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Guitar Hero 3 - Legends Of Rock
(All consoles for most of it, This version is PlayStation 2)   

FAQ / Walkthrough

Hey all. For those of you that dont already know - Im Aaron - Formaly known as
N1YTR0 in the wonderful world of CHU.
Baha. So lame.

Guitar Hero 3 is one of the sickest games out on any console regardless of what
anyone says. It's mega addictive and loads of fun.

This FAQ can be used as an advantage for all players, Easy to Expert.
I'll stop with the nothingness talk because you probably havent even read up to
here hehe.


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  002a---Co-op Career
003----Quick Play
007----Playing The Game
009----Completion Results
010----Guitar Battling

001                             -Controls-

                                       [Console Controller]

Up Directional: Star Power.
Either Analog Stick: Toggle up/down for Whammy.
L1: Red.
L2: Green.
R1: Yellow.
R2: Blue.
X: Orange/Confirm.
Triangle: Cancel.
Start: Confirm/Pause.
Select: Star Power.

[Guitar Controller]

Start: Confirm/Pause.
Select: Star Power.
Green: Activates Green/Confirm.
Red: Activates Red/Cancel.
Yellow: Activates Yellow.
Blue: Activates Blue.
Orange: Activates Orange.
Strum Bar or Pick: Toggle up/down to select through menu's and in sync with notes
while playing.
Whammy Bar: Press in and out on any sustained notes to give it your own sound.
Tilt Sensor: Tilt the guitar upwards to activate Star Power without having to
press select.
Confusing, no?     xD


002                                     [Career]

The Story Mode of GH. Basicallt the first thing you should to when you get GH3. If
it's not yyour first time playing.
If new, Tutorials and Practising is advisable.
Play gigs, earn cash and blow it on new guitars and threads, plus bonus songs.
What's not to like?

From the Career menu you can navigate your;
Band Name: name your band at the start of your journey.
Character: Choose your shredder.
  -Costumes: Give your character a different look.
Guitars/Finishes: Choose your fave guitar and personalise it by the finish.
Career Status: See how much you rock..
Store: Buy new stuff. Simple.


002a                              [Co-op Career]

Play with a mate co-operating through the career.
Songs can be played in co-op career that canot be played in single player career
so check it out.
Players pick whether to play Lead or Rhythm guitar. Sweet.
Also, both players can have a different difficulty setting, so even the.....
"newest" of players can rock out with the experts...
Last thing... Star Power is shared between both players so you'll need to work as
a team.
When Star Power is obtained, both players will need to activate it simultaneously
for it to take effect.


003                                 [Quick Play]

Great for playing any song you've bought/earned so far in career mode.
Aim for the highest scores possible and slap your name on the leader board.


004                                [Multiplayer]

Multiplayer is great for hours of fun. Especially if you have 2 Guitars instead of
the more experienced player of the two having to use
the console controller... Hehe.
There are 3 different types to play Multiplayer;

Face-Off: Players battle it out alternating notes. Each player can set their own
difficulty level.

Pro Face-Off: 2 People. Same notes. Same time. Same difficulty. See who shreds harder.

Batle: Face-Off rules except instead of star power you obtain a series of
different attacks to use on your opponent. Same activation.
                                                                 (See Guitar
Battling [010] for more info)


005                                 [Training]

Practice: Play a certain song on a certain difficulty to nail that solo and become

Tutorials: Learn the basics of GH, and a few tricks awell.


006                                [Options]

Tweak out your game for maximum performance.

Audio: Change the volume levels. Great for listening to yourself shred the axe,
without the rest of the band.

  -Calibrate Lag: Some televesions have an Audio/Video delay or "lag".
   Use this to calibrate it.
  -Wide Screen: Toggle on/off.
  -Progressive scan: Switches game to Progressive Scan.

  -Lefty Flip: Use Left Flip for left handed guitarists to swap the notes around.
  -Calibrate Whammy: Calibate the sensitivity of your whammy.

Manage band: Delete/Rename your created Band.

Save/Load: Save or Load a game, or toggle Autosave on/off.

Videos: Watch purchased Video's from the Career Store.

Top Rockers: View High-Scores.

Cheats: Enter the button combinations here. Not advisable though..


007                               [Playing The Game]

Basic Notes:
Hold the Fret Button that corresponds to the note on the screen.
Hit the Pick/Strum Bar up or down to play the note when it crosses the note zone.

