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  ______   _______                      ____    __  ___                   
 {      \  \   ___\         /\         / __ \   \ \/  /                   
  \  []  \  \  \____       /<>\       / /  \ \   \   /                    
   \  _  /   \   ___\     / __ \     / /   | /   /  /                     
    \ \\ \    \  \____   / /  \ \   / /___/ /   /  /                      
     \_\\_\    \______\ /_/    \_\ /_______/   /__/                       
                      / _____  )                                          
                     | |_   / /                                           
                      \__\ / /                                            
                          / /                                             
                         / /                                              
       ______ _    ___  / /_____      _____ __       _______              
      /      } |   | | /________|     |    \  |      | _____|             
     / __   /| |   | |                | |>  | |      | |                  
    / /_|  / | |   | | |\        /|   |    /  |      | |____              
   / ___  /  | |   | | | \      / |   |   /|  |      |  ____|             
  / /   \ \  | |   | | |  \    /  |   |   \|  |      | |                  
 / /     \ \ |  \_/  | |   \  /   |   | |> \  |____  | |____              
/_/___    \_\ \_____/ /__|\ \/ /|__\  |_____|______| |______|             
|     \              ___   \  /_  ________  __      _   ______            
| |\   |     ____    \  \   \/  /   |  |   |  \    | | / _____|           
| |/  /     / _  \    \  \  /  /    |  |   |   \   | |/ /       _______   
|     \    | / \  |    \  \/  /     |  |   | |\ \  | |||    __  |Round|   
| |\   |   ||   | |    /      \     |  |   | | \ \ | |||   |_ | |     |   
| |/   |   | \_/  |   /   /\   \    |  |   | |  \ \| || \___/ | |  2  |   
|_____/     \____/   /___/  \___\  _|__|__ |_|   \___| \_____/  |_____|   

For Nintendo 64, Sega Dreamcast, Playstation, and Playstation 2. But 
more for N64.

._____                                   _____                            
|     \  \                     /\        |    \       666   4  4
|     |   \                ___/  \       |     |     6      4  4
|____/     \      /\      /  /____\      |     |    6666    4  4
|    \      \    /  \    /  /      \     |     |   66   6   44444
|     \     /\  /    \  /  /        \    |     |   6     6     4
|      \___/  \/      \/  /          \__/|____/     66666      4
Email: [email protected]

1. Intro
2. Updates
3. Training mode
4. Rumble Mode
5. Moves
 Afro Thunder
 Selene Strike
 Boris "The Bear" Knockimov
 Butcher Brown
 Angel "Raging" Rivera
 Jet "Iron" Chin
 Lulu Valentine
 Johnny "Bad" Blood
 "Big" Willy Johnson
 Rocket Samchay
 Michael Jackson
 Shaquille O Neal
 The First Lady
 Mr President
 Mama Tua
 Joey T
 JR Flurry
6. Lists
7. End
8. Legal Crud
1. Intro

This doesn't cover all the characters, only ones I found in R2RR2 when 
I rented it on N64. I have come to the conclusion that it doesn't have 
all the ones the others have such as Dreamcast. I screwed around with 
the game for more than 7 hours altogether. Trust me, I didn't just give 
up before I got em all. Any I left out are covered in the other FAQs on 
this game. Thank you.

Every once in awhile, it seems like it would be a good idea to try some 
odd game. So, being at Blockbuster, I was bored, and thought I would 
try this. Especially with the fact that you can box with Bill 
Clinton...that is what really got me...heheh...
2. Updates
2/26/01 – Oliver Surpless sent me a listing of how he considers the 
rankings of the characters. So, I started a section of ranking lists. 
Feel free to contribute here. Go ahead.

1/05/01 – Thanks to SAKnight1, I have some Mama Tua corrections, JR 
Flurry stuff, Joey T stuff, and Bill Clinton's winning quote.

1/02/01 – Well, this is rather interesting. For one, I forgot to list 
what I just updated in the 1/01/00 update. Then, for some odd reasonn 
some things weren't even there. IT'S A CONSPIRICY I TELL YA!!! Anyway, 
sending it in again, hoping that whatever didn't go right goes 
right....0_0 Also added some information from Oliver Surpless, that 
helped very much! Thanks Oliver!

