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Version 1.1

update 3/31/11 - Put mage stats with warrior stats. - Fix some
formatting, spelling, and grammer.

Majesty 2 FAQ

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Table of Contents



*Blade Master
*Sister of Krypta
*Priestess of Agrela
*Archer of Helia
*Beast Master 



*General Tips


At the time I wrote this guide, I’ve beaten the OC, King Maker, 
Battles of Arcadia, and Monster’s Kingdom. I never used the Hall of 
Heroes (Except once in Monster’s Kingdom).  I never built more than 
one type of guild and I only use 3 temples at a time and only 3 that 
are aligned together (Helians, Paladins, and Priestess together or 
Sisters, Blades, and Beast Masters together). I also don’t mix elves 
and dwarves. When I beaten the OC and King Maker, I didn’t know how 
parties worked so I never used them. A lot of what is in this guide I 
found after I beat much of everything.
The reason I say this is to let you know that not only did I not know 
much, but I “handicapped” myself also and was still able to beat these 
games. Many people are turned away because of the difficulty of this 
game. This game is not “skill difficult” like most RTS games are but 
more like “puzzle difficult.” Just because you lose, doesn’t mean you 
are bad. Just means you haven’t figured out the “puzzle” of that map. 
Even If I played a new map, I’ll probably lose a lot until I figure 
out where everything is and how to beat it.


The stats I have for heroes are an average for heroes level 15 with 
max blacksmith upgrades. Numbers in parenthesis are stats with self 
buffs included. The reason for averages is because heroes start out 
with random stats that effect their attack power and health.

*Rogue – Rogues are the cheapest class, but that doesn’t do them any 
justice. They do good damage, are fast, and have nice abilities. They 
also have ok defenses against everything. They love money so will 
eagerly go for any of your flags. Their main downside is that they are 
a melee class with little HP. They also have the ability to take a 
small amount of gold off of dead monster bodies. They are semi 
aggressive, attacking a few monsters nearby before they return home if 
they have nothing else to do.

Attack		81.1
Health		250.4
Melee Def		40
Range Def		90
Magic Def		50
Speed		4


Poisoning – Does 1x damage. This allows the rogue to put a DoT effect 
on enemies. Not the greatest at high levels but works VERY well in low 
levels. Reason being is that rogues will run a lot in low levels. 
Because of that, a lot of their early damage will be from the poison 
they left on the target they are running from.

Solar Plexus Kick – Does 1.5x damage and lowers the attack power of 
the target. Again, this upgrade works better in low levels because the 
debuff doesn’t increase with levels. This is the same effect as the 
Ranger’s  and doesn’t stack because of it. This is probably an 
unintended game flaw.

Insidious Blow – Does 3x damage. Very nice upgrade.

Stun – Does 1.5 damage and prevents the target from attacking or 
moving for a short time. This is one of the best abilities in the 
game. It helps your heroes tackle high level monsters like werewolves, 
werebears, and vampires. It also can sometimes get monsters to stop 
attacking your buildings and attack your heroes instead.

Low Level Tips – Rogues pretty much take care of themselves by running 
a lot and since they are fast, nothing can catch up to them. They have 
some defense for all types of attacks so nothing really stands out 
that can hurt them. They are one of the few classes that can somewhat 
handle serpents at low levels.  Because they are cheap, it’s not such 
a pain to resurrect them.

*Ranger – Rangers are another cheap class, but this does them justice 
however. They don’t do much damage and don’t have any abilities that 
stand out much. They don’t have any defense they excel or suck at. 
They go for explore flags more so than other classes.

Attack		60.6
Health		286
Melee Def		45
Range Def		55
Magic Def		40
Speed		4


Hunter’s Shot – Does 4x damage against beast. This gives the ranger a 
lot of burst damage against beast. Great for killing wolves and rats 
in one blow and can take a lot off of bears HP. Good for taking down 
werewolves and werebears too.

Accurate Shot – Does 3x damage. Good basic damage upgrade.

Weakening shot - Does 1.5x damage and lowers the attack power of the 
target. This upgrade works better in low levels because the debuff 
doesn’t increase with levels. This is the same effect as the rogue’s 
and doesn’t stack because of it. This is probably an unintended game 

Pain Of Spirit – Does 3x damage and drains mana from the target. This 
ability is practically useless. It’s only used against targets with 
mana and no monster uses mana. Only enemy heroes use mana and they 
mostly die before they run out. The only use for the mana drain is if 
you are having a hard time killing enemy healers. Despite that the 
mana drain part is being almost useless, 3x damage is very nice.

