talk about Boris.  Yeah yeah, that bad dressing 
guy with the friendship bracelets that we all know and love.  If you're on 
00...DON"T SHOOT HIM!  Enough said.

Anyway, go up to the back of the stairs and look around.  You should see a 
regular green guard, and a Man in Brown.  Shoot either one, and get the other 
as he comes.  Strange, the brown guy had a PP7.  Oh well, more ammo for you!  
Agents should also grab the body armor at the top of these stairs.

Secret and 00 Agents have something else to do.  Go to the top of the stairs, 
and switch to your Soviet (Yes! Finally), and aim across the room.  See the 
pane of glass?  There's a guy, and a camera over there.  Shoot the guy, then 
the camera.  Yippee, it was the last one (Objective a: Completed)!

Now, go down the stairs to that little table.  See that little table with a 
computer monitor and a little CD on it?  Wait a sec...that's no CD!  That's 
the Goldeneye Key!  Strange, shouldn't it be locked up in a super security 
vault?  Oh well, guess you just got lucky!

Anyway, now switch to your suitcase....I mean Key Analyzer, and press Z.  
Hmmmmmmm....analyzing the Goldeneye Key.  Now press Z again to throw the key 
away (Objective b: Completed) probably breaking it in the process.

All right, now all Agents and Secret Agents should have all of their 
objectives completed.  Open the steal door, run up the stairs, nail the two 
guys with the Soviet, and escape out the door.

               End Agent & Secret Agent Walkthroughes

Now once again, the 00 Agents have to embark on some brave and foolish quest 
to get some useless piece of data.  Good luck!

Remember Boris?  Well you should, because he's really important!  You should 
find Boris at the top of the stairs (he tries to escape) by the exit.  
Careful, if you aren't fast enough, he'll escape, but this doesn't happen 

Run up to the top of the stairs and shoot the two guards.  Watch out for 
Boris!  Brandish your Soviet and walk right up to him.  You'll tell him to 
"Take you to the mainframe terminal" in the first person.

Now begins the Infamous Long Walk.  It's long because you have to lead/prod 
Boris across the room, up the stairs, and into the computer room.  He goes as 
slow as is humanly possible, and will try to escape if you turn away.

All right, now we're back into the computer room.  Bond will shout out more 
orders, and Boris will activate the terminal (Objective c: Completed).  Get 
your Datathief ready, and get right up against the terminal.  Boris will type 
in the password (Knockers.  Hmmmmmmm, I wonder why this game was given a teen 
rating?) and say something else.  Get ready!  As SOON as the alarm goes off, 
fire the datathief, and RUN!

Run through the door, down the hall, down the stairs, and through the big 
room!  Oh no!  The Men in Black have arrived!   Just about now, the data 
should finish downloading, (Objective d: Completed) so that's a load off your 
mind!  Anyway, we still got loads of guys to worry about! Fire madly with a 
Soviet!  You should kill them all!  Run up the stairs, and through the door!  
Freedom, oh sweet freedom!

                          Level Complete
                       Mission 2: Completed


Mission 3: Kirghizstan

Part i: Silo

Setting: 2 years ago

Primary Objectives:

a: Plant bombs in fuel rooms (00 Agent)
b: Photograph Satellite
c: Obtain Telemetric data (Secret Agent)
d: Retrieve Satellite Circuitry (Secret Agent)
e: Minimize Scientist Casualties

Available Weapons:

PP7 (Silenced)
DD44 Dostovei (Not Recommended)
KF7 Soviet

Gadgets: Camera, Plastique.

Important Items: I/O Circuit Board, CPU Circuit Board, RSP Circuit Board, RDP 
Circuit Board, Keycard 4-H4, Keycard 4-C3, Keycard 4-52, DAT.

Body Armor: 3 (2 are on Agent only, the one by the missile on the third floor 
is on every difficulty)

Secrets: There is body armor hidden near the missile on the third floor.  
After you exit the third room, take a left to find it.

Notes: The Silo is kind of a stealth mission, heck, you get a silenced weapon!  
Save up your Soviet ammo until a certain spot about halfway through.  Three of 
the four fuel rooms (the big, important rooms) have a keycard that is guarded 
by a Scientist.  He'll drop it at the sight of your weapon.  And please, DON'T 


You start off on a little walkway right next to a big missile.  Man, these 
Russians have more weapons than I thought!  Run up to the door and open it.  
Right about now, you should get a message that says "Silo Infiltrated, 
Explosives Automatically primed", and a timer should appear at the bottom of 
the screen.  On Secret Agent, you have 7:30 (seven minutes and thirty seconds) 
to complete the mission.  On 00, you have 8:30.  On Agent, there is no timer, 
so nuts to you!

Anyway, open the door and fire your PP7 at the guard you see.  You should 
wound him.  Then, duck back on to the walkway and get ready to ambush two, 
sometimes three guards as they come in.  After you nail those Russians, grab 
their Soviets, (I'm talking about the guns) open the door and run down the 
hallway and up the stairs.

Are you at the top of the stairs?  Good.  Lean over the side and fire at the 
two guys over there.  They'll do a pattern of "Stand up, fire, kneel, stand 
up, fire, kneel" over and over.  Try to get them as they stand up.

After all the guards are dead, run down the hall and into the first fuel room.  
There is one guard in here, he is on the right side of the room behind a small 
pillar.  Lean over the side of the pillar and shoot him.  

Now, run over to the corner of the room and grab the two circuit boards.  Look 
next to that computer/machine, (the one directly in front of you) and there 
should be a keycard on the floor.  Grab it, and run up the stairs and out the 
door.  00 Agents...don't forget the Plastique!  

Now would be a good time to mention an important public service announcement: 
LEAVE THE SCIENTISTS ALONE!  Be careful of shooting in the big rooms, and you 
should be all set.

Anyway, as you run through the door, watch out for a stray guard.  Lean over 
the right corner, quickly kill the guard, and lean back in.  Now, lean over 
the left corner and get the guard behind the box.  Careful, this one might try 
to pull a grenade on you!

Now, take the door on the right.  There a curved walkway with a guard here.  
Shoot the guard across the walkway, so he can't shoot back.  Now open the next 
door and shoot the guard that you see.  He'll bring some friends over to get 
you.  Duck back on to the walkway (remember the first room?) and get the 
guards as they come in.  There should be three of them.

Now, take out you KF7 Soviet!  All right!  See those gas tanks at the top of 
the stairs?  Hmmmmmmmm, they look pretty dangerous!  Better shoot them!

BOOM!  Those tanks should set off some more tanks a little ways away.  If your 
lucky, a guard will kick the bucket, but only if you're lucky.  Lean around 
the corner and get the other guards that are hiding behind the boxes.  

Oh no, looks like the loud Soviet has attracted more guards!  Get a little 
ways away from the door, aim, and blast the guards as they run through the 
door.  There should be anywhere between 5 and 10 guards that come.

OK, now we're in the second fuel room.  There is one Circuit Board here, and 
Agents will find a helpful Body armor on the floor.  The keycard here is in 
the middle of the room, next to the tallest computer.  And yes, of 

Now, exit this room.  Watch out for a guard in the hallway.  Do the same "lean 
out to the right, lean out to the left thing", but watch out, sometimes there 
are two guards on the left!  

WARNING: Beware of a large group of guards that comes out of the room on the 
right.  If they come, ambush them around the corner with the Soviet.  You have 
been warned.

Anyway, run through the door on the right, and watch out for guards.  Some 
might have stayed behind when the others ran to check out that loud Soviet 

Now, open the door and watch out, there are lots of guards using boxes as 
cover.  If you have a grenade, throw it here, but since you probably don't 
have a grenade, you'll have to resort to more "contemporary" tactics.  What 
you do is, hide to the right of the door, and open the door, blast the guard 
on the left, and close the door again.  Repeat the process with all the other 

Whew, that was hard!  Run up the stairs and lean over the corner to find, 
*gasp* more guards!  Get these guys out of the way, and run into the third 
fuel room.

Hurrah, now we're in the third fuel room!  Grab the 4th, and last circuit 
board (Objective d: Completed), and go over to the right corner.  There should 
be a scientist here.  He drops the DAT (telemetric data).  Grab it (Objective 
c: Completed), and run over to the bottom left corner of the room.  There is a 
little nook here formed by where a computer meets the wall.  There is also a 
keycard.  Grab it, and remember...DON"T FORGET TO THROW THE PLASTIQUE!

Now we're on the home stretch!  There might be two guards in the next hallway, 
if so...well, you get the picture!  Watch out for guards on the left and right 
sides.  Also, sometimes a stream of guards will start coming from the right.  
This is perfectly normal...and pretty good!  Get them all with the Soviet, and 
head out the left door.

Hold on....the left door?  Hmmmmmm, OK, but I don't see what this has to do 
with anything...

All right!  A hidden body armor!  Its even there on 00 Agent!  Yeah!

Done celebrating?  OK, I can wait...

Now I can't wait anymore!  Come on!  Run out of the missile room, through the 
right door.  There should be anywhere between 1 and 6 guards here, depending 
on how many "heard" your loud gunshots.

The next room is hard.  There are more guards behind boxes, but more than on 
the previous floor.  Use the same tactics I gave you before.

Run up the stairs (you know the routine by now) and there are more guards.  
Get them out of the way, and head for the final fuel room!

Finally!  The last fuel room!  Hey, what's that thing in the middle?  Must be 
the Goldeneye satellite?  Hmmmmmmm, it looked bigger in the movie!  Anyway, 
switch to your camera and take a few pictures (Objective b: Completed).  There 
is also a body armor in here on Agent mode.

A word to 00 Agents.  This is the last fuel room, and it requires the placing 
of the final plastique (Objective a: Completed).  But what if you missed one?  
The only thing to do is to run back down the silo, throwing a plastique in 
every room as you go.  As soon as you see the "Objective a: Complete" message, 
start running back to the top.  If you run out of time, start crying, then 
realize that you'll never, ever forget the plastiques again.

And now for the final test: Ouromov's Ambush!  Run through the door, and find 
your old "pal" Ouromov from the Facility.  The General will yell "Kill him."  
That's your signal to duck back into the fuel room.  

Watch the timer here!  If your running short on time (20 seconds or less) 
forget the soldiers and start running madly.  You probably won't make it, but 
if you do, my hat goes off to you!

Anyway, now soldiers should start coming.  Shoot them as they run down the 
stairs.  When all the soldiers are dead, run back through the door.  Ouromov 
stands alone.  Strafe madly down the corridor, shooting Ouromov all the while.  
When he runs away, follow him, mad strafing down the hallway.  Forget about 
shooting Ouromov, try to kill/wound the dozens of soldiers on the top floor.  
For more information on Ouromov's Ambush, see the "Supervillains" section of 
the FAQ.

If you lose track of Ouromov, remember, take a left at the first turn in the 
path.  Keep running, and there's a little alcove with an elevator!  Freedom at 
last!  Open the door, run in, and taste the sweet smell of victory.  Of 
course, you'll only win if you killed 2 scientists or less (Objective e: 

Also, when 00 Agents beat the level, they'll be rewarded with a little cinema 
that shows the silo blowing up.  Shame, it would have had more effective if we 
could see the Silo from the outside!

                            Level Complete

                         Mission 3: Completed


Mission 4: Monte Carlo

Part i: Frigate

Primary Objectives:

a: Rescue hostages
b: Disarm bridge bomb (Secret Agent)
c: Disarm engine room bomb (Secret Agent)
d: Plant tracking bug on helicopter

Available Weapons:

D5K Deutsche (x2)
D5K Deutsche (Silenced)
Phantom (x2)

Gadgets: Tracker Bug, Bomb Defuser.

Important Items: None.

Body Armor: 2 (One is Agent only, the other is Agent and Secret Agent only)

Secrets: On the ships bridge (that place with the bomb and a hostage), there's 
a door that leads to a small room.  This room has it guy in it brandishing 2 
Phantoms!  Agents and Secret Agents will also find a Body Armor here.  There 
is also another body armor (Agent only) in the small room with the pipes and 
the boxes.  If you shoot those boxes, you will also find some ammo.

Notes:  The Frigate is just your basic hostage situation.  The hostages are 
the guys dressed in green.  If you're going to rescue these guys, you have to 
learn to aim for the heads of the guys holding them at gun point.  If you wait 
too long, you'll lose that hostage.  On Agent, 2 hostages have to escape, 4 on 
Secret Agent, and 5 on 00 Agent.  There are a total of 7 hostages being held 

Another of the Frigates finer points is it's maze like quality.  Below, I have 
outlined the fastest way to get to all the hostages on the Frigate, hopefully 
you can do it without getting lost.


You start off at the side of the frigate in your personal speedboat.  Run on 
deck, brandishing your silenced D5K.  This is the only gun I recommend using 
for this level.  For some reason, Bond only took 20 bullets on this mission, 
so you'll have to conserve ammo early in the mission.

Anyway, run on deck and up the left set of stairs.  Once inside, run all the 
way to the left wall.  Go forward, hiding behind the little piece of wall.  
There is a Janus Marine on the other side.  Lean over, and get him in the 
head.  Grab his Phantom, and the ammo inside.

Now, open the door on the right.  A hostage!  Do NOT enter the room, instead, 
fire some shots to the heads of the Janus goons right next to him.  If all 
goes well, the hostage will be rescued.  

Now, here's the tricky part!  We have to rescue the other hostage!  Agents and 
Secret Agents should skip this step, they have enough easy hostages to rescue 
as it is!

Walk carefully into the room.  Look to your right.  See that doorway?  Do you 
see anything beyond it?  Good, you shouldn't.  VERY CAREFULLY, sidestep to 
your left.  After a FEW steps, you should be able to make out the gray elbow 
of a soldier.  Shoot him until you here him cry out in death.

Now, his buddies are gonna come!  Duck out of the room, then wait for two or 
three guys to come after you.  Try to get head shots, because you should be 
running a little short on ammo right now.  You'll probably find an unsilenced 
(is that a word?) D5K that one of the guards dropped right about now.  You 
should also get a little message that says that the hostage was rescued.

If you're having trouble completing this step on 00 Agent because of a lack of 
ammo, you should follow the steps mentioned in the next 2 paragraphs to get 
some easy ammo.  Then, come back to this spot.

Run out the other door (the one on the left) and back on to the deck of the 
Frigate.  Run along the edge, until you see the helicopter.  Pull out your 
tracking bug, and throw it on the plane.  You should get the message "Tracker 
Bug Successfully Planted on Pirate" (Objective d: Completed).  
Hmmmmmmm.....wasn't it the Tiger helicopter in the movie?

Turn around.  See that garage door?  Open it, and go through the smaller door.  
Oh no!  Three guys!  Whew, they have their backs to you!  Fire three head 
shots, and you'll pick up some ammo, and an unsilenced Deutsche.  That should 
be the end of our little ammo crisis!

Open the next door.  Geez, another guy with his back to you!  Fire another 
head shot, but this time, two other guys will see and start firing.  Get rid 
of them and take the ammo.

Now go up by that staircase going down.  If you look to your left, you should 
see a set of pipes.  If you look through them, there are some soldiers!  Shoot 
'em!  You should be able to get an easy head shot off one of the guards, and 
the other will go down with a few hits to the chest.

Once those guards have been dealt with, look down that set of stairs.  If 
you're lucky, the guard down there won't see you.  Shoot him (head shot) and 
some other marines will start firing at you.  Duck away from the stairs, and 
ambush a few guys as they come running up!

Down the stairs we go!  Hmmmmmm, I wonder what that sound is?  It must be the 
engine room!  Go through that door right in front of you to get to the engine 

OK, now we're in the engine room (I've typed those words so many times, 
they've lost all meaning).  There is a guy standing on a little walkway right 
in front of you.  Head shot for him!

Attention all Secret and 00 Agents!  Walk forward.  See those computers?  Hey, 
what's that suspicious looking device on top of them?  Could it be....a 
plastique?  Actually, it is, but lets just pretend it's a dangerous bomb and 
defuse it!  Switch to your Bomb Defuser, walk up to it, and press Z.  No more 
bomb! (Objective c: Completed).

Walk down that set of stairs.  A big....thing blocks your view on the left.  
Walk forward a bit.  You should be able to make out a Janus Marine's head.  
Well, he's holding a hostage!  I smell a great opportunity for a head shot!  
Do it!

This should attract the attention of a few more soldiers, and one of them has 
2 D5Ks!  

Attention all Agents!  Once this hostage is free, you'll be all set for 
hostages, unless you messed up somewhere.  If no hostages were executed, (or 
carelessly slaughtered by you) go back up the engine room stairs, through the 
door, up more stairs, through the door you came in through, through another 
door (Now that word's lost all meaning!) and on to the deck.  Go around the 
deck, in through the other door, out the last door, right by your boat.  Now, 
wait.  Eventually, the "Objective a: Complete" sign should appear.  Well, get 
in your boat and sail away!

                        End Agent Walkthrough

Well, here we are again.  Now let's see, where did we leave off?  Oh yeah, the 
engine room!

Go up that other stairs.  There's a guard up here, but don't sweat it, he 
can't see you!  Go through this next door.

Now we're back in the maze like hallways of the Frigate!  And I know the way 
through the maze!  *Evil Laugh*  Go forward past the next door.  Oh no!  
Hostage!  Serve up the Janus goon a head shot.  Watch out, 'cause there's 
another guy in this room!  When you shoot him, PLEASE be careful not to kill 
the hostage!  The best way to do this is to deliver several/many hits to the 
chest of the soldier with your Silenced Deutsche.

Walk right past where the hostage was.  You should walk around a few bends.  
Ack!  Another hostage!  Just stay cool, this one's the easiest hostage of all!  
Hey, the guy even has his back to you!  Take careful aim to shoot him right in 
the head.

Look, I'm sure that now you want to continue exploring the Frigate, but 
there's really no need!  Go back the way you came, past the two easy hostages, 
back to the engine room door.  This time, take a left, and walk up that flight 
of stairs.  There are usually a few scattered guards around here, so be on the 

Once you get up these stairs, take a left.  Now, there's another set of 
stairs!  Go up these stairs, and take a right.  Everybody got that?

Yippee!  Outside in the fresh air!  

Go right up the next set of stairs.  Congratulations, you've made it to the 
bridge!  There's hostage here!  You can get a pretty good shot at his captor, 
but do it quick, there are a lot of other guards in this room!  Once you've 
rescued the hostage, duck back outside where you can ambush the soldiers that 
will be coming after you shortly.

Once the Janus goons are dead, go back into the room.  Watch out, a bomb!  
Just kidding....no wait, there really is a bomb!  Well, walk right up to it, 
and use the Bomb Defuser (Objective b: Completed).

Boy, that was fast!  All of the objectives are complete, and Ian's found the 
fastest way through the Frigate!  Of course, if you missed the required number 
of hostages (See the Notes Section) you're in trouble.  Restart the level, and 
try to be more careful!

To get back to your boat, just run out the door on the other side of the room.  
Which one?  I'll give you a hint, it's the one that's not locked!  Then, just 
run outside and wait for any straggling hostages to escape (Objective a: 
Completed), and then it's time for you to bid Bon Voyage!

                           Level Complete

                         Mission 4: Complete


Mission 5: Severnaya

Part i: Surface (2)

Primary Objectives:

a: Disrupt all surveillance equipment (00 Agent)
b: Break communications link to bunker
c: Disable Spetznaz support aircraft (Secret Agent)
d: Gain entry to bunker

Available Weapons:

PP7 (Silenced)
Klobb (x2)
KF7 Soviet

Gadgets: Special Timed Mine

Important Items: Comms Room Key.

Body Armor: 1 (Agent Only)

Secrets: None.

Notes: Hey, I remember this place!  Yep, it's the same old surface, except 
it's night (or the nearest equivalent) and considerably colder and windier.  
And of course, there are no sniper rifles, instead, most of the bad guys here 
are armed with Klobbs.  Those guns will eat up all your ammo pretty quickly, 
so 00 Agents should use their PP7s instead.  Agents and Secret Agents should 
be able to find enough Soviet ammo to tide them over, but the 00s will have to 
save those bullets for a big shootout at the end!

The Comms room key is in the same cabin as in the first Surface.


You start off in the same old clearing, far away from civilization.  Run out 
of your hiding place, brandishing your PP7.

Head for the left side of the path.  Pretty soon, a guy with a Klobb should 
come to meet you.  His Klobb won't do much damage, so do away with him and 
grab the gun.

With the Surface 2, guys with Klobbs will randomly appear in places to ambush 
you.  I won't bother in adding all of the klobb ambushes to this FAQ, that 
would be silly.  Just so you know, only the guys with Soviets are always in 
the same place.

Anyway, sprint over the snow, keeping to the right side of the path.  
Wandering around the path (standing guard) is a guy with a Soviet.  Shoot him 
and grab it, but don't switch to the Soviet...yet.

Several hundred yards and a few more Klobb ambushes later, you'll arrive at 
the secret cabin.  How do you know which is the secret cabin?  It's the one 
with the video camera in front of it!  You should shoot that thing, even if 
you aren't a 00 Agent.

Aim your PP7, and open the cabin!  Oh no, I soldier with 2 Klobbs!  Shoot him!  
He drops the Klobbs, and the Comms Room Key.  Agents will also find a body 
armor in this cabin.

Just so you know, none of the other cabins have anything of importance in 
them.  In fact none of the other cabins have ANYTHING in them!

All right, now we start heading for the dish.  It's a little hard to see it on 
the horizon, but just keep going in the general direction that you were going 
in, and you should be find.  Somewhere along the way is another Soviet guard 
(you know what I mean!).

Once you get to the dish, just jump right in and run up the stairs.  Oh no!  
Video Camera!  You should be able to get an easy shot at it from across the 

At the top of the stairs are 2 doors.  Go in the one right in front of you.  
Hey, a machine.  Remember the first surface?  DON'T TURN IT ON!  Instead, you 
have to shoot this one! Pretty sneaky, ay?  A few Klobb shots will make short 
work of this one (Objective b: Completed).  Afterwards, switch back to your 

As you go out of the room, be careful, most of the time, a guy with a Klobb 
will be there to ambush you!  

See that door on the left?  That door leads to the roof.  There is a guard 
with a Soviet up there!  If you're on 00 Agent (or just like Soviets!) I 
suggest you get that ammo! 

Anyway, go down the stairs and out the door.  There might be some guys waiting 
for you, just so you know.  Here, 00 Agents should take a left, everyone else 
should take a right!  00s, keep reading, the Secrets and Agents, skip down to 
the next line of stars.


All right, listen up!  Is everyone here a 00 Agent?!  Good.  Please proceed.

Head right, following the wall...I mean, trees.  Didn't I make that "joke" in 
the 1st surface?  Oh well, that was old news.

Soon, you should come to a little path.  Remember this place?  Run over to the 
first set of cabins.  Don't bother going inside, but instead, go around to the 
back of the cabin on the left.  See it?  There's a camera back here!  Shoot it 
before it sees you!

Now, continue on to the next set of cabins.  There is another camera here, 
mounted on the right cabin.  This one can usually spot you pretty quickly, so 
shoot it even quicker!  Yay!  The last camera (Objective a: Completed)!  If 
the alarm goes off, it's no big deal.

Now, for that big shootout!  Switch to your KF7 Soviet!  You should have 
between 20 and 50 bullets, depending on how many guys you ran into.  Slowly 
peak around the wall of trees...

And get ready for an ambush!  There is usually a LOT of guards here!  Wait for 
them to come to you, one at a time, instead of running out there and getting 
yourself killed!

Whew!  That was close!  Assuming you made it, that is!  Now, head back to the 
dish, then take that right I told the Secret Agents to take.  Oh look, that 
little line of stars is back!


Now we should be all together again!  Follow the "wall", keeping to the left, 
past the ventilation tower (don't bother trying to get in that way, they've 
sealed it up), and right up to the Bunker's front door!

Wow!  A helicopter landing pad!  And a great big plane!  Hmmmmm, must be 
reinforcements!  Nope, it's the Spetznaz!  Well, you'd better show 'em who's 
boss by throwing your "Special" mine at the plane (Objective c: Completed).  
After 30 seconds, it should blow up, so you'd better get out of here!

Oh no, where should we go?????? The mine is gonna blow up!!!!!!  Quick, 
through that door! (Objective d: Completed)

Whew, that was close!  Uh-oh, you've been captured!  And scary music is 
playing!  This ain't good......

                             Level Complete

Mission 5: Severnaya

Part ii: Bunker (2)

Primary Objectives:

a: Compare staff/casualty lists (Secret Agent)
b: Recover CCTV Tape
c: Disable all security cameras (Secret Agent)
d: Recover Goldeneye Operations manual (00 Agent)
e: Escape with Natalya

Available Weapons:

Throwing Knife
PP7 (Silenced) (x2)
DD44 Dostovei (x2)
Klobb (x2)
KF7 Soviet

Gadgets: Watch Magnet Attract.

Important Items: Cell Key 1, Cell Key 2, CCTV Tape, Staff List, Casualty List, 
Goldeneye Operations Manual, Keycard A, Keycard B, Safe Key 1, Safe Key 2.

Body Armor: 2 (One is Agent only, and the other is on Secret Agent and Agent)

Secrets: There are some throwing knives hidden down in the sewer near the 
cells.  Use your watch magnet to get them.

Notes: The Bunker 2 is the Ultimate Stealth Mission, or so I've called it.  In 
order to beat it properly on Secret and 00 Agent, you're going to have to 
learn to use them properly.  I've included a special section, "How to use a 
Throwing Knife" in the Miscellaneous Section of the Walkthrough.  Refer to 
that for more information.

For your convenience, I've separated this Level Walkthrough into 2 parts, 
Agent, and Secret Agent/00 Agent.  That just made it easier.

Agent Walkthrough:

Alrighteeeee then.  It seems you're trapped in the Bunker Prison Cell!  You 
can wander around or what-not, talk to that mysterious woman in the cell next 
to you, junk like that.

Hey, mysterious woman!  Well, Bond, meet Natalya.  Natalya, Bond.  She's the 
Bond girl in this adventure!  After talking with her, it seems that Ouromov 
has stolen the Goldeneye Key, and she's in jail for being a traitor.  
Hmmmmmmm, this situation looks grim.

Now it's time to make your escape.  Switch to your watch magnet (What's the 
matter, didn't you see Live and Let Die?) and use it while standing right up 
at the cell bars.  Oh look!  The cell key has "magically" floated up to you!  
Heck, you didn't even see it!

Now, watch the guard.  He's making his rounds.  Wait until he reaches your 
cell, then turns away.  Now!  Open the cell door and run out!  The guard will 
make a threat, squat down, and start shooting.  When he kneels down, you kneel 
down, step behind him, and start slapping!  After a few slaps, that guard will 
be out of it, and you'll have a Soviet and a cell key.

Well, that cell key unlocks Natalya's cell!  You'd better free her, it says so 
in the Mission Objectives!  Open Natalya's cell, then start running, you don't 
need to wait for her!

Open the door that leads out, and take a left.  You might meet up with a guy, 
in which case, shoot him and grab the ammo!  

Continue on a little ways, up the stairs, and take a right.  There are lots of 
guards here!  No, I mean lots!  Blast most/all of them, but keep an eye out 
for a guard with 2 Klobbs.

Did you find the 2 Klobbed Guard yet?  Great!  Shoot him!  He should drop a 
keycard, if he didn't, look for another guard with two klobbs.  That keycard 
is very important, it opens the exit door!

Now, if you're lucky, you aren't dead yet.  Run through the door, and take a 
right.  Ignore the video camera, blowing it up would waste time and get more 
guards on your tail!  Take a right at the next fork, then go into the next 
door on your right.

Oh no!  A guard!  Well, SHOOT HIM!  Hey, what's that on the table?  The CCTV 
Tape!  Grab it! (Objective a: Completed), and leave!

Get back in the hallway, take a left, then a right.  Watch out for Natalya, 
she usually catches up with you right about now.  Welcome to the control room 
(A.K.A. The Big Room).  There are TONS of guards here, so keep running and 
blast any that come in direct contact with you!  

See that door?  Run for it!  DO NOT STOP RUNNING!  If you do, you're toast!  
Open the door (you have the keycard) run up the stairs, and out the exit 
(Objective b: Complete).  It doesn't matter whether Natalya is with you or 
not, just as long as you let her out of her cell, and didn't kill her, you'll 
complete the mission.

                           Level Complete

                        Mission 5: Completed

Secret and 00 Agent Walkthrough:

And of course, it's A LOT harder with these two!

Remember, if an alarm EVER goes off, restart.  Those Men in Black are tough, 
they carry Double DD44s and Klobbs!

Alrighteeeee then.  It seems you're trapped in the Bunker Prison Cell!  You 
can wander around or what-not, talk to that mysterious woman in the cell next 
to you, junk like that.

Hey, mysterious woman!  Well, Bond, meet Natalya.  Natalya, Bond.  She's the 
Bond girl in this adventure!  After talking with her, it seems that Ouromov 
has stolen the Goldeneye Key, and she's in jail for being a traitor.  
Hmmmmmmm, this situation looks grim.

Now it's time to make your escape.  Switch to your watch magnet (What's the 
matter, didn't you see Live and Let Die?), and use it while standing right up 
at the cell bars.  Oh look!  The cell key has "magically" floated up to you!  
Heck, you didn't even see it!

Now, watch the guard.  He's making his rounds.  Wait until he reaches your 
cell, then turns away.  Now!  Open the cell door and run out!  The guard will 
make a threat, squat down, and start shooting.  When he kneels down, you kneel 
down too, step behind him, and start slapping!  After a few slaps, that guard 
will be out of it, and you'll have a Soviet and a cell key.

Now, it is VERY important that you leave Natalya in her cell until the very 
end.  She gets in the way and is a general nuisance.

Are you ready for a secret?  Well, here it comes!  Go up to the sewer on the 
side of the room nearest to your jail cell, and look down.  See anything?  Try 
using the watch magnet.

Well lookkee here?  Some throwing knives!  Well, isn't that just lucky!  Save 
those knives, they're very important!

Walk over to the door and look through the glass.  Do you see a guy?  If you 
do, stay hidden!  When he leaves (through another door) open your door and 
step into the hall.

Go over to where the two doors are.  One door is locked, the other one should 
not be opened until later!  Now turn around, get on your throwing knives, and 
wait.  No, I'm serious.  Wait.  After a while, a guy should walk around the 
corner.  Shoot, er, knife him!  Once he goes down, grab his ammo, then duck 
back into your spot.  You should be able to kill 3 more guards in this way, 
for a total of 4.

Once that's done, it's time for the hard part!  Walk down that other hallway 
until you get to the stairs.  Do NOT go up the stairs, just wait at the 
corner.  Get ready, and lean over that corner.  You should see some guards 
patrolling.  If one of them notices you, he will fire a "warning shot."  Don't 
worry, the warning shot will never hit you.  If you should hear the warning 
shot, get back, and get those knives ready!  When the guard comes over, ambush 

Repeat this process 5 or 6 times.  There is usually a different amount of 
guards every time.  If you're lucky, your life won't suffer too much.  Also 
take note that one of the guards you ambush in the fashion described above 
carries 2 Klobbs.  He drops a keycard.  That keycard is very important, you 
need it to escape!

After a while, and several ambushes, all of the guards in the hall should be 
gone.  Walk up the stairs, take a right, and walk up to the door of that 
little room on the right.  

Get out your Soviet.  Remember what I said in the Sacred Laws of Goldeneye?  
If not, go read them now.  They're in the "Other Things to Know" part of 
Section I.  Well, you should now know that a single shot with a Soviet can not 
be heard by guards!  With that in mind, walk up to the door and aim through 
the left pane of glass.  You should be able to get a good shot at the guard 
behind the desk.  And I mean a head shot.  Get ready, aim, and fire!  As SOON 
as you fire, start running!  Run back down the stairs to your ambush spot!  
You should have no problem getting a few guards as they come across the 

Once all of those guards are dead, walk into that little room.  Hmmmmmm, what 
could be of importance in here?  Look on the table, and grab the Severnaya 
Staff List.  All right!  If you find the Casualty List, you'll complete an 

Go out of the little room, take a left, then a right.  You should be in the 
shadows now.  Go down the hall a little ways, but DO NOT go around the corner!  
Instead, go right up to the corner, and aim your Soviet at the ceiling.  There 
is a hidden drone gun up there that was going to blow you away if you walked 
around that corner!

Once the first drone gun is gone, walk around the corner, then go straight.  
When you get to the next corner, stand right like this:

                 |       |
  Wall           |  You  |
_________________|       |

Hear me?  Stand like this.  Now aim your Soviet in the general direction of 
the X on this map.

        X                |
_________________        |
                 |       |
  Wall           |  You  |
_________________|       |

If you move around a bit, you should see another drone gun.  Shoot it!  Now, 
walk over the corner, and stand on the X on the map above.  Now, here is the 
scene as I see it:

|         |
|         |_______
|                 |
|             X   |
|                 |
|         ________|
|         |
|         |
|   You      

See that X?  It's another drone gun!  Blow it away from this vantage point.

There we go, no more drone guns!  Get back to your throwing knives, and go up 
to that corner on your right.  There are two guys behind it.  If it was Agent, 
there would be a Body Armor there too, but we're not on Agent!

Anyway, go up to the corner.  Slowly sidestep left until you can see a guard's 
shoulder.  Then, throw your knife, and run!

Run back to that alcove where that drone gun was.  Once there, aim your 
throwing knives.  Two guards should come, one of which is already wounded.  
After those guards are out of the way, run back and get your throwing knife.

Take a left at the next turn.  Now, you're out of the Shadow Zone!  This next 
spot is tricky.  Walk out into the hall, and get ready to run!  There is a guy 
at the far end of this hallway, and after a little while, he'll fire a warning 
shot.  When you hear the shot, duck back around the corner, and get ready with 
your knives!  That guard will come over to get you, so nail him when he comes 

Once that guard is out of the way, go all the way back the way you came, past 
the drone guns, back to where you found the staff list.  Then, go through that 
door.  You have to go back this way, because a camera will see you!

What's that....a camera?  Yeah, that's right!  Walk over to the corner, then 
lean out.  With the help of the scope on your Soviet, you can get a long 
distance view of the camera.  It's by the entrance to the Big Room (Remember 
the First Bunker?).  Shoot it, so you can safely pass without being spotted.  
Remember, no enemies will be alerted by the sound of you shooting the camera.

Now, its time for another video camera!  Walk into the long hallway, and take 
the first door on the right.  Do NOT open it...yet.  Get into a position so 
that the door is on your left.  Aim your Soviet, and open the door.  See the 
camera?  Well, some bug in the game makes it so the camera takes a LOT longer 
to see you if you are NOT inside the room.  I wouldn't take chances, just 
shoot the camera as soon as you see it.

And now, for something completely different.  Walk around the corner (NOT the 
one that leads into the big room) taking a right.  Using your Soviet, peek 
through the glass.  Here, you can get a fine shot at a soldier's head.  Well, 
go for it!  Once he's gone, run inside and grab the CCTV tape. (Objective b: 

Hey, that's a funny surveillance tape!  Hmmmmmmm, now where have I heard of 
that movie before....?

Here's a really tough video camera!  Inside the video tape room, aim your 
Soviet, and open that big door.  Shoot the camera, QUICK!  That was awful 
sneaky, putting a camera inside the ventilation shaft!

Go on through the other door to the shaft, past the blue thing (What is that, 
a radiator?) back into the long hallway.  Now, take that other door, the 
computer room.

Go through the first door, but not the second!  Aim through the left pane of 
glass with a Soviet.  You should be able to get a fine shot at a soldier's 
head.  Once he's dead, there is also a video camera in this room.  That one is 
on the left wall. 

And, of course, there is something good in this room.  Walk over to where that 
guy was, and pick up some ammo, and a safe key.  That safe key is important!  
I mean REALLY important!

Once you have the safe key in your grasp, run back through the keycard door, 
(Or you could take the long way, past the blown up drone guns) back to the 
hallway with the jail cells.  There is a door here that leads into a small 
room.  Take aim with a Soviet, look through the glass, and pick a head shot 
off of that guy standing behind the table.

Run!  There are two other soldiers in that room, and these guys don't play 
around!  Duck around the nearest corner, switch back to throwing knives, and 
wait.  Ambush the guys with those knives once they come over.

Now, return to that room to take your prize.  Remember that guy with the 
bullet through his head?  Look behind the table, and find...The Other Safe 
Key!  Now you can open the safe!

Wait a minute...why two safe keys?  Well, why not?!  Anyway, open the safe, 
take the Goldeneye Operations Manual (Objective d: Completed), and, count 'em, 
not one, but two Silenced PP7s!  All Right!  You've reached the top!

Wait a minute...Bond only came here with one PP7!  What's your answer for this 
one?  Hmmmmmmmm, must be one of the many Mysteries of Life...

Still, now you have Double PP7s!  And that's exactly what you need to replace 
those old throwing knives.  Of course, you could still use the knives, but the 
PP7s have a higher success rate.  And ammo shouldn't be a problem, if you 
picked up all of the Klobb ammo along the way, you should be fine!

Where are we?  Oh yeah, the safe room.  Open the door on your left.  It's not 
locked anymore, you have the keycard!  See that corner to the left?  DO NOT GO 
OVER THERE!  There's a video camera at the end of that hall, just waiting to 
spot you!

Instead, I've got a better idea!  First, go as close as possible to the right 
wall as you can.  Then, run past the corner as fast as possible.  If you're 
lucky, a guard will see you.  If not, run back an forth until two guards come 
after you.  You can ambush these guys (with your PP7s) as they come around the 

One of these guys will probably drop a keycard.  That keycard is important, 
you need it to open the door to the next room!

Next, go over to that door at the end of the hall.  Open the first door, but 
NOT the second.  Instead, aim your Soviet through that door.  Look around to 
the right.  You should see some boxes, and a soldier standing guard.  Shoot 
him in the head through the glass, and start running!

Run all the way back down that long hall (Don't forget to stay to the right!) 
to the room with the safe.  Go around the next corner, and wait for either 
one, two, or three enemies to come after you.  

Once those guys are done for, go all the way back (remember to stick to the 
right wall!) to that big warehouse room.  Open the door, and look to your 
left.  There might be a guy over there.  Then, Secret Agents should grab a 
helpful Body Armor that just happens to be sitting on that box over on the 

Walk over to the little alcove on the left.  Slowly, walk over to the corner 
of the little divider thing, and lean over.  Shoot the guard over there with 
your Silenced PP7.  Repeat this process with the other two alcoves, until all 
of the guys are dead.

Right now, you're probably asking "Ian you idiot!  Why are you leading me on 
this wild goose chase, into a room with nothing in it, just so some loser 
Secret Agents can get some Body Armor!"  Well, have I got something to show 
you!  Walk over to those boxes over there.  Remember that guy you killed 
earlier over here?  Well, he drops a clipboard.  It's the casualty list! 
(Objective a: Completed)  I guess I sure showed you, huh?

Now, exit this room through the opposite door.  Only open the first door, 
however.  Aim your Soviet through the glass, and nab that video camera!

All right!  Now, we're on the home stretch!  Since there's no need for stealth 
anymore, you can use the Soviet as much as you please!  You should have plenty 
of ammo.

Finally, it's time for the Big Room!  From where you are, go through the door, 
around the corner, up the stairs, down the hall, and down these stairs.  STOP!  
Go no further!

Carefully, lean over this corner.  Look at the door, and fire blindly at the 
enemies guarding it.  The scope on your Soviet should help for this.  Once the 
guards see you, run back up the stairs, and around the nearest corner.  Wait 
to ambush some guys.  There should be, oh I don't know, maybe two or three 
that come.

