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______   _______  _________  __    __  ______  ______
| --  \ | ______\/___   ___\|  |  |  | | --  \ |  __ \
| |_\  \| |_____     | |    |  |  |  | | |_\  \| |  | |
|   ----| ______|    | |    |  |  |  | |   ----| |  | |
| |\ \  | |______    | |    |  |__|  | | |\ \  | |  | |
|_| \_\ |_______/    |_|     \______/  |_| \_\ |_|  |_|
 ________________________  ____________________  ________________
|                   /    | |                  / /                \
|                  /|    | |    ________     / /    _____________/
|    _____________/ |    | |   |       /    / /    /
|    |              |    | |   |      /    / /    /
|    |____________  |    | |   |_____/    / /    /
|                /  |    | |              \/    /________________
|               /   |    | |     ______    \                     \
|    __________/    |    | |    /      \    \   _________________/
|    |              |    | |    |       |    |  \
|    |              |    | |    |       |    |   \
|    |              |    | |    |       |    |    \
|    |              |    | |    |       |    |\    \
|    |              |    | |    |       |    | \    \____________
 \   |               \   |  \   |        \   |  \                \
  \  |                \  |   \  |         \  |   \_______________/
   \ |                 \ |    \ |          \ |
    \|                  \|     \|           \|

FAQ v1.0 -- Genji FAQ Warehouse
Written by Genji ([email protected])

  Welcome, gamers!  This is the first version of my new Return Fire FAQ, by yours truly, 

  It's kind of tought to do a FAQ on a game that hasn't been talked about much, but I'm 
willing to.  Return Fire is a whole lot better than you might think, from its smooth 
polygon graphics to its amazing soundtrack, to its GREAT two-player mode!

  Keep in mind that the Return Fire FAQ is not a guide on cheating or anything, and it 
doesn't give any hints on the one-player mode, either, because everybody knows that the 
one-player mode is for sissies.  However, if you want help on conquering your "friend", 
then laughing at them, here's where to look.  From descriptions of the vehicles, to the 
strategy bit, this is the ultimate handbook to Return Fire.  Check it out and tell me if 
it helps!

  See you in the next FAQ!!

-- Genji

-- 1. Vehicle Guide
-- 2. Basic Skills
-- 3. Battle Walkthrough
   -- "Waiting Game" Strategy
      A. ASV Blues
      B. Death From Above!
      C. Don't Tread On Me!
      D. Clear A Path
      E. Jeep Me!
   -- "Arcade" Strategy
      A. Bullet Rain
      B. Fun With The ASV
      C. Get Tanked!
      D. Knocking 'Em Down
      E. Victory!
   -- Desperation
-- 4. Miscellaneous Information
-- 5. Final Note

| Vehicle Guide |

-- A. Armored Support Vehicle (ASV)
Speed: *
Power: ***
Armor: ****
Evade: **
  Ah, the lowly ASV.  Actually, IMHO, this is the best vehicle in the game to duke it out 
with, especially against helicopters.  The only real weaknesses in this powerhouse are its 
speed and evade rate.  It's harder to dodge enemy fire than with the tank, and is the 
slowest tool of destruction you have.  But you can lay mines with it, mines that a 
fast-moving jeep is not likely to see, and it has tons of armor as well.  You could just 
sit there in a battle against any other vehicle and still win.

-- B. Helicopter (Chopper)
Speed: ***
Power: *
Armor: **
Evade: ****
  Officially titled "Death From Above", the chopper is much like the tank, only that the 
helicopter can fly.  Another advantage with this nifty little bugger is the ability to get 
rid of mines without running over them.  The best way, however, to use the helicopter is 
to move fast, learn to strafe, and just use a "hit and run" strategy.  Probably the best 
for ambushes.  When your opponent is using the chopper, there's a pretty cool little thing 
you can do to really tick them off.  Watch their side of the screen.  When the helicopter 
comes out of their underground base, it takes a few seconds to get moving.  This is your 
chance to get in a few extra hits.  Fire on the helicopter while its blades are starting 
to move, and when it goes up in the air, flee back to your territory.  Cheap, but 

-- C. Tank (Trigger Happy)
Speed: **
Power: ***
Armor: ***
Evade: **
  Like I mentioned before, the tank and the helicopter are very similar.  The tank is 
somewhat fast, too, and it's great for ambushes as well.  Probably the best thing to do 
with a tank is to head into the enemy fortress, knock down some gun towers, and blow up 
the flag building so your jeep doesn't have to.  The tank is also good for head-to-head, 
back-and-forth-firing battles.

