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    /  \/  \ | |/  .-._/' / | |_  \   / |// /_\_\ |  |  | __  \  /\     |  |
   /        \| |  /   |   | |  _|  \ /    \ ' ` \ |  |  |/  \__|/  \    |  |
   |  |\ /|  | |  `~--:  . \| |__  | |    -'--/ / |  |  |\____ /    \   |  |
   |_/  |  \_|_|`.____.\_|\_\____| |_|    \____/  |  |  |     \  /\  \  |  |
   ___  ____ ____ ____ ___    __   _   __    __|  |  |  |___   \/__\  \ |  |
  / _ \| __ \ ___| ___|_ -\  /  \ / |/\\ \  / /|  |  |  |   \  |       \\  /
 / /_\_\ '-`||__| |__| | \ \|    |  |  \\ \/ / |   \/   |___/  /____   | \/
 \ ' ` \ .-'  __|  __| | | |  /\   / /\ \|  |   \      /      //    \  | __
 -'--/ / | | |__\ |__\ |_/ /  /\  /  __  \  |    -____-\_____|_|    |__||__|
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Mickey's Speedway USA guide. Last updated 30/12/00.  FAQ by Jonathan Mace.  

Legal Info.

This FAQ Guide is Copyright 2000 by Jonathan Mace.  The unauthorised use of 
all or any part of this guide is likely to constitute a criminal offence and I 
will prosecute to the full extent of the law.

I am in no way related to Nintendo, Rare ware or Disney, and have nothing to 
do with them .  Mickey's Speedway USA is Copyright by Nintendo.  All of the 
characters, events, and game content are copyright by Nintendo.  

Contact Info.

If you want to use this guide on your site or have found a site that is using 
it without my consent, e-mail me at [email protected], or if you want 
to comment or criticise my guide e-mail here also.

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I.     Controls
II.    Modes of play
III.   Characters
IV.    Weapons
V.     Tournaments:
        1)  Traffic Troubles
        2)  Motorway Mania
        3)  Freeway Phobia
        4)  Victory Vehicles
        5)  Frantic Finale
VI.    Battle Mode
VII.   Time Trial
VIII.  Practice
IX.    Hints and Secrets

I.  Controls

The controls in Mickey's Speedway are pretty basic.  They are almost exactly 
the same as every other Rare/Nintendo kart racer around.

     A button:  Accelerate
     B button:  Brake
     Control Stick:  Steer
     Control Stick Down & B button:  Reverse
     Z button:  Fire weapon / Use horn / Character Speech (see cheats)
     R button(when used with a direction:  Hop / Powerslide
     C up button:  Change Camera
     C down button:  Look behind
     C right button:  Toggle between course map and speedometer
     Start button:  Pause

When hopping, to get across holes etc. tap left/right and R button to hop.  
This sometimes requires some skill to pull off.  Also, to get round sharp 
corners, start a Powerslide well in advance to pull off the corner with ease.  
Also, for the tricky turns, tap the R button and B button at the same time to 
pull off an extremely sharp turn.

II. Modes of Play

To start with choose your character then press OK.

There are a number of game modes in Mickey's Speedway USA:

First of all, Traffic Troubles, Motorway Mania and Freeway Phobia are 
tournaments, in which you play four races and score points depending on your 
position at the end of the races, playing overall for a cup.

Time Trial is just you, and optionally a ghost.  You try to get the fastest 
time posseble.

Battle mode is where you are put in an arena with 3 other opponents, and you 
use weapons to try and be the last one left alive.

Practice mode is an area where you do nothing but practice, which is 

The options menu is where you can choose between numerous sound and vision 
options, as well as toggle the cheats.

III.  Characters

At the beginning, there are six Characters to choose from.  This is their 
stats and how I rank them:

Mickey Mouse:

Weight:       |||::
Handling:     |||::
Acceleration: |||::
Speed:        |||::

Mickey is an all round OK guy.  To start with, the handling is a bit off, but 
an experienced player can control him with great ease. 3/5

Daisy Duck:

Weight:       ||:::
Handling:     ||||:
Acceleration: ||||:
Speed:        ||:::

Daisy Duck is a good player for beginners, until you unlock the secret 
players, and has good acceleration and handling.  4/5


Weight:       ||||:
Handling:     ||:::
Acceleration: ||:::
Speed:        ||||:

Goofy is a bad racer in every aspect.  He is slow to get off the starting 
line, and has extremely bad handling.  His speed isn't much difference to the 
others, so steer clear.  1/5


Weight:       ||||:
Handling:     ||:::
Acceleration: ||:::
Speed:        ||||:

Pete is also a bad racer in every aspect.  Like goofy, he is slow to 
accelerate and hard to control.  1/5

Minnie Mouse:

Weight:       ||:::
Handling:     ||||:
Acceleration: ||||:
Speed:        ||:::

Like Daisy, Minnie is a good beginning player, with top acceleration and 
handling.  4/5

Donald Duck:

Weight:       |||::
Handling:     |||::
Acceleration: |||::
Speed:        |||::

Donald is exactly the same as Mickey, so is an average player.  3/5

Dewey Duck:

Weight:       ||:::
Handling:     ||||:
Acceleration: |||||
Speed:        ||:::

Dewey Duck is a brilliant player.  He is like Daisy and Minnie, except with 
even better acceleration, so he is always first off the starting line.  5/5

Louie Duck:

Weight:       ||:::
Handling:     |||||
Acceleration: ||||:
Speed:        |||::

Louie Duck is the best racer possible.  He has a higher top speed than Dewey, 
and better handling, although the acceleration is a little less.  5/5

IV.  Weapons

The weapons in Mickey's Speedway are rubbish, a dire rip off of Mario Kart in 
every way.  Oh well, here they are:

Oomph Token:      Gives you three Oomph tokens.

Spritzer:         Gives you a speed boost.

Paint Splotcher:  Placed on the ground to make a racer skid on it.  Can be
                  thrown forward.

Baseball Chucker: Explodes when another kart is hit by it.  It can be dropped
                  behind you.

Tracechaser:      Homes directly in on a kart in front of you.

Magno Flyer:      Follows the course to hit an opponent ahead of you.

Shield Shell:     Gives you a temporary shield, speed boost and lets you 
                  travel at top speed across slow surfaces.

Stormy Weather:   Rains on all cars ahead of you and slows them down.

V. Tournaments.

A tournament consists of 4 races, and points are given depending on what your 
place is in each race.  After the four races, trophies are given depending on 
how many points each person got.  To qualify to the next race, you must place 
4th or better.  The points are 9 for First, 5 for Second, 3 for Third and 1 
for 4th.  To get a Platinum Cup, finish first in each race

1)  Traffic Troubles

Race 1:  Indianapolis

A classic raceway where Von Drake tests his cars.

     On this easy race, in all difficulties, just drive along the inside of 
each corner and you'll be fine.  You can also drive over the yellow sand and 
keep your speed, but not the mud.  The stolen car part is hidden in an alcove 
just after the tunnel to the left.

Race 2:  San Francisco

A course through the steep city streets.

     The same rules apply for this race:  hug the inside of each turn.  
Powerslide into the downhill to keep your speed, and also into the uphill bit 
if necessary.

Race 3:  New Mexico

A wide course with gentle turns.

     Stay on the inside turns, and Powerslide round the long corner.  If you 
pick up a Spritzer, at the end drive straight across the grass, rather than 
going round and use the item when you are about to slow down.

Race 4:  Grand Canyon

The longest track you'll find in the game.

     Just after the start, you can drive over the dusty stuff turning left on 
a small path that the CPU opponents also use.  After you come out of the cave, 
there is a gap in the barrier to the left that is the start of a shortcut.  
Don't take the shortcut, as at the end you must travel uphill over grass to 
get back to the track, which just slows you down.  Before the S bend, stay 
left, and take the first corner lightly, then pull far left on the joystick to 
get round the next corner.  When the track splits around the rock, go straight 
forward, and you can also drive over the dirt and keep your speed.  Go over 
the zipper and round the corner to the finish.

