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Goldeneye 007:The FAQ

Welcome!This is a more updated version of John Richardsons FAQ!
I'm his best friend and we share the same e-mail.

Part 1 - FAQ
Part 2 - Glitches and Stuff

Part 1
I also get asked lots of questions!
Here are the few I answered:
Q:What level do you find real hard on 00 Agent?
A:Control because of all the drone guns.

Q:When I use Slow Animation on Cradle and blow up the console before 006 activates 
it,006 just keeps on running.Why?
A:I took me a while to figure out that.You have to let hime activate it!

Q:Who is your favorite character.007?
A:Nope.Jaws.Very Fun and tall.

Q:In Diamonds are Forever Plenty isn't the offical 007 Girl.What's the big deal?
A:What controller setting sounds better,Case or Plenty?

Q:I seen Baron Samedi riding the train in Live and Let Die.How did he manage to get 
to Scaramangas Temple?
A:I don't know.

Q:I used the Temple Looks Like a Jail Gameshark cheat but it turned yellow and 
didn't work.How come?
A:You need Gameshark 3.0 or higher.

Q:In the movie,Xenia is on Frigate,where is she on it in the game?
A:Rumor says she is in a secret room but she is not on it!

Q:The Goldeneye lays by Boris in the Bunker.Why don't he use it?
A:Does he in the Bunker in the movie?

Q:I died when I first started with Dam.Why?
A:You probably ran up and the guard killed you.

Part 2
Awesome Glitches:
3 Jaws verse One Oddjob:With four controllers,select Jaws as the forth player.
Next change back to 3 players and select 3rd Player Jaws.
Then change to 2players and select Jaws for the second player and the first player 
Oddjob.Select $ players and start the game.AHHHHH!JAWS!!!!

Stupid 006 Sayings:

No gun, 007?  MI6 must be cutting their budget these days.

Put the gun away, it's insulting to think that I haven't anticipated your 
every move.



James, what an unpleasant surprise.  Do come in.

Two targets, time for one shot.  The girl, or the mission?

Come on James, don't try to be clever.  Make your move.

Too slow 007.



Too slow James!



Too slow James...yet again.



From the Cradle to the Grave-your grave James.

You could have joined me James, but you had to side with the pen pushers.

Always loyal to your mission-never to your friends.

James Bond, Her Majesty's loyal terrier-you sicken me.

What's the matter James?
No glib remark?
No pithy comeback?

Come on!  Is this the best you can do?

You never give up do you?  Pathetic really.

What's the matter James?  Can't take the pace?

Finish the job James-if you can.

I was always better, James.

Trevelyn: For England, James?
Bond: No, for me.

Cheat Options:The following codes are enabled in the Cheat Options menu by 
completing the appropriate level on the specified difficulty level in the time 
Level 1-Dam-Paintball Mode-Secret Agent-2:40
Level 2-Facility-Invincibility-00 Agent-2:05
Level 3-Runway-DK Mode-Agent-5:00
Level 4-Surface-2x Grenade Launcher-Secret Agent-3:30
Level 5-Bunker-2x Rocket Launcher-00 Agent-4:00
Level 6-Silo-Turbo Mode-Agent-3:00
Level 7-Frigate-No Radar (Multi)-Secret Agent-4:30
Level 8-Surface2-Tiny Bond-00 Agent-4:15
Level 9-Bunker2-2x Throwing Knives-Agent-1:30
Level 10-Statue-Fast Animation-Secret Agent-3:15
Level 11-Archives-Invisibility-00 Agent-1:20
Level 12-Streets-Enemy Rockets-Agent-1:45
Level 13-Depot-Slow Animation-Secret Agent-1:40
Level 14-Train-Silver PP7-00 Agent-5:25
Level 15-Jungle-2x Hunting Knives-Agent-3:45
Level 16-Control-Infinite Ammo-Secret Agent-10:00
Level 17-Caverns-2x RC-P90s-00 Agent-9:30
Level 18-Cradle-Gold PP7-Agent-2:15
Level 19-Aztec-2x Lasers-Secret Agent-9:00
Level 20-Egyptian-All Guns-00 Agent-6:00

Weird Stuck-in-the-Wall Glitch:I came across this little glitch on accident. Once 
you get the Cougar Magnum code, use it to play the first level, the Dam. When you 
get to the two guards inside a barrier shooting at you through a small hole, sneak 
up around them and shoot the one on the left with the Magnum. The guard will fall 
backwards and then jump right up the wall and slip through the hole they were 
shooting you through! When I did it, I didn't get a fatal hit the first time, so he 
got up and came back down through the hole again. I shot him and he got stuck again 
but this time he stayed there!May take a few tries.It works.

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http://www.goldeneye.com - Movie Website

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