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MARVEL VS CAPCOM 2: NEW AGE OF HEROES --------------------------------------------
Iceman FAQ -----------------------------------------------------------------------
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Version: 3.2
Last updated: 2/8/01
By: Silent J


This faq is copyright © 2000-2001 Jason Alexander a.k.a. Silent J.
By reading this FAQ, you agree to the following :

1) First of all Marvel has copyright to all of its characters, and
Capcom has copyright to all of its characters, in no way have
I tried to take credit for any of their creations, as my own

2) I, am not in any way responsible for ANY harm that anybody
"thinks" came from this FAQ. Examples of this harm include physical
ones (getting the crap kicked out of you because of something
found in this FAQ), "emotional scarring", computer problems, etc.

3) This faq is free, plain and simple.

4) Give credit. I don't care if you use stuff from this FAQ, just
please give me, or whoever I may have credited, full credit,
for whatever you take. Plagerizing my work will piss me off.
If you plagerize someone else's work, from this FAQ, they can
sue you, and easily win. Yes I'm talking to you.

5) Last of all, if you are not willing to agree with any or even
a little bit of the above, click off this FAQ, and read another one.

Table of Contents

     A.Reasons to Read this FAQ
     B.Why Choose Iceman?
     C.Special Feature(s)
     A.Iceman the character
     B.Iceman Cheap?
     C.Playing as the "Human Popsicle"
     D.The "Shake Off" technique
     A.General Move Commands
     B.Basic Attacks
     C.Special Basic Attacks
     D.Special Moves
     E.Hyper Combo
     A.What and how assists help Iceman
     B.Iceman's Assists
       -Projectile Type
       -Variety Type
       -Launcher/Balance Type
     A.How he pairs up
     B.The one move kill
     C.The best team?
     A.Intro to Iceman's Combos
     B.Essential Combos
     C.Various Combos
    A.General Offense Strategy
    B.General Defense Strategy
    C.Specific Character Strategies
    (General Strategy CPU)
    (VS Human)
    1) Akuma (Gouki)
    2) Amingo
    3) Anakaris
    4) B.B. Hood (Bulleta)
    5) Blackheart
    6) Cable
    7) Cammy
    8) Captain America
    9) Captain Commando
   10) Charlie (Nash)
   11) Chun-Li
   12) Colosus
   13) Cyclops
   14) Dan
   15) Dhalsim
   16) Dr. Doom
   17) Felicia
   18) Gambit
   19) Guile
   20) Hayato
   21) Hulk
   22) Iceman
   23) Iron man
   24) Jill
   25) Jin
   26) Juggernaut
   27) Ken
   28) Magneto
   29) Marrow
   30) M.Bison (Vega)
   31) Mega man (Rockman)
   32) Morrigan
   33) Omega Red
   34) Psylocke
   35) Rogue
   36) Roll
   37) Ruby Heart
   38) Ryu
   39) Sabertooth
   40) Sakura
   41) Sentinel
   42) Servbot (Kobun)
   43) Shuma-Gorath
   44) Silver Samurai
   45) Sonson
   46) Spider-Man
   47) Spiral
   48) Storm
   49) Strider Hiryu(u)
   50) T(ron) Bonne
   51) Thanos
   52) Venom
   53) War Machine
   54) Wolverine 1 (Metal)
   55) Wolverine 2 (Bone)
   56) Zangief
   A.Using Iceman's "True Power"
   D.Storyline of MvC2?


1)- Intro. -

- Reasons to Read this FAQ -
This FAQ is designed to teach you how, or atleast help you
to kick @$$ with Iceman. Once you have finished reading
this FAQ you should:

-Know how to execute all of Iceman's moves
 If you're a Newbie, to teach you the basics of
 the game
-Be able to determine who he pairs up best with
-Know how to set up some traps for your opponent
-Know how to pull of some of Iceman's combos
-And to know how beat your challengers with out
being (too) cheap.

(Thanks to ReCharred Sigh for the idea for this section)

- Why Choose Iceman? -
Most people will either say that Iceman is cheap, because
of his no block damage feature and the Icebeam's guard
damage. Or they will say that he is a weak character that
takes damage like a wuss. I personally agree with the fact
that he takes damage very badly, but I guess Capcom fig-
ured that by giving him the no block damage feature he
would probably be overly abused by most players, so they
tried to balance him out. Iceman is an excellent character
with great versatality. His abilites to be both combo-crazy,
and his keep away skills make him appealing to players of
all styles, shapes, and sizes. And he partners up very well
withanyone. Having these traits allows you the player, to
"mold" him into your team. Iceman also has a special fea-
ture that is unique to him (BELOW).

- Special Feature(s) -
In MvC2, some characters have special feature or two, that
is in most cases unique to them. Iceman is one of the char-
acters that is blessed with one. His special feature is known
as the "no block damage " feature. His special reflective Ice
sheild, entitles him to this.

- Ice Shield -
- Motion: back (to block of course)
Description: On the ground, Iceman spreads his arms vertically,
as some Ice quickly appears between his hands, forming the Ice
Shield. In the air, the Ice forms on the shoulder that is facing the
opponent, as Iceman ducks behind it.

(Thanks to Kao Megura for the following Implementation)

- Iceman can block certain attacks without taking damage.
But surprise, surprise, it's not just 'beam' or 'energy' attacks.
There's a whole load of stuff that he takes no block damage from,

Akuma (Gouki): Gou Hadou Ken, Zankuu Hadou Ken,
               Messatsu Gou Hadou,Tenma Gou Zankuu.
Amingo: Nothing
Anakaris: Ouke no Sabaki, Hitsugi no Mai, all his HCs.
Blackheart: Dark Thunder, Inferno, Armageddon, Heart of
B.B. Hood(Bulleta): Smile & Missile, Happy & Missile, Cheer &
                    Fire, Cool Hunting, Apple For You (far
                    range or blocked).
Cable: Viper Beam, Hyper Viper.
Cammy: Nothing
Colossus: Nothing
Captain America: Nothing
C.Commando: Captain Fire, Captain Corridor, Captain
Charlie (Nash): Sonic Boom, Sonic Break
Chun-Li: Reishiki Kikou Ken, Kikou Ken, Kikou Shou.
Cyclops: Optic Blast, Optic Sweep, both HCs, also the 'eye
         blast' ending of Rising Uppercut and Rapid Punch.
Dan Hibiki: Gadou Ken, Shinkuu Gadou Ken.
Dhalsim: Yoga Fire, Yoga Flame, Yoga Blast, Yoga Inferno.
Dr. Doom: Plasma Beam, Photon Shot, Photon Array, Electric
Felicia: Sand Splash, Hyper Sand Splash.
Gambit: Kinetic Card, Trick Card, both of his HCs.
Guile: Sonic Boom, Sonic Hurricane
Hayato: Engetsu.
Hulk: Gamma Slam, all HCs (except the 'hand' hit of the
      Gamma Quake).
Iceman: Ice Beam.
Iron Man: Unibeam, Repulsor Blast, Proton Cannon (except for
          the physical hit with the cannon barrel).
Jill: Nothing
Jin S.: Saotome Dynamite, Blodia Vulcan.
Juggernaut: Earthquake Punch (except for 'hand' hit part).
Ken M.: Hadoken.
Magneto: E-M Disruptor, Magnetic Blast, both of his HCs.
Marrow: Bone-merang, both HCs.
M.Bison (Vega): Psycho Shot, Psycho Field, Psycho Explosion.
Megaman (Rockman): Hyper Rockman.
Morrigan: Soul Fist, Soul Eraser, Silhouette Blade.
Psylocke: Psi-Thrust, Kochou Gakure.
Rogue: Nothing
Roll: Hyper Roll.
Ruby Heart: Fant“me, Supremacion, Milles Fant“mes,
            Pare-tonn‰re, Tour de Magie.
Ryu: Hadoken, Shinkuu Hadoken.
Sabretooth: Armed Birdie, Hyper Armed Birdie.
Sakura K.: Hadou Ken, Shinkuu Hadou Ken (either form).
Sentinel: Plasma Storm.
Servebot (Kobun): Kobun Fire.
ShumaGorath: Mystic Stare.
S. Samurai: Raimei Ken, Hyouga Ken, Homura Ken.
Sonson: All her HCs.
Spider-Man: Web Ball.
Storm: Lightning Sphere.
Strider H.: Formation B (If Ducked).
Thanos: Death Sphere, all his HCs.
Venom: Venom Rush, Death Bite.
War Machine: Repulsor Blast.
Wolverine: Fatal Claw.
Zangief: Banishing Flat, Vodka Fire (in Mecha Zangief form).

Abyss #1: Trident (splash part, not the actual trident), Blue
Sparks, both HCs (Stomach Blast and Green Rain).
Abyss #2: All of his attacks except the Green Bubbles.
Abyss #3: The Ground Flames, Arm Pound Column, Horizontal
Flames, and his Horizontal Flames SC.


2) - About Iceman -

- Iceman the Character -
(Thanks to www.marvel.com for this information)

Real Name: Robert "Bobby" Drake
Birthplace: (Fort Washington) Long Island, New York
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 145 lbs.
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown

History: Bobby Drake discovered his mutant
power to create ice while he was in his early
teens, but kept it a secret from everyone except
his parents. One night, however, Drake and his
girlfriend, Judy Harmon, were attacked by a bully
named Rocky Beasley and his friends. To save
Harmon, Drake temporarily encased Beasely in ice.
When they heard what had happened, the local
townspeople thought Drake was the real menace.
They formed a lynch mob who broke into his home
and overpowered him. The local sheriff took Drake
into custody for the boy's own protection.
   Meanwhile, Professor Charles Xavier learned
what had happened and sent Cyclops, his only X-
Man at the time, to contact Drake. Cyclops broke
into Drake's cell, but when Drake refused to go
with him, the two began fighting until they were
caught by the lynch mob. Cyclops and Drake
were about to be hanged when they broke free.
Professor X used his mental powers to stop the mob,
and afterwards to erase their memories of Drake's
powers. The grateful Bobby Drake then accepted
Xavier's invitation to join the X-Men and took the
code name Iceman. He was the youngest of the
original five X-Men.
   Recently, Emma Frost, the White Queen, took
mental possession of Iceman's body and was able
to activate the full extent of his powers, turning
his body to all ice. Since then, under Frost's prodding,
Iceman has learned to transform his body into its
"ice" state on his own.

Known Powers:  Iceman has the ability to
freeze, or unfreeze at will, without causing
harm to himself. He can also create objects,
structures, etc., out of unusually hard ice, by
freezing the air around him.

(For more info. check out www.marvel.com)

 - Iceman Cheap? -
Why does everyone complain that Iceman is so cheap?
Just because he has lots of cheese damage on his Icebeam?
Or because he takes no guard damage from some attacks?

What about the fact that he has hardly any specials? Or the
fact  that he takes damage like a wuss? Or his poor priority?
I use Iceman as something I like to call, an "Anti-Cheese"
character. He takes care of Cables and Dooms very nicely.
The best thing about him, the thing that separates him from
most other "cheese" characters, is that he doesn't have to be
played that way to win. It's almost like he can't be cheesed,
a good player shouldn't need cheese anyway. I think that's
what Capcom had in mind when they designed him.

- Playing as the "Human Popsicle" -
Iceman is a good character for you to learn. Beginners can
use his Ice Shield, and Icebeam to their advantage, while
experts can be creative with some ways to air combo into
his Arctic Attack.

No matter how good you are, you should primarily go on
defense when playing as Iceman. He requires a certain level
of prediction as well as some decent skill in order to play him
to his fullest  extent.  Defense, and keep away are two diff-
erent things. Any idiot can throw Icebeams all day, but what
if your opponent get's close to you? That's what I thought. A
good Iceman player can probably whoop you without even
using his specials. Even though they will play a big roll in
playing Iceman, they aren't his only chance.

- The "Shake Off technique" -
The "Shake Off technique" is one of the must learns, in order
to master Iceman.  This really is not a technique, but the
way that Iceman's basic, and special basic attacks should
be used. This consists of using your basic attacks (or even
your assists if you have the right ones) to shake your opp-
onent off of you. A certain level of timing, as well as pred-
iction, and accuracy are needed in order to successfully
use this technique.

You will use a different move for each situation. These are
the situations you will use this in. Every situation has a move,
and an assist that I will suggest that you use. * means this
move is not really suggested.  ** means this move is okay,
but there are better choices. *** means that this is one of,
if not the best choice, for this situation. There are reasons
that Capcom programmed the assists into the game, your
main character may not always be able to do the job alone.

Jump ins:
* Launcher
** Shake Off kick
***Anti-Air Assist

Dash ins:
*C. Fierce
** Dashing Assist.
***S. Roundhouse

Standing, or close next to you:
*** "Shake Off" combo (See "Combos" section)

Corner trap attempts: (physical attacks only)
***Guard Push


3) -Abbreviations-


THC= Team Hyper Combo
DHC= Delayed Hyper Combo
QCF=Quarter Circle Forward
QCB=Quarter Circle Back
C.=Crouching  (Ex: C.Fierce= Crouching Fierce)
S.=Standing      (Ex: S.Roundhouse= Standing Roundhouse)
J.=Jumping      (Ex: J. Short= Jumping Short)
Launcher = C. Roundhouse

For those of you who don't know:
Jab= L Punch
Short= L Kick
Strong= M Punch
Forward= M Kick
Fierce= H Punch
Roundhouse= H Kick
A1= Assist 1
A2= Assist 2


4)- Move List -

- General Move Commands -
Dash: Press; Forward, Forward
Backdash: Press; Back, Back
Iceman's dash is quick, and goes the full length
of the screen. Use if you don't wanna jump, or to start
air combos, but be careful, 'cause you are left open for
a second while you use it.

Guard Push: (While Blocking) Press; both punches
Use this to push away a combo-happy opponent.

Super Jump: Press; down, then up
(Do not HOLD down, before pushing up, simply tap it.)
By doing this, you are enabled to jump almost twice as high
as you normally could. Use this to get close, or to run away.

Roll: Press; back, down/back, down
Iceman doesn't really "roll" he "slides".
You definately have to learn this, or you will be hit by many,
OTG's (off the ground hits). Always use this after getting
knocked into the air, to have a better chance of escaping more

Tag Out: Press; both Light, or both Hard attack buttons
Depending on which one you press, your first, or second partner
will come in. If you look at your lifebar, you will notice your
two buddies' lifebars under yours. The one directly underneath
you, is the one that will come in when you press both Light
attacks. The one at the very bottom, is the one that will come
in when you press both Heavy attacks. Note, that when you tag
out, the partner you tagged in taunts, leaving him/her/it open
to attack for a brief period.

Snapback: Press; down, down/forward, forward + A1/A2
A light effect occurs, then Iceman throws his H Punch
attack. Depending on which assist button you pressed,
your opponent's 1st, or 2nd partner comes in, if it connects.
In other words, you can control the order in which your
opponent's team members fight. Since most opponents tag,
after their main character is hurt, you can use this to bring
the [email protected][email protected]^% back in! This wastes one super bar though,
so don't abuse it.

Tech Hit: Press; the direction towards your opponent
(while being thrown)
Mastery of this is very important. If you time this right,
that voice will say "tech hit" and you will not go into
throw stun. Very important, that you learn this, because
some characters, such as Guile, Iceman, etc., can combo
their throws.

Team Counter: Press; Back, Down/Back, Down + A1/A2
While blocking an attack, this causes either your 1st partner
(if you pressed Assist 1) or your 2nd partner (if you pressed
Assist 2) to jump in, do their Variable Counter special attack,
then you switch. It uses 1 hyper bar, but it's probably the
safest way to switch. It also counters most attacks.

Variable Counter (THC): Press; Both Assist Buttons
All three of your team members perform their selected super.
For most characters, the type of assist you select, determines
the super that they will use in the Variable Counter (For Ex-
ample, when you pick War-Machine's Anti-Air type, you get
an Anti-Air super. When you pick his projectile type, you get
a projectile super. Note: not this does not apply to all of the
characters). This costs 3 super Bars.

Taunt: Press: Start (Dreamcast: L Kick + Start)
Iceman unfreezes, stands up straight, and says, "Yeah!",
then he re-freezes, and assumes his stance. Don't do
this too often, because you are left open while you use it.
Try it after you're opponent misses with a super, or after
the match if you don't like your win pose.

Dis-respect: After you K.O. opponent, press start.
If you win a match by K.O. with only one member of your
team, you can press start, and hit them while they're down.
For the most "dis-respect" (with Iceman) try one of these
four things:
- Get close to your opponent, and after score
  is showed, drop an L Kick Avalanche on them.
- Hit them with an S.Rondhouse, and chain an
  Arctic Attack afterwards.
- Jump, and shoot them with some Icebeams.
- Hit them with this combo: C.Short, C.Roundhouse, J.Jab,
  J.Short, Punch Throw. (This one may take some practice
  to get used to, but once you do, it looks kind of cool)
Also, if you don't like the win pose, press, start, and make
up one of your own.

- Basic Attacks -

Most of Iceman's Basic attacks have poor priority.
However some are fast and long reaching which can get you
out of some sticky situations.

- Standing Attacks -
Jab - A "Kung-Fu" style type jab. The priority sucks, and the
reach isn't much better. An ok poking move, but a better starter
for ground chains.

Strong - Iceman turns the end of his hand into a cone shaped
form, and performs a spinning back fist. Best used in ground
chains. You can combo an Arctic Attack off this.

Fierce - Iceman turns the end of his back hand into a small
version of the Ice Fist, and throws an overhead style haymaker
punch. This is NOT an overhead, but you can combo an Arctic
Attack off this as well. This can nullify some projectiles.

Short - Like the S. Strong, Iceman turns the end of his foot
into a cone shaped form of ice, and throws a standard sidekick.
Excellent as a  poking move, or to chain an Icebeam

Forward - Your basic head kick. This pushes the opponent fairly
far away, making it good for shaking off your opponent.

Roundhouse - Iceman pivots both of his feet as some of his
"unusually hard" ice, shoots up from the ground in the
opponent's direction. I've seen Iceman use this move in some
of his comic books. It has excellent speed and reach, and can
DESTROY smaller characters, because of the fact that it hits
both high and low at the same time. This can stop dahers,
and to a certain extent, jump ins. Use it to keep your
opponent from getting too friendly, as an ender to a ground
chain, or even to chain an Icebeam afterwards. The priority
is so high, it actually beats out some projectiles.

- Crouching Attacks -
Jab - Iceman throws an elbow, which has the virtually same use
as the S. Jab, but is even better at poking, because of the fact
that Iceman is crouching when he performs it.

Strong - Huh? Iceman stands up, with his knees slightly bent,
and does his C. Jab. The only purpose it serves, is comboing,
but I wouldn't advise it.

Fierce - Iceman's sweep. He swings his back arm in a horizontal
choplike motion, as more of that "unsually hard" ice is shot in
the opponent's direction.  A good sweep, basically, the crouching
version of the S.Roundhouse.

Short - Iceman kicks with his lower foot(while crouching). Good
for poking, or for starting the "Shake-Off" combo. Otherwise, a
pretty wussy kick.

Forward - Same as the Short, but with a longer reaching animation.
Like all other mediums in this game, this can only be used for

Roundouse - Iceman does a hand stand while kicking at a up
forward angle. This is Iceman's launcher. It aims at sort of an
up-forward angle, as the animation suggests. Use it to start air

- Jumping Attacks -

Jab - Iceman strikes you with his back hand. Basically a standard
Jumping weak attack. Used mainly for air-combos, or to jump-in.
However you should only use it for air-combos, since you have
the beat punch for jump ins.

Strong - Same as the Jab version, but only used in combos, and
with different animation.

Fierce - This time Iceman strikes with his front hand. This actually
has good priority in the air, because of its reach, and because it
charges you up for an Arctic Attack. But still, the shake-off kick is

Short - Same as the standing version, only this time Iceman kicks
at a downward angle. Good for jumping in, or for air-combos.

Forward - Same as the short, with longer reaching animation.
Used only in combos.

Roundhouse - The animation is the same as the standing forward.
Can be used as a combo ender, in air battles, or to jump in.

- Throws -

Punch throw: (when close) <-(left) or (right)-> + H Punch.
Iceman yells, "FREEZE", as he grabs his opponent, freezes them,
and hurls them across the screen where they are still frozen.
By far what I consider, the best throw in
MvC2. In regular cases, the opponent is frozen enough for an
Icebeam/assist to combo. In the rare case you corner the opp-
onent and do it, it easily chains into a launcher, which of course
leads to an Arctic Attack. You could also use the air version after
a 2-hit air combo (SEE Various combos), land, and proceed to
do another air combo into an ARctic Attack.

Kick throw: (when close) <-(left) or (right)-> + H Kick
Iceman grabs his opponent by the head, and slams it into
some jagged-looking Ice (Ouch!). The damage isn't all that
high, and since the punch throw stuns the opponent, this
move is pretty useless.

- Special Basic Attacks -
Iceman has 2 Special basic attacks

Beat Punch:
========== (while airborne) Press down+H Punch
Iceman swings his arms in an axhandle like motion, and
releases a very weak projectile. Useful for basically the same
thing as a jump in, except Iceman himself doesn't actually
touch his opponent. (This beats out a shoryuken, if you are
far enough away when you use it)

Shake off kick:
============ (while airborne) Press down+H Kick
The end of Iceman's leg changes form for a short moment,
as he throws a kick at sort of an up-forward angle. Useful
against opponents that are airborne opponents that are
close to you, but not below you. This is Iceman's most
dominant air-to-air attack at close range.

 - Special Moves -
Iceman has 3 specials

Ice Beam: motion-QCF+either punch
======== (when grounded or airborne)
Iceman simultaneously yells "ICE BEAM!", sticks his arms
straight out, and shoots out a very fast beam projectile from
his hands (obviously). The L Punch version shoots straight
out, while the H Punch version shoots at an angle (upward if
you're grounded, and downward if you're airborne). Probably
Iceman's most useful special. On the ground you can use it in a
beam war, or to knock an air borne "web ball", or "proton shot"
abuser out of the air. In the air this gives Iceman HUGE range.
Just be careful not get too predictable with it, 'cause anyone
could easily jump over, or maybe even duck under, it and nail

Avalanche: motion-QCF+either kick
========= (when grounded or airborne)
Iceman points his hand up, then brings it down as a giant ice
ball falls from the sky. The L kick version falls almost directly
infront of him, while the H Kick version lands on the other side
of the screen, or close to it if you're grounded. I strongly
suggest you jump before using this move, so you can drop it on
your opponent, and recover on the way down. Especially useful on
a block abuisng Iceman. After the shake-off kick, or your launcher
connects you could try to combo it. Could be used as an anti-air
counter, but you should  have a good anti-air assist so use it
insted. Something that I learned from playing the CPU, is that if
you want to get guard damage from an Arctic Attack, first, drop an
L Kick Avalanche on your opponent then cancel it into an Arctic
Attack. Since your opponent will probably already be blocking the
Avalanche, their only choice is to block the Arctic Attack. Of
course, this should only be done at close range (if your want long
range guard damage use the Icebeam, unless you're playing against
Iceman). Otherwise pretend this move doesn't even exist.

Ice Fist: motion QCB+either punch
====== (when grounded)
Iceman grabs his hand, and a small light effect occurs.
When he lets go of his hand, there is a small Iceball
created on it. The ONLY TIME you EVER use this is when
fighting someone that is bigger, or stronger than you.
All this does is adds damage to your H Punch attacks.
After three hit's, the Iceball breaks, and you'll have
to repeat the move again. Make sure you are safe when
you use this move.

- Hyper Combo -
This is Iceman's only Hyper Combo.

Arctic Attack: motion QCF+Both punches
=========== (when grounded or airborne)

Iceman brings both of his arms up, and yells "Arctic Attack!!!"
NEVER, EVER throw this out at random. It starts up way to
slow, and you will only get guard damage if you're lucky (the
Icebeam actually does more overall guard damage than this).
Anyone can easily super jump over this and nail you if you miss.
The only way to safely get all of the hits, is to combo into it
(this includes using it as a DHC/THC ender).  (See combos sec-
tion [BELOW] to learn how to combo into this.)


5)- Combos -

- Intro to Iceman's Combos -
Iceman is no combo machine. His combos are mainly used
to either, shake your opponent off of you, or to set up the
Arctic Attack. Some people have a hard time doing them.
Well, here's some advice:

First of all you have to get close. Do this by either
dashing, or jumping in. The safest way to do this,
is by jumping in with a beat punch, duck,(C. Short
if you want an extra hit) launch, then proceed with
the combo. If you've got guts, you can dash insted.
A very common problem people have with air-combos
are the combos themselves. By dashing in you can auto-
super jump after the launcher, simply by pressing up.
Dashing in however is risky, because you are left open for
a second while you dash. Dashing can be predictable,
and severely punished if you abuse it. However by doing
it the "safe" way, people are faced with the problem of
jumping after their opponent. Something I see alot, is
people launching, then dropping an Avalanche on
their opponent, in the attempt to jump after them.
The key to air-combos, is control. After launching,
let the control stick go to the center, then quickly press
toward/up. True, it can be done by pressing straight
up, but the aim of Iceman's launcher aims sort of
at a diagonal angle so by pressing diagonally up you
go with the launcher, rather than going against it.
One more thing, (that I learned of ReCharred Sigh's
Ryu FAQ) is that when facing smaller characters, such as
Servebot, press the weak attack buttons slowly, wait
almost half a second, this makes it easier to hit
smaller targets. When facing larger characters,
such as Juggernaut, press the buttons quickly, to get
more hit's on a larger target. Keep in mind. That some
of the power characters have super armor, and will not
launch, unless they are hit at least once first.

Anyway, these are the only combo's that you really need
to know with Iceman.
Basic Air Combo:
C. Short, Launcher, J. Jab, J. Short, J. Strong, J.Forward,
Arctic Attack!!
You could dash in, but jumping in with a beat punch is
safer. If you don't have the bar(s) for an Arctic Attack,
or you just don't want to use it, it can be substituted
with an Icebeam, or a Heavy attack.

"Shake Off" combo:
C. short, C. Forward, S. Roundhouse.
This is part of the "Shake Off" technique mentioned
earlier. It's RIDICULOSLY easy to pull off. You could
also chain an Icebeam afterwards for more damage.
Another must learn combo.

Air Combo, into a throw?:
Launcher, J.Jab, J. Short, -->H Punch (Air Throw)
Personally, I love this combo! The damage is not
too high, but it looks awsome! If your quick, you
can chain another air combo into an Arctic
Attack/Icebeam, before your opponent realizes
what has happened. But because this ends in a
throw, you'll have to wait about half a second in
between the three air hits, and the throw. The
reason for this being that the combo ends in a throw.
Throws require you to hold forward, for a short time,
and to be lined up perfectly with your opponent, in
order to successfully be pulled off. If you're
quick, you could add a J.Strong, and a J.Forward in
between the  two air hits and the throw.
Don't get to predictible with the throw (opponents
can easily tech. hit to escape predictable throws).

Iceman's killer ground chain:
Start with a J.Short, or J.Fierce, or Beat Punch, then;
J.Forward, S.Short, S.Roundhouse,  --> H Punch Icebeam
This is an easy to do Iceman ground chain. You get 10
hits off of this combo, which is pretty good for a ground
chain. You can also add in an S.Forward in between
the S.Short, and the S.Roundhouse. But it's best, if you
only do that in the corner.

Iceman's infinite combo:
For those of you who don't know what an infinite combo is,
it just basically means that once you connect with a certain
combo, you can repeat it over and over again, until your
opponent is dead. Iceman has an infinite in the corner, and
it goes like this:

Jump in with a J.Short, now hold forward for a split second,
but before your opponent can recover from the move stun of
the J.Short, chain a punch throw. Now, while your opponent
is stunned, repeat, as many times as you like! But, sadly,
since there is a throw involved, your opponent can perform
a tech. hit to escape.
That's okay, 'cause since you are both in the corner, launch
after the tech. hit and proceed into an air combo.

Iceman's Gruond to air combo:
Iceman does have a ground to air very similair to that of Cable's.
It goes like this:

Avalanche\/ c.short,c.roundhouse/\ sj.jab,sj.strong,sj.fierce
throw,d.s.short,s.fierce-->Arctic Attack.

