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                           Dead Nation FAQ/Guide

                                 Copyright 2011 - Tomas Brenlla

 -- Introduction --

 Since there's no guide for this game in gamefaqs and lots of people are 
now playing it thanks to Sony's "Welcome Back" i might as well write one.
 Some time later i got a mail from SirMilagres, saying he would like to
write the guide alongside me, so from version 0.75 on this guide is no longer
mine but ours.
 Let me give you a little heads up here, i'm from Argentina and
 he's from brazil, so english is not our first language, thus, 
there WILL be a number of grammar mistakes along the way. If you  find one, 
i'd appreciate if you let me know, and i'll change it in my next update.

 -- Copyright--

 This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except 
for personal, private use.
 It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed 
publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide 
on any other web site or as a part of any public display is strictly 
prohibited, and a violation of copyright.
 If you have a website and for some reason feel like using my guide, then 
e-mail me and ask me, i might just give you permission.

 -- Allowed Sites -- 

 The following websites have my permission to post this Guide. If you 
find it somewhere else it's the work of shady people, and if you let
me know i'll do my best to stop this travesty as soon as possible. 

 -- Contact--

 If you need/want to send me a mail with requests, constructive criticism 
and the likes feel free to do it at "[email protected]"
 If you want to send me hate mail, mean criticism, viruses, strange offers 
and things like that well go hug a cactus.

 -- Table of contents--

 Controls        -     *Dn01
 Weapons         -     *Dn02
 Throwable Items -     *Dn03
 Bestiary        -     *Dn04
  Zombies         -     *Dn041
  BioWeapons      -     *Dn042
 Tips            -     *Dn05
 What's to come  -     *Dn06

 -- Version History--

 The one that started it all.
 Corrected many spelling mistakes (Thanks to ErwinR55)
 Added info on the mines, dynamite launcher and shocker.
 Added the bestiary and the table of contents.
 Minor update on the rifle, added upgrades info.
 Added BioWeapons to the bestiary.
 SirMilagres starts helping here, from now on the guide will be a 
collaborative job.
 Corrected many spelling mistakes.
 Added Milagres' weapon ratings.
 Added Milagres's Tips.
 A few updates here and there on all sections.

 -- Controls-- *Dn01
 If for some reason you fail to see the screen that shows up before every 
single mission here you'll find what each button does

Left analog stick - Move
 Not much to explain here, your character moves in the direction you 
pull it.

Right analog stick - Aim
 Your Character will aim his weapon in the direccion you pull it, 
note that this is completely independent to your movement so you can 
strafe while you shoot or back down while you shoot those in front of you.

L2 - Rush
 Your Character charges in the direction you pull the left analog stick, 
while you do this you're pretty much invincible, so save it 
for thight spots 
*minor spoilers*
(Altough i believe Cutter can still chop you in half while you rush).
*end spoilers*
 This is also the only mean to save yourself if you catch on fire so you 
might want to be extra careful with this when around fire or while using 
fire based weapons. This is also used to cross fire safely, which is 
needed to advance in some points of the campaign but mostly toget 
some loot.
 Your rush will start charging back as soon as you use ir and the bar
will flash when it's ready to use it again.

L1 - Throw item
 Throws the item you have currently selected (as in flares, grenades, 
mines, molotov cocktails or dynamite). The distance that the object gets 
thrown is determined by your movement speed, so if you're running 
full speed you'll throw it almost to the edge of the screen. If you 
throw it while standing it will land just far enough for it not to hit 
you if it's a grenade. If you throw it while backing up it will land 
in the spot you released it. Note that mines tend to travel 
shorter distances.

R2 - Melee
 You'll hit whatever is standing in front of you with your weapon, this 
can do quite some damage but it's usually not encouraged unless you're 
sure you'll kill what you hit or you're facing only one enemy. 
There is, however, a little trick that can be done to mow down 
rows of zombies in a few slashes (specially useful if you're aiming for the
"Up close and personal" trophy), more on that later. 
R2 is also used to open crates, car trunks, activate soda machines, 
pressing buttons, opening doors and activating 
weapon shops. Handy little button, you can use it if you're a daredevil.

R1 - Fire weapon
 Open fire on those reanimated dead (or cars, oil cans, vending machines 
or flower bases for that matter). 
*minor spoilers*
 Rifle, Shotgun, Blade cannon and Launcher fire in semi-auto 
(one shot per button push)
 SMG, Flamethrower and Shocker fire in full-auto (you'll continue to 
lay fire on those pesky zombies as long as you keep the button pressed)
*end spoilers*
In addition, while using the Rifle you can hold R1 to charge a powershot, 
wich deals heavy damage and has the ability to pierce 
through several zombies.

R3 (click the right analog stick)- Reload
 Reloads your currently selected weapon, obviously has no effect 
if the weapon is already fully loaded or you have no ammo left. The rifle 
has infinite ammo and all other's weapons ammo can be bought from the 
weapons shop or found in blue crates. The rifle has the fastest reload 
animation while others, such as the SMG have crippling reload times. 
 You can't shoot while reloading, not even with the shotgun, but you can 
melee (for any of its functions), rush, throw items or 
(more importantly) change weapons. 
If you change weapons while reloading you will perform a reload-cancel, 
which automatically finishes reloading. So, let's say you're fighting off 
a horde of zombies with the SMG and you run out of bullets (in your 
magazine, not completely out of bullets). you can start reloading and as 
soon as the reload animation starts change to any other weapon and 
immediately back to the SMG. You'll have a full clip again. Also useful 
when you use your launcher, fire 2-3 rockets and when you're done with it, 
you reload before switching to your next weapon, that way you'll have a 
full charge next time you need it. Whenever you reload a Heads Up Display 
shows up in the shape of a bar to let you know how long it takes you 
finish the reload.

-- Weapons-- *Dn02
You have seven different weapons to choose, and they all have their 
weaknesses and strengths. 
All weapons, except for the rifle can be bought from the weapons shop, 
their ammo can be either bought, gotten from killed zombies or 
found in blue crates.
 The rating of each weapon is courtesy of SirMilagres

-Rifle  - Rating (5/5)
 Your starting weapon and most likely the one you'll use most of the time 
it fires in semi-auto and its shot can be charged up to "powershots" 
wich pierce trough several zombies and are around seven times more 
powerful than a regular rifleshot. You can keep your next shot powered 
for as long as you can ( given that you continue to hold R1 ) and you'll 
only loose it if you rush. Note that you'll run slower when you have a 
charged up shot. You'll know that you're at full power because the laser 
sight will be wider and brighter. The laser sight comes with the rifle by 
 For Braindead, Normal and even Grim difficulties, the regular shots
should suffice. For Morbid and Undead powershots are really the way to go.
 You can upgrade this weapon's fire rate, firepower and capacity, 
and i advice to start with firepower/ rate. You will most likely have 
it fully upgraded by the time you start mission 2. Each stat has four
upgrades, each costing five, ten, fifteen and twenty thousand gold
respectively, so fully upgrading a single stat costs fifty thousand
gold. Making it one hundred and fifty thousand gold to fully upgrade
the rifle.
 I will now attempt a poor ascii chart.

Rifle    I   base  I 5,000Gp I 10,000Gp I 15,000Gp I 20,000 Gp I
Capacity I    16   I    22   I   28     I   34     I   40      I
FirepowerI    1x   I   1.5x  I   1.8x   I   2x     I   2.5x    I  
Firerate I    1x   I   1.5x  I   1.7x   I  1.8X    I   2x      I

