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Martian Gothic: Unification(c) 05/01/00
Devolped by Creative Reality           
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02/14/01 - Version 1.0         - ReRelease of the FINAL version of this FAQ
                               - End ammended to explain the lack of updates
                                 and resons for stopping.

06/14/00 - Version 1.0         - FAQ is now out of Beta,  as it is in real good
                               - Last version was not  released due to time and
                                 copyright issues.
                               - FAQ currently reflects my progress all the way
                                 to the Necropolis.
                               - Moved the credits section to the bottom.
                               - Added in section for saves
                               - Updated the Q&A

05/18/00 - Version 0.1 BETA    - A few days later than planned (okay, a week!).
                               - Found a few more mistakes in the opening of my
                               - Closed a loophole in my copright statement.
                               - Got a lot further for those of you really
                               - Fixed some formating issues  (lines should not
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                               - Major fix on how to fix the hull breach.

05/08/00 - Version 0.01 BETA   - Some spelling fixes
                               - Some gameplay points fixed in the beginning
                               - Now have  the proper solution  to getting  the
                                 yellow key.
                               - Everything between getting into MOOD and 
                                 opening the bulkheads is revealed.
                                -Copyright  is ammended  a bit  to solve  a few
                                 issues already.
                                -Did some formatting, should work better.

05/06/00 - Version 0.001 BETA  - FAQ is released for public consumption.

05/04/00 - Version 0.000 ALPHA - FAQ is created after  hours of playing Martian
                                 Gothic: Unification.

- - - -Enough Stupid Stuff, Let's Rock - - - -

Martian Gothic : Unification is a Sci-Fi Horror game in the time honored track
of Alone in the Dark,  Resident Evil,  and Parasite Eve.  I think this game is
better than those though,  as it was written by a reknown SciFi author and was
superbly made into a game by the developers.

Gameplay is very similar to Resident Evil,  along with many of the conventions
used  (except for  the save computers,  rather than save ribbons).  While  the
voice  actors don't  quite get too  emotional most  of the time,  they portray
their  characters well,  and although the graphics are 3 years ago in quality,
the game definitly makes up for that in plot quality.

- - Story - -

Vita  Project  was  the  search for life on Mars.  Sponsored  by  the  Allenby
Corporation,  they  did  just that.  They  discovered  live bacteria nearly 50
meters below the surface of Mars.

In October of 2017,  they discovered something bigger,  but radio contact  was
abruptly cut off from  Vita Base soon after.  10 months have based since then,
and Earth Control is finally doing something about it.

Enter the Enigma Mission,  composed of Kenzo Uji, techno-zen hippie and pilot,
Martin Karne,  mining  and  security specialist,  and  Diane Matlock,  mission
science advisor.  Sent to Mars to discover the reason for Vita Base's silence,
their mission is nearly cut short.

While landing, Kenzo finds himself without a landing beacon,  someone had shut
it off.  The demon of a dust storm didn't help him too much either.  He barely
manages to crash land the shuttle they traveled in close to the base.

As the crew scrambles for the base,  they remember that they should go through
seperate airlocks, since they must "Stay Alone, Stay Alive".

3 will enter, 2 will leave. What horrors does Vita Base hide within it's quiet
soul? What did the crew find shortly before they were silenced? And why aren't
those dead people staying dead?

- - Game Controls - -

Movement Mode (when you are not prepped for combat)

UP         - Walk forward
DOWN       - Walk backwards
LEFT       - Turn Counter-Clockwise
RIGHT      - Turn Clockwise
RIGHT Ctrl - Hold down to Run
I, F4      - Enter the inventory
F1, F2, F3 - Switch between Karne, Kenzo, and Matlock (in that order)
TAB        - Switch between characters (Karne to Kenzo to Matlock to Karne)
SPACE BAR  - Enter Combat Mode (w/o a weapon, this will shin kick)
PrtScn     - Screenshot

Combat Mode (Ready, aim, SHOOT!)

