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   To tell the truth, this game really doesn't require a walkthrough, 
since it's not very difficult at all. In fact, you could even call it 
easy...make that pathetically easy...but the important thing is, it's 
fun. Well, at least for awhile. Don't tell anyone, but I'm mainly doing 
this because I want to test out all of my new designs and this is the 
easiest game I could do a FAQ on at the moment.

See the first section, "Revision History/Updates" for some critical 
information about my e-mail account and time management.

Table of Contents
- - - - - - - - - - - - 
1) Revision History/Updates
2) Introduction
3) Basic Gameplay Mechanics
4) Pokemon to Know
5) Walkthrough
   - Beach
   - Tunnel
   - Volcano
   - River
   - Cave
   - Valley
   - Rainbow Isle
   - Pokemon Scores Challenges
6) Credits
7) Legal Section
8) Contact Information


Version 0.9 (August 22nd, 1999):
School has started up again (the 18th), which means the free-time of 
summer has suddenly disappeared. Basically, I go to this horrid place at 
6:00 AM, get back home at 3:30 PM, have about a half-an-hour of homework 
at the least (sometimes more), which makes it go to 4:00 PM. Dinner time 
and hanging out with friends makes it bump up to 5:00 PM. I go to bed at 
10:00 PM, at the latest. So that's five hours...plenty of time, but what 
if I want to watch TV or just browse the 'Net? Huh, huh? Or maybe I just 
want to kick back and ruthlessly kill people in a small game of 
Shadowman? :p The only way this should affect you is with e-mail, 
because I probably won't respond as quickly as during the summers. 
Sometimes I'm so tired I fall asleep when I get home, which pretty much 
erases the extra five hours. There's always weekends...

Another new thing: I have changed my primary e-mail address to 
[email protected] So send e-mails there! I still accept mail 
to my Hotmail account ([email protected]), but I don't check it as 
regularly as my new one. So there. 

Oh, on another note, this is the first version! :) If you haven't 
noticed, I've changed many of the ways I format it when compared to 
previous FAQs. Overall, I think it makes it look cleaner, easier to 
read, more professional, and it helps to make sure everyone reads the 
most updated versions. We'll have to see how it works out... 


One thing that Nintendo absolutely never does, under any circumstances, 
is "follow the crowd." You will simply never see them do this. They will 
either create new genres entirely (Zelda, Mario), create an entire new 
gaming dimension (Mario 64), or breath new air into old, stale genres 
(Mario Kart, Pokemon, Mario Party, Smash Brothers). Pokemon Snap is 
definitely not your run-of-the-mill game, and is more evidence of 
Nintendo's highly original ideas!

In short, Dr. Oak has told you to go to an island full of Pokemon and 
take as many photographs as you can! To ensure the little guys don't 
hurt you, a large vehicle, the "Zero-One", will transport you through 
the levels, on rails (e.g. a set path). As you go by, you can watch the 
Pokemon in their little worlds and snap pictures. Sounds pretty retarded 
and strange, doesn't it? Yeah, that's what I thought at first, too. It's 
very addictive and very fun, which makes up for its lack of difficulty. 
The best part of the game, you ask? Seeing Pokemon in 3D! Haha, Pikachu 
will never be the same again. Switching to another topic entirely, I 
hope they make a 3D, real-time combat Pokemon for the launch title of 
the "Dolphin." That would be just too sweet! Oops, sorry about that, 
when I start to ramble on, I have a hard time stopping. :p

This has been covered in countless other FAQs...but I shall do it again 
to make this guide more complete.

--------------------------- CONTROLS -----------------------------------

Throwing Pokemon Food:
Press "A" and you will toss "Pokemon Food!" What is the food, exactly? 
Well, no one knows for sure, but it resembles an apple, so throughout 
the FAQ I will refer to it as "apple." Heavy stuff, I know. With this, 
you can lure Pokemon to different places, and make many different things 
happen. You get the apple after you get a lot of points. 

Throwing Pester Bombs:
Press "B" and you can throw a "Pester Bomb!" This has dozens upon dozens 
of uses! You can make Pokemon irritated and do strange things, you can 
make them attack each other, or, most of the time, flush them out of 
their hiding places. Very useful. You can get the pester bombs after you 
get a LOT of points.

C Up, C Left, C Right: 
Look around quickly.

Analog Stick: 
Move camera/view slowly.

"R" Button: 
Once you get the "Dash Engine", hold "R" to go really fast! You get the 
engine after completing all six main levels .    
Press "C Down" and you will play the "Pokeflute", stolen from the 
Gameboy game. It can make some Pokemon dance, others will sing, and 
others will do a special attack. Try it out on all of them! You get this 
after finding the first Pokemon sign. 

A little note: 
For the Pokeflute, Dash Engine, Pester Bombs, Apples, etc., you will 
need to earn a certain amount of points to receive them (Dr. Oak will 
explain this). How do you get points? Well, what do you know, I have a 
sub-section about that as well...

--------------------------- EARNING POINTS -----------------------------

These are the main factors that Dr. Oak grades you on when you hand him 
a picture -- he's very picky, so you had better keep these in mind when 
taking a photo!

Only applies to a few rare Pokemon...if they're doing something special 
(how appropriate) you get more points.

The closer the Pokemon is to the camera, the more points you earn.

You had better hope the Pokemon in question is facing the camera, 
otherwise you get no points. If the said Pokemon is doing some kind of 
special pose, then you net mega bonus points.