After those guards are done for, run back down the stairs, and lean out, the 
same way you did before.  You shouldn't see any guards.  Now, lean over the 
other corner (the one that does not face the main computer screen).  You 
should see a soldier or two.  Fire at them, and some more soldiers should come 
running down the stairs.  You can ambush these guys right where you are.

Run up the stairs that all of the guards came from.  There shouldn't be any 
more up here.  Stand next to the stair railing, and aim your Soviet across the 
way to the other little alcove.  There should be a video camera, and an enemy.  
Shoot the soldier.  If you don't kill him right away, he'll come after you. 
Congratulations, you have now killed EVERY guy in the Bunker!  Now, get that 
pesky video camera.  It's the last one! (Objective c: Completed).  

Well now, this place sure feels empty.  At least there aren't any more 
soldiers to bother you!  Now you can just escape and...

Wait a minute!  Don't escape!  I KNEW I forgot something!  Run all the way 
back to the jail, and open the door to Natalya's cell.  She'll happily walk 
out, and follow you wherever you go.

Run back to the Big Room, with Natalya following all the while.  As soon as 
you get there, Natalya will say something about wanting to check the control 
counsel.  She'll run up to the place where that video camera was, and fiddle 
with the machine.  All of a sudden, Natalya will announce that the Goldeneye 
Satellite is about the fire on Severnaya!

Oh no!  Aren't you in Severnaya????!!!  Run through the door, and up the 
stairs.  Don't be afraid if Natalya doesn't follow right away.  Run through 
the exit door (Objective e: Completed), and that is that.  Although, I think 
we all could have agreed that a this would be more rewarding if there was a 
decent cinema of Severnaya being blown to smithereens...

                           Level Completed

                         Mission 5: Completed


Mission 6: St. Petersburg

Part i: Statue

Primary Objectives:

a: Contact Valentin
b: Confront and unmask Janus
c: Locate helicopter
d: Rescue Natalya
e: Find flight recorder.

Available Weapons:

KF7 Soviet
Automatic Shotgun

Gadgets: None

Important Items: Flight Recorder.

Body Armor: 1 

Secrets: In a little alcove, near the area where Lenin's Statue (Where you 
meet Janus) you can find a hidden body armor.  It's right behind that big 
statue of a hand.

Notes: The Statue is perhaps the easiest level to avoid getting killed in.  In 
the beginning, the Russian soldiers are no problem, just watch out for 
grenades.  Shotgun blasts can be a real problem, but that body armor can take 
care of that.

Be sure to learn your way around the park, losing your way makes it easier for 
the guards to get you!


You start at the top of a high hill, right by the Park's gate.  Run down the 
hill, past that big stone...thing, to be ambushed by some guards.  Hide behind 
that stone hand statue, and fire your PP7 at them.  There should be between 3 
and 5 guards down here.

Wait a minute...why is this park full of armed guards?  Oh well, only in 

Anyway, the path kind of splits here, so follow the left wall....I mean, hill.  
There's really a sort of path here that you can follow.  Watch out, because 
there a guard hiding behind a statue on the right.

After some running, past the weird and unusual, you should find a big, gray 
box.  Now, you know that you're on the right track!  Continue on the way you 
were going, until you get to the big red box.  This is the real one.

Go inside, and be confronted by.....A MONSTER!  No, it's just Valentin.  He's 
got a lazy eye.  He'll sit down and talk to you (well, you know what I mean, 
no one ever sits down in this game!) about Janus (he's the bad guy) and how 
he's a Lienz Cossack.  What's that?  You don't know what a Lienz Cossack is?  
You should see Goldeneye (the movie).

Anyway, it turns out that Janus will meet you by Lenin's Statue.  After saying 
that, Valentin will start walking away.  (Objective a: Completed) Hmmmmmmm, 
his limp was a lot more noticeable in the movie...

Now, dart out the door and go straight.  When you hit the wall, take a left.  
Go around the stone brick, and through a little entrance into a closed off 

Here's a tip, grab the body armor!  As you run into this place, which is sort 
of like a maze, take a left, then wander around a bit.  Look for the giant 
hand.  On the palm side, there is a hidden body armor.

Once you have that body armor, run out of the maze and on to the side of the 
hill.  Oh look, it's Lenin's statue!  Nice pose.  Run up to it, run around it 
a few times, and shoot it from the back.  This is all just for good luck.

Soon, some guy will emerge from the shadows.  He comes with only his 
bodyguards.  Oh look, it's Janus!  Hi Janus!

He'll be a jerk and tell you to put your gun away.  You had better do what he 
says, and get on your slapper.  Do not attempt to switch to your weapon until 
I tell you to!

Anyway, Bond will now have an "inspiration" and realize that Janus is really 
Alec Trevelyn, 006!  You know, that guy in the facility!  Alec will confirm 
that it's him (Objective b: Completed).

You now have one of two choices.  One: You could stay and listen to Alec's 
evil plans about how he has the Goldeneye Firing Key, (That thing from the 
Bunker 1) the fact that he's got Natalya trapped in a helicopter rigged to 
explode, and that the British Government betrayed his parents (Whiny little 
guy, isn't he?).  Or, you could get out of there!

Start strafing, as fast as you can, right towards Trevelyn.  He'll run away, 
and a timer will start counting down.  His guards will fire Auto Shotguns at 
you, so randomly fire your KF7 at them.  The important thing is to get out of 
here alive!

Run through the maze, heading to the left, out the little corridor, past the 
stone block, past Valentin's hideaway, past the fake hideaway, past that big 
tall thing, past the first hand statue, up the hill, and right to the 
helicopter (Objective c: Completed).  In other words, just run back the way 
you came!

That's the helicopter that was on the Frigate!  Oh no, a proximity bomb!  You 
only have a few seconds to save the helicopter!  Forget about that, save 

Walk right up to Natalya.  She'll wake right up, and will start following you.  
Ugh, this brings back bad memories.  Anyway, lead Natalya down the hill, or 
close to it.  Now, the helicopter should go off, saving Natalya from further 
danger (Objective d: Completed).

Bond will now order Natalya to wait for him at the park gates.  You, however, 
have to find the flight recorder for some odd reason.

Run down the hill.  If you're unlucky, there might be some of Trevelyn's goons 
waiting for you.  Blow them away with what little Soviet ammo you might have.

The flight recorder appears randomly in the little maze like area at the base 
of the hill.  Sometimes it's easy to find, and sometimes it isn't.  Just 
wander around, looking for a little orange box.  If you go to far away, you'll 
get a message saying that "The Flight Recorder could not have been thrown this 
far from the explosion!"  If you get that, turn around towards the hill and 
keep looking!

Once you've found the flight recorder (Objective e: Completed) more enemies 
should come, blasting shotguns as they go.  In times like this, there's only 
one thing to do.  Run away!  Run up the hill, and be prepared to escape, 

Oh no!  Some guy came with a bunch of guards and captured Natalya!  That guy 
is Mishkin, and he's a big important communist.....I mean, head of the Russian 
government.  So you better do what he says!

Do NOT shoot any guards, but instead, walk up to the gate and open it.  
Mishkin and his friends will take you and Natalya off to the Military 
Archives, where fear and torture awaits you, or maybe not.

I wish to take this time to apologize to anyone who was offended by my calling 
Mishkin a communist.


                            Level Complete

Mission 6: St. Petersburg

Part ii: Archives

Primary Objectives:

a: Escape from interrogation room
b: Find Natalya
c: Recover helicopter black box (Secret Agent)
d: Escape with Natalya

Available Weapons:

DD44 Dostovei (x2)
Klobb (x2)
KF7 Soviet

Gadgets: Watch Magnet Attract.

Important Items: Flight Recorder, Interrogation Room Key, Safe Key.

Body Armor: 2 (On is Agent and Secret Agent Only, the other is Agent only)

Secrets: The body armor mentioned above is hidden in the big room across from 
where you start off, sitting right in the middle of the floor.

Notes: The Archives is basically a big maze.  If Natalya ever says "I'm 
scared, I'm getting out of here," then run all the way up to the attic, 
because that's where she usually goes to hide.  The attic is easy to find, 
just go up!


You start off in this little interrogation room.  Some black goons with 
Dostovei's are here, and they think you're involved with the Goldeneye!

For some really weird reason, these "nice" guys have placed your PP7 and ammo 
right in front of you.  This doesn't seem like the smartest thing to do, 
seeing as how you could easily grab it and start shooting, but this would 
result in some nasty Dostovei wounds.

There are many methods known for an escape from the interrogation room, but I 
know the best way!  Simply walk around the table, being careful not to grab 
your weapon.  The guards are still talking to you.  Walk up to the guy on the 
left.  Be careful not to go too close to the door, or they'll start shooting.  
Anyway, give the guy on the left a shot with your slapper!

Usually, one good slap to the chest kills these guys.  Once the first guy is 
dead, kneel down to avoid the other's gunfire. Then, start slapping!  He 
should go down with a few slaps to the legs.

Once these idiots are taken care of, you have to work fast!  Grab the key, the 
DD44s, your PP7, and the ammo, and get out of there (Objective a: Completed)! 

Arm yourself with a PP7, or DD44, whichever you like better.  There is a 
soldier in the hallway to the right as you exit the interrogation room.  Shoot 
him, grab his KF7, then go in the door in front of you.  Don't switch to the 
Soviet yet, lack of ammo is a problem.

This next, big room is full of boxes.  There is also a body armor here on 
Agent and Secret Agent.  There should also be a soldier or two.  When these 
guys are taken care of, run out the other door and up the stairs.

This next hallway is full of guys!  Here, you'll find all the usual weapons, 
Soviet, 2x Klobb and 2x Dostovei.  Shoot only those guys that are directly in 
your way, taking them all on at once would be a foolhardy task.

Anyway, after going up the stairs, take the first left, shoot some soldiers, 
then open the door to the library.  There should be a guard or two in here.  
Blow them away, then take whatever ammo you can find.  Now might be a good 
time to start using your Soviet, you should have enough ammo by now.

The first door on the left needs to another book filled room.  Don't worry, 
it's perfectly normal to feel lost.  After going through the door, take a 
right, shoot the guard over here, then go to the SINGLE door on the left wall.  
It's the only single door in the whole room.

Oh look, it's Natalya!  As soon as she sees you, Natalya manages to escape 
(Objective b: Completed).  The two guards in that room will start firing, so 
get out of there!

Natalya should be following you now.  So should an entire legion of guards.  
Run through the door on the opposite wall.  This leads down the stairs, and on 
to the bottom floor of the room you were on before.  Open the door on the 
right wall, take a left, run for the only single door that you see, go through 
that door, take a left, and WATCH OUT!

Now we're in Mishkin's Secret Hideaway.  Agents can shoot him and be done with 
it, (you murderers!) but everyone else has to listen up!

Walk right up to Mishkin, and he'll explain that he was wrong, Ouromov is the 
traitor, and that he's very sorry for what he did.  Now Bond gets to ask for a 
favor!  Mishkin will give you the safe key.  Use it to open up the nearby 
safe, and we find...the helicopter flight recorder (Objective c: Completed)!

IMPORTANT:  Sometimes, some nasty soldiers decide to enter the room while your 
pleasant conversation with Mishkin is still in progress.  If so, DO NOT SHOOT 
THEM!  If you do, Mishkin pulls out a Dostovei and start shooting!  Instead, 
slap these pesky soldiers to death, then go back to your conversation.

Once you have the black box, run out the opposite door, and continue along 
that hallway.  After going through the next door, you find a room with some 
windows.  Hmmmmmmmmm, I wonder what those could be used for?  Shoot the glass 
with your KF7, then jump through (Objective d: Completed).  Once again, no 
matter how far away Natalya is when you escape, she'll still appear right next 
to you in the ending cinema.  Weird.

                          Level Complete

Mission 6: St. Petersburg

Part iii: Streets

Primary Objectives:

a: Contact Valentin (Secret Agent)
b: Pursue Ouromov and Natalya
c: Minimize Civilian Casualties

Available Weapons:

KF7 Soviet
Grenade Launcher
Rocket Launcher

Gadgets: None

Important Items: None

Body Armor: 2

Secrets: Past the house where you meet Valentin, there is another house with 
broken windows.  You can walk right through these windows!  Inside, there are 
some soldiers, a body armor, and a grenade launcher.  Yee-ha!  There is also a 
second body armor located near in the end of the level, in the shadows between 
the buildings.

Notes: The streets aren't really that hard.  Don't forget to take the tank, 
it's MUCH harder to beat this level without it.  When driving in the tank, try 
to avoid the cars as best you can.

The "maze-like" qualities of the streets can best be avoided by always taking 
left or right turns every time that there is a fork in the road.  I prefer 
right turns.


You start off, conveniently enough, next to the window where you broke out of 
the Archives.  Hmmmmmmmmmm, where's Natalya?  What's wrong, didn't you read 
the briefing?  Well, it seems that in the split second that you had your guard 
down (watching that cinema, no doubt) Ouromov came out of nowhere and captured 
Natalya.  Why everyone wants to get a hold of her, I don't know, so let's just 
start the walkthrough.

As I was saying, you start off in a little alleyway.  Run forward, and lean 
over the side of the corner.  You should see a guard.  Nail him with your PP7.  
Lean over a little more, and shoot the second guard.

Right about now, a little timer should appear.  It gives you plenty of time on 
Agent level, but on the higher levels, that number will significantly 
decrease.  Looks like you'll have to find a way to raise that number...

Anyway, run forward and grab some Soviets.  Switch to that gun right away, and 
start blasting away at the bunch of soldiers that are now firing at you.  Once 
all of them are dead (there should be around 5-8 of them), run up towards the 

Attention!  The following section is for Secret and 00 Agents only!  Agents 
should skip down to the second row of stars!


All right all you Secret and 00 Agents, let's find Valentin!  Run right past 
the tank, into that little alleyway on the other side of the brick wall.  
There should be a soldier guarding the entrance.  Get rid of him!

The alleyway has a few twists and turn, and you can use these to your 
advantage by leaning out over the corners to ambush guys.  By now, you should 
have a decent amount of Soviet ammo.

As I said, after a few twists and turns, look to the left of the alley.  
What's that?  Could it be a door?  It is!  Run inside, and go through the left 
doorway.  Geez, these Russians are in worse shape than I thought!

Lookkee here, Valentin (that guy from the statue) is in this room.  Talk to 
him, and he'll say that he's willing to help get you more time to catch up 
with Ouromov and Natalya.  After Valentin is done talking (Objective a: 
Completed), run out of the house and take a left.  Right now, the amount of 
time you have left should rise significantly.

On the left of the alley, besides there being more guards to get rid of, is 
that secret place I told you about.  You know, that house with the broken 
glass windows?  Well, run through those windows, and shoot the guards inside.  
This is one great secret room, there is body armor and a grenade launcher in 
here!  I don't use the grenade launcher much, but the body armor should be a 
big help.

After exiting the secret room, keep going down the alley, until you reach the 
big, empty street.  Run forward, then exit out that big gate.  Guess what?  
You just went around in a circle!  Funny, isn't it?


Run up to the tank.  Wow, a tank, just like on the Runway!  Jump inside (press 
B) and switch to your tank missiles.  These babies may be slow, but they can 
really do some damage!  

Drive your new toy out of that gate.  When you get to that first intersection, 
take a right.

NOTE: Any agent that wishes to get that hidden body armor should exit the tank 
now, and take the short cut.  The short cut is the way the Secret Agents came 
out of the alley, on the dead end in the road.

Continuing left, we find our first civilian.  Awwwwwww, he's a cute little 
guy.  Well, try not to crush him!  There aren't a lot of civilians around 
here, but more will come if you take too much time.

Right around here should be the first intersection.  Take a right.  It really 
doesn't matter, but whatever you choose, STICK TO IT!  That is, always take 
rights when the time arises, or always take lefts.  I recommend taking rights 
because that's the easiest way, but it is up to you.

Now, I'm not going to waste time saying a COMPLETE walkthrough for the 
streets, I'm just going to go over some basic tips and strategies.

First of all, there are those guards.  Remember, KF7 Soviets take less damage 
while you're in the tank, so killing guards isn't a priority.  Just try to run 
them over with the tank, but don't go out of your way to get a high kill 

You may have noticed those mind fields laid out for you in the center of the 
road.  Well, listen, shooting these fields with a gun, or any explosive weapon 
will cause the whole fiend to explode.  I DO NOT recommend doing this because 
it takes WAY to much time, and during that time, a guard with a Rocket 
Launcher could sneak up behind you.  So, if you see a mine field, just plow 
right through it!

Oh yeah, speaking of which, there are guards here with Rocket Launchers.  
These are the guys that get you.  DO NOT fool around with these dudes, just 
try to either get past them, or run them over with your tank.  As tempting as 
it may sound, do not stop to pick up a rocket launcher.  You don't need it.

There is also the matter of the cars.  Now, one of the Laws of Goldeneye says 
that if you shoot a normal object in the game, be it chair, desk, or computer, 
it will explode.  The cars on the streets are no exception.  These death traps 
will also explode when you run into them with your tank, so try to stay away 
from the cars whenever possible.

Last thing, in the streets, they give you lots of fun, explosive toys.  One of 
these toys is the tank missiles.  They are very dangerous.  It also takes a 
long time for a tank shell to hit the ground, explode, and fade away.  With 
this in mind, fire the tank only when absolutely necessary.  Or, don't fire it 
at all.

That's all I have for that.  Anyway, after many right (or left) turns, you'll 
reach the Gate To Nowhere.  Trust me, you'll know it when you see it.

As soon as you reach the path that leads to the gate, get out of the tank and 
start running!  There are too many cars here to risk driving the tank in, so I 
just get out here.

The Gate to Nowhere leads to the Janus base, where Ouromov took Natalya 
(Objective b: Completed).  If you haven't hit too many civilians, (Objective 
c: Completed), you can go on to the next level.

                            Level Complete

Mission 6: St. Petersburg

Part iv: Depot

Primary Objectives:

a: Destroy illegal arms cache (00 Agent)
b: Destroy computer network (Secret Agent)
c: Obtain safe key (Secret Agent)
d: Recover helicopter blueprints (Secret Agent)
e: Locate Trevelyn's train

Available Weapons:

KF7 Soviet (Where's the ammo?)
D5K Deutsche (x2)
Rocket Launcher
Proximity Mines

Gadgets: None

Important Items: Safe Key, Blueprints.

Body Armor: There are 11 on Agent, 6 on Secret Agent, and none on 00 Agent.

Secrets: On Agent and Secret Agent, you can find lots of ammo by simply 
wandering around in the big warehouses.  There's a body armor in almost every 

Notes: The Depot is one of those levels that gets steadily harder on each 
difficulty level.  For that reason, I've divided this walkthrough into a 
section for each difficulty level, as I did on the Runway and Bunker 2.

Agent Walkthrough:

If you know where to go, this one is even easier than the Runway!

Run forward and take a right.  If you want, you can put your gun away, because 
you don't have to fire a single shot!

After you pass some crates, gunshots will start sounding.  Don't worry, this 
is normal.  Take a left when the opportunity comes and head towards that gate.  
After a long run, you'll make it there.  Open the gate, and take a right.

You'll pass some large warehouses, but no need to go into any of them!  
Instead, run past them, and take a left.  Run past all of those graffiti 
infested crates and other oddities.  You should see a little entrance, and 
behind that, a big house.  Run through the entrance and into the house.  

You're almost there!  Open the door, run up the stairs, run past the safe, 
through another door, and down some more stairs.  Now, you're in the big 
warehouse place. There is a body armor here, but you don't need it.  Open one 
of the doors, and there's the train!  Open the train door (that yellow thing) 
and you've made it! (Objective a: Completed).

                           Level Completed

Secret Agent Walkthrough:

And of course, as you might have expected, the Secret Agent difficulty is just 
a little bit harder...

You start off in a little corner of the Depot.  Run forward and around the 
bend.  Go up to that crate on the left, and lean over the corner.  Shoot the 
Janus Marine over there in the head, and grab his D5K.  Switch to that, you're 
gonna need it!

Turn around and head for that large group of crates.  Lean over the corner of 
the big warehouse to get an easy shot at an enemy.  Run all the way over and 
get his ammo, then lean around the next corner for an easy ambush.

Once both guys are dead, run out of the crates and take a right.  There is a 
warehouse over here that has some much needed Body Armor in it.  Grab the 
armor and move on.

Run up towards that big gate.  Open it, and take the first left.  You should 
see lots of warehouses, but all of them are empty, except one...

Run up to the last warehouse on the right.  This is the important one!  
Staying on one side of the gate, aim your Deutsche, open the door, and prepare 
to fire!

If you stood one side of the gate, you just got the easy shot!  The shots that 
you fired should attract the attention of another guard, who will come running 
out to meet you.  Give him his just desserts.

Once the first two guards are dead, a few more should come.  If they don't, 
stand right where you are and start firing shots at the wall.  This should 
attract some guys!  Ambush them all as they come out from behind the boxes, 
all within easy sight of your D5K.

Once it's clear that no more guards are going to come, walk into the warehouse 
and close the door.  Sometimes, a rather nasty Marine will sneak up on you as 
you come in, but that rarely occurs.

Carefully, strafe over to the right.  Be VERY careful!  Take small, easy 
steps, until you can see a blue blotch from behind the corner of the crates.  
Shoot it!  Well, that's a drone gun, and it is very hard to destroy!  If it 
ever starts firing on you, run away!  Then, try again.

Once the TOUGH drone gun is destroyed, walk out from behind the boxes.  Watch 
out for any stray Janus goons.  Aim your gun at that big computer screen, and 
BOOM!  Once the screen is destroyed, turn around and blow up those two 
terminals.  You can't miss them (Objective a: Completed).  Good job, you just 
destroyed the computer network!

Don't leave yet, you've got one more thing to do!  Look on the table closest 
to the computer screen, on the left.  See anything?  It's the safe key 
(Objective b: Completed)!

As soon as your work is done, go back to the door, get your Deutsche ready, 
open the door, and fire!  Trust me, there is ALWAYS a guy waiting for you 

Once the first enemy is dead, you've got your work cut out for you.  Run 
outside and start shooting guards.  There's no real strategy for this place, 
you just have to be fast, and lucky!  Try to run as you shoot, it saves time.

As soon as you're past most of the guards, keep running, keeping to your left.  
When you get around the turn, you're home free.  Weave in and out of the 
crates, until you get to the open gateway.  Run through it, and open the door 
to the house.

Don't worry, there aren't any Marines in the house!  But there is something 
else!  Run upstairs, and find the safe.  Open it and grab the blueprints 
(Objective c: Completed) of the helicopter.  

Once you have that, run down the other set of stairs, through the gate, and 
into the train (Objective d: Completed).  Ignore the guards, you can shoot 
them during the cinema!

                            Level Complete

00 Agent Walkthrough:

Okay boys, you ain't seen nothin' yet!

You start off in a little corner of the Depot.  Run forward and around the 
bend.  Go up to that crate on the left, and lean over the corner.  Shoot the 
Janus Marine over there in the head, and grab his D5K.  Switch to that, you're 
gonna need it!

Turn around and head for that large group of crates.  Lean over the corner of 
the big warehouse to get an easy shot at an enemy.  Run all the way over and 
get his ammo, then lean around the next corner for an easy ambush.

Once all of the guards are dead, run for the gate.  Open the gate, and head 

Look on your right.  Go up to the second warehouse, (that is correct, the 
second warehouse) open the door, walk in, and close the door again. 

Walk on over to the right side of the boxes.  You should see at least one 
Janus goon.  Shoot the nearest one, and the two others should come running.  
Shoot them both, then prepare for a raid!

As you might have already guessed, this is the infamous Ammo Dump.  Gee, it's 
a lot smaller than I thought.  Hey, let's get looting!

First of all, run right up to the table on the right, and grab the green box.  
Wow!  Proximity Mines!  I thought those were only in Multiplayer!  These mines 
serve a purpose in this level...

As soon as you grab the mines, run back to the door, and throw a mine on it.  
This should protect you from any guards that try to ambush you.  Remember, a 
guard can NEVER open the door to a warehouse if you are inside.  They can only 
stand right outside and get blown up by the mine.

There are other weapons in here as well.  You can pick up a few D5Ks, and a 
few Soviet's (Hey, where's the ammo?).  I think the Soviet's are just here for 
show.  There's also a........Rocket Launcher.

ROCKET LAUNCHER?!?!??!?!??  All right! With 3 Rockets?  Yeah!

Now it's time to get down to business!  Run up on to the balcony, and look 
down at all those boxes.  Take one of your mines, and throw it on one of the 
middle boxes.  Pull out a gun, and shoot the mine.  That mine will blow up, 
destroying the ammo dump (Objective a: Completed) and leaving you unharmed.  
If any boxes remain, shoot them!

Once the ammo dump is gone, run back to the door.  If you were lucky, the mine 
should have exploded, killing a guy or two.  If it didn't, shoot the mine 
right now, (careful not to get too close!) hopefully killing a guy or two.

Once that explosion has died away, grab you Deutsche and run outside, shooting 
like there's no tomorrow.  After a few shots, grab your Rocket Launcher and 
shoot for the big cluster of guys that are directly in your way.  

Don't forget to aim the rocket at either the ground at their feet, or at the 
wall behind them.  This makes it a clean kill, getting rid of all three guys.  
That's the Ian way!

Once the coast is clear...run for it!  Charge back the opposite way you came, 
heading for the Janus Control Warehouse!  It's the last warehouse on the 

Run up to it, and  go over to the left side of the door.  Aim your Deutsche, 
open the door, and prepare to fire!

If you stood one side of the gate, you just got the easy shot!  The shots that 
you just fired should attract the attention of another guard, who will come 
running out to meet you.  Give him his just desserts.

Once the first two guards are dead, a few more should come.  If they don't, 
stand right where you are and start firing shots at the wall.  This should 
attract some guys!  Ambush them all as they come out from behind the boxes, 
all within easy sight of your D5K.

Once it's clear that no more guards are going to come, walk into the warehouse 
and close the door.  Sometimes, a rather nasty Marine will sneak up on you as 
you come in, but that rarely occurs.

Don't forget to put a Proximity Mine on the door to the warehouse.  A bunch of 
guys try to ambush you over here as well!

Carefully, strafe over to the right.  Be VERY careful!  Take small easy steps 
towards the corner of boxes.  Now, get out your Rocket Launcher.  Keep going 
until you can see the wall next to the computer screen.  Now...fire!  That 
Rocket should make short work of that drone gun!  Now, wasn't that easier than 
on Secret Agent?!

Once the EASY drone gun is destroyed, walk out from behind the boxes.  Watch 
out for any stray Janus goons.  Aim your gun at that big computer screen, and 
BOOM!  Once the screen is destroyed, turn around and blow up those two 
terminals.  You can't miss them (Objective b: Completed).  Good job, you just 
destroyed the computer network!

Don't leave yet, you've got one more thing to do!  Look on the table closest 
to the computer screen, on the left.  See anything?  It's the safe key 
(Objective c: Completed)!

Once all of your duties have been done, go back to your mine.  If you were 
lucky, it blew up a few guards over here, making your job a little easier.  If 
it didn't, shoot it, and hope for the best.

Grab your D5K, open the door, and start shooting!  Once all the guys right 
next to you are dead, grab your Rocket Launcher and aim for the nearest group 
of guys.  This should be your last rocket, so make it count!

Once your rocket has been fired, start running!  Madly fire, it's your only 
chance!  Strafe around a lot, it'll make you harder to hit!

When you get around the turn, you're home free.  Weave in and out of the 
crates, until you get to the open gateway.  Run through it, and open the door 
to the house.

Don't worry, there aren't any more Marines in the house!  But there is 
something else!  Run upstairs, and find the safe.  Open it and grab the 
blueprints (Objective d: Completed) of the helicopter. 

Once the blueprints have been found, it's time to blow this pop stand!  run 
through the door, down the stairs, and through the warehouse door.  Quickly 
jump into the train (Objective e: Completed) before the Janus goons can start 
firing, and you're done!

                           Level Completed

Mission 6: St. Petersburg

Part v: Train

Primary Objectives:

a: Destroy brake units
b: Rescue Natalya
c: Locate Janus secret base (Secret Agent)
d: Crack Boris' password (00 Agent)
e: Escape to safety

Available Weapons:

DD44 Dostovei
ZMG (9mm) (x2)
D5K Deutsche
RCP-90 (Agent only)
Watch Laser

Gadgets: None

Important Items: Door Key

Body Armor: None

Secrets: After you clear all of the enemies out of the first train car, look 
at the boxes on the left of the exit door.  Shoot the boxes, and you'll find a 
hidden weapon!  On Agent, it's an RCP-90, but on Secret and 00 Agent, it's 
just a lowly Dostovei.  Oh well.

Notes: The train is just a straight shoot-em up level.  And I mean that!  In 
the first cars, use the boxes for cover whenever possible, and on the later 
cars, hide inside the bathrooms and around the corners, and wait for the guys 
to come to you.  The hostage situation (Oops, didn't mean to spoil the 
ending!) in the final car can be a real hassle on 00 Agent.  I'll explain that 
later.  And above all, don't forget the brake units!


Well, here you are, aboard the train.  On your left is a big pile of boxes.  
Lean over the right corner of boxes to get a good shot at a soldier.

Be warned!  In the first two cars of the train, guys are hiding behind boxes, 
ready to pounce on you!  Okay, that's a lie, but they frequently stand up, 
fire, then duck down again.  Shooting the boxes will rarely kill them, and is 
usually just a waste of ammo.  The soldier that I told you to hit in the 
previous paragraph is ducking up and down, and it's best to shoot him as soon 
as he stand's up.

Once the first guy is dead, run up to the smaller stack of boxes leaning 
against the right wall.  Lean over the right side, and you can get a good shot 
at that guy that can't even shoot back!

Next, lean over the left side of these boxes...just a little.  If you do it 
just right, you should be able to see only one guy shooting back at you.  If 
you see two, get back behind the crates and try again.

After that guy is dead, lean over even more and get the last guy.  Once he's 
out of the picture, run out and grab a D5K and some ammo.

Agents, I've got a surprise for you!  Go over to the pile of crates on the 
left of the door.  Now shoot them!  After the explosions die down (hope you 
weren't too close!) go over to the wreckage and find....an RCP-90!  Secret and 
00 Agents can do this, but they only get a Dostovei.  Oh well, guess they'll 
have to beat the level the hard way.

The RCP-90 should be the only weapon that Agent's use throughout the entire 

And now for something completely different.  The brake unit!  It's that gray, 
metallic thing to the right of the door that blows up when you shoot it.  One 
down, five to go!

This next part is tricky if you don't know what to do.  Open the first door, 
then the second.  Now, QUICKLY jump back behind the door to the right!  From 
there, you can get a good shot at a goon hiding behind a box on the left.  

After the first guy has been disposed of, move over a little more so that you 
can get a good shot at the guy standing next to where that first guy was.  He 
can shoot at you, but his buddies can't!  Continue on in this manner until all 
of the Marines in the first half of the car are dead.  Then, grab the ammo.

One quick note, while using the tactic outlined above, the door will almost 
always close on you.  When it does, wait a while to catch your breath, then 
quickly open both doors and return to your hiding spot.

You should now be in the next car.  The row of boxes sort of forms a little 
wall that divides things a little.  Lean over the side of it, and check for a 
guard dressed in black.

Now is also a good time to note that in this car, there are two guards dressed 
in black.  They carry Deutsches, but these guys can move around, and follow 
you!  Be wary of them.

After walking around the corner, you'll find there is another little wall 
here.  This is the spot of your next shootout!

I really don't have a strategy for this one.  You can usually get past it by 
leaning over the corners and shooting the guards that way, but sometimes the 
guards will blow up the boxes, damaging you and eliminating some of your 
cover.  When this happens, hide behind the metal crates, they can't blow up!  
Also, beware the men in black.   They usually try to sneak up on you right 
about now.

Once this car has been cleared of enemies, grab all the ammo you can find, and 
shoot the next brake cable.  If you're short on ammo, try using your watch 
laser for a while (but not TOO long!) or try a few head shots.

This next car is a LOT easier, so don't sweat it too much.  Open the next door 
and shoot the enemy right in front of you.  Now, walk in, and stay put, under 
the cover of that corner!  Make sure that you're not in the direct line of 
fire for any nasty soldiers lurking in the hallway!

Any second now, the guys will start coming.  And there's quite a few of them!  
Just shoot them as they come around the corner.  Once you are absolutely 
positive that there are no more enemies in the hallway, walk out and grab the 

Turn around quick!  As soon as you get about halfway down the hall, you'll 
hear the sound of a door opening.  This sound means death!  Run back the way 
you came, firing all the while.  You should kill the soldier that came out of 
the locked room, before he kills you!

After that little confrontation with a soldier, run to the end of the car and 
shoot out the next brake unit.

This next car is almost exactly like the previous car.  As soon as you run in, 
there is a guy.  Shoot him, and duck behind the corner.  Again, the guys will 
start coming, this time in greater numbers.  When they are all dead run out of 

...and back into a new spot!  Look on the right for a glass door.  Open it, 
and duck inside the little room.  Don't worry, this important.  A little while 
later, two guys will come running up the hall up to your room.  Shoot them 
before they can shoot you.

There is one final guy in this car.  He is standing at the very end, with his 
back to you.  Make his death even cooler with a head shot!

What?  No brake unit?  It's back at the beginning of the car.  Well?  What are 
you waiting for?  Run back and get it!

This next car will be the undoing of many top notch 00 Agents.  As soon as you 
open the door, get ready to shoot!  There will be a guy here with either a 
D5K, or 2 ZMGs (9mm).  If you get ZMGs, grab 'em!  They rock!  

The next room is a little tricky.  Aim your weapon(s), and open the door.  If 
there is a Man in Black at the far end of the room, shoot him.  If there is no 
one, turn to the left, lean over the corner, and shoot yet another soldier.  
You should probably get ZMGs in this room, if you haven't already.

Okay, if you thought that was hard (which it really wasn't), you ain't seen 
nothin' yet!  Open the next door, then AS FAST AS YOU POSSIBLY CAN, duck 
backwards and to the left.  Hide behind the wall, it's your only chance!

Right now, several TOUGH guys, all armed with ZMGs, are coming to have an all-
out firefight with you.  Are you ready?  No?  Well, too bad!

If you die in this spot, tough luck.  If not, smile, laugh, and bravely 
continue on.

After the shootout, enter another room, this one has the same guy amounts as 
in that first green room back there.  Use the same strategy as the previous 
green room.

The next hallway only has one enemy in it.  It also has a brake unit!  Don't 
worry, we're almost done!

The next room only has one regular Janus marine.  If you were to go further, 
you would find a locked door, but there's no time for that now.  Turn around 
and shoot the brake unit.  It should be the last one (Objective a: Completed).  
If not, forshame, and go back and get the one that you missed.

After the train screeches to a halt, turn around and get ready for an ambush!  
Two ZMG guys are going to come from behind the locked door.  One of them will 
drop a key, and you need this if you want to get behind that locked door!

Anyway, arm your best weapon (2 ZMGs or an RCP-90), take a deep breath, and 
enter the locked room.

Holy smokes!  It's all of your old enemies!  Ouromov is right in the middle of 
the room, holding Natalya at bay with his Dostovei of Death (It's not really 
called that, but I just think it sounds cool).  And of course, Trevelyn (the 
bad guy) and his girlfriend Xenia (the henchman) are hanging out at the back 
of the train.

When you walk in, Trevelyn will say "James, what an unpleasant surprise.  Do 
come in."  Start taking small steps, until Trevelyn says "That's close 

Now's the time where everything changes!  Agents and Secret Agents should use 
this paragraph.  00 Agents, skip down to the next paragraph.

Agents and Secret Agents, carefully aim your weapon.  Don't worry, you have 
plenty of time (Trevelyn is going to be rambling on for a while)!  Aim the 
crosshair at Ouromov's head.  Fire a few bullets (In case you miss, or 
something) trying not to hit Natalya (Objective b: Completed).  If all goes 
well, Ouromov is toast, and Trevelyn will escape again!

Now for the 00 Agents!  When YOU walk into the room, slide over to the right 
as far as you can.  Then, walk forward until Trevelyn yells at you.  Look way 
in the background.  Do you see Xenia?  You might not if you have a small TV, 
or a bad one.  Take a deep breath, aim at Ouromov, then fire, not taking your 
finger off the aiming button.  Quickly!  After hitting Ouromov, move the 
crosshair over the Xenia and keep firing!  She should yell "Wait for me Alec, 
I'm hit!," which essentially gives you a lot more time to complete the level!  
Hopefully, Natalya survived (Objective b: Completed).  If not, restart, and 
try again.  Don't feel bad if you can't do it, it takes a LOT of practice!   
Warning: You do not need to attempt this trick unless you are on 00 Agent!

I hope that we're all in the same place now!  Natalya is rescued, and we're 
stuck in Trevelyn's Evil Trap!  How will we ever escape????  Well, he does 
give you one hint...

"Good luck with the floor James."

Now, a one minute timer will start counting down.

Did you see the movie?  Oh well.  Grab your Watch Laser, and run into the 
corner of the room.  There is a little trapdoor here, and you have to cut off 
all the metal bolts with your laser.  This is tricky at first, but it's easy 
to get the hang of it.  Be careful, you have a limited supply of ammo!  Once 
all the bolts are sliced, the trapdoor will fall, giving you a way of escape.

Listen up!  While you're busy with the floor, Natalya is busy doing what she 
does best, mindlessly hacking on the enemy computers!  If you are on Secret or 
00 Agent, you need her to hack some stuff for you.  Agents can simply jump out 
right now, and Natalya will follow.

Secret Agents, wait.  Natalya will start talking about finding out where 
they're going, then yell out, "He's in Cuba!" (Objective c: Completed).  Now, 
all Secret Agents can escape.

00 Agents, wait.  After Natalya finds the base, she has the crack Boris' 
password.  Remember Boris? That guy from the first Bunker?  Oh well.  Anyway, 
after more hacking, Natalya will get the password (Objective d: Completed) and 
you're off!

I hope all you 00 remembered to do the Xenia thing, because you NEVER have 
enough time to crack the password and escape unless you get more time!

Now, you're outside!  Run like a madman towards the horizon!  Guys behind you 
are firing, but there's no time!  The train will explode, and hopefully you 
can avoid that explosion and escape with Natalya (Objective e: Completed).

Well...that was something!

                           Level Completed

                         Mission 6: Completed


Mission 7: Cuba

Part i: Jungle

Primary Objectives:

a: Destroy drone guns
b: Eliminate Xenia
c: Blow up ammo dump (Secret Agent)
d: Escort Natalya to Janus base

Available Weapons:

AR33 Assault Rifle
Grenade Launcher (Can be paired with RCP-90)
Remote Mine

Gadgets: Detonator

Important Items: None

Body Armor: 3 (One of these is not on 00 Agent)

Secrets: None

Notes: Some people are good at the Jungle, and others can't stand it!  You 
should duck around a lot, hiding behind trees and so on.  This is the best way 
to avoid front on firefights, and ambush the enemy.  Also, try and get the 
drone guns from as far away as possible.  This might be tough on low 
resolution TVs, but try your best!


You start off by your wrecked plane, stranded in the jungle with Natalya.  
Don't fool around with that plane, it blows up!

