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***The Ultimate Mission: Impossible FAQ***
Author: marshmallow ([email protected])

Geez, you'd think with a great (well, most of the time) game like this 
there would be more FAQS, hence more _good_ ones. Yet most of them are 
either incomplete or too vague...So I guess it's up to me to clean up 
the mess. 

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = 
Version 1.0

Revision History: 

June 5th ,1999 - Spellchecked, and revised a few of the level 

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = 
1) My Opinion
2) The Basics of Being a Spy
3) Weapons
4) Gadgets 
5) Missions
6) Codes and Secrets
7) Legal Junk
8) Credits
9) Farewell/Final Notes

1) My Opinion

I have mixed feelings about this game. So I'll just split this section 
into two mini-sections...

PROS: Some of the levels will make you wow in awe, not just at the 
graphics, but at the sheer originality of the level design and the way 
everything works out (Embassy immediately comes to mind). The music is 
also a big plus, which is mainly remixed M:I themes. Of course, how can 
you go wrong with one of the most world-renown music scores? 

The sheer amount of gadgets and information in this game is just 
breathtaking. For example, going to the characters section (at the pause 
screen) on the first mission will reveal a little bio of each character. 
Go to the 2nd mission, and it's all different! Then there's the Mission 
Briefings done in full-voice, along with a cinema. I was not expecting 
that, and I was very impressed with it. In fact, the only thing they got 
wrong with them was at the end they say "This mission, if you decide to 
accept it..." should really be "This mission, if you CHOOSE to accept 
it..." I know, it's quite insignifagent, but really...

CONS: On the otherhand, some levels will make you barf in awe at the 
small amount of work done on it (CIA Rooftop springs to mind)...It's 
unbelievable! In some levels (again, CIA Rooftop) there are so many 
glitches it's difficult to complete the level...For example, in the 
Train Car, when beating the guards with your fists, sometimes this one 
guard will not die! Then I fail my mission because that Max girl blows 
the train up...or I die first.

Then there are the soldiers...ick! Shooting a guard in the head does 
result in death, but it takes about (on the average) a second or so for 
him to fly backwards and die. Thus is appears as if I didn't kill him, 
so I fire again, only to find that the poor collision detection was at 
fault (NOTE: This does not always happen, but it happens often enough to 
bring up). And this is even worse due to the small amount of ammo you 
get (but the small ammo part is GOOD because it means you just can't run 
around firing your guns). 

Overall, an above-average game with a few flaws that keep it from being 
an A++ Title. 

And everyone wines because of lack of replay value..OK, Einstein, what 
would YOU do if you were the Designers? Huh? Well? I'm all ears...

Well, OK, they could have made you earn the cheats...   =)

2) Basics of Being a Spy

It seems like the majority of people expected this to be the next 
GoldenEye, where you blow hundreds of soldiers up and then you might 
have a few objectives thrown in. Nu-uh, sorry. This is more of a Spy-
Simulator than GoldenEye ever was, even in it's most spy-less (I can 
create my own words if I want to...!) levels. This game was never MEANT 
to be GoldenEye, and you have to understand that. 


A - Jump. Also an action button when the communicator lights up red [See 
"Gadgets Section"]

B - Opens up inventory. Once it is open, it is used to scroll through 
weapons. And this magical  
    button also confirms things (i.e. The Mine is highlighted...press B 
to use!).

C Left - Scroll through Gadgets in inventory

C Down - Crouch (stationary)

R - Bring up target and switches to a semi-1st person view. 

Z - Shoot gun 

Digital Pad - Change camera angles. You won't use this much, but it is 
useful when looking  
              around corners without being seen.

Start - Pauses game (duh...yup!)

Analog Stick: Moves character and target (during 1st-person view). 
ANOTHER no-brainer...

3) Weapons

7.65 Silenced 
Looks: A black pistol...
Game's Description: Very silent, very deadly. No IMF agent would risk 
death without it. 

9mm Hi Power
Looks: A gray pistol...
Game's Description: Standard street weapon needs no introduction. 
Imprecise, noisy, hazardous when pointing at you.

Rocket Launcher
Looks: A short, gray device with a rather large hole at the end. Rockets 
look like sparkles...
Game's Description: A nice little hand Rocket Launcher. Very portable. 
Ideal for agents on the move.

Dart Gun
Looks: A watergun, to tell the truth! It has that little green bottle at 
the top and everything! :)
Game's Description: Used with sleep-inducing darts. Up to 20 rounds can 
be stored in one clip. Quite powerful and very silent.

My note: It kills people in some missions (majority), and puts others to 
sleep in others

Electro Stunner
Looks: A fish
Game's Description: Sends a 40,000 volt of shock that will electrify the 
recipient. Leaves victim unconscious, but doesn't kill (My note: That's 
funny, it always kills for me...)

Sniper Rifle
Looks: See GoldenEye's...
Game's Description: High precision rifle with very powerful telescope.

Looks: A metal thingy-ma-bob
Game's Description: Popular black market item. Compact, automatic, 
frequently seen in criminal circles and major motion pictures.

Fire Extinguisher
Looks: ...kidding, right?
Game's Description: Funny, it doesn't have one...Well, just point and 

Blow Pipe
Game's Description: Primitive weapon best utilized when discretion is 
essential. One advantage is that it doesn't react to metal detectors.

4) Gadgets

Communicator (used in every mission)
Game's Description: Miniaturized communication device that doubles as a 
database with info about the mission in progress.

Gas Injector
Game's Description: Very powerful and compact device. Used in closed 
areas, can render almost an entire army unconscious in seconds.

Explosives (TNT)
Game's Description: Combined with radio controlled detonator makes for 
great fireworks.

Game's Description: Standard equipment. Radio controlled, requires no 
special installation. 

Game's Description: Standard IMF sabotage device. Detonation can be set 
on contact, depth, or height.

AF Scan
Game's Description: When installed near an emitting device makes IMF 
communication completely undetectable.

Face Maker (Used in almost every mission)
Game's Description: The most useful IMF gadget of all. Foam cartridges 
will reproduce any face with 100% accuracy. Time and temperature can 
affect the duration of the mask. A lot of laughs at Langley Alumni 
reunion dinners.

Plastic Explosive
Game's Description: Can be used in minute quantities to blow away small 
equipment. Shoot to activate it without fuse.

Gas Capsules
Game's Description: Small capsule thrown to the ground produce the same 
results as the gas injector. Works well in open spaces, but their 
effects dissipate quickly.

Explosive Gum
Game's Description: Looks like Christmas (My note: It's red and green if 
you must know). Press red to green, stick somewhere and get away. Five 
seconds later it will blow your adversary into New Year's. Best not to 

Finger Scanner
Game's Description: For copying a person's fingerprints and reusing them 
for access to areas protected by digital scanners.

Game's Description: An electromagnetic scrambler for disturbing 
instrument readings and radar.

Game's Description: A special device used to create passage in security 
laser barriers.

Miniature Camera
Game's Description: Miniature video camera, can be easily placed to 
record hard-to-get-at information like digital codes.

IR Contact Lens
Game's Description: Infra Red Contact Lenses enable security personnel 
to visualize invisible security lasers without otherwise altering their 

Pass Card
Game's Description: Candice's magnetic access card will allow Ethan to 
start the computer and lock the room from the outside.

Game's Description: Ethan will download the NOC List on this disk after 
starting the computer.

Virus Disk
Game's Description: Candice has devices a nasty virus that will shut 
down security systems as soon as the disk is inserted in the mainframe 

Smoke Generator
Compact gizmos give impression a serious fire's broken out. Duration 
limited. Great for clearing areas, creating panic, and assuring yourself 
a seat on the metro at rush hour.

Blow Pipe
Game's Description: Primitive weapon best utilized when discretion is 
essential. One advantage is that it doesn't react to metal detectors.

Nausea Powder
Game's Description: Tiny dose mixed in a drink will result in nasty 
stomach upset. Guaranteed to stall victim in restroom for hours.