UP         - Step forward
DOWN       - Step backward
LEFT       - Turn Counter-Clockwise
RIGHT      - Turn Clockwise
ENTER      - Fire weapon (reloads if weapon is empty) (aims up if aiming down)
LEFT Ctrl  - Aim down (pressing again will shoot down)
RIGHT Ctrl - Shin kick
SPACE BAR  - Return to Movement Mode
PrtScn     - Screenshot

- - Questions? - -

Q: How do I read the map?
A: This is hard, if you don't know what to do. Your best bet is to refrence by
   the hatches and  colored doors around you.  The hatches will  tell you what
   street you're on,  and then using the door colors,  you'll easily gain your

Q: How do I save?
A: In the computers, there's a game called Martian Madness. You can't play it,
   but you can use the save option to save your game! Beware that each MM game
   has a limited amount of saves,  but there are more than enough computers to
   save with if you save sparingly (read in - When I say you can ;).

Q: How do I kill the NonDead without a gun?
A: You don't.  Run/Avoid them.  That shin kick you get does nothing to a 5 ft.
   10 in. creature. Maybe something smaller. . .

Q: Help! The NonDead keep grabbing me and snapping my neck!
A: Try tapping the left and right arrow keys repeatedly. This will usually get
   you free without taking damage!  Sometimes,  it will even knock the NonDead

Q: ARGH! How did that NonDead sneak up on me?
A: Easy, in the beginning,  it takes 10 minutes for a NonDead to  get back up.
   Later on, it will start taking less and less time.  Sometimes, NonDead will
   get back up within seconds of being shot down!

Q: What does that flashing "!" with a character's name mean?
A: It means that you probably left that character in a dangerous spot and they
   are being attacked. Switch to them quickly or get a game over.

Q: Why do I keep running out of ammo?
A: You're shooting  far too much.  Avoid NonDead whenever possible (i.e.  when
   you have a  wide open space or such) and try to avoid too much backtracking
   or taking "the long way" too often.

Q: How do I kill those spiders?
A: The extrudes are most easily killed by shooting them with the nail gun then
   using the shin kick. One shot and kick will kill.  Beware because they will
   start spitting poison.

Q: How do I kill those big ugly things?
A: Those are TriMorphs, and they really hate fire  (hint hint).  The first few
   you  meet, however,  will have to be trapped  before you can actually start
   killing them.

Q: In the beginning, I keep getting stuck in the first tag locked room because
   the zombie will bite me as I try to leave. How do I get out?
A: The "game"  way of doing this would be to just turn around and book  it the
   second the  in-game cut scene ends.  The other alternative  is to press the
   ESC key during the scene to end it early, and then scoot out the door. This
   is a bug though, and will probably get fixed. (NOTE : Patch came out and
   did fix this)

Q: HELP! I keep running out of Health Boosts and AntiToxin! Where can I get
A: Well, after you get Matlock out of her airlock, you can send all the lichens
   and  brown herbs you've  accumulated to her in  the MedLab.  Then, using the
   extractor, you can make more Health Boosts (herb) and AntiToxins (lichen).

Q: Are there any ways to cheat in this game?
A: Funny you should ask. If you search around on the 'net, there are some FAQs
   for Hex Editing your save game files. I will not be publishing them through
   my own FAQ at this time.

Q: Hey, since you went for a while without editing and updating your FAQ, does
   that mean I can edit it and call it my own?
A: Politely, NO! DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT! I actually found one person who
   copied the very first version of this FAQ word for word, typos and all. He
   no longer will admit to doing such a fiendish thing, as I pointed out it
   was odd that he had errors in the same places as me, although his name was
   on it. Plagarism is not tolerated. Period.