Hey! look at that! it's not that bad!
As far as i know upgrades in firepower and firerate are multiples of
the weapons base rate and power.
-SMG - Rating (3/5)
 Available to buy as soon as you start for 10,000 Gold. It fires 
considerably faster than the rifle and it fires in full auto mode. 
When they're both fully upgraded, the SMG hits for about one third 
of the rifle's firepower. Best used against skinless zombies, since one 
shot will kill them, regardless of the firepower. You can upgrade this 
weapon's fire rate,firepower, capacity and inventory capacity 
(the amount of ammo you can carry in your inventory). 
It has a considerably higher amount of upgrades than the rifle, so it 
might take a while to get the best out of it. The laser sight is 
available to buy from the shop for 25,000. I use this weapon to deal 
with Cutters and Mouths, since once upgraded you'll have a high 
Damage Per Second rate.
 On higher difficulties, it may be of little use against any enemies
other than the skinless.
 When playing Co-op, it's a good idea to have one player using the
SMG and the other the Shotgun.

- Shotgun - Rating (4/5)
 Available to buy once you start the second mission for 20,000 Gold. 
It fires shells in a (give or take) twenty degree spread. It's quite 
powerful and you can use it to kill a soldier in a single blow. You can 
upgrade this weapon's fire rate, firepower, capacity and inventory 
capacity (the amount of ammo you can carry in your inventory). You can 
kill a couple zombies with a single shot but i advice against using it 
when facing hordes. Some people use it to kill Cutters, Mouths, and 
Jumpers, i usually use the SMG but i tried this out and it's quite 
effective, it might be a little dangerous against Cutters, but works 
specially well against Jumpers and Mouths. There's a laser sight 
available to buy for this weapon.
 As difficulty rises, the shotgun might be a better choice than
the SMG against Bio-Weapons.
 When playing Co-op, it's a good idea to have one player using the
SMG and the other the Shotgun.

- Flame Thrower - Rating (2/5)
Not my favorite, but a must if you're going for the Pyromaniac trophy. 
It is, nonetheless an effective weapon. It can be bought for 30,000 Gold.
This weapon fires a stream of burning liquid that sets on fire whatever
it comes in contact with (even you or your partner), any zombie 
(or you or your partner) that comes in contact with a flaming 
zombie will catch on fire too, yay! 
 If you happen to be set on fire rush (L2) and the fire will go out. 
It might be a good idea to only use this weapon when you have the 
rush available.
 This weapon is best used by short bursts. Hold the fire button 
(never before so aptly named) and move the stream of fire from 
side to side of the horde at medium speed. Hopefully they'll all 
catch on fire. If you use it as a SMG and shower a zombie until it dies 
you're not getting the most out of the weapon, since the shots themselves 
are not particularly damaging, and you'll use up all your ammo quickly.
 The good thing about setting zombies on fire it's not the fact that 
they take continuous damage, but the fact that while they're on 
fire they'll stop chasing you and will start run around helpless, 
giving you time to run, grab any loot you want, reload or kill them all 
(taking advantage of the fact that they'll be weakened). Zombies will 
also become slower while on fire.
 You can upgrade this weapon's power, range, capacity and inventory 
capacity. There's no laser sight for this weapon (not that it's 
 Bombies and Cutters won't stop chasing you while on fire.
 Jumper will move faster when on fire, but they won't chase you.
 Leechers won't become slower.
 Do NOT use this weapon in co-op unless you've truly mastered it and
you have a skilled partner.

- Blade cannon - Rating (5/5)
 Beautiful, Beautiful weapon, you'll love it specially in the final 
mission, but we'll get to that later.
 This weapon costs 100,000 Gold and has lesser upgrades than all 
previous weapons, but they're all more expensive.
 This beautiful piece of hardware shoots rotating blades that resemble 
huge metal fans and fly forward beheading any number of misfortunate 
undead standing in front of it. You can use it to kill dozens of zombies 
in a single shot, if they're lined up. Useful when combined with flares.
 Really big enemies, like Cutters and Jumpers won't die when hit 
by this, and i don't know how much damage it does to them, but the blade 
gets lodged on its body and looks really cool (not that that's a reason 
to use it against them, but you can check this out if you have the chance).
 If the blade hits a wall it will ricochet.
 You can upgrade blade size, inventory capacity and buy a laser sight.
 My partner thinks you should prioritize inventory capacity over blade size,
i feel it's the other way around. Try it out and see for yourself. Either way
the laser sight is more than optional, and with even half-decent aim you 
shouldn't need it.