Your victim should be in the center of the screen. If it's off to the 
side, you won't get anything. If it is centered, the total will be 
multiplied by two.

If there are Pokemon of the same species in the background, you get 
bonus points (the amount depending on how close they are and how many).


If you've never played the Pokemon for Gameboy (for shame!!) or are a 
bit rusty, here's a description of all the Pokemon you will find IN THE 
GAME. There are only 63 out of the 150 (since this was an "experimental 
project"), so there won't be a ton here. Don't say I'm doing this to 
take up space, because I would have had to point this out in the 
walkthrough anyways, so why not make this section?

#1 - Bulbasaur:
A blue reptile like creature with a bush growing on its back. Its 
cuteness is only rivaled by that of Squirtle and Pikachu. "Bulba. 

#2 - Charmander: 
An adorable, orange, mini-dinosaur creature -- the tip of its tail is on 
fire. "Char, char!"

#3 - Charmeleon:
The evolved form of Charmander, it is similar in appearance, except it 
seems more "tough" and has some muscles, it is not as cute. "Char-
#4 - Charizard:
The final form of Charmander, it is a large dragon creature with wings. 
#5 - Squirtle:
A blue turtle with disturbingly dis-proportionate eyes, it walks around 
on its hind-legs. Its cuteness is only exceeded by that of Pikachu. 
#6 - Metapod:
A green/blue cocoon that hangs from trees.
#7 - Butterfree:
A cute, big eyed butterfly that constantly giggles. It hangs out in 

#8 - Kakuna:
A yellow cocoon with eyes, it hangs from the ceiling of certain caverns. 

#9 - Pidgey:
A brown/tan colored bird that flies in flocks. 

#10 - Pikachu:
The mascot of all that is Pokemon, Pikachu is probably the most 
disgustingly cute thing I've ever seen in my entire life. "Pika...?"

#11 - Sandshrew:
An armadillo-type creature with big blue eyes. He looks soft and plushy, 
perfect for Nintendo to leech off of girls who like to go shopping. 

#12 - Sandslash:
A more powerful Sandshrew, it has spikes on its back and is very 

#13 - Vulpix:
A red, fox like creature with huge blue eyes and many tails curled up in 
a bunch.

#14 - Jigglypuff:
A pink puffball that flies around and sings sickening songs that make 
"Barney and Friends" seem satanic in nature. 

#15 - Zubat:
A fast, agile blue bat that is hard to capture on film.

#16 - Vileplume:
A walking, talking mushroom that likes to dance. 

#17 - Diglett:
A cute, brown, worm like creature with a pink nose (?) that lives 

#18 - Dugtrio:
The evolved form of Diglett is very tough and mean looking.

#19 - Meowth:
The yellow cat with a New York accent returns to scream and yell, 
"Meowth, that's right!"

#20 - Psyduck:
The little yellow duck that can't seem to get rid of its headaches, 
Psyduck is as psychotic as he is in the cartoon, and sounds the same. 

#21 - Mankey:
A furry pig that jumps up and down in place.

#22 - Growlithe:
A puppy-dog, basically.

#23 - Arcanine:
A monstrous dog with huge tufts of fur around its neck and large paws.

#24 - Poliwag:
A walking tadpole with a bull's-eye on its belly. 

#25 - Weepinbell:
A floating plant that resembles a tube.

#26 - Victreebell:
Same as the above, except larger and a darker shade of green.

#27 - Geodude:
A muscular rock creature, it climbs on rocks and walls. "Dude! Dude! 
Geo! Geodude!"

#28 - Graveler:
A titanic boulder with large hands, it hangs on walls and then crashes 
to the ground in a cloud of sand.

#29 - Rapidash:
A beautifully animated pony with flames for a mane and tail, it also has 
a single horn in its forehead.

#30 - Slowpoke:
A pink hippo-type creature, it is pathetically slow, hence the name.

#31 - Slowbro:
The advanced form of Slowpoke, Slowbro has a huge clam eating its tail.

#32 - Magnemite:
A ball with single eye, magnets on the side, and screw heads coming out 
of its face, they float around all day.

#33 - Magneton:
Three magnemites joined together.

#34 - Doduo:
An ostrich creature with two heads, it is very fleet-footed.

#35 - Grimer:
An organism consisting entirely of slime. 

#36 - Muk:
Evolved from Grimer, Muk is powerful and quite large.

#37 - Shellder: 
A clam with a long tongue, it flies out of the water and floats around 
for awhile.

#38 - Cloyster:
Evolved form of Shellder, Cloyster is very menacing with its huge spikes 
and dark grin. Very cool looking.

#39 - Haunter:
Rather disappointing, it is just a shadow with hands and eyes.

#40 - Electrode:
A red/white ball with a large grin. Don't make it angry or it will 

#41 - Koffing:
A purple ball with holes all over its body, it floats around and 
secretes a nasty gas.

#42 - Chansey:
Another cute Pokemon, Chansey is a large pink ball that hops around 
while carrying an egg. "Chanseeeeeyyy!"

#43 - Kangaskahn:
A menacing kangaroo-type creature, it carries its young in its pouch at 
all times.

#44 - Goldeen:
A little fish that jumps out of the water from time to time.

#45 - Staryu:
A star with a red eye in the center, the eye changes colors when the 
Staryu is excited.

#46 - Starmie:
Pretty rare, the Starmie moves at blinding speeds, and is almost 
impossible to get a good shot with.