Q: I own a Cheat / FAQ / Hint site,  and I want to use your FAQ, but I need to
   edit it so that it conforms to my standards. Is that okay?
A: No. Not at all, find someone else. The reason for this is that  "standards"
   usually means that no other FAQ site is mentioned in the document, that the
   site you host  is plastered everywhere,  there's a banner image in it,  and
   you will almost  never update version you have,  even when given the newest
   one. No dice. No banners, no edits to make the FAQ "special" to you site.

- - Martian Madness Save Games - -

The following is a list of how many save games are available per a Martian
Madness game.  The list is in the order that you will  most probably visit
each one.

      Location               |  Saves
Base Directors's Room        |      2
Study                        |      2
Chem Lab                     |      5
Recycle Room                 |      8
Power Core                   |      2
Med Lab                      |      3
Geo Lab                      |      4
Bio Lab                      |      7
Mai Lin's Room (White Tag)   |      2
Project Director's Room      |      5
Kremlin                      |      2
Necropolis LapTop            |      9
Total Saves Available        =     51

- - Walkthrough - -

If you sit through the introduction,  the character you start out with will be
Karne. Immediately hit F2 to switch to Kenzo. First open his helmet,  grab and
use the radio to talk to everyone else.  Now go to the open locker across  the
room and stash everything but his watch and his radio insdie for safe keeping.
Now you should walk on up to the door out of the  air lock, open it, and exit.
Welcome to the Decontamination Room. Go ahead a bit and use the  control panel
to  contaminate  yourself (no, that's not a spelling/grammatical error).  Walk
forward more and out the door.

Welcome to the Madison Avenue corridor.  Go to your character's left to  get a
tidbit about how the corridors are named (useful) and then turn around to hear
a quirky little joke. Walk through the door and meet you first dead man. Don't
worry, he's not getting up yet to introduce himself,  so walk on by and hang a
left at the intersection.

Search the  body  of the base director to  get his  tape recorder and key tag.
Listen to  the  recorder  to figure out that  this guy  had some issues.  Turn
around and go through the door,  walking forward to  meet the magical floating

Now hang  a right and use the door with the key tag the director had.  Head on
in and notice the dead person on the left.  Go on up to her and take  the ammo
from her.  Notice the vac tubes on the right rear wall and the  locked dresser
on the left front wall. Go up to the computer on the right front wall and  use
it with the recorder to get the password and access to the computer.

Listen to the  project director's  emergency message to Earth and read through
the public  documents for some background info on what has happened here,  and
read the local files for some item locations.

When you feel up to it, select "Door Controls"  from the menu  and open up the
decontamination room door for good old Karne.  Be ready,  because after you do
that,  the NonDead girl isn't too happy,  so now would be a good  time  to get
out the door! Switch to Karne now.

Go through  the airlock door  into the  decontamination room;  use the control
panel, and then exit.  Follow the corridor  until Karne remarks that his watch
has stopped.  Note that actually everyone's watches have now stopped, not just
his. Now keep walking down the hall until you spot a hatch.  Go ahead and open
it with the number on your watch.  Grab the green tag and health boost.  Stash
in here your silver bullet and wrapper.

Turn to  your left and walk over to the vac tubes.  Use them, and then put the
green tag inside.  Press the up arrow  and away they go!  Switch back to Kenzo

As Kenzo, walk through  the door opposite of the magical  floating zombie, and
keep going straight through the next.  Stop by the hatch just past the  second
door to  grab a health booster  (just in case that zombie got you and you need
it).  Now hang a left and follow the corridor, stopping  by the second body to
grab the MED key off of him, and then proceeding all the way to the end, where
you should see a vac tube.  Use it, take the note from Ben Gunn (read this for
later  use of  the pass code within it.  Believe me,  if you don't  you'll get
stuck later)  and then  hit  the down arrow  to get the green tag  Karne sent.
Backtrack  in  this corridor  to about  halfway,  where there is  a door  that
requires the green tag. Use it and enter into the gym.