Video Freezer
Game's Description: Electronic jewel that blocks all flow of multimedia 

5) Missions

Note: All of this is done in the IMPOSSIBLE MODE setting

I also apologize for including the briefings and everything...I know 
it's just hogging up space. I'll try not to do it in future games 
(Perfect Dark anybody?)

                       MISSION # 1: ICE HIT  

Good morning Mr. Phelps. It seems that an international weapons dealer 
has set up operations in an abandoned World War II Submarine Base. He is 
planning to sell 12 medium range missiles to an enemy country. Your 
mission, if you decide to accept it, is to sabotage the submarine 
carrying the missiles. As always, if any of your IMF team are caught, or 
killed, the secretary will disavow any knowledge of your actions. This 
message will self-destruct in five seconds...good luck, Jim.

That's what it basically was. I couldn't type everything as fast as the 
voice said it.

Team for this Mission:

Ethan Hunt (that's you) - One of IMF's most reliable agents. Highest 
success rate in the agency. Numerous skills make him first choice for 
any mission.

Jim Phelps - Leader of the IMF team. In Radio contact with Ethan. Has 
hacked into the Embassy's security system but needs to have his access 
unlocked from the inside.

John Clutter - Professional mountain climber and cold weather 
enthusiast. Specialized in radio systems and explosives. Participated in 
the successful Arctic Shield Mission in the North Pole. 

Andrew Dowey - Ex-marine colonel, one of the finest triggers in the 
agency. An inestimable ally for his electronics skills and knowledge of 
alarm systems.

////////////////////////STAGE 1: LUNDWIST BASE\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

Text Briefing: 

Arriving at the canal, you should land unnoticed. Clutter will take the 
long way around to join you near the tunnel entrance and Dowey will take 
the raft back to the rendez-vous point for your getaway. Your main 
problem will be to get to the subpen on the other side of the very long 
and well-guarded tunnel. Using your facemaker you should be able to take 
on someone's identity and it would help if you could find somebody 
important. Perhaps you could find a way to get someone to run an errand 
for you and hitch a ride. Don't forget to take Clutter with you, as 
you'll need him to complete the mission.

Oh yes, the facemaker won't work outside in this extreme cold. 

Primary Objectives:
a. Change identity
b. Find excuse for errand
c. Destroy electric power plant
d. Get to subpen with Clutter

7.65 Silenced
Face Maker


The second you get off the boat you get a message telling you to go to 
the white dot on the scanner. This is the hut where the officer works. 
If you don't go to him immediately, you'll have to knock him out outside 
and drag him into the hut and THEN change into his face (you must do 
this because, like the briefing says, the Facemaker won't work in the 
extreme cold of this area). 

Anyways, once you have his identity (mission a complete) you are free to 
roam the level without fear as long as you don't shoot anyone. But 
before leaving the hut, be sure to go around the counter and get the 
little letter on the table (mission b complete). Now, go  forward and 
turn right at the fork. Give the man standing by the truck your excuse, 
and he'll hop in the truck and start it up. Now go back to the fork and 
go into the snow along the machinery. See the red dot on your scanner? 
Go there. Look around, making sure no one is looking, and shoot both 
sides of the  (mission c complete). Now just go over and hop in the 
truck, Clutter will join you and you'll drive to the second part of the 
base (mission d complete). 

//////////////////////////LEVEL 2: SUBPEN\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

Text Briefing:

You are arriving in the submarine pen area. Watch out, as security has 
been geared up because they are proceeding to load the missiles into the 

You will have to find one of the magnetic mines they have stocked 
somewhere and give it to Clutter so he can place it on the sub. Once in 
place you'd better get out quick, as once the sub blows they will be on 
the lookout for saboteurs. 

Dowey will be waiting with the raft by the waterfront to secure your 
getaway. Be careful, Ethan, I'd like to see you back in one piece!

Primary Objectives:
a. Find magnetic mines
b. Give mine to Clutter
c. Sabotage the gunboat
d. Join Dowey for getaway

Magnetic Mine
7.65 Silenced
9mm High Power


As soon as you get in with Clutter, your face mask falls off due to the 
cold temperature. So now you must run around with 15 bullets in one 
gun... turn around and go through the boxes. See the red dot on your 
radar? That's the building right up ahead. Open the door and go in. 
Don't worry, no one will follow you. Go downstairs and go to the far 
shelf and get the two mines (mission a complete). Now return outside, 
shooting any threats, and proceed to the green dot on your scanner, 
which is Clutter. Once you give them to him (mission b complete), he'll 
jump over the fence. Now a new problem arises, to get away with your 
life you'll have to blow up a gunboat! Go straight ahead (white dot on 
scanner) and down the stairs, after killing the guard that will leave 
you a 9mm High Power. Go down the stairs and place the mine on the 
gunboat (mission c complete). Now just go on the opposite side of the 
submarine pen (green dot) and go down the ladder (mission d complete)!

                   MISSION # 2: RECOVER NOC LIST


Good morning, Mr. Phelps. Golystine has abducted one of our top computer 
experts, IMF member Candice Parker, along with one half of the NOC list 
she was carrying. The coded list names all of our secret agents in 
eastern Europe. The list is divided into two parts. The part Golystine 
has is useless without the other, which is stored in CIA Headquarters. 

Candice is currently imprisoned in KGB Headquarters in Prague, where  
they are trying to de-code the list, probably believing she has the key. 
We also know they have a super-computer there, and are trying to de-code 
the NOC list. Special IMF agent Roger Barnes was deployed with a 
Golystine mask to free Candice, and make it look like it was Golystine's 
fault...this was to discredit him with Moscow. 

We haven't heard a word of him since, and believe he was captured. Your 
mission, if you decide to accept it, is to penetrate during tomorrow 
night's embassy function, free Candice, find the list, destroy the 
computer, and escape with Candice and the list intact. As always, if any 
of your IMF members are caught, or killed, the secretary will disavow 
any knowledge of your actions. This message will self-destruct in five 

Again, that's the best I could do. 

Team for this Mission:

Ethan Hunt (that's you) - Currently in Kiev, he will be your point man 
in Prague. An official invitation to the Embassy function has been 
arranged for him.    

Jim Phelps - See bio for previous mission 

Sarah Davies - Four years living in Prague. Infiltrated native high 
society. Invaluable for local intelligence.

Dieter Harmon - Schooled in several East European countries. Son of a 
traveling caviar salesman. Functions as bartender with high access to 
parties and social events. Valuable information source.

Jack Kiefer - Organizational expert, specializing in smooth getaways. 
Impeccable timing. Always counted on to get us home safely.

Robert Barnes - Ultra-reliable, high risk operative. Seemingly 
intercepted attempting to rescue Candice Parker. STATUS: Missing in 

Candice Parker - Top cryptology expert. Former MIT researcher. Excellent 
support agent in missions involving computer security. STATUS: Abducted 
by enemy.

////////////////////////////STAGE 3: EMBASSY\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

Text Briefing:

We've placed you on the guest list for a society function at the Russian 
Embassy in Prague, where Candice Parker and Robert Barnes are being kept 
prisoner. There, you will make contact with agents Davies and Harmon, 
who have already infiltrated the embassy and can provide useful 
information and equipment.  
Remember to hide smoke generators in the ventilation ducts to prepare 
for your escape. You will have to assume the identity of the 
Ambassador's Aide, as he has access to the restricted areas of the 
embassy - Dieter Harmon's spicy cocktails should come in handy here.

Primary Objectives:
a. Find facemaker
b. Find score
c. Find nausea powder
d. Find drink
e. Place smoke generators
f. Eliminate killer
g. Assume Ambassador's Aide's ID
h. Access restricted area

Smoke Generators
Nausea Powder


You immediately get radioed by the team that "You're in trouble. 
Scofield, a killer, is on your tail. You must get rid of her." 

