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NBA 2K2 Master's FAQ Version 1.6
By: Master Gamer () 12/30/01 
Table of Contents

* Partially Done
\ Not Yet started

1. Introduction
 a. Purpose of FAQ
 b. Update history
 c. copyright information
2. About the Author

3. Game Basics
 a. Modes
 b. Controls
 c. Basic offense
 d. Basic Defense

4. Street Ball time!
 a.The stratigical difference.

5. The teams and their rosters
 a. Default*
 b. Top ten\

6. Network Play Guide\
a. Basic Network info.\
b. how the game differs\
c. What the heck's a scrimmage game?\
d. now your good, what's next?\

7. Create-o-ramma!\
a. my created players\
b. my created teams\

8. other stuff*
a. lyrics to intro song*
b. description of rules
c. Codes

9. Contact information

1. The Introduction
You will learn why I took my time to write this FAQ, the updates and copyright 

1a. The Purpose of this FAQ

The main reason for this FAQ is to help gamers, both new and old to the 2K series 
get better.
Another reason is as a refrence for gamers to find out player ratings without 
having to 
constantly search through teams and player cards.

1b. Update history
version 1.6 12/30/01 Added Codes section and 1 code.

version 1.4 12/29/01 Completed Streetball Strategies and Description of rules. 
Fixed some
formatting problems. Added Cheat Code Central as a permitted site.

version 1.2 12/28/01 Removed text logo, added controls, basic offense, basic 
defense and lyrics.

version 1.0 10/28/01: Added text Logo, contents, sections 1 and 2

1c. Copyright Information

This FAQ is copyright (©) 2001 Courtney "Master Gamer" Johnson. This FAQ may not 
be sold or 
profited off of in any way electronically, or manually. It may be printed for 
personal use ONLY.
This FAQ may be used on another site only if my permission is given first.

List of permitted sites:
Gamefaqs (www.gamefaqs.com)

The Gamemasterz Realm (http://www.thegmr.cjb.net or 
http://www.quia.com/pages/gaming.html is 
the same site)

Cheat Code Central (http://www.cheatcc.com)
2. About the Author

I'm a teenage girl living in Indiana, who has been playing game for most her 
life. I like almost
all game genres
(except puzzle and strategy), but my favorite series is Sonic the Hedgehog. I'm 
not very 
athletic so I virtually get my taste of sports.

3. Basics
This covers what the modes, controls and basics are, we always start small and 
end up big.

3a. Modes

Exhibition- Set up any two teams. You make the rules, time and any other options, 
or don't play 
it! Just set up and watch.

Quick start- Can't decide on what to play for exhibition? Let the comp decide for 

Practice- Pick a team and practice on your own or with a friend. You can also 
practice free 

Season- Play along with the actual 01-02 season, or if 82 games is too grueling, 
you've always 
got the option to play 56 28 or 14 games. You may even make the playoffs.

Playoffs- ARE YOU TOO LAZY TO PLAY 14 GAMES!? If so, just start from the 
playoffs, and work 
your way to the finals.

Tourney- Who's da dawg? Find out set up 4, 8, or 16 teams and have a tourney, 
more fun with 

Franchise- You're the General Manager now! You make the trades and guide the 
teams to the 
playoffs and back for many years, this is the mode that never ends, and it goes 
on and on again!

Network- That comp waaaaayyyyyy too easy? Let's duke it out with some real people 
here!!! Play 
over the internet, described in a later section.

3b. Controls
A= Pass This is your basic pass, bounce or chest, to your closest teammate.
Joystick + A= "Touch" Passing

Hold the "Stick" in the direction of the player you want to pass to. Then 
press "A" while the 
"Stick" is pointed in the direction of the player you wanna pass to, in order to 
pass to that 
Y + A, B, X, Y or R= "Icon" Passing.

Any time on offense with the ball, press the "Y" button, then press either 
the "A", "B", "X", 
"Y" or "R trigger" buttons, depending on the players position, to pass to that 
player. The 
positions and buttons are as follows, memorize them and do yourself a favor.

A= Point Guard

B= Shooting Guard
X= Small Forward

Y= Power Forward

R Trigger= Center
A timed= Alley-Oop Pass
If a player has a clear path to the hoop, and is waving his hand, pass to him and 
he will 
perform an Alley-Oop.

B= Crossover Dribble.

Last year this move was sooo useful, now it's more skill then automation. When 
close to your 
"opponent" or the one guarding you, press "B" to attempt to fake him out and get 
by him. 
Depending on your timing, this may work, and this may not.
X= Shoot

Press AND hold the "X" button to shoot (obviously the ball). Hold the button 
until the top of 
your jump, then release. practice your shots in "practice" mode. Without the 
ball, X jumps up 
and rebounds.
L trigger= Post Up

Press and hold the L trigger to "Back Down" or post up against the defender. It 
is recommended 
you hold the "Turbo" button to have more power. More useful if you are the bigger 
player in the 
post-up "war". Make sure to turn to face the basket every five seconds or be 
whistled for the 
new violation.
L trigger + Left or Right on Joystick= Drop Step

When posting up, press left or right on the stick to turn and run toward the 
basket. If the D 
anticipates this and you are thrown off-balance, pass right away, to anyone, 'cuz 
the D goes 
for easy steals. Also use the "D-S" to get a chance to shoot from a post up move.
R Trigger= Turbo Button

Hold this to activate a turbo boost and move faster. Watch your turbo bar and use 
it wisely!
R trigger (Held) + "B"= Spin (Juke)
Hold R trigger (Turbo) and press "B" to spin. If this does not work, it is 
because you are 
standing still, are extremely close to a defender, or do not have enough turbo 
left (not sure if
that last part is true, it seems to be a reason though).
Directional (D) Pad + "A", "B", "X", or "Y"= Playcalling.

Call a play (from your playbooks) by pressing the D pad and then 
pressing "A", "B", "X" or "Y"
D Pad+ L Trigger= "Screen"

Almost positive that's what you call it. Press the D Pad in any direction, then 
press the L 
trigger to have a teammate com up in front of an opponent guarding you, use this 
to take 
advantage and drive, or get open for a shot.
D- Pad + R trigger= Regular pass.

What was once a manual alley-oop now has the effect of simply presing "A".
3B2. Defensive Controls:

"A"= Switch Player Control

Press "A" to change to your teammate closest to the ball.
"B"= Steal Attempt

Press "B" to attempt to steal the ball. Be careful though not to get a piece of 
the guys arm, 
and be called for Reaching-in.
"X" = Block/Jump/Pass Stealing.

Press and hold "X" to jump up, release to attempt to block a shot.
Press to jump up and get the ball, also useful to give the shooter less accuracy.
Run towards a pass and press "X" to attempt to steal it. (Note that you must 
anticipate the 
reciever of the pass) I'm not the world's greatest blocker, but I find it useful 
to Line your 
arm up with the ball, and time your release of the X button with the balls 
release. Be careful 
when you go up, not to touch anything but the ball, or you'll got called for a 
shooting foul 
'less you're in street.
"Y" = Switch to the last defender.

Press "Y" to switch to your teammate closest to your opponent's basket, very 
L Trigger= "Face Up"

Press and hold the L Trigger to Face your opponent and spread your arms and Legs, 
yourself harder to get around, this will make you slower, so it would be very 
helpful to use 
the turbo.
D-Pad + "A", "B", "X", or "Y"= Playcalling

Same as offense, Pressing the D pad then "A", "B", "X", or "Y" will call a 
defensive play.
D-pad + L Trigger= Call for Double-Team.

Press the D Pad, then the Left trigger to call for one of your teammates to help 
Remember, the Illegal D rule is gone so feel free to Double-team anyone, watch 
out Shaq!
D-Pad + R Trigger= Intentional Foul

If you need to stop the clock or need to sub players, just hit the D pad, then 
the Right 
Trigger to call for all of your players to chase the ball handler and push him. 
Be careful not 
to have a high fouler (that even a word?), or in other words, a guy with 4 or 5 
fouls foul the 
player (real obvious). Also, after two intentionals (first if other fouls
that quarter) a free-throw is awarded.
Free Throws

OK, kind of tough to explain, but hang with me.

1. See those two green arrows? There off to the sides, so they won't fall like 
that, ever. They 
should look like this:
                   g    bbbbbb     g              G= Green Arrows
                 g g g  bbbbbb  g g g             B= Basket
                     g           g
                      g         g
                       g       g      

2. Squeeze the Left and Right Triggers so that the two arrows will align. Even 
though the Manual 
says you can't move one and then the other, this is the way I do it and I am able 
to make FT's 
in a moving semi (My dad's a trucker). Either way will work.

