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Robo-Pit FAQ (PSX) version 1.0

Copyright 2001 Roman Kalinoski (Armored Core Expert)

[email protected]


RR  RR  OO  OO  BB  BB  OO  OO         PP  PP  III    TT         FF        AAAA   QQ  QQ
RR  RR  OO  OO  BB  BB  OO  OO   000   PP  PP  III    TT   000   FF       AA  AA  QQ  QQ
RRRRRR  OO  OO  BBBBB   OO  OO  00000  PPPPPP  III    TT  00000  FFFFFF   AA  AA  QQ  QQ
RR RR   OO  OO  BB  BB  OO  OO   000   PP      III    TT   000   FF       AAAAAA  QQ  QQ
RR  RR  OO  OO  BB  BB  OO  OO         PP      III    TT         FF       AA  AA  QQ QQQ 
RR   RR OOOOOO  BBBBBB  OOOOOO         PP      III    TT         FF       AA  AA  QQQQQQ


1. Introduction

2. Robot Creation

3. Tactics

4. Beating Zio Gigas

5. Trivial Stuff

6. Next Update

7. Disclaimer

     1.     Introduction

Robo-Pit is a widely overlooked, unique fighting game which could have revolutionized the
genre, but failed to do so. It spawned a Japan-only sequel, but its populatity never
reached any heights here in the states. 

The premise of the game is simple: You build a robot, and then you use it to destroy
opposing robots in your quest to be number one in a massive tournament. There are more
opponents in this game than most other fighting games, and they all are unique.

     2.     Robot Creation

Building a robot is easy! All you have to do is select a body, then a face, then legs,
and finally arms. However, your success depends on what parts you select.

Here are the body parts, a brief rundown of their looks, and their stats.

Body 1: Looks like a head with something sticking out of the back.

Body 2: Looks like a diamond with slicked-back hair.
 POWER: 480
 WEIGHT: 750

Body 3: Looks like a whale.
 POWER: 400
 WEIGHT: 485

Body 4: It's a sphere.
 POWER: 350
 WEIGHT: 375

Body 5: It's the sphere, with the back chopped off and a hand-looking thing put in its
POWER: 800

Body 6: Looks like a vertical watermelon with a tail.
POWER: 330

Body 7: Looks like either a guy with a mohawk or a stegosaurus.
POWER: 450

Body 8: It's an oval with the top replaced with a lip, like on a mug.
POWER: 550

Body 9: Looks like the head on a Gundam(R).
POWER: 520

Body 10: Looks like the head of a demon.
POWER: 460

Body 11: Looks like an insect head.
POWER: 550

Body 12: Looks like a horizontal sea anenