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The Unholy War Faq
Version 1.0
Written by Kuno < [email protected] >

Note: This FAQ is best viewed in Courier New font at a size of 10

Table of Contents
I. Introduction
II. Controls
III. Modes of play
IV. Characters
V. Power ups
VI. Tips & Hints
VII.  Credits
VIII. Disclaimer

I. Introduction

The unholy war is an action/stratgey game from Crystal Dynamics and Eidos 
interactive. At first glance it doesn't seem all that impressive, so I was 
reluctant to purchase it. But I was always taught never to judge a book by its 
cover. So I bought it. Well I must say that I like it. The Mayhem mode is fun if 
your not into that strategy thing, and the Strategy mode is fun if you want more 
of a challenge. If you haven't guessed already this is my first FAQ. Well on 
with the FAQ ^_^!

II. Controls

Well the controls for Mayhem mode aren't as complex as Strategy granted.

Mayhem Mode

Attack/Magic...................Triangle/Square/Circle Buttons
Jump/Fly.......................X Button
Pause/Unpause..................Start Button
Quit...........................Select Button (while the game is paused)

Strategy Mode

Move Action Pointer.......................D-pad
Select Warrior............................X Button
Move Warrior..............................D-pad
Place Moving Warrior......................X Button
Place Summoned Warrior....................X Button
Select Fortress with Warrior in it........X Button
Select Warrior standing on fortress.......Square Button
Select next Warrior or fortress...........Triangle Button
Use Special Power.........................Square Button
Cancel Action.............................Triangle Button
Access Hints..............................Circle Button
Pause/unpause.............................Start Button
End turn early............................Select + X button
Save Game.................................Select + Square Button
Load Game.................................Select + Circle Button
Zoom map in/out...........................L1 Button
Change map tilt...........................R1 Button
Rotate map left/right.....................L2/R2 Buttons

III. Modes Of Play

The Unholy War is divided into two type of games. Mode one is Mayhem mode, which 
is just a one-on-one battle between you and the computer or another human 
player. Mode two is Strategy mode, which is a strategic battle where the two 
forces clash in campaigns to capture bases. During this mode Mayhem mode will 
come up when two warriors fight over the same hex. There are some different 
options in each mode. But good for you I have laid them all out for you! ( gee 
aren't I so nice ^_^ )

Mayhem Mode

The First thing you do is select your team. Here are all the options.

Note: Player 1 is always on the left and Player 2/Computer is always on 
	the right.

Player 1		Player 2/Easy AI/Normal AI/Hard AI
--------		----------------------------------

Teknos		Arcane
Arcane		Teknos
Teknos		Teknos
Arcane		Arcane
All			All     *this is both sides (Teknos and Arcane)
Arcane		All
Teknos		All
All			Arcane
All			Teknos

Once that is done you'll Select your BattleField.

Here are your choices:

1. Cycle Levels
2. Juicer
3. Toxic Dump
4. Proving Ground
5. The Hive
6. The Depths
7. Water Hole
8. High Temple
9. Random Level
10. The Lab
11. Factory
12. Steel Hallway
13. Cenotaph
14. Desert Ruins
15. The Volcano
16. Mysic Glen
	1     2     3      4      5      6      7     8

	9     10    11     12     13     14     15    16

That's how it looks like on the screen.

Once your in the game you'll need to choose what warrior you want to use. Then 
the match will begin. In the Upper Left corner of the screen is a small picture 
of your warrior. The red bar is your health and the yellow bar is your energy 
for your special powers. Below your yellow bar are the buttons that corrospond 
to your powers (ie for the magus the triangle button is for his stalking birds 
power). Once the button is lit you can use the power. 

Strategy Mode

The first thing you do here is SET WAR (ie choose the battlefield you want to 
fight on). There are 12 battlefields.

1. Crater Lake    2. Mount Altus 3. Great Desert    4. The Dead Lands
5. River Crossing 6. Twin Keeps  7. The Breeders    8. The Mine
9. The Siege     10. The Crater 11. The Great Void 12. Kenai

Next you set the players.

Teknos		Arcane
------		------
Player 1		Player 1
Easy AI		Player 2
Normal AI		Easy AI
Hard AI		Normal AI
			Hard AI

Those are all the options that are available. 

Note: you can't have 2 player 1's (DUH!! ^_^)

The Load War option let's you...you guessed it! Load a saved game!!

The Accept War option...hmm I wonder what this does...

