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The Art Of Magic

Bethesda Softworks Inc.

This guide was written by snap on 1 Mar 2001. You can contact him at 
[email protected] Thanks to all people/creatures who went into making 
both M&M games.
I will probably not be making a revision since this game has been out a 
while and there doesn't seem to be much interest in it. Let me know if you 
need more help though. Sorry, but i don't play multiplayer, so if that's 
what you wanted to find, you won't find it here, though my general 
strategies should help you quite a bit.

Single Player Guide Ver 1.1

Due to limited time, this guide will contain minimal information to help you 
through. Moreover, I am by no means the M&M whizz kid who knows every little 
secret, though i must admit that i got almost all items in the game and got 
all experience. However, my score at the end of the game was zero. I do not 
know why this is so and have no inclination to find out. If you have 
anything to contribute, just send me an email to [email protected] By 
the way, this is my first game guide. I spent a lot of time changing all my 
Tab spacing to regular spacing bcos gamefaqs wants it that way. I wrote this 
guide cos i got pissed that gamefaqs had nothing on it. So this should be 
the first. I have not seen any faq/guide about this game so there is 
definitely NO plagiarism.

About the game:

This game is the sequel to the most excellent Magic & Mayhem. I am sad to 
say that a lot of the fun factor of the original has been lost in the 
sequel. Maybe it's the fact that the map doesn't loop back on itself. Maybe 
it's the slow 3-D animation (I'm using a GeForce2 MX400).
The spell system is still basically the same as the original. You have spell 
items which you can slot into spell talismans. There are 3 kinds of 
talismans: Law, Chaos and Neutral. The spell you get depends on which 
talisman you put your spell item into. eg. the spell item Deadly Nightshade 
can be put into either Chaos, Law or Neutral talismans. If put into Chaos, 
you get the spell Skeleton, into Law you get the spell Bury and into Neutral 
talisman you get Fireball. You will only have one of each spell item, so you 
will always have to choose which spell you want and forsake the other two 
ie. you will only be using one-third of your total spell arsenal. You can 
access your Portmanteu (your spell screen) at the start of each level. There 
are not many, if any, puzzles in the game as in the original. Basically, 
this is a kill-the-enemy-wizard game.

Quick tips:
1. Plan your spell repertoire properly. If you have friendly wizards that 
already have these spells then do not waste the slot by having those same 
spells. Ideally, you should have these spell types:
a) cheap, mass-castable creature to surround an enemy. These have the 
advantage of quickly reducing the enemy's Health since there are many 
creatures hitting it while it can only target one creature at a time. If you 
play RTS games you should know what i mean.
b) powerful creature to guard a Place (of Power, usually).
c) creature enhancement eg. Excalibur, Stygian Bow, Invisibility, Haste.
d) attacking spell eg. Fireball, Lightning, Dragon's Breath
e) Cure spell, if possible.
f) Bury spell if there are lots of undead creatures in that level.
g) Totem of Resurrection spell when you get it.
h) Pestilence spell to weaken those hard to kill creatures and fast-moving 
enemies (esp. wizards)

2. Ranged attacks are better than melee attacks. Elves, Stygian Bow, 
Mountain Giants and Dragons are all very good spells. An Elvish Horde is 
almost always better than a horde of zombies. Especially since they can 
target creatures from far away and get that extra shot in. Sometimes, a weak 
creature with a longer attack range than the enemy creature's sight can kill 
off the enemy since the enemy creature will not even budge to find out what 
is attacking it, especially if it is guarding a place.

3. Centaurs are excellent creatures. They are fast, have "hands" (ie. they 
can pick up items) and have good attacking power. However, the only food 
item that has noticeable effect on them is apples. All other food items are 
useless. Guess this proves centaurs are vegetarian.

4. Fire spreads. For example, if you are suddenly swarmed by a group of 
Dryads, use Fireball on them. If you hit them enough times, they will catch 
fire and start to burn. You will actually see the health going down pretty 
fast. If they are standing in a group, they will slowly all catch fire. All 
you need to do is run around if you're short of mana and watch them 

5. Explore everywhere. You never know what you might find. Items that cast 
spells are especially useful in the last few stages and in stages where 
there is no mana readily available. Save them all if possible except where 
you're facing the big bosses like the Necromagus.

