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Tony Hawk's Project 8 FAQ/Guide - Xbox 360

Version 1.0

By Chronister(or on cheathappens.com, zack_attack)

The Series:

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4

Tony Hawk's Underground

Tony Hawk's Underground 2

Tony Hawk's American Wasteland

Tony Hawk's Project 8

Tony Hawk's Downhill jam

Note: handheld Tony Hawk's handheld games not included. There are 1 on PSP, 2 on
DS, and 1 or 2 for gameboy advance though.

Table of contents

A. Controls

B. Game modes

C. Skaters

D. Soundtrack

E. Achievements

F. Frequently Asked Questions

G. End.


A. Game controls

A: Press and hold to crouch. Press and release to ollie(aka, jump.).

B: Grab tricks. Press in mid air with a direction on the directional pad to
perform a trick. Press and hold to tweak the trick, or hold it longer. Caution: If
held while hitting the ground you will fall and lose your combo.

X: Flip tricks. Once in the air press X with a direction on the directional pad to
perform a flip trick. Flip tricks cannot be tweaked, or held.

Y:  1. Grind tricks. To perform a grind trick, you must be near a rail or
grindable surface (such as a ledge.) First press and release A, and then press the
Y button when near the rail or grindable surface. You will notice a bar, you must
keep it balanced or you will fall. 2. Lip tricks. Skate strait up a ramp and press
the Y button with a direction on the directional pad at the lip (or top edge) of
the ramp. Hold the Y button for a longer lip trick, and you have to balance just
like when you're grinding.

Up and Down: Manuals. You must balance manuals. Quickly press up and down or down
and up.

RT and LT: Reverts. Hit RT ir LT when you hit the ramp surface coming out of an
aerial maneuver.

L analog stick: Click it in to go into focus mode (aka, nail the trick mode.)

B. Game Modes

1. Career: Play through the storyline in THP8. Things career mode includes:



-Skate shop

-Your Room




-View Tricks

-Nail the Trick goals

-Historical Goal Markers

-The Clock Marker(goal icon)

-Secret spots


-View goals

-Nokia Video Phone Messages.

2. 2 Player: Play local split screen with a friend.

3. Xbox Live: Go online and play different game types with people from all across
the world.

4. Freeskate: Skate around the game map and participate in a high score run, where
you attempt to get the highest score possible.

5. Create: Create your own skater to use in Career, 2 player, Xbox Live, and Free


1. Trick Attack

2. Score Challenge

3. Combo Mambo

4. Combo Challenge

5. Graffiti

6. Horse

7. Walls

8. Free Skate

C. Skaters 

Tony Hawk 
Lyn-Z Adams Hawkins 
Bob Burnquist 
Dustin Dollin 
Nyjah Huston 
Bam Margera 
Rodney Mullen 
Paul Rodriguez 
Ryan Sheckler 
Daewon Song 
Mike Vallely 
Stevie Williams 
D. Soundtrack

Credit to wikipedia.org

The complete in-game soundtrack was revealed on October 17, 2006:

+44 – "Lycanthrope" 
76% Uncertain – "I Hate the Radio" 
Aurelius - "Hemlock" 
Bad Religion - "Social Suicide" 
Black Mountain – "Druganaut" 
The Channeling – "Frighteners" 
Charizma and Peanut Butter Wolf – "Devotion" 
Claus Grabke – "Cause I Can" 
Cryptic Slaughter – "Lowlife" 
The Cure – "Plastic Passion" 
Damian Marley – "Move" 
The Dead Milkmen – "Punk Rock Girl" 
Die Young (TX) – "Anthem of the Prodigal Son" 
Eagles of Death Metal – "Chase the Devil" 
Funk Face – "Zoo York City" 
Gnarls Barkley – "Gone Daddy Gone" (Violent Femmes cover) 
Gym Class Heroes – "The Queen and I" 
Hieroglyphics – "At the Helm" 
The Hold Steady – "Your Little Hoodrat Friend" 
Immortal – "One by One" 
Jaylib – "The Red" 
Joy Division – "Interzone" 
Kasabian – "Club Foot" 
The Klaxons – "Gravity's Rainbow" 
Kool and the Gang – "Summer Madness" 
Legitimate Business – "80 on 80" 
Liquid Liquid – "Optimo" 
Living Legends feat. Aesop and Slug – "Moving at the Speed of Life" 
 Ministry – "Stigmata (Remix)"
 Mogwai – "Glasgow Mega-Snake"
 Monty Are I – "In This Legacy"
 Nine Inch Nails – "Getting Smaller"
 Noise – "Dirty Evil"
 Oh No – "Chump"
 Pardon My Extinguisher – "*** and Moan"
 Primus – "American Life"
 Ramones – "I Wanna Live"
 Revolution Mother – "Second Thoughts"
 Slayer – "Angel of Death"
 Sonic Youth – "Nic Fit"
 Stasera – "Palisades"
 Supersuckers – "Goodbye"
 The Sword – "Iron Swan"
 Thine Eyes Bleed – "Without Warning"
 The Throwaways – "You're Not the Only One"
 The Thunderlords – "Ice Cream Headache"
 Toots & the Maytals – "Time Tough"
 Transplants – "Pay Any Price"
 Typical Cats – "Any Day"
 Ugly Duckling – "Smack"
 Van Stone – "Skate Town"
 Voltera – "Do What Your Daddy Say"
 The Walkmen – "This Job is Killing Me"
 Wildchild – "Wonder Years"
 Wolfmother – "Woman"
 Zeke – "Kill the King"


The songs "Moving at the Speed of Life", "Second Thoughts", "Goodbye", "I Hate the
Radio", "Cause I Can" and "Skatetown" 
can be listened to on the official site.
The title song for the game is "Club Foot" by Kasabian 

E. Achievements 

Credit to achieve360points.com

1. Training Complete
You completed the training, go put what you learned into practice.
10 points
2. Outta the houses
You escaped the suburban life, explore the world.
10 points
3. School unlocked
Unlocked the School.
10 points
4. Slums unlocked
Unlocked the Slums.
10 points
5. Skate Park unlocked
You made your way to the skate park. Enjoy yourself.
10 points
6. Funpark unlocked
Unlocked the Funpark.
10 points
7. Factory unlocked
Go shred the factory, you deserve it.
10 points
8. First Sick Goal
Congratulations, you completed a goal at Sick difficulty.
5 points
9. All pro challenges completed
You stepped upto the challenge. You did everything the pro's challenged you to do.
20 points
10. Sick Chalk Challenges
Incredible, you beat all the goals at SICK difficulty.
30 points
11. Sick Classic Goals
All classic goals at Sick? That's amazing.
30 points
12. Hit 50% of the gaps
Wow! 50 percent of the gaps found... keep going you're halfway there.
20 points
13. Hit all of the gaps
You've skated the world and found every gap. Congratulations.
35 points
14. Scored over 1,000,000 points!
That's a nice highscore run, but you can do better right?
10 points
15. Nice combo!
Well done, you landed over 500,000 point combo.
20 points
16. Played Xbox Live
Play an online game.
10 points
17. 50 games online
Finish 50 games online.
15 points
18. 100 games online
Finish 100 games online.
20 points
19. You made it into Project 8
Congratulations you cracked the top 8, can you get higher?
50 points
20. You made it to spot 4!
Congratulations you cracked the top 4, can you get to number 1?
75 points
21. Ranked Number 1!
You did it. You are the number one skater on Project 8.
100 points
22. Secret area found
You found your first secret area. Don't tell anyone.
5 points
23. Manual Master
You've manualed for 140,000 feet!
20 points
24. Hang Time
14,000 seconds of air time.
20 points
25. The Daily Grind
You've managed to grind for 140,000 total feet.
20 points
26. Beat a developer
Win a skate session against a member of the Project 8 development team, or someone
who already has.
50 points
27. Suburbia Classic beaten at sick.
Amazing. You got sick on the Suburbia classic goal.
15 points
28. Main St Classic beaten at sick
Amazing. You got sick on the Main St classic goal.
15 points
29. Capitol Classic beaten at sick
Capitol Classic beaten at sick.
15 points
30. School Classic beaten at sick 
Amazing. You got sick on the School classic goal.
15 points
31. Slums Classic beaten at sick
Amazing. You got sick on the Slums classic goal.
15 points
32. Skate Classic beaten at sick
Amazing. You got sick on the Skate Park classic goal.
15 points
33. Fun Park Classic beaten at sick
Amazing. You got sick on the Fun Park classic goal.
15 points
34. Factory Classic beaten at sick
Amazing. You got sick on the Factory classic goal.
15 points
35. Full stats
You got every stat maxed. How long did that take you?
50 points
36. Mullen Pro Challenge
Find Rodney and beat his challenge.
10 points
37. Vallely Pro Challenge
Find Mike V and beat his challenge.
10 points
38. Song Pro Challenge
Find Daewon and beat his challenge.
10 points
39. Burnquist Pro Challenge
Find Bob and beat his challenge.
10 points
40. Sheckler Pro Challenge
Find Ryan and beat his challenge.
10 points
41. Margera Pro Challenge
Find Bam and beat his challenge.
10 points
42. Nyjah & Lyn-Z Pro Challenge
Find Nyjah and Lyn-Z and beat the challenge.
10 points
43. Williams & Dollin Pro Challenge
Find Stevie and Dustin and beat the challenge.
10 points
44. P-Rod Pro Challenge
Find P-Rod and beat his challenge.
10 points
45. Break 15 bones in one bail
Man that hurts. 
10 points