#47 - Scyther:
A green insectoid creature that has large claws, it can fly.

#48 - Jynx:
This ugly duckling never turned into a swam. It has blonde hair, black 
skin, and pink lips. 

#49 - Electabuzz:
A yellow creature with black stripes all over its body, it walks very 
slowly and usually faces away from you.

#50 - Magmar:
An interesting duck-faced creature with claws all over the place, it 
lives near magma lakes. I think he's pretty neat looking!

#51 - Magikarp:
A golden colored fish that hops out of the water occasionally. Note the 
sound it makes...that's what sound a fish makes when out of water! These 
guys at HAL did their homework...

#52 - Gyarados:
My all time favorite Pokemon, it is simply gigantic and is a spectacular 
sight to see in this game.

#53 - Lapras:
A docile, dragon sorta Pokemon that lives out in the water. Cool 

#54 - Ditto:
A blob resembling a grimer, but more "polished." It can transform into 
any Pokemon it comes in contact with

#55 - Eevee:
A fox creature that is easily frightened.

#56 - Porygon:
An enigma that resembles whatever type of terrain it lives on.

#57 - Snorlax:
Instead of using the kitty litter the way it was intended, this cat ate 
the kitty litter. All of it. 

#58 - Articuno:
A beautiful blue bird that lives near ice areas. 

#59 - Zapdos:
Hatch this egg and take about 10 pictures of Zapdos emerging in all of 
its glory -- then look at them later. Some of those shots are rather 

#60 - Moltres:
The last legendary bird, Moltres is fiery red and shakes off magma every 
once and awhile.

#61 - Dratini:
A very smooth, big eyed, blue, cute eel that lives in the water. Get an 
up close shot of this one and look at how nice it is.

#62 - Dragonite:
The dopiest Pokemon if there ever was one. His constant "Duh huhs" and 
"D'ohs!" makes this scene feel like a bad Disney cartoon. Wait, they all 
are bad...A big orange dragon that flies.

#63 - Mew:
The final Pokemon to film, it doesn't exactly take a rocket scientist to 
locate him. Just me. Found in the secret level.


These strategies assume you have all the items (Apples, Pokeflute, 
Pester Bombs, etc.). 

////////////////////// BEACH ENVIRONMENT \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

Pokemon to snap: Pidgey, Doduo, Pikachu, Butterfree, Lapras, Snorlax, 
Meowth, Scyther, Magikarp, Chansey, Eevee, and Kangaskhan (12 total)

--------------------------- BASIC SMACK --------------------------------

This area will have some general information about snapping all the 
simple Pokemon, where to look and when, etc. 

These can be found at the start of the level, the middle, and the very 
end. For the best shot, go to the very end where the two Pidgeys are 
going to use a wind attack on Meowth . When you get there, 
they will be above the track and moving away from you...use the Dash 
Engine, and you can be in front of them, and then turn around and get a 
REALLY close up shot of both of them. 

At the start, he will leap out of a blind corner and run off. Predict 
the second he will be in the center and snap your camera, you can get up 
to 3000 points. This takes practice. He will run around for the rest of 
the level, but the shot won't be as close as at the start/middle of the 

Found at the start, there are also two hidden ones.

These little insects are flying around all over the level. The absolute 
best place to get a picture of this is on the bridge that goes over the 
water. Use the Dash Engine all the way there and you can find up to four 
Butterfree there at once.

At the start, after Pikachu, look to your right, to the ocean. 
Eventually, he will pop his head up. Snap his picture. Shortly after 
Snorlax, you can see the ocean again, and if you snapped Lapras photo, 
two will appear -- snap the one closest to you. When you cross the 
bridge, another will appear in the distance, ONLY IF YOU SNAPPED THE 
OTHERS. Finally, at the very end where Kangaskhan is, all three will pop 
their heads up, allowing you to net MAJOR points. 

This giant sleeping cat can only be photographed when he's awake. If you 
toss a Pester Bomb at him, he'll scratch himself. If you play the 
Pokeflute, he'll dance. Pick which one you like and snap it.

Pretty much found all over the place, it's easy to get a good shot of 
him. At the end of the level, after the Kangaskhan, some Pidgeys will 
use their wind attacks to scare away a Meowth -- snap the Meowth when 
he's twirling around, Dr. Oak likes that. 

Shortly after the Snorlax, there will be a big copse, overflowing with 
flowers and grass, and you will see several leaves being disturbed. Keep 
tossing Pester Balls in there, and if you can hit where the leaves shoot 
up, Scyther will fly up, do a little slash attack, and fly away. Snap 
his slash for a good pose. 

When you pass over the water with the bridge, hurl apples/pester bombs 
into the river and one will jump out. 

After the copse with Scyther, you will find some large boulders with 
Eevee running around. Play the Pokeflute to make him jump, this makes 
for the best pose.

The pink ball that Eevee is pushing around is actually Chansey. Throw an 
apple/pester bomb at the ball and it will transform into it. Play the 
Pokeflute to make it dance a happy dance :p

Found near the end, it's pretty hard to miss. The problem is, its facing 
away, so you can't get any points that way. Throw an apple at it and 
watch it run at you! Do this from far away so you by the time you get 
there he will be near the road, allowing you to get a good shot. The 
best pose is when he's roaring at you (his mouth is open and his eyes 
bug out).

