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 ###b      d###        A        ########b Y##b        d##P ######### ###
 ####b    d####       d#b       #########b Y##b      d##P  ######### ###
 #####b  d#####      d#^#b      ###  Y###P  Y##b    d##P   ####      ###
 ######bd######     d#P Y#b     ###  d##P    Y##b  d##P    ######### ###
 *****Y**P*****    d*******b    *******C      Y**bd**P     ********* ***
 ***** YP *****   d**P***Y**b   ***IY***b      Y****P      ****      ***
 *****    *****  d**P     Y**b  ***I Y***b      Y**P       ********* ********
 *****    ***** d**P       Y**b ***I  Y***b      YP        ********* ********
  ____  _   _  ____   ____  ____       _   _  ____  ____   _____  ____  ____
 / ___|| | | ||  _ \ |  __||  _ \     | | | ||  __||  _ \ /  _  \|  __|/ ___|
 | |__ | | | || |_> || |__ | |_> |    | |_| || |__ | |_> || | | || |__ | |__
 \__  \| | | || ___/ |  __||    /     |  _  ||  __||    / | | | ||  __|\__  \
  __| || |_| || |    | |__ | |\ \     | | | || |__ | |\ \ | |_| || |__  __| |
 |____/\_____/|_|    |____||_| \_\    |_| |_||____||_| \_\\_____/|____||____/


ASCII art borrowed from James Chen's MSH Combo FAQ :) (see credits)

Version 4.2
By John Culbert ([email protected])

You can find this FAQ and many more at the following URLs:

http://www.geocities.com/SiliconValley/Heights/1910 (my homepage)


-added/edited many more combos for each character, too many to list
-arranged combo lists similar to James' Combo FAQ, with basic-intermediate-
 advanced combos.
-added "Character Overview" section, for my opinion on each fighter
-added Dashing Jump section for each character in tactics section,
 elaborated on Dashing Jump
-full Thanos/Doom sections
-further explained Anita
-other corrections/changes

v4.2 update:

-little corrections
-added a few combos for Blackheart and Cap
-added Magneto quote

v4.0 update:

-added stage descriptions
-added most post-match qoutes (except for secret characters)
-finally got fed up with everyone's bitching and changed IM's quote from
 "Superior Attack" to "Superior Tech" :)
-some small stuff in Reinaldo's Anita section
-cool Doom Combo
-Blackheart combos, Heart of Darkness info
-Juggernaut's Pick-up move
-Juggernaut combo
-MANY more Hulk combos
-one Magneto Throw Combo
-edited Magneto Dashing Jump section (he doesn't have one! :)
-Psylocke combos
-more Cap combos
-more OTG combo info for IM
-small Spidey combo stuff
-little corrections


Well, MSH has finally come to the home systems! This gives me a chance to
update the Compendium and still keep the FAQ recent! Version 3.0 (and now
3.5 and 4.0) has the following changes and/or additions:

-cleaned things up and made the damn thing easier to read

-changed some of my opinions/thoughts on the game (eg. my view on Blackheart;
 HAPPY ZEKU!?!? :)

-re-organized and re-created each character's section for more info and 
 easier reading.

-cleaned up paragraphs in general, changed a few words here and there (eg. in
 the "What is MSH" intro below)

-MORE COMBOS!!!!!! :)

-added stuff missing from Juggernaut and Blackheart sections (esp. Juggy!)

-cleaned up each character's combo list for easier reading, keeping my
 comments short, and putting all big explanations at the end of each list

-added "combo overview" to each section to better explain combos and how to
 use them

-added little character specifics I never bothered to update before

-condensed each character's tactics section; now gives general tactics for 
 each fighter relating to ALL situations

-added section for home version specific info (eg. codes, other stuff)

-added new sections for Dr. Doom, Thanos and Anita.

So hopefully, this guide will become a little easier to read and give you
in-depth and important info on playing the game. And remember, it's always
more fun against a human opponent! :)




IMO one of the best games Capcom has ever created, it is not as sloppy as
X-Men: CotA, and not as cheesy or crappy as its successor X-Men Vs. Street
Fighter (which had followed onto the home systems a little later). This has
good solid gameplay and is not overly cheesy beyond most fighting games, as
long as no one uses those DAMN-STUPID Infinite combos. The translation to
both the PS and ESPECIALLY Saturn are fairly faithful to the arcade (see end
of Compendium for review), and pretty much everything done in the arcade can
be done here (as far as combos and tactics). 

So what is MSH, for those who didn't play it in the arcade? Well, it is the
sequal to X-Men: Children of the Atom, which started this type of game, and 
MSH built upon it and made it even better. Not only does it have all our 
favorite Marvel Super Heroes, but it also has great control, spectacular 
moves, clean, smooth graphics, and of course, COMBOS. That's what seperates 
MSH apart from the many other 2D fighters, the combos. It has taken the idea 
of some regular moves cancelled into Special moves from its sister game 
series, Street Fighter, and adapted that concept, making ALL regular moves 
able to cancel into Special Moves and also into other regular moves, calling 
this a "series". It also has adapted the idea of a juggling system as well, 
making you able to perform many hits not only as juggles, but actually full 
combos in the air. This expanded combo system gives the player the option of
performing good, solid ground combos, powerful low-numbered combinations, or
full blown Jump-in -> Ground -> Off-the-ground -> Air Combo/Infinity Combo
Even more depth was added to MSH's combo system, too much to explain in this 
intro; you must read on, True Believer... 

You're not going to find any stupid auto-button combos ala Killer Instinct 1, 
or even worse, like MK3. No, fighters, this combo system literally allows you 
to "create your own combos" as stressed in X-Men: CotA's intro, and is still 
quite present in MSH. 

So, this FAQ is a must-read for any MSH fan trying to learn the ropes; and 
don't think I'm the only other player out there; a definite recommendation is 
to read James Chen's MSH Combo FAQ, which will explain the combo system in 
even more detail than Yours Truly.


   JOYSTICK     | .-----------Strong
                | | .---------Fierce
   U/B U U/F    | | |
      \|/       | | |
    B--o--F     | | |
      /|\       O O O
   D/B D D/F    O O O
                | | |
                | | |
                | | |
                | | ----------Roundhouse
                | ------------Forward

QCT= Quarter Circle Toward (roll the joystick from D to F)
QCB= Quarter Circle Back (roll the joystick from D to B)
HCT= Half Circle Toward (roll the joystick from B to D to F)
HCB= Half Circle Back (roll the joystick from F to D to B)
 + = enter commands simultainiously
IC = Infinity Combo
ICO= Infinity Counter
MS = Magic Series
MSH= Marvel Super Heroes
SBB= Super Berserker Barrage (Wolverine: QCT+all three Punches)
BB = Berserker Barrage (Wolverine: QCT+any Punch)
EQ = Earthquake (Juggernaut: F,D/F,D+any Punch)
JP = Juggernaut Punch (Juggernaut: QCT+any Punch)
OTG= Off the Ground 
FS = Flying Screen
J. = Jumping
SJ.= Super Jumping
S. = Standing
C. = Crouching
FL.= Flying
AD.= Air Dashing

NOTE: the diagram above is used mainly to indicate the various button names
      and joystick positions. Of course, the PS and Saturn controllers do
      not look like this, but I will not do up ASCII art for it, because I'd
      have to do 2 controllers, and the buttons can be custom-set anyways in 
      the options--you get the idea, I'm sure...



To perform a Taunt on the PS version, tap D,D+Select. For the Saturn, hit
D,D+L+R. See character sections for specific Taunts.

Alternate Color Select:

To choose the alternate (2 player color) for your character, at the character 
select screen, hold Up (for top row) or Down (for bottom row) for 3 seconds, 
then choose the character with any button.

Disable Gems:

To disable the use of all Gems in the two player mode, both players must hold 
START after choosing their fighters untl the round starts.

Beat up the Loser:

At the end of the last round in any battle, tap Select (for PS) or L+R (for 
Saturn) BEFORE your points begin to tally up (provided you're the winner, of
course :). You will regain control of your fighter and can attack your
fallen, loser opponent! Any move will hit them on the ground, and they can be
chained into another attack, but some attacks gain weird knock-away
properties, and can you cannot perform Special Moves. :-(

Secret Characters:

See specific character sections for Doom, Thanos and Anita.




This is a bar located directly under your fighter's life meter, and as you 
perform moves, hit opponents, or get hit (performing Special Moves fills it
the fastest), it will fill up. Once it is full, a one will appear beside it.
This means you have one Infinity Level, allowing you to perform Infinity
Combos and Infinity Counters. It can continue to be filled to level 2; You're
maximum level depends on the character (i.e. Shuma Gorath can only use 1, but 
Iron Man can charge up to 3.)



This is a devastating move that can only be performed when at least one level
of the Infinity Bar is full. Once activated, the screen will grow dark for a
moment as the fighter gathers his/her energy; the announcer will then exclaim
"Infinity!!", or an "X" will appear for the X-Men characters, and they will
perform the move. Note that all animation, except the character's "gathering"
of energy, is halted during the dark screen, so your opponent cannot move, 
i.e. if the enemy is standing right in front of you and you pull off the IC,
they cannot avoid it.



Similiar to Alpha Counters from SFA2, these are performed during a period 
known as a "block stun"; this means after blocking an attack, you must pull 
off this move before your fighter's blocking animation is done (before they 
bring their hands down), and it will interrupt your opponent's recovery 
animation from their attack. Technically this is known as "cancelling" your 
block. An ICO can only be done with one level of the Infinity Bar full. To do 
an ICO, roll from B to D in one motion and hit a punch immediately after 
blocking an attack. 



Super Jumps cause your character to jump very high into the air; to perform 
a Super Jump, quickly tap D before jumping, or hit all three kicks.



To perform a Throw, hold towards or away from the opponent and hit Fierce or
Strong up close. To perform an Air Throw, hold F or B and hit Fierce or
Strong up close IN MID-AIR. Some characters also have Throws with Forward and



Tech hits allow you to recover and possibly reverse Throws done to you. To
tech hit a Throw, perform the motion for one of your own Throws just as they
Throw; this will cause no damage to you. It takes NO Infinity power to 
perform a tech hit. 



To perform a dash forward, tap forward twice. To perform a retreating dash,
tap back twice. Dashing is an important part of a lot of combos.
Alternately, you can also perform a dash by hitting all three punches 
simultainously. To dash back, hold B while hitting the punches. Except for
Blackheart, all characters can interrupt their forward dash with any move,
including a backward dash.



To perform a dashing jump, interrupt a normal dash with a jump forward. This
will cause your fighter to jump much further than their regular U/F jump. This can be
very useful for some characters, and not as useful for others.



After being knocked down, it is possible to roll in recovery to standing.
This does not lessen the damage of the knockdown, but it allows you to avoid
an opponent's attempted ground attack or possible OTG combo, and you can also 
roll behind them and perhaps surprise them. To get a Safety Roll, perform a 
complete motion from B to D and hit any punch BEFORE you hit the ground. Note 
that if the move you're hit with executes the Flying Screen phenomenon, you 
cannot Safety Roll.



When a fighter is hit many times in a row with powerful moves in a short
time (it doesn't have to be a combo), the small portrait of their face by
their meters will show them getting pretty beaten up; after a certain point 
the character will bounce up then stand to be dizzy. At this point is
the opponent's chance to do an attack or combo that the dizzy character will 
have no defense against. When your character is dizzy, shake the Joystick 
repeatedly and hit the buttons rapidly to regain control faster.



These are special items that give you temporary special powers. You collect 
Gems from your fallen opponents, and start every match with some. Tap Select 
(on PS) or L+R (on Saturn) to cycle through them at the bottom of the screen.
Perform a QCB and hit all three punches to activate your chosen Gem. Here's
what they do for every character:

Power (RED):

This will increase your fighter's offensive power, allowing all of their 
attacks to do more damage.

Mind (BLUE):

This will cause your Infinity Bar to refill itself rapidly for a period of 

Soul (GREEN):

This will cause your fighter's health to gradually refill for a period of 
time. If you're hit while regenerating, the meter will still go down, but 
will then continue to rise. Try and save this for when you really need it.

Time (PINK):

This will speed you up considerably for a period of time.

Space (PURPLE):

This will give you "Super Armor" that will raise your character's defense 
considerably and make them nearly impossible to knock down, except with 
Throws. When this is activated, try and go offensive for the time.

Reality (ORANGE):

This will allow you to throw projectiles by tapping a single button. The 
following is from Richard Cheung's MSH FAQ:

Jab/Short: fireballs high/low respectively

Strong/Forward: icicles down/up respectively

Fierce or Roundhouse: electrical spheres homing/spread respectively

Start:   orange objects are lobbed at opponent whom will dizzy after
         about 2-4 hits (eg. Pumpkins, Akuma statues)

NOTE: In addition to these special powers, each character also gains an 
      additional special power from one of the Gems. For example, if 
      Blackheart activates the Reality Gem, he not only has the ability to
      throw the various projectiles, but he will also be completely invisible
      for the duration!

Defensive Gem Tactics:

Try and reserve your gems for times of need (eg. use the life recovery when
you have little life left). Note: activating a Gem can be used as a
defensive technique as well. When activated, the Gem produces a distortion
around the fighter that WILL hit the enemy if they are extremely close. The 
damage is minimal, but it will knock them away and let you catch your breath.

Gem Knocking:

Fighters have the ability to knock the enemy's Gem out of them, where it will
bounce on the ground and lie there until someone walks over it and it
becomes theirs. You must hit the enemy with a Special Move or IC to knock
the Gem from them. Gems also enter the playing field when a "First Attack" is
achieved, as well as "Danger".



This is the name given to Capcom's version of a chain combo system. 
X-MEN: CotA and MSH have adapted Street Fighter's original combo system so
that there was a way to cancel normal attacks into other normal attacks as
well as normal-->Special Attacks. Each fighter has his or her own Magic 
Series that follows a distinct pattern. Here are the various Series:

*Wolverine, Psylocke, Dr. Doom and Thanos-"Zig-Zag": Jab -> Short -> Strong
                -> Forward -> Fierce -> Roundhouse

*Iron Man, Captain America and Spider-Man-"Weaker to Stronger": any 
attack can cancel into another of higher strength.

*Hulk, Magneto and Juggernaut-"Weak Start": any Jab or Short into 
anything Stronger. 

*Shuma Gorath-"Punch to Kick": ANY punch can be cancelled into ANY kick.

*Blackheart-"Kick to Punch": ANY kick can be cancelled into ANY punch.

Note that you can skip any of the steps in the series, but you cannot go
The rules for the Ground Magic Series are that you can input crouching or
standing attacks following the series (for example, Psylocke can cancel a 
standing Strong into a standing Fierce, or a crouching Fierce). You can 
perform a Magic Series while jumping as well; This is great for starting
jump-in combos, allowing you to get in more hits as you jump in at the enemy
before continuing a combo on the ground. The chaining of Jumping Magic Series 
into ground combos involves a lot of timing for different characters. There
needs to be a different short pause for every character between the air combo 
and the ground combo (eg. jump in with Fierce followed by a Roundhouse with
Wolverine, then do a crouching Short into a Roundhouse. There has to be a 
short pause between the jumping Roundhouse and the crouching Short). The 
pause allows you to land properly. This timing requires some practice, for if 
you hit the next button to early it may come out in the air and really screw 
you up. You must get a personal feel for each character.
As well, MS combos can be done during a SUPER jump, but these are different 
from X-Men: CotA. Now, everyone has the SAME series, the Zig-Zag described 
above. Like the other two version of the Magic Series, it allows you to do 
any version of one button. See Air Combos for more info. 



These, put in loose terms, are juggles. But, the exception laid down in 
MSH is that they must be done as you jump in the air. So, to do an air combo
by definition, you must knock the enemy up into the air with a launcher, or 
use the other two setups (see below), then follow them up and perform an air
combo before either of you land. BOTH fighters must be in the air for an Air
Combo to register (i.e. launching the opponent with Hulk's crouching Fierce 
then juggling quickly with a Vertical Gamma Charge will not count as an Air 
Combo, even if the Charge connected against an airborn enemy). 
There are three different ways to setup an enemy to perform a true Air Combo:

-After knocking the enemy up with a launcher (eg. Hulk's C.Fierce)
-Super Jumping up and connecting the combo to a Super Jumping enemy
-Jumping up and connecting a combo to a jumping enemy or an enemy on
 their way down from a Super Jump, or perhaps DP move.

As well, there are two different types of Air Combos: regular Jumping Air
Combos and Super Jumping Air Combos. Read on...



These are moves that knock the enemy up into the air for a juggle.
Borrowing James Chen's terminology from his MSH combo FAQ, there are four
different kinds of launchers:

Regular Launchers: 

These are attacks that knock the enemy up high into the air wether 
they're on the ground or not (eg. Spider-Man's S.Strong.)
EVERY character has at least one Regular Launcher. 
Straight Launchers: 

These launch the enemy across the screen (eg. Wolverine's S.Fierce). Except 
for Juggernaut and Blackheart, every character has at least one Straight 
Launcher, also refered to as a "Strike".

Small Launchers: 

Launchers that knock the opponent just slightly up off the ground 
(eg. Psylocke's C.Forward). Not all characters have Small Launchers.

Air Launchers: 

These launch enemies straight up and sky high only if the enemy was hit 
out of the air (eg. Hulk's S.Roundhouse). Not everyone has an Air Launcher.

The Regular Launchers are by far the most effective, as they throw the
enemy straight up in the air. Note that the enemy recovers on their way
DOWN and can then air block everything (except if launched by a Throw, i.e.
Captain America's Roundhouse Throw), so you must follow your opponent up
after a Regular Launcher and hit them before they reach the apex of their
flight. The Small Launchers and Air Launchers are best used combined. Since
the Small Launchers throw the enemy up a short distance, you can immediately 
follow with an Air Launcher to juggle and throw them high up. Air Launchers 
can also be used simply as air counters; hit a jumping opponent with one, 
then follow with a high-hitting move (eg. Captain America's Stars `n' 
Stripes) or in many cases, an Air Combo.

Now, in order to successfully follow up a Launcher, you must cancel the
Launcher with a Super Jump, i.e. hit the enemy with the Launcher, then
before its animation is complete, simply tap U and the Super Jump comes out
automatically. Of course, you can always keep it simple by following it up
with a rising attack, like a Spider Sting following Spider-Man's standing

Super Jumping:

You can Air Combo any Super Jumping enemy simply by following them up with
your own Super Jump and nailing them as you go. This is not as precise as a
Launcher because you must be a close distance to the enemy with your Super
Jump, so some hits that connect after Launchers may not do so during a
Super Jump.

Regular Jumping:

Use this when the enemy does a regular jump towards you; jump up to meet
them and try and get in your hits first. Also an ideal counter if the enemy
misses a DP move (eg. Wolverine's Tornado Claw).



Super Jumping Air Combos:

Something unique to MSH exists only in Super Jumping Air Combos; the
ability to bring out a "combo finisher" similiar in fashion to Killer
Instinct. In MSH, the combo system of Super Jumping is highly customized
because not only does every character have the same Zig-Zag series, but the
combo finishers are simply done by chaining in Fierce or Roundhouse at the
end of that series (there are exceptions with Iron Man and Blackheart, 
however). Note that you can only perform these finishers if you do not start 
the combo with the Fierce or Roundhouse (otherwise thatwill finish the combo
right there). The finishers are pretty cool and allow you to knock the enemy 
away and the camera will follow them to the ground. After they land, you'll 
jump back into the screen from the side (some finishers will also knock the
enemy straight down towards the ground, but the same properties apply). This 
is known as the "Flying Screen" phenomenon, which I will explain later. 
NOTE: if you prefer, you can finish the Super Jumping Air Combo with any 
airborne Special Move (eg. Magneto's EM Disruptor); this may or may not be 
more effective, depending on the character.

Regular Jumping Air Combos:

The only difference between these and Super Jump Air Combos is that there
is no special finisher. This will allow you to use the entire combo series
if you wish. You can still cancel into a Special Move. So, if you and your
opponent are both in regular jumps at each other, it is possible in theory
to hit them with an entire 6 hit Zig-Zag series with any character that has 
the full Zig-Zag Regular Jumping MS (eg. Magneto), and then even cancel with 
a Special Move! 

Normal Move/Special Move Cancellation Combos:

Ah, the classics. Remember the good ol' Fierce Punch cancelled into a
Dragon Punch with Ken and Ryu? Well, Capcom's given us much more
possibilities, because ANY normal move can now be cancelled into a Special
Move. This allows A LOT of freedom for combos, and these combos are usually
very easy pull off. Also note that "any" normal move also includes mid-air
moves cancelled into Air Special Moves (eg. Juggernaut's Juggernaut Splash), 
which is what allows Air Magic Series combos to cancel into Special Moves.

Dashing Combos:

Dashing before entering a combination allows for more hits. This is because 
it gives more momentum after your first hit, so it won't push you as far away 
from the enemy, allowing you to get in more hits. For example, Wolverine can 
perform a Jab -> Short -> Strong -> Forward series on Magneto, and perhaps 
even finish with a Drill or Tornado Claw. But if he performs the series while 
dashing into Mags, he can go into a Fierce or Roundhouse to finish off 
the series, whereas without the dash, the series would have pushed the 
opponent too far away for the last hit to connect. 
This skill should be mastered, because it is best utilized after the enemy 
misses a DP move like Spider Man's Spider Sting. As well, it is difficult but 
possible to initiate a Dash Combo after a jump-in hit or even series. The key 
is to tap F, F after you tap the button for your last hit plus the button 
you're going to start the Dash Combo with. This must be timed correctly so 
that the last F of the dash motion is tapped AS you plant your feet on the 
ground. For example, with Magneto, to perform a J.Strong -> J.Forward -> 
J.Fierce, D.S.Short -> S.Roundhouse XX Jab EM Disruptor, do all three hits of
the Air Combo, but AS you are tapping Fierce you should also do the first F
of the dash command; time it so that the first F comes out JUST as he 
finishes the J.Fierce, then the second F should be done simultainiously with
the S.Short AS Magneto's feet hit the ground.

Off the Ground (OTG) Combos:

An Off the Ground (OTG) combo starts with an attack that hits a downed 
opponent, and allows the attacker to continue into more hits.
Technically, an OTG combo is NOT a true combo. The definition of a combo from
way back in the SF2 days is-- 

"a series of attacks that, once the first hit has connected, the rest cannot
 be defended against."

But, if the opponent is wary, he can perform a Safety Roll, which will avoid
OTG attacks. But if he doesn't, the combo number will continue to rise.
(NOTE: There is an exception to this rolling escape--see Flying Screen 

So, an OTG combo is a combo where you knock the enemy down, then combo them     
OFF the floor as they land. To do this, you must hit the fallen enemy with a 
low enough attack (eg. a sweep or perhaps slide). Now, no matter what move 
you used, when an opponent is hit while on the ground, they are "bounced" a 
VERY small ways into the air, then they fall again. During the time before 
they land, they cannot block anything, so you can hit them with any attack 
that will reach. As James Chen says, if you want a good example, watch the 
Attract Mode on the MSH machine. You will see Captain America fighting Shuma
Gorath. In one of the scenes showing this match-up, you will see Cap knock a 
jumping Shuma Gorath out of the air with a Jab Stars `n' Stripes. Once the 
alien lands, Cap dashes in and performs a C.Short, knocking Shuma Gorath 
ever-so slightly OTG. The Star-Spangled Avenger then cancels into a
C.Fierce, which is a Regular Launcher, catching him before he lands from the 
OTG hit. He then finishes by cancelling the Launcher with a Super Jump and a 
SJ.Fierce. One thing to remember is that rarely in this game to people stay 
on the ground for very long, even if they aren't rolling. You MUST hit an 
opponent OTG with a move that has significantly good recovery time; for 
example with Psylocke, she's fast enough to hit the enemy OTG with a C.Short
after a C.Roundhouse because the sweep recovers so fast. Therefore, her 
C.Roundhouse is a good setup for an OTG Combo. On the other hand, Magneto's
C.Roundhouse is far too slow in recovery for him to hit the enemy OTG 
afterwards (except for cancelling into a Shockwave of course).
BTW, to be fair, you cannot do two OTG combos in one combination. For 
example, with Hulk you can do a- 

D.S.Short -> S.Forward XX Short Gamma Charge, C.Fierce (OTG) -> SJ.Air Combo.

But, you cannot do a:

D.S.Short -> S.Forward XX Short Gamma Charge, C.Jab (OTG) -> S.Strong XX 
Short Gamma Charge, C.Jab (OTG) -> etc..

As this would effectively create two OTG combos in one. This of course would 
make for infinite combos, because you could continuously OTG the opponent 
after every time you Short Gamma Charge.

Flying Screen (FS) Combos:

I will use James Chen's definition of the Flying Screen (FS):

 "The Flying Screen is the phenomena in MSH that causes the screen to scroll 
 VERY quickly after certain moves hit the enemy.  The view of the game 
 follows the enemy and the person doing the hit disappears from the screen.  
 Once the screen stops moving, the person who was hit will just lie there and 
 the other player will hop into the screen from the side."  

(My Note: BTW, some FS attacks will knock the enemy straight into the ground 
 as opposed to off screen, like finishing a Super Jumping Air Combo with 
 Magneto's SJ.Fierce--it will send the enemy into the ground on the SAME
 screen. Note that the same FS restrictions explained below still apply)

The FS happens after the following conditions:

-after performing a Super Jumping Air Combo "finisher" (some exceptions)
-after performing the following moves:

Juggernaut's Juggernaut Punch
Spider-Man's Web Throw
Wolverine's Berserker Barrage (if all hits connect; same with the Super 
 Berserker Barrage IC)
Magneto's Shockwave IC
Hulk's Gamma Tornado
Psylocke's PsiMaelstrom

Now, here's the catch--if your opponent is close or in the corner, there is
no way for the screen to scroll, because the border is there. So, when you
perform a move executing the FS phenomenon that knocks the enemy into a close
corner, they will hover against the corner for a moment, then fall to the
ground. As they land, you can easily perform an OTG combo, or juggle in some
cases... (eg. Wolverine)


One good limitation is that the FS forbids the opponent from Safety Rolling
PERIOD, so OTG combos WILL become true combos in this case.
One thing against the comboer is that once you perform an OTG combo after the
FS, the game will not let you perform ANY Air Combos or Special Moves; for
example, with Wolverine if you perform a Berserker Barrage in the corner with
all hits, the enemy will hover briefly, then when they fall, you can hit them
OTG with a C.Short into S.Roundhouse. But, you CANNOT cancel the Roundhouse
with a Tornado Claw, nor can you follow them up with a Super Jump and Air

Safe Air Magic Series/Safe Ground Combo:

Safe Air Magic Series:

James Chen noticed that some air attacks are directed at akward angles, so
they sometimes miss in a SJ.Air Combo (eg. Psylocke's SJ.Strong).
So, he made a list of all the Air Combos that were definite hits, and 
sometimes they aren't always the potential 5 hits (Jab, Short, Strong, 
Forward, Fierce or Roundhouse finisher). 
For example, Hulk's Safe Air MS is:

Jab -> Strong -> Forward -> Fierce or Roundhouse Finisher

Short is skipped because it would not usually connect in this combo. Still,
4 out of a potential 5 hits is OK.

Safe Ground Combo:

Another thing noticed by James Chen is that it is pretty easy to get 
countered after trying to connect with a Ground Combo because the move you 
tried to finish with, either to launch or finish right there, had such a slow
recovery, that when blocked the enemy could easily combo you in return (for 
example, if you tried with Magneto to get in a simple C.Short into 
C.Roundhouse knockdown combo, but the opponent blocked it all low, Magneto is
in BIG trouble, because the recovery on his C.Roundhouse is considerably 
slow. So, James Chen listed a good combo for each character, that can get big
and multi-hitting if the enemy doesn't defend, but if blocked can be turned
into something that leaves you in much less danger. One of his examples was
with Wolverine:

D.S.Jab -> S.Short -> S.Strong XX Fierce Berserker Barrage.  

Now, if you have a keen enough eye and see that the first two or so hits were
blocked, then you could easily NOT do the Berserker Barrage, which if blocked
would allow the enemy to do whatever he wants to Logan, and instead do this:

D.S.Jab -> S.Short -> S.Strong -> S.Forward -> S.Fierce.  

After the enemy blocks the Fierce, Wolverine is a considerable distance away
so that it is very difficult for the opponent to hit him during the recovery 
frames of the Fierce.

Note that there are some exceptions to the safe combo; there are attacks that    
are fast enough to catch you even if you finished the combo the safe way. For
example, Hulk's Gamma Charge is LIGHTNING fast coming out, so even if your
attack has a very SLIGHT delay, he can still counter with it. 


Character Dimensions:

In X-Men: CotA, there were three character sizes, with Sentinel, Colossus and
Juggernaut being large, Silver Samurai and Omega Red being mid, and everyone
else light. In MSH, it is even more detailed, going by height, width and 
weight. Height will determine how many hits you can get on a jump-in combo
(eg. you can easily get all three hits of Psylocke's Jumping Magic Series on
Blackheart, but you can only get one or two on a little guy like Wolverine). 
Width determines how many hits are possible in a dashing combo (eg. on 
Juggernaut, Wolverine can get 5 hits in a dashing combo, finishing with 
either Roundhouse or Fierce, but on a scrawny guy like Spider-Man you would 
not get as much, maybe 3 hits). Weight determines wether or not a few combos 
will work, usually because you cannot launch a fat dude like Juggernaut as 
high as you can launch, say, Psylocke.
Here is the basic list of dimensions; learn them, so you know how many hits
to do in a combo, so that you don't go overboard and mess up-

Height (tallest to shortest)

Shuma Gorath
Dr. Doom
Captain America

Width (widest to thinnest)

Shuma Gorath
Dr. Doom
Captain America

Weight (lightest to heaviest)

Shuma Gorath
Captain America
Dr. Doom (?)
Thanos (?)



Beginning Pose:    Hulk clenches his fist and exclaims "Let's Rock!"
Winning Pose 1:    Hulk clenches his fist and exclaims "Let's Rock!"
Winning Pose 2:    Hulk clenches his fist and exclaims "Who's Next?"
Taunt:             Hulk clenches his fist and exclaims "Let's Rock!"
Regular Color:     Green skin, Purple pants
2nd Color:         Grey skin, Purple pants
Background:        An amusement park at night, mainly with the
                   merry-go-round in the background.
Post-Match Quotes:
           Vs. Hulk-"That's why I'm the Hulk and you're just a green nutcase
                     who drools too much."
        Close Fight-"Good fight! I might even have bruises from this!"
                   -"Thanks I needed the nap."
                   -"HULK SMASH! Sorry, I just had to say it."
                   -"Have you ever considered Gamma Radiation? It works
                     wonders for me."
                   -"I said you wouldn't like me when I'm angry. Maybe
                     you'll listen next time."
                   -"I hope your medical insurance is payed up."
                   -"Some days it just doesn't pay to get out of bed, does


For those who've never heard of the Incredible Hulk, crawl out from under 
your rock and read this:

Mild-mannered chemist Bruce Banner was experimenting with the properties of
gamma radiation. During a test, he was exposed to a large dose of the 
powerful energy. Banner mutated into a large green behemoth, and would do so
from now on whenever he became enraged. 
He soon cured this problem, but mutated into another, grey version of the 
Hulk and then finally to his current state--smart, extremely powerful and 
green. But, Bruce will be forever trapped in the hulking body.
Now, the mad Titan known as Thanos has gained possession of the all-powerful 
Infinity Gems, controlling the very fabric of the universe. In an attempt to 
save all in existance, the Hulk has joined forces with his fellow Avengers, 
the X-Men and Adam Warlock to seize the Gems and restore peace.


Definetely one of the more solid characters in the game, he has surprising
quickness and can do HUGE damage with his combos OR single hits. A healthy
mix of offense with Throws a jump-ins, and defense with the powerful Gamma
Charge makes playing Hulk a lot of fun, and also give your opponent quite a
challenge. You just have to ensure that you learn how to use him properly,
and you definetely cannot be a button masher with him, as the majority of
his attacks have very bad recovery.


-Gamma Tornado: HCB+any punch
-Gamma Charge: charge B, F+any kick
-Vertical Gamma Charge: charge D, U+any kick
-Quick Ground Chuck: HCT+any punch
-Ground Chuck: D, D+all three punches (then any punch to throw)
-One-Hand Drop: F or B+Fierce or Strong (close)
-Drop Slam: F or B+Fierce or Strong (close in mid-air)
-Best Gem: Time
-Forward Dash; Quick Hop: F, F or all three punches
-Backward Dash; Ground Roll: B, B or B+all three punches
-Infinity Counter; Gamma Charge: B, D/B, D+any punch
-Infinity Combo; Gamma Crush: QCT+all three punches


His S.Jab is a great pecking tool and can start combos. Use it freely, as it
is totally safe and difficult to counter.
The C.Jab is a great low hammer strike that will hit the enemy OTG easily.
Hulk's S.Strong is a great comboable backfist which comes out and recovers
quickly, and also has great range. The C.Strong is similiar only lower. The
S.Fierce SMASHES the enemy across the screen for great damage, and it can be
used as an easy combo finisher. It comes out fast but has HORRIBLE recovery
and you WILL be punished if missed or blocked, so only use it when you're
sure (e.g countering a missed attack from a distance) OR in a combo. This
will also hit OTG. The C.Fierce is the Hulk's only regular launcher; it
usually hits twice and does good damage; this move's recovery is fairly slow
however, so only use it in combos or after ducking a high attack. Hulk's
Short Kick has GREAT priority and works excellently against crouching peckers
(huh,huh... he said "pecker" :) like Wolverine; it also works well as a tick
(considering what little ticking is possible in this game). Hits OTG too.
Hulk's S.Forward is a great-looking boot-kick ala Jeffry that has good range
and priority--good in your offensive ground game; but, beware as it has a
slight lag at the beginning, so make sure you get it out as early as
possible. Finally comes the Roundhouse attacks which IMO should not be used
too often; both have slow recovery and are not overly useful; the
S.Roundhouse is an Air Launcher that usually hits twice, and makes a GREAT
air counter that can be followed with an Air Combo (must guide Super Jump
U/F) or Air Throw. The C.Roundhouse is IMO useless.
When jumping, The J.Fierce and J.Forward provide good air priority, and the
J.Roundhouse is a great jump-in attack.


-Gamma Tornado-

(Hulk grabs the opponent BY THE HEAD WITH ONE HAND, and spins them around a
 few times then whips them across the screen)

A lot of fun when it connects, but difficult to connect with. The thing that
really weakens it is that it can be tech hitted, so even in combos its 
damage can be nullified--it is also blockable =(. Just be careful where to 
use it; if you're up close after blocking an opponent's slow recovering 
attack (eg. another Hulk's blocked Gamma Tornado, or Juggernaut's Juggernaut
Punch) go wild with it, and it will often grab. In combos, make really sure
you cancel your regular attack with this EARLY; this is because Hulk's arm
sticks out a mile for at least a full second, leaving him prey to anything!


-Gamma Charge-

(Hulk exclaims "Gamma Charge!" and rushes the opponent)

This is IMO Hulk's most useful attack. Although if blocked it leaves him
open to anything, the Charge is easy to put in combos. And here's the best
part: after initiating the Gamma Charge, you can change direction by hitting
either F, B, U/F, U, or U/B plus a kick in the middle of the Charge to go 
into another Charge! WHENEVER you connect with a Gamma Charge you should 
always follow up with the appropriate direction change (usually U/F or U, I 
find) to juggle for another hit, making a POWERFUL 2 hit combination! This is 
also great for avoiding foes. Also note that this is arguably THE fastest
Special Move in the game, and since it starts in a defensive position, it is
the perfect counter-attack to ANY ground attack from under half a screen
away. It is so fast in fact that you can counter even Safe Ground Combos a
lot of the time!


-Vertical Gamma Charge-

(Bruce exclaims "Gamma Charge!" and rises up into the air)

This is a great air counter for high jumpers or even some Super Jumping foes
if you have the time for the brief charge. It can be used in some combos, but
its most important asset, like the horizontal version, is that you can 
change direction in mid-flight by hitting a direction+kick; if you knock 
them up, hold up and hit punch to juggle 'em with another Charge for great 


-Quick Ground Chuck-

(Hulk growls as he rips up a piece of the floor and throws it at the 

This is Hulk's fireball move (if you would call it that); I see a lot of
players overusing this, but I rarely do myself. His initiation AND recovery
are both slow, and he can be hit EASILY from even the full screen by most
projectiles before he actually throws the piece. 


-Ground Chuck-

(Hulk rips up a piece of the floor or ground and holds it above his head, 
 then throws it when commanded)

IMO another useless move, except in a few combos. Other than that, this one 
actually has longer delays than the above version. Note however that Hulk can
hit the opponent as he is ripping the ground up, so with proper timing this
can work fairly well as an air counter. Also note that this is somewhat
useful in his Safe Ground Combo. YOU CANNOT BLOCK AS HULK HOLDS THE CHUNK!


-One-Hand Drop-

(Hulk grabs the opponent, brings him up over his head, leans over and slams 
 them head-first into the ground)

A good all-around Throw, use it up close whenever possible, unless you have a
better opening for a combo. This is especially good after pestering the 
opponent with Shorts and Jabs to force them to block, then quickly pull this
off. You can often follow with an OTG combo provided they don't Roll, as it
leaves them just in front of Hulk's feet.


-Drop Slam-

(Hulk grabs an enemy out of the air and slams them downward)

Use it when you feel like it, although IMO a well-placed Air Combo is more
effective (unless of course you anticipate them air blocking). It IS possible
to OTG after this, but the timing is quite difficult (thanks Onaje! :)


-Best Gem: Time

This is Hulk's best Gem; not only is he sped up considerably, but this Gem
gives him the ability to throw extra-fast Fierce and Roundhouse attacks--
that's right, so fast, you can chain two or even THREE Fierces together for a


-Forward Dash; Short Hop-

(Hulk hops forward a short distance)

Emphasis on the SHORT part. Hulk's forward dash travels only short distance,
a little over half screen before landing, and IMO shouldn't be used TOO
often. It is pretty safe and you can cancel it with a backward dash, but it
still is slow to do, so if the enemy knows you're coming, you're in trouble.
It's also not too good if the enemy misses a DP move (eg. Wolverine's Tornado
Claw), because if you're across the screen it may take too long to get over
to them, at which time they'll have most likely recovered to defend himself.
When going offensive, it is better to jump forward with the Hulk, because he
has a fast jump with little hang time but decent distance is covered.


-Backward Dash; Ground Roll-

(Hulk tucks his shoulder in and rolls backward)

A VERY good backward dash, it is quite fast and can avoid a lot of high
attacks (eg. Cap's Strong Shield Slash). It doesn't travel too far, but it 
gets the job done.


-Infinity Counter; Gamma Charge-

(Hulk blocks his enemy's attack and counters with a Gamma Charge)

A VERY good Infinity Counter, it works best on up close projectiles throwers 
(eg. if you block Shuma Gorath's Mystic Stare from a few steps away), and 
also on any up close attack that recovers too fast for you to counter 
otherwise (for example, Infinity Counter Magneto out of his standing Jab or 
Strong up close, because if you try to counter with something else after 
blocking it, Magneto will recover fast enough to block the counter; but, if 
Magnus throws his up close Roundhouse (the two-hit high kick), then its 
recovery is slow enough that you can block the whole thing and counter with a 
good combo, or even a Gamma Tornado :) ). Try to avoid countering jump-in 
attacks with this unless they're really deep, because it will likely miss.


-Infinity Combo; Gamma Crush-

(Hulk rises into the air (a little like a Vertical Gamma Charge), then 
 exclaims "Gamma Crush!!" and comes crashing down with a large boulder in his

To be used only in certain special circumstances, it can be a weakness as 
well as a great srength. It has HUGE delays in all parts; the rock is VERY 
easy to block, then retaliate. Use it only in combos, or IMO its best way: as
an air counter. Hulk can hit as he rises at first; the meteor will then
hit the fallen foe. When Hulk hits them while rising up, he does good damage
and when the boulder OTGs the fallen opponent the total damage is AWESOME.
Also note that the Gamma Crush has EXTREMELY high priority, and will take out
ANYTHING up close, if you anticipate. The only problem is, if the enemy
DOESN'T throw anything out and decides to block, you're in deep shit :).
NOTE: you may notice that when the screen darkens Hulk will face you (the
screen)--this gives his IC a strength above some other fighters. If your foe
manages to cross you up JUST as Hulk starts the IC, you may think that you'll
rise in the wrong direction, but since Hulk starts facing the screen, he can
go either way! So, if the enemy is in the air ANYWHERE above Hulk's head pull
this off and it is guarenteed. You can only get 2 hits with the Gamma Crush
OTG NOTE: it is actually possible to OTG after the Gamma Crush in the corner
under special circumstances, being that the 2nd half of the Crush must hit the
enemy HIGH in the air, as opposed to close to or Off the Ground. If you hit
them high in the air, you will have time to land and OTG after. To do this,
try and time the Crush so that it hits as high in the air as possible...