This level is so good, I must include quotes  :)

Walk forward and talk to the man and woman. They ask you your name, and 
you say Mr. Smith...Talk to them again and wait a few seconds, the man 
will leave. Talk to the woman in the tight dress, she is really Sarah 
Davies, a member of the IMF team, and a close friend. She'll hand you 
the facemaker and wish you good luck (mission a complete). Go forward 
and note the gray squares on the floor, make sure the guard is not 
looking (use R to look around) at you and place a smoke generator there. 
If he sees you you'll be arrested! The restrooms are behind the second 
one, make sure to remember that.

Behind the 3rd vent is a painting with a couple looking at it. Talk to 
them and they'll go sit down on the chairs. Keep on going, the piano 
will get louder...louder still...ah! You're at the main focus of the 
level. There are two vents on either side of the stairs, so place the 
smoke generators there. The last vent is upstairs, but if you go up 
there you'll be arrested, you'll have to wait until later. 

After that you get the message "Watch out for Scofield. She is extremely 
dangerous." Looking around, you notice a skinny, attractive woman in red 
walk into the room. Talk to the piano player...

"Have you seen the Ambassador's Aide?"

"I think I saw him go upstairs."

"Do you expect him to return soon?"

"Not unless he hears the hometown's national anthem."

"Can you play it? I need to speak to him urgently."

"I'd love to, but some idiot walked off with the score."

Next, go over to the bar and talk to the bartender, who is really 
Dieter, another IMF member. He'll slide you the Nausea Powder (mission c 
complete) and a drink (mission d complete), and Ethan will combine the 
two to make a poisoned fruit cocktail. Next, go back into the hallways. 
Go over and talk to the couple who have sat down, they will stand up 

Man: "So, you're the movie star from Hollywood?"

Ethan: "Sorry, you must be mistaken."

Woman: "But the woman in red said she was a journalist. She wants to 
interview you, she even showed us your picture!"

Ethan: "No, she's wrong."

Then, look down on the man's chair, ahhaa! The music score (mission b 
complete). Turning around to give it to the pianist, you notice the 
woman in red from the bar, she was staring at you, but suddenly turns 
her head away as if she was trying to hide something. Wait! The woman 
you just talked to said something about a woman in red...Instead of 
going back to the bar, continue on back to Miss Davies. Talk to her, and 
out of the corner of your eye, you see the lady in red walk around the 
corner, and then look at a painting on the wall while sipping a drink. 
Yes, she is following you...Well, head on over to the bathroom and 
position yourself next to the doorway. Using your camera controls, make 
it so you can see when she's coming in without her seeing you. The 
second she appears in the restroom, fire the blow pipe into her! Yay! 
She screams, and you pull her into a stall to hide the body (mission f 

Now you can give the pianist the score...he will play a song which will 
lure down the Ambassador's Aide. Use the Poisoned Fruit Punch on him and 
Ethan and him will toast to his hometown, Sloborskaia! He'll suddenly 
turn green (so to speak) and run to the bathroom. Follow him into it and 
knock him out! Now use the facemaker on him (mission g complete). Now 
you can go upstairs and place the last smoke generator on the vent 
(mission e complete). Now walk over to the elevator (mission h 

//////////////////////////////STAGE 4: WAREHOUSE\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

Text Briefing: Since you don't have a badge for direct access to KGB HQ, 
you'll have to go in through an old warehouse level and from there find 
your way to the secured area. There may be guards present so try not to 
appear lost - they could get suspicious in spite of your disguise. I 
suspect there'll be lots of explosives and weird Russian equipment down 
there, so exercise caution.

Primary Objectives:
a. Sabotage five special crates 
b. Find exit key
c. Access KGB HQ

9mm High Power


Bash the confused guard and take his 9mm High Power pistol. You barely 
get any bullets, so listen up! Only shoot the crates on the _upper_ 
section, you can jump over the lower part. This saves vital ammo that 
you'll need later. The Gas Mask Suit is in a dead-end near a special 
crate and a pill box. After that you won't be affected by the gas, but 
the guards will now shoot at you. Use your radar to find five special 
crates, the key (held by a guard), and the exit.

////////////////////////////////STAGE 5: KGB HQ\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

Text Briefing: 

You'll be entering the section where we think our agents are being kept 
prisoner. Your disguise won't grant you the authority to free them, so 
you'll have to use the facemaker again on someone else there. I suggest 
you find the Head of Security and impersonate him. Be very careful: This 
is a security area, and there will be surveillance cameras everywhere. 
Be sure to shut them off, so you don't trigger an alarm while taking 
Candice out of there and towards the computer.

Primary Objectives:
a. Talk to Barnes
b. Find video freezer
c. Find facemaker
d. Find dartgun
e. Sabotage video link
f. Find exit passcard
g. Get transfer order
h. Escape with Candice

Dart Gun
Face Maker
9mm High Power
Video Freezer


Put your gun away before exiting the lift! If you don't you'll fail your 
mission. Go forward and down the hall to a brown door, inside is the 
jail cell where Candice is! Now you just need to get her out without 
anyone knowing the wiser...Talk to the man twice and he will face the 
door. Inch towards his desk, and grab the Video Freezer (mission b 
complete). Now go down the hall and turn right, go in that door to find 
Barnes slumped in a chair. Talk to him (mission a) and he'll die after 
giving you some words of advice (hehe, try punching him after he dies!). 
Go to where the man is standing in front of a red door...talk to him and 
he'll let you inside to the head of security's office. Talk to him twice 
and he'll be pacing back and fourth. 

On his desk is the Dartgun, get it (mission d complete). Shoot him when 
he's not looking (try it when he is, it's quite interesting because if 
you get his face some neat things will happen...try it!) Drag him behind 
his desk to hide the body. Now this next part will be difficult...run 
outside and go to where the guard is standing in front of the door, he 
won't let you in, right? Well...shoot him! The alarm will sound, but you 
won't fail your mission. Quickly go inside the closet and get the 
Facemaker (mission c complete). Run as quickly as you can past the 
dozens of guards shooting at you, into the office, and get the Head of 
Security's face. When you open the door, Ethan will say "It's ok, I've 
arrested him." Now the alarm will stop and everything will return to 

Go over to the painting and press the two red buttons, a secret room 
will open up! Inside are two people guarding the security room. Shoot 
the man in the corner first, then the next. Put the Video Freezer on one 
of the black boxes (mission e complete) and then get the card on the 
desk (mission f complete). Then Mr. Phelps will send the fake transfer 
order, go to the Comms Room (through the white door) and get it (mission 
g complete). Now go back to the cell and give it to the KGB man. Get 
Candice out of there (mission h complete) via the large metal door. 

NOTICE: Actually, there is a better way to get the Face Maker. In the 
Comms room, you can find a Beeper lying on a computer, pick it up and 
lie it on the floor near the guard, it will beep and he'll come to 
inspect it. QUICKLY GO IN! You must be very fast, you only have a few 

////////////////////////////STAGE 6: SECURITY HALLWAY\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

Text Briefing: 

The level you're about to enter it an old-fashioned security hallway. 
You might have run into one before. The tiles are booby-trapped and 
there are probably guards in the area. Candice should be able to short-
circuit the system, enabling you to watch your step. At the end there'll 
be a switch to deactivate the whole system and help Candice through 

Primary Objectives:
a. Secure passage for Candice
b. Activate master switch

Dart Gun


The text briefing pretty much said it all...

/////////////////////////STAGE 7: SEWAGE CONTROL\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

Text Briefing:

Their computer complex is set in an old underground sewage plant as this 
was the only place cold enough to conceal the super computer's heat 
emissions. It will be heavily guarded and very dangerous. Your priority 
is to clear the way for Candice so she can download the NOC list and 
feed a virus into the computer's memory.

Primary Objectives:
a. Find Super Computer
b. Protect Candice
c. Get NOC List
e. Escape

Dart Gun
9mm High Power

Candice will open a little door for you which will reveal a guard, shoot 
him with the Dart Gun. Go to the right and collect the ammo off the box, 
switch to the 9mm High Power, it has a longer range and zooms in 
farther. Go into the toxic waste area and shoot the guard on the 
otherside, hop on the platform and go on over to the console, use it and 
a new path will be revealed. Immediately turn around and shoot the guard 
that is in front of Candice. Make your way to the new path, kill the two 
guards, and turn left. Open the door, kill the guard, press the button 
on the computer to reveal a new path, and go kill the guard on it.

