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                                                                 _  _
                                                               ,       ` 
           _ _ _                                                        \
    ___  ,       `                                ,--          ` -      |
  ,     \         '                              |    |            |    |
  |     |         '                 , -    ,- - -      - - -       |    |
  |     |         ,               ,     ` '                  '     |    |     
  |     |.       ,              ,      ,  '                  '     |    |     
  |     |,- - -               ,      ,     >- - -      - - -<      |    |     
  |             `           ,      ,      '                  '      \__       
  |               `       ,      <        '                  '  _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 
  |    _ _ _       |    ,         `        `- - -,      - - -  |_ _ _ _ _ _ _|
   \__,     `      |  ,            |        ,          `           _ _ _ _ _  
             '     |,       ,`     ,      ,               `      ,          ` 
     _      ,     ,       ,  /    /                         `   /     _      \
   ,   `---     ,       ,                '    ()             ' '    ,   .     
  /            |      ,     /    /  _    '           , ` _  /   ` -     ,    '
  `             \   ,            ,"   `  \          ,                ,      ,
   ` _ _ _ _ _ _,`-        /          ,    -  -  -                ,       .  
                           |        ,                           .       ,_ _ 
                            `-- --                             '            `
                                                               `             '
                                                                ` _ _ _ _ _ /

                        Ranma ½ - Battle Renaissance
                   Sony PlayStation, by Rumic Soft (1996)

                                   FAQ v1.0
                         Last Updated on May 12 2001
                      By Ryouga ([email protected])


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(I)    [Introduction]

(II)   [Controls]

(III)  [Menus]

(IV)   [Characters]

(V)    [Secrets]

(VI)   [FAQ]

(VII)  [Acknowledgments]

(I) [Introduction]

- Story -
  It's a normal day at the Tendo Dojo when Kunou invites the Ranma gang to
  Kikaiga island. The Kunou family has bought the island and is building an
  amusement park on it. 

  When the group arrives, they find that Kikaiga island is a demon's lair, and
  that a legendary treasure called Shingouki is hidden within eight stones
  throughout the island.

  And so the characters each go out to search for the stones and claim the
  Shingouki before anyone else.

- Features -

  Ranma ½ Battle Renaissance is a 3D polygonal fighting game that plays much
  like Namco's Tekken 2, but features features flashier combat.

  As with the Ranma ½ story, some characters are cursed to change forms when
  touched with cold or hot water. In Battle Renaissance, rain showers or
  geysers will randomly come down on one of the two fighters during battle,
  which can cause a cursed character to change form after a brief flash of
  light. This has a different negative effect on each cursed character:
       - Ranma: does less damage and takes more damage in female form
       - Genma: loses all his human form attacks in Panda form
       - Shampoo: only has one attack in Cat form
       - Ryouga: only has one attack as P-Chan


(II) [Controls]

- Basics -
 LP: Left Punch   (Square)
 RP: Right Punch  (Triangle)
 LK: Left Kick    (X)
 RK: Right Kick   (Circle)
 D: Down                  DF: Down-Forward
 U: Up                    DB: Down-Back
 F: Forward               UF: Up-Forward
 B: Back                  UB: Up-Back

 QCF: Quarter-Circle Forward control pad motion. 
        (Down, Down-forward, Forward)
 HCF: Half-Circle Forward control pad motion. 
        (Back, Down-Back, Down, Down-Forward, Forward)

 QCB: Quarter-Circle Forward control pad motion. 
        (Down, Down-Back, Back)
 HCB: Half-Circle Forward control pad motion. 
        (Forward, Down-Forward, Down, Down-Back, Back)

 + : Push all listed directions and attack buttons simultaneously.
 , : Let the control pad go, then press the following attack button.

- Common Moves -

 F,F: Forward dash
 F,F (hold): Run forward
 B,B: Backward dash

 D,RP: Attack opponent on ground
   - The character will quickly pounce on a grounded opponent and attack.

 D,RK: Roll opponent on ground
   - The character will do a low kick that will roll a downed opponent
     from on their front to back, or vice versa. Deals very little damage.

 LP+RK: Taunt
   - Causes the opponent's Special meter to drop, but leaves character open.
     Some characters' taunts change from opponent to opponent. Many characters
     have a second special taunts which can be done with a different button
     combination as seen on their move lists.

 LP+LK: Throw
   - Must be used close to opponent to connect. Some characters have more than
     one throw which require different button combinations. Throws are 
     unblockable, but must connect to an opponent's front or there will be no

 RP+RK: Unique ability
   - This button combination has a different effect for each character, ranging
     from a throw attack, to a defensive sidestep, to a powerful knockdown blow.
     These are listed in each character's description below.