- Launcher - Rating (4/5)
 A rocket launcher, not much to say here. You can buy this thing for 
100,000 Gold, and like the Blade cannon, it has few but expensive 
 It will kill just about any zombie within blast radius, 
given that it's not a really large enemy, like a Cutter. 
The blast radius is shown by a red outline around the rocket.
 Be careful when using this thing since it will damage you if you're 
within blast radius, it's also possible to be outside of the explosion's 
range when the rocket impact but get damaged by the shockwave it causes 
if you continue walking.
 You can use this to kill targets behind fences, wall or just out of
reach to conventional weapons, it will also kill most targets above
or below the explosion.
 The rockets won't reach the edge of the screen, they'll explode a
few meters away from you.
 You can upgrade blast radius and inventory capacity.
 My parter recommends it as a second-choice Bio-Weapon killer, to be used 
if they're surrounded by regular zombies.

- Shocker - Rating (5/5)
 This thing shoots out electricity, it paralyzes any zombie that hits for 
a few moments, while the electrical current still courses through its 
body. The electricity also arcs to nearby enemies, so this is most likely 
the most all-around weapon you have. However, it's not cheap, it's 
probably the most expensive weapon in the game to fully upgrade.
 You can buy it for 100,000 Gold and you can upgrade it's power, range 
(which i guess it's the distance that the electricity can jump from 
target to target), capacity and inventory capacity.
 This weapon really starts to shine once it's upgraded, using it before 
upgrading might not be the best idea.
 When facing small groups of zombies, it's better to tap the fire
button rather than holding it down.
 Very effective against Soldiers and Fat Zombies, and -seems- to me 
that it's not very effective against runners

-- Throwable Items-- *Dn03
You have five different items to throw at your deceased adversaries, 
see "L1 - Throw item" in "-- Controls--" for more information.

- Flare - Rating (6/5) No, that's not a typo.
 You'll start with one, these handy little things will attract any zombies 
giving you a chance to run, kill them or whatever you fancy. You can 
get really close to the flare and kill them with melee, as long as the 
flare is on they won't hit you.
 Note that there's a maximum amount of zombies a flare can attract, 
if you're facing too many zombies some may ignore the flare 
and go after you. 
 When the flare burns out, a nearby zombie might eat it, which will
kill it.
 You can upgrade their duration and the amount you can carry (up 
to four). You can buy them from the shop, find them in blue 
crates or as a drop from killing zombies.

- Grenade - Rating (3/5)
 You'll start with one, you throw them, they'll attract zombies and 
explode after a few seconds, pretty much killing any normal zombies 
within blast radius (demarked by the red circle). If a stronger zombie 
is within blast radius but away from the center of the explosion it 
will take damage buy won't die. Additionally, soldiers might survive 
in higher difficulties.
 Much like the flare, they have a maximum amount of 
zombies that it can attract.
 You can upgrade blast radius and amount you can carry.

- Mine - Rating (5/5)
 You throw them and they remain innocently on the floor until a zombie 
steps on it, then it explodes much like a grenade. You can upgrade them 
to explode more than once, which makes them extremely useful in occasions, 
for example when you get trapped in a alley or you're going  to get 
loot and you know zombies will spawn behind you.
 Once deployed, they'll emit a red flashing light to attract zombies,
if left untouched for a while the light will go off and zombies will 
ignore it until you get it to explode, then it will activate again.
 You can upgrade the amount of times they explode (from one to five) 
and the amount you can carry (up to four).
 When using mines it's easy to get only half of the gold/multiplier
that enemies drop if you kill them with mines, so be aware of that.

