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                        ***FAQ/Move List Version 1.0***

Game: WWF Wrestlemania X8
Rating: Teen
System: X-Box
Company: THQ/JAKKS Pacific
FAQ Created by: Brakker-Z Ryan Rider
Message Board NickName(GameFAQs): SteveBlackman
Date originally created: 06-11-02

Table Of Contents:
1. Introduction
2. Game Review
3. Updates
4. Frequently Asked Questions
5. Types of Matches
6. Secrets and Codes
7. Move List(coming soon!)
8. Controls
9. Wrestlers
10.CAWs/Create-A-Wrestlers(coming soon!)
11.Wrestlers' Moves
14.Copyright Info

1. My Introduction
Guess who's back back back..back again. That's right, Brakker-Z Ryan Rider, not 
Shady, is back for yet another FAQ! As many of you may know, I am not the 
greatest fan of the GameCube console but there has been a few games; this one is 
by far the best so far! Enjoy the FAQ peeps..

Hope this helps,

~Brakker-Z Ryan Rider

P.S. If you have any additions, questions, critiques, comments, or anything else 
concerning this FAQ, please e-mail me at [email protected]

2. Game Review
If you know me then you will obviously know how much I love wrestling. I've got 
almost every wrestling game of all time and always try to get news one on the 
first day. I am also not the greatest fan of the GameCube, but this game actually 
is pretty good! When the last WWF game came out(WWF Raw), it fell short of 
expectations. All the gimmick matches and 1P modes that people had grown to love 
were just not there. Is WWF Wrestlemania X8 the savior? Kinda.

It's not perfect; but it's a darn good improvement. The gimmick matches in this 
game are all amazing. You can jump off ladders in a Ladder Match, put people 
threw tables in a Table Match, or combine them both(including a 20-Foot ladder) 
and have a Tables, Ladders, and Chairs Match! There is also the famous Steel Cage 
and Hell In A Cell matches inside large cages. And don't forget the 60-Minute 
Iron Man Match which the winner is the one with the most pinfalls, submissions, 
and disqualifications. The one player mode is just a slight improvement over Raw, 
with more titles to win.

There are many wrestlers to choose from ranging from top wrestlers like Stone 
Cold, The Rock, and Hulk Hogan all the way to the likes of Hurricane and Lance 
Storm! There could still be many more gimmick matches, but then there'd be no 
point for a sequel! An example of this would be to allow people to throw others 
off the Hell In A Cell(which cannot be done obviously).

There's the Path of a Champion mode, in which you battle your way threw the top 
superstars in that division to win the WWF, Intercontinental, European, Hardcore, 
Light Heavyweight, and Tag Team title belts. Another good thing is that you can 
save in the middle, so if your brother or sister wants to go on you don't have to 
restart unlike in Raw. There is also a Multiplayer Belt mode called the Battle 
for the Belts. You and as many friends as possible can fight over 40 title belts, 
or even more if you make your own!

The gameplay is not too easy nor too hard depending on what level of difficulty 
you choose in the options menu. It is a brand new grapple system. It's way 
different than those of WWF No Mercy and WWF Raw, and more similar to the 
Smackdown series. It's actually quite simple after some practice. The A Button 
for grappling, B Button for striking, X and A Buttons to pick up weapons and 
stuff, the Y Button to run, and the Control Stick to run. It may be a bit unusual 
at first, but after awhile you get used to the new controls.

Now for the graphics and sound. I don't know why so many people think the 
graphics stink in this game?! I think they are completely fine in my view, and a 
game shouldn't be judged on it's graphics; especially when they are pretty good! 
The entrances and design of the ring are simply amazing. As for the wrestlers 
though, some of them look very wierd and hilarious. I mean, since when did RVD 
have such a small head! As for the sound, it's just as good as any other GameCube 
game except if you have a very old TV like I do. A thing that pissed me off a bit 
was how some of the wrestlers(*COUGH*nWo*COUGH*) had fake theme music since THQ 
was their lazy selfs and didn't feel like putting their real theme music like on 

The CAW(Create-A-Wrestler) feature is also quite good but could have been better. 
Maybe a few more additions and features here and there. There is also not too 
many different t-shirts and pants to choose from. Major points off here, THQ and 
Jakked Pacific. Not terrible though, just not as good as some of the past games.

As for replayability, I think that there's a lot just like in any wrestling game. 
There is just too much to do in this game. You can have big Royal Rumbles or belt 
tournaments with your buddies and friends, you can try to get every single hidden 
wrestler, win all titles, play all sorts of kinds of gimmick matches against the 
computer or a human player/players, etc. You'll never get bored of this game. And 
when the time comes that you do, put it away and after a few weeks or months 
you'll end up loving it again!

As for to buy or rent, I suggest that you rent this game first as I say that some 
people love this game, and some people don't. You either love it or hate it! I 
bought it knowing that, and I loved it. So I guess it's all about personal 
preference, just like WWF Raw for X-Box. Rent it at your local Blockbuster or 
other video game retailer, and if you like it then definitely buy it! If you're a 
big wrestling fan like me, I guarantee you'll love this game.

-Pretty Good Graphics
-Lots of Gimmick Matches
-40 Titles
-More recent wrestlers

-Still not perfect
-CAW System isn't too good
-Not enough storyline in 1P Mode
-Not enough wrestlers

Overall: 8.5/10 A great game that could have been a touch better if they 
had worked harder. More wrestlers, storylines, and a better CAW system in the 
sequel would make this game perfect. And don't forget the ability to throw people 
off the Steel Cage! Anyways, peace out.

3. Updates
02-24-01-Version 1.0: Just started the FAQ. Look for major updates in the coming 

4. Frequently Asked Questions
Q: This game sucks! Why do you plan to make a FAQ for it?

A: Something called freedom of opinion. If you are a non open-minded wrestling 
game hater and dislike the game, don't waste your time sending me e-mails flaming 
the game. Also, please keep your opinions to yourself.

Q: How can you have seven wrestlers on the screen at once?

A: 4 Wrestlers, the referee, and the announcers.

Q: How do u do the 3-d? 

A: It's hard to do but with practice you may master it. be Bubba Ray and D-Von 
Dudley and then both do a grapple at the same time. It's very fun to do threw a 

Q: When I put my partner to help me for 20 seconds, he only stays for 2 seconds! 
What can I do?

A: Complain to THQ, not me. It was then who had a bad counting timer, or maybe 
your partner was a slow wrestler like The Big Show.
Q: How do you make a CAW have an nWo shirt?
A: You DO NOT need to clone a wrestler to get the nWo t-shirt. You just need to 
go to logo t-shirts on the Upper Body section of the CAW.
Q: How do you climb out of the cage?
A: Wait until your opponent is all weak and groggy and then press X and Up on the 
side of the cage.
Q: How do you do a finisher?
A: Wait until your stamina meter is flashing. You then Press A + B at the same 
time when you want to do your finisher. Each wrestler has up to four finishers 
including front grapple, back grapple, front submission, and back submission.
Q: How do you make your own belts in Battle For The Belts Mode?
A: It's very easy to do; just click Unification Match instead of Title Shot.
Q: I tag in my partner, and when he's in there fighting, how in the HELL do I get 
him to tag me back into the match?
A: Try to go in the ring during submissions and he might remember that you are 
there. Otherwise, just have patience my friend.
Q: How do get weapons from underneath the ring?
A: A+X and control stick towards the ring apron.
Q: Can you steal your opponent's finisher like in WM2K and No Mercy? 
A: Nope.
Q: How do you do the 3d through a table?
A: To do a 3D threw a table, make Bubba Ray and D-Von on both sides of the table 
and make them both press the A Button(grapple) at the same time.. Simple, eh? 
Not. It takes some practice.
Q: Can you use superstars faces and attires that are in the game (Undertaker, 
Triple H, Austin, etc.)?
A: The answer is simple: yes.
Q: How do you win a 30 man royal rumble it is impossible!?
A: Nothing is impossible!
Q: What's an effective way to break out of a pin?
A: Press L and R Buttons at the same time, or just all the buttons.
Q: Are there any secret wrestlers in this game?
A: Yes, there are several. Head down to the Secrets and Codes secret for more 
Q: How do I get out of the cell?
A: You can't. Please stop sending me annoying e-mails asking me this!!
Q: Are you sure? I heard somewhere you can throw people threw the cage.
A: I'm not even going to answer this one.. NEXT!
Q: Is it possible to make your CAW's hair the color orange?
A: Yes.
Q: Is it true that there are any secret arenas?
A: Yes, it is. The three secret arenas are Wrestlemania X7, Smackdown, and Royal 
Rumble 2001.