Grab the deflated hopper (looks like a pile of clothes),  and then open up the
bike and  grab the drive belt.  Now head over  to the suicide  victim and grab
everything  under  her.  After that,  examine her body to grab  a recorder and
another green tag.

Backtrack to  the vac tube  near the end of this hallway  (not  the director's
office)  and  send the green tag and notes over to Karne.  Switch to Karne and
use the  notes to get a paper clip.  Go back to the door in  this hallway that
requires a green tag and go on in.

Notice the nice slides  these dead people picked.  Then go to your character's
left, and open the music box.  Grab the key and then note the song that plays.
Karne gets it, do you?  Anyway, next, move to the table,  grab the pop gun and
the bioscanner.  Move to the game box in the corner and use the paperclip with
it to unlock it. Grab the contents, a blue tag and a checker piece.

Now you can walk back to the hatch, and stash the pop gun and magnetic checker
piece.  Now walk over to the vac tube and give Kenzo the green tag.  Switch to
Kenzo, grab the tag, and use it on the door right next to the vac tube.

Walk a little ways in  and listen  to Kenzo's description  of the air in here.
Head over  to the corpse on the toilet  and grab the  vibrabrush on the floor,
along  with the passcode and  tag on the corpse.  Head towards the shower area
and open up the lockers (your view will switch before you see them.), grabbing
the tags inside. Exit and send the purple tag and brush to Karne via vac tube.

Switch over to Karne and grab  the vibrabrush and the purple tag.  Go into the
room nearby using the purple key.  Open the locked drawer in here with the key
from the music box,  and grab the blue tag within.  Use the computer  and read
the journals stored  in the local files area.  Start to leave the room so that
the NonDead gets up, dropping his book in the process.  Run around him to grab
the book, then exit.

Stash anything  else you don't need now in the hatch (if  you run out of space
in this hatch, you can  backtrack all the  way back to the airlock and use the
locker in there)  and head towards the end of  the hall with the keypad locked
door. Use the pass code that Kenzo found in the bathroom and you're now in the

Walk to the right, search the suicidal corpse,  making  note to read his note.
Also grab  the note about the  altar they found,  so you don't need to grab it
later.  Start walking away from the suicide  and he'll get up to invite you to
join him  among the NonDead.  Simply evade him,  and run back to  where he was
sitting.  Grab the gun this guy dropped and avoid him as you circle around the

Go towards the shed and dispatch the NonDead there.  Search the NonDead corpse
and grab the blue tag,  along with the recorder, extra gun and a remote.  Head
towards the  exit opposite  of the  way  you came in,  and meet a  new friend.
That's a TriMorph right in the middle of that room. Actually, more specificly,
that's his *ARM*!

Turn right around and go  out the way you came in.  Head towards the vac tube,
being careful to take out the NonDead near it before using it.  Send the spare
gun to Kenzo.  Now you should listen to the recorder,  for the second or third
sentence into the recording admits the passcode to unlock Matlock's door. Back
track to the Arboretum door, but don't go in, just stand right in front of the
closed door.

Switch to Kenzo, grab the gun out of the vac tube and head all the way back to
the base director's room.  Open the door and let the NonDead in there have it!
After dispatching her,  go to the computer and  use the door controls with the
passcode from the recorder to free Matlock. Place your MED key in the vactubes
and send it up before going right outside the door.

Switch to Matlock. Immediatly go to her airlock lockers, grab the gun and ammo.
Now stash in here her photo,  patch, contact lense,  and lipstick.  Head out to
the DeTox room, use the control panel, and head on out to Times Square.

Your first stop is the tunnel on the left. Examine the corpse to get the scarab
and then  head across  the way.  Examine the  hatch before you  enter Picadilly
Circus. Grab the hacksaw and read the note (be sure to put the note back in the
locker!) and continue on. Head over to the dead body and examine him.  Grab his
recorder,  lighter, and tag.  Listen to the recorder to find out his plans, and
then use your  recently  aquired  tag to enter  Chemical Lab.  Grab the MED key
from the vac tube, then place the hacksaw in to send to Karne.