-Safe Air Magic Series: Jab -> Strong -> Forward -> Fierce
-Safe Ground Combo: D.S.Short -> C.Fierce -> Air Combo
  If the enemy blocks... D.S.Short -> C.Fierce XX Ground Chuck
-Ground Magic Series: Weak Start
-Jumping Magic Series: Weak Start (2 hits average)
-Launchers: C.Fierce
-Air Launchers: S.Roundhouse
-Straight Launchers: S.Fierce
-Small Launchers: none

1.  J.Roundhouse, S.Jab -> S.Fierce
2.  Gamma Charge, U/F or U Gamma Charge
3.  C.Fierce XX Gamma Crush 
4.  D.S.Short -> C.Fierce XX Ground Chuck
5.  S.Roundhouse (air counter) -> SJ.Air Throw
6.  Strong or Fierce Throw, D.S.Fierce (OTG)
7.  Activate Time Gem, S.Fierce -> S.Fierce
8.  (corner) D.S.Jab -> S.Fierce XX Gamma Tornado (FS)
9.  (corner) S.Roundhouse (2 hits) XX Gamma Tornado (FS)


10. J.Roundhouse, S.Short -> S.Strong XX Gamma Charge, U/F or U Gamma Charge
11. J.Short -> J.Strong, S.Strong XX Gamma Charge, U/F or U Gamma Charge
12. J.Short -> J.Roundhouse, D.S.Short -> S.Strong XX Gamma Tornado (FS)
13. (in corner) D.S.Jab -> S.Strong XX Fierce Gamma Tornado (FS), S.Short
    (OTG) -> S.Fierce
14. J.Roundhouse, D.S.Short -> C.Fierce -> SJ.Jab -> SJ.Strong -> SJ.Forward
    -> SJ.Fierce (FS)
15. J.Short -> J.Strong, S.Short -> S.Strong XX Short Gamma Charge, 
    C.Fierce (OTG) -> SJ.Jab -> SJ.Strong -> SJ.Forward -> SJ.Fierce (FS)
16. J.Short -> J.Strong, D.C.Fierce XX Gamma Crush 
17. J.Roundhouse, S.Jab -> S.Strong XX Short Gamma Charge, D.S.Short (OTG)
    -> C.Fierce -> SJ.Jab -> SJ.Strong -> SJ.Forward -> SJ.Fierce (FS)
18. Activate Time Gem, J.Roundhouse, D.S.Jab -> S.Fierce -> S.Fierce
19. (corner) Fierce or Strong Throw, S.Short (OTG) -> S.Forward XX Gamma
    Charge XX U/F or U Gamma Charge
20. D.S.Short -> C.Fierce -> SJ.Jab -> SJ.Strong, Strong Air Throw
21. J.Short -> J.Roundhouse, S.Short -> S.Roundhouse (2 hits) XX Gamma
22. S.Roundhouse (air counter) -> SJ.Jab -> SJ.Strong -> SJ.Forward ->
    SJ.Fierce (FS)
23. J.Short -> J.Forward, D.C.Short -> C.Forward XX Short Gamma Charge,
    C.Short (OTG) -> C.Fierce XX Gamma Crush
24. S.Roundhouse (air counter) XX Gamma Crush :)
25. Activate Time Gem, Strong or Fierce Throw, D.S.Fierce -> D.S.Fierce
26. (corner) Activate Time Gem, Strong or Fierce Throw, D.S.Fierce (OTG)
    -> S.Fierce -> S.Fierce
27. (corner) D.C.Short -> C.Fierce XX Gamma Crush, D.C.Short -> C.Fierce ->
    SJ.Jab -> SJ.Strong -> SJ.Forward -> SJ.Fierce (FS)
28. Activate Time Gem, D.C.Short -> C.Forward XX Short Gamma Charge,
    S.Fierce (OTG), S.Fierce
29. (corner) C.Fierce (2 hits) XX Gamma Crush, C.Short -> C.Short -> S.Fierce
30. Activate Time Gem, D.C.Fierce, C.Fierce, C.Fierce (2 hits), SJ.Jab ->
    SJ.Strong -> SJ.Forward -> SJ.Fierce (FS)
31. Activate Time Gem, D.C.Fierce, C.Fierce, C.Fierce (2 hits) XX Gamma
32. (corner) D.S.Short -> C.Fierce (2 hits) XX Short Rising Gamma Charge,
    C.Short (OTG) -> S.Fierce


33. J.Short -> J.Roundhouse, S.Short -> S.Forward XX Short Gamma Charge ->
    Short Gamma Charge U/F, D.C.Short (OTG) -> C.Fierce XX Gamma Crush
34. (corner) J.Short -> J.Strong, C.Fierce XX Upwards Gamma Charge XX U
    Gamma Charge, C.Fierce -> SJ.Jab -> SJ.Strong -> SJ.Forward ->
    SJ.Fierce (FS)
35. Activate Time Gem, J.Roundhouse, D.C.Fierce, C.Fierce, C.Fierce (2 hits)
    XX Gamma Crush, D.C.Short -> C.Fierce XX Gamma Crush

Comments (#11): this is a combo I listed in my old Hulk FAQ, but it had one
               mistake--YOU must be in the corner, not the opponent, because
               Hulk turns around when he throws the enemy with the Tornado.
               So try this if you're cornered, and even if you're a little
               out of the corner, you can connect with the Short if you dash.
               Remember, the FS is activated by the Gamma Tornado. 
               You can OTG the opponent after the Throw, but because of the 
               FS restrictions, you cannot perform any Special Move, or Air 
               Combo. So the S.Short -> S.Fierce is the only thing you can do 
               (or variations of that, like maybe C.Short -> C.Roundhouse).

Comments (#27,29): See Gamma Crush section for more info.


GROUND COMBOS: his Safe Ground Combo can take some getting used to, making it
difficult to perform a true offense with it. When his Ground Combos to
connect they can do some mean damage, be it with a Double Gamma Charge, or
Short Gamma Charge, OTG combination. His ground combos are definetely as
powerful, in some cases more powerful, than his Air Combos.

AIR COMBOS: Hulk's SJ.MS comes out fairly easy, with only the SJ.Short being
difficult to connect with. PERSONALLY I enjoy using Ground Combos with the
Hulk, but to each his own. When you have a level charged, be sure to use the
Gamma Crush after the C.Fierce instead.

THROW COMBOS: straight and to the point, Hulk's Throw combos are not REALLY
powerful, but can be done. A simple Fierce Throw, D.S.Fierce (OTG) does hefty
damage, however it is highly dangerous to use if the enemy can Safety Roll
consistantly, because of the bad recovery on the S.Fierce (however, if you
are powered up with the Time Gem, IMO it is worth the risk doing two or three
D.S.Fierces :). If you throw the enemy into the corner, it is possible to
connect with a D.S.Short and OTG from there... and of course, the Gamma
Tornado can be comboed after when you throw the enemy INTO the corner (see
combos). When up close, Throw combos are a great option for damage.

OTG COMBOS: Other than after his Throws, Hulk can also OTG off of his Short
Gamma Charge. The timing can be difficult, because Hulk has to turn around
after the Charge first. S.Short connects the easiest, then go from there.
IMO this OTG option is worth going for; the recovery on the Short Gamma
Charge is not so bad; frequently if the enemy can manage to Safety Roll out
of this combo, you will recover in time to defend against a counter, with the
possible exception of buffered ICs like Wolverine's Weapon X.



The best way for Hulk to play is what I call "Offensive-reactionary". 
Basically, this is defending yourself without turtling :). Jump in fairly 
liberally, and mix up your jumping attacks; his J.Roundhouse has great range
so it can often snag the enemy when they don't expect it (i.e. earlier than
their attempted air counter). Once they catch on to this, be more cautious
with your jumping. Often one of the best tactics is to jump in and air block;
the advantage to this with the Hulk is that, because of the range of the 
J.Roundhouse, he can wait a split-second before choosing to air block--if you
jump and realize the enemy's not gonna do anything except wait for you, throw
out the J.Roundhouse; if you realize that they might attempt an air counter,
you often have enough time to air block. You will have to vary this strategy
vs. some, however, like Captain America, who can snag you in the air with a
Stars `n' Stripes from quite a distance away. Another thing to do when
jumping in is absolutely nothing :). If you're opponent tends to stand there
and block while you jump in, don't hit him at all, land, then Throw 'em!

On the ground, Hulk's Forward Dash won't help you much offensively, except
maybe from extreme range--when you do dash, be ready to immediately tap back
to block if something happens. If you manage to get in close successfully,
peck at the enemy with your S.Jab, S/C.Short and maybe S.Forward, possibly
for a Throw attempt or quick combo.

Dashing Jump:

It bears mention that, when I say jumping in offensively above, I usually
mean with the Dashing Jump. Hulk's Dashing Jump looks like his regular dash,
except it goes higher, further and faster. This allows him to get in fast,
so mix it in with the regular jump.


Hulk plays quite a good defensive game, but I personally would not play a
turtler's game with him, mainly because he lacks a fast projectile with short
lag time. Instead, play him a bit like Guile (who, mind you, had a 
projectile :) -- wait in the D/B defensive position for the enemy to throw 
out something haphazardly, be it a jumping attack, standing attack, or 
Special Move (not ANY Special Move, though) and immediately counter with the
Gamma Charge OR if you are a little scared that it may be blocked, something
else (like S.Fierce). You MUST learn when and when not to throw out a Gamma
Charge--once you do, you can snag enemies with ease on reaction.
On a jumping foe, your best move is the S.Roundhouse or C.Fierce, OR the
Rising Gamma Charge, but only if the enemy is overhead--same goes for the
Ground Chuck. Once you have a level charged, the Gamma Crush becomes a potent
reactionary air counter...

In the air:

Hulk is not amazing in the air; you should try to stay on the ground as often
as possible when the enemy is airborne, especially against Magneto, Iron Man,
Psylocke or Wolverine. If you do get yourself up there, the J.Forward is a
half-decent defense, but up close the J.Fierce has amazing priority and 
damage. And when in doubt (unless they're close), air block!
BEST JUMP-IN CHAIN: Short -> Roundhouse.


(NOT word for word...)

Hulk defeats Thanos, and the Titan pleads him to finish him there. Hulk says
Thanos must live with his defeat.
Hulk returns home to Betsy, and they both take a vacation to Vegas (his
girlfriend remarks on how they should've taken the plane, as opposed to Hulk
jumping there... :)



Beginning Pose:    Iron Man drops in with his jet pack, ready for the fight
Winning Pose 1:    Iron Man holds up his fist, which lights up with energy
                   as he exclaims "Superior Tech!" 
Winning Pose 2:    Iron Man clenches his gauntlet, which lights up with energy 
                   as he exclaims "Superior Tech!"
Taunt:             Iron Man clenches his gauntlet, which lights up with
                   as he exclaims "Superior Tech!"
Regular Color:     Red and Gold
2nd Color:         Red and Silver (spin-off of his battle armor from
                   the 80's :)
Background:        the STARK Enterprises space station, with a large
                   component of machinery in the background.
Post-Match Quotes:
       Vs. Iron Man-"You can copy the armor, but you'll never match the man
        Close Fight-"You came close... time for some modifications."
                   -"I've fought AIM flunkies that were tougher than you!"
                   -"Take my advice, learn some new moves."
                   -"I don't have time for you jokers."
                   -"Not exactly cutting edge, are you?"                   


For those of you who don't know who Iron Man is:

Millionare playboy industrialist and inventor Anthony Stark was on a business
trip to Vietam, and was kidnapped by gorrilla soldiers. During the kidnapping
Stark was fatally wounded by shrapnel from a hidden land mine. He became
imprisoned with a briliant scientist, and together they created a special
chestplate that would keep him alive as long as he wore it. They also planned
an escape, and eventually created a whole suit of cybernetic armor with the
chestplate to aid in their escape. Before they could attempt it, the 
scientist was taken out of the cell and killed. Tony Stark vowed revenge and 
destroyed the gorilla soldiers. From then on he vowed to fight injustice as 
Iron Man!
Iron Man was responsible for the formation of the Avengers, and was their
field leader until they found Capain America frozen in the arctic. Shellhead
soon left to leave Cap in charge, but has worked as an Avenger off and on
ever since. Constantly upgrading his armor, he eventually cured the wound
caused by the shrapnel and was free, but decided to stay as Iron Man.
Now, the mad Titan known as Thanos has discovered the all-powerful Infinity
Gems which control the very fabric of the universe. Iron Man has joined the
battle against Thanos alongside his fellow Avengers, the X-Men and Adam 
Warlock to take back the Gems...


Now that Capcom has entered its fourth in the Marvel/Capcom series, we are
seeing that Iron Man is quite the popular character, apparent by all the
players (including myself) who are angry that he was taken out of MvSF.
But how about in this game? :) Well, Scrubs playing him may seem annoying at
first, but with his Special Moves having such bad recovery, you will soon see
that IM is not really a scrub character at all. An experienced player can be
devastating playing keep-away and turtling, and if you're like me and don't
like playing that way, it is possible to play Iron Man with a pecking,
offensive game as well. He also has one of the coolest, and most damaging ICs
in the game. If you're a button masher again, he's not for you. If you wan't
to learn to play him properly and use his moves at the right time, he can be
a lot of fun.


-UniBeam: HCT+any punch (can be done in mid-air)
-Repulsor Blast: HCB+any punch
-Smart Bomb: any punch+any kick (same strength; can be done in mid-air)
-Flight: QCB+all three kicks (can also be done in mid-air)
-Knee Dive: D+Forward in mid-air
-Rocket Corner Slam: F or B+Fierce (close)
-Repulsor Slam: F or B+Strong (close)
-Air Repulsor Slam: F or B+Strong or Fierce (close)
-Best Gem: Soul
-Forward Dash; Rocket Slide: F, F or all three punches
-Backward Dash; shoulder jet slide: B, B or B+all three punches
-Infinity Counter; Repulsore Blast: B, D/B, D+any punch
-Infinity Combo; Proton Cannon: QCT+all three punches


An important part of Shellhead's repitiore, some regular moves in many ways 
are like Special Moves. Both Jabs are useful for starting dashing combos, and
can act fairly well as ticks up close. Same with Short Kick; they both have
slightly longer range than the Jabs, and the C.Short is good for ticks.
S.Strong, along with his Repulsor Blast comprise his air defenses; if the 
enemy is jumping in deep and is going to land IN FRONT OF YOU, S.Strong is a
good defensive weapon. It is a little more difficult to connect with than the 
Repulsor Blast, but with proper timing you can catch jumping opponents and 
follow with a Super Jump and Air Combo. On the ground this will not launch a 
standing opponent, so use it in combos and always try to cancel it with a 
UniBeam at least. C.Strong is one of his Regular Launchers, but although this
may seem strange, his S.Roundhouse is actually a BETTER Launcher than this, I
find. This is because this uppercut will launch the opponent at a slightly
weirder angle, and unless you direct your Super Jump JUST so, you'll miss
with anything except maybe SJ.F+Fierce. C.Forward is a short foot slide, with
decent range, although I wish he slid further. Use this to go under most high
attacks from a few steps away. When it connects you can OTG with a S.Fierce,
or a VERY quick C.Short, in most cases. S.Forward is an awesome pecking
attack for Iron Man's up close offensive game (see Tactics). S.Fierce will
send the opponent FLYING with good damage, and you should always cancel it
with a UniBeam if it connects, so they will at least eat block damage and
leave Shellhead in relative safety. If the enemy blocks, Iron Man's recovery
is SLOW, so they're usually quick enough to counterattack. Be especially
careful of using this when the enemy is airborne. BTW, this will hit downed
opponents up close. One of Iron Man's best attacks, IMO. C.Fierce is actually
a true projectile, which also does great damage and is good for quick attacks
from a distance. If it connects up close (rare), cancel it with a UniBeam,
but you probably won't be using it too much. Its only really good use is if
you duck a high projectile (eg. Cap's Strong Shield Slash), as the missle is
fast enough to catch just about any opponent before they recover from it; if
it connects in this case, follow it up with a UniBeam for at least block
damage. Do NOT use this when the enemy is in the air, because Iron Man's
recovery is not so good. S.Roundhouse will launch the opponent STRAIGHT up,
making it easier for a SJ.Air Combo, but Iron Man must be practically
pressing right up against them for it to connect. So, it's best only in
dashing combos when you're pretty sure it'll connect. When it does though,
prepare for a big combo. 
C.Roundhouse is IMO a very useful attack; it comes out and recovers fairly 
slow, but if blocked it will push the opponent far away enough usually not to 
worry about a retaliation. This will also catch a lot of low opponents by 
surprise and does GREAT damage, as well as hitting twice. Use it to finish 
off most of your easy combos, and if it connects, cancel it with a Jab 
UniBeam for at least block damage. J.Roundhouse is best used for jumping in 
very high; this has bad horizontal range, but is great to start jump-ins with
if you connect with it; use if the enemy is stupid enough to throw a slow 
recovering move from the ground; this will also hit crouching blockers 
easily... BTW, you can also direct the J.Roundhouse upward, producing a 
jumping version of his S.Roundhouse--use? None that I know of... (how 'bout
it Charles? :)



(Iron Man exclaims "UniBeam!", rears back and fires a thick beam of light
 energy from the UniBeam housing on his chest)

This is Shellhead's primary projectile attack, and will reach across the
whole screen. This is one of Iron Man's best keep-away moves, so constantly
pester the opponent from across the screen with these, then move in (so you
aren't labeled a turtler); remember, though, to quit throwing them if they
manage to jump, because Iron Man's recovery will leave him open to a jump-in.
On the same token, don't use it too often any distance close enough for them
to dash in at you, unless you have a big opening, because if they manage to
block, even though the UniBeam pushes them considerably far, they may still
be able to hit the Golden Avenger as he recovers. This is great in a lot of
combos, even though most of time it is blockable (which is OK in most combos
because the enemy will most likely be pushed too far away to counter), and
can rack up a lot of hits--max of 8 hits. Great damage, too.


-Air UniBeam-

(While in mid-air, Iron Man exclaims "UniBeam!", rears back and fires a thick
 beam of light energy from the UniBeam housing on his chest)

This is a great move for opponents a distance away in the air; this combined
with his Flight, jumping Fierce (directed) and the Smart Bomb make him very
difficult to get to in the air. I wouldn't recommend using this up close in
the air, because if blocked Iron Man could be left open for an Air Combo or
Air Throw.


-Repulsor Blast-

(Iron Man holds up his hand and exclaims "Repulsor Blast!", firing both
 repulsors in four directions; bottom left, then top right, followed by
 bottom right and top left.

This is Iron Man's primary air counter; if you knock the opponent out of the
air with the second shot (top right) then they will be juggled by the next
(bottom right) and fall behind Shellhead. Occasionally if you hit a deep
jumping opponent with the first hit you can juggle for 3. If you connect on 
the last hit you'll only get one hit. This will hit standing opponents up 
close, but it is much too easy to block or avoid, and Iron Man's recovery 
isn't too great. So, stick with using it whenever the enemy is in the air, 
and you shouldn't have to worry about retaliation, because if the JAB
Repulsor Blast is Air Blocked, the enemy is usually pushed too far away to do
any damage. It's REAL good in combos, and does good damage with 2 hits,
NOTE: you can OTG after the Repulsor Blast in certain cases. On most larger
opponents you can OTG pretty much always, however on some of the smaller
fighters, or depending on distance, the Blast will only hit once and IM will
go into recovery as they lay there. See combos.


-Smart Bomb-

(Iron Man exclaims "Smart Bomb!" and fires two small bombs from shoulder

The Jab+Short version drops bombs a few steps away, the Strong+Forward in the
middle of the screen, and the Fierce+Roundhouse drops them across the screen.
On the ground I really don't see any need for the Smart Bombs. They come out
relatively slow and can be jumped fairly easy. To keep them pinned back,
allowing you to move in close, you can mix these up with the UniBeams, and
the Jab+Short version can act as an air counter if the enemy is considerably
deep. On the ground, the Smart Bombs should not be a large part of your
repitiore. NOTE: because of their start-up, the Smart Bombs aren't all that
useful offensively, however IF they connect fairly late, you can actually
dash in and combo the enemy! See combos.

In the air, these are VERY useful techniques for Iron Man; this combined with
the Air UniBeam and his jumping Fierce (directed) make Iron Man EXTREMELY
difficult to catch in the air. During Iron Man's Flight, this is your best
weapon; if the enemy tries to jump from a ways away, they can be hit with the
Fierce+Roundhouse, and if they try to dash under you to nail you from the
bottom, the other two strengths should keep them back. Follow in with Flight
or dashing (if you land in time). Like Scorpion's Harpoon from MKx, the Smart
Bombs cannot be done repeatedly, i.e. if you try to tap Fierce+Roundhouse
then immediately Fierce+Roundouse again, Iron Man will throw two Smart Bombs
then you'll probably get his jumping Fierce. So, the enemy does have a window
of opportunity to jump up and get to you; but that's OK, because if they try
a jump from under you, quickly nail 'em with your jumping Roundhouse
(provided you're recovered in time). You must also be more careful against
quick dashers, mainly Wolverine and Psylocke; if they see the Smart Bombs
early enough, they can dash under you and Drill Claw or PsiMaelstrom (ouch)
respectively--in addition, Magneto can usually dash under and use the
Magnetic Tempest. If the try to jump from mid-range, you can usually get 'em
with a properly timed and directed jumping Fierce, and if they try to jump
from full screen, possibly for a mid-air projectile or an Infinity Combo like
Spider-Man's, a UniBeam is usually suffecient to nab 'em first.



(Iron Man activates his boot jets to fly in the air)

This is controllable in all directions, and if going up it can go just a bit
further than a Super Jump. It is also possible for him to put on an extra
burst of speed for an "air dash" in ANY direction, i.e. you can air dash D/F
by tapping diagonal down and forward and hitting all three punches like a 
normal dash. To land, do the motions for the Flight again. I find myself 
using this a lot, because it will evade a lot of problems on the ground that 
even a Super Jump can't, because of its ability to maneuver forward or back. 
For example, try to avoid Juggernaut once he's used his Cytorrak Power-up 
(the one where he glows red) until it has worn off. When you're Flying, use 
constant Smart Bombs and UniBeams to keep the opponent on the ground (see
Smart Bomb above for more tactics), then follow them in for the attack. This
is also great for avoiding a lot of Infinity Combos. You must, however, be
careful where you are in flight; you can really mix it up and Fly all over,
sparatically dropping Smart Bombs and the opponent probably won't be able to
catch you; but, you also cannot get in any definite attacks. The only way to
do this on standing opponents is if you Fly at about forehead level (because
if you're up at Super Jump height, you cannot see Shellhead's opponent,
unless they jump up there with you. So, you're aiming won't be as precise)
and try an attack. But, they will then have the ability to hit you with any
DP move or Uppercut. You CANNOT Air Block during Flight. You should really be
careful and keep your distance when flying, unless the enemy leaves
themselves open, in which case air dash down toward them and nail 'em with a
combo of some kind, like A.D.Short -> A.D.D+Fierce.
NOTE: to charge your Infinity Meter quickly, fly at the top of the screen
and hit a button repeatedly (Fierce is best I would think.)


-Knee Dive-

(In mid-air, Iron Man dives at around a 45 degree angle with his knees stuck

If blocked, Iron Man will bounce off his foe to RELATIVE safety, so in most
cases don't be too afraid to use the Knee Dive; what you DO have to worry
about is long-range counters, mainly dashing ICs like the Final Justice or
Weapon X. NOTE: to avoid the bounce off (when you anticipate the enemy can
counter), you can chain the Knee using IM's normal Jumping MS; chain into a


-Air Palm Beam-

(Iron Man fires a small range beam in the desired direction)

Holding it U or U/F will cause him to fire up at a 45 degree angle, holding
D or D/F will fire it down at 45 degrees, and holding F will fire it straight
forward. This is Iron Man's best mid-range air attack, and is also good in
jump-ins. The downward version is an alternative to the Knee Dive if you jump
a projectile. The forward version is good for air-to-air combat and if it
connects you should cancel into a UniBeam for at least block damage. The U/F
version is fun to use if you're flying and the enemy Super Jumps; fly UNDER
them and shoot them from the bottom!


-Rocket Corner Slam-

(Iron Man grabs the opponent and slides toward the corner with his rocket
 boots, slamming them against the corner; if too far away from the corner,
 Iron Man will eventually release them with a repulsor burst)

A VERY effective Throw, this is one of Iron Man's best up close techniques.
It does great damage and can be followed with an OTG combo, but the best part
about it is that it ALWAYS takes the opponent into the corner if you're 
ANYWHERE close to it, where you can do the OTG combo and possibly follow it 
up with more cornering tactics. a VERY important move for the Golden Avenger, 


-Repulsor Slam-

(Iron Man grabs the opponent, then knocks them to the ground with a burst of
 repulsor energy)

Also a decent Throw, if you actually have the enemy in the corner, this is
often easier to follow with an OTG combo.


-Air Repulsor Slam-

(Iron Man grabs the opponent in mid-air, then knocks them to the ground with 
 a burst of repulsor energy)

If you're up close use it if you want, but it cannot be followed with an OTG
combo UNLESS it hits REALLY close to the ground. It can, as well, be used
IN Air combos.


-Best Gem: Soul-

This is Iron Man's best Gem for two reasons; this will of course cause 
Stark's health to gradually refill for a period of time. And secondly (big
correction here, got this mixed up with the Reality Gem when I first wrote
the FAQ, and forgot to change it :), it powers up IM's attacks. If Iron Man
hits his opponent, he will electrocute them, but as well their Infinity Bar
will drain slowly for a period of time! :) Even better, when the electricity
hits the enemy, IM's meter will regain even MORE health than usual. This is
a great way to turn the tides in battle; if you're low on health and the
opponent has a full Infinity Bar, especially if their IC is particularily
dangerous (i.e. Shuma Gorath's), pull this off and try hard to get an
attack in; you will regain some health to continue the fight, and they
won't have an IC ready!


-Forward Dash; Rocket Slide-

(Stark slides forward on his rocket boots)

One of the better dashes in the game, it travels a good distance and is quite
fast, as well as recovering fast enough to block any counters. If you're on
the ground, you should be pressuring the opponent by dashing forward with a
Safe Ground Combo then dashing back again. If the enemy misses ANY move that
leaves them open briefly, then's your chance to attack.


-Backward Dash; Shoulder Jet Slide-

(Shellhead ignites forward-facing jets on his shoulders and slides backward)

Also quite fast, this is great mixed up with the forward dash and, in the 
air, Flight, to keep the opponent guessing. If the enemy misses a move that
you have dashed away from, quickly pull off a UniBeam to nail 'em.


-Infinity Counter; Repulsor Blast-

(Iron Man blocks his enemy's attack and counters with a Repulsor Blast)

This Infinity Counter is especially effective after blocking jumping attacks, 
and don't use it on crouching moves like Slides, because Iron Man will block 
then fire his repulsors first high, allowing a crouching low enemy to get in 
a hit. NOTE: using the same conditions as the normal Repulsor Blast, you can
also OTG after this...


-Infinity Combo; Proton Cannon-

(Iron Man exclaims "Proton Cannon!" as a big-ass shoulder-mount cannon 
 appears and sits on his shoulder, and he fires a THICK beam across the 

As far as I know, this cannot be used in combos, but  it is also one of the
most damaging moves in the game. It is Iron Man's best air counter if his
Infinity Bar is charged, as his opponent will actually BOUNCE off the muzzle
of the gun as it appears, then get juggled with the subsequent 20+ hits! You
can also use it against other slow-recovering moves, i.e. if you block
another Iron Man's Proton Cannon. 
That's is the only problem with it; if blocked, Iron Man has CONSIDERABLE
recovery time, and if the enemy is fairly close they can dash and combo or do 
a dashing move (i.e. Wolverine's Berserker Barrage), and if they're a 
distance away they can use just about any projectile. So, just be careful 
where you use it, and primarily stick to it as an air counter. Does a max of
30 whopping hits!


-Safe Air Magic Series: Jab -> Short -> Strong -> F+Fierce
 NOTE: For some reason, Iron Man has NO "finisher" for his Air Combos, or
       actually the only thing is that his SJ.Roundhouse and Fierce DO NOT
       initiate the FS, so you can actually tack on a Special Move afterwards
       for more hits!
-Safe Ground Combo: D.S.Jab -> S.Strong -> S.Fierce XX Jab UniBeam
  If the enemy blocks... D.S.Jab -> S.Strong -> S.Fierce XX Jab UniBeam
-Ground Magic Series: Weaker to Stronger
-Jumping Magic Series: Weaker to Stronger (2 hits average)
-Launchers: C.Strong, S.Roundhouse
-Air Launchers: none! (oops :)
-Straight Launchers: S.Fierce, C.Roundhouse
-Small Launchers: none


1.  D.S.Jab -> S.Strong -> S.Fierce XX Jab UniBeam (UniBeam blockable unless
    in corner, but safe)
2.  S.Short -> S.Forward XX Jab Rupulsor Blast, C.Short (OTG) -> C.Roundhouse
3.  C.Fierce XX Fierce UniBeam
4.  D.C.Short -> S.Roundhouse -> SJ.Fierce Air Throw
5.  S.Jab -> C.Forward -> S.Fierce (OTG)


6.  J.Short -> J.Roundhouse, D.C.Short -> S.Strong -> C.Roundhouse XX Jab
7.  D.C.Short -> C.Strong -> SJ.Jab -> SJ.Short -> SJ.Strong -> SJ.F+Fierce
8.  Fierce Throw into corner, D.C.Short (OTG) -> C.Roundhouse XX Jab UniBeam
9.  D.S.Short -> S.Forward XX Jab-Repulsor Blast, D.C.Short (OTG) ->
    S.Roundhouse -> SJ.Jab -> SJ.Short -> SJ.Strong -> SJ.F+Fierce
10. (corner) Fierce Throw, D.C.Short (OTG) -> C.Strong -> SJ.Jab -> SJ.Short
    -> SJ.Strong, Fierce Air Throw
11. J.Short -> J.D+Fierce, D.C.Short -> C.Forward, S.Fierce (OTG)
12. Smart Bomb, D.S.Jab -> S.Short -> S.Fierce XX Jab UniBeam
13. Smart Bomb, D.C.Short -> C.Forward -> S.Fierce (OTG)
14. Smart Bomb, D.S.Short -> S.Forward XX Jab Repulsor Blast
15. Smart Bomb, D.S.Short -> S.Roundhouse -> SJ.Jab -> SJ.Short -> SJ.Strong
    -> SJ.F+Fierce
16. (corner) Strong Throw, D.C.Short -> C.Strong -> SJ.Jab -> SJ.Short ->
    SJ.Strong -> SJ.D+Fierce
17. D.C.Short -> C.Forward, C.Short -> C.Strong -> SJ.Jab -> SJ.Short ->
    SJ.Strong -> SJ.D+Fierce


18. Ironman's MARVELous Combo: Start by Flying and be near corner.  Be
    relatively above the enemy.  Smart Bomb.  After the Smart Bomb, Air Dash
    diagonally Down/Forward right away.  FL.AD.Jab -> FL.Short -> FL.Strong 
    -> FL.Forward -> FL.D+Fierce XX Flying Command (to land), S.Short ->
    S.Forward XX Jab-Repulsor Blast, D.C.Short -> S.Roundhouse -> SJ.Jab ->
    SJ.Short -> SJ.Strong -> SJ.U+Fierce XX Flying Command (to start Flying),
    FL.Jab -> FL.Short -> FL.Strong -> FL.F+Fierce XX Jab-UniBeam.  Air Dash
    diagonally Up/Forward.  FL.AD.Jab -> FL.Short -> FL.Strong

Comments (#18):

Special thanks to James Chen for this MARVELous Combo! Since I have yet to
get all of its hits, I will use his explanation from his combo FAQ: 

     "This combo works best, for me, against Hulk.  Also, I start it when I
am in the corner and Hulk is standing barely outside of it.  I start Flying
and fly to the proper place to initiate the combo.  It works against other
enemies, but you have to leave out some moves or the combo will start missing
in certain parts.  It works best on Hulk.
        Now, in the beginning, I say to Smart Bomb.  I usually SKIP this move
because I don't want to bother with it.  I haven't done the whole combo with
the Smart Bomb at the beginning but I HAVE done enough of the combo after the
Smart Bomb at the beginning to know that it will all connect together.  So if
you want to try the whole combo, start by Smart Bombing (1 hit from this).
        Airdash Diagonally Down/Forward (hold Offensive Crouch and hit all
three punches) and while airdashing, press the buttons Jab, Short, Strong
Forward, Fierce VERY VERY VERY VERY quickly.  I cannot emphasize this
enough.  You must press the five buttons FAST and after Airdashing... if you
do not Air Dash first, the five hits will NEVER connect (6 hits so far).
        Here's where the combo gets VERY tricky: After hitting Fierce,
IMMEDIATELY cancel the Fierce with the Flying Command and hit S.Short RIGHT
away.  There must be NO pause between these three commands and if there is,
you're sunk.  Do the Air Combo and when you hit Fierce, do the Flying Command
and hit S.Short RIGHT away!!!  VERY VERY VERY quickly... I'm saying it again
because this is VERY important.  The time it takes to do all three moves
(Fierce from the Airdash, Flying Command, S.Short) all fits into about 1
second of real time.  You HAVE to do the moves that fast or you'll never
connect the Fierce from the air and the Short from the ground.
        After hitting S.Short, hit S.Forward for the ground combo and cancel 
that into the Jab Repulsor Blast.  Against smaller characters, the Jab 
Repulsor Blast will NEVER hit unless you skip a couple of buttons from the 
original Flying Dash Air Combo.  So against smaller guys, dash down with 
F.AD.Jab, F.Strong, F.Fierce XX Flying Command (to land), S.Short, S.Forward 
XX Jab Repulsor Blast... but against Hulk and Juggernaut and Blackheart, go 
ahead and keep the five hits from the air (so the S.Short -> S.Forward XX Jab 
Repulsor Blast will add four hits making the total go up to 10).
        After the Jab Repulsor Blast, the enemy will land RIGHT behind you.
Quickly Dash towards them (backwards from original facing direction) and
hit C.Short into a S.Roundhouse (against the big guys like Hulk, you don't
need to Dash, making this part a little easier to time).  This launches them
into the air for an Air Combo.  The Short will hit them off the floor and the
Roundhouse will launch them... warning, though, if your opponent rolls, they
WILL escape the combo at this point.  So this combo is not DEFINITE as the
enemy CAN roll away at this point (the two OTG hits make it 12 hits now).
     Now, after launching them, Super Jump and VERY quickly, hit SJ.Jab ->
SJ.Short -> SJ.Strong -> SJ.UP.Fierce.  You must do this fast and early so
that the enemy is POSITIVELY above you and that the SJ.UP.Fierce will hit them
ABOVE you.  If they are too low, the Fierce will miss or the rest of the combo
will just whiff and fail (4 more hits... up to 16).
     Here is the second tricky part.  You have to do the three codes in
sequence VERY quickly again... just like before when you had to land.
SJ.UP.Fierce, Flying Command (to start Flying), F.Jab.  These three must be
done is sequence VERY quickly... as quickly as you had to do the landing part
of the combo earlier.  Again, you should do those three commands in the time
span of about 1 second or LESS if possible.  You'll start flying and the F.Jab
should BARELY get them before they start falling too low after being hit by
the SJ.UP.Fierce.
     Now complete the Air Combo part by hitting Short, Strong, Fierce
after the Jab (so after executing the Flying Command, hit F.Jab -> F.Short ->
F.Strong -> F.Fierce).  You CANNOT skip any of these buttons because each hit
will subsequently start causing the enemy to slowly by slowly rise upwards
in relation to you... by the time the Fierce hits, the enemy will be right
next to you and in front of you... if you don't hit will all four buttons,
you'll never raise them high enough for the Jab UniBeam to hit... so hit with
all four buttons and cancel the Fierce with a Jab UniBeam... also be sure that
you used a Straight Fierce (neutral joystick or holding Toward).  This adds 4
hits from the Flying Combo and another 4 hits or so from the UniBeam, bringing
the total up to 24 hits.
     The Jab UniBeam will bounce the enemy UPWARDS.  Thus, you can Air
Dash AGAIN after them (Hold Up/Forward and hit all three punches) and
quickly hit F.AD.Jab -> F.Short -> F.Strong.  This is where my combo ends.
You MIGHT be able to tack on more moves or something, but it's hard to tell
because at this point of the combo, both of you have risen CLOSE TO BEING OUT
OF THE screen so it's hard to tell what is going on.  The original poster of
this combo said that after the F.Strong, you can do an Air Throw and I'm not
sure what's stopping you from adding another F.Fierce XX Jab-UniBeam.  But by
this point in the combo, I have usually lost all coherency and am completely
confused so that these hits only happen if I'm lucky.  You CANNOT get these
three hits if you didn't start the combo while you are near the corner.  These
last three hits can only be tacked on if YOU started near the corner which
results in the enemy being cornered at this point.  So if you aren't in the
corner by this point, the last three hits will never connect (The last three
hits are what brings the total to 27!).  The exact number of hits varies from
time to time because sometimes, the UniBeam will hit less times than normal
and sometimes the last three hits will work part way etc.
     Good luck with this combo.  It's VERY possible but will almost NEVER
be pulled off in real combat.  Better to plunk in credits yourself and
practice on a 2nd player just sitting there (hope you have tons of money for
this).  Some tips to help you:
1) When you do the parts with the Flying Command (to land and to fly), you
HAVE to do it VERY quickly.  I cannot emphasize this enough.  Speed will get
you through it and if you're too slow, you'll never pull the whole combo off.
2) Keep in mind all the moves you want to do.  Make sure you don't start the
combo and get to a point where you go, "What move was I supposed to do
next?!?!?" and fail to keep the combo going.  Remember all the moves
beforehand so they all come out in a very instinctive nature.
3) Practice, practice, practice."


GROUND COMBOS: IM's Ground Combos are slightly limited, but effective. His
Safe Ground Combo has good push-away, and if it connects, it does a little
bit of damage. His S.Short -> S.Forward XX Jab Repulsor Blast is a great base
combination that can be used after a jump-in or dash-in, and in most cases,
it can be OTGed after for huge damage! Hitting the enemy OTG is fairly safe
after the Repulsor Blast, provided you use the C.Short to start it; the
C.Roundhouse seems to connect the easiest, but has slow recovery and will
be punished if the enemy Safety Rolls. Other than these two combinations
Shellhead doesn't have many options other than to Air Combo...

AIR COMBOS: The C.Strong has decent range and speed, but must be followed
with a guided Super Jump. S.Roundhouse has no range and bad recovery, but
hits the enemy straight up into the air; depending on the situation, either
can work; however when you have the opportunity, the S.Roundhouse is more
worth while (eg. during a definite dashing combo). Once in the air, his Air
MS is fairly straight forward--until you get to the finish. First of all,
SJ.Roundhouse does NOT work, wether you guide it up or down. Leave the
SJ.Forward out of the chain unless you're a good deal over your enemy, since
it is directed downward. Likewise, direct the SJ.Fierce depending on the
enemy's position. Since it does NOT execute the FS, tack on a Jab UniBeam if
the enemy is in front of you.

THROW COMBOS: In both Throw's cases, OTG combos will only occur in the
corner. Fortunately, the Fierce Throw usually brings the enemy to the
corner :). The timing for the C.Short is really weird for both Throws and can
take some practice (MUST BE DONE FAST), but OTG combos are a good way to
punish the enemy after bringing them into the corner.

OTG COMBOS: Already mentioned both the Throws and Repulsor Blast (see above).



Although this may not be considered the best way to play Iron Man, it is
certainly more fun than turtling. From a distance, pester with Jab UniBeams
and the occasional Smart Bomb, and constantly dash in, ready to block if
necessary. If during your offense the enemy attempts to jump up or forward,
use the Jab Repulsor Blast to knock 'em down. Once you get to mid-range, you
are in the right position; peck with the S.Forward, and if it connects,
quickly chain into a Jab Repulsor Blast (if you're close enough and you have
fast enough reflexes!) or a C.Roundhouse; the S.Forward has excellent range,
recovery and priority, so do not be afraid to use it. Your Safe Ground Combo,
D.S.Jab -> S.Strong -> S.Fierce is also heavily recommended from this range.
If the enemy blocks your S.Forward, S.Short or the like, try for a Throw, or
delay a chained follow-up (eg. if they block S.Forward, pause briefly then
chain into S.Fierce, which may catch their attempted counter). Throughout
this whole offense be ready for the enemy to screw up, be it jumping to avoid
you, or throwing out a slow move you anticipate, so you can nail them with
the Proton Cannon!
You can also go offensive from the air, pushing them back with Smart Bombs
(either while jumping or flying), then follow them to get close; note that
AFAIK there is no for sure follow-up to the Smart Bombs if they are blocked
or hit (i.e. you cannot get your Smart Bombs blocked, then land in time to
Throw them during the block stun), but still allows you to get into
mid-range, limiting the enemy's defenses (eg. projectiles) and forcing them
to fight face to face.