Low Level Tips – Since they have great burst damage against beast, you 
can put their guild next to wolf dens, sewer pipes, and even bear dens 
if you want to risk it. They will kill the level 5 threats in 1 or 2 
attacks. The level 10 threats go down in a few attacks also. With a 
tower to protect and distract for them, they can even kill dire bears 
early on.

*Warrior – Warriors are your tanks. They have a lot of HP with high 
melee and good range defense. They don’t have a lot of magic defense, 
but their high HP and self buff makes up for it.  Warriors like attack 
and defend flags. The only bad thing about them is they don’t do much 
damage and are slow.

Attack		46.2	
Health		517.6	
Melee Def		75	100
Range Def		50	75
Magic Def		25	50
Speed		3	


Taunt – Does 1.5x damage and makes the target attack the warrior. This 
is a great ability but doesn’t work all the time. I’ve never seen the 
warrior taunt a monster off of a tower either. But when it does work, 
it’s nice to know that the warrior is getting attacked instead of the 
mage standing next to him.

Crushing Blow – Does 3x damage. Great damage upgrade and you can get 
it early too.

Maiming Blow – Does 5x damage and slows the target. This is one of the 
best abilities in the game. Not only does it do a lot of damage, it 
also is able to slow even targets that are resistant to any other type 
of special attacks (like stuns). This ability shines when targets are 
slowed trying to chase one of your heroes other than the warrior at 
the same time. They waste tremendous amounts of time just walking 
while letting your heroes do damage on them unthreatened.

Resistance To Pain – This gives your warrior 25+ all round extra 
defense. It just makes your warrior that harder to kill.

Low Level Tips – Skeletons are the perfect monsters to fight with 
warriors. All skeletons have little to no melee defense. The melee 
skeletons are usually the ones that spawn early and warriors have 
great melee defense. Even when the archer skeletons start to spawn, 
warriors have ok range defense too. It’s a no brainer to put the 
warrior’s guild next to graveyards and let them get easy XP and gold. 
They are slow, so watch out for them when they are fleeing home with 
monsters chasing them.

*Cleric – Clerics are your basic healers. They will heal over doing 
damage most of the time, even healing NPCs. They have low melee and 
range defense but good magic defense. Despite defenses though, they 
are hard to kill by anything cause they will spam heal themselves over 
and over again. They love protect flags more than most other heroes. 
They are somewhat expensive too. Their damage if pretty much pathetic 

Attack		43.7
Health		363.8
Melee Def		35
Range Def		35
Magic Def		70
Speed		3.5


Heal – Heals a portion of HP on target. This is their core ability and 
they get it from level 1. This is one of the best abilities in the 
game. The only down side is they love to use it on anything near them, 
even when they have a mission to attend. While going to protect that 
trading post you put a flag on, they will probably stop and heal the 5 
heroes on their way back home, the tax collector running from rats, 
and the warrior who already has a backpack full of health potions 
fighting something he could fight with one hand behind his back.

Holy Attack – Does 8x damage to undead. This attack just destroys 
undead like they were nothing. Clerics can kill most undead with one 
hit and take 2-3 hits to kill veteran and sniper skeletons. Vampires 
are the only undead that might last a few against clerics.

Faith Restoration – Slowly regenerates mana on the target. They can 
cast this on themselves and other heroes. This ability is great in 
rare moments but is almost worthless anytime else. The only way 
clerics die most of the time is that they ran out of mana fighting too 
many monsters or a high level monster that would have killed anyone. 
When clerics fight alone, they slowly whittle away their targets HP 
while they constantly heal themselves. This can take a long time and 
the cleric can run out of mana. Against one or sometimes two easy 
targets, this is ok because clerics will regain enough mana slowly to 
keep healing themselves. Against more targets or something that does 
more damage, they will die or run away. This ability allows them to 
regain more mana so they won’t have as much issues  in the rare cases 
they do run out of mana. The biggest issue though is by time you can 
get and afford this ability, your cleric will never run out of mana. 
Mages are the only class that will run out of mana regularly. This 
ability is mostly worth it for mages that pass by the cleric and 
receive this buff.