-------------------------- BIG TIME POINTS -----------------------------

"Big Time Points" is exactly what you think it is. This part will point 
out some neat tricks on getting really good photos. Very cool stuff 

Cowabunga Pikachu:
The Pikachu at the start of the level is actually a great surfer. Throw 
apples in front of it and lead it to the surfboard, where it will jump 
up and down excitedly. This nets you around 5,000 points.

Meowth, That's Right: 
Immediately after the Snorlax, but before the Scyther copse, you will 
see a Meowth sitting on top of a ledge. Hurl a Pester Bomb at it, then 
wait for the Zero-One to go around the ledge, and you will see Meowth 
sitting on the ground. When he gets up, he'll stand on one leg, open his 
mouth very wide, and make himself look really big. Snap this! Mega 

Ultimate Pikachu: 
There are also two other Pikachus in the level, but they're hidden well. 
Flush out Scyther from the copse (see above) and two Pikachus will come 
out and sit on the tree stumps. Play the Pokeflute, and they will do the 
thundershock move. Snap this! You will get points for the fact that 
there are two Pikachus in one shot, points for the electrical attack, 
and points for their platform, the stumps. This can get you anywhere 
from 6,000 to 6,500 points. Yowza! 

--------------------- GETTING THE NEXT LEVEL ---------------------------

Unlocking the next level isn't so tough; just take pictures of six 
different species of Pokemon.

-------------------------- THE SECRET SIGN -----------------------------

Each level has a natural object that looks like a Pokemon of some sort; 
this is a "Pokemon Sign." If you take pictures of each sign in each 
world, you can open up a secret level! However, you can only identify it 
once you complete all six, main levels. So, here we go...

From the start, pass the Pikachu, and look to your left. Keep 
looking...you will see some big rocks with algae on them, when you try 
to focus on the center you will get a red dot as if you were snapping a 
Pokemon! Snap this rock, it is "Kingler's Rock."

//////////////////////// TUNNEL ENVIRONMENT \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

Pokemon to snap: Pikachu, Electrode, Electabuzz, Kakuna, Zapdos, 
Magikarp, Zubat, Haunter, Diglett, Dugtrio, Magnemite, and Magneton (12 

--------------------------- BASIC SMACK --------------------------------

At the start, near the Zapdos egg, and at the end with the Diglett. Why 
does he want to play with Diglett? He just scares Pikachu..."Pika? 

In the first caverns and at the outside. By themselves, they're not 
worth very many points. However, throw an item at them, and they will 
explode. Get a shot of them exploding, and you'll get major points.

Located at the start, they are difficult to get a good snap of because 
they are almost always facing away from you. Use the Dash Engine to get 
in front of them, then snap their face. At the end, in the cavern with 
the Diglett, there are a few, you can get some decent poses by throwing 
items at them. They'll pound the ground and do an electric attack. 

In the first cavern, these will come down in hordes. Use the Dash Engine 
to get an up-close shot of one (e.g. it takes up the entire frame) for 
BIG TIME points. Don't worry about getting others in the shot.

In the cavern with the big egg, lead Pikachu to it with apples, then 
play the Pokeflute, and his electric attack will shatter the egg. For 
the best points, snap Zapdos the second he emerges. The photo should 
show a lot of electricity, some egg shells flying at the edge, and two 
yellow wings emerging. Besides being nice to look at, they give you tons 
of points (3,000+). 

In the cavern with the Zapdos egg, there is a pool of water near the 
metal door that leads to the next room. Watch the pool, and Magikarp 
will jump out. This is probably the best place in the game to get a 
Magikarp frame, since he's so close to you.

There are two metal doors that separate two caverns, and when they open, 
Zubat comes flying at you. Quickly get a snap, because he doesn't show 
up for long. This is the best place to get a Zubat shot since it comes 
so close.

In a few rooms, there will be a glowing purple orb flying around in a 
circle. Take snaps of this, it will say "?", but when they are 
developed, it will show Haunter. Getting a good shot out of this is 
mainly luck, because you don't know where he is facing unless the orb is 
coming right at you.

In the second-to-last cavern, you will find a Pikachu. In front of it, a 
Diglett will pop out. Use the Dash Engine for a good close-up shot.

Take a snap of Diglett, and Pikachu will go to another area, and Diglett 
will appear in front of him. Snap Diglett again. This process will 
continue until Dugtrio bursts out of the ground. Wait some more, and you 
can have three Dugtrios on screen at once! 

Appearing before the exit, these metal heads are a tricky bunch. When 
you try to snap them, they emit some kind of wave that doesn't allow you 
to identify them. So throw an apple or pester ball at them, then take 
the snap. Be sure to get a good close up! 
Use apples to lure all three Magnemites together, and it will form into 
Magneton. Throw an apple at it to make it face you. Make sure all three 
orbs are on screen!

-------------------------- BIG TIME POINTS -----------------------------

Pikachu's Ball: 
At the very beginning of the level, before entering the tunnel, you will 
see a Pikachu. Take its picture, and it runs off. Take another picture, 
it runs off. When it looks like an Electrode will roll over it, Pikachu 
jumps on it and rolls around, giggling "Pika!" all the way. Major points 
there. Just be sure to watch it some more...Electrode will bounce into 
the wall, and Pikachu will fall off. "Pika?" exclaims Pikachu, looking 
at a shaking Electrode. Then it explodes and blasts him away. Hahaha! 

--------------------- GETTING THE NEXT LEVEL ---------------------------

At the very end of the level, you will find an Electrode in front of 
some red rocks. Toss an apple or pester ball at it to make it explode, 
and the entrance to the volcano stage is wide open.