Dashing Jump:

Good range and speed on this one. Not as important to IM as others IMO,
because of his Flight and his excellent dash.


Of course, Iron Man's defense is great, however I SERIOUSLY suggest that you
do not play totally defensive, and have some fun with offense, to make the
game interesting.
To defend against jump-ins, Iron Man has the all-powerful Repulsor Blast.
Now, unless you're absolutely sure it will connect, stick to the Jab version,
as it has slightly better recovery and, usually, the enemy cannot counter in
time if they air block it. Against dashing opponents, the S.Fierce or
S.Forward will usually deter them; refrain from using a defense like the Uni-
Beam, because an enemy with a quick dash can stop and block in time, leaving
you open to counter.

In the air:

Of course, Shellhead can fly, but always remember that you cannot air block,
which means if the enemy is attacking you during Flight, you must either get
away, or use a quick enough move that you will snuff their attack. If the
enemy can fly like yourself (Magneto, Dr. Doom or another IM), keep them at
bay with the UniBeam, and the occasional Smart Bomb--try to stay away from
these guys and get on the ground. Against Super Jumpers you fall quickly, the
Smart Bombs work well, and remember that they have only a short period of
time to hit you, so try to avoid the attack, then counter...
BEST JUMP-IN CHAIN: for everyone, J.Short -> J.D+Fierce is best, and you can
                    toss a J.Strong in between in most cases.


(not word for word...)

Iron Man defeats Thanos and gains the Infinity Gems, but starts with that
"Absolute power corrupts absolutely" stuff and throws it away. But, he soon
discovers that the Infinity Gems cured his techno-organic virus that had
plagued him for quite some time; his long-time friend Captain America (Steve
Rogers) tries to console him, telling him he's been given a chance at a
second life; this of course makes Tony feel guiltier than ever.



Beginning Pose:    Logan rears back, unsheathes his claws and exclaims
                   "Let's go, bub!"
Winning Pose 1:    Logan pulls off his mask and remarks "Rookie"
Winning Pose 2:    As with his taunt, Logan scrapes his claws together
Taunt:             Wolverine scrapes his claws together
Regular Color:     Yellow and Blue
2nd Color:         Yellow and Black
Background:        a wooden bridge overlooking a beautiful mountain range,
                   presumably in Canada (probably in the B.C. Rocky
                   Mountains). In the later rounds the bridge will fall to
                   the valley bellow, then in the final round when the
                   player wins, it drops into a waterfall and the player is
                   is left on a large rock.
Post-Match Quotes:
      Vs. Wolverine-"You've got the face bub, but not the moves!"
        Close Fight-"Good thing you finally lost, you were starting to tick
                     me off!"
                   -"Next time bub, try fighting back!"
                   -"I'm still the best there is at what I do."
                   -"I've had manicures that were tougher on my claws than
                     that fight!"


For anyone who's actually never heard of Wolverine, here's his story:

Actually, the man known as Logan has a past shrouded in almost complete
mystery. As far as I know (haven't kept up with the comics lately), it is 
believed that Logan was found in the Canadian Wilderness by government 
operatives and forced into a secret program known as Weapon X. It was 
discovered that he was in fact a mutant, born with the ability to heal all
wounds and sickness MUCH faster than homo sapiens, as well as heightened
smell, sight and hearing. They then laced his skeleton with the 
indestructible metal known as adamantium, making it virtually unbreakable.
Along with this skeleton came powerful, retractable claws of the same 
substance which extended from the back of his hand. 
His time as a Weapon X operative is almost a complete mystery, with not even
Wolverine knowing what went on; Logan suspects that they wiped his memory and
implanted false memories. When Logan quit the Weapon X program, many other
operatives were put into action, like Maverick, Vindicator, and the deadly
mercenary known as Deadpool. 
After leaving, Wolverine was found by Professor Charles Xavier, and joined
the elite mutant team called the X-Men. But Logan still yearns to uncover
the mystery of his past...
Now, the mad Titan known as Thanos has discovered the all-powerful Infinity
Gems which control the very fabric of the universe. Logan has joined the
battle against Thanos alongside the Avengers, his fellow X-Men and Adam 
Warlock to take back the Gems...


Well, he still is primarily a button-mashing character, however experienced
players will soon find that against Wolverine scrubs, if they just pay
attention and react carefully, he's just as easy to beat as a scrub playing
any other character. Now, if you wan't to enjoy playing him, Wolverine can be
a lot of fun and he's a really cool fighter. If you like big multi-hitting
combos, he's definetely for you, and playing offensive is definetely his
style. As long as you know when and where to use his Special Moves, he can be
quite the opponent.


-Berserker Barrage: QCT+any punch (tap punch repeatedly for more hits)
-Tornado Claw: F, D, D/F+any punch (tap punch repeatedly for more hits)
-Drill Claw: any direction+any punch+any kick (same strength; can be done in 
-Double Knee Kick: S.Forward -> Forward
-Claw Slide: hold D/F+Fierce
-Dive Kick: D+Forward (in mid-air)
-Shoulder Mount Adamantium Hell: F or B+Strong (close)
-Ground Mount Adamantium Hell: F or B+Fierce (close)
-Airborne Adamantium Hell: F or B+Fierce or Strong (close in mid-air)
-Best Gem: Power
-Dash Forward; Quick Dash: F, F or all three punches
-Dash Back; Hop Back: B, B or B+all three punches
-Infinity Counter; Drill Claw: B, D/B, D+any punch 
-Triangle Jump: tap opposite direction when meeting wall or screen side in 
-Infinity Combo 1; Super Berserker Barrage: QCT+all three punches
-Infinity Combo 2; Weapon X: F, D, D/F+all three punches


Wolverine's regular moves are his bread and butter, opening the enemy up to
big damage with his Special Moves. S.Jab is LIGHTNING fast and if you're
going for hits and priority this is a great combo start. As well, it can be
used as an air counter if the opponent is jumping in around eye level. If it
connects in this case, follow through with a S.Fierce, or a S.Roundhouse and
Tornado Claw. The S.Strong is quite good in combos and in many cases can be
done repeatedly to make Logan slash back and forth for many hits. Logan's
ever-popular S.Fierce is without a doubt on of his best attacks, and can be
used defensively to counter a LOT of attacks, including jump-ins because it
covers his whole front. It is a Strike and will send the opponent flying
across the screen (does not activate the FS, remember) for good damage. If I
had a choice I would rather put the S.Roundhouse in combos so I could follow
with his whole 5+ hit SJ.Air Combo. Both S.Short and C.Short are useful when
hitting the enemy OTG, or for a tick. C.Forward has decent range and is also
his only knockdown. If it connects, especially in a combo, cancel it with a
BB OTG or follow with D.C.Short to OTG the opponent and continue into a
combo. S.Roundhouse is Wolverine's Regular Launcher, and you should always
follow with an Air Combo or at least a Tornado Claw. It's decent as an air
counter, but otherwise its range is limited and if the opponent is fast when
you miss it he can counter with ease. Stick with it in combos. Crouching
Roundhouse knocks too far away (MIGHT be a Strike :) to follow with any
Special Move except maybe the Drill Claw, unless in the corner. Its main
advantage is range, and if you see a projectile coming, quickly pull this off
to slide under it. If blocked the opponent can counter quickly, so be careful.
J.Fierce is great in air-to-air combat and is his most reliable jump-in. If
it connects in this case, QUICKLY cancel into Roundhouse for a jump-in combo
(if you're fighting a large enough character, i.e. not Wolverine, Spider-Man
or Psylocke). His recovery on this is also quite exceptional. J.Roundhouse
has a greater range than the J.Fierce and because it is more horizontal
it is more effective in an air battle. Because of it being quite horizontal
it isn't as good as the J.Fierce for jumping in, unless you're jumping in
real deep. Note that against taller characters, this will sometimes hit
twice, though not as often as in CotA. If blocked, this also has slower
recovery and you can be quickly countered by an uppercut move or ICO.


-Berserker Barrage-

(Wolverine exclaims "Berserker Barrage!" and dashes forward, slashing his 
 claws in a wild furry)

IMO this is not all it's cracked up to be. In combos sure, it's awesome. But
out of a combo it is actually a weakness. After the BB is finished, Logan 
will rear back in a little bit of a rage, and he can easily be countered for
a moment. As well, the BB is extremely slow along the ground, so if you're
not right next to the opponent they'll see it coming, and may even counter
with an IC! (Mind you, the range is pretty deceptive, with his slashes
reaching slightly farther then it looks.) One good thing is that it is fairly
easy to do from a crouch, so if you duck a high attack (i.e. Captain
America's Strong Shield Slash) from close or, at the most, a step away, you
can roll to forward and hit Fierce. For the most part, only use it in combos.
The BB generally gets about 8-9 hits if you tap punch repeatedly.


-Tornado Claw-

(Logan exclaims "Tornado Claw!" and rises into the air spinning with claws

Also IMO a weakened move from X-Men:CotA, its range appears to have been
decreased (in X-Men, I could nail a missed attack from almost half a screen
away with the T.Claw), but I still like it, especially in combos. Its damage
is still pretty good, and is an excellent air counter to most jump-ins. It 
has a high priority on jumping attacks, even some Air Special Moves (eg. 
Psylocke's PsiDrill, the torpedo move when she comes out of her Ninjitsu 
Teleport). But of course, like all DPs, this has HORRIBLE recovery, and if
blocked or missed Logan is left wide open to ANYTHING. Even from across the
screen, the opponent can dash in for a big combo. I usually get about 8 hits
using Fierce with this when repeatedly tapping punch.


-Drill Claw-

(Wolverine exclaims "Drill Claw!" and spins torpedo-like in the desired
 direction with claws extended)

The main purpose of this move, IMO, is defense. Although he can no longer
Drill Claw backwards, his backward dash compensates for this. The main thing
in this case is that he can Drill Claw into the air from the ground, up 
backwards, straight up, or upwards and forward. It is also a rock-solid
defensive move in the air, and because of its speed you can nail most foes
before they even get to you in the air! This is an excellent, clean, powerful
counter to any missed attack from a distance, if you're a little aprehensive
about dashing in. It can also be used as an air counter if directed U/F, 
acting as a sort of DP. Now, in X-Men:CotA I thought this was quite a safe 
move, but in MSH there are plenty of counters the opponent can use, even if 
you've bounced away from him when it is blocked. Below is a list of what each 
character can do to you:

-Hulk: Gamma Charge (of course)
-Iron Man: UniBeam or even his Proton Cannon!
-Wolverine: Drill Claw or even Weapon X...
-Psylocke: PsiThrust IC, Strong PsiBlast
-Spider-Man: Web Swing or Jab Web Throw
-Captain America: Shield Slash, Charging Stars or even Final Justice!
-Magneto: EM Disruptor or Magnetic Tempest IC
-Shuma Gorath: Mystic Smash or dash+Devitalization
-Juggernaut: Juggernaut Splash/Punch/Headcrush (damn, maybe his S.F+Fierce
-Blackheart: Heart of Darkness IC, Inferno, or maybe Dark Thunder
-Doom:       Gauntlet Blast, Photon Array
-Thanos:     Spear Slide, C.Fierce

In addition, most characters, except perhaps Juggernaut, Hulk, Blackheart and 
Shuma Gorath can dash forward and Combo! So, you still have to be quite 
careful with the so-called "safe" Drill Claw.


-Double Knee Kick-

(Wolverine brings his knee up into the enemy's gut, then extends into a high
 snap kick)

Good for 2 hits (duh), this is a great double hit in combos, and will push 
you pretty far away if blocked, preventing a lot of counters. It looks cool
too, so if you dash in you can put it in the Magic Series and still cancel
into the Fierce or Roundhouse, or a Special Move looks cool too. BTW, the
second hit will not come out unless you actually make contact with the enemy.


-Claw Slide-

(Wolverine slides real low on his belly with his claws extended)

This thankfully has retained its range from X-Men: CotA. It does good damage,
and knocks down, allowing an OTG combo followup. If you wanna finish a combo
with this, I suppose it's OK, but its greatest asset is its range. It can
reach further than his C.Roundhouse, so if you've crouched a high attack you
can choose between this or the Drill Claw. This does around the same damage
I believe, but the Drill Claw can knock a Gem out. Alternately, the Claw
Slide can start and OTG combo...


-Dive Kick-

(Wolverine dives downward at an angle with a kick)

He had an air stomp ala Chun Li in X-Men: CotA. It is still here, but has 
been changed a little. It is now a downward diving kick, and if it is blocked
or connects Wolverine will bounce away (a lot like Iron Man's Knee Dive),
though it is not totally safe from dashing counters (eg. Final Justice). It
has great speed, so it is ideal as a counter if you are mid distance away in 
the air and the opponent throws just about any ground attack. It may be 
possible, BTW, to cancel this with a Drill Claw. It can be cancelled into a
Special Move, but the Drill Claw may not connect--like IM's D+Forward, Logan
can also chain this with his Jumping MS, preventing a possible counter.


-Shoulder Mount Adamantium Hell-

(Wolverine hops on the opponents shoulders and claws the hell outta the back
 of their head. He then flips them over frontwards)

This is one of my favorite Throws and if you're ANYWHERE near the corner, you
can follow it with a Claw Slide or sometimes an OTG combo. If you tap B and F
repeatedly and hit the button real fast, Logan will claw faster, also getting
in more hits as well as damage. Altogether this does good damage if the enemy
doesn't tech hit it. If the enemy tech hits  their landing, it still does OK

-Ground Mount Adamantium Hell-

(Wolverine lays his opponent down on their back, sits on them, claws the hell
 outta them, then kicks off)

Because of the kick-off at the end you cannot follow this up, as far as I
know. It also appears to do the same damage as the Strong Throw, so I think
the Shoulder Mount is the better of the two. As with the Strong, tap B and F
repeatedly and tap Fierce fast and you'll get more hits/damage.


-Air Adamantium Hell-

(Same as Strong Throw, but in mid-air)

Use it as you please, it does the same damage as the ground version. I 
believe it can be put into some Air Combos as well, but remember it can still 
be tech hitted.


-Best Gem; Power-

This is Wolverine's special Gem, because not only does it increase the damage 
of his attacks, it also gives him his old Shadows from X-Men: CotA; when the 
Gem is activated, mirror images of Wolverine trail behind him for a time. 
These images are invulnerable, but can attack, effectively multiplying his 
hits in a combo. As well, Wolverine is sped up CONSIDERABLY, allowing you 
faster recovery on some moves (i.e. you can get in even more Jabs or Strongs 
in a combo).


-Dash Forward; Quick Dash:

(Wolverine dashes forward quickly)

a VERY fast dash, use it to counter pretty much any missed attack from a 
distance, and whenever on the ground mix it up with the backward dash and 
Drill Claw to keep the opponent guessing.


-Dash Back; Back Hop-

(Wolverine kicks off the ground and hops back slightly)

Fairly quick, mix it up with Forward dashing and Drill claws to counter on 
the ground. This MAY also avoid some really low attacks (eg. Cap's Jab Shield


-Infinity Counter; Drill Claw-

(Logan blocks the opponents attack and retaliates with a fast Drill Claw)

Not very effective on airborne attacks, its main strength is range. Not only
can you counter a lot of horizontal attacks, but you can also counter a lot
of projectiles. For example, blocking Captain America's Strong Shield Slash
from mid-range will allow you to retaliate with this and it should connect.
Mind you, it is IMO better to counter with a dashing combo. I think 
personally that ICOs should be for jump-in attacks only, because you can
easily put in any combo or quite a few Special Moves after blocking attacks
with the same amount of proficiency. Mind you, this would be easier to 
counter a lot of REALLY quick recovering attacks with this, like Hulk's 
standing Jab...


-Triangle Jump-

(Wolverine rebounds of a wall to jump forward)

The main strength of this is for defense; if you've jumped and the opponent
tries to dash in for an air counter, IC or the like, you can jump back and
Triangle Jump over their head. It can also be done during a Super Jump, which
can easily avoid and go over a lot of ICs. Use this a lot, if not just to 
avoid the opponent if they're trying to go heavy on the offensive.


-Infinity Combo 1; Super Berserker Barrage-

(Wolverine exclaims "Berserker Barrage!!" and rushes forward in a wild furry
 of slashes, finishing with a S.Fierce)

The only difference between this and the normal version is the damage, hits,
and final hit (you may also notice the sound of the slashing is much faster). 
Like the regular one, it will initiate the FS and can be followed up in the 
corner with a juggle or OTG combo in the corner. However, like the regular
BB, it has considerable recovery time if missed (however if blocked (unlike
the regular BB) the recovery isn't too bad, except against really fast
attacks), and is also slow along the ground. So, it is best used in a combo
or after the enemy does a slow recovering move. The SBB can do up to 12 hits.


-Infinity Combo 2; Weapon X-

(Wolverine rears back, crosses his arms, unsheathes his claws, then with a
 grunt dashes EXTREMELY fast at the opponent; if he connects, he goes into an
 automatic multi-hit brutal combo, slashing andkicking the hell outta his 
 foe, finishing by jumping forward, slashing a jagged X across the screen)

IMO the third best-looking IC in the game (next to Magneto's Shockwave in 1st
and Psylocke's Psionic Maelstrom), it gives you a real rush if it connects, 
and does great damage, although not as much as the SBB. If this is blocked,
however, the opponent can QUICKLY counter with a combo. The dash is quite
fast, and Logan has a high priority over most ground attacks during the dash
(except for most ICs nd projectiles) so get your timing down pat for it. This 
is because the place you're going to use it is if the enemy misses a move 
from a close enough distance, be it a DP or IC (great after Iron Man's Proton 
Cannon!). You can also block an attack and counter with this, but be precise 
with the motions, i.e. hit all three punches at the END of the DP motion, 
otherwise when you're moving from the blocked position to F you may get an 
ICO. The Weapon X always has a max of 12 hits.


-Safe Air Magic Series: Jab -> Short -> Strong -> Forward -> Fierce or 
-Safe Ground Combo: D.S.Jab -> S.Short -> S.Strong -> Tornado Claw or BB
-If the opponent blocks... D.S.Jab -> S.Short -> S.Strong -> S.Forward
                           -> S.Fierce
-Ground Magic Series: Zig-Zag
-Jumping Magic Series: Zig-Zag (4 hits average)
-Launchers: S.Roundhouse
-Air Launchers: none
-Straight Launchers: S.Fierce
-Small Launchers: C.Strong

Note: all combos beginning with D.S.Jab can use 2 or maybe even 3 Jabs if the 
      enemy is Juggernaut, Shuma Gorath, Hulk or Blackheart (often others as 


1.  J.Fierce, S.Strong, S.Fierce
2.  D.S.Jab -> S.Short -> S.Strong -> S.Forward -> S.Fierce
3.  (corner) C.Fierce -> C.Roundhouse XX Tornado Claw
4.  (corner) C.Roundhouse XX BB or SBB
5.  D/F+Fierce, BB or SBB (OTG)


6.  (corner) D.S.Jab -> S.Short -> S.Strong XX Fierce Berserker Barrage
    (FS), C.Short (OTG) -> C.Strong -> S.Roundhouse
7.  J.Jab -> J.Fierce, D.S.Jab -> S.Short -> S.Strong -> C.Forward, 
    C.Short (OTG) -> S.Forward XX Tornado Claw or BB
8.  D.S.Short -> S.Roundhouse -> SJ.Jab -> SJ.Short -> SJ.Strong -> 
    SJ.Forward XX Drill Claw
9.  J.Jab -> J.Fierce, D.S.Jab -> S.Short -> S.Strong XX Fierce Tornado Claw
10. J.Fierce -> J.Roundhouse, D.S.Jab -> S.Short -> S.Strong -> C.Forward XX
    Berserker Barrage (OTG) (FS)
11. J.Jab -> J.Short -> J.Fierce, D.S.Jab -> S.Short -> S.Strong -> 
    S.Roundhouse -> SJ.Jab -> SJ.Short -> SJ.Strong -> SJ.Strong -> 
    SJ.Strong -> SJ.Forward XX Drill Claw
12. (corner) J.Jab -> J.Short -> J.Strong -> J.Forward, D.S.Jab -> S.Short -> 
    S.Strong XX Super Berserker Barrage (FS), C.Short (OTG) -> C.Strong ->
13. J.Fierce -> J.Roundhouse, D.S.Strong -> Double Knee Kick -> S.Roundhouse 
    -> SJ.Jab -> SJ.Short -> SJ.Strong -> SJ.Forward -> SJ.Roundhouse (FS)
14. (corner) Strong Throw, D.C.Short (OTG) -> C.Strong -> C.Roundhouse XX
    Tornado Claw
15. (corner) Strong Throw, D.C.Short (OTG) -> C.Strong -> C.Roundhouse XX
    Berserker Barrage (FS)
16. (corner) Strong Throw, D.C.Short (OTG) -> C.Roundhouse XX SBB (FS)
17. (corner) Strong Throw, D.C.Short (OTG) -> C.Strong -> S.Roundhouse ->
    SJ.Jab -> SJ.Short -> SJ.Strong -> SJ.Strong -> SJ.Forward XX 
    Drill Claw U/F, SJ.Jab -> SJ.Fierce (FS)
18. D/F+Fierce, D.C.Short (OTG) -> C.Strong -> S.Roundhouse -> SJ.Jab ->
    SJ.Short -> SJ.Strong -> SJ.Strong -> SJ.Forward -> SJ.Fierce (FS)
19. D.S.Jab -> D.S.Jab -> C.Short -> C.Fierce XX BB or SBB


20. (corner) J.Jab -> J.Short -> J.Strong -> J.Forward, D.S.Jab -> S.Short 
    -> S.Strong -> C.Forward, D.S.Short (OTG) -> C.Strong -> S.Roundhouse -> 
    SJ.Jab -> SJ.Short -> SJ.Strong -> SJ.Strong -> SJ.Forward XX 
    Fierce+Roundhouse Drill Claw U/F, SJ.Jab -> SJ.Fierce (FS)
21. (corner) J.Jab -> J.Short -> J.Strong -> J.Forward, D.S.Jab -> 
    S.Short -> C.Strong -> S.Roundhouse -> SJ.Jab -> SJ.Short -> SJ.Strong ->
    SJ.Strong -> SJ.Forward XX Fierce+Roundhouse Drill Claw U/F, SJ.Jab -> 
    SJ.Roundhouse (FS), SJ.Short (OTG) \/ C.Strong -> S.Roundhouse
22. (corner) J.Fierce, D.S.Jab -> S.Short -> S.Strong XX SBB, J.Jab ->
    J.Short -> J.Strong -> J.Forward -> J.Fierce

Comments (#20): thanks to James Chen for this awesome combo! Here is his
                explanation for this 19 hit combo:

"Okay, the combo is pretty normal except there is one part I would like to
 clarify.  After the Upwards Drill Claw, Wolverine will hit the enemy and
 recoil upwards.  After recoiling up, Wolverine is free to do more moves.
 This is where you do the SJ.Jab -> SJ.Fierce/Roundhouse in the two combos.
 Basically, you have to do them RIGHT after the Drill Claw connects as fast
 as possible.  The timing is hard, but not TOO hard."

Comments (#21): another awesome Logan combo from James Chen! Here's his
          walkthrough for this 19 hit:

"...I must point out that in order to get the last three OTG hits off, 
 it's VERY hard to time.  After hitting the enemy with the J.Roundhouse after
 the Drill Claw, both of you fall down at nearly the exact same time.  You
 land slightly after they do and if you're timing was perfect, you can OTG
 them with C.Short.  However, many times, you won't land quickly enough to
 hit them with the C.Short before they can recover and the OTG misses.  If
 you find that you are not going to land quickly enough to hit them with a
 C.Short, you can change that C.Short into a SJ.Short.  Basically, press
 Short RIGHT before you land and from the air, you can kick them off the
 floor and continue with the C.Strong -> S.Roundhouse.  However, if you do
 this method, it may be better to try with C.Strong -> S.Fierce because
 you'll be further out from the corner."

Comments (#18): Just to note, the D/F+Fierce should be done from around its
                max range, so that the fallen enemy is right at your feet.


GROUND COMBOS: Plenty of options here. You can do a full D.S.Jab ->
S.Short -> S.Strong -> Double Knee Kick -> S.Fierce combination in most
cases, but his best option without using an Air or OTG combo from here (see
below) is to chain into a Tornado Claw or Berserker Barrage; the Tornado Claw
is faster coming out with more initial range, so it's better on a dash, but
you should definetely go for the BB (or SBB) finish in the corner, so you can
follow with a few OTG hits for more damage. In addition, you can finish your
Ground Combos with a variety of OTG hits (see below).

AIR COMBOS: The most flexible character in the game for Air Combos, Logan not
only has an easy, full SJ.MS, but he can also chain EASILY up to 3 Strongs in
one Air Combo for more hits and slightly more damage. His S.Roundhouse
launches the enemy well with only a small forward arc; easy to follow with
his huge Air Combos. IMO Air Combos are good options for doing serious damage
with Wolverine, other than Ground Combos involving the SBB.

THROW COMBOS: Powerful OTG combos can be had after a Strong Throw into the
corner; remember however that WOLVERINE must be in the corner, as the Throw
reverses sides. Afterward, you must hit with a long-range attack, or dash in
with a C.Short and combo.

OTG COMBOS: Many options available here. Other than after his Strong Throw in
the corner, Wolverine can OTG after C.Forward as well as his BB or SBB. After
the C.Forward, the easiest option is to cancel into a BB or SBB to hit OTG,
however if the enemy Safety Rolls you're in trouble. You can also usually OTG
with a C.Short because the C.Forward's recovery is fast enough; follow into a
full combo. In the corner, the BB and SBB execute the Flying Screen, so no
Air Combos or Special Moves are permitted. D.C.Short -> C.Strong ->
S.Roundhouse is your best little combination here, since the S.Roundhouse
still launches them, allowing you to set up your next tactic, or get away for
a breather.



Wolverine is an offensive machine; dashing in is extremely effective in all
cases, be it to counter missed attacks or set up the enemy, as it is QUITE
fast and can be easily interrupted with a block. The S.Jab and S.Short work
well as possible ticks, and pretty much every regular attack except crouching
Fierce and Roundhouse is safe if blocked. If you anticipate a high counter-
attack, you can slide underneath it with D/F+Fierce XX BB or SBB for a quick
and damaging combo. You can also go offensive with his quick jump, ready to
air block if necessary; the J.Roundhouse or J.Fierce deals with most airborne
attempts at countering you... Once you have a level charged, worry about
connecting with the Weapon X, unless you see an obvious opportunity to combo
into the SBB; the Weapon X will easily take out just about any attack they
throw at you.

Dashing Jump:

BIG range here, very easy to traverse the whole screen fairly quickly. Again,
not overly useful for Logan, because his jump is already quite fast and
long-ranged PLUS he has one of the fastest forward dashes in the game.


The S.Fierce is pretty much all you need for offensive enemies; it will cover
air and ground, and recovers fast enough in case the enemy dashes and blocks
or jumps and blocks. The S.Roundhouse and Tornado Claw are also useful as
air counters, however the latter, if air blocked, doesn't have the best of

In the air:

Wolverine does quite well in the air, even against those like Iron Man and
Magneto with flight. J.Roundhouse and J.Fierce are quite adiquate to deal
with anything up close. From a distance, the Drill Claw is a great counter to
a missed or air blocked attack... J.Strong can also be done multiple times
and has high priority against any jumping foe.
BEST JUMP-IN CHAIN: Take your pick. If you're looking for good solid hits
with good damage, J.Fierce -> Roundhouse is your best option. If you're
looking for hits, a whole J.Jab -> J.Short -> J.Strong -> J.Forward will
connect fairly easily--against the tall fighters, even more can connect.


(NOT word for word...)

He just goes back to the X-mansion, and yacks with Cyclops about how being a
god's not for him, and needed to find out his past for himself. He then
drives away on his kick-ass bike.



Beginning Pose:   Psylocke floats in dressed as a ninja, sheds the clothes
                  and goes into her fighting stance.
Winning Pose 1:   she plays with her bangs and exclaims "No Sweat!"
Winning Pose 2:   goes into a martial arts ready stance.
Taunt:            Psylocke beckons the opponent, saying "come on..."
Regular Color:    Blue outfit
2nd Color:        Black outfit
Background:       On the roof of a moving train at night
Post-Match Quotes:
      Vs. Psylocke-"Another Psylocke!? Spiral and I must have a little chat"
       Close Fight-"You will never come that close to defeating me again!"
                  -"I will not embarass you by letting this fight continue
                  -"Perhaps you should consider and easier opponent."

NOTE: Betsy's Taunt will actually hit the enemy for minute damage! It can
      also knock Gems away from the enemy! :)


With her telepathic powers, Psylocke can send blasts of psionic energy,
or fashion a "psychic knife" which cuts both physically and mentally.
As a favor to the Mandarin, Spiral blended Betsy Braddock's genes with those 
of a ninja warrior (this is also why she appears Asian, although she is of
British descent). She has now joined her fellow X-Men, the Avengers, and Adam
Warlock in defeating the mad Titan known as Thanos to regain the Infinity 
Gems, which hold together the very fabric of the universe.


Can also be used, on the surface, as a button-masher character. However when
you really get down to it, she can't do any real damage unless you use her
properly. Like Wolverine she is primarily an offensive fighter, and can also
work quite well on defense, and can be great at anticipating/countering the
enemy's mistakes with her Ninjitsu Teleport. If you like big combos, she is
definetely the right choice, being able to use all three of her ICs in full
combos for huge damage. And the PsiMaelstrom is truly a sight to behold. :)
When used properly she can also be a lot of fun to use.


-PsiBlast (Downward): QCT+Jab (can be done in mid-air)
-PsiBlast (Forward): QCT+Strong (can be done in mid-air)
-PsiBlast (U/F): QCT+Fierce (can be done in mid-air)
-PsiBlade: QCT+any kick (can be done in mid-air)
-Ninjitsu Teleport: HCB+any button (can be done in mid-air)
-PsiDrill: any direction+punch after Ninjitsu Teleport (can be done in 
-Forward Flip Kick: F+Forward
-Forward Slide Kick: F+Roundhouse
-Back Roll Kick: B+Roundhouse
-Flip Kick: U+Roundhouse (in mid-air)
-Triple Jump: U during any jump (repeat for 3)
-Vertical Launch: F or B+Strong (close)
-Rolling Slam: F or B+Fierce (close)
-Roll Drop: F or B+Fierce or Strong (close in mid-air)
-Best Gem: Power
-Dash Forward; Forward Roll: F, F or all three punches
-Dash Back; Back Roll: B, B or B+all three punches
-Infinity Counter; Short Psiblade: B, D/B, D+any punch 
-Infinity Combo 1; PsiThrust: QCT+all three punches (can be done in mid-air)
-Infinity Combo 2; Psionic Maelstrom: QCT+all three kicks
-Infinity Combo 3; Kochou Gakure: QCB+all three kicks (can be done in 


S.Fierce is Psylocke's Straight Launcher, or "strike". If it connects it
knocks the opponent across the screen. This is a great finisher to simple
combos, and also not a bad air counter to deep jumpers. If ducked Psylocke is
left vulnerable (with small opponents), so make sure it connects. C.Fierce is
Psylocke's Regular Launcher, and is all around one of her best attacks. Try
to put this in most of your combos so you can follow with a Super Jump and
Air Combo. It is also a decent air counter, and comes out quite fast. If
missed, her recovery is slow enough to get countered fairly easily, so make
sure it connects. For some simple combos, cancel this into a Fierce PsiBlast
or a Roundhouse PsiBlade in the corner. More importantly, this move can
easily be cancelled into her Psi MaelStrom for GREAT damage! S.Jab may not
seem like much, but is a great starter for big combos; as well, because it is
upward, it acts fairly well as an air counter; if it connects as one, cancel
into S.Fierce for an easy two hit. So fast it is very difficult to counter.
Her C.Roundhouse is a good all-around sweep, and recovers fast enough to go
into an OTG combo. If you like keeping it simple, it has great range and
initiation speed, so you can use it to counter a lot of high moves from a few
steps away. Chain at least into a Jab PsiBlast, unless the enemy knows how to
Safety Roll on reaction here. Psylocke's J.Roundhouse is her best single
jump-in attack, it has excellent range and priority over early attempted air
counters. Standing Strong has limited range, but is a great up-close move
with high priority. S.Forward has more range than the S.Strong, and otherwise
is the same; use often up close as a great pecking attack.


-PsiBlast (Downward)-

(Psylocke exclaims "PsiBlast!" and throws a surge of psychic energy from
 her forehead down to the ground)

On the ground the only real use for this is to hit close downed opponents
(eg. cancelled out of C.Roundhouse).
Make sure not to do it if the opponent is in the air, or Betsy'll get
hit easily. In the air, this is a good attack if you manage to jump over the
enemy's projectile, epsecially a Hyper-X (eg. if you anticipate Iron Man 
doing his Proton Cannon, Super Jump, and on the way down whip off a Jab
PsiBlast). If you want a simple jump-in combo, jump in with Fierce or a short
jumping MS, and cancel with a Jab PsiBlast.


-PsiBlast (Straight)-

(Psylocke exclaims "PsiBlast!" and throws a surge of psychic energy from
 her forehead straight at the opponent)

Your basic straight-forward projectile, once it's airborne it isn't very 
fast, so stick with it in combos, or to counter a missed attack. Up close it 
can be ducked, so be careful. In the air use it if the enemy is at your 
level, and you shouldn't be too worried about a counter up there. One thing
to note is that the projectile is quite wide in its dimensions, and will hit
a lot of large crouching opponents (eg. Hulk), or opponents coming down out 
of the air. NOTE: at around 1/3 screen distance, you can actually dash after
this and combo when it connects...


-PsiBlast (U/F)-

(Psylocke exclaims "PsiBlast!" and throws a surge of psychic energy from
 her forehead up in the air at an angle)

This is a GREAT juggle in many corner combos; whenever you throw 'em up in
the air with a launcher, you should at least go for this. It is also a decent
air counter as the enemy jumps in at you, because it comes out fast, but you
should try and air counter 'em with a a crouching Fierce+combo instead. In
the air it is pretty useless unless the enemy is over your head in a Super



(Psylocke exclaims "PsiBlade!" and surrounds herself with psychic energy,
 spinning upward and forward)

Each strength of kick makes it go slightly higher, but slightly less forward.
So, a Short PsiBlade has good horizontal range, but almost no upward range,
Forward goes up and forward slightly, and Roundhouse is almost vertical. A
great air counter and AWESOME in combos, each PsiBlade racks up three hits.
But here's the best part--all three PsiBlades can be chained together! To do
all three consecutively, perform a QCT+Short, then quickly tap Forward, then
Roundhouse; the next two PsiBlades will automatically cancel into the Short,
racking up 9 hits total! 
As an air counter, your best bet is the Roundhouse PsiBlade, and this is very
difficult to take priority over. Against deep or far-jumping enemies, use the
Forward PsiBlade.

In the air the PsiBlade has great priority, and all three chained together
are AWESOME combo finishers. Use the Roundhouse version if the enemy attempts
to gain a higher position over you (i.e. tries to Double Jump/Super Jump over
you), and use the Short or Forward version in air-to-air combat. Note that if
blocked all PsiBlades can be QUICKLY countered, especially the Roundhouse



(Betsy exclaims "Ninjitsu!" and teleports to one of 6 positions, each 
 position showing a sillouette of her, so the opponent doesn't know where 
 she appears 'till the last minute!)

These are the positions that she appears in, pertaining to each button (when
facing right):

Jab- top left of screen
Strong- same spot 
Fierce- top right of screen       
Short- bottom left of screen
Forward- behind opponent 
Roundhouse- bottom right of screen

This is IMO a VERY useful move, and essential to playing the "untouchable"
Psylocke. Use these teleports FREQUENTLY, to confuse the opponent and mainly
to counter a lot of their moves. Note that you do HAVE to use them in the
right place, or else they will anticipate your appearance and counter--they
are best used when YOU anticipate one of their moves. See tactics for more



(As Psylocke appears from a Teleport, she dives in the desired direction with
 a psionic blade in front)

This is the only attack Betsy can perform RIGHT out of a Ninjitsu teleport,
but it has the advantage of going in any direction! So even if the opponent
anticipates where you'll reappear, you can PsiDrill in the opposite direction
and hopefully avoid him. If you appear anywhere on the ground, you can wait
the split-second and then use any attack (i.e. combo if you appear behind 
them), but in the air this is basically the only thing you can do besides 
fall. If the opponent is in the air when you appear up there, direct the 
PsiDrill appropriately to nab them. If you appear in the air and they're on
ground, PsiDrill downward. 
If blocked, Betsy will bounce away, leaving her open to dashing combos and
other types of counters :).

NOTE: The PsiDrill IS a Special Move because it can knock Gems out of the


-Forward Flip Kick-

(Psylocke rolls forward, comes up and throws an overhead kick)

This is lightning fast, so use it to counter low attacks. Unlike what I
previously said, it is NOT an Overhead (thank's Onaje :), however it is still
quite fast and therefore is useful against persistant sweepers. If it
connects, cancel with a Jab PsiBlast, or the three PsiBlades if they're
standing--or, chain into a Fierce/Roundhouse combo. See Combos...


-Forward Slide Kick-

(Psylocke lunges forward with a kick)

-Back Roll Kick-

(Psylocke rolls backward, then forward a little and kicks upward)

Both of these kicks will pass under projectiles and a lot of other high 
attacks. Up close the Forward Slide Kick will pass through the opponent and
Psylocke will end up behind the opponent; good surprise tactic. The Back Roll
Kick is GREAT for avoiding jump-in attacks, and if the enemy was trying a 
cross-up attack, the kick as you recover may even hit them.


-Triple Jump-

(Psylocke appears to sort of step up from her jump into another)

A GREAT move for avoiding attacks, and ICs. One good tactic (although I think
a Forward Ninjitsu is a better idea) is to jump in at the opponent, and the
second the start to air counter, Double/Triple Jump to avoid it and nail 'em
for real on your way down. Note that the Double/Triple Jump can also be done
as you begin to fall from a Super Jump, so if you really wanna avoid big ICs
like Iron Man's Proton Cannon, Super Jump then Double/Triple Jump, and it may
even take you off the screen! Remember though, it is in a lot of cases better
to Ninjitsu Teleport so you can actually attack them.


-Vertical Launch-

(Psylocke grabs the opponent and launches them up in the air)

This is a great Throw because it allows you to juggle the opponent with just
about anything, including Super Jump+Air Combo (the SJ must be directed
appropriately however). An easy follow-up in the corner would be the Triple
PsiBlade. Remember that this can be tech hitted.


-Rolling Slam-

(Psylocke grapples the opponent, then flies rolling through the air to slam
 them into the ground)

The great thing about this Throw is that it brings the opponent into the 
corner from just about anywhere on the screen. It can also be followed up
with a dashing OTG combo, but remember of course it can be tech hitted. Use
this if you're pretty much ANYWHERE on the screen :).


-Roll Drop-

(Psylocke grabs an airborne opponent, and drops to the ground rolling)

Decent damage and a good follow-up to a launcher... If you can go for an Air
Combo it is a little better than this, and as always this can be tech hitted.
It can be followed with an OTG combo in the corner, and like the standing
version will bring them close enough from just about anywhere--dash and OTG.


-Best Gem; Power:

This is Psylocke's special Gem, because not only does it increase the damage 
of her attacks, it also gives her her old Ninjutu shadow move from X-Men: 
CotA; when the Gem is activated, mirror images of Psylocke appear in front 
and behind her; these images can hit, but are invulnerable--only the real 
Psylocke in the middle can be hit. Not only does this potentially give more 
hits to combos, but it also allows her to do more damage AND is great for 
confusing the enemy. If you stay in the air a lot when the Power Gem is 
activated, I find a lot of human opponents get nervous and can screw up.


-Forward Dash; Forward Roll-

(Psylocke rolls onto her shoulder and into a ball, rolling towards the enemy)

-Backward Dash; Back Roll-

(Psylocke twists around to roll on her shoulder, then rolls away from the 

Not only does it get you across the screen faster, but Psylocke's dash is 
particularly effective for avoiding attacks. When she dashes, Betsy will 
perform a roll across the ground; if you interrupt the dash with any attack, 
she will immediately stand and perform the move. You can also hold back to 
cancel the roll and block. Now, when rolling, Betsy is invulnerable to many 
higher attacks, like projectiles (eg. Iron Man's Smart Bombs) if timed 
correctly. Dashing back is also a great way to avoid jump-in attacks or other 
dashing or charging moves.


-Infinity Counter; Short PsiBlade-

(Betsy blocks the opponent's attack and counters with a Short PsiBlade)

Not terribly powerful, nor do I believe it can be chained into the other 
PsiBlades. But, if you wanna use it, go ahead, because it allows you to
counter ANY move, period, no matter how good it recovers. This is one of the
better ICOs, because it can easily counter a lot of jump-in attacks and a lot
of ground attacks. Use it as you wish.


-Infinity Combo 1; PsiThrust-

(Betsy placing a hand to her head, then surrounds herself with psionic 
 energy, exclaims "PsiThrust!" and dives in the desired direction)

An extremely versitile Infinity Combo, the direction can be controlled in any
way (except straight down) while standing. As well, you can perform it a
second time by holding in another desired direction and hitting any button as
the first Thrust is finished (in a similiar fashion to Hulk's Gamma Charge).

Besides being totally devastating in combos, it is great by itself as well.
It can be used as an air counter, so when the opponent is on his way down at
you, perform the PsiThrust and direct it U/F; if they block, redirect it for
the second Thrust appropriately. If the opponent attempts to cross you up,
activate the PsiThrust and direct it U/B to catch them. And one of the best
places to use it; if you jump over an opponent's projectile, activate the
PsiThrust and direct it D/F; then direct the second half D/F again for more
hits. To get the max hits out of the horizontal version with no fuss, perform
the first half, then direct the second half D/F, which will OTG for 10 hits
total and great damage.
First of all, thanks to Onaje Everett, I now know that you can DEFINETELY
juggle after BOTH parts of the PsiThrust; you just have to be fast enough,
after the second part, to hit the enemy JUST before they land in the corner. 
It is, however, still easier to combo after the first half. So, if you've
had a clean horizontal hit with the PsiThrust, you can instead not follow
with the second Thrust, and instead follow with an OTG combo from there.
Note that if blocked, the PsiThrust will leave Betsy open for a counter, so
be watchful. So far as I can tell, the PsiThrust has a maximum of 10 hits.


-Infinity Combo 2; Psionic Maelstrom-

(Psylocke exclaims "Psi Maelstrom!" and rises spinning HIGH into the air, 
 surrounded by psionic energy)

This is IMO the second-coolest Infinity Combo in the game, next to Magneto's
Magnetic Shockwave. This can do pretty good damage, especially inside of a
combo. Note the opponent literally has an ETERNITY to counter if this is 
blocked or misses, including being able to Super Jump up and Air Combo you on
your way down! So, make ABSOLUTELY sure this connects. Outside of a combo it
has AMAZING priority on jump in attacks, i.e. if the opponent begins to start 
one of their jump in attacks (just as their kick or punch begins its 
animations), QUICKLY perform the IC and you will still catch them and carry 
them into the air for over 20 hits! Another way to use it is if the 
opponent is above you shooting an airborne projectile (i.e. you dash under 
Iron Man as he throws an air UniBeam over your head, and perform the 
PsiMaelstrom), or as an easy counter to a missed or blocked DP move (eg. 
Wolverine's Tornado Claw).
The Psionic Maelstrom has a max of 25 hits, so far as I've seen. I do believe
mashing on the Kicks will increase hits...


-Infinity Combo 3; Kochou Gakure-

(Psylocke hovers and calls upon a rush of psionic "butterflies" (at least
 that's what they look like), who envelope her, then fly forward from above
 her head)

Except in combos, I see no real reason to use this; as an air counter, it is
easily blocked, but can really rack up the block damage. Otherwise, the other
two ICs are generally better. This also has high priority up close to take
out just about anything, however the PsiMaelstrom will also work here :).
NOTE: it is possible to OTG after this in the corner if you are VERY fast.


-Safe Air Magic Series: Jab -> Short -> Forward -> Fierce/Roundhouse
-Safe Ground Combo: D.S.Jab -> S.Short -> C.Fierce -> SJ.Air Combo 
 -If the opponent blocks... D.S.Jab -> S.Short -> C.Fierce XX Fierce PsiBlast 
-Ground Magic Series: Zig-Zag
-Jumping Magic Series: Zig-Zag (4 hits average)
-Launchers: C.Fierce
-Air Launchers: none
-Straight Launchers: S.Fierce
-Small Launchers: C.Forward

Note 1: I will refer to all three PsiBlades chained together simply as the
       "Triple PsiBlade".  
Note 2: all combos beginning with D.S.Jab can use two Jabs if the fighter is
        Juggernaut, Shuma Gorath, Hulk or Blackheart (maybe others as well).


1.  D.S.Jab -> S.Strong -> S.Fierce XX Strong PsiBlast (PsiBlast is blockable
    unless in corner, but safe if S.Fierce connects)
2.  D.S.Jab -> S.Short -> S.Strong -> S.Forward -> S.Fierce
3.  D.C.Short -> C.Strong -> C.Roundhouse XX Jab PsiBlast (OTG)
4.  D.C.Short -> C.Fierce XX PsiMaelstrom (FS)
5.  (corner) D.S.Jab -> S.Strong -> C.Fierce XX Roundhouse PsiBlade
6.  C.Short -> C.Roundhouse XX PsiThrust (OTG) (Angle PsiThrust D/F)
7.  Fierce Throw (into corner), C.Short (OTG) -> C.Strong -> C.Roundhouse
8.  (corner) J.Roundhouse, C.Strong -> C.Fierce XX Fierce PsiBlast
9.  Forward Flip Kick XX Triple PsiBlade
10. Forward Flip Kick XX PsiMaelstrom (FS)


11. D.S.Jab -> S.Short -> C.Fierce -> SJ.Jab -> SJ.Short -> SJ.Forward ->
12. D.C.Short -> C.Strong -> C.Roundhouse XX Kochou Gakure (OTG)
13. D.S.Jab -> S.Short -> C.Fierce -> SJ.Jab -> SJ.Short -> SJ.Forward ->
    Triple PsiBlade
14. J.Fierce, D.C.Short -> C.Fierce -> SJ.Jab -> SJ.Short -> SJ.Forward ->
    Kochou Gakure
15. J.Fierce -> J.Roundhouse, D.S.Jab -> S.Short -> S.Strong -> S.Forward ->
    C.Fierce -> SJ.Jab -> SJ.Short -> SJ. Forward XX Triple PsiBlade
16. Fierce Throw into the corner, C.Short (OTG) -> C.Fierce -> SJ.Jab ->
    SJ.Short -> SJ.Forward -> SJ.Roundhouse (FS)
17. J.Fierce -> J.Roundhouse, D.S.Jab -> S.Short -> S.Strong -> S.Forward
    XX Triple PsiBlade
18. (corner) PsiThrust (only first half), C.Short (OTG) -> S.Strong XX
    Triple PsiBlade
19. (corner) PsiThrust (only first half), C.Short (OTG), C.Short, C.Short ->
    C.Strong XX Triple PsiBlade
20. (corner) PsiThrust (only first half), C.Short (OTG), S.Fierce XX
    Roundhouse Psi Blade
21. J.Short -> J.Forward -> J.Roundhouse XX Air Jab PsiBlast 
22. (corner) Strong Throw, Triple PsiBlade
23. (corner) PsiThrust (only first half), C.Short (OTG) -> C.Fierce XX
    PsiMaelstrom (FS)
24. (corner) PsiThrust (only first half), C.Short (OTG) -> C.Fierce ->
    SJ.Jab -> SJ.Short -> SJ.Forward XX Kochou Gakure
25. (corner) Strong Throw, D.S.Jab -> S.Strong -> S.Fierce
26. Strong Throw, D.C.Fierce -> SJ.Jab -> SJ.Short -> SJ.Forward -> Kochou
27. (corner) Strong Throw, J.Jab -> J.Short -> J.Forward XX PsiThrust
28. J.Fierce -> J.Roundhouse, D.S.Jab -> S.Short -> S.Strong -> S.Forward ->
    C.Roundhouse XX Jab PsiBlast (OTG)
29. J.Fierce -> J.Roundhouse, D.S.Jab -> S.Short -> S.Strong -> S.Forward ->
    C.Roundhouse XX PsiThrust D/F (OTG)
30. (corner) Fierce Air Throw, D.C.Short (OTG) -> C.Fierce -> SJ.Jab ->
    SJ.Short -> SJ.Forward XX Triple PsiBlade
31. (corner) Fierce Air Throw, D.C.Short (OTG) -> C.Fierce XX PsiMaelstrom
32. (corner) PsiThrust (both parts), C.Fierce -> SJ.Jab -> SJ.Short ->
    SJ.Forward -> SJ.Fierce
33. (corner) PsiThrust (both parts), C.Fierce XX PsiMaelstrom (FS)
34. (corner) PsiThrust (both parts), S.Strong -> S.Fierce XX Triple PsiBlade
35. PsiDrill (upward), PsiMaelstrom (FS) 
36. Forward Flip Kick -> C.Fierce -> SJ.Jab -> SJ.Short -> SJ.Forward XX
    Triple PsiBlade
37. J.U+Roundhouse, Triple PsiBlade (air-to-air OR jump-in :)
38. (corner) Kochou Gakure, C.Short (OTG) -> SJ.Jab -> SJ.Short ->
    SJ.Forward XX Triple PsiBlade


39. (corner) J.Jab -> J.Short -> J.Fierce, D.C.Short -> C.Forward -> C.Fierce
    -> SJ.Jab -> SJ.Short -> SJ.Forward, Fierce Air Throw, D.C.Short (OTG) ->
    C.Fierce -> SJ.Jab -> SJ.Short -> SJ.Forward XX Kochou Gakure
40. (corner) J.Jab -> J.Short -> J.Strong, D.S.Jab -> S.Short -> S.Strong ->
    S.Forward -> C.Fierce -> SJ.Jab -> SJ.Short -> SJ. Forward -> 
    SJ.U+Roundhouse (FS). While enemy starts falling back down and passes 
    you (you'll still be in same Super Jump), SJ.Short -> SJ.U+Roundhouse.  
    When enemy starts falling back down, Jump up and meet them in the air 
    with J.Jab -> J.Short -> J.Forward -> J.U+Roundhouse

Comments (#27): Yes, this does work. It takes a lot of timing, but you can
REGULAR jump after the enemy, air combo them, and finish with the PsiThrust.
The IC usually is directed straight forward, but you'll most likely have to
move it down for the big guys. BTW, this is unconfirmed for the home
versions, I pulled this one off at the arcade--it was kind of a fluke at the
time and I haven't been able to duplicate it on the Saturn/PS yet...

Comments (#40): thanks to James Chen for this awesome combo! Here is his
                explanation for this 19 hit combo:

Special thanks to James Chen for his AWESOME 18 hit combo; here's his 
explanation, as I have yet to get the whole thing to work.

 "It's pretty basic up until after the first SJ.U+Roundhouse.  After doing 
 this, the enemy will start falling down.  Wait until they pass by you and 
 hit SJ.Short so that you hit them while they are just barely below you.  
 After the second SJ.U+Roundhouse, they will be bounced back up and you will 
 land first.  Jump up and meet them in the air with the appropriate moves.  
 In the dashing portion of the combo, eliminate some moves against smaller 
 enemies.  A variation of this combo HAS been done before but it seems like 
 it ONLY works on Wolverine and even on him, it's not consistent.  Instead of 
 jumping up to meet the enemy after they start falling at the end, you can 
 wait for the enemy to just hit the ground and OTG them and juggle them.  
 Against Wolverine, I have juggled him with S.Jab -> S.Short -> S.Strong -> 
 S.Forward -> S.Fierce but it doesn't seem to always work.  The other method 
 is more of a sure-fire way to get in five extra hits, but this method is 
 easier to time (but less likely of getting all five hits in).


GROUND COMBOS: Like Wolverine, lots of options. She can do a full D.S.Jab ->
D.Short -> S.Strong -> S.Forward -> S.Fierce or S.Roundhouse combination on
most cases, and on big guys that last hit can be her C.Fierce launcher. You
can also stop at S.Forward and chain into a Triple PsiBlade or the like; very
flexible. Once you have a level charged, damage is better done with the
Kochou Gakure in an Air Combo, or a PsiMaelstrom cancelled out of a C.Fierce.
If you're near the corner, I recommend one of the fine selection of PsiThrust
combos :). Just remember to judge your distance and the size of the enemy so
you don't overstep in the ground MS and screw up.

AIR COMBOS: C.Fierce launches pretty near perfect, and her full SJ.MS is
fairly easy. SJ.Strong does not connect all that often however, but chaining
the SJ.MS into either the Triple PsiBlade or Kochou Gakure makes up for it.
Pretty much a toss up between Ground and Air Combos--choose which suits you

THROW COMBOS: although many don't regard her as being a powerful Thrower,
Betsy's Throw options are great. When outside of the corner, the Strong Throw
can set up some spectacular combinations, and if you want to bring the enemy
to the corner AND do some mean damage, the Fierce Throw does a fine job. To
top it off, she can mimic her Fierce Throw in the air, which will bring them
to the ground in the corner for an OTG combo too! (Just check out #31! :)

OTG COMBOS: Other than after the Throws, Betsy can also OTG off of a
C.Roundhouse with a Jab PsiBlast or the PsiThrust. Additionally, she can OTG
after the first half of the PsiThrust (see PsiThrust section).



The S.Jab, S.Forward and S.Strong are all safe, fast offensive attacks to
open the enemy up to a combo; use her dash on the ground well, always ready
to hold back to block. Throw alternating PsiBlastes then follow them in for
the kill. The Forward Slide Kick and Forward Flip Kick are also excellent
attacks to utilize, as they can avoid many attacks and the Flip Kick will
take out low attacks. Refrain from using Psylocke's other Special Moves and
her ICs unless in a combo, or obvious opening, as the recovery is not worth

Dashing Jump:

Pretty much like Wolverine's, fast with a lot of range. Similarily, her dash
and already excellent jump do quite well, so this isn't ALL that important
to her offensive gameplay IMO.


For air defense Betsy can use the Roundhouse PsiBlade, as well as C.Fierce
and either the PsiThrust (U/F) or PsiMaelstrom if you interrupt the enemy's
jumping attack. On the ground the S.Forward will keep them at bay, as will
alternating PsiBlastes. Her backward dash can also avoid some of the higher
projectiles and offensive attacks, as well as some jump-ins with

In addition, she can also utilize her Teleport, which will avoid attacks and
often set up a counter-attack.

Let's use some scenarios:

Vs. Juggernaut:

If Juggernaut begins a Fierce Juggernaut Punch from across the screen (you 
are on the far left), quickly perform a Jab Ninjitsu; you will disappear 
right out from under him, then appear over his head! Follow with the PsiDrill
and maybe even get a Gem out of it. OR, use a Short Ninjitsu and PsiDrill
upward for a juggle (thanks Oj :). Sometimes you may appear too far away to
attack, so just throw out the appropriate PsiBlast and continue into an

Vs. Hulk:

If you're fast enough to see the Gamma Charge coming (i.e from across the 
screen), quickly perform a Forward Ninjitsu; Hulk will fly right through you 
and you'll appear behind! NOTE: Make sure not to do this too early, or else
he can reverse the direction and nail you. As well, oftentimes you won't
appear RIGHT behind him, but you usually have enough time to nail him with
the PsiDrill.

Vs. Iron Man:

You anticipate a Proton Cannon; immediately do a Forward Ninjitsu as he 
begins to fire; end up right behind him, and do as you will!!!!

The Ninjitsu makes for a LOT of technique and fun; anytime you see the
opponent coming, go nuts with the teleports and nail 'em when they least 
suspect it. Here's a good tactic--jump in at the opponent, but at the last
minute pull off a Forward Ninjitsu. BOOM! They throw a missed air counter, 
and land right behind them and attack! Just don't do this too often, or the
enemy will simply wait and then counter you...

In the air:

J.U+Roundouse deals nicely with higher airborne attacks, as well as J.Fierce
if you're a little on top of them. However, the various PsiBlades are
effective counters to most offenses in the air, even against flyers like
BEST JUMP-IN CHAIN: See Wolverine--exactly the same idea.


(NOT word for word...)

She dumps the Infinity Gauntlet, as she says she believes that one person
does not deserve that kind of power. She believes in a democratic leadership,
and that's why she joined the X-Men.



Beginning Pose:    Spider-Man drops down on a thread of webbing from the top
                   of the screen and exclaims "showtime!"
Winning Pose 1:    Spider-Man goes into a ready stance and exclaims "Spider 
                   Sense tingling!"
Winning Pose 2:    Spider-Man nods and exclaims "One for J.J.!"
Winning Pose 3:    Spider-Man gives a thumbs-up and exclaims "One for J.J.!"
                   after he hangs his camera from a thread to take a picture
Taunt:             Spider-Man flicks a finger at the opponent and a word
                   bubble accompanies his verbal taunt, either "Do your
                   job!", "Hey!", or "C'Mon!"
Regular Color:     Red and Blue suit
2nd Color:         Red and Black suit
Background:        on a large window-washer's platform, steadily rising up
                   the side of a building
Post-Match Quotes:
     Vs. Spider-Man-"Just what I need... Another clone!"
        Close Fight-"Oh great... Do you know how much it costs to dry-clean
                     this costume?!"
                   -"I hear they're looking for people at the clown
                   -"You'll make somebody a great sidekick someday."


For those few who've never heard of Spider-Man before, turn on your TV :), or
read this section:

Young teen chemistry student Peter Parker was bitten by an experimental
radioactive spider during a demonstration and soon found he had great
strength and agility, along with a keen "spider sense" allowing him to tell
when danger was near. Deciding to use his powers for good, he doned a costume 
and adopted the name of Spider-Man.
It has been years since the experiment occured, and Peter Parker is now a
responsible adult, married to the love of his life, Mary Jane. He has had an 
exciting past, and despite many offers and turn-downs to teams like the 
Fantastic Four, the Avengers and the X-Men, he has managed to stay a loner
(however, he is officially a reserve member of the Avengers).
He has now joined the rest of the heroes in an attempt to save the entire
universe itself from the mad Titan known as Thanos, who has gained
posession of the Infinity Gauntlet, in it the six Infinity Gems which
control the very existance of the universe. It's all up to them...


Damn, but he is annoying. :) Spidey's a good solid character, relying on Air
Combos, and yet works well for beginners. Using a healthy mix of Web-Ball and
dashing combo offense, and his great air priority, along with a useful IC
which must be used carefully, Spider-Man is easily one of the most powerful
characters in the game, and if you're new to the game, I recommend starting
with Spidey :).


-Web Ball: QCT+any punch
-Air Web Ball: QCT+any punch in mid-air
-Spider Sting: F, D, D/F+any punch (punch again for downward slash)
-Web Swing: HCB+any kick (can be done in mid-air)
-Straight Web Throw: HCB+Jab
-Diagonally U/F Web Throw: HCB+Strong
-Straight Up Web Throw: HCB+fierce
-Triangle Jump: jump up into corner wall, tap in opposite direction
-Double Rolling Slam: F or B+Fierce (close)
-Shoulder Toss: F or B+Strong (close)
-Air Double Rolling Slam: F or B+Strong or Fierce (close in mid-air)
-Best Gem: Power
-Forward Dash; Forward Hop: F, F or all three punches
-Backward Dash; Back Hop: B,B or B+all three punches
-Infinity Counter; Spider Sting: B, D/B, D+any punch
-Infinity Combo; Maximum Spider: QCT+all three punches


S.Jab, despite it being a jab, has decent range and is great for starting off
dashing combos, or generally pecking and ticking the enemy up close. It has
decent recovery, so don't be afraid to miss it. S.Strong is Peter's Regular
Launcher, and is a great attack that will launch then enemy sky high. Stick
with it after jump-ins or dash-in combos, because its range isn't huge. It
can be used to to a certain extent as an air counter; if so, cancel into a
Spider Sting, provided the enemy is high enough above you. S.Fierce is his
most powerful punch, and will knock the enemy away, as it is a strike. Not a
bad combo finisher, but try and put in a Spider Sting as opposed to this if
this can connect. C.Fierce has nice range and decent power. Nothing special,
though; Go for this if you duck a high move and are too far away for his
Crouching Forward to connect. S.Forward is one of his higher priority
attacks, especially against close low attacks (eg. sweeps); mix this in
heavily up close, and when it connects, you can cancel into a S.Roundhouse.
C.Forward is one of THE corniest kicks I've ever seen! Still, it is his Small
Launcher, so put it into combos with his standing Roundhouse. Other than that
there's nothing big about it, as its range is very short. S.Roundhouse is
Spidey's Air Launcher comes out pretty fast, and following the C.Forward does
good damage and sends the enemy sky high. The best thing about this is, that
unlike a lot of other Air Launchers, this is actually VERY effective on
opponents jumping in, because it has decent range. So, when the enemy jumps
in and you don't want to meet them with an Air Combo, either do a Spider
Sting, or the Flip Kick cancelled into a Super Jump plus an Air Combo or
Spider Sting! If you connect with this on the ground, cancel it with either a
cool-looking Spider Sting if you're right up close, or a Fierce Web Ball and
attempt a further combo. C.Roundhouse is a double-leg sweep that has great
range and is not a bad Ground Combo finisher. Its recovery is not amazing, so
only use it when you're fairly sure it will connect, otherwise try and cancel
it with a Web Ball.


-Web Ball (Ground)-

(Spidey exclaims "Web Ball!" and throws a gob of web fluid at the enemy)

This is a pitifully weak projectile, but effective nonetheless. This can be
thrown fairly quickly so you can effectively play keep-away with these.
However because of its speed, it makes an even better offense; follow it in
to the opponent after throwing one to press the offense! As well, these will
gob up the opponent, rendering them helpless for a brief moment. Do not
mistake this; it is NOT the Sub-Zero cheese we're used to in MK. No, because
the enemy recovers so quickly, it is virtually impossible to web up the enemy
from any distance but right up close and then go in for a major combo. But,
if you do manage to web 'em and you're fairly close, go for a simple combo,
nothing too fancy in case you screw up. Also, don't forget Spider-Man's
Infinity Combo; the second you see the enemy webbed, execute the Maximum
Spider for big damage. This usually only works at full screen distance...
And here's something that really sucks; the Web Ball will NOT gob up the
Juggernaut--he instantly breaks free! This doesn't mean you can't use the Web
Ball against him, just don't expect to see him open for a combo after it.


-Web Ball (Air)-

(Spidey exclaims "Web Ball!" and throws a gob of web fluid at the enemy while 
 in the air)

All strengths throw a Web Ball diagonally down toward the enemy. These can
be used repeatedly from mid to far distance to really cheese the CPU, who 
likes to fall for them while executing moves from a distance. However it
becomes quite boring after a while, so IMO only use it slow the enemy up then
move in for the kill. As well, this is a good technique if you jump in with a
Roundhouse; it is possible for Spidey to bounce off the enemy's head when the
kick is blocked, then you can instantly pull off a diagonal Web Ball and they
sometimes fall for it. Again, if you web the enemy fairly close, go for a
simple combo. If you web them from a fair distance, go into the Maximum
Spider! This also has the same problem with Juggernaut (see above). 


-Spider Sting-

(Spidey exclaims "Spider Sting!" and rises into the air with an uppercut in 
 the typical DP fashion; if the punch is tapped again, Spidey will follow 
 with a downward punch at the apex of the uppercut)

This is your basic Dragon Punch, extremely effective to finish off your
ground combos. You must be extremely careful to connect with this, because
Web-head's recovery is horrible and any good opponent WILL punish you. If
it connects and sends the enemy up in the air, tap punch again and Spidey
will slash downward with a double punch for an extra hit. Make sure this
connects as well or Spidey's in for a beatin'. And always remember that
this is probably your most trusted air counter. ALSO NOTE: this DP has GREAT
priority, almost like the DP of the ol' SF2 days (*Sigh*, nostalgia :); the
Jab DP is actually somewhat useful in up close combat, and will often snuff
the enemy's regular attack.


-Web Swing-

(Spidey exclaims "Web Swing!" and shoots a strand of webbing to grab onto the 
 air (!) above him, then swings forward with his feet extended)

This does good damage if it connects, and if it is blocked Spider-Man will
pass through the enemy, still doing block damage. This can be done in the
air and is the perfect escape, especially if you're about to land from a
Super Jump right in an Infinity Combo like Iron Man's Proton Cannon (oww!).
Be careful where to use it, because even after it's blocked, the enemy will
turn around and probably nail you with a long range move of some sort. It
is also quite slow coming out, so be watchful. Try to use it if the enemy
misses a slow recovering move, like an Infinity Combo, or a DP across the
screen. You can also use it if you anticipate a fairly slow low move (eg.
Jab Shield Slash, Magneto's C.Roundhouse), and if quick enough (probably
using Short), you'll hit them before they can block in time. The Short
version is actually fast enough to work in a SJ.Air Combo, and should be the
only one used for taking out attacks on the ground, as it comes out FAIRLY
quick--excellent against slower low attacks (eg. Magneto's C.Roundhouse).


-Web Throw (Straight)-

(Spidey shoots a strand of webbing forward at the opponent; if it connects,
 Spider-Man will swing the enemy around his head like a lasso then exclaims
 "Web Throw!" and throws them to the other side of the screen)

This is pitifully slow coming out, but does great damage if it connects.
You may find that the enemy doesn't fall for this often, but I've also
found that if you combine this from full screen with Air Web Balls and the
occasional Maximum Spider, the enemy will have difficulty countering it
even if they block. Probably the best place to use this is after blocking
certain enemy's Infinity Combos (eg. Iron Man's Proton Cannon) from full
screen, and it should nail them as they recover.
NEVER throw this Web when the enemy is up in the air. Remember that like
Hulk's Gamma Tornado, this can be tech hitted, as can the other Web Throws.
BTW, the Web Throw is actually fairly effective from full screen. This is 
because after about 3/4 screen, Spidey will let the thread loose, and from 
here on it becomes a normal projectile, meaning it will cancel other 
projectiles, as well as doing some damage. Same goes for the other two Web 
Throws; using the U/F is great for nullifying air projectile attempts, too. 


-Web Throw (Diagonal U/F)-

(Spidey shoots a strand of webbing up into the air in front of him at the
 opponent; if it connects, Spider-Man will swing the enemy around his head
 like a lasso then throws them to the other side of the screen)

This suffers the same speed problem as the straight Web Throw, but you
should try and use it whenever the enemy is a fair distance away and in the
air. An ideal spot to use it is after blocking an air projectile from that
distance, or on the way down from the enemy's Super Jump. The angle must be
exact, however, and the enemy can jump over this move with ease. Try to
never do this Grab on the ground, because you could get nailed with a
projectile, Dashing move/combo, or Infinity Combo. This is involved in a
really cool combo, however.


-Web Throw (Straight Up)-

(Spidey shoots a strand of webbing up into the air above his head at the
 opponent; if it connects, Spider-Man will swing the enemy around his head
 like a lasso then throws them to the other side of the screen)

This also comes out slow, and should never be done when the enemy is on the
ground, or if they are a far distance in the air. The only time to use this
is when the enemy attempts to cross-up or just jump over you. As well, if
you're feeling lucky, dash forward when the enemy Super Jumps and try to
grab 'em as they fall.


-Triangle Jump-

This is a good all-around defensive technique if the enemy is coming at you
with an attack and you want to get behind them; as well, this can save
Spidey's arse from a lot of Infinity Combos. This is also good because the
beginning animations are simply a slightly faster version of the beginning
animations of the Maximum Spider, with Spidey flipping up onto the wall; use 
this to your advantage.
Here's a cool fakeout; perform a Triangle Jump, and if you jump forward the
enemy may jump up to hit you, but instantly pull off the Maximum Spider to
avoid them and counter with the Infinity Combo!


-Double Rolling Slam-

(Spider-Man grabs the opponent and flips over frontwards twice, flinging them 
 to the ground)
A decent Throw that does good damnage, do it when you feel like it. 
Occasionally you can get in a C.Roundhouse (which means an OTG COMBO will
probably connect too...), but I rarely bother because of its recovery.


-Shoulder Toss-

(Spidey grabs the opponent's arm and vaults him over his shoulder, hopping 
 a little)
This recovers faster than the Fierce so the chances of an OTG combo are 
better. I have yet to discover many though, so experiment.


-Air Double Rolling Slam-

(Spider-Man grabs the opponent and flips over frontwards twice, flinging them 
 to the ground from the air)

Basically the same properties as the standing version, it cannot be followed
up with anything as far as I know, unless you're very close to the ground.
Use it if you want, although IMO an Air Combo is better (unless they're air
blocking of course).


-Best Gem; Power-

This is Spider-Man's best Gem; a mirror image of Web-Head is created on the
opposite side of the opponent, and will mimic Spider-Man's action,
including hitting the enemy. This will therefore double the hits performed
AND the damage as well. It also isn't bad to confuse the opponent, but try
not to get confused yourself. NOTE: This Power up does great things to his
ICO... :)


-Forward Dash; Forward Hop-

(Spider-Man hops forward quickly)

Unlike the Hulk's forward dash, this one comes out faster and goes further.
Use it when the enemy misses a DP move, or any really slow recovering move.
Holding B or performing any move will halt the dash, and timing this is VERY
important with the range of his dash.


-Backward Dash; Back hop-

(Speaks for itself)

Decent speed, goes pretty far. Use it to interrupt a forward dash or to avoid
an overly offensive opponent.


-Infinity Counter; Spider Sting-

(Spider-Man blocks an attack and counters with a Spider Sting)

This is excellent after blocking a jump-in. DO NOT do this move like crazy, 
and you should definetely make sure the enemy is up close when you do this 
counter. For example, use this counter if you block Wolverine's Berserker 
Barrage, but DON'T use it immediately after blocking Magneto's Magnetic 
Shockwave Infinity Combo from a distance, because Spidey will actually go 
into his Uppercut with Magneto across the screen; sure, you won't take any 
further damage, but it is a waste of your Infinity Bar and if fast the enemy 
may hit you with a projectile, in this case a good Magneto player would 
probably do the EM Disruptor or grab you with a Hyper Grav.


-Infinity Combo; Maximum Spider-

(Spider-Man leaps backward and onto the side of the screen, then flies
 through the air at the opponent at a controlled angle; if he connects, he
 plays a game of pinball with the enemy, knocking them repeatedly up into
 the air with flying punches and kicks, zig-zagging across the screen)

This is a really effective Infinity Combo for a few reasons; first of all,
it does respectable damage, although not as much as some like Iron Man's.
Secondly, it comes out quite fast after he jumps to the corner, so it is
hard to avoid, and as well, if you're quick you can dash in after the enemy
has landed from the Maximum Spider and get in an extra hit with a crouching
Roundhouse, and possibly more (I've connected a few times; This is almost
guarenteed every time vs. Juggernaut, because when he's lying on the ground
he takes up most of the bottom of the screen, making the hit really easy to
Now, the best thing about this move is that you can control one of three
directions; hold F before he springs off the wall to fly out straight
forward. Hold U and Spidey will shoot up diagonally and forward. Hold D and
Spider-Man will fly downward at an angle. Use the F version mainly if
you're in the air with the enemy especially if you manage to get above them
as they're chucking projectiles like Magneto's Magnetic Wave. Use the U/F
from the ground if they are in a Super Jump ar flying (Magneto and Iron
Man). Holding D should also be used mainly on the ground, or during a
normal jump, and is best utilized as the enemy throws an attack, which will
probably miss Spidey. NOTE: the Maximum Spider does NOT go through
projectiles, unless they are in their early frames of animation. An ideal
place to use the Maximum Spider is IMMEDIATELY after webbing up the enemy
with a Web Ball. I have had human opponents fall for it numerous times
BTW, unlike I said before, through experience I have come to realize Spidey's 
IC is not as invulnerable as I thought. Despite bouncing away when blocked, 
Webhead can be countered QUICKLY by the following moves:
-Hulk's Gamma Charge
-Iron Man's Proton Cannon!
-Wolverine's Drill Claw, or even his Weapon X!
-Psylocke's PsiThrust!
-Spider-Man's Web Swing (I think...), or another Maximum Spider
-Captain America's Charging Stars, or Final Justice!
-Magneto's EM Disruptor or Magnetic Tempest IC
-Shuma Gorath's Mystic Smash
-Juggernaut's Headcrush/Punch/Splash
-Blackheart's Inferno, or Heart of Darkness IC
-Doom's Gauntlet Blast, or Photon Array
-Thanos' Power IC, Reality IC, Spear Slide or C.Fierce

In addition to these, most opponents can dash in and combo. The Maximum
Spider usually gives a max of 5 hits.


-Safe Air Magic Series: Short -> Strong -> Forward -> Fierce or Roundhouse
-Safe Ground Combo: D.S.Short -> C.Forward -> S.Roundhouse -> SJ.Air Combo
  If the enemy blocks... D.S.Short -> C.Forward -> S>Roundhouse -> Web Ball
-Ground Magic Series: Weaker -> Stronger
-Jumping Magic Series: Zig-Zag (4 hits average)
-Launchers: S.Strong
-Air Launchers: S.Roundhouse
-Straight Launchers: S.Fierce
-Small Launchers: C.Forward


1.  J.Roundhouse, D.S.Short -> S.Forward -> S.Roundhouse XX Jab Web Ball
2.  J.Roundhouse, S.Jab -> S.Strong -> Fierce Spider Sting (1st hit only)
3.  D.C.Short -> C.Forward XX Fierce Spider Sting
4.  Fierce Throw, C.Roundhouse (OTG)


5.  Fierce Throw, C.Short -> C.Forward -> S.Roundhouse -> SJ.Jab ->
    SJ.Short -> SJ.Strong -> SJ.Fierce (FS)
6.  FiercE Throw, C.Short -> C.Forward XX Fierce Spider Sting
7.  J.Roundhouse, S.Strong -> SJ.Short -> SJ.Strong -> SJ.Forward ->
    SJ.Roundhouse (FS)
8.  J.Short -> J.Roundhouse, S.Strong -> SJ.Jab -> SJ.Short -> SJ.Strong -> 
    SJ.Forward -> SJ.Fierce (FS)
9.  J.Jab -> J.Short -> J.Strong, S.Short -> S.Strong -> SJ.Jab ->
    SJ.Short -> SJ.Strong -> SJ.Forward -> SJ.Roundhouse (FS)
10. D.C.Short -> C.Forward -> S.Roundhouse -> SJ.Jab -> SJ.Short -> SJ.Strong
    -> SJ.Forward XX Short Web Swing
11. D.C.Short -> C.Forward -> S.Roundhouse XX Spider Sting
12. J.Jab -> J.Short -> J.Strong -> J.Fierce -> Dashing S.Short -> C.Forward
    -> S.Roundhouse -> SJ.Jab -> SJ.Short -> SJ.Strong -> SJ.Forward -> 
    SJ.Roundhouse (FS)
13. J.Short -> J.Roundhouse -> Dashing C.Short -> C.Forward -> S.Roundhouse 
    -> Strong Web Throw
14. D.C.Short -> C.Forward -> S.Roundhouse -> SJ.Air Throw
15. Maximum Spider, C.Short (OTG) -> C.Forward -> S.Roundhouse -> SJ.Jab ->
    SJ.Short -> SJ.Strong -> SJ.Forward -> SJ.Fierce (FS)
16. Maximum Spider, C.Short (OTG) -> S.Strong XX Fierce Spider Sting (1st
17. D.S.Short -> S.Roundhouse XX Short Web Swing

18. Spiderman's Marvelous Combo:

   J.Jab -> J.Short -> J.Strong -> J.Fierce -> Dashing S.Short -> C.Forward 
   -> S.Roundhouse XX Strong Spider Sting (1st hit), S.Strong -> SJ.Jab -> 
   SJ.Short -> SJ.Strong -> SJ.Forward XX Jab Web Ball, SJ.Jab -> SJ.Short -> 
   SJ.Fierce (FS), C.Strong (OTG) -> S.Roundhouse -> SJ.Jab -> SJ.Short -> 
   SJ.Strong -> SJ.Forward -> SJ.Roundhouse (FS)

Comments (#13): Looks AWESOME and does great damage with the Web Throw. You
                may have to step back slightly to connect with Web Throw on
                smaller characters. It must be timed to grab JUST BEFORE the
                apex of their flight--practice! Remember that the timing will
                vary depending on the enemy's weight and size!

Comments (#18):

VERY Special Thanks to James Chen for this amazing combo! I have yet to see
EVERY hit connect, and I've only gotten some of these hits to connect. 

"First, start off with your normal jumping attacks... 3 for small guys, 4
 for big guys, and 2 for the tiny guys. Assuming we're doing this on
 biggest opponents, this would be 4 hits. I usually do it with a J.Jab ->
 J.Short -> J.Strong -> J.Fierce.
Now, when you land, do a Dashing S.Short into a C.Forward, into a 
S.Roundhouse into a Strong Spider Sting. (another 4 hits... 4+4 = 8). Do
all four hits VERY quickly.
Here is the important part: you must hit the Strong button for the Spider
Sting ONLY ONCE. If you hit it more than once, you're sunk. Hitting the
Strong button more than once will cause Spiderman to attempt both hits of
the Spider Sting and the second hit will miss and cause him to pause too
long for the rest of the combo to connect. After the first hit of the
Spider Sting, the enemy will be bounced upwards and start falling down
unable to block anything. If you did only ONE hit with the Spider Sting,
Spiderman will have already landed and free to move again. So while the
enemy is falling, you can peg them with a Standing Strong as they fall and
launch then RIGHT back up. So when you do the Spider Sting, hit the Strong
button once, wait a while until the enemy starts falling down, and then hit
Strong again to hit them. If you hit Strong too quickly, you may
accidentally make Spiderman do the second hit of the Spider Sting so it's
best to wait until you definitely see the enemy start falling down before
you hit Strong to hit the enemy back up. Also, hold forward on the joystick
after the Spider Sting to make Spiderman take about a half-step to reach
the enemy quicker (another Strong punch brings the total to 9).
Next, Super Jump after the Standing Strong. In you are doing this to the
enemy in the corner make sure you Super Jump STRAIGHT UP, not Forward Flip.
Forward Flip Super Jump will cause you to fly behind the enemy and you'll
miss with all of your air hits. Instead Jump straight up. If you AREN'T in
the corner, go ahead and Forward Flip Super Jump. Do a SJ.Jab -> SJ.Short
-> SJ.Strong -> SJ.Forward XX Jab Web Ball. Do these five hits VERY VERY
VERY VERY VERY quickly. It is IMPORTANT that you do it VERY fast. If you
aren't in the corner, skip the SJ.Forward in the air on SMALL enemies
(Spiderman, Wolverine, and Psylocke). Assuming we're in the corner and
doing this to a big enemy, that brings the total up to 14.
Now, AS FAST AS POSSIBLE, hit Jab. You HAVE to hit the enemy while both
of you are on your way down BEFORE they break out of the Web encasing. If
you don't, they can block and you're combo is over. THIS IS THE HARDEST
PART OF THE COMBO TO GET TO CONNECT. 99% of the time I fail to do this
combo successfully, it's here so if you can't get it to connect, don't be
discouraged. Just try again. Anyhow, as SOON as Jab connects with the
enemy, switch to SJ.Short and then to SJ.Fierce for three hits in the air
(SJ.Jab -> SJ.Short -> SJ.Fierce). When you start hitting the enemy
after Web Ball, you'll both be starting to fall down. By the time the combo
finishes, your Fierce will make contact right before both of you touch the
floor. Thus, after you pummel the enemy into the ground, you land right
next to him setting him up for the next part (17 hits so far).
C.Strong -> S.Roundhouse. The Fierce from the air prevents the enemy from
rolling (because of the Flying Screen Phenomenon). The C.Strong will hit the 
enemy off the floor and the S.Roundhouse will launch them for another Air 
Super Jump after the launched enemy for a SJ.Jab -> SJ.Short -> SJ.Strong -> 
SJ.Forward -> SJ.Roundhouse Air Combo finish! This builds the count to 24!
I have done this combo lots of times now so yes, it really works!!!  A
swift good look to whoever tries it!  It's really tough!  A few extra tips:
1) Be VERY VERY VERY fast with the chain combos in the air or you're in
with the Spidey Sting. Hit the button ONCE for the Spidey Sting and make
sure you don't start hitting Strong for the launch too early as I did.
3) Keep in mind all of the moves you want to do before you start the
make sure the moves all come out of you on reaction. There is no time for
memory recall while doing this combo!
4) Practice practice practice..."