- Molotov cocktail
- Rating (1/5) Seems a bit harsh to me, would have gave it a (2/5)
 When this thing hits the ground it will create a wall of fire, useful 
for closing alleys since most zombies won't cross it.
 The good thing about setting zombies on fire it's not the fact that they 
take continuous damage, but the fact that while they're on fire they'll 
stop chasing you and will start run around helpless, giving you time to 
run, grab any loot you want, reload or kill them all (taking advantage 
of the fact that they'll be weakened). Zombies will also become slower 
while on fire.
 Be careful not to set yourself or your partner on fire, though. In 
case you do, L2 to extinguish it.
 You can only upgrade capacity, up to four.

- Dynamite - Rating (4/5)
 A total beast.
 Work similar to a grenade but takes longer to detonate and has a much 
greater blast radius.
 It can get run over and carried away by zombies if it hasn't touched
the floor so be careful.
 You can only upgrade capacity, up to a grand total of 
two (hey, it's gotta have a downside).

-- Bestiary-- *Dn04

 You'll come across a variety of enemies in your journey, some are 
really tough, some are very fast, and some are both those things
together *Cough Cough -Cutters- *Cough Cough.
 Note: if you take too long to get the gold/multiplying orbs 
they drop they'll only be worth half as much.

- Zombies - *Dn041

 Regular people, besides the fact that they're undead, you'll
encounter them in high numbers and it's not unusual to kill
over a thousand in each mission, they come in different
presentations for your entertainment.
 Most, if not all, of the enemies found here will be wandering
around untill you get close to them, at wich point they'll start
walking towards you, arms raised in an attempt to eat your face
(wich is what you should be trying to avoid).
 They will all be attracted to flares, grenades, active mines
dynamite, car alarms and shot-up vending machines.
 If you damage them but fail to kill them they'll stump for a
second and then start RUNNING towards you. Wich isn't much of a deal
if it's only one but if you have five running towards you you might
be compromised. It's also unpleasant to have a Fat Zombie dash into
you two feet away from you.
 The names shown here are of my invention, but i'm pretty sure
you'll know who i am talking about.

- Skinless Zombie
 Fast moving, extremely weak and very annoying kind of zombie,
more often than not they'll appear in great numbers. You can kill
them with just about anything that you hit them, so the ideal weapon
to deal with them is the SMG, but the rifle does a fine job. They're
so weak a regular rifle shot may pierce one and hit another one
standing behind it.
 They're really thin guys with either black or red flesh. And a
special wich will be dealt with later.
 They wont give you neither gold not multiplier, wich makes them even
more annoying.
 It's very easy to loose the "No Damage received" bonus because one of
this pesky thing was hiding outside of the plane or view behind a wall
or a tree so you have to be extra careful.

- Regular Zombie
 Plain old, average zombie, the one most common, (even though the 
skinless might outnumber them in some missions). These are normal
people, only zombified.
 They come in all tastes, homeless men, squares, clowns, you name it.
 They'll give you 300 gold and two multipliers once you kill them.
 In normal difficulty, a single fully upgraded rifleshot is all it
takes to kill them, and they give you a base of ten points when killed.
 In grim, you'll need two fully upgraded rifleshots (from now on i'll
call them FURS, because i'll be using it as a measuring unit for what
it takes to kill different kinds of enemies).

