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Jonah Lomu Rugby 
Adam Bell
[email protected]
Faq V.2.9

Copyright Info
Classic Matches
Bugs/Fun things
Wish List/Complaints
Contact information

This document is copyright 1999 Adam Bell.
No part of this faq may be reproduced in any way or form with out
written permission from the author. No part of this Faq may be
published in any magazine or put on any CD for sale. Without the
authors permission. 

I live in New Zealand, where rugby is in our blood and luckily we are
really good at it:). Jonah Lomu Rugby is a good game but many things make 
it sometimes too hard and even infuriating. I made this Faq(my first) on 
Jonah Lomu Rugby because there are people out there, who would enjoy this 
game if only it were made a little easier for them. 

Look for EA Sports's Rugby 2000 during March 2000, check www.easportsrugby.com for info.

D-Pad           Run in that direction.
Triangle        Sprint
L1 or R1        Pass L/R. Switch  to the player to the L/R of the ball
L2 or R2        Cut Out Pass. Switch to the player next to the player closest to the ball     
                on the L/R
X               Punt (hold for more distance). Diving tackle (push player to the ground)
O               Drop kick (hold for more distance). Smother tackle (hold up the player 
                and push them around)

The rules of rugby are complicated but in JLR they are very simple.
Don't advance towards the other team until the ball is out of a ruck or maul. A player who starts
in front of a player who kicks the ball and advances towards/touches the oppisition is offside.
-In Goal
If the ball is kicked and lands in the in goal area a defending player may press O to ground the 
ball and have a drop kick restart from the 22.
If a defender takes the ball dead (three sides of the in goal) it will result in a 5m scrum.
If a defender is tackled in goal it is a 5m scrum.
If an attacker kicks the ball dead it is a 22 restart.
If the defender carries the ball back into the in goal area they can not ground the ball
- Tackles
Don't tackle someone if they are in the air or don't have the ball
-Rucks and Mauls
If you take to long to clear the ball from a ruck or maul, a scrum will be awarded to the 
defending team.

Use these hints to be successful in JLR, they are quite easy to learn.

-LITL(little) Leave It To Lomu, give the ball to lomu or any other no11 and run and fend your 
           way to the try line

-Fend      Hold both L or R buttons when in control of the ball, this will stop players from 
           tackling you by pushing them away. The forwards and the left winger (no.11) are best
           at this. If  you press it repetitively you will get better results. You can usually 
           fend your way through the entire team and score from a restart.

-Dummy Pass Hold S and one of the pass buttons to do a fake pass,this can be used to fool your             
oppisition into thinking you dont have the ball. If you are one on one wiht a defender           
who is comming at you at an angle use the dummy just as they dive for you, the defender           
should dive at you and then let go allowing you to keep running

-Side Step  Press R1 and L1 to make your player step across a few steps(bigger step for backs). 
           You can sometimes step around a defender or into space.

-Hand Off/Off load   Hold one of the pass buttons and release when tackled to flick the ball to 
                     a team mate in that direction.

-Chip 'n Chase  When you only have the full back to beat and your player has a weak fend, tap X 
            to kick the ball when about 3 metres from the fullback. He will miss the ball and 
            your player(s) will run up and get the loose ball and usually score.

-Grubber      Tap O to kick the ball along the ground. You can kick through the line of defenders
            for another player and score.

-Bomb       A bomb is a ball that is kicked up high to give attackers time to get under it it is
            best done From a ruck just out from the 22, pick up the ball with the halfback and 
            kick the ball over your head and run your players up to catch it, if the ball flys 
            into the in goal you are almost certain to catch it and score.
            Another version: hold X for a punt and hold toward your goal line and release x to 
            a bigger bomb that goes even higher and a little further.

-Cross Field Bomb   This is an attacking kick that is aimed at the far touch line but stays in 
            the field of play long enough for a team-mate to catch it on the full. Give the ball 
            to a good kicker and hold X to kick point it at the far touch line and hold S release
            S and X at the same time and hte ball should float across the field and drop 
            magicaly just short of going out, if you change controll to the player on that wing 
            you can usualy catch the ball on the full if it you run early.

-Rucks      You can easily win a ruck with 2 human players, one holds leave ruck and the other 
            holds join, you will always win the ball back as your players rapidly join and 
            re-join the ruck to force the otherside off the ball.  Three of your own players can
            push the entire forward pack of the computer off the ball. This can also be done by a 
            single player but not as effectively, simply join a ruck and then leave the ruck and 
            then quickly rejoin the ruck with sprint, repeat until the ball is out of the ruck
            Another method is press square to get players into the ruck, and just as a player 
            enters the ruck tap Square as fast as you can, this will make him literally dig like
            a demented mole and push the entire ruck off of the ball. Try holding teh dpad into 
            the ruck and alternate tapping O and S for better results.

-Scrums     Hold O and then press X to feed the ball into the scrum, this way you are more likely
            to keep the ball and get a good drive on. If you hold S and O just as teh oppisition 
            feeds the ball into the scrum as the ball is fed into the scrum you are more likely 
            to win the ball, holding S and pressing O after this can improve the distance your 
            scrum drives forward
-Goal Kicking Like in real life, kicks are easier if taken from infront of the posts, the closer 
            the better. These tips are for kicks close to the sidelines: If kicking from the 
            right aim the arrow at the right hand post, the ball should curve in between the 
            posts. If kicking from the left aim just to the right of the right post to allow for
            the ball to curve inwards, only a heavy wind from the left will cause a kick to go 
            dead straight, but a medium wind will still affect the ball.

-Line Outs  This is dificult to do but it will gain you ground form your line out by going 
            through it. Highlight one of the middle jumpers in the line out by holding S, press X
            to throw in the ball. Keep holding S and press O to jump for the ball, as you catch 
            the ball press forward on the D-pad and hold T and keep fending. If done right you 
            should fend off a few players while in the air and then land and fewnd a few more.  

-360's      When playing against a human opponent and you are 1 on 1 with the ball against 
            the fullback wait till you are almost one step away from him and then rotate the 
            D-pad 360 degrees, you should spin around him making it extremely hard to tackle you             
esp. if they use X.

_Classic Matches_
Thier are no offsides or fouls in any of the classic matches, stand in the opposition back line 
and you can some times catch a pass or two.

Match 1: N.Z vs S.A '95
Goal: You have 4 mins to get a lead and hold it to win the world cup for New Zealand
Weather: Sunny
Wind: None
Situation: 9 all, 2 halves of 2min extra time to play, you kick off.
Hints: This isnt too hard after a few tries, you are equaly matched in most possitions except at 
no11 and some speed in midfield give it to lomu or your forwards and get them to rumble it up, 
if you cant get a try, try a drop goal only if you are in the 22

Match 2:Wales vs Ireland '95
Goal: you have 6 mins to score at least 5 points to reach the quater final.
Weather: Sunny
Wind: None
Situation: 21-16, you have 6 mins to score at least 5 points, Ireland has a line out 30m from 
your line.
Hints: Your backs are outpaced here and you have to win an oppisition line out to start, time 
your jump and use your forwards to push it up the middle, dont try and out run the back line 
and dont kick away your possesion unless you have to.

Match 3: Australia vs Ireland '91
Goal: you have 1 min to score 4 points and have a penalty on the Irish 22m line
Weather: random
Wind: light from Irsih to Australian goal line, into aussie right corner
Situation: 23-20, you have a penalty on the irish 22m line, 1 min to go, 
Hints: This is one of the easiest matches, kick the goal and if you miss restart the match, the 
game will go into extra time so you can win it then. Alternatively, tap and fend or go for the 
line out as far into the corner as you can

Match 4: England vs Australia '95
Goal: you have 6mins to score 4 points to take england to the semi finals
Weather: sunny
Wind: light from australian to english goal line, into left corner
Situation:22-19, You have a scrum on the australian 22m line and need 4 points in 6 mins
Hints: You wont get to the goal line with your scrum against australia, you could try for a drop 
goal but you may need to get closer, what ever you do try to keep the ball close to the scrum so 
your forwards can get to the ruck, you could dry a bomb into the in goal so your players can
run under it while it is in the air

Match 5: South Africa vs France '95
Goal: You have 4 mins to hold your 19-15 lead over the french 
Weather: Icy
Wind: light from SA to french goal line into right corner
Situation: France have a 5m scrum, hold out for 4 mins and you win
Hints: Very easy match, Hold O before the ball is out in and you should hold or drive back the
scrum, just keep making tackles and kick the ball out when ever you can to run down the clock, 
booting it down field to space can help. Keep making tackles and use the O tackle often.

Match 6: England vs Australia '91
Goal: score 7 points in 6 mins to win the world cup
Weather: Sunny
Wind: light from Australian to England goal line
Situation: You have a scrum on your 22m line, you have 6 mins to score 7 points
Hints: Use the scrum tip and then see how far you can push up field, try to kick into the corner
if you can, otherwise do a few cut out passes and alot of hand offs if you plan on running it, 
it helps to go to one side then spin it wide followed by a chip

Match 7: France vs New Zealand
Goal: score 3 converted tries in 6mins to win the first world cup for france
Weather: Sunny
Wind: None
Situation: You have a line out 5m on your side of half way, you need 21 points to win in 6 mins
Hints: This is where it gets real tough, this is where you see all of the bad parts of the game,
keep the ball with your forwards and fend your way up to score, look for saint-andre on the wing
to spark something if it gets tough, use all your tricks to get out of this one, what ever you 
do, dont let them score!!