IV. Characters

Here's a complete list of all the characters in the game and all there special 
powers. This is for both Mayhem and Strategy Modes.


s - square button
t - triangle button
c - circle button
battle - commands used in Mayhem Mode
strategy - info for Strategy Mode
cost - cost of unit
life - hit points
move - how far the unit can move
map power - special ability that can be used on overhead map
cost - how much Aur the power costs
(air) - can only be done in the air
(ground) - can only be done on the ground


Quicksilver - Evil Shapeshifting beauties whu abhor the soft flesh they 	
	  can so readily display.


s - Slice: Hefty chop does 20 Damage
t - Orbs: Each metalloid does 5 damage
c - Shield: Protects and reflects

		STRONG vs. Ecton, Magus, Angel
		WEAK   vs. Mogalin, Brontu


	Cost: 110	Life:60	Move:3
	Map Power: Madness	Cost:50
	Adjacent enemy wanders randomly for 3 turns
			Home: Juicer

Tesla - Raw power flows through a tesla, giving it great strength and 	  
driving it totally insane


s - Zap: Bouncing bolt does 10 damage
t - Teleport: Instant escape to random spot
c - Crystal: Tracking electroids do 10 damage (max 3)

		STRONG vs. Fire Witch, Prana Devil
		WEAK   vs. Magus, Brontu


	Cost: 90	Life:60	Move:1
	Map Power: Teleport	Cost:10 per hex
	Tesla can istantly move to any open hex
			Home: The Lab

Killcycle - These crude anarchist specialize in the pacification of the 	
	peaceful, primitive species


s - Plasma: Energy burst delivers 10 damage
t - Bombs: Detonations each do 10 damage
c - Kamikaze: direct hit does 70 damage

		STRONG vs. Brontu
		WEAK   vs. Magus, Angel, Mogalin 


	Cost: 80	Life:50	Move:Flies 3
	Map Power: Destruct	Cost:10
	Explosion does 25 damage to 6 adjacent hexes
			Home: Toxic Dump

Jaeger - Relic of a forgotten war, these huge killing machines cleanse 	   	   
the world of organic vermin


s - Punch: Electro-wallop does 15 damage
t - Laser: rapid beams each do 5 damage
c - Rocket: Long range strike does 10 damage

		STRONG vs. Fire Witch, Prana Devil
		WEAK   vs. Brontu, Ecton


	Cost: 130	Life:100	Move:2
	Map Power: Nuke   	Cost:40
	Megatonnage does 15 damage. Range:5 hexes
			Home: Factory

Mantis - An insidious evil from the galactic core whose treachery has 	   	   
doomed a hundred worlds


s - Mandibles: Masticates enemy for 15 damage
t - Bloodbots: Drains 10 life & heals on retrieval
c - Gravwell: Pulls enemy towards center

		STRONG vs. Ecton
		WEAK   vs. Brontu, Angel


	Cost: 120	Life:75	Move:2
	Map Power: Overload 	Cost:40
	Gives ally 150% max life and energy, but ally dies from stress 	failure 
in 3 turns.
			Home: Proving Grounds

RazorFane - A legacy of pain and misery belongs to the Razorfanes and 	      
		they savor it.


s - Buzzsaw: Flensing disks each do 10 damage
t - Dervish: Mad torso twirl does 10 damage
c - Bladewall: Barrier cuts for 10 damage

		STRONG vs. Prana Devil, Ecton
		WEAK   vs. Brontu, Fire Witch


	Cost: 100	Life:80	Move:2
	Map Power: BladeWall    Cost:15
	Only Razorfanes may enter hex for next 2 turns
			Home: Steel Hallway

Wasp - Her lightning speed and sharp sting put fear in the hearts of 	 enemies 
twice her size


s - Blaster: Rapid fire bolts each do 2 damage
t - CyroBeam: Freezes enemy below (air)
c - Life Drain: Transfers life to wasp (ground)

		STRONG vs. Brontu, Ecton
		WEAK   vs. Angel, Fire Witch


	Cost: 70	Life:40	Move:3
	Map Power: Regen  	Cost:20
	Heals self or adjacent ally 25 life
			Home: The Hive


Ecton - An undead slave master who feeds on the souls of the living as 	  	  
well as the dead


s - Whip: minion does 10 damage, slows enemy
t - Wail: Devours enemy's life, feeding ecton
c - Trap: Hidden net ensnares the unwary

		STRONG vs. Jaegers, Killcycle
		WEAK   vs. QuickSilver, Wasp


	Cost: 80	Life:50	Move:2
	Map Power: Eat Souls	Cost:25
	Ecton devours 25 life from adjacent enemy.
			Home: Cenotaph

Prana Devil - A frantic, ravenious beast that desires only to eat, 		  
excrete, breed and speed.


s - Spit: Acid globs each do 2 damage
t - Bite: Prolonged bite damages enemy
c - Egg: Hatched Prana chicken-baby attacks enemy