Restrictions on this combo:
1)You must corner the opponent first.
2)The Avalanche must be done like the ground-to-air hyper viper
3)The Avalanche uses the light kick button.
4)The fierce throw is done when Iceman is the exact level as the
opponent. Picture a horizontal beam that goes through Iceman's head
and feet, and the opponent must be aligned in the same height.

This one's mainly for show, because of the Avalanche's slow start-up.
Looks very nice, and if you want, you can add the ice fist at the
beginning, since it adds damage to the punches.

(Thanks to ReCharred Sigh, and also, this time,
 to "The Kid", for this combo)

- Various Combos -
LP=Light Punch
HP=Heavy Punch

Ground Chains: -------
- S.Rounhouse         -->HP Icebeam
- S.Jab, S.Fierce       -->LP Icebeam
- S.Short, S.Fierce     -->LP Icebeam
- C. Short, S.Fierce   -->LP Icebeam
- C.Jab, S.Fierce      -->LP Icebeam

- S.Jab, S.Roundhouse              -->HP Icebeam
- S.Short, S.Roundhouse            -->HP Icebeam
- C. Short, S.Roundhouse          -->HP Icebeam
- C.Jab, S.Roundhouse             -->HP Icebeam
- S.Jab, S.Strong, S.Roundhouse       -->HP Icebeam
-S.Jab, S.Forward, S.Roundhouse     -->HP Icebeam
-C.Jab, S.Strong, S.Roundhouse       -->HP Icebeam
-C.Jab, S.Forward, S.Roundhouse    -->HP Icebeam
- S.Short, S.Strong, S.Roundhouse      -->HP Icebeam
-S.Short, S.Forward, S.Roundhouse    -->HP Icebeam
-C.Short, S.Strong, S.Roundhouse      -->HP Icebeam
-C.Short, S.Forward, S.Roundhouse   -->HP Icebeam
- S.Jab, S.Strong, S.Fierce       -->LP Icebeam
- S.Short, S.Strong, S.Fierce     -->LP Icebeam
- C. Short, S.Strong, S.Fierce   -->LP Icebeam
- C.Jab, S.Strong, S.Fierce      -->LP Icebeam
 S.Jab, C.Strong, S.Fierce       -->LP Icebeam
- S.Short, C.Strong, S.Fierce    -->LP Icebeam
- C. Short, C.Strong, S.Fierce  -->LP Icebeam
- C.Jab, C.Strong, S.Fierce     -->LP Icebeam
- S.Jab, S.Forward, S.Fierce     -->LP Icebeam
- S.Short,S.Forward, S.Fierce    -->LP Icebeam
- C. Short, S.Forward, S.Fierce -->LP Icebeam
- C.Jab, S.Forward, S.Fierce    -->LP Icebeam
- S.Jab, C.Forward, S.Fierce    -->LP Icebeam
- S.Short,C.Forward, S.Fierce   -->LP Icebeam
- C. Short, C.Forward, S.Fierce -->LP Icebeam
- C.Jab, C.Forward, S.Fierce    -->LP Icebeam

- S.Jab, S.Strong      -->Arctic Attack
- S.Jab, S.Fierce       -->Arctic Attack
- S.Short, S.Forward -->Arctic Attack
- S.Short, S.Fierce     -->Arctic Attack
- C. Short, S.Fierce   -->Arctic Attack
- C.Jab, S.Fierce      -->Arctic Attack
- S.Jab, S.Forward   -->Arctic Attack
- S.Short, S.Strong    -->Arctic Attack
 S.Jab, S.Strong, S.Fierce       -->Arctic Attack
- S.Short, S.Strong, S.Fierce     -->Arctic Attack
- C. Short, S.Strong, S.Fierce   -->Arctic Attack
- C.Jab, S.Strong, S.Fierce      -->Arctic Attack
 S.Jab, C.Strong, S.Fierce       -->Arctic Attack
- S.Short, C.Strong, S.Fierce    -->Arctic Attack
- C. Short, C.Strong, S.Fierce  -->Arctic Attack
- C.Jab, C.Strong, S.Fierce     -->Arctic Attack
- S.Jab, S.Forward, S.Fierce     -->Arctic Attack
- S.Short,S.Forward, S.Fierce    -->Arctic Attack
- C. Short, S.Forward, S.Fierce -->Arctic Attack
- C.Jab, S.Forward, S.Fierce    -->Arctic Attack
- S.Jab, C.Forward, S.Fierce    -->Arctic Attack
- S.Short,C.Forward, S.Fierce   -->Arctic Attack
- C. Short, C.Forward, S.Fierce -->Arctic Attack
- C.Jab, C.Forward, S.Fierce    -->Arctic Attack

Corner Combos: ---------
- J.Short, Punch Throw, -->Arctic Attack
- J.Short, Punch Throw, -->LP Icebeam

- J.Short, Punch Throw, C.Short, C.Roundhouse,
  J.Jab, J.Short, J.Strong, J.Forward,      -->Arctic Attack
- J.Short, Punch Throw, C.Short, C.Roundhouse,
  J.Jab, J.Short, J.Strong, J.Forward,      -->Icebeam
- J.Short, Punch Throw, C.Short, C.Roundhouse,
  J.Jab, J.Short, J.Strong, J.Forward,      -->J.Roundhouse
- J.Short, Punch Throw, C.Short, C.Roundhouse,
  J.Jab, J.Short, J.Strong, J.Forward,      -->J.Fierce

More Air Combos: -----------
- Launcher , J.Jab, J.Forward, J.Strong -->HP Icebeam
- Launcher, J. Jab, J.Forward/Short     -->Arctic Attack
- C.Short, Launcher , J.Jab, J.Forward, J.Strong -->HP Icebeam
- C.Short, Launcher, J. Jab, J.Forward/Short     -->Arctic Attack


6)- Assists -


- What and how assists help Iceman -
(Thanks once again, to ReCharred Sigh for about 90% of this section)

 MVC2 is a game full of assists. There should always be at least
 one assist on the screen. Utilize assists to your
 advantage.  There are 3 main ways to implement assists-
 *setting up combos
 *stopping offense-based attacks
 *distracting the opponent(so you can hammer em while they try to hammer your bud)

 Here is the complete list of different types of assists in MVC2:

 1)=Capturing Attack Type=
 Your partner jumps in, throws an unreliable projectile out, then taunts and
 jump out.  The difference between this and the projectile assist is that when
 your projectile hits, the opponent is left stunned, or wrapped in whatever
 was thrown.
 THE combo starter and lengthener.  Attacks that usually don't combo without
 quirky startups can now combo off of these attacks(Arctic Attack), this also
 Get it to connect by the projectile crossup technique(see projectile type).
 More useful offensively by helping you set up your combos rather than def-
 ensive tactics preventing offensive rushes.  You can also start a ground combo
 string, and call out this assist so that just when you hit the opponent with the
 standing fierce, the opponent is captured.  Just remember, only one assist to
 one combo.
 Best version:
 Magneto's holds the opponent the longest for those attacks that seem
 impossible to combo, but Spiderman's is the easiest augmented, since
 it is most closest to a good projectile. Thanos's version is sort ot a com-
 bination of both.

2)=Ground Attack Type=
 Your partner jumps in, performs his/her special attack that is stationed from
 the ground, and doesn't move anywhere.  Sort of imagine a projectile attack
 from the ground that doesn't move anywhere.(Yoga Flame, for instance)
 Not much to say, not many people have these attacks.  Just have good judgement
 as to whether this assist will set up a combo(multi-hitting), stuff an
 offensive rush(good distance in attack/good startup), or just distract the
 Best version:
 Dhalsim has the best version, besides stunning the opponent long, opens combos
 up, and has great range.

3)=Expansion Type=
 This is known in Japanese arcades as the "Moving Attack" type. Basically your
 partner moves slightly forward while attacking. They then taunt, and then
 move off the screen. Like a dash type, except with less speed moving forward.
 More used as an offensive tool, in setting up super combos. There are many
 varieties, though, so realize which one is best.
 Best version:
 Akuma's Hurricane Kick is the best Expansion Type. His hurricane kick not only
 has high priority, it does great damage, and holds the opponent very long,
 so that many of your attacks will combo! Be very creative, and either launch
 after his attack into an air combo, or use this to set up an Arctic Attack!

4)=Dash Type =
 Known as the "Rushing Attack" Type in Japanese arcades, your character
 jumps in, and does a dashing attack that in most cases, has high priority.
 They then taunt, then jump out.
 A great substitute for the projectile type, this assist is great offensively
 and defensively. Many dash types can nullify projectiles, so it becomes
 great for stuffing offensive rushes. And in many cases, the opponent gets
 jacked into the air, enabling Iceman a free shot at an Icebeam.
 Best version:
 Captain America definitely has the best dash type. His goes full screen
 likeCammy's, but can also absorb projectiles like the Hulk! That means he
 is a great assist! He can also hit people trying to cross up Iceman.

5)=Launcher Attack Type=
 Your buddy jumps in, and does their launcher. They then taunt, and then
 jump out.
 Useful for turning defense into offense, or confusing. Many launchers are
 good for antiair, with less range, so back up while calling out your character.
 If the opponent gets hit, follow up with an air combo. Just remember that
 you must press down, up instead of just up.
 Best version: I would guess Magneto has the best version. His launcher has
 really good priority and range.

6)=Anti-Air Type=
 Your buddy jumps in, does an attack that has great priority and has good
 vertical range, but so-so horizontal range. They then taunt, and then
 jump out.
 Perhaps your all time best defensive assist. This attack prevents your
 opponent from becoming too aggressive with jump-ins. Throw one out every
 time you think your launcher won't come out in time to snuff the jumper.
 To a certain extent, they are also good for stuffing dashers, just wait until
 the opponent is really close.
 Best version:
 I would have to say Dr.Doom has the best Anti-Air assist. There are so many
 ways you can use it. On defense it can be used to stop jumpers, or dashers,
 or even for keep away. On offfense, either use the projectile cross-up tech-
 nique (see projectile type), or as a shield, while you throw a barrage of att-
 acks out at your opponent! Cap.C's is decent, but the recovery is kind of
 slow. Blackheart also has a good one, but his is suprisingly better for keep

7)=Throw Assistance Type=
 Your partner does a special attack that is usually unblockable(exceptions
 to Omega Red) and then taunts and jumps out.
 Anti-turtler assist. In most cases, these types of assists allow no follow
 ups, and sometimes they are easily seen, but these attacks are great
 against the turtlers. Start a ground chain, and when you do your
 middle attack, call in the assist, then continue hammering away to
 not arouse suspicion. After your opponent throws the opponent, you
 may have a chance (slim as it is) to combo with an Icebeam.
 Best version:
 Zangief of course! The master of throws must use this assist to really en-
 hance Iceman's game!

8)=Ability Assistance Type=
 There are many types of assist names for this type, including Power, Defense,
 Speed, etc. Your partner jumps in and presents to you an item that boosts
 your attributes in some way. After you receive the item, there will be green
 letters on Iceman that say "*name of power-up*- up."
 This assist is most useful in helping Iceman when you need it. Obviously, use
 your common sense. Depending on what increase of strength you get, you
 should use it that way. In most cases, go offensive whenever you get one
 of these power-ups, since all of them help Iceman's offensive game.
 Best version:
 I would have to say that I think Amingo has the best ability type. It halves
 the damage that Iceman takes! (making up for his seemingly short lifebar)

9)=Recovery Assistance Type=
 Known as the life assist, it basically works like the ability assistance type
 except that you gain some of your red life back, and on Iceman it will
 say "Life Up."
 Very, very useful. If you have one of these assists, you MUST
 keep using the assist during the entire match to almost double Iceman's
 lifebar! Just play offensively, and while the opponent is blocking Iceman's
 attacks, pull out the assist. Basically, keep poking at your opponent. This
 also adds a bonus; because you are throwing out attacks, you will gain
 hyper meter fast, too!
 Best version:
 Probably Jill. The fact is, sometimes she will present you with a green AND
 red herb, which adds even more life than just her green herb!

10)=Projectile Type=
 Your buddy jumps in and does his/her projectile attack. They then taunt, and
 then leave.
 By far what I consider THE most useful assist in MVC2! Defensively, they stuff
 offensive rushes! Call in your projectile while blocking a pixie's rushes, and
 then combo off of the hit stun! Offensively, you can think of them as the
 Sonic Boom, but pumped up! Call them out while hammering the opponent
 to cover Iceman's recovery on his heavy attacks! There is also a Projectile
 Cross-Up tactic that I learned off of Beta's Spidey FAQ, and it goes like
 this: Call your projectile assist while jumping to the other side of your
 opponent, then block. Your opponent can't block because you aren't
 attacking, so they only escape if they jump. I have found that this actually
 works better if you throw lots of weak attacks (high then low) to try to
 open your opponent up to your partner's projectiles. Of course, if the
 rojectile hits, combo away!
 Best version:
 Iceman has one of the best assists in the game. If you use him as an assist
 character, choose his projectile type. It's quick, and does good damage. If
 you are using Iceman  as your main character, then choose Cable's projectile
 assist. It hits multiple, times and also does good damage. However, Iceman's
 is faster.

11)=Balance Type=
 It's also sometimes called Variety Type. This one really varies with the
 character. It is "balanced" as the name suggests by one of two ways: De-
 pending where your opponent is, your assist comes out differently (ie Charlie
 does a sonic boom if his foe is grounded, but a flash kick it they are in the
 air) or the Variable Counter and assist aren't the same(Guile does a sonic
 boom as an assist, but counters with a flash kick)
 Well, read the above assists, and decide how to use it.
 Best version:
 Probably Charlie's. You usually want to do a projectile if the opponent is
 grounded, and an anti-air attack if the opponent is jumping, and you get two
 in one when you pick Charlie. Storm has the best Variety assist. It auto-
 matically tracks the opponent, making it good for keep-away.


- Iceman's Assists -
These are Iceman's Assists. Iceman is just as good, as an assist
character as he is a main character. If you use him as an assist,
use his projectile type to your advantage.

(Thanks to Prima's Official Strategy Guide for the names
of these assists, their counters, and their THCs)    primagames.com

Projectile Type:
Assist: L Punch Icebeam
Counter: L Punch Icebeam
THC: Arctic Attack

This is Iceman's best assist. It is probably the 2nd best projectile
assist in the game (Behind Dr.Doom's Anti-Air assist). Can be used
to kill your opponent's assists, and projectiles, or as part of some-
thing called the "projectile cross-up technique."
(see projectile type in the "Assists" section)

Variety Type:
Assist: L Kick Avalanche
Counter: L Kick Avalanche
THC: Arctic Attack

This is Iceman's MvC assist. It has been drastically toned down since
then, and is no where near as good as it used to be. Pretty useless in
this game.