 Hold any button: Charge
   - Causes your Power Meter to rise slowly, but leaves your character open to

- Defending -
   - Hold Back to block high and mid-range attacks, or hold Down-back to block
     low attacks.
   - Characters in Battle Renaissance do not take damage from any attack when
     blocking, excluding throws.
   - After a sucessful block, the blocker will verbally taunt the attacker.
     This does not cause them to stop moving, as the taunt is purely speech.

- On the Ground -
  A character is vulnerable to low attacks and pouncing attacks while on the
  ground, so it is best to maneuver and stand up as soon as possible. Here
  are the controls while a character is on the ground:
    RP: Stand up
    Up: Roll towards the background and get up
    Down: Roll towards the screen and get up
    Forward: Roll towards opponent and get up
    Backward: Roll away from opponent and get up

- Combo Strings -
   Some button combinations will link attacks moves into combos, which flow
   much quicker than normal attacks and can produce more damage. These are
   unique to each character and are listed in their move lists.

- Desperation Attacks -
   Each character has three different Desperation attacks that each have
   different requirements:
     -Power Desperation: (name flashing)
       Can be used only when the Power Meter is full.
     -Vitality Desperation: (vitality meter flashing)
       Can be used only at critical vitality.
     -Ultimate Desperation: (name and vitality meter flashing)
       Can be used only when the Power Meter is full and the character is at 
       critical health.


(III) [Menus]

- Story Mode -
 If you have a Memory Card containing saved game data from Story Mode, you will
 be prompted to Load

 Select a character, then travel around Kunou Island searching for the eight
 magic stones. The other seven characters must be fought to gather most of the
 stones, while others are obtained simply by reading signs around the island.
 There are also signs that teach many of the characters' attacks.

 If you lose a fight, you can continue at the map of Kunou Island, or exit and
 save the game to contine from that point at any time using a Memory Card.

 With all the stones gathered, you must face Rouge in the final battle for 
 the Shingouki. Each character has their own CG ending movie.

- VS Mode -
 A two-player versus mode that keeps track of each player's wins and losses
 with each character. The final boss, Rouge, can only be played in this mode
 using a code.

- Battle Mode -
 Single player mode that pits the player against all eight characters, then
 Rouge. There are no individual endings in this mode, but a "Congratulations"
 screen based on the difficulty level.

- Options -
  CPU LEVEL: Set the difficulty of the computer opponents. (1-3)
  No. OF FIGHTS TO WIN: Set the number of fights needed to win. (1-3)
  FIGHT TIME: Set the number seconds before the fight is over. (30-infinite)
  WEATHER: Enables the rain and geysers that make some characters change form
  BG SELECT: Select the background for use in VS Mode. (1-6)
  HANDICAP: Sets the amount of damage each player does, higher number means
            more damage dealt. (1-5 per player)
  KEY CONFIGURATION: Set the L and R buttons to different combinations of
                     any punches or kicks.
  WIN-LOSS RECORD:  View the records of wins and losses from VS Mode
  MEMORY CARD: Save or load game options, as well as enable Auto Save to save
               save VS Mode win/loss statistics.


(IV) [Characters]

- Ranma -
 Ranma searchs for the Shingouki with Akane. A masked girl named Rouge appears
 and kidnaps Akane, warning Ranma to stop searching for the treasure. And so,
 Ranma set off to win the Shingouki and rescue Akane (not necessarily in that

[Normal Attacks]                         [Crouch Attacks]
 Jab: LP                                  Low Jab: LP
 Straight Punch: RP                       Low Straight Punch: RP
 Stepping Snap Kick: LK                   Low Thrust Kick: LK
 Roundhouse Kick: RK                      Sweep Kick: RK

 Sidestep Lunge Punch: B,RP              [Air Attacks]
 Punch & Elbow: F,F+RP                    Jab: LP
 Ankle Kick: F+RK                         Straight Punch: RP
 Flip Kick: B,RK                          Downward Kick: LK
 Stepping Kick: F,F+RK                    Downward Thrust Kick: RK

[Opponent on Ground]                     [Throws]
 Foot Stomp: D,RP                         Leg Grab: LP+LK 
                                          Back Ride: RP+RK

[Special Moves]
Kyoishou Akukatemeken (opponent facing away): QCB,F+RK
 -Ranma slides forward and uppercuts with both arms. This attack can only
  be done while Ranma's opponent has their back towards him. This deals
  no damage, but removes slightly more than half of the opponent's Power

Kachuu Tenshin Amaguriken: F+LP,RP (LP)
 -A rapid punch attack that hits many times for a decent amount of damage.
  Press LP again quickly at the end to add several more hits to the attack.