3. Once the arrows look like this (They are overlaping): Quickly press the "X" 
button to shoot. 
You must press it quickly (It could be a split second for some players such as 
Shaq) so the 
              bbbbbb        DO NOT continue over.
              g g g
3B3. Menu Controls

Joystick= Highlight Menu Options (I don't care what the instructions say, you 
CANNOT use the 
D-Pad, also the joystick must be held in the direction of the option, unlike 
previous games in 
the series.
"A"= Select Highlighted Option
Use "A" to select the option you've highlighted.
"B"= Cancel Selection, Return to previous screen

Did you go to the wrong menu? Select something you didn't want? Press the "B" 
Button to go back.
"X"= NOTHING!!!!

I don't care what the menu says, "X" DOES NOT change menu focus. It may act as 
the "A" button at 
some screens.
"Y"= Access Help Menu

Press "Y" and that will give you a list of commands for what the buttons do on 
that menu screen.

3B4. Replay controls:

"A"= Play back at Real-Time speed

Press "A" to replay the play at normal speed.
"B"= Zoom Out

Press "B" to zoom out.
"X"= Zoom In

Press "X" to Zoom Out.
"Y" Replay Key On/OFF

Press "Y" to display the Replay Key which shows what buttons do what.
L Trigger=Rewind

Hold L to rewind, the farther held down, the faster the rewind speed.
R Trigger= Fast Forward (or Slow-Forward!)

Same as L Trigger but Fast Forward instead.
3c. Basic Offense
I said BASIC. OK, obviously, try to move the ball as close to the basket as 
possible. (DUH!) 
Don't think that the players are going to let you through. The players will start 
to block your 
path to the basket, but don't worry, there are plenty of ways to get to the 
basket, as I will 

1. Crossover Dribble:
As I said earlier, in NBA 2K1, the cross-over was broken. (Or way past too 
useful) In 2K2 you 
have to time it so your opponent can’t block your path (almost always resulting 
in a steal). If 
the cross-over works, however, you’ll likely get an open drive to the basket. If 
the Cross-over 
doesn't work, you'll likely be caught off balance. PASS OFF IMMEDIETELY!!!

2. Juke (spin):
Like the cross-over, the juke was also way too useful in 2K1. Now, the Juke isn’t 
nearly as 
easy to pull off, due to timing. If you manage to perfectly time the juke, you’ll 
find two 
defenders scratching their heads wondering "Uh where’d that dude in the Pacer 
jersey go?" If the 
Juke doesn't work, you'll be caught off balance. PASS OFF IMMEDIETELY!!!

3. Post and Drop
POSTmark it, and drop it in the mail! (Really corny, I know) Anyways, with a good 
post up and then while posting, press left or right on the analog joystick to 
perform a 
drop-step.  You’ll either A. Shake the defender. Or B. Get caught off balance, if 
this happens 
IMMEDIATELY PASS!!! You’d be surprised how easily you can be stole from like this.

4. (The most obvious) Pass the ball inside!!!

Passing is likely the easiest way to get the ball to the hoop. Just find the 
player, pass, and 
viola! You’re that much closer to two points! But WAIT! Watch out because the 
other team will 
try to steal your pass. For this reason, DO NOT pass to a reciever you can't see, 
it's like 
asking for a turnover. Also, don't pass too far unless it's an absolute must. 
There is a greater 
chance of the ball being intercepted or flying outta bounds.
3d. Basic Defense
Your Basic idea for D is to stop the ball from going into the basket. There's a 
few ways to do 

1. Steal the ball
This is probably the hardest way to get the ball back (For me anyway). Don't 
steal unless 
A. The defender is facing you
B. The player is posting to another player and you're in front of him.
C. Other times I forgot to mention that you have a clean shot at the ball.
Be sure you only touch the ball, or you'll be called for the reach.

2. Steal a pass
This can be hard, but can be done. I try to intercept as often as possible, yes, 
it may go Out 
of Bounds, but the opponent doesn't earn Free Throws, nor does it earn a star 
player a foul 
against them.

3. Blocking (See section 3B2.)

4. Rebounding

If the player get's his shot off, switch players to the one nearest basket ("Y" 
Button). If the 
shot doesn't fall, be ready to jump up and grab the ball.

4. Street ball Time!!!
Here you will find out how to play one of the games coolest modes, street ball. 
Although some 
have an attitude that  "Street players have no skill". You will find out that you 
need to learn 
how to adjust to having little or no rules.

4a. The stratigical Difference
Most Players play with the cheapest fouls on, such as Shot Clock, Goaltending and 
(Probably the cheapest of all) (See section 8B for descriptions of these rules.). 
Strategies were designed with these rules on. These strategies were also designed 
with either 
2on2 or 3on3 players.