Launcher/Balance Type:
Assist: L Punch Icebeam
Counter: L Kick Avalanche
THC: Arctic Attack.

The Player's guide refers to this as the "Launcher type", but the
actual game may refer to it a the "Balance type". When you perform
an assist,(A1 or A2) Iceman performs his Projectile assist. When
you perform a counter (QCB+A1 or A2) Iceman performs
his Variety assist.


7)- Partnering up Iceman -


- How he pairs up -
(Here's an interesting idea that I got from Evil Matt-MUN's Dan FAQ)

Iceman is a very well rounded character that works fairly well
with anyone. Just make sure you give him the right assists.
The following secion is merely a rating of how each of the
56 characters in this game pair up with Iceman.

*    - I wouldn't pair Iceman with this character (unless...)
**   - Good enough
*** - This character and Iceman make an excellent

- Akuma - **
Iceman has perhaps the best keep away in the game,
and Akuma probably has the best offense in the game.
Traps could be a slight problem since his assists make you
base your strategy primarily on either offense, or defense.
Anyway, they are both from COA, which is cool, but they also
have something that I call, the "Raging Avalanche".
To do this, first charge up three hyper bars. Iceman's
Variety assist, must be selected. Have Akuma as the main
character. Get your opponent corner trapped, then call
Iceman in to do his avalanche. While they are blocking it,
have Akuma do the Raging Demon, but since IT can't be
blocked, your oponent's only hope of escaping is to teleport.
If they don't have a teleport, then their, just screwed. This may
be a little hard to pull of at first, but if it connects, kiss about 1/3
of your opponent's life-bar goodbye!
- Amingo -**
Looks can be decieving. Even though he looks like nothing
but a joke, he's actually quite good. His power, and lifebar
compliment Iceman's speed, and comboability perfctly.
Speaking of lifebars, Amingo's Enhance assist, doubles Iceman's,
lifebar, letting him last a lot longer than usual!
- Anakaris -*
This guy is hard to pair up with anyone. He has average power,
and slightly above average defense (lifebar, and block damage).
His Coffin Fall as an assist, is kind of good, projectiles are
usually expected to come either vertically, or horizontally, not
from above. Whether he's an assist, or an active character, com-
bining his Coffin Fall, with an Icebeam, is always a good idea,
when you're trying to keep your opponent away from you. Overall,
he's okay, but there are better characters to pick from.
- B.B. Hood (Bulleta) - **
She has great, comboability, and a good THC, that really goes
well with the Arctic Attack. Both Iceman and her are fairly
small, and fast, and his keep away skills compliment her combo-
ing skills perfectly. The only thing they lack is lifebar. You must
figure out how to work around this.
- Blackheart - **
Where did this guy come from? Blackheart is excellent as an
assist character, but pretty sucky as an active character. If you
pick him, you'd better use his assist well, because if he actually
has to fight, he will get slaughtered by pretty much anyone in the
game. Assist wise, use his anti-air, to track down a sword abusing
Spiral, or airborne Ice Avalanche abuser. As a main character,
mix up your projectiles and assists to keep your oppoent away.
- Cable -***
This is a character that I'm currently finding very fun to use.
I mean come on, he's got a gun in a fighting game! I think
that's cool, you know, for people (like me) that are really
into games like Resident Evil, it's kind of like playing a shooting
game, and a fighting game at the same time. Combowise,
he's equally, as cool. Cable, like Iceman has an awsome air
combo, that actually stuns the opponent in mid air! Cable's
version goes like this:
S. Jab, S.Strong (His main launcher), J.Jab, J.Short,
Electric Tap. Which can lead to an Air HVB.
Alright, enough B.S.
Cable and Iceman make a cool, but rather cheesey team.
Both are very well rounded, and Cable's speed, and lifebar,
fill in the spaces, where Iceman is weak. You can go combo
crazy, or try to chip the h*ll out of the opponent. It's almost
as if they were ment to work together.
- Cammy -*
There's just something about her that makes her different from
anyone else in the game. She is basically just your average pixie.
She's quick, and has a wide variety of moves but, they aim at
unusal areas, making it sort of difficult to land them at times.
Her anti-air assist could help you on defense, adn her dash type can
help you on offense (See the Assists section to see how). But nothing
too special.
- Captain America - ***
Captain America is a power/speedster character that works
very well with keep-away/speedster characters like Iceman.
Cap. A, also happens to have one of the best assists in the
game. Him and Doom can really contribute to getting Iceman
out of some tight situations. For Example: Against the dreaded
Spiral, Cap.A's dash assist, can knock some of her swords out of
the way, clearing a passage for Iceman to attack.
- Captain Commando -**
This Captain is very different from his counterpart. Cap.C,
is very well rounded, perhaps better that anyone else in the
game. As a main character, he has some decent combo skills,
but an even better keep away game that is almost cheesey.
Use his anti-air assist while playing keep away, or just to shake
someone off of you.
- Charlie (Nash) -**
Guile and Charlie are very different. Guile is more of a power
character, and should weaken the opponent. Charlie is better
rounded, and should play a mix up game. Part of playing a
mix up game involves projectiles, you never know when you
will need to throw one (unless your opponent is THAT predic-
table). Since Charlie is a charge character, he can't do this.
But with Iceman on your team, you should have a good
projectile assist, so use that insted. As an assist, choose his
anti-air type. It helps Iceman on defense as part of a keep-away
strategy, or to play offensively, while repeatedly calling this out
to help cover-up your recovery on some of your basic attacks,
and jump-ins.
- Chun Li -**
Well, good news, and bad news for Chun-Li users.
The good news is she's quicker, and has more combo ability
than she ever did. The bad news is that she does nowhere
near as much damage as she used to. Especially her Kikou-
Sho. Chun-Li is now forced to play like a pixie. Which act-
tually works out well. Iceman works fairly well with pixies.
Play her very aggressively, with Iceman's projectile assist.
When it's Chun-Li's turn to assist, either play on defense, with
her Anti-Air assist, or play aggressively once again, only use
her Expansion Assist insted.
- Colossus -**
Colossus is one of the older power characters from COA.
He seems to be a little quicker than most other power characters,
and unlike them, he actually has a slight hint of comboability!
Almost as much as Zangief (Hey Zangief's launcher is sorta quick,
and it is an M Punch). His super armor, combined with some Ice
beams, can make him, just unstopable! As an assist, use either
his dash, or anti-air, to enhance your game.
- Cyclops -**
Iceman seems to pair up quite well with his old friend.
For some reason these two have very similiar styles. Their
beam attacks even shoot at the same angles, and levels.
Cyclops and Iceman, I guess are supposed to be a new
duo(Ryu/Ken, Guile/Charlie, Iron-man/War-machine, etc.).
Both of thier beams, are good as assists, and they both
are good as active characters. They balance each other
out well.
- Dan - **
Most people that think Dan sucks, are probably the same
people that have tried to play him like a shoto. He wasn't
designed to play that way, so don't, unless you're trying to
lose. He has a good anti-air assist, and his lack of a good
projectile is covered up by having Iceman as an assist. Dan
actually has better coboability than that of the shotos. Use
his anti-air assist (of course), while playing as Iceman.
- Dhalsim -*
He was sped up in this game, but he still is not that great.
You will definately need Iceman's projectile assist to aid
Dhalsim. His ground type can help shake someone, or thing,
off of you, but it's slow, so be prepared to time it right.
- Dr.Doom - ***
As one of the MSH bosses, Doom is very powerful, and well
rounded, but a bit slow. His power, and air skills compliment
Iceman perfectly. As mentioned earlier, Doom's Anti-Air assist
is very valuable. Having him as an assist character, can really
get you out of some sticky situations.
- Felicia -**
There's nothing too special about Felicia. She's just your
average pixie. You can play aggressively, along with her
Variety, or Ground assists, to create corner traps, following
with an Icebeam. She can do the same using the projectile
- Gambit -**
If you're going to use him, you will definately need a good
assist to capitalize on his recovery. Lucky for him, Iceman has
one. As an assist, either use his expansion assist to knock your
opponent back, or his projectile asssist to combo an Icebeam.
His projectile assist has decieving range, and actually holds
th opponent in place for a split second.
- Guile -***
Guile dishes out lot's of damage, and he does this quickly too.
Iceman is well rounded, fast, but sort of weak. Guile is very well
rounded, very strong, but a bit slow. If Guile starts, try to have
him weaken your opposition (with Iceman assisting him of
course), then have Iceman finish them off. As an assist choose his
anti-air type. It helps Iceman on defense as part of a keep-away
strategy, or to play offensively, while repeatedly calling this out
to help cover-up your recovery on some of your basic attacks,
and jump-ins. Guile makes an excellent partner for Iceman.
- Hayato -*
His moves seem kind of unusual, and because of this it is hard
to figure out a strategy with him at first. I'm not sure, but I think
Hayato was designed to guard break. Just look at the angles of
his basic attacks. His anti-air assist is decent, and Iceman's pro-
jectile assist helps him to guard break, but he's just a little bit too
- Hulk -**
Because of his ability, to "shave" his opponent's lifebar with his
basic attacks, him an Iceman can literally, chip you to death.
As Hulk, use the Icebeam assist to get close, and once you do,
keep them blocking, Icebeams, and basic attacks. As Iceman,
use Hulk's dash assist to give you some breathing room, or
just to enhance your keep away game.
- Iceman - ** (Dreamcast version only)
Iceman, and Iceman work okay together but it's kind of stupid.
They can easily chip an opponent to death in 15 seconds, but
the Icemen die rather quickly. Partners that are too similiar to each
other tend to have serious problems if your opponent figures out
your strategy, then when the clone comes in, they are already too
predictable, and easily beaten.
- Ironman -**
If you're all for keep away, then choose Ironman. His Proton
Cannon is actually comboable, and he has three good assists.
As Iron man, call out Iceman's projetile assist, then, almost
simultaneously, jump up, and fire off a unibeam, or a mid-air
smart bomb. As Iceman, call him out for a projectile assist, and
jump up and fire off Icebeams, you determine the direction,
based on the situation. If you prefer to stay on the ground, use
Iron man's anti-air assist insted.
- Jill -**
Personally, I think these two make an awsome team. Just think
about it for a second, a girl, from one of the most awsome games
ever created, paired with probably the coolest member of the
X-Men! Ok, enough of that. Most pixie characters, have good
offense, but poor defense/keep away skills. Jill's defense is not
that good, but her keep away skills, are acually pretty decent.
Iceman's projectile assist, is not only good for cross-ups, but can
also aid her in keep away. Playing as Jill, try something like;
crow, assist, crow, assist/dog, dog, crow, etc. As Iceman, either
use her heal type to regain some of your red lifebar, or fire off
a couple o' Icebeams while she performs her dash assist.
- Jin -**
Assist wise, you can think of Jin as a toned down Dr.Doom. Like
Doom his anti-air can stop just about anything coming your way,
and you can use his as a "shield" as well. But the thing that makes
Doom's so much better, is the time that it is on the screen. Jin's only
lasts about half the time as Doom's, and doesn't do as much guard
damage. As the main character, Jin is actually a power character.
Use your projectile assist to your advantage (See Projectile Type) .
- Juggernaut - *
As perhaps the largest playable character in the game,
behind Sentinel, this guy deals out alot of damage. However,
size is not only his strength, but actually his biggest weakenes.
His dash assist can screw up just about anything your opponent
has planned, but anyone smaller than him, can just eat him
with their combos. The only reason will ever pair them together,
is because, in the newest comic book series, "X-Men Forever" (January/01)
Iceman has teamed up with Juggernaut.
It's kinda cool, to use an "official" team, from a comic
book series, every now and then.
- Ken -**
While Akuma's offense may be slightly better, Ken's
anti-air skills are still greater. Shotos are usually most succsesful
when they cross you up. Since Ken's fireballs, don't go all
the way across the screen, you might wanna get up close,
and try the projectile cross-up technique (see Projectile type),
while throwing lot's of weak attacks out at your opponent.
Of course if on breaks through, combo away! If Ken get's
badly injured, use his Expansion assist, while you go on defense,
and try to buy yourself some time.
- Magneto -***
The king of combos partering up with the king of keep away?
THIS is an awsome pair! After you beat someone to death, you
can finish them off, by chipping what's left of them to death.
With Iceman's projectile assist to help him, and his capture
assist to help Iceman, deadly combinations, and traps can be
created (Iceman's best partner?").
- Marrow -**
Marrow's Bone-Rang an be used kind of like Spiral's dancing
sword, but with horrible recovery time. To make up for this,
simply call out Iceman  for an Icebeam, while Marrow recovers.
Whether she is an assist, or an active character, the idea with
Marrow, is to keep your opponents guessing. She plays just like
any other pixie, but with an unusual set of moves. Be sure to
use this to your advantage.
- M.Bison (Vega) -*
M.Bison kind of sucks in this game. Nonetheless, his Psycho
field, combined with a jumping H Punch Icebeam can be useful.
Capcom gave him more comboability in this game. But like
Chun-Li, he doesn't do as much damage as he used to. His move
commands are seemingly difficult at first, but once you get the
hang of them you can kick some serious @$$ with this duo. One
disadvantage for charge characters, is their inability to execute
a move at will. Personally I love using M.Bison, but most people
don't have the timing of his moves down. Don't forget that the
Psycho field moves slowly, like Doom's anti-air, and because of
this, you'll acually have some time to plan your next move.
- Mega-man  (Rock man) -**
His H Punch is enough to make even Spiral users complain.
It comes out just as quick, if not quicker that a "dancing
sword",and can neutralize them. But unfortunately, it does
zero guard damage. Mega-man/Rock-man, can be played like a
pixie if you so desire, but his  best bet is keep away. Use
the Mega Buster to hold the opponent in place, while Iceman
chips away at their lifebar.
- Morrigan -*
Like the shotos, Morrigan also finds the most sucess when
she crosses you up. True, you could play her like a pixie,
but that can be a little too predictable for her. Use Iceman's
projectile assist to cross-up your opponent, while attacking
with a series of weak attacks. If one breaks through, take
advantage of her pixie like traits, and make your opponent eat
an air combo. Just remember that she can't take damage too well,
and two "weak" characters, usually tend to die fast together.
As an assist, try her anti-air to help you with keep away.
- Omega Red -*
His throws have excellent range, but the fact that they can
be blocked really knocks them out of the "throw" category.
Always be calling out Iceman as an assist, especially while
playing as him. Omega Red should do a good job at keeping the
opponent guessing, and Iceman's Icebeam can sort of compensate,
for Omega's throws' weaknesses. Many people don't realize this,
but Omega-Red has some of the best comboability in the game.
This allows you, to play him aggressively, along with a good
assist. His anti-air assist allows you to use him effectively as
"bait". Call him out, and if the opponent, is foolish to attack
him, counter with an Icebeam.
- Psylocke -**
Psylocke plays kind of in a style all to her own. Both her and
Iceman are fast, and well rounded, but as with most fast
characters, their weakness is lack of lifebar. Try to work around
this, by using Iceman's projectile assist to help her on offense,
and by using her anti-air/balance assist to help out his defense.
- Rogue - ***
As an active character, Rogue is a combo/throwing type
character with the ability to "borrow" one of her opponent's
attributes. This gives her a good chance against anyone, with
her only weakness being that she has no projectiles. But since
Iceman has, what I think of as, the best projectile assist in the
game, the two alone have no real weakness!! As an assist,
Try to get your opponent corner trapped, and call out her assist.
Just think, A (jumping or standing) fierce Icebeam, combined
with a throw assist.......
- Roll -*
Compared to Mega-man , Roll just is not that much of a threat.
The move command for her Roll Buster is more complex than Mega-
man's, and because of this, it is not as quick. It will however
cause some slight guard damage. Her Hyper Roll, starts up even
slower than your Arctic Attack, but if that's not enough, it
doesn't even cause guard damage. These two rely on teamwork
to succeed, so make sure you are using an assist, to cover you
while you attack.
- Ruby Heart -**
She has three very good assists, one which can even enhance the
power of your moves! Whatever your strategy is, she can help you.
Use her anti-air, while on defense, to help keep your opponent
away, while you fire off some Icebeams, her capture type on
offense to hold your opponent, while you go combo crazy, or her
enhance type in either offense, or defense, to increase the
damage you dish out! Increase the guard damage on your Icebeam,
and/or the damage to your air combos.
- Ryu -***
The old karate man is still kicking lot's of @$$. As far as flashiness
goes, Iceman looks cool paired with anyone wearing the gi.
Strategetically speaking, these two have all of the tools that two
partners need to compliment each other. Ryu's average power,
and slightly above average stamina compliment Iceman's speed,
combo, and keep away skills perfectly. They both have some
good "confusing" skills, and even thier assists compliment each
other well. As Iceman, Ryu's Anti-Air assist makes up for Iceman's
lack of a good anti-air, and as Ryu, Iceman's projectile assist, to
a certain extent, makes up for Ryu's lack of cheesing skills. It can
also be used as an enhancement to the Shinkuu hadoken. As you
already know, Iceman has one of the best assists in the game,
and can help Ryu on both offense, and defense.
- Sabertooth -**
Power and speed are a dangerous combination. Sabertooth has
both. He's larger than Wolvrine, making him an easier target,
but unlike Wolverine, he has one very damaging projectile assist.
Iceman's projectile assist, fires at about the level of
Sabertooth's knees, almost making up for Sabertooth's size. His
launcher assist is decent, but these two work best when on
offense, or while trying to chip their opponent's to death. As
Iceman, you can call  out his projectile assist, jump up and fire
off an H Punch Icebeam, to try to chip your opponent. Or as either
Sabertooth, or Iceman, use your projectile assists, to cover your
back, or as part of the projectile cross-up technique (See
projectile type).
- Sakura - **
Like Captain America, her dash assist is one of the best in the game.
I think Cap.A's is better though. Sakura can be a real pain in the @$$.
You can use that to your advantage, and use her annoying voice, and
her equally annoying moves, along with Iceman's no block damage
feature to get your opponents frustrated, then capitalize on their
mistakes. If that won't work, then, use her dash assist to clear the way,
while you choose between chipping, and comboing. If you don't
know how to use Iceman's projectile assist by now, see "Projectile Type".
- Sentinel -**
There is a cheesey keep away game that these two share
together, and it goes like this:
As Sentinel, repeatedly throw lots of Sentinel Forces, while
calling in Iceman for a projectile assist. As Iceman throw
lot's of Icebeams while calling in Sentinel, for a "ground" assist.
That's it. Simple as that. Once you master the timing, you
can keep your opponent away, and barely take any damage
at all. (I don't reccomend trying this on Cable).
- Servebot (Kobun) -*
Most people are fooled by his size, and tricked into taking
him lightly. As an assist, use his projectile type, an assist aimed
at the feet, is never really expected. As a main character, try
to land his assists. Servebot's size is good, but he dies to fast,
and doesn't really do enough damage to fill his spot on the
team. Use him to lure an opponent into a successful assist.
- Shuma Gorath -**
Shuma's only weakness is that his moves require charging.
Use assists, while you charge then, fire, and repeat. Try to play
sort of a combo crazy game using assists as either character.
If you can get an opponent in the corner, call out Iceman,
and use the Chaos Dimension to remove a good chunk of
- Silver Samurai - **
Man, if you thought Iceman was a good chipper, you were right,
but so is this guy! Silver Samurai is a little too slow to play a combo
game, but you can if you time your assists right. A cheap strategy,
is to fire off H Punch Icebeams, while calling for a projectile assist.
You should actually pick Iceman's Variety assist when pairing him,
with Silver Samurai. It helps hold opponents in place, while Samurai,
chips them to death.
- Sonson -**
As an assist, either play aggresively, while using her life-up assist,
or, play defensively, while using her projectile assist. A well timed
projectile assist from her, can realy help you. It moves slowly,
pressuring your opponent, and at the same time, giving you a
chance to recover from an Icebeam.  Sonson is basically just your
average pixie. Play aggresively against bigger characters, and
play keep away against smaller characters, and you should be okay.
Don't forget about your assists.
- Spiderman -**
The main idea with Spidey, is to try to be faster than your
opponent, cross them up, and then open them up to a combo.
Both Iceman, and Spiderman, can help each other, cross-up
their opponent. The only thing they really lack, is priority, and
- Spiral -***
What can I say. These two alone make perhaps one of the
best teams in MvC2. There are so many strategies you can use
with them. On defense, as either character, call out the projectile
assist, then immediately jump up, and fire off a projectile at a
downward angle. On offense, play aggresively, while calling out
the projectile assist. Both of their projectile assists cause massive
guard damage, and can help get out of just about any situation.
Also, Spiral's ground type assist, if it hits, can lead to some infinites.
Try something like; Short, Forward, assist, Short, Forward, assist,
Fierce, assist, etc. Spirals ground type assist allows her to "cheat"
enabling her to use a Metamorphasis, with only one hyper bar,
simply by pressing both assist buttons. Though the damage is pretty,
much the same, the "THC" version can be blocked.
- Storm - ***
Her variety assist is very similiar to Blackheart's in the sense that it
automatically tracks your opponent, but it is also sort of different
in a way. Her version is slower, and causes guard damage, but his
is quicker and does more overall damage. The thing that makes
these two so different, other than the obvious differences, is how
they do as active characters. While her assist, may not be quite as
good, her size, combo, and flying abilites make her much better
as an active character.
- Strider - **
His variety assist can help you get out of some traps as well.
But unlike Blackheart, and Dr.Doom, he is much better as an
active character. Something I learned off of Strider_HiryuX's
Strider FAQ, is the "keep away and run strategy". All you basically
do, is try to stay away from your opponent, the whole match! Super
jump, dash, block, do whatever you have to, to stay away. Strider,
can jump around and teleport, in his attempt to stay away. And
Iceman's Ice shield can absorb beams, while he super jumps, dashes,
and blocks, while staying away. Both are fast, so it shouldn't be
too difficult, just be sure to get a couple of hits in, so you will
have more lifebar, when the match ends. This pi**es people off, but
it's kind of fun to do!
- Tron Bonne -*
She doesn't really have a good assist, and the only thing she can
really compliment Iceman on is power. Try lot's of combos, and
lot's of assists with her. Pick her projectile assist. It does some good
damage, if you can somehow get it to connect.
- Thanos -**
Definately choose his capture type. Not only do you get a good
assist, when you pick it, but you get a good THC as well. Thanos
is well rounded, and powerful but a little slow. This complements
Iceman's low power, and quick speed perfectly. Of course using
Iceman as an assist, can very well cover for Thanos's revovery on
some of his slower moves.
- Venom -**
Venom is a dangerous character with some nasty air combos. Like
Sabertooth, he is both fast, and powerful. Him and Iceman, can
easily chip or combo their opponent to death. Venom's only
real weakness is his size, but that's not even too much of a problem.
- War Machine -**
War Machine, like Spiral can either be Iceman's best friend, or
worst enemy. If you insist on pairing them together, you will
almost have to play Iceman like a pixie. Because War Machine's
comboing skills are very poor, almost as bad as Juggernaut's.
If you wanna be cheap, fire off lot's of Icebeams, while calling
out War Machine's projectile assist.
- Wolverine 1 (Metal) -**
Ahh.. the "cheap" version of Wolverine. As you probably already
know, Wolverine is a talented close range fighter, that dies quick.
In fact he dies too quick. His aluminum calws give him good reach
for a little guy, and combined with the Icebeam to cover his back,
Wolverine can be very dangerous. This version of Wolverine, has
some decent assists, that can help Iceman both offensively, and
defensively. However, every team has a weakness, and one thing
you really shouldn't do, is put Iceman and Wolverine on the same
team, unless you're really good with both of them. They just die too
- Wolverine 2 (Bone) -**
Same as Metal, Except:
1)Wolverine 2 dies even quicker than the 1st one.
2)His bone claws reach further, than the metal ones.
3)He does slightly more damage with his berserker barrage.
4)He has two less supers. Which cut back on his versatality.
5)This Wolverine, really doesn't have any good assists. The one
I suggest you select, is the Ground Type. It can be used to get
you out of cross ups, to stop dash ins, or to a certain extent,
to stop jump-ins.
- Zangief - **
Nothin' too special about him. Just another power character.
Most People don't like the 360's, because pushing up makes
them jump, before the throw is actually performed . One way
to get around this, combo the throw from a spinning lariat.
So, while your opponent is blocking the lariat, cancel it into
a special move throw (which can't be blocked). This is twice
as dangerous while an Icebeam covers him. While playing
as Iceman, if you can get your opponent corner trapped, call
out Zangief for an assist. Just think, A (jumping or standing)
fierce Icebeam, combined with a throw assist.......