Grab the ammo on the box and run across the path to find an office, it 
has a guard, some ammo on the desk, and another computer. This one will 
open the closed door at the very beginning. Go back there, but always 
check on Candice because numerous guards will try to kill her. When you 
get to the Super Computer room, Candice will get the NOC list (missions 
a and c complete). Next, shoot the last few guards (mission b complete) 
and then return to the start (mission e complete).

////////////////////////////////STAGE 8: ESCAPE\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

Text Briefing: 

There's no time to lose, so get out quick! And be sure to look for the 
Golystine facemask that Barnes hid as you go back through the security 
hallways. Be careful on your return through the KGB HQ: you'll have no 
disguise and the guards will be on alert. Barnes' mission was to make 
Golystine appear a traitor to Moscow. Try to finish this mission for 
him. Use the Golystine facemask, find the door leading directly back 
into the Embassy.

Primary Objectives:
a. Secure passage for Candice
b. Find the mask of Golystine
c. Assume Golystine's Identity
d. Find exit key
e. Destroy four cameras
f. Unfreeze video cameras
g. Escape with Candice
h. Take back NOC List

Dart Gun
9mm High Power
Face Maker
Video Freezer
Explosive Gum


This level is TOUGH! Lean around the corners and shoot the machine guns 
(Only the 9mm High Power works) and they will be in-operative...for 
about a minute. Run through and do this quickly until you get right 
outside the door leading to KGB HQ. Candice will join you and open up a 
secret passage. When you go inside the doors shut and Candice is over-
whelmed by guards. Open the gray box to get the mask (mission b 
complete) and then, with the 9mm High Power, shoot the other box once, 
it will blow up. Now quickly change to the Dart Gun, it only has five 
rounds. The doors will open and four guards will come in...I don't care 
if you lose health, take aim and hit each one with ONE round! Then go 
out where you came in, run a bit, and a guard will come running out of 
an elevator. Take careful aim with the Dart Gun, you only have one round 
left, and if you screw it up you fail the mission...When he dies, he 
leaves the NOC List (mission h complete). Now, go towards the door that 
leads to the KGB HQ, ah, there's Candice in a little compartment! Talk 
to her and go to the KGB HQ (mission a complete). 

As soon as you walk through the door, turn into Golystine (mission c 
complete). Now, QUICKLY, run towards the Head of Security's Office. 
There will be tons of guards, and you only have about 20 bullets left in 
your 9mm High Power. If any guards come in the room, punch them! Go to 
the secret room and remove the Video Freezer (mission f complete). Go to 
the Comms Room and kill the guard in the corner, he'll drop the key you 
need to escape with (mission d complete). Now you have to destroy four 
cameras...EASY! There are two in the prison, one near the closet, and 
one near Barnes' room (mission e complete). Run towards the red door 
(the one that's smoking, it leads back to the Embassy, and use the key 
on it (mission g complete).

//////////////////////////STAGE 9: FIRE ALARM\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

Text Briefing: 

The smoke generators will create the temporary illusion of a fire. As 
you make your escape remember the guards will be able to recognize you 
and will certainly be on the look out for Candice. Jack will have 
fireman uniforms for you both. Fine him quick, don these disguises and 
get out of there! If you're still inside when the smoke stops you'll be 

Primary Objectives:
a. Secure access to the lift.
b. Find Jack
c. Dress as fireman
d. Give Candice fireman outfit
e. Escape the Embassy

Dart Gun
9mm High Power
Fire Extinguisher


Really, this level is all too easy. Use the Dart Gun to take out the two 
guards, and then Candice will get in the lift (mission a complete). Get 
the Fire Extinguisher but don't use it, just avoid the guards. Talk to 
the black fireman downstairs (mission b complete), he is really Jack. 
He'll meet you in the bathroom. Run there, grabbing more ammo for the 
Fire Extinguisher. Now, stand near the door, and if any soldiers come 
in...spray them! When Jack comes in, make sure no guards are near (if 
they see you two talking you fail) by using the camera controls. Now, 
talk to Jack to dress as a fireman (mission c complete). Go back to the 
lift, give them to Candice (mission d complete), and exit (mission e 

                         MISSION # 3: CIA ESCAPE 


*Gasp!* There is none...

Team Members:

Ethan Hunt (That's you) - Agent Hunt needs no introduction. Still a 
faithful IMF agent...or maybe he isn't...

Candice Parker - Back in activity at Langley. Owes Ethan one. Maybe he 
should contact her for help. Will she trust someone who's been 

/////////////////////////////STAGE 10: INTERROGATION\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

Text Briefing: 

Things aren't looking good for you. Getting out and proving your 
innocence won't be easy. After all, the CIA does have it's reputation to 
uphold, and they're not too fond of you at the moment. Hopefully you can 
count on Candice, who should owe you one since you freed her from that 
Russian cell. Oh, don't be surprised if you feel a bit drowsy - their 
coffee has a horrible reputation. Rumor has it they recycle their 

After which, Ethan will make many jokes throughout the game about their 

Primary Objectives:
a. Escape from interrogation
b. Pick up the equipment
c. Get into hallway
d. Get Fingerprints
e. Find Chief
f. Find the antidote
g. Find way to the roof
h. Distract Attention

Dart Gun
Explosive Gum
9mm High Power
Electro Stunner
Finger Scanner
Blue Spray Paint Can


Walk to the wall and hit the button so the glass wall is revealed. By 
then you'll hear a beep, go over to the radio and turn it on, it's 
Candice! She says she hid some Explosive Gum under the Coffee 
Mug...well, go get it and use it on the window (mission a complete). Get 
all of your stuff from the table (mission b complete), equip the Dart 
Gun, and head outside (mission c complete). You only have a few minutes 
to complete this level, they slipped a serum in your coffee! Knock out 
the guard with your Dart Gun, making sure he won't close the door on 
you, and get his finger prints and use them on the digital thingy-ma-
jiggy. The door will open, go down it and get the blue spray paint can, 
use this to "blind the cameras" as Candice said. If they see you, guards 
will come after you. After a bit, some sergeants will come. Get their 
finger prints (mission d complete). Use them, go down the hall, go into 
the office, and kill the guy behind the desk IMMEDIATELY. Otherwise 
he'll sound an alarm and you'll fail...Now go through the next 
door...DON'T shoot this guy (mission e complete)! Follow him to the 
lift, and when he gets in, kill him (use the Dart Gun, it has a longer 
range)! It may be difficult, though, because your time is almost up and 
the game is acting up on you. Go up the elevator to get to the 
infirmary. Put your gun away so no one will scream. Talk to the nurse, 
and she'll heal you (mission f complete).. Now, hit one of the buttons 
on either of the patients (very strange indeed) to distract everyone's 
attention (mission h complete). Then smash the window and get out 
(mission g complete)!

/////////////////////////////STAGE 11: CIA ROOFTOP\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

Text Briefing: 

I've prepared a small bag with equipment for you. You'll have to 
temporarily sabotage the heliport lights. A maintenance man will be 
called and disguised as him you'll be able to access the area. To 
escape, you'll want to use the helicopter, so you'll have to 
strategically place an electromagnetic scrambler, which will keep the 
copter grounded for you. You'll have to find ways around the different 
security systems as you run into them, but the CIA is one your side, 
Ethan, try not to kill anybody, okay? I'll be waiting at the other end 
with more instructions.