Head to  the VacTube to grab the hacksaw.  Throw your blue cards in there  (you
should have 2 by now)  and quickly switch to Matlock to grab them.  Switch back
to Karne and enter the Arboritem.

Take the his left this time (if you're confused,  it's going to be towards that
shed).  Run around the gardner NonDead until you have enough room to safely cut
the lock on the door with the hacksaw. Run around him some more before entering
the shed and stealing the weed sprayer.  Exit the arboretum,  open up the weed 
sprayer to get the cartridge.  Put the cartridge and hacksaw into the vac tube.
Switch to Matlock.

As Matlock,  grab the  cartridge out  of the  vac tubes  and place it into  the
Chemical Combiner,  then head over to  the computer.  Use the Chemical Combiner
option to fill  the  cartridge  up  with  HydroChloric Acide  (HCl).  Grab  the
cartridge out of the combiner and send it back to Karne. Switch to Karne.

Grab the cartridge out of the vac tubes and load it into the weed sprayer. Make
sure you have the  VibroBrush before continuing into the Arboretum again.  Once
in, head straight for the Recycle Ante Chamber. Edge just inside the door, then
use the weed sprayer. Good job, you got rid of your first TriMorph. Go ahead in
and grab the bike pump and respirator.  Pull your wits around you and enter the
next room.

BEWARE! There is now a 5 minutes time limit on the next sequence. You will
        suffocate if you do not work fast enough.

Run to the corpse and  grab the nail gun and ammo off of him, and also the oily
rag.  Equip the nail gun, aim down at the floor,  and shoot those extrudes that
should come at you about now.  They are now stuck to the floor.  Go over to the
computer and use the "Recycle" option to turn off the fan. Turn around to blast
the NonDead, then climb up into the fan on the left  (or far)  side of it.  Use
the VibroBrush on the air filter,  then climb out and use the  computer to turn
back on the fan.

BEWARE! Those extrudes that we just nailed to the floor in the Recycle Room are
        now appearing in the base hallways at random. Be careful! Also, NonDead
        will now take upwards of 15 shots from the Piccolo gun to hit down, and
        will have a  faster regeneration rate.  Not to mention a whole lot more
        are going to wake up.

WARNING! At this point, I really started juggling items. Sometimes you may have
         to juggle more things than I let on. . . sorry.

Move Karne back  to the vac tube right  outside of the Arboretum,  blasting the
NonDead nearby if nesscary.  Place the respirator,  bicycle pump,  and oily rag
into the tubes, then back up against the Arboretum door.

Switch to  Matlock and grab the  martian rock out of the vac tube.  Open up the
Chem Lab locker, get the panel and desk key out of it.  Grab the rag out of the
vac tube,  and place  the desk key in.  Now take a quick walk  outside the Chem
Lab to observe the NonDead rise.  Put him back down with a few blasts from your
gun, then re-enter the Chem Lab.  Take the flask from the counter top and place
it in the Chemical Combiner.  Now use the computer's "Combiner"  option to fill
the flask with Nitro Glycerine.  Grab the flask full of Nitro when it's filled.

Now _WALK_ to back towards the airlock you came from. If you remember chemistry
you'll  know that running with Nitro is bad.  Once you arrive  in front of your
airlock, head up toward the only passageway here that you did not explore.

To the left of the door, you should see a loose wire.  Use the rag on the wire,
then the flask with the rag, and finally the lighter with the rag. Now run. All
going well,  you'll see a cut scene  resulting in  a few  bruises,  but nothing
worse. Go back and through the blasted open door.  Align yourself  in this room
next to the vac tubes, then switch to Kenzo.