Anyway, run forward and duck into the trees on your left.  Soon, some Jungle 
Commandos should be coming after you.  Lean over the sides of the trees and 
ambush them with your PP7.  After three or four guys, run out and grab some 
Assault Rifles!

it is very important that you understand the ammo shortage in the jungle.  On 
Agent, there is really no problem.  But on 00, you'll be running out of 
Assault Rifle ammo pretty quickly.  The best way to avoid this is to use your 
PP7 in the beginning of the level, then switch to AR33 as soon as you get a 
reasonable amount of ammo.

Once the first wave of soldiers has been eliminated, duck behind the trees on 
the right.  Using the scope on the Assault Rifle, you should be able to get a 
good shot at some soldiers and the first drone gun!

You have to remember those drone guns!  They are very important, namely 
because they'll shoot at you!  You can save yourself some life if you use your 
rifle scope to nail the guns from far away.  The only real way to accomplish 
this is through lots of practice.

Lean over the side of the tree and get rid of a drone gun and a few more 
soldiers.  Natalya can usually get rid of a few guys at this point, after all, 
she does have a Cougar Magnum!

Once the guys and the drone gun are out of the way, run into the clearing and 
grab the ammo.  There is a also a body armor hidden in the bushes on the left 
side of the clearing.  

The next part of the level is pretty much the same as the first.  You walk 
down a little path, meet a few guys, hide behind some trees, and nail another 
drone gun in the clearing.  This clearing has a lot of guys in it, so proceed 
with caution!  If you wound a few, they'll come at you with rifles drawn, so 
try to aim for the head when sniping!

Also, don't forget about Natalya!  The guards won't usually try to kill her, 
and if she dies, it's most likely because of a mislaid grenade, or because you 
shot her!  Keep her alive, after all, she never misses.

There is also another body armor "hidden" here.  It's really in plain site 
near the back wall (of trees).  If you're doing fine on life, leave it and 
come back for it later.

Yet again we have the same drill.  Path full of guys, ambush the drone gun in 
the clearing, yakkity yak.  Be wary of this drone gun, there is a lot of "fog" 
(jungle steam) in this part of the level.  On Agent and Secret Agent, there is 
a body armor hidden in the bushes by the guard tower.

And now, for the moment you've all been waiting for.  Walk down the next path, 
and you'll see an old rickety bridge.  Oh no, a troll lives under this bridge!  
Close, but no cigar.  It's Xenia!

There are several ways to "eliminate" Xenia, and I've listed a few methods in 
the Supervillains Section of the FAQ.  But, for right now, I'm just going to 
list the best method.

Before you walk on to the bridge, bring out your remote mines.  Aim carefully, 
and throw two or three on to the center of the bridge.  Now, pull out your 
detonator and go hide in the trees to the left of the bridge.  If all goes 
well, Natalya should position herself right in front of the bridge, just out 
of range of the explosives.

After a little while, Xenia will appear, saying her famous line from the 
movie.  Watch the bridge.  When the comes running up to the middle of 

The resulting KABOOM shouldn't be enough to deep six Xenia on 00 Agent, but 
it's a start.

Pull out your Assault Rifle and start firing madly at Xenia.  No time to show 
off with head shots!  You should still be hidden in the trees, so Xenia 
shouldn't pull out her grenade launcher, but will instead rely heavily on her 
RCP-90.  Natalya will also be firing at Xenia, and that Cougar Magnum don't 
mess around!

After Xenia's untimely death, (Objective b: Completed) grab her RCP-90 and 
Grenade Launcher, and proceed across the bridge.  When you get to the end of 
the bridge, aim your rifle to your left.  You should see a drone gun on a 
small mound.  Don't say I never did anything for you.

Oh yeah, a word to the wise.  Don't use the RCP-90 unless you run out of rifle 
bullets.  In this level, any weapon without a scope is basically useless.

Now, we venture into the cave.  Walk into the final jungle clearing, and hide 
behind the big tree near the entrance to the cave.  Pull out your Assault 
Rifle and start firing madly.  This should attract the attention of three or 
so commandos.  Get rid of them as they walk out of the cave.

Hey, where you going?  We're not finished yet!  Aim your Assault Rifle in to 
the left side of the cave, to the left of that little passageway.  There is a 
drone gun there.  Whew, glad you knew about that one!

Walk into the cave and up a little path.  You should come to a big room, 
straight out of a dream (or a Goldeneye Multiplayer Level).  Aim at the 
soldier standing guard on the right side, fire, then duck back into the 
shadows.  His friend should come after you, get him as he comes around the 

WARNING: Do NOT attempt to climb up that suspicious looking ladder.  I'll tell 
you why later.  You have been warned.

All that firing should attract the attention of more soldiers.  They come out 
of that little door on the right.  These guys have a high tendency to use 
grenades, so watch out!  Also, try and get Natalya to go away while you ambush 
the few guys stupid enough to walk around that corner in plain site of your 
weapon.  Some things never change...

After all of the guys that are going to come have, walk around that corner.  
Lean over the side, and get rid of the guys behind the boxes.  The easiest way 
to do this is to lean over a little bit at a time, so at only one soldier can 
see you at once.  As soon as that is done, run over and grab some ammo and 
maybe a grenade or two.

Don't run up that next passage!  Instead, run back to that big room with the 
ladder.  It's show time!

Pull out your grenade launcher.  And ONLY the grenade launcher, that is, don't 
go around trying to pair it with the RCP-90.  Stand at the base of the ladder, 
aim at the little hole at the top, and fire!

If you're lucky, you'll here a great Kaboom.  You'll know the sound, because 
it will be a bigger explosion than just a regular grenade.  If not, try again.  
There is a rather nasty drone gun up there, and you have to blow it up!  If 
you don't blow it up (ran out of explosives?) then go back into the room with 
the boxes, and run up the path.

If you went up the path, listen up!  There is usually a guy at the top.  Get 
rid of him, then aim to your left.  You should see a drone gun.  Blow it up, 
Then run over to that little nook.  A swarm of guys will start firing and 
grenading you, but they can't hit you once you get to that little area where 
the drone gun was.

Anyone who went up the ladder, like I suggested before, would find themselves 
up in that same little nook.  Only, thing is, you'll also be facing the back 
end of a drone gun.  If I were you, I'd get rid of it!

Anyway, now that you're here, blow up that other drone gun that has it's back 
to you (Objective a: Completed).  If you linger too long, it'll turn around 
and you'll be in trouble.  

One more thing to do!  See those little boxes?  Well, that's the ammo dump.  
Wow, looks a lot smaller than the one at the Depot!  Throw a remote mine on 
it, then shoot (or detonate) the mine.  It should blow up all (Objective c: 
Completed) or most of the ammo dump.  If you don't get the mission completed 
sign, you're either on Agent, or you missed a box.  If you missed a box, then 
blow it up!

Let's see now, we've completed all of the mission objectives, made it to the 
end of the level, and Natalya is still alive.  Well, guess we're done.  Wrong!  
The trickiest part of the level still remains!

Stand in your little nook, and pull out whatever explosives that you might 
have left, not including remote mines.  Aim all the way at the end of the 
room, by the boxes with all the enemies, and shoot!

You should try to spread the explosives all around the far side of the room 
(i.e., don't throw them all in one place!), or, if you only have one grenade, 
throw it towards the center.

Now, let's roll!  Pull out your RCP-90, and start running across the room, 
shooting wildly!  Stop to wound guys, but don't go for an overkill.  Simply 
concentrate on running as fast as possible.  Don't worry about Natalya, she's 
right behind you!

When you get past the boxes (assuming you even live that long), take a right 
and keep going!  There are a few guys here, but not enough to cause problems.  
Just try to shoot them and keep running for the elevator.

Once you get to the elevator (lucky you) Natalya will automatically come in 
there with you (Objective d: Completed), if she's still alive.  If she is, 
then congratulations, the worst is yet to come!

                           Level Completed

Mission 7: Cuba

Part ii: Control

Primary Objectives:

a: Protect Natalya
b: Disable Goldeneye satellite
c: Destroy armored mainframes

Available Weapons:

D5K Deutsche
Remote Mine

Gadgets: Detonator

Important Items: None

Body Armor: 2

Secrets: On the very top floor of the Janus control room, there is a little 
vent that you can crawl into.  There is a very helpful body armor hidden here.

Notes: Off the record, the Control is the hardest level in the game.  And I 
mean that!  The average Goldeneye player should be able to complete the level 
no problem, if it wasn't for the Natalya Shootout.  That's just my little name 
for.  The hard thing about the Natalya Shootout is that it's different every 
time.  Just keep at it, and within a little (or long) while, you should be 
able to get the hang of it.

The second body armor mentioned is in one of the back rooms by the lockers.  I 
don't usually go for it.


You start off right where you left off, in that elevator you took out of the 
Jungle Cave.  Don't leave yet!  This place is booby trapped!  Or, at least it 
is on Secret and 00 Agent.  Agents can ignore the next section.

Open the elevator door, but stay there!  Squat down, then turn a little bit to 
the left, then move back.  This takes a lot of practice to do correctly, but 
if you succeed, you'll have an easy shot at a hovering drone gun!

Once that first gun is destroyed, exit the elevator (Natalya will stay in the 
"lift" while you go off on a killing spree) and go up to that corner.  Do not 
walk around the corner yet!  Fire a few random PP7 shots, which should attract 
the attention of three nearby Jungle Commandos.  Try to use head shots here, 
because they have high power D5Ks, and you have a lowly PP7.

After a rather short shootout, grab a Deutsche and get ready to nail another 
drone gun!  This time, make it sop that the left side of your body is facing 
the little wall with that corner.  A drone gun should start firing here.  Pick 
it off nicely with your new weapon.

Watch out, there's one more!  Carefully move out from behind the corner, and 
walk around the next corner.  Now, aim for the ceiling and you should get a 
good shot at the non-lethal end of a drone gun.  It's the last one.

And of course, as I said before, there are no drone guns on Agent.

Now, go around that bend where the drone gun was (Man, there are a lot of 
corners in this place, or at least, in this FAQ), lean over the side, and hit 
a guy with a few bullets.  One of his friends will come running up, so get rid 
of him too.

Hey, where do you think you're going?  There's one more guy left.  There is a 
tiny hallway on the side of the room opposite where the two guys that you just 
shot were.  Lean over the corner of that hallway and surprise the soldier 
that's over there.

There, all finished!  Run back to the elevator, and grab Natalya.  She will 
make a comment about your physical condition, then follow you to that little 
computer where that last guy was.  

Natalya will start doing what she does best, while you hang out on the 
sidelines.  After a short wait, she'll do something right and get a door open.  
Run over to that open door right now.

As soon as you get to that recently unlocked door, get your Deutsche ready.  
Look at the far side of the hall (a scope would really come in handy here!) 
and fire a few shots at the two guys hiding over there.  Make sure you kill 
them, if not, you'll regret it.

This next part is pretty tricky.  The guys on the other side of the hallway 
tend to throw lots of grenades, so watch your step!

Kneel down, and start going as fast as you can down the hallway.  If you 
remembered to kneel, you shouldn't get hit by any stray bullets.  

Now we come to the of the hallway.  There's not much here, only some ammo and 
a box of remote mines.  Those mines are really important, so don't waste them!

Here comes a big sneaky...thing.  Run up to the side of the entrance to where 
all of the soldiers are.  Use the old process of "lean out so you can only 
face one guy at a time" strategy to get rid of all of the guys over here.  And 
watch out for stray grenades!

If you're having trouble with this part, try using a remote mine to blow up 
thev guards.  It really works great!

Once you've grabbed all of the ammo, and maybe a grenade or two, continue on 
to the next room.  There are two or three guys in the rock hallway, but they 
shouldn't be any problem.  There are also two more guys in the room after that 
rock hallway, they aren't any trouble either.

Explosives fans rejoice!  This next part is for you!  Run up the stairs and 
over to the door at the top.  Grab a remote mine and throw it on the door, 
then detonate it!  You should hear two death moans from inside.  As soon as 
you do this, switch back to your Deutsche and wait for two more guys to come 
running out into an easy ambush.

After that shootout, walk through that door and down the next flight of 
stairs.  Through the next door we will find Boris.  You might remember him 
from the Bunker.  Well, as you did in that level, DON'T SHOOT HIM!  If you do, 
Natalya is going to be very angry, plus, you'll fail the mission!  

Instead, Boris will try to defend himself by pulling out a gun, which you can 
easily take from him, either that, or he will drop it.  Grab the ammo, you 
need it!  As soon as you turn around, Boris will shout his famous line "I am 
Invincible!" and run up the stairs.  Don't follow him...yet.

See those two computer terminals?  Grab your remote mines, and throw a mine on 
each one.  But DO NOT DETONATE THE MINES YET!  Sorry for the Capital letters, 
but it's very important!  After planting the mines, run up the stairs.

When you get to the top of the first set of stairs, stop.  Now, fire a few D5K 
shots, then run down the stairs.  That shooting should attract the attention 
of two Janus goons, who will happily walk down the stairs so that you can 
ambush them.

Once the two guards are dead, run all the way to the top of the stairs and 
take a left.  At the end of this little hallway is Boris' Secret Hideaway.  
There's not much here, only a Body Armor.  

Wow!  A Body Armor!  Darn right that's important!  It's one of the most 
important Body Armors in the game!  Uh, sure.....I knew that....

Anyway, run back down to the second floor.  At the end of each of those 
hallways, there is another computer terminal.  Once again, throw a mine on 
both of them, but Don't Detonate!

Before the Natalya Shootout (yippee), we've got one more thing to do!  Go back 
to the first floor, and open the only other unlocked door on that floor 
besides the one you came through.  Quick!  Back away!

Why should you back away?  Well, there are two drone guns in that room that 
are aimed at your head!  Back away, far enough so that they can't shoot you, 
and then shoot them.  

Usually, right in the middle of the fight, some soldiers will come out of the 
room to get you.  If you hear the sound of enemy gunfire, hide beside the door 
an ambush the guys as they come out!

When the nasty soldiers in that room have been defeated, go back to your drone 
gun shootout.  Remember to stand far away from the door as you pick off the 

Wait!  Don't go running into the room yet!  There are more drone guns that you 
can't see!  NOTE: These drone guns I'm talking about are not on Agent mode, so 
you guys can go ahead.

Slide into the little hallway that separates the drone gun room with the room 
where Boris was.  VERY carefully, face right, then lean over that corner into 
the room.  If you hear bullets, retreat and try again.  If you get it just 
right, you can knock out a drone gun where it can't see you.  Repeat the 
process with the second drone gun on the opposite side.

Finally, you can run into the room.  There isn't much here, just a terminal!  
It's all the way at the back of the room on the right side.  Throw a mine on 
it, but DO NOT DETONATE THE MINES YET!  Don't worry, it's coming up!

Once that mine has been placed, run back up to the second floor, (by the back 
stairs) take a left, and open that big bulky door that's built into the rock.  
Go through it, and find Natalya!  Geez, she could've come earlier and helped 
her out with that Magnum of hers...

And now, for the moment, you've all been waiting for... the Natalya Shootout 
(unenthusiastic hooray).

Run down into the Central Control Room (that place with the big screen) and 
pull out your Deutsche.  Natalya will run up to the computer and start typing.  
Run up right behind her, and start shooting tables.  No, I'm serious.  Shoot 
them.  Those dang things get in the way!

WARNING: Do not shoot the computer in the middle.  Doing this will cause you 
to fail the mission.

Once all the tables have blown up, take a position right behind Natalya.  Put 
your back to hers, and get ready!  From this vantage point, you should be able 
to turn so that you can see both sets of stairs, as well as the panes of glass 
on the far left and right.  These are the places where guys will come from.

After a few seconds, an alarm will go off (Nice going Natalya!) and Jungle 
Commandos will start coming.  I'm not going to bother with a full walkthrough 
of this section, but here are some things to keep in mind.

Keep turning and looking at both sets of spiral stairs!  That's the main place 
that guys come from.  Don't waste time shooting the guys up top, instead, get 
them as they run down the stairs, or as the stand stupidly at the base of the 
staircase and start shooting.  Some guys, instead of standing around, will run 
over to the back of the room to go for Natalya, so be wary of them!

Most importantly of all, watch the glass at the far left and far right of the 
room!  Every game, without fail, some guy will come from behind there, shoot 
the glass, and go for Natalya.  If you hear the sound of breaking glass, drop 
everything (even if you're involved in a high stakes shootout) and turn over 
behind you to scope out those panes of glass.  These annoying guys are usually 
the reason you fail the mission.

And lastly, watch your ammo!  If you ever run low, run up to the nearest set 
of stairs, and grab some bullets.  By the time you run out of ammo, there 
should be a big pile of guns over there.

Anyway, after a long and difficult shootout, Natalya will deactivate the 
Goldeneye satellite (Objective b: Completed) and run away.  Don't worry if it 
takes you a while to get this far, it takes a lot of practice!

When Natalya is running, shoot any guys that are right in front of her, or 
about to shoot her.  Try not to shoot Natalya! As soon as she gets out of 
site, take the nearest exit (usually one of the panes of glass that a guy shot 
out for you) and head for Trevelyn!

About this time, Natalya should escape (Objective a: Completed).  Well, that's 
the last of her!  She wasn't any real help anyway!

Now that the soldiers have come, all of the doors are unlocked!  Open the one 
to the right of the back stairs, and to the left of where the room with the 
drone guns is.  

There is a guy at the other end of the room, so shoot him!  Doing so will 
attract his friends in the room, so shoot them too!  And hurry up!  There are 
dozens of guys chasing you!  Close the door behind you as you enter.

Guess what's in this room?  The last mainframe!  Throw a mine on the glass, 
then you can detonate!  There should be several explosions, blowing up every 
terminal that you laid a mine on (Objective c: Completed).

You're almost there!  Open the next door and shoot the guy right there!  Run 
around the boxes and head left!  Trevelyn will shout something at you, but 
that doesn't matter now!  Keep going!

I call this the Home Stretch.  Never stop running here!  Use Auto-Aim to shoot 
the soldiers that are in front of you, but don't stop to do unnecessary 
shooting!  Just keep going!  

If you make it to the elevator, you can have a big party by your N64, complete 
with yelling and jumping up and down, because you just beat the hardest level 
in the game!

                          Level Completed

Mission 7: Cuba

Part iii: Caverns

Primary Objectives:

a: Destroy inlet pump controls (Secret Agent)
b: Destroy outlet pump controls (Secret Agent)
c: Destroy master control console (Secret Agent)
d: Use radio to contact Jack Wade (00 Agent)
e: Minimize scientist casualties

Available Weapons:

DD44 Dostovei (Not Recommended)
ZMG (9mm) (x2)
AR33 Assault Rifle (x2)
RCP-90 (x2) (Double RCP-90s are not recommended)
Auto Shotgun (Not recommended)
Timed Mine

Gadgets: None

Important Items: Code Cards (3)

Body Armor 2 (The one by the first pump is Agent Only, the one in the big room 
is Secret Agent Only)

Secrets: In the room with the Master Control Console (the big room) run over 
to the right side of the room.  There is a special wooden box against the 
wall.  Shoot it, and another box will pop out.  Repeat this, and two boxes 
will fall out.  Shoot each one, and you will find two televisions.  Shoot each 
one, and find 2 AR33s!

There is also extra ammo hidden here, every single box in the caverns has 
either ammo for a ZMG, or an AR33!

Notes: The Caverns in one big level.  And, of course, the bigger a level is, 
the more enemies there are in it.  That's why most 00 Agents tend to run low 
on ammo.  To avoid this, frequently switch between the ZMG (or RCP-90) and the 
Assault rifle.  Try blowing up the wooden boxes with your mines to get the 
ammo inside.

Anyone on Agent Level who wants to easily beat the Caverns should see "The 
Race" in the Miscellaneous Section of the FAQ.


You start off in the elevator, right where you were when you left the Control.  
Only, for some reason, you have a ZMG.  Hmmmmmm, I wonder where you got it?  
probably the same place you found the Timed Mines.

Open the door, and prepare for a shootout!  There are three guys waiting for 
you outside the elevator, and more are coming.  Try not to get hit.  When the 
first three are dead, exit the elevator, grab the ammo, and watch the door.  
Like I said, some more guys are coming.

Open the next door and run down the stairs.  You can usually find an AR33 
Assault Rifle on the way down (being held by an angry Janus goon, of course!).  
I don't use the Rifle until later, because of a lack of ammo.  It's best to 
switch between the two guns frequently (AR33 and ZMG) to save ammo on each 

After the stairs there are two guys guarding another door.  You can hide 
around the corner of the railing, in plain site, and they still won't see you.  
I often use this handy trick throughout the Caverns.  Try to get head shots 
off the two soldiers, then open the door.

Of course, there is always a guy guarding the other side of the door.  Shoot 
him, then continue along the walkway.  Bump off a second guy guarding a second 
door.  Now, go back to the first door, and go down the stairs.  There is a 
third, and last guy guarding the little hallway in between the two rooms.  
Agents will find a helpful body armor down here.

Secret and 00 Agents have a job to do.  They have to blow up both large 
computers in each of the rooms.  But watch out!  There are scientists in here 
that like to guard these computers, and get caught in the explosion, causing 
you to fail your mission.  

The best way to get the scientists to leave is to run up to them holding a 
gun.  Make sure the gun is pointed towards their face.  This will usually make 
them run away, but sometimes they just stand there with arms up.  If this 
happens, simply fire a shot or two over their heads.  This usually causes them 
to run away.

Use your timed mines on the computers (Objective a: Completed).  This saves 
ammo, and makes the mission seem more cool.

Now is the time to grab some ammo.  Throw a few mines on the big pile of 
boxes, then wait for it to blow up.  Failing to wait may cause a 
few...injuries.  Then, grab a bunch of AR33 and ZMG ammo!

Once you're finished with computers and ammo, run up the stairs and out the 
next door.  There may or may not be a guard on the other side, so be prepared!  

You are now in the spiral room.  It goes around and around and around and 
around (Dang, I'm getting kind of dizzy).  There are two guards walking 
mindlessly up and down the passage.  I try to snipe them with my Rifle scope, 
but a direct confrontation will also work in most cases.  Be sure to snipe the 
guard at the very top!

This next part is tricky.  There are about a million guards on the other side 
of that door.  Well, maybe a little less than that.  Anyway, open the first 
door, then the second, and run away!

Run down the circular staircase a little ways, then wait.  A few guys should 
come out, and you should easily be able to shoot them as they come running 
down to get you.  One of these guys has 2 ZMGs!  Joy!

Get out your 2 ZMGs (or Assault Rifle if you're out of ammo) and run into the 
room.  Go around that corner, and fire on the guys standing guard.  It should 
be a short fire fight.

Once again, we find ourselves in another room filled with ammo boxes.  You 
know what to do.  And don't afraid to use all of your mines in here either.  
You won't need them anymore, you'll have all the ammo you want to waste on 

Grab your AR33 (you'll need the scope) and open the door.  Told you that you 
would need the scope!  Fire on the guy at the other end of the walkway, then 
at his friends that come running.  Afterwards, run over and grab some ammo.

Pull out your gun of choice, and run along the Cavern walkways.  There are a 
lot of easy ambushes here, at least, they're easy if you use the "hide along 
the walkway where the guys can't see you" trick.  Continue all the way to the 
end of the walkway, ignoring the first door.

Once you've reached the last door, use your AR33 to snipe out the two goons 
standing guard.  One of them drops a special code card, and remember to pick 
that up later!  For now, fire a few shots with your most ammo filled gun.  
This should attract the attention of some guys on the bottom walkway.  They'll 
come running up to get you, and you can ambush them as they come running 
around the corner, as usual.

Once the shootout is over, grab the ammo and the code card, and run down the 
stairs.  There are a few guys left down here, shoot them now so they don't 
come running for you later!

As soon as you're done with that, run all the way back to the last door on the 
walkway (the place where you got the code card), grab an Assault Rifle, and 
shoot through the glass window.  This should attract a few guys that will come 
running out, which you can easily ambush.  You should find another code card, 
and an RCP-90!

Agents: Turn back now before it's too late!  Maybe that's a little strict, but 
there is no need for you to continue.  If you want, go back to the second door 
on the walkway.  I'll see you there!

Stay on your Rifle, despite all temptations to switch to the RCP-90.  Open the 
door, run into the room, and grab a Body Armor that's there on Secret Agent.  
Oh well, guess 00 Agents are out of luck.

Run over to the left side of the big platform that looks like a stage.  Aim 
your rifle across the room and get rid of that annoying guy that's shooting at 

Now, for a very hard part!  00 Agents have to save a radio, which is hidden up 
on the stage, surrounded by cans of gasoline, the Master Control Console, 
scientists, and trigger happy bad guys.  Now, any mislaid shot by you or a guy 
will cause that whole place to blow up.

The best way to save the radio is to stay where you are, and carefully use 
your Rifle to give head shots to all the guys hiding behind the crates.  There 
are five of them.  Please, try not to hit any scientists!

Once you're positive that all of the bad guys up on the stage are dead, run up 
there and use the radio.  You'll magically get the right frequency, and call 
Jack Wade (Objective d: Completed), who says he will bring in some 
reinforcements.  Some reinforcements, you never get any real help from them!

Once the radio has been used, grab some ammo, and shoot one of the gas 
barrels.  This will cause the whole thing to explode, destroying the Master 
Control Console (Objective c: Completed).  Make sure you get out of the way 
before shooting!

WARNING: Do not shoot the barrels until all of the scientists have left the 
stage.  You don't want to fail your objective now, do you?

Once that's done, grab some ammo.  Hey, it's all in the boxes!

Oh yes, there is one special box in this room.  It's in the right corner of 
the room.  If you shoot it, another box will pop out.  Hmmmmmm, that's odd.  
Better shoot it!  Doing so will release another box.  Shooting that box will 
give you two more boxes.  If you shoot these, than a TV will pop out of each 
one.  Shoot the TVs to find...

Double Assault Rifles!  All right! Yeah!

Anyway, when you're finished, exit this room the way you came.  Ignore the big 
door, it's locked.  

Go all the way back along the walkway until you get to that second door.  Pull 
out your RCP-90 (Yeah!) and open the door.  Turn to your left, and shoot the 
guy over there.  He should attack you, so get rid of him quick!  If more guys 
come, exit the doorway and wait for them in the hall.

There is also a drone gun in this room.  It's on the left side, just above the 
big door.  Be sure to blow it up before continuing on.

Now then.  There are lots of guys in this room, but no particular strategy for 
killing them.  There are two behind the file cabinets on the right, and a few 
more at the bottom of the stairs.  All I can say is "Try to stay out of the 
direct line of fire, and never take on two guys at once!"  

Good luck.

When this room is emptied of guys, run down to the bottom and shoot the two 
computers next to the big pump, then the one in the corner.  Congratulations, 
you just destroyed the outlet pump controls (Objective b: Completed), which 
make it so Janus can't hide their satellite underwater!  Yay!

This is the big moment.  Take your AR33s (Single, or Double) and go up to that 
big door.  Press B (to open the door) and kneel down.  As the door opens, aim 
your weapon, and you should see two guards at the other end of the hall.  Get 
rid of them.

Grab the ammo, then open that door on the right wall.  Get ready to shoot just 
like you did before, because there are guards over here too!  It is very 
important that you close the door behind you, you'll see why in a minute.

Are you ready?  Take a deep breath, and get on your AR33s.  Open the first 
door, then the second, and step backwards out of the doorway!  Trevelyn will 
yell at you, but ignore him.  Fire your guns at the two drone guns firing at 
you from the ceiling.  Remember, there are two!

Once the two drone guns have blown up, start running and firing like there's 
no tomorrow!  And there won't be if you don't kill any guy that shoots at you 
in this last room.  Be quick, because there are guys coming after you with 2 
RCP-90s and Auto Shotguns!

Use the same mad run and fire tactic that you did at the end of the Control.  
With luck, you should make it to the elevator, essentially beating the level.

Wait!  You didn't kill any scientists, did you?  If you did, you lose!  If you 
didn't (Objective e: Complete) pat yourself on the back, you just beat the 

                              Level Complete

Mission 7: Cuba

Part iv: Cradle

Primary Objectives:

a: Destroy control console
b: Settle the score with Trevelyn

Available Weapons:

ZMG (9mm) (x2)
AR33 Assault Rifle

Gadgets: None

Important Items: None

Body Armor: 5

Secrets: The Body Armors mentioned above are hidden on each side of the 
antenna (those long walkways), including by where you start off.  The fifth 
one is "hidden" behind a big machine in the shed opposite where the control 
console is.

Notes: I DO NOT recommend getting the other three body armors hidden on each 
end of the antenna cradle.  It just wastes time, and, by the time you get over 
and back, some smart-aleck (no pun intended) guy has already shot the dickens 
out of you.

I didn't go into very much detail on beating Trevelyn in this part of the FAQ.  
That's because there are so many different ways to defeat him.  For more 
information on Trevelyn, see the Supervillains section of my FAQ.


You start off at the very end of the antenna.  If you hurry, you could catch 
Trevelyn now (OK, that's a lie if I ever heard one), or you could prepare 
yourself for the battle ahead.  What I mean is, there's a body armor over here 
behind the pillar!

This next part is tricky.  Pull out your PP7 and start running.  Somewhere 
around the halfway point of the walkway, a guy will magically appear at the 
other end, and Auto Aim will jerk your PP7 upwards.  This is your cue to start 
firing, and keep firing until you can actually see that this guy is dead.  

I've said it before, and I'll say it again: "Thank you Auto Aim!"

Now, unfortunately, sometimes luck will run against you, and you will not kill 
that nasty soldier, and he will instead greatly wound you.  If this happens, 
restart and try again.

Grab the two ZMGs that the guy dropped.  Watch out, because there are two more 
guys coming from the right.  Shoot them before they can shoot you.  Oh no, 
there are two more coming from the left.  Shoot them too.  

NOTE: A little while before this, a sign should have appeared that says 
"Trevelyn has activated the control console," and a timer will appear.  You 
now have to blow up that console before the timer runs out.  It's really no 
big deal, but I just wanted to let you know.

Take the left path, then take the next right walkway.  This one leads down to 
the center.  There is also a guy here shooting at you.  Shoot him before he 
can do any serious damage.

Run down the stairs to the space with the two sheds.  There is another guy 
here, and more are coming!  Quickly, open the left shed, and Heeeeeeeeeeeres 
Trevelyn!  Pump him full of lead, and he'll shout at you and run away.

This is your cue to back up, because the two drone guns over here don't mess 
around!  Shoot them from a distance, and you should be fine.  Watch out for 
guys sneaking up on you while you're shooting those drone guns.

Now, you can run into the shed.  Go over behind that big machine, and there's 
the control console.  Blow it up (Objective a: Completed) and you just saved 
the world.  Congratulations, now you've got to save your life!

As I mentioned before, there are lots of ways to beat Trevelyn, so many, in 
fact, that I moved them down to the Supervillains section of the FAQ.  
Trevelyn is in Section VII-3.  Go over there if you need more information.

One word of advice: Don't forget the Body Armor in the opposite shed!  Get it 
as soon as your first body armor runs out.

Anyway, after a long chase, Trevelyn will yell "Finish the Job James, if you 
can!"  Now the music will start going faster, and Trevelyn will madly run for 
the very bottom of the Cradle.  Follow him!

Watch out for Trevelyn's goons on the way down.  They can easily ambush you.

When you get to the very bottom, open that door and go in.  Trevelyn is 
waiting for you, and he drops down into a hole.

Kneel down (This makes it easier to avoid missing the platform) and fall down 
into the hole.  You should land on a platform.  Kneel down, and start firing 
at Trevelyn like mad!  After a little while, Trevelyn will either fall off, or 
die, in either case he will say:

"For England, James?"

"No, for me"


And so, Bond defeated Trevelyn, (Objective b: Completed) and escaped from the 
rest of the soldiers as Natalya came up in a helicopter and rescued him.  
Bond, of course, made a comical jump on top the landing gear, a risky move, 
but oh, who cares!

                           Level Completed

                         Mission 7: Completed

Now you get to watch Bond and Natalya kiss.  And the credits begin to roll.  
And it is truly the end....

But Wait!

Bonus Level #1

Requirements: Beat all levels on Secret Agent


Mission 8: Teotihuaca'n

Part i: Aztec

Primary Objectives:

a: Reprogram shuttle guidance system
b: Launch shuttle

Available Weapons:

AR33 Assault Rifle (x2)
Moonraker Laser (x2)

Gadgets: None

Important Items: Guidance data, Security Smart Card, Launch Protocol Data.

Body Armor: 1

Secrets: The Body Armor is hidden in the ventilation system, on the far right 

Notes: In order to access the Aztec Temple, you must beat all of the previous 
levels (Dam-Cradle) on Secret Agent.

There are some that say that the Aztec is the toughest level in the game.  I 
disagree, but still, everyone says that.  The overall layout of the level, 
combined with the heavy enemy firepower, and the fact that a certain Classic 
Bond Villain is after you doesn't really make things any easier.

The whole idea of the Aztec Temple, as well as the layouts for most of the 
rooms, come from the Bond movie Moonraker.


You start off in a little alcove in a big room with three guards in it.  These 
guards are Moonraker Elite, which means they're pretty tough!  The opening 
part of this level is tough too, so good luck!

Kneel down and face left.  then, lean over the side of the alcove.  Aim your 
PP7 and fire at that Moonraker's head.  Then, go back into your alcove and 

The two remaining guys are going to come running up to you.  Fire at them with 
your PP7.  It's best to try and go for head shots here, but that's still hard 
to do!

After the fire fight, run out and grab everyone's Assault Rifle.  You might 
also get a grenade if you're lucky.  

Now is as good a time as any to talk about the Great Aztec Ammo Shortage.  You 
must conserve ammo on 00 and even Secret Agent levels.  To do this, try using 
your PP7 wherever I say it's a good idea.  Agents should not attempt to use 
the PP7, because there's really no need.

Anyway, we now have to get out of this room.  There is a secret door on the 
wall opposite the one you started off in.  Grab your PP7, open the door, and 
duck to the side.  You should fire off a few shots to get the attention of the 
guy standing guard right in front of the door.  Once he comes, give him a 
taste of PP7, and grab his ammo.

You can now switch to your Assault Rifle.  This next part is tricky.  Make 
sure that you're on the left side of the door.  Then, lean over, just a little 
bit.  At the very top of the screen you might see a Moonraker hiding behind 
some crates.  If you do, duck back under cover.  In order to properly ambush 
him, you have to get your "body" at the exact point where you can see him, but 
his gun can not reach you.  Don't worry, it's easier than it sounds.  If done 
properly, you should be able to shoot him without getting a scratch on you.

While you were shooting that one guy, two more will probably have come out of 
the sides of the hallway.  If you see them, duck back away from the door.  Get 
a decent distance away.  You will probably hear an explosion.  If so, it's 
safe to come out, because those Moonrakers just blew themselves up with 

Once those four guys are dead (one in the hall, one behind the crates, and two 
on the sides of the door) you can go into the little hallway.  But don't go 
too far!  On your right, you should see a pillar in the room.  On the left 
side of that pillar, you should see a yellow arm through the Assault Rifle 
scope.  If so, shoot it wildly!  If not, move forward a little bit until you 

That guy that you're shooting in the arm probably won't die from arm-shot 
wounds.  So, in his wounded rage, he usually stumbles a bit to his right (your 
left) right into your scopes!  

The next guy is easy.  Walk into the room, and aim your rifle on to the right 
side of that other pillar (the one on the left side of the room) and you 
should see another guy.  This guy likes to throw grenades, so shoot him before 
he gets the chance.

Once those guys are done for, run into the room and grab some ammo.  Don't 
forget the gun behind the crates on the top!

Watch out for the pit.  Do NOT fall in the pit.  Doing so makes the Aztec ten 
times as hard.  You will regret it if you fall down there.

You might want to use your PP7 on this next ambush.  Run up to the door in the 
rear wall.  Open it up, then run in a little ways.  Quickly, run out!  There 
are two guards in that room, and you just got their attention!  Get the guards 
on their way out.  

Once the first two guards are done for, go into the control room.  Wow, nice 
place.  Don't look now, but a guy just saw you!  Duck into the alcove on the 
right, and get your AR33 ready.  Sometimes the guy comes, and sometimes he 
doesn't.  If he doesn't, aim your rifle into the right corner of the room and 
fire on the Moonraker you see.  That should attract the attention of him and 
two other guys in the room.

Did I lose you?  Good.  If the two other guys don't come (which they usually 
do) than look into the alcoves on the right side of the room.  You can usually 
get the enemies this way without serious damage.

After all of the guys are dead (five in all) you can look around the room, 
peer through the glass, whatever.  But don't shoot through the glass!  How 
will we ever get out?  There is a secret door (Man do they love secret doors 
in this place!) that is made up of those terminals to the right of the 
bulletproof glass.  To open it, go to the computer thing to the left of the 
terminals.  Presto!  The door is open!

This next part makes for good PP7 ambushes.  There is an idiot guard standing 
on the other side of the door.  You can get a perfect head shot off him 
without him ever seeing you.

Around the next corner are three more that you can get in exactly the same 
way.  Be careful though, because the first one occasionally sees you.

When the three soldiers are dead DO NOT GO IN THE NEXT ROOM!  I mean it! The 
next room, as well as being a highly dangerous trap, also has two Moonrakers 
in it.  

To flush them out, grab a grenade.  Stand right outside the door, and throw 
the grenade at the floor.  It should bounce into the center of the room, where 
no one will ever notice it, then explode killing both guys.

If you do not have a grenade, there is another solution.  Stand on the right 
side of the door, and fire AR33 bullets.  That should get their attention!  
Get them as they come around the corner.

You may now walk safely into the room without incident.  All of a sudden...

The door closed and the shuttle is about to fire it's engines on you!  Oh no!  
What do you do!??!?!?  Think man, think.  Oh no.......

Wait!  I have it!  Shoot the computer on the left of the rear wall (either one 
is fine, but I prefer the left)  and run into the vent to safety.  Do NOT go 
around the corner.  Whew, that was close.

Now we play the waiting game.  A little while after the shuttle fires, 
anywhere between 2 and 5 guys will come after you, at least one of which is 
armed with a Moonraker Laser.  Ambush them as they come around the corner.  

After waiting a while to make sure no more guys will come, pull out your laser 
and look around the corner.  Oh no!  Drone gun!  Don't worry, it has it's back 
to you!  Shoot it, then do the same with the one guarding the other side.  I 
suggest using the Laser here to save ammo.

Before you leave, there is a body armor you must get.  Take a right at the 
drone guns, and go to the end of the hall.  A more needed body armor there 
never was.  Well, maybe in the Control...

Finally, it's time to leave the vent.  From the body armor, go forward, then 
left.  Follow the long corridor around a few twists and turns, then stop when 
you can see the exit vent.

This next room is the hardest part of the Aztec.  Please bear with me!

Aim your Assault Rifle out of the vent.  You should see another vent across 
the room.  Inside that vent, those of you with a decent color TV should be 
able to make out a flash of yellow.  Shoot it, that's a soldier!

You can move a little closer now.  On the top left of the vent across the room 
(where the guy was) is a drone gun.  The Rifle Scope should help you get this 
one.  It's kind of hard to see through the vent, but try to do your best to 
blow it up.

The next two drone guns are easy.  Walk right up to the edge of the vent and 
turn to your right.  If you do it right, you should see a great big drone gun 
over there.  Blow it up!  Once that's done, turn your scopes to the left a 
little bit.  Way up in the background, mounted on the ceiling, is the third 
drone gun. 

Take a deep breath, and run out of the vent a little ways.  Hide behind the 
stack of crates where the soldiers can't see you.  Across the room, where the 
third drone gun was, are three Moonraker Elite, all armed with lasers.  There 
is also a fourth drone gun on your right, also mounted on the ceiling.