Long Notes:
Hold the fret button.
Keep the Fret Button held as long as the note goes for.
(Note: The pick doesn't have to be held up/down aswell, only the fret button)

Two or more notes hit at the same time. Takes a little time but it's easy once you
Chords can come in single and sustained notes.

Whammy Bar:
Press the Whammy in and out on sustained notes to add a personalised sound to it.

Rock Meter:
The ultimate gauge to show you how hard your shredding the axe;
Green: Hitting almost every note. Rockin' HARD.
Yellow: Not bad. Room for improvement. Keep it up.
Red: Pathetic! Do something fast...
Flashing Red: Obviously didn't 'do something' fast enough.. Stay in here too long
and your boo'ed off the stage and out of the venue.

Score Meter:
Shows your Overall Score, Multiplyer and Note Streak.
As you progress through the song without missing a single note for a period of
time, your note streak will count every note you
hit and multiplyer will rise.
Miss one note and you have to start again.

Multiplyer goes up as followed;
0---- NO multiplyer.
2x---2x the score per note.
3x---3x the score per note.
4x---4x the score per note.

(Star Power Activated)
2x--- 2x the score per note.
4x--- 4x the score per note.
6x---6x the score per note.
8x--- Highest multiplyer you can obtain. Hit this up on aregular basis for maximum
score. 8x the score per note.

Star Power Meter:
Obtain star power by hitting all the notes that are stars instead of circles
without missing one to obtain light in the bulbs
to the bottom right of the screen. Star power can be used when it is at least half
full (& goes blue).


008                                           [Difficulty]

A very important aspect of the game. What difficulty you can put up with...

Easy: For beginners or those that just aren't that good. Green, Red & Yellow
buttons used.
Medium: A little faster and more frequent.. This difficulty introduces the Blue
Hard: All Fret buttons are used. Advanced guitar hero skills are needed.
Expert: Insane difficulty. Fastest speed & requires frequent use of all 5 frets.
You know you rock now....


009                                        [Completion Results]

Grade: Based on a  5-Star rating. 5 is Best. More stars = More Cash in career.
Score: Overall numerical score.
Note Streak: Your longest note streak with no stuff-ups.
Note Hit: Your percentage of the whole song.
More Stats: See the complete low-down.


010                                        [Guitar Battling]

Instead of Star Power you get battle Power. Many attacks can be obtained in the
same way as obtaining star power.
Activate them the same as star power also.

Guitar Battle Attacks:

Broken String: Breaks one of the opponents strings. Will not work until tapped
repeatedly. (Fixed)
Difficulty Up: Increases opponents difficulty by one level.
Amp Overload: Causes opponents note chart to flash making it hard to hit the notes.
Whammy Bar: Opponent cannot play notes until whammy bar is hit several times.
Power-Up Steal: Steals your opponents attack. Careful, if they dont have one, you
lose it all together.
Double Notes: Doubles up your opponent's note chart. 
The Lefty/Righty Flip: Changes the setting to the other way, making it extremely
hard for your opponent to play.
Death Drain: In Sudden Death, this will drain your opponents rock meter.


011                                      [Cheats]

Cheats are not advisable. I don't use them and you shouldn't either but i guess
everyone experiments.
If you want them, go to the CHU board.


012                                      [Hints]

Just a few hints I use in the game to make things better. Enjoy.

Extra Star Power: On sustained star power notes, hit the whammy bar fast to gain
more star power. You'll see the note go blue.
Guitar Battle Unleashing: Save up 2 or 3 good attacks, then use them all at once.
Drastically bogs your opponent up.
Long Notes: Try to hold every sustain to the very end for extra points. Their not
much alone, but they add up big time in the end.
Hammer-Ons and Pull-Offs: Check the tutorial for these. They're great. Many songs
require them for adequate playing.
TAPPING: Through the Fire And The Flames Intro - DragonForce... Awesomest song in
all of GH. Read my Topic for GH3 on PS2 to learn it.
(Intro Only. The rest just requires godly-like skill... xD )


013                                 [Credits/Outro]

Thanks for taking the time to read... or partially read this FAQ..
Took a little bit but it's worth ir right?
To all the GH rockers, from the Beginners to the Hero's, keep on rocking..
Practice makes perfect.
All information displayed above was gathered from the official GH3 Manual Booklet
and Personal Knowledge. No Plagiarism.
Copyright © N1YTR0 2008

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