Primary Objectives:
a. Sabotage heliport lights
b. Find bag of equipment
c. Find zone digitcards
d. Fix lights
e. Paralyze helicopter with EMS
f. Enter security level
g. Find security level code
h. Meet Candice

Dart Gun
Electro Stunner
Miniature Camera
IR Contact Lens
Fire Extinguisher


Go around the corner and kill the guard, go get his card so you can open 
the doors in this level. Run forward and climb the boxes. Go to the 
machine and use it to turn off the electric field. Go across it and hit 
the next box, it will turn the heliport lights off (mission a complete). 
Next, fall down, climb the boxes, and get to the next level. Run 
forward, round the corner, kill the guard, follow the path through the 
door behind him, and find the bag of equipment in a shack (mission b 
complete). Now you have loads of equipment, plus you've turned into a 
maintenance man! Now you can walk around without fear of being shot 
at...for awhile. Go up to the door, the man will let you in. Turn left 
and hit the generator switch (mission d complete). Go behind the 
Helicopter, and place the EMS on the white box (mission e complete). 
Jump over the railing and get to the bottom. 

When the guard is not looking, shoot him! Take his card and enter the 
next door. Do the same to the next guard, and get his card (mission c 
complete). Keep on 'a going, climb the stack of boxes, and shoot the 
guard at the top of the crates as he says "Freeze!" Use the Deflector 
and IR Contact Lens at the top to clear the laser beams (mission f 
complete). Keep on going, and you'll reach a locked door and two boxes 
on top of each other. Climb the first one and set the Miniature Camera 
on the top one (must be on the first one to do this). Run behind the 
shack and kneel. A guard will come out, walk around a bit, and then 
return to the door. Go retrieve the camera and you get the code (mission 
g complete). Enter the doors, and go to the little bunker on the top 
(mission h complete). 

/////////////////////////STAGE 12: TERMINAL ROOM\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

Text Briefing:

Stealing the invaluable NOC List from the CIA mainframe computer will be 
the most demanding job you've ever faced. So far you've managed to  trip 
no alarms inside the CIA security zone, but no you're about to violate 
the strongest security system in the world! To enter this highly-
protected area, you'll have to descend through the ventilation access in 
the ceiling, harnessed and hanging from a special fiber cable, while 
avoiding the security lasers on your way down. If you accidentally touch 
one of them you'll certainly know you've been touched. When you reach 
the bottom, swing back and fourth to access the card slot next to the 
door, activate the computer and turn around. Then insert the disk in the 
terminal for the download. I've placed a little something on the disk 
that will help you get away later. I also served another special coffee 
to the operator. He might return, but not for long!

Primary Missions:
a. Switch on the computer
b. Get the NOC List
c. Escape

Pass Card
Virus Disk


Not much to say, really. The briefing says it all...Pretty easy, since 
once you get to the bottom and disable the computer, the lasers will ALL 
go away.

////////////////////////////STAGE 13: ROOFTOP ESCAPE\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

Text Briefing: Thanks to the virus you introduced into the computer the 
security systems are momentarily frozen. You should have enough time to 
get to the helicopter and away safely. The guards, however, will be on 
alert. Try to distract their attention. Don't forget the EMS!
Primary Objectives:
a. Join Heliport
b. Unactivate EMS
c. Escape with helicopter 

Dart Gun
Electro Stunner
Explosive Gum
IR Contact Lens


This level may seem nearly impossible at first, but it's easy once you 
know what to do, and when. Turn left and jump over the railing to land 
in front of some boxes (this is a shortcut and you can avoid some 
guards). Use the IR Contact Lens to see the lasers. Now, you'll have to 
jump over the lasers to the level below. Just remember one thing: Press 
A to jump, and while in the air, hold forward...ok? At the bottom are 
some pipes on the wall, use your explosive gum on them. It will explode, 
and guards will come rushing to see what's happening (very slowly, just 
enough time to let you go forward un-noticed). Go around to the left, 
shoot any guards that may be there (should only be one or two) and go in 
the little hole, open the door and step back! If you don't, the guard 
will arrest you immediately. Shoot him, and go up to the helipad 
(mission a complete). Remove the EMS, use it again to break it (mission 
b complete). The helicopter will rise a few feet off the ground, now 
just go up to it and get on the landing gear (mission c complete)!

                         MISSION # 4: MOLE HUNT 


Strange...there is none!

Team Members:

Ethan Hunt (that's you) - Disavowed. No longer in service of the IMF and 
on the run. Must prove his innocence by finding the real mole and 
capturing the information dealer Max.

Candice Parker - Runs the risk of being disavowed for helping runaway 
suspect Ethan Hunt.

Krieger - Skilled CIA agent disavowed for unpredictability and hostile 
behavior bordering on the sociopathic.

Luthur Stickll - Disavowed CIA agent suspected of bypassing internal 
security regulations. Allegations unproven. Trusted by Ethan Hunt.

////////////////////////////STAGE 14: STATION\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

Text Briefing: 

We've set up a meeting with Max in London at Waterloo Station, under the 
clock at midnight. You will make a deal to exchange the NOC list for the 
name of the mole. Luthur and Kieger, two ex-agents, will be there for 
back-up just in case Max pulls a double-cross. We will, of course, try 
to snatch the list back from Max after the deal so don't lose track of 

Primary Objectives:
a. Protect Ethan
b. Take the train

Sniper Rifle


You have Ethan in your sights, and you must protect him in a heavily 
crowded train station...and the level is always different. Some people 
will make very suspicious movements (suddenly reaching in their pockets) 
but are in fact civilians. They might take out lipstick, a cellphone, 
cigarettes, one time this lady even pulled out a drink! But if someone 
does take out a gun, you usually have a few seconds to take aim, so 
don't worry.

Shooting a civilian will result in a mission failure...

///////////////////////////////STAGE 15: TRAIN CAR\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

Text Briefing: 

Ethan, we must find Max! But use caution - Max's men are vicious killers 
and will shoot you on sight. Be careful not to injure any civilians. 
Knowing Max, she probably has a backup plan in case things don't go her 
way. Remember, she's not too concerned about hurting innocent 
bystanders, so when you find Max, it'll probably be best to neutralize 
her before retrieving the NOC List. We'll meet up once I've found out 
where she is. The mole could be nearby as well. If he is, grab that rat 
and make sure he doesn't escape!

Primary Objectives: 
a. Neutralize Max's henchmen
b. Meet Candice
c. Find switch to block exits
d. Knock out Max's bodyguards
e. Stop Max and seize NOC List
f. Defuse Max's backup plan

9mm High Power
Face Maker
Gas Capsule
Liquid Nitrogen

Walkthrough: Due to the poor hit detection system, plus a few glitches, 
this level is very difficult. Just do your best...and, with some luck, 
you'll beat it!  The first four cars are the same (well, not in design): 
Just shoot the people and watch out for the civilians. If you shoot and 
kill one, your mission is over right there and then. So if there's 
somebody in the way, just duck and hide behind a wall or whatever is 
available (mission a complete). The last compartment in the fourth car 
has Candice. She has a few items for you (mission b complete).

Now, walk into the next little thing and turn off the switch (mission c 
complete). Walk to the end of the next car to meet the conductor, just 
punch him in the chest and take his face. Now, guards will not hurt you 
unless you either a) Hurt them first or b) have a gun out. The last 
compartment in this car has Max, so get kinda close and use the Gas 
Capsule to kill her, then get the NOC (mission e complete) from her 
body. Shoot the rest of the guards (mission d complete), being careful 
not to take too much damage.

The second to last car is a bar, just shoot everyone, they're really 
agents. Then you'll find out that...*gasp!* Jim Phelps is Max's mole!! 
Well, nothing you can do about it now...just proceed to the baggage car. 
Clear it out and get the Torch and Liquid Nitrogen. Use the Torch on the 
bomb handles until they turn a little red and Ethan says "I'm not sure 
if it will take anymore." If you put more on, the bomb will explode. 
Next, take out the Liquid Nitrogen and spray it on, after a few seconds 
of this the bars will turn white and break! Do this to both of them and 
then use the bomb defuser on the bomb (mission f complete); Ethan will 
automatically climb onto the roof of the train.

////////////////////////////STAGE 16: TRAIN ROOF\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

Text Briefing: 

Phelps is the mole! He is fleeing over the roof. A helicopter has come 
to his aid and Max's men are helping him escape. Eliminate them and 
destroy the helicopter before they get away. Watch out! You're on a 
moving train going at full speed: this is a very dangerous situation! 