- The one move kill-
It is possible to kill your opponent in just one move.
However, it must be done very specifically. Choose the team
of Iceman, B.B. Hood, and Juggernaut. Charge up 3 hyper bars.
Now get your opponent corner trapped, and stand about half,
an inch away from them. Now push both assist buttons, and
that's it, your opponent is dead! This must be done on Wolverine 2,
in order to kill, but of course, it will still do massive damage, on
anyone else. You can also use this to destroy assists. One last
thing, the guard damage is not very good, so make sure it


- The best team? -
Most people have said there is no best team. Well, they could
be right, but one team has to be the best. Cheese seems to
be the deciding factor in MvC2. MvC2 is not a game of combos,
but in fact a game of traps. I would have to say the best team
is Iceman, Dr.Doom, and Blackheart.
Let me tell you why:
1)Iceman's no block damage feature, combined with
the cheese damage on his Icebeam makes him an
excellent keep away character.
2)Doom's anti-air, can help keep your oppoenents away
from you.
3)Yes, I've heard of that Spiral, Blackheart trap. But
with Doom's anti-air, you can corner trap her early, or
use Blackheart's anti-air to track her down while you
keep her away.
4)I don't think Storm's typhoons can chip you, so
that kind of rules out the double vertical Storm/Blackheart
5)The Strider/Doom trap can be eliminated with accurate timing
of the Shake-off technique.
6)Any two of the team's members can create some truly
devestating traps.

I think thats all, but new traps are being invented all the
time. That is just my opinion of who I think the best team is.
Of course, Iceman should almost always be the active character.

8) - Iceman Strategy -


- General Offense Strategy -
The first thing you ever do before the match starts,
is determine what kind of opponent you are fighting.
There are mainly 5 types of opponents. Pixies (Strider,
Jill, Wolverine, etc.) keep-awayers (Cable, Iron-man,
Dr.Doom), all rounders (Shotos, Guile, Charlie) Power
characters (Juggernaut, Zangief), and power-speedsters
(Sabertooth, Venom).
Pixies are usually smaller, and easily taken care of with
an S.Roundhouse. You can actually play Iceman like
a pixie against keep awayers, but defense is better for
beating them, unless they can chip you. "All rounders"
are usually weak in combos, or keep away. Their
chipping abilities are not to good, and they can usually
be easily beaten with lots of mix-ups between jumping
in, and dashing. Both offense and defense will well on
them. Power characters are very fun to fight. I like
to use them as target practice. While they are far away,
you can practice aiming your Icebeam. While close up,
practice your air combos. Power-Speedsters, are the
opponents that are the tough to deal with. Their more
powerful than you, and just as fast. The only thing you've
got against them is size, and keep away skills. Play a
careful offensive game, or a good defensive one.
Most people don't realize this, but Iceman has some
very effective ground chains. Try to utilize them to
your advantage.
Anyways, here's some offensive tips, while playing
like a pixie:
Iceman has one of the best throws in the game. He
grabs his opponent, freezes them, then hurls them across
the  screen, where they are still frozen. In regular cases, the
opponent is frozen long enough for an Icebeam to combo.
In the rare case that you corner the opponent and do it,
it easily chains into a launcher(which of course leads to
an Arctic Attack). You could also use the air version after
a 2-hit air combo, land and proceed to do another air
combo into the Arctic Attack. Iceman can confuse, sorta
like Ryu. Jump in with lot's of beat punches, and throw
out lot's of weak attacks. If one breaks through, make your
opponent eat an air-combo. Never try to trade hits with
someone, 'cause you'll almost always lose. Iceman's pri-
ority, is not very good (exeptions to his C.Fierce, and
S.Roundhouse). Also, try chaining air combos, after a
successful Beat Punch. If ANYTHING goes wrong, switch to

- General Defense Strategy -
This strategy works best against keep away characters that
can't chip you. Simply shoot out Icebeams, simple as that.
Use an anti-air assist, when/if your opponent get's close to
you, if you have one (which you should). If they CAN chip
you, use offense insted.


