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MONSTER RANCHER 3 FAQ for the playstation 2
version 1.1
created by Ultimategameplayer,
archaven, someone, lightwarmth, and THORATIC.
Emails are [email protected], 
[email protected]
Date: 10-11-01

M-O-N-S-T-E-R    R-A-N-C-H-E-R 3 F-A-Q

Welcome to the long awaited faq for the long awaited game. if 
you have not ever played a monster rancher game then you are 
missing out. This is one of the best series of all time. Highly 
addictive gameplay and hundreds upon hundreds of play hours make 
for one hell of a classic. If you liked pokemon, digimon, or are 
just into sims like I am you should give monster rancher a 
chance. Best game in the series? Well yes. It has all the best 
features that the other monster ranchers did not have and they 
threw out the features of the old monster ranchers that no one 
wanted. I hope you enjoy the faq as much as I did writing it. 
What its about

The game is about a persons rise to fame. You are that person 
and you must try and become a great trainer in the land of 
tochikan. Choose from over 400 monsters to raise, but beware, 
this game if very addictive and can cause you to lose massive 
amounts of sleep. 

version history
version 1.0 original version
version 1.1 new dvd list by thoratic and a few extras
Table of contents
*copywrite info
*comments by the faq makers
*new features by zdnetgameplayer
*characters by zdnetgameplayer and greeble
*game worlds by zdnetgameplayer
*in town by zdnetgameplayer
*calendar by greeble
*tips/hints for raising and winning
*training info by greeble
*cd list by zdnetgameplayer
Copywrite Info

This faq is copywriten by ultimategameplayer (also know as 
zdnetgameplayer), achaven13, someone, and lightwarmth. 
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faq, but 
we would like you to ask us first. 

Zdnetgameplayer- I really enjoyed making this faq. It 
was a really good experience and I got to work with 
great faq makers. I hope that everyone gets to view our 
faq because I think that it is very good. I hope the 
rest of this faq making team had fun as well.

Greeble-(post comment here)
NEW FEATURES by zdnetgameplayer
This game is so much better than the first two. I love 
how you don't have to stay at your boring ranch 
the whole 
time, and rarely visit somewhere else. 
We now get 5, count em' 5 lush environments for our cute 
and cuddly, baddy bashin, monsters to live and breed in. 
Another great thing that has been added to the monster 
rancher universe is the inclusion (or should I say 
removal) of not having to train your 
monsters to earn new 
moves. I think that this is very good feature, because I 
can remember spending countless hours and your monsters 
dollars on training. Now you have to buy ran ran, which 
lets you search the area for certain things, it is a 
pretty cool thing, a lot better than the old training. 
Not only do you get to train but you can also find items 
saucer stone pieces and accessories. One of the coolest 
features that have been added to the game is the 
encyclopedia. The encyclopedia is great because it stores 
all info on the monsters you taken off of disks. Once you 
have taken a monster off a disk you don't ever need to 
search for that disk again. A small feature but certainly 
welcome. And last but certainly not least is the 
inclusion of being able to make monsters off of dvds.

All around I think that the monster rancher formula has 
been improved upon greatly.

CHARACTERS by zdnetgameplayer and greeble
This is not a long section because you are sort of 
isolated in a small place. But I think that the 
characters are all heartwarming so I think that they 
disserve mention. But it that is only if you count the people 
at your ranch. If you count the rivals too. Then you are 
looking at a pretty good list of characters.

Fleria: she is your monster assistant. Though not as 
memorable as the first monster rancher's assistant, I 
think that she fits the new graphical change to a tee. 
She is just a tad bit cocky but is ultimately a good 
person. She loves blackmailing people into giving her

Grandpa Bragma : he is fleria's grandpa. He runs the shrine and 
is really helpful early in your quest. Later in the game he 
becomes extremely helpful, when he isn't moping about fleria
blackmailing him!

Gaddamon: your first rival, not to hard to beat though. She's
Obnoxious and rude, and likes to play mean tricks. Later she
Even causes some major trouble.

Other rivals: for each area (5) there are around 3 rivals 
for you to face off against. Most are nice but some are 
not. I guess you will have to get all the areas to find 

Maya: a nice and peaceful young girl, but don't be fooled
      By her peaceful appearance, she can pack a punch in 
      Battle and isn't afraid to play dirty.

Taya: Maya's brother, he is shy at first, but later he
      Becomes rather obsessed with battling. He usually 
      Trains dragons, and he is very powerful in battle.

Mitia: a snooty self confident girl, her overall goal is
       To get your ranch. While looking peaceful, she is
       Actually rather conceited.

Taz: This young breeder is first seen trying to steal 
     Something. But later he actually appears to be 
     Quite a nice boy, a bit naïve though. He is prone
     To training beaclons.

Jimsey: A lazy thief who is only in the breeding buisiness
     For money. He is quite powerful when he wants to be
     But also steals money. Don't let him get to you,
     As he sometimes gives you free items.

YOU! Of course. You are the person who controls the game, 
so you should be mentioned. Have fun!
GAMEWORLDS by zdnetgameplayer
Brillia: you better bring a jacket if you want to enjoy 
this place. This frigid area is one of the coldest places 
you'll send your monster. Aside from the fact that its 
covered in snow, its also home to the evil tempered zan. 
It is a dangerous place, and should be used only by adult 
monsters...though this is your own choice. 

Brillia training

Snowball: life up
Knockdown: pow up, spd down
Bloom: int up, pow down
Icicle: spd up, def dwon
Avalanche def up, int down

Kalagari: this area is a very secluded and lush landscape. 
It is dwarfed by a huge waterfall and is probably the 
most beautiful place to train in. it offers a good 
training area, and good venturing possibilities.
This is a good starting place for your monster if you are 
sick of morx. 

Kalagari training:

Repeat jump: life up
Hippo: pow up, spd down
Waterfall: int up, def down
Lotus: spd up, def dwon
Dive: def up, int down

Takerama: this is an area that should be feared. It is a 
desert like area that has many perils. It is dangerous, 
though not dangerous to dangerous for a starting monster.  
It is home to desert monsters.

Takerama training:

Sand swim: life 
Rock push: power up, spd Down
Balance: int. up, pow Down
Slide: spd up, def down
Cactus: def up, int down

Morx: morx is a nice woodlands area that is a very serene 
area that all should enjoy. I really think this is the 
best area to raise your monster, but that is just my 
opinion. This area is home to the childlike mocchi, and 
the monolith golem. This is the first area you start in. 
it is a pretty good place to train. With tons of 
potential, you should like this place
*This is going to be your learning area so you need to 
remember to learn everything. The first thing is to try 
out each raising tests at least once (I suggest two) the 
second thing is to purchase the second or third best ran 
ran, and then search for the training area (it is called 
noisy hall). Once you have found it, just keep walking 
around finding other items. 
Then continue to train till you raise your trainer level 
and get to go to other stages.

Morx's training options (there are also hidden ones but 
you will have to find those for your self)
Trampoline: life up a little
Picking: power up a little
Blocking: int up a little
3step: speed up a little
Nut catch: defense up a little

Goat: what a weird name for a weird place. This is an 
underwater area that is very dangerous. I don't think 
that you should train here unless your monster is strong. 
Plus it does not offer the same venture opportunities as 
the other places do. This is home to any monsters you 
would like, though it is best suited for water monsters.

Goat training

Hole: life up
Starfish: pow up, spd down
Bubbles: int up, pow down
Moray: spd up, def down
Fish: def up, int down
IN Town by zdnetgameplayer
The shrine: this is an old favorite and one of monster 
staples. This is where most of the excitement of the game lies. 
Just simply follow the easy steps and you will get a nice 
to raise. 
Step 1: take out the monster rancher 3 disk.
Step 2: insert cd/game/dvd disk and press x
Step 3: after the disk has been read, put the monster 
rancher 3 disk back in and press x. 
Step 4: the last step is to wait in excitement in 
anticipation of getting the monster you really want, and 
personally is my favorite. 

Also while you are at the shrine you can put together 
your saucer stone pieces you traded or found. It is a 
cool way to get monsters that you don't have a cd for. 

Calendar: (by greeble)
April (month 1):
Week 1: zip

Week 2: Brillia grand prix
        Location: Brillia
        Type: tournament
        Entered: 4 (5)
        Prize: 10000$
        Rank: major 5 (S)

Week 3: wild waves cup
        Location: Goat
        Type: league
        Entered: 6
        Prize: 4000$ and a mocchis hat (works on mocchi)
        Rank: B

Week 4: Mushroom cup
        Location: morx
        Type: league
        Entered: 4
        Prize: 2000$ moak soup
        Rank: D

May (month 2):
Week 1: ripples tyro match
        Location: Goat
        Type: league
        Prize: 1000$
        Rank: E
        Tropical Rumble
        Location: kalagari
        Type: league
       Entered: 6
       Prize: 4000$ and a large egg
       Rank: A

Week 2:Zip

Week 3: Mirage cup
        Location: takrama
        Type: league
        Entered: 4
        Prize: 3000$ snake emblem (works on naga)
        Rank: C

Week 4: Aurora Stone
        Location: Brillia
        Type: tournament
        Entered: 8
        Prize: An Aurora Stone
        Rank: Free-for-all

June (month 3):
Week 1: zip

Week 2: morx all-stars
        Location: Morx
        Type: tournament
        Entered: 4 (5)
        Prize: 10000$
        Rank: Major 5

Week 3: zip

Week 4: Tochikan festa
        Location: Shrine
        Type: league
        Entered: 6
        Prize: 500-5000$
        Rank: E-S

July (month 4):
Week 1: zip

Week 2: red coral cup
        Location: Goat
        Type: league
        Entered: 6
        Prize: 2500$
        Rank: C

Week 3: Yukiran memorial 
        Location: Brillia
        Type: tournament
        Entered: 4
        Prize: 2000$ white ribbon (works on suzurin)
        Rank: D

Week 4: Umbagi fall festa
      Location: kalagari
      Type: league
      Entered: 6
      Prize: 4000$ totem poll (works on jell)
      Rank: B

TIPS/HINTS For raising and winning by zdnetgameplayer
*When feeding your monster at the beginning of the month 
feed him the middle of the road meal. It saves money and 
really doesn't affect the monster too much. If you have 
played the game extensively and don't have a cash problem 
then feel free to buy the most expensive "good" meal. 
Though the best meal for your monster is bone n meat, 
beware of overfeeding. It can cause your monster to 
become overweight and in the long term cause him/her to 
die young. 

*Unlike before when you had to worry about your skill 
rating, it has been taken out. Now all you have to do is 
raise your speed, and you will hit better. It makes the 
game a little easier by not making you train another 

*Don't take too long training. Training your monster a 
lot in the beginning is good, but don't over do it. A 
super strong athlete may go far, but only to a certain 
extent before it dies. 

*If you love your monster then save often. Especially 
towards the end of his\her life. Nothing is worse than 
your monster dieing or getting KO'd and then having to 
restart your game a year earlier. But dieing isn't always 
a bad thing. When your monster dies it gives you a 
monster heart that holds your old monsters stats. You 
then can give it to your new monster, and essentially 
raise his/her skills.

*Set up a schedule. This is where you really have to work 
on. I always train my monster, let it rest, train some 
more and battle. This is really a good plan. It keeps 
your monster in shape and keeps them in good health. 

*LET YOUR MONSTER REST! So many players don't let their 
monsters rest enough, resulting in loss of life 
expectancy of their pet. It can also cause your monster 
to run away or get sick... another way to shorten your 
monsters life. But if you don't want your monster to live go 
ahead and let your monster not rest. 

*At the beginning of every season you get to go on a 
'venture'. Ventures are a way of training your monster. 
But first you must buy ran ran. Once you have the ran ran 
you want you can then start exploring. Once you find the 
"light of earth" then press X and you will search that 
place. If you find "noisy hall" then you can train your 
monster. Noisy hall does not change position like other 
items so remember its location. You can also find saucer 
stone pieces, items, and ability raising items on 

*Give up if you have to. If you have to give up a 
tournament, that's ok. Sometimes if your monster looks as 
if it will be koed then you should quit Imidiatly this 
will help your monster stay alive longer.

*Stay as far away from your opponent as possible. This 
will help you get more "guts" for your monster. Plus you 
can wait to see when the best possible attack time is. I 
find this one of my most coveted advice. Though if your 
monster has a strong distance attack, you should probably 
stay closer.  

*Fight your rivals every time that they come to you. It 
will help you to find their weaknesses and it will also 
add to your stats. Trade with your rivals too. It will 
help you get more monsters in your encyclopedia. 

*If you don't have enough money to get good ran ran then 
you just should get ran ran smell, it will at least let 
you build your skills up.

*FIRST thing you do when you enter a new area is to find 
the noisy hall where you can level up. This won't move so 
you need to memorize this position. 

*another piece of good info is to do training with your last 
100 ran rans. You should do this because it lets you get the 
most out of your ran rans by maximizing its worth. Try it and 
you should see what I mean. 
Ran ran types

Best monsters in my opinion:

Raiden: taken from cd: Kenny G duotunes
Raidens are easily one of my favorites. I think that they 
look really cool and are very easy to train. You should get 
the kalragi one if possible since it is very cool looking. 
His attacks may not be the strongest, but he is very good at 
hitting his opponent. 