GROUND COMBOS: his Safe Ground Combo is fairly effective, but not too
damaging; if the full combo connects, the Web Ball does pitiful damage and if
the enemy notices he can frequently shake out in time to avoid further
comboing. If you manage to connect while pestering with the Safe Ground Combo
and react quickly enough, you can usually stop at S.Forward and chain into a
Fierce Spider Sting for better damage (depends on your enemy's width). Other
ground options are limited; basically, the only decent finisher is the Spider
Sting, be it after a S.Strong or S.Forward. IMO his Air Combos are more worth

AIR COMBOS: S.Strong is faster and is better in up close combat, while
C.Forward -> S.Roundhouse launches slightly better. Once you're in the air,
the entire 5 hit combination comes out quite smoothly. Nothing else to note
here, except that, for the most part, this is his best way to combo.

THROW COMBOS: quite limited, unfortunately. Once in a while you can connect
with a C.Roundhouse after the Fierce Throw, and because of this is may be
possible to start a full combo with C.Short OTG. However the OTG is quite
unconsistant, and I'm not sure on the timing. Not terribly important IMO...

OTG COMBOS: The only possibility is almost as inconsistant as with his Fierce
Throw. It is possible to OTG after the Maximum Spider. Against the larger
characters it is easier, and most often a C.Roundhouse will connect solidly.
Practice the timing for the C.Short OTG to string together better combos.
Besides, the C.Short doesn't have the bad recovery of the C.Roundhouse, in
case the enemy Safety Rolls.



Jumping in appears to be your best offense, with a nice arc and speed. His
dash is fairly fast, with slightly less range than Wolverine's, however there
is a SLIGHT delay between the dash and dashing attacks, so VERY fast attacks
can snuff it. Spidey's J.Roundhouse deals well with standing opponents, and
can even snuff some slower air counters if done early enough (eg. Hulk's
C.Fierce). Up close his S.Jab is VERY fast with high priority and easily hits
crouchers; it's even good around mid distance, as it has decent range. His
S.Strong and S.Forward work well up close too, however they're slightly
slower and may be snuffed by quicker attacks (eg. Logan's S.Jab)--the
advantage here is that the S.Strong is of course a Launcher...

Dashing Jump:

Unfortunately, he has none, as you cannot interrupt his hop with a jump. He
doesn't REALLY need it though, he can jump fairly quick and far, and his
regular dash is good as it is.


Spidey's S.Fierce is fast and knocks the enemy back, also covering almost as
much as Wolverine's S.Fierce, though it's not good vs. jump-ins. Use it
mainly to deter dashing attacks, as it stays out longer than, say, a Jab, so
it's not as hard to time--a varied Web Ball is also somewhat safe on dashing
enemies. The S.Strong is a very good air counter and can be chained into a
Fierce Spider Sting for a quick air counter combo. The S.Roundhouse is also
useful on jump-ins, but it is slower than the Strong uppercut--however, it
has better range, so it is more useful on far jump-ins. And of course, the
Spider Sting will also take priority over just about any jump-in attack (I
recommend using Jab if you're unsure if they'll air block).

In the air:

J.Fierce provides good air-to-air coverage, with a little bit of range;
J.Strong is somewhat useful up close, and of course J.Roundhouse works well
for those underneath you. Likewise, if you're above the enemy, a Web Ball can
stop them from jumping up to meet you. As well, don't forget the Maximum
Spider if the enemy comes at you in the air with slower moves (eg. another
Spidey's Web Ball).
BEST JUMP-IN CHAIN: your choice, really. Again, for good solid damage use
                    J.Fierce -> J.Roundhouse--for more hits, J.Jab -> J.Short
                    J.Strong -> J.Forward, or even more on taller fighters.


(Not word for word...)

Basically, Peter Parker returns home to his apartment and tells Mary Jane
that he saved the universe ("Another day, another universe saved!"). Mary
Jane then announces she's having a baby, bla, bla, bla. The rest is just
some mushy stuff.



Beginning Pose 1:  Cap slides in off of a rope across the screen.
Beginning Pose 2:  Cap stands adjusting his glove. His shield flies in
                   from the opposite side of the screen and he jumps up
                   and catches it.
Winning Pose 1:    Cap holds his shield high and exclaims "Victory!"
Winning Pose 2:    Cap exclaims "Freedom Prevails!"
Winning Pose 3:    Cap smiles, raises his thumb to the opponent and exclaims
                   "Thumbs up, soldier!"
Taunt:             Cap salutes and exclaims "Thumbs up, soldier!"
Regular Color:     Blue suit (plus red and white of course)
2nd Color:         Darker Blue suit
Background:        what looks like a post-apocalyptic New York, with crumbled
                   buildings and such.
Post-Match Quotes:
     Vs. Spider-Man-"There's no substitute for a living legend of WWII!"
        Close Fight-"Thanks for the excersise pal."
                   -"I'm getting too old for this."
                   -"The fancy costume doesn't make a warrior. Get some


At the beginning of World War II, a proud American named Steve Rogers
signed up for the U.S. Armed Forces, to go fight for his country overseas.
He was turned down, however, because his body was much to frail to pass the
physical test. Crestfallen, he returned to his home, where government
specialists found him and proposed a dangerous experimental procedure.
Still determined to help his country, Rogers agreed, and the experiment was
successful; Rogers' body was augmented to that of an Olympic-class gymnast
and he gained heightened strength and stamina. Given a red, white and blue
suit and shield made of a near indestructible metal known as adamentium
(also what Wolverine's skeleton and claws consist of, BTW), he became a
symbol of all that is American; Captain America.
He fought patriotically against the tyranny of the Nazis alongside Namor
the Submariner and the original Human Torch (not Johnny Storm, the android)
as the Invaders.
After the war, Captain America was frozen solid, and was thawed out by the
super hero team known as the Avengers in the 60's, which at the time
consisted of Giant-Man, the Wasp, Iron Man and Thor (the Hulk had recently
quit the group). He soon joined the team, and after Iron Man left, he
became their field leader.
Since then, he has remained in the Avengers as a symbol of liberty and
Now, the mad Titan known as Thanos has gained possession of the
all-powerful Infinity Gems, and Captain America has joined the fray
alongside the X-Men, his fellow Avengers and Adam Warlock to regain them 
before the universe is destroyed.


Without a doubt the most well-rounded character in the game, and some would
say the best. He has a great offense built around his amazing Safe Ground
Combo, and can also work well on defense, especially when countering jump-ins
with the Jab Stars `n' Stripes, which allows him to OTG afterward for huge
damage. Couple this with the insane priority and damage of his Fierce attacks
and a multi-purpose IC, and you've got one hell of an opponent. Good for
beginners, deadly in the hands of an expert. And to top it all off, he's good
for a laugh, with one of the corniest speech-tracks in all of fighting games!


-Shield Slash (Low): QCT+Jab (can be done in mid-air)
-Shield Slash (High): QCT+Strong (can be done in mid-air)
-Shield Slash (Diagonal U/F): QCT+Fierce (can be done in mid-air)
-Stars `n' Stripes: F, D, D/F+any punch
-Cartwheel: HCB+any punch
-Charging Star: HCT+any kick
-Double Jump: U during any jump
-One-hand Slam: F or B+Strong or Fierce (close)
-Ground Launch: F or B+Forward or Roundhouse (close)
-One-hand Drop: F or B+Strong or Fierce (close in mid-air)
-Infinity Combo; Final Justice: QCT+all three punches
-Best Gem: Power
-Forward Dash; Quick Run: F, F or all three punches
-Backward Dash; Back Handspring: B,B or B+all three punches
-Infinity Counter; Jab Stars `n' Stripes: B, D/B, D+any punch
-Infinity Combo; Final Justice: QCT+all three punches


Cap's Jabs are basic fast attacks, useful up close and as ticks. S.Strong is 
a Regular Launcher that does well as an air counter and comes out fairly
fast; follow it with a Strong Stars `n' Stripes or Air Combo.
S.Fierce is Cap's Strike, with GREAT range, and you should always cancel it
with a Jab Shield Slash if it connects for at least block damage.
Also note that the S.Fierce has GREAT priority against dashing attacks...
C.Fierce is Cap's other Regular Launcher, and is IMO one of Cap's primary
weapons. This is an excellent air counter and has a LOT of priority on both 
jump-in and ground attacks; the C.Fierce is also a great Launcher with good
height and a perfect straight-up launch; very easy to follow with a SJ.Air
Combo. S.Short will hit opponents OTG, and is a very useful pester/tick up
close. S.Roundhouse does great damage and is also a decent air counterattack.
It has GREAT range; whenever this connects, cancel it into a Jab Shield Slash
or Final Justice. C.Roundhouse also has great range and always knocks the
enemy down. You can tack this on at the end of a combo if you want but there
are better options. Whenever this connects cancel into a Jab Shield Slash for
easy extra damage. J.Fierce has INSANE priority, some would say too much;
because of the vertical and horizontal range it covers, it is great for
air-to-air combat but is also an easy jump-in attack. This should be your
prime weapon whenever you're in the air. J.Roundhouse is decent in air-to-air
combat, but the J.Fierce is better--however, you can perform a downward jump
kick with J.D+Roundhouse, which is an excellent jump-in attack from closer


-Shield Slash (Low)-

(Captain America exclaims "Shield Slash!" and throws his shield to skim
 across the ground, generally hitting the enemy in the shin area)

If you miss with this, it usually will hit the far wall and rebound to fall
to the ground, where you must again pick it up by walking over it. If it is
blocked fairly close or it connects, it will bounce back into the Avenger's
hand. This is the best Shield Slash to tack on the end of most combos, and
is best utilized otherwise to avoid most high projectiles and attacks (eg.
another Cap's Strong Shield Slash) and counterattack. Do not use this when
the opponent is in the air, because although Cap's recovery is decent, it is
rarely enough to avoid an air attack.
In the air, this will fire the Shield down at a 45 degree angle. If you miss
near a corner, it'll bounce off the wall and you'll have to pick it up again;
if it is blocked or it connects, Cap will usually catch it as he falls. This
a great technique for chipping away at the enemy on the ground, and is best
utilized after jumping ANY straight or D/F ground projectile attack. It can
also be used in some simple combos.


-Shield Slash (High)-

(Captain America exclaims "Shield Slash!" and throws his shield through the
 air to connect about eye level)

Again, if you miss with this, it usually will hit the far wall and rebound
to fall to the ground, where you must again pick it up by walking over it.
If it is blocked fairly close or it connects, it will bounce back into his
hand. This is IMO not as useful as the Jab Shield Slash, mainly because it
can be ducked. It comes out faster than the Jab version, however.
It can be jumped over with ease as well (in addition, Psylocke and Shuma
Gorath can dash under it!). It can be used OK in some combos, but usually
the Jab is SAFER.
In the air, this will throw it across the screen straight. If you miss near a
corner, it'll bounce off the wall and you'll have to pick it up again; if it
is blocked or it connects, Cap will usually catch it as he falls. This is OK
if you're across the screen from the opponent and you're both in the air; it
is faster than a lot of other mid-air projectiles, like Magneto's EM
Disruptor, and also great if Spider-Man tries to Web Swing over to you. Try
not to use it in up close air-to-air combat except to finish a combo because
if they air block it Cap's in trouble.


-Shield Slash (U/F)-

(Captain America exclaims "Shield Slash!" and chucks his shield upward at
 around a 45 degree angle)

Again, if you miss with this, it usually will hit the far wall and rebound
to fall to the ground, where you must again pick it up by walking over it.
If it is blocked fairly close or it connects, it will bounce back into his
hand. This is a good way to counter some block air attacks, or against an
annoying Magneto player who loves to chuck Magnetic Waves (although IMO it's
better to get under him for a Stars `n' Stripes or Air Combo). It can also be
used to a certain extent in combos after launchers. Do NOT use this if the
opponent is on the ground, because they will have plenty of time to dash in
and attack.
In the air, this will fire it upward at a 45 degree angle. If you miss near a
corner, it'll bounce off the wall and you'll have to pick it up again; if it
is blocked or it connects, Cap will usually catch it as he falls. This is
basically identical to the ground version, only in the air (duh). The only
real reason I can think of to use this is on opponents higher than you in a
Super Jump, or in Magneto's, Dr. Doom's and Iron Man's case, during Flight.
Again, don't use this when the enemy is close in the air, because it'll
probably miss them and they'll put a world of hurt on the Star Spangled


-Stars `n' Stripes-

(In the typical Dragon Punch fashion, Cap exclaims "Stars `n' Stripes!" and
 rises into the air with his shield pushed ahead of him)

It hits once with the shield, and without, the Fierce can hit up to 7
times! This move is totally DEVASTATING if you don't have a shield and have
the Power Gem engaged, hitting 9 times with the shadows for HUGE damage! At 
first, this may seem like Cap's awesomest move, but I really have learned to 
be careful with it. First of all, unless you're ABSOLUTELY sure that it will 
connect, best in a combo, stick with the Jab version; the reason for this is 
because he has the worst DP-move recovery time in the game, and if he misses 
he is left at the mercy of ANYTHING; one of my friend's favorite moves here 
is to jump up as Cap falls and Air Throw him... Even in a combo, I find this 
tends to miss a lot unless you've got 'em in a corner. This also isn't too 
bad as an air counter, but you're best to use Jab in this case as well, 
because it can still be air blocked and the enemy will have time to punish 
you even after he lands if you use the Strong or especially Fierce Stars `n' 
Stripes. It is powerful though, bear in mind, so if you can get it in a combo 
TRY VERY HARD to do so. NOTE: it is possible to OTG after the Jab version as
an air counter or NOT. See Combos.

NOTE: do NOT use the Stars `n' Stripes as an air counter when the Power Gem 
is activated. The falling opponent will get hit by the first few hits, but as 
Cap spins around to repeat the opponent will fall SLIGHTLY further and the 
rest will miss, potentially leaving you open. 


-Cartwheel: HCB+any punch

(Cap performs a cartwheel forward)

A generally overlooked move, this is a VERY effective technique for Cap,
especially against keep-away fighters like Iron Man; it allows him to pass
through his opponent and more importantly, through projectiles. The timing
must be precise to go through projectiles, and I would recommend not doing
it through them up close, because his recovery is instant, but so might his
opponents. For example, if you were to Cartwheel through Spider-Man's Web
Ball, you would come out unscathed, but Spidey would recover in time to hit
Captain America as he recovers instantly from his Cartwheel, easily with a
Throw! So, your best bet is to use it from a distance to avoid projectiles
and GET close, then when you're close use the appropriate tactics. Also, as
an alternative to his Infinity Counter, you can Cartwheel through a lot of
fast jump-in attacks and counter them from behind (eg. Iron Man's D+Forward
Knee Thrust.) Note: I will require more time to research this, but I
believe the Cartwheel can be used in the same fashion as Ken's Roll from
SFA2; use it in the middle of a combo, and the instant you recover, Throw...
This is a pretty thorough list of the things you should and shouldn't 
Cartwheel through for each fighter (remember that you must TIME it against
projectiles--too early or too late and you'll get hit):

Yes: Hulk's Ground Chuck, Iron Man's Knee Thrust, Iron Man's Jab UniBeam,
     Iron Man's Smart Bombs, Iron Man's missle (C.Fierce), Wolverine's
     C.Roundhouse, Psylocke's PsiBlast, Psylocke's PsiDrill (move after
     coming out of Teleport), Spider-Man's Web Ball, Web Throw or Web Swing,
     Captain America's Shield Slash, Magneto's Hyper Grav (I think),
     Magneto's Magnetic Wave, Shuma Gorath's Mystic Stare, Shuma Gorath's
     Stone Drop, Blackheart's Inferno (not the tracking version...)

No: falling part of Hulk's Gamma Crush IC, Iron Man's Proton Cannon :), Iron 
    Man's Strong/Fierce UniBeam, Iron Man's Repulsor Blast, Wolverine's BB 
    or SBB, Psylocke's PsiThrust or Kochou Gakure, Magneto's Shockwave, or I 
    don't think EM Disruptor either, Any of Juggernaut's Special Moves!, 
    Shuma Gorath's Mystic Smash, either of Blackheart's ICs, or Dark Thunder
NOTE: If anyone has additions or corrections to this list, please submit
      them, I have done all of these, but maybe some of them were very lucky
      and they don't work consistently...

Whew! So as you can see, it can be extremely effective, but can also be
your doom if the opponent recovers fast enough to hit you as you come out of
the Cartwheel, or the move stays out too long and you come out right in it


-Charging Star-

(Cap exclaim's "Charging Star!" and rushes the opponent with his shield

Without the shield and/or with the Power Gem initiated, this will also hit
multiple times; this is another prime example of what I'm talking about with
being careful. If this is blocked, the enemy has plenty of time to set up a
beautiful combo, so you must make sure this connects; after hitting a
standing enemy with a standing Roundhouse or Short -> Forward -> Roundhouse
series, you can finish with this; it does good damage. It will also hit OTG
cancelled out of a C.Roundhouse.
Here's its greatest strength: it nullifies projectiles! Remember how
Colossus' Shoulder Charge absorbed Fireballs and continued on through? Well,
the Charging Star works in a similiar fashion, although Cap doesn't advance
quite a ways after he has absorbed the projectile. This makes it so Cap
cannot barrel through any projectile and smack the opponent, but he can still
do this if you're right up close. Ideal for long-lasting projectiles, like
any of Dr.Doom's beams, Magneto's EM Disruptor, or Iron Man's UniBeam.


-Double Jump-

(Cap performs a hop in the air to increase his vertical distance)

This is a great way to avoid most ground-based projectiles, even more so
than the Super Jump. This is because the Super Jump usually puts you up
much too high for you to nail 'em with a Jab Shield Slash while they shoot
their projectile. Remember you can Double Jump ANYTIME during a jump, so
use it if you accidentally jump in at your opponent and they prepare to
counter with one of their Launchers or other air counters (eg. Wolverine's
standing Roundhouse).


-One-hand Slam-

(Cap grabs the opponent and slams them into the ground over his shoulder)

Decent damage and can sometimes be followed with an OTG combo. I'd be trying
to connect with the Forward or Roundhouse Throw, though, as you have the
potential for a lot more damage.


-Ground Launch-

(Cap grabs the opponent, falls on his back and heaves them high into the air)

The better of his two types of ground Throws, this Throw lines the enemy up
PERFECTLY for a Fierce Stars `n' Stripes as soon as you turn around. You can
usually follow it up with a jumping Air Combo, although you'll have to direct
the jump forward. You can also juggle with an Air Throw, or D.C.Fierce+Air
Combo... OR a Final Justice :). See combos.


-One-Hand Drop-

(Cap grabs the enemy in mid-air and chucks them into the ground one-handed)

Decent damage but as far as I can tell it can't be followed up, unless it
happens real close to the ground. Go for it if you want.


-Best Gem; Power-

This is Captain America's best Gem; once activated, he will not only be
more powerful, but shadows of himself trail behind him and mimic his
movements, adding extra hits to attacks. His Stars `n' Stripes hits 9 times,
as he repeats the rising uppercuts, and if you do a Shield Slash it will be
followed by shadows and hit three times. Go for a big combo when this Gem is
activated, but remember to be RIGHT up close if you're trying to hit with the
shadowed Stars `n' Stripes, because when turning around for another uppercut
Cap may miss the opponent.


-Forward Dash; Quick Run-

(Cap dashes forward quickly)

A fairly fast dash, mix it up with his backward dash on the ground to keep
the enemy guessing. Dash in for a big combo whenever you see the chance.


-Backward Dash; Back Handspring-

(Cap performs a back handspring)

A fairy fast retreat, mix it up with the forward dash and the Cartwheel to
mix it up and counter when the enemy screws up. It MAY be possible to avoid
really low hits (i.e. Wolverine's D/F+Fierce Claw Slide) with this.


-Infinity Counter; Jab Stars `n' Stripes: B, D/B, D+any punch

(Cap blocks an opponent's attack and counters with the Stars `n' Stripes)

This Infinity Counter is especially effective after blocking jumping attacks, 
and don't use it on crouching moves like Sweeps, because Cap will block then 
fly into the air and miss them, leaving himself wide open.


-Infinity Combo; Final Justice-

(Captain America stands still to gather energy as the screen grows dark,
 then exclaims "Final Justice!" and dashes at the enemy as in the Charging
 Stars. If he connects, he will knock the opponent up then proceed to pummel
 the opponent senseless with a multi-hit juggle combo, then finishes by
 grabbing them and performing a jumping inverted piledriver into the ground)

This does great damage, although not as much as other Infinity Combos (eg.
Juggernaut's), but is quite effective and can be put in combos. Do NOT
just pull it out of the blue, because just like the Charging Star, if
blocked the Final Justice leaves him open to a quick but painful combo from
his foe. Instead, either fit it into a combo, or wait until the opponent
leaves an opening; a prime example would be after most Infinity Combos,
especially ones with huge recovery like Iron Man's or Juggernaut's; just
block and do the Final Justice; I myself, if blocking an Infinity Combo
right up close, prefer to go into a combo if they stay close enough (like
Wolverine's Super Berserker Barrage), but in some cases if you block from a
fair distance the Final Justice would be the better choice.
The priority AFTER the standing pose is quite high, so much that you can even
catch jump-ins and ANY regular move at ANY range, and a lot of Special Moves
too. If you have great reflexes, you can simply watch for the opponent to
twitch in the beginning of ANY move and pull it off... :)
BTW, this WILL hit downed opponents, but ONLY the charge itself--Cap
WILL NOT go into the combo, so don't bother. The Final Justice gives 9 hits.


-Safe Air Magic Series: Short -> Forward -> Fierce or Roundhouse
-Safe Ground Combo: D.S.Short -> S.Forward -> S.Roundhouse XX Final Justice
                    or Charging Star
 If the opponent blocks... D.S.Short -> S.Forward -> S.Roundhouse XX Jab
                           Shield Slash
-Ground Magic Series: Weaker -> Stronger
-Jumping Magic Series: Zig-Zag (3 hits average)
-Launchers: S.Strong, C.Fierce
-Air Launchers: none
-Straight Launchers: S.Fierce 
-Small Launchers: none


1.  D.S.Short -> S.Forward -> S.Roundhouse XX Jab Shield Slash
2.  D.S.Short -> S.Forward -> S.Roundhouse XX Roundhouse Charging Star
3.  D.S.Short -> S.Forward -> S.Roundhouse XX Final Justice
4.  D.S.Short -> S.Forward -> C.Roundhouse XX Jab Shield Slash (OTG)
5.  J.Fierce, S.Jab -> S.Fierce
6.  J.Fierce, S.Roundhouse XX Roundhouse Charging Star
7.  J.Fierce -> S.Roundhouse XX Final Justice
8.  D.C.Short -> C.Forward -> C.Roundhouse XX Jab Shield Slash (OTG)
9.  Roundhouse Throw, Fierce Stars `n' Stripes


10. D.S.Short -> S.Forward -> C.Fierce -> SJ.Jab -> SJ.Short -> SJ.Forward ->
    SJ.Roundhouse (FS)
11. D.S.Short -> S.Forward -> C.Roundhouse XX Forward Charging Star (OTG)  
12. J.Fierce, C.Jab -> C.Strong -> C.Roundhouse XX Jab Shield Slash (OTG)
13. J.Fierce, D.S.Jab -> S.Strong XX Strong Stars `n' Stripes (or Fierce in
    the corner)
14. J.Fierce -> J.Roundhouse, C.Forward -> C.Fierce -> SJ.Short ->
    SJ.Forward -> SJ.Fierce (FS)
15. D.C.Short -> C.Fierce -> SJ.Jab -> SJ.Short -> SJ.Forward -> SJ.Fierce 
16. Forward Throw, juggle with Final Justice
17. Forward Throw, D.C.Fierce -> SJ.Jab -> SJ.Forward -> SJ.Roundhouse (FS)
18. Forward Throw, SJ.Fierce Air Throw
19. Roundhouse Throw, J.Jab -> J.Short -> J.Forward -> J.Fierce
20. (corner) Fierce Throw, D.C.Short -> C.Fierce -> SJ.Short -> SJ.Forward ->
    SJ.Fierce (FS)
21. Jab Stars `n' Stripes (as an air counter), D.C.Short (OTG) -> C.Fierce ->
    SJ.Short -> SJ.Forward -> SJ.Roundhouse (FS)
22. J.Jab -> J.Short -> J.Roundhouse, D.S.Short -> C.Forward -> C.Fierce ->
    SJ.Jab -> SJ.Short -> SJ.Fierce (FS)
23. J.Fierce, D.S.Short -> C.Strong XX Jab Stars `n' Stripes, D.C.Short (OTG)
    C.Fierce -> SJ.Jab -> SJ.Forward -> SJ.Roundhouse 
24. D.S.Jab -> C.Strong XX Jab Stars `n' Stripes, D.S.Short (OTG) ->
    C.Forward XX Jab Shield Slash
25. D.S.Jab -> C.Strong XX Jab Stars `n' Stripes, D.S.Short (OTG) ->
    S.Roundhouse XX Final Justice
26. (corner) Roundhouse Throw, Jab Stars `n' Stripes, D.C.Short -> C.Fierce
    -> SJ.Jab -> SJ.Short -> SJ.Strong -> SJ.Forward -> SJ.Fierce (FS)
27. (corner) J.Jab -> J.Forward -> J.D+Roundhouse, D.C.Short, S.Strong XX
    Jab Star `n' Stripes, C.Short (OTG) -> S.Strong -> SJ.Jab -> SJ.Short ->
    SJ.Strong -> SJ.Forward -> SJ.Fierce (FS) -> SJ.Roundhouse,
    SJ.Fierce -> SJ.Roundhouse
28. (corner) J.Jab -> J.Forward -> J.D+Roundhouse, D.C.Short, S.Strong XX
    Jab Star `n' Stripes, C.Short (OTG) -> S.Roundhouse XX Final Justice


29. Captain America's MARVELous Combo:

Enemy must be in corner.  J.Jab -> J.Short -> J.Roundhouse \/ D.S.Short ->
S.Forward -> C.Fierce XX Strong Stars `n' Stripes, C.Short -> S.Strong ->
SJ.Jab -> SJ.Short -> SJ.Forward -> SJ. Fierce.  While enemy starts falling
back down and passes you (you'll still be in same Super Jump), SJ.Fierce.
When enemy starts falling back down, Jump up and meet them in the air with
J.Jab -> J.Short -> J.Fierce.

Comments (#27): Thanks to guyver3 for this cool combo. The only thing that
                really needs to be talked about is the final SJ.Fierce ->
                SJ.Roundhouse. It is possible to connect with the
                SJ.Roundhouse, then another Fierce -> Roundhouse because the 
                FS executed by his Air Combo finisher throws them forward
                into the wall, not downward.

Comments (#29):

VERY special thanks to James Chen's MSH Combo FAQ for this Amazing 17 hit
combo! I have cut and pasted the explanation from James Chen's FAQ. Thanks,

There are only a few things I need to discuss for this combo.  First of
all, for smaller characters you need to change the initial three hits to
only two hits with J.Fierce -> J.Roundhouse highly recommended.  And in the
Dashing Combo portion, skip the S.Forward on smaller enemies.  Another
problem is that after launching the enemy off the ground with the C.Short
-> S.Strong, for no reason it is hard to connect all four hits from the
Super Jump.  Sometimes, the first hit just misses, especially against Iron
Man.  It might be safe to do a SJ.Short -> SJ.Forward -> SJ.Fierce and then
the rest and skip the SJ.Jab. After completing the Air Combo (SJ.Jab ->
SJ.Short -> SJ.Forward -> J.Fierce), the enemy will be knocked upwards and
you'll still be in the air. The enemy will start falling back downwards and
will fall faster than you and pass you by.  This is when you hit Fierce
again.  You will hit them out of the air while you are both on your ways
down and you'll land.  The enemy, after being knocked BACK up, will start
falling down again.  Jump up after them and meet them in the air with the
last three hits.  After the last hit, they will be free to block again.
An alternate of this combo that doesn't allow the enemy to roll away is
to skip the Strong Starts and Stripes, C.Short -> S.Strong portion.  Go
directly from the C.Fierce into the SJ.Jab -> SJ.Short -> SJ.Forward ->
SJ.Fierce portion.  Then, at the end of the combo, instead of jumping back
up to meet the enemy in the air, you can just wait until they land and do
an easy S.Short -> S.Forward -> S.Roundhouse Juggle Combo that they can't
roll away from.


GROUND COMBOS: Although Cap's overall combinations are not huge or
multi-hitting, it is my opinion that Cap is the most well-rounded comboer in
the game. His Safe Ground Combo is HIGHLY damaging, and versitile in that you
can complete the entire combo (D.S.Short -> S.Forward -> S.Roundouse XX Jab
Shield Slash), or finish with a C.Roundhouse and Jab Shield Slash or Charging
Star to OTG, or you can chain into a C.Fierce if you need to, OR you can
cancel into a Final Justice for huge damage. The reason why this is so
powerful is that the original Safe Ground Combo is Cap's best offensive
pecking move, and when the S.Short -> S.Forward hits, you usually have enough
time to react and go into a bigger combo. This versitility of this combo is
what makes Cap such a great comboer.
In addition to the Safe Ground Combo variations and his Launcher, Cap can
also perform small combos finishing with the Stars `n' Stripes; the first 3
hits of the Safe Ground Combo USUALLY push too far away for even a Fierce
Stars `n' Stripes to connect, however you can do a D.S.Short -> S.Forward or
D.S.Jab -> S.Strong and finish with the DP move (use the Strong Stars `n'
Stripes after the S.Strong unless in the corner). To top it all off, if you
wanna show off, finish your ground combos with a Jab Stars `n' Stripes, and
follow with an OTG combo! Even if they Safety Roll, the Standing or Crouching
Short recovers to fast to easily counter.

AIR COMBOS: if you choose to use them, Cap's Air Combos are all right.
Unfortunately, you can get only 3 hits consistantly with Cap, however 5 is
frequently possible with proper timing; depending on the opponent, experiment
to see how many hits you are comfortable with. IMO Cap's Ground combos say it
all, but you may want to throw in an Air Combo here an there for variety (or
as an air counter).

THROW COMBOS: Cap's Strong/Fierce Throw leaves the enemy close to help keep
the pressure on them, and sometimes you can follow with an OTG combo; like
Spider-Man, Cap's OTGs after this Throw are not very consistant, although you
will have better luck connecting with the C.Short in the corner.
To get a guarenteed Throw combo (i.e. the enemy cannot Safety Roll) and put
some more distance between you, use the Forward/Roundhouse Throw. After this,
the best option for good, solid EASY damage is a Fierce Stars `n' Stripes,
which will ALWAYS connect if you do it immediately as you recover from the
Throw animations. For more damage, your best option is a D.C.Fierce and Air
Combo. Other than that, you can show off by following them into the air for
a jumping MS, or an Air Throw. HOWEVER, once you have a level charged, a well
timed Final Justice will do major damage and woo the crowds (it's not that
hard to time either).

OTG COMBOS: Cap has two other options for OTGing besides his Strong/Fierce
Throw. The most obvious is after a C.Roundhouse; the recovery is too great to
go into a full OTG combo, however you can cancel the C.Roundhouse with a Jab
Shield Slash or Charging Star for quick and easy damage. Just remember that
if the enemy manages to Safety Roll, both of these attacks will most likely
leave you open to a counter.
The other OTG option allows Cap to really destroy jumping opponents with the
use of his Jab Stars `n' Stripes. After knocking a close enemy out of the air
with the Jab DP move, you can quickly dash in and OTG! This is an extremely
powerful way to counter a simple mistake of not air blocking :). And to top
it off, the Jab Stars `n' Stripes frequently recovers too fast for the enemy
to counter IF they air block it!



Cap's best offense is his dashing Safe Ground Combo. If it connects, it does
great damage and you can finish with a variety of moves--if they block, you
get pushed away and they cannot counter. The majority of your offense should
revolved around this combo. Once up close, peck with S.Short in hopes of a
Throw, and the Jab Stars `n' Stripes can work well to deter slower regular
attacks. Remember from mid-range the C.Fierce is a formidable weapon for
snuffing regular attacks.
When jumping in, Cap has the VERY high-priority J.Fierce, and this is pretty
much all you need.

Dashing Jump:

Good range and height, pretty useful when combined with Cap's supreme
J.Fierce to nullify most defenses. Go offensive mixing in HEAVILY the Safe
Ground Combo with dashing.


Cap is also good on defense. Against dashing opponents the S.Fierce will work
well, as well a Jab/Strong Shield Slash from afar. The Shield Slash as a
whole can be used as keep-away, but this can get boring and repetitive (and
will also eventually stop working). Against jumping opponents, the C.Fierce
provides excellent coverage and will launch the opponent; the Jab Stars `n'
Stripes is another good option, and you can OTG after the Jab version in most
cases (which equals big damage).

In the air:

All you need is the J.Fierce, period :). NOTE: he also has GREAT Air Throw
priority (thanks Oj :)
BAST JUMP-IN CHAIN: J.Fierce -> J.Roundhouse, period. :)


Basically, he just yaks with Thor for a few moments, then throws the
Infinity Gauntlet into a black hole (yawn...)



Beginning Pose:    Magneto retracts his forcefield and exclaims "Playtime
                   has ended!"
Winning Pose 1:    Magneto crosses his arms and snickers.
Winning Pose 2:    Magneto "wills" his helmet to disappear, and holds his
                   hand up, flowing with EM energy and exclaims "I am
Taunt:             Magneto holds his hand up, flowing with EM energy and
                   exclaims "I am supreme!"
Regular Color:     Red and Purple
2nd Color:         Yellow/Orange and Purple (IMO worst colors in the game!)
Background:        Inside Asteroid M, with transparent floor and instrument
Post-Match Quotes:
        Vs. Magneto-"If that is the best you can do, I pity the mutants of
                     your alternate Earth."
        Close Fight-"Your strength is great, but it still pales before my
                     unlimited might."
                   -"You squander your power in a vain attempt to beat the
                     Master of Magnetism."
                   -"You've learned a valuable lesson today. I am powerful
                     and you are nothing."
                   -"Is that all?  I expected more from a so-called


Erik Magnus Lensherr was born into a world of Nazi brutality; of course, the
Nazis' prejudice also had to include mutants, so at a very young age, he was
placed in a Nazi death camp. Learning that only the strong survive, Magnus
took the idea to heart when his mutant control over magnetism surfaced. He
began a world crusade for mutantkind, determined to make homo sapiens pay for
their prejudice against homo superior, and in truth ended up following the
same discriminative ideals of the Nazis. He is considered to be THE most
dangerous mutant alive, and is the arch-enemy of the famed X-Men, the
organization of mutants lead by Charles Xavier to find a friendly way to live
with humans in harmony. Recently a band of mutants known as the Acolytes
pledged their total alligience to Magneto, and currently lives and plots in
an artificial satellite of his own design, dubbed Asteriod M.
His mission? To allow all mutants to live peacefully, in a world that is
"rightfully theirs".
But now, the mad Titan known as Thanos has gained possession of the
all-powerful Infinity Gems, controlling the very fabric of the universe. In
an attempt to save all in existance, Magneto has apparently joined forces
with the X-Men, the Avengers, and Adam Warlock to seize the Gems and restore
peace. Magneto wishes foremost to teach Thanos a lesson about conquering,
and he has a further hidden agenda...


I like Magneto because he oozes class; if you're one of those Wolverine
spazzos, then I really don't think the Master of Magnetism is for you. You
cannot simply go crazy on the controls and get something--instead you have
to use the right moves at the right time, and KNOW YOUR COMBOS. Magneto
scrubs will sit back and toss off Hyper Gravs and EM Disruptors, both of
which leave him open if defended against. If used PROPERLY Magneto can be
devastating. Although significantly weakened since he was the big boss of
X-MEN: CotA, Magneto is still extremely effective and can be quite effective
with his various combo setups. He has two effective ICs, and the Shockwave is
IMO the coolest looking IC in the game. As well, it is definite that
Magneto's Super Jumping Air Combos are THE EASIEST to perform in the game,
and also IMO the most rewarding.
If played right, I believe Magneto can still be as devastating as he used to
be (well, just about, anyways...:); and besides, he's just so damn cool!
Definetely one of my favorites.


-EM Disruptor: HCT+any punch
-Air EM Disruptor: HCT+any punch in mid-air
-Magnetic Wave: U, U/F, F+any punch in mid-air
-Hyper Grav: HCB+any kick (can be done in mid-air)
-Gravitation: QCB+all three kicks
-Scrap Hold: F or B+Fierce (close)
-EM Repulse: F or B+Strong (close)
-Air Scrap Hold: F or B+Strong or Fierce (close in mid-air)
-Best Gem: Space
-Forward Dash; Grav Dash: F, F or all three punches
-Backward Dash; Backward Grav Dash: B, B or B+all three punches
-Infinity Counter; Shockwave Surge: B, D/B, D+any punch
-Infinity Combo; Magnetic Shockwave: QCT+all three punches
-Infinity Combo; Magnetic Tempest: QCT+all three kicks (can be done in


S.Jab is fast with virtually no chance of being countered, it will start
combos and can be used up close as a tick. S.Strong is a regular launcher,
but I find it is difficult to easily follow up with a Super Jump and Air
Combo because it throws the enemy up at an akward angle; so, the C.Fierce is
the better alternative, IMO. C.Strong is a Strike; if it comes down to the
nitty-gritty up close, this is an instant Strike, meaning it knocks the
opponent away from Magneto immediately--it also has decent priority as well.
For that reason it is not too good in combos unless you finish one with it.
S.Fierce is a Strike, one of Magneto's best all-around attacks. It comes out
fast, does respectable damage and has great range. C.Fierce is Magnus' other
Regular Launcher, and is a GREAT air counter if the enemy is jumping from
close (and if this connects on a jumping foe you can cancel into a Shockwave
or Tempest!), and has decent priority up close. The recovery if blocked or
missed is not too good, so it should be mainly used as a ground combo
finisher to continue into an Air Combo. S.Roundhouse is a weird Launcher; if
both hits connect, it will launch, but only in the corner or on large
enemies (and it launches a little weirder, not so high and farther forward),
and it does GOOD damage with both hits. If you wanna cancel it into a
Special Move you must do it before the second hit. Be very careful to make
sure this connects, because Magneto's recovery time is considerable. I don't
recommend doing Air Combos with this, because as I said the angle is really
weird and it is difficult to follow them into the air with a Super Jump;
instead, if finishing combos with this, cancel the first hit only, as I said
above, with a Jab EM Disruptor.
C.Roundhouse is a very fast knockdown and a good combo finisher, again make
sure this connects because the recovery time is slow. If this connects and
you have an Infinity Combo charged, cancel into a Shockwave to hit them on
the ground repeatedly for AWESOME damage, provided of course they cannot
Safety Roll consistantly, or you don't think they will (and unless you're
near the corner; see Shockwave for more info). Both J.Fierce and
J.Roundhouse are great, solid jump-in attacks, go for them if you want good
damage. J.D+Short produces a downward kick which is excellent for starting
jump-in MS chains.


-EM Disruptor-

(Magneto exclaims "EM Disruptor!" and fires an electromagnetic beam straight
 across the screen)

This is Magneto's primary projectile, and has its ups and downs; it reaches
across the whole screen and if the enemy is a distance away you can play a
pretty good game of keep-away with it. The big disadvantage of this is its
recovery; Magneto recovers VERY slowly from this move, so you must be careful
it connects, or make sure the enemy is far away enough not to counter if they
block. For this reason it cannot be consistantly used for keep-away, because
if they manage to jump it Magnus is in trouble. For the same reason it cannot
be used up close with any reliability, because if blocked they're right there
to counterattack. It does, however, do great damage and always knocks down
(unless the Space Gem is being used by the opponent, or the opponent is the
Juggernaut); it is great in combos if used right, i.e. if it connects, fine, 
but if it is blockable, make sure knocked the enemy far enough away so they 
can eat block damage and can't retaliate.


-Magnetic Wave-

(Magneto throws his hands downwards in front of him, whipping off a pink wave
 of magnetic energy)

This is much slower than the CPU's from X-Men: CotA, and the motions are
really annoying for me. If I use it, it is not repeatedly, but rather as part
of a pestering tactic, combined with Air EM Disruptors and Hyper Gravs. The
point is, you have to make REALLY sure the enemy isn't under you when you
throw one, because they can use a quick DP move to knock you down, or a
Jumping Combo. Ditto if they're above Magnus in a Super Jump.