- Fat Zombie
 Again, they used to be average people, just... big boned.
 In grim difficulty they'll take four FURS beyore falling, alternatively
you can take them down with a powershot.
 In normal two FURS will take them down.
 With these guys you really need to watch out for the fact they'll start
running if you hit them because they'll take a good chunk out of your
multiplier if they hit you.
 Be aware that, unlike regular zombies, they will not stumble when hit.
 They'll give you 600 gold and two multipliers once you kill them.
Except for a special fat guy that we'll deal later.
 There's also Fat "biker" zombies, which are a little tougher you'll
find one in the first mission, just after the first checkpoint.
- Soldier Zombie
 Thoughest zombie out there, this guys can give you a run for your
money if you're not ready.
 These can can take as much as seven FURS in grim, and they're
resistant to powershots.
 In Undead difficulty, you'll need four powershots to kill them.
 In normal you can kill them with four FURS.
 A close range shotgun blast will usually kill them.
 Some of them will carry weapons, when shot they'll drop them and 
the weapon will fire in the floor, possibly hitting nearby zombies.
This shot will NOT damage you, but they can be counter-productive if
they make three other soldiers run towards you.
 You'll face them in GREAT numbers in the final mission, and i strongly
advice you to use mines, dynamites, launcher, blade cannon and shocker
to deal with them. It's really not a good idea to use the rifle
against them.
 You'll also face around a hundred of them in one of the first missions,
in a bonus area.
 Once you bring them down, you'll be rewarded with 600 gold and two

- BioHazard Zombie
 They're wearing a yellow Bio Hazard suit, they're pretty easy to
recognise. They're tougher than your everyday zombie.
 Four FURS to kill them in grim, i believe two FURS will do the trick
in normal.
 600 gold and two multipliers are awarded to you once you kill them.

- Firefighter Zombie
 Again, pretty easy yo tell apart from other zombies, they wear a
firefighter uniform.
 They're tougher than regular zombies, which kind of makes sense,
i mean, this guys freaking fight fire (ok, it's not like they punch
it in it's scorching face, but still).
 Four FURS to kill them in grim, i believe two FURS will do the trick
in normal.
 They are immune to fire, and as you might have guessed, they'll
usually show up in places with fire.
 300 gold and two multipliers you'll be reward for each one you kill.

- Police
 Regular and Fat zombies come in police suit, cops are tougher, but
they give the same reward.

- Santa!
 Yes, you can kill santa claus in this game.
 You might find this special zombie randomly in the game, i've found
it in several missions and i think he spawns totally randomly.
 It's as tough as a fat zombie, but if you kill it he'll drop 6300
gold and four multipliers.

 On a sidenote, every zombie that wears a helmet (Biker, Soldier and
so on, will be resistant to powershots.)
- Bio-weapons - *Dn042

Bio weapons are special enemies that you'll find across the game
they each have unique name and special abilities.
You'll encounter a new one each mission, and from that point on
you'll find that specific kind in just about every single mission.

- Runner
 You'll first find one near the end of the first mission, you'll
know it's him as soon as you find him because he'll jump out of a
sewer and he'll have a sign saying "Runner". You REALLY can't miss
 Runners are really tall, thin zombies that are tougher than regular
zombies and much faster.
 They can be distracted by all throwable items, car alarms and
vending machines, they'll also stop chasing you if they catch on
 They die within four or five riflshots in normal, or a FURS.
 They give you six hundred gold and four multiplier when you kill
 What makes them particularly dangerous and annoying is the fact that
they'll usually be hiding waiting for you to get close, at which 
point they'll start running, and from that close distance, you won't
have much chance to kill them before they hit you. Runners will 
usually hide by leaning against walls (not exactly effective, but
you might overlook them if you're not paying attention), crouching
behind cars or in bushes, and jumping from the sewer. You will also
find a couple more droping from ceilings or running out of buildings.

- Bombie
 You'll find the first one in the second mission, eating from a 
garbage dump.
 Despite the cute name, Bombies are probably the most hideous things
out there. They are REALLY fat guys, i guess it can be said that 
they're morbidly obese.
 Once they spot you Bombies will let out a shriek and charge towards
you, they move really fast for their size and they will knock down
any regular zombie they run over.
 If they reach you, Bombies will explode, severely damaging you and
killing any regular zombies around you. The explosion they cause
can also send car into "about to explode".
 To kill a Bombie you have to damage it enough for it to explode 
before reaching you. Once it's damaged enough it will start taking 
dame over time on it's own and will finally explode. The will release brown
smoke when they reach this state.
 Another effective way to deal with bombies is rushing just before 
they reach you, that way the'll explode where you stood and will
die without you using a single bullet. Aren't you clever?
 Due to the fact they start taking damage on their own i can't 
really specify how much it takes to kill them, but they'll die
instantly if shot with the blade cannon (at least in normal and 
 Either way they'll drop 1200 gold and eight multipliers when 
they blow up, they're also prone to droping one or more health
packs, as well as ammo or items.
 They'll usually appear on the edge of the screen.