As Kenzo,  run towards the bathroom.  Note that just  about every NonDead along
the way will rise, but if you're quick enough,  you'll only have to fight a few
of them. After arriving at the bathroom, grab the desk key and hacksaw from the
vac tube. Also get the respirator and the bicycle pump.

Head into the bathroom and check out the corpse in the back,  near the showers.
Use the hacksaw on the corpse to get a severed hand  (eww).  Quickly leave this
room before  the NonDead rise to get you,  and send the  hand over  to Matlock.
Backtrack your way back to Blvd. St. Micheal and switch to Matlock.

As Matlock, retrieve the hand from the vac tube. Use the hand with the terminal
to activate the computer.  Use the computer, then use the "Arm" option to bring
the arm over the pit down.  Circle around the pit to the arm, and use the panel
with it.  Look to the dead body to your right to find a paper with the passcode
to the Downing St.  hatch.  Go back to computer to bring the arm back up.  This
should bring power back to the base.  Quickly leave this room and head back to
Picadilly Circus.

Once  in the circus,  head towards  the northern  blue door,  unlocking  it and
entering a sterilization room.  Look at the corpse and grab the  yellow key and
recorder off of him. Listen to the recorder for a hint on a later puzzle. Leave
this room and enter the last remaining blue room.  This will actually lead to a
corridor, masked with loud animal grunts and roars.  Ignore them and the bloody
airlock, and use the MED key to enter the Med Lab on the left hand side.

While in Med Lab, it may be a good idea to gather all the herbs and lichens you
have found so  far and make them into health boosts  and anti-toxins  using the
chemical extractor in here.  Place the yellow key into the vac tubes and switch
to Kenzo.

As Kenzo,  burst into the Base Director's room and gun down the female NonDead.
Grab the tag and key out of the vac tube. Use the key on the locked drawer near
the door  to get  the silver  bell.  Leave the room  and head  toward  the base
director's body. Shoot him down if nesscary, and enter the yellow door.

WARNING!  At this point, you will have about 60 seconds of air! Follow my lead!

Immediatly use the respirator. Then, walk over to the hole in the wall, and use
the deflated hopper on the hole.  Now use the bicycle pump on the hopper.  This
should inflate the hopper and fix the hole. Now you can enter the MOOD room.

Go over to the chair in the center of the room, and talk to MOOD. She will be a
little hesitant at first, but she'll warm up to you. After talking to her once,
you will be able to select from a list of options to talk to her about.  To get
the bulkheads opened,  talk to MOOD about them twice.  The first time  she will
ask for the password, and if you read the note from Ben Gunn, you'll answer her
with it on the second time. Now you can use the InfoMesh chair.

After entering MOOD,  you will find yourself in a small house.  Use the bell on
the instrument near the door to open it up. Advance on into the courtyard. Here
you can control the various bulkheads inside Vita Base via the interface rock.

Examine the rock to  see a small map of Vita Base.  Move the stick so it's over
one of the bulkheads, then use it to open up all the bulkheads.  Move the stick
to the arrow on the bottom of the  rock and use it to see  a map of the Shuttle
Bay area.  The red ant is actually a TriMorph.  Notice that the psychic link to
that  area is fractured,  so Kenzo can only  lower one of  the doors.  Move the
stick to the arrow again to advance to a map of the vent shafts near the zombie
that floats. Notice you can move both of the vent bulkheads at will.

WARNING!   Now you've really pissed the NonDead off, so be careful. Just about
           all of them will be awake now to eat your neck.

NOTE : We're going to start entering Dorms now. If possible, try to move the
       Dorm 2 tag to  Kenzo and the  Dorm 1  tag to  Matlock  (if they don't
       already have them). Please shuffle things around now so that they get
       those tags, and also so Matlock has a lot of ammo (you'll see why).

