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Mario Golf FAQ for Game Boy Color
Version 1.4
By "Gruel" Dale Kulas
[email protected]
Latest Revision: December 16, 1999

Revision History:

---Version 1.4---December 16, 1999
Sorry for the lack of updates. I put a lot more tips on the mini-games 
and added some more reader tips as well. Also finished the the controls 
part of the FAQ. 

---Version 1.3---November 27, 1999
Sorry for no updates recently. Added some readers codes and tips, if 
some don't work please e-mail me.

---Version 1.2---November 16, 1999
Added the mini games and challenges sections for Palm Club games, Tiny 
Tots golf grounds, and Mini-Mini Lake Course. Also added another playing 
tip and code on how to unlock Peach Course.

---Version 1.1---November 14, 1999
Added the Mini Games and Challenges sections for Marion Club games, 
Windy Valley Hole 2, and  Club Maker's hut.

---Version 1.0---November 12, 1999
First Release, Everything New

FAQ Contents

	I. Introduction

	II. Differences between N64 and GB Color Versions of Mario Golf
	III. Controls

	IV. The Characters
		a) Kid
		b) Sherry
		c) Joe
		d) Azalea
		e) Mario
		f) Luigi
            Hidden Characters
		g) Putts
		h) Grace
		i) Tiny
		j) Gene Yuss
		k) Wario

	V. The Swing Meter

	VI. The Clubs

	VII. Gameplay Modes
		a) VS. Mode
		b) Match Game
		c) Stroke
		d) Training
		e) Tournament

	VIII. All tips on all the holes for all the courses in the game!
		a) Marion Course
		b) Palm Course
		c) Dune Course
		d) Links Course
		e) Peach Course

	IX. Mini-Games
		a) Marion Club Mini-Games
		b) Golf Clinic
		c) Palm Club Mini-Games
		d) Windy Valley Hole 1
		e) Windy Valley Hole 2
		f) Dune Club Mini-Games 
		g) Links Club Mini-Games
		h) Club Maker's Hut
		i) Tiny-Tots Golf Grounds
		j) Mini-Mini Lake Course
		k) Guru's Pitch & Putt 9 hole challenge

	X. Playing Tips

	XI. The Transfer Pak

	XII. Codes

	XIII. Gameshark Codes

	XIV. Credits


I. Introduction

	Hey, It's me Gruel again. Welcome to my Mario Golf FAQ for Game 
Boy Color. I bought this game and went absolutely nuts over it because 
of its depth. I find this game to be one of the very few "unique" golf 
games and it turns it vaguely to be a golf RPG. I hope you'll enjoy this 

	Nintendo usually has a key developer to make all there golf games, 
T & E Soft. Here's a little list of the golf game that T & E made for 
Nintendo: Golf(Virtual Boy), Pebble Beach: True Golf Classics(Super 
Nintendo), and Wailailae Country Club: True Golf Classics(Nintendo 64). 
Other Nintendo Golf games are Golf(NES,Game Boy) and NES Open Tournament 
Golf, but I'm unsure who the developers are for those games. 

	Anyways I thought T & E was gonna develop this one until I was 
suprised that it was Camelot, the same people who made Hot Shots Golf 
for Playstation! Now that little sidenote is done we can finally get 
onto the FAQ. 


II. Differences between the Nintendo 64 and Game Boy Color versions of 
Mario Golf.

	Mario Golf for Nintendo 64 is more of an arcade fantasy type golf 
game, much like Hot Shots Golf for PSX. Also the N64 version features 
much more Mario characters like Mario, Luigi, Wario, Peach, Baby Mario, 
and Yoshi. 

	Mario Golf for Game Boy Color is more of a simulation-rpg type of 
Golf game, and is truly one of the first of it's kind. And it only 
features 3 character from the Mario Universe: Mario, Luigi, and Wario. 


III. Controls

Control Pad:
	-Move Cursor on In-game Menus
	-Move Character on field map
	-Change shot and putt direction(by pressing Left or Right)
	-Select Clubs(by pressing up or down)
	-Change different option screens(by pressing up or down)
	-Scroll through various scorecards(by pressing left or right)

	-Zoom in on the green during gameplay

	-Pauses game and displays menu screen

A Button:
	-Confirms selection
	-Set power and timing when shooting and putting

B Button:
	-Cancel selection
	-switches powers of shots and putts
	-replays shots before your ball stops rolling


IV. The Characters

	a) Kid
 	Age: 10
	Initial Drive: 202 yards
	Initial Shot: Draw
	Mini-Bio: Active, young boy who's been living golf his whole life.

	b) Sherry
      Age: 12
	Initial Drive: 200 yards
	Initial Shot: Straight
	Mini-Bio: Her Mommy got her into golf.