Mouko Takabisha: QCF+Punch
 -Ranma creates brief energy sphere that sends opponents flying back. Using
  RP will have a slight delay before the blast is created, while LP attacks
  right away.

Hiryuu Shoten Ha: D,D+Punch
 -A cinematic attack in which Ranma circles around the opponent rapidly
  creating a whirlwind that sucks the opponent into the air and drops
  them on their head.

[Combo Strings]
LP,LK          : Punch, Kick                              (mid,mid)
LP,LP,LP       : Triple Punch                             (mid,mid,mid)
LP,LP,LK       : Double Punch, Kick                       (mid,mid,mid)
LP,RK,LK       : Punch, Sweep Kick, Backflip Kick         (mid,low,mid)
LP,RK,F+RK,B+RK: Punch, Sweep Kick, Double Backflip Kick  (mid,low,mid,mid)
LP,RP,RK,LK    : Double Punch, Roundhouse, Lunge Punch    (mid,mid,high,mid)
LP,RP,LK,RK    : Double Punch, Kick, Punch & Elbow        (mid,mid,mid,mid,mid)

[Power Desperation]
Hiryuu Korin Dan: F,LP+RP,U
 -Starts off similarly to the Hiryuu Shoten Ha, but this time it is Ranma
  that gets sucked up into the air. He drops from the sky fist-first onto
  his opponent's head.

[Vitality Desperation]
Ouhi Gehiken (throw): QCF,B+RK (then RP)
 -Ranma grabs his opponent, then slides through their legs and jumps out
  behind them. Press RP during the move to have Ranma attack his opponent's
  back with a Kachuu Tenshin Amaguriken after sliding under them, because
  the throw alone will deal no damage.

[Ultimate Desperation]
Reverse Mouko Takabisha: QCB+RP+LK
 -Ranma quickly turns around and uses his Mouko Takabisha move, which blasts
  him towards his opponent and damages them if they are hit by his body. Ranma
  falls on his back with his head towards his opponent after he stops moving.

[Cursed Form: female Ranma-Chan]
 Ranma-Chan has all the same moves as Ranma, but her attacks deal less damage
 and her opponent's attacks inflict more damage on her.


- Akane -
 Akane searches for the Shingouki with Ranma, when a masked girl appears and
 warns of the Shingouki's secret, then takes Ranma away. Akane sets off after

[Normal Attacks]                         [Crouch Attacks]
 Jab: LP                                  Low Jab: LP
 Chest Punch: RP                          Low Straight Punch: RP
 Low Roundhouse: LK                       Low Thrust Kick: LK
 High Thrust Kick: RK                     Sweep Kick: RK

 Super Shove: F,F+RP                     [Air Attacks]
 Leg Sweep: F,RK                          Jab: LP
 Flip Kick: B,RK                          Straight Punch: RP
 Sidestep Spin: RP+RK                     Thrust Kick: LK
                                          Flip Kick: RK

[Opponent on Ground]                     [Throws]
 Smash Punch: D,RP                        Smash Down: LP+LK 

[Special Moves]
Laughing Taunt (opponent facing away): QCB+LK
 -Akane will giggle at her opponent, who must be facing away to perform this
  special taunt.

Kawarakudaki: D,D+Punch
 -A punch to the ground that will create a small shockwave around Akane. Using
  LP will punch quicker, but RP creates a slightly large wave.

Raimei Kyakugeri: QCF+Kick
 -A spinning kick that hits twice while flying towards the opponent. Using RK
  will travel much farther than LK.

Tsukami Upper (throw): DF,LP+RK or DF,RP+LK
 -Akane will grab her opponent and uppercut them slightly into the air. This
  special throw must be done close to her opponent.

[Combo Strings]
LP,LK       : Punch, Low Kick              (mid,low)
LP,RK       : Punch, Flip Kick             (mid,mid)
LP,LP,LP    : Triple Punch                 (mid,mid,mid)
LP,RP,LP    : Rushing Punches              (mid,mid,mid)
LK,RK,LK    : Rushing Kicks                (low,mid,low)
LK,RK,RK,LK : Double Kick, Double Sweep    (low,mid,low,low)
LP,RP,LP,RK : Triple Punch, Flip Kick      (mid,mid,mid,mid)
LK,RK,LK,RP : Triple Kick, Super Shove     (mid,mid,mid,mid)

[Power Desperation]
Shin Raimei Kyakugeri: QCF+LK+RK
 -A double version of the Raimei Kyakugeri that can hit up to four times.