Hammer Of Faith – Does 3x damage and knocks back target. The extra 
damage is nice but knockback is aggravating. It does, however, give 
you more peace of mind knowing your cleric has more tools to keep 
themselves alive

Low Level Tips – Clerics are the easiest to level early on because of 
their healing ability. A cleric dying in the low levels is just bad 
luck. Clerics are the best class to tackle serpents too. Clerics have 
good magic defense against their attacks. Put their guild next to the 
serpent lairs will level them up and bring in some income. They can 
get overwhelmed sometimes (because they rarely run away and take 
forever to kill something) and run out of mana. Help them out before 
that happens. Researching mana potions prevents this from happening 

*Mage – Mages are the premiere damage dealers. They have lots of 
attack power and plenty of spells to rotate with. They pretty much lay 
waste to anything that doesn’t have high magic defense, and even those 
things are not safe. The biggest issues with them though are that they 
are expensive as hell, slow, have low HP, and are fragile in the low 
levels. They are also very aggressive too which doesn’t help much when 
you want to keep them safe. They are mainly interested in attack 

Attack		156	
Health		252.9	
Melee Def		30	(80)
Range Def		30	(80)
Magic Def		60	(110)
Speed		3	


Magic Shield – Gives +50 all around defense to the mage. Mages get 
this at level 5 and you can breathe easily when they do get this. 
Without this and no armor upgrades, mages have absolutely zero 
defenses against everything! With this, they can have more defense 
than other classes. Be prepared to scream though when you see your 
mage forget to buff himself and die right afterwards.

Fireball -  Does 2x AoE damage and places a DoT effect on targets. Not 
only does it do a good amount of damage, it hits multiple targets too 
plus has the DoT to do even more damage. What makes this ability even 
better is that is can be researched right away

Ice Arrow – Does 3x damage and prevents the target from moving or 
attacking. This is one of the best abilities in the game. It helps 
your heroes tackle high level monsters like werewolves, werebears, and 
vampires. It also can sometimes get monsters to stop attacking your 
buildings and attack your heroes instead.

Windstorm – Does 1.5 damage and knocks back all enemies in range. 
Rarely see this ability used. The monster has to get close before the 
wizard uses it and it doesn’t knock monsters back that he’s already 
froze with Ice Arrow. Not only that, but not much can survive long 
enough to get close to the mage, and a lot of the monsters that are 
strong enough to do that are immune to knockback.

Firestorm – Does 5x damage on all enemies in range. This is one of the 
best and coolest looking abilities in the game. It does very good 
damage even on just one target but does crazy damage when it hits a 
bunch of monsters packed up together. The only drawback is that it 
takes an extra second to cast.

Low Level Tips – Mages are the most fragile class in the low levels 
and are weak against everything! Even the sewer rats will kill them. 
Skeletons are weak against magic attacks, but still be weary of 
putting the mage guild right on top of them. Putting a tower next to a 
sewer drain with the mage guild behind it can help. The tower 
distracts allowing the mages to get some free hits in. Killing monster 
dens before monsters spawn is another way to get mages to level 5 
quick. Another trick is to research all the mage attacks (or at least 
fire ball and ice arrow) before you even recruit any mages. This will 
allow them to kill most things before they get in danger. The biggest 
advice though is to NOT research mana potions. Mages will buy these 
before buying health potions. Wait until the mages get to level 5 at 
least before researching mana potions. This will hurt your clerics 
though, but mages cost way more than clerics so it’s worth it.

*Paladin – Paladins are powerful warriors with even more defense and 
HP. They are very hard nuts to crack. They are wrecking balls where 
ever they go. They have the same aggressiveness too and eagerness for 
attack and defend classes. They rarely run away also.

Attack		104.9	
Health		2149	
Melee Def		95	(120)
Range Def		60	(85)
Magic Def		35	(60)
Speed		3	


Taunt – Does 1.5x damage and makes the target attack the Paladin.  
Same as warrior version.
Crushing Blow – Does 3x damage. Same as warrior version.

Holy Patronage – Gives 25+ all around defense. Same as warrior version 
except the paladin can cast this on friendly heroes too!

Holy Strike – Does 5x damage and prevent target from moving and 
attacking. Great ability, great damage. It is one of the few stuns. A 
downgrade IMO because the warrior’s slow attack is so unique.