Primary Objectives:
a. Catch Phelps

9mm High Power
Rocket Launcher


The guards will be easy to dispatch, and the ones along the road 
shouldn't be a problem (just shoot the driver and the car will crash and 
flip over), but the Helicopters _are_! They keep on shooting at you 
(very painful), and it's hard to see them because, for one reason or 
another, they are transparent! Just look carefully, aim with the Rocket 
Launcher, and fire (one shot is enough). Don't get turned around in 
these situations either...just remember that the road should ALWAYS be 
on the left side...At the end, you'll enter a tunnel and Phelps will get 
on a chopper...a Rocket is all it takes (mission a complete). 

The cinema after shows that the CIA set you up, they knew you weren't 
the mole, they just wanted you to do their dirty work! 

Hmmm...good idea...better make a note of that one...

                           MISSION 5: ICE STORM 


Good morning, Mr. Hunt. It seems that your old friend has gone active 
again. He has in  his position five nuclear detonators, and plans to 
sell them to a willingly open terroistic countries. He has seriously 
upgraded security since your last visit, so getting in will be terribly 
difficult. Your mission, if you decide to accept it, is to sneak into 
the base and render it useless. As always, if any of your team members 
are caught, or killed, the secretary will disavow any knowledge of your 
actions. This message will explode in five seconds. Good luck, Ethan.  

Team Members:

Ethan Hunt (that's you) - Reintegrated in the IMF and cleared of all 
suspicion. New leader of the IMF.

Candice Parker - Promoted to action agent status as she has proven her 
courage and wits in the line of fire during the Mole Hunt. Stationed in 
a submarine off the coast. Will supervise satellite video communications 
and be in constant radio contact with the team. 

John Clutter - Back in action with Ethan. Nice to have the old team 
working again! 

Andrew Dowey - Back in action with Ethan. Nice to have the old team 
working again!

(for their individual Bio, see the first mission)

///////////////////////////////STAGE 17: SUB PEN\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

Text Briefing:

Prior to our arrival HQ dropped the equipment by plane. Due to bad 
weather they've scattered it around a bit. Luckily all items are tagged 
so you'll be able to pick them up on your field scanner. First on your 
agenda will be to get our communication going, so I can guide you 
through the mission. To that end, Clutter will need to install the 
Automatic Frequency Scrambler (AFS) near the submarine antenna, while 
Dowey places a mine, just in case they decide to move out. 

You'd best avoid contact with the guards, as you're largely out 
numbered. Make sabotaging the pump house high priority. The deal will 
take place on the other side of the mountain. There's a tunnel running 
through it and from the top of the  old communication building you 
should be able to jump atop one of the trucks.  
Dowey will have to cut the security system wires to avoid detection 
while you're in there.

Primary Objectives: 
a. Get the AF scrambler
b. Get the mine
c. Bring Clutter AFS and mine
d. Get the Gas Injector
e. Get the RC Detonator
f. Get the explosives
g. Sabotage the pump house
h. Regroup on comm. building
i. Bring Dowey wire cutters
j. Find night-view glasses

7.65 Silenced
9mm High Power
Gas Injector
AF Scan
Night-view glasses

This level is hard due to all of the guards, which there are tons of. 
Kill anyone with your fists if their alone, you'll need to save all the 
ammo you can! The AFS is on the other side of the pen (mission a 
complete), the mine is near the searchlight on the right side of the 
level (mission b complete), the Gas Injector is behind the pump house 
(mission d complete), and the explosives are near the mine (mission f 
complete). Go back to Clutter and give him the mine and AFS, but shoot 
any guards who will try to arrest them beforehand (mission c complete).

Go run on over to the pump house (remember the house that had the mine 
the first time you were here?) and go downstairs, kill the guard, grab 
the wirecutters, plant the explosives, and get out of there. When 
outside, set it off (mission g complete) after you get the RC Detonator. 
Now go to the side of the building and hand Clutter the wire cutters 
(mission i complete). Ok, with the Gas Injector, go to the guard house 
and use it to clear the building. Go inside and get the Detonator and 
the Night-vision glasses (mission e and j complete). Note: If you were 
really fast, the detonator will still be on the ground, near the 

After all of this, go to the Comms building. Climb to the top and take 
out the guards that are fighting the team. Then, simply "jump" on a 
passing truck (mission h complete)! Well, not really, don't push the 
jump button, just run off and land on it.

//////////////////////////STAGE 18: TUNNEL\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

Text Briefing:

 You'll have to place explosives to blow up the tunnel so the link will 
be cut between the two sections of the base. There are eight main 
support beams anchored to the walls. Set the explosives on the anchor 
bolts. Careful not to bump your head on the ceiling. 

Primary Objectives:
a. Find explosives
b. Sabotage anchor bolts

Night Glasses
7.65 Silenced
9mm High Power


This level is a disgrace...EASY! Just jump on the platform, get the 
explosives (mission a complete), place them on the anchor bolts you find 
throughout the level (mission b complete) and exit! The only difficult 
part comes from jumping back on the trucks. This is actually very easy 
if you know how...you don't have to jump. Just walk onto it! A few 
guards may get in your way, but only a few.

/////////////////////////////STAGE 19: MAINLAND\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

Text Briefing:

After protecting your backs by destroying the tunnel, Dowey will climb 
one of the towers with his sniper rifle. He'll be able to give you cover 
from there. Clutter will cut through the fencing to open a passage over 
the canal as well as find some more explosives to blow the power plant. 

You'll have to find the accountant, assume his identity, and acquire the 
detonators for the deal, bring the case to  
Clutter, who will sabotage it. Once you've given the merchandise to the 
buyer, get out quick, as things are bound to get messy when they find 
they've been set up. Clutter and Dowey will be waiting on the gunboat 
for the getaway.

Primary Objectives:
a. Find electric diagram
b. Find explosive and plastic
c. Sabotage power plant
d. Cut off camera power
e. Take on accountant's ID
f. Get briefcase from bunker
g. Sabotage briefcase
h. Bring briefcase to deal
i. Blow away helicopter
j. Eliminate the seller
k. Escape on gunboat with Clutter and Dowey

7.65 Silenced
9mm High Power
Face Maker
Sniper Rifle
Plastic Explosive


Talk about covert...

Walk through the hole in the fence and kill all the guards where the 
search lights are. Go to the two little cabins. They both have guards 
who are sleeping, so it should be easy to get in. Inside # 1 is a card 
of somekind on a desk (Let's call it Card # 1) and the other cabin has a 
piece of paper on the wall (mission a complete). After this, Dowey will 
probably be in his Sniper spot by now, so use him to kill the two guards 
near the power plants. Now, go to boxes blocking the fence (start of the 
first mission) and look behind it...hole in the fence! Go through it, 
climb the boxes, and presto, you're on the other side of the canal. Kill 
the two guards on the top of the building, and drop down on the other 
side to greet Clutter, who will give you some explosives (mission b 

Next, go to the power plant. Check the piece of paper from the cabin, it 
will tell you which color controls the security system, or the camera 
and searchlights. Open the generator, place the plastic on the CORRECT 
side (if you blow up the wrong side it will destroy the bridge controls, 
and then you couldn't escape...i.e. you would fail your mission) and 
shoot it (mission d complete). Place the TNT next to the large tanks 
(mission c complete). OK, now go back to the searchlight place, and 
inside the cabin with the camera. Knock out the account and get his ID 
card, then get his face (mission e complete). 

Go to the bridge, the one that leads to a locked door. Well, since you 
have the accountant's ID card, it's not locked anymore! :) Go into the 
bunker, and give Card # 1 to the guard, he'll let you pass into the next 
room. Use the accountants ID card on the slot, and you'll get to the 
room with the briefcase (mission f complete). Go back outside and talk 
to Clutter (mission g complete), he'll sabotage it for you. By now the 
Helicopter has landed, so go talk to the group of people. Now the buyers 
have the sabotaged briefcase (mission h complete).