-------------------------- THE SECRET SIGN -----------------------------

Wake up Zapdos, and it will turn on the generator with its electrical 
charge. In the next room, go past where the Electabuzzes are, and you 
will see a light on the wall, with the image of a Pinsir silhouette. 
Snap the shadow!

///////////////////////// VOLCANO ENVIRONMENT \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

Pokemon to snap: Rapidash, Vulpix, Magmar, Charmander, Moltres, 
Arcanine, Growlithe, Charmeleon, Charizard, and Magikarp (10 total)

--------------------------- BASIC SMACK --------------------------------

At the very start, the flaming horse known as Rapidash will come 
galloping towards you. Follow it, and when it's to your immediate left, 
take a picture, you can get 4,000 points for this. If you mess that up, 
you can see some more. Chuck apples at them to make them neigh and rear 
up on their hind-legs, this can net you about 3,5000 points.

After the Rapidashes, you will see these really cute fox things. Get a 
close up shot and you're in business! You can also toss apples at them 
and get a "happy" picture.

Near the middle and end, these fiery ducks are quite interesting. When 
you see one of these and a Charmander on a small island, toss an apple 
between them and Magmar will hurt the Charmander with his flame attack -
- get a shot of the flame. The other place with Magmars is immediately 
after the Moltres egg. Toss an apple between them and get a snap of them 
fighting. For the best shot, though, get a close up shot of the ones 
after the egg, so it takes up the entire frame. 

Found all over the place.

The egg blocks the road, so throw an item at it to knock it in the lava, 
and Moltres will burst out screaming. When it expands its chest and all 
of these little, fiery embers fly off, take the snap. 

At the end of the level are three craters filled with lava. Toss pester 
balls into one. After three bombs to a single crater, a Pokemon will pop 
out. Usually, it will be this one. 

...other times it will be this great beast.

After the pair of Magmars near the Moltres egg, you can spot a small 
pool of water. Throw some items in and this little fish will pop out.

If the Magmar and Charmander fight, the Charmander will evolve into 
Charmeleon. The best place to find a Charmeleon, however, is at the very 
end. Make sure to get a close up!  
The road to the mighty Charizard begins with the aforementioned 
Charmeleon. When it is right in front of the lava pool, knock it in with 
an item, and Charizard will blast out (notice how detailed he is). Throw 
an item at him to make him breath fire, and get a shot of that.

-------------------------- BIG TIME POINTS -----------------------------

Charmander Frat Party:
Instead of blowing the Moltres egg into the hot lava, allow it to stop 
your craft completely. Look to your left to find two Charmanders running 
around. Throw apples there to get them together, and one will call his 
friends ("Char! Char!"), and four other Charmanders will come running 
from the above cliff, fall down, and join the party. Lure them close to 
you, and use the Pokeflute to make them stop running around. This can 
net you 5,000 points!!

It's A Doggy-Style Day: 
At the three craters, make a dog appear from each. Either three 
Arcanines or three Growlithes (not mixed). Lure them together with 
apples, and presto, instant points (brought to you by Folgers). 

--------------------- GETTING THE NEXT LEVEL ---------------------------

Take pictures of 22 different species of Pokemon.

-------------------------- THE SECRET SIGN -----------------------------

At the beginning of the level is a large crater, expelling clouds of 
ash. Throw some pester bombs into it, and it will emit a strange looking 
cloud -- photograph these, it is "Koffing's Kloud."

//////////////////////// RIVER ENVIRONMENT \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

Pokemon to snap: Poliwag, Bulbasaur, Slowpoke, Slowbro, Vileplume, 
Shellder, Metapod, Psyduck, Porygon, Cloyster, Magikarp, and Pikachu (12 

--------------------------- BASIC SMACK --------------------------------

At the very beginning of the level, to the right, is a large hill with 
foliage blocking the view, but you can just see the tips of some blue 
creatures. Throw pester bombs up there, use the Dash Engine, and you can 
get a really good close-up of the Poliwags coming down the hill. 
Throughout the rest of the level they will follow you, so if you missed 
the close-up, you can still get shots, but not as good.

Also at the start, but to the left. There will be a tree stump with a 
green tuft on top, throw a pester bomb at it and it will fall down, 
revealing Bulbasaur. Also toss a pester bomb into the side of the log 
near it (the black part), and another Bulbasaur will come out. Get a 
close up shot of the one from the lowered log, with the one from the 
tree stump in the background. "Bulba! Bulbasaur!"

Pretty hard to miss. Lure them closer to the water with apples, and take 
a shot of them while they are on their hind-legs.

Near both Slowpokes, there is a circle of dirt. Lure the Slowbros there 
with apples, but do it from far away, because as their name implies, 
they are slow. When they get on the circle, they will fish for Cloysters 
with their tail. They get bitten, and they transform into Slowbro! Play 
the Pokeflute to make them do a great pose. If you do this too late, you 
will be too far away to get a decent shot. Remember that when you look 
backwards, the Zero-One goes slower! 

In between the two Slowpokes, on the right side, is a strange object in 
the ground emitting some kind of gas. Play the Pokeflute and it makes 
the object fly up to reveal Vileplume, the plant-Pokemon! If you play 
the last song in the list, it will do backflips -- worth more points 
that just it dancing.

Easy enough to find, but getting a shot is difficult because they always 
appear so far away. Use the Dash-Engine for good effects.