2)  Motorway Mania

Race 5:  Los Angeles

A great place to test your Power sliding technique

     On this course, hug the wall, driving on the green stuff all the way 
round.  You can Powerslide if you want.

Race 6:  Alaska

An icy course with a dangerous intersection

     At the start, drive left between the hump of ice and the wall to put 
yourself in first.  Exit the tunnel and pull a hard right, and drive 
diagonally straight towards the jump.  take the jump at an angle and turn into 
the tunnel on the right.  Exit this tunnel, hit the zipper and fly through the 
gaps by the ice bumps.

Race 7:  Las Vegas

A course full of bright lights and shortcuts

     When the light turns green, drive straight ahead and hop into the tunnel 
with lots of coins in them.  drive as close to the walls as possible, and when 
you exit the building, cut the corners of the grass thing by hopping.  When 
you turn left onto the road out of town, you can hop over the building using 
the ramp, but this is risky so I wouldn't advise it.  By the end, instead of 
driving the U turn, go on the thin metal bar and hop at the end to cut out the 
U turn.  
  Note:  Only take the shortcuts on Professional, Mirror, and sometimes   
  Intermediate modes, as the kart is too slow on Amateur mode to make the 

Race 8:  Philadelphia

A hazardous course riddled with falling crates

      On the corners, drive between the poles, and when you hit the zipper 
drive around the green patch to keep your speed.  Don't take any notice of the 
crates if you are first, because you drive past them before they drop.  
This course copies Mario Kart so much.  The hidden car part is inside the 
ship, behind some boxes.

3)  Freeway phobia

Race 9:  Dakota

A short, but challenging track

     Hug the wall on the first corner, then Powerslide right, hit the zipper 
to the far left, and go around the open area.  On the next corner, powerslide 
around it, then go over the bump.  Turn right, hit the zipper and cross the 
finish line.

Race 10:  Seattle

A late-night race through city streets and storm drains.

     Zoom down the hill, then go mid-left through the poles, powerslide around 
the corner, and take the left ramp off onto the road.  Hug the left wall and 
go up the ramp and zoom into the sewer.  Cut the corners, and when you exit 
powerslide left around the next corner and go over the zipper, to the finish 

Race 11:  New York

A course with many different routes.

     Go around the first corner roughly in the middle, and then drive over the 
little path over the water.  Turn left, and then at the junction turn right, 
and follow the path into the tunnel, in which you should powerslide around the 
S bend and over the finish line.

Race 12:  Chicago

A race through the city's sewers.

     Powerslide up the hills, and then when you get to the open bit, go up the 
small ramp on the left side.  At the top of the hill, Hop and powerslide 
right, hit the zippers at the end of the tunnel, and zoom down the hill.  
Drive along the left wall, down the ramp, then powerslide right and follow the 
tunnel.  Exit the tunnel, then turn right, left and over the finish line.
The hidden car part is in the second shortcut.

When you win gold in Amateur, Intermediate and Professional for all three 
tournaments, you will unlock a 4th tournament, Victory Vehicles.

4)  Victory Vehicles

Race 13:  Yellowstone

A tight track with sharp turns and tricky obstacles.

     Powerslide around the fist turn, and down the stairs, then powerslide 
around the bend into the tunnel.  Hit the zipper, and powerslide early to hug 
the inside of the corner and out of the tunnel.  Hit the next zipper, and go 
up the hill.  Stay leftish through the rocks, hit the zipper and go over the 
finish line.

Race 14:  Washington, D.C.

A course through the gardens and narrow corridors of the White House.

     Go left around the fountain, and then just before the big left turn, go 
into a powerslide left, and hug the inside of the turn.  Go into the White 
House, and after a few turns, do one long powerslide around the two 
consecutive right turns, and then two consecutive left turns.  Powerslide out 
of the White House, and across the finish line.

Race 15:  Everglades

A track through a swamp where the trick is to stay out of the mud

     Stick to the right, then go across the small left-snaking bridge.  Dodge 
the mud, stay on the left, then pull a sharp left powerslide.  Stay on the 
inside of the rest of the turns, then go right past the last puddle before the 
finish line.