- Mouth
 You'll start finding Mouths in the third mission, just as you
enter the park. However, they make a cameo in the second 
mission, but you can't reach it.
 Mouths are the most annoying BioWeapons in my oppinion, even 
though they can't directly damage you.
 They can't be distracted by neither items nor car alarms, but
you can set them on fire to stop them from screaming.
 Once they become aware of your presence, Mouths will let out
a chilling shriek that summons a bunch of skinless zombies.
 These skinless are black with a pink hump, but they act
just like regular skinless zombies.
 This gets really dangerous when they scream more than once, or
there's more than one Mouth (i'm looking at you, last part of the
 Anyway, they can be killed by a powershot and a FURS in
normal, or two powershots and one or two FURS in grim. If you
have the time you can melee kill them, since they can't hit you.
 2400 gold and 16 multipliers is your reward for killing them.
Just like regular skinless zombies, Mouth spawns wont give you
gold nor multiplier.

- Jumper
 This is actually the first BioWeapon you find, but you can't
fight them untill the fourth mission.
 Jumpers are hulking, muscle-packed gorilla-like beasts that 
will jump (duh) on top of you, dealing massive damage.
 They can't be distracted by neither items nor car alarms, but
you can set them on fire to stop them from attacking or jumping.
 They'll pound their chest and shout before jumping, so be on the
look for that. When they land, they'll create a shockwave much
like a grenade that will damage or kill any nearby zombies.
 They will also punch you if you get too close.
 The best way to deal with them is to wait for them to jump and
rush away just as they're about to land, then you turn around and
give them a taste of your shotgun, at that distance they should go
down quickly. The rifle and the SMG are also good choices.
 They can be killed by a powershot and a FURS in normal, 
or two powershot and one or two FURS in grim.
 2400 gold and 16 multipliers is your reward for killing them.

- Cutter
 Biggest, baddest, meanest monster out there. The ultimate 
challenge for Scarlett and Jack. You'll cry everytime you see them
in undead difficulty.
 You can find this cute little guys from the fifth mission onwards.
 They are relentless on their mission, which is chopping you in half.
So no item, car alarm or setting them on fire will stop them nor slow
them down.
 The best way i can think of to deal with these guys is to set a mine
between you and him. Then, take you SMG and spray them nonstop. If
they clash their arms and get to a running stance then rush and run
untill they stop and start walking again. Then turn and start shooting
again. Don't try to shoot them while you run because you'll slow down.
 A shotgun can also be used to kill them quickly at closer ranges, but
that's up to you.
 I advice to throw flares or mines to distract any other zombies in 
the proximities.
 If you manage to kill them without getting sliced, you'll get a nice
3000 gold and 20 multipliers.
 Be aware of the fact that they'll kill you in one or two chops in 
almost any difficulty

- Leech
 These are a joke, specially after dealing with Cutters. You'll 
first find these funny little guys in mission six, as soon as 
you enter hospital grounds.
 Leeches look like odd, big headed, short bears and are actually
kind of cute. They're more a nuisance than they're a threat.
 They'll attack by spitting acid at you, that will form ponds in the
floor. If you step on it you'll star taking damage, so RUSH!
 They're easily killed and will die from four FURS in grim.
 Once they're dead (which souldn't take long) they'll give 300 gold
and two multipliers, they'll also form a pond of acid, which is 
really annoying.
 Ponds of acid will evaporate after a little while.
 Acid ponds will damage you even if you try to rush over them.