12/09/00 – What the heck? I forgot all about this...shoot. Gah, 
finished the leftover parts, and sent it in to gamefaqs. VGStratagies 
always seems to get it with out me emailing it to them. I like that 
very much...:)

11/29/00 – Did the updates, and realized I skipped some 
characters...grr...did Joey T and Mama Tua.

11/28/00 – Submitted it to Neoseeker, and did the intro, end, and legal 

11/27/00 – Did the title art

11/26/00 – Finished the moves.

11/25/00 – Did the taunts.

11/24/00 – More moves...

11/23/00 – Started doing some moves.

11/22/00 – Formated it.
3. Training Mode
Training mode
This lets you go through lots of minigame type things. These are the 

Jump Rope
Okay, this is pretty easy. Instead of hitting the button when the 
picture of the C button hits the line, try holding it as soon as you 
the one thats about to hit the line hits it. Keep doing this. Much 

Speed Bag
This is by far the easiest one in my opinion. Just simply keep 
alternating between hitting "left and C <-" and "right and C ->". Do 
this and you can beat it on level 10 easily.

Heavy Bag
remember certain buttons to hit within time limits that are very short. 

Sway Bag
This is fairly easy. It's like a game of Simon (a thing where you have 
to remember what buttons to hit in the right order within a time limit) 
it seems. Just press C-Left for the first one, then continue with 
whatever sways it throws at you.

Rumble Pads
Here you must hit all the buttons it shows you very quickly. On level 
10 it is near impossible to get any without it either being an accident 
or you smashing every button all the time...but otherwise pretty easy.

Rumble Aerobics
No. Just don't. Please, I beg of you. Stupid instructor has such an 
annoying voice it seems to me, and it seems to have such off timing 
that it's too difficult to bother with. I hate this one with a 

Weight Lifting
Hold the things up until they get in the green. Somewhat difficult. At 
first it seems like what they mean is "smash the two buttons back and 
forth". Don't, hold them. Takes a bit of practice.

Vitamin Program
Not that useful. If you have to use the pills or whatever to be good, 
don't bother with these. Go for the others. Much more helpful.

Rumble Mass
Very expensive, but VERY USEFUL. If you are starting off, when you get 
enough money, buy one of these. It will help immensely.
3. Rumble Mode
This is from some information I got from Keith Caylor 
([email protected]) about rumble mode. Thanks, Keith!

When your rumble meter fills up (spells out rumble) press both blocks 
at the same time. That will  
give you your rumble move. After you do your rumble move.... press HL 
(high left) and HR (high right) together to do your rumble combo. 
Now... each different color rumble does a different thing. the yellow 
rumble does rumble combo#1. red rumble does rumble combo#2(a longer and 
more powerful combo.) The gray rumble does the final blow. You do the 
final blow the same way you would  
with the rumble combos. You have to be close to do the final blow. When 
yer doing it.... you can't be hit... and it cant be blocked. :) (its a 
good way to get yer friends mad)  

Thanks Keith!
4. Moves
/\ - Up

\/ - Down

LL – Low Left Punch

LR – Low Right Punch

HL – High Left Punch

HR – High Right Punch
Afro Thunder

Age: 24

Height: 5'7"

Weight: 121 LBS

Hometown: New York City, New York

Reach: 70"

My comments: A very average character, excellent for beginners with his 
nice reach. And although it doesn't help the boxing part, he does have 
an enormous afro...;)
Winning quotes:
HL LR: "Pump up value" – 1 letter

HL LL: "_You_ can't stop the Thunderbolt!" – 2 letters

LL HR: "I thought I heard somethin!" – 2 letters

LR HR: "Uh uh, uh ouwww...Nothin but LOVE for ya!" – 3 letters
\/, \/, HR

\/, /\ HR

\/, \/, HR HR
Selene Strike 

Age: 27

Height: 6'2"

Weight: 130 LBS

Hometown: Brasilia, Brazil

Reach: 80"

My comments: Don't expect incredible strength here, but instead more 
speed. If you are more of the run around and just keep annoying your 
opponent, this is a quite good character.
Winning Quotes: "Strike 1, strike 2, strike 3! You're out! Hahaha!"
HL LL: Somersault – 1 letter

HR LL: "Shake it honey" – 1 letter

HR LR: "Think twice before you strike" – 2 letters

HL LR: "Take a good look" – 3 letters
/\, /\ HR

\/, \/ HR

\/, /\ LR
Boris "The Bear" Knockimov

Age: 33

Height: 6'3"

