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            by Gregorio Diaz EL COMPY


1. Introduction
2. FAQ version
3. Friendly Reminder
4. Button Legend
5. Abe's Moves
6. General Info
7. Walkthrough ( under construction )
8. Credits


  Hello. Welcome to Oddworld. This place is widely known because of the great 
puzzle situations in which the inhabitants are always in. In other words: Want 
help? Here I am!
 Formerly known as the Lost World FAQ maker only, my third FAQ will guide you 
through the perils and enigmas of this awesome PlayStation game. Remember that all 
the FAQ is a spoiler, so if you want to solve the riddle yourself, do not read it 
yet. As your tour guide through this wasteland, I will present you with all the 
cities. So hang in tight and do not eat Scrab Cakes during your travel. Thanks. 
If you have additions, corrections, or comments about the game, please email me at:

E- MAIL: [email protected]

 Use the Word " Abe " at the subject line if possible. Thank you. Needless to say, 
you will get full credit if your contribution works
NOTE: For your convenience, I will submit the FAQ with only Rupture Farms covered 
first, then I will update it with the remaining stages. This way you do not have to 
wait until I finish the FAQ ( this FAQ will be LONG, believe me ), and also I will 
not be so pressured to make it fast. If it is done slow, it is done better. But e-
mail me if you feel that I am delaying it too much. Thanks.


1.0 First release. Rupture Farms covered.
1.1 StockYard Escape, Monsaic Awakened covered, Sections 6.3 and 8.0 modified. 
Sections 6.5 and 6.6 added
1.2 Paramonia added, Scrabania added, Stockyard Return covered as well.
1.3  Walkthrough finished. Section 6.7 added. Credits powered up

 and more to follow.


  This FAQ, as all FAQs is free, so please do not profit from it. I did it to help 
users, not to make them rich. Also do not copy it, nor say that you did it. Credit 
to the ones who deserve it. And, if you liked it and/or used it, please e-mail me 
with a thanks, that makes me feel like I did not waste my time. Thanks. My address 
: [email protected]  
Also, if you want a copy of any of my FAQs, e-mail me.


The same as Lost World's.

Circle: C
Triangle: T
Square: S
X: guess it
L1, L2, R1, R2: guess them too
Left: L
Right: R
Down: D
Up: U


Although they teach you them in the game, I will include them here.

L or R: Walk in the selected direction
U: Hoist ( like Prince of Persia or Tomb Raider ), enter doors, use platforms and 
BOOM machines. Also used to mount Elum. Also use some switches where he needs to 
use his hand on them ( like directories)And it is used to enter in wells.
D: Duck. Dismount Elum, use platform, hoist down from platforms
S: Use levers
T: Hop forward
C: ( Hold ) throw rock, bomb, or meat
X: Duck
Duck, then L or R: Roll
L1+L2 or any other top button combination: Chant

Hold R1, then L or R: Run
Hold R2, then L or R: Tip toe
As a rookie, you tend to run when you need to tip-toe or viceversa, because the 
buttons are too close. Practice.

While running press T: long jump
While running press X: running roll


 Abe talks. Even if his lips are sealed.

Hold L1, then:

T: "Hello": used to start a conversation with a Mudokon.
S: "Follow me": makes the Mudokon to follow you. If you need to make him go down a 
platform, throw yourself first, then insist with this sentence until he comes down 
X: "Wait": with this the Mudokon will not follow you, so use it to keep them out of 
C: Angry: Useless. Unless you want the Sligs to make fun of you

Hold L2, then:

T: Long whistle: used in codes
S: Laugh: useless too
X: Short whistle: Also used in codes
C: Fart: used to finish codes  

You can talk even if you are ducked, or mounted on Elum, but you cannot if you are 
hanging from a platform.



 The chant is your only defense. It affects Sligs, Scrabs and Paramytes.

To get rid of Sligs, chant until they are possessed, or use the environment ( pits, 
falling barrels ) 
NOTE: you cannot possess Sligs that are in the same floor than you, even if you are 
in the shadows ( they must not see you ) Also, the Slig must keep running in the 
same screen than you are. 

As the Slig:

S: "What?". Also used to use levers
X: Strike: use it to hit mudokons, so they can duck under your bullets and avoid 
getting shot.
T: " Blah! "
C: Fire weapon. Hold for a continuous burst
R2+ L or R: Run ( like Abe )
L2+R2: Explosion
Slig cannot jump or duck, but he can ride platforms

With the Slig you must kill other enemies, so be trigger happy, or they could kill 
you first. Explore with him to fire as many Sligs as you can. DO NOT KILL ANY 
MUDOKONS. Also be careful not to fire Abe, as you can kill him. 

The Slig can talk too, but many of his phrases are just annoying sounds. Only SOME 
Slogs obey him. 

Hold L1, then:

S: " Here, boy ": used to talk with some Slogs, the equivalent to Abe's " Follow me 
X: " Get him " : the attack order for the Slog.
T: " Hi " 
C: " Wait "

Hold L2, then:

S: Laugh
X: Grunt 1
T: Grunt 2
C: " Look out! " : the same use of the strike, but also alerts other Sligs.

Notes about Sligs:

If you want, you can press L2 and C to alert, then you must only release L2 and the 
Slig will fire automatically.
If you hit a mudokon with the strike too much, it will die, so be careful         

The Scrabs and Paramytes can be delayed with the chant, but you cannot possess 

To kill Paramytes, use the environment. You can distract them with meat pieces, but 
they eat fast. If there are two or more together, they will attack you. They also 
attack if you corner them.

To kill Scrabs, make them meet a friend. They will fight until death, letting you 

To kill Slogs, use the environment, or a Slig.

The bees need to be avoided. Elum hates them.

The bats kill you immediately. Avoid them too


The game has at least two endings. They change depending on the friends that you 
helped throughout your quest.

Rescue 49 Mudokons or less: Sad ending
Rescue 50 or more Mudokons: Happy ending
Rescue 99 Mudokons: They give you the happy ending, then a brief note and the code 
to see all the movies.


 To rescue Mudokons do the following.