[Vitality Desperation]
Burning Mad: HCB+RP
 -Akane creates a fire around herself that damages close opponents.

[Ultimate Desperation]
Angry Smash: HCB+RP+LK
 -Akane stomps towards her opponent and smashes them with a powerful punch. 
  Touching an opponent damages them, and the punch will hit opponents on the
  ground as well as standing. Be careful not to use this attack too close to an
  opponent or Akane might accidentally walk right past them.


- Happousai -
 After getting trampled by Rouge, Happousai agrees to get rid of all the other
 characters in exchange for a date with her.
 (Note: Happousai is smaller than the other characters and cannot be thrown.)

[Normal Attacks]                         [Crouch Attacks]
 Rush Jab: LP                             Low Jab: LP
 Rush Cross Punch: RP                     Low Headbutt: RP
 Rush Punt Kick: LK                       Low Short Kick: LK
 Spinning Leap Stomp: RK                  Sliding Kick: RK

 Headbutt: RP+RK                         [Air Attacks]
                                          Jab: LP
                                          Headbutt: RP
                                          Short Kick: LK
                                          Flying Spin: RK

[Opponent on Ground]                     [Throws]
 Headbutt Drop: D,RP                      Leg Trip: LP+LK 

[Special Moves]
Leaping Taunt (opponent on ground): QCB,QCB+RK
 -Happousai will leap forward into the air and do a somersault. His opponent
  must be on the ground to perform this special taunt.

Happou Daikarin: QCF+Punch
 -Happousai tosses a bomb that explodes, which hits twice. Using LP throws
  quicker than RP, but the bomb doesn't go up as high.

Happou Denshaudan: DF+Punch
 -A rising headbutt. Using RP makes the attack travel further out horizentally
  than LP, which travels almost straight up.

Kassousheu (throw): DF,Kick
 -Happousai will skip towards his opponent and run up their front, kick them
  in the head, then backflip onto his feet. This must be done fairly close to
  his opponent, and must be blocked low.

[Combo Strings]
LP,RP,LP      : Double Punch, Flying Phoenix     (low,low,mid)
LP,RP,RK,RK   : Double Punch, Double Flip Kick   (low,low,high,high)
D+RP,RP,RP,RK : Triple Headbutt, Rising Headbutt (low,low,low,mid)

(Power Desperation)
Happou Daikarin Special: B,F+RP
 -A much larger Happou Daikarin that explodes in the air and covers most of
  the screen, but it will not hit opponents that are crouching or on the 

[Vitality Desperation]
Kassousheukyaku (throw): HCB+RP
 -Happousai flips onto his opponent's back and kicks them. This must be done
  right next to his opponent.

(Ultimate Desperation)
Happou Aura: HCB+RP+LK
 -Happousai creates a giant phantom image of his head that quickly strikes out
  from his small body, then vanishes.


- Kunou -
 Kunou, thinking himself perfect, believes that he will undoutably attain the
 Shingouki before anyone else.

[Normal Attacks]                         [Crouch Attacks]
 Bokken Thrust: LP                        Low Bokken Thrust: LP
 Overhead Bokken Slash: RP                Low Bokken Lunge: RP
 Downward Bokken Slash: LK                Low Downward Bokken Slash: LK
 Upward Bokken Slash: RK                  Bokken Sweep: RK

 Low Arc Swipe: F+RP                     [Air Attacks]
 Advancing Head Strike: F,F+RP            Flying Bokken Jab: LP or LK
 Double Bokken Slash: B+RK                Flying Bokken Slash: RP or RK
 Hilt Blow: F+RK
 Leaping Overhead Strike: F,F+RK
 Sidestep: RP+RK

[Opponent on Ground]                     [Throws]
 Bokken Smash: D,RP                       Piledriver: LP+LK 

[Special Moves]
Skipping Taunt (opponent facing away): QCB+RK
 -Kunou will skip quickly across the screen, striking his opponent with his
  knees. This special taunt requires Kunou's opponent to be facing away.

Asherazuki: F+LP,RP (LP)
 -A rapid series of bokken stabs that hits multiple times. Press LP again
  quickly at the end to add several more hits to the attack.