As the Helicopter takes off, hang out the doorway with the stairs and 
use your Uzi (longer range than any other gun) to shoot the guys in the 
jeep that are on the far side of the area (mission j complete). By now, 
tons of guards are shooting at you, so get the cheese out of there! Run 
back and huddle in the factory place where you had your meeting. Now, 
use the sniper to kill the guards out there as they come in the factory, 
plus the ones that are guarding the gunboat. By now the helicopter has 
exploded (mission i complete). Now just get on Mr. Gun boat (mission k 

////////////////////////////Level 20: GUNBOAT\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

Text Briefing:

Mission orders are to render the base useless. Destroy as many elements 
of the installation as possible during your escape on the gunboat. I'll 
be waiting for you at the sub. I'll see you then, all in one piece, I 

                            Good luck, Ethan! 

Primary Objectives:
a. Escape enemy base
b. Destroy gas factory
c. Destroy Radar
d. Destroy main defense structures

Gunboat Machine Guns


What is there to say? BLOW EVERYTHING TO HELL! Remember, if you quickly 
tap the fire button, you can get A LOT more shots in. And at the end, 
with the gas plant, concentrate on the walls, NOT the guns, because when 
the walls go down, the guns will too.


You have finished the game on the impossible setting (without any 
cheats...cough, cough), you are a true gamer! Yay! Let's open some 
bottles of Welche's Grape Soda (my favorite drink in the entire 
universe, plus I drink it ALL the time...like right now)

6) Codes and Secrets

These codes and tricks are from the N64 Code Center (www.n64cc.com)


Move Injured Body
By: Sumer4life ([email protected]) 

Select the level Interrogation. No codes are needed for this one, but 
enter them if you must. Play the level as you normally
would untill you get to the infirmary. Get the antidote from the nurse 
first, or else you'll fail the mission. Distract attention by
making the guy on the treadmill fall. Don't walk away just yet. Before 
the doctors can get there, walk right in front of the
injured guy's hips. Don't stop, but keep on walking. If all went well, 
you should be pushing his body. 

Push Dieter Harmon Through A Wall
By: Sumer4life ([email protected]) 

Select the level Embassy Function. You will have to enter the code for 
the 7.65 silencer for this one in order to make it work.
When you see the waiter, Dieter Harmon, pull out your gun. Stand a fair 
distance from him. Use the "R" button to aim, and aim
for between his right arm and his chest. Fire rapidly. Each time that 
you shoot him, he will go back about two steps. Pretty
soon you should be able to push him through the wall that's behind him. 
If you did this without killing him, he will magically
reapear behind the counter at his usual spot. 

Make Piano Player Hit A Lot Of Wrong Notes
By: Sumer4life ([email protected]) 

Select the level Embassy Function. Enter the Mini Rocket Launcher code 
and Infanite Ammo code. Shoot all of the guard,
preferable the one that walks around last. Then shoot absolutly 
everyone. Leave no one standing! Then wait around for the
replacement guard to come. Let him aresst you. Immediatly select the 
level again, and DO NOT PRESS PAUSE! Walk over
to the piano player and he should make a lot of mistakes. 

Ressurect Guard
By: Sumer4life ([email protected]) 

Select the level Embassy Function. For this glitch to work, the Infanite 
Ammo code is needed. Use the blowpipe to trigger the
alarm by shooting the guard that walks around. When the other guard 
comes running at you, also tranquilize him. Right before
he falls over, you still have the option to talk to him. Press "A," and 
when he falls over, he'll pop right back up and say, "The
reception is downstairs, sir." You will also be able to walk right 
through him! Also, he will be in a completely new spot. Make
sure to shoot the third guard so you won't get caught. 

Neutralize the Searchlights
By: [email protected] 

Are you annoyed by the searchlights in the Ice Hit and Ice Storm 
missions? You can easily shut them off by shooting the bulb
with your gun (you have to be close to it, but not so close as to set it 
off). Boom, lights off, no alarm, easy going. 

Russians Speak English
By: [email protected] 

In Embassy go to the first russian couple. Talk to to them, and they 
will speak Russian. Then punch the man. You will see the
russian woman yell in english: "Security! Security!". Just a little 

Make Ethan Cough
By: Ancalagon ([email protected]) 

This is a very simple trick that I found on accident. On any level, just 
stand still and don't move. (out of harms way of course)
After a while, Ethan will cough and look from side to side. This trick 
can be performed on the Possible or Impossible setting 

Ethan Sits Down
By: Ancalagon ([email protected]) 

This trick is done the same way as when you make Ethan cough. All you 
have to do is to stand and don't move, just like when
Ethan coughs, only you wait longer. Ethan will cough about 3 times, and 
after the third cough he will sit down and wont get up
unless you start to move him. This trick can be preformed on the 
Possible or Impossible setting. 

Tunnel Glitch
By: jx2 ([email protected]) 

First choose Tunnel on impossible. As you come up to the first platform 
on the right there is a enemy standing there. Kill him
first, then jump on to the platform. As you head to pick up the 
explosives, the guy you killed will be back and shooting at you.
The ghost enemy will keep shooting at you, but you cannot kill him. It's 
best not to do this w/ out invincibility. 

Blow Up Helicopter
By: Mission64 ([email protected]) 

Complete every objective in the CIA Rooftop, up to the point where you 
install the EMS. Don't install it, just wait for the
helicopter to take off. When it's in the air, install the EMS. The 
helicopter will come back down and explode. 

Talk to Dead Barnes
By: Thomas W. ([email protected]) 

Go to KGB headquaters on any difficulty and talk to Barnes (until he 
dies). After you are done talking punch or shoot Barnes
(it is best to punch him so an alarm does not go off). After you do this 
Ethan will say "Sorry pal I was just making sure you
were dead". This is a pretty neat trick. 

Floating Piano Player
By: Mike Puthoff ([email protected]) 

Here is a fun glitch for Mission: Impossible. First you must activate 
the mini-rocket launcher code ( R, L, C-LEFT, C-RIGHT,
C-DOWN ) for the Embassy Function. When you enter the level, it would be 
wise to kill all of the guards, so you won't get
caught. Next go into the ballroom and stand in the corner behind the 
piano, facing the piano player. Next, fire one rocket at the
piano players chest. The force of the blast will knock him off the bench 
and he will be leaned over dead floating in mid air! 

Transparent Ethan
By: By: [email protected] 

Here's a cool trick for Mission Impossible.First enter kid mode (C DOWN, 
C UP,R,L,Z) and go to the station level.Don't kill
the two men as you normaly would,kill Ethen.Imediately kill the two men 
once Ethen says "ARG!They got me". If you did
everything right you should see Ethan rise from the ground in 
transparent form.To bad it won't let you get on the train then it
would be very easy to beat!! 

Get Trapped in a Crate
By: voy_lcars ([email protected]) 

In the level select sreen on the "CIA Escape", type in the kid mode (C-
down, C-up, R, L, Z). After that access the "Rooftop
Escape". Return to the crates that you placed the video camera on in the 
"CIA Rooftop". When your communicator flashes to
let you know that you can climb the crate go ahead and climb it. You 
will only get halfway up till you pop into the crate. After
that you will be unable to get out. 

Kill People in Embassy Function
By: [email protected] 

First, go to the level selection screen and enter the code for the Mini 
Rocket Launcher (R, L, C-LEFT, C-RIGHT,
C-DOWN) and select Embassy Function. Okay, now you have to kill three 
security guards. First, kill the security guard that
makes his rounds in the hallways. Wait until he gets to the space 
between the bathroom and the hallway. Pull out the rocket
launcher and shoot him. One hit should do it. Now go into the ballroom 
and up the stairs to the area that is restricted to guests.
From anywhere, kill the guard with the rocket launcher. The guard near 
the elevator won't budge. Now just kill him. Now you
can shoot ant civilian and it will take a long time for a replacement 
guard to come. I've been able to kill almost everyone in the
entire embassy without being caught. Be warned! The replacement guard is 

Sink Dowey
By: SkulMunky7 ([email protected]) 

First, turn on the Mini Rocket Launcher cheat ( R, L, C-left, C-right, 
C- down). Now go to the very first level ( Lundkwist
Base, Ice Hit). When you get off the raft, turn and face the river. Now 
wait. Eventually, Dowey will pass by on the raft. Blast
him with the Launcher. The raft will sink and Dowey will go down with 
it, saluting with his hand to his head. It's pretty cool. 