1. Dunking is cool, unless you're blocked...
Keep in mine that it's easier to block dunk's due to the fact that there ar no 
blocking, or charging fouls. But if your Shaq Or J'O, you can just plow over 
AI, 'less he tries 
to block (that doesn't mean it's going to work though.).

2. The crossover, is a bit easier.
The cross-over is a bit easier now due to the fact that there are less players. 
In exhibition 
there were players to block you even if you got past the guy you pulled it on. In 
2on2, unless 
the guy's REALLY stupid, he's gonna be guarding the lone player, so generally, 
you'll need to 
worry about getting past one guy. OR if the guy tries to block you, one player 
should be open, 
pass to him (unless he's like really far back and is not good at threes, or your 
going for a 
dunk.). In 3 on 3, if you got two guys blocking you, it's better to pass. Knowing 
when, and when 
not to cross-over can be a big success factor.

3. Don't be afraid to steal!!!

You cannot be called for the reach, so try to steal whenever you think you have a 
good shot.

5. The Teams and their rosters
COMPLETE ROSTER LISTINGS AND RATINGS to come of every player on every team. I 
will have two 
separate listings one for the defaults and one for the updates. Also, top tens in 
rating and 

5a. Default

Philadelphia 76er's
PG: Eric Snow #20                         75  72    78   70  80  25         
SG: Allen "The Answer" Iverson #3         94  90   100   76  95  35
SF: George Lynch #9                       75  70    80   81  70  20
PF: Robert "Tractor" Traylor #54          73  74    72   71  55   5
C:   Dikembe "Mount" Mutombo #55          89  85    92   93  55   5
-----------------------------------------|RTG|Off. |Def.|Reb.|Spd|3pt|
SG: Aaron McKie #8                        79  78    81   70   80   30
SF: Matt Harpring # 21                    75  77    74   75   75   30
SF: Raja Bell #11                         73  69    78   75   80    5        
C:   Matt Geiger #52                      72  70    75   69   60    5
SF: Cedric Henderson #45                  69  63    74   74   65   15   
PF: Jerome Moiso #5                       72  71    74   72   60    5     
C:   Samuel Dalemburt #1                  60  64    77   62   60    5
PG: Craig "Speedy" Claxton #12            70  68    72   60   85   25
Portland Trailblazers
----------------------------------------|RTG|Off. |Def.|Reb.|Spd|3pt|
PG: Damon "Mighty Mouse" Stoudamire #3   77  77    79   64   90  35
SG: Derek Anderson #1                    78  78    80   62   85  40
SF: Scottie Pippen #33                   76  75    77   77   75  30
PF: Rasheed "Sheed" Wallace #30          92  93    93   79   70  25
PF: Dale Davis #34                       83  79    86   82   65   5
----------------------------------------|RTG|Off. |Def.|Reb.|Spd|3pt|
SG: Bonzi Wells #6                       80  75    86   84   80  30
SF: Ruben Patterson #21                  74  68    80   82   75   5
SF: Rod Strickland #10                   76  71    81   76   80  25
PF: Zach Randolph #??                    75  77    75   67   60   5
C:  Will Perdue #55                      67  62    71   70   50   5
PG: Erick Barkley #12                    70  64    77   60   80  25
C:  Arvydas Sabonis #11                  78  74    82   77   50  10
SG: Steve Kerr #4                        66  71    62   55   75  45
PF: Shawn Kemp #40                       83  86    82   82   60  10
5b. Top 10

6. Network Play guide
In my opinion, the most fun mode, online play lats you rock against real people 
around the 
country. Information on how to play your best online despite the lag you may 

6a. Basic Network info.

6b. How the game differs

6c. What the heck's a scrimmage game?

6d. Now you're good, what's next?

7. Create-o-ramma!
Created players and teams, feel free to send in your own.

7a. Created players

7b. Created teams

8. Other stuff
Stuff that didn't fit anywhere else as good as here.

8a. Lyrics to intro song
Sega's always bringin' you the best of the game

You were lost soulja*, when I hit you with the crossover. 
Take the Baseline, stop, pull up and it makes mine, cause when I stick you the 
stakes high, 
I'm takin' the rock, c'mon ain't nobody makin' me stop, this pressure,
got the stadium locked cause it's excitin' when you watchin' NBA style "Clash of 
the Titan" 
The handles is quicker then the eyes like lightnin' and when you getting drived 
on it’s 
frightening believe that, but you need that if you came to get your ball on ,
Sweatin bodies _______________ catch you hurlin' when I'm seein' the green 
_________ cause' I 
locked you down with the best D in the league. 
You couldn't score and if I did you for three wide-open, I'd take it straight to 
the hoop, and 
leave the baseline smokin'. 
and I'm ____________ so ya'll can get with me, on a solo fast-break I might bust 
a 360.
Move quickly cause ________________, 
you might catch me at the 3 point, adjustin' my aim. I'm yelling "And 1!" every 
time I step to 
the lane thats why Sega’s always bringin' you da best of the game!.
*dats wit hit dilect cos (or in plain English "That's with his dialect of 

