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---------Written by CHU Vegetta

Here we are going to see the monsters of the Dungeon Keeper. First, we will
present the Keeper minions (your minions) and 
then the Heroes units.


1)  IMP

Imps are the most valuable of the creatures. They perform the tunnelling work in
your dungeon, they drag away dead bodies,heroes and enemy 
creatures to the Prison and fitting traps. Imps can be trained to level ten and
get bigger and gain spells such as Conceal Creature. 


This is a creature that gets stamped on in a fight. Beetles are very weak and can
be replaced by other stronger creatures.
Attracted by: Lair 

3) FLY

Another one basic creature. Beetles and Flies are your primary minions. Flies are
a push-over for the stronger invaders into your Dungeon. 
They are excellent explorers and reveal more of the map by flying over water and
Flies hate Spiders and they fight each other
Attracted by: Lair 


This creatures is not so great but once it learns the freeze spell it might be
Spiders hate Flies and they fight each other
Attracted by: Lair and Hatchery 


This is a huge, red, creature that has excellent skills and abilities. They are
excellent fighters and also do great job at workshop. Their poison
attacks can defeat anyone if a few minutes. Unfortunately if they don’t get enough
food, they get angry and fall asleep until food arrives.
Bile Demons are invulnerable to Poison Gas and Poison Traps.
Bile Demons hate Skeletons and they fight each other
Attracted by: Lair and Hatchery 


A very weird creature that enjoys pain and gets happier when you slap or torture
her. Furthermore her lighting attacks make her an excellent
fighter. Grab a few Mistress and drop them to the battlefield, they will destroy
any enemy creature.
Attracted by: Torture Chamber 


Demon Spawn are skilled creatures who are good fighters despite their size. They
enjoy training and will become level 2 Dragons once 
they have trained past level 10.
Demon Spawns are invulnerable to Lava and Lava Traps
Attracted by: Training Room  and Treasure Room 


One of the most skilled creatures of your Dungeon. You can get Dragons in two
ways. They can either enter your Dungeon through a Portal or 
be grown from Demon Spawn who have been trained to level 10. They are excellent in
combat and breathe fire that burns heroes and enemy 
creatures. They are excellent at researching spells but they also work in the
Workshop or train  if no research is available .
They are impervious to lava and gain experience if their Lair is placed next to lava
Dragons are invulnerable to Lava and Lava Traps
Attracted by: Library and Lair 


This is a creature whose primary job is in the Workshop. They are average fighters
so don't place them at the battlefield.
Attracted by: Workshop 

10) ORC

A basic fighting creature of average ability. Orcs are good for guarding your
Dungeon and manufacture  traps/ doors.
Attracted by: Training Room and Barracks 


A dog who is great at guarding, pointing out heroes or enemy creatures and reveal
the map. 
Hellhounds are invulnerable to Lava and Lava Traps
Attracted by: Scavenger Room 


A basic fighter of average ability that is created in the Prison if a creature dies.
Skeletons hate Bile Demons and they fight each other.


A supernatural creature that, thankfully, requires no food. Ghosts can pass
through doors. Their primary job is researching in the Library 
although they also go to the Temple and wail occasionally.
Ghosts are created when a creature dies in a Torture Chamber.


This undead creature is great at research and scavenging. In groups, they are also
excellent fighters who inflict a lot of damage to the enemies.
 If a Vampire’s level is higher than three it becomes immortal, that means it
resurrects itself in its Lair if it dies, although its experience level 
drops by one.
Vampires can be created in Graveyard from dead creatures.
Vampires hate Warlocks and they fight each other.
Attracted by: Lair and Graveyard 


An aquatic beast, the Tentacle only enters your Dungeon if there is water around.
Tentacles won’t usually be persuaded to move far from their 
watery homes.
Require: Lair and Temple


These creatures are powerful magicians who are excellent at researching spells.
Training makes them more powerful and they can learn a lot 
of massive damage spells. In groups they are very effective against any other
Warlocks hate Vampires and they fight each other.
Attracted by: Library


This is the leader of your minions. The strongest and most destructive creature of
your Dungeon. It cannot be attracted to your Dungeon via 
the normal methods. He hates any creature even other Horned Reapers. That means
you cannot make a group and place Horned Reaper with 
other minions. He is a physco fighter that destroys everything. If he gets angry
he may even demolish your own dungeon. Be careful when you
call him.
Horned Reaper is invulnerable to Lava and Lava Traps
How to call Horned Reaper: Sacrifice a Bile Demon, a Troll, a Dark Mistress to the
Temple and the Horned Reaper will come to you.



The Tunneller is a weak  fighter but speedy at digging through earth. Heroes use
Tunnellers to get them into your realm and attack your Dungeon


An average fighter who likes to hunt out and steal gold.  The great thing with
this minion is that, when its training pasts level 10 it changes into 
Lord of the Land, therefore it worths to imprison him and converted into your side
so you can train him.


An average fighter but a good ranger. He is not so strong but he learns some
useful spells when he gains levels.


A good hand-to-hand fighter who steals any gold he finds and attacks your Imps mainly.


One of the most powerful Heroes creatures. The Barbarian is a very tough character
who battles to the death. Holding a hammer he can beat 
most of the game creatures. Watch him out.


Another one strong Hero creature. The Giant looks like Barbarian. He is slow but a
large, tough fighter. He is really great in duels.


In my opinion, Wizard is the most powerful magician of the game. With a huge range
of spells is really tough and hard to beat him. A group of 
Wizards are capable of destroying your Dungeon in a few minutes. On the other hand
they are bad at combats, so you can take advantage of it.


This creature is a good magician but a very weak fighter. She mostly casts spells
to repulse you or heal the Heroes minions and not damage your
creatures. However, she has some lighting spells that inflict a lot of damage but
don't worry if you see her, your creatures can annihilate her in a 
few moments.


A master of swords, the Samurai brandishes one and duels to death.  He is one of
the most skilled and strong Heroes creatures. While he is 
gaining levels he can learn lighting spells that they are destructive. 

10) MONK

The monk is a good fighter who can heal himself and heroes around him.


A weak hero who is bad at combat but has a lot of spells. They cannot threaten
your minions so don't be afraid of them. Drop some Bile Demon,
Dragons or Warlocks to clear them out quickly.


A traditional knight, excellent at hand-to-hand combat. He has great abilities and
learns some useful spells while he gains levels. He is the fatal
enemy of Horned Reaper and it worths watching these two monsters dueling to death.
He is the last creature of each stage you should kill to 
complete the level. He is strong but don't be afraid of him, you will see that he
isn't so tough for your minions unlike the next one creature.


The ultimate and more powerful creature of Heroes and the game. He is the final
creature you should kill to complete Dungeon Keeper.
Not too much to say about this minion. You will face him at stage 20. He is very
skilled, he has great attack and defense and some spells to recover 
and steals your creatures' health. It is not easy at all to defeat him. He is
invulnerable to any traps and spells and that makes him even more 
stronger. Maybe you need a whole army to beat him but don't give up, you have
plenty of time to fight him and sooner or later you will complete 
the game.


Top 5 Keeper Minions                                Top 5 Heroes Minions         
                         Top 5 Game minions

1) Horned Reaper                                          1) Avatar              
                                          1) Avatar
2) Vampire                                                      2) Lord of the
Land                                        2) Horned Reaper
3) Bile Demon                                                3) Samurai          
                                           3) Vampire / Lord of the Land
4) Dragon                                                        4) Wizard       
                                                4) Samurai
5) Warlock                                                      5) Barbarian     
                                              5) Bile Demon / Dragon


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