-Hyper Grav-

(Magneto exclaims "Hyper Grav!" and produces four spheres of EM energy; if
 the enemy is caught with these, they will be floated over to Magneto for a

The Hyper Grav is now blockable, unlike in X-Men:CotA (thankfully, I think),
but still is an effective move standing or in the air; this tracks the enemy
considerably, although it is still avoidable if they get far enough away (the
spheres will dissolve eventually), best with a Super Jump. But, it can
frequently catch the enemy by surprise, especially when they're in the air.
As well, you can perform a great fake-out when jumping in; start to jump in,
ready for a combo, but stop short to them and fire off a Hyper Grav--
likely, they'd have thrown out some sort of air counter, and you will grab
them for a combo. Be careful not to use this too close, because like many of
his other moves, he has considerable recovery time. Once you do grab the
enemy with this, get ready for a good combo, because this is your best
chance; you're best to do either the Shockwave right in their face, and if
you don't have one charged do a crouching Fierce into an Air Combo. NOTE:
technically, the opponent is actually airborne when caught in the Hyper Grav.
It is for this reason that the S.Jab -> S.Fierce combo will not usually get
both hits. But, the Launcher into Air Combo still works fine, as do a few
other ground combos. But, the best part is that you can actually jump in at
them when they're caught and get all SIX hits of your Regular Jumping Magic
Series, because you aren't Super Jumping and the opponent has not been
launched, so no "finisher" will come out. You can even tack on a Special Move
to finish it as well! See tactics for more info.



(Magneto takes to the skies)

This is controllable in all directions, and if going up it can go just a bit
further than a Super Jump. It is also possible for him to put on an extra
burst of speed for an "air dash" in ANY direction, i.e. you can air dash D/F
by tapping diagonal down and forward and hit all three punches like a normal 
dash. To land, do the same motions again. I don't find myself using this as 
often as Iron Man's Flight, because Magneto's initiation time is slower and 
he can be hit when he first starts to float. Still, once you get up there it 
is easy to avoid your opponent, which can be a good thing if they have a 
Power Gem going, for example. When you are flying, pester the opponent A LOT 
with Magnetic Waves and Hyper Gravs to keep them at bay and force them to
back off, then move in. Note that you CANNOT air block during Flight, so keep
your distance unless the opponent leaves themselves open for a big Air Combo.
NOTE: To quickly gain Infinity Meter energy, fly near the top of the screen and
repeatedly perform a regular attack.


-Scrap Hold-

(Magneto grabs the opponent, surrounds them with scraps of metal, then 
 releases them)

This is one of the best Throws in the game, as it allows you to follow up
with ANY major combo of your choice! This is because after Magneto releases
the opponent from his grip, they remain held in the metal for long enough to
connect with ANY attack before they are released. Note that they can escape
from the metal faster by shaking the joystick and pressing buttons rapidly,
but even then you should be able to get just about anything in.
When it hits, dash in for a combo, best into a C.Fierce and Air Combo, or
Shockwave; you can also start with a jump-in attack if you wish, but provided
you're not full screen away, the Hyper Grav will bring them to you--remember
that in some cases dashing in would be faster, however. Also note that there
are also some cool combos possible after this with the Magnetic Tempest...
NOTE: you can also direct which way Mags Throws the enemy as with the Strong


-EM Repulse: F or B+Strong (close)

(Magneto grabs the opponent in one hand, then flings them in the desired 
 direction with a burst of EM energy)

Although IMO not as effective as his Fierce Throw, it has the advantage of
being directed; if you aim it down, Magneto will slam them directly into the
ground, where you can do at least a C.Short -> C.Roundhouse OTG combo. You 
can throw them straight, and in the corner this can be followed with an OTG 
combo as well. Or, if you direct it upward Magneto will fling them up and 
forward slightly. Because of the forward slightly part, I have yet to connect 
with a Super Jumping Air Combo, although a Magnetic Tempest may combo...


-Air Scrap Hold: F or B+Strong or Fierce (close in mid-air)

(Magneto grabs the opponent in the air, surrounds them with scraps of metal, 
 then drops them to the ground)

Basically the same properties as the ground version, if you grab them way up
high in a Super Jump, it is doubtful you will reach them in time for a combo
before they wriggle free. If you catch them low to the ground, dash in when
you land for a big combo or Hyper Grav+big combo, and if you cannot reach 
them in time do a Magnetic Tempest IC!


-Best Gem: Space-

This is Magneto's best Gem; when activated, he exclaims "Force Field!"
initiating his Force Field from X-Men: CotA--Magneto is COMPLETELY
invulnerable when the Field is around him :), and he can attack as he likes.
Go totally offensive when this is going, it's really your only chance. Beware
though, it doesn't last very long.
NOTE: The field will actually take damage from hits, making it waste away
quicker. Therefore, if the enemy can repeatedly smack the field, they can get
rid of it pretty quickly (forgot to mention this before; Wolverine can make
short work of it with repeated S.Strongs!)
ALSO NOTE: Blackheart can still grab you with his Fierce/Roundhouse Demons,
and Shuma can actually still grab you with his IC!


-Forward Dash; Grav Dash-

(Magneto floats forward quickly)

A fairly fast dash, mixing this up with the backward dash is quite effective
at keeping the opponent guessing, until they make a mistake and you can
connect with a dashing combo. 


-Backward Dash; Backward Grav Dash-

(Magneto floats backward quickly)

Identical to the forward dash in every respect (except it goes back ;) ), use
it along with the forward version on the ground to keep the opponent on their
toes, or just to avoid certain attacks and make a hasty retreat.


-Infinity Counter; Shockwave Surge: B, D/B, D+any punch

(Magneto blocks an opponent's attack, then xclaims "Shockwave!"and fires a 
 wave of EM energy from his open palm into the ground; a single geyser of 
 energy rises from the ground to hit the opponent)

For his ICO, Magneto performs one blow of his Magnetic Shockwave. This is IMO 
one of the best Counters in the game; it does decent damage, looks painful, 
and can counter both ground and air attacks fairly easily. It is especially 
good when the enemy jumps in with an attack, because the Infinity Counter 
fires up vertically. If an attack leaves an opponent up close to Magneto you 
can use it as well, although I would prefer a combo myself... Just make sure 
not to block a projectile or long-range move with Magneto's Counter (eg. 
after blocking Iron Man's Proton Cannon!) because it will miss and Magneto 
will be left open for a long moment.


-Infinity Combo; Magnetic Shockwave-

(Magneto exclaims "SHOCKWAVE!" and fires a wave of EM energy from his open 
 palm into the ground, creating consecutive geysers of EM energy to surge up 
 from the ground across the screen)

This is my favorite, and IMO best looking Infinity Combo in the game, because
the whole screen shakes and the opponent goes literally FLYING into the next
screen, and it sounds like an explosion; whatever geyser the opponent gets
hit with, they will be blown into the next hit, then the next, etc..., so if
you hit the opponent up close you'll smash 'em with all of the geysers for
maximum damage--and the maximum damage is quite respectable.

It can be put in many combos and is PERFECT after you grab 'em with the Hyper 
Grav. It should, however, stay in combos; the only other place I can think of 
to use it is after blocking a slow recovering move from fairly close (eg.
Juggernaut's standing F+Fierce). This is because, again, Magneto's recovery
time is horrible after the Shockwave, and the Shockwave can be avoided by a
simple Super Jump, and Magnus will be left at the enemy's mercy when they
land; same if they block it fairly close. It is quite ineffective from more
than a few steps away, because it's extremely slow moving, and the geysers
get progressively weaker as they go. This will hit the enemy OTG and the
damage off of a C.Roundhouse is QUITE good.
Like the Final Justice, this also has high priority against most attacks up
close, so with proper timing, it can be used against jumpers...
The Shockwave gets a max of 13 hits (see below).

NOTE: the number of hits you get with the Shockwave is dependant on screen
position. For some reason, when you hit the enemy right in the corner, you
will get maybe 5 hits, then they will fall to the ground and you will go into
recovery. Ideally, if YOU'RE back is in the corner and you hit a close enemy
with a Shockwave, you will get the full 13 hits (and huge damage)--when this
occurs, the enemy undergoes the Flying Screen, and they land almost in the
other corner. Therefore, the further away you're opponent is from the corner,
the more hits you get. For this reason, the Shockwave must be used carefully;
if you Hyper Grav, C.Roundhouse or Fierce Throw the enemy and they end up
close to the corner, the Shockwave may not be a good option. If the Hyper
Grav or Fierce Throw puts them near the corner, go for a C.Fierce+Air Combo
or D.C.Jab -> C.Fierce+Air Combo respectfully, as opposed to a Shockwave--
chances are you'll do more damage. As for the C.Roundhouse, you won't be able
to do anything else but a Shockwave, but IMO it will be a waste of IC energy
if you do it close to the corner... see combos.


-Magnetic Tempest-

(Magneto exclaims "Magnetic Tempest!" and calls forth scraps of metal, which
 he immediately flings at the opponent)

This is weaker than the Shockwave :(, but has the advantage of being able to 
track the opponent; not the greatest choice of attacks when you nab 'em with 
the Hyper Grav, but it can also be done in the air, even in a big combo. It 
also comes out VERY fast, so use it to nail offensive opponents when they try
and come in for the kill. Also quite potent if the enemy misses with a 
slow-recovering move (scratch that, just about any move) and you cannot get in
in time for a combo. To top it all off, you can OTG after it if you hit an
opponent who's on the ground. Definetely under-used, but it is actually one
of his best weapons outside of combos because of its speed. The Magnetic
Tempest gets 10 hits.


-Safe Air Magic Series: Jab -> Short -> Strong -> Forward -> Fierce or
-Safe Ground Combo: NONE! (Magneto has NO moves to finish a combo with that
                    will leave him relatively safe when blocked! Another
                    reason to be careful with Magneto...)
-Ground Magic Series: Weak Start
-Jumping Magic Series: Zig-Zag (3 hits average)
-Launchers: S.Strong, C.Fierce, S.Roundhouse (both hits)
-Air Launchers: none
-Straight Launchers: S.Fierce, C.Strong
-Small Launchers: none


1.  D.S.Jab -> S.Fierce
2.  D.S.Short -> S.Roundhouse (1st hit) XX Jab EM Disruptor
3.  J.Fierce, D.S.Short -> S.Roundhouse (both hits)
4.  J.Roundhouse, C.Short -> C.Strong
5.  C.Roundhouse XX Shockwave (OTG) (FS)
6.  Hyper Grav, Shockwave (FS)
7.  D.C.Fierce -> SJ.Jab -> SJ.Short -> SJ.Strong -> SJ.Forward ->
    SJ.Roundhouse (FS)
8.  Fierce Throw, D.S.Jab -> S.Fierce
9.  Fierce Throw, D.S.Short -> S.Roundhouse (1st hit) XX Jab EM Disruptor
10. Fierce Throw, Shockwave (FS)
11. C.Fierce XX Shockwave or Magnetic Tempest (can be an air counter :)


12. D.C.Jab -> C.Fierce -> SJ.Strong -> SJ.Forward -> SJ.Roundhouse (FS)
13. Hyper Grav, C.Fierce -> SJ.Jab -> SJ.Short -> SJ.Strong -> SJ.Forward XX
    Jab EM Disruptor
14. J.Strong -> J.Fierce, D.S.Short -> C.Fierce -> SJ.Jab -> SJ.Short ->
    SJ.Strong -> SJ.Forward XX Magnetic Tempest
15. Air Dash diagonally Down/Forward.  FL.AD.Jab -> FL.Short -> FL.Strong ->
    FL.Forward -> FL.Fierce -> FL.Roundhouse XX Jab EM Disrupter
16. Fierce Throw, D.C.Jab -> C.Fierce -> SJ.Jab -> SJ.Short -> SJ.Strong ->
    SJ.Forward XX Magnetic Tempest
17. J.Jab -> J.Strong -> J.Fierce, D.C.Jab -> C.Fierce -> SJ.Air Throw, 
    Shockwave (FS)
18. (corner) J.Jab -> J.Strong -> J.Fierce, D.C.Jab -> C.Fierce -> SJ.Air 
    Throw, D.C.Jab -> C.Fierce -> SJ. Jab -> SJ.Short -> SJ.Strong ->
    SJ.Forward -> Magnetic Tempest (FS)
19. Fierce Throw, D.C.Short -> C.Roundhouse XX Shockwave (OTG)
20. J.Short -> J.Roundhouse, D.S.Short -> C.Roundhouse XX Shockwave (OTG)
21. J.D+Short -> J.Forward -> J.Roundhouse, D.C.Short -> C.Fierce XX
    Shockwave (FS)
22. D.S.Short -> S.Roundhouse (1st hit) XX Shockwave (FS)/Magnetic Tempest
23. (in or near corner) Strong Throw U, Shockwave (FS)
24. (corner) J.Jab -> J.Short -> J.Strong -> J.Fierce, D.C.Jab -> C.Strong
    XX Magnetic Tempest
25. Fierce Throw, Magnetic Tempest, D.C.Roundhouse (OTG)


26. J.Fierce -> J.Roundhouse, D.C.Short -> S.Fierce XX Magnetic Tempest,
    D.C.Short -> C.Fierce XX Shockwave (FS)
27. Fierce Throw, Magnetic Tempest (from just inside mid-range), D.C.Short
    -> C.Fierce -> SJ.Jab -> SJ.Short -> SJ.Strong -> SJ.Forward XX Magnetic
28. J.Jab -> J.Strong -> J.Fierce, D.S.Short -> C.Roundhouse XX Roundhouse
    Hyper Grav, C.Fierce -> SJ.Jab -> SJ.Short -> SJ.Strong -> SJ.Forward XX
    Magnetic Tempest

Comments (#26): Thanks to Onaje Everett for this kick-ass combo. Try to hit
                as late as possible with the Tempest...

Comments (#28): special thanks to James Chen for this great combo; note that
                the Hyper Grav must be very fast and catches the opponent off
                the ground, and according to James, this only works on
                Blackheart, although I have yet to get it to work period :(
                Good for 21 hits.


GROUND COMBOS: The only really good Ground Combo he has is D.S.Short ->
S.Roundhouse (1st hit) XX Jab EM Disruptor. This does good damage, but is
VERY dangerous to Mags if it is blocked or avoided. Only use it in obvious
situations. Other than that, he as his options for comboing into either IC
recently added to this compendium, these combos give Mags much more options
for damage on the ground... thanks to Onaje Everett :).

AIR COMBOS: Probably the best Air Comboer in the game, Magnus' SJ.MS is
smooth and fast, allowing for all 5 hits to connect with ease. It also does
good damage off of the C.Fierce AND, if you have it available, you can finish
the Air Combo with a Magnetic Tempest too. Definetely Magneto's best combo
option, next to his Ground IC comboing...

THROW COMBOS: Pretty much already said. The Fierce Throw will set the enemy
up for anything you want; go for Magneto's D.S.Short -> S.Roundhouse
(1st hit) XX Jab EM Disruptor, or D.C.Jab -> C.Fierce+Air Combo. If you have
a level charged, go for a Shockwave or C.Roundhouse XX Shockwave. JUST
REMEMBER your screen position; if you think you've thrown the enemy too close
to the corner, sacrifice the C.Roundhouse OTG possibility and bring them to
you with the Hyper Grav for a lone Shockwave. If you've thrown the enemy
right into the corner and you yourself are also close to the corner, just go
for a regular combo.
As for the Strong Throw, I tend not to use it much, with the Fierce Throw
being dominant. You can OTG afterwards, but only in the corner, and it is not
very consistant.

OTG COMBOS: The only thing to really talk about here is Magnus' C.Roundhouse
slide; when you have an opening for a combo with an IC charged, C.Roundhouse
XX Shockwave (or variations of it) makes a VERY potent combo. REMEMBER to
check your screen position (see Shockwave section). Because of the recovery
of the C.Roundhouse, other OTG combos are not possible (except in the rare
#12 Hyper Grav combo; see above).



Flying and dashing combinations work best. He has a quick dash, but the
problem lies in not having a Safe Ground Combo, meaning when you get up close
you must rely on Jabs and Shorts only, mixed in with C.Short/C.Forward for
those who block high; try to work this in most on the ground in hopes for a
Throw. Another option is his excellent S.Forward, which will poke well, and
combo into a Jab EM Disruptor.
An air offense with Flying and jumping is also useful, mixing in the Hyper
Grav (from safe distances) as well as the occasional Magnetic Wave, and jump
in, mixing in C.Short to start combos when they block high, and Throws when
they block low.
From Onaje Everett: here's a good fake when going for a launch: D.C.Short ->
Fierce XX Jab EM Disruptor. Sometimes, if you delay the Disruptor, your
opponent will twitch and get hit by it.

Dashing Jump:

(OOPS! :) Magneto has none :). He doesn't really need one--he has a quick
dash, good jump range and of course he can fly.


Magneto is all around better on defense, unfortunately. The Hyper Grav can
grab an offensive jumper, or slower dasher, if done early enough. S.Fierce
also works well to deter dashing opponents, and in the air, the EM Disruptor
can push jumpers back. S.Roundhouse also, surprisingly, has high priority on
jump-in attacks... Up close rely on your Shorts and Jabs, as well as C.Strong
for priority. Above all else, be careful with Hyper Gravs and EM Disruptors,
as the start-up and especially recovery time makes them more weapons here.

In the air:

Most of Magnus' jumping attacks are angled downward, to deal best with
grounded enemies. The J.Strong deals fairly well up close with jumping
enemies, and the EM Disruptor works wonders from a distance. J.Forwar also
hits well air-to-air...
BEST JUMP-IN CHAIN: Again, J.Fierce -> J.Roundhouse is best for solid damage.
                    J.D+Short -> J.Forward -> J.Roundhouse is an easy chain
                    to use for more hits...  


(NOT word for word...)

Magneto becomes all-powerful with the Infinity Gems now in his possession, 
and uses them to create a second moon orbiting Earth, fully habitable, for 
homo superior to live and thrive without prejudice. Magneto rules this new 
world of mutants, and is heralded as a savior and ruler of the new "Avalon".



Beginning Pose:    Shuma Gorath drops out of a portal.
Winning Pose 1:    Shuma crosses two tentacles and peeks out his eye.
Winning Pose 2:    Shuma goes into a weird pose, kinda like he's
                   modelling (!)
Taunt:             Shuma Gorath crosses two of his tentacles, and says
                   "Waste of Flesh!"
Regular Color:     Pink/Purple skin
2nd Color:         Green skin (looks awesome :)
Background:        In a deserted desert-like landscape, littered with bones
                   of many different animals. There are no corners, since
                   once you are hit at the edge of the screen, you break
                   through it and loop the background over.
Post-Match Quotes:
          Vs. Shuma-"Remember well, when you fight yourself, you are always
        Close Fight-"For the pain you have caused me, I will feed on your
                     immortal soul!"
                   -"No one can stand against my tentacled fury!"
                   -"Your struggles amuse me, but my powers are too great
                     to waste here."


(Thanks to Charles Washington for this info)

Shuma is an enemy of Dr. Strange. In his dimension, he was the Sorceror
Supreme, as Strange is the Sorceror Supreme of the Marvel Universe. At first
he was good, but eventually events transpired to make him hate his people,
and he got mad and went on a hunt for power like Thanos did with the Infinity
Gauntlet. Unlike Thanos, he succeeded, and destroyed every living person,
planet, star, galaxy, and even the fabric of space itself in his dimension
until he was that dimension's entire universe. His lust for power was not
satiated, so he traveled to other dimensions, destroying their universes as
well. Until he came to Earth and went against Dr. Strange who, after Shuma
pulled him into the `Chaos Simension'  used the Eye of Armaggaddo (it
contains the mystical power of every known dimension) to seal Shuma in his
own dimension, as Strange himself escaped.
Apparently Shuma has now escaped his dimension, and seeks the Infinity Gems
so that none can stop him from fulfilling his infinite hunger...


A VERY difficult fighter to get used to, Shuma Gorath's moves are devastating
but you have to be VERY careful how to use them. He also has some really
effective setups and an extremely effective Infinity Combo. Zangief players
will probably find him as the grappler in the game, and if you do NOT Throw,
you will NOT win with Shuma Gorath IMO. If you use him carefully and you
don't waste opportunities to Throw, he can be a really tough opponent. My
favorite character.


-Mystic Stare: charge B, F+any punch
-Mystic Smash: charge B, F+any kick (can be done in mid-air)
-Devitalization: QCB+any kick
-Blob Drop: F or B+Strong or Fierce (in mid-air; close)
-Stone Drop: D+Forward in mid-air
-Bite `n' Throw: F or B+Strong or Fierce (close)
-Energy Drain: F or B+Forward or Roundhouse (close; can be done in mid-air)
-Best Gem: Time
-Forward Dash; Crawl: F, F or all three punches
-Backward Dash; Teleport: B,B or B+all three punches
-Infinity Counter; Short Mystic Smash: B, D/B, D+any punch after blocking an 
-Infinity Combo; Chaos Dimension: QCT+all three punches, then Strong, 
 Forward, Fierce or Roundhouse to grab (can be done in mid-air)


S.Jab and S.Short are VERY useful up close as ticks; use often to open the
enemy up to Shuma's damaging Throws. In addition, these attacks are also the
only regular moves that will actually COMBO into the Devitalization.
S.Strong is the best of his punches to cancel into kicks quickly, as it it is
his most powerful NON-STRIKE attack. It also has good range. Used to start
most of his ground combos. Also has good priority against long-ranged poking
attacks. S.Fierce is a Strike with great damage and range, but it is NOT an
airborne projectile. The C.Fierce is the same thing, just lower. S.Forward
is Shuma's Regular and only Launcher, a must for any of his really big
combos. A decent air counter if timed right. Its range is minimal, so make
sure you're in a combo or right up close when you do this. S.Roundhouse is
another Strike, Shuma Gorath's most powerful regular move. It can hit a
maximum of 6 times if started right up close. To cancel this into a Mystic
Stare, let 3 or 4 of the hits land and then cancel. If blocked it pushes
Shuma Gorath far away enough to avoid a lot of counters. C.Roundhouse is
another Strike; Shuma Gorath crouches and throws all of his tentacles upward.
This is IMO his best air counter, but cannot be followed up by anything.
Still, good damage so use as an air counter often. J.Fierce is his eyebeam
(the same as S.Fierce) in mid-air, and can be directed diagonally upward as
well by holding any upward direction. Good all-around for air-to-air attacks
and combos. J.Roundhouse is Shuma Gorath's best single jump-in, as it is
angled downward slightly. J.Forward is the spinning "helicopter" attack;
despite what other guides might say, this move is simply his J.Forward, NOT
U+Forward in mid-air. Anywho, this is a fast and effective air-to-air attack,
and O.K. for jump-ins. J.Strong will hit the enemy OTG and is involved in a
LOT of big combos with the Chaos Dimension :).


-Mystic Stare-

(Shuma Gorath exclaims "Mystic Stare!" and throws a ring of eyeballs at the

When this connects it can do up to 6 hits. It is not very damaging, nor does 
it knock down. It comes out fairly fast and his recovery is OK, but he can
still be hit by a jumping attack if they get over the Stare in time. All in
all you have to be careful with this move. Stick with this as much as
possible in combos, or to pester from across the screen and allow you to get


-Mystic Smash-

(Shuma Gorath exclaims "Mystic Smash!", rolls into a spiked ball and flies 
 toward the opponent in an arc)

The Roundhouse version travels the whole screen in a high, wide arc, the
Forward version around half screen with a lower arc, and the Short goes about
a quarter of a screen with an almost horizontal arc. If blocked Shuma Gorath
will bounce off, but is not safe from long-range or dashing counters, as well
as of course ICOs. If this is air blocked, (i.e. the enemy jumps at you and
you try and counter with it), then it will bounce enough away to be safe. 

The Roundhouse version should be used to surprise opponents from full screen, 
especially if they are taunting you or doing some other move from that 
distance. It is also great for countering some ICs from that distance, like
Iron Man's Proton Cannon if you block from across the screen. Since the 
Roundhouse travels the furthest, it also bounces away the furthest, leaving 
Shuma Gorath less vulnerable to a counter. Note that up close this attack 
will usually fly over most opponents (except the Juggernaut, Blackheart and
Hulk). The Roundhouse is also in most cases a good air counter, especially
against a Super Jumping enemy.

The Forward version is good if the opponent is a few steps away, but the 
bounce when blocked leaves him open to a lot. Generally not used unless the 
opponent foolishly misses a move from that distance. It can also be used
after blocking slower recovering moves from here (eg. blocked EM Dirsuptor
from mid-range).

The Short version is both one of his best moves and one of his worst. The 
recovery leaves Shuma Gorath quite close to the opponent for any any
counter. This is however, an excellent counter to a lot of low attacks and
blocked moves up close, and is guarenteed to hit even little guys like
Spider-Man from here. It is ideal after blocking a lot of slow recovering
moves from up close (eg. Wolverine's Berserker Barrage or Super Berserker

In the air, this is used mainly as a surprise or defensive tactic, as you
require the charge back. Use immediately after blocking an airborne attack,
or projectile. The Roundhouse version is great after a Super Jump to get over
the opponent, especially if they're doing an IC.
The Mystic Smash hits 6-8 times for good damage.



(Shuma Gorath grabs his opponent, stretches into the air, then slams them to
 the ground and hits them again as they land)

This is unblockable, unlike Hulk's Gamma Tornado, and because of this, it
should be mixed up frequently within your offensive game, i.e. pester/tick
your opponent with lots of Jabs and Shorts, and then suddenly spring
this on them, which is easier than usual, as the Devitalization has extended
range. It has a great weakness though; if it misses, the recovery is horrible
and the enemy has plenty of time to counter--it can also be ducked. It is
possible to combo this out of a S.Jab or S.Short...


-Bite `n' Throw-

(Shuma morphs into a large toothed maw, grabs the opponent, and tosses them

Throwing is one of Shuma Gorath's best assets, IMO. This does decent damage,
and in the corner it can be followed up with a nice juggle. This is also 
great for putting some distance between you and your foe.


-Energy Drain-

(Shuma Gorath wraps the enemy in his tentacles, and glows yellow, sapping the
 life out of them)

This is a GREAT move, and Shuma is the only character with the ability to do
this! It doesn't give you an amazing amount, but it can be enough to continue
the fight. After Shuma Gorath releases them, you can actually juggle them;
out of the corner you can usually tag them with a few hits from the
S.Roundhouse, and in the corner, the possibilities are high. Provided the
opponent doesn't tech hit, you can jump and re-Throw with this before they
land for more energy to you!


-Blob Drop-

(Shuma Gorath morphs into a blob, slimes the opponent and drops them to the

The Roundhouse and Forward Air Throws are the same as the ground ones; this 
Throw is different than its ground version, and if you're ahead in health 
this should be the one to go for. It does a little more damage than the 
Energy Drain, and it can be followed up with an OTG combo in the corner (see
the combo section).


-Stone Drop-

(Shuma Gorath angles his tentacles upwards, then petrifies himself and falls
 to the ground)

Contrary to popular belief, this does NOT petrifiy, unless of course you have
the Time Gem activated. Still, if you end up directly over your enemy as they
miss a move, especially a projectile, the Stone Drop is a powerful counter. 
Beware, if blocked Shuma is left significantly open to attack.


-Best Gem; Time-

Once the Time Gem is activated, ANY regular attack you perform (including 
the Stone Drop), will momentarily turn the opponent to stone. The 
petrification lasts long enough to plot a juicy follow-up, including 
re-petrification. What I mean by the last technique is this: once you petrify 
the opponent, ANY attack, PERIOD, will bring them immediately back to normal. 

So, you simply have to make it so when they unpetrify you can immediately 
petrify them again before they can do anything about it. A prime example is 
with Shuma Gorath's S.Roundhouse; because it hits 6 times, you can use it 
repeatedly on them until the Time Gem run out, once you have already 
petrified them! This is because the first hit unpetrifies (after already 
hitting them with a regular attack), the 2nd hit petrifies, the 3rd 
unpetrifies, the 4th petrifies, the 5th unpetrifies, and the 6th will leave 
them petrified again! Repeat until the Gem runs out...

The disadvantage about this is that if you don't manage to get in all 6 hits
(not close enough, opponent was in the air, etc...) the combo is over. I 
have found something much better and more effective: because his S.Fierce is
a Strike, you can use it repeatedly in the corner! The Strike will launch
the enemy EVER SO SLIGHTLY forward and up, but because they're in the corner
they cannot fly forward and will be petrified in the air against the wall;
repeat! But here's the best part--keep going while watching the meter for the
Time Gem. Just before it runs out, make sure the enemy is still petrified,
then nail 'em with any of the following:
-jumping Roundhouse Grab for more life off them and more to you!
-Mystic Smash/Stare
-jumping Fierce Throw -> OTG combo!
-S.Roundhouse for a few extra hits
-Chaos Dimension Activation to juggle, then hop up and grab! Follow the IC
 with an OTG combo!

The latter will do the most damage of course, but you may not have a full
Infinity Bar, or you badly need life. If so, hop up and grab with Roundhouse;
then you may be able to juggle with another Roundhouse as you fall from the
grab! Total Devastation!
NOTE: if you can get off the right number of hits in a combo, it will
re-petrify and you can go from there--for example (thanks to Onaje Everett):
J.Strong -> J.Roundhouse, C.Strong (2 hits) XX Mystic Stare, follow with what
you want!

WORDS OF ADVICE: once the Time Gem is activated, don't waste your time with
a Mystic Smash/Mystic Stare after petrifying, or any Special Move for that
matter, especially the Chaos Dimension, because it wastes much too much time;
time in which you could be repeatedly petrifying the opponent!


-Forward Dash; Crawl-

(Shuma Gorath gets down low and crawls forward on all six legs)

Great for avoiding a lot of high attacks and projectiles, but it's fairly
slow ON START-UP :). Be careful only to do it when you're sure the enemy
can't hit you low at first. Excellent once it gets moving though.


-Backward Dash; Teleport-

(Shuma Gorath disappears with only his eyeball floating bakwards, then 
 re-forms around it)

He doesn't go very far, but he is TOTALLY invulnerable during this. Use it
best to avoid various dash-in attacks and keep holding back when dashing so
you can come out of it with a Mystic Stare.


-Infinity Counter; Short Mystic Smash-

(Shuma Gorath blocks the opponent's attack and counters with a Short Mystic

This is a GREAT Infinity Counter, doing respectable damage and racks up some
good hits. It is ideal for most standing attacks, and even up close
projectiles (eg. if Psylocke throws a Strong PsiBlast from a few steps, you
can ICO and it should connect). It is OK to counter some jump-in attacks, but
only deep hits, otherwise Shuma Gorath may pass underneath his airborne foe.


-Infinity Combo; Chaos Dimension-

(When activated, Shuma will lunge out slightly with a shorter version of his
 S.Strong; he will then begin glowing, and if he grabs the enemy during this
 time, he will morph into a large sphere and envelope his opponent. He then
 carries them into the center of the screen high in the air, spread out into
 a hurricane-looking form, and exclaims "Chaos Dimension!!". The opponent is 
 then dropped hard into the ground from the hurricane, and Shuma Gorath 
 appears just overhead, falling from a portal)

The opponent first takes damage when the hurricane-form begins, then even
more damage as they hit the ground. Quite powerful, and IMO one of the most 
effective ICs in the game, it is extremely difficult to avoid up close. Once
Shuma Gorath begins glowing he cannot perform any Special Moves, nor any
regular moves. By tapping any button, he will jab out with one tentacle a
VERY short distance. However, the really powerful thing about this is that
the activation of the Chaos Dimension itself can hit the opponent. If it
connects, you can calmy move up to the opponent and perform the grab for an
easy and powerful combo! The easiest way to do this is to use the Chaos
Dimension activation as an air counter, or up close to snuff regular attacks,
OR in a combo, and the grab will be virtually unavoidable. In addition, the
Chaos Dimension can be followed with an OTG combo! (See the combo section).


-Safe Air Magic Series: Short -> Strong -> Forward -> U+Fierce
-Safe Ground Combo: D.S.Strong -> S.Roundhouse XX Mystic Stare
  If the enemy blocks... D.S.Strong -> S.Roundhouse XX Mystic Stare
-Ground Magic Series: Punch to Kick
-Jumping Magic Series: Punch to Kick (2 hits average)
-Launchers: S.Forward
-Air Launchers: none
-Straight Launchers: C.Forward, S.Fierce, C.Fierce, S.Roundhouse, 
-Small Launchers: none


1.  J.Roundhouse, C.Jab -> C.Roundhouse
2.  J.Roundhouse, S.Jab XX Roundhouse Devitalization
3.  Roundhouse Throw, S.Roundhouse
4.  (corner) Fierce or Roundhouse Throw into corner, S.Strong -> S.Roundhouse


5.  (corner) Roundhouse Throw, D.S.Forward -> SJ.Short -> SJ.Strong -> 
    SJ.Forward -> SJ.U+Fierce (FS)
6.  D.S.Strong -> S.Forward -> SJ.Short -> SJ.Strong -> SJ.Forward -> 
    SJ.U+Fierce (FS)
7.  (corner) Fierce Throw into corner, jumping Air Throw
8.  (corner) Fierce Air Throw, J.Strong (OTG), S.Forward -> SJ.Short ->
    SJ.Strong -> SJ.Forward -> SJ.U+Fierce (FS)
9.  J.Strong -> J.Roundhouse, S.Roundhouse (2-3 hits) XX Mystic Stare
10. (corner) J.Strong -> J.Roundhouse, D.S.Jab -> S.Forward -> SJ.Short -> 
    SJ.Strong -> SJ.Forward -> SJ.U+Fierce (FS); While enemy starts falling 
    back down and passes you (you'll still be in same Super Jump), SJ.Strong 
    -> SJ.D+Forward
11. (corner) S.Forward -> SJ.Short -> SJ.Strong -> SJ.Forward -> SJ.U+Fierce 
    (FS);  While enemy starts falling back down and passes you (you'll still 
    be in same Super Jump), SJ.U+Fierce, C.Jab (OTG) -> C.Roundhouse
12. (corner) Grab with Roundhouse, S.Forward -> SJ.Short -> SJ.Strong, 
    Roundhouse Air Throw, Air Forward Mystic Smash
13. J.Strong -> J.Roundhouse XX Roundhouse Mystic Smash, C.Jab (OTG)
    S.Forward -> SJ.Short -> SJ.Strong -> SJ.Forward -> SJ.U+Fierce (FS)
14. Grab with the Chaos Dimension, J.Strong (OTG), S.Forward -> SJ.Short -> 
    SJ.Strong -> SJ.Forward -> SJ.U+Fierce (FS)


15. (corner) J.Strong -> J.Roundhouse, D.S.Forward XX Chaos Dimension 
    (Activation), Chaos Dimension Grab, J.Strong, S.Forward -> SJ.Short -> 
    SJ.Strong -> SJ.Forward -> SJ.U+Fierce (FS)

16. Shuma Gorath's MARVELous Combo:

Activate Chaos Dimension (doesn't have to hit), Activate Mind Gem;  After
Mind Gem fills up your meter to full again, grab with the Chaos Dimension,
J.Strong, S.Forward XX Chaos Dimension Activation, grab with Chaos 

Comments (#16): Special thanks to James Chen for this AWESOME combo. Here's
                his explanation:

     "...you can actually get two Chaos Dimensions in one combo.  If you 
activate the Mind Gem, you can still activate the Chaos Dimension.  Do those 
two and wait until your meter fills up.  After it does, you still have time 
to run up and grab the enemy before the Chaos Dimension effect wears off.  
Grab them and the Chaos Dimension will begin.  After coming out of the 
portal, do the J.Strong before you land to OTG the enemy.  Then do a 
S.Forward XX Chaos Dimension (do these quickly so that the Chaos Dimension
activation will hit the enemy).  Then jump up and grab them again just like 
in combo #15.  You won't be able to hit them again after the Chaos Dimension
because there is only one OTG per combo.  But by this point, the enemy should
be just about dead."


GROUND COMBOS: His Safe Ground Combo is alright, but doesn't do much damage.
I recommend pecking with singular attacks instead so you can tick for a
Throw. In this case, S.Jab XX Devitalization is the best option, because the
Throw will connect wether the Jab is blocked or not. Altogether this is your
best combo, without getting into Air Combos.

AIR COMBOS: Leaving SJ.Jab out, Shuma's SJ.MS is fairly easy to perform; for
most cases you have to hit U+Fierce to finish the combo. The S.Forward
launches fairly high and straight up, so connecting with the Air Combo is not
too difficult. When not going for a Throw or Chaos Dimension, an Air Combo is
your best option for doing damage.

THROW COMBOS: Shuma is pretty much the grappler in MSH, with all of his
Throws doing a good deal of damage and allowing for a combo in all cases.
After the Fierce Throw in the corner, an easy combo is to follow with
S.Roundhouse--this will frequently get all 6 hits on bigger fighters. You can
also dash in usually and hit S.Forward for an Air Combo. When not in the
corner, the Roundhouse Throw appears to be your best option (for that matter,
it's your best option in the corner too! :). When outside of the corner,
simply follow it with S.Roundhouse for a few extra hits; other follow-ups are
possible, but can be fairly difficult to perform. When in the corner, you can
follow with the S.Roundhouse for max hits, or you can hit S.Forward for an
Air Combo, OR you can try for a Chaos Dimension OR you can jump up and Air
Throw! The same goes for the Roundhouse Air Throw in the corner...

OTG COMBOS: Other than rare occasions after the Mystic Smash (see combos),
the biggest OTG opportunity is, of course, off of the Chaos Dimension :).
Immediately after dropping out of the portal, you can hit the fallen enemy
OTG with a WELL timed J.Strong; then as you land hit S.Forward and Air Combo!
This is the best follow-up, but you can also vary the combo after the
J.Strong. ALWAYS attempt the OTG combo after the IC, it makes Shuma Gorath
truly a nightmare :).



The two things you have as Shuma offensively are the Mystic Stare, and your
Throws. Throwing should be your goal in a fight, be it a regular Throw (for
energy gain and Throw combos), the Devilitilization (for damage) or the
Chaos Dimension. The Mystic Stare's recovery is exceptional from a distance;
use it to pin the opponent back, then either dash or jump in. Always be ready
to block in either case, and in the air, focus on attacking with J.Strong and
J.Roundhouse--if you think an air counter is coming fast and you start
holding back, it can double as a backward charge for a mid-air Mystic Smash
(to counter if they try to throw lower-priority air counters). Up close,
stress the S.Short when RIGHT up close, especially against those pecking with
low attacks (eg. Spider-Man), and the S.Jab, both to tick for a possible
Throw. The S.Strong is also a highly useful weapon from mid-range or a few
steps--if it connects, chain into a S.Forward and Air Combo, or S.Roundhouse
if too far away.
Once you have a Chaos Dimension charged, IMO you should not activate it from
a distance then go after them. It is much more effective if you stun the
enemy with the activation up close, then grab them--therefore it is best used
up close when you get there, unless you're on defense (see below).

Dashing Jump:

Quite important to playing a good Shuma, mixed in with his ground dash. This
allows him to get in quick, possibly suprising the enemy, allowing for a
Throw/Combo, and can pin them into the corner, where Shuma does the most
damage with his combos.


The Mystic Smash is a powerful, but dangerous counter to air attacks; if air
blocked, you lose initiative, and if missed you can be hit; IMO you should
not rely on the Mystic Smash here. The S.Forward provides good coverage and
will also launch the opponent--his best air counter IMO is C.Roundhouse,
which will not allow follow-ups because it is a Strike, however it is quite
fast and damaging, so it's worth it. Other than that, you have Shuma's
excellent invulnerable backward dash, and if done early will avoid jump-ins,
and even downward projectiles if the enemy doesn't anticipate it.
On the ground, the S.Strong, S.Fierce and S.Roundhouse all provide excellent
defense against dashing opponents. In the event that you block a slower
attack up close, counter with the Short or Forward Mystic Smash. If you
anticipate a projectile fast enough, you can often dash under (provided the
projectile is high enough), or you can try to time the appropriate Mystic
Smash over it...
Also remember that the Chaos Dimension activation can provide excellent
coverage, and will often take priority over up-close attacks.

In the air:

J.Roundhouse is decent when jumping in, or in air-to-air combat, but the
J.Forward and J.Fierce are best against others who are airborne. J.Strong is
his best jump-in attack, and can hit OTG too.
BEST JUMP-IN CHAIN: J.D+Fierce -> J.Roundhouse works wfairly well, but
                    starting with J.Strong is often easier, as it can hit


(NOT word for word...)

Basically Shuma gains the Gems and it shows him growing extremely large into
space, and saying how he's all-powerful and all-knowing, yadda-yadda-yadda.
I think he's actually eating the universe (pretty cool...)



Beginning Pose:    Juggernaut bends a steel girder and exclaims "I'm 
Winning Pose 1:    Juggernaut calmly walks over to the opponent and stomps
                   on their fallen body
Winning Pose 2:    Juggernaut calmly walks over to the fallen opponent,
                   picks them up and cackles in their face.
Taunt:             Juggernaut clasps his fist in his hand and exclaims
                   "I'm the Juggernaut!"
Regular Color:     Brown and Red suit
2nd Color:         just more red, basically :)
Background:        In the middle of a partially constructed building, with
                   construction crews all around, some working and some
                   watching the fight.
Post-Match Quotes:
     Vs. Juggernaut-"Get this through your stupid head. There is only one
        Close Fight-"You remind me of my brother... I HATE MY BROTHER!"
                   -"A few hits and it's over. They just don't make 'em
                     like they used to."
                   -"That was embarassing. Maybe you should try fighting
                     old, sick people."


