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NASCAR Heat for PSOne by JayWag
Last Updated on 11/13/01 - v1.3


I.   Intro
II.  Cars
III. Tracks
IV.  Beat The Heat Strategy
V.   Race The Pro Lap Times
VII. Closing


I.   Intro
Hey!  This is JayWag!  This is my FAQ for NASCAR Heat on PSOne.
Please keep in mind that this is not compatible with NASCAR Heat 2002
on PS2/X-Box.

If you want to contact me, see my contributor recognition page at
http://www.gamefaqs.com/features/recognition/7603.html to get my
latest e-mail address and web site URL.

What I'm Working On In Future Versions
Beat The Heat Challenges
Race The Pro Lap Times

Revision History of the FAQ
v1.0:  11/05/01 - Everything in the FAQ is new.
v1.1:  11/10/01 - Added Race The Pro Lap Times...
                  Dale Jr.(1), B.Labonte (1), Marlin(1),
                  Nemechek(3), Park(3), Schrader(1), K.Wallace(2),
v1.2:  11/11/01 - Added more Race The Pro Lap Times...
                  Earnhradt(2), Dale Jr.(1), Little(2), Marlin(1)
v1.3:  11/13/01 - Added more Race The Pro Lap Times...


II.  Cars
These are all the drivers in the game.  You can race with 14 at a
time.  Here they are...

#    Driver              Sponsor                    Make
-    ------              -------                    ----
1    Steve Park          Pennzoil                   Chevrolet
2    Rusty Wallace       Rusty*                     Ford
3    Dale Earnhardt      GM Goodwrench Service Plus Chevrolet
4    Bobby Hamilton      Kodak MAX Film             Chevrolet
5    Terry Labonte       Kellogg's                  Chevrolet
6    Mark Martin         Valvoline                  Ford
7    Michael Waltrip     Nation's Rent              Chevrolet
8    Dale Earnhardt, Jr. Dale Earnhardt, Jr.*       Chevrolet
12   Jeremy Mayfield     Mobil 1                    Ford
16   Kevin LePage        FamilyClick.com            Ford
17   Matt Kenseth        DeWalt Tools               Ford
18   Bobby Labonte       Interstate Batteries       Pontiac
20   Tony Stewart        Home Depot                 Pontiac
22   Ward Burton         Caterpillar                Pontiac
24   Jeff Gordon         DuPont                     Chevrolet
28   Ricky Rudd          Texaco/Havoline            Ford
31   Mike Skinner        Lowe's                     Chevrolet
33   Joe Nemechek        Oakwood Homes              Chevrolet
36   Ken Schrader        M&M's                      Pontiac
40   Sterling Marlin     Team Sabco*                Chevrolet
43   John Andretti       STP/Cheerios               Pontiac
55   Kenny Wallace       Square D                   Chevrolet
77   Robert Pressley     Jasper Engines             Ford
88   Dale Jarrett        Quality Care Service       Ford
97   Chad Little         John Deere                 Ford
99   Jeff Burton         Exide Batteries            Ford

Chevrolet = Monte Carlo
Ford = Taurus
Pontiac = Grand Prix

* = This driver's sponsor is an alcohol product, which could not be
put in the game due to it's ESRB Rating (E - Everyone). 


III. Tracks

I am pretty sure that this game has all of them that they raced on
in the 1999 season except Indianapolis and Pocono.

Las Vegas
Lowe's (Charlotte)*
New Hampshire
North Carolina (Rockingham)
Sear's Point
Watkin's Glen

* = Night time track included.
    NOTE:  All tracks have a day time track except Richmond.


IV.  Beat The Heat Strategy

This section will go through challenge by challenge and give you a
few tips for each to complete it.  I have completed every BTH
challenge except for the last one, The Elusive Eighth II in the bonus
set.  So, here we go...

1.  Super Speedway Set
    1.  First Turn:  You have to get through turns 3 and 4 at
        Daytona at a fast speed.  Don't get the car on the apron, or
        jerk the car down the track, but you want to stat near the
        bottom of the track.  Ease the car through the turns.  By
        ease, don't old the left button in, but keep tapping it.
    2.  Multiple Bends:  Same thing as 'First Turn', but at
        Talladega and has a few more turns.  Just do the same
        things...ease the car through, don't go on the apron, etc.


V.   Race The Pro Lap Times

This is how this section will work.  I will play the game in this
mode and whenever I 'Race The Pro' and win (getting a checkered
flag), I'll post the lap time that beat him.  This will be accurate,
as it's always the same lap time that the pro runs.

And here's a tip:  If you're having trouble at a certain track, use
this mode, look for the best driver at this track, and follow him
around in the same racing line.  Watch how he enters the corner,
where he slows down (to pick out braking points), etc.

Driver               Track                   My Lap Time
------               -----                   -----------
Dale Earnhardt       Daytona                 00:47.48
                     Homestead               00:32.35
Dale Earnhardt, Jr.  Atlanta                 00:31.80
                     Daytona                 00:47.71
Bobby Labonte        Atlanta                 00:31.08
                     Bristol                 00:14.95
                     North Carolina          ??:??.??
Chad Little          California              00:40.65
                     Daytona                 00:47.60
Sterling Marlin      Daytona                 00:48.20
                     North Carolina          00:23.83
Joe Nemechek         Daytona                 00:47.76
                     Watkins Glen            01:10.81
                     Bristol                 00:15.25
Steve Park           Dover                   00:23.86
                     Richmond                00:20.70
                     New Hampshire           00:26.08
Ken Schrader         Bristol                 00:15.00
                     Las Vegas               00:31.23
Kenny Wallace        Lowe's                  00:30.60
                     Watkins Glen            01:07.63
                     Sear's Point            01:03.68
Rusty Wallace        Lowe's                  00:30.46

Still Needed:  Bobby Labonte, North Carolina



Q.   Is there anything you can unlock in the game?
A.   I have not come across or heard of anything.

If you have a question, go to my contributor recognition page (link at
top of FAQ) and e-mail it to me.  If I get the same question asked
repeatedly, I'll put it in this guide.


VII. Closing

Places That My Host This FAQ...
My Personal Web Site

If you want permission, e-mail me.  My e-mail address is found on my
contributor recognition page, which is linked at the top of the FAQ.

JayWag, Inc. - 2001©

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