Zan: taken from cd: matrix
Though he is not the best monster at the beginning because 
it is very stubborn and grumpy. I don't use this guy much 
because he makes me mad at the beginning. But if you are 
patient then go for it…he is really powerful when in its 

Dragon: taken from the sleepy hollow dvd
Dragons are my favorite breed of monster. They are a little 
stubborn and pride full, but they are very worth it. I like 
then because they are a powerhouse. My 1 year old dragon 
could do 262 hit points worth of damage in one hit with his 
level five bite. He is very worth it. The only drawback is 
that they don't live exceptionally long.

Other good monsters:


Types or ran ran:

Leaf-small amount of time to search
Fruit-longer time to search
Extract- a long time to search
Smell-free, and is really good for quick searches.

Training methods (greeble)
Okay, one of the toughest parts in the game is getting your
Bundle of fluff (or spikes) ready for the next battle. 
It can be boring and dull, but it pays off. This section is 
To help you get your monster ready for all of the tough battles 
Ahead. Ready? I thought so!

Spd: this stat puts up your ability to dodge, block and hit the 
other monster.
It is wise to train any monster in a lot of speed, or else the 
other monster 
Will always hit it. This is one of the toughest things to train 
on some monsters. But it is so worth it!

Lif: Another biggie, this is important because it relates to 
how long you can stay alive in battle. This is generally the 
first thing you should train. It is very important so you 
should train it in large amounts.

Pwr: For some monsters, this is the biggest thing about 
training. See, for a lot of monsters, most of there attacks 
depend on power. You should usually train this or intelligence 
3rd. Power attacks are usually yellow on the place in battle 
that shows the picture of the attack.

Int: this stat also what helps your attacks in battle. 
Depending what you want to train, this should be 3rd. For 
instance, a suzurin has mostly intelligence attacks so you 
should train it in intelligence and then power. Intelligence 
attacks are in green.

Dfc: This stat helps you have less damage done to you. It is
Pretty important, but I always train it last. You decide 
whether you want it or not.
Section *.*

By Someone

Battle Tips

The extremely common battle, usually an easy task if you know 
what to do. Being through 273 battles, I've come up with 
several battle tactics, depending on the monster your facing 
and the stats your current monster possess. Aside from these, 
here are valid points you should use when battle a monster of 
this species.

General Tips: High speed is usually something that everyone 
should think about before making a monster, even if you have a 
golem, at least 300 speed would be preferred. It will help in 
the future. Aside from that, status usually depends on the 

EXAMPLES: Zan: High speed and strength can get you an instant 
Durahan: High defense, power and average speed make 
this a good                     monster to start as.
Dragon: On the other hand some monsters like this 
one can benefit from having all above average stats, 
although this is a challenge for most, if 
attainable, you can have a destructive monster on 
your side.

Specific Tips:

*Note: Regardless of any of these strategies, pushing your 
opponent against the wall, but making sure not to let him push 
you back, usually helps.

Suezo: The mascot of monster rancher, this monster usually 
isn't much of a threat unless it attacks you within mid-range. 
It would then pull off an attack that swallows your monster 
then spits it out, causing major damage. The best defense 
against this is to stay in close, the worst he could do is use 
an attack that lowers your guts or his low level close range 

Moochi: Relatively every Moochi I have encounter possessed only 
one close range attack, a head-butt attack which is easily 
avoided, and yet again weak. As with the Suezo's strategy, stay 
close, and push him against the wall, stay far enough that 
you'd stay in close range, but the opponent has room to move 
forward, just to be pushed back again.

Jell: These guys usually are paired with a relatively high 
defense, and mid to high speed, yet weak defense and sometimes 
weak attack as well. The mid-range hammer attack can be strong 
so stay close or far from this one, but not in the middle.

Octopee: These monsters are very weak, but usually carry high 
defense, stay in close and allow it to use its spin attack. A 
very weak attack and its usually dodged, this monster poses no 
serious threat.

Momo: This monster relies on long range to midrange attacks, it 
sometimes has two close range attacks, both of which are 
usually nothing to worry about. Again, a relatively weak 

Golem: Now we're getting somewhere…this beast is usually paired 
with immense strength (duh…) and a strong defense, it usually 
has a low speed, so a monster with mid to high range speed 
(compared to your current rank) can easily dodge most of it's 
attacks. In the future levels however, It usually possesses MAX 
strength, and immense speed. This could be something to worry 
about, because the speed status is what determines how often 
you strike a blow, and how often you dodge one, this is very 
important to remember in the future, because most monsters have 
ridiculously high speed.

