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Jumping Flash 2 boss FAQv2.1
Created by SuperCrabfrog
E-Mail:[email protected]
Table of Contents
1.The Shark Robot
2.The Ninja Robot
3.The super flower
4.The big bad spider
5.The clown bros.
6.The Big Muu
7.Captain Kabuki
8.The weapons at your disposal
9.Weapon Grades
10.Weapon Grades 2
11.Why Jumping Flash 2?
The Shark Robot

        A very easy boss(What do you expect from the first boss)? He has
only 2 easily dodged attacks. His first tactic is to launch fish at you.
Only these fish explode. He launches them in a high arc that will change it
speed and height. The easy way to dodge these fish is to stand far away and
blow them up as they come at you. If you move fast enough, you'll never get
hit by them. The sharks other attack is to ram you. You will know it's
coming if it turns right at you. Jump up into the air to dodge this attack.
To kill this thing, use any remaining special attacks on it(hopefully you
collected some cherry bombs in the resort).These could kill it if they're
powerful enough. If not, then jump on its head as it circles your platform.
It takes only a few hits to kill this weakling. Waste of scrap metal if you
ask me!
The Ninja Robot
        Now we're talking! This boss ramps way up in difficulty although it
is still pretty weak. He has 4 main attacks to crush your bunny butt with.
His first one is a spinning beam of fireballs. He tends to launch these in
a series of 3. They are easy to dodge because they have no homing ability
and fire in a nice straight line. Just jump up and to the side to dodge
these burners. The second attack is a sweeping laser that fires from its
stomach. It can cause some big damage so jump behind the robot if you can.
Otherwise, jump straight up and to the side. It can come instantly so
always look out for it. The third attack is a series of electric balls.
There are tons of thaem and they flood the whole arena. Jump over the robot
or on its head to dodge them. They cause a moderate amount of damage. The
last attack only occurs when you are very close to the boss. He will do a
simple smack that takes away 1/8 of your health. Just keep away and you'll
be fine. To beat this mechanical monster, shoot it in its stomach right in
its core or hop on its head. Shooting it in the stomach does much more
damage, though. As usual, cherry bombs and other good weapons will take
away half of its health. It has almost double the HP as the shark so it
might take a little while.
The Super Flower(otherwise known as "cheap")

        GAH! This boss, while slow, can heal itself. However, when it does,
his entire health meter refills. This will waste all of your specials so
just shoot at it with your machine gun. It has 2 attacks. The first one is
to bend down and bite you. This causes some moderate damage so keep away
from this boss. It will try to do this when you jump on it so only jump on
it TWICE!!! Anymore and the flower will probably get a bite in. Its second
attack is to shoot deadly pollen spores at you! They are fast, cover the
entire area in front of the flower, and can cause MAJOR damage. You need to
get airborne to avoid getting ripped. It doesn't have to much health
though, fortunately. You might be able to kill it before it heals if you're
quick enough.
The Big Bad Spider

        Finally, another easy boss! It only has 2 weak attacks and it is
out of action for most of the fight. His first attack is to shoot a
piercing web at you. It can reach halfway across the arena. However, that
is still pretty bad range compared to most bosses. It can also release
explosive baby spiders when it's on the ceiling. They are harmless if you
stay far away from them.. To beat it, keep your distance and launch
everything you have at it. I recommend jumping on it while shooting. When
it rises to the ceiling, you will harmlessly fall to the ground. This boss
is what can be considered a breather because if you die against this thing
more than once, then you are really bad at this game.
The Clown Bros.

        Scratch what I said about the spider, these bosses are even easier
to beat. They are just two clowns on big bouncy balls. They only have four
attacks. They shoot a blue or red machine gun like beam out of their mouth.
All you need to do to dodge it is hop over the shooting clown. The second
attack is the rocket. This can only be performed when both clowns are
alive. They form a gate and a huge rocket comes out of it.It is very
damaging but if you rotate behind the clowns, you'll dodge it quite easy.
The third attack is their spin attack. They spin very fast and try to crash
into you. DON'T jump on them at this time or you will be hurt. Instead,
jump straight over them and you'll get away. Their final attack involves
them jumping up in the air and smashing the ground. You must be in the air
when this happens to avoid being hurt. They will go down very quick. Just
make sure you hit the clowns and not their balls. The only reason you
should die fighting the twins is falling over the edge or doing something
very stupid. 
The Big Muu(other wise known as bad mamba jamba)

        AGGGHHH!!! This thing is so unfair! It actually is STRONGER than
Captain Kabuki himself. It has 4  main attacks that are all super powerful.
Its first one lays down a ton of fire inducing mines that slide across the
floor. They also home in on you! You have no good way to escape them so
jump up and hope for the best. It's 2nd attack turns its claws into drills
and he will punch at you. They go across the entire screen so jump to the
side to dodge them. His third attack causes Big Muu to spin like a tornado
and try to collide into you. Just jump him and fire away. This is a good
time to get in some moderately safe hits. Its 4th and most deadly attack is
his laser swords. They reach halfway across the screen and can sap away
over half of your health. When he's swinging them around, get very far
away. This is the ONLY way to dodge them. To kill Big Muu, you need to find
safe moments to attack. They are…
1. When he is chained up at the beginning of the fight
2. When you are far away and he is swinging his swords
3.When he is spinning around(be careful).
Good Luck, as this thing is extremely hard to beat if you aren't an expert
at this game.
Captain Kabuki(otherwise known as butch Humpty Dumpty Robot)