The trick is, getting a good shot at them.  Duck down, and lean over to the 
right.  If you hear the sound of bullets firing, lean back to the left, back 
to the safety of the crates.  You should be able to do it just right so you 
can get the enemy, but the drone gun can't see you.

After you've gotten rid of that pesky soldier (Ouch, that laser hurts!) lean 
back over and go for the drone gun.

Next, you lean over to the left.  Don't duck this time, it only complicates 
things.  Lean over just enough so that you can get one Moonraker at a time 
with your Assault Rifle.  

There is one more guy, and he's easy!  Pull out your laser, and start running 
across the room, firing madly.  The guy mentioned is hiding in a little alcove 
in the right wall.  Your surprise laser attack will be enough to get rid of 

Don't leave yet!  We've still got stuff to do!  Run over to the opposite side 
of the room, by the Shuttle.  Wow, it sure is small, for a space shuttle.  
Right next to it is a ladder.  I refer to this ladder as The Ladder of No 
Return, and you'll find out why later.

Climb up the ladder and run around the corner.  Activate the computer.  
Congratulations, you just closed the shuttle hatch and made it so you can go 
back through the trap again!  Don't worry, the Shuttle only fires once!

When the hatch is open, pull out your laser and run across the room through 
the opposite vent.  Hey, we're back in the Temple!  Run down the circular 
stairs, and shoot the guy with his back to you.

Run down the first set of stairs that you see.  It should lead to a long room 
with a few guys in it.  Hey...that guys not a Moonraker.  Hmmmmmmm, haven't I 
seen him before?

Oh no!  It's Jaws!  And I ain't talking about the shark!  In case you haven't 
seen Moonraker, or The Spy who Loved Me, I'll have to tell you who Jaws is.  
He's 8 feet tall, prefers to dress in suspenders, and has metal dental work, 
or "jaws".  And he also carries two Assault Rifles!  I thought such a trick 
was reserved only for the Caverns!  Anyway...

Oh yeah, Jaws is out to kill you!  Wait a minute...I thought he turned to 
good!?  Oh well.

Anyway, run away, back up the stairs, and on to the circular stairway by the 
entrance to the big room.  Jaws should be following you.

Use the stairway trick to defeat Jaws.  If you need more detail (and most of 
us do/did), go to the Supervillains section of the FAQ.  The stairway method, 
as well as another method, is discussed in more detail there.

Or, you could use the Close Up Method, which is also discussed in the 
Supervillians Section.

After the mighty giant has fallen, grab his two Assault Rifles.  Jaws also 
drops a Security Smart Card.  You need this baby a little later on.  Don't 
stand around!  Start running!

From now on, until the end of the level, you'll be doing a lot of running!  
Run back up the circular stairs, into the shuttle room, into the vent, through 
the vent, past the blown out drone guns, take a right, into the Trap Room, 
through the opened door, down the easy guard hallways, open up the Terminal 
passage (Press B next to the computer) and back into the control room.

Remember that glass that I told you not to shoot?  Well, you can open it with 
Jaws' Smart card!  Open the door, then close it behind you.  You'll see why in 
a minute.

Look on the right table.  Grab that little tape thing.  Hey, it's a DAT!  That 
DAT is important, you need it to steal the shuttle!

Quickly, pull out the Guidance Data.  It's that disk that Q gave you.  Use it 
on the disk drive, (Objective a: Completed) and you'll automatically upload 
the data.  Pretty quick, no?

Pull out your laser and be prepared!  While you were working, guys with double 
lasers were coming after you!  They come out the Terminal Secret Door, and 
through that other door that leads back into the room with the pit.  If there 
are guys coming from the Pit Room door, then shoot them now.  If you were fast 
enough, there won't be any at all.  Afterwards, run to the right and keep 

There will definitely be at least two guys waiting for you here!  Shoot them 
while running (Thank you Auto Aim!) and maybe pick up a second laser.  Do NOT 
stop to look for another laser that a guy dropped!  You have to keep going!  

Run down the hall, into the trap room, into the vent, take a left, down the 
corridor, and into the Shuttle Launch Room.  Don't worry, we're almost there!

There may or may not be a few guys in here waiting for you.  If so, give them 
a taste of your laser.  

Run to the dark side of the room, where the computer screens are, and the 
shuttle isn't.  Walk right up to that big terminal, and use your "Launch 
Protocol Data" (DAT) on it.  This should start the countdown!

Start running!  You can feel the exhilaration flowing through you!  Go!  
Across the room to The Ladder of No Return, and start climbing.

Now you'll see why I call it that.  Usually, while you're climbing the ladder, 
a guy will come out of nowhere, and shoot you.  There is nothing you can do to 
avoid this!  Just climb and hope for the best!  If you make it, awesome!  If 
not, try again!  And don't get discouraged!

Run around the corner to the computer.  By now, the countdown should have 
stopped, because you left the shuttle bay open!  Well, close it!  Press the 
computer!  Quick!

Now, you're home free.  But you still have to be prepared!  Stand in front of 
the computer, and madly fire your laser(s).  Sometimes, a guy will climb the 
ladder, hoping to come after you!  If he does, give him what's coming to him!

After a little while, the hanger bay will open, and the shuttle will launch 
(Objective b: Completed).  You'll then be treated to a small cinema of the 
shuttle blasting off.  Congratulations, you've made it!

I always thought that this level would be a lot better if you had to escape on 
the shuttle before it blasted off.  Oddly, it never does show how Bond gets 
out of the Aztec.  Oh well, guess it was the same way he got in.

                            Level Complete

                         Mission 8: Completed

Bonus Level #2

Requirements: Beat all levels on 00 Agent


Mission 9: el-Saghira

Part i: Egyptian

Primary Objectives:

a: Recover the golden gun
b: Defeat Baron Samedi?

Available Weapons:

ZMG (9mm) (x2)
Golden Gun

Gadgets: None

Body Armor: 3

Secrets: The three body armors are really not that hard to find.  One is in 
the little alcove in the long hallway near the pool room.  The second is 
through the door off of the Golden Gun room.  The last is right next to the 
last Baron.

Notes: To access the Egyptian Temple, you must first beat all of the previous 
levels (Dam-Aztec) on 00 Agent.

One thing about this level that everyone agrees on: It's Easy!  That's right, 
the Egyptian Temple is a true Bonus Level, it's not that hard, you get to 
shoot guys with a Golden Gun, the music is catchy, and you get a really cool 
cheat when you beat it on 00 Agent!

Also, since many Goldeneye fans have never laid eyes on the Egyptian Temple, 
it's good thing to impress your friends with!


You start off in the pool room.  I call it that because there is a big pool of 
water in the middle.  Run forward past a few pillars.  When you get to the 
end, you should lean over the last pillar and shoot that Russian Soldier.  Try 
to get a head shot.  This should attract his partner from a few feet over.

Wait a second...why are there Russian guards in the Egyptian Temple?  I guess 
the folks at Rare were too lazy to give the Baron a gang of voodoo priests to 
protect him.

Anyway, run back to the beginning of the room to where you first started.  Go 
over to that other opening and pull out the ZMGs that you grabbed from the 
guard.  If you look into the room just right, you should be able to see a 
guard standing next to the door.  Shoot him!

Wow!  Doing this sets off a giant chain reaction, causing half the guards in 
this place to come running right around that corner into an easy ambush 
position.  That just made your job a whole lot easier.

Once the flow of guards has ceased, grab a ton of ammo, and continue on into 
the long hallway.  There might be a stray guard hanging out over here.  Duck 
into a little alcove on the left to find a guard, and some body armor.

Yeah, about that body armor.  I don't like to get it until a little later, and 
I suggest that you wait also.  Trust me, you'll find more.

Run down the hallway and take a right.  Now you're in a smaller room with 
pillars.  There are two guards here, and a door.  Go through the door, down 
the hallway (straight) and up the stairs.

Are you excited?  We're going to get the Legendary Golden Gun!  Oh no!  The 
door has closed and the gun is locked inside a display case!  I'll just shoot 
it open!  Too bad!  It's bulletproof!  Aw nuts!

There is another, sneaky way to open the case.  Some of the tiles in this room 
are booby trapped.  If you step on them, some invincible (non-explosion proof) 
drone guns will pop out of hiding and start shooting you!  Don't worry, it's 
not that hard, the game gives you plenty of room for error!

So, here's the way to get the gun!

Move left 2 tiles (to the corner)
Up 2 tiles
Right 3 tiles (one tile between you and the wall)
Forward 2 tiles
Left 1 tile
Up 1 tile
Left 1 tile
Up 2 tiles
Right 1 tile

Open the case!

And of course, I will also draw a little diagram to help you.

G=Golden Gun Case
S=Starting Point


And there we have it!  Voila!  The case is open!  Grab the Golden Gun and the 
Golden Bullets (Objective a: Completed) and get out of there!

You probably already know about the Golden Gun from Multiplayer mode.  It only 
holds one bullet at a time, kills any enemy in one shot, etc.  You don't have 
to use the gun on the ordinary soldiers if you don't want to, they die easily 
enough by ZMG!

If you feel that you are having trouble with the Golden Gun, or are just not 
good with it, see "How to Use the Golden Gun" in the Miscellaneous Part of the 

Anyway, open the door on the left, and grab the body armor.  Told you not to 
grab that other set.  Anyway, it's no big deal, I've beaten the level with no 
body armor!

Open the second door.  Whoa, I feel dizzy!  Quickly jump out, and start 
shooting guards with either ZMG, or Golden Gun.  Your choice.

Baron Samedi is hiding at the other end of the hallway.  He is armed with two 
Dostovei's.  Run over to him and pull out the Golden Gun.  One shot will put 
him down!

All right!  You killed the Baron and beat the level!

                            Level Co

Wait a minute!  Stop everything!  What's that evil laugh???  Baron Samedi must 
still be alive!  We must find him!

Oh, by the way, you can't pick up the Baron's Dostovei's.  Hey, why would you 
need them?

Now, you should check your body armor.  If it's empty, run back to the long 
hallway and grab some more.  If not, wait until a little later.

Run all the way back to the first room.  You know, the pool room!  If you're 
fast enough, you will see the Baron appear in a cloud of smoke!  Cool, huh?

Shoot Samedi the same way you did the first time.  Watch out for his ZMGs.  
When he's down, you can't grab these either.  Yeah, like you're really short 
on ammo.

Oh no!  Another evil laugh!  

And the sky turned black as blood...

Yeah, really.  The sky turns black (Sudden change of weather, or voodoo curse?  
You decide) making your job a little more difficult.  Guys can see you 
perfectly, but you might have a little bit of trouble seeing them!  Speaking 
of which, now guys are going to start appearing out of nowhere, so be 

There are two ways to get to the final showdown.  Both ways take a little 
while to find.  The long way is located off of the hallway that leads to the 
Golden Gun room.  Simply take a right in the dark hall.  Trust me, it's there.

The short, but dangerous way is in that really big room where the first Baron 
was.  There is a secret door built into the far wall.  It's easier to see from 
a distance.  This way is dangerous because there are a few drone guns around.  
Don't worry, simply run right past them (Speed Strafe!) and you'll be fine.

Anyway, one way or another, you'll have made it to the Final Showdown with 
Baron Samedi!  It's the small room with the black statue in the middle.  I 
call that The Statue of Darkness (In case you haven't noticed, I like making 
up names for things).

This time, the Baron is armed with two Moonraker lasers!  Don't sweat it, 
because there is also body armor in the room!

For some reason, Baron Samedi has increased in strength, so it takes three 
direct hits to kill him!  You can either run right up to him, or try to chase 
him around the Statue of Darkness a few times.

Still, the Baron really isn't that hard.  Once he's down (Objective b: 
Completed) the game will end, and you'll be treated to a rather spine-tingling 
cinema.  This one is my favorite, by the way.  I won't spoil it for ya.

                            Level Complete

                         Mission 9: Completed

               Congratulations!  You've beaten the game!

Ahhhh yes, the joys of beating Goldeneye.  You're proud, you've finally done 
it, and 007 Mode and the Legendary All Guns Cheat are yours!  

Have fun.


III. Cheat FAQ


This part of my FAQ covers, you guessed it, the Cheating side of Goldeneye!


1. Cheat List

Here is a list of all 23 Cheats:

LEVEL                 CHEAT                  DIFFICULTY          TIME

Level 1: Dam          Paintball Mode         Secret Agent        2:40

Level 2: Facility     Invincibility          00 Agent            2:05

Level 3: Runway       Donkey Kong Mode       Agent               5:00

Level 4: Surface 1    2x Grenade Launcher    Secret Agent        3:30

Level 5: Bunker 1     2x Rocket Launcher     00 Agent            4:00

Level 6: Silo         Turbo Mode             Agent               3:00

Level 7: Frigate      No Radar               Secret Agent        4:30

Level 8: Surface 2    Tiny Bond              00 Agent            4:15

Level 9: Bunker 2     2x Throwing Knives     Agent               1:30

Level 10: Statue      Fast Animation         Secret Agent        3:15

Level 11: Archives    Invisibility           00 Agent            1:20

Level 12: Streets     Enemy Rockets          Agent               1:45

Level 13: Depot       Slow Animation         Secret Agent        1:40

Level 14: Train       Silver PP7             00 Agent            5:25

Level 15: Jungle      2x Hunting Knives      Agent               3:45

Level 16: Control     Infinite Ammo          Secret Agent        10:00

Level 17: Caverns     2x RCP-90s             00 Agent            9:30

Level 18: Cradle      Gold PP7               Agent               2:15

Level 19: Aztec       2x Lasers              Secret Agent        9:00

Level 20: Egyptian    All Guns               00 Agent            6:00

Beat All Agent        Magnum                 Agent               N/A

Beat All Secret Agent Laser                  Secret Agent        N/A

Beat All 00 Agent     Golden Gun             00 Agent            N/A

I suggest printing this out and using it as a checklist.


2. Hints and Strategies

I, Ian, have successfully obtained all 23 Cheats.  It was hard!  And no 

After a while, I've basically narrowed getting cheats down to a science (or at 
least a liberal art form).  There are 4 different kinds of Cheats:

#1: The Speed Cheats

You know these guys when you see them.  The Bunker 2, the Surface, Statue, the 
Cradle, etc.  These are the cheats where speed is the most important thing!  
You have to learn to run to get these cheats!  A little speed strafing 
wouldn't hurt either!  To cardinal rule here is to keep going, because nine 
times out of ten, life won't be a huge problem here.

#2: The "Not So Fancy" Cheats

These are the ones that don't take much work to get.  The levels are usually 
big, and they give you plenty of time to get the cheats.  If anything is the 
problem, it's going to be life.  the rule of thumb here is to complete the 
level normally, only strafe around a lot and try not to waste time!  The most 
prominent examples are the Control, the Caverns, and the Aztec.

#3: The Master Cheats

These are the babies that separate the men from the boys!  The levels are 
tough, the times are low, and you usually have to think up some crazy, 
farfetched way to complete them without getting killed.  The only two cheats 
in this category are the Archives and the Facility.

#4: The Gag Cheats

These are the cheats that no one needs help on, and that are purposely made 
easy to get, just to give you a break!  The only two cheats in this category 
are the Runway, and Egyptian.

And now, some tips on getting those hard to get cheats!

Never stop running!  With some cheats, hesitation can be deadly!  You've got 
to keep running (or speed strafing) in order to beat the clock!

Shoot wildly!  If you're running to the end of the Bunker, and there are guys 
in your way, pull out a large gun and fire madly!  Who cares if you don't hit 
anyone!  You might as well try!

Don't automatically assume you won't get the cheat if you make a small error!  
Once, I was over at a friends house, and he wanted me to get the Invisibility 
cheat for him.  I said yes, and after a few tries, I was getting close.  Then, 
on one try, I got stuck in a corner for a few seconds.  My friend told me I 
wouldn't get it, and told me to abort and try again.  I was doubtful, so I 
kept going, and Voila!  I got the cheat!

And last of all, never give up!  I may sound like a lame after school special, 
but it's true!  It took me seven non-consecutive hours to get the 
Invincibility Cheat.  But I did it!  And three of those hours led up to me 
finally getting the cheat!  Hey, what else are you going to do on as Thursday 


3. Cheat Guides

I don't think the need for a complete cheating walkthrough is necessary, just 
general hints and tips.  Step by Step Walkthroughes are only given here for 
the Facility and the Archives.  If you need help with level by level 
specifics, refer to the Level Walkthroughes in Section II.  I'll list the 
Cheats like this:

Cheat Name
Difficulty Level
Kind of Cheat (Speed, not so fancy, master, or gag)
Rank of Difficulty (1st, 5th, 17th, etc.)
Multiplayer? (Whether or not the cheat works in multiplayer mode)
What the Cheat Does

With that in mind, let's get to it!

Name: Paintball Mode
Level: Dam
Time: 2:40
Difficulty Level: Secret Agent
Kind of Cheat: Speed
Rank of Difficulty: 14th Hardest 
Multiplayer: Yes
What it Does: A wise man (me) once said "Cheating isn't really cheating 
without Paintball Mode."  And he was right!  Paintball Mode makes things seem 
so bright and colorful.  Little blotches of color appear on the walls and 
other things that you shoot, instead of bullet holes.  I don't know why, but 
Goldeneye just seems more fun this way!
Notes: Some people have trouble getting this cheat.  I was one of them.  And 
no, I'm not ashamed to admit it!  The secret is to just keep running!  Blindly 
shoot people with your Soviet or PP7!  If you're fast enough (it's not that 
hard) than you'll beat the truck and get to quickly run through the security 
gates without waiting for the first gate to open!  Some people like to save 
their Soviet ammo for the alarms, but not me!  I think PP7 (or DD44) work just 

Name: Invincibility
Level: Facility
Time: 2:05
Difficulty Level: 00 Agent
Kind of Cheat: Master!
Rank of Difficulty: 1st Hardest
Multiplayer?: Yes
What it Does: Once you get Invincibility, you'll never go back!  It's pretty 
simple, "you can't get hit."  And that goes for explosions and drone guns too!
Walkthrough: The Facility is one of two cheat levels in this FAQ that requires 
a walkthrough.  And here it is!

You start off in the vent.  Quickly take a left and strafe around those 
corners!  While doing this, switch to your remote mines.  

When you come out of the vent, throw open the stall door, take a left, open 
the bathroom door, run through, and open the second door.  Run (or strafe) 
down the stairs.

Once you get to the bottom of the stairs, turn right, and throw a mine across 
the room!  Try to hit that big pile of boxes.  Detonate it in midair (A+B) and 
you'll get rid of two VERY pesky guards!  Afterwards switch to your slapper.

Turn left and run through the door under the stairs.  Chop the guard once 
(maybe twice) in the chest.  Then grab his KF7 and keycard.  I like to chop 
the guard because it's quicker than PP7ing him to death!

Pull out your PP7 and run out the way you came.  Now, open the door in front 
of you, and start shooting wildly!  Try not to blow up the computer!  Run up 
to it (the computer) and press B.  Now, start running!

Take a left and run across the room.  Keep firing your PP7, because a soldier 
is about to run out of that door.  Try and hit him.  Turn left at the corner, 
and open the door, switching to your remote mines as you do so.

Now you're in the next room.  Run across the room, ignoring any guards.  Open 
the door and throw a remote mine, and duck to the side.  It should land in the 
middle of those three guards.  Detonate it (A+B again) and run out, grabbing 
whatever guns are in front of you.

Turn to your left and open the door.  Run along the left wall to the stairs, 
and run up.  If Dr. Doak is there, run up to him to start him talking, then 
run back down the stairs.  Dr. Doak will still give you the door decoder 
(Objective b: Completed) as soon as you start talking to him, and you'll be 
halfway across the level before he finishes! 

If the good doctor wasn't there when you arrived (remember, his placing is 
random) run back down the stairs and keep going!

Don't forget to switch to your Soviet while in this room!

As you are running back across the room, two guys should walk out of the door.  
Shoot them before they get a chance to shoot you!  When you get to the door, 
dead guards or not, run out the door and take a left.

NOTE: This whole room is crucial to getting the cheat!  Unless you follow 
those instructions exactly, those two guards would have snuck up on you and 
shot you to death!

Run a few feet to the nearby door, open it, duck to the side to avoid gunfire, 
run in, close the door, and open the next one.  This step is where most people 
get hit.  To avoid some damage, try to go as fast as possible, and move to the 
side of the door while you wait for the door to open.

Run into the next hallway and take a left.  Blindly shoot anyone in your way.  
There should be at least two guards in this hall.

While you were running down the hall shooting guards, one guy behind the door 
decided to run over and open it for you.  Shoot him, and run past the carcass 
into the laboratory area (Objective a: Completed).

Run up the stairs.  This may be difficult to do, as many people will be 
shooting you now.  Run down the hallways, shooting anyone you see.  Trust Auto 
Aim!  If a guy kneels down, forget about him and run on by!

If you haven't found Dr. Doak yet, now would be a good time!  We sometimes 
hangs out in the dark corner of the hallway.  If he is there, get him talking 
and run away!

Run down the last hallway by the scientist's rooms.  There are two goons here 
standing guard with their backs to you.  Shoot them and run  up to the door.

Pull out your Door Decoder and use it, while pressing B frantically.  After a 
few seconds (which seems like an eternity) open the door and run through.  A 
lot of fine agents never make it past this part because of the flow of guards 

Run down the stairs into the bottling room.  Run up to Trevelyn to start him 
talking!  While he's babbling, start placing your mines!  With the limited 
amount that you have, we'll have to do some fancy stuff!


 M M   M    

That's right! Throw the mines right on the floor in between the bottles!  See 
how the one mine takes care of four bottles, and the second takes care of 
four, and the third blows up the last two?

Now you run away!  Trevelyn should follow you.  By now, he should be finished 
rendez-vousing (Objective c: Completed).  As soon as he gets out of the way of 
the bottles, detonate the mines.  It should blow them all up, (Objective d: 
Completed) but not hurt Trevelyn.

As soon as you see that message, throw open the facility door and run out 
because a huge squad of soldiers is about to run into the room after you! 

And of course, don't forget the scientists (Objective e: Completed).

And that was my method of the Invincibility cheat.  Seven non-consecutive 
hours of work rolled into a page and a half of ASCII text!  

If you have problems following my crazy, hastily thought out method (only took 
seven non consecutive hours) look at the "Alternate Invincibility Cheat 
Methods" Section in the Miscellaneous part of my FAQ.  There are a few 
different ways to do it there.

Name: DK Mode
Level: Runway
Time: 5:00
Difficulty Level: Agent
Kind of Cheat: Gag
Rank of Difficulty: Easiest Cheat in the game
Multiplayer?: Yes
What it Does: DK Mode stands for Donkey Kong Mode.  That means that all of the 
guys (even you) have big heads, and tiny bodies and arms.  I don't use it very 
much myself.  This cheat also makes Multiplayer Mode a little 
Notes: This cheat is pretty darn easy.  They give you plenty of time.  Most 
people get it the first time they beat the level.  Just don't go for the tank!  
It wastes time.  That doesn't really make much sense, but it does.

Name: 2x Grenade Launcher
Level: Surface 1
Time: 3:30
Difficulty Level: Secret Agent
Kind of Cheat: Speed
Multiplayer?: No
Rank of Difficulty: 18th hardest 
What it Does: Now you start off with two grenade launchers!  Makes for 
some...explosive fun!  This is just one of the many 2x Weapons cheats.
Notes: One thing about this level, never stop running!  Don't stop to shoot 
anyone!  In fact, there's no need to even shoot at all!  

Name: 2x Rocket Launcher
Level: Bunker 1
Time: 4:00
Difficulty Level: 00 Agent
Kind of Cheat: Not-so-fancy
Multiplayer?: No
Rank of Difficulty: 8th Hardest
What it Does: Now you have two Rocket Launchers.  This is sort of a drag, 
because you don't start out with many rockets (only 8), but with Infinite Ammo 
this is no problem.  A lot of people prefer the grenade launchers (see 
previous level) because of the greater amount of ammo.
Notes: Don't try to run around crazily in this one!  Just beat the level 
normally, only try to strafe around and do things a little quicker!  Another 
way to get this cheat is to do a "suicide run" in the big room, that is, 
running around crazily with a Soviet.  Hey, it works for some people!  Don't 
forget to do all of the objectives!

Name: Turbo Mode
Level: Silo
Time: 3:00
Difficulty Level: Agent
Kind of Cheat: Speed
Multiplayer?: Yes
Rank of Difficulty: 13th Hardest
What it Does: Turbo Mode makes YOU and you alone go really fast!  The enemies, 
however, stay the same speed!  It's pretty funny.  This cheat is also used on 
Multiplayer, though I don't like doing that, as it makes it a lot harder to 
hit someone in an open area.
Notes: Since it's Agent, you can take a LOT of hits here.  Just run straight 
through the Silo, killing/wounding everyone you meet.  Try to memorize where 
the keycards are in each room to save time.  And at Ouromov's ambush, just run 
right through!  Don't forget the Body Armor!

Name: No Radar (Multi)
Level: Frigate
Time: 4:30
Difficulty Level: Secret Agent
Kind of Cheat: Not so fancy
Multiplayer?: Yes, and ONLY multiplayer
Rank of Difficulty: 11th hardest
What it Does: Turns radar off in Multiplayer.  Pretty cool for when you have 
four experts playing at once.  Don't use this cheat if you're a beginner at 
Multiplayer, it just makes things harder.  If you absolutely, positively can't 
get this cheat, and you REALLY want no radar, you can take care of it with a 
couple pieces of cardboard and some scotch tape.
Notes: Don't forget, since it's Secret Agent, you only need to save 4 
hostages.  Just follow my Frigate walkthrough, (you can skip the second 
hostage, it's kind of tricky and wastes time) then run away when the first 
four hostages are saved.  Remember to keep running, and don't forget the 
bridge bomb!

Name: Tiny Bond
Level: Surface 2
Time: 4:15
Difficulty Level: 00 Agent
Kind of Cheat: Speed
Multiplayer?: No
Rank of Difficulty: 15th hardest 
What it Does: This cheat makes you very small, about the size of a kneeling 
Bond.  Then why the cheat, you ask?  Well, for starters, it's cool, second, 
you go slower while regularly kneeling, and lastly, when Tiny Bond kneels, 
he's about the size of a toy soldier!
Notes: Much like the Surface 1, you just have to keep going!  Run around 
everywhere, don't bother to shoot anything except the video cameras (and the 
communications link), and don't forget about the mine on the helicopter!

Name: 2x Throwing Knives
Level: Bunker 2
Time: 1:30
Difficulty Level: Agent
Kind of Cheat: Speed
Multiplayer?: No
Rank of Difficulty: 17th hardest
What it Does: Most people hate this cheat.  You start out the level with 2 
sets of throwing knives.  What's there to hate?  I use this cheat as an 
opportunity to work on my aim, or to turn the Archives into a stealth mission 
(try it, it's pretty cool).  Of course, two knives tends to mess up your aim a 
little, but whatcha gonna do?
Notes: Yet another cheat where you must never stop running.  Try to do the 
jail break as fast as possible, and let Natalya out of her cell right away.  
It's easiest if you shoot the guy with two Klobbs to get the exit keycard you 
need to escape.  You should beat the level with a few seconds to spare, and 
don't forget the CCTV tape!

Name: Fast Animation
Level: Statue
Time: 3:15
Difficulty Level: Secret Agent
Kind of Cheat: The Ultimate Speed Cheat!
Multiplayer?: No
Rank of Difficulty: 3rd hardest
What it Does: Makes all of the guys in the level go really fast.  Affects the 
opening and closing cinema's too!  For some real fun, try using this cheat 
with Turbo Mode!
Notes: One mess up, and you're finished!  They give you practically no time to 
spare with this cheat!  Strafe as FAST AS YOU CAN across the park, always!  At 
Valentin, get as far way from the door as you can, so you can take off when 
you see the Objective Complete message.  At Trevelyn (I mean...Janus), walk as 
close as you can to him without him getting mad.  Run away as soon as you see 
the Objective Complete sign.  While waiting for the helicopter to explode, 
wait right by the bottom of the hill and hope that the flight recorder will 
land there.  If it doesn't, go off and look for it.  The only other advice I 
can give is Good Luck!

Name: Invisible Bond
Level: Archives
Time: 1:20
Difficulty Level: 00 Agent
Kind of Cheat: Master
Multiplayer?: No
Rank of Difficulty: 2nd hardest
What it Does: In case you didn't know, invisibility means that no one can see 
you.  Which goes for all of the enemies in the game.  I don't find this cheat 
very entertaining, as it takes most of the fun out of the average Goldeneye 
cheating game, but most people love it.

Walkthrough: As the Archives is one of the "Master Cheats," it requires a 
special walkthrough.

You start off in the interrogation room.  Strafe around the table, then slap 
the guard on the right.  One hit should put him down.  Grab his key and his 
gun, open the door, then run out of the room (Objective a: Completed), 
ignoring the second guard and the PP7 on the table.

NOTE: This walkthrough requires that you not fire one single shot, until the 
very end.  I like to put my DD44 away until the very end, but some prefer to 
keep it out.  You'll see why later.

Take a right and run down the hall.  Ignore the guard.  Run up the stairs and 
take a left.  Ignore all of the guards here.  Then, take a right and strafe 
past all the guards and boxes in this tiny hallway.

Open the door and run into the big library room.  Take the FIRST left that you 
see.  Run into another library, and strafe around the bookcases to get to the 
other side of the room.  This comes naturally with practice.

Run over to the only single door in the whole room.  This is where Natalya is 
being held prisoner.  Open the door (Objective b: Completed), and get into 
Natalya's line of vision, quickly!  When she yells your name, it's time for 
you to split!

Turn around, dodging another bookcase, and run through the double doors.  Step 
back, as this door opens inward.  Run down the stairs, and take the first door 
on the right.  You can't miss it.

Open that door and take a left.  Run across the room and open the single door.  
This one opens outward, so you can go through quickly.  After this door, take 
the first right, which is immediately after that door.  Are you confused yet?

Welcome to Mishkin's lair!  He'll start talking as soon as you enter.  This is 
where most of your 1:20 is wasted!  Remember, you have to wait for him to 
finish talking so that you can get the safe key.

Nine times out of ten there is going to be a soldier in this room with 
Mishkin.  It's actually a sign that you're close to getting the cheat.  You 
can't shoot him, or else you'll run out of bullets, and Mishkin will start 
shooting you.  So.....you slap him!  That's right, slap him to death, and 
Mishkin won't care.  You should be doing this while Mishkin is talking.

After a little while (which seems like an eternity) Mishkin will give you the 
key.  Open the safe (you should be standing right in front of it in order to 
beat a hasty retreat) grab the flight recorder (Objective c: Completed) and 

Run out the opposite door, take a left, run across the room, and through the 
next door.  See that window?  Start shooting!  Put enough holes in that glass 
and it'll break, allowing you to escape, hopefully with time to spare.

There, now that wasn't so hard, was it?

Name: Enemy Rockets
Level: Streets
Time: 1:45
Difficulty Level: Agent
Kind of Cheat: Speed
Multiplayer?: No
Rank of Difficulty: 16th hardest 
What it Does: All of the enemies in the game now have Rocket Launchers!  This 
goes for Natalya too (in the Jungle), so at least you get some extra 
firepower.  Enemy rockets was designed to make the game harder, more 
challenging, like a whole "Goldeneye Masters Quest," so I've given this cheat 
a special section.  See my Enemy Rockets FAQ in the Miscellaneous Section for 
more Info.
Notes: This one really isn't that hard, except, they don't give you much room 
for error!  Just run through the whole beginning of the level, get in the tank 
quickly, make tight turns around corners, and remember to always take left 
turns, and you'll be fine.

Name: Slow Animation
Level: Depot
Time: 1:40
Difficulty Level: Secret Agent
Kind of Cheat: Speed
Multiplayer?: No
Rank of Difficulty: 5th hardest 
What it Does: This cheat, being the exact opposite of fast animation, makeess 
tthhiiinnngggsss gggooo vvveeerrrrryyyy sssssslllllllooooowwwwwlllyyyyy 
llllliiiiikkkkkkkkeeeeee ttttttthhhhiiiiisssss.  Hey, that was pretty cool.  
And by "things", I really mean everything in the level except you.  This cheat 
also affects the opening and closing cinemas!
Notes: This one is pretty hard.  Or, at least I thought so.  My brother got it 
on his second try.  But enough about me.  Just madly speed through the level.   
You have to run to the Janus base first (last warehouse on the left), without 
grabbing the rocket launcher.  There's no time for that.  Your chief 
opposition will be that pesky drone gun!  Lean over the corner of that big 
stack of crates, and you should be able to get a good shot at it.  Takes a few 
tries, but it's possible.  Don't forget the blueprints!

Name: Silver PP7
Level: Train
Time: 5:25
Difficulty Level: 00 Agent
Kind of Cheat: Not so Fancy
Multiplayer?: No
Rank of Difficulty: 6th hardest 
What it Does: The Silver PP7 is referred to by me as the "super realism 
weapon."  Let me explain to you how it works.  One shot to the head or chest 
kills the enemy on normal mode.  A shot to the arm or leg doesn't.  Any 
questions?  Good.  It also looks all shiny and silver-like.
Notes: I had lots of trouble getting this one.  Maybe that was because the 
train was never one of my stronger levels.  Or maybe because I just couldn't 
beat the dang level a second time.  Anyway, just beat the level as usual, 
only, try to strafe around a bit, don't hang around to wait for guys, and do 
the hostage part as quickly as possible!

Name: 2x Hunting Knives
Level: Jungle
Time: 3:45
Difficulty Level: Agent
Kind of Cheat: Not so Fancy
Multiplayer?: No
Rank of Difficulty: 12th hardest 
What it Does: The hunting knives are the only "2x" weapon that doesn't appear 
in the regular game.  They're cool little things that make a "squish" sound 
when you hit a guy with them.  Lot's of fun.
Notes: Many people think that you have no time to spare on this cheat, but 
they're wrong.  Simply beat the level as usual, making sure to kill every guy 
and grab every body armor.  At Xenia, use the "super sniper head shot method" 
(see Supervillains Section) and shave off a few seconds.  Remember to forget 
about the ammo dump, you don't need to go there!

Name: Infinite Ammo
Level: Control
Time: 10:00
Difficulty Level: Secret Agent
Kind of Cheat: Not so fancy
Multiplayer?: Yes
Rank of Difficulty: 10th hardest 
What it Does: Pretty straightforward, you get infinite ammunition for any gun 
you pick up or start with!  This cheat comes in handy when using the 2x Rocket 
and 2x Grenade Launcher cheat, as well as with All Guns.  It also makes 
multiplayer battles a lot more interesting.
Notes: The control is famous for giving you more time to beat it than any 
other cheat, but they don't give you much to spare!  Like all of the other 
"not so fancy" cheats, simply beat the level as usual, only strafe around, and 
don't hang around after Natalya has escaped!  The easiest way to cut a big 
chunk off of your time is to go a little crazy in that place with the 
grenading guys, or, make sure to get rid of those drone guns quickly!

Name: 2x RCP-90s
Level: Caverns
Time: 9:30
Difficulty Level: 00 Agent
Kind of Cheat: Not so fancy
Multiplayer?: No
Rank of Difficulty: 4th hardest
What it Does: This cheat, the hardest to get of all the "2x weapon" cheats, 
gives you two, ammo filled RCP-90s.  They pack a pretty powerful punch, and 
the guys won't know what hit 'em! 
Notes: When I said this one was hard, I wasn't kidding!  It may seem simple, 
but you'll see otherwise when you're running out of time and life.  Yeah, 
that's right, they don't give you much time on this one.  If time is a problem 
for you, don't bother about all those ammo boxes scattered around the place.  
Also, be sure to "hastily" clear out the big room with the radio, this is 
another place where most people run into time related trouble.  Once again, 
the only other thing I can say is "Good Luck!"

Name: Gold PP7
Level: Cradle
Time: 2:15
Difficulty Level: Agent
Kind of Cheat: Speed
Multiplayer?: No
Rank of Difficulty: 9th hardest
What it Does: The Gold PP7 is just like the Legendary Golden Gun, except it 
holds more bullets and is a lot faster.  Most prefer this weapon to the Golden 
Gun, and I don't blame them.  Ironically, this cheat is harder to get than the 
Silver PP7 (Train), which brings up a few questions...
Notes: There's no real trick to beating Trevelyn in such a short amount of 
time.  Just run real fast, and try to hit him with as many bullets as possible 
when he stops.  Also, don't forget the body armors!  After all, you don't have 
infinite life!

Name: 2x Lasers
Level: Aztec
Time: 9:00
Difficulty Level: Secret Agent
Kind of Cheat: Not so fancy
Multiplayer?: No
Rank of Difficulty: 7th hardest
What it Does: I don't think I really need to explain this one.  You get two 
lasers, which isn't that impressive, considering you get the single laser 
cheat by beating this level once on Secret Agent, but it is something to shoot 
Notes: Once again, just beat the level as usual!  You know the drill!  The 
easiest way to cut a lot of time off of your time (?) is to run wildly at a 
few of the beginning guards, and hurry up in the second room!  You know, the 
part with the sniping assault rifles?  The other big time-shaver is to use the 
"Run up close" method on Jaws.  See the Supervillains section for more 

Name: All Guns
Level: Egyptian
Time: 6:00
Difficulty Level: 00 Agent
Kind of Cheat: Gag
Multiplayer?: No (I wish it was!)
Rank of Difficulty: 19th hardest
What it Does: This, the legendary All Guns Cheat, greatest cheat in all of 
Goldeneye, you need to know what it does?!?!??!?!?  Just Kidding.  The gist of 
the matter is, you get 2 of every weapon in the game, from the Klobb to the 
grenade launcher, plus a few bonus weapons, such as the Shotgun (non-
automatic) and the Taser.  Unfortunately, to get any ammo for the coolest 
weapons and mines, you need to have the Infinite Ammo cheat enabled.
Notes: Not many people have trouble with this one.  If they wanted to make it 
hard, Rare could have made the time 1:30, and I still could have gotten it!  
Well....maybe.  Anyway, if you can't get it, you probably got lost trying to 
find the third Baron Samedi.  Just remember to take a right in the Golden Gun 
hallway (see my level walkthrough for more information) and you'll be fine.

Name: Magnum
Level: N/A
Time: N/A
Difficulty Level: Agent 
Kind of Cheat: Beat all the Levels on Agent Difficulty (excluding the Aztec 
and Egyptian levels)
Multiplayer?: No
Rank of Difficulty: N/A
What it Does: Wow!  A Cougar Magnum!  This was the first really good cheat 
that I ever got, and I had tons of fun with it too.  You can't pick up this 
gun anywhere in the game, but Natalya has one in the Jungle.  You know, 
"Boom!" "BOOM!"  The cowboy gun!
Notes: Just beat all of the levels, excluding the Aztec and Egyptian Temples, 
and the cheat is yours!

Name: Laser
Level: N/A
Time: N/A
Difficulty Level: Secret Agent
Kind of Cheat: Beat all of the levels on Secret Agent, except the Egyptian 
Multiplayer?: No
Rank of Difficulty: N/A  
What it Does: The laser is now yours!  The bad thing about this cheat is that 
it basically becomes useless if you get the 2x Laser Cheat, so I never did see 
the logic behind this.
Notes: Like with the Magnum Cheat, just beat the game on Secret Agent, 
excluding the Egyptian Temple!  Come on, it's not really that hard!