I don't clearly remember his story; his real name is Cain Marko, and I think
he finds the Cytorrak Stone after being buried in an avalanche or something
of the like. His brother-in law (or foster brother?) is none other than
Professor Charles Xavier, founder of the X-Men. I think he blames Professor X
for the avalanche and has been an enemy of the X-Men ever since.
The mad Titan Thanos has now gained possession of the all-powerful Infinity
Gems, which make up the very fabric of the cosmos. While the Avengers, the
X-Men and Adam Warlock fight to regain control of the universe before it is
destroyed, Cain Marko seeks to defeat Thanos to gain the Gems for himself,
making himself the ruler of all.


More than anything else, Juggernaut is just plain FUN to play. He is
definetely not a scrub character, or a character for beginners, because all
of his moves (except the Earthquake) have horrendous recovery--Juggernaut
must play a healthy mix of pecking (w/ S.Jab), Throwing and reactionary
countering with his other attacks. Once you understand exactly how his
invulnerability works, and how to use it, his powerful combos, Throws and IC
will humiliate and also destroy the opponent.


-Juggernaut Punch: HCT+any punch
-Earthquake: F, D/F, D+any punch (can be done in mid-air)
-Juggernaut Splash: HCT+any kick
-Cytorrak Power-up: F, D, D/F+all three punches
-Object Pick-up: D,D+all three punches (over item), then any P to throw it
-Double Fist Thrust: F+Fierce
-Headbutts `n' Uppercut: F or B+Fierce (close)
-Cackling Slam: F or B+Strong (close)
-Air Drop: F or B+Strong or Fierce (close in mid-air)
-Best Gem: Space
-Forward Dash; Shoulder Charge: F, F or all three punches
-Backward Dash; Back Slide: B,B or B+all three punches
-Infinity Counter; Juggernaut Punch: B, D/B, D+any punch
-Infinity Combo; Juggernaut Headcrush: QCT+all three punches


S.Jab has great range because of his size. This can trade hits with any
attack, so if you get hit or not, follow into a combo. This is an excellent
pecking attack from mid or close range. C.Strong trades hits nicely, so if
you see, say, Wolverine coming in with his C.Roundhouse, throw this out to
absorb it and counter. It also has great priority over low attacks and
sweeps, and it will also hit Off the Ground. S.Fierce is an Air Launcher and
comes out relatively fast, compared to his other Fierces--like most of
Juggy's moves, it also does massive damage. If it connects on a standing
opponent, immediately cancel into a Jab or Strong Juggernaut Punch or even
better, a Headcrush IC. It is also a decent air counter and you can follow
with a guided Air Combo. Long recovery on this, so try and make sure it
connects. C.Fierce is Juggy's only Regular Launcher, sending the enemy
straight up. If it connects and easy Air Combo is possible. Also very long
recovery, so try to avoid throwing it out of nowhere. S.Short is a useful
pecking move/tick up close, and takes excellent priority over low attacks.
If the Short kick connects, chain into a S.Strong and combo from there.
C.Short is a fast attack that will start combos well, and can OTG too; chain
into a C.Forward if it connects on a standing opponent, then OTG. C.Forward
is also important, 'cause it's his only knockdown attack. Great
unstoppability, so try and connect with this a lot up close, so you can
follow with a Headcrush or Juggernaut/Earthquake Punch OTG.
The S.Roundhouse is another Air Launcher, and does sickening damage if it
connects. This is your best air counter to deep jumping opponents. Do NOT use
it out of the blue, because if blocked you're dead, if ducked you're dead,
and if you miss with it the enemy can dash in for an easy attack.
J.Fierce is IMO his best jumping attack, its range is limited but is the most
damaging way to jump in at the opponent. Comes out fast as well; this is the
move to use in the air, NOT his J.Roundhouse, because it is a kick aimed
upwards and will rarely connect solidly on a standing opponent.
J.Short and J.Forward are of limited use; the only place to use these to
attacks is chained together. When meeting an opponent in mid-air try to
connect with these two hits as an Air Combo, as no other attack in the air is
really reliable. If you wish to get more jump-in hits, do the J.Short into a


-Juggernaut Punch-

(Juggernaut exclaims "Juggernaut Punch!" and rushes the opponent, driving 
 them into the ground with a brutal downward punch; they then bounce off the
 ground and across the screen)

Does HEFTY damage and executes the FS. The recovery is VERY, VERY SLOW,
giving the opponent over a full SECOND to counter. The idea is to make
ABSOLUTELY sure that this connects, and when it does it is definetely worth
the caution! In addition, Juggernaut will absorb all hits during the rush, so
if the opponent begins to throw ANY projectile or long range attack (NOT
including ICs!), quickly perform a Fierce Juggernaut Punch to barrel through
it and smack 'em down. Remember to make sure you're ahead in health of course
because the attacks will still do damage to you. Also not a bad combo 
finisher. Jab goes a few steps, Strong half the screen and Fierce travels
full screen.



(Juggernaut exclaims "Earthquake!" and slams his fists into the ground like
 his C.Strong, producing ripples of shockwaves across the ground)

Easily jumped over and slow coming out AND in recovery, this should be
another one of your carefully used attacks. When up close it trades hits
surprisingly well, but IMO the Juggernaut Punch is better in this case and
does MUCH more damage. Annoying to put in combos, and things no longer fall
from the ceiling when he shakes the ground as they did in X-Men: CotA. Be
VERY careful when using this and pretty much any place you can use this to
hit the opponent, you can usually do a Juggernaut Punch instead. Fortunately
if blocked, it is very hard to counter and will push the enemy quite far
away; FOR THIS REASON IT IS IMPORTANT--whenever you know you've made a
mistake and the enemy blocks a regular attack, cancel into the Earthquake to
push them back... NOTE: this can quickly be comboed after in the corner :).


-Juggernaut Splash-

(Juggernaut flies into the air with a growl and lands in a full body splash
 on top of the opponent)

MAJOR damage when it connects, and is great for avoiding most ground-based
projectiles. If the opponent sees it coming they can block and then have over
a full second or so to counter as Juggernaut gets up off his face! Again, be
VERY careful using this and in the air it's great for going over missed
attacks, especially projectiles. For example, because of the Roundhouse
version's range, you can Super Jump over Iron Man's Proton Cannon and come
crashing down on him with it!


-Cytorrak Power-Up-

(Juggernaut raises his fists to the air and exclaims "Power-Up!"; he then
 begins to glow red)

Once activated Juggernaut's attacks will do almost twice as much damage! This
plus the Power Gem activated and Juggernaut can take off over a THIRD of his
foe's health with one F+Fierce! Try to do this whenever you have the chance,
and you should basically be treating it like a Taunt, as it takes him around
a full second to power up. Once activated, try your best to get in a big
combo. BTW, if you activate the Space Gem (see Best Gem) and get in a
Cytorrak Power-Up, go TOTALLY offensive as you're pretty much invincible!


-Double Fist Thrust-

(With a growl Juggernaut thrusts both of his fists straight in front of him)

Although it is considered a launcher, it launches the enemy at a VERY shallow
angle, so that the only thing that connects is a Roundhouse Juggernaut 
Splash. It does monster damage and has amazing range, about half the screen!
Best used in combos or to counter an attack from a distance, this is IMO 
quite good at trading hits with close projectiles and even dashing combos!
This has the worst recovery of all his attacks, so be VERY careful that it


-Headbutts `n' Uppercut-

(Juggernaut grabs his opponent, headbutts them twice then uppercuts them 

In the corner this can be EASILY followed with an OTG combo (sometimes a
juggle if quick, eg. Headcrush), and by itself it looks hilarious and does
good damage. Get it in whenever up close and you can't connect with a combo.


-Cackling Slam-

(Juggernaut grabs the opponent, cackles in their face and slams them 
 headfirst into the ground)

IMO the better of the two Throws, it does great damage, looks humiliating and
can be followed up in the corner, with an OTG combo or FAST juggle.


-Air Drop-

(Juggernaut grabs the opponent and whips them to the ground)

Decent damage, do it if you want. It MAY be possible to OTG them on YOUR way
down with a Short Juggernaut Splash...


-Best Gem; Space-

The Space Gem is Cain's special Gem, becauses it causes him to turn a grey 
color and take almost NO DAMAGE, definitely none from blocked Special Moves,
or regular moves! This is your chance for you to go offensive big time,
because most of your fighting with Marko will be reactionary. The "Super
Armor" given by this Gem also makes it TOTALLY impossible for Juggernaut to
be knocked down, with the exception of Throws. A good time to do the Cytorrak
Power-Up and kick a little arse.


-Forward Dash; Shoulder Charge-

(Juggernaut dashes foward with his shoulder in front)

IMO quite useless, as he doesn't travel all that far, and this cannot be 
easily interrupted by a backward dash. Only use it when you see a clear 
opening for a Dashing combo. When the enemy throws a projectile, you can dash
through it and combo, though IMO a Juggernaut Punch works better because of
its speed.


-Backward Dash; Back Slide-

(Juggernaut slides backward in retreat)

Speed isn't too bad, but Juggy doesn't really need a backward dash with his
absorbing power.


-Infinity Counter; Juggernaut Punch-

(Juggernaut blocks an attack and counters with a Jab Juggernaut Punch)

VERY good ICO, it does great damage and comes out LIGHTNING fast. It also has
fair range, so don't be afraid to counter some long-ranged attacks or
up-close projectiles. Refrain from using this on jumping attacks unless 
extremely deep.


-Infinity Combo; Juggernaut Headcrush-

(Juggernaut exclaims "headcrush!" and rushses the opponent with his head
 stuck out; once he's done the headbutt the enemy flies over behind his head)

Does MONSTER damage. Be VERY careful that this connects, because the recovery is
about as slow as with the Juggernaut Punch. This is best used in combos IMO,
and one of Juggernaut's best techniques. You can even OTG in some cases to
REALLY demolish the opponent!


-Safe Air Magic Series: Jab -> Short -> Strong -> Fierce
-Safe Ground Combo: D.S.Short -> S.Strong XX Earthuake
  If the enemy blocks...  D.S.Short -> S.Strong XX Earthquake
-Ground Magic Series: Weak Start
-Jumping Magic Series: Weak start (2 hits average)
-Launchers: C.Fierce, F+Fierce
-Air Launchers: S.Roundhouse, C.Roundhouse, S.Fierce
-Straight Launchers: none
-Small Launchers: none


1.  D.S.Short -> S.Strong XX Earthquake
2.  J.Strong, S.Short -> F+Fierce
3.  J.Strong, S.Fierce XX Fierce Earthquake
4.  J.Fierce, C.Fierce -> SJ.Jab -> SJ.Short -> SJ.Strong -> SJ.Fierce (FS)
5.  C.Short -> C.Forward XX Earthquake Punch (OTG)
6.  J.Fierce -> J.Roundhouse, D.S.Fierce XX Juggernaut Headcrush
7.  (corner) Strong/Fierce Throw, Juggernaut Headcrush (OTG)


8.  C.Short -> C.Forward XX Jab Juggernaut Punch (OTG)
9.  C.Short -> C.Forward XX Juggernaut Headcrush (OTG)
10. J.Short -> J.Fierce, D.S.Short -> S.Fierce XX Juggernaut Headcrush
11. D.S.Jab -> F+Fierce XX Roundhouse Juggernaut Splash
12. (corner) J.Short -> J.Strong, D.S.Jab -> C.Fierce -> SJ.Jab ->
    SJ.Short -> SJ.Strong -> SJ.Fierce, C.Short (OTG) -> S.Roundhouse
13. (corner) Fierce Throw, C.Forward (OTG)
14. J.Short -> J.Strong, D.S.Short -> S.Fierce XX Juggernaut Headcrush,
    Juggernaut Headcrush, D.C.Short (OTG) -> S.T.Fierce
15. Strong Throw, S.Strong (OTG) XX Headcrush
16. Activate Mind Gem, J.Short -> J.Fierce, D.S.Short -> S.Fierce XX
    Headcrush, Headcrush, Headcrush !!!!
17. Activate Power Gem, Power Up, Headcrush, Headcrush (100% :)
18. (corner) Strong Earthquake, S.Jab XX Headcrush
19. (corner) D.S.Jab -> S.Strong XX Jab Earthquake, S.F+Fierce XX Roundhouse
    Juggernaut Splash

Comments (#14): thanks to James Chen! Here's his explanation:     
     "There's not much to say about this combo.  Basically, the only thing 
that needs to be talked about is when to do the second Headcrush.  After the 
first one, Juggernaut pauses for a while and the enemy goes flying up into 
the air. Now, Juggernaut recovers fairly quickly from the first Headcrush and 
he does so while out of view (the view follows the flying body of the enemy 
you just Headcrushed).  So basically, you have to activate the second 
Headcrush even before you come into view (in the opposite direction, as 
that's where the Headcrush causes them to go flying).  Also, after the second 
Headcrush, you have to start your dash at about the same point in order to 
OTG them in time."

According to James Chen you cannot do this on Juggernaut, Hulk, or
Blackheart. It is difficult to do it on every one after that, and easy on
Spider-Man, Wolverine and Psylocke.

Comments (#18): as in the sequal, XvSF, you can follow the Earthquake Punch
                in the corner IF you are about half screen away.


GROUND COMBOS: His Safe Ground Combo does plenty of block damage, but when
the Jab connects and you chain into Strong, finishing with a Juggernaut Punch
is much more damaging. _IMO_ when not using OTG combos OR the Headcrush, an
Air Combo is better.

AIR COMBOS: Amazingly enough, the big guy has a nice easy C.Fierce launcher,
and the SJ.MS, leaving out the SJ.Forward, will connect solidly. IMO Juggy's
best damage option without an OTG or Headcrush combo.

THROW COMBOS: Both the Fierce and Strong Throw, in or near the corner, can be
followed with various attacks, including the Headcrush. Pretty

OTG COMBOS: The best way for Jug to do damage on the ground is after a
C.Forward. From this you can OTG with a Jab/Strong Juggernaut Punch,
Earthquake Punch or Headcrush. IMO this is your best option without using an
Air Combo. Just remember not to use constantly as the enemy can Safety Roll
if anticipated.



(NOTE: I included these two sections together simply because Juggernaut's
 offense IS his defense, pretty much, since his offensive attacks absorb
 their attacks.)

In order to be at all effective with Juggernaut you MUST take advantage of
his "Unstoppability". What this means is that Juggernaut has the ability to
absorb attacks and continue his own. For example, Juggernaut has no FB and
has a short jump, so dealing with projectiles can be a problem right? WRONG.
Just perform a Juggernaut Punch through them! Note that Juggernaut will not
PASS through the projectile; it will in fact hit him, but it will not phase
him and he will continue to barrel through and plow the enemy into the 
Juggernaut CANNOT absorb the following attacks:

1. Swift, powerful knock-downs.

-any sweep that knocks down, like Cap's C.Roundhouse
-Spider-Man's Spider Sting

2. chained combos

-if you absorb Cap's S.Short, but he chains into S.Forward -> S.Roundhouse...
-Psylocke jumps in with J.Short, but chains into J.Forward -> J.Fierce...

3. Super Combos.

-Iron Man's Proton Cannon :)
-Psylocke's PsiThrust

4. Fierce or Roundhouse Jumping Attacks

-you attempt to stop Magneto's J.Roundhouse with S.Roundhouse, this will NOT
 work (unless of course you throw the S.Roundhouse first, in which case you
 will perform it as a normal air counter, as opposed to absorbing it).

NOTE: for #2, IF the attack you are performing when they hit you (with their 
      first attack) comes out before their next hit, it will be successful.  
      In the Psylocke example, if you start a S.Fierce and she hits you just
      as Juggy brings his arm up, the Roundhouse usually doesn't come out
      fast enough to cancel out the uppercut, and you'll launch her.

The following is a list of ways to use Juggernaut's Unstoppability with each

S.Jab, C.Forward- Both great unstoppable attacks with good speed, ideal for
                  offense and working up close. Because of its great speed,
                  the S.Jab is perfect against pesky little guys like
                  Wolverine who like to dash in with Jabs and such--this will
                  usually come out fast enough to negate his attack, and you
                  can quickly cancel into a S.Strong+Earthquake Punch to push
                  them back.
                  The C.Forward is also good in this respect, although if
                  they are even remotely fast and chain into another attack
                  from the one you're absorbing, this sweep will not come out
                  fast enough to connect with. This is great against an
                  opponent who uses a lot of unchainable attacks up close, or
                  lots of FBs from this range.

C.Fierce, F+Fierce- use BOTH with caution. The C.Fierce does big damage, and
                    if you are DASHING when it absorbs an attack, you will
                    usually launch the enemy for an air combo. If the enemy 
                    is quick with their MS you will frequently get 
                    interrupted with this attack, and weary opponents will
                    simply sweep you. Same with the F+Fierce, except the good
                    thing about this is that a Roundhouse Splash will ALWAYS
                    connect after this if you cancel fast enough. It can be
                    seen coming though, so try to absorb attacks with it 
                    from mid-range, especially FBs and dashing regular 

S.Roundhouse, S.Fierce- again, both are slow and if anticipated can be swept
                        or comboed. Use these as air counters to those who
                        like jumping in with attacks other than Fierce or
                        Roundhouse, but time them extra early so they will
                        have difficulty chaining into a MS. If they don't
                        jump in with weak attacks, just make sure that you
                        time the attack to hit as an air COUNTER instead of
                        trying to absorb the jump-in.

Juggernaut Punch- overused in other places, the JP's greatest asset is its
                  tremendous speed once he starts moving, and its absorbing
                  ability. From anywhere on the screen except from FULL 
                  screen, if you see the enemy start a FB, IMMEDIATELY whip 
                  off a Juggernaut Punch (Fierce from CLOSE to full screen, 
                  Strong from mid-screen, etc...). Just beware not to do this 
                  as often against Iron Man when he has a level charged :).
                  The JP is also fairly useful with absorbing regular
                  attacks, but I find its recovery is far too long to do this
                  often--in this case, stick with F+Fierce from mid-range and
                  Jabs and C.Forwards up close.

Earthquake Punch- absorbs attacks QUITE well, but the only reason I see to 
                  use it here is against dashing attacks, as it will push 
                  them away considerably.

Headcrush- a VERY important unstoppable attack, this move is LITTERALLY
           unstoppable. With the exception of ICs, this CANNOT be stopped by
           ANYTHING, including chains, sweeps and J.Roundhouse and Fierce.
           This is because of its tremendous speed; ANYTIME you see the enemy
           do ANYTHING (really, anything), whip this off to take it out; 
           unless it's an IC or the enemy is above you, I GUARENTEE this will
           take it out! One thing to note however is not to do it against 
           full screen projectiles, as the Headcrush's range prevents it from
           hitting that far; you'll absorb the projectile, but the Headcrush
           will often not reach them.

Dashing Jump:

Quite important to Juggy, IMO. This allows him to go OFFENSIVE from even
across the screen--utilize this on overly-defensive opponents who do not
throw out enough attacks to absorb/counter.

In the Air:

You should not jump with Juggernaut unless the opportunity presents itself
for a jump-in combo IMO, as Juggernaut's air arsenal is limited. His J.Jab
has decent range and is good if they pester you in the air, but you shouldn't
really be up there anyways.
The only good move he has in the air is J.Fierce for priority up close, but
most opponents can snag him with a jumping kick before he reaches them. The
Juggernaut Splash doesn't help you much either, because if you miss you're
toast. Juggernaut's game is generally defensive, so stay grounded.
BEST JUMP-IN CHAIN: J.Fierce -> J.Roundhouse is again, best for solid damage,
                    and J.Short -> J.Forward is your best jump-in chain IMO,
                    though J.Short -> J.Fierce works as well.



Beginning Pose:    Blackheart rises up from a portal in the ground and laughs
Winning Pose 1:    Blackheart clenches his fist full of energy and laughs 
Winning Pose 2:    Blackheart raises his hands to the sky and laughs
Winning Pose 3:    Blackheart raises his hands to the sky and exclaims
                   "Blackheart rises!"
Taunt:             Blackheart clenches his fist full of energy and laughs
Regular Color:     Black and blue
2nd Color:         Reddish blue
Background:        Hell, or some nether-realm of that sort. The entire place
                   is ablaze with hellfire, with many shadowy souls writhing
                   in horror in the back. One of my favorite backgrounds.
Post-Match Quotes:
     Vs. Blackheart-"You are merely a reflection, cast in my image, to test
                     my loyalty to Mephisto."
        Close Fight-"Evil prevails again, but you did put up a struggle worth
                   -"My father Mephisto will be happy to welcome one so weak
                     into his kingdom!"
                   -"So much courage in the face of evil, yet so little


Blackheart is the son of Mephisto, lord of darkness. He aspires to become 
more evil than his father and overthrow him as the emporer of the underworld.
The Infinity Gems will give him the opportunity to do so...


Well, my opinion of Blackheart has somewhat changed. If you play him with a
good mix of offense with his S/C.Forward, Air Dash and demons, and defense
with his other attacks, Blackheart can be a dangerous opponent, and actually
pretty enjoyable to use. He is DEFINETELY not a scrub character, you HAVE to
be careful how you use ALL of his moves, esp. the Infernos and Dark Thunders.
With a lot of practice he can be just as good as any other fighter.


-Downward Dark Thunder: HCT+Jab
-Forward Dark Thunder: HCT+Strong
-Upward Dark Thunder: HCT+Fierce        
-Close Lightning Inferno: HCB+Jab
-Mid-Screen Lightning Inferno: HCB+Strong
-Far Lightning Inferno: HCB+Fierce
-Ice Inferno: HCB+Strong -> Strong
-Fire Inferno: HCB+Fierce -> Fierce
-Soul Absorb: F or B+Fierce (close)
-Energy Surge: F or B+Strong (close)
-Air Energy Surge: F or B+Strong or Fierce in mid-air (close)
-Best Gem: Reality
-Forward Dash; Forward Ground Warp: F, F or all three punches 
-Backward Dash; Backward Ground Warp: B,B or B+all three punches
-Air Dash: F, F in mid-air
-Infinity Counter; Dark Thunder: B, D/B, D+any punch
-Infinity Combo; Armageddon: QCT+all three punches
-Infinity Combo; Heart of Darkness: QCT+all three kicks


S.Jab is a good up-close attack for pecking/ticking, and you can chain two
together for a simple combo (yawn). S.Strong is Blackheart's Regular, and
only, Launcher. By itself it's a decent air counter, but it has a short delay
before it hits--it is powerful, but it is best used chained out of S.Forward.
S.Fierce has Blackheart release small pink demons from his chest, floating
forward then falling shortly. From a distance they can counter slower missed
attacks, or to hit opponents just as they land. S.Roundhouse has him kick
forward slightly and release different demons; this is slightly faster and
the demons are guarenteed if the kick hits--the kick has minimal range, and
is not too quick. It may be used to surprise slower dashing opponents. See
tactics for more info. Both C.Fierce and C.Roundhouse are basically low
versions of the demons, with the little critters moving along the ground;
this is somewhat useful for countering high attacks, and they come out
slightly faster than the standing versions. See tactics for more info.
S.Forward is Blackheart's best attack, and is IMO imperitive to playing a
good Blackheart. This has excellent priority up close (against low attacks,
use C.Forward instead), and in addition, also does decent damage and has
great recovery. The S.Forward is also serves as Blackheart's best air
counter--the most important feature of the S.Forward is that, following his
MS, you can chain into S.Strong to launch the enemy. This allows Blackheart
to deliver a powerful combo off of an air counter, OR a pecking attack.
C.Strong is another good attack up close, with slightly longer recovery; good
vs. up-close projectile attempts and slower high attacks.
J.Fierce and J.Roundhouse are airborne versions of the S.Fierce/S.Roundhouse;
again, there is a delay before the demons are released, and Blackheart's
recovery isn't too good. They can be useful if you anticipate the opponent
throwing a late air counter, or after his excellent air dash to surprise
them. J.Forward and J.Strong are both excellent jump-in and air-to-air


-Downward Dark Thunder-

(Blackheart exclaims "Dark Thunder!" and brings his hands up to shoot
 lightning downward and forward at the ground)

After the downward motion, the lightning travels low across the ground. Has
a delay when it comes out, and the recovery is quite bad. From across the
screen you are pretty much safe from counter however. Use mainly to deter
slower dashers (or dashing enemies from across the screen).


-Forward Dark Thunder-

(Blackheart exclaims "Dark Thunder!" and brings his hands up to shoot 
 lightning forward across the screen)

Basically the same as above, except slides and other low moves can avoid it;
alternately, it can work better on airborne opponents.


-Upward Dark Thunder-

(Blackheart exclaims "Dark Thunder!" and brings his hands up to shoot 
 lightning upward at an angle)

Because the lightning is pretty wide this is a pretty decent way to keep the
opponent away from jumping in. Refrain from using it if the enemy is anywhere
within range on the ground, as the recovery is horrible. If air blocked,
you're pretty safe in most cases.


-Close Lightning Inferno-

(Blackheart brings his hands up and sends a sphere towards the ground; when
 it connects, a huge geyser of lightning blasts up from the ground close to

This produces a geyser only a few steps away from Blackheart, so it is pretty
good for halting deep jumping opponents; if it connects, OTG with another
Inferno (or Heart of Darkness) for a quick combo. If the enemy blocks they
can dash forward and combo, so be watchful.


-Mid-Screen Lightning Inferno-

(Blackheart brings his hands up and sends a sphere towards the ground; when
 it connects, a huge geyser of lightning blasts up from the ground around 1/2
 screen away)

Good for keeping opponents pinned and forcing them to jump, falling prey to
your Fierce Dark Thunder. If they block it from that distance you're pretty
safe most of the time. If it connects follow with another Inferno of your
choice or Heart of Darkness OTG. NOTE: if you pull this off when your foe
gets closer than its max range (i.e. if they're closer than 1/2 screen), the
Inferno will try to track the enemy, although they can usually avoid it.


-Far Lightning Inferno-

(Blackheart brings his hands up and sends a sphere towards the ground; when
 it connects, a huge geyser of lightning blasts up from the ground around a
 full screen away)

Keep the opponent pinned with this, mixing in the Fierce/Stron Dark Thunder
to keep them on the ground and move in for the kill. Like the Mid version
this will attempt to track if the opponent is closer than full screen. If
this connects follow with another one, or Heart of Darkness, for an OTG


-Ice Inferno-

(Blackheart brings his hands up and sends a sphere towards the ground; when
 it connects, a huge geyser of ice and cold air shoots up from the ground 
 around a 1/2 screen away)

This one only comes up in the middle, but will attempt to track as I 
explained above. Despite its wording, this will NOT freeze the opponent for a
combo, although you can follow it with another Inferno or Heart of Darkness
OTG as usual.


-Fire Inferno-

(Blackheart brings his hands up and sends a sphere towards the ground; when
 it connects, a huge geyser of fire shoots up from the ground around a full 
 screen away)

This will track the opponent if they get closer than full screen. If it 
connects follow with another, or Heart of Darkness... Like the Fierce
Lightning Inferno, use it to pin them across the screen, mixed with the
Strong/Fierce Dark Lightning.


-Soul Absorb-

(Blackheart grabs the opponent in one hand, and calls forth small 
 ghosts/souls to enter their body; he then tosses them away)

Up close this is a good option, mixed in with Jabs and Shorts. You can OTG
after it in the corner...


-Energy Surge-

(Blackheart grabs the opponent and shocks them with energy, then throws them

Pretty much the same as the Soul Absorb...


-Air Energy Surge-

(Blackheart grabs the opponent in mid-air and shocks them with energy, then 
 throws them away)

Basically the same as the standing version, use whenever you meet the enemy
up close in the air, especially during an Air Dash.


-Best Gem; Reality-

(Blackheart turns invisible)

Blackheart is TOTALLY invisible, though it doesn't last long. Once invisible,
try to mix up your movements and not give away your position. Dash forward 
and back a lot (and air dash) to keep you difficult to hit and avoid attempts
to find you. One cool thing to do is pull off an Armageddon IC when they
least expect it.


-Forward Dash; Forward Ground Warp-

(Blackheart "seeps" into the ground and re-appears a few steps forward)

FORGET about dashing combos or getting in fast, because this is THE slowest
dash in the game! However, the main thing about it is that he is TOTALLY
invulnerable during the dash, so use it to avoid slow-moving attacks and come
up with a appropriate counter. Mix in with the backward dash and air dash to
confuse the enemy.


-Backward Dash; Backward Ground Warp-

(Blackheart "seeps" into the ground and re-appears a few steps backward)

Same deal as the forward dash; use this one to avoid most projectiles or if
you anticipate a jump in. Come up with a Special Move to counter if they 
missed you. Mix up with his other dashes for confusion.


-Air Dash-

(Blackheart floats forward quickly)

MUCH faster than his ground dash, this is important to his offense. Fly over
to the opponent and attack with Strongs and Forwards, and mix it up with the
ground dashes; also be ready to throw out a Fierce during the Air Dash if the
enemy leaves and opening. The Air Dash can also get you over a lot of ground-
based attacks, especially many ICs.


-Infinity Counter; Dark Thunder-

(Blackheart blocks the enemy's attack and counters with a Dark Thunder)

Useful mainly on jump-ins... Works well against dash-in blocked attacks too,
and a lot of other long-ranged attacks.


-Infinity Combo; Armageddon-

(Blackheart holds his hands to the sky and glowing red rocks rain down on the
 whole screen)

Despite its looks, it's not all it's cracked up to be. The damage is great
but it is slow and easy to block. One advantage is that Blackheart recovers
before the opponent does, wether they block or not (i.e. there is still rocks
falling when Blackheart is free to move), so if they do block you can defend
against their possible counter. This is IMO best used only on airborne foes,
and it can be used in a few combos, but you've gotta be up close first. It is
best used either on airborne opponents or after the enemy misses any slow
recovering move. It is a VERY safe IC, and the opponent can only counter it
right up close.


-Infinity Combo; Heart Of Darkness-

(Blackheart brings his hands up and sends a sphere towards the ground; when
 it connects, a huge geyser of energy shoots up from the ground under the
 opponent, followed by MANY little winged demons; Blackheart crosses his arms
 and begins to float upwards beside the geyser as the demons proceed to naw
 away at his opponent; he then finishes by landing and bringing up a huge

MANY hits from this, and you can get 30+ combos with this for great damage.
You should basically treat this as a one of his Infernos, as it has about the 
same speed, and will track the enemy to a certain extent. If it connects, 
follow with one last Inferno OTG as they begin to fall.
NOTE: it is actually possible to Air Dash and follow this up, since Bheart
falls free as the enemy is finishingtheir reeling animation--with proper
timing, you can land underneath them and combo them further! See combos.


-Safe Air Magic Series: Jab -> Short -> Strong -> Forward (note: his Fierce
                        and Roundhouse cannot be used in Air Combos; his 
                        Forward is the finisher, as it does the FS)
-Safe Ground Combo: none
-Ground Magic Series: Kick to Punch
-Jumping Magic Series: Kick to Punch (2 hits max)
-Launchers: S.Strong
-Air Launchers: none
-Straight Launchers: none
-Small Launchers: none


1.  J.Forward, C.Short -> C.Strong
2.  S.Roundhouse/S.Fierce/C.Roundhouse/C.Fierce, Inferno
3.  Inferno, Inferno (OTG)
4.  Inferno, Heart of Darkness (OTG)
5.  Heart of Darkness, Inferno (OTG)
6.  S.Strong XX Armageddon


7.  Inferno (close), S.Strong -> SJ.Jab -> SJ.Short -> SJ.Strong ->
    SJ.Forward (FS)
8.  J.Strong -> J.Forward, C.Forward -> S.Strong -> SJ.Jab -> SJ.Short ->
    SJ.Forward (FS)
9.  S.Forward -> S.Strong -> SJ.Jab -> SJ.Short -> SJ.Strong -> SJ.Forward
10. S.Roundhouse/S.Fierce/C.Roundhouse/C.Fierce, Strong Dark Thunder
11. S.Roundhouse (close), S.Forward -> S.Strong -> SJ.Jab -> SJ.Short ->
    SJ.Strong -> SJ.Forward (FS)
12. (corner) Strong/Fierce Throw, C.Short (OTG) -> S.Strong -> SJ.Jab ->
    SJ.Short -> SJ.Strong -> SJ.Forward (FS)
13. (corner) Strong/Fierce Throw, C.Short (OTG) -> S.Strong XX Armaggedon
14. any Inferno (close), C.Short (OTG) -> S.Strong -> SJ.Jab -> SJ.Short ->
    SJ.Strong -> SJ.Forward (FS)
15. any Inferno (close), C.Short (OTG) -> S.Strong XX Armaggedon
16. Heart of Darkness, Air Dash, S.Forward -> S.Strong -> SJ.Jab -> SJ.Short
     -> SJ.Strong -> SJ.Forward (FS)
17. (corner) S.Strong -> SJ.Jab -> SJ.Short -> SJ.Strong -> SJ.Forward (FS),
    J.Forward (OTG) -> S.Roundhouse
18. (corner) Heart of Darkness, Air Dash, S.Forward -> S.Strong -> SJ.Jab ->
    SJ.Short -> SJ.Strong -> SJ.Forward (FS), J.Forward (OTG) -> S.Forward
    -> S.Strong
19. (close) Inferno, S.Strong XX Armaggedon, S.Strong -> SJ.Jab -> SJ.Short
    -> SJ.Strong -> SJ.Forward (FS)



GROUND COMBOS: Pretty much non-existant. If you manage to hit the enemy up
close, most likely with a Standing or C.Forward, you should chain into a
S.Strong for an Air Combo. He has a limited Kick-Punch Ground MS, and no
Special Moves fast enough to finish a Ground Combo. The only type of "Ground"
combo he possesses would be off of his Fierce/Roundhouse Demons, or Infernos.

AIR COMBOS: His SJ.Forward is the finisher, but the full Jab -> Short ->
Strong -> Forward 4-hit does decent damage. When up close, the S.Forward ->
S.Strong is the only real combo option Blackheart has, so use it. And of
course, the S.Forward as an air counter can be chained into the S.Strong for
the same combo... If you connect with the Air Combo in or near the corner,
be sure to attempt the OTG as you fall with J.Forward... because the
SJ.Forward initiates the FS, remember that you cannot continue into another
Air combo (it would be an infinite of course... :)

THROW COMBOS: Fairly limited, you can hit the enemy OTG with C.Short or C.Jab
in the corner after either Throw and often chain into a further combo. An
Inferno or Heart of Darkness will not OTG as far as I know, as it has too
slow a start-up.

OTG COMBOS: Off of an Inferno or Heart of Darkness, Blackheart can follow
with another Heart of Darkness or Inferno with fast timing. If you manage to
get close enough, you can also OTG with a C.Short and combo.




Although I still don't play him that much, I have more respect for Blackheart
as an expert character now. Playing keep-away and defensive works, but you
can also go offensive if you do it carefully. Keep defensive opponents pinned
with Infernos, and utilize his Air Dash to get in close; when the enemy
blocks as you come in, peck safely with J.Forward, then land. From this close
range make use of your S.Jab/S.Short in hopes of a Throw, and S.Forward to
possibly open up for a combo. Not much more to say here, you should make a
healthy mix of offense and defense with Blackheart.

Dashing Jump:

None, AFAIK. He has his Air Dash though, so he doesn't really need it IMO.


S.Forward is really all you need as an air counter, or a counter to higher
moves. Dashing opponents can be deterred with C.Forward; chain into S.Strong
and combo. Also note that, with all the Dark Thunders, Blackheart's hands
will hit as well, giving it a wider radius about his body...
Use the Armaggedon when the enemy jumps if you have it, and mix up the
Infernos from a distance along with your forward and backward dashes to
confuse them. Additions?

In the air:

J.Forward and J.Strong are your best all-around attacks, and pretty much all
you have. J.Short can be useful on blocking opponents for a possible tick, or
to pester persistant crouchers. J.Jab has great priority as well...
BEST JUMP-IN CHAIN: J.Forward -> J.Strong is really your only option, and
                    works quite well.


(NOT word for word...)

Mephisto congradulates his son on his victory, then demands that Blackheart
hand over the Gems. Blackheart refuses his pops, and takes the Gems to rule
in place of his father (now that's respect for your elders. :)


Secret Character; DR. DOOM:

Beginning Pose: Doom appears and exclaims "Now you face your Doom"
Winning Pose 1: Many mirror images of Doom appear around the fallen enemy
                and Doom laughs menacingly
Winning Pose 2: A Throne and servants appear to attend Doom, as he exclaims
                "Another victory."
Taunt:          Doom crosses his arms and laughs menacingly
Original Color: Dark green cape
2nd Color:      lighter green cape
Background:     appears to be the same as Magneto's, on Asteroid M ?


Playstation and Saturn:

First beat the game with any character, then save it to memory. With Short
Cut Select OFF, go the character select screen.
Tap down, down and hold it, and while holding press Short, then while still
holding Short press Forward, then while holding both press Roundhouse. You
must start this code on Spider-Man (so that the second downward tap lands you
on Cap).
If done correctly, Cap's image will be replaced with Doom's, behind the turbo
selection. Thanks to [email protected] for the code!
NOTE: From here on, if you save it to memory, Doom will always be selectable
in the Shortcut mode, but if you want to play with Shortcut off, you'll have
to imput the code again.


A native from his kingdom of Latveria, Dr. Doom is a technological genius who
is not satisfied with his iron rule over his home country and seeks to
dominate the world. Doom seeks to gain control of the Infinity Gems to
accomplish not only this goal, but the goal of conquering the whole universe!


IMO, Doom is not really that "cheesy", just really powerful :). He has enough
weaknesses, in the recovery of his Special Moves, to make him vulnerable. He
also has no Throw combos, which IMO weakens him, at least a little. All of
his weaknesses are compensated with the extremely powerful and effective
Photon Array; this IC is not only one of the most damaging moves in the game,
but it is also a multi-purpose defensive attack AND can be used in combos! If
use properly Doom is one of the strongest fighters in the game--Iron Man
players may find a similarity in play here...


-Gauntlet Blast: QCT+any Punch (can be done in mid-air)
-Photon Shock: HCB+any Punch (can be done in mid-air)
-Molecular Shield: HCB+any Kick
-Flight: QCB+all three Kicks (repeat to land)
-Upward Energy Flash: F or B+Strong (close)
-Ground Slam: F or B+Fierce (close)
-Air Throw; Energy Flash: F or B+Strong (close in mid-air)
-Air Throw; Air Drop: F or B+Fierce (close in mid-air)
-Best Gem: none
-Forward Dash; Forward Jets: F, F or all three punches 
-Backward Dash; Backward Jets: B,B or B+all three punches
-Infinity Counter; Gauntlet Blast: B, D/B, D+any punch
-Infinity Combo; Photon Array: HCT+all three punches (can be done in mid-air)


S.Jab and S.Short or are both useful up close as ticks/pestering moves.
S.Forward is double hit snap kick, and will launch with both hits; this
should be you're most used combo finisher. S.Strong is a good air counter
with high priority, and seems to launch, but really weird. Note that, other
than as an air counter, the S.Strong is very dangerous to use, as it seems
to hit so high that it will often miss some standing opponents; it also has
almost no horizontal range. Also try and refrain from using it in a MS
C.Fierce is another launcher, which has good priority up close, even against
dashing opponents. It does however have a short start-up and recovery, making
it difficult to use offensively or in combos. Must time the SJ after unless in
the corner.
C.Roundhouse is his knockdown move; fairly fast coming out, but slow in
recovery, if blocked. If it hits, you CAN OTG after. J.Roundhouse is a Dive
Kick which bounces Doom off when blocked, making it a safe jump-in attack,
for the most part. Faster counters like dashes and ICs will connect; See
tactics for more info. J.Strong seems to be your best jump-in.
J.Fierce is his pop gun, useful on airborne opponents from a distance for
good damage. This CANNOT be done on Air Combos, at least not consistantly.


-Gauntlet Blast-

(Doom charges his gauntlets briefly, then releases a thick beam of energy
 across the screen)

The Gauntlet Blast is akin to Iron Man's UniBeam; it does good damage and
reaches across the screen, and is also wide enough to hit jumpers in most
cases. However, it has a short delay on startup so they can see it coming,
and recovery similiar to the UniBeam, meaning if blocked you will be hit. The
air version fires downward, and is useful during flight or a Super Jump when
the enemy is attempting a ground attack, or when they try to jump up and meet
you. AFAIK this cannot be used in ground combos because of the start-up.