Aura Of Holiness – Does 5x on all undead in range. This pretty much 
makes the paladin a wrecking ball to undead.

*Blade Master – Blade Masters are warriors who tossed aside their 
defenses instead for a crap load of more damage and more speed. They 
hit hard and have good AoE damage. They are perfect for maps like 
Kingmaker's sending hordes of goblins at you. They have the same 
aggressiveness too and eagerness for attack and defend classes. They 
rarely run away also.

Attack		155.1
Health		1222.5
Melee Def		55
Range Def		80
Magic Def		35
Speed		3.5


Taunt – Does 1.5x damage and makes the target attack the Blade Master.  
Same as warrior version.

Crushing Blow – Does 3x damage. Same as warrior version.

Maiming Blow – Does 5x damage and slows the target. Same as warrior’s 

Whirlwind – Does 2x damage to all targets in range. Ok damage but also 
attacks everything around him.

Whirlwind Of Blades – Does 3x damage and knocks back all targets in 
range. Even better damage but does the aggravating knockback.

*Sister of Krypta – Krypta priest are like clerics who can only heal 
themselves and can do good damage. They also summon skeleton minions 
that either follow or roam around the map. These minions make good 
distractions for high level monsters roaming around. They also may 
even explore the map for you. They have the same eagerness for protect 
flags like clerics.

Attack		104.7
Health		696.1
Melee Def		40
Range Def		70
Magic Def		50
Speed		3


Summon Skeletons – Does exactly what it says. They are like little low 
level warriors with poor armor. The Priest can summon quite a few.

Summon Lich – Does exactly what it says. They do good damage, but 
their biggest thing is that they can AoE stun! The priest can only 
summon one of these.

Drain Life – Does 3x damage and restores some of the Priest’s health. 
This is a heal like the cleric’s except it heals for a little bit more 
but cannot be spammed. With this, the priest can tank a lot of tough 

Plague – Does damage and places a DoT on all targets in range. Ok 
attack but nothing special about this ability.

*Priestess of Agrela – These are just clerics on healing steroids. 
They can AoE heal which is great for boss fights that have a lot of 
AoE damage. They have the same eagerness for protect flags like 

Attack		80.6
Health		828.7
Melee Def		50
Range Def		35
Magic Def		85
Speed		3.5


Heal – Heals a portion of HP on target.  Same as the cleric’s.

Mass  Heal – Heals a portion of HP on all targets in range.

Holy Attack – Does 8x damage to undead. Same as the cleric’s

Holy Might – Raises the melee offense of friendly target. It does this by
 a nice chunk too.

*Archer of Helia – These are rangers that hit hard like mages. They do 
nothing but straight high damage. They have the same eagerness to go 
for explore flags like rangers.

Attack		155.4
Health		1124.8
Melee Def		35
Range Def		55
Magic Def		80
Speed		4


Hunter’s Shot – Does 4x damage against beast. Same as the ranger’s

Accurate Shot – Does 3x damage. Same as the ranger’s

Staggering Shot - Does 1.5x damage and lowers the attack power of the 
target. Same as the ranger’s

Fatal Shot – Does 5x damage. Nothing but a crap load of damage

Sun Arrow – Does 2x damage on all targets in range. Great on targets 
that like to group together.

*Beast Master – Beast Masters are rangers with pets and tricks. They 
are nothing spectacular alone, but their pets have the stats rivaling 
high level monsters! They have the same eagerness to go for explore 
flags like rangers. The main con about beastmasters is that they have 
so many buffs that they spend a lot of time conjuring.

Attack		123.4
Health		792.1
Melee Def		65
Range Def		55
Magic Def		40
Speed		3.5


Hunter’s Shot – Does 4x damage against beast. Same as the ranger’s

Accurate Shot – Does 3x damage. Same as the ranger’s

Summon Wolf – Does exactly what is says. The wolf works like a mid 
level warrior with no armor. With the Master’s buffs, it can handle 
many wandering monsters that your heroes ignore.

Summon Bear – Does exactly what is says. The bear has more tanking 
capabilities than most of the heroes. He has a lot of HP, can be 
healed, he’s immune to stuns and knockbacks, and has a ton of melee 
defense. He’s pretty much capable of distracting wearbears while your 
heroes take it down with ease. He has no range defense but there’s 
nothing really much threating that does range damage except enemy 

Feral Wraith – Gives a damage buff to his beast

Heal Beast – Puts a HoT on his beast. This is better than a straight 
heal because the beast like to wander around a lot.