Name: Golden Gun
Level: N/A, but I might as well say Egyptian
Time: N/A
Difficulty Level: 00 Agent
Kind of Cheat: Beat all the levels on 00 Agent, in other words, beat the game!
Multiplayer?: No
Rank of Difficulty: N/A 
What it Does: Scaramanga's Legendary Golden Gun is yours!  Of course, you'll 
also get this gun when you get the All Guns Cheat, as most people do the first 
time they beat Egyptian on 00 Agent, but Rare needed to keep things consistent 
and give you a cheat here!
Notes: This one is hard, it took me a while.  A LONG while.  Beating the game 
on 00 Agent is no easy task.  The good thing is, you get to brag and show off 
to all of your friends.  

And that is all of the regular cheats.  No, no, there is no All Bonds Cheat.


4. The Lost Cheats

This little section is based on the codes that have recently been discovered 
that give us options that are not available in the final game of Goldeneye.  
These codes were once used as Cheat Options, but they were deleted before the 
final release of the game.  Rumor has it that these codes were discovered by 
someone known only as Dr. Ian.

In case anyone asks, there is no way to earn these cheats in the final game!  
They can only be unlocked using Codes!

The codes to use these cheats can be found in the Codes section.

So, without furthur ado....

Line Mode

This is without a doubt the coolest of all of the Lost Cheats, but not the 
most well known.  Basically, Line Mode will erease all of the color in the 
game, replace it with white, then replace all of the outlines of objects with 
black lines.  I love this cheat, but some people find it silly.  Line Mode can 
also produce a variety of fun effects, like your bullet holes will be square, 
and explosions will look like little pieces of paper flying all around.  No 
one is really sure why Line Mode was deleted, but we do know it was the last 
of the Lost Cheats to be ereased.

Invisibility in Multiplayer

The title says it all.  In multiplayer, your characters will be invisible.  
This makes for some interesting matches, especially with No Radar on.  
However, you can still see faint outlines and color if you look closely at you 
opponent.  The major problem with this cheat is that needs to be re-entered 
after a player dies, plus, each player has to enter it on his own in order for 
it to work.  These problems might possibly have led to it's removal.

Maximum Ammo

This is a silly cheat.  What happens is that as soon as you pick up a gun, it 
will be filled to the maximum amount of bullets.  For instance, if you pick up 
a Soviet, you will have 430 bullets, (the maximum allowed) but when you pick 
up another Soviet, it will just give you the regular amount of bullets as the 
difficulty level allows.  This cheat is useless if you have Infinite Ammo, 
perhaps leading to it's removal.

Extra Characters

Most every Goldeneye player knows about the 10 Step Code that gives you extra 
Multiplayer characters, including the Terrorist and the Biker.  But did you 
know that it was a cheat at one time?  If you have a Gameshark, you can get 
this cheat (along with all of the others) to appear.  Unlike the other Lost 
Cheats, this one was given to the public by Rare soon after the release of 


5. The MIA Cheats

As you may have already guessed, there are some Lost Cheats that don't yet 
have codes for them.  I refer to these as the MIA (Missing In Action) Cheats.  
It is my hope that someday the codes for these cheats will be found.  Until 
then, we've just got to hope.

All of the information in this section comes from the webpage of my good 
friend The Terrorist.  He found these cheats with a Gameshark.  I take no 
credit whatsoever for this.  When you're done here, take a look at his page on 
these cheats:


If you know of a code that can unlock any of these cheats, please, please, 
PLEASE email me.

Debug Mode

This is the most wanted of the MIA cheats.  It's not really awesome or 
anything, though.  Debug Mode just makes a bar appear at the top of the screen 
that shows your exact position throughout the level using a number code.  Not 
very exciting, but hey, it's a start!

Extra Weapons

The most mysterious of the MIA cheats is Extra Weapons.  This cheat will give 
you access to the Magnum, Laser, Golden Gun, Silver PP7, and Gold PP7.  Do you 
see a pattern?  Yes, these are all weapons that have their own individual 
cheats!  Why were things changed?  There was probably a reason, but I don't 
know what it might have been.

The Extra Health Cheats

There are three other MIA cheats, Super 2x Health, Super 10x Health, and Super 
10x Armor.  Super 2x Health gives let's you take twice as much damage, Super 
10x Health lets you take ten times the normal amount of damage, and Super 2x 
Armor gives you Body Armor that lasts twice as long.  They aren't really very 
useful, but still, I can see where Rare was going with this.  These cheats 
could possibly have been created before Invincibility.

Please, please PLEASE!  If you know the code to use any of these cheats, 
PLEASE email me!


IV. Multiplayer FAQ


And now, without further ado, my Goldeneye Multiplayer FAQ!


1. Overview

It's Saturday afternoon.  You're stuck at home with a friend or two, and 
you're bored out of your minds.  What do you do?  No, this isn't a trick 
question, or a line from Speed.  You Play Goldeneye!

Goldeneye, besides it's fantastic mission mode, also has a stupendous 
Multiplayer Mode.  Sure, it could have been better, adding more levels, and 
more weapons would have been nice, but hey, nobody's perfect.

Hmmmmmmmmmm, I can't think of anything else to put here.  Might as well start 
with the important stuff!


2. The Scenarios

This part talks about the many (?) Multiplayer Scenarios, and what they do, 

Normal, (a.k.a. "Live and Let Die")

This is just you usual game of Goldeneye, nothing special, nothing 
interesting.  Of course, this mode is still lots of fun, and provides plenty 
of fun and enjoyment.  I refer to it as "Live and Let Die" because that's 
basically what it is, plus, "Normal" was never a Bond movie.

You Only Live Twice

This setting is short, but fun, if you have four people.  With two, it's kind 
of...short.  I once played this game with my brother, and I beat him in less 
that a minute!  The rule is here, if you die twice, you're out of the game.  
The last person alive wins.  Kills don't matter at all.  I once beat three of 
my friends in this setting, while getting only one kill.  True story.  

The Living Daylights (Flag Tag)

This game, while hated by most players of the game, is my personal favorite 
selection.  I'm not really sure why.  The deal is here, there is a flag hidden 
somewhere in the level.  If you pick it up, a timer will start.  If someone 
kills you, you drop the flag, your timer stops, someone else picks it up, and 
their timer starts.  And here's the deal: the person with the flag can't use 
any weapons!  Kills don't matter at all in this setting, which is why most 
people hate it so much.  The only real complaint that I have about this is 
that the game won't give you your total time, that is, how long you have the 
flag for.  Kind of a drag, since I would like to have some kind of record 
list, where you could keep track of how long you had the flag.  If you really 
wanted too, you could have someone use stopwatch to keep track of your flag 

The Man With the Golden Gun

This one is a little complicated, but fun.  As you start off, there is a 
Golden Gun hidden in the level.  Once someone gets it, they become Scaramanga, 
the Man With the Golden Gun, and turn a different color on the radar.  As you 
probably already know, the Golden Gun will kill anyone in one hit, even those 
of you with body armor.  The Man has to now kill people with the Gun, until 
they die, then someone else picks it up, and the whole thing starts all over 
again.  Thing is, if you have the Golden Gun, you can't pick up Body Armor!  
The scoring in this is a little hokey, and I'm not even sure how it works.  
The best advice I can give is for the other players to all not shoot each 
other and gang up on the Man With the Golden Gun.  Dang, I just love saying 

License to Kill

This is, without a doubt, the most popular non-normal (is that a word?) 
Goldeneye Scenario.  The rules are simple, one hit and you're dead, even with 
body armor.  A minute to learn, a lifetime to master!  Whoops, wrong game.  
Anyway, the best strategy here to is to go for fast, automatic weapons, such 
as the RCP-90, or KF7 Soviet.

Team 2 vs. 2

This is basically your average team game.  Two people are on a team, one red 
team, one blue team.  The object of the game is to kill the other teams 
members as many times as possible.  Oh yeah, you lose points if you kill your 

Team: 3 vs. 1

Uh-oh!  This exciting and fun scenario is another team game.  Only this time, 
it's everybody versus one person!  Or, as I like to refer to them, "The Lone 
Ranger."  Anyway, I find this a lot of fun, especially if you're the one!  
Same thing goes with all team games, you lose a point if you kill your 

Team: 2 vs. 1

This is basically the same as the one above, except this only works if three 
are playing.  There are two, and they gang up on the one.  My advice to you is 
to find another friend so that you can at least play 3 vs. 1, which, in my 
opinion, is a lot more fun!


3. The Levels

This is a list of all the available Multiplayer Levels.  If I had my way, 
there would be a lot more levels on this list, but....

If you want to unlock the "Mission" levels, you must first beat that level on 
Agent difficulty.

NOTE: I was considering adding a "Selected Weapon Location Guide," but I 
decided against it, considering: 

#1. Most experienced players already know where they are.
#2. If you don't, you'll soon find out.
#3. It doesn't make that much of a difference.
#4. My instructions for finding them were pretty vague.  For instance, The big 
room with the hole in the ceiling, the small room with the hole in the wall, 
the bottom floor, etc.

Besides, if you want to cheat and find the weapons, just play the levels over 
a few times and try to memorize the spots.

Name: Temple
# of Players: 4
Size: Big
Body Armor: 1
Description: The Temple is best known for it's large layout, and even larger 
rooms.  That doesn't make much sense, but I'll continue anyway.  There are a 
lot of rooms, so it's easy to get lost.  Even I don't know my way through it 
by heart.  Your best bet is to find the single body armor, which is located 
near the REALLY big room, in a dark corner.

Name: Complex
# of Players: 4
Size: Big
Body Armor: 3
Description: The Complex, another big level, has more body armor and is easier 
to navigate than the Temple.  There are lot's of hallways here, so watch out 
for anyone who might be following you.  The large amount of rooms here make 
for good ambush spots, and I suggest doing just that!  Another note: Due to 
the large amount of "sniping spots," be careful if you're in an open area, 
especially on License to Kill!

Name: Caves
# of Players: 4
Body Armor: 2
Size: Medium
Description: The Caves (not top be confused with the Caverns) are dark, 
gloomy, and it's hard to see people in the shadowy areas.  That is why I 
suggest being a dark character here.  The caves also have lots of nooks and 
crannies to hide in, making for good ambush spots.  Another good quality of 
the caves is that some of the walls look too steep to climb up, but in 
reality, they aren't, which can leave a clumsy attacker left wondering where 
you went.  But if they know about that walls, you better start running!

Name: Library
# of Players: 4
Body Armor: 3
Size: Really Big
Description: In case you didn't know, the library is made up of both the Stack 
and the Basement (see below).  This makes for a REALLY big level, just perfect 
for a game of Living Daylights!  A little known (and little used) trick is to 
look through the vents separating the two floors, and fire through them at a 
player passing by beneath (or above).  This can be accomplished by using 

Name: Basement
# of Players: 4
Body Armor: 1
Size: Medium
Description: The Basement is a favorite level among many, because of it's 
pillar filled hallways (great place for a shootout!), it's easy to find 
selected weapons, and it's numerous ambush positions, especially in the 
colored hallways.  If you ever get lost, then try to find the body armor.  
It's located in the center of the level, and makes for a good compass.

Name: Stack
# of Players: 4
Body Armor: 2
Size: Big
Description: Some people hate the Stack, others love it.  It's kind of hard to 
find your way around at first, which may cause players to holler cries of "How 
do I get up top?"  All of the good stuff is really on the second floor.  The 
Stack is a good level for explosives, because you can launch them from the 
bottom floor to the top (or vice versa) causing humorous and sometimes 
confusing ("Hey, who killed me?") deaths.

Name: Facility
# of Players: 4
Body Armor: 2
Size: Small
Description: I'm surprised they made the Facility a Multiplayer level.  I 
mean, it's so small!  That's why I recommend this level for three players or 
less, four if you really want some quick and bloody deaths.  You'll find that 
the facility is shaped sort of like an "L" with a Selected Weapon and a Body 
Armor on each side.  My advice is to grab all the goodies in one area, then go 
scouting for kills!  Another good strategy is to chase people in circles 
around the tiled floor areas!

Name: Bunker (2)
# of Players: 3
Body Armor: 2
Size: Medium
Description: The Bunker is a fun level, with three or two players.  It would 
be fun with 4, but there's Rare stepping in again!  It's really not that hard 
to find your way around here, just use the Big Room, the Jail Cells, and The 
Colored Rooms as landmarks, and you'll be fine.  For some reason, not many 
people go for Body Armor here, which doesn't surprise me, it's kind of out of 
the way.  One set is in the Colored Rooms, the other is in the room with the 

Name: Archives
# of Players: 3
Body Armor: 2
Size: Really Small
Description: The Archives, the smallest level in the game, is recommended (by 
me) for two player games.  With three, it's hard to hide, tail people, and set 
ambushes.  It's easy to avoid getting lost here, just learn your upstairs from 
your downstairs.  The two "Secret Passages" on the top floor house a body 
armor, and the selected weapon, so memorize where they are!

Name: Caverns
# of Players: 3
Body Armor: 2
Size: Medium
Description: Another fun level is the Caverns.  There is something for 
everyone here, big rooms, little rooms, hallways, byways, even a few scenic 
views!  If you know the level from one player mode, finding your way around 
here should be a breeze.  One word of advice: avoid the Death Trap!  That's 
the place where the radio is on one player, in Multiplayer, they've filled it 
with combustible gasses and explosive liquids!  If you see someone over there, 
shoot one of the barrels for an easy kill.

Name: Egyptian
# of Players: 2
Body Armor: 2
Size: Medium
Description: I don't know why the Egyptian Temple is only for two players.  
It's actually pretty big, if you count the back hallways and the big blue 
floored room.  I think that's supposed to be water.  But anyway, no one ever 
seems to go over there.  Or maybe it's just me.  The pillars in the main rooms 
make for good ambush and shootout spots, as does the big long hallway with the 
crevices in the walls.  If you're using snipers, try getting a lookout 
position in that doorway that opens out from the Golden Gun room.  The one I 
mean is high up in the wall of the large room, and makes for some easy sniping 


4. The Weapons

This is where the action takes place, the big choice, the choice that decides 
how much fun your Goldeneye game will be!  Well, that actually might be the 
Scenario, but I just couldn't think up an introduction for this section.

Here all 14 of the Weapon Selections, and what combinations of weapons they 
contain, in alphabetical order, for some reason:

Automatics: Silenced PP7, DD44 Dostovei, Klobb, D5K Deutsche

A whole bunch of machine guns and pistols.  This is sort of like a default 
weapons selection.  It's not very important or extraordinary, so I only pick 
it if I just don't know what to pick, which doesn't happen often.

Golden Gun: Silenced PP7, DD44 Dostovei, Klobb, KF7 Soviet, Golden Gun

As you probably already know, Scaramanga's Legendary Golden Gun kills in one 
hit, whether it be to the head, or in the leg.  Now, as we're not doing the 
special "Man With the Golden Gun" Scenario, anyone can pick up the Golden Gun 
at any time, which makes for some interesting shootouts...

Grenade Launchers: DD44 Dostovei, Klobb, KF7 Soviet, Grenade Launcher

The selected weapon here is the grenade launcher.  This is my personal 
favorite explosives weapon in the game, because it holds more ammo than the 
Rocket Launcher, and it's easier to aim and use.

Grenades: DD44 Dostovei, Klobb, KF7 Soviet, Grenades

These boys pack a hard punch!  Grenades are fun because you can bounce 'em off 
of walls, and around corners, so that no ambush spot is safe!  Try to pull the 
pin early (press and hold Z) to gain some advantage over your opponent, but 
don't hold it for too long!

Lasers: DD44 Dostovei, Klobb, KF7 Soviet, Military Laser (Moonraker)

This baby really gets the job done!  Lasers make for quick shootouts, and 
quick chases, since they never run out of ammo, or need to be reloaded.  For 
some real fun, try them on License to Kill...

Pistols: Silenced PP7, DD44 Dostovei, Cougar Magnum

All of my friends really like this setting, for some reason.  Me, I just think 
of it as the best weapons selection for Magnum shootouts!  If you're doing 
License to Kill, use the PP7, it's faster than the DD44.

Power Weapons: DD44 Dostovei, RCP-90, Automatic Shotgun, Cougar Magnum

My favorite non-explosive weapon setting is Power Weapons.  I mean, you get 
three awesome weapons, the Automatic Shotgun, the RCP-90, and the Cougar 
Magnum!  All right!  The only problem is choosing between the RCP-90 and the 
shotgun.  Most prefer the RCP-90, but I prefer the shotgun, myself.

Proximity Mines: PP7, ZMG (9mm), AR33 Assault Rifle, Proximity Mines

Ah yes, the hallowed tale of the proximity mine game.  It's fun, but make sure 
you remember where you put those mines!  Use the AR33 scope to snipe them out 
from a distance, that's what it's there for!

Remote Mines: PP7, ZMG (9mm), AR33 Assault Rifle, Remote Mines

This is my personal favorite out of all three mines.  Lot's of people try top 
hide the mines everywhere, but not me!  I like to just throw and detonate 
(Hold A and B) if I see someone coming.  Just make sure the intended victim 
isn't too close to you!

Rockets: DD44 Dostovei, Klobb, KF7 Soviet, Rocket Launcher

The most famous of all the explosive weapons, and the most popular.  The only 
problem is ammo (you can hold at most four Rockets), so use the Infinite Ammo 
Cheat if you have it!

Slappers Only!: None

They just had to put this one in there.  No weapons allowed, so you have to 
slap your way to victory!  This is fun on License to Kill, or if you set the 
Health to -10.  For real fun, try a Team Game!

Sniper Rifles: DD44 Dostovei, Klobb, Sniper Rifle, Cougar Magnum

One spot where the Multiplayer crew blundered was that the only level with 
decent sniping spots is the Complex.  The most fun I ever had with Goldeneye 
was a 2 vs. 2 Team game of Snipers in the Complex.  One team would stay in a 
"sniping spot," one would snipe, and the other would guard the entrance with a 
Magnum.  When that team died, the next one would run in.  Ahhhhhh, good times.  

Throwing Knives: Throwing Knives

Yep, that's all.  It's pretty fun though, believe it or not.  A good idea 
would be to set the health down to -4, so one knife in the chest kills, but 
one slap doesn't!  If you want more information, see my exclusive guide on 
"How to use a Throwing Knife," located in the miscellaneous section.

Timed Mines: PP7, ZMG (9mm), AR33 Assault Rifle, Timed Mines.

This is my least favorite mine selection.  Timed mines are hard to use, hard 
to control, and half of the clever traps you lay just don't work!  Some people 
like them though, and that's what's important.


5. The Game Lengths

Most people would call me daffy to commit a whole section of FAQ to the game 
lengths, but here they are!

5 Minutes

This is your basic short game.  Short games aren't really the most accurate in 
terms of skill (some people need a little while to get warmed up), so I don't 
use this very often.

10 Minutes

This is more like it.  Sort of a default setting, 10 minutes is like the 
perfect length of time for a game, either normal shoot-em up, or the Living 

20 Minutes

More of a long game really.  REALLY long.  Sometimes, a little too long.

First to 5 Points

Another short game.  If you play Slappers Only!, I recommend using this 

First to 10 Points

For those of you who hate ties, this one is for you.  The average game is 
about the same as 10 Minutes, give or take depending on the number of players, 
the skill, the level, and the weapon.  The match stops when one person reaches 
ten points.

First to 20 Points

Another VERY long game on Normal mode.  If you're doing License to Kill, it's 
a different story!  This is my preferred timing for the average License to 
Kill match.


Now we're talking!  The game lasts until everyone either gets bored, or 
someone (usually the losing player) gets angry and quits.  This is best used 
when you've found a game that everyone seems to love more than anything else 
in the entire world.

Last Person Alive Wins

While not a selectable setting, this is used during You Only Live Twice, where 
the final surviving person is the winner.


6. The Characters

Here is a complete list of all 33 selectable Goldeneye characters.  I have 
also included the characters that can be gained use of the "Rare Employee's 
Code."  The Codes Section (Listed under Section VIII, The Fun Stuff!) for more 

I included descriptions of all the characters, because most of the names are 
pretty vague, and without this, trial and error would be the only way to find 
the red civilian.

The additional 25 characters become available after you beat the Agent 

The letters NIG signify that the character does not appear in the one player 

A last note: In the case of the Scientists and Moonraker Elite, the one on the 
left is the boy, the one on the right is the girl.

This cheerful British fellow is dressed in the black tuxedo he wears in the 
Aztec and Egyptian levels.  The black clothes and hair make him blend in the 
darker areas, making for surprise ambushes.

She comes dressed in the green dress that she wears in the Bunker 2, and the 
St. Petersburg mission.  Pity, her jungle suit might actually make her useful 
when it comes to camouflage.

The evil 006 wears the black suit you see him in throughout the game.  It is 
darker than Bond's tux, but the bright face and hair are a dead giveaway if 
you like to blend in.

Of course, Xenia comes with her solid steal bra and dark trousers.  Looks 
pretty ugly in the game, actually.

The Russian general actually blends in pretty well in the Caves.  It's the 
whole off green thing.  However, his large hat actually counts towards a head 
shot, making him much easier to kill that way.

The Russian answer for the "hip" computer nerd comes complete with tinted 
glasses, brightly colored jacket, slicked down haircut, and friendship 

This guy makes for a sort of handicap, considering he's the only fat character 
in the game!  His gray suit does tend to blend in well in dark areas, though.  
Ugh, that lazy eye freaks me out!

Politburo Member Defense Minister Mishkin wears a solid black jumpsuit instead 
of official looking suit and tie.  Could the black clothes be on loan from 

Well liked because of her thinness and dark features, Mayday is the only 
African-American character in the game.  Unless the Siberian Special Forces 
ever takes off his mask.  I'm surprised that Mayday never got her own level.

At eight feet tall, Jaws is not one to mess with!  Unfortunately, his large 
height makes him very easy to hit, causing most to find him unpopular as a 
character.  Jaws' one advantage, however, is that his auto-aim tends to go for 
his opponents head!  I always though that it would be cool if Jaws could take 
shots to the mouth with no injury, a recap of one of the funniest scenes in 
The Spy Who Loved Me.

Any true Bond fan that tell you that Oddjob was of normal height when he made 
his appearance in Goldfinger.  What's up with that?  Anyway, this unnaturally 
short karate expert is often outlawed in many matches, because his size makes 
him very hard to hit.  Some experts, however, will note that Auto-Aim seems to 
be less affective with Oddjob, since his height makes him have a tendency to 
shoot between your legs.

Baron Samedi
Otherwise known as "The Man Who Can Not Die," the Baron's large amounts of 
face paint and white jacket make him a standout at any party!  His biggest 
disadvantage is that his large hat makes his head very easy to hit, much like 

Russian Soldier
This little fellow, dressed in green, is one of the members of the legions of 
soldiers that insist on following you around in the Facility.  If green is 
your thing, than you just found your perfect guy!

Russian Infantry
It's kind of hard to tell the difference between the Russian guards right 
away.  The Russian Infantry is dressed in light brown, he's the one you see on 
the Statue and in the Egyptian Temple.  His clothing makes him blend in very 
well in the Caves.

Scientist, Male
Oh no!  It's Dr. Doak!  The classic scientist, with his white lab coat, comes 
with the face of Dr. Doak!  I don't know why, but that's actually pretty cool.  
They should have put him as an actual character, name and all, in the 
Multiplayer section.

Scientist, Female (NIG)
Rare must have goofed up or something, because they forgot to put female 
scientists in the One Player mode!  Either that, or they just didn't want to.  
Much like the Mayday affair...  Anyway, the good thing about the girl 
scientist is that she is shorter than most of the other characters.

Russian Commandant
This guy appears in the Dam near the satellite dish.  He carries a DD44, much 
like Ouromov.  He is dressed in brown, which seems like a good Russian color, 
for some reason.

Janus Marine
These guys just get in the way!  You know them, dressed in a combination of 
gray, white and black.  Trevelyn's marines appear in the Frigate, the Depot 
and the Train.  Actually a pretty good choice, for some reason, these guys 
tend to sort of blend in at the Complex and the Facility.  Don't ask me why.

Naval Officer
The was absolutely the worst choice of names ever.  A better, more descriptive 
name would have been "Hostage."  Still, I can see where they were going with 
the Naval Officer thing.  These guys from the frigate are dressed all in 

Helicopter Pilot (NIG)
I always thought it would have been cool if Janus goons had kidnapped the 
helicopter pilots, and you had to save them in the frigate.  Or, at least get 
some kind of message or gadget from them.  Anyway, the blue suited helicopter 
pilots head is unusually large, making for more easier shots.

St. Petersburg Guard (NIG)
I guess Rare didn't have time to put these guys in the game either.  They 
actually look more like Russian businessmen than guards, dressed in their 
grayish green suits and ties.  Shame they weren't hanging around the Streets, 
would have been fun to kill!

Civilian #1 (NIG)
Another character restraint, the first three civilians aren't in the Mission 
mode.  The first civilian on the list is a short woman (or maybe a girl) in a 
green dress.  And I mean it, like the female scientist, she too is shorter 
than average.

Civilian #2 (NIG)
This character, my little brothers personal favorite character, colorfully 
nicknamed "Grandpa," is an old man dressed in a light blue and gray clothing.  
Rare did a nice job, seeing as he's the only person over 50 in the game.  
Well, maybe Pierce Brosnan...

Civilian #3 (NIG)
Purple was one of the few colors not used as a base for any character in the 
game, so they had to start somewhere!  This adult male decided to wear a 
purple shirt when he showed up in the game.  Adds some colorful variety to the 
game, actually.

Civilian #4
Here we go!  This is the civilian we all know and love from the Streets level.  
Dressed in a casual dark red shirt, he actually looks halfway decent, which 
was why they chose him alone to appear in the Streets.

Siberian Guard #1
Here come the Men in Black!  These guys, dressed head to toe in black, make 
Mishkin look colorful!  They're the character of choice for anyone who likes 
to blend in to the shadows.  In case you were wondering, they come when the 
alarm sounds in the Bunker.

Arctic Commando
Now we're talking!  Jokingly referred to as "Rough Faced Bill," because of the 
large scar on his face, he dresses in the blue/black costume worn by the 
guards in the Bunker 2.  Kinda like that name actually.  Like "Grandpa," my 
little brother also thought that one up.

Siberian Guard #2
Not many people are aware that there are two Siberian guards.  They should 
have put them right next to each other.  This guy, dressed in brown, doesn't 
even look a thing like the first Siberian guard!  Actually, he's not even 
found in Siberia!  You CAN, however, find him on the Dam and Runway levels.

Siberian Special Forces
Your chief opposition in both Surface levels, the Siberian Special Forces gray 
suit and breathing mask make him kind of look like Darth Vador.  Well...sort 
of.  If he was dressed in black, and wore a cape.

Jungle Commando
This is, without a doubt, the most simple name given to anyone on the  
characters list.  Dressed in Jungle camouflage, with a helmet that is 
basically useless on multiplayer mode, he patrols, you guessed it, the Jungle 

Janus Special Forces
A.K.A. Trevelyn's goons.  They protect him on the Cradle, and are dressed all 
in black.  Rare actually made it so there are four all black characters, 
(Trevelyn, Mishkin, Siberian Guard #1, and Janus Special Forces) one for every 
player, which might make for an interesting team game...

Moonraker Elite, Male
These bright yellow guys are found in the Aztec Temple.  I don't like choosing 
the Moonraker Elite, as it's hard to miss a yellow suit in the average 
Goldeneye level.

Moonraker Elite, Female (NIG)
A better alternative to the male Moonraker Elite.  She is dressed in the same 
suit as the male, only she is shorter.  The last of the three short women 
(Female Scientist, and Civilian #1), actually the worst choice because of the 
yellow suit.

Secret Characters

NOTE: Since a large percentage of the Secret Characters are simply the 
ordinary face of a soldier along with Bond's tuxedo, I have only included 
descriptions for those characters who are different.

One of the few "Rare Employees" that actually stands out among the rest, 
Rosika is wearing a white dress.  She is also shorter than the average person, 
so you can put her up there with the Female Scientist, the Female Moonraker, 
and the 1st Civilian.

Just a normal, everyday guy wearing Bond's tux.






Steve E



I'd be willing to bet that this is the famous Ken Lobb...











Steve H

This dude is dressed in the normal "Rare Employee Tuxedo," but he also has a 
black mask with red eye holes.  Looks pretty cool actually.  Gee, I wonder who 
this guy was modeled after?

The other "cool" character, the Biker wears a green helmet (much like the one 
that a Jungle Commando wears!) and a pair of sunglasses.  Of course, he also 
has the trademark tux.








7. The Healths

The cool thing about Goldeneye is that you can adjust the healths of certain 
players, making for a handicap.  The Healths option is also useful if you want 
to give everyone a high, or low amount of health, making for pretty 
interesting game combinations...

NOTE: I realize that "healths" is not a word.  I enjoy using bad grammar.  
Good thing my English teacher ain't been seen lately.

I will list the Healths from Highest to Lowest

+10 (Rookie)
This setting is only useful if you're playing with a small 2 year old child 
with no knowledge of video games.  The handicap is that much.  Only a very 
skilled player can defeat even a beginner (not the 2 year old) on +10 health.

+4 (Novice)
Still a bit up there, and really hard to kill.

+3 (Novice)
This is the beginning of the plausible health section.  I recommend this 
handicap for first time Goldeneye Players, but use +4 if you've never even 
played N64.

+2 (Novice)
The lowest noticeable plus handicap.  While seeming outrageous, this is still 
high enough to give a skilled player a chance at winning a fire fight.

+1 (Novice)
This handicap is barely even noticeable.  If an average Goldeneye Player is 
complaining about a handicap, then give them this one.

0 (Normal)
As you can probably figure out, this is the normal health setting.

-1 (Veteran)
Much like +1, this one isn't very noticeable, if the other players are on 

-2 (Veteran)
The first noticeable minus health setting.  If you're on this one, try to 
avoid direct fire fights with the higher players, and instead stick to hit and 
run tactics.

-3 (Veteran)
Use the same technique as for -2.  

-4 (Veteran)
This a bit like realism mode.  A shot to the chest or head will kill you, but 
a shot to the shoulder, arm, leg, hand, or foot will not.  I sometimes like 
playing with everyone set on -4, it's actually pretty fun.

-10 (Hero)
Ah, the joys of being a Hero!  This is basically like License to Kill, (One 
hit anywhere will kill you) except that you can use Body Armor, but that won't 
help very much!


8. The Aiming Options

Heck, I did a section for every other part of Multiplayer Mode!

Site Off/On
This means that if you press R (the default aiming button) the gun will move 
but no crosshair will appear on the screen.  Vice versa if the site is on.  
You can choose the selection on 1 Player mode in the Options section of the Q 

Auto Aim Off/On
I like playing with auto aim on, but turning it off can often decide the 
difference between the Goldeneye experts!  In case you didn't know, Auto Aim 
is that thing that makes your gun hit the enemy if it wasn't perfectly on 
target.  Like the site option, the auto aim can also be turned off in One 
Player Mode.

The site and auto aim options can be configured in four different ways, which 

Site on, Auto Aim on
Site on, Auto Aim off
Site off, Auto Aim on
Site off, Auto Aim off

And that's the end of this very short section.


9. The Awards

In case you didn't know, at the end of every multiplayer game, you are given 
two awards, less if you're unlucky.  For some reason, I am also devoting an 
entire section to these awards.

Most Deadly
This means exactly what it seems, you were basically a killing machine during 
the match.

Most Cowardly
Run away!  Run away!  Yep, the winners of this award usually do that a lot.

Most Dishonorable
You get this one if you tried to shoot people in the back more often than not.  
Hey, it works!

Most Honorable
Maybe the "shoot guys in the back" thing isn't for you.  In fact, you didn't 
do it at all.

Most Frantic
Do you like to madly run around?  Just asking.

Marksmanship Award
People who get this award usually get off more head shots than most.  Or, you 
nail off one lucky shot.

Lemming Award
OK, so maybe explosives aren't your thing.  This award actually translates to 
most suicides taken in a match.

AC-10 Award
This is actually the most confusing of all the awards.  According to Rare, it 
means you were basically a body armor hog.  The AC-10 thing actually has 
something to do with RPGs or something like that.

Where's the Ammo?
Have you ever run out of bullets in the middle of a big shootout?  If so, then 
you've probably earned this award.
Where's the Armor?
Much like "Where's the Ammo?," this one means that you didn't really go for 
armor during the match.

Longest Innings
This award is given to the person who can last the longest without getting 

Shortest Innings
Ever start right in the middle of a fire fight?  How about in the middle of a 
mislaid explosion?  Doing so usually earns you this award.

Double Kill
All right!  You killed two guys at once!  

Triple Kill
All right!  You killed three guys at once!  Awesome!

Quadruple Kill
The rarely given Quadruple Kill Award(I've only gotten it once) signifies how 
your mislaid trap actually backfired and killed you along with those other 
four guys!


10. Tips and Strategies

It doesn't take a genius to figure out that if you like to walk up guys madly 
firing, sooner or later, you are going to get killed.  Happens to all of us.  
Not me though.  All right, that's a filthy lie.  Anyway...

I now bring you some fun and useful strategies (and tips) for Multiplayer 

Tip #1: Grab that Body Armor!
Most of the time, this can be the difference between the winners and the 
losers.  Body armor is especially important if you are engaging in head on 
fire fights.

Tip #2: Get the Selected Weapon!
If everyone else is duking it out with a laser, and you show up with a 
Dostovei, odds are you ain't getting out alive.  Remember, there are always 
two (2) selected weapons in each level (the lone exception being the Golden 
Gun).  So, if there's a fight going on right next to one of the good weapons, 
run across the level and grab the other!

Tip #3: Watch your ammo!
Don't you hate it when you're firing your rocket launcher at the other guy, 
and you run out of ammo?  Don't you hate it even more when he blew you away 
right afterwards, because he was smart and saved his ammo?  The best way to 
conserve ammo is to avoid unnecessary firing of weapons with limited ammo, 
like the rocket launcher.

Tip #4: Don't forget to reload!
You're walking down the Facility hallway, and you find a guy standing against 
the wall.  You pull out your Soviet and blow him away.  You continue walking 
down the hall, and find another guy.  You fire off a few bullets, then 
suddenly, the gun stops.  Of course, this gives the other guy enough time to 
blow you away with his Soviet, which he reloaded when he was done with that 
last fire fight.

Tip #5: Use your radar!
This one is especially important where most of the level is one story, like 
the Facility or the Bunker.  Use your radar to tell if anyone is close to you, 
so you can turn the tables on a would be ambusher!  Obviously, you should 
ignore this tip when playing with the "No Radar" cheat.

Tip #6: Learn your levels!
You're playing a 2 vs. 2 game in the Bunker, and all of a sudden, your 
teammate leans over and whispers, "Meet me in the jail."  Well, you now have 
to face the embarrassment of admitting that you don't know where the jail is, 
or ask your friend and let the other team hear you plan.  Which brings me to 
my next tip.  Anyway, try to study the layouts of levels as you play them, and 
avoid just aimlessly wandering around.

Tip #7: Talk with your Teammate!
It's actually a good idea to let your teammate know if you have a cunning plan 
for World Domination...I mean, winning the game.  Just don't go overboard and 
explain the entire plan before you even carry it out.  A simple "Grab some 
Remote mines and meet me in the big room" usually works fine.

Tip #8: Watch out for those Proximity mines!
This is especially important!  When playing with these things, try to look 
around corners for mines, and always be suspicious of everything.   In other 
words, watch your step!  The scope on the AR33 comes in handy here.  Oh yeah, 
and the same thing goes for remote mines, too!

Tip #9: Avoid Head on Firefights!
These things tend to drain your health quickly.  Instead, use sneaky, low 
down, and dirty strategies, like the ones outlined below!

The Duck and Hide Method:
This one is kind of like a game of chess.  Okay, that's another lie.  
Basically, you want to find a place where you can shoot a guy, but he can't 
shoot you.  A good example would be leaning over a corner in the hallway, or 
sniping from high above.  Pump a few rounds into him, wait for the reaction, 
then disappear before he can shoot back.  Easy as pie.  Just use this method 
to wear people down one at a time.

The Covered Fire Fight Method
This is pretty simple actually.  Just find a place where you have some cover, 
like that hallway in the Egyptian Temple with all the places to hide, or one 
of the offices in the Archives.  Now, you have to shoot a guys, then duck back 
into your hiding spot.  When they stop shooting, jump back out and pump 'em 
full of lead!

The Hoggy Weapon Method
Another Simple, but cheap thing to do.  Let's say that you have the selected 
weapon, the grenade launcher, Golden Gun, whatever.  You now try to go for 
people who don't have this weapon, where you will surely have the upper hand.  
And of course, avoid the other people that DO have the good weapon.  This 
trick has been pulled many times with varying amounts of success.

The Guard the Selected Weapon Method
This one is cheap, dirty, sleazy, and wrong.  Just find a good place where the 
selected weapon is that you can guard easily, grab the weapon, and guard it.  
The only really good places to do this are the Complex and Facility, and the 
Complex has a place where a sniper can see you if you hide in the selected 
weapons place.  Still, if the other players don't flush you out, or you don't 
die of boredom first, everyone will get mad at you, which isn't a good thing.

The Circle Strafe Method
This one really isn't a 100% sure fire deal, but none of the others are 
either.  To pull this off, wait for someone to attack you (or find someone to 
attack) and strafe around them in a circle.  Use auto aim and never stop 
firing, if you're using an automatic weapon.  The other guy will have to turn 
around and around to keep up with you, not getting very many hits, and causing 
you to gain the upper hand.

Well, that's about it.  If I think up any more, I'll update my FAQ and add 'em 


11. Suggested Game Selections

Are you tired of the same old games of Goldeneye?  Our are you stuck in a rut, 
and can't think up anything exciting to play?  Well, search no longer!  This 
section of the FAQ outlines the coolest, and funnest game selections in al of 

The Living Daylights: Suggestions

The Living Daylights is my personal favorite non-normal scenario, that's why I 
put so much on it, if you can call this much.

Most people like playing Flag Tag in a big level.  The best levels for these 
people are the Temple, Complex, and the Library.

But, there are also those you prefer the tiny levels!  Games in the tiny 
levels tend to be fast paced, and exciting!  Talk about an adrenaline rush!  
If you prefer the small levels, try the Archives, or the Facility.

For weapons, almost anything works!  My favorites, are Golden Gun, Lasers, 
Power Weapons, or Grenade Launchers.

For a slightly twisted game, try throwing knives!

You Only Live Twice: Suggestions

For some real fun, have everyone set their health up high, +4, or even +10!

Explosives are a favorite here, no matter what your health is!

The Man With the Golden Gun: Suggestions

For a real hit and run game, try this with two players on the Facility!

For fast-paced excitement, try three players on the Archives!

And, for a fast-paced, REALLY exciting game, try the Egyptian!

License to Kill

Any level works well here.

For weapons, try power weapons, so you can get an RCP-90!

Some other good ones are Lasers, Throwing Knives, and Sniper Rifles.

License to Kill is also the only good scenario for Slappers Only!

Team Games

2 vs. 2, Sniper Rifles, the Complex, Unlimited.  Trust me, you'll like it.

2 vs. 2, Slappers Only!, everyone's health on -10.  Loads of fun.

The possibilities are pretty much endless with team games.  For some reason, 
everything is more fun when you're on a team.

Other Fun Stuff

Proximity mines, a favorite of many, are best used in the Facility, Bunker, 
and Archives.  Lots of nooks and crannies in these levels...

Grenades in the Facility.  I don't know why, but it's fun!

Rockets in the Temple.  The big rooms make for long range shots!

Fun with Character Cloning!

See Section VIII (The Fun Stuff!) for information on how to pull off the 
character cloning trick.