-- D. Humvee (Jeep)
Speed: ****
Power: *
Armor: *
Evade: ****
  Let's get right to the point -- the humvee just plain sucks.  It's made of tinfoil (can 
only handle one hit) and has limited weapons.  But if you try really, really hard, you can 
find some good points about the jeep.  First off, it's the only vehicle that can grab the 
flag and run back to your base.  Secondly, it can float.  Third...Um...Well...Back to the 
second reason.  Floating can actually be very helpful when your opponent's chopper has 
knocked out a bridge and your ASVs and tanks can't get across.  Don't get cocky when you 
have the humvee, or you'll be tank fodder in no time.  The basic rule with the jeep -- 
keep moving.

| Basic Skills |

-- A. Default Controller Settings:
L2         R2
L1         R1
  U       T
L   R   S   O
  D       X

L2 = Drop/Raise Status Display.
R2 = Zoom In or Zoom Out.
L1 = Helicopter: Turn Counter-Clockwise.
     Tank: Rotate Turret Counter-Clockwise.
R1 = Helicopter: Turn Clockwise.
     Tank: Rotate Turret Clockwise.
U = Move Forward.
R = Turn Right.
    Helicopter: Strafe Right.
D = Move Backwards.
L = Turn Left.
    Helicopter: Strafe Left.
T (Triangle) = Same as X.
O (Circle) = ASV: Lay Mine.
             Helicopter: Switch Between Shells/Missiles.
             Tank: Center Turret.
             Humvee: Drop Flag.
X = ASV: Air Missile.
    Helicopter: Fire Forward.
    Tank: Fire in Air.
S (Square) = ASV: Fire Forward.
             Helicopter: Fire at Ground.
             Tank: Fire Forward.
             Humvee: Throw Grenade.

-- B. How to Play:
  You're given twelve vehicles to defeat the enemy with, four different types: the armored 
support vehicle, the helicopter, the tank, and the humvee.  The object of the game is to 
basically wreak havoc on the enemy forces until you've found their flag building (it's a 
special type of building).  When you do, you can blow it up so that your jeep can get in 
later.  Make sure that you've cleared a path without any guns firing on you.  Send in your 
humvee and grab the flag by running into it, then dash back to your base.  So, basically, 
Return Fire is Capture The Flag played with heavy-duty military equipment.  However, 
you've also got to worry about your opponent, 'cause they're trying to do the same thing 
to you.

| Battle Walkthrough |

-- 1. "Waiting Game" Strategy
  IMHO, the "Waiting Game" is much better than the "Arcade" strategy, but then, I'm more 
of a wait-then-pummel-kinda guy myself.  The "Waiting Game" is basically about slowly 
crushing your opponent by wasting all of their vehicles (except their humvees, maybe), 
and then, when they're weak or if they don't even have their vehicles anymore, you go in 
casually, knock out all of their defenses, send in the jeep, and steal the flag, taking
as much time as you need.  My "friend", Graedus, uses the "Arcade" method, and I beat him 
pretty much every time.  Especially on that map, "The Nutcracker".  Fun, fun, fun!  For 
those of you who would like to do "Arcade", then go ahead.  Both methods of attack are 
good.  Guess it just depends on what kind of person you are.

-- A. ASV Blues
  When you begin, it's important to get a headstart on your opponent when choosing a 
vehicle.  It doesn't sound like much, but if you're on a small map, you can drive over and 
blow the snot out of them while they're still coming out.  Anyway, take your armored 
support vehicle out, and head down to the enemy base.  Knock out the gun towers that fire 
at you, and keep moving.  Once you're in the heart of the enemy base, get rid of as many 
gun towers as you can.  Don't worry too much about them, because you'll be doing this 
again later.  Make sure, especially, that you blow up the ones on the outer walls of the 
fortress.  If you wish, you may fire holes in the walls of the base, so that your other 
vehicles can get in easier later on.  Now, head back to your base, gun down any enemy 
vehicles, and return to the underground base.  You could also mine the area around your 
flag, if it helps.