Stone Head – This prevents the hero from being stunned. Works wonders 
against enemies that like to spam stuns.

*Dwarf – Dwarfs are sturdy tanks, especially against monsters that do 
magic damage or range damage. They have good melee defense and great 
magic and range defense. They are great against dragons and other 
monsters that mix magic and physical damage.

Attack		84	
Health		1433.4	
Melee Def		50	
Range Def		75	
Magic Def		75	(125)
Speed		3	


Stun:  Does 1.5x damage and stuns target. Not much damage but stuns 
are nice.

Destruction:  Does 5x damage against buildings. This makes dwarves 
deadly against enemy towns. They can tear them down pretty fast and 
works on lairs too. A lot of  other hero abilities are not even used 
against buildings.

Smashing Blow: Does 3x damage. A good damage upgrade.

Stone Blood: Boosts magic defense. This just skyrockets that dwarf’s 
magic defense.

*Elf – Elves are like commandos. They move fast and hit hard. And when 
they strike, the do so in a way where their targets can’t do much back 
because they are either stunned or can’t move. Then if the elf gets in 
trouble, they can out run anything chasing them. They are the fastest 
of heroes and go for any reward flags.

Attack		131.8	
Health		518.7	
Melee Def		20	
Range Def		60	
Magic Def		90	
Speed		4	(6)


Roots:  This prevents enemy target from moving

Magic Arrow: Does 5x damage. This is a lot of damage.

Eleven Inspiration:  Boosts the speed of friendly target. For some 
reason it seems it gives less speed to slower heroes and more speed to 
faster heroes. It’s good none the less.

Clever Shot – Does 3x damage and stuns target. Not only does it do 
good damage, it stuns too!


Daily Income – Some of the buildings generate money once per day. You 
can see how much this is by clicking it and looking at the number that 
is in green. You only get this money after the tax collector collects it 
and brings it back to the castle or guard tower.

Store Taxes – You collect 100% taxes on all store purchases (Socialism 
at its best lol). This means when your hero spends 100 gold at the 
blacksmith, you get 100 gold. Again, your tax collector has to get this 
money first.

Hero Taxes – You collect 50% taxes on all money your hero gets, even 
money from reward flags for them (talk about more socialism lol). Your 
hero deposits this money every time he rests at home. Your tax 
collector still has to get this money for you. If an inn is closer to 
the hero than it's guild and it has enough money, it will go rest at 
the inn instead. Heroes DON'T pay taxes at the inn!!! See *Party on 
how parties may negate taxes too. The gold amount that you see when
 you click on a hero only shows how much they are carrying. You have
 to look at their stats sheet to see how much is theirs and how much they
 have to pay the guild in dues.

Trading Post – Trading Post send a caravan every 3 days to your market 
place. If it makes it, the money is deposited in the market place and 
your tax collector has to collect it. The further the trading post is 
away from your castle, the more money they generate.

Magic Store – The magic store generates 200 gold every day that your 
tax collector must get.

Castle and Market Place Upgrades – Upgrading these buildings allows 
them to generate more gold every day. 

Here is the list of all the purchases your heroes can make and how 
much it will cost them. Note: Your heroes don’t have to buy lower 
armor upgrades before buying the higher ones if they are avalible, I.E.
 only spend 100 gold to get tier 3 and not 30+70+100.

All abilities cost 5 gold to learn.

Market Place		
Health Potion		20
Mana Potion		20
Amulet of Regeneration	300
Ring of Protection		100
Expert Amulet of Protection	300

Black Smith		
First Upgrade		30
Second Upgrade		70
Third Upgrade		100

Rogue Guild		
Poison Oil			100

Wizard Guild		
Enchantment		100

Magic Bazar		
All Potions		50

Satiety			25


What they do?! – Really what a party is, it is 1-3 heroes acting like 
they are responding to a protect flag placed on the leader. They 
constantly follow the leader and join in attacking buildings whenever 
the leader does. The leader will also sometimes respond to attacks on 
fellow party members. The personality of the party is based on the 
party leader, I.E. If the leader is a mage, the party will love to go 
for attack flags. If the mage dies, the 2nd party member takes charge 
and the party changes to his personality until the mage is resurrected 
and so on. The party still buys supplies and upgrades. The leader will 
take the party from store to store when needs arise.