Imagine if you will, a game of 3 vs. 1. Three people are Jaws, versus one 
Oddjob!  Trust me, it's lots of fun!

Or, three Oddjobs versus one Jaws!

Have 3 people choose the same character, and player 1 choose someone else.  
Right away, have player one commit suicide, or get killed.  For some reason, 
playing against yourself is pretty cool.

Team Uniforms?

I invented this one spur of the moment:

Team One: Scientist Male, Moonraker Elite Female
Team 2: Scientist Female, Moonraker Elite Male

The cool thing about this is that from a distance, you won't be able to tell 
if the person in white (or yellow, if you're the scientist) is your teammate 
or not!

Here's another fun one, even more confusing than the last one!

Team 1: Trevelyn, Mishkin
Team 2: Siberian Guard, Janus Special Forces

Remember, all of these guys are dressed in black!  This makes it much more 
confusing!  Have fun!

Handicapped Characters

Start a game of 3 vs. 1.  Have the "one" be Jaws.  Set Jaws' health to +2.  

Or, have the "one" be Oddjob, and set his health to -2!

Another play on the "tall, short" thing is to have one team have the Female 
Scientist, the Female Moonraker, and Civilian #1.  The three short women!  
Have the "One" be anyone else, except Oddjob or Jaws, and set his health to 

These next two games come to you from Eric John Summers , 
who emailed them to me. 

Name: Bigshots
Players: 4
Scenario: License to Kill
Weapons: Pistols

You start off by picking one person to be the Bigshot.  The Bigshot should 
leave the room (in real life) while other players get some guns and find 
places to hide.  The place where the player hides is their Base.

The Bigshot then has to go to the Bases and kill the other three players.  If 
he gets killed by a player, the player that killed him becomes the Bigshot, 
and the former Bigshot goes back into their Base to wait.

In order for someone to win, they must successfully become the Bigshot and 
kill the other three players.

Name: Search and Destroy
Players: 4
Scenario: License to Kill
Weapons: Pistols

First off, someone is chosen to be the Assassin.  That person should grab a 
gun, but no extra bullets.  They should then fire seven times, so that there 
are only three bullets left in his gun.  Then, that person has to leave the 
room (in real life).

The other three players do not pick up guns.  	Instead, they scatter 
throughout the level and find places to hide.  To hide, they have to kneel 
down and face the wall.  

Once everyone is hidden, the Assassin can come back into the room.  The 
Assassin then has to find and kill the other three players.  He only has three 
bullets, and can't pick up any more, so if the Assassin misses, he loses.

Also, looking at the other players screen would do no good, because the other 
players are facing the wall.

The basic object of the game is to kill the other three players as fast as 
possible.  Someone should have a watch, and keep track of time.  After 
everyone is dead, someone else can have a chance to be the Assassin.  The 
player who can kill the other three players in the fastest time wins.  If 
someone does not kill all three players (by missing a shot) then they are 

Hide the Mines

I wish that I could take credit for this addictive and fun game, but I can't.  
I really don't know exactly who first made it up (at least five different 
people take credit for it) but this game is widely spread throughout the 
Internet.  I did, however, make up that last part with the shootout.

Start a 2 player game, any level (see below), and set the weapon to Remote 
Mines, and the length to Unlimited.

Have one player be the hero.  Set his health to +10.  

Have another player be the villain.  He gets -4.

Have one player (the hero) leave the room.  Not in the game, in real life!

The other player (the villain) grabs ten remote mines, and sets them 
throughout the level.  Hide the mines in hard to find places.

When you're done, walk to someplace in the level, (someplace "cool" like the 
elevator in the Caverns) get on your detonator, and tell the other person to 
come back into the room.

When they come in, have them look throughout the level to find the mines!  
Give them 10 minutes (one minute per mine) to find all of the mines.  Once the 
"hero" finds a mine, they shoot it, blowing it up.  This is known as 
"diffusing the mine."

If the hero has not found all ten mines when the timer goes off, the villain 
detonates the mines, and the hero loses.

If the hero has found all ten mines, they have to grab a gun and find the 
villain, and kill him before time is up!

Oh yeah, and the villain is not allowed to use any weapons during this time!

The hero may NOT shoot the villain before all of the mines have been defused.  
If he does, the villain may detonate the mines, causing the hero to lose.

Use the AR33, it's great for flushing out mines!

If the hero did defuse all of the mines, but fails to kill the villain before 
time is up, then the hero loses anyway!  Remember, the villain can never use a 
gun (or mines) after all of the mines are defused, so all he can do is run!

The Best levels for this game are the Archives, Facility, Bunker, Caverns, 
Complex, Basement, Stack, Egyptian, and the Temple, in that order (from best 
to worst).  NEVER do the Library, it's too big!

A great site for new and interesting Goldeneye Multiplayer games is


Great site.

If you have any ideas for new, fun or creative games, please email me.
I'll be sure to give them a try, and add them to the FAQ.


V. The Weapons FAQ


All of the best Goldeneye FAQs have a section on the weapons.  Then again, 
most of the worst ones do too.  Dang, I sure wrote myself into a corner on 
that one!

Anyway, I'll list the weapons like this:

RPC: (Rounds Per Clip)
Ammo Taken: 
Speed: (Very slow, Slow, OK, Good, Quick, Awesome)
Damage Rating: (Bad, OK, Good, Excellent, Awesome, Other)
Noise: (Silent, Quiet, Medium, Loud, Blasting)
Where Found: (What levels)
Scope: (Whether or not it has a scope)
Two?: (Whether or not you can find two of this in the game, without All Guns)
Multiplayer?: (whether or not the gun is found in multiplayer mode)
Cheats: (What cheats get you this weapon, excluding All Guns)

NOTE: I know you can get to of almost every weapon with All Guns, when I say 
"Two?" I mean whether or not you can get two of them in the mission mode.

And, without further ado, let us begin.....

Name: Unarmed (Slapper)
Ammo Taken: N/A
Speed: Slow
Damage Rating: Bad
Noise: Silent
Where Found: All levels, except Surface 1
Scope: None
Two?: No, not even with All Guns
Multiplayer?: Yes
Cheats: None
Notes: The slapper is a simple weapon, you just hit the guy!  What most people 
don't know is that the slapper can actually cause a one hit death on SOME 
enemies if used correctly.  Try to hit the guys in the chest, and see what 
happens then.  I don't usually recommend using the slapper, except during the 
escape sequences in the Archives and Bunker 2.

Name: Unarmed (Sniper Butt)
Ammo Taken: N/A
Speed: Slow
Damage Rating: OK
Noise: Silent
Where Found: Dam, Surface 1
Scope: None
Two?: No, not even with All Guns
Multiplayer?: Yes
Cheats: None
Notes: The sniper butt replaces your hand as your unarmed weapon as soon as 
you grab the sniper rifle.  You don't really find much use for it in these 
levels, but it is sort of a fun toy to play with when using All Guns.

Name: Hunting Knife
Ammo Taken: N/A
Speed: Good
Damage Rating: Good
Noise: Quiet
Where Found: Use a Cheat
Scope: None
Two?: Of course, with the cheat!
Multiplayer?: No
Cheats: 2x Hunting Knives
Notes: The hunting knife is another fun weapon.  It's so much fun, it's not 
even in Mission Mode!  Kind of a pity, it might have fun to at least find one 
to play with in a level.  The funniest thing about the hunting knife is that 
squishy sound it makes when you use it on a guy.  

Name: Throwing Knife
Ammo Taken: Throwing Knives
Speed: Bad
Damage Rating: Awesome
Noise: Silent
Where Found: Bunker 2
Scope: None
Two?: No
Multiplayer?: Yes
Cheats: 2x Throwing Knives
Notes: A lot of people just don't realize the full potential of the throwing 
knife.  It actually does a lot of damage, about as much as a Cougar Magnum.  
If you have trouble using it, try my guide on How to Use a Throwing Knife in 
the Miscellaneous section of the FAQ.  The only trouble with two throwing 
knives is that they both get thrown at once, so one goes a little to the left, 
and the other goes to the right of the crosshair.  Real drag.  Oh yeah, these 
don't work with auto-aim!

Name: PP7 
RPC: 7
Ammo Taken: Normal Bullets
Speed: Good
Damage Rating: OK
Noise: Medium
Where Found: Frigate, Statue, Archives, Streets, Depot, Train, Jungle, 
Control, Caverns, Cradle, Aztec, Egyptian.
Scope: None
Two?: No
Multiplayer?: Yes
Cheats: None
Notes: The PP7 (Hey, wasn't it the PPK in the movies?) is 007s weapon of 
choice.  Why wouldn't it be, you get one of it (silenced, or unsilenced) in 
every level.  I don't use the unsilenced one much, just use it to shoot the 
first guy that you find so that you can take his bigger, better gun.

Name: PP7 (Silenced)
RPC: 7
Ammo Taken: Normal Bullets
Speed: Good
Damage Rating: OK
Noise: Quiet
Where Found: Dam, Facility, Runway, Surface 1, Bunker 1, Silo, Surface 2, 
Bunker 2.
Scope: None
Two?: Yes
Multiplayer?: Yes
Cheats: None
Notes: The reason that they give you a silenced weapon is so that you can be 
stealthy!  I like using the silenced PP7 when they give it to you, because 
when they do, those missions are stealth missions!  Sheesh!  Anyway, the quiet 
sound of the PP7 usually isn't enough to alert guards.

Name: DD44 Dostovei
RPC: 8
Ammo Taken: Normal Bullets
Speed: OK
Damage Rating: Good
Noise: Loud
Where Found: Dam, Facility, Silo, Bunker 2, Archives, Caverns
Scope: None
Two?: Yes
Multiplayer?: Yes
Cheats: None
Notes: The DD44 Dostovei is basically your standard pistol.  It's small, loud, 
and packs a punch.  It also holds one more bullet than the PP7.  It's 
downside, however, is that the PP7 is a little faster than the DD44.

Name: Klobb
RPC: 20
Ammo Taken: Normal Bullets
Speed: OK
Damage Rating: OK
Noise: Medium
Where Found: Runway, Surface 1, Bunker 1, Surface 2, Bunker 2, Archives
Scope: None
Two?: Yes
Multiplayer?: Yes
Cheats: None
Notes: A lot of people really, really hate the Klobb.  I'm not one to take 
sides, so I'm saying that it's an "OK" gun.  Bet that'll stir up some 
controversy.  Anyway, the Klobb, even though it's an automatic, is a bit slow 
on the trigger.  It's damage rating is sub-par, and it really does tend to eat 
away at your ammo.

Name: KF7 Soviet
RPC: 30
Ammo Taken: Rifle Bullets
Speed: Quick
Damage Rating: Good
Noise: Blasting
Where Found: Dam, Facility, Runway, Surface 1, Bunker 1, Silo, Surface 2, 
Bunker 2, Statue, Archives, Streets, Depot
Scope: Yes, a small one
Two?: No
Multiplayer?: Yes
Cheats: None
Notes: The KF7 Soviet is your standard, Russian made machine gun.  You get the 
opportunity to use it in most of the levels in the game.  It has great man 
stopping power, but a little bit of recoil can be expected, especially when 
using auto-aim.  The Soviet's scope is also very helpful in most situations.

Name: ZMG (9mm)
RPC: 32
Ammo Taken: Normal Bullets
Speed: Awesome
Damage Rating: Excellent
Noise: Medium
Where Found: Train, Caverns, Cradle, Egyptian
Scope: None
Two?: Yes
Multiplayer?: Yes
Cheats: None
Notes: The ZMG is a really good weapon.  First of all, it's really fast.  And 
when you have two, it's even faster!  They're also REALLY powerful, and can 
stun a guy for a while even if you only hit him once, which you shouldn't 
really be doing, but....

Name: D5K Deutsche
RPC: 30
Ammo Taken: Normal Bullets 
Speed: Quick
Damage Rating: Good
Noise: Loud
Where Found: Facility, Frigate, Depot, Train, Control
Scope: None
Two?: Yes
Multiplayer?: Yes
Cheats: None
Notes: The Deutsche isn't really a very good weapon, I think.  It's not as 
fast as most other automatics, plus it's louder and takes away less damage.  
It's your only choice for a (good) weapon in most levels, though.  The hardest 
thing to do with this gun is pronounce it's name correctly.

Name: D5K Deutsche (Silenced)
RPC: 30
Ammo Taken: Normal Bullets
Speed: Quick
Damage Rating: Good
Noise: Quiet
Where Found: Frigate
Scope: None
Two?: No
Multiplayer?: No
Cheats: None
Notes: You only get the Silenced D5K in one level (Frigate), so use it wisely!  
It is my recommended choice of gun for that level.  This is the only silenced 
machine gun, which was kind of a shame.  I would have liked to see a Silenced 
Phantom, or a Silenced RCP-90.

Name: Phantom
RPC: 50
Ammo Taken: Normal Bullets 
Speed: Quick
Damage Rating: Excellent
Noise: Loud
Where Found: Frigate 
Scope: None
Two?: Yes
Multiplayer?: No
Cheats: None
Notes: The Phantom is another fun weapon.  It's large clip (2nd biggest in the 
game) and great power make it an overall good gun.  It's a real shame that you 
only get it in one level.  Would have made a good substitute for the D5K in 
the Control.

Name: AR33 Assault Rifle
RPC: 30
Ammo Taken: Rifle Bullets
Speed: Awesome
Damage Rating: Excellent
Noise: Loud
Where Found: Jungle, Caverns, Cradle, Aztec
Scope: Yes, larger than the Soviet, but smaller than the Sniper.
Two?: Yes
Multiplayer?: Yes
Cheats: None
Notes: The AR33's large scope and great speed make it the best long range 
weapon.  It especially comes in handy on the Jungle, where you need to do a 
lot of sniping through the trees.  It's only real problem is that the AR33 
tends to give you a sort of small ammo shortage when you start out a level, 
seeming as how it takes rifle bullets.

Name: RCP-90
RPC: 80
Ammo Taken: Normal Bullets
Speed: Awesome
Damage Rating: Awesome
Noise: Medium
Where Found: Train (Agent Only), Jungle, Caverns
Scope: None
Two?: Yes
Multiplayer?: Yes
Cheats: 2x RCP-90
Notes: The RCP-90 can really be described as the best weapon in the game.  
Consider the reasons, huge clip, awesome speed, and unbelievable damage caused 
to those wimpy enemies.  Ha, ha, ha, they don't even stand a chance.  By the 
way, you can get 2 RCP-90s without the cheat.  In the Caverns, if you hang out 
at the very end, some guys will come, some of which have 2 RCP-90s!

Name: Shotgun
RPC: 5
Ammo Taken: Shotgun Cartridges
Speed: Very Slow
Damage Rating: Other (See Notes)
Noise: Blasting
Where Found: Use the All Guns Cheat
Scope: None
Two?: N/A
Multiplayer?: No
Cheats: All Guns only
Notes: The shotgun is a really cool and fun weapon.  You only get it with the 
All Guns Cheat, and it's just there to fool around with!  It's really loud, to 
ensure that enemies are always following you, but it is pretty slow.  The 
amount of damage caused varies.  See, the shotgun fires 5 bullets with every 
shot, in about the same area.  One bullet does about normal damage.  The 
closer you get to the enemy, the more likely it is that all of the bullets 
will hit him.

Name: Automatic Shotgun (Auto Shotgun)
RPC: 5
Ammo Taken: Shotgun Cartridges
Speed: Slow
Damage Rating: Other (see Shotgun, notes)
Noise: Blasting
Where Found: Statue, Caverns
Scope: None
Two?: No
Multiplayer?: Yes
Cheats: None
Notes: The Automatic Shotgun is a bit more practical than the normal shotgun.  
For one thing, it's a little quicker to fire.  And, that's it.  The Automatic 
Shotgun is exactly the same as the regular shotgun, only it's automatic.  Are 
we all clear on this?  Good.  In case you don't know how the damage thing 
works, see the regular Shotgun notes.  The Auto Shotgun is also used in 
Multiplayer, making for some fun situations.

Name: Sniper Rifle
RPC: 8
Ammo Taken: Rifle Bullets
Speed: OK
Damage Rating: Good
Noise: Silent
Where Found: Dam, Surface 1
Scope: Yes, it's long range and adjustable.
Two?: No
Multiplayer?: Yes
Cheats: None
Notes: Sniper Rifles aren't used very much in the game, mainly because they 
wouldn't have a use in most levels.  I mean, do you really think a sniper 
would be necessary in the Archives?  When they do give you a sniper, fill it 
up with Soviet bullets and use it a lot, it's great for taking out those far 
off enemies.  To adjust the scope, use the Up and Down C Buttons, up to make 
things bigger, down to make things smaller.

Name: Cougar Magnum
RPC: 6
Ammo Taken: Magnum Bullets
Speed: Very Slow
Damage Rating: Awesome
Noise: Blasting
Where Found: Use a Cheat
Scope: None
Two?: No
Multiplayer?: Yes
Cheats: Magnum
Notes: The Cougar Magnum is that really loud gun that Natalya uses in the 
Jungle.  And you can use it to, with the proper cheats, that is.  The Magnum 
is loud, slow, and REALLY powerful!  It's also a lot of fun too!  That's why 
they give it to you with cheats, I guess.  Perhaps the Cougar's most useful 
function is that it can shoot through doors, which comes in handy in 

Name: Golden Gun
RPC: 1
Ammo Taken: Golden Bullets
Speed: Very Slow
Damage Rating: One Hit Death
Noise: Medium
Where Found: Egyptian 
Scope: None
Two?: No
Multiplayer?: Yes
Cheats: Golden Gun
Notes: Scaramanga's Legendary Golden Gun causes any enemy, from Russian 
Soldier to Janus Marine to die with only a single bullet.  Cool, huh?  The 
down side is that it only holds one bullet, making the time between firings 
seem like an eternity.  That might be why most people prefer the Gold PP7 over 
the Golden Gun.  On an interesting note, in Ian Fleming's book "The Man With 
the Golden Gun," Scaramanga used a gold plated Colt 45 as his weapon, which 
can hold six bullets.  More practical than the Golden Gun from the movie of 
the same name.  If you want to improve your Golden Gun skill, see my guide for 
it in the Miscellaneous Section of the FAQ.

Name: Silver PP7
RPC: 7
Ammo Taken: Normal Bullets
Speed: Good
Damage Rating: Other (see notes)
Noise: Medium
Where Found: Use a Cheat 
Scope: None
Two?: No
Multiplayer?: No
Cheats: Silver PP7
Notes: The Silver PP7 is another fun weapon to play with. It takes the same 
ammo, and has the same speed and loudness (is that a word?) of a normal PP7.  
But, the damage system is a bit different.  Let me explain.  On normal mode, 
one hit to the chest or head will usually kill you.  But, a hit to the leg or 
arm will not!  This scale does not work for when you fiddle with 007 mode, 
causing enemies with 1000% health to be able to take multiple hits to the head 
without dropping. The other cool thing about this gun is that it can shoot 
through doors, objects, and enemies, something we can't say about the Gold 

Name: Gold PP7
RPC: 7
Ammo Taken: Normal Bullets
Speed: Good
Damage Rating: One Hit Death
Noise: Medium
Where Found: Use a Cheat 
Scope: None
Two?: No
Multiplayer?: No
Cheats: Gold PP7
Notes: The Gold PP7 is more popular than it's predecessor, the Golden Gun, for 
a number of reasons.  It's faster, holds more ammo, and takes a more common 
kind of bullet.  That's about it.  The Gold PP7 still causes a one hit death, 
even with the enemy health set way up high.  I, however think that the Golden 
Gun is a lot more fun, considering it gives the guys a fighting chance, and 
hey, it's all cheating anyway!

Name: Moonraker Laser (a.k.a. Military Laser)
Ammo Taken: N/A
Speed: Quick
Damage Rating: Awesome
Noise: Medium
Where Found: Aztec  
Scope: None
Two?: Yes
Multiplayer?: Yes
Cheats: Laser, 2x Laser
Notes: The Laser is another really good weapon.  It can usually cause either a 
one hit, or a two hit death on those pesky Moonraker geeks.  The good thing 
about is that it never runs out of ammo, so you can just run around the level 
holding the fire button, and those enemies won't have a chance!  Unless of 
course, they get you from behind.  The laser's one con is that it takes a 
little while to fire once you hit Z, which is actually a pretty small con.  
The Moonraker can also shoot through doors...and people.

Name: Watch Laser
Ammo Taken: Laser Battery 
Speed: Quick
Damage Rating: Awesome
Noise: Medium
Where Found: Train 
Scope: None
Two?: No, not even with All Guns
Multiplayer?: No
Cheats: None
Notes: The Watch Laser, though you technically have it in every level, can 
only be used on the Train.  That's kind of stupid, but it makes the game work 
better this way.  The Watch Laser causes the same amount of damage as the 
regular laser.  It's major cons are that you have limited ammo for it in the 
Train, and the Watch Laser has a pretty short range.

Name: Grenade Launcher
RPC: 6 
Ammo Taken: Grenade Rounds
Speed: Slow
Damage Rating: Causes Explosion
Noise: Blasting
Where Found: Surface 1, Streets, Jungle
Scope: None
Two?: No
Multiplayer?: Yes
Cheats: 2x Grenade Launcher
Notes: The Grenade Launcher is my favorite explosive weapon.  The grenades it 
fires are affected by gravity, so don't expect to be able to hit that high 
tower up there.  The grenades also explode on contact, making them easy to 
handle.  The Grenade Launchers major con is that it's hard to hit things that 
are really far away, but this can be improved with practice.

Name: Rocket Launcher
RPC: 1
Ammo Taken: Rockets
Speed: Very Slow
Damage Rating: Causes Explosion
Noise: Blasting
Where Found: Depot, Streets
Scope: None
Two?: No
Multiplayer?: Yes
Cheats: 2x Rocket Launcher
Notes: A lot of people say that the Rocket Launcher is the best explosive 
weapon, but I disagree.  It's biggest problem is that you can only hold 4 
rockets!  These rockets cause an explosion when they collide with any physical 
surface.  They're also not affected by gravity.  a big mistake that most 
people (including me) occasionally make is to miss the wall you were aiming 
for, and have your rocket fly out into space!  The best strategy to use, 
especially in Multiplayer is to aim for the floor or wall next to where the 
enemy is.

Name: Grenade
Ammo Taken: Grenades
Speed: 5 Seconds to Explode
Damage Rating: Causes Explosion
Noise: Blasting
Where Found: All levels
Scope: None
Two?: No, not even with All Guns
Multiplayer?: Yes
Cheats: None
Notes: The grenade is the only weapon that can be found in every level.  You 
just have to get a guy to take one out before you kill him.  Once you have a 
grenade, press and hold Z, and count to four. Release Z once you hit four!  
Watch out, the grenade explodes five seconds after the pin is pulled, even if 
you're still holding it at the time.  The fun thing to do, if you have 
Invincibility, is hold a grenade, then run into a big crowd of guys.  Heh heh 

Name: Timed Mine
Ammo Taken: Timed Mines
Speed: Explodes five seconds after thrown
Damage Rating: Causes Explosion
Noise: Blasting
Where Found: Runway, Caverns
Scope: None
Two?: No, not even with All Guns
Multiplayer?: Yes
Cheats: None
Notes: The Timed Mine is my least favorite type of mine.  It doesn't have much 
use in multiplayer, as most people are usually able to escape the general area 
before the mine explodes.  The only place I really use the timed mines is when 
blowing up the Missile Battery on the Runway.

Name: Proximity Mine
Ammo Taken: Proximity Mines
Speed: N/A
Damage Rating: Causes Explosion
Noise: Blasting
Where Found: Depot
Scope: None
Two?: No, not even with All Guns
Multiplayer?: Yes
Cheats: None
Notes: I really think that the Proximity Mine could have been used more often 
in the game.  Instead, it's used mainly in Multiplayer.  Just throw the mine, 
wait a second or two, (to arm it) then when someone walks by...BOOM!  It's 
that simple.  Proximity mines can also be set off if another mine is placed 
right next to the first one, causing both of them to explode.

Name: Remote Mine
Ammo Taken: Remote Mines
Speed: N/A
Damage Rating: Causes Explosion
Noise: Blasting
Where Found: Facility, Jungle, Control
Scope: None
Two?: No, not even with All Guns
Multiplayer?: Yes
Cheats: None
Notes: Remote Mines are cool.  Really, they are.  You throw 'em, they arm, and 
then you detonate them later.  That's all there is to it.  Of course, you can 
also use the A+B trick to detonate a mine right after you throw it, causing it 
to explode in midair, making remote mines quite the combat weapon.

Name: Taser
Ammo Taken: N/A
Speed: OK
Damage Rating: OK
Noise: Medium
Where Found: Use the All Guns Cheat 
Scope: None
Two?: No, not even with All Guns
Multiplayer?: No
Cheats: All Guns only
Notes: The Taser was made, well, as a gag weapon.  It's kind of fun, but not 
really fun.  It does make a cool sound, and cause amusing deaths, however.  
The way it works is that it sends an invisible electric shock through the air, 
like a long range stun gun.  The Taser's looks are the coolest thing about it, 
the says "Taser Boy" on it and flashes the 007 logo in a cool pattern.

Name: Tank
RPC: 1
Ammo Taken: Tank Shells
Speed: Very, Very Slow
Damage Rating: Causes Explosion
Noise: Blasting
Where Found: Runway, Streets
Scope: None
Two?: No, not even with All Guns
Multiplayer?: No
Cheats: None
Notes: The Tank as a vehicle is technically not a weapon, so I'm talking about 
the shells that it fires.  They cause a regular explosion, but they take a 
REALLY long time between shots.  If you're using the All Guns cheat, you can 
have tank shells even without the tank!  I guess you shoot them out of your 
head, since there's no visible weapon on the screen when you do this.  If you 
don't have All Guns, I've listed a trick for shooting the Tank shells from 
your head, which can be found in the Tricks & Bugs section.


VI. The Gadgets FAQ


Of course, along with the Weapons FAQ comes a Gadgets FAQ!

I do realize that to some people, the word "gadget" may translate to "item," 
so I wish to make it clear that this section will not deal with the various 
items that you may find in the game, (Blueprints, Keycard, Circuit Board, 
etc.) so if you need info on that, check the level where the item in question 
can be found!

I will list the various Q Branch Gadgets in alphabetical order.

Bomb Defuser
This little device would come in handy on most terrorist raids.  Just use it 
on a bomb, and the thing cuts the right wire for you!  The Bomb Defuser was 
made especially 007, because we all know how he can be with explosives!  Use 
this on the Frigate to disarm the Bridge and Engine Room bombs.

Bungee Cord
The Bungee Cord does not appear in your inventory, for some reason.  You need 
it on the Dam to jump off of the platform and gain entrance to the Facility.  
Just walk off the platform, and you'll automatically use the bungee.

Bond's special custom made camera is small, lightweight, and has his number on 
it.  I don't see the point of this, as it allows any enemy agent to know 
Bond's number if he gets caught.  Anyway, use the camera in the Silo and 
Bunker 1 to photograph the main video screen, and the Goldeneye satellite.  
Just to fool around, I like to use the zoom in/out feature to get comical 
shots of foolhardy enemies!

Covert Modem
This thing isn't very covert, you could spot it easily if it's blocking your 
view of the computer screen.  Found in the Dam, just throw the modem on the 
computer screen and run away.  You need to actually be at a terminal to 
download the information that the modem will give you access to.

While in the Bunker 1, you'll need to get some data off of a computer...fast!  
That's why you bring along your trusty Datathief.  It's small, covert, and 
just use it on a terminal and it'll download the data for you surprisingly 
quickly.  Now if only Internet downloads were that quick.....

There are some that say this is actually a weapon.  Others call it a gadget.  
I'm going to come right out and call it a gadget for explanation purposes.  
The idea of a detonator is simple.  Just lay some mines, and push the right 
button on your watch.  You can only use this in the Facility, Jungle, and 
Control, which are the places you find remote mines!  As a shortcut, you could 
also push A and B at the same time to detonate your mines quickly.  

Door Decoder
Just put this baby up to an electronically locked door with a password on it, 
press the right button, and you're in!  It's that simple.  On Secret and 00 
Agent, you'll need to get this from Dr. Doak in the Facility.

Floppy Disk (Guidance Data)
When you enter the Aztec Temple, Q has given you a green floppy disk.  What is 
it for, you ask?  No, it doesn't contain the latest version of Windows 
Solitaire, it has the new Guidance Data for the stolen shuttle!  Just pop this 
baby in the disk drive in that place behind the bullet-proof glass, and you're 

Key Analyzer
It always makes me laugh when I picture Bond walking around the Bunker, 
carrying a briefcase while shooting people.  The Key Analyzer is built into 
that briefcase, and it's soul purpose is making a duplicate copy of the 
Goldeneye Key.  You know, that fancy little thing that looks like a CD.  Don't 
forget to leave the original key when you're done!

Basically your compacted block of C-4 plastic explosive, you need the 
Plastique to blow up the Silo.  Just throw one in each of the big rooms, and 
you're all set!  Just be sure to escape before the timer runs out!  That's 
right, all of the C-4 will explode once the timer hits zero!  Hey, that 
reminds me, doesn't Bond usually take most of the extra Plastiques with him 
when he leaves?

Special Timed Mine
Unlike your ordinary timed mine, which explodes after five seconds, this baby 
will explode after thirty seconds.  You need it to put that Spetznaz support 
aircraft in the Surface 2 out of commission.  The mine's major downside is 
that it will take the place of the remote mine (hey, they're both red!) on the 
Surface 2 if you're using All Guns.  This will cause every remote mine you 
throw to not detonate.  Instead, it too will explode after thirty seconds!

Tracker Bug
Put one of these on your bike so you know where it goes if the bike ever gets 
stolen.  The Tracker Bug will transmit the information about where the thing 
it's on is going back to a computer.  Kinda complicated.  Just plant the bug 
on the helicopter in the Frigate, within plain site of anyone watching, and 
casually walk away.

Watch Magnet Attract
I guess Rare put the "attract" part there for anyone who doesn't know what a 
magnet does.  Like the one that Bond uses in Live and Let Die, the Watch 
Magnet will attract metal objects within a certain distance.  It can even 
deflect the path of a bullet, at long range.  Of course, that won't work in 
the game.  Instead, use it to get the key to your jail cell in the Bunker 2, 
then get those Throwing Knives that are hidden in the sewer.  In the Archives, 
some people (not me) like to use it to get the PP7 on the table.


VII. The Supervillains


In Goldeneye, there are some enemies, no matter how normal-looking they may 
seem, are actually evil maniacs with super powers.  

Their powers: the ability to take many, many hits without dying.  

I call these twisted fiends the Supervillains, and you, of course, have to 
defeat a few of them in the game of Goldeneye.

And that is why this section of the FAQ is here.  Any questions?  Good.  Let's 
get started.


1. Ouromov (Silo)

As you might already have noticed, Ouromov in the Silo isn't really a 
Supervillain.  You don't even have to kill him!  But, due to my own ways of 
doing things, a guide to getting past Ouromov's Ambush has been added to this 



Just when you thought you've made it to the end of the Silo, who should 
appear, but Ouromov, your General friend from the Facility.  How charming.  He 
comes with the usual army of soldiers, and they're all bent on killing you, or 
at least making your job a bit tougher in the meantime.

Methods of Death (or in this case, completion)

Method #1

You are in the last fuel room.  All of your Objectives are complete, and 
you're ready to go.  You have plenty of time left on the clock.  When I say 
plenty, I mean at least one minute, or more.

Open the final door, and duck to the side!  You should see Ouromov yell 
something, in captions.  Now, fire off a few bullets from your Soviet.  Just a 

Now, the guys will start coming!  Wait outside the door, and some soldiers 
will come running out.  Kill every last one of them in an easy ambush position 
as they are running out the door.  

Are they all dead?  Good.  Wait a few seconds, making SURE that no more guys 
will come out!

Take a deep breath, and run in!  Ouromov should be standing alone at the end 
of the hall.  He'll start madly firing his Dostovei in your general direction 
(no pun intended).  

While he's firing, you should be running down the hall, strafing from side to 
side.  This should allow you to take a minimum of damage.  

When you get close to the General, he'll start running away.  You run after 

Remember, unlike the last few times in the Silo, the way out is on the left.  
Just follow Ouromov that way.

Run on to the walkway.  There might be some soldiers here.  Start firing madly 
with your Soviet.  Don't stop to make sure they're dead, the important thing 
is speed!

Open the next door, shooting any guys that you see.  Take a left, then a 
right.  Follow the right wall until you reach the elevator.  Then, simply open 
the elevator and walk inside.  Easy as pie, no?

Method #2

This next method is for those of you who are running out of time towards the 
end of the Silo.  I'm talking about 30 seconds left low.  It also doesn't hurt 
to have a lot of life and/or body armor left either.

Like I said, this is not my recommended way of getting past Ouromov's Ambush!  
It's just for those of you who are low on time!

Now then.  

You're in the last fuel room.  You're also running out of time.  Open the 
door, and start running!  Oh yeah, and don't forget to madly fire!

Ouromov and his band of cronies are in the hall!  Madly shoot the guards that 
you see, and concentrate more on getting out of there then on shooting guards.

Once you're past that first part, it's easy!  Simply follow the instructions 
for Method #1, and you'll be fine.

Just don't run out of time!


2. Xenia


Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the Jungle, Xenia has to show 
up with her solid steel bra and bad ponytail.  It also doesn't hurt that she 
has a fancy grenade launcher and an RCP-90.  

You'll have to eliminate her, and that's no easy task!  She can see you a mile 
away, even if you're hiding behind a tree!  *Sigh*

Methods of Death

Method #1

You're up at the point right before that bridge.  Hold on a second, Xenia is 
over there!  Well, you can't see her, but she's there.

Don't go across the bridge yet!  Instead, pull out your remote mines.  Stand 
on one side of the bridge, and throw a few a little ways on to the bridge.  
Some always bounce off, so if one does, throw another to replace it.  I 
recommend having at least three remote mines planted on the bridge.

Now, get on your Watch Detonator.  Carefully, take a few steps on the bridge,  
Now, wait a little while.  When you hear that music, and see Xenia's words 
appear on the screen, run off of the bridge, quick!

There is a little place over here that I like to hide.  On your side of the 
bridge there is a group of trees on the left.  That would be, to the left of 
the bridge as you are looking at it.  A simple diagram should explain.

                        |   |
                        |   |
                        |   |
                        |   |
                        |   |
________________________|   |____________________________


0 0 0 0 0
 0 0 0 0 0
0 0 0 0 0 
 0 0 0 0 0

Group of trees

Of course, the tree's aren't really that small.  

Look for the big tree that offers a good view of the bridge.  You'll know it 
when you see it.

Now, you wait for Xenia.  As soon as you see her go by where you planted your 
mines (you do remember, don't you?) press Z to detonate, then QUICKLY 
backslash through your weapons (hold Z, then tap A) to get to your AR33 
Assault Rifle.  It is also possible to use the A+B trick to detonate the 

Use the scope on the Assault Rifle to get a good shot a Xenia.  Fire like a 
madman, it's your best chance!  Be careful, because she sometimes rolls over 
on the ground.  If she does, then move your scope down and get her there.

Also, Natalya will be firing off a few rounds of Magnum on to Xenia, helping 
you out greatly!

If you do remain hidden in the trees while doing this, Xenia will be unable to 
fire her grenade launcher at you.  And that would be bad if she did!

After unloading a few rounds of AR33, Xenia should be dead, thanks to your 
carefully placed mine trap.

Method #2

I only recommend using this method on Agent and Secret Agent.

This time, forget the remote mines!  You won't need to use them for this 

Get on your trustee AR33, and walk a few steps on to the bridge.  When you 
hear that music, run away!  Run back to your side of the bridge and get your 
aimer ready.

As SOON as you see Xenia's head, start shooting.  You should be able to get a 
few good head shots off of her.  These should drain a very large portion of 
Xenia's life bar.

While you're doing this, Natalya will also be here, poking away at Xenia with 
her Magnum!  With the two of you combining forces, you should easily blow 
Xenia away.


3. Trevelyn

I think that it is safe to say that Trevelyn is the hardest Supervillain in 
the game.


The final showdown with Trevelyn occurs in the Cradle.  You're up a few 
thousand feet in the air, the whole world is depending on you to kill this 
madman, and his soldiers outnumber you a thousand to one.


For space and time conserving purposes, all of the methods described here will 
begin right after you have destroyed the control console, and after Trevelyn 
has first run away.  You should always try to get some hits off of him at this 

Methods of Death

Method #1

This method is only recommended for Agent, though it has worked a few times on 
Secret Agent.  

After you've destroyed the control console, run out the door that Trevelyn 
exited out of, shooting any stray guards that are in the way. 

You'll see Trevelyn waiting for you at the bottom of that ramp.  Well, run 
down there and shoot him!  

Now, he'll go running down the lower catwalk.  Run after him.  Shoot any guys 
that follow you, the last thing that you need is more soldiers following you.

Next, Trevelyn will run up the walkway, then go into a room.  Walk up to the 
door, then open it, firing madly.  Trevelyn will be there waiting for you.  
He'll run away after getting shot a few times.

After running away, Trevelyn will either run up to the top of the Cradle, or 
back to where you first saw him.  If he does the second one, skip back and 
repeat what you just did.  If he goes up, continue on.

Speed strafe up the ramp to the center of the Cradle.  Then, run up to the 
top.  It doesn't matter which path you choose.  When you do get to the top, 
run around the Cradle until you see Trevelyn.  He'll be waiting for you, with 
his gun pointed down below.  Here, snipe him from far away where he can't see 
you, and he'll run back down.

After a while of this, Trevelyn will yell "Finish the job James...if you can!"  
Now, he'll run all the way to the bottom of the Cradle, where you can easily 
finish him off.  See my Cradle Level Walkthrough for information on how to 
complete this.

Method #2

This one is the method that I myself recommended as being the best.  

When Trevelyn runs away the first time, destroy the control console and follow 
him!  Run out the door after him, killing any enemies that get in your way.  

Trevelyn is waiting for you at the bottom of the ramp at the other side of the 
door.  After MAKING SURE that all of the nearby enemies are gone, carefully 
edge over to the side of the ramp, and try to aim your gun right at Trevelyn's 
head.  You should be able to hit him, but he can't hit you.

Fire a few shots (conserving ammo is important!) at Trevelyn, then wait for 
him to yell at you and run away.  

Instead of following him, turn around and open the door that you came through.  
Watch out for Trevelyn's goons, they're usually hanging around here waiting 
for you.

Go through the next door back outside, and wait for a few seconds.  This is so 
to give Trevelyn time to fall into your trap.  Then, open the door to the next 
shack, and get ready to fire!

Trevelyn should be in here, so shoot at him!  He'll insult you, and run away.  
As you might have expected, he'll run back down to the bottom of the nearby 
ramp, which is identical to the one that he tried to ambush you on before.

Instead of just walking down the ramp, once again walk over to the side and 
try to snipe Trevelyn in the head.  When you hit him, he'll run away again.

Now, just repeat the same thing that you just did!  Run back into the other 
shack and get Trevelyn as he comes in!

The purpose of this method is to put Trevelyn in several easy to kill 
positions, so that you can wear him down fairly quickly, while taking minimal 
damage from all of the other enemies.

After a while, Trevelyn will get tired of running, and yell out that famous 
line, "Finish the job James-if you can!"  When this happens, follow him down 
top the bottom of the Cradle and blow him away.  See my Cradle Level 
Walkthrough for more information.

Method #3

I sometimes do this one on Agent mode.  I don't really recommend it as a 
foolproof method of beating Trevelyn, but I'm adding it to the FAQ anyway.