Zoom: A fast, and sometimes strong opponent, this beast's life 
is not too high, nor is its defense, but it has incredibly high 
speeds, so make sure your guts are at max before releasing 
every attack you can muster. Usually one hit, and this monster 
goes down.

Tiger: Oddly enough, Zoom and Tiger share very similar 
characteristics. Both usually major in speed and power, but the 
strategy is changed ever so slightly, for this monster, usually 
staying in the mid-range attack basis is your best option. 
Especially if it's a low level Tiger. The two mid range attacks 
(the beginning ones) They have terrible accuracy and low attack 
power, making this an easy kill.

Hare: Their mid range attack (Umpa or something…) is usually 
quite strong, again this monster too majors in speed, so high 
speed would definitely benefit you. His close range attack does 
mid to low damage, so this monster is not as easy as it looks. 
The best option is to beat with outright force, since most 
hare's have incredibly low Life. One hit usually takes these 
guys out, but if their speed outmatches yours, expect every hit 
to be dodged with ease.

Mew: The most important thing to remember is to stay away from 
the mid or long range attack. Hawaiian is a devastating attack 
(to Guts anyway) So always stay close. In close range the worst 
it can do is Scratch you. Besides this, it may have mid to high 
speed, but not high enough that it should pose a threat to your 

Beaklon: This one can go one of two ways. Some of the Beaklons 
have high defense and incredibly high power. Which suits 
they're appearance best in my opinion. On the other hand the 
Mose form (which is common in the end of the game by the way.) 
Usually has high speed, and strong power. Again with most other 
monsters staying close is the best way to survive. Especially 
with this monster, its mid-range attack (that dash thing) is 
incredibly strong, but misses frequently. Close range, they use 
the Horn Sweep attack (now that I think about it, I was NEVER 
hit by this attack) and the Back Fist attack, which is another 
extremely powerful attack yet misses too much. Overall, try to 
kill this beast as fast as possible, that basically the best 
thing to do.

Dragon: King of the monsters, these guys could easily kill any 
monster with one move. Usually fire breath (long range) or 
Inferno (mid range). Besides that, stay close and it will use 
either tail swipe or Bite, both strong moves. However with a 
monster with high speeds, this won't be a problem as both moves 
will be avoided. If this advice is followed, the Dragon 
shouldn't pose much of a threat.

Dakkung: This monster is relatively weak, its average in all 
stats but somewhat lacking in defense, an easy kill for the 
trained monster…there's really no advice to give on this one…

Baku: Huge dog is all I can say to describe this gargantuan 
beast, for some reason, even with 400 power, this thing can 
half the energy of a monster with high defense. So be careful. 
It usually has low defense, so attacking it fast is your best 

had to get that off my chest…these things are the worst enemies 
u can face, not cause they're strong, its cause of they're 
annoyingly high speed. They can dodge all of your attacks for 
the entire fight and hit you for ten damage minimum and still 
win the battle. Best bet is to wait for 99 Guts and unleash 
everything at once (this goes for all high speed monsters).

Durahan: another of the coolest monsters in the game, and a 
personal favorite of mine. They come in all status types, from 
high defense and power to high speed and life…this is usually 
random…however they are commonly in the high defense range. Too 
counter this, make sure u have high speed, to block the 
Durahan's strong attacks. Then slowly beat away at it, and the 
it will eventually fall.

Nagas: Now that I think about it…these guys are pretty rare…I 
only sometimes see them in a desert tournament and rarely 
Gadamon has one…be that as it may, not much strategy is needed 
for this monster. He has a high speed that the rest of his 
stats which are average to below average. Because of this, the 
same strategy that is used on the Pixie would work here.

Colorpandoras: Hmm…I've only fought one of these in my 200-and 
some battles…anyway, they are pretty weak…generally anything 
could take these down with ease.

Plants: Weak monster, weak attacks, small defense and low 
speed…I haven't been able to find one strong Plant monster, so 
there aren't any advanced techniques on this one.

Hengar: Another personal favorite, these guys are extremely 
well trained for some reason. All of their stats are far above-
average, and they usually posses one extremely powerful attack 
(ion cannon, and Omega Blade for example). In order to beat 
these guys, staying close is a must for many reasons.

1)	far range attack: Ion cannon…can you say insta-kill?
2)	mid-range attack: (some) Omega Blade
3)	Mid range attack: Core attack (usually level or 9)

As for close range, the hengers have the weak mega blade 
attack, which is usually dodged and not worth much damage. Also 
they use a status attack which brings up their guard a lot. 
Stay close, and attack frequently.