Weight: 218 LBS

Hometown: Zagrev, Croatia

Reach: 73"

My comments: Nice speed, great strength, and overall one of the better 
characters in the game.
Winning Quotes: "I am so strong"

HL LL: "I feel no pain" – 2 letters

HL LR: "This can't be all you've got..." – 2 letters

HR LR: "Nighty Night..." – 2 letters

LL HR: "This can't be..." – 3 letters
/\, \/ HR

/\, \/ HR LL

/\, \/ LR
Butcher Brown

Age: 26

Height: 5'9"

Weight: 235 LBS

Hometown: District of Columbia

Reach: 82"

My comments: Okay, this guy is just an ox with his strength. Bad speed, 
great strength, and good reach. I like him lots. But of course, the 
characters I like most in fighting games usually are slow, strong, 
Winning Quotes:
"Baby get ready cuz I'm commin to cash my check"

HR HL: "Come on" – 0 letters

HR LL: "You goin down NOW!" – 0 letters

LR LL: "Get up, foo" – 2 letters

LL HR: "Aw yeah yeah" 3 letters
\/ HL, LR, LL

\/, /\ HR, HL, LR, LL

\/, /\ HR

\/ HL
Angel "Raging" Rivera

Age: 26

Height: 5'9"

Weight: 153 LBS

Hometown: Monterrey, Mexico

Reach: 71"

My comments: Extremely good and average character, great for anyone.

Winning Quotes: "Check me out! Make the party go round!"


LL HR: "I argue too" – 0 letters

LR HR: "Check me out" – 1 letter

HL LL: Glove pat – 2 letters

HL LR: "You ain't got nothin on me, huh?" – 2 letters
\/, /\ HR

/\, \/ LR 

/\, \/, LR, LR, LL, LR

/\, \/, LR, HR
Jet "Iron" Chin

Age: 23

Height: 5'8"

Weight: 148 LBS

Hometown: Taipei, Taiwan

Reach: 78"

My comments: Pretty quick, not so excellent on strength. Overall 
Winning Quotes: "It's a tilank in ron sofa"

HL LL: "Kina metza zoont tako vacho o" – 1 letter

LL HR: "Otza woo" – 1 letter

HR LR: "Ousta matsa: - 2 letters

HL LR: "Me champion" – 2 letters
/\, \/ HR

\/ HL

\/ HL, LL, LR, HR

\/, /\ HL
Lulu Valentine

Age: 27

Height: 5'2"

Weight: 108 LBS

Hometown: Seattle, Washington

Reach: 64"

My comments: By far the quickest character in the game, and horrible 

Winning Quotes: "You can't touch this, baby!"

LL HL: "Can't catch me" – 1 letter

HR LR: "You stink!" – 1 letter

LL HR: "I'm so fast and pretty" – 2 letters

HL LR: "Bring it on, doughhead" – 2 letters
/\, HL, HR

/\, LL, LR

\/, \/, /\ HR
Johnny "Bad" Blood

Age: 21

Height: 6'2"

Weight: 231 LBS

Hometown: Papatoetoe, New Zealand

Reach: 87"

My comments: Very strong, and very good. One of my favorite characters.

Winning Quotes: "Raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa"


HR LR: Tremble – 1 letter

HR LL: "I've had enough of this" – 1 letter

HL LR: "Yaaaaaaaaaahhhhoooooooooooooooo" - 1 letter

HL LL: "Let the onslaught begin" – 3 letters
\/, \/, /\ HL

\/, \/, /\ HR

/\, HL, HR
"Big" Willy Johnson

Age: 111

Height: 5'9"

Weight: 175 LBS

Hometown: Chester, England

Reach: 72"

My comments: Pretty good, strong attacks, but pretty slow taunts it 
seems. The only one that gives you a good amount of letters takes 
forever to do. But still pretty good if you don't care about if you go 
into rumble mode or not...
Winning Quotes: Never mess with Willy

HR LR: "Watch the hair" – 1 letter

HR LL: "Give it all you've got" – 1 letter

HL LR: "That's the spirit" – 1 letter

HL LL: "Let me show ya how it's done" – 3 letters
/\, /\ HR

/\, \/ HL

/\, /\, \/ HL
Rocket Samchay

Age: 26

Height: 6'2"

Weight: 165 LBS

Hometown: Bangkok, Thailand

Reach: 78"

My comments: Great character, good reach, nice speed, and quite fast 

Winning Quotes: "What does it take to get a real boxer to fight me?"