As Kenzo, head back towards Blvd. St. Micheal. Look towards the floating zombie
and shoot him. He'll fall down and start coming at you.  Shoot him some more to
keep him down.  Search his body for a recorder, note, and screwdriver.  Use the
screwdriver on the vent cover to open it up, then examine the  open vent to get
baby buggy! Head away from here towards Dorm Two. Unlock it and shoot both Non-
Dead. Search them for goodies, and grab the pumice stone out of the showers.

Switch to Karne quickly,  dispatch the NonDead around the corner,  and send the
remote and  magnetic checker to Kenzo.  Switch back to Kenzo,  get the goodies,
and place your screwdriver into the vac tube. Now head back to the MOOD chamber
and log into MOOD. Position Kenzo so he's facing the interface rock.

Switch  to Matlock and  head toward the  sterilization room.  Go right through,
ignoring the  NonDead as he gets up.  Hang a right at the first intersection so
you arrive  at Dorm One.  Enter using your tag.  Immediatly put the two NonDead
back down and search them.  Search the locker(s) for a note and a martian rock.
Use the  vac tube  here to  get the  screwdriver.  Leave  and head  towards the
shuttle bay (It's Penny Ln. on your map).

Dispatch the NonDead fellow  in front of the first shuttle  bay bulkhead,  then
continue down to the middle bulkhead.  Open it via the panel on the left  side.
Head down the corridor to the last door.  Get up close to the panel,  then back
away as far  as you can before the magnifying glass disappears.  Use the panel,
swing around, and dash for the middle door! Luck withstanding, you will make it
there before the TriMorph. Hit the panel and close the middle bulkhead.  Switch
to Kenzo and close the last bulkhead.  Congrats, you've  survived your first of
three TriMorph captures.

Now, backtrack a  little to  the intersection before  the shuttle  bay.  You'll
notice a vent in the corner. Use the screwdriver on the vent, then climb on in.
You'll emerge in the shuttle bay with the Vita Base crew that didn't quite make
it out.

You will have to shoot each NonDead down at least once. Be sure to grab any and
every item you find. If you find your inventory over flowing, feel free  to vac
tube it to Kenzo or Karne (and then have them stash it in a nearby hatch). Some
items that have to go to specific people are the following :

Karne   : Welder, spare radio
Kenzo   : nothing really, use him to keep spare items
Matlock : Gray Tag

All the recorders you find can go into the hatch in here. Be sure to store some
of the herbs in the vac tube so you can make more health boosts,  because we'll
be returning to the circus now.

Go out the way you came in (it might be a little tricky),  and backtrack to Med
Lab. Make some health boosts and whatever else you need.

Switch to Karne, and make your way back to his airlock. Go to the door directly
across from his airlock and use the welder on the door.  This should enable you
to enter  the Cafeteria, where you will find the only  survivor of the disaster
that befell Vita Base. . .   Ben Gunn.

Talk to Ben Gunn about everything,  and examine the grafitti on the walls.  One
of the conversation topics will be about your spare radio, which Ben will take.
The other will lead you to see that he wants a pumice stone.  Go ahead and give
the man the pumice stone  (If nesscary, just have Kenzo back track to Dorm 2 to
use the vac tube there. There's another vac tube in the cafeteria, so you there
should be no real problems).  This will yield the red tag, which is your ticket
into BioLab.  Send the  red tag  to Matlock  via the vac tube,  then switch  to

Go to the red door in the Picadily Circus and open it using the red tag you got
from Karne.  Inside,  search the vac tube to get Mai Lin's recorder and the tag
to her room. Search the female corpse to get her recorder, a lot of ammo, and a
health boost. Send the white tag to Kenzo and switch to him  (don't worry, that
weird mutant in the back won't bother you).

As Kenzo,  go to the Base Director's Room to retrieve the white tag,  then go a
little further down Blvd.  St.  Micheal to find the white door.  Open it up and
enter a very elegant room.

Get the Diablos gun off the floor,  and get the ammo from the desk.  Also, grab
an anti-toxin from the desk drawer.  Burn a save in the computer here,  and get
ready to go Rambo-style for the next few moment.