The real problem with it is that Trevelyn's goons are always on your back when 
you do this one.  ALWAYS!  So, half the time, it's them that kill you, and not 

When Trevelyn first runs away from you, don't follow him!  Instead, blow up 
the control console, and run the other way.  Watch out any guards that are 
over here!

Run into the other shack, out the door, and then down the ramp.  Now, run all 
of the way across the bottom of the Cradle.  You should see Trevelyn waiting 
for you at the bottom of the ramp.  If you stand in the right place, you 
should be able to get a great shot at his head.

Once you hit him, Trevelyn will run up the ramp.  Again, don't follow him!  

Run all of the way across the bottom of the Cradle, blowing away any guards.  
Now, run back up the ramp, into the shack, and into the other shack.  Be on 
the lookout for lots of guards while doing this.

Trevelyn is hiding in the other shack.  When you shoot at him, he'll run away, 
back to the bottom of his ramp.

Again, you have to run back the way you came, back down the ramp, all of the 
way across the Cradle, and then snipe a head shot at Trevelyn at the bottom of 
his ramp.

Now, repeat everything you just did, over and over and over and over........

Eventually, if you were lucky, Trevelyn should yell, "Finish the job," and you 
can run down to the bottom and finish him.  See my Cradle Level Walkthrough 
for more information on doing this.

Method #4

I didn't create, or write this one.  That honor goes to Karl Jobst and Greg 

This method may seem hokey, but not only does it give you an easier way to 
beat Trevelyn, it may allow you to do it in a minute flat!

Try and beat Trevallyn to the bottom of the second ramp. If you do you
will get a fast time.

When you start don't bother about the body armour and run like mad up
the ramp killing the guy at the top. Turn left and run down the ramp on the
right trying to beat Trevallyn. When you get to the bottom of the stairs
turn right and enter the shed. Snatch up the body armour and open the door
on the other side. Run down the ramp and turn left. Now here's a secret way
I just recently found out about when experimenting with this level. Run all
the way to the other side of the area and look up. You should be able to see
the shed Trevallyn is in. Quickly run back and forth under the shed and
believe it or not Trevallyn drops a grenade but doesn't move! He blows
himself up! And, If you're lucky he will also blow up the antenna console!
So quickly run to the end of the level. MISSION COMPLETE.
NOTE: You have to be very lucky for Trevallyn to blow himself up AND blow
the console up. I tried for ages for it to happen.


4. Jaws


He's eight feet tall.  He's armed with two deadly AR33 Assault Rifles.  He's 
stronger than five men.  And he's got a bite to match.  He's Jaws, the only 
person in the game who can REALLY be called a Supervillain.  I mean, look at 

When you first find Jaws, he's down at the bottom of the Aztec Temple, 
standing in a hallway with a few of his Moonraker buddies.  The best way to 
approach him is from the back entrance to the hallway, so that Jaws has his 
back to you.

Methods of Death

Method #1

The "Chase Jaws around the stairs" method is guaranteed the best and most 
foolproof way to beat Jaws without losing much life.  The only problem with it 
is that it really does take a lot of practice to be able to do it easily.

Walk up to the end of the Aztec Temple hallway, so that Jaws has his back to 
you.  Watch out for the first Moonraker Elite over here, because he'll see you 
right away.

Pull out your Moonraker Laser and aim at Jaws' head.  Fire off two shots, and 
run away!  

Congratulations, you just got Jaws to chase you!  And this guy doesn't quit 

Run back the way you came, to that room with the circular stairway and the big 
pit in the middle.  It's the room right next to the Shuttle room.

Jaws, as well as a few of his Moonraker friends, should be here soon.  Stand 
at the very top of the stairs, on the side opposite the door, like this:

888888888888888888 ---Door that you just came through
88              88
88              88
88              88
88  Bottomless  88
88     Pit      88
88              88
88              88
88              88
88              88 ---Stairway
88              88
88              88
X 8888888888888888

Other Door

Stand on the X!

Now, once Jaws comes in, he'll look confused for a second.  Fire your laser at 
him!  Remember, Auto-aim won't work when you're shooting across a pit, so 
you'll have to use your scope!

Jaws will now start running up the stairs after you.  You, in turn, should run 
down the other set of stairs.  Once Jaws gets to the top, he'll run down after 
you again.  And you, will run up the OTHER set of stairs.

In other words, the secret is to always be on the other set of stairs, the one 
that he isn't on.  That way, Jaws will never be able to open fire on you, due 
to either a bug in the games programming, or a planned secret.

When firing at Jaws, make sure that he's either standing still, or far enough 
away from you so that you can get away easily if he gets too close.  The 
biggest mistake that you can make is to take too much time firing, and have 
Jaws sneak up on you.

After a while of the stair chasing game, Jaws will kick the bucket, 
surrendering his AR33s and his Security Smart card to you.

Method #2

This one can cause you to lose more life than Method #1, but it is easier for 
some people.  The biggest problem here is that all of the Moonraker Elites 
will try to kill you while you're duking it out with Jaws.

I do recommend this method if you are going for the Aztec cheat on Secret 
Agent, which is 2x Lasers.  It is much faster than the previous method.

When you confront Jaws in the back hallway, first take out that first 
Moonraker Elite.  Then, it's time for Jaws.

Run right up to him and start firing your laser.  No, really, just run right 
up and press your body against his.  (Ugh!)  

The trick here is that Jaws' arms are so long that he can't hit you with his 
guns.  This will only work, however, if you keep your body as close to his as 

The one tricky thing is that Jaws will sometimes kneel down.  When he does so, 
he WILL be able to hit you.  If he does kneel, then you kneel down too!  If 
you do, then Jaws will stand up again, which you should also do.

And then there are the Moonrakers.  These dastardly fellows are in the room 
with you, and they're firing their guns too!  It's best to try and take them 
out before you go for Jaws, but there is no guaranteed way to do this without 
losing LOTS of energy, either by their guns, or by Jaws.  I recommend that you 
just forget about them and hope for the best, or try the stairway method.


5. Baron Samedi

NOTE: Due to the fact that most people don't need that much help defeating 
baron Samedi, I'm not going into that much detail in this FAQ.  I'm simply 
putting this section here for continuity purposes.


Baron Samedi, Voodoo Master and evil Supervillain, has stolen Scaramanga's 
Legendary Golden Gun and lured Bond into coming to the Egyptian pyramids at 
el-Saghira.  Beware the Baron, for he has mysterious voodoo powers and is said 
to be the "Man who Can Not Die."

Methods of Death

Method #1

This method is unbelievably simple, just use the Golden Gun to defeat Samedi!  

The first time you meet the Baron, he is in the big, long room with the 
pillars on the sides, and is armed with two DD44s.  One hit with the Golden 
Gun will kill him, as can be expected.

The second time is a little trickier.  Go back to the room you started in, the 
one with the pool.  Baron Samedi has two ZMGs, and if you hit him in the arm 
with the Golden Gun, he won't die!  But, if you hit him in the chest, head, or 
hit him twice in the arm, he'll go down.

The third time, the Baron is actually a little difficult.  He's in that room 
with the big black pillar, armed with 2 Moonraker Lasers.  It will take 
several hits with the Golden Gun to send the Baron to the grave (supposedly), 
so make those shots count!  Most people also like to hide behind the pillar 
and use it for protection.

Method #2

It is possible to defeat Baron Samedi without the Golden Gun.  I only 
recommend this to people who have beaten the Baron before, and are looking for 
a challenge. 

Hey, since this is a challenge, I don't think you deserve any tips!  Oh well, 
I guess you'll have to complete my crazy challenge on your own.


VIII. The Fun Stuff!


There comes a time in every Goldeneye gamers life when he (or she) becomes 
tired of hard missions and constant failure.  Not me though.

That's why I've brought you this section of the FAQ, which deals with Codes, 
Secrets, and an all-out selection of Tricks and Bugs!

I guess everyone needs to take some time out to have fun with Goldeneye, and 
that time will be dramatically increased as soon as you read this section!


1. The Top Ten Secrets

No, I'm not David Letterman, I just thought it would be easier to organize all 
of the secrets this way.  Well, not all of them.  I don't really consider a 
"hidden" body armor in the Bunker to be a secret, nor that item you REALLY 
need in order to beat the game.

Anyway, without further ado....


The Top Ten Goldeneye Secrets!

#10. That hidden Body Armor in the Statue.  It's on the palm side of the big 
hand statue near the place where you meet Janus.

#9. Hidden ammo in the Caverns.  Just blow up any box (except that special 
one) and find armor for a ZMG or an AR33!

#8. The secret doorway in the Egyptian Temple.  Not only is it a faster way to 
get to Baron Samedi, but it's also a great place to hide during Multiplayer!  
In case you don't know, the secret door is on the far side of that long, 
pillared room, by the 1st Samedi confrontation.

#7. You're on the Train.  You need a better weapon than that tired old 
Deutsche.  So, you break open the crate on the left side of the first car next 
to the door and Voila!  You've got an RCP-90!  This would have gotten a better 
position on the list, but the RCP-90 can only be found on Agent.  Players on 
higher difficulty levels will only find a Dostovei.

#6. If you've ever followed Boris up to the top of the Control, you'd find a 
little secret room with some body armor.  Now, if that secret wasn't put in, I 
would have NEVER beaten the Control!

#5. When you're chasing Trevelyn across an enemy filled Cradle, nothing eases 
your sores like a good helping of body armor.  There's some right where you 
start, as well as behind the big machine in the shack.  As an added bonus, 
there is MORE body armor hidden at each of the four far corners of the Cradle.

#4. Double Assault Rifles.  A nobleman's dream if I ever saw one.  The real 
secret pair of AR33s is the in the Caverns.  On the far corner of the radio 
room, (the one overlooking the water) there is a seemingly ordinary wooden 
box.  Shoot it, another box will pop out.  Continue shooting every box, until 
two TV sets emerge from two small boxes.  Inside these are the double AR33s!

#3. There's only one foolproof way to defeat Jaws.  I'm talking about the 
stairway trick!  After a while of chasing Jaws around that stairway several 
dozen times, it actually gets kind of fun.  I'm not sure if this can be 
considered a secret, but I'm listing it anyway!  See Jaws Section in the 
Supervillains chapter for more information.

#2. In the Bunker 2, there's a sewer near the jail cells.  Look down into it, 
and use your watch magnet.  All right!  You've found the throwing knives!  
These super stealth weapons should make your job of beating the Bunker a lot 

#1.  In the Streets, in the back alley, there is a building with two broken 
windows.  Run through a window, defeat a few easy guards, and you've earned 
yourself some body armor and a grenade launcher!

For more secrets, see the beginning of each Level Walkthrough.


2. Codes

Thanks to a mysterious individual known only as Dr. Ian (no, he's not me, the 
same name thing is just a coincidence) there are now 43 extra Goldeneye codes 
available, including ones that will unlock levels, give you cheats, and give 
you access to new cheats that had until now been inaccessable to those of us 
without Gamesharks.

Due to a lack of space, I'm not going to list every code here.  Instead, I 
will list those that I feel are most useful to you, the Goldeneye Gamer.

For more information about the Lost Cheats, visit my section on that subject 
in my Cheats Section.

To get these Codes to work, enter them at the beginning of the level.  You 
could enter them at any place in the level, but the beginning is usually more 
fun, and safer.

Line Mode (Lost Cheat!)

1. Hold R and press C-Down
2. Hold L+R and press Down on the Control Pad
3. Hold L and press Right on the Control Pad
4. Hold R and press C-Up
5. Hold L+R and press C-Right
6. Hold R and press Up on the Control Pad
7. Hold L and press Down on the Control Pad
8. Hold L and press Right on the Control Pad
9. Hold R and press C-Left
10. Hold R and press C-Up


1. Hold L and press Down on the Control Pad
2. Hold R and press C-Right
3. Hold R and press C-Up
4. Hold L and press Right on the Control Pad
5. Hold L and press C-Down
6. Hold R and press C-Up
7. Hold L and press Right on the Control Pad
8. Hold R and press Down on the Control Pad
9. Hold R and press Up on the Control Pad
10. Hold L and press C-Left

All Guns

1. Hold L+R and press Down on the Control Pad
2. Hold L and press C-Left
3. Hold L and press C-Right
4. Hold L+R and press C-Left
5. Hold L and press Down on the Control Pad
6. Hold L and press C-Down
7. Hold R and press C-Left
8. Hold L+R and press C-Right
9. Hold R and press Up on the Control Pad
10. Hold L and press C-Left


1. Hold R and press C-Left
2. Hold L+R and press C-Up
3. Hold L+R and press Left on the Control Pad
4. Hold L+R and press Up on the Control Pad
5. Hold R and press Up on the Control Pad
6. Hold L and press C-Left
7. Hold R and press C-Up
8. Hold L and press C-Down
9. Hold L+R and press Left on the Control Pad
10. Hold R and press Right on the Control Pad

Invisibility in Multiplayer (Lost Cheat!)

1. Hold L and press C-Up
2. Hold L+R and press C-Left
3. Hold R and press Up on the Control Pad
4. Hold L and press C-Right
5. Hold R and press C-Left
6. Hold L and press Right on the Control Pad
7. Hold R and press C-Up
8. Hold L and press C-Right
9. Hold L and press Up on the Control Pad
10. Hold L+R and press C-Down

Maximum Ammo (Lost Cheat!)

1. Hold L+R and press C-Right
2. Hold R and press Up on the Control Pad
3. Hold R and press Down on the Control Pad
4. Hold R and press Down on the Control Pad
5. Hold L+R and press C-Right
6. Hold L+R and press Left on the Control Pad
7. Hold R and press Down on the Control Pad
8. Hold R and press Up on the Control Pad
9. Hold L+R and press C-Right
10. Hold R and press Left on the Control Pad

NOTE: Whenever Right, Left, Down, etc. are used, they refer to the Control Pad 
(the one on the left) not the Control Stick (the one in the middle that you 
usually use to move around in Goldeneye.

If you want the other 36 codes, visit the Goldeneye website at this address:


To get more Multiplayer Characters, such as the Biker, the Terrorist, and a 
lot of the folks who made the game, enter the following sequence of buttons.

This code should be entered at the Multiplayer character list, while looking 
at the character farthest to the right (Moonraker Elite Female, or Mishkin).  
If this code is entered when you only have the default eight characters 
unlocked, the secret characters, as well as the other 25 characters you earn 
upon beating Agent mode.

1. Hold L+R and press C-left
2. Hold L and press C-up
3. Hold L+R and press Left on the Control Pad
4. Hold L and press Right on the Control Pad
5. Hold R and press Down on the Control Pad
6. Hold L+R and press C-left
7. Hold L and press C-up
8. Hold L+R and press Right on the Control Pad
9. Hold L+R and press C-down
10. Hold L and press Right on the Control Pad.  If nothing happens, try 
holding L and press Down on the Control Pad.

If you don't get results, you've probably entered the code incorrectly.  It's 
VERY easy to make a mistake here, and it even takes me a couple of tries to 
enter the code in perfectly.

SPECIAL NOTE: If you own a foreign version of Goldeneye, try Hold L and press 
Left on the Control Pad.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot....Gameshark codes!  I'm not a really big Gameshark 
fan, so I wasn't planning on posting thousands of codes on this FAQ.  

If you are looking for Gameshark Codes, try this site:



3. Tricks & Bugs, and Other Cool Stuff

As I said before, Goldeneye isn't all about killing and getting killed.  It's 
also about outrageous tricks, and crazy, yet fun things that YOU (yes you!) 
can try at home.

Most of these Tricks were taken off GameSages (http://sages.ign.com)
If a trick has been taken off there, I have given credit where it is due.  

And, some others were taken off of Cheat Code Central (http://www.cheatcc.com) 
another great site for game codes and tricks.

If no site is listed, I've either discovered it myself, or got it somewhere 
else.  Oh yeah, and two of my Goldeneye playing friends also gave me some 
stuff that I used.

So, without further ado, let the games begin!


Fire Two Different Guns

In order for this to work, you'll need two (2) different sets of double 
weapons.  for example, you can have set of 2 Dostoveis and 2 Klobbs in the 
Archives.  To get double guns, first hold the aim button, and fire the Left 
gun only.  Then, reload.  While you're reloading, press A (to change your 
weapon) and fire quickly.  If you did it right, the two weapons should now be 
locked together.  Enjoy!

-Contributed to GameSages by Kamin Miller 


Copy Multiplayer Characters

This trick allows up to three people to be the same character in Multiplayer.  
Player one's character may not be duplicated.  

1. Start a new Multiplayer game with four players.
2. Choose the character you want to duplicate as player 4, (Bond, for example) 
and have other players choose other characters.
3. Go back into the menu and select a three player game.
4. Now, select your characters again, and choose Bond as Player 4 (or, whoever 
else you want to duplicate).
5. Go back into the menu and select a two player game.  Choose the characters 
again, and choose Bond as player 2.  Have Player One choose the character that 
he wants to be in the real game.
6. Change the number of players from 2 to 4, and start the game!

If you're dead set on having all of the players be the same person, simply 
kill Player One in the beginning, and take turns playing with three people.

-Submitted to GameSages by Robert Williams 


Floating Mines

This is an interesting one.  First, start a Multiplayer game in the Bunker, 
with Remote Mines (these work the best).  Once the game starts, have someone 
grab some mines and run to the big room.  Next, throw a mine on each of the TV 
screens that are hanging from the ceiling.  After every screen has a mine on 
it, use your detonator to blow them up.  Grab some more mines when you're 
done.  When you've gotten more mines, try to throw one on the pole next to the 
stairs.  Wow, it seems like nothing happened!  Instead, every other mine that 
you place in the game will be floating in midair!  This also works with other 
types of mines, tank shells, throwing knives, rockets, grenades, and grenade 

NOTE: This trick may also be done in the Mission Mode, but you'll need All 
Guns and Infinite Ammo.

-Submitted to GameSages by [email protected], Nitroxis64, and 
[email protected]


Null, the Hidden Weapon!

Go to the Bunker 2 with All Guns and Infinite Ammo on.  Perform the floating 
mines trick, which is listed above.  Now, look at your watch, and go to the 
second screen where there is a long line of weapons.  Scroll down until you 
get to your Watch Magnet Attract.  Now, right after the magnet, there should 
be a blank space.  Highlight the blank space, and press A, then Start.  

You are now using the Null weapon!  You can tell the name of it because it 
says "Null" on the first screen of the watch.  On screen, you won't be able to 
do anything at all by pressing the fire button.  And, for ammo, the game will 
say that you have three extra tank shells, and zero in your current clip!  

NOTE: If you have difficulty getting the blank space, try running around 
madly, throwing grenades, mines, and other weapons that float.  For some 
reason, that works!

-Submitted to me by Mike  


Open Locked Doors

This is a cool one.  First, put on the Invisibility Cheat, then go to any 
level.  Then, find a locked door.  Walk up to a nearby guard (remember, he 
can't see you!) and shoot him in the foot!  This should attract his attention, 
and he'll start madly running around trying to find you.  If you wait for a 
while by the locked door, the guard will open it in his attempt to find you!  
This trick works best on the Train and in the Frigate, where there are doors 
that could never be opened without this trick.  In the Train, there are small 
rooms with yellow beds, and on the Frigate, there are small observation decks 
that you're too big to fit on to!

Submitted to me by Sean  


The Frigate's Lookout Post

Actually, I was wrong.  You can get on to the observation deck in the Frigate.  
Just go to the Frigate with the Tiny Bond cheat on, and use the Open Locked 
Doors Trick (explained above).  Now, try to strafe through the door, but use 
the Control Trick to move your body through that tiny door.  After a few 
tries, you should make it through!  Unfortunately, once you make it on to the 
deck, the door will close and you'll be locked out!  

NOTE: If you're dead set on avoiding being locked out, you could always block 
the door with your body to prevent it from closing.

-Submitted to me by 


Flying Bond

Put on the Tiny Bond Cheat and go to the Bunker (either one).  Run up to the 
top of the tall flight of stairs by the exit.  Now, kneel down.  Try to move 
down the stairs, but for some reason you'll now be floating!

-Submitted to GameSages by Chris DiIonno  and Tanner 


The Egyptian Crypt

This is a cool one.  Go to the Egyptian level, and pause the game.  Now, press 
left on your watch screen to get to that screen that shows your objectives and 
the briefings.  It should also tell you the name of the level.   But, instead 
of displaying the correct level name, it says Crypt!

This may require some explaining.  You see, the Goldeneye Team originally 
planned for the Egyptian to be called the Crypt.  Obviously, this was later 
changed.  But, they forgot to put Egyptian on the watch screen, making for 
this interesting design mistake!

-Found on The Terrorist's Goldeneye Site


Shoot Tank Shells from your Head

This little trick is for those of you without the All Guns cheat.  First, you 
need to be using the Infinite Ammo Cheat on either the Runway, or the Streets 
(the Tank Levels).  Get in the tank, and switch to the weapon immediately 
before your tank shells.  Switch weapons, then QUICKLY get out of the tank.  
If you did it right, you should now have an endless supply of tank shells to 
use wherever you please.

-Submitted to GameSages by [email protected]


The Impossible Aztec Climb

We've all seen that big pit in the Aztec level.  Well, now there is a way to 
climb out of it!  Simply go to the bottom of the pit, and run to your left 
until you reach the place where there are two Moonrakers on guard inside 
another room.  You'll probably want to kill them to get them out of the way.  
After this is done, switch to your grenades (or AR33 if you have no grenades).  
Now stand on the left wall and run forward while facing the wall.  When you 
get to a certain spot, press A to change weapons to your slapper, and then 
press it again about a second later.  You should suddenly find yourself at the 
top of the pit!

The only way to find the spot to press A is to practice this a lot!  There 
really isn't any way to tell.  To narrow it down, the spot is in between the 
wall at the side of the pit, and the bridge.  You just have to practice this a 
lot.  If you're having trouble, try using Turbo Mode.  For some reason, that 
makes things a lot easier.

You can use this trick to get really fast times for the Aztec level!

-Submitted to me by Karl Jobst 


Get Back in the Vent (Facility)

To return to the Facility vent where you begin the level, simply go to the 
correct stall in the bathroom, and stand right up facing the wall.  Then, 
press Left C then hold R, and press Left on the Control stick.  You should 
start turning around, then you'll suddenly appear in the vent.  When you do, 
release R and Left C, and press right on the Control Stick.  This trick works 
both in Mission Mode, and in Multiplayer.  It can not be done with short 
players, so Oddjob and the female scientist, Moonraker, and Civilian #1 are 
out of the question.

-Submitted to GameSages by Chris Tart 


The Missle Silo Door

This is a really cool one.  Go to the Silo, and run through the level as 
usual, past the first big room, until you get to the tall room with the missle 
in it, and the path that winds around the side.  Now, get on your PP7, and 
backwards scroll through your weapons (A and Z) once until you get to your 
Slapper.   Press B and look up.  The Silo roof should be opening, revealing 
the sky above!  


Floating Guards

Go to the Runway, and use the All Guns Cheat to get a Sniper Rifle.  Wait for 
a while until there are a lot of guards (helps if you have Invincibility, but 
it's not required).  Now, simply find a good spot on the Runway, pull out your 
Sniper, and zoom in all the way (use Up-C).  Look at some of the guards that 
are farthur away and...surprise!  They'll seem like they're floating!  This 
trick works because the Sniper conflicts with the fog in the level that makes 
far away objects dissipear, like the ground in this case.  You can also get 
the Plane, the Tank, and the Missile Battery to float.  Or, try using the 
Sniper of the Facility building to produce a variety of fun effects.

-Submitted to me by Weisan Chen 


Death in Midair

This is a cool one.  Go to the Cradle on 00 Agent (Secret Agent works too) 
with All Guns on, and go all of the way to the bottom platform where you fight 
Trevelyn.  Jump down on to the platform, and pull out a grenade.  Press and 
hold Z for four seconds, then leap off of the platform, without letting go of 
Z.  If you did it right, the grenade will explode before you fall all of the 
way out of the level, killing you in the traditional way.  The ending scene 
will then show Bond collapsing in the middle of the sky!

For some reason, sometimes you will automatically throw the grenade when you 
jump off.  If this happens, try it again, and hold the grenade for a little 
bit longer.

-Submitted to me by Andy Basler 


Broken Lock in the Dam

In the Dam level, use cheats to start off with any explosive weapon.  Go up to 
the lock that's on the gate to the main part off the dam, and fire your 
explosive right at the lock.  Wait for the smoke to clear, and open the door.  
The shattered remains of the lock will now be floating in midair!


Flaming Bond

This one is one of my all time favorites.  Use the Invincibility cheat and go 
to the Silo.  Grab some of your C-4 Plastique and throw it somewhere, then 
shoot it with a gun.  It will explode, effectively blowing up the Silo, but 
instead, a giant fireball will follow you wherever you go, causing enemies to 
die humorous deaths before your very eyes!

You can also do this trick on the Bunker 2.  Simply wait until Natalya goes up 
to her computer and makes her announcement that the Goldeneye is going to 
fire.  Then, do a little waiting, and watch the fireworks!

-Submitted to GameSages by Matt Higgins 

-Bunker 2 Method Submitted to me by Sean 


Rip off Bond's Arm

There are several different ways that you can get this trick to work.  The 
easiest way is to use All Guns to get a Grenade.  Throw the Grenade on the 
ground next to you, a turn a little bit to your left.  Now, press Start to 
access the watch screen, and as soon as the game pauses, press Start again, 
then press Start AGAIN when Bond's arm is almost off of the screen.  Keep 
doing this, and eventually the Grenade will explode, killing you.  If you were 
lucky, when the explosion happens, Bond's arm will be at a certain point, and 
when you die the arm will look like it's being blown off!

The other way to do this trick is to use Enemy Rockets, preferably on the 
Aztec.  That was how I first discovered this trick!


Use a Weapon in The Living Daylights

Start a game of The Living Daylights (Flag Tag) while choosing Sniper Rifles 
as a weapon.  Anytime you see the flag, switch to the butt of your sniper, and 
hold the fire button as you run over the flag.  Now, as long as you don't let 
go of the button, you can swing the butt of the rifle all you want!  Hey, at 
least it's better than nothing!

-Submitted to GameSages by Aaron Allison 


Mad Scientists

In the Facility, Silo, and Caverns, there are always scientists running 
around, getting in your way.  Have you ever tried purposely shooting them in 
the foot or hand?  If they don't die from it, they usually take out a 
Dostovei, or a grenade, and start coming after you!  If your scientists never 
do it, try it on 007 mode with the Enemy Health set on 1000%.

-Submitted to GameSages by Code Master and Craig Schiffbauer


The Dead Guard Speaks!

Go to the Bunker 2, and turn on any cheat that will give you a gun.  First, 
use your Watch Magnet to grab the key, then wait by your cell door.  Take out 
your gun and shoot the guard as he walks by.  As soon as the guard falls to 
the ground, open the cell door.  The guard should yell out "Stop, or I'll 
Shoot!" even though he is obviously dead.  In order for this trick to work, 
you must escape from your cell before the guard's body disappears.

-Submitted to me by Kaiserroll 


Glass Mine Trap

In the Library (or Stack) choose Proximity mines as a weapon.  Any kind of 
mine works, but I like Proximity the best.  Go to that spot where all of the 
panes of glass are.  Throw a mine on the glass, then shoot the glass with your 
gun to break it.  Careful not to get too close, or to hit the mine!  The glass 
will not regenerate, and the mine will be harder to spot, making for a great 

-Submitted to GameSages by , Nitroxis64, and 


The Incredible Exploding Car

If you've ever fooled around on the Streets, you would see that if you shoot 
one of the cars with a gun, it won't blow up.  The cars will only explode if 
you run over them with the tank.  But, there is one special car on the 
Streets.  Go to the very end of the level, then turn around and take a right.  
Shoot the very first car that you see with any gun.  This is the only car in 
the entire level that explodes when you shoot it!

-Submitted to me by Tim Conboy 


Floating Knives

Turn on either the 2x Throwing Knives cheat, or the All Guns Cheat, and go to 
the Dam.  First, clear out all of the soldiers in the first part of the level 
(they get in your way).  Then, go up to the top of the watch tower and grab 
the sniper rifle.  Walk back to the little bridge that connects the two sides 
of that little canyon where you first start out.  Walk over to the pit on the 
right of the bridge (from your point of view if you were first starting the 
level) and start throwing your throwing knives down into the pit.  Careful not 
to throw them in too far!  Once you've done that, pull out your sniper and 
look down into the pit, zooming in all the way.  You should see your knives at 
the bottom of the pit, sitting in blackness.  Now, shoot each one of the 
knives.  As you shoot them, you should hear the *swoosh* sound, and the knife 
will disappear.  After shooting a few knives, get off your sniper and look 
back up.  You should see all of your knives floating in midair over the pit!

-Submitted by Michael Rushia


Extra Tank Shells

On the Runway, while driving the tank, fire your tank missiles, switch to your 
timed mines, throw one, then quickly switch to your tank shells.  If you did 
it right, and were fast enough, you'll have an extra shell.

-Submitted to GameSages by Eric Frederick and Ryan Romba


007 and 006, as it was meant to be!

Go to the Facility using the Gold PP7 cheat.  Beat the level as normal, and go 
to the final bottling room where Trevelyn is.  Rendez-vous with him, then be 
standing by the bottom of the stairs when the alarm goes off.  After a little 
while, Ouromov should run down the stairs.  Shoot Ouromov with the Gold PP7, 
then run back into the group of bottles.  Now, you and Trevelyn can fight side 
by side, mindlessly shooting all of the soldiers that come!

-Submitted to me by Tyler Knutson 


The Paintbrush

In Multiplayer, start a game using Sniper Rifles in any level.  Now, run and 
grab a sniper rifle, without touching another player, grabbing a gun, or 
grabbing ammo.  Pick up the Sniper, and press A twice.  You should now be on 
the Paintbrush, which is like a sniper butt, only the colors are screwed up so 
that it looks like a paintbrush!

-Found on Cheat Code Central


Make Natalya Type Thin Air

In the Control, clear out the first room of guys, then lead Natalya up to her 
computer.  When she starts typing, use your PP7 to shoot her in the hand, or 
the foot.  If you did it right, Natalya will back away in pain, but will then 
resume her typing, even though the keyboard is a little ways away!

-Submitted by Kevin Hughes


No Bonds Allowed

In the Facility, at the very end of the long stone hallway is a very small 
room.  Above one of the doors in the room is a sign that would say No Smoking, 
except that the cigarette is replaced with Bond!


Tank Cruise Control

This is a fun one.  In any tank level (Runway or Streets) get into the tank 
and move the Control Stick forward a little bit.  Then, hold down the R button 
(aim).  Now, continue holding R, but release the control stick, and now you 
can swivel the tank gun all around while not having to worry about moving!

-Submitted to GameSages by JUSTIN  


If you have any other Trick or Bug that I've missed, please email me and tell 
me about it.


IX. The Q Watch


Some people would call me crazy for devoting an entire section of this already 
gigantic FAQ to the Q Watch.  I decided to ignore those people.

My actual alterior motive in making this section was just to have a neat, 
organized place where I could list all of the different game options and 
controller settings.  That's all!


1. The Options

This is for all of you who don't know the awesome power of your own watch!  
Well, maybe not that awesome, but.....

The screen numbers are from 1-5 and are listed from left to right.

Screen #1

Mission Status
This shows whether your mission is Incomplete, Complete, or Failed.

If you want to, you can abort the mission.  If you do so, you'll quit the 
level and fail your mission.

Weapon Name and Picture
The name of your weapon you are currently using, and a pretty little picture 
(if applicable) are displayed.

Ammo Count
This shows you the number of spare bullets, as well as the amount in your 
current clip.  This is also available by default on the normal mission screen.

Screen #2

Weapons and Gadgets List
This handy list shows all of the weapons and gadgets that you are currently 
carrying.  To switch to a weapon, simply select it from the list!  The only 
way to switch to a gadget is to use this menu.

Screen #3

Controller Settings
This list is so long, I've given it a separate section!  See the next section 
for a list of all the various Goldeneye Controller Settings.

Screen #4

This is the screen with most of the important stuff on it!

Music Volume
This bar lets you adjust the volume of the music.

FX Volume
This bar lets you control the volume of the game's Sound Effects.

Look Up/Down  Reverse/Upright
This let's you change the looking controls, so that you can make down look 
down, or down look up.  Reverse is the default, as most people are more 
comfortable with it.

Auto Aim  On/Off
Serious players can choose to turn the auto aim option off for more 
challenging play.  The default setting, of course, is on.

Site on Screen  On/Off
If you find that bright, red crosshair distracting, or prefer to aim your gun 
by eye, turn the on screen site off, as the default is on.

Look Ahead  On/Off
You know that if you're looking into the sky, or down at the ground, then 
start walking, your view will automatically shift back to normal?  If you hate 
this, turn it off.  The default is on.

Ammo on Screen  On/Off
This allows you to turn the ammo count on or off.  Some players may find it 
distracting to have those numbers blocking some screen area, but I don't mind 
it.  On is the default.

Screen  Full/Wide/Cinema
This is pretty cool.  Full screen (the default) makes the screen just be it's 
normal self.  Widescreen is just like watching a widescreen movie.  What, you 
never seen a widescreen movie?  There are these little bars at the top and 
bottom that fiddle with the screen somehow, makes for interesting gameplay.  
The Cinema setting makes things look like your watching a movie in a theater.  
Cinema is a lot of fun, but I use it only when cheating, as the limited view 
and small screen can make things hard to see, especially with a small TV.

Ratio  Normal/16:9
This option is for you people that have widescreen televisions.  It makes 
things a lot easier to see.  It changes the horizontal screen width.   16:9 
makes things look taller than they really are, but not very much taller.  You 
kind of have to try it out to see what I mean.  The default is Normal.

Screen #5

Mission Objectives
A list of the current level's Mission Objectives (and whether or not they are 
currently complete) is available here.

In case you foolishly forgot to read M's, Q's or even Moneypenny's briefings 
before the level began, you can read them on this screen.


2. The Controller Settings

Are you sick and tired of using the same old controller setting while playing 
Goldeneye?  Are you bored of using Z to fire?  Do you have two controllers, 
and want to make good use of them?  Or are you simply curious about stuff like 
this?  Whichever one, read this section and your questions about button 
settings will be answered!

Oh yeah, and in case you've never noticed, all of the different controller 
varieties are named after Bond girls.  The movie that the girl comes from is 
listed, as a useless fact.  Hey, you never know, that question just might come 
up on Jeopardy! someday...

ANOTHER NOTE: When holding two controllers at once, it is suggested that you 
hold #1 in the left hand, and #2 in the right hand.

Name: Honey
Number: 1.1
Controllers Required: One
Movie: Dr. No

Button Functions
R: Aim
D Pad: Strafe and look
Control Stick: Move
Start: Pause
Z: Fire
A: Switch Weapons
B: Action
C Buttons: Strafe and look

Notes: The Honey setting is the one that a large percentage of players, 
(including me) are most comfortable with.  The controls are simple, and it 
handles very well.

Name: Solitaire
Number: 1.2
Controllers Required: One
Movie: Live and Let Die

Button Functions
R: Aim
D Pad: Move
Control Stick: Look
Start: Pause
Z: Fire
A: Switch Weapons
B: Action
C Buttons: Strafe and look

Notes: In this setting, you are intended to use the C Buttons to move you 
around, and the Control Stick to make you face in the right direction.  This 
can be difficult to get used to, but many people like it.  It just takes a lot 
of practice.

Name: Kissy
Number: 1.3
Controllers Required: One
Movie: You Only Live Twice

Button Functions
R: Switch Weapons
D Pad: Strafe and look
Control Stick: Move
Start: Pause
Z: Aim
A: Fire
B: Action
C Buttons: Strafe and look

Notes: This setting is very easy to use, and handles quite comfortably.  I 
would recommend Kissy to people who spend most of their time aiming, as the Z 
button serves that purpose.

Name: Goodnight
Number: 1.4
Controllers Required: One
Movie: The Man With the Golden Gun

Button Functions
R: Switch Weapons
D Pad: Move
Control Stick: Look
Start: Pause
Z: Aim
A: Fire
B: Action
C Buttons: Strafe and look

Notes: This is basically a combination of Solitaire and Kissy.  However, I 
find it easier to handle than the difficult Solitaire, as you have better 
access to the firing button.

Name: Plenty
Number: 2.1
Controllers Required: Two 
Movie: Diamonds Are Forever

Button Functions

Controller #1
Control Stick: Move
Start: Pause
Z: Fire
A: Switch Weapons
B: Action

Controller #2
Control Stick: Look
Start: Pause
Z: Aim
A: Switch Weapon
B: Action

Notes: This is my personal favorite of the two controller selections. I also 
find it the easiest to handle.  Most people will find it more comfortable to 
use the A and B buttons on Controller #2, using your thumb.

Name: Galore
Number: 2.2
Controllers Required: Two
Movie: Goldfinger

Button Functions

Controller #1
Control Stick: Look
Start: Pause
Z: Fire
A: Switch Weapons
B: Action

Controller #2
Control Stick: Move
Start: Pause
Z: Aim
A: Switch Weapons
B: Action

Notes: This one is a lot harder to handle than Plenty, because it is difficult 
to switch weapons, or reload while moving.  

Name: Domino 
Number: 2.3
Controllers Required: Two
Movie: Thunderball

Button Functions

Controller #1
Control Stick: Move
Start: Pause
Z: Aim
A: Switch Weapons
B: Action

Controller #2
Control Stick: Look
Start: Pause
Z: Fire
A: Switch Weapons
B: Action

Notes: The real problem with the Domino setting is that the aiming controls 
tend to really get in the way.  Either that, or they'll just give you sore 
fingers.  As you can see, the moving and looking controls are switched from 
the Plenty Setting.  The Domino setting is more commonly used to do the "Shoot 
during the ending cinema" trick.  See the Tricks & Bugs section for more info.

Name: Goodhead
Number: 2.4
Controllers Required: Two
Movie: Moonraker

Button Functions

Controller #1
Control Stick: Look
Start: Pause
Z: Aim
A: Switch Weapons
B: Action

Controller #2
Control Stick: Move
Start: Pause
Z: Fire
A: Switch Weapons
B: Action

Notes: Goodhead has the moving controls of Galore, and the firing controls of 
Domino.  With that in mind, I can safely say that this is a very difficult 
setting to master.  Even I (gasp!) find it difficult to handle smoothly.

If you notice any errors in buttons, or whatever, please email me.


X. Miscellaneous


This section (as they title may have implied) contains all of those little 
things that didn't really fit anywhere else.


1. Enemy Rockets FAQ

Some hastily done research by myself shows that most Goldeneye players really, 
REALLY hate the Enemy Rockets cheat.  And I don't blame them!  It can get 
annoying after about the tenth time you've been blown up at close range, and a 
lot of the levels are hard to beat.

Hard to beat.  That is the key phrase.  Lately, I've discovered that Enemy 
Rockets is actually just one big challenge.  The Challenge: beat every level 
with the Enemy Rockets cheat on, and only that cheat!  No Invincibility or 
Gold PP7 for you!

The following is a list and some overall tips of notes on every level in the 
game, when used on Enemy Rockets.  I really don't think that a step by step 
walkthrough is necessary, that would just take all of the fun out of it.

So....are you up to the challenge?

Tip: An important thing to remember is that every guy that starts off at the 
beginning of the level has a rocket launcher.  Try to pick rockets up by 
killing them.  Also, enemies that come when an alarm goes off, or that appear 
magically, will have regular guns.  Kill these new guys to get a decent 
automatic, at the very least, in alternative to your PP7.