 -- Tips -- *Dn05

 - NEVER wair for your gun to reload.

 Always use the auto-reload trick, even when you don't need it, that way
it will become a habit and you'll do it in the heat of the battle without
having to think about it.

 - Make use of your flashlight.

 The game is dark, and it's easy to miss a lurking infected ready to ruin your
multiplier. Don't get confident because you already know the level, skinless,
more than any other enemy have the tendency to hide in corners, specially the
ones summoned by Mouths. Besides, by turning all the time you'll master your

 - Don't abuse the Rush.

 Rushing is vital to escape each level unscathed, but if you use ir out of 
time you will end up having to wait for it to recharge in uncomfortable 
situations. Also, take care of where rush to, it's unpleasant to rush away 
from a jumper just to land in a crowd of zombies. 
Rushing it's very useful to kill Bombies. 
No, rushind doesn't make you faster.

 - Configure the weapon/item buttons.

 I haven't tried this out but my partner uses this and says it's a life saver.
It consists in making triangle/ex/square/circle take the place of 
up/down/left/right . It makes for easier acces albeit it might take a while
to get used to it.

 - Powershot.
 That's it, that's the tip. Powershots (Charged shots) are total beasts, 
and deal high damage. You might not really need them in Normal/Grim, 
but in Morbid/Undead they're almost a must.
 Don't charge up your shots of you're no going to need them, since having
your rifle charged up will slow you down.
 Try to learn by heart the time it takes for the shots to charge.

 - Don't underestimate Skinless
 Once again, this guys are a pain, and probably one of the greatest threats
to your highscore. Be on the look (actually on the hear) for the distinctive
noise they make, and look for them when you hear it.

 - Memorize the placement of your equipment.

 Your weapons and items all have preset locations in your inventory so your
SMG will always be just right of the rifle, and the shotgun right of the SMG.
If you don't have the SMG the shotgun will be right of the rifle. This is a
good reason to avoid buying weapons you won't use, even if you have spare
 Here you have a chart for the locations of the different items.

MINE     - 2

I'm going to have to break down the weapons chart in two parts because
otherwise it won't fit.

  3              2           1 

                 1           2             3 

 The number stands for the number of times you'll have to hit the correspondind
button to get to that weapon/item, given that you have all of them.
 The difficulty reside in changing between objects other than the rifle and the
flare, since you'll have to calculate how many time you should press the button
but you'll get the hang of it.

 -- What's to come -- *Dn06

 I will continue to update this guide when i have the chance, feel
free to send me any mails with suggestions, critics or questions you 
might have and do my best to satisfy your needs. If a question is 
of significant importance or gets asked many times i'll post it here, 
if it doesn't i'll answer them privately. I'll also want to know what 
else do you want this guide to have. What IT IS going to have it's
the following:
* A small level guide, giving you an overview of every level.
* An armor guide, telling you what does armor do, and the stats of 
every one of them.
* An update on the weapons section, with detailed info on upgrade costs 
and effects.
* A "before you start" guide with small tips on how to play and game 
* A description on menus, world rankings, virus cycles, 
galleries and the like.
* I would like to start a small "easter egg" section, so let me know
any interesting things you find. I know a couple of them, but i won't
spoil them here.
* And hopefully a full walkthrough, but that's going to take some time
 Once again, contact me to "[email protected]"

I wish to thank all who emailed me, you were all very polite and
respectful, i like that.

- Special thanks
 To ErwinR55, he corrected many spelling mistakes and
reminded me that the weapon is called "Blade Cannon" instead of blade
thrower. He also reminded me about some stuff regardind the shocker
and the launcher, as well as the fact that the dynamite can get
carried away.
 My new partner, SirMilagres, he's going to help me write the guide from
ver 0.75 and on.
Many Thanks!

 Thanks for reading our guide! Don't hesitate to ask me whatever you want
(related to the game) and i'll do my best to help you. 
I'll update this as soon as i can. 

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