Humikomiuchi: DF+Punch
 -Kunou will strike at his opponent's head with his bokken, then slash 
  downward. Using RP will add a bokken straight thrust at the end.

Raisokukatadezuki: B,F+Punch
 -Kunou makes a quick lunging stab with his bokken. Use LP for one strike,
  or RP for two strikes.

[Combo Strings]
RP,RP            : Double Head Strike, Slash            (high,high,mid)
RP,RP,RK         : Double Head Strike, Slash, Half Moon (high,high,mid,high)
D+RK,RK,RK,RK,RP : Low Slash Frenzy, Hilt Blow          (low,low,low,low,high)

[Power Desperation]
Raisokukatade 3 Danzuki: HCF+RK
 -A triple-hit version of the Bokken Stabs, this is somewhat slow but has
  decent range and power.

[Vitality Desperation]
Cyclone Slash: HCB+RP
 -Kunou goes into a seven-slash frenzy that barrels across the screen and
  alternates between low and high blows, then finishes with an overhead
  bokken strike.

[Ultimate Desperation]
Daraiga Shimatta Gosai Shiruka: HCB+RP+LK
 -Kunou balances himself on his bokken with one hand and spins towards his
  opponent three times. 


- Ryu Kumon-
 Ryu seeks the Shingouki to unlock the power it contains. He meets up with
 Rouge and gets caught up in a race with her to obtain its power.

[Normal Attacks]                         [Crouch Attacks]
 Backhand: LP                             Low Jab: LP
 Chest Punch: RP                          Low Straight Punch: RP
 Punt Kick: LK                            Low Thrust Kick: LK
 High Thrust Kick: RK                     Sweep Kick: RK

 Eagle Claws: F+RP                       [Air Attacks]
 Uppercut: F,F+RP                         Jab: LP
 Shoulder Ram: F+RK                       Straight Punch: RP
Spinning Backfist: RP+RK                  Heel Drop: LK
                                          Fierce Heel Drop: RK

[Opponent on Ground]                     [Throws]
 Ground Smash: D,RP                        Suplex: LP+LK 

[Special Moves]
Laughing Taunt (opponent on ground): QCB+RK
 -Ryu will laugh at his opponent using this special taunt, which can only
  be performed when his opponent is on the ground.

Gokuja Tanketsushou: DF,Punch
 -Ryu slightly dashes forward, then does a spinning uppercut that launches
  him into the air. RP keeps Ryu in the air slightly longer than LP.

Mouko Kaimon Ha: B,F+Kick
 -Ryu lunges forward with his leg out. Using RK will add an axe kick after
  the lunge kick, which can hit opponents on the ground.

Kishin Raisheudan: QCB+Punch
 -Ryu somersaults and launches a wave-shaped projectile that travels towards
  the ground. Use LP for a faster projectile, or RP to flip twice and delay
  the projectile.

[Combo Strings]
LP,LP,LP    : Triple Backhand                         (mid,mid,mid)
LP,RP,RP    : Backhand, Punch, Eagle Claws            (mid,mid,low)
LP,LP,RP,RP : Double Backhand, Punch, Eagle Claws     (mid,mid,mid,low)
RP,RK,RP,LK : Punch, Sweep, Gut Punch, Shoulder Ram   (mid,low,mid,mid)
RP,RK,LK,RP : Punch, Sweep, Kick, Uppercut            (mid,low,mid,mid)

[Power Desperation]
Kizen Gundairanbu: F,B,LK+RK
 -Ryu spins around and creates a whirlwind that sends out several Kishin 
  Raisheudan projectiles at different angles. The projectiles dissipiate after 
  travelling most of the screen, so be sure not to use this attack from too far

[Vitality Desperation]
Gokuja 2 Tanketsushou (throw): QCF,B+RK
 -Ryu uppercuts his opponent into the air, then uppercuts them again as they
  fall back down.

[Ultimate Desperation]
Choroi Na: HCB+RP+LK
 -Ryu stomps forward with one foot, then kneels down and uppercuts with both
  arms. The stomp doesn't deal any damage, and the uppercuts must be done very
  close to hit an opponent.


- Genma -
 Genma recalls a tale of the Shingouki being able to grant supreme power, and
 sets off to attain it before anyone else has a chance to.