Say " Hello " until they say that too. Now ask them to follow you. Go to a bird 
portal and chant. The mudokon will jump through the portal and will be free. Easy, 
right? You can rescue as many mudokons at once as you like. If the mudokon is in a 
room with a bird portal, just chant and he will escape. You cannot talk to two 
different mudokons in the same room. In this case rescue one first, or make him 
wait next to the bird portal. If you or a Slig broke the portal, you need to go 
back a room and then return, and the birds will be there.
Special note about taking mudokons down a ledge:
 You don't have to throw yourself down first. You can stand next to an opening or 
on the otherside and call the Mudokon. The first time won't produce a result but 
every subsequent call will bring him one step closer to you. This can be handy for 
positioning them to go through timing traps and having them walk off ledges.


The grenades can be tricky at first, but it is easy:

Hold C to prepare the grenade. It will bip five times, and at the sixth time it 
will explode. Usually, you will have to throw it immediately after the FIFTH bip. 
The angles are a little like this:


Press L: throws close and vertical
Press R: throws very far
Press U: throws high and relatively far
Press D: throws close too.
While duck: throws it at a decent range and it goes horizontally. Useful to kill 

When I refer to blowing orbs, you need to prepare the grenade, wait for the fifth 
bip, and then throwing it in the direction that you are facing.

All these commands also apply  to rocks and meat, but they will not explode. 


 Who is Elum? Elum is your " pet ". It is like a cross between a dog and a horse. 
You use Elum to make long jumps. Also, Abe's feet can rest while riding him.

To mount Elum: stand in front of him and press U
To dismount Elum: Press D. 

NOTE: Elum understands the " Follow me " and " Wait " commands. Use them to 
position Elum where you need him.

While you are on Elum, press L or R to move, and hold R1 and move to run.
You can use all the Gamespeak sentences, but you cannot chant.
To ride platforms you need to dismount and then ask Elum to follow you. When both 
of you are on the platform, use it.

If Elum spots honey, he will go and eat it. While he is eating, he is useless. He 
will not obey any of your orders. To " wake him up ", you need to find some bees 
and then get close to Elum, so they will attack him.

Elum CANNOT jump straight up, only can do hops forward, so be careful. Also, you 
CANNOT hang from ledges while riding him   


 If you do not have the manual, then probably you are having trouble with the 
monster names. I will try to describe them as best as possible

Bat: needless to explain

Bees: Ditto

Elum: the horse that you ride. Almost the only one that does not attack you.

Glukkons: the executives of Rupture Farms. Tall, brown, and smoking cigars. They 
appear only at the end

Mudokons: the guys like you. They are always working. The wild ones can only talk 
with a whistle-fart language and tend to attack you if they have a weapon.
Paramites: Small, with many legs. They appear only in Paramonia. They tend to 
attack when they are in groups. Can be distracted with meat pieces.

Scrabs: Big, with a great chest but no arms. They have long jaws. Run very fast. 
Attack their own kind.

Sligs: They have metalic legs, plastic heads with squid faces, and a mean shotgun ( 
that fires like a machine gun ) The most common enemy. Fool, almost blind guards. 
Can be possessed

Slogs: A big pair of jaws with two legs. Attack relentlessly , but obey some Sligs. 
They think of themselves as dogs.


Special sequences that you input to obtain a goodie. I know there is also a level 
select code. Can anybody send the code to me? Thanks.

Movie player.

To see all the movies of the game ( there are some FMVs missing ) press the 
following sequence at the main menu screen ( where a big Abe at the center of the 
screen shows up and says " Hello " )

Hold R1 and keep it pressed during the entire code. 

While holding R1 press:

U, L, R, S, C, T, S, R, L, U, R.

Now release R1 and press U or D to scroll through the movies. Enjoy 


Since the game is too long, I will break this in stages, one stage per update. Why 
I am doing this? I need to live, you know. To make things easier, I will divide the 
rooms in paragraphs, so when the paragraph ends, you will know that you must exit 
that room.

Run to the left and kill Slig. Go left     ( ROOM 1 )
Mount Elum and jump left                  ( ROOM 2 )


 This is where you work, and also it is the starting point of your adventure.
ENEMIES: Sligs only
NOTE: I will mark some areas with an asterisk ( * ) ,and a number, because you need 
to come here later, when you have rescued 14 or 17 mudokons. Remember all these 


  At the beginning*0, follow the onscreen instructions.
 After using the third door, quickly go right before Slig shoots you.
 You will come to an area with some jumps over land mines*1. 
 Now you have arrived to a room with a Mudokon and a sleeping Slig *2 . Now chant 
until you possess the Slig. Go left and use the electricity lever. These kinds of 
levers will turn off the electric barriers near them. Go right.
DO NOT PUSH THE NEXT LEVER. It is a trap, because it will kill the Mudokon. Go 
You are in a room with a metalic ring*3 . Go right.
At the end of the corridor there is a sleeping Slig. Kill him and explode yourself. 
Now make the mudokons go to the riding platform and go down with them.
Free them and enter the door. 