Race 16:  Malibu

A course with sweeping turns and a tricky boardwalk section.

Follow the track left then stay on the outside of the right turn to dodge the 
sand pits, then powerslide left and into the tunnel.  Powerslide around the 90 
degree turns, then onto the boardwalk.  Stay as far left going across the 
boardwalk, except for the first obstacle which you should go right around.
To get the hidden car part, instead of going on the track at the start, cut 
across the U turn by going around the cliff.  The car part is on this (long) 

To unlock the fifth and last tournament, you must find the four hidden car 
parts, described previously.

5)  Frantic Finale

Race 17:  Hawaii

A varied course that's a true test of driving ability

     This course is actually easy if you know what you're doing.  Powerslide 
around all of the corners, and dodge the coconuts.  On the last corner, if 
someone is ahead of you, hug the inside, and if you are still not first use 
the weapon that you should pick up before the turn.

Race 18:  Oregon

A chance to master the tightest of turns.

     Powerslide early for all of the turns, and on the stream part, cut the 
corner on the last left turn.  On the bridge, do normal turns on Amateur and 
Intermediate, but for Professional do powerslides.  If you fall off, you've 

Race 19:  Texas

An unforgiving course that demands total concentration

     hug the inside of the corners, being careful not to fall off, the just 
before you enter the tunnel, do a right powerslide to successfully navigate 
the corner.  Do a powerslide before the block in the road so not to crash, 
then when inside the oil tunnel thing, do a powerslide and go all the way 
around the corner, and jump the gap.  Quickly do a left powerslide, then 
follow the track to the finish.

Race 20:  Colorado

A test of both nerve and skill

I HATE THIS TRACK.  I had the unlimited retries cheat on to do this track so I 
didn't have to do the rest of the tournament again.  Basically, do R&B turns 
around the sharp corners, but never ever do just a powerslide.  If you are 
doing the track on professional, instead of doing the U-turn, jump the narrow 
gap, but otherwise drive carefully, as even doing this can win the race.

To unlock Mirror Mode, Get at least gold in everything.

VI. Battle Mode

This mode is not good.  It is a dire rip-off of Mario Kart in every aspect.  
The balloons-as-lives are even there.  All four arenas are almost exactly the 
same, and the game play is sooooooo boring.  The arenas are:

Dockyard-  Grab some weapons, then duck for cover
White House-  Use the maze of low hedges to deceive opponents
Arena-  Keep moving in this open area
Steamboat-  Check the course radar to find your opponents

VII.  Time Trial

This is just another typical racing game mode.  Try to get the fastest lap and 
race times by racing on your own, against a CPU ghost or your own ghost.

VIII.  Practice

This is pointless.  There is just an area you drive around in to 'practice'.  
It might be useful as a battle arena though.  Here is a challenge:  See how 
many times you can do a powerslide round and round the bridge in the central 

When you select Practice, you can also play a neat little slot-car game.  Hold 
Z and use the Joystick to move the slot car.  Player 2 can also do this with 
the other car.

IX.  Secrets

Unlock Dewey:  Get gold in amateur mode in the first 3 tournaments.

Unlock Louie:  Get gold in amateur mode and intermediate mode in the first 3

Rainbow Goo Cheat:  Get gold/platinum in the first 3 tournaments amateur.

Heckle Button Cheat:  Get gold/platinum in the first 3 tournaments amateur and 

Unlimited Retries:  Get gold/platinum in the first 3 tournaments amateur, 
                    intermediate and professional

Negative Coins:  Get gold/platinum in Traffic Troubles Mirror Mode

Digital Speedometer:  Get gold/platinum in Motorway Mania Mirror Mode

Tiny Racers:  Get gold/platinum in Freeway Phobia Mirror Mode

Note:  This is not all the cheats.  As I haven't done Mirror mode in Frantic  
       Finale, I don't know what that unlocks.  Also, these might be a bit 
       mixed up.


by Jonathan Mace

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