	c) Joe
	Age: 19
	Initial Drive: 205 yards
	Initial Shot: Draw
	Mini-Bio: The "Happy Gilmore" of Mario Golf, who went from pro 
	dancer to pro golfer combining his dancing skills into his golf

	d) Azalea
	Age: 17
	Initial Drive: 204 yards
	Initial Shot: Fade
	Mini-Bio: Went from track star into pro golfer. 

	e) Mario
	Age: ???
	Initial Drive: 270 yards
	Shot: Draw
	Mini-Bio: The best golfer in the game, this well known plumber 
	be a challenge to beat

	f) Luigi
	Age: ???
	Drive: 220 yards
	Shot: Fade
	Mini-Bio: Mario's often ignored brother, makes an appearance in 
	this game, he's not as good as Mario, but still pretty good.


	g) Putts
	Marion Club Champion

	h) Grace
	Palm Club Champion

	i) Tiny
	Dune Club Champion

	j) Gene Yuss
	Links Club Champion

	k) Wario
	everything is unknown about this character, except that he's much
	better than Mario. Also if you beat Wario you get 400 experience 


V. The Swing Meter


This is how you control your shot. The two bold dashes on it are the 
idea spots you want to hit. Press A to start the cursor to, if you want 
to hit the golf ball at maximum power hit A when the cursor goes by the 
very end of the left side of the meter, the cursor will start to move to 
the right after you stopped it once and you want to hit A again when it 
hits the bold dash on the right for perfect timing, this will result in 
a "nice shot" message appearing on the screen and it will give you a 
great drive. 


VI. The Clubs(Initial distance with a created character before being 
leveled up)   

	1 Wood
	Maximum Distance: 210 Yards

	3 Wood
	Maximum Distance: 196 Yards

	4 Wood
	Maximum Distance: 181 Yards

	2 Iron
	Maximum Distance: 167 Yards

	3 Iron
	Maximum Distance: 158 Yards

	4 Iron
	Maximum Distance: 148 Yards

	5 Iron
	Maximum Distance: 138 Yards

	6 Iron
	Maximum Distance: 129 Yards

	7 Iron
	Maximum Distance: 119 Yards

	8 Iron
	Maximum Distance: 110 Yards
	9 Iron
	Maximum Distance: 100 Yards

	Pitching Wedge
	Maximum Distance: 86 Yards

	Sand Wedge
	Maximum Distance: 67 Yards


VII. Gameplay Modes

	a) VS. Mode
	With the use of a game link cable you and your friend can tee it 
	in a round of golf

	b) Match Game
	Go against any character in the game, even any of the club champs
	in the course of your choice. If you defeat a club champ he'll be
	unlocked as a playable character. For every round you play you get
	experience points to raise the levels of a created player you 

	c) Stroke
	Play a round of golf of a course of your choosing by yourself. 
	You get a certain amount of experience points depending upon how 
	well you do.

	d) Training
	Pick any course and pick any hole you wanna practice, you don't 
	get any experience points, but you better your game.

	e) Tournament
	You start off in a tournament between 30 people on the Marion 
	Course. You have to place 1st to advance to the next course, win
	win all 4 courses then face Mario, then Wario. Earn experience
	points after every round, birdie badges, and trophies.


VIII. All tips on all the holes for all the courses in the game!

	a) Marion Course
	Coming Soon in a later Revision
	b) Palm Course
	Coming soon in a later revision

	c) Dune Course
	Coming soon in a later revision

	d) Links Course
	Coming soon in a later revision

	e) Peach Course
	Coming soon in a later revision


IX. Mini-Games and Challenges

	a) Marion Club Mini Games
	Driving Rang Challenges

	Challenge 1

	The girl on the right in the driving range teaches you how to
	get on the green with a 2 Iron with the wind against you. If
	you accomplish this you get experience points.

	Challenge 2

	The boy on the left teaches you how to get a good drive with
	a tailwood against you with a 1 wood. Use full power to 
	accomplish this and gain experience points.

	Approach Range Challenges

	Challenge 1

	The boy to the right of the green teaches you how to use a 
	running approach to get near the hole easier. Use a 5
	Iron to get near the hole to get experience points.

	Challenge 2
	The girl above the green teaches you how to use a chip approach
	with a pitching wedge, so use that club and get near the hole
	to gain experience points.

	Putting Challenges

	Challenge 1

	Go to the practice green and talk to the boy on the right 
	and he'll challenge you to a putting contest where you have
	to get the ball at least on a small green circle by the hole
	7 out of 10 times. By doing so you gain experience points.

	b) Golf Clinic
	East of Palm Club is the Golf Clinic, where you can get pros to 
	review your shots, they only seem to do in-depth reviews of shots 
	hit at max power, because if you do not hit them at max power, the 
	judge will simply say, "I don't judge mishits." 

	Anyways, these guys are extremely helpful, and give excellent 
	advice at balls hit at full power. 

	c) Palm Club Mini Games
	Driving Range Challenges

	Challenge 1

	The girl on the middle left teaches you how to hit an accurate
	iron shot on a par 3 using a 2 iron with a 10mph wind against you.
	The trick is to hit at normal power, not max.

	Challenge 2

	The boy on the middle right teaches you how to hit intentional 
	shots(curving shots on purpose) by holding the control pad
	the second after you hit the ball. Hitting the ball with your
	1 wood under normal power should do the trick.

	Approach Range Challenges

	Challenge 1
	The boy in the bunker teaches you how to hit a bunker shot using
	your sand wedge. It's 20 yards from the bunker to the hole. So you
	hit at an estimate power of 15 yards to make a nice roll toward 

	Challenge 2

	Talk to the girl to the left of the green, she'll teach you how
	to do a running approach. It's 90 yards from the fairway to hole
	and she uses a putter, but instead use a sand wedge at hit at half

	Putting Challenges

	Talk to the boy at the way right and go for another best 7 out of
	10 putts.

	d) Windy Valley Hole 1
	South of Links club on the map is Windy Valley Hole 1. This is
	only one hole which only about a par 3, and there are several 
	platforms to shoot around it, with a high wind going against you, 
	anyways everytime you're about to tee off, a guy standing at one 
	of the platforms keeps telling you to shoot at his platform, and
	it's the most difficult to make. Eventually you'll make the 
	hole-in-one, and after you do the guy will congradulate you, and
	you'll receive a bunch of experience points.

	e) Windy Valley Hole 2
	Later in the game go back to the same spot and go into the hut and
	talk to the guy and he'll challenge you to make another good green
	approach from a more challenging spot, by doing so you gain more
	experience points, also he'll offer to change your shot into fade 
	aboslutely free.
	f) Dune Club Mini Games
	Driving Range Challenges

	Challenge 1

	Talk to the girl stuck by the trees on the left side of the 
	course. To get back on the fairway from this rough spot use normal
	power and use one of the Iron club and hit the ball with a low
	trajectory rate, this should get you back on the fairway.

	Challenge 2

	Talk to the kid on the far right of the driving tees. He shows you
	how to get on the fairway by avoiding a hazard. You should hit a 
	high ball right at the pin. Use Normal Power, the whole is 86 
	yards away so try using a 9 Iron and hit it about afew notches
	before the very left end of the meter, and you should get on the

	Approach Range Challenges

	Challenge 1

	Talk to the girl on the fairway, she's gonna teach you on how to
	get the ball close to the whole on a steep green. Use a 7 Iron on
	low power and hit the ball a couple of notches before the left end 
	of the meter and you should get the ball pretty close.

	Challenge 2

	Talk to the boy by the bunker. He'll show you how to get the ball 
	closer to the whole with a lob shot. Use your sand wedge and hold
	down on the control pad as you time your shot to get a backspin.

	Putting Challenges 

	Challenge 1

	Talk to the kid on the bottom left of the green to go for another
	best 7 out of 10 putting challenge.

	Challenge 2/Alternate Game

	This is one of the hardest challenges in the game. At the top of 
	green area, there are a group of 2 girls and a guy, talk to one of 
	them, and they'll ask you to be there partner for a 2-on-2 
	challenge. You'll do it in either match or stroke play. You get a
	girl as your partner, and you go against the other guy and girl.

	Both of the girls suck at golf. They mistime some of there shots,
	and they miss the easiest putts, but you guys are gonna have to
	stick it out, and see who winds up with the best score gets the
	experience points.

	g) Links Club Mini Games
	Driving Range Challenges

	Challenge 1
	Talk to the girl on the left side of the course by the bunker.
	She'll show you how to get to the green from there. Use a 2 Iron
	at Max Power and just time the ball a little bit before the max
	meter at the left, and you should get the ball near the whole.

	Challenge 2

	Talk to the boy on the right side of the course by the trees.
	He'll show you how to get to the green. Use a Sand Wedge and 
	curve the ball by pressing the control pad to get the ball on the 

	Approach Range Challenges

	Challenge 1
	Talk to the girl on the left side of the green. She'll show you
	how to get the ball to roll down the slope toward the whole. Use
	a 5 Iron on low power with no spin and you should get the job 

	Challenge 2

	Talk to the boy above the green. He'll show you how to get close
	to the ball on an uphill slope. By using a pitching wedge and
	putting a backspin on it you should have no problem.

	Putting Challenges

	Challenge 1

	Talk to the boy on the bottom left of the green to go for yet 	
	another 7 out of 10 challenge.

	h) Club Maker's Hut
	Northeast of Marion Club is the Club Makers Hut. Go there and 
	he'll ask you to exchange your club for either a special distance
	or control club. If you don't like it, you can get your old club
	back by seeing him again. Also hidden in one of his closets is
	a 1-up mushroom where you gain a level for free.

	i) Tiny-Tots Golf Grounds
	This is a tricky time course. A lady has to pick up all the balls
	laying on the golf ground, and she wants you to putt them all on
	the green withing a circle, by doing so you'll gain a lot of
	experience points.

	j) Mini-Mini Lake Course
	Here help a struggling rookie show his trainer how to make an
	impossible that seems impossible to make. You shoot from the rough
	right before the big water hazard surrounding the little green. 
	If your drive is leveled high enough, hit the ball at max power
	using your 5 Iron, you'll then make it on the green and earn 
	140 experience points.

	k) Guru's Pitch & Putt 9 Hole Challenge
	Each hole is a par 3, but you must make a birdie on every hole,
	and make it at least to the green after the first shot.

	This is the last course you unlock in the game once your character
	is leveled up to level 41.


X. Playing Tips

	Here are a whole bunch of tips I gathered to make sure to keep 
your golf game at your best, and to prevent you to not throw your Game 
Boy on the floor in frustration.

	1) Always look at the wind speed and wind direction
	This is what always screwing me up most in my game. Make sure to 
link at the wind speed/direction before you tee off in every hole, or 
your perfected shots could end up going into a bunker or rough.

	2) Always look at how far the hole is away from you. 
	Make sure to look at how far the hole is away from your ball, 
because it's 135 yards away and if you're using a club that goes a 
distance of 150 yards and if you hit it at max power, your shot will go 
way over the hole.

	3) Putting away from the green.
	If you put from the green edge the ball only goes 1/3 of the 
initial distance of the putter and if you're putting from the fairway it 
only goes 1/10 of the initial distance.(Thanks to [email protected] for 
the tip) 

	4) Now who's good at what and who sucks at this?
	Here are ranks for best putters and drivers in the game.(Thanks to
Mart Mauser at [email protected] for the ranks)

Drivers	Middle Shooting	Chipping	Putting
1. Mario	1. Mario		1. Tiny	1. Mario
2. Tiny	2. Gene Yuss	2. Mario	2. Gene Yuss
3. Wario	3. Wario		3. Wario	3. Wario
4. Gene Yuss4. Tiny		4. Gene Yuss4. Tiny
5. Luigi	5. Luigi		5. Luigi	5. Grace
6. Grace	6. Putts		6. Grace	6. Luigi
7. Putts	7. Grace		7. Putts	7. Putts



XI. The Transfer Pak

	With the use of a new perepheral, the transfer pak, you can 
exchange game info from the Game Boy Mario Golf to the N64 version of 
it. The idea is to transfer secret characters unlocked in the Game Boy 
version of Mario Golf to be playable in the N64 version of Mario Golf, 
that couldn't be unlocked before.

	It'll be a while before we get to do this though, because the 
Transfer Pak makes it's US release packed in with the Poke'mon Stadium 
game in Spring 2000. 


XII. Codes
(People who contributed these codes can be found in the credits section)

	Unlock Peach Course
	Place 1st in all the club tournaments and enable the Peach course
where all the holes are shaped like Nintendo characters.

	Unlock Guru's Pitch & Putt 9 Hole Challenge
	Beat all the boss golfers, except Wario to unlock this course.

	1-Up Locations

	Here's where all the 1-ups Mushrooms are, if you find any that 
aren't listed here please e-mail me. People who sent in locations for 
mushrooms are in the credits section.

Location					Where
Marion Clubhouse	Locker Room		In one of the lockers
Club-Makers Hut				In one of the bookshelves
Director's Office				In one of the bookshelves

	300 Free Experience Points

	In certain hidden location by pressing the A button a man will
pop up and give you 300 experience points. Here are some locations.

1: Press A at the northern most point of Tiny Tots Mini Course. 
2: Press A on the most eastern point of Palm Club's practice putting
3: At the Link's club Caddie's Master office along the long right path
face down toward one of the trees and press A.


XIII. Gameshark Codes

People who contributed Game Shark codes can be found in Credits section

	Code		Effect

	0100A0C8	Always Under Par


XIV. Credits

Nintendo and Camelot - for making this great game

[email protected] - for Putting Tip

Marty Mauser at [email protected] - for Rankings

Jeremy Annock at [email protected] - for 1-up mushroom location in 
Director's office

Casey Cherry at [email protected] - for Under Par Gameshark code

Rick Blalock at [email protected] - for the hidden 300 free experience
points tricks

Matt Sephton at [email protected] - for how to unlock Guru's P&P Challenge

All feedback welcome to 
[email protected] 
with "Mario Golf FAQ" in the subject

This FAQ, Copywright, 1999 
by Dale Kulas

Not one soul shall use any part or all of this FAQ and post it unless 
they have permission to do so and by giving credit where it's due.


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