Around the middle of the level, you will go under a canopy of trees, and 
you can see Metapods up there. When you hit them with a Pester Ball, 
they come down and block your path. Make the fourth one block your path, 
so now you are stopped. Look behind you and make the other three come 
down, and take a picture of the one closest to you, with the other two 
in the shot as well.

Throw items into the water at the start, and hey, there it is. 

Floating around after the middle, Psyduck is hard to capture because of 
his erratic movements. Hit him with an apple, then he will sink down, 
and until the end, will jump up from the water and scream some kind of 
word I've never heard..."Syah!!" Take a picture when he is in mid-air 
for a good pose.

Appearing near the very end, you will notice very strange markings on 
the right walls that are moving. Throw a pester ball at it, and Porygon 
will pop out. A few apples here and there, and presto, muchos puntos.

Only appearing a few times, Cloyster will leap out of the water and 
glide around for roughly ten seconds, then disappear. Snap the photo 
when he is high in the air.

At the very end of the level, peering out of the wooden structure every 
other moment.

-------------------------- BIG TIME POINTS -----------------------------

Ritalin Enhanced Pikachu: 
At the end of the level, hit Pikachu with either an apple or a pester 
bomb, and it will jump out of the wooden structure and run around really 
fast. If you get it snapped, you can get some good points.

--------------------- GETTING THE NEXT LEVEL ---------------------------

The last Porygon you find will be on the same ledge as a switch, throw a 
pester ball at it to reveal Porygon, and it will land on the switch, 
opening the side gate.

-------------------------- THE SECRET SIGN -----------------------------

Go see Vileplume, and make it dance. Since it has stopped producing 
spore clouds, you can see the large structure above it -- take a picture 
of it, because it is "Cubone's Tree."

//////////////////// ICE CAVERN ENVIRONMENT \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

Pokemon to snap: Grimer, Muk, Zubat, Bulbasaur, Ditto, Koffing, 
Jigglypuff, Weepinbell, Victreebel, Magikarp, Pikachu, Jynx, and 
Articuno (13 total)

--------------------------- BASIC SMACK --------------------------------

At the start of the level, there are two small acloves: inside each is a 
Grimer. Take a picture of them and move into the next room, and look 
down -- you will see two ledges, each with a Grimer, which makes for 
great close up shots.

Follow the directions above, then throw pester bombs at the Grimer, keep 
doing this until it transforms into Muk.

Near the start and end. No biggy.

There's a single one on a ledge at the start, and a trio of them in the 
second room. Use apples for a great group shot!

The Bulbasaur's eyes are awfully small...hit them with an item and they 
transform into Dittos! Don't bother with a group shot -- just get one 
really close and you can get big time points.

There are three Koffings in the level, and they are chasing the 
Jiggylypuffs. Use the Dash Engine for good close-ups. The best pose is 
when they are dying -- more accurately, when that gas is coming out of 
the holes in their side when you throw an item at them.

Three of these are being chased by Koffings . Defeat the 
Koffings with an apple/pester bomb, and the Jigglypuff will be free!

Near the mid-way point, this plant will be circling around a water hole. 
Snap! Snap!

Knock the Weepinbell into the pool and Victreebel will explode out. The 
best pose is immediately after it flips out -- or, when it is still in 
the air. 

Before the Weepinbell pool, there is a smaller water pool to the side. 
Throw some items in it, and Magikarp will come out. Another good Pokemon 
would be "Magikrap."

After the mid-way point, a Pikachu will be captured by a Zubat.

Near the end, a pair of Jynxs will swim around the Articuno egg. Play 
the Pokeflute, then snap them singing. 

At the end, you will find two Jynxs by a crystal egg. Play the Pokeflute 
to make the Jynxs sing, and the egg will crack, revealing the majestic 
Articuno in all of her glory! The best shot is when she turns around and 
you have to look straight up at it, with its wings fully extended. 

-------------------------- BIG TIME POINTS -----------------------------

Floating Pikachu: 
When you see Zubat pick up Pikachu, hurl pester bombs at Zubat like 
there's no tomorrow. This really isn't aim, it's more randomness than 
anything. When you hit Zubat, Pikachu will float down on balloons! The 
balloon shot is worth a lot of points!

Flying Pikachu: 
Haven't we seen a little too much of Pikachu? Anyways, after performing 
the above trick, Pikachu will glide to the floor and run to the Articuno 
egg. Play the Pokeflute to shatter the egg -- look away -- then look 
back to see Pikachu riding Articuno as it flies. Be sure to snap 
Pikachu, not Articuno. 

Flashy Articuno: 
When Articuno is hatching, take tons of shots, and give Dr. Oak the 
frame that has a ball of blue/white light where you can only see 
Articuno's wings. He'll give you extra points for that, and it is worth 
more than anything else from Articuno. 

Jigglypuff Concert: 
Everytime your rescue a Jigglypuff, it will appear at the very end of 
the level, singing for you. If you can get all three of them singing, 
you can get almost 6,000 points!

--------------------- GETTING THE NEXT LEVEL ---------------------------

Take pictures of at least 40 different Pokemon and the next course is 

-------------------------- THE SECRET SIGN -----------------------------

A little bit past the place with Weepinbell, to the left, there are some 
strange crystal objects. Take a photograph of them, and it says, "?" 
Don't worry, when they are developed, it will show the "Mewtwo 
Constellation" -- another Pokemon sign!