Mission Impossible Moves
By: [email protected] 

Button                  Action

A Button                Open door, push switch, or receive message

B Button                Choose your weopon

Z Button                Fire Gun or Punch

Controll Pad (+)        Moves Camera around

Controll Stick          Move Ethan

C-Down                  Crouch
C-Left                  Left Sidestep when aiming

C-Right                 Right Sidestep whe aiming

R Botton                Aim

L Botton                Switch camera mode

B,C-Down                Switch to Gadget Select

Fun Stuff To Do With Kid Mode
By: JaJigga ([email protected]) 

Go to the level on the map "Recover NOC List," enter the Kid Mode code ( 
C- DOWN, C-UP, R, L, Z), and go to the level
"Embassy Function." After the intro talk to the couple looking at the 
painting and then go to the main room the the piano player
is and look at him. His head is sticking though his chair! Make sure you 
talk to him. After that go to the bar where Dieter
Harmon, the bartender, is and talk to him. You will still talk to him 
even though neither of you can see over the bar. If you keep
talking to him, the drink and nausea powder will just appear and slid 
over to you and will disappear. Then get Scofield, the
psycho woman who is following you, into the bathroom and knock her out. 
After that Ethan will put her in on the toilet. Look
at her, she will be actually in the toilet with her head sticking up and 
the rest of her sticking out of toilet. Start walking back to
the main room and talk to the couple with their head sticking though the 
chairs and get the score. Then give the piano player
the score. The Administrator's Aid will come down. Get him to drink the 
poisoned wine and follow him to the bathroom he will
be splashing water on himself out of mid air. Knock him out. After Ethan 
drags him in the stall he to will be sticking of the toilet.

There is more stuff you can do with kid mode and I will write more about 
it later. 

Ghosts In The Embassy
By: [email protected] 

Go to Embassy function and have the Mini Rocket Launcher cheat on. 
(R,L,C- LEFT,C-RIGHT,C-DOWN) Go to the piano
room where the bar is and go to the bar and turn left. You'll see a 
couple, when you talk to them you can't understand them.
Blow them away with the launcher, but be carefull not to hurt the 
waiter. If the gaurds come kill them. let the waiter serve the
spot where the couple was then they will reapear. Now when you shoot 
them it goes right through them. 

Seeing Under Water
By: [email protected] 

Go to a level with water in it. Then jump in the water as soon as you 
jump press and hold R. You can also do this trick a
different way, select your weapon to fist. Once again hold R and just 
walk in. Too bad you have two seconds till you drown
and it says game over. 

Terminal Room Glitch
By: [email protected] 

Go to where the last yellow lazer is and wait for that computer operator 
to come in and leave. Then touch the yellow lazer
quickly when the first door closes to make the operator place you under 
arrest through the wall and will shoot you down
through the wall too. 

Embassy Brawl
By: Pat Jandro 

This trick is a trick inside a trick. It refers to the "Meet the 
Infograme Team" trick. I did this and found another trick you can
do while talking to the people. You can get into fights with the people 
but not before you talk to them (if you punch before
talking to them you can't get your life bar full because they won't talk 
to you.) They will chase after and yes if you keep on
trying to fight they will kill you. I haven't sucessfully knocked anyone 
out yet so I don't know if it is possible. Another fun thing
to do is talk to the piano player. He will say"Don't shoot me!" If you 
punch him he will stop playing but the music will
continue.You can beat on him mercilesly with no remorse. If you want to 
kill him go up the stairs and talk to the group of
people by the door then go back down he will still be standing but now 
you can punch him with a fatal blow! It's fun to get the
whole place trying to mob you. Have fun! 

Weird Glitch
By: SvenJ ([email protected]) 

At the very beginning of the sation(the sniper level), shoot. You should 
shoot as soon as the crosshairs come up but don't try to
anticipate it. If you did it right you should have killed the gaurd 
closest to Ethan. The second gaurd will then bust out a rapid
fire 7.65mm silenced gun and kill a few civilians, you will live. The 
wierd part is that Ethan keeps walking as though they gaurds
still have him at gunpoint. If you let Ethan travel out of the screen, 
you will still fail the mission. 

Terminal Room Trick
By: Kris Ellestad ([email protected]) 

When descending on the rope in the terminal room, you may have noticed 
that you have to swing around to get past the yellow
lasers. Well, not anymore. 

The trick is to go into the first person view when nearing the lasers, 
and move slowly towards them (the yellow ones). Keep
moving slowly closer and they should move to the side. You can use this 
trick for all three of them. 

Meet the Infogrames Team
By: IGN64.com 

After you complete Mission: Impossible on "impossible," wait till the 
credits are over. You will now be able to go back into the
Embassy and meet the Mission: Impossible (second) design team. Talk to 
all the people (until your health bar is full) -- then
you will get a bonus animation of Ethan, that little devil. 

Cheats (Weapons and Modes)
By: SHiner (Scott), [email protected], and [email protected] 

Enter all of these codes during the mission select (level select) 

R , Z , C-Down, R , C-Down - Gives you Invincibility

C-Up, Z, C-Left, Z, L - Gives you Infinite Ammo 

C-Down, L, C-Up, C-Right, L - Gives you Giant Head Mode

C-UP, Z, C-UP, Z, C-UP - Gives you Turbo Mode

C-DOWN, C-UP, R, L, Z - Gives you Kid Mode

C-DOWN, R, C-UP, L, C-LEFT - Gives you Big Head Mode

C-DOWN, R, Z, C-RIGHT, C-LEFT - Gives you Big Feet Mode

C-RIGHT, C-LEFT, C-RIGHT, C-DOWN, R - Gives you Uzi with 30 rounds 

R, L, C-LEFT, C-RIGHT, C-DOWN - Gives you Mini Rocket Launcher with 30 

C-UP, L, C-RIGHT, C-LEFT, C-UP - Gives you 7.65 Silencer with 30 rounds 

R, L, C-DOWN, C-UP, C-UP - Gives you 9mm HI POWER with 30 rounds 

Note: After you enter a code correctly then you well hear Ethan saying 
"Ah, that's better." 


Thanks Ritchie!

7) Legal Junk

This guide can not be copied without permission of the author. It can 
not be used as a means of profit. Basically, just don't put your name 
where mine should be (i.e. stealing).
Copyright (C) 1998 marshmallow

Yes, you can print it out, silly =) Just don't sell it for money.

8) Credits

Nintendo: For supporting Infogrames through all of this

Infogrames: It's their company

First Developing Team: For thinking of the idea

Second Team: For finishing it off so we could all have it

Some of my ICQ Friends: For answering some of my M:I questions

N64 Code Center (www.n64cc.com): For letting me use their 

9) Farewell/Final Notes

As always, if you have any corrections, questions about the game or my 
FAQ, queries about anything in particular, want to be my bud, or 
anything else that my whacked mind can't think of at the moment, then e-
mail me at [email protected] (also found under the title of this 
My ICQ # is 9936617

But PLEASE! Don't just add me to your list for the sake of it. I will 
EXPECT to actually _talk_ to you every once and awhile. Understand? I 
already have nearly 200 people on my list, and 50% of them don't talk to 
me anymore...

I'm already knee deep in development of my Turok: Dinosaur FAQ. Why am I 
making it?

1. The ones already out, for lack of a better word, suck (at least the 
one's I've seen)
2. Turok 2 is coming out soon and I should do the original before the 
sequel! :)
3. I dunno, I'm bored...
4. It will keep me off the streets for awhile. Isn't that a _good_ 

C-ya on the flip side
or should I say, the next guide?

- marshmallow -

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