[Normal Attacks]                         [Crouch Attacks]
 Jab: LP                                  Low Jab: LP
 Cross Punch: RP                          Low Straight Punch: RP
 Side Kick: LK                            Low Short Kick: LK
 Face Kick: RK                            Sweep Kick: RK

 Hammer Fist: F,F+LP                     [Air Attacks]
 Double Fist: F,F+RP                      Jab: LP
 One-Two Punch: B,RP                      Straight Punch: RP
 Sidestep: RP+RK                          Left Thrust Kick: LK
                                          Right Thrust Kick: RK

[Opponent on Ground]                     [Throws]
 Drop Punch: D,RP                         Overthrow: LP+LK 

[Special Moves]
Yelling Taunt (opponent on ground): B,B,B,B,B,B+LK
 -Genma will cup his hands around his mouth and yell at his opponent, who must
  be on the ground to perform this special taunt.

Teshekoukouranda: F+LP,RP (LP)
 -A multi-hit frenzy punch that hits high. Genma is left quite open to low
  attacks during this attack. Press LP again quickly at the end to add several
  more hits to the attack.

Roukasheuhaitai: DF+Punch
 -A sweep kick followed by a downward hammer fist. Using RP will add an
  uppercut at the end. All three attacks will hit opponents on the ground.

Mouko Ichigekidai: B+LP, Punch
 -A quick somersault ending with a downward smash punch. Genma cannot be
  hit by low attacks while somersaulting.

Torpedo: F+RP or RK
 -Genma shoots himself at his opponent. RP travels through the air, RK along
  the ground. These attack both leave Genma on the ground on his stomach.

[Combo Strings]
LP,RP       : Punch, Hammer Fist                        (mid,high)
B,RP,RK,RP  : Double Punch, Kick, Air Torpedo           (mid,mid,high,high)
LP,RP,RP,RP : Punch, Hammer Fist, Uppercut, Double Fist (mid,high,mid,mid)
LP,RP,LK,RK : Punch, Hammer Fist, Double Sweep          (mid,high,low,low)

[Power Desperation]
Shensatsu! Roukasheuhaitai: DB,F,RP+LK
 -This attack starts out as a normal RP Roukasheuhaitai, but adds a double-
  handed punch after the uppercut. This must be done fairly close to connect
  with all the hits, or against an opponent on the ground.

[Vitality Desperation]
Panda Hug (throw): HCB+RP
 -Genma somersaults onto his opponent and grabs them, rolls onto his back,
  then hugs them. This must be done fairly close to his opponent.

[Ultimate Desperation]
Mouko Rakuchi-sei: HCB+RP+LK
 -Genma kneels and bows down to his opponent, then quickly jumps forward and
  descends with a butt drop.

[Cursed Form: Panda]
 In Panda form, Genma cannot be thrown and loses all his attacks listed above,
 and can only use these new attacks:

[Normal Attacks]                         [Crouch Attacks]
 Paw Jab: LP                              Paw Swipe: LP
 Paw Stab: RP                             Lunging Paw Stab: RP
 Stab Kick: LK                            Spinning Low Kick: LK
 Roundhouse Kick: RK                      Paw Uppercut: RK

 Double Paw: F+RP                        [Air Attacks]
 Giant Paw Swipe: F,F+RP                  Downward Paw Jab: LP or RP
 Paw Jab & Uppercut: F+RK                 Flying Belly Flop: LK or RK
 Belly Rush: F,F+RK      

[Opponent on Ground]                     [Throws]
 (None)                                   (None)


- Shampoo -
 Shampoo tries to get Ranma to search for the Shingouki with her, when a masked
 girl named Rouge hauls Ranma away. Shampoo pursues her fiancé, paying little
 attention to the mentions of the Shingouki.

[Normal Attacks]                         [Crouch Attacks]
 Stepping Jab: LP                         Low Jab: LP
 Lunging Straight Punch: RP               Low Straight Punch: RP
 Low Kick: LK                             Ankle Kick: LK
 Stepping Thrust Kick: RK                 Sweep Kick: RK

 Elbow Punch: F+RP                       [Air Attacks]
 Uppercut: F,F+RP                         Jab: LP
 Low Thrust Kick: F+RK                    Straight Punch: RP
 Crescent Kick: B,RK                      Forward Kick: LK
 Skyscraper Kick: F,F+RK                  Downward Thrust Kick: RK
 Flying Cartwheel Kick: RP+RK

[Opponent on Ground]                     [Throws]
 Foot Stomp: D,RP                         Flipping Takedown: LP+LK 

[Special Moves]
Frenzy Punch (opponent facing away): B,F+LK+RK
 -A rapid punch attack that can hit up to seven times up close. This attack
  can only be done when Shampoo's opponent has their back to her.