6. Certain levels have areas which trigger enemy wizards to attack you. 
Explore and find out where the "hot zones" are, then just fortify all Places 
of Power (POPs) until you've maxed out your Control. After getting your army 
together, then go find the enemy wizard(s). The most notable level with a 
"hot zone" is the Palace of Azoria.

Experience Points:
*The events are displayed in alphabetical order and do not reflect in-game 
sequential order.

Stage 1
Exp 0/0

Stage 2
discovered summon goblin statue     15
gained 2 neutral talismans         100
gained Deadly Nightshade            25
gained staff                        25
gained Valerian                     25
killed all goblins                  15
spoke with Nadia                    15
warded off goblins                  15
Total                              235

Stage 3
gained lawful talisman              50
rescued villagers                   15
talked with Boden                   10
talked with Eamus                   10
talked with Graymore                10
talked with Jeddon                  30
talked with Magtor                  10
Total                              125

Stage 4
befriended Gaion                    20
defeated all chaos troops           15
gained Psillosibin                  25
talked to Milesius                  20
Total                               80

Stage 5
defeated all chaos forces           80
Total                               80

Stage 6 Mountains of Cader Idris
entered village unnoticed           15
evaded the clutches of Orgon        15
gained Fly Agarric                  25
gained neutral talisman             50
gained the Brim Stone               25
Total                              130

Stage 7 Village of Cissbury
defeated the Goblin King            25
obtained the Cloak of Invisibility  15
protected Urien                     25
spoke to Urien                      15
Total                               80

Stage 8 Abandoned Gold Mine
defeated the Chaos Wizard           25
killed the Chaos Wizard             25
killed the Goblin King              50
obtained the Chaos talisman         50
obtained the Goblin King Head       15
obtained the Iron Pyrite            25
Total                              190

Stage 9 Village of Cissbury
gained neutral talisman             50
Total                               50

Stage 10 Forest of Gorias
defeated Thrall the Dark Witch      50
gained a lawful talisman            50
gained Moon Stone                   25
protected Totem of Healing          10
protected Totem of Healing          10
protected Totem of Healing          10
protected Totem of Healing          10
Total                              165

Stage 11 Village of Lutetia
gained Chaos talisman               50
gained Spindle Tree                 25
overpowered Milesius                25
protected the Cauldron of Plenty    50
Total                              150

Stage 12 Karnac
Exp 0/0

Stage 13 Tavern
befriended Daephus                  15
defeated Brandon                    25
defeated Culann                     25
defeated Tiernon                    25
Total                               90

Stage 14 Karnac
gained neutral talisman             50
gained Obsidian                     25
Total                               75

Stage 15 Port of Karnac
Exp 0/0

Stage 16 The Thieves Guild
befriended Vex                      15
defeated Krish the thief lord       25
Total                               40

Stage 17 Port of Karnac
defeated Gunrock                    25
evaded Krish                        15
acquired passage to Azoria          50
Total                               90

Stage 18 Journey to Azoria
defeated Gorman Dax                 50
gained lawful talisman              50
gained Quicksilver                  25
Total                              125

Stage 19 Azorian Mountains
gained centaur key                  50
gained stormgiant key               50
Total                              100

Stage 20 The Village of Glaval
befriended the people of Glaval     15
defeated Partholon                  50
gained Tourmaline                   25
Total                               90

Stage 21 Chaos Encampment
defeated Atreus                     25
defeated Nemain                     25
rescued elven child four            15
rescued elven child one             15
rescued elven child three           15
rescued elven child two             15
Total                              110

Stage 22 The Village of Glaval
gained Lapis Lazuli                 25
gained lawful talisman              50
Total                               75

Stage 23 Palace of Azoria
Exp 0/0

Stage 24 Initiates Training Chamber
defeated Moogos                     25
evaded the clutches of Moogos       25
gained Diamond                      50
Total                              100

Stage 25 Palace of Azoria
gained lawful orb of power          50
gained Sapphire                     25
Total                               75

Stage 26 Karnac
Exp 0/0

Stage 27 Glanum Mountains
defeated Pentheus                   50
rescued dwarves                     50
Total                              100

Stage 28 Dwarf Mines
gained chaos talisman               50
gained Silver                       25
gained Zircon                       25
Total                              100