LL HR: "I'm unstoppable" – 1 letter

LR HL: "Say goodnight now" – 1 letter

HR LR: "In your face" – 1 letter

LL HL: "This ain't no game – 2 letters
\/, /\ HL

\/, /\ HR

/\, \/ HL

/\, \/ LR
Michael Jackson

Age: 20-something

Height: 5'10"

Weight: 125 LBS

Hometown: Gary, Indiana
My comments: Quick, and rather speedy as well. By far one of the better 
characters in the game.
Winning Quotes: "Don't tangle with the King of Pop"


LR HR: "I'm gonna dance all over you" – 2 letters

LR HL: "With this groove I can't lose....HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA" – 3 letters

HR LR: "I can't lose my groove" – 4 letters
/\, \/ HR

/\, /\ HL

\/, \/, /\ LL
Shaquille O Neal

Age: 28

Height: 7'1"

Weight: 315 LBS

Hometown: Los Angles, California

Reach: 90"
My comments: Really good player, with his extremely far reach. Overall 
a very good character.
Winning Quotes: "Just like basketball, baby"
HR LL: "Aw man that was tight" – 1 letter

HL LL: "All the way baby" – 2 letters

HR LR: "You know who's wearin the best shoes in the house?" – 3 letters

LR HL: "Dig my shoe?" – 3 letters 
/\, \/ HL *OR* \/, /\ HL

\/, \/ HR

\/, /\ HR HL

\/, HR (Thanks to Oliver Surpless for this one)

Combos: (Thanks again to Oliver Surpless for these)
F and LH+RH, D, U LH (This is a devastating combo, if all of it 
connects, you stun the opponent and get 5 Rumble letters, It reminds me 
of Nat Daddy's awesome combos) 
B, RH, D,U LH (This is a lesser version of above, a back blow following 
by the overhead double smash, earns fewer Rumble letters, but is an 
easier move to do, so it is good to vary between them) 
D, LL, D, U, LH (This is another variation on the double overhead 
smash, a low blow then the overhead blow, the easiest one to do, but 
also the least damaging)
The First Lady

Age: 53

Height: 5'4"

Weight: 120 LBS

Hometown: The District of Columbia

Reach: 65"
My comments: It's Hilary Clinton! One of my favorites to beat up on! Of 
course, if you tried beating up either Bill or Hilary in real life, 
you'd get arrested...
Winning Quotes:
"Close, but no cigar."
HL LL: "Now you know who's really in charge" – 2 letters

HR LR: "Tax" – 2 letters

HL LR: "Who's got the power now???" – 2 letters

LL HR: "I'll give you a background check" – 3 letters
Specials: ???
Mr President

Age: 54

Height: 6'0"

Weight: 180 LBS

Hometown: The District of Columbia

Reach: 70"
My comments: I wonder how much Bill Clinton appreciates his cameo guest 
star role in this game...heheh...I don't think much, because in the 
game he's just "Mr President"...I have a feeling that he is less than 
thrilled over it...but it's just a guess...:b And also, I bet that some 
of his taunts are what got the game a "T" rating...
Winning quotes: "Now where's a minister when you need one? Welcome to 
the house!!!"

LR HR: "Hey that's a low blow...I mean hit." – 1 letter

LL HL: "Your punch hasn't hit" – 1 letter

LR HL: "Gimme one good blow" – 1 letter

LL HR: "I feel your pain" – 4 letters
Specials: /\ LL LR (thanks to Oliver Surpless for this)
Mama Tua

Age: 55

Height: 6'0"

Weight: 400 LBS

Hometown: Kalopei, Oahu

Reach: 77"
My comments: My goodness she is a tub of blubber...this tub o' blubber 
is very hard to knock down. She can take loads of hits, and is rather 
strong. Just _very_ slow...
Winning quotes:
"I ate the last champion"
<- C + \/ C: "Don't make me put my weight into the punches, ah" – 3 

/\ C + -> C: "Give it to me brotha" – 1 letter

C <- + -> C: "Rumble Bumble" 2 Letters

/\ C + \/ C: Flip and when landing "ouch" – 2 Letters
/\, /\ HR

/\, \/ LL

\/, \/, /\ HR

\/, \/ HR
Joey T.