7.1.2: PACKAGING    

Lead the two mudokons to the portal at the right and free them. Now go up and 
You are in a room with a lever next to you, and a Slig below you*4 . You cannot 
possess it because of the orb, so use the lever to open the floor and let the Slig 
fall. Go right.
Deactivate the bomb carefully. Go up.
Walk a little to wake up both Sligs and quickly pull the lever so the Slig to the 
right falls. If you do this incorrectly, they will kill the mudokon. Now possess 
the remaining Slig and explode him. Now pull the lever to the right and take 
mudokon to the left and free him. Go right past the lever you just pressed.
Stay where you appeared and possess the Slig at the background. Explode him. Now 
roll to the right.
Climb to the platform and use the lever so the meat saw stops.
Go back to the place where you killed the last Slig and take the mudokon to the 
right. Make him stop. Now climb to the platform with the lever and go right.
 Possess Slig and go to the right. Note that THERE ARE MUDOKONS HIDDEN IN THE 
SHADOWS, so do not shoot where you cannot see, except in the place with the Slig. 
Kill him and go right.
Be careful because there are two meat saws. One moves faster than the other. The 
lever in that room alternates the speed of the saws, so use this to your 
advantage.DO NOT USE THE LEVER IN THE NEXT ROOM, it is a trap, too.
Go right, step next to the Slig, say: " Look out! ", and quickly kill Slig. Use the 
lever if you want. It opens the metalic door, but you cannot go there yet.  Explode 
Now go and rescue all the mudokons in that floor, including the ones in the 
shadows. When the meter says that you have rescued 14 mudokons ( if you have 
rescued them all ), go to a room with a door at the middle and a threatening sign. 
Enter the door.
Now run to the left until you reach a BOOM machine*5. Get a grenade.
Now run to the right and jump while running to grab to Slig's platform. Climb it 
when he falls to the ground. Now throw the grenade ( wait for the fifth bip, then 
throw it ) to the security orb. Possess the Slig and go to the left.
Ride the platform until you reach the top.
Now run to the right and you will fall on a platform where a Slig was sleeping. 
Kill him and explode your Slig.
Now go left, press the lever so the platform returns and ride it to the top again.
Throw yourself to the place where you killed the last Slig and duck.
Go right into a bonus section. Time the jumps carefully. ( No need to run). Duck at 
the end and go right.
Free the three mudokons and go back.
Now look carefully at the platform to the right. It has some debris falling from 
it. This indicates that you can hang from this platform and go down. Fall and now 
you must return to the * spots.

*0: Go to the first stage of the game and again stand behind the barrel and go 
Jump to the left and pull lever.
Go down where the lone mudokon is. The Slig will wake up. Quickly hang to his 
platform and climb when he falls. Press the lever and kill him. Free mudokon.
Go up and take the two mudokons down. Try not to kill them. Free them too.
Now go up and stand at the right of the middle saw. Hoist and get out

*1: Get a grenade from *2 or *3, now go to the place where you must jump and throw 
while ducking, aiming to the mines at the right side of the screen.
When you destroyed them all, go down and again stand behind the barrel and fall.
Talk to a mudokon and immediately fall, then climb again. This way when you climb 
again, he will be waiting for you safely. Take him down and stop him.
Repeat the procedure and then free them when they are all together.
The lever here is to change the saw's speed. DO NOT PULL IT. It is not neccessary.  

*2: Go to the exact point where the Slig was sleeping. See the barrel at the 
foreground? Stand behind it and press D twice.
You will fall into a secret room. Here you must get a grenade, blow the orb, 
possess the Sligs and then go down using the surviving Slig.
Turn to the left and kill the Slig. Explode yours.
Now simply go down, blow the second orb and free the mudokons

*3: Pull the ring and fall through the hole.
Get a grenade, stand in the left edge of the platform where you are and throw the 
grenade while ducking. BOOM! Get another grenade and go down and right, at the 
opposite side of the mudokon. Duck, throw the grenade, blow the land mine and free 
Get out by jumping through the upper portal. 

*4: Pull the lever and fall through the hole.
Go down staying in shadows so the Slig cannot see you.
Get a grenade, and blow orb. Now possess the Slig, and press the lever. Explode 
him. Now get another grenade, go up to the highest platform, blow that orb and 
possess Slig. Explode him.
Take mudokon down and free them all.
Exit through the other portal.

*5: Now that you have the 28 mudokons, go here and get a grenade. ride the platform 
up and throw a grenade while ducking.
Fall to the left and duck at the end.
Now roll to the left and you are free. Almost.


Enemies: Bats, Scrabs, Sligs, Slogs

Again, I will use the asterisks. This denotes areas where you can rescue mudokons, 
but you do not need to visit them to exit the level.

At the beginning, jump over mines and go left.
Stand where you appear ( in this room )and chant, so the mudokon below you can 
escape ( he is in the shadows, and if you do not act fast, the Scrab will kill him 
). Try not to activate alarm. Just stand still when a laser beam touches you. If 
you activated the alarm anyway, just duck quickly and roll to the left. Exit to the 
Make the jumps and go left.
Here you must jump to the left ledge. To do so, wait for the Scrab to run from LEFT 
to RIGHT, then run and fall from the right ledge. Now run to the left and do a 
running jump to grab the left platform, and climb immediately. If the Scrab stands 
still, then chant and it will move. Go left. If you cannot do the jumps quickly, 
chant so the Scrab stops, giving you some more time.
Make jumps and avoid being detected. Go left.
Jump left and chant at fireflies. They give you clues, so CHANT TO ALL THE 
Jump over mines. Go left.
Jump over mine and grab from the edge, so the Slig cannot see you. Climb when he 
walks to the left and tip toe into shadows. You and the Slig must walk to the left 
at the same time, but you must go behind him, silently.
Hide and wait for him to go right, then get close to the edge and fall when the 
Slig below you goes away. Now go left and duck in shadows. Wait for him to go right 
and go left.
Jump over mine and hang from the ledge. Fall.
If you chant here, you will find a hidden portal*1. Go down and set up bomb. Go 
left slowly.
Here let a Slig follow you and run to the right ( he must say " Wait! " The easiest 
way is to wait until they are facing left. Then walk out of shadows and when they 
see you, run to the right )
Now jump over bomb and climb right ledge. The Slig must run and touch the bomb. 
After he explodes, go right again.
Now walk silently behind the Slig and climb on left ledge. Go left.
Cross the room, avoiding bats.
Here you must jump to the left. Or you can go down from the left ledges*2
Cross the room. Stand in the edge and go down when the Slig goes to the right. 
Quickly set up bomb and climb back. When Slig dies, go to the left. Or if you want 
go to the right*3
Go down.
Here you can go right*4. Go left and grab a rock from the rock sack. Roll to the 
Now do not move and throw the rock at the bomb. Go left.
Advance to the left, always hiding, tip toing and following the Slig. Go left.
Here climb, roll to the left and exit the room.
Fall and grab the rock. Go left if desired*5. Climb to the left ledge and JUMP OVER 
BOMB. Go left.
Say something to the Slog and run to the right, remembering to jump over the bomb.
Jump over bomb and " Slog goes boom ". Climb to the left again.
Cross this room.
Now fall and go left. You can also go to the right*6
Talk to Slog and run to the right.
Jump and climb the right ledge. Run to the left again.
Run to the left and JUMP OVER MINE so Slog can die. Go left.
You can go straight left if desired*7. Now try to throw a rock while pressing U, so 
it explodes a bomb next to Slog. If you think you cannot do it, just stand under 
Slog's platform's edge and talk or chant until Slog falls, then quickly climb up. 
Destroy mines ( throw while ducking ) and jump over remaining bomb. Go left.
Now only do a long jump to the left. ( do not be scared ) and Voil….
Now let's check those * spots