- Specific Character Strategies -


Vs Computer
If you're trying to beat the computer with Iceman,
all you have to do is Icebeam them repeatedly,
because 99% of your projectiles will either hit, or do
some good guard damage. Against Iceman,
Just choose a good chipping assist like Spiral, or
Otherwise, try to strengthen your weakest areas,
that's what the computer is for.

Vs Human
Human Characters are usually much harder
to beat. Here's some strategies that I've created
based on my gaming experience. Dr.Doom's
anti-air assist really helps out Iceman in most
cases. I strongly suggest using him as one of
your partners.

Akuma (Gouki)
Akuma is basically a weaker Ryu, with more specials.
You will face two different kinds of Akuma opponents, the kid
that throws fireball after fireball, and the master, who will get
up close, and try to confuse the heck out of you. The fireball thrower,
should be easy enough, just Icebeam all of his fireballs till he dies.
The master, will most likely try super jump over you, expecting you
to do an H Punch Ice beam. Don't do this. Insted, either meet him
in mid-air with a shake-off kick, or dash around while he's airborne
to throw off his aim.  If he tries to land on top of you, block high,
and make him pay. If he makes any mistakes, make him eat an air combo
into "ARCTIC ATTACK!" If he just stays back keep in mind that your
Icebeam will do insane guard damage, therefore forcing him to go on
offense. At mid range use your C.Fierce or S.Roundhouse. Don't try to
trade hits with him, cause 99% of the time you will lose. Insted, go
all out on offense, or take advantage of your "cheesing abilities".
(He takes so much damage now, that one air combo into an Arctic
Attack can kill him)
It's been a while since I've played against an Amingo player.
The only advantage he has on you is his lifebar. You are much
quicker, have better offense, keep away skills, and priority (with
your S. Roundhouse). Your S. Roundhouse will actually beat out
his litlle cactus trick, and at the same time, knock him back! Try
to keep him on offense by jumping in with a beat punch, C.Short,
Launch, jump back, or air combo if the beat punch hits. Remember,
you're going to need a good anti air-assist for 95% of the game's
jump ins. And while you are on offense, watch out for that verticle
super of his.
One of the more tricky opponents in this game. If you'e going
to play keep away, super jump alot, and fire off Icebeams. Don't
stay on the ground, 'cause he CAN chip you (I think). Insted, go
straight after him. Jump in with a beat punch, if it hit's air
combo him, into your Arctic Attack if not, you will definately
need your S. Roundhouse to keep some space between the two of
you while attacking. Another thing, NEVER try to throw him,
unless included in an air combo, 'cause otherwise he will almost
always beat you to it .
B.B. Hood (Bulleta)
Iceman has his own way of dealing with smaller characters.
Don't abuse your Icebeam, unless you are trying to kill her
assists. Pixies have a bad habbit of jumping over/sliding
under projectiles, and nailing you. Insted, get close. Now
mix up you're C. Fierces, Launchers, and S. Roundhouses,
and this little red pixie will be dead in no time.
The only effective strategy I have encountered with Blackheart user
is using hisI nferno assist to do hold you in place, while someone
like Storm or Doom, chips you to death. As an assist, you can either,
dash and Icebeam him, or attack your opponent's main character
like crazy to keep him from even calling out Blackheart. Your
opponent probably won't use Blackheart as his main character. But
if, or when, he does, just block all of the projectiles, 'cause his
specials can't chip you. If he wants to get close, combo like crazy.
The only thing I would look out for is those damned basic attacks of
his that hold you in place. But those can be blocked. Blackheart
alone, should be no threat to Iceman.
Iceman is probably Cable's most hated opponent. Why? Because
he can't chip you. Heh-heh. His only chance is to rely on his
assists (if he has one) that can chip you.  If he STILL tries
to beat you in a projectile war, Icebeam the h**l out of him!!
Don't get too predictable with Icebeams though, he has a nasty
habit, of jumping over them, and nailing you with Air HVBs. If
he pulls out his assists, just, um...... Icebeam both of them!!
Don't do this if he jumps though, else you'll get nailed. If
he jumps, then super jump and block to avoid any traps he may
have in store for you. Of course, he'll probably get REALLY
P.O.ed, and come towards you! Iceman can fight a better close
range battle than Cable can. So beat the crap out of Cable!!!
(Learn to fight in real life too, 'cause he may try to beat the
crap out of YOU.)
When she uses her hooligan twist, jump back, and stuff her with an
H Punch Icebeam. Never jump over her, she's just too quick. Just sit
back and throw Icebeams, and S. Roundhouses. Shake her off if she
gets too close, or use assists. Don't play her little guessing game,
unless you're willing to lose Iceman. You've got your Icebeam, so
there's no reason to.
Captain America
His moves do more damage. He has a longer life bar. And he can
fight in the air a lot better than you can. You are quicker, and have
a beam projectile. Let him make the first move. If he drops his shield,
don't let him get it back. Iceman seems to have better comboing skills,
so wait for him to make a mistake, then show him what he leaves open.
Don't use the Icebeam unless the Cap. is at long range. Always be
looking for something to counter.
Captain Commando
Your opponent probably knows that Captain Commando can't chip
Iceman, so chances are he's going to play a very aggressive close
range fighting game. Don't try to stay away from him, cause He WILL
catch you, and NEVER use the Icebeam, unless your absolutely sure
it will hit him. Just engage in a good mix-up game with him, and
you'll be okay.
Charlie (Nash)
Charlie is not like Guile. He is quicker, weaker, has a projectile
super, and does not have the air super. If he is stupid enough to
throw a sonic boom, cebeam it immediately. Some Charlie/Guile users
like to follow in the sonic boom using it as a shield. The reach and
priority on your S.Roundhouse, are excellent, almost cheesy. It comes
out lightning quick, destroying their little "shield". A well placed
S.Roundhouse will stop jump in's therefore allowing you to chip him
to death. If you get close to him, either, block and counter, or combo
him like crazy!! All Charlie really has now, is his C.Short, C.Forward,
cancel into Flashkick super comdo. Don't be afraid to use your helpers
against this guy, 'cause he doesn't have the sonic boom typhoon.
Chun-Li now plays like a whole new character. Now insted of being
more of an all round character, she plays like a pixie, having more
speed, comboability, and the ability to jump away like h**l.
You're just as fast as her, have a beam, no guard damage,
stronger basic attacks, a life bar just as long as hers, and a move
(beat punch) that can stuff her launcher.  She can be very annoying be
'cause of the fact that she can jump a total of six times before even
touching the ground. To avoid this, try to keep her on the ground with
your Avalanche, that's what it was ment for, but use the air-borne
version, because 9 out of 10 times you'll get nailed by the recovery if
you use it on the ground. Icebeam/S.Roundhouse her kikou-ken, and her
spinning air kick. Arctic Attack, all of her supers, and use the
shake-off strategy if she gets too close.
A fellow "Child of the Atom". Keep him away as much as possible.
You can counter  ANYTHING he throws at you with an Icebeam. Use
your assists to kill his. If he is somehow able to get through this,
equip your Ice fist when you see him getting close, and get ready
to do some serious comboing. When he uses his super Armor, THC him,
or give em' an Arctic Attack, since he is left open for almost two
seconds after he uses it. Don't worry about his Super Dive. Unless
he uses it as part of a DHC, or THC, It will be highly predictable,
and punished with, what else, but an ARCTIC ATTACK!!
Cyclops will fight alot like you do, only without the
Ice shield, and with better combo-ability. There are 2
kinds of Cyclops opponents, the scrub that will fire
Optic blast after Optic blast, and of course, the master.
If all he does is shoot Optic blast after Optic blast,
Icebeam him to death. If he is able to mix his game up
well with him, then he is probably a master of Cyclops.
In this case, I quote J. Christopher when I say, "May the
best confuser win!!!".
Icebeam!! Icebeam!! Icebeam!! If he manages to get
to you then, Combo!! Combo!! Combo!! The person who
picks Dan is either a fighting game newbie, or a master
of Dan. If he's a newbie, there's nothing really to
worry about, take it kinda easy on him, but don't let
'em beat you. He may even try to play Dan like Ken or Ryu.
He'll probably never air combo you, never dash, and probably
keep calling out his assists, while mistaking them for attack
buttons. If you notice that he is able to mix up his game
well with Dan, then he is probably a master of Dan. If this
 is the case, get serious. Most people will write Dan off
as a wussy character. He's actually got good power and
comboability, and decent speed. His only real weakness,
is his lack of range. Capitalize on Dan's weakness with your
Icebeam, and assists. You're comboability is better than his,
so all he's got on you is power, and priority. Basically try
to either combo him to death, using the Beat Punch, of course,
to jump in, or try to keep him away using the Icebeam, and using
the shake off technique, or the S.Rounhouse --> H Punch Icebeam
ground chain to keep him back. Or better yet, mix-up the two.
Change between the two styles often to keep him geussing.
He's slow, and he can't fight worth a crap. Nothing
personal, I've just never ever played against a good
Dhalsim player (maybe I have, I just don't know it).
If he's a newbie you know what to do. If he is actually
good with him, expect alot of teleports and drill attacks.
Some Dhalsim users like to follow in the Yoga Fire using
it as a shield. The reach and priority on your S.Roundhouse,
is excellent, almost cheesy. It comes out lightning quick,
destroying his little "shield". A well placed S.Roundhouse
will stop jump in's, eh..uhm, his drill attack, therefore
allowing you to chip him to death. Don't jump, unless you
are trying to escape a teleport. Your H Punch Avalanche will
take care of his drill attacks nicely, but then again so will
your S.Roundhouse. This is one of the few, if not the only
opponent where your Avalanche may prove most useful.
Iceman is probably the best Anti-Doom character in the
game. Doom's Air proton shot strategy is useless against
Iceman. When he shoots it, give him a nice H Punch Icebeam.
L Punch Icebeam his Molecular shield. And block anything
else he throws at you. Eventually he'll get frustrated,
and try to combo you. In this case just engage in a nice
confusers game, and look for openings in his defense, you
mainly want to capitalize on his launcher's recovery. It's
slow, and he's left wide open for a combo, if he misses.
She is one of the top dialers in this game. Don't get corner
trapped, and don't Icebeam over and over again. Insted, go
straight after her, but vary your approaching tactics. Use
jump ins, dash ins, whatever you need to do to get close to
her. Once you get there, don't let up, until you kill her.
Try to keep her on defense, and try lots of air combos into
your Arctic Attack.
Against Iceman, Gambit has really no choice except to jump
in. Icebeam his Assists, and block his Kinetic Cards. If he
tries to dash in, use your insanely prioritized S. Roundhouse.
He's probably not dumb enough to jump up and try to hit you
with Kinetic cards, but if he is use your Icebeam to knock
him out of the air (people can do some desperate things when
their low on life). Gambit has some very damaging OTG's, so
guard carefully, and master the push block, and roll. Mix,
up your offense, and defense against him.
Guile will probably be one of your tougher opponents. His
lifebar is almost twice the size of yours, and he deals out
a lot more damage per hit than you do. You are quicker, and
have the Icebeam. If he is stupid enough to throw a sonic
boom, Icebeam or S.Rounhouse it immediately. Some Guile/Charlie
users like to follow in the sonic boom using it as a shield.
The reach and priority on your S.Roundhouse, is excellent,
almost cheesy. It comes out lightning quick, de- stroying their
little "shield". A well placed S.Roundhouse will stop jump in's
therefore allowing you to chip him to death. Keep him away as
much as you can. Feel free to block anything he throws at you,
but watch out for those throws of his, and NEVER get corner
trapped. If you do, time a guard push, or C. Fierce right, to
knock him back.  At long range try to get some good guard
damage. At close a range combo the heck out of him. But try
to avoid fighting him at close range,  since he can cancel
his Sonic Boom or Flashkick super after any button. Use your
S. Roundhouse/C.Fierce at medium  range.
Very easy to beat. Hayato, is probably the worst of the three
swordsmen. Expect a few jump ins, but mostly, dash-ins. If he
wants to use that little dashing special of his, capitalize
on the recovery, with an air combo. Try to keep him away, and
use your S. Roundhouse if he wants to get close.
He's big, slow, and can chip you with his normal attacks!
Don't worry, Iceman eat's power characters for lunch. Icebeam
him. If he gets close, give 'em an air combo into an... ARCTIC
ATTACK!!! Or just use your main ground chain.
My favorite opponent. The guy that picks Iceman is either
an idiot, or a master. Both can be equally annoying. First the
idiot. There are two kinds of idiots, defensive ones, and
offensive ones. The defensive one will just sit back and throw
avalanches and Arctic Attacks at you hoping to get some guard
damage. If he doesn't know that the Icebeam won't chip Iceman,
then he'll throw those at you insted. He probably can't fight
up close, so get up close, and beat the crap out of him. The
offensive one, will keep charging, and dashing, and jumping
in, hoping to catch you off guard, and combo you into an Arctic
Attack. This is rather amusing to watch, and even easier to
counter. Once again, you will be needing your S. Roundhouse to
take care of the dashing and charging. And all you have to do
is guard push his jump in attemps, or even just use the
S.Roundhouse. Now for the master. It's going to come down to who
the better player is. Try to get close, and capitalize on the
Icebeam's recovery with a simple, S.Roundhouse, H Punch Icebeam
combo. Cross-ups are good too. If you can't beat him, learn from
him, watch his general patterns, and stuff like tendencies to air
combo at certain times, and in certain ways. Then use what you
have learned, to counter his mistakes.
Iron Man
Another easy match. Remember how energy based attacks don't give
you any guard damage?? There you go. Block the unibeam, and even
the Proton Cannon. If he actually tries to combo you, be very
carefeul. I've learned that Iron-man's Proton cannon is actually
comboable. If you're hit by the Proton cannon, you will lose lot's
of lifebar. Use your S. Roundhouse and try to keep him away
(because of the Repulsor Blast,you can't jump in with beat punches).
Eventually he'll grow impatient, and use his mid-air smart bombs.
When this happens, You can either use your H Punch Icebeam, or
meet him in mid-air with an L Punch Icebeam. You must not forget
about your launcher and S. Roundhouse, to knock him back if he
gets too friendly.
She will try to combo the h**l out of you!! Your anti-air
assist will take care of her jump-ins, your Icebeam will knock
out those zombies, and of course, your S. Roundhouse, for the
dash-ins, and jump-ins. When you use the S.Roundhouse as an
anti-air, try to predict where your opponent will land, and
try to make them land on it. Try super jumping, and giving
her a mid air H Punch Icebeam. Play some good defense, or you'll
be dead in no time. Also, I've learned, from Ms. "Aya Brea's" Jill
FAQ, that little pixies, such as Jill, like to cross up guys like
Iceman. If your S.Roundhouse fails to knock her back, master the
super jump, or use a dash/expansion/projectile assist to help
uncross you. The S.Roundhouse can even knock back her animals,
and zombies.
Super jump, Icebeam. When he gets close, stay on the ground,
beat him back then repeat. Arctic Attack his Jin Cyclone, and
super jump his Blodia Punch. 'Nuff said.
Don't let Juggernaut be a problem for you. Stay back and