Age: 38

Height: 6'4"

Weight: 287 LBS

Hometown: Milan, Italy

Reach: 79"

My comments: Strong, powerful, and slow as heck.

Winning quotes: "Do me a favor. Never get back in the ring while I'm 

Taunts: (thanks to SAKnight1 for these)
HL + LL - "Bring it on, I could use a good fight" - 2 letters 
HR + LR - while dancing "hua, hugh" - 2 letters 
LL + HR - "Forget about it" - 1 letter 
HL + LR - while shaking shoulders "hugh, hu, hua" - 1 letter

\/, \/, /\ LL

/\, /\, LR

\/, HL, HR
J.R. Flurry (thanks to SAKnight1 for all of this section. Never knew he 
was in the game...) 
Age: 24 

Height: 7'1"

Weight: 150 

Reach: 75" 

Hometown: Los Angeles, California 
Comments: Good speed, good reach, nice uppercut, quick taunts, all-
around good contender. 
Taunts: HL + LL - "Bring it on" - 1 letter 
HR + LR - "I'm so unbelievably good" - 2 letters 
LL + HR - "WAAAHOOO" - 2 letters 
HL + LR - "I'm feelin good now" - 3 letters 
Specials: <- + HL 
Winning quote: "Don't move, I dropped a contact lens"
6. Lists
Here are lists the characters, in order of how I and others have listed 
them. Go ahead and send me your list. Addy is [email protected] ...

My list...
1. Afro Thunder
Moreover, he has good, fast attacks, funny taunts, and can combo 
decently. Not too bad.
2. Butcher Brown
Very strong, not too fast, but the strength can more than make up for 
the ox he is.
3. The First Lady
Hilarious taunts, and very, very easy to combo with. By far one of the 
4. Shaquille O Neal
Super fast, strong, and easy to combo with. Very good.
5. Johnny "Bad" Blood
I seemed to easily combo with him. Also, he's just not that bad, 
period. So, I'd say he ranks around here. But, he's very slow.
6. Selene Strike
Fast, and very easy to combo with. The speed is the main thing that 
makes her so good.
7. Joey T.
Very strong, but he's too slow. Main complaint here.
8. Boris "The Bear" Knockimov
Good combo, strong, but I found him to be a bit too slow.
9. "Big" Willy Johnson
He's a bit irritating with his taunts, seems a bit too slow, but is 
okay with some effort.
10. Angel "Raging" Rivera
Too slow, but strong. Strong. Yep. That's about the only good thing 
about him.
11. Mr. President
Slow. He has okay damage from his moves, and hilarious taunts.
12. Mama Tua
Too slow by far, but can take lots of hits. That's about the only 
really good thing about her. She can take loads of hits.
13. Jet "Iron" Chin
Too slow, and the moves felt awkward. The only good thing about him was 
the outfit where he looks like one of those KISS guys.
14. Lulu Valentine
Too weak. Purely awful.
15. Michael Jackson
I felt he just wasn't fast enough. If he had more speed, he would have 
had a much higher rank.