Lesione: Another form of the pixie but stronger. They have 
strong attacks and dodge just as much if not more so than the 
pixies. The strategy is mixed…sometimes they have the attack 
which bounces you against their nose and launching u far away. 
This attack is powerful and it's a close range. Sometimes they 
have powerful mid-range attacks as well but they usually use 
the lesihorne attack, which brings your guts down somewhat.

Suzurin: Yet another pixie, but exactly alike in many ways, 
they fight like pixies, being weak and with low level guts 
moves, and dodge just as much, use the same strategy on this 
monster as you did with the pixie.

Psiroller:The guys are annoying, they have above average speed, 
they are pretty strong. Stay close, they're far and mid-range 
attacks are strong, but they're close range doesn't do as much 
damage, but still poses a threat. Luckily though, this move is 
dodged easily.

Pancho: Stay close, trust me on this, up close, they seem to 
ALWAYS have the Magic Hand technique learned. A weak technique 
and dodged just as easily as the rest of his moves.

Mogi: Stay mid range, its head bang attack is strong, as is its 
Dig attack from far-range. For Mid-range however it uses the 
scratch attack a lot, its weak and is meant to lower your Guts, 
but it doesn't do that well either. 

Raiden: No Info.

Gitan: No info

Ogyo: No info

Zan: Normally, I would place Joker here since I fought it 
first, but I believe the Joker is far stronger than the Zan so 
here's how it works…

First things first, make sure no stories are currently 
activated. Next step, move on over to Brillia and wait a few 
weeks (sometimes it works immediately), Maya should appear, 
grief stricken and warning you of a strong monster that 
attacked her. Wait a few weeks, all of a sudden some really 
upbeat music will play, it is then that the Brillia Henger with 
two odd-looking accessories will attack you without warning. 
This monster is pathetic, just kill it with one attack. Be 
warned however, it has high speed. That's over with, moving on…

Wait a few weeks, Taya will come in and warn you as Maya did. 
After this, that same upbeat music appears again and that 
Brillia Henger strikes again…defeat and it runs off…a few more 
weeks later and the Henger arrives but this time Gadamon with 
it. So you know who this monster belongs to now. So you beat it 
as before…done and done…but before she leaves, she says a 
scientist named Nahze modified her monsters to defeat yours. 
She leaves before you can learn more about this. So after a few 
more weeks…some wierdo shows up? Yes its an odd looking guy 
with a huge nose…he goes a little crazy and lo and behold, he 
has a cool looking Zan with him. (that breast plate however 
looks questionable if you ask me…) He battles you immediately 
and you'd think his dark and evil looking monster would pose a 
challenge. Fortunately for you, he has the stats of an average 
B monster…even worse he has no defense and relatively low life. 
One correct strike could bring this terror down.

The fight is over, congratulations, you just completed the 
hardest part of the quest. All that's left is to give the Zan 
disk to Grandpa Braghma, and find a CD containing the Zan, good 

Joker: Now this guy is definitely one of my favorite monsters. 
It's unfortunate that I have yet to attain this particular 
monster. Anyway here's his story.

After completing Burn and Ms. Jenna's quick story-lines, your 
on to Kai's. His starts when Ms. Jenna and Burn warn you of his 
antics…coincidentally enough, he arrives shortly after…he 
offers you 2000G to lose to him in a tournament. Fleria is gets 
angry and talks back to Kai, which to say the least angers him. 
He starts a battle with you with a Rank A relatively strong 
Naga type monster. This thing is kinda strong, but has weak 
defense so hit it with a strong attack and it should go down in 
two to three turns. After this he leaves…

Few more weeks and he comes back apologizing, and as a friendly 
gesture, gives you an antique item, he then invites you to 
battle in the dead of night on the 2nd week of November. Fleria 
is reluctant to accept but he says he'll ask when the time 
comes. A week later, Ms. Jenna arrives and warns you not to 
accept anything from Kai, and to just ignore him. Burn does the 
same a few weeks later. 

Some advice for you, train all of your monsters stats to at 
least 400-550, and speed and power should both be extremely 
high. Why you ask? Because…

2nd week of November, Kai asks you to go to the Luna Battle. You 
can allow this or deny his gesture, either way, you can always 
go to the tournament next year and for years to come.