fire off Icebeams as fast as you can! If you don't want to look
like a coward, then jump in with a beat punch, C. Short,
C. Roundhouse, Air combo, ARCTIC ATTACK!! Or dash in if you want
to, but you can easily get nailed if you do. If you can keep him
guessing between jumping in, leading to an air combo, and ground
chains leading to an Icebeam/air combo, he's as good as dead. I
love it when he tries to land on Iceman with his body slam. The
angle of your H-Punch Icebeam, is perfect for nailing him in the
Mr. Close range -V.S.- Mr. Long range. All of Ken's most
effective combos are jump-ins. Shotos will usually jump in, and
almost NEVER dash in. Use your  Anti-air assist, or your launcher,
to take care of jump ins, and your S. Roundhouse to counter dash
in attempts. Try to keep him away. If he gets to you, air combo
him (they hate that) and repeat. Just watch out, 'cause like Guile,
he too can cancel his horizontal super after any button.
This will could be your toughest fight (aside from Spiral).
He has a combo ability rivaling even Spider-man, and perhaps
the best launcher in the game! You have your S. Roundhouse,
and your Ice Shield. If he plays keep away, go on offense,
unless he flies, then block everything, and try hitting him
with an Icebeam, or an airborne Avalanche. Try jumping in
with a 2 hit, Beat Punch, S.Roundhouse combo, and chain lots
o' Icebeams from some S.Roundhouses. Use the S. Roundhouse
to take care of dash-ins, and jump ins. Sound easy?
Well, maybe....
Probably not a fight you'll come across that often. Marrow
is going to either throw lots of bones at you, or try to
combo you like crazy. Her keep away strategies can not match
yours, so just fight cheese with cheese. If she tries to combo
you, and she probably will, use the "Shake Off" technique
that I've been preaching about this entire FAQ! (S. Roundhouse,
M. Bison (Vega)
Another fight that you're not very likely to come across. Bison
takes damage just as well, if not better than Guile. Don't try to
cheese him to death, he has too many ways of getting around this.
Insted use a do just the opposite, and mix-up your ground chains,
and air combos.
Mega-man (Rock-man)
Throughout my entire playing experience I've encountered two types
of Mega-man players. The one who will jam the H punch button and
try to combo you into it, and the one who pulls out his Juggernaut,
or Dr.Doom assist and fires off Mega busters first one high then one
low, and that's all he does. To take care of the H Punch jammer,
try to hit him as much as possible. Jump in with an L Kick, then air
combo him into an ARCTIC ATTACK!! If you're both on the ground,
you will need your S. Roundhouse to keep some space in between you
while that little midget eats the ice from your S. Roundhouse. That
was easy, but this one may not be. Now for Mr. Mega buster. Don't
stay back and block, insted super jump and fire off Icebeams as fast
as you possibly can!! If he gets close, handle him the same way as
the first guy.
Morrigan will fight alot like the shotos do, but she will try
to DHC you into her Soul Eraser. She never really gives me that
much of a problem. Keep a good look out if you sense an air combo
coming, but try not to even let her get that close to you. Your
S.Roundhouse can give Iceman total ground dominance.
Omega Red
Omega red has great combo-ability, and a keep away strategy
almost as great as yours. Notice I said almost. Super jump alot,
and try to keep him away. If he gets to you, shake him off as
quickly as possible. Or play like a pixie, mixing up your
S.Roundhouse chain into Icebeam combo, and your launcher that,
of course, leads to air combos. Don't forget about his blockable
Expect lots of combos, and corner trap attemps.
Show her what she leaves open by answering her mistakes with
some combos of your own. You're gonna need your guard push
to get some breathing room. If she doesn't try to combo you, then
she will try that cheap air Psy-blast game. Knock her out of the
air with an H Punch Icebeam if she does this. You can see her
teleport coming a mile away, so when this happens, stay back and
block. She'll be left wide open if she doesn't connect with it,
so punish away.
Rogue is a good close range fighter, with that stupid
kiss of hers. DON'T LET HER KISS YOU. If you play Iceman
correctly against her, you don't even need to worry about
that, 'cause you'll be keeping her away the whole match.
If she is some how able to get to you use your S. Roundouse,
Launcher or Shake-Off kick to get her off of you. Don't
forget that an S.Roundhouse easily chains into an Icebeam.
If she misses with a kiss attempt, capitalize on the recovery
with an air-combo, or a ground chain, if you don't have the
bar(s) for an Arctic Attack.
Roll is sort of like a toned down Megaman. If you're both on the
ground, you will need your S. Roundhouse to keep some space in
between you while that little midget eats the ice from your
S. Roundhouse. Roll's fireball comand is much more complicated
than Mega-man's so she probably cannot use Mega-man's fire
ball strategy. If she can, then handle her the same way as Mega-
man but don't worry about the H Punch charging strategy, 'cause
she can't charge her Roll Busters.
Ruby Heart
The French Pirate gal will fight alot like Jin does,
but with a Hyper Combo that is rediculously easy to combo
into. Your best bet is to play keep away. Mix up your
launchers, S. Roundhouses, and C. fierces to get her off
of you, if she gets to you. You can actually super jump her
ship super, if you time it just right. Don't worry about
blocking her other supers, unless they connect, you'll
barely suffer any damage at all.
Ryu is probably the most misused character in this game.
He is as average as average gets. Most Ryu users hate guys
like Iceman, 'cause he is a "cheese" character. Iceman can
confuse sort of like Ryu, so you'll have to base your
strategy, on what he does. If you're playing against an old
school Ryu, your Icebeam will literally, destroy him. If he
actually knows what he's doing, expect lot's of jump ins.
Use the S. Roundhouse to take care of dash ins. Iceman has a
pattern very simmilair to Ryu's old Jumping H Kick, crouching
H kick pattern. I've noticed, that some Ryu users like to
fire off fireballs, and follow them in, and jump over you.
Iceman's S.Roundhouse can easily rule out this strategy.
Try jumping in with lot's of beat punches, since they can
actually beat out Dragon punches, and then attempt a launch
into an air combo. Ground chains have become Ryu's best
friend. I think his Jumping H Punch, or Kick has better
priority than your launcher, but not the S.Rounhouse. Force
him to dash in by using your anti-air assist to beat out his
jump-in attempts. Otherwise, just play like a coward, and
fire off lot's of Icebeams.
Chun-Li wasn't the only one that was drastically toned down.
Even though Sabertooth suffered at the hands of Capcom in this
game, he is still very powerful. Use your S. Roundhouse against
him. Jump in alot, and combo away. Keep away is good too.
Or try to get him to fight you in the air, and abuse your Shake-
off kicks, Beat punches, and Icebeams. Just don't get caught in
one of Sabertooth's nasty air combos, or you'll regret it.
Tsk. Tsk. Tsk. Personally, I've never encounered an effective
strategy against a Sakura user. As you probably already know,
she can be even more annoying than Servebot. Her only chance
against you, is to play aggresively. Remember how you can push
block in this game(press both punches while blocking)? Push
block her Sho-ryu-ken, and Tastu-maki wannabees, and Icebeam
or even use the S.Rounhouse on that crappy fireball of hers.
Use the "Shake off Technique" if all else fails.
I take back what I said about Iceman, THIS GUY is my
favorite opponent!! Sentinel is a perfect combination,
of Iron-man and Colossus, only bigger, slower, and
slightly stronger. Expect a projectile game, and fight
cheese with cheese! If he has the nerve to try to beat you
in a fist fight, make him regret it. Big opponents like him
are like combo-magnets. Hit him with lot's of air combo's
if this is the case, but be careful, 'cause, he only needs
to land one of those cheap rocket punches to really screw
you up.
Servebot (Kobun)
SERVEBOT!!!! This uh... thing, can be very annoying if
you let him. Good thing you have your S. Roundhouse.
And that's all you really need (unless he jumps, then
you could use your launcher). Other than that, just
Icebeam his assists, and of course, if he moves in on you,
S. Roundhouse. Super jump his horizontal supers and Arctic
Attack the vertical one. Servebot chooses his supers, by
choosing an assist type. The Projectile type, will give
him the horizontal lunch rush. The Anti-Air assist type,
will give him his vertical super, and the balance type
will give him the full screen super. No matter what assist
type he chooses, he will always have his "King Servbot"
super. Don't waste your Arctic Attack on him unless it's
gonna connect. It just do enough guard damage for what
it's worth.
Treat Shuma' kinda' like a "combo crazy" Guile. He actually
has traits of the pixie, as this guy not only runs fast and
combos hard, but he has anti-turtling properties and can
regain life by throwing. Your S.Rounhouse will beat out all
of his main projectiles. If he uses the Chaos Dimension,
run away, and fire off Icebeams, and airborne Avalanches to
keep him away till his Chaos Dimension time runs out. Stick
to the ground and use your S.Roundhouse when he tries to get
close to you. Mastery of it's timing is one of the keys to
playing Iceman to his fullest extent. Otherwise, use your
Icebeam to keep him back.
Silver Samurai
Keep him back! If he get's close use the "Shake Off"
technique. If you don't you will lose a good fraction of
your lifebar to guard damage. Most of his attacks seem
to have slow recovery, so capitalize on this with....
anything! Just be resonable, obviously you will need to
use a combo. Because of his sword, he can change styles
when ever he wants, but he loses 1 power bar. You need
not worry too much about this. But don't try to out chip
him, even if you win, you'll be badly injured. If you
gotta chip him, super jump, and fire some H Punch Icebeams
down at him. This helps avoid some guard damage. Samurai
is much slower than you, so look for ways to capitalize
on his mistakes.
Sonson is not used very often. But all she is, is another
pixie. Beating her is quite simple. Mix it up. At long
range, Icebeam her. At short range shake her off. Your
S.Rounhouse actually beats out those little monkies of
hers. I guess you could engage in a combo game if you want
Spidey is like Iceman's opposite. Swat him out of the air
if with an H Punch Icebeam he is dumb enough to abuse that
stupid "Air web ball" strategy, but if he doesn't do this,
he'll try to combo you like crazy! Show 'em what he leaves
open with a move of your choice, once you beat him back,
Icebeam him. If you just can't get him off, answer his
combo's with some combo's of your own. If he tries to jump
in, back-up, and try to make him land on your S.Roundhouse.
The "Shake Off technique will prove most useful here.
I hate her, in fact I think it's safe to say, that unless
she's on your team, EVERYONE hates her. You're screwed if
you can't time an Icebeam right. And even if you can, if
she has the right assists (like Blackheart) you're even more
screwed. In situations like these, you need to have the right
assists as well. Either mix up your Icebeams, and Avalanches,
or go for an instant anti-air assist (CapC, CapA) or just
Dr. Doom. There are mainly two ways to beat her. Select
Dr. Doom as one of your parners, and select his Anit-Air
assist, you will almost have to RELY on this to beat her. If
she doesn't have Blackheart, or Storm, stay back and call out
Dr.Doom while you jump up, and fire off Icebeams, then land,
and fire off Icebeams then repeat. If she does have Blackheart,
and/or Storm, then at the start of the match, get close to whom-
ever is starting. As soon as the voice says "BEGIN!", immediately,
and simultaneously, jump up, and summon Dr.Doom. If you land on
the other side of her, make a "Spiral Sandwhich" and use the
projectile cross-up technique (SEE Assists section). Block as
Doom's rocks hit her in the back, then follow up with an Arctic
Attack, or just your launcher. If you land in front her, throw
as many attacks as you can before Doom jumps off. Then repeat.
Most people will choose her, just so they can try to chip
you to death. The only way she can chip you is if she uses
her Ice Storm. Do not try to beat Storm in a projectile
battle, it's just too cheap. Insted engage in a "combo crazy"
game. Jump the to avoid her horizontal Typhoons, and dash
or super jump to avoid her vertical ones. You could even
Icebeam her before she finishes the word typhoon, to keep
it from even coming out. The Lightning Storm can be super
jumped, or blocked, and the Ice Storm, starts up almost as
slow as War-Machine's Proton Cannon. Try not to let her fly
away, when you see her go up, try to nail her with an Icebeam,
or Avalanche.If she still get's away, super jump, and at the
peak of your jump, try to hit her with an H Kick Avalanche
(since there is no blocking in  flight mode [applies to anyone
that can fly]). While fighting in close quarters, keep an
eye out for those nasty air combos of hers. If she starts
dashing, around doing that crazy stuff, launch, or use the
S.Roundhouse to stop the dashing, then punish away. She
seem's to be good at air to air fighting, so try lot's of
ground chains to puy her away.
Strider Hiryu(u)
Stay in the corner, simple as that. Since he's smaller, than
you try lot's of S.Rounhouses to shake him off. Super jump
when you see the Legion, or the Ouroboros coming. Other than
that, throw an Icebeam, or two, then be ready to block, else,
he'll teleport above you, and then, bye-bye Iceman.
T(ron) Bonne
What's the deal? How come she has a fourth character on her
team? Oh well. Treat her supers the same way as you would
Servbot's. I'm not sure if she can choose her supers though.
Super jump, and Icebeam alot, and look for openings in her
defense, for an opportunity to air combo into the Arctic
The ol' Marvel Super Heroes boss is back. He's been toned
down so much, that now, he RELIES on his assists more than
he should have to. Against anyone you face you should always
make sure you have the right assists (I reccomend Dr.Doom).
Thanos will fight alot like Doom does, but slower, and more
powerful. Don't jump in, 'cause 9 out of 10 times you get
nailed by the Gauntlet Soul, or Gauntlet Space. Insted try
to dash in alot, and air combo into your Arctic Attack. Super
jump and Icebeam if you detect the Gauntlet Reality coming.
Fighting Venom, will be a mental test for you. Lucky for
Iceman, one of his basic attacks has INSANE priority. Look
for opportunities to Air combo into your Arctic Attack. Super
jump and Icebeam alot to charge up you're hyper meter. If you
get close, mix up your C. Fierces, and S.Roundhouses, and
watch out for that hated throw of his, 'cause he can combo
you from it.
This guy may be a little bit more of a probelm than
his Armored friend. It just all depends on how you
look at it. In case you haven't noticed War Machine
can chip you (ALOT easier than Iron Man can). But
even so, still an easy match. Deal with his smart bombs
the same way as you would Iron Man's. Don't block
his Shoulder Cannons unless you're willing to lose almost,
if not, ALL of your lifebar to guard damage. Insted, duck
the high one's, and Icebeam him. For the low ones,
simply hop them and... Ice beam him. His Proton Cannon
shouldn't be a problem either. Just super jump, and give
him an ARCTIC ATTACK, before he can even finish the word
"Cannon"!! Don't forget about your launcher and S. Round-
house, if he wants to get close.
Wolverine 1 (Metal)
Another close range fighter. Stay back and Icebeam.
If you haven't already guessed, use your S. roundhouse to
shake him off, and launcher to stop jump ins. If YOU jump
in, use the beat punch, but watch out for the Fatal Claw.
Wolverine 2 (Bone)
Doesn't get much easier than this. Handle him the same way
as the first one, except you don't have to worry about the
Fatal Claw 'cause he doesn't have it!!
Not as easy as you might think. His Spinning Lariat thing can
pass right through your Icebeam. Time it right, or fight close
range. Seriously. Even though he's bigger, you still have more
reach (with your S. Roundhouse), and you're still quicker. I
just recently found, that Zangief can cancel either of his
Spinning Lariats, into a Final Atomic Buster. To avoid this
simply master the guard push. Also, be very careful in close
quarters, one lucky Spinning Piledriver can easily hurt Iceman.