        Good Job, you made it to the final battle! This guy is a pain on 2
conditions. 1.A lot of HP 2.You carry over the damage from the Big Muu
fight. He has 3 forms to beat.
Form 1:The Robot Fighter

        This form has 4 big attacks. His first attack is to launch his
spiked fist at you. All you need to do is jump the opposite way it's going.
His second attack is a big shockwave that goes across the entire arena.
When Kabuki jumps high in the air, jump. You will dodge the entire
shockwave. His third attack is the heart gun. It comes out of his chest and
moves faster than your machine gun. To dodge them, jump right at Captain
Kabuki. They should go right under you. His 4th attack are the shock rings.
He will shoot a series of green-blue rings at you. Keep hopping to the side
to dodge them. When you dodge an attack, jump on Kabukis head. Use all
remaining special weapons on this butch freak. When you take away 1/2 of
his health you need to fight…
Form 2:The Kabuki Crawler

        This form of Captain Kabuki only has 2 attacks. He can still use
his rings and he will release a couple of fireballs. They will home in on
you and cause minor damage. Jump forward and to the side to dodge them. As
usual, jump on Kabukis head and fire away on him. Take down 1/4 of his
health and you must fight the final form of Captain Kabuki.

Form 3:The Kabuki Head

        An inferior form, as it only has one attack. It will leap into the
air and try to slam into you. Note that you can't jump on it or you'll get
hurt. Stand back and fire away on this thing. It will meet its maker
(Note: If you have the first game, fight this boss like you did Baron
Aloha. Both battles are almost alike)
The weapons at your disposal

Machine gun thing
        Your regular weapon. It shoots fast and has unlimited ammo. This is
your first resort to kill enemies and it affects all bosses. Overall, it's
the fourth best weapon.

Multicolored balls
        A special weapon that hits for low power. It shoots multicolored
balls in front of you. They are very difficult to use and that's why they
are the worst weapon to have. Get rid of them as soon as you get them.

        An average weapon that has a nice amount of power. They fire
straight ahead and most bosses use them. If you get them, keep them. They
are the 3rd best weapon overall. Use them when you're jumping on bosses for
the best affect.

Roman candles
        This weapon rules! It fires 2 laser beams that cause medium damage
to any enemy. They fire straight ahead and constantly hurt the enemy. They
also last the longest out of every weapon except your machine gun. If you
can't get a cherry bomb, get one of these.

        Watch out! Crappy weapon ahead! These are blue spinning things that
fire ahead of you. The reason these are so bad is that these stupid ring
things do almost jack squat to an enemy. Avoid them at all costs!

Cherry Bombs(otherwise known as nukes)
        Now we're talking! These puppies can sap over half of a bosses
health. They cause a huge shockwave that is almost unavoidable. These are
the best weapons in the game and you should always stock up on them. These
are a must for hard boss fights.

Weapon notes:-Never use the special weapons on regular enemies. Save them
for the boss.
             -None of the weapons home in.
             -Get 3 Cherry bombs before the big Muu fight.
Weapon Grades

        Every weapon is judged by Power, Speed, Range, and how long they
last. They are given grades from 1 to 5 with 5 being the best.

Machine Gun Thing
How long it lasts:|||||

Multicolored balls
How long it lasts:||

How long it lasts:|||

Roman Candles
How long it lasts:|||||

How long it lasts:||

Cherry Bombs
How long it lasts:|||
Weapon Grades 2

Here, the weapons will be graded by the above grades.

Gold Metal:Cherry Bomb
Silver Metal:Roman Candles
Bronze Metal:Rockets
4th:Machine gun thing(but this should be your most used weapon)
6th:Multicolored balls.
Why Jumping Flash 2?

        Because this game is sweet, that's why! It has cool bosses and
levels. The weapons are fun and the enemies are creative and funny. The
best part is being able to jump to airplane flight height and come crashing
down on your enemies. I recommend this game to any fans of the original
Jumping Flash. Lets Go Robbit! Oh yeah, if you're wondering why I did a
boss guide, it's that you shouldn't need any help for the regular
levels(except maybe Captain Kabukis House).As the game says, I've got to
vertigo, go, go, go.

This document Copyright 2001 by SuperCrabfrog. Reproduce this in any way
without my permission and you die.
        _   _   _       ___________________________
       | | | | | |     /  \          /             \
       | |_| |_| |    /    \________/              |
        \        /   /                             |
         \       \   |    ________            |    |
          \       \  \_______________________/|    |
           \       \                          |    |
            \       \                         /    /
             \       \_______________________/    /
              \                 _____            |
               \______________________           |
                                      |          |
                                      |          |
                                      |          |
                                      |          |
                 __________      ________        _____________
                |          \    /        |      |             |
                |  _________\   |  ______|      |   __________|
                | |__________   | |             |  |__________
                \__________  \  | |             |             |
                           | |  \ \             |   __________|
                   _______/ /    \ \______      |  |
                  /        /      \       |     |  |
                 /________/        \______|     |__|                   

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