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                         |       Multi-Racing       |                                                 
      Revision 1.0       |       Championship       |     By N64 Master
    December 21,1998     |           FAQ            |[email protected]
                         |                          |
Here is yet another FAQ from N64 Master.This FAQ will be available first at 
my homepage.The URL is "http://www.angelfire.com/tn/n64playerhut".Just click 
on "FAQs".If the "FAQs" section is not up yet,then click on "Help and 
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it to me and I will make sure to give you credit.My E-Mail address is in the 
right-hand box up top.Now,'nuff said,on to the good stuff!!!!

What's Changed
Revision 1.0-This is the first version.Look for revision 1.1 soon!!!!!All the
             revisions will have the same layout,so look in the revision box
             up top to see if you have the newest version.

1)Introduction to the Game
2)The Vehicles
5)Secrets and Codes
6)Future Updates
8)Legal Stuff (Disclaimer)

1)Introduction to the Game
What It Is
Multi-Racing Championship(MRC)is a racing game developed by Genki and 
Imagineer.It is sold by Ocean.You're probably thinking this is just another
racing game,well,YOU'RE WRONG!!!!This game has AMAZING graphics and amazingly
detailed background.Sometimes I wreck because I was too busy looking at the 
scenery!!This game has to rank high in the graphic category!!!
The Game Modes
  -You win the trophies in this mode
2)Time Trial
  -To see how fast you can finish a race
3)Free Run
  -In this mode you can just ride around   -Hint-:Use it to practice getting 
   ready for Championship Mode
4)Vs. Race
  -Race against you're friend
5)Match Race
  -Race one-on-one against the mystery car 
General Infromation
It uses the Controller Pak(memory card) to save.Also it is Rumble Pak
compatible.The down-side is that it only supports two players at a time.There
are three courses in all,but they are fairly big.The courses get bigger as 
you go higher in diffuculty.It has ten cars in all,including secret ones.

2)The Vehicles
There are ten vehicles in all,including the secret ones.I tried to get these
names right,but if you see a mistake,E-Mail it.Here they are:
2)Imagineer Car
2)Ocean Truck
2)?????(its a blue Firebird)

*These are the secret cars

Basic Controls
C-Down:Change View
C-Up:Change View
C-Right:Change View
C-Left:Change View
L button:Not used
R button:Not used
Z button:Not used
Analog Stick-Steer your vehicle
D-Pad:Not used
Start Button:Pauses the game and brings up menu

I recomend the yellow jeep called the Kingroader.It has the tightest 
steering in the game,so it is good for beginners and experts alike.By using
the Kingroader,going on off-road paths are easier,and we will take full 
advantage of off-road tracks in this strategy section.We will be using the
Kingroader in this strategy.Now,the strategy!!!!
Sea Side-Easy
When you start out,punch the gas and try to make it ahead while you are on
the straightaway.Whenever you come to a place where the road splits into an
off-road and an on-road section,take the off-road path.It is a whole lot
shorter.If you didn't use the Kingroader,which is the best car,or some other
off-road vehicle,then you probably have already lost,unless your car is real
fast.That is basically it,just take the off-road paths always because they
are a whole lot shorter.
This is a hard course.Again,the way to win is to go on the off-road areas.
Watch out when you go over the off-road paths that are snowy,you can slide.
It is important to not try to hit your opponet,because you will go spinning
everywhere.In Match Race,your opponet will go on the off-road route too,so
be careful.You are going to have to race very good,or you are likely to lose.
Don't let your opponet get in front,cut right in front of him.
Down Town-Hard
Once again you need to go down the off-road looking paths.Watch out when you
are going down the one-lane dirt streets,because the path is so narrow and it
is easy to hit things and wreck.There is a big shortcut about 3/4 of the way
through the course.It is between a one-way sign and the bridge.If you look 
you will see a small,dirt road.Enter it and drive through the waterfall and 
you will be far ahead of your opponets.This shortcut is crucial to beating
this course.Be sure to use this shortcut when you are in Match Race too.

5)Secrets and Codes
Regular Codes
1)When you beat all three diffuculties of Match Race,you will open up the
  mirror courses for each regular course.Mirror courses are the regular
  courses,except everything is backwards!!
2)For a turbo boost,wait until the timer at the beginning of the race says 
  "1",then hold down the gas.This will take practice.
3)Press the R button at the title screen to see the best time in Time Trial
  mode for the Mountain course.
Gameshark Codes
***U.S. Version 1.0***

High Course Time     8009483b ffff

Infinite Time        8009498f 003c

Always First         800a9107 0000
                     d0094e97 000a

Low Course Time      8009483b 0000

***U.K. Version 1.0***

Infinite Time        80094e27 00ff

Always First         800a959f 0000 

6)Future Updates
In the next revision of this FAQ,I will probably have more codes.Thats about
all that there is to add.If anyone needs any help with MRC,just E-Mail me and
if I know how to help you,I will E-Mail you back the anwser.My address is
"[email protected]".

me,N64 Master-I wrote it.........................[email protected]
Nintendo-For making this AWESOME system...............http://www.nintendo.com
N64cc-I got the GS codes there...........................http://www.n64cc.com

My web site address is "http://www.angelfire.com/tn/n64playerhut".Come there
for the latest revisions of my FAQs,codes,reviews,strategy,GS codes,news,and 
more.It just got started a while ago,so don't laugh because I don't have 
much,because I soon will.

8)Legal Stuff(Disclaimer)
You may post this on your web site,or distribute it only after written 
consent from me.E-Mail me asking to and be sure to include what you are going
to do with it (if you are going to put it on a web site,give me the URL),and
I will E-Mail you telling you whether you can or can't (in the future I will
probably let you use it without permission).If you obtain written consent 
from me to distribute or post it,it must be unedited.Also,you may not sell 

                        Copyright © 1998 By N64 Master 

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