Teamwork - Illustration: 4 heroes can attack an ogres den that you put 
a reward flag on. During this time, an ogre can come out and start 
beating up the cleric. The other 3 heroes ignore the fight because 
they are concerned about getting that gold! The cleric tries her best 
but dies. The ogre then goes for the rogue but he then runs away. The 
ogre then goes for the warrior. While the warrior is holding his own, 
the mage destroys the den causing another ogre to pop out. The mage 
then goes home to buy something leaving the warrior behind. The 2nd 
ogre double teams the warrior killing him. 
If you hate this like many other people do, parties fix this. If those 
4 were in a party, they all would have started to attack the 1st ogre 
when it went for the cleric and the 2nd one after the den was 

Rarely Die - Heroes in parties don’t die often as heroes not in 

Speed Boost – Heroes who get too far from the leader move faster so 
they can catch up.

No Fear! – Heroes in parties don’t run away at all. Great for boss 


Cost - $500 gold just to make one

Party Needs – It can be time consuming for the party to buy stuff for 
everyone. When one person needs an upgrade, the whole party goes with 
them. This also takes away more heroes from out there fighting 
monsters just because one person wanted a potion.

No Fear? – Because they don’t run away, they will die to the very last 
man while solo heroes are chilling in the inn after getting the heck 
out of that fight.

Taxes – Possibly a bug, but party members don’t pay taxes when they 
stay at the guild of their leader unless they are from that guild 
also… I.E. A party of 3 rogues from the same guild will pay taxes; 
With A party of 1 rogue leader and 2 warrior members, the warriors 
won’t pay taxes. Member will pay taxes, however, when the party visits 
their guild to buy something… I.E. wizards will pay their taxes if 
they go buy fireball or enchant their weapons at the wizard’s guild.

Explore Flags - Party leadres don't share money from reward flags!!! 

How to Create Parties? – Make an inn and upgrade it to level two then 
research parties. Click on the inn and then the party icon to summon 
all solo heroes. Heroes will then start making their way to the inn. 
If you have reward flags up, they may ignore your summons so don’t do 
it while flags are up. Some heroes like clerics take their sweet time 
getting there because they got to heal everything on the way. 
Sometimes heroes will be busy fighting everything on the way. Sometimes 
a hero will ignore the flag to buy something or go home.  They will 
eventually come.

How Parties are disbanded?  - Click on someone in the party where you 
see all of their icons on the bottom of the screen. There’s an X to 
the top right of them. Clicking on it disbands the group. Parties are 
also disbanded if everyone dies or all their guilds are destroyed at 
the same time.

Example of parties? – Me personally, I never build more than one type 
of guild and don’t use the halls of heroes. I only use 3 temples at a 
time and only 3 that are aligned together (Helian, Paladins, and 
Priestess together or Sisters, Blades, and Beast Masters together). I 
also don’t mix elves and dwarves. Of course the rules are bended on 
maps that force you to use different classes. I also plan to convert 
all my tier 2 classes instead of training them at level one. So I 
already know how many heroes I’ll have, and with that, I try to spread 
them around and have my parties planned before I even start.

The hero placement is in no particular order.

Outsider = Dwarf or Elf
X = this hero will be upgraded into a tier 2 class

1cleric/x	warrior/x	ranger/x
2cleric/x	warrior/x	ranger/x
3cleric	wizard	rogue	outsider
4warrior	wizard	rogue	outsider
5ranger	wizard	rogue	outsider

Sometimes I’ll take all of one class and put them in the same party so 
I’ll get all the taxes from them when I want to be greedy. This wastes 
their abilities though.

*General Tips

- Upgrading your marketplace doesn’t make trading post give you more 
gold. If you played Majesty 1, you may think this.

- If you are using parties and somehow find yourself desperate for 
gold, check to see how much taxable gold your heroes are carrying. 
Sometimes they can be carrying 1000’s of gold. You can disband the 
group and give them time to go home to deposit the cash before you 
regroup them again.