46. Impressing the locals
Congratulations, you got 1000 Stokens. 
25 points

47. Shhhh it's a secret
You have found all the secret areas, nice going Sherlock. 
25 points

48. Sick Highscore Run
That's a huge high score. 
20 points

49. That combo was sick!
Wow you landed a combo over 5,000,000 points. 
35 points

F. Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is this game about?

A: Tony Hawk's Project 8 is the newest installment in the Tony Hawk's series. The
series originated on the PS1 and N64. It is a skateboarding game where you create
your own skater or choose from one of the pro skaters, and skate. Tony Hawk is on
the search for the Top 8 amateur skaters in the world to be a part of his Project
8 Team. He has stopped in your town, and it's up to you to get noticed by Tony and
his friends, so that you can get a spot on the team. Basically, you do a bunch of
tricks and try to make a big as combo as possible.

Q: What is the difference between the 360 version of the game, from the Xbox and
PS2 versions?     

A: In the PS2 and Xbox versions there are no:

Nail The Trick Spins 
Motion Captured Tricks 
"Momentum and Gravity" 
No Loading Screens. 
Ragdoll Bails 
Bail Goals 
Window-In-Window Gameplay. 
Q: Are the achievements for this game easy?

A: On a scale from 1 to 10, 10 being the hardest, i'd say they are about a 7.

Q: I heard a rumor EA Games is coming out with their own skateboarding game to
compete with the Tony Hawk's series. Is this true?

A: Yes.

Q: Who made Tony Hawk's Project 8?

A: Developed by Neversoft and published by Activison.

Q: How much does this game cost.

A: In the US, retail price is about $60.00

Q: If I have anymore questions that the FAQ didn't answer, can I post in this
topic and ask you.

A: Sure. I'm always willing to help. I've been a big Tony Hawk's fan since the
release of Tony Hawk's Pro skater.               

Q: Should I get the Xbox version of this game instead of spending a extra $10 for
the 360 version?

A: Read the second question and answer.

Q: Are there any girls I can play as? I hate having to always play as a male

A: Yes, Lyn-Z and you can create your own girl character in the "Create" game mode.

G. End

That's it for my THP8 FAQ/Guide. Any questions/comments? Feel free to PM me, my
name is zack_attack on cheathappens.com

Special thanks go out to

-n0rmanSmiley because he's my hero.

-CroTech for inspiring me to write this.

-Wikipedia.org and achieve360points.com for a lot of information used in this
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