*1: enter through portal.
JUMP IN THE MOMENT YOU APPEAR. Keep grabbed until Slig goes to the right. Follow 
him tip toing. Do a running jump and grab to the platform at the right. Climb when 
the lower Slig goes away. Now climb where the mudokons are and go left following 
the Slig.
Here hide in shadows. From this point on, you must move ONLY when the Slig returns 
from his watch. ( when he is at your left ). Wait until he goes to the right and 
returns, then slowly go right, make a mudokon follow you and hide in shadows again. 
Repeat. Now, when you have both mudokons with you, go right and activate bomb, then 
hide in shadows. When the Slig goes to the right, follow him silently ( to ensure 
he dies ). When he touches the bomb, return left and free mudokons. Now, go right 
and down, making sure the Slig does not spot you. Jump and hang to the left ledge, 
wait for the Slig and follow him. Do a running jump and grab to the left ledge. 
Climb when Slig disappears and exit through portal

*2: You cannot do this yet.

*3 Go to the right after Slig explodes, grab a rock and enter portal. Climb and 
follow Slig.
Remain in shadows. Follow Slig and run right, falling. This could be hard to do 
without being shot. Possess Slig from your current location. Make him go down, 
where two Sligs are guarding. Say: Look out! and kill them. Explode Slig. Free 
mudokons. Go left.
Exit through portal

*4 Grab rocks and go right. Destroy land mines ( all ) and enter portal. 
When you enter, immediately roll to the right and enter pipe. Exit through right's 
Now jump over mines while hiding in shadows. Climb to the left ( where upper Slig 
is ) and jump to the right. Hide there. Now roll and cross pipe. In this corner you 
are safe. Now possess them. The lower Slig will explode. With the surviving Slig go 
to the left.
Kill the Slig next to you, then go down and kill the other Sligs. Explode yours.
Now go to the left and free mudokon. Go to the lower right and exit through portal.

*5 Grab some rocks and go to the left, where it appears to be a wall. You will 
Now throw rocks where the land mines are and destroy them. Chant to open portal. 
Now run to the right and roll where the bombs were. Run and grab to the right 
ledge. Now wait for the Slog and return to the left, and enter portal.
Go tip toing to the right.
Climb to the left ledge. Go left and chant, so the portal opens. Go right without 
leaving platform.
Chant to free mudokon. Run, fall and grab to right ledge. Wait for the Slog and run 
to the left.
Enter through portal.

*6 Go right and down. Open portal and enter through it ( from left to right ). 
When you appear RUN TO THE RIGHT. ( although the Slog is asleep, it will wake up 
soon and kill you if you tip toe)
Climb on platform and enter door.
Now you are in the background. Free mudokon and go to the left.
Open the portal. Return and enter door.
Now, run to the left and exit through portal.

*7 This is only a trap. Makes you repeat a lot of work.


Enemies: Native mudokons, harmless Sligs

Go to the left.
Use stone and jump to the left.
Now you are in front of an aggressive mudokon. If you walk toward him he will shoot 
you, so stay where you are, listen to the code and repeat it. He will not attack if 
you fail, so try again. When he disappears, hang from the ledge and go down.
Possess Slig. Go to the left.
Kill Slig and explode yours.
Enter door.
Here roll through the " dog house " and go right.
Practice entering wells if you want. When finished, enter door.
Go down and left.
Climb and go left.
Use stone and climb.
Go left.
Mimic mudokon.
Use stone and jump left. Pull lever and use well.
Imitate mudokon. Go left.
Enter door.
Go right, use stone and then use well.
Use stone and follow map.
To get rid of bees, run past a mudokon, and the bees will attack him instead of 
After exiting door go right.
Mimic mudokon, use stone and pull lever. Go right.
Do a running jump to the right.
Jump left and enter door.
Go right and use stone.
Go right past the wells. 
Use the stone and pull lever. The Sligs cannot harm you. Go left.
Now enter the well you want. Paramonia will be FAQed first


Since I need to finish this FAQ quickly, I will skip the mudokons that appear here. 
I will post that info when I complete the FAQ. Thanks. I will also forget the 
mudokons from here on. 

Enemies: Paramytes, Sligs, Slogs.


Go right.
Use stone. Go right while tip toing
Activate bomb and climb up. Boom! Grab a rock. Go right.
Pull lever and throw a rock with U. Go left.
Use well.
Pull ring and fall to the left.
Mount Elum. Go right.
Jump and go right.
Now walk to the right until mudokon greets you. Mimic him and ride platform. Go up.
Elum will eat honey. Throw a rock to the bee hive, so the bees interrupt Elum. 
Avoid bees. Stop Elum. Go right.
Go right and turn off bomb. Go left.
Ride Elum and go right.
Make jumps until you enter the tunnel.
Go left slowly. Stay in the edge and jump. Dismount Elum. Go up.
DO NOT PULL LEVER. Climb and use well. 
Possess Slig. Make him go down, falling to the left.
Fall to the right and kill Slig. Fall to the left.
Now fall on lever and touch a mine.
Jump to the left and go down the same way Slig did. Pull lever. Jump over mine and 
go down.
Ask Elum to follow you, then ride platform up.
Climb on Elum and run left, making all jumps. Enter tunnel.
Dismount Elum and stop him. Pull ring. 
Go down.
Use stone and pull lever. Use well.
Pull the ring to the right. Go down again.
Use well again.
Take Elum to the left and go down.
Repeat password. Use new platform and go left.
Go down.
Make Elum follow you off the ledge. Go left and down on the platform.
Make Elum wait and possess Slig. Go left, kill Slig and go left and down.
Go right.
Kill Slig quickly. Explode your Slig.
Ride Elum and run left, making long jump. Enter tunnel.
Dismount Elum and possess Slig. Go right.
Kill second Slig and explode yours.
Go down and use well.
Enter portal.