9) - Abyss Strategies -

This guy is so easy to beat, it's not even funny.

1st form -      I hate this guy. He is big, slow, and can't block.
=======         Before the match begins, get as close to him as
                you can. As soon as the match starts, quickly hit
                him once, jump over him and give him an Arctic
                Attack, before he has a chance to turn around.
                There goes 1/3 of his lifebar. After you do that, jump
                over him, once on the other side, hit him with this
                combo, S.Short, S.Forward, S.Roundhouse, then as
                soon as he turns completely around jump over him
                and repeat. When the little blue energy spots come,
                if they do, super jump, insted of jumping to the
                other side of him. Then continue to repeat what you
                were doing. As soon as you get charged up for
                another super, give it to him in the back. Three
                Arctic Attacks should kill him. (NOTE: Block immed-
                iately if you see him  stand up straight, and raise
                one arm. This means he's about to use his "rain"
                super, which shouldn't do any guard damage.
                Also watch out if his head goes slightly back, and
                his arms, go up. This means he's about to charge at
                you which DOES cause guard damage. To avoid
                this, either time a jump right, or super jump straight
                up so he will dash under you. Once on the other
                side of him, dash, don't walk, and be prepared for
                him to try it again.)

2nd form -       This stupid looking green thing that just stands
========         there, laughs, and can't block. Two words. "ICE
                 BEAM". Just do that over and over again till he
                 dies.  Don't fire them as fast as you can, 'cause
                 that stupid beam, or that super, of his, will hit you
                 while you recover from an Icebeam. Insted, fire
                 an Icebeam, then block. Then repeat. When the
                 bubbles come, all you have to do is super jump,
                 and fire an H Punch Icebeam to pop all three of
                 them. If he tries to "teleport" close to you to try
                 and corner trap you, super jump to the other side
                 of the screen, and continue what you were doing.
                 Repeat this until he dies. Don't waste your supers
                 on this form.

3rd form -      This big giant red monster. It looks tough, but its
=======         actually very easy to beat. You should be charged
                up after what you did to the 2nd form. At the start
                of the match, get as far away as you can, and block.
                You won't suffer any guard damage from the flames,
                so just wait for him to re-apear. As soon as he re-
                appears, get close to him, line up even with his
                head, and give him the Arctic Attack, if you don't
                have the bars for one, or don't think you'll be quick
                enough, stab him under the chin, with an S.Roundouhse
                insted. To get charged up for an Arctic Attack, super
                jump, away from him of course, and repeatedly throw
                J.Roundhouses. Ignore the ore, 'cause unless you're
                right underneath it, you'll likely get nailed if you
                try to hit it. Block anything that he throws at you.
                The only thing of his that will chip you is his "Venom
                Fang", so super jump to avoid it, if you can anticipate
                it. Repeat this til' you kill 'em.

Did you get a perfect victory?
10)- Other Stuff

- Using Iceman's "true power"
To use Iceman's "true power", in this game, use the Ice fist (See Move list)
and Iceman will create an Iceball that he can use in battle for a short time.
If you do Iceman's taunt, He'll un-freeze himself, and you will get to see Human
Iceman!![then he'll freeze again])

- Animations -
  - The word "ICEMAN" is spelled out in ice, and turned
    vertically on it's side, with the "N" facing downwards.
    It then chips away, as Iceman spins around and faces
    his opponent in his standing animation.
  - Iceman Stands in  the classic Dhalsim stance.
    He stands completley still. If you stand there for
    a second, he will flash, as light reflects off him.
    I'm not sure about his fighting style.
(Before match starts)
- Iceman walks like.... a penguin?
(After match starts)
-Iceman walks while standing almost straight up, keeping his
 hands at his hips, moving only his arms and his legs.
  - Iceman uses his Ice Shield.
Win by K.O:
  - Iceman unfreezes, holds up two fingers, and says, "Yeah!"
  - Iceman creates an ice structure of his opening animation.
    He then folds his arms and leans against it.
  - Iceman creates an "Ice Statue" of himself. The statue is
    giving you a thumbs up. He then unfreezes himself and
    puts his arm around it like they are buddies.
Win by Time Over:
  - Iceman unfreezes, and smiles at you.
Lose by Time Over:
  - Iceman bends over, and puts both hands on his head, like
    he's ducking from something.
Lose by K.O.
  - Iceman lays there, unconsious, with his stomach facing
    upward, his mouth open, and his eyes closed. Yet he still
    flahes as if he were still standing..........


- Voices -
These are just the voices and sounds Iceman
makes in this game, in certain situations.

During (a[n]):

Taunt/Some win poses:
> "Yeah"

Loss by K.O.:
> "Aaaahh...!"

basic attacks:
> "Ahll!"

Shake Off Kick/
Beat Punch:

Punch Throw:

Kick Throw:
> "Ahll!"

> "Icebeam!"

> "Ahll!"

Arctic Attack:


- Stotyline of MvC2? -
Well, for the past 5 years or so, the X-Men
have had a war going on between them, and the
Street Fighters. But as the years went on, the war
got more and more out of hand. It got to the
point where it was not just the X-Men versus
Street Fighters anymore, but now it was getting
to where other Capcom and Marvel characters
were getting involved. The war went on until
one day, they learned that Apocalypse, angry
over his past defeats, had created a monster
called Abyss, that must be sealed up immediately.
If not taken care of, Abyss could cause some
serious damage. So the Capcom characters met
up with the Marvel characters, and found out that
Abyss was hiding out on a hidden island, somewhere
in the sky. Ruby Heart, a french pirate woman,
volunteered to take them on her flying ship. So
they rode the ship to the island in the clouds, but
the war between Marvel, and Capcom was still
going on. Fights broke out on the ship, and kept on
doing so after they arrived at the Island. When they
arrived at the island, while everyone else was fighting,
Ryu, a warrior from Capcom sent to help seal-up Abyss,
began searching around the island looking for Abyss
when he ran into a little girl, called B.B.Hood (Bulleta
for the Japanease), and a cactus man called Amingo.
Both were inhabitants of the island and knew where
Abyss was hiding, and decided to take him there.
Ryu explained the situation with the war, and how no-
one could get along long enough to join together and
seal-up Abyss. So, Ryu, B.B. Hood, and Amingo decided to
to try and break up the fight, and teamed together.
So they fought, siding with no-one, to try and break-up
this catastrophy. After the war calmed down a little bit,
the characters, finally stopped fighting, and decided to
(temporarily) join together to defeat Abyss. When
Amingo, and B.B. Hood led them to Abyss, Abyss
like Apocalypse, was defeated, and the world was
safe once again. Everyone boarded Ruby Heart's
ship, even B.B Hood and Amingo, and went on
home. Is the war between  Marvel, and Capcom

(That's just my version of the story. Actually, I don't
think MvC2 even has a storyline. Look at the
characters, and backgrounds, and past games in
the V.S. series, and decide for yourself.)

11)-Beating Iceman
Iceman is not a very easy character to beat. If all he does, is Icebeam the
whole match, either pick a good long range chipper (War-Machine, Spiral),
and chip him to death, or a good close range fighter (Jill, Ken, etc.), and
cross him up. Actually, cross-ups are probably your best chance against him.
Doom's anti-air assist, is good for cross ups. If it hits, it will open your opp-
onent up to almost any move in the game.

(If you don't know what a cross-up is, find out about the projectile cross-up
technique in the "Iceman's Assists" section.)

12)-Character Rating
These are the six factors that make-up a character (offense, defense, power,
speed, recovery, and comboability). I have rated Iceman's attributes on a
scale of 1 to 10. 1 being the lowest, and 10 being the highest.

Offense - 5 - Iceman was not designed to be played offensively.
His offense kind of sucks. He does have his S. Roundhouse, and a
few other basic attacks, but he's nowhere near Wolverine, or Ken.
On the other hand, he's not as slow as, Zangief, for example, and
he has decent reach. I give Iceman a respectable 5.

Defense - (Varies) -  Iceman's defense all depends on who you are
facing. Agansit opponents that use energy based attacks, he gets
a 10, because of the fact that he suffers no guard damage from
those kinds of attacks. Aganst, characters that can chip him, I
would give him a 7.5 due to the fact, that his Ice Shield is useless
against them. However, Iceman is blessed with good keep away
skills, any keep awayer has good defense. Overall, I give his defense,
a 9.

Power - 3.5 - I counted power not only as the amount of damage
that his basic attacks deliver, but also how he takes damage. Ice-
man's basic attacks do "pixie" damage, and if a super hits him, then
he can easily lose 1/4 of his lifebar. Power is Iceman's biggest weak-
ness, he recieves a 3.5 here.

Speed - 8 -  He's no Jill, but Iceman has pretty good speed. Most of
his moves have good start-ups, and are fairly quick. His speed is just
good enough to recieve an 8.

Recovery - 8 - His Icebeam, Avalanche, and all of his basic attacks
have good recovery. His Icefist starts up slow, and the recovery on
the Arctic Attack is not so good eirher. Iceman barely sneaks by with
an 8.

Comboability - 6 - One of the coolest things about Iceman, is that he
is one of the few keep awayers with some combo-ability. He has
better comboing skills than that of Iron-man/War-machine, and his
combos do good damage, but they are not as easy to do as Spidey's, or

Overall Rating - 7 - Iceman takes some practice to get used to, but
once you do, you can win with him comfortably. He's is kind of an all
rounder, and he can be cheap if he needs to be, but he is definately
not the best character in the game (as far as skill goes anyway). In
conclusion I give our frozen hero an overall rating of 7.


- Revisions -

0.1 - Started faq. Typed table of contents. (11/16/00)
0.2 - Put in Move List. Typed Abyss Strategies. Did Abbreviations.
                 Typed Specific Character Strategies Section, Vs Computer,
                 Vs Human, Akuma(Gouki) - Felicia. Pasted in the Legal Section.
0.3 - Updated Specific Character Strategies section.
0.4 - Added more Strategies.
0.5 - Added even more strategies.
0.6 - Added Ryu and M. Bison Strategies, changed some other stuff.
0.7 - Added even MORE strategies.
0.8 - Edited strats some more. Edited the "About Iceman" section.
       Put in the "Shake Off technique"
0.9 - Switched some stuff.
1.0 - Added the "Combos" section
1.1 - Finished Specific Character strategis section. (For now anyway)
1.2 - Added "Cool Stuff", and "Iceman's Assists".
1.3 - Edited legal section, Put in "Iceman the character", changed layout.
1.4 - Corrected some spelling errors.
1.5 - Added "Beating Iceman", "Character Rating".
1.6 - Fixed some spacing errors.
1.7 - Added "Partnering up Iceman", and "What and how assists help Iceman".
1.8 - Added "General Offense, Defense" strategies. Edited "Best Partners" section.
       Put in "Cool Partners".
1.9 - Added "Animations". Fixed Some spelling errors.
2.0 - Put in Intro., General move commands, and basic attacks (Finally).
2.1 - Edited "Partnering up Iceman" section. Added Ice Sheild Info.
2.2 - Added, the "one move kill".
2.3 - Edited Specific Character Strategies.
2.4 - Added Iceman's infinite combo.
2.5 - Finished "Partnering up Iceman" section.
2.6 - Added Iceman's "Killer Cround Chain". Edited Character Strat's.
2.7 - Added "Storyline of MvC2?".
2.8 - Added more combos.
2.9 - Edited Abyss strats, and other character strats.
3.0 - Edited combos.
3.1 - Edited Abyss strats, and other character strats.
3.2 - Changed a few things (nothing major).
      Added the finishing touches.

 - Credits -

Thanks to:
- J. Christopher, for telling me how to write a(n) FAQ

- ReCharred Sigh for giving me some FAQ writing tips

- gamefaqs.com for posting this

- Marvel for creating Iceman

- My buddy, CKJoker, for giving me the idea for my new name

- Those who contributed to this FAQ

- And Capcom for creating perhaps the best fighting game
  ever (but where's Deadpool, and Ghost Rider, and Archangel?)

Good Luck.

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