Again, I have never played any version besides N64, so I can't say 
anything about some of the other hidden guys in the other versions. 
Sorry bout that.
Here's Oliver Surpless' list.
1. Shaq O' Neil-He has one combo that can devastate most people. If you 
know how to fight with him, you can beat anyone. He is the only 
character I can really manhandle Rumbleman with, which means not using 
Rumble mode. Also has very amusing taunts 
2. Hillary Clinton-excellent moves, would be a tie for 1st if she had 
more moves, I think she has only two. A good novelty. If only Bill was 
anywhere near as good. Funny taunts too. 
3. Joey T.-Great moves and very strong, seems to have high endurance 
4. Rumbleman- Would be number 1 if he was faster, devastating moves 
help him, but you can beat him easily if you are quick. His super taunt 
is not really worth it, the others are better and get 4 letters each. 
5. Boris Knockimov-Good moves but to win just repeat square, square, 
triangle, triangle, very cheap and effective combo, taunts are good 
too. Strong too. A bit stronger than in R2R. 
6. Micheal Jackson-Simple moves that do a lot of damage. A great guy to 
punch at also. 
7. Robox-Rese 4-Powerful moves that are easy to do, and earn multiple 
letters. I wish Willy's Clockwork was as good. 
8. Freak E. Deke-Easy great moves, he isn't in the top five because his 
taunts are slow and yield little letters. Also his power seems greatly 
diminished against certain characters. 
9. Johnny Bad Blood-Powerful but slow, seemingly slower than Joey T. 
Good moves, but they take a while to come out, and are countered or 
miss alot. 
10. Butcher Brown- Would be in the top 3 if his scrape the gutter move 
was still as strong, I like the new moves they added, and his taunts 
are quick. 
11.Selene Strike-Some people think she is better in this game, not so, 
she has only one good move that can be used often. Weakened from the 
first game. 
12.Wild Stubby Corley-I didn't like him at first, but I practiced with 
him and noticed that despite being rather slow (still fast compared to 
Joey or Johnny), he packs power and his taunts are probably the 
quickest in terms of letter receiving in the game 
13. Afro Thunder- Got some good new moves, but the Sucka Punch was 
toned down too much, and I liked his rapid flurry punch was better in 
the first game 
14. Rocket Samchay-Much improved from the last game, better moves in 
power and usefulness. However, most are easy to avoid. 
15. Angel Riveira-Almost the same as Rocket Samchay-much better moves, 
he only had one good one in R2R. 
16. Lulu Valentine-Amazing improvement from the first game. Much better 
moves, especially her 7 hit if you can hit it all. But her limited 
moves and bad taunts keep her down from the top of the list. 
17. Willy Johnson-Very disappointing in this game, probably the worst 
change to a pretty good character in R2R, the tea and crumpets attack 
is blocked almost all the time and if it connects somehow, it does 
little damage and gets no letters 
18. Jet Iron Chin-Again very weak when compared to R2R, does great 
damage to one or two guys, but next to nothing against Joey T. or 
Boris. They added some neat moves, but his best combo was toned down 
and they took out being able to add the Great Fang to the end for a stun 
if you hit all of the combo. 
19. Mama Tua-Strong but slow, not very good moves, forward, forward, 
triangle is almost useless and her butt bumps don't compare to Salua's 
belly flops, not even close in damage or usefulness in tough 
20.G.C Thunder-Fast but his combos are difficult to do and do little 
damage, to earn letters, you must be close. Most of his moves can't 
match his superior cousin Afro. He is funny though. 
21.J.R Flurry-A lot of moves, but only his uppercut is useful for 
damage and letters. All his other specials do very little damage. 
22.Freedom Brock-Very bad moves, even his 3 hit combo isn't useful for 
earning letters. Very weak. 
23. Bill Clinton-BAD,BAD,BAD. Only one move that is not very effective.
7. End
Whale, time to list the thanks to again...
Thanks to...
Z-Force and RJStreety for having great FAQs.
My mom, for taking me to Blockbuster to rent this and Quest 64.
Keith Caylor ([email protected]) for the Rumble mode part
James Palmer ([email protected]) for winning quotes I didn't know 
and some Mama Tua taunts.
Oliver Surpless for telling me a special I didn't know for Shaq and 
also, a special for Bill Clinton. Also some combos for Shaq. And, a 
listing of how he considers the characters of how well they are. 
Thanks, Oliver!
SAKnight1, for giving me JR Flurry moves, taunts, and winning quote, 
Joey T taunts and winning quote, and correcting Mama Tua stuff, and for 
Bill Clinton's winning quote.
8. Legal crud
Don't use this unless you are one of the following:



Anywhere else, it's illegal, and whoever did it should die. Uhm...just 
don't use it without asking permission, do that at [email protected] 
Some places I don't want it (fresh baked games is one of them...STOP 
EMAILING ME ALREADY!!! 2 emails about Sonic CD, 1 about Battletoads, 
another about Power Pete...CAN WE QUIT IT YET?!?! Lamers...) but most 
places I will allow. Thank you very darn freakin much.

This FAQ is 17 pages long.
"KICK START" – his overdue life as a star
 Waiting tables hadn't done that so far
"SPOTLIGHT" – a dream for many a year
 The leather jacket, Jimmy's ever ready stage wear
"Cup O' Tea" Newsboys
                       Copyright, 2000-2001

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