7.4.2 TEMPLE A

Go right.
Go right carefully and immediately go left.
Enter the well. Possess Slig. Go right. Kill Slog and go down ( you can take Slog 
with you if desired ).
Go right and fall.
Go down when Slig is facing right and kill it. Kill Slog too if you make it follow 
you. Explode Slig.
Use well and go right.
Jump and pull lever. Wait for the platform. Ride it down.
Go where you killed the Slig and go right.
Enter door.

7.4.3 TEMPLE B

Here you can see eight different doors. Two doors are closed: the door you used to 
get here and the big door at the top. This door will open when you have lighted the 
six flintlocks located in each of the six open doors. I will try to do a diagram of 
the doors location. In case you cannot read it, I will FAQ the doors from top left 
to bottom right.

                                Big door

        #1      #2                              #3      #4

        Start                                   #5      #6

#1: At the beginning climb left. 
Go left.
Now stand at the edge and jump left, then jump right, hang down and pull lever. 
Roll to the right.
Now climb again and go left.
Go up past the far away mudokon and reach the top. Look for falling debris and 
Grab meat and go down where the paramyte is. Throw the meat to the right. Get code. 
Go up where mudokon is.
Repeat code ( you need to use the rings several times so learn that code ). Go 
where the flintlock is.
Use rings. Pull lever. Go up.
Repeat code. Go to the top.
Now climb where the meat sack is and use rings. Climb and pull lever. Go down to 
the mudokon.
Use well.

#2: Go down and left.
Go right when Slig sees you. Run and climb to the right. Possess Slig. Go left, 
kill Slig and explode yours.
Go left.
Jump to the left.
Now do a running jump to the right, causing a rock to fall. Grab it and go right.
Roll into hole and go right.
Throw rock to destroy mine.
Go left, where the balls are hanging ( the boulders!) 
Jump to the left when the balls are in the background. After each jump duck to 
avoid bats. Go left.
Tip toe and set up bomb. Run to the right. Boom! Go left.
Pull lever and touch stone ( this gives you a song. You do not need to learn it, 
but you need it to exit. Think of this song as a key to exit the level ). Go right 
where you exploded the mine with the rock.
Now chant to possess the bells. This is the " padlock ". Exit.

#3: There are points in the floor ( tiles ) that release falling barrels when you 
step on them. Learn where they will fall ( As a tip, they will not fall on the tile 
). Go left.
Make paramyte follow you ( do not talk to it, just let it see you ) Go right.
Crush it with one of the barrels that fall next to the bells. Go right.
Attract the 3 paramytes that and kill them with the barrels ( where you need to 
roll ). Go right.
Pull lever. Go far left and get song. Go left where the bells are.
Chant. Exit

#4: Go right. Make jumps. ( remember to duck under bats )Go right.
Deactivate bomb when bat goes away. Climb right and then climb up.
Turn off bombs, pull lever and go left.
Silently stand under ring and face to the right. Pull ring and get ready to RUN! ( 
to the left, of course )
Climb and go right and down.
Return to the beginning. Exit.

#5: Climb up.
Go to the right.
Throw meat to the left and go right.
Step on the tile and run to the left.
Grab to the platform where the meat sack is. Grab meat. Go left.
Jump and go left.
Throw meat trying to make it land below barrel ( in shadow ) Use lever. Splat! If 
you do this right, the meat must keep there, so go to the left, attract the 
paramyte and Splat! again. If the paramyte eats the meat, you must go to the right 
to get some more. Go right.
Hang down from the RIGHT. Go left.
Climb and get music. Get some meat and go left.
Now quickly throw meat to the left, or else! Go down.
Now touch the meat sack. When the meat falls, the paramyte will jump at you and 
will eat the meat. Sometimes it cannot do the jump properly and dies. If it managed 
to do the jump, then pick the meat while it is trying to eat it. Throw the meat to 
the pit ( with R ) The paramyte will follow it. Fool! Grab more meat and go left.
Go down and walk to the left. When you see the 2nd. paramyte falling from the 
ceiling, then quickly climb to the right. Stay at the edge and throw meat with L, 
so you hit the bee hive and it falls. The angry bees then will kill the two 
paramytes. When the slaughter finishes, go down and pull lever. Go left.
Go up where you killed the paramytes using the falling barrels, then go left.
Chant. Exit

#6: Follow paramyte. When you enter the room with the meat sack go up.
When you reach the top, go left.
When you get close to the lever, the boulder will chase you. Run to the right.
When it stops go left and roll.
Get music and go right.
Climb where the boulder and the lever were and pull lever.Go right.
Use wells.
Pull lever and use wells.
Go down. 
Stand under meat sack, grab meat, and walk six steps to the left. Then throw meat 
to the left. ( Throw it without leaving the room ) Now quickly run to the left.
Climb to the left. Chant. Exit.

Now you can enter the big door


You can use wells to explore only. To advance you will have to venture through the 
dark zone. In all this place you must move FAST:

Climb up.
Hang to the left. Wait for the paramyte to fall, then climb.
This platform where you are now will be called " 1 ". Go to the right, following 
paramyte carefully. Return to 1.
Now jump again to the right and follow it again. Walk to the right until a wood 
platform opens. Return to 1.
Now jump to the right and go right. The paramyte has fallen. Jump over small gap, 
then run to the right.
Now jump to the right and climb. Jump up and keep grabbed until paramytes fall, 
then climb.
Climb left,  climb right, climb up.
Roll under object and hang to platform. Wait for them to fall then climb, and roll 
to the left. When you fall run to the left.
Jump to the left, jump and grab to the left ledge. Wait for them to fall and climb 
up. Duck and roll to the left. 
Go under obstacles and go left.
Run to the left.
When you see the light, climb to the left, then IMMEDIATELY enter well.
Grab meat and enter right well.
Throw meat to the right and enter door.
Now chant from there and enter portal.