Stage 29 Corsic Plains
defeated Carbonek                   50
released Gaion                      25
Total                               75

Stage 30 Chaos Tower
killed the Vampire Lord             50
gained chaos talisman               60
obtained Blood Stone                25
reached the Inner Sanctum           15
Total                              150

Stage 31 The Village of Nuoro
defeated Gatekeeper                 50
gained chaos key                    25
Total                               75

Stage 32 Nuoro Palace
defeated Milesius                   50
gained chaos orb of power           50
overpowered the Necromagus          25
Total                              125

Stage 33 Hell Pits of Sassari
defeated chaos priests              30
gained chaos talisman               50
gained the Brim Stone               25
gained Phosphorus                   25
Total                              130

Stage 34 Castle of Medos
gained Diamond                      50
rescued Nadia                       25
warded off the Necromagus           25
Total                              100

Stage 35 Castle of Medos
defeated the Necromagus             50
gained chaos orb of power           50
gained lawful orb of power          50
Total                              150

Stage 36 Karnac
Exp 0/0

Stage 37 Karnac Prison
defeated Glut                       50
escaped                             50
gained neutral talisman             50
released Krish                      15
released Nadia                      15
released Vex                        15
Total                              195

Stage 38 Karnac

Total experience in whole game: 3455

My favourite spells:

Zombie (cast a horde around enemy wizard and watch him crumple under their 
assault. This is my most used spell in the whole game. I rather use this 
than Fireball. With this, you can trap the enemies, whereas using Fireball 
allows the enemies to run away.)

Pestilence (to use when wizards run away too fast or when you meet a strong 

Stygian Bow (if possible, cast on all creatures. Immediately ups attack 
power. If Vex is around, do not waste slot on this spell)

Centaur (fast, has hands, good attack power)

Elf (cheap to cast and has range attack. Effective against dragons! Mix 
these with zombies to guard a Place of Power. Add a Totem of Resurrection 
and the POP will be yours forever.)
Dryad (I think I've seen them cast Cure on friendly units but I can't 
confirm this. I usually cast one on a POP and just leave it there alone.)

Cure or Bury (depends on stage)

Totem of Resurrection (easily the most useful spell in the game. Just cast 
one of these near a Place of Power and you can raise a HUMONGOUS army-- one 
that even exceeds your Control Limit)

Vampire (can suck blood and regain health from enemy units. I don't know if 
the vampire can resurrect dead units. In my experience, that seems to be the 
case. But this game is weird and may have more than a few bugs in it. Its 
like the Dryad, i can't confirm if they heal friendly units.)

Other spells would be to your own preference. It's interesting to note that 
some of the key spells i used in the original M&M, i do not use at all in 

Game Hints:

There isn't enough experience points to max out all stats, so use them 
wisely. (You need 5000. They only give you 3455) I recommend maxing Mana and 
getting your Control to as high as you are comfortable with. Health is not 
really important if you are a "summoning" wizard as your creatures will take 
the hits for you. Just don't wander too close to an enemy wizard who has 
powerful attack spells.

In the Mountains of Cader Idris, just make sure you go slow. You might have 
to go through this stage a few times just to get the general layout.

Another tough stage is the Azorian Mountains. It's possible to do it the 
easy way and the hard way. Remember your key objectives (forgive the pun). 
Get the keys and get out. Killing everyone is not an objective. In fact, the 
storm giants and centaurs respawn constantly. However, if you opt for the 
easy way, you'll miss a lot of good items. I did it the hard way first time 
round ie. I fortified all POPs. VERY TOUGH. But it was worth it, in my 

If you're wondering how to open that last chest in the Initiates Training 
Chamber, my hint is to make sure you explore EVERY SINGLE BIT OF AREA. Get 
rid of every single bit of fog. If you still can't get it, just ask me. By 
the way, it's not worth your while to actually open the chest. You'll only 
get a feeling of satisfaction and annoyance at the whole thing.

Using the strategies i've given you, you should be able to ace the game. In 
fact, you should be able to complete the game without any help. HA! That's 
probably why no FAQ has been written. :)


Thanks again to all who made this game possible.
Thanks to gamefaqs.
Thanks to you, the reader of this FAQ for actually bothering about this game 
and reading my FAQ.
Any comments or qns, pls mail snap at [email protected]

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