Special Note: There is at least one person who has beaten most of the levels 
on 00 Agent with Enemy Rockets.  His name is Eric Salter, and he has written 
an Enemy Rockets FAQ on Gamefaqs.  I strongly suggest that you take a look at 
it, because it gives full walkthroughes for each level.  



This is one level where you can actually get some good weapons!  Grab the 
Sniper Rifle in the watch tower, and there are some KF7 Soviets with ammo in 
those boxes by the security gate.  Other than that, the wide open spaces 
should make it easy to avoid being hit by a mislaid rocket.  

Difficulty: Agent and Secret Agent are pretty easy, but beware of 00!  Rockets 
in the sewer is not pretty......



The secret to beating this level is treating the whole level like a huge 
stealth mission.  Use your rocket launcher sparingly, only when guys are in 
hard to get places.  One good tip is to pick up some ammo off of the first 
three guards with Soviets that come through the first remotely sealed door.  
Oh yeah, if things look rough, use your remote mines!

Difficulty: Quite a challenge on all three difficulties, and only a master 
could beat it on 00 Agent.



The real trick here is to get to the plane before it's blown up by a stray 
rocket.  That is plain and simple luck.  On higher difficulties, it's harder, 
because the more things you have to blow up, the longer you're in the level, 
and the more likely it is that the plane will explode.  Other than that, fears 
of your own death are really very low.

Difficulty: It's all luck, as I said before.


Surface 1

When playing Enemy Rockets on the Surface, it is important to run.  Otherwise, 
you're going to die.  Don't stop for needless fire fights, you're likely to 
get blown away!  If needed, use your sniper rifle, that's what it's there for!

Difficulty: Actually not that hard, on any difficulty.


Bunker 1

This an another big stealth mission.  Use your silenced PP7 all of the time, 
and forget all about your rocket launcher.  Take out each guy one at a time, 
much like it says in my main Bunker Walkthrough, without the other guys seeing 
you.  Try not to set off any alarms either, as the last thing you need is more 

Difficulty: A real challenge, but it can be mastered with practice.



One of the hardest Enemy Rockets levels, even beating it on Agent is an 
accomplishment!  I can't really offer any advice here, other than use your 
rocket launcher!  You'll need it!

Difficulty: Whew....you can be proud if you beat it on Agent.



As you might have guessed, the big problem here is hostages.  They just keep 
getting themselves killed!  Ammo is another problem, rocket launchers are of 
little use around hostages, and you start out with a measly 20 bullets.  If 
you can, use you slapper!  Don't laugh, it worked for me!

Difficulty: Another challenging level, and watch out for those hostages!


Surface 2

Much like the Surface 1, you're going to be doing a lot of running.  However, 
very few of the enemies here have rocket launchers.  Instead, you'll find a 
lot of Klobbs.  This is good for you, it's almost as easy as beating the level 
without enemy rockets!

Difficulty: Good level to start off on, because not many of the enemies carry 
Rocket Launchers.  In other words, it's pretty easy.


Bunker 2

To beat the 2nd Bunker on Agent, simply charge right through, running like 
mad.  On the other two difficulties, however, things get a bit tricky.  I've 
tried using Throwing Knives several times, without success.  Going all out 
with the rocket launcher isn't much easier.  Oh yeah, watch out for Natalya!

Difficulty: Agent is not that hard.  You're one good player if you can beat it 
on Secret Agent.



Without a doubt, the easiest Enemy Rockets level.  Well, maybe the 2nd 
Surface.  Anyway, just run right through!  There's no need to even fire a 
shot!  Just do a bit of dodging, and it's a peace of cake!

Difficulty: It's almost too easy...



The thing about this level is that Natalya always seems to get killed!  
Always!  Of course, you might try killing every guy in the level before going 
for Natalya, but that is a challenge in itself.  Besides that, the level 
itself is really hard, but it's easier if you use your Rocket Launcher a lot.  

Difficulty: Very, very hard...and I'm talking about Agent.



Once you've gotten past the beginning, it's easy!  Just grab your tank and get 
going!  If you need to go for Valentin, just use a rocket launcher to clear 
out that little alleyway.  The tank ride is still pretty easy, even with 
dozens of rocket launchers being fired at you.

Difficulty: Go for beating 00 Agent on this one.



Yet another easy Agent level, just run right to the train!  Of course, raiding 
the Janus base and the arms cache on Secret and 00 Agent is no day at the 
beach.  It's actually really, really hard.  

Difficulty: Agent is easy, Secret Agent is heard.  Simple, no?



One of the hardest Enemy Rockets levels, the cramped corridors of the train 
make for one sided battles against you.  A full frontal attack with your watch 
laser can sometimes prove useful, but dangerous.  Of course, hiding behind 
boxes with a PP7 is dangerous too, so I'd take my chances with the laser.  But 
don't use it all before the final train car!

Difficulty: Pretty darn hard.



This level is harder than most might expect.  Not only are you in danger of 
being blown away, but Natalya seems to get herself into a large amount of 
explosions as well.  And the trees don't provide much cover either.

Difficulty: Very hard, and watch out for Natalya!



Actually, this is easier than you might expect.  If you can make it to 
Natalya's ambush, you've practically made it.  Know why?  The guys that come 
don't have Rocket Launchers!  Of course, you'll have to tackle them without 
your trustee Deutsche, but that's life.

Difficulty: Go ahead, you can at least beat it on Agent.



One of my friends likes to brag about how he can beat this level on Enemy 
Rockets.  And he has good reason to!  It's very hard, especially on the 
walkways and in the small rooms!  For extra support, break into boxes to grab 
an AR33, and extra ZMG ammo.  Also, try and use "The Race" method to beat 
Trevelyn to the elevator, which tends to avoid a lot of bloodshed.  See 
section 4 of the Miscellaneous section for more info.

Difficulty: Easy....on Agent.



The thing about this is that the only guy in the whole level with a Rocket 
Launcher is Trevelyn, and I'd rather see him fire that than an AR33!  
Seriously, some people might actually find this level EASIER if you use Enemy 
Rockets.  Wow, that is freaky.

Difficulty: Try and beat this one on 00.



Believe it or not, this is the crown jewel of your Enemy Rockets Quest!  The 
hardest level of all, (Well...maybe the Train and the Silo) and it is actually 
possible to beat it! Just try and beat it the normal way, except use a Rocket 
Launcher around the trickier places.

Difficulty: Very hard.



Try to ignore most of the soldiers, just run!  Grab the Golden Gun as fast as 
possible, and it's all downhill from there.  Samedi is as easy as ever, just 
watch out for his rocket toting friends!

Difficulty: Go for it!  It's one of the easiest levels!


And that's it.  If you have anything to say about my Enemy Rockets FAQ (an 
original creation in itself) please email me.


2. How to Use a Throwing Knife

Lots of people say that throwing knives stink, throwing knives are pointless, 
and throwing knives are weak.  Well, most of the Goldeneye fans who say this 
aren't as good with them as I am, and I plan to change that right now!

Heh heh....I didn't mean that quite the way it sounded!

Anyway, on with the guide!

My guide on How to Use a Throwing Knife should explain the tactics and methods 
of using the weapon, as well as a few tips.  


Let's start off with the basics, and work our way over to the more complicated 


You find the throwing knives in the Bunker 2, hidden down at the bottom of the 
sewer.  See the Bunker 2 Walkthrough for more information.

So, now we have our Throwing Knives.  Now what?


First of all, Auto Aim will not work with throwing knives.  Period.  It will 
not work at all, even on Agent.  So, if you randomly throw one at an enemy, 
odds are, it's not going to hit him.

So, we have to use crosshair aiming!

Yeah yeah, I'm sure all of you remember aiming.  You have to aim with throwing 
knives!  It's very important!  And don't forget that!


For our purposes, I'm going to say that a Throwing Knife is about as powerful 
as a Cougar Magnum.  

One hit to the chest will usually kill a guy (on 00 even) but on hit to the 
shoulder, arm, or leg, will not.

What about head shots?  Well, they'll cause a one hit death also, but you 
don't really want to go looking for head shots with throwing knives.  It's too 
much trouble, and I'll get into that later.

Now for the main part of the Guide!



The "Hold" Tactic

One of the most useful throwing knife tricks is the "Hold" tactic, which is 
discussed here.

The biggest con about the throwing knives is their speed.  It takes a while to 
throw one, grab another one, and throw the next one.  

That's why we use the Hold Tactic.  To do it, simply grab a knife, then hold 
down the fire button.  This makes it so you put the knife in a ready to fire 
position.  To release the knife, just let go of the fire button!

This should decrease the time it takes to throw the knife, making the knives 
more affective.  Practice this tactic a lot, it's a good one!


To use throwing knives efficiently, you have to learn to hide.  And when I say 
hide, I mean hide around corners, so that you can get the drop on an 
unsuspecting soldier.

Hiding is simple.  I'm sure everyone already knows how to do it.

Remember, hiding is the only useful way to get an easy kill!

The Wrap-up

All right, we've got our knives, we know how to aim, we have our knife held in 
a ready to fire position, and we're hiding around a corner, waiting for an 
unsuspecting enemy.

Well, what happens when the enemy shows up?

First of all, you have to be ready!  Don't be surprised when someone comes!

Then, simply move the crosshair over to the soldiers chest, and fire.

If he doesn't die, then grab another knife, quick!  If you're fast enough, he 
won't get a chance to shoot you, and the second knife will usually finish him 

2x Throwing Knives


Two throwing knives at once is cool, but handles a little differently than 

The only real difference is that one knife will go a LITTLE bit to the left of 
the crosshair, and the other will go a LITTLE bit to the right.  Both of the 
knives will be thrown at once when you fire.

That doesn't usually end up in any major problems, so I wouldn't worry about 
screwing up majorly.  In fact, it's much better, since two knife hits to the 
chest will surely kill a soldier.



The Goldeneye Multiplayer Throwing Knives game isn't that much different from 
single player.

I don't really want to give out whole strategies, but I can offer some advice.

I like to just pick a corner, or secluded area, and wait for someone to come.  
Leaning over those corners works well.  Don't try to run around, chasing 
opponents, throwing knives madly, because remember, auto aim won't be there to 
help you.

If a dogfight should arise, I like to run away a little ways, and find a 
corner, than do a sequence of lean out, lean in motions, and shoot if I see 
the enemy.  It usually works very well.

Well, that was my guide.  I hope it helped.  If you have any questions or 
comments about it, please email me.


3. How to Use the Golden Gun

Like the throwing knives, I consider the Golden Gun to be a hard to use 
weapon.  Well, that doesn't really sound right.  Obviously, it's not hard to 
kill someone in one hit, but the one bullet per clip does add a bit of 
challenge to using the gun.

And that, is why this guide is here.  You know, to give out some tips and 
pointers.  I don't know if people will find it as useful as the Throwing 
Knives guide (assuming people found that useful at all) but we'll see how 
things turn out.



The Golden Gun is only found in one level, the Egyptian Temple.  And most 
Goldeneye players haven't even unlocked that level yet.  But, the Golden Gun 
is one of the most popular Multiplayer weapons.  Hey, it even has it's own 

This guide was mainly intended to be used in Multiplayer

The Basics


We all know the Golden Gun kills in one shot.  We also all know that it only 
shoots one bullet before you have to reload.  This makes the time between 
shots seem like forever.

If you didn't already know that, you know it now.



Auto Aim?

Some people love to use auto aim with the Golden Gun.  Others find it stupid, 
and distracting.  And of course, some use both.  

Use Auto Aim if:

You are chasing an opponent through many corners and passages, and there is no 
time to stop and use a crosshair.

The person is all of the way at the other end of the room, and you plan to 
shoot a few random shots as you run closer.

You are kneeling down and running.  Using the crosshair would cause you to 
stand up, putting you in an easy line of fire for the enemy.

You are at Point Blank Range.

Use the Crosshair if:

Your opponent is standing still and may not have noticed you.

You are chasing your opponent through a long, straight hallway, and you want 
to stop and take a few good shots.

You are leaning around a corner to get a good shot.

You have chased a weaponless opponent into a dead end and he/she is running 
around in a circle-like pattern trying to avoid being hit.  You can use the 
aimer to get a better shot than with auto aim.

Golden Bullets

If you're like me, you tend to run out of Golden Bullets pretty quickly.  
There are two good ways to avoid this.

#1. After grabbing the first two boxes of bullets that appear, walk a short 
distance away, and wait for the boxes to come back.  Be sure to have your gun 
ready while you wait!

#2. Watch your bullet count, and run back to get more when it reaches ten or 
so.  The extra bullets give you a good chance in case you meet an unsuspecting 
opponent on the way to the bullets.

In the Egyptian


Since most of the strategies outlined above were mainly intended for 
Multiplayer use, I've also added a few tips for using the Golden Gun in the 
Egyptian Temple.  You can also use these in any other level, with the Golden 
Gun cheat on!

I like to use auto aim with the Golden Gun in single player mode.  I don't 
know why, but enemies just seem a lot easier that way.

If you're running towards a guy, and he starts shooting, duck down, take aim 
with the crosshair, and fire!  Trust me, this simple tactic works surprisingly 

The good thing about the Egyptian is that they give you lots of cover, (large 
pillars and such) so try and hide behind them, or lean over the side of them, 
or something!

Well, that's the end of my Golden Gun Guide.  If you liked it, or have a 
comment, feel free to email me.


4. The Race!

Don't let the title throw you off, Goldeneye isn't a racing game!  

But, I have discovered a fun little trick in the game that adds a little bit 
of replay value.  

Anyone who has ever tried the Slow Animation Cheat in the Caverns knows that 
you can find Trevelyn running at a greatly decreased pace in the level.  Well, 
he's also there without the cheat!  Except, you don't see him (except for 
those with a keen eye for details in the very beginning) because he is just 
too fast!  Trevelyn is simply there to make a brief appearance at the 
beginning, then run all of the way across the level to the elevator at the 

Well, I've come up with a little game.  Go to the Caverns on Agent mode.  When 
the level starts, run out of the elevator and hurry across the room as fast as 
you can.  Keep running across the entire level without slowing down or 
stopping for anything (or anybody).

The point of this is that if you can run (or strafe) fast enough, you can 
eventually catch up with Trevelyn, and even pass him!  Once you pass him, all 
of the doors in the level will be open (they would normally close as soon as 
he passed through them) allowing you to make better time.

The reason you do the level on Agent is so that (a) The guys will be easier to 
kill and (b) You don't have to stop and complete objectives (blowing up 
computers and such) so your fastest time will be saved at the very end.

Cool huh?

The little bonus of this is that you can shoot for the fastest time possible.  
As of the latest FAQ update, my best time for The Race is:


Some General Tips

-Don't bother trying to shoot Trevelyn.  He can't be killed!

-Remember, the doors blocking the quickest way to the elevator will be open 
before Trevelyn has run through them.  Including the ones that you would 
normally need a code card to enter!

-Don't bother stopping to shoot guys, just use Auto Aim to shoot wildly, 
wounding or killing guys.

-Try to speedily strafe up the long, tall, twisted pathway.  This is where I 
can usually catch up with Trevelyn.

-When you're on the metal walkways, in the later part of the level, the first 
door on the right leads to the elevator.

-Ignore the drone guns.

-Remember, never stop running!

If you have any comments about this section of the FAQ, please email me.


5. Alternate Invincibility Cheat Methods

Of course, everyone knows that the Invincibility Cheat is the hardest one to 
get, no questions asked.

And, there are many different ways of getting it.  MANY.  So, that's why this 
section is here.  It covers a lot of different ways that you can earn the 
Invisibility Cheat.

If you have a way of getting the cheat, type it out, email it to me, and I'll 
most likely post it here.

Get it?  Got it?  Good.


The first alternate method that I have listed here is one that I took from the 
October 1998 edition of Nintendo Power Magazine.  I did not write the 
following walkthrough, the good folks at Nintendo Power did, so please don't 

As soon as the mission starts, crawl out of the vent and run down the stairs 
outside of the bathroom.  Place a Remote Mine on the crate outside of the 
guard room with the remote door console.  Go through the door, detonate the 
mine, and switch to your PP7.  Eliminate the guard and take his security card.  
Switch to the KF7 you picked up from the guard and activate the remote door.  
Dodge the guards as you run for the remote door.  And after you clear it, zig-
zag down the hall and turn left.  Take out the guards in front of you, run 
past the rest and look for Dr. Doak in the hallway.  If Doak isn't in the 
hall, restart the mission until you find him there.  Doak will automatically 
give you the Door Decoder the moment you speak to him, so start running for 
the bottling room the moment you see his speech on the screen.  Plant a Remote 
Mine at the last turn before the bottling room and run past the guards as you 
set off the mine.  Use the Door Decoder to open the door, then switch back to 
the three Remote Mines that you have left.  Start talking to 006, then step 
away from the tanks, and throw a mine between the tanks.  If you throw the 
mines high enough, 006 won't be hurt.  Destroy the next four tanks the same 
way, and use the last Remote Mine between the final pair of tanks.  If 
everything goes as planned, you'll reach the exit with time to spare.


This next one was written and invented by Karl Jobst and Greg Whatmore.  It 
allows you to get a really, really fast time!  I'm talking 1:14.  That's one 
minute and fourteen seconds!

Level: Facility
Completed by: Karl
Fastest Time: 1:14
Difficulty: Hard
Tips: To get a time of under 1:20 you have to use the run-strafe technique
through the ENTIRE level. There should be no time where you don't use this
technique. Also, this walkthrough may seem like any other walkthrough. It
all depends on how fast you carry it out. Personally, I know that if I
didn't make a mistake I could of easily beaten 1:10.
When you start get out of the vents and switch to remote
mines. Run down the stairs and place a mine just outside the console room on
one of the boxes. Turn around and detonate the mine and switch to your PP7.
Open the door and kill the guard to get his key card. Run through the
"should be open" door and press B to open the security door. Run around
ignoring the guards till you get to the long hallway. Open the door and run
through (don't worry if you get hit) until you get to the double doors. Go
through them and get out your KF7. Turn left and fire three (only three)
bullets at the remote door. The loser on the other side will open it so kill
him and continue up the stairs. Run through the hallways while dodging
bullets until you get to the column. Look to the right and Dr Doak should be
there (if he isn't you must start again). As soon as you see him turn left
and continue running. Plant a remote next to the last two guards and
detonate it while you go to your wristwatch and switch to the door decoder.
After you open the door quickly run down the stairs and get Trevallyn's
attention. Throw the first mine in between the first four gas bottles and
detonate it. Do the same with the next 6 and by that time objective C should
be completed. Quickly run out the doors. MISSION COMPLETE! A good time is
around 1:15-1:25.


This next method was submitted by Eric 

Run out of the vents ignoring all the guards in the
bathrooms, switching to mines on your way.  plant one of the mines on the
boxes and run to the guard with the keycard, killing him with your slapper.
then whip out the KF7 and fire some bullets at the console door so that the
guards inside come out.  hide in the corner of that wall and the double
doors, and detonate the mine, lots of guys should get killed.  run into the
room, activate the console, and run like mad down the hall, trying to kill
the two or three guards at the other end.  after that switch to mines again,
and in the long hallway throw a mine in the face of the three guards and
detonate it in midair.  Here, I check the room on the left for Dr. Doak, but
if he isn't there it is still possible to get the cheat.  Keep going  through
the double doors and blast the door on the left full of bullets to get the
guard to open it for you.  run up the stairs and if Dr Doak isn't in the
first room on the left or in the hall restart it.  Get close enough for him
to start talking to run down the hall towards the bottle room.  blast the
door 3-5 times the turn around and whip out your mines.  plant one on the
hall and detonate it as soon as you see the first guard appear.  quickly get
out your KF7 and blast the guard as he opens the bottling room door.  run
down the stairs, start Trevelyan talking, and set your remaining two mines on
the ground in a fashion that they will destroy four tanks each.  As soon as
the game says Objective C has been completed, detonate the mines, get your
KF7 out, and blast away at the last two tanks, then immedietly split for the

Using this I got a time of 2:02 but it could have been faster if Dr. Doak was
in the first room I checked.  Using this way gets around having to use the
decoder to open the door and thus does not leave yourself vulnerable to guys
coming up behind you.  The first time I tried it this way, using the mine to
blow up the hall behind me, I got the cheat.  I just about had a stroke when
it happened...


Next, a method that is guaranteed to be good, because it came from the good 
folks at Nintendo!

To avoid any plagiarism related issues, I've avoided posting Nintendo's 
Invincibility Cheat Walkthrough on this FAQ.  Instead, I've provided a link to 
the site:


In addition to there being a walkthrough, there is also a movie in QuickTime 
format of someone actually getting the cheat in a really fast time!  See the 
movie if you need help, or have nothing better to do.


Remember, if you have new, radical, or different way of getting the 
Invincibility Cheat, please email me.


6. The Land Across the Sea...

Lots of Goldeneye fans know that there is a small island across the water on 
the other side of the Dam.  You can get a good look at it with a sniper rifle, 
but you can't get over there.

This island was originally meant to play an important part in the game, but it 
was cut out for some reason.

But, you can get on to the island if you use a GameShark!  The code to get to 
the island is:

No Clipping X-Coordinate 
D0064F31 0030 
800D33ED 0050 
880D33ED 0000 

No Clipping Z-Coordinate 
D0064F31 0030 
800D33F5 0050 
880D33F5 0000 

To use it, activate the code when you are on the second dock behind the Dam, 
then walk on to the water and travel to the island.


Thanks to my good friend James Minning  I've found out some 
info about the island!  Yippee!

As it turns out, there's not really much to do over there.  You walk out of 
the water, on to the island, and there is a guard tower.  That's about it.  

There is also a drone gun inside of a little fort thing (like on the Runway) 
but it doesn't shoot at you, because it wasn't programmed to.

As a matter of fact, you can't shoot anything on the island, for some reason.  
If you shoot, the bullets will just go through the wall!  

Well, that's about all I have to say about The Land Across the Sea.  There 
really isn't much over there, because you were never meant to go over there at 

If you want to see some cool pictures of the Dam's Island, visit the 
Terrorist's Goldeneye Site:


He has a whole section of his site full of pictures, and more useful Gameshark 

If you know of anything else related to the island, please email me.


7. Rumors

As with most popular games, Goldeneye has many crazy rumors attached to it, 
most of which aren't true.


The most notable of these is the All Bonds Cheat.

A while back, someone decided to be funny, and make up a cheat that simply 
didn't exist, and could never be gotten.

According to the rumor, the All Bonds Cheat would give you the option of 
playing as either Sean Connery, George Lazenby, Roger Moore, or Timothy Dalton 
(all of the actors who have portrayed Bond) in Multiplayer Mode.

But, the "requirements" for this cheat were pretty steep.  After obtaining 
every other cheat in the game, you must beat the Aztec in under nine minutes 
on 007 Mode with Enemy Health on 200%, Enemy Damage at 100%, Enemy Accuracy at 
100%, and Enemy Reaction Speed at 100%. 

I seriously doubt that anyone could ever do this.

Here is a cool site for any of you fanatics.  It has a bunch of reasons why 
the cheat is fake, as well as some cool pictures!


So, therefore, there must be no All Bonds Cheat, and there never was.  I also 
seriously doubt that anyone believes in it anymore, but I'm adding it to the 
FAQ just the same.


The Oddjob and Mayday Rumor

The other major Goldeneye rumor is that Oddjob and Mayday can be found in one 
player mode, in their own secret levels.

Oddjob's level was supposed to be Fort Knox (to go with the plot of the movie 
Goldfinger) and Mayday's was the Eiffel Tower (to go along with a scene in A 
View to a Kill).  Some also say that both of these characters could be found 
in an alternate Egyptian Temple.

These levels were originally supposed to be a part of the game, but were nixed 
at an early stage, unfortunately.  I still think that the Eiffel Tower would 
have made for an interesting level.


The Xenia on the Frigate Rumor

If you were to read M's briefing before the Frigate level, you would find that 
she tells you to look out for Xenia, because she might be on the Frigate.  

Anyone who saw the Goldeneye movie would also know that Xenia is on the 
Frigate (in the movie), along with Ouromov.

But, Xenia is definitely NOT on the Frigate in the game.

And the thing is, Xenia was never meant to be on the Frigate at all!  So why 
the note about her in the briefing?

Well, my guess is that Rare was upset that Xenia never appeared until the 
Train, when she did really play a large part in the movie.  So, they put her 
name in the briefing so that you might know who she is when you reach the 

According to one version of the rumor, Xenia could be found in a secret room 
in the very bottom of the Frigate.  According to another, more outragious 
rumor, there were a bunch of Moonraker Elites down there too.

But of course, we know better.


If anyone out there should know of a rumor that I've missed, please email me 
and tell me about it.


8. Stupid Things Natalya Says

For some unknown reason, I've put together a list of all of the things that 
Natalya may say when she shoots someone with her Magnum in the Jungle:

I like this game.


Close, but no cigar.

Advantage, Natalya Simonova.

Did you see that?

Oh, that's a nice plant.

Naughty boy.

That's one more for me.

Too slow.

This is fun.

Cover me.


That looked painful.

Who was that guy?

Just like in the movies


Be careful James

Ooh, messy

If you notice that I'm missing anything, email me about it.


9. Smart-aleck Things that Alec Trevelyn Says

(Bad pun intended)

To go along with my Natalya list (see section 8) here is a list of all the 
things that Trevelyn shouts at you during various parts of the game.



No gun, 007?  MI6 must be cutting their budget these days.

Put the gun away, it's insulting to think that I haven't anticipated your 
every move.



James, what an unpleasant surprise.  Do come in.

Two targets, time for one shot.  The girl, or the mission?

Come on James, don't try to be clever.  Make your move.

Too slow 007.



Too slow James!



Too slow James...yet again.



From the Cradle to the Grave-your grave James.

You could have joined me James, but you had to side with the pen pushers.

Always loyal to your mission-never to your friends.

James Bond, Her Majesty's loyal terrier-you sicken me.

What's the matter James?
No glib remark?
No pithy comeback?

Come on!  Is this the best you can do?

You never give up do you?  Pathetic really.

What's the matter James?  Can't take the pace?

Finish the job James-if you can.

I was always better, James.

Trevelyn: For England, James?
Bond: No, for me.


XI. Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Hey, didn't you used to list the fastest times for each level on 00 Agent?  
What happened to that?
A: Well, I was talking things over with my pal Karl Jobst, and we decided to 
move all of the best times for any difficulty level on to his FAQ.  It's 
listed on Gamefaqs with the rest of the Goldeneye Guides.

Q: Is it possible to beat the game on 00 Agent with Enemy Rockets and no other 
A: Surprisingly, the answer is yes.  A few people have done it, and those 
names are listed in Eric Salter's Enemy Rockets FAQ, which is also available 
here at Gamefaqs.

Q: Can I use Cheat Mode to earn a Cheat?
A: No, you can only use cheats on levels that you've already beaten, so this 
would be impossible to pull off.

Q: Which controller Setting do you recommend using?
A: I prefer Honey, but I also like to use Kissy on some missions that require 
a lot of aiming.

Q: Are Oddjob or Mayday in the Mission mode?
A: For the last time, no!

Q: Is Xenia on the Frigate?  M said that she was!
A: Nope, M was mistaken.  

Q: How do I switch to a gadget?
A: You need to go to the big list of weapons and gadgets on the second screen 
of the Q Watch.

Q: Why doesn't auto aim work on 00 Agent?
A: It does, just not as much as Agent.  The point of that was to make the game 

Q: What's the point of 007 Mode?
A: It's just to fool around, and have some fun.  You don't get anything if you 
beat all of the levels on it.

Q: In the Facility, I killed some running scientist, and he dropped a 
Clearance A Keycard!  What's this thing for?
A: That Keycard will open all of the doors that you normally need to be opened 
by using the remote door consoles.  Very useful if one should get blown up.  
You don't even have to shoot the scientist to get the keycard, just hold him 
at gunpoint for a while.

Q: What's the point of having the Invincibility Cheat when you can just go to 
007 Mode and turn Enemy Damage all of the way down?
A: If you do that, then drone guns and explosions will still be able to hurt 
you, and they can't even put a scratch on you with Invincibility.

Q: What's the point of Moneypenny's briefing?
A: It just adds a little bit of humor to the game.

Q: Can you roll like all of the guards always do?
A: No.  I wish you could though...

Q: Wait a minute......in the movie Goldeneye, wasn't the helicopter named 
A: Yes.  And for some odd reason, it's Pirate in the game.

Q: In the Control, I followed Boris up to that place with the Body Armor, and 
he just disappeared!  What's the deal with this?
A: You were never really meant to see him disappear, so consider yourself 

Q: In the Train, I used Turbo Mode and actually made it to where Trevelyn and 
Xenia were hiding!  But, why isn't there anything over there?
A: You were never really meant to do that either.  Kinda neat trick though.

Q: In the Silo, I found a briefcase that Ouromov had!  What is it for?
A: Ouromov's briefcase was originally meant to be part of a mission objective, 
but that objective was taken out, while the briefcase remained.

Q: Can I make to the Island in the Dam level without using a GameShark?
A: No.

Q: What does AC-10 stand for?
A: It was a term that came from an old RPG gaming system, where A stood for 
Armor, C stood for Class, and the most armor you could get would be -10.  It 
basically means that yoou got the most armor that you could get.  Like any 
normal human being would ever figure that out.

Q: Tell me just one more time, what's the path for getting the Golden Gun in 
the Egyptian?
A: Move left 2 tiles (to the corner)
   Up 2 tiles
   Right 3 tiles (one tile between you and the wall)
   Forward 2 tiles
   Left 1 tile
   Up 1 tile
   Left 1 tile
   Up 2 tiles
   Right 1 tile

Q: Hey, I saw Diamonds are Forever, and Plenty O'Toole wasn't the official 
Bond girl!  What's the deal with that!
A: A controller setting named Case didn't sound as good as Plenty.

Q: Why don't Plastiques come with the All Guns cheat?
A: They're technically not a weapon, they're a gadget.

Q: Where did they come up with the name Goldeneye?
A: They took it from the movie.  And the movie took it from the name of Ian 
Fleming's summer house in Jamaica.

Q: What is the Drax Corporation?
A: The guys that the Moonraker Elite work for.  Go rent Moonraker for more 

Q: Are the Hunting Knives, Regular Shotgun, Gold or Silver PP7s, or Taser 
hidden in the game?
A: No.

Q: Why can't I play all of the single player levels in Multiplayer?
A: According to Rare, most of them ran to slowly, or just didn't work very 

Q: In Goldfinger, wasn't Oddjob normal height?
A: Yes, they just made him short for the game, for some reason.

Q: In the Living Daylights, why can't I hit people with the flag?
A: That would just be dumb.

Q: Why is the sky that weird color in the Depot?
A: It just adds a little touch of variety to the game, don't you think?

Q: Hey, wasn't Baron Samedi killed in Live and Let Die?
A: If you stayed until the very end, you would have seen the Baron riding on 
the back of the train.  You can't kill a voodoo master that easily....

Q: What is a Lienz Cossack?
A: In World War II, the Lienz Cossacks were a group of traitorous Russians 
that were assigned to work for the Nazis, but were later caught by Britain.  
Britain, in turn, sent them back to Russia where they were murdered by Stalin.  
Trevelyn's parents were Lienz Cossacks, and that's why he wanted revenge on 

Q: Is James Bond's arch enemy Ernst Stavro Blofeld in this game?
A: No, he's not, beyond a SPECTRE of a doubt.

Q: In the Jungle, why can't you pick up Natalya's Cougar Magnum if she gets 
A: The Cougar Magnum is strictly a cheating weapon.  It's too cool to be able 
to use in real missions.

Q: Why is it that I only have one PP7 in the Surface 2, but I find two of them 
in the Bunker 2?
A: Don't ask me.

Q: What's the deal with that squishy sound that a Hunting Knife makes when it 
hits someone?
A: Sounds more like a sponge than a knife, doesn't it?

Q: Hey, I saw Moonraker, and at the end, Jaws turned to good!  So why is he 
out to kill you in the Aztec?
A: The Moonrakers offered him more money to come back.  Besides, he was still 
mad at Bond for picking him up with that giant magnet and dropping him into 
the shark tank.

Q: Doesn't Bond use a Walthar PPK in the movies?
A: Yes.  All of the guns in Goldeneye are fake, so they just changed the name 
to PP7.  Rather lame, but.....

Q: What is the Spyder?
A: It was the original name for the Klobb, but then they changed it to name it 
after a game designer, Ken Lobb.

Q: What's the point of a silenced weapon in Multiplayer?
A: There is none!  They just put the Silenced PP7 in sometimes to add some 

Q: On the back of the Goldeneye Box, it shows a picture of Multiplayer, and 
Bond is wearing a while tux!  What's the deal with this?
A: That was an early shot from the game, Bond's choice in Multiplayer clothing  
was later changed. 

Q: I'm confused, didn't Ouromov kill Trevelyn at the Facility?
A: No, his death was staged.  Ouromov and Trevelyn had the Goldeneye theft 
planned from the beginning.

Q: In the Egyptian, I'm using the Infinite Ammo Cheat, and it prevents me from 
picking up the Golden Bullets so that I can't complete Objective A!  What 
should I do?
A: This one had me stumped for a little while.  Get out your Golden Gun, and 
stand right next to the bullets.  Fire the gun, then while it reloads, you 
should pick up the bullets.

Q: Why doesn't Valentin walk with a limp?
A: He.....uh.....had an operation to correct it.

Q: Why is there only one type of civilian on the Streets?
A: The other three were designed especially for Multiplayer.

Q: Who is this Scaramanga character anyway?
A: I take it you didn't see the Bond movie "The Man With the Golden Gun."  
Well, Francisco Scaramanga was the villian in that movie, and he was the 
world's most devious assassin.  He used a Golden Gun (that looks like the one 
in the game) to do his dirty work.  Scaramanga was killed by Bond at the end 
of the movie, and you find his Golden Gun in the Egyptian Temple.

Q: Why are there Russian guards in the Egyptian Temple?
A: Because Baron Samedi couldn't find anyone else stupid enough to work for 

Q: Why are there two safe keys in the Bunker 2?
A: The safe is very special, you need two keys to open it.

Q: Who is Jack Wade?
A: Bond's CIA contact in the movie.

Q: What's the point of The Race?
A: There is no point!  That's the beauty of it!

Q: What's that big black thing in the Egyptian Temple?
A: It's a big.....black.....thing.

Q: How does the Silver PP7 work?
A: One hit with it to the chest or head will kill on Agent, Secret Agent, or 
00 Agent, but a hit to the arm or leg will not.  If you go on 007 mode and 
fiddle with the enemy health, it will take multiple hits to the head to kill 
an enemy.

Q: Why does Bond where his black tux in the Aztec and Egyptian levels?  
Wouldn't it be better to wear something a little more discreet?
A: He looks cooler in that tux.

Q: I shot a guy with the Golden Gun, and he didn't die!
A: You probably hit him in his gun.  That will not kill him.

Q: One of the things on your tricks sheet didn't work!  What's the deal?
A: Try it again.  I'm positive that everything on there works.

Q: Can you mix and match Hunting Knives with other weapons?
A: Yes, but it's very hard to do.  You have to swing the left knife, than 
change weapons and fire, but that is tricky because the knife only takes a 
little while to swing.

Q: How long did it take you to get the Invincibility Cheat?
A: Seven non-consecutive hours.

Q: In the Bunker 1, why is the Goldeneye key just lying around in the open?  
Shouldn't it be in that vault?
A: Yea, it really should, but you know those Russians.


XII. Other Goldeneye Related Websites


Here are a few other Goldeneye sites that you might find useful.

Nintendo Homepage
Self Explanatory

Rare Homepage
The folks that made the game!

The best video game FAQ site on the net!  

The Terrorist's Goldeneye Site
The best Goldeneye site on the Net!

Goldeneye HQ
The second best Goldeneye site on the Net!

Cheat Code Central
Great codes.

Lot's of Codes!

GameShark Codes
Get your GameShark Codes here!

Rare's Goldeneye Push Button Codes
All 44 of the Goldeneye Codes!

Goldeneye Multiplayer Variants
A great page with lots of fun Multiplayer games

The All Bonds Cheat
Evidence that proves that this infamous cheat is a hoax.  Cool pictures too!

Nintendo's Invincibility Cheat Walkthrough and Movie
If you need help getting this cheat, then see the movie!  It helps!

Videogame Music Archive
Go here for lots of Goldeneye MIDIs!

If any of these links do not work, please email me.


XIII. Acknowledgments


First of all, I would like to thank Nintendo, the greatest gaming company of 
all time.

Oh yeah, and don't forget Rare, they made the game!

Of course, I can't forget to thank the late Ian Fleming, without whom there 
would be no James Bond, and no Goldeneye.

Thanks to United Artists for making the Goldeneye movie in the first place.   
Because if there were no movie, there wouldn't be a game, now would there?

And a special round of applause for the Goldeneye Team!  Keep up the good 

Gamefaqs also, they're the main site hosting this FAQ!

And also, thanks to GameSages and Cheat Code Central for all of their tricks 
and codes!

Special Thanks to:

Kamin Miller     Robert Williams 
              Chris DiIonno 
Tanner Packer        
Chris Tart       Matt Higgins 
Aaron Allison       Code Master
Craig Schiffbauer                   Eric Frederick
Ryan Romba                          JUSTIN 

for submitting material to GameSages that I used in my FAQ.

I'd like to take these lines to thank Karl Jobst  and 
Greg Whatmore for all of their help, they sent me the idea of the best times 
for each level, added a Cradle method AND an Invincibility Cheat Method, and a 
bunch of other stuff too!

Thanks to The Terrorist, a guy who added lots of info to this FAQ, and who is 
even more deicated to Goldeneye than I am!

And a word of thanks for James Minning  for all of his help 
giving me info about the Island of the Dam.

Special Thanks to Sean  for telling me about the secret to 
Opening Locked Doors.

Thanks to 
Andy Basler        Eric  
Tyler Knutson            Mike  
Sean               Mike   
Cullen Stevenson       
Eric John Summers        
Nathan Adams    Alex Glass 
Anthony Crage       Ben Wong           
Sean Chen       Tim Conboy 
Glenn Sheasby       Dinobot 
Stas P             Weisan Chen 
Glenn Sheasby        
marshmallow   Mike                                  
for submitting their tricks, rumors and other stuff to this FAQ.

I'd also like to thank Michael Rushia and Kevin Hughes for discovering some 
cool things and letting me use them in the FAQ.

If he exists, I would like to thank Dr. Ian, the mysterious individual who 
reportedly discovered the 43 Lost Goldeneye Codes.

And of course, I'd like to thank my parents, for buying me Goldeneye.


XIV. Copyright Info


Goldeneye: 007  The FAQ,  Copyright 1999 by Ian Rogers, mr_bean88@hotmail.com

This FAQ was written by me.  No part of this FAQ may be reproduced or sold for 
profit in any way, shape, or form.  That includes putting it in magazines, on 
CDs, or in some obscure Korean newspaper.  No one may link to this FAQ on 
Gamefaqs at all.  No one may post this FAQ on their any website unless they      
a) give me credit, b) post it in it's original form, and c) email me asking 
for permission first.

This FAQ was not created, endorsed, or acknowledged by Nintendo, Rare, or any 
other such parties.


XV. The Closing Statement


Well, that was my FAQ.  Hope you liked it!

If you have any Goldeneye info, find a mistake, or know anything else related 
to Goldeneye that you think might be useful, just email me at 

I'll be waiting to hear from you.


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