- Don’t put inns in the middle of your city, especially if you are not 
using parties. Your heroes will rest at the inn instead of at their 
guild. This only makes them waste 25 gold and stops them from paying 

- ”Don’t trust the Magic Shop! It’s all a lie!!!” LOL. Elixirs at the 
magic shop cost a whopping 50 gold for your heroes. It also doesn’t 
help that your heroes  pop elixirs like candy wasting them. 
Researching exiles at the shop early can sometimes make your heroes 
waste gold preventing them from buying permanent upgrades. Only 
research after your heroes get armor upgrades or you have a lot of
 income to make high amount reward flags for them.

- The Magic Shop does act as a good way to siphon money from your 
heroes into your own pocket. Researching just the attack elixirs or speed
 ones drains money from your rich heroes without hurting your poor ones
 too much.

- Sometimes it’s better to build the Magic Shop instead of a trading 
post. Yes it cost 1500 gold, but you start to build it instantly and 
it brings in as much income as most trading post. Plus it regenerates 
itself and you can build it in the middle of your town for protection. 
It could take days before your peasants build a trading post, plus you 
have to defend them and clear the area.

- Economy is God in this game. If you don’t get some of the trading 
post on some maps early enough, you won’t be able to win.

- Building a black smith early and researching the first tier armor 
upgrades can prevent a lot of low level deaths. The same is said with 
potions at the market place.

- If you use parties, you have to pay more attention to what’s going 
on, on the map. Reason being is because your heroes won’t be as 
scattered allowing monsters to walk right up to your town without you 
even knowing.

- It’s not always best to kill all the lairs the moment you see them. 
Lairs provide monsters and monsters provide money and experience for 
your heroes. It's actually good to put guilds right on top of them to feed
your heroes. Use classes that counter those monsters, I.E. Warriors or
Clerics on top of nearby graveyards.

- Spreading out your guilds from the castle will make peasant houses 
spawn between them and the castle giving them more protection. This 
gives you more gold because they are not being destroyed as much but 
does put your guilds in more danger.

- The King’s statue makes heroes go for flags cheaper as they start to 
ignore flags with little gold as they get more levels. Waiting long to 
build it is just wasting gold on reward flags.

- If you are using parties and they are fighting something deadly that 
you don’t want them to or they are hurting and you want them to leave, 
disband them and put a fear flag on top of them. They will all run 
away and you can regroup them later. It’s more than likely cheaper 
than constantly healing and resurrecting them.

- Upgrading your Castle and Market Place is good if you have the money 
and time to do it. All that extra income adds up every day even if it 
does cost a lot to do.

- Know the map and where all the trading post are at.

- Sometimes events are started by triggers that are started by you 
doing something. Some Examples: Exploring an area where a certain type 
of enemy is may trigger that enemy and/or lair to start producing 
monsters/heroes to attack you. Sometimes destroying something will 
cause monsters to start to spawn elsewhere. Doing things like this too early 
could get you overwhelmed by monsters. If a map seems  impossible, try 
to see if you are not triggering something too early.

- Monsters don’t typically spawn right away out of lairs, especially 
high level monsters. If you don’t see a monster icon on the lair or 
buildings, then it’s not active. If you destroy it before that 
happens, you’ll never see those monsters ever. This is good if you 
hate dragons, werewolves and other stuff that people cry about.

-  You can change how the tax collector collects taxes. If you are 
constantly under attack, keep his max gold low and have him go for 
only buildings with 50 or more gold (or whatever you think is worth 
going for). If all is peaceful, you can set him to only come back home 
until he has a lot of gold to maximize his movement.

- Keep an eye out for high damaging, high level monsters. It’s better 
to attack them early before they start tearing up your buildings. 
Don’t bet on towers to defeat them.

- If you train new heroes and have plenty of gold, give some to them. 
Flag monsters they are near or fighting so they can get the gold. Try 
to do so when other heroes are not around so they don't get any too.

- Before boss fights, if you are rich, give all your gold to your 
heroes. You can use the protect flag too for this by putting it on 
your castle for example and putting tons of gold in it. Research the 
magic shop techs too so your heroes will stock up on supplies before 
the boss fight with the money you just gave them.

- Fear flags prevent heroes from dying and you crying about it. It 
also prevents your heroes from exploring an area you don't want them 
to (perhaps it will trigger an event). Of course, this doesn't work on

- Even if you don't use parties, using the summons at the inn is a way
 to force your heroes to come defend around that location.

- Have fun


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