//////////////////////// VALLEY ENVIRONMENT \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

Pokemon to snap: Squirtle, Magikarp, Goldeen, Dratini, Sandslash, 
Sandshrew, Geodude, Graveler, Mankey, Gyarados, Starmie, and Staryu (12 

The best level of the game in my opinion...cool music, great visuals, a 
variety of Pokemon, and it has Gyarados! What else could you possibly 
ask for?!

--------------------------- BASIC SMACK --------------------------------

There are three at the end, but they are too far away. At the start of 
the level, you will see some brownish colored objects in the water. Use 
pester bombs on them, and they will bounce away and on to the shore, 
revealing to you that they were the shells of Squirtles! Don't worry 
about getting two in a shot, just get a single one really close to you. 
A good way to do this is to hit them with an apple (not a pester bomb -- 
it will knock them out). 

A few will pop out here and there, and if you keep tossing items into 
the water, you should get more.

Throw items into the water and they will pop up sometimes. Be fast! They 
only appear for a few split-seconds.

The best looking "small-fry-fish" Pokemon, just toss items into the 
water and you can get good close ups of this guy. I like his smooth 
skin...it owns my soul .

At the start of the level, throw pester bombs at the Geodudes, and when 
they fall and smash into the ground, the shockwaves will cause a 
Sandshrew to pop out, another adorable Pokemon for your collection. The 
closer, the better.

Only one appears, and it disappears when you get close. To get a good 
close-up shot, go to the area with the two Geodudes and a single 
Graveler (which is, of course, where it appears in the first place). 
Quickly knock off both Geodudes, which will cause Graveler to fall, 
which will cause Sandslash to come up. The faster you do this, the 
closer you can get to Sandslash. The closer, the more points (up to 

There are five in the level: three on the first ridge, two by the first 
Graveler. Knock them off with pester bombs, and they will face you for 
several seconds. The best place to get a shot is by the Graveler, since 
Sandshrews won't block you.

There are four Gravelers -- one at the start, three near the Gyarados 
Waterfall. For the first one, knock off both Geodudes with pester bombs 
and their combined shockwaves will knock off this heavy guy. Capture the 
moment he smashes into the ground and knocks up dust -- that's a good 
point-getting pose.

Basically everywhere. The best snap to get of him is at the end when 
activating the level switch (see, "Getting To the Next Level" below).

Shortly after the Gyarados Waterfall, Starmies will come out of the 
water. Getting a good shot is difficult, because they spin around so 
much. Remember: the jewel in the center is their eye, so if you see no 
jewel, its BACK IS TO YOU! 
When you take a picture of Starmie, it will circle around you very 
quickly. When you reach the vortex, it will be sucked in, and Stayru 
will (surprise, surprise) pop out. BE QUICK! Staryu is the most 
difficult Pokemon in the game to get a decent shot of, it will only be 
on screen for about three seconds, and he moves FAST. 

When you reach the vortex, keep throwing pester balls into it (the 
vortex will flash white when you do). After a few, Dragonite will pop 
out and fly away. The best pose is when he does the "splits" with his 
legs and opens his mouth. Argh...talk about retarded. 

This takes a lot of work, but it's worth it! At the start of the level, 
there is a Magikarp that keeps jumping out of the water. Keep throwing 
pester balls near it, and it will be flung towards the shore with the 
Mankey, and the furry rodent will hurl the fish far, far away. Roughly 
45 seconds later when your each the three Gravelers, Magikarp will land 
on the shore. Toss it a pester bomb, and it will bounce across the river 
and into the waterfall. With a climatic introduction, Gyarados will 
BURST out of the waterfall as drops of water pour off his head and he 
roars his strange war-cry and the camera shows you his high-polygon 
head.  It's so beautiful. :P

-------------------------- BIG TIME POINTS -----------------------------

Graveler's Limbo Party :
When you see the three Gravelers in front of Gyarados Waterfall, play 
the Pokeflute and watch them dance! You can get any where from 3500 to 
4000 points off of this!

Gyarados Close-up: 
I haven't seen this mentioned any where else, but when in the river 
areas (e.g. this entire stage), you can go to the left or right, 
depending on what direction you face. For example, if you are going 
between the three Gravelers and Gyarados Waterfall, if you face the 
waterfall, you will go in THAT direction and AWAY from the Gravelers, 
and vice verse if you face the Gravelers. Due to this, you can get very 
nice close ups of Gyarados when he emerges from the falls.

Notice -- the "trick" doesn't work when your camera is zoomed in.

--------------------- GETTING THE NEXT LEVEL ---------------------------

After the vortex, you will see a high hill with a Mankey standing 
proudly on top, and three Squirtles at the bottom. When you get near 
them, two will pop their head/arms in their shell and bolt up the hill, 
almost hitting the Mankey -- leaving one Squirtle left. He will look at 
you, the up towards the hill, then pop his head/legs in so only his 
shell remains. When his shell and the Mankey are lined up, toss a pester 
ball at the shell, and it will rocket up the hill and pummel Mankey 
(marsh's note: Gee, you don't think they got that from a Mario game, do 
ya? Perish the thought!).

Around the hill, you will see Mankey standing in front of a red button 
(marsh's note: this is the best time to snap his picture). A final 
pester bomb, and Mankey will roll onto the switch and open the door to 
Dr. Oak's Secret Penthouse! He will introduce you to the SIX POKEMON 
SIGNS, and the signs can now be captured on film. You see, if you get 
all six signs, you open up the last level. Piece O' cake, eh?

-------------------------- THE SECRET SIGN -----------------------------

They say that if you want to hide something really good, you should make 
it obvious. Nothing could be closer to the truth! "Mt. Dugtrio" is at 
the very start of the stage, takes up most of the screen, and is staring 
you right in the face. And, of course, I didn't find it for 
awhile...which is why you're here, right? To get help on this game 
 or you want to read this for some pathetic reason. You must be 
pretty bored. You see, I can type little messages like this in FAQs for 
short/easy games like this, since almost no one will read it. Works out 
rather nicely. I've seen other authors do it as well...smart people they 
are ;)

///////////////////////// RAINBOW ISLAND \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

Pokemon to snap: Mew (1 total)

This stage can only be reached by taking pictures of the SIX POKEMON 

Mew will come at you inside of her blue bubble shield! Throw items at it 
to cause damage. After three direct hits, it changes to a yellow bubble. 
Three more shots, and it will be free -- for a few seconds. The shield 
will turn yellow and go near the center of the screen, while Mew will 
appear either to the left or right (there's a pattern somewhat). To get 
the absolute best pose, you must knock Mew over the head using an item. 
This seems hard at first, but soon you will find it easy, but the thing 
is, to get her as close as possible, you must hit her almost 
immediately! Random luck plays a part here. If you do hit her, she will 
stop, spin around in place, and fly towards you! 
Special: 2500 
Size: 500     
Pose: 1500    
Technique: x2  
- - - - - - - 
Total: 9000   

As far as I know, that is the maximum you can achieve for Mew (marsh's 
note: nice touch with heartbeat when Mew is free, it makes you a little 

////////////////////// POKEMON SCORES CHALLENGE \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

After finding all 63 Pokemon and watching the ending credits, Dr. Oak 
will inform you off the POKEMON SCORES CHALLENGE. Basically, each stage 
now has a CHALLENGE SCORE set by other Pokemon trainers (I wager they 
were from testers at NOA/NCL). Basically, everytime you take a picture, 
the CPU will pre-determine, on the fly, how much it is worth, and will 
add them all up at the end, then multiply that number by the amount of 
species you photographed.

I set up a shot with Pikachu so each frame is basically worth 4,000 
points. I snap this frame 10 times. 

4,000 * 10 = 40,000 points

When I finish the level, I have taken pictures of only two different 
kinds of species. The extra one I took was worth 1000 points.

40,000 + 1000 = 41,000 * 2 = 82,000 points for the entire level.

So here's advice for beating the scores.

- Get the best shots and take as many snaps as you are physically 

- Take, AT THE VERY LEAST, one snap of each species in a level. 

A good example would be the Beach level -- at the start you can set up 
Pikachu on the surfboard. Get about 20 shots of that, then maybe 20 
shots later of two Pikachus on a stump while using thunderbolt, then 
everything in the level, etc., etc., it comes out to quite a bit of 

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
! Beach   !      1,510,000     !     2,253,240        !
!- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -  
! Tunnel  !      1,510,000     !     1,718,400        !
!- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -  
! Volcano !      1,510,000     !     1,984,590        !
!- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -  
! River   !      1,510,000     !     1,516,410        !
!- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
! Cave    !      1,510,000     !     1,825,300        !
!- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -  
! Valley  !      1,510,000     !     1,912,400        !
!- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
! Rainbow !       420,000      !      434,890         !
- - - - -  - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

I honestly didn't put much time into getting really good scores, so 
don't e-mail me bragging how you can beat my ass to a bloody stump. 

In my opinion, beating the high-score for the Rainbow Island was the 
hardest thing of the game. You had to have a good eye to get the best 
shots of Mew consistently, and you had to do it very quickly. That was 
something pretty fun to do! 
And lastly, you do not get anything for beating the challenge scores, 
just the knowledge that this game has almost zero replay value after you 
beat it about three times. Lucky thing I rented it beforehand and read 
some reviews :p


= = = = = = = = = 

Nintendo/HAL: They made this highly unique game. I have the feeling this 
won't be the last of the picture taking games...I bet they'll have 
future ones with 20+ levels and all 150 Pokemon! I just hope they don't 
get too carried away, I like fighting them better than snapping 

Internet Sites
= = = = = = = = = = 

GameFaqs : They have a great "Online 
Pokedex" for the Gameboy game -- with full screen, colored pictures from 
the cartoon...very nice. But, the polygonal versions look so much more 

= = = = = = = = = = = 

MetroidMoo : I got most of the level-information 
from his FAQ. Very good job.

Adil : Many, many nice tricks for getting really 
high scores. Excellent FAQ, I suggest you check it out (it's also at 
GameFaqs, of course). 


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- GameFaqs 
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I send my FAQs there myself. Gamesages is GameFAQs sister site, so they 
share information. Cheat Code Central is great, because they always seem 
to have the most updated version without me having to tell them. Great 
job, guys and gals. 

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easily win. Or, I could notify your provider and have them shut you down 
for breaking the law and committing a felony. It's happened before.

Any characters, names, places, or misc. objects are copyright their 
respective companies. I am in no way affiliated with Nintendo nor any 
companies that were/are involved with this game.

This document is © 1999 marshmallow
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If you asked what you think was a good question, but didn't get a 
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Some servers I've had trouble sending messages to in the past include: 
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I also have ICQ, but after changing my number, I only allow special 
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Note that I only check my e-mail every other few decades, so please be 
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               All good things must come to an end...
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                          - marshmallow -

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