-- B. Death From Above!
  Time for the chopper!  Oh, boy!  Bring out the 'copter and fly around your base, making 
sure that there's no trouble going on.  If you're not sure where the enemy flag is yet, 
then head into the enemy base and search for it, but DO NOT STOP MOVING AT ALL COSTS.  
Movement is crucial to the chopper's survival in any situation.  If you want to, knock 
out the other gun towers on the outer limits.  Then, search for any bridges that would 
help the opponent in their quest to grab your flag.  Make sure that they're not YOUR 
bridges, and cut them up with the ground gun.  Now, head back to your camp, fire at any 
enemies, and submerge.

-- C. Don't Tread On Me!
  This is one of the most climactic parts of the battle.  Get your tank out, and move 
straight over to the enemy base.  By now, all of or almost all of the wall gun towers 
should be knocked out.  If there are any left, gun 'em down and continue.  You should 
know where the flag is by now.  If not, go back to the chopper and scan the area with 
it.  Follow the path to the flag, knocking out any towers along the way.  Blow up the 
flag building, and then blow it up again to clear the rubble, making life easier for the 
jeep.  If the opponent is coming after you (which is likely), try to keep moving and 
firing at the same time.  Be sure you know how to rotate the turret on the jeep, so that 
you can fire in one direction while moving the other.  Move back to your base.

-- D. Clear A Path
  By now, most of the path to the enemy's flag should be cleared out by the ASV, chopper, 
and tank.  Take the ASV and search for any remaining towers along the way.  Squish as many 
soldiers as possible (it isn't necessary, but it sure is fun) while shooting towers and 
enemy vehicles.  Double-check to make sure the area is clear, and head back to the base.  
Move around your own base, find the opponent's vehicle, and blow it up.  Mine the area 
around your flag.  Now you're ready to win.

-- E. Jeep Me!
  Time for the pitiful humvee.  Bring out your jeep.  Before you do anything, though, make 
sure that your other vehicles have destroyed most of the enemy vehicles.  If not, then 
bring out the chopper, tank, or ASV and wipe 'em out.  Now, drive the jeep casually into 
the enemy base, dodging any fire (which there shouldn't be any of).  Say, "Don't mind me, 
just a little old jeep.  Nope, not any flag-stealers here, uh-uh."  You can also whistle, 
if it helps.  The opponent will get mad at you and come after you (probably with the 
chopper or tank, the ASV is too slow to catch the jeep).  But don't worry.  Grab the flag, 
and speed back along the road.  If an enemy vehicle is going to destroy you, and you know 
it, just make it as far as you can, as the flag remains in the spot that you die at.  Go 
back to your base, admire your handiwork, and go underground!  Congratiulations, you've 
won!  Now, for the fun part.  Taunt your opponent.  Then, when you think they're really 
mad, start laughing really, really, hard.

-- 2. "Arcade" Strategy
  Well, arcadians, hello!  If your so-called "buddy" beat you with the "Waiting Game" 
mode, then it's time to get 'em back.  The "Arcade" method is easier to use than the 
"Waiting Game" one, though, IMHO, it doesn't work as well.  I use the "Waiting Game" 
myself.  But while I know about the advantages of "Waiting Game", I also know the 
weaknesses.  Ha ha ha!

-- A. Bullet Rain
  Okay, pull out your good ol' helicopter and hover over the enemy's subterranean base 
(the one their vehicles come out of).  Wait until they come out, then rain bullets down on 
'em.  Laugh.  Then get the heck out of there before they kill ya.  When you think you're 
okay, mosey on over to the enemy base and knock out as many gun towers as you can.  Don't 
concentrate on the enemy, just hope that they aren't making any progress.  Find the flag 
building, and blow it up, if you want.  Head back to the base and gun down any opposing 
vehicles, then go under.

-- B. Fun With The ASV
  ASV time!  Yay!  Drive out of your underground garage with the ASV, and go around your 
own base, killing any enemy vehicles.  Chase down your opponent's vehicle (which won't be 
easy, with the ASV), and before you start shooting, say, "Think you can deal with me?"  
And when they say, "Yeah, I can deal with you, wuss.", let them have it and yell, "Yeah, 
well, DEAL WITH THIS!!  HA HA HA!!  End of the line, Bobo!"  Once you're rid of them, you 
can continue with your mission.  Head into the enemy base.  Go inside and find the flag 
building.  Make sure it's blown up good before moving on.  Head back to the base and get 
another vehicle.