Now you return to Monsaic Awakened, simply go left, jump, enter door, go right, 
pull lever, go left and enter Scrabania.


Enemies: Scrabs, Sligs, Slogs.

Ah, the long and awful Scrabania! Where 6 mudokons are trapped. Well, since it is 
your first visit, then walk to the downtown, then visit the Temple. Later, you will 
come back to rescue them.


Remember that you can stun Scrabs using the chant. This is incredibly useful. It 
can save your life if you missed a jump, or need more time to solve a puzzle. Also, 
it lets you walk and stun, walk and stun, so this way you can stop the Scrab.

Go to the left.
Jump over mine and hang to the left. Climb when Slig goes left. Follow it tip toing 
and turn on bomb. Run to the right. Boom! Go left.
Climb and pull lever, so you can crush the Slig. ( Watch the "X" on the floor )Go 
Now stay under big rock and pull lever. Go right to the beginning.
Use well. Pull lever and use well. Go left.
Use well next to mine. 
Possess Slig. Explode it.
Use well.
Pull ring. Hang down carefully.
Ride Elum.and run to the left. 
Jump. Enter tunnel.
Go right and jump. Go right.
Dismount and use platform. Go down with Elum.
Stop Elum. Repeat code and go right.
Use rings. Go left.
Climb, go right and use lever. Go left.
Go down. Repeat code. Go right.
Go down using platform. 
Use rings with mines to the right. Climb and get code. Go left and up.
Go left. Repeat code. Go right.
Go down, where a mudokon is.
Now, duck and carefully roll and stay under bomb. Repeat code while ducking, and 
when mudokon moves the bomb,stand up and use the rings. Go up where Elum is.
Make him go down where you destroyed the bombs. Now mount him and jump to the 
right. Go right.
Now run avoiding the bombs and making jumps until you reach the exit. If you 
avoided the first set of bombs successfully, you can continue untouched as long as 
you keep moving.
Go right.
Dismount and go up. 
Elum will eat honey. Go down using right platform.
Go right and cross two rooms.
Make jump and go right.
Roll to the right.
Stay behind rock and pull lever. Go left and use well.
Get rock and go up, until you reach a new place.
Climb, duck and throw the rock at mine. Go left.
Repeat code and go right.
Go down where Elum is.
Go right. 
Roll under cactus, then climb right and up.
Pull lever and go down.
Now quickly run to Elum and touch him.
When he is free of bees, go down using right platform.
Mount Elum and go right. making all jumps. Stop when you see the land bomb.
Dismount and use well.
Turn off bomb. Duck and roll to the right.
Use well located next to the cliff.
Jump left to release rock. Jump right and go down.
Pick up rock and throw it with L at mine. Go up.
Jump left. Go down.
Get code. Go up.
Jump right. Go right.
Repeat code at the background mudokon, then go left.
Go down.
Go left.
Use rings to explode bomb, and orb. Possess Sligs. Get rid of them. Use well.
Mount Elum.Go right.
Go up.
Go right.
Make jumps. Enter tunnel.
Go right. Dismount and hang down.
Use lever and climb.
Mount Elum and time your jump. Go right.
In the next few rooms, a bomb will follow you. Make jumps until bomb disappears.
Stop. Dismount and climb up.
Possess Slig. Go right. 
Go down.
Kill Slig and go down.
Fall to the left and pull lever.
Go right using Elum and make jumps. Stop when you see the small gap. Dismount and 
go tip toing to the right. Cross the room and go right.
Jump over mines and duck to avoid the bomb. Go right.
Repeat code. Pull lever. Go left.
Use rings. Go right.
Use well.
Possess Slig. Go right.
Kill Slig. Explode yours.
Use well. Go left.
Ride Elum. Go right and make jumps.
Now you have to abandon Elum. ( Sniff! ) Climb and go right.
Use well.
Get close to well and use it when bomb is about to touch you. If done properly, the 
bomb will explode without killing you. ( Nice bug! ) Repeat code. Use well.
Go right.
Repeat code. Use rings.Go right.
Use well.
Use stone. Go right.
Chant and run left.
Use well and run to the right.
Enter portal.

7.5.2 TEMPLE A

At the beginning, go right using the roll and hiding behind rocks. Jump over mine. 
Deactivate bomb. Do a running jump over mines. Go right.
Jump over mine. Enter door.

7.5.3 TEMPLE B

Again: from top left to bottom right:

        Start                                           #1

#2      #3                                      #4      #5

        #6              Big door                #7      #8

#1: Go left. 
Get song. Go right.
Go right and climb.
Go right.
Now go left and climb left.
Go right. Climb right. Use well.
Go right.
Use lever when Scrab is at the right and run to the left.
Roll under object. Jump left. Roll and fall to the left.
Now fall and use platform to go up. 
Chant. Exit.

#2: Grab a rock and hang down.
Go down and left, chanting often to stun the Scrab. Hang down to the left.
Roll right.
Throw rock at mine. Get song.
Look for falling debris and climb there. Go left.
Pull lever. Go where you grabbed the song.
Now roll to the left and climb. 
The Scrab that was there disappeared. Climb and go right.
Jump over hole and go right. Chant. Exit.

#3: Go left and pull lever. Climb back to start door. Now go to the right and enter 
well. You must do this while chanting. Use well.
Go right and use well. Get song.
Do a running jump to the left and run left.
Climb to the left. Fall into well.
Climb up and pull lever. Go down. 
Pull lever and run to the right.
Use left well.
Pull lever. Hang down.
Go down and left.
Enter well from its right side. Look for debris and climb up. Chant. Exit.

#4: Go down using left ledges. 
Wait for the Scrab to fall off, then climb where it was and pull lever. Jump left. 
Run left.
Climb and get song. Go left.
Run and do a running jump and climb. The Scrab will not attack you. Chant. Exit.