Q: Is there any blood in the game?
A: No, there isn't. 
Q: Are you sure? I heard there is still some blood hidden in the game. 
A: I said no! Those rumors are all fake. 
Q: Should I buy this game? 
A: If you are a wrestling fan, yes. Otherwise, rent the game first! 
Q: Can I have a list of all your CAWs?
A: I still haven't made any except for fake wrestlers. I have been too busy 
working on the rest of the FAQ. I'll try to make a few later this week. 
Q: WWF Raw or WWF Wrestlemania X8? 
A: Tough one, but I'll have to go with X8.

5. Types of Matches
-Single Match: A normal one on one 3-Fall match. You can play against a human or 
computer player.

-Tag Team Match: Two versus Two(tag format).

-Tornado Match: Two against two again. In a Tornado match, both members of  the 
Tag-team are in the ring at the same time; as there is no tagging.

-Triple Threat: Three human or computer players against each other.

-Fatal 4-Way: Same as Triple Threat but with four people.

-Battle Royal: A "last man standing" match. The last person not to be pinned out 
of four people wins.

-Handicap matches: Two or three against one! For very skilled players only.

-Royal Rumble: My personal favorite, you choose 30 Superstars with four in the 
ring at a time, with the best one winning this amazingly fun multi-player match.

-Hardcore Match: Anything goes; no weapons or holds are barred.

-Cage Match: The point of this match is to be the first person to escape the cage.

-Hell In A Cell: A normal match in a 16-Foot cell!

-Ladder/Table Matches: There names explains itself.

-TLC Match: Tables, A 20-Foot Ladder, and Chairs Match-up.

-Iron Man Match: The winner is the one with the most pinfalls, submissions, and 
disqualifications in your specified time limit.

6. Secrets and Codes
Get Chris Benoit:
To unlock Chris Benoit, win the WWE Undisputed Championship.

Get Vince McMahon:
To get Vince, win the WWE Intercontinental title.

Get Ric Flair:
To unlock Flair, win the WWE Eurpoean Championship.

Get Rhyno:
To unlock Rhyno, win the Hardcore Title.

Unlock Raven:
To unlock Raven, win the WWE Light-Heavyweight Championship.

Get Stacy Kiebler:
Win the Women's Title to unlock Stacy Kiebler.


7. Move List(coming soon!):
The Move List part of the FAQ will be coming soon.

8. Controls
Normal Moves
-Walk: Control Stick
-Run: Y Button
-Grapple: A
-Strike: B
-Reversals/Block: L for Grapples/R for Strikes
-Taunt: Control Pad
-Pin: Z
-Tag Partner: Z+Control Stick
-Pick up Weapon: X+A

Finishing Move(groggy opponent+flashing)
Finishers: A+B

I may be adding bios later on, but until then here is the complete list of 
wrestlers in this game..

-The Rock
-Stone Cold
-The Undertaker
-Triple H
-Kurt Angle
-Chris Jericho
-Kevin Nash
-Scott Hall
-Hulk Hogan
-Rob Van Dam
-Booker T
-Jeff Hardy
-Matt Hardy
-Bubba Ray Dudley
-DVon Dudley
-William Regal
-The Big Show
-The Hurricane
-Molly Holly
-Scotty 2 Hotty
-Lance Storm
-Trish Stratus
-Stephanie McMahon
-Shane McMahon
-Vince McMahon(hidden)
-Ric Flair(hidden)
-Stacy Kiebler(hidden)
-Chris Benoit(hidden)

Coming soon!! In the mean-time, you may send any of your own CAWs to 
[email protected] and you shall be credited fully if I decide to use them.

11.Wrestlers' Moves
I'm still trying to find an in-game Move List, I'll get back to you all on this 

-Thanks to you and all the rest of my fans(or enemies) for reading this FAQ!

-Thanks to DMorgan for being a great FAQ writer and mentor.

-Thanks to the WWF Wrestlemania X8 and WWF Games Social boards for your support 
throughout the FAQ.

I hope this FAQ came in handy and you liked it! If you have any questions or 
comments or more information on WWF Raw(I will credit you), please feel free to e-
mail me at [email protected]

16. Copyright Information
This FAQ is Copyright (c)2002 Ryan Rider, this faq may not be used on other sites 
besides the following without permission:

GameFAQs: www.gamefaqs.com/
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Thanks again Everyone!!

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