		STRONG vs. Wasp
		WEAK   vs. Razorfane, Tesla


	Cost: 70	Life:60	Move:3
	Map Power: Spawn  	Cost:10
	A chance to create a new Prana
			Home: Depths

Magus Lizard - Anicent natives of Xsarra. These sorcerers command 		   
primevil magics. They say the world will end soon


s - Sword: Obsidian blade inflicts 15 damage
t - Raven: Homing death spirit does 10 damage
c - StarFall: Given time the sky will rain down

		STRONG vs. Tesla, Killcycle
		WEAK   vs. Quicksilver


	Cost: 120	Life:100	Move:2
	Map Power: Starfall	Cost:40
	Blasts enemy for 15 damage. Range:5 hexes
			Home: Desert Ruins

Brontu - An almost unstoppable force whose courage is matched only by 	   	   
the size of its heart.


s - Roar: Sonic blast cone does 15 damage
t - Charge: Hold to ram enemy for 25 damage
c - Gas: Lingering stench cloud corrodes enemy

		STRONG vs. Quicksilver, Jaeger, Mantis
		WEAK   vs. Wasp, Killcycle


	Cost: 110	Life:100	Move:2
	Map Power: Thunder Roar	Cost:10
      Knocks adjacent enemies 1 hex away
			Home: Water Hole

Fire Witch - Half woman, half flame, this vengeful creature leaves 		 
nothing but an inferno in her wake.


s - Naplam: Flaming goo burns for 10 damage
t - Slam: Damage highest at ground zero (air)
c - Firewall: Incendiary barrier (ground)

		STRONG vs. Killcycle, Razorfane, Wasp
		WEAK   vs. Jaeger, Tesla


	Cost: 90	Life:50	Move:Flies 3
	Map Power: Fireshroud   Cost:15
	Blocks hex to all but firewitches for 2 turns
			Home: Volcano

Dark Angel - Aloof and mysterious, the angels fight when necessary, then 	
	 vanish to there high abodes.


s - Eyebeams: Bursts lance out for 5 damage
t - Shockwaves: Force does 20 damage (ground)
c - Obelisk: Emites rays which give 3 life

		STRONG vs. Tesla, Razorfane, Wasp, Killcycle
		WEAK   vs. Quicksilver


	Cost: 130	Life:75	Move:Flies 2
	Map Power: Transport	Cost:10+5 per hex
	Moves self or an adjacent ally up to 3 hexes away
			Home: High Temple

Mongalin Rider - Noble warrior-maidens who bond at birth to their 		     
faithful mongalin mounts.


s - Sparkler: Mystic jolt for 10 damage
t - Tongue: 5 Damage, powerup ingestions
c - Exchange: The old switcheroonie

		STRONG vs. Quicksilver, Killcycle, Jaeger
		WEAK   vs. Wasp, Razorfane


	Cost: 100	Life:50	Move:3
	Map Power: Cure		Cost:15+5 per hex
	Restores 25 points of life and cures madness
			Home: Mystic Glen

V. Power ups

What game would be complete without powerups. Just pick one up and super charge 
your warrior! When a power up is shows up and the battlefield an arrow with 
point to it. Not all the power ups will be battlefield at one time, what fun 
would that be ^_^! I'll do my best to describe them for ya...

1. Health - Raises Health - looks like an anhk

2. Speed - Increases Speed, temporaily - looks like a ball with a 	     	     
smaller ball rotating around it.

3. Super Jump - Increases jump altitude for a short time. Flying 		    	
	    characters rise more quickly. - looks like a ball that                 
		    moves vertically.

4. Engery Jolt - No energy loss when you use a weapon; lasts for a short 	
	     time. - looks like a ball with an aura.

5. Invincibility - Warrior is indestructible for a short time. - Looks 		
	 like a ball with a very bright aura.

VI. Tips & Hints

I have none as of yet. But if you want to submit some just Email them to me. My 
address is [email protected]

VII. Credits

Well I'd like to thank the following people in no particular order.

Crystal Dynamics & Eidos	-	For making one kick ass game!
WWW.GAMEFAQS.COM			-	For posting my FAQ and for helping 
						me through alot of tough spots in 		
				many other games.

VII. Disclaimer

I used to skip this section of a FAQ before, but now that its me writing this 
one I see all the hard work that goes into making one. Even though this wasn't 
as tough as some of the other ones, there was alot of typing involved and many 
hours spend on this FAQ. So the rules are simple. You are free to use this FAQ 
to help you in your game. But please don't steal it and say that you wrote it. 
Yadda yadda yadda blah blah blah.

(c) 1998 Kuno

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