#5: Go right. Proceed until you see the Scrab, then run to the left and use well.
Go to the right and climb. Go down and use platform. Go down.
Go right.
When you see the Scrab, go left and climb.
Wait until the Scrab is on platform and pull lever. Go right. Use lever. Go left.
Climb and use well.
Use well entering from the right.
Get song. Go left.
Pull lever. Go right.
Use well.
Go down and ride platform down.
Go right. Chant. Exit.

#6: Avoid bomb and go down.
Use lever to kill Slig ( again, use the "X" ). Go down when the other Slig is 
facing left.
Hide behind rock. Roll to the left.
Hide again and possess Slig. Stand at the right side of the lever and pull it, then 
get ready to fire! When you are done, go right.
Kill Slig and explode your Slig.
Enter well and go right. Get song. Use well.
Chant. Exit.

#7: Go down.
Go left.
Climb, then go right.
Climb right. Pull lever. Use well.
Pull lever. Go right.
Get song. Use well.
Go left.
Climb when you see the bells.
Chant. Exit carefully.

#8: Run to the right and climb.
Pull lever. Go left.
Wait for the Scrab and then go left and climb.
Go up.
Go left.
Run to the right and roll into corner. Pull lever twice. Wait for the platform and 
go left.
Get song. Go right.
Go down.
Run to the right and climb again. Go right. Chant. Exit.


Go right. Make three jumps to the right, then climb to the right and go up.
Climb on platform ( CHANT! ) and go up.
Run to the right and climb on platform. Go up, then immediately go down.
Now chant, and you will make fall the Scrabs that are under you. If they do not 
want to fall, stop and chant again. If only one falls, you are in deep trouble. 
When they fall, chant until they fall again. When succeded, go up.
Climb up and go right.
Make jumps and go right.
Roll to the right then run to the right.
Climb in the right ledge. Now jump and run to the left. Pull lever. Scrab dies. Go 
down and right, and pull lever to the right. The barrels stop. Enter door.
Again, stand there and chant. Enter portal.

Now go to the left, jump and enter door. Go right and stand next to the lever. 
Chant and the Shrykull will kill anyone and destroy anything. Climb and go right. 
Enter portal.


Yes, you are returning to Rupture Farms. This stage is shorter than Stockyard 
Escape, but it has trickiest traps.

Enemies: Sligs, Slogs, Bats.

Climb up and right.
Avoid being detected. Go right.
Run right and climb. Go right.
Avoid detection and pull lever. Go left.
Run to the left and climb. Slog goes boom again. Go right.
Go right without climbing and get rocks, avoiding detection. Go left.
Climb and go right.
Jump over mines, avoid beams and go right.
Now throw the rocks at bombs. You will have to go for rocks and return here again. 
When you destroy all four bombs, go right.
Climb and run to the right, making sure you hit the rock sack. Run to the right, 
roll under Slig and climb to right ledge. Now jump to the left and fall, rolling 
Run to the left and climb left. Search for the rock and grab it. Go down and right 
Climb to the same ledge you did before but this time go right.
You will see a portal guarded by mines. Throw a rock to any of the mines ( while 
ducking ) and repeat all the procedure to get rocks. If you are cunning, you need 
to blow only two mines. Enter portal.
Here jump to the right, next to the bomb. AVOID DETECTION BY ALL MEANS. Deactivate 
bomb. Now do a running jump to the left and keep grabbed letting the beam detect 
you. A Slig will fall, when it falls you will climb and wait for the Boom! 
DiscothŠque ! then fall again and pull the lever ( It is next to the mine Slig just 
touched ) Now do a running jump to the right and climb. Go right.
Now wake up the Slog. When it tries to bite you from below go left. 
Now jump and fall on the deactivated bomb. When you see the Slog coming for you, 
run and climb to the left. Another one bites the bomb! Now fall again and jump over 
mines at the right. Go right where Slog was sleeping. Hang down. Enter portal. 


You came here again, just to make Molluck pay. This is the last stage of the game. 
Good luck.

Go left and free mudokon. Go left.
Enter door.
Run left and climb. Possess Slig. Take Slog with you and go right.
Kill all the Sligs you face ( using the Slog ) and go right.
When you enter the room with the meat saws, kill your SLOG and go right.
Here walk carefully to the right and kill all the Slogs. When you finish them all, 
go right.
Pull lever. Kill Slig.
Now go down and right.
If you want, save all nearby mudokons. Then go far right.
Enter door.
Enter capsule.
Enter door.
Now silently climb up. Possess Slig. Go left.
Get close to the speaker and mimic it. If you fail, back up and try again. When 
succeeded, kill the Slig that falls. Kill your Slig.
Go left and climb up. Go right and climb platform up.
Now you entered a room with three opened doors. You need to beat all three in order 
to open the locked one. The doors are FAQed from left to right:

1- Go right.
Climb up over bird portal. Pull lever and run left.
Climb right when Slig falls. Possess him. Go left.
Mimic speaker and kill Slig at your left. Explode yours.
Rescue all three mudokons to get Shrykull. Climb up.
Go up and pull lever. Go right.
Use Shrykull. Fall and immediately climb up again. Possess Slig. Go right.
Kill Slig. Kill yours.
Go right and free mudokons. Return to the door at the beginning and exit through 

2- Run right. Climb over Slig and possess him. Go right with the Slog. Send it to 
attack Slig past pipe. Call Slog and kill it. Explode your Slig.
Go down and right. Roll to the right. 
Get a grenade. Go right tip toing.
Wake up Slig and go left, making sure he follows you.
Go left and roll under pipe. Go left.
Climb up and go right.
From there possess Slig. Go right.
Kill all Slogs. Pull lever. Explode Slig.
Go down and right.
Free all mudokons. Return to the entrance and exit.

3- Go right. 
Jump over mines and go right.
Tip toe and go right.
Climb up.
Go left.
Chant over the orb, so when the grenades fall, you can run to the right and the orb 
explodes.Possess Slig.Pull lever. Go right.
Use platform.
Kill Slig. Pull lever. Kill yours.
Free mudokons. Exit left. Get grenades before exiting.