Match 8: Japan vs New Zealand '95
Goal: You need 22 points in  the second half to reverse japans world record defeat
Weather: Random
Wind: Medium right to left
Situation: Japan needs 22 points in 20mins, you kick off
Hints: The hardest match, you are really up against the wall in this one, your backs are out 
classed and out paced,
your only hope is to keep the ball in your forwards and take advantage of the lack off penalties.
You must make sure that NZ doesnt score, i suggest you play through match 7 a few times to get 
ready for this one.

_Bugs/Fun Things_
-If you drop kick backwards ad it goes out on the full, the line out is where the ball goes out  
not where it was kicked
-New Zealand should wear white shirts against scotland not france
-You can drive a scrum or maul through the posts without any effect to the players.
-The computer will often do a series of passes near the side line and almost all the time   
 they will through the ball out.
-The computer if trapped in its 22 and near its goal line, will pass
 the ball back and forward until it is dropped or is kicked out.
-The advantage can often be made into a penalty even after the ball is 30m from the spot.
-In the stadium in Dublin (top left), in one corner there is
 commentary box, you can see the silhouette of a big fat person taking up most of the box.
-You can hit the camera with a kick at goal if done from the right side.
-Using a forward and fending your way the entire team and scoring.
-A computer player will sometimes stand out of play and get passed the ball. He will stand there
 and can be tackled.
-If you put the ball out and pick it up you can kick but before you
 do, the ball will disappear but the player will stay there.
-When choosing a short/full line out, the players run faster than
 they really can.
-Players can be stuck inside another player and they look like they
 are dancing.
-The players have no mouths or proper eyes, even in the FMV....
-Francois Pienaar (SA) is dark orange with white hair, that cant be
-Swing Low Sweet Chariot is occasionally sung during games that do not feature England
-Swing Low Sweet Chariot is only sung when England are losing
-You can drop kick in any direction(this includes backwards) try getting a drop goal through 
 your own posts :)

_Wish List/Complaints_
-There are no knockons/scrums.
-Needs substitutes
-Can't change goal kicker
-Bit unrealistic (fending the whole team)
-hard to beat markers
-Back line when defending isn't flat enough
-Back three (full back, wingers) aren't even in the line up when
-Half backs do some ridiculous passes
-No forward passes
-No injuries
-Ref never misses calls
-Needs more stadiums
-Needs upto date teams
-Needs better commentary.
-Night games
-Provincial teams/competitions (Super 12)
-Better kicking options
-Easier Drop goals
-Better player switching
-Set pieces
-Better/bigger clearance kicks
-Computer needs more aimless/attacking/tactical kicks
-Better goal kicking (maybe a view from behind the kicker)
-When running at an angle to the side line, players out side you will
 suddenly run inside you leaving you in trouble.
-Longer games (80mins)
-Make it easier to find 5/8 for drop goal, clearance.
-Charge downs could go along the ground.
-Easier attacking kicks.
-Need to be more gaps in the defence
-Sin Bins
-Biographies of players
-Computer doesn't infringe
-Computer will often leave the blind side completely open
-Computer will kick the ball out on the full every from a restart every time if there is 
 high wind.
-Computer will always take a mark if the ball goes into the 22.
-The Game is too easy
-Computer doesn't fend often enough
-Nearly impossible to do attacking kicks because of player  positioning.
-Your players don't attack the ball carrier(always use O tackle)
-Your team doesn't go after loose balls
-Your team doesn't run at a player in space, they will run parallel.
-Name of player with ball in the circle around him
-Better cameras/closer cameras too see action better
-Hard to distinguish the players, they all look too similar

Drew McMillan(?) for wish list additions
Dylan McKimmie   for ruck tip
Thomas2 Clarke   for another ruck tip
Joe S Clarke     for another bomb tip
Derek Alberts    for scrum tip 
Jason Piki       for line out, cross field bomb, 360 and dummy
Jonah Lomu       for some of the most entertaining tries in a dissapointing world cup

_Contact Information_
You can contact me if you need any help or have any suggestions/comments on JLR and this Faq 
[email protected] You will be credited for anything that makes it to the Faq.
-Any one know any game shark codes for the game?

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