-Photon Shock-

(Doom crosses his arms around his midsection and releases multiple bolts of
 energy in every direction)

This is a very powerful attack that entirely covers Doom, making an excellent
air counter (if air blocked you're usually safe), and having priority over
dashing moves; if blocked close, he can be countered. It is however usable in
Air Combos, and IMO is your best Air Combos finisher. It also provides an
excellent defense when jumping or in flight against just about anything.


-Molecular Shield-

(Doom raises his arms and draws a spinning shield of rock bits around his
 body; after circling a few times they are released to fly forward)

Once it has fully encircled Doom, he is pretty much invulnerable, except to
some ICs. This can be used as a defense for just about anything, and will
also hit OTG for many hits. Huge damage, and great block damage too, but if
blocked, especially close, Doom can be hit in recovery.
NOTE: if the opponent is hit with the rocks as they fly forward and Doom is
free to move, you can hit the enemy for a combo as the rocks connect! See



(Doom flies :)

IMO more useful than Shellhead's or Magneto's, because of Doom's mid-air
arsenal. He has the Gauntlet Blast for grounded opponents, and the Photon
Shock/Array for defense and combos. This activates about as fast as Iron
Man's Flight. See defense for more info.


-Upward Energy Flash-

(Doom grabs the enemym, holds them up, and sends them flying with a burst of

A good Throw to put distance between you and your opponent. Cannot be
followed with an OTG combo :(. Same deal in mid-air.


-Ground Slam-

(Doom picks the enemy up and slams them one-handed directly to the ground)

Useful if you want to keep your enemy close to you after Throwing. Same for
the the air version. Also cannot be followed with an OTG combo :(.


-Forward Dash; Forward Jets-

(Doom activates his back jets and flies forward)

Goes quite fast with a short start-up, useful for countering and dash-in
combos. He also goes airborne slightly, so it may do well to avoid low


-Backward Dash; Backward Jets-

(Doom activates his forward jets and slides backwards)

Also quite fast, useful against dashing opponents or to avoid jump-ins.


-Infinity Counter; Gauntlet Blast-

(Doom blocks an attack and counters with his Gauntlet Blast)

Useful in many places, be it up close, or to counter attacks from a distance,
especially projectiles. Try not to use it on jump-ins unless they're quite


-Infinity Combo; Photon Array-

(Doom crosses his arms around his midsection and releases MANY bolts of
 energy in every direction)

One of the most devastating moves in the game, it does HUGE damage and covers
every angle. This makes it an awesome defense against pretty much anything.
In addition, it can be used in Air Combos or OTG combos! If blocked, Doom is
left WIDE open.


-Safe Air Magic Series: Jab -> Short -> Forward -> Photon Shock
-Safe Ground Combo: D.S.Jab -> S.Short -> S.Forward -> Air Combo
  If the enemy blocks... D.S.Jab -> S.Short -> S.Forward (1st hit) ->
-Ground Magic Series: Zig-Zag
-Jumping Magic Series: Zig-Zag (3 hits average)
-Launchers: S.Forward (both hits), C.Fierce
-Air Launchers: none
-Straight Launchers: S.Fierce
-Small Launchers: none


1.  S.Short -> S.Forward (1st hit) -> S.Fierce
2.  C.Short -> S.Forward (1st hit) -> S.Fierce XX Fierce Photon Shock
3.  C.Short -> S.Forward (1st hit) -> S.Fierce XX Photon Array
4.  C.Short -> C.Forward -> C.Roundhouse


5.  S.Short -> S.Forward -> SJ.Jab -> SJ.Short -> SJ.Forward -> SJ.Roundhouse
6.  S.Forward -> SJ.Jab -> SJ.Short -> SJ.Forward X Fierce Gauntlet Blast
7.  S.Forward -> SJ.Jab -> SJ.Short -> SJ.Forward XX Fierce Photon Shock
8.  S.Forward -> SJ.Jab -> SJ.Short -> SJ.Forward XX Photon Array
9.  J.Jab -> J.Forward, D.C.Short -> C.Forward -> C.Roundhouse
10. D.S.Jab -> S.Short -> C.Roundhouse XX Photon Array (OTG)
11. D.C.Jab -> C.Short -> C.Strong -> C.Roundhouse, C.Short (OTG) ->
    S.Forward -> SJ.Jab -> SJ.Short -> SJ.Forward XX Photon Shock
12. J.Jab -> J.Short -> J.Strong, D.C.Short -> C.Roundhouse, C.Short (OTG)
    -> C.Forward -> S.Fierce
13. Photon Array (close), C.Short (OTG) -> S.Forward -> SJ.Jab -> SJ.Short ->
    SJ.Forward XX Photon Shock
14. Photon Array (close), C.Short (OTG) -> S.Forward -> SJ.Jab -> SJ.Short ->
    SJ.Forward XX Photon Array
15. C.Fierce or S.Forward (as air counter) -> SJ.Jab -> SJ.Short ->
    SJ.Forward XX Photon Shock or Photon Array
16. D.S.Jab -> S.Short -> S.Forward -> SJ.Jab -> SJ.Short -> SJ.Forward,
    Strong Air Throw
17. (from full screen) Molecular Shield, Photon Array
18. Molecular Shield (2nd half only), J.Jab -> J.Short -> J.Strong ->
    J.Forward XX Photon Shock
19. Molecular Shield (2nd half only), Fierce Gauntlet Blast
20. Molecular Shield (2nd half only), D.S.Forward -> SJ.Jab -> SJ.Short ->
    SJ.Forward XX Photon Shock
21. Molecular Shield (2nd half only), Photon Array
22. D.C.Short -> C.Strong -> C.Roundhouse XX Molecular Shield (OTG)


23. Doctor Doom's Marvelous Combo:

J.Jab -> J.Short, S.Forward -> SJ Jab -> SJ Short -> SJ Strong XX Photon
Array (Fall with opponent) C.Short (OTG) -> S.Forward -> S.Fierce XX Photon

24. Doom's SECOND Marvelous Combo:  :)

J.Strong -> J.Forward, S.Forward -> SJ.Jab, SJ.Short, SJ.Strong XX Photon
Array, SJ.Strong XX Photon Array, SJ.Strong, SJ.Forward, S.Forward -> SJ.
Jab, SJ.Short, SJ.Strong XX Photon Array, J.Strong XX Photon Array 

Comments (#22): Thanks to David Litchman [[email protected]] for this
                combo! There are a couple of things to discuss with this. It
                is possible to hit the enemy with the Molecular Shield OTG
                or as a juggle, if you cancel fast enough. If you are slower
                and end up going for an OTG, the enemy can of course Safety
                Roll. HOWEVER, oftentimes, because of the Shield's
                all-around range, the enemy can be caught as they recover
                from the Roll, and even if they block, from this position it
                can be difficult to hit Doom. To catch them early, it is
                best done in the corner.

Comments (#23): Thanks to [email protected] for this awesome
                combo! Here's his explanation:

"This combo is pretty straightforward but there are some grey areas that need
further explaination. You want to do this one in the corner for the best

First jump in with a quick jab and then a short.  Right after the jumping
short Dr.Doom should be on the ground. From here you use Doom's S.Forward to
begin the launcher. Now you are in the air and you begin the air magic series
as usual. SJ Jab then SJ Short then SJ Strong.  You want to use the SJ Strong
in this combo, not the Forward; the forward will connect but will give you
the wrong results.  Once you connect with the SJ.Strong quickly cancel it
into a Photon Array.  If you have timed it right you will be RIGHT next to
your opponent after the SJ.Strong and in perfect position for the Photon
Array.  You will know that you've done this part right because your opponent
gets pummeled by basically the entire Photon Array and you are going down with
with opponent at almost the exact same rate. Now this is by far the hardest
part of the combo to time and as far as I know it WILL NOT WORK if you are
not in the corner deep by this point in time. Perform a crouching short then
quickly do a standing forward cancelling it into a standing fierce and then
quickly cancelling it into a Photon Array (or a Photon Shock). As I said
before the Crouching short is the hardest part of the combo and it is even
harder against smaller people.  To begin, start out on a big opponent such as
Juggernaut, Hulk, or Thanos."

Comments (#23): Thanks to [email protected] for this amazing combo similiar to

"O.K. This combo may seem complex but its pretty easy.  First charge up four
meters of super energy then start the combo. Do the basic jump-in and do your
launcher and start an air combo.  After the SJ.Strong, cancel into the Photon
Array, then follow the victim down and do another SJ.Strong and cancel into
another Photon Array.  By this time you both should be pretty close to the
ground.  Your opponent will hit the ground and be OTG by the Photon Array.
While this is occuring do a SJ.Strong then SJ.Forward (Mind you this is all
in the same original super jump), this will juggle them. Then do a S.Forward
to re-launch your victim.  Do the basic air combo pattern and cancel a Photon
Array after the SJ.Strong. Again follow your opponent down and do another
SJ.Strong cancelled into a Photon Array.  After this your opponent will
know what "Doom" is all about!!"


GROUND COMBOS: a simple dashing MS finishing with the S.Fierce does
respectable damage, and you can cancel it into a Photon Shock/Array and
usually catch them with it. The best ground combo option Doom has, however,
is definetely OTG after the C.Roundhouse, which recovers fast enough to carry
into a C.Short OTG and combo.

AIR COMBOS: Good damage; neither the SJ.Fierce or SJ.Roundouse work as
Finishers, however the Photon Shock/Array does a fine job at this. S.Forward
launches easily, but not too high, so SJ fast. C.Fierce launches at a very
slight angle, but not too difficult to follow.

THROW COMBOS: unfortunately non-existant; none of Doom's ground or Air Throws
can be followed up. IMO this was done to compensate for the devastating
Photon Array :).

OTG COMBOS: Doom can OTG after the Photon Array or C.Roundhouse, but it must
be done VERY fast.



None of his Special Moves work very well on offense because of their
recovery. When up close, the C.Strong has great priority, and when it
connects you can chain into a S.Forward and Air Combo, or C.Roundhouse and
OTG. The S.Forward by itself also has decent priority, so utilize it as well.
Doom's Jabs and Shorts work well as ticks; his Throws have no combo
possibilities, but they still do good damage.
You can also utilize jumping and his Flight offensively, Air Dashing with
quick mid-air attacks (Strong), and J.Roundhouse; when it is blocked, you
will bounce to safety, and against opponents who can counter it, perform the
Gauntlet Blast, Photon Shock or Photon Array during the bounce off. If the
J.Roundhouse hits, quickly perform one of those attacks too.

Dashing Jump:

Great range and height here, useful for getting in close from a distance.


Doom does quite good on defense as well. The Photon Shock or Photon Array are
almost perfect defenses, provided you use them with VERY fast reflexes, so
you can interrupt their attacks, not giving them a chance to block it.
S.Fierce is also useful as a counter to dashing opponents, and both S.Strong
and C.Fierce do fairly well as air counters. Also remember to try the
Molecular Shield on defense, be it on jump-ins or dash-ins (just remember to
do it early so they cannot snuff it!) S.Roundhouse will also do well against
persistant low attacks, especially slower slides (eg. Wolverine's
D/F+Fierce). Also remember that, against airborne opponents, the C.Fierce or
S.Forward will not only defend well, but also launch for an Air Combo; use
frequently in this case.
In addition to this, remember that it is VERY difficult to hit a Flying Doom,
using the Photon Shock/Array as general defense, the Gauntlet Blast against
grounded opponents, and the Pop Gun against other airborne opponents from a

In the air:

Well, the Pop Gun deals well with enemies from a distance; the J.Roundhouse
is great offensively on standing opponents (see offense). J.Strong is your
best jump-in...
BEST JUMP-IN CHAIN: Lots of choices here. J.Jab -> J.Short -> J.Strong is my
                    favorite, but you can mix them up.


Shows Doom standing over a fallen Thanos, saying the Titan is not worthy to
weild the power. Then it shows his visage hovering over the earth, saying how
he'll rule the world and the cosmos...


Secret Character; THANOS:

Beginning Pose: Thanos raises his hand and exclaims "Pray!"
Winning Pose 1: Thanos raises his hand and exclaims "Thanos Reigns!"
Winning Pose 2: Nebula appears and clings to her master's side, as he raises
                his hand and exclaims "Destiny Awaits"
Taunt:          Thanos raises his hand and exclaims "Thanos Reigns!"
Regular Color:  Light Orange and Purple
2nd Color:      Orange and Purple
Background:     The palace/fortress Thanos created for himself. Mephisto is
                sitting on the steps playing with a human skull :), and
                Lady Death is standing silently watching the fight. The
                pretrefied forms of Thor, the Scarlet Witch, Nove and
                She-Hulk are present as well.


Playstation and Saturn:

First beat the game with any character, then save it to memory. With Short
Cut Select OFF, go the character select screen.
Tap up, up and hold it, and while holding press Fierce, then while still
holding Fierce press Strong, then while holding both press Jab. You must
start this code on Cap (so that the second upward tap lands you on Spidey).
If done correctly, Spider-Man's image will be replaced with Thanos', behind
the turbo selection.
NOTE: From here on, if you save it to memory, Thanos will always be
selectable in the Shortcut mode, but if you want to play with Shortcut off,
you'll have to imput the code again.


A member of a powerful race known as the Titans, Thanos has been a tough
opponent for the greatest Super Heroes, such as Adam Warlock and Iron Man.
He is obsessed with impressing Lady Death, and wishes to court her. To do
this, he steals the Infinity Gems and sets out to destroy all who oppose


Thanos is considered by most to be far too cheesy, or powerful anyways. I
would tend to agree, but playing him is sickengingly fun, especially with his
huge, damaging combos. To say that you'll never be beaten would be going too
far, but Thanos' ability to utilize 6 different ICs, AS WELL as using the
Gems normally like everyone else, along with devastating combos in all forms
and a move similar in properties to Hulk's Gamma Charge (the Spear Slide)
make him a VERY difficult opponent when used right. If you're looking to beat
him, better hope a scrub is playing as him. :)


-Bubble Shot: QCT+any Kick
-Spear Slide: HCT+any Punch (can be done in mid-air)
-Power Knee: D+Forward (in mid-air)
-Rock Slab: F or B+Fierce (close)
-Soul Drop: F or B+Strong (close)
-Air Throw; Air Drop: F or B+Strong or Fierce (close in mid-air)
-Forward Dash; Run: F, F or all three punches 
-Backward Dash; Hop: B,B or B+all three punches
-Best Gem: none
-Infinity Counter; Spear Slide: B, D/B, D+any punch
-Infinity Combo 1; Reality Gem: B,D,D/B+Jab
-Infinity Combo 2; Space Gem: B,D,D/B+Strong
-Infinity Combo 3; Power Gem: B,D,D/B+Fierce
-Infinity Combo 4; Time Gem: B,D,D/B+Short
-Infinity Combo 5; Soul Gem: B,D,D/B+Forward
-Infinity Combo 6; Mind Gem: B,D,D/B+Roundhouse


S.Jab is your basic quick punch, somewhat useful as a tick. His C.Jab is a
very quick double-fisted uppercut, useful for starting combos, however
because the upper is so low and small, it will not work too well as an air
counter. S.Short is a quick knee, useful as a tick and has high priority up
close, for starting combos. C.Short is a fast low kick, his primary OTG
starter. S.Strong is a quick double-hit punch, useful in combos. C.Strong is
Thanos' only launcher, somewhat useful as an air counter, and comes out fast;
useful up close to snuff high attacks. S.Fierce releases a spherical energy
burst in front of him, doing GREAT damage and it is also a Straight Launcher.
Recovery is not all that good; useful for countering missed moves from a
distance, however a dash-in combo or IC is obviously better. Use mainly to
finish quick combos. His C.Fierce is the Stone Wave, a decent keep-away move
at a distance, and does big damage, the closer it is, the more hits you get.
Be careful up close however, as you can be countered if blocked. S.Forward is
the same as S.Short, a fast knee, only more damaging and slightly slower.
C.Forward is Thanos' only knockdown, and recovers fast enough to OTG after
fully. S.Roundhouse is a 2-hit Rock Throw, doing good damage up close with
both hits. It cannot be used conventionally as a projectile because of the
lag on the first hit. Like the C.Fierce its recovery is very bad if blocked
within countering range. The C.Roundhouse is the Fire Stomp; This racks up
the hits and does decent damage up close, but again it has slow recovery if
blocked within counter range. Useful as an OTG attack, but Thanos is quite
vulnerable against jump-ins here. J.Fierce is a horizontal bolt a short
distance in front of him (it is difficult to use in air combos; see combos)--
useful in air-to-air combat. J.Roundhouse is your best jump-in.


-Bubble Shot-

(Thanos winds up, then tosses a small bubble at the enemy; if it connects the
 bubble will grow to encircle the prone opponent for a moment)

If this connects the enemy will stun for a considerable time, allowing a
Spear Slide to connect, or dash-in combo. To make it somewhat fair, no IC is
possible while the enemy is stunned. This projectile has considerable
start-up and recovery, so be careful where you use it.


-Spear Slide-

(Thanos slides forward quickly, a small spear of energy at his head)

This will be familiar to Hulk players, as it has similar properties to the
Gamma Charge, without the charge time. It does the damage of the double Gamma
Charge; it comes out almost as fast, making it ideal to counter just about
any blocked attack; it can be OTGed after in certain special cases; and, it
has tremendous recovery. The only difference is that this can be used in the
air, to counter missed air attacks or to finish air combos. Use carefully.


-Power Knee-

(Thanos dives downward with a knee)

This comes out fast, bouncing away if blocked. A good counter to jumped
projectiles, and if you have the right angle, you can continue into a


-Rock Slab-

(Thanos grabs the opponent, then pulls up a slab of rock from the ground,
 smacking them away)

A damaging Throw, you can follow it with an OTG combo ANYWHERE. Definetely
should be used often.


-Soul Drop-

(Thanos grabs the enemy with a crackle of mental energy, then slams them

Not as useful as his other Throw, as it cannot be followed up except VERY
fast in the corner.


-Air Drop-

(Thanos grabs an airborne opponent and slams them to the ground)

IIRC it cannot be followed up either. Use if you want.


-Forward Dash; Run-

(Thanos jogs forward quickly)

A fairly fast dash, it will flow into a combo easily and can be cancelled 
into a backward dash easily too. Dash in for a big combo whenever you see the


-Backward Dash; Hop-

(Thanos hops backward quickly)

Decent for avoiding jump-ins or dashing opponents. Nothing else to comment on


-Infinity Counter; Spear Slide-

(Thanos blocks an attack and counters quickly with the Spear Slide)

Useful on projectiles from about half screen or closer, or any other ground
attack. Don't use it on jump-ins unless very deep.


-Infinity Combo 1; Reality Gem-

(Thanos calls two huge slabs of rock on either side of the opponent, then
 they slide together, crushing his foe)

Will hit OTG, but I do not recommend this, as the recovery will go up
considerably. Alternately, you can also juggle or OTG AFTER this IC; dash in
as the enemy flies up after being crushed, then OTG. This IC is most useful
from mid-range to full distance, to counter slower projectiles or missed
attacks; if blocked up close you can usually be countered.


-Infinity Combo 2; Space Gem-

(Thanos releases a big rock shower from a portal, first above and just in
 front of him, then over the enemy's head) 

If you're fast, you can hit him when the first half misses, with big moves
like Iron Man's Proton Cannon. I do not recommend using it from a distance,
or it will be easily defended against. However up close, the first part will
connect, then the second will hit OTG. Decent as an air counter to deep
jumping opponents. NOTE: If the first part of this IC is air-blocked, it is
impossible (or just difficult?) to continue to block the second.


-Infinity Combo 3; Power Gem-

(Thanos tosses a big orange ball, which rolls along the ground)

Use to counter pretty much anything from about mid-range, after which it can
be blocked in time usually, or you should dash in for a more damaging combo.
This does HUGE damage, and IIRC will also hit OTG. If blocked up close the
recovery is quite slow, so be careful.


-Infinity Combo 4; Time Gem-

(Thanos throws some form of energy pillar; if it connects, the enemy's speed
 is significantly decreased)

Pretty straight-forward, IMO not a too useful way of using a level on your
meter. May be useful on opponents who play too fast on offense for you to
readily handle.


-Infinity Combo 5; Soul Gem-

(Thanos fires a bolt of mental energy from his head; if it connects, it will
 sap the enemy's energy away, then slam them to the ground)

Takes away a hefty amount of life (and give it to you :), and can be OTGed
after in the corner. If blocked, its recovery is HORRENDOUS, so only use it
in obvious places. This will also work in combos, BTW :).


-Infinity Combo 6; Mind Gem-

(The screen turns to a starscape and the opponent's controls are reversed)

Useful only on human opponents, but can be highly confusing. Go for it if you
want, it can really screw the enemy up :).


-Safe Air Magic Series: Jab -> Short -> Strong -> Forward -> Roundhouse
-Safe Ground Combo: none
-Ground Magic Series: Zig-Zag
-Jumping Magic Series: Zig-Zag
-Launchers: C.Strong
-Air Launchers: none
-Straight Launchers: S.Fierce
-Small Launchers: none


1.  D.C.Short -> S.Strong (2 hits) XX Fierce Spear Slide
2.  D.S.Jab -> S.Short -> S.Strong -> S.Fierce
3.  D.S.Jab -> S.Short -> C.Fierce -> C.Roundhouse 
4.  J.Roundhouse, D.S.Jab -> S.Strong -> S.Fierce
5.  Bubble Shot, Fierce Throw, D.C.Short -> S.Strong -> S.Fierce
6.  Bubble Shot, D.S.Jab -> S.Short -> S.Strong XX Fierce Spear Slide


1.  D.C.Jab -> C.Short -> C.Strong -> SJ.Jab -> SJ.Short -> SJ.Strong ->
    SJ.Forward XX Jab Spear Slide
2.  J.Roundhouse, D.C.Jab -> C.Short -> C.Forward, C.Short (OTG) -> S.Forward
    XX Spear Slide
3.  D.S.Jab -> S.Strong -> C.Forward, C.Short (OTG) -> C.Strong -> SJ.Jab ->
    SJ.Short -> SJ.Strong -> SJ.Fierce (FS)
4.  J.Forward -> J.Roundhouse, D.S.Jab -> S.Strong -> C.Forward ->
    C.Roundhouse (OTG)
5.  (corner) D.S.Jab -> S.Short -> S.Forward XX Space Gem IC
6.  J.Fierce -> J.Roundhouse, D.S.Short -> S.Forward XX Soul Gem IC
7.  (corner) D.S.Short -> S.Strong -> S.Forward XX Soul Gem IC, C.Short (OTG)
    -> C.Strong -> SJ.Jab -> SJ.Short -> SJ.Strong -> SJ.Fierce (FS)
8.  D.C.Short -> C.Forward XX Reality Gem IC (OTG)
9.  2nd half of Space Gem IC, D.C.Short (OTG) -> S.Strong XX Fierce Spear
10. Reality Gem IC, D.C.Short (OTG) -> C.Strong -> SJ.Jab -> SJ.Short ->
    SJ.Strong -> SJ.Forward -> Jab Spear Slide
11. Reality Gem IC, Power Gem IC
12. Reality Gem IC (close), J.Jab -> J.Short -> J.Strong -> J.Forward XX
    Jab Spear Slide
13. Reality Gem IC, Soul Gem IC (juggle--must time it!)
14. Fierce Throw, Reality Gem IC (OTG)
15. Fierce Throw, D.C.Short (OTG) -> C.Strong -> SJ.Jab -> SJ.Short ->
    SJ.Strong, Strong Air Throw
16. Fierce Throw, D.C.Short (OTG) -> S.Forward XX Soul Gem IC
17. Activate Time Gem, C.Roundhouse -> C.Roundhouse -> C.Roundhouse...
18. C.Roundhouse (2-3 hits from any distance) XX Bubble Shot, combo of your
19. C.Roundhouse (2-3 hits from any distance) Reality Gem, D.C.Strong ->
    SJ.Jab -> SJ.Short -> SJ.Strong -> SJ.Fierce (FS)
20. (corner) Strong Throw, C.Short -> C.Strong -> SJ.Jab -> SJ.Short ->
    SJ.Strong -> SJ.Fierce (FS)
21. (corner) Strong Throw, C.Roundhouse


22. J.Jab -> J.Short, C.Jab -> C.Strong -> SJ.Jab -> SJ.Short -> SJ.Strong ->
    SJ.Forward XX Jab Spear Slide, J.Short (OTG) -> C.Strong -> SJ.Jab ->
    SJ.Short -> SJ.Strong -> SJ.Forward, Jab Spear Slide
23. D.S.Jab -> S.Short -> C.Strong -> SJ.Jab -> SJ.Short -> SJ.Strong ->
    SJ.Forward XX Jab Spear Slide, J.Short (OTG) -> S.Forward XX Soul Gem IC
24. Spear Slide, D.C.Short (OTG) -> C.Strong -> SJ.Jab -> SJ.Short ->
    SJ.Strong -> SJ.Forward XX Jab Spear Slide
25. Reality Gem IC, D.C.Strong -> SJ.Jab -> SJ.Short -> SJ.Strong ->
    SJ.Forward XX Jab Spear Slide, J.Short (OTG) -> C.Strong -> SJ.Short ->
    SJ.Strong -> SJ.Forward -> SJ.Fierce (FS)
26. Reality Gem IC, D.C.Strong -> SJ.Jab -> SJ.Short -> SJ.Strong ->
    SJ.Forward XX Jab Spear Slide, J.Short (OTG) -> S.Forward XX Soul Gem IC
27. Reality Gem IC, D.C.Strong -> SJ.Jab -> SJ.Short -> SJ.Strong ->
    SJ.Forward XX Jab Spear Slide, J.Short (OTG) -> C.Strong -> SJ.Jab ->
    SJ.Short -> SJ.Strong -> SJ.Forward -> SJ.Roundhouse (FS)

Comments (#17): yes, this is a SOMEWHAT infinite combo, at least until the
                Gem runs out... :) This will even dizzy in between, perhaps
                the only true dizzy combo in the game. After this dizzies,
                stop the C.Roundhouses and follow with your favorite combo.

Comments (#22,#23): Thanks to [email protected] for these combos. The trick to
                    this is to hit the fallen body of your opponent after
                    the Spear Slide with a SJ.Short then re-launch and do
                    the air combo again. Timing is crucial, similar to the
                    J.Strong sfter the Chaos Dimension for Shuma Gorath.

Comments (#24): see OTG overview below for more info.


GROUND COMBOS: Thanos does not have a Safe Ground Combo, so despite his high
damage potential, you still have to be careful with your attacks. Doing a
simple ground MS and finishing with S.Fierce or C.Fierce works well, but he
can also do well with Air and OTG combos. Your choice. IMO it is definetely
worth doing a ground combo if you have a level charged, so you can combo into
a Soul Gem IC :).

AIR COMBOS: His Air Combo is smooth until the last hit; the SJ.Fierce has
very little range up or down, only forward. For this reason you will
frequently be too high or too low for the SJ.Fierce to connect; against the
large characters it will usually connect, so go for it in this case, however
against smaller foes try and finish with the Spear Slide. Actually, you should
be trying to finish with the Jab Spear Slide in any case, because of the
J.Short OTG possibility--if they Safety Roll, you're still safe from counter, so
always try for it. The SJ.Roundhouse will also work, but note that you must
be slightly over your opponent for it to hit, since it hits downward.

THROW COMBOS: The Rock Slab allows you to OTG in many places, so it should be
your primary Throw; simply follow with the Reality IC, or D.C.Short and

OTG COMBOS: Heh. Many different places to use it here. After the second half
of the Space Gem IC allows an OTG follow-up (provided it did not hit OTG in
the first place)--ditto for the Reality Gem, though it is a BIG mistake to
use the Reality Gem if the enemy can Safety Roll consistantly; you are left
wide open for a counter. As well, you can also OTG after the Soul Gem IC in
the corner... :) Other than that, the C.Forward recovers fast enough to OTG
with an IC or the C.Short. To top it all off, he can OTG after a Jab Spear
Slide in an air combo, provided you properly time the J.Short as you fall;
this is a good move to use, as the recovery of the J.Short will leave you OK
if the enemy Safety Rolls.
It is also possible, in rare cases, to OTG after the ground-based Spear
Slide; an OTG attack will usually connect in two major cases: a) if the
Slide connects as an air counter, best with the Jab version (however, the
Spear Slide should not be used in this fashion, as you can be hit by a high
jumping attack), or b) if the Spear Slide connects from its maximum range.



S.Short is a great up close move, so use it along with your quick forward
dash to get in close. Jumping in is fairly safe, you can use the Knee, or
the J.Roundhouse, which has decent range, giving you time to react with an
Air Block if you anticipate a counter. Nothing else much I can say.

Dashing Jump:

Again, good range and all-around useful for getting over to the opponent
from a distance. You can even fake out early into a Power Knee if the enemy
tries to move forward...


Thanos works VERY well on defense, unfortunately making him a turtler. When
you block an attack, you can counter with the lightning fast Spear Slide, or
Power Gem IC on slower attacks. Of course, The Spear Slide will also snuff
most attacks, or counter them if they miss (see Hulk's section :). The
Reality Gem IC will frequently catch the opponent in the middle of just about
any move, and the Space Gem IC also works well as an air counter to deep
attacks. C.Strong is also a DECENT air counter, but lacks real vertical
range, making it difficult to connect with; however, if it does you can of
course follow with an Air Combo.

In the air:

J.Fierce is great in air-to-air combat, and of course if you can anticipate
their attack, the Spear Slide usually takes it out. In the event that you
jump a projectile from a distance, the Power Knee will frequently connect.
BEST JUMP-IN CHAIN: If you hit fairly early with it, J.Fierce -> J.Roundhouse will
work, however more hits are consistant with your basic Zig-Zag Jump-in.

Thanos contemplates what he should do now that he's omnipotent. You're given
a choice for his path--to continue ruling the universe, or give up the gems.
If you give up the gems, you see him working in the fields as a farmer, with
his old Thanos costume hanging on a pole as a scarecrow! :)


Secret Character; ANITA:

At the character select screen tap up, right, down, left, up, right, down,
left, then hold up; then hold Jab, then hold Strong, and then hold Fierce. 
NOTE: From here on, if you save it to memory, Anita will always be
selectable in the Shortcut mode, but if you want to play with Shortcut off,
you'll have to imput the code again.





"- Sword Throw: Press Fierce+Roundhouse to put the sword on the ground. Press
               again to throw the sword (Just like Donovan's move). I don't
               know if it was just my impression, but I think that when the
               sword comes back (swinging in the air) you can jump around,
               avoiding to get it back. In this moment the sword HITS the
               enemy. Maybe this can make a good strategy...
- Lightning Sword (B,D,D/B+any Punch): With this, Anita raises the sword with
                lightning around it. Can be done in the air and Anita MUST
                have the sword to do it. Note that the spirit that appeared
                behind Donovan doesn't appear here. In his place appears Mei
                Ling, Hsien Ko's sister (from Darkstalker's Revenge). Press
                Punch several times for more hits (+20!). (Again, just like
                Donovan's move).

- Akuma's Burn (F,D,D/F+any Punch): Yes, I said Akuma! With this Anita raises
                the sword with fire around it, but Akuma appears behind her
                instead of the fire spirit. Cool, isn't it? Can be done in
                the air and Anita MUST have the sword to do it. This is also
                her ICO. (Again, just like... oh, you get the idea!)

- Love For You (QCT+all Three Punches): Geez, what a stupid name... Anyway,
                this is her IC. Despite this dumb name the IC is AWESOME and
                REALLY ANNOYING at the same time! I get a maximum of 98 HITS
                (without a combo)! The damage is MONSTRUOUS and even the
                block damage is VERY HIGH! Cheese, anyone? :). Do you want
                some more? OK, it hits the enemy OTG! Imagine all the nasty
                combos you can do with that! Anita throws HUNDREDS of small
                heads of little girls (Doll's heads? Maybe it is, because the
                doll that she carries are headless!). VEEEERY STRANGE!!!

Normal Moves:
WATCH OUT!! She looks harmless but don't underestimate her!!! With the sword
it's VERY HARD to get near her. The swords grants her almost 100%  priority.
Her C.Fierce keep happy jumpers away. The C.Roundhouse has a great range and
can nullify a lot of other normal moves (even some specials!). And its hits
takes DECENT energy. Her "Launcher" is the C.Fierce. BTW, Anita can perform a
TRIPLE JUMP (like Psylocke) and avoid a lot of moves! However, it's hard to

Her throws are the same as Donovan (this is getting a little repetitive...).
She levitates the opponent and smashes him/her on the ground. If you are one
of those sadistic players, throw the opponent close to the corner and, if the
opponent doesn't Safety Roll, release the IC....... He/she will call you
a lot of bad names (expect things like son of a b**** and up), but who tells
him/her that life is fair? ;)


The combos are very easy (well, it seems)! I didn't get the pattern yet, but
my friend's cousin (he doesn't know how to do combos) makes 5 hits JUST
PRESSING THE BUTTONS! Her Ground MS is Zig-Zag, here are some example

1) J.Jab -> J.Fierce, C.Roundhouse, C.Fierce (OTG) -> SJ.Jab -> SJ.Strong ->
   SJ.Fierce (FS)

1) D.S.Jab -> S.Strong -> S.Fierce
Simple and safe. The Fierce will push you away from the opponent if he/she

2) D.S.Jab -> S.Strong XX Akuma's Burn
A variation of #1, but you get one free hit. 

3) D.S.Jab -> S.Short -> S.Strong -> S.Forward -> S.Fierce -> S.Roundhouse.
Yes, all the six of her Magic Series. But the opponent must be in the corner
in order to the S.Roundhouse connect.

- Intermediate Combos:
1) J.Jab -> J.Short -> J.Strong -> J.Forward, C.Forward -> C.Fierce, SJ.Jab
   -> SJ.Short -> SJ.Strong -> SJ.Forward -> SJ.Fierce -> SJ.Roundhouse.
Wow! 12 easy hits! Fell free to change the SJ.Fierce into a Akuma's Burn.
You will not be able to connect the sj.Roundhouse, but you will get 12 hits
anyway. I've tried to connect the Lightning Sword, but it seems too slow to
combo in the air. 

- Cheesy Combos :) :
1)D.C.Roundhouse (or just C.Roundhnouse) XX Love For You
If you do this,I hope you are bigger than your opponent. :)

2)Throw opponent next to the corner, Love For You
Same thing as above, except that this time the opponent have a chance to
Safety Roll. In the combo listed above if you are quick you get them BEFORE
they fall!

- Expert Combos:
Still looking for...

More to come (I hope). Don't be lazy! Send yours too!!!


One more important point to consider is her size. Anita is the smallest
character in the game. This gives her a lot of advantages:
- Is hard to do a combo against her. Especially air combos. If you don't
  connect the moves quickly you'll probably miss her;
- She can stay standing and pass below most of the projectiles;
- Talking about standing, forget about hiting her with MOST of the standing
  moves (e.g. Ironman's Standing Strong or Roundhouse).


If you are a beginner and are tired of being beaten with Double Perfects, she
is the character you need. Thanks to the priority that the sword gives to
Anita in her moves, you can play offensively or defensively. As I said her
C.Fierce keep jumpers away. In fact, a good strategy is for YOU to jump often
at your opponent because just a few moves can stop or trade hits with Anita
in the air. Her C.Roundhouse knocks down the opponent and if you press it
again it will hit him/her on the ground. When you see the Mind gem don't
think twice: GET IT! Her Infinity Combo is the cheesiest thing I've ever seen
in a game! If you complained about the amount of block damage that Iron Man's
Proton Cannon or Cyclops' Mega Optic Blast inflict, wait until you see Love
For You. I don't have words to express my feelings about this move. Get the
opponent near and release the move. Enjoy.


Argh! I HATE HER!!! That tiny thing is VERY annoying! Let's face it: if you
are playing against her controlled by an experienced (doesn't need to be a
pro) player you are in DEEP trouble. The reasons? All the things that I
mentioned before: priority, Love For You, etc. Good luck avoiding the Love
For You. My advice is to keep away when she has at least one special bar
full, waiting for an opening. If she gets you in the corner... well, prepare
yourself to pass the joystick to the next player. Keep your distance throwing
projectiles and avoid to get caught in the IC. If you are far away the
results of the IC will be less effective (thank God!), and with some fighters
you can avoid it if you are quick.  With Iron Man and Magneto you must Super
Jump and turn the flying on, go behind her and fell free to execute a Proton
Cannon or Magnetic Shockwave :). With Blackheart Super Jump and Air Dash.
Psylocke must Triple Jump and Captain must Double Jump. An alternative with
Spidey is to Web Swing in the air and with Wolverine try to do an aerial
Drill Claw.
If you are near there are two alternatives to not take SO much damage:

1. Use a gem if you are REALLY near. THIS will knock her out of her IC.
2. Make the Infinity Counter. Note that some counters can save you, while
   others... The distance is very important too. The closer, the better.

If the methods above didn't work there is one more thing you can do: cry.
Last advice: the IC can "suck" you in if you jump above her or a small
distance behind her. In other words: DON'T TOUCH HER while she is performing
the IC. The biggest problem is that even if you find an opening to go for a
combo, there is a great chance that the combos that you are used to using are
hard to pull off on her. So have A LOT of patience and you may win. As I
said, the skill of your opponent is very important to determine the level of
challenge that you will have. But don't worry; Average players and up pick
Anita sometimes, just for fun or to piss off someone (I am in this group :).
Besides, I can't say the same thing of the beginers... Remember: some
beginers can give you a headache. Don't underestimate the power of Anita!"





As far as graphics and sound go, they are pretty damn near arcade perfect.
The sound has not been touched AFAIK, and as far as animation goes, some
frames were taken out of some moves, but all in all it looks pretty good. All
endings, characters combos and moves are intact as well.

So what's wrong with it? What everyone's been complaining about everywhere:
the slowdown. And DAMN is there slowdown! Basically it is the general type
of slowdown you get in some games; during loading, or when there is an excess
of movement of sprites on the game screen. The loading time is quite slow,
but who really cares about that. The serious slowdown comes during play;
depending on the conditions, combos, Special Moves and especially ICs can
come out with a considerable lag, making the timing of combos and other
attacks difficult. Now, here are examples of "ideal" settings and "the worst" 

-For fastest Vs. play: shortcut on (i.e. quick character select screen),
small character VS. small character (eg. Wolverine vs. Spider-Man), on Shuma
Gorath's stage, Turbo ON.

With this setup, there will be minimal slowdown; Spider-Man and Wolverine are
the smallest characters, therefore their sprites during movement do not take
up much of the speed. With shortcut ON, this cuts the loading time, and
Shuma's stage, a fossil graveyard, has NO movement in the background, so it
doesn't take up any of the speed either. During this game, the only
significant slowdown will occur in the middle of either fighter's IC.

-For slowest Vs. play: shortcut off, Juggernaut vs. Juggernaut (or Hulk or
Blackheart) on Hulk's stage, Turbo OFF.

With this setup, it will be almost unbearable to play. The big characters
take up more of the screen, and therefore the speed will be slowed down. In
addition, Hulk's stage, once the carosel in the background begins to move,
has OODLES of movement (this is just an example, other stages do this as

So this does NOT mean you HAVE to play small fighters on Shuma's stage, it is
just the optimal conditions. The only time the slowdown makes the game VERY
difficult to play is on a stage with a lot of movement, with both characters
being large. Gradually you will become used to it, and you will adjust your
combo timing. And ALWAYS remember to have the TURBO setting ON!!!


SATURN VERSION: It seems to me that the Saturn version is quite good. The
slowdown is not really a problem during the fight for the most part, except
during bigger ICs. I personally enjoy it MUCH more on the Saturn, mainly
because the 6-button layout, so I don't have to use the L/R triggers as
seperate Punches/Kicks, like you have to on the PS. If you have both systems,
I highly recommend you get the Saturn version. Once again, Capcom and Sega
has shown that their 2D fighting games rule on the Saturn. :)



First a VERY special thanks to James Chen for his GREAT combo FAQ, and
Richard Cheung's original MSH FAQ for info on the game dynamics.


for LOTS of additions/combos/corrections to stupid mistakes (there,
happy Oj? :)

- for his Thanos FAQ
-Brian Scaramucci  for his Thanos and Doom Moves/Codes FAQ
- for his cool Doom combos.
-Reinaldo f or his Anita FAQ (Japanese version
 only) and great Blackheart info
- for plenty of info on Thanos and Doom
-Ryan Jackson for some Doom/Thanos combo info
-David Litchman [[email protected]] for Doom Molecular Shield Info
-guyver3  for some Blackheart info and other
-Jason Jamieson for some good competition with Captain America (S.FIERCE! :)
-Harry "Mr. Attitude" for some good half-decent Wolverine comp at the arcade

This and all of my other FAQs can be accessed on my homepage:


You can also e-mail me at: [email protected]

"I said it before and I'll say it again--democracy simply doesn't work!"

                                          -Kent Brockman, the Simpsons

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