Enter Zulag 3 door.
Enter capsule.
Enter door.
Go right.
Blow Slig. Use lever. Go left.
Climb and use platform.

Again, you must beat all doors:

1- Go right.
Get grenades if you do not have some with you. ( use the machine, climb up, wait 
for the Slig to go left, pick grenades and climb up again)Climb up and go right.
Blow orb. Possess Slig. Pull lever. Go left.
Kill Slig. Go left.
Run left and fall. Pull lever. Kill your Slig.
Exit left. ( Or explore to find mudokons )

2- Jump right. Fall and use lever. Climb left. Jump right twice. Go right.
Tip toe, hang down, pull lever and climb up again. Go left.
Go down and tip toe to the right. 
Jump over gap. Go right.
Tip toe right, climb up and wake up Slig. Fall and pull lever when he goes away. 
Climb up.
When he goes away again, jump on platform and ride it up.
Pull lever. Grab grenades. Go down. 
Climb up, blow orb and possess Slig. Go left.
Kill Slig. Explode yours. Pull lever and go left.
Exit level.
NOTE: If you have 4 or more grenades when starting this level, you can blow the 
bombs and the Sligs easily.

3- Go right. 
Tip toe to the right. Climb up.
Possess Slig. Go left.
Using lever, take the Sligs down and kill them. Explode Slig.
Go left. 
Position mudokon on falling platform. Then take him down ( like you did with the 
Sligs before )Go right.
Free him. Enter door. 
Go right and down. Pick grenades if you want.
Possess Sligs. Pull lever and go right. 
Kill all the Sligs that fall. Go right. 
If there are surviving Sligs, walk to the right, then immediately go left and climb 
again. Possess them.
Go right.
Mimic speaker and kill Slog. Go right.
Kill Slig. Explode yours.
Go right and free mudokons. Go left.
Exit from where you entered. 

Enter the capsule. Then enter door.

Go right and climb up twice. 
Go right.
Enter door.
Go right.
Make Slig follow you and possess him. Pull lever. Kill Slig, or possess new Slig if 
you failed. Go right.
Kill Slig. Go down and kill Sligs. Go right.
Kill Slig. Go down and kill Sligs. Go left.
Kill another Slig. Explode yours.
Go right and down. 
Fall and go right. Carefully set up bomb. Climb up and pull lever.
Free mudokons. Go right. Get a grenade and blow Slig. Enter door.
Run to the right and climb up.
Kill all Slogs with grenades. Move from one platform to another, and throw bombs at 
them. Then, when all of them die, go down and left.
Possess Slig. Go left.
Kill all Slogs. Walk a little to the left and shoot last Slog. Pull lever. Explode 
Slig. Go left.
Pull lever. Free all mudokons. Exit left. Go left and up. Exit level.

Go left.
Jump over gap and proceed to the left hiding in shadows. Go up and right. Enter 
Go right.
Possess Slig. Pull lever and run to the left.
Pull lever and carefully go right, so Slogs cannot attack you.
Now kill all Slogs. Lots of them! Try not to hold C, or you will be backing up and 
could exit the screen.
When done, explode Slig.
Go down and right.
Jump over mine, and immediately climb up and left. Try to possess Slig. Boom! Go 
right. TOuch the switch if you witch er, wish.
Go right. Enter door.
Go right and enter door.


The very last stage of the game, you have two minutes to beat it. It is not long, 
but it has lots of dangers. Also, if you run out of time, the poisonous gas will 
come out, killing you instantly. The last mudokon of the game is here, and he will 
give you the Shrykull if you rescue him. Use the Shrykull after pulling the ring.

Go left and fall. Forget those Sligs.
Go right and fall. 
Hoist and fall down between the bombs. Jump over left bomb, do not disarm it. ( 
Waste of time ) Go left.
Jump past meat saws and climb up. Roll to the right carefully.
Pull lever. Roll to the left.
Roll to the left carefully and hang down. Go right past meat saws. Hard to 
accomplish. Go right.
Jump over mine and pull lever. Go right.
Jump past meat saws again, and ride platform down.
Go right. Jump over mines ( Long jump )
Roll under pipe and jump over mines. Go down. Now grab the ring to fall. ( It is in 
the dark, so look carefully )
If you want and/or have time, go left, deactivate all three bombs and rescue 
mudokon. After receiving the Shrykull pull the ring.
Now you are in front of the Glukkons. If you have the Shrykull use it now, then 
pull the lever.

Now you are treated to the ending of the game. Depending on the number of rescued 
mudokons, you will receive one of two endings, and an extra code if you rescued 
them all. Congratulations!


Gregorio Diaz       EL COMPY: the writer of this FAQ

GT Interactive: the makers of the game

CJayC the FAQ keeper at www.gamefaqs.com: he publishes my FAQs and also gave me the 
reason to write this one. Thanks for mantaining that awesome website.

Randy  ([email protected]) for his method to make mudokons go down ledges. 

Games Domain: they also publish my FAQs, but you never know it unless you have a 
telling you that the FAQ also appear there.

Peekay: ( [email protected] )  for informing me about what happens when you 
rescue the 99 mudokons. Congrats, Kate!

CybaCrap: ([email protected])  for giving me the idea of sending FAQs via e-

Erik Werner:        for his method of release L2 to fire after alert 

Yoshi Karu:  ( [email protected]) for his method of throwing using D

Densel: ([email protected])  for sending the code to see all movies

Damon Studt:  ([email protected]) for showing me a mudokon location that I will post 

And a very special thanks to all the people supporting my job. Without you, this 
update could not be possible.

Merry Christmas to everyone! Feliz Navidad para todos, en especial si el lector 
habla espanol !

And thanks to all the readers of this document, especially the ones that follow my 
Section 3 requirements. You can join us in the Credits section by submitting your 
codes, tips, corrections at:

[email protected]

As Robocop says: " Thank you for your cooperation " 




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