Seiryousoku Sheugeki: QCF+Kick
 -A quick cartwheel attack which leaves Shampoo with her back to her opponent.
  Use RK to add a flip kick after the cartwheel.

Konkouryoo Tsuigeki: QCF+Punch
 -Shampoo jumps towards her opponent and smash downward with both fists. Use
  RP for a higher jump with a flip.

Tenhageki: QCB+Kick
 -Shampoo does a somersault and pushes herself across the screen feet-first.
  RK travels farther than LK.

[Combo Strings]
LK,LK          : Double Low Kick                       (low,low)
LP,LP,LP       : Triple Punch                          (mid,mid,mid)
LP,RP,RP       : Double Punch, Uppercut                (mid,mid,mid)
LP,LK,LK       : Punch, Double Low Kick                (mid,low,low)
LP,LP,LK,LK    : Double Punch, Double Low Kick         (mid,mid,low,low)
LP,RP,RK,RP    : Double Punch, Sweep, Backfist         (mid,mid,low,mid)
LK,RK,LK,RK,RK : Triple Kick, Double Skyscraper Kick   (mid,mid,low,mid,mid)

[Power Desperation]
Tenha Rakuruegeki: QCB+LK+RK
 -Shampoo does a Leg Thrust to jet herself above her opponent, then drops
  straight down with a fiery kick in the shape of a dragon's head.

[Vitality Desperation]
Amazon Frenzy (throw): QCB+LP+RP
 -Shampoo grabs her opponent, slides through their legs, then jumps on their
  back twice. This must be done right next to her opponent.

[Ultimate Desperation]
Spinning Ball: HCB+RP+LK
 -Shampoo rolls into a ball at her opponent, which can hit them multiple times.

[Cursed Form: Cat]
 In Cat form, Shampoo loses all her attacks listed above.

[Normal Attacks]                         [Crouch Attacks]
 Jumping Scratch: LP                      (None)

 Sidestep: RP+RK                         [Air Attacks]
                                          Rapid Scratch: Any attack

[Opponent on Ground]                     [Throws]
 (None)                                   (None)


- Ryouga -
 While searching for the Shingouki, Rouge appears and kidnaps Akane. Ryouga
 sets off after her, caring nothing about the treasure.

[Normal Attacks]                         [Crouch Attacks]
 Jab: LP                                  Low Jab: LP
 High Punch: RP                           Low Straight Punch: RP
 Snap Kick: LK                            Low Snap Kick: LK
 High Roundhouse Kick: RK                 Sweep Kick: RK

 Headbutt: F,RP                          [Air Attacks]
 Backhand Blow: B+RP                      Jab: LP
 Uppercut: F,F+RP                         Overhead Smash Punch: RP
 Slide Kick: F+RK                         Thrust Kick: LK
 Reeling Smash Punch: RP+RK               Snap Kick: RK

[Opponent on Ground]                     [Throws]
 Smash Punch: D,RP                        Bear Hug: F,LK+RK
                                          Double Bear Hug: F,LP+RP
                                          Ground Toss: LP+LK

[Special Moves]
Shaking Taunt (opponent on ground): QCF+RK
 -Ryouga will shake and taunt his opponent, who must be on the ground to
  perform this special taunt.

Bakusai Tenketsu: D,D+Punch
 -A powerful blow to the ground and spray of rocks that sends the opponent
  into the air. This attack can only connect at very close range, and can
  be followed by almost any attack. LP sends the opponent up around Ryouga's
  height, while RP sends them twice as high.

Shishi Houkoudan: QCF+Punch
 -Ryouga creates brief energy sphere in front of himself that sends opponents
  flying back. Using RP will have a slight delay before the blast is created,
  while LP attacks right away.

[Combo Strings]
LP,LK          : Punch, Kick                              (mid,mid)
LP,LP,LP       : Triple Punch                             (mid,mid,mid)
LP,RP,LK,RK    : Double Punch, Kick, Smash Punch          (mid,mid,mid,mid)
LP,D+RP,RP,RP  : Punch, Gut Punch, Double Uppercut        (mid,mid,high,high)
LP,RP,RK,RP,RP : Double Punch, Sweep, Uppercut, Headbutt  (mid,mid,low,mid,mid)

[Power Desperation]
Saidaikyeu Shishi Houkoudan: D,LP+RP,U
 -Ryouga creates a barrier of energy around himself which shoots into the sky,
  then redescends on him with a small splash area. This close-range move 
  leaves Ryouga open for a while at the end.