Should you accept his mission he will take you to the basic 
Goat arena, yet a lot darker, considering its around mid-night. 
Kai arrives with his Naga type monster and says he'll defeat 
your monster with a major handicap in his favor…before he can 
do this though, the antique item he gives you will activate and 
float into the air. It explodes in a flash of light, and a 
shadow could be seen standing on one of the statues in the 
background. Upon closer inspection, the shadow is seen to be 
holding a rather large scythe. It is then that a new man 
arrives from who knows where…I won't spoil it for you but soon 
he fights you…tip of advice. DON"T LOSE! ALWAYS SAVE BEFORE THE 

Now on to the battle, this guys  stats are around 400-480…but 
his defense is considerably low, here's his weak spot, two 
strong attacks should kill him. For me, it took three from my 
Durahan. Try to stay close because his mid-range and far-range 
attacks are easily one hit kills…but that's not saying much 
because his close-range attack does the same. Chaos Slash is 
extremely powerful (and cool looking at that) and if it 
connects, your dead, luckily it misses frequently, so high speed 
is a must.

If your lucky or strong enough, the joker shall die, and he 
gives you an item that will allow you to regenerate this 
monster from any Saucer Stone that contains it. Give this item 
to Grandpa Bragma.

Congratulations! You got the joker
Cd List by zdnetgameplayer 

The beatles, white album disk 2===electrieel

The coors, special edition===psiroller	

The beatles, sgt. Peppers lonely heart club 

The body guard soundtrack===bosco

The beach boys summer in paridise===merman

The badlees, river songs===momo

The roots of rock and blues===pixie

Better than fiction===marshmellow

Bon appetit entertaining with style===gitan

The big chill soundtrack===durahan

Beaches soundtrack===psiroller

The classic arron Neville===bosco

Blues traveler,four===mew

Crash test dummies, god shuffled his 

The rolling stones, hot rock disk 1===marimbal

The rolling stones, hot rock disk 

Romantic gypsy guitar===baku

R.E.M, green===konta

Robert plant, now and zen===merman

Ray charles, greatest hits volume 1===jell

Queen, greatest hits===ogyo

Paul Simon, graceland===electrieel

Pearl jam, nothing as it seems===pixie

The police, every breath you take===kakao

Oingo boingo, alive===mew

Oliver and company soundtrack===suezo

Nature sings the blues===mew

Madonna, you must love me===mew

Horowitz plays Mozart===konta

Robert plant, pictures at eleven===zan

Red hot chili peppers, one hot minute===zoom

R.E.M, new adventures in Hi Fi===mocchi

Spice girls, spice world===xolorpandora

Saturday night fever soundtrack===lapislatel

Sound effects, transpertation===momo

Sound effects, animals===colorpandora

Sister hazel, fortress===yuppee

Sheryl crow, Tuesday night music club===hare

Sade, promise===strawberry

Shaggy, hot shot===hotrod

Tracy chapman===ogyo

Titanic soundtrack===fukazo

Ted Hawkins, happy hour===naga

Tubes, the completed backward 



1. Blue Velvet - MOGI
    119  147  098  107  067

2. Romper Stomper (disc 1) - BREEZA
    122  117  133  130  114

3. Romper Stomper (disc 2) - RYOZAN

    139  168  119  133  150
4. Re-Animator - JIRO
    096  141  091  113  097

5. Bride of Re-Animator (unrated side) - SANDLESSIE
    151  141  116  108  122

6. Bride of Re-Animator (r-rated side) - WINDINE
    125  102  160  135  092

7. Killer Klowns from Outer Space - TIGER
    111  121  116  158  092

8. Meet the Feebles - GALUM
    125  111  112  168  113

9. Pink Floyd - The Wall - ANGEL
    111  095  170  157  112

10. Evil Dead (Elite version) - HOTROD
    094  152  079  141  128

11. Evil Dead 2 (limited edition tin) - COCONUT
    155  061  128  076  108

12. Army of Darkness (director's cut) - TIGER
    097  146  093  137  105

13. Hellraiser (limited edition tin ) - SCISSORS
    106  153  060  112  149

14. Hellraiser 2 (limited edition tin ) - ELECTRIEEL
    142  138  110  086  104

15. Maniac (limited edition tin) - KONTA
    111  118  126  164  105

16. Let Sleeping Corpses Lie (limited edition tin) - GRILIEF
    161  121  122  100  115

17. The Beyond (limited edition tin) - FLEECE
    101  157  129  093  111

18. City of the Living Dead (EC version) - MOGI
    096  165  143  118  080

19. House by the Cemetery (Anchor Bay version) - LESIONE
    138  120  121  106  110

20. New York Ripper (Anchor Bay version) - FUKAZO
    107  158  144  124  100

21. Shock - LULU
    084  123  084  153  95

22. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre - HENGAR
    089  148  139  143  095