I'm sure there are quite a few of mistakes. I also need help to fill-in-the-
blanks. I only did 
that first word with a real dialect too, for no reason really. Keep in mind my 
one of my ears 
are severely plugged right now because of a cold, so I ain't doin' my best job. 
Even if only 
one person helps, I will make a credits section just for that person.

8b. Description of Rules

1. Shot Clock- You will get called for this foul if you don't shoot for twenty-
four seconds, the 
ball must touch the rim in order to not be called for this violation. (I mean it 
must touch the 
rim before the buzzer goes off)

Penalty: Other team gets the ball

2. Out of Bounds- The Ball goes out of one of the outermost lines on the court. 
(If you're the 
ballhandler, it's if your foot goes of this boundry marking.)

Penalty: Other Team gets the ball

3. Backcourt Violation- Once you enter your half of the court, you can't pass 
nor, run back to 
the other half. If you do, you will be called for this violation.

Penalty: Other Team gets ball

4. 8 second half-court clock- Once you inbound the ball in the backcourt, you 
have 8 seconds to 
get the ball into your half, otherwise you'll be called for this violation.

Penalty: Other Team gets ball

5. 5 second inbound clock- you have 5 seconds to inbound the ball. If you don't 
inbound the ball 
in this time, you will be called for this violation.

Penalty: Other Team gets ball

6. 3 Seconds in the key- If you stay in the "key" (The usually colored part) for 
more then three
seconds without shooting, the ref will blow his whistle.

7. Defensive 3 second violation- On defense, you can't stay in the "key" more 
then 3 seconds
without actively guarding them, or else you'll be called for this violation.

Penalty: Other Team gets automatic free throw and ball afterward.

8. 5 seconds back to Basket- On offense, if you have your back to the basket for 
more then 5 
seconds, you'll be called for this.

Penalty: Other Team gets ball

9. Foul Out- If any single player acccumulates a certain number of fouls (Default 
or "on" is 6,
can be set to any lower number).

Penalty: The player that is fouled out cannot play the rest of the game.

10. Charging/Blocking- Charging: Charging is if you knock over another player 
during a dunk,
layup, etc. You must be standing totally still for a charge.

Blocking: A blocking foul is the same, except that the player who was knocked 
over was moving.

Penalties: Penalties are decided by type. A CHARGING FOUL IS AGAINST THE OFFENSE, 
while a 
BLOCKING FOUL IS AGAINST THE DEFENSE. A foul is called against the player who 
commited the foul,
plus the opposing team gets an automatic two free throws.

11. Pushing- Pushing is a different name for "Intentional foul". If on an 
Intentional Foul will
be called. No call will be made and the ball will come out of the ballhandelers 
hands. (Cheap to
the infinate power)

Penalties: A. Foul will be called against a player. B. Other team gets ball. C. 
Possibility of a
Free Throw shot.

12. Reaching In Foul- When a player is attempting to steal the ball he can only 
touch the ball.
If the player touches any other part of the opponent, then, you'll be called for 
reaching in.

Penalty: Player who commited the foul recieves a foul against them. Other team 
gets ball.

13. Shooting Foul- If a player who's attempting a block touches anything but the 
ball, he is 
called for this foul.

Penalties: Foul against hthe person who commited it. Other Team automatically 
gets two Free 

14. Goaltending- After a shot is released you can't touch it before it touches 
the rim. If you do
you will be called for this foul.

Penalty: The shot counts.

15. Traveling- If you attempt a shot, you have to release it before you land, 
otherwise you'll be
called for traveling.

Penalty: Other Team gets ball.

8c. Codes
ALMOST all the codes from NBA 2K1 work in 2K2 but not all of them.

vc- Unlocks Secret Teams

9. Contact information
If you have questions, corrections, suggestions, or contributions, my 
E-mail is [email protected] OR you can visit my site and use 
my forms at 
www.thegmr.cjb.net put "FAQ Submission" in the subject line. Please give a name, 
real or fake 
so I can credit you.

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