[Vitality Desperation]
Neck Grab (throw): HCB+LP+RP
 -Ryouga grabs his opponent's neck, then lifts them into the air and slams
  them into the ground. This must be done right next to his opponent.

[Ultimate Desperation]
Eternal Lost Boy: HCB+RP+LK
 -Ryouga puts his hands on his head and promptly gets lost. He then charges
  blindly towards his opponent, damaging them if he htis them.

[Cursed Form: piglet P-Chan]
 In P-Chan form, Ryouga loses all his attacks listed above.

[Normal Attacks]                         [Crouch Attacks]
 Headbutt: LP                             (None)

 Sidestep: RP+RK                         [Air Attacks]
                                          Flying Headbutt: Any attack

[Opponent on Ground]                     [Throws]
 (None)                                   (None)

 (NOTE: In a fight between Ryouga and Akane, no Squall or Geysers will appear,
        regardless of the Weather setting.)


- Rouge -
 Rouge is a masked girl that seeks the Shingouki in order to unleash a powerful
 demon from the past. She can only be played as using a code in Versus Mode.

[Normal Attacks]                         [Crouch Attacks]
 Face Jab: LP                             Downward Chop: LP
 Face Straight Punch: RP                  Downward Swipe: RP
 Lower Kick: LK                           Low Kick: LK
 Low Heel Grind: RK                       Double Kick Slide: RK

 Sidestep: RP+RK                         [Air Attacks]
                                          Left Hand Thrust: LP
                                          Right Hand Thrust: RP
                                          Snap Kick: LK
                                          Drop Kick: RK

[Opponent on Ground]                     [Throws]
 Flying Foot Stomp: D,RP                  Telekinesis: LP+LK 

[Special Moves]
Dancing Spin Taunt (opponent on ground): D,DB,B+RK
 -Rouge will bow and wave her arm in front of her, then spin forward twice.
  The spinning will count as an attack and can damage opponents.

Electric Sphere: D,D+Punch
 -Rouge creates a electric sphere in front of her. This is similar to her
  Energy Sphere attack, but the range is much smaller.

Energy Sphere: D,DF,F+Punch
 -Creates a protective sphere around Rouge for a moment. Use LP for one 
  pulse, RP for two.

Energy Volley: D,DB,B+Punch
 -A very cheap attack that sends a flurry of projectiles all over the screen.
  RP creates more projectiles than LP.

[Combo Strings]
 (Rouge does not have any Combo Strings)

[Power Desperation]

[Vitality Desperation]
?????: ?????

[Ultimate Desperation]
Faint: HCB+RP+LK
 -Rouge waves her arms in the air while floating forwards, puts one hand on
  her forehead as if to faint, then turns around and falls on her back. This
  attack has very short range and must be fairly close to Rouge's opponent
  to deal much damage, as only the falling motion deals damage.


(V) [Secrets]

- Control the Loading Screen -
 Use the direction pad on controller one to move the 'Loading' man around the
 screen, or press Circle to make him scratch his head.

- "Answering Machine" Sound Test -
 In Story Mode, complete all the map areas but one. Then go to the right of
 the first area to find a new location. Enter it to find a Sound Test, in which
 each character will recite their own Answering Machine message.

- Play as Rouge in Versus Mode-
P1: Highlight Ranma and press Right(3), Down, Left(3) Up, 
P2: Highlight Ryouga and press Left(3), Up, Right(3), Down, 
        (Note: Only one player can select Rouge per battle)

- Alternate Costumes -
 Hold L1+R1 while selecting a character in either Versus or Battle mode.

- Alternate Taunts -
 Some characters' default taunt will be change according to their opponent:
  -Ranma:       Akane, Ryouga
  -Akane:       Ranma, Ryouga
  -Kunou:       Akane
  -Ryu Kumon:   Ranma
  -Genma:       Ranma
  -Ryouga:      Akane

(VI) [FAQ]

- Why do all the text and voice make no sense?
  Because it's in Japanese. Ranma ½ - Battle Renaissance is a Japanese Sony 
  PlayStation game and was never ported to the American PlayStation.

- Can I play this game on my American PlayStation system?
  No, not unless you have modified your console using a chip or plug-in device
  such as a Modshark.


(VII) [Acknowledgments]

  -Rumiko Takahashi, for creating the wonderful Ranma ½ universe.
  -Rumicsoft, for making this game.
  -Damius, for putting up with my constant Ranma-related ramblings.
  -CJayC, for his devotion to GameFAQs.

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