-- C. Get Tanked!
  Get the ultimate soldier-squishing machine (the tank) and gracefully roll over to your 
opponent's base.  Destroy any enemy vehicles you find.  Blow out the walls of the base, and 
make sure you can get in and out.  Then, go along the road and make a path that the humvee 
can follow when it goes for the flag.  Now, get out of there, casually blowing up stuff 
along the way, and squishing enemy soldiers (as well as yours).

-- D. Knocking 'Em Down
  Grab your chopper again and streak over to the enemy camp, managing to blow up opposing 
buildings (yours, also).  Knock down all the enemy gun towers.  'nough said.  Oh, and you 
can attack your opponent, too.

-- E. Victory!
  Now, pull that dusty ol' humvee out of the closet and get ready to go.  Move FAST at all 
times.  Drive along the path that you found using the tank, and head straight for the 
flag.  Grab it and run back out.  Simple as that.  Pretty cool, eh?

-- 3. Desperation
  Okay, say that the other person knows where your flag is and they're getting their jeep 
out.  Get the ASV on the road.  Drive around your base and mine everything in sight.  
After doing this, just go back to your base (or die, if you can't get there without 
rolling over mines) and get your chopper.  Fly over your flag building and at the very 
least, try to defend it.  Can't get anywhere without trying, you know ;D.  You just might 
win.  Or you might not.  Depends on how good you did before >:D...

  But who am I kidding?  When all else fails, destroy, destroy, destroy!

| Miscellaneous Information |

- When fighting helicopters, use the ASV instead of the tank or jeep.  While the tank can 
fire up in the air, too, the ASV packs more punch.
- Squish the soldiers and tents!  Ah, that satisfying noise of an innocent little guy 
being crushed under my treads!  Ha ha ha!
- Never underestimate the power of a land mine.  They do mucho damage, and the 
faster-moving vehicles aren't likely to spot 'em.
- Learn to strafe with the chopper.  It may be your only defense.  If you can move back 
and forth while shooting, knocking out towers should be easy.
- Knowledge of the tank's turret-rotation feature is very helpful.  Learn to lock your 
turret in one position and move in another.
- The single best place to put a land mine -- a bridge.  Hard to spot little brown things 
on a brown bridge ;D.
- Don't use the strategy in this guide all the time.  Form your own pattern, 'cause 
otherwise you'll get predictable.
- Play on a lot of different maps to gain experience.
- The artificial intelligence-operated 'copters are simple to destroy.  Back your tank, 
chopper, or ASV up, and fire straight at 'em.  Knocks one down in a single hit.
- Never give up, no matter how hopeless the situation may be.  Remember, even when all of 
your vehicles are gone, your gun towers can still win it for you.
- Watch out for little trees, rocks, etc., when you're being chased in the tank, ASV, or 
humvee.  They can bring you to a complete halt, and it is NOT fun to be trapped like that :(.
- One of the funniest and greatest ways to make someone lose their vehicle: go into the 
shallow water (the lighter part) and make sure that your enemy is on the other side of a 
deep part of the ocean.  They have to be in a jeep, ASV, or tank for this to work.  You 
can be in anything BUT a humvee.  Slowly move in reverse while firing at them.  Once you 
get just out of range of their firing, move forward a little and wait for them to fall 
into the deep water.  Works like a charm ;D.
- Destroy all the normal buildings you can so that you can squish more little soldiers >:D!

| Final Note |

  Well, I'm already at the end of the FAQ!  Time goes fast!  Hopefully I can continue with 
the Return Fire FAQ series.  I don't know of any codes yet, but if I find any, I'll 
include them in the next version.  If you have any questions, suggestions, comments, death 
threats, needs for advice on a game (can't promise I'll answer all...Can't play every game 
out there ;D!), or anything else, especially Return Fire stuff for my FAQ, just send me 
some eMail at [email protected]
  Things to look for in the next Return Fire FAQ:
    - Codes!
    - More Strategies...
    - Full Detail on Vehicles...
    - Map Descriptions...
    - Some Frequently Asked Questions...
    - More Miscellaneous Tips!
  See you again when the Return Fire FAQ comes back to wreak havoc on the world!

-- Genji

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