24. Clerks - DARK BRINGER
    106  142  131  131  107

25. The Matrix - ZAN
    090  150  100  180  090

26. Silence of the Lambs (Criterion version) - SHELLUNCHO
    110  098  127  092  200

27. Hannibal (disc 1) - SPEARMINT
    104  137  100  148  104

28. Hannibal (disc 2) - JELL
    104  108  129  088  155

29. Beastie Boys Anthology (disc 1) - OCTOPEE
    099  130  121  141  070

30. Beastie Boys Anthology (disc 2) - TORTBOY
    102  145  119  084  133

31. Seven (disc 1) - FUKAZO
    121  154  132  112  110

32. Seven (disc 2) - DAKKUNG
    077  115  128  132  112

33. Hard Boiled - KAKAO
    093  113  138  109  124

34. Phantasm - PSIROLLER
    129  140  066  139  093

35. The Amityville Horror (ws side) - OCTOMEE
    114  117  143  112  057

36. The Amityville Horror (ff side) - SENIORIN
    113  115  131  131  140

37. Fright Night (ws side) - MOCCHI
    098  100  126  146  135

38. Fright Night (ff side) - RYOZAN
    123  150  126  136  140

39. Mountaintop Motel Massacre - RABBIROLLER
    124  125  062  156  105

40. C.H.U.D. - MARIRIN
    124  110  112  156  155

41. The Stuff - MARIRIN
    135  127  120  140  137

42. House - FLEECE
    090  137  138  123  116

43. House 2 - TIGER
    095  127  108  173  101

44. Sleepaway Camp - OGYO
    108  107  133  109  073

45. Alice Sweet Alice - KAIO
    102  183  098  057  150

46. Hell Night - HENGAR
    076  155  168  158  080

47. Prom Night - ZAZA
    115  106  072  168  108

48. Halloween - FUKAZO
    106  151  140  102  096

49. Halloween (extended cut) - LAPISLATEL
    134  170  087  066  175

50. Halloween II - METANIX
    106  151  140  102  096

51. Halloween III - JELL
    091  115  158  103  140

52. Friday the 13th - DRAGON
    129  165  142  121  155

53. Twitch of the Death Nerve - MOGI
    114  150  107  116  105

54. Black Christmas - PSIROLLER
    113  135  076  126  085

55. The Blair Witch Project - PANSY
    080  100  050  155  100

56. Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2 - CARAME
    104  097  123  092  137

57. Book of Shadows (soundtrack side) - GOLEM
    110  174  109  055  152

58. The Exorcist (version you've never seen) - TORTBOY
    118  131  128  095  139

59. The Shining - LESIONE
    148  135  123  111  108

60. Invasion of the Body Snatchers (ws side) - COCONUT
    151  075  153  093  095

61. Invasion of the Body Snatchers (ff side) - SCISSORS
    104  160  057  106  170

62. The Thing - LULU
    074  127  085  143  099

63. Jaws - FUKAZO
    105  150  130  100  100

64. Pirahna - ISOBE
    104  112  131  136  123

65. Videodrome - ELECTRIEEL
    148  137  108  064  083

66. Jacob's Ladder - PSIROLLER
    129  148  076  128  088

67. Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer - KAIO
    113  182  088  054  158

68. Tetsuo: The Iron Man - GITAN
    121  096  136  108  092

secret monsters by zdnetgameplayer	
There are a few secret monsters in monster rancher 3 which make 
you go through a certain event to get them. Here are the 
monsters and how to get them. Most are easy, though a few will 
take a few hours of training to get them.

To get a dragon: 
you must first beat the offical A tournament this monster will 
be unlocked. 
to get a durahan:  
you must first beat the offical A tournament this monster will 
be unlocked. 
to get a joker:  
after you have gotten into the Goat area play until you meet 
Kai. He will later give you an item and invite you to a 
tournament in November. Now wait until you speak with Ms. Jenna 
and she will say something about Grandma Mosha. Go into Morx 
and speak with Grandma Mosha. When asked to fight say "yes". 
Now go back to Goat and fight in the November tournament. If 
you beat the Joker you will unlock the Joker breed. 
to get pancho:  
you must first beat the offical B tournament this monster will 
be unlocked. 
to get zan  
Oncyou must first beat the offical C tournament visit Brilla. 
Play there until you get to a storyline in which you have to 
fight a Zan. If you defeat it you will later recieve a sauser 
stone to bring to the shrine. When grandpa sees it he will 
research the item. Then you can take cd to the shrine and get 

Item list

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[email protected], or [email protected]

your feedback is appreciated as it will help make the faq the best it could be.
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