Remember all the Diablos ammo you found  before in various places?  Find it and
send it to Kenzo.  Also, make sure has at least 2 anti-toxins, 5 health boosts,
baby buggy and it's remote, the magnetic checker piece, and a pretty empty 
inventory. Use the magnetic piece on baby buggy now to free up some space.

Walk past  Kenzo's airlock  into the corridor that was  previously blocked off.
Your first foe will already be down in front of you, so search his body and get
everything.  Continue down the corridor,  blasting any NonDead that get in your
way with the diablos gun  (aren't  you glad  you found it?)  When you reach the
Downing Street hatch, use the passcode that Matlock found earlier.  Grab every-
thing from the hatch, then continue your journey down the hall to Dorm 3.

You may have to shoot down some NonDead on the way more than once, but soon you
will reach the door to Dorm 3.  Use the tag to get in,  and become best friends
with the wall near the door. Whatever you do, do NOT go near the TriMorph! Edge
over to the corpse  and grab everything off of him.  You can actually edge into
"use"  distance of the vac tube,  so do so and send the resonator fork you just
got off the corpse into the system.  Hug the wall by the door  again and switch
to Matlock (trust me).

NOTE : In this next section,  we're going to meet a nice screaming thing. It
       will scream every so often into your current character's head and hit
       them for 1/5  of their maximum health.  Obviously, we want to do this
       next part fast so that doesn't happen.

As Matlock,  grab the fork from the tube,  leave the Bio Lab and enter the last
locked room, the grey tagged door.  Enter and meet the screaming sculpture. You
will need to  dispatch the NonDead  who rises from  the floor to meet you.  Now
head over to  the right side of the  rock, near the cutter.  You should get the
option to open a drawer. Do so and grab the shaped rock out of it. Use the rock
on the sculpture.  You should have  two other martian rocks  in your  inventory
(one  from the vac tube in Chem Lab,  one from Dorm One).  Place them one  at a
time into the rock cutter,  then use the rock cutter option  on the computer in
this room to cut the rock(s). After cutting the rocks, you will want to use the
shaped rock on the sculpture.  Do this with both of the ones you have.  Too bad
we need one more.  Hmmm, well,  we are on the surface of Mars, there's bound to
be another rock on the surface!  Use the Rover option on the  computer and send
the rover to grid C-6.  After a few moments, the rover will return with another
Martian Rock. Use the rock in the cutter, activate the cutter via the computer,
then use  the rock with the sculpture,  and finally use the resonator fork with
the sculpture.

Grab the remote control (Spiritus) from the NonDead,  then head back to the Bio
Lab.  Note the comment Matlock makes  about the ghosts in  her head being gone.
Hide in Bio Lab and switch to Kenzo.

NOTE : Zombies are going to get up slower now. The sculpture actually "sucks"
       ghosts into it (according to some notes you find in the base, anyway).

** BUG NOTICE ** Unfortunatly,  there is a bug that is preventing me from fully
                 exploring the Necropolis (a little beyond what I have done).

                 It seems to draw a new scene when I  get down there,  but when
                 I switch scenes, the characters aren't redrawn on screen. Also
                 some of the NonDead  and the TriMorph  down there aren't drawn
                 properly, so I get killed after a few minutes down there.


   Look, I'm real sorry,  but TalonSoft has given me next to no support on this
thing. The bug still affects game play, despite the patches released. Therefor,
I can't update anymore.  I'm sorry it took me so long,  but I had  a house fire
and everything, including losing not 1 but 2 jobs holding me up. If someone
wants to finish this thing, e-mail me. Again, I'm sorry. I know people who were
able to complete the game, but I can't, and I need to be able to do it myself
in order to make sure what I put in print is accurate. Sorry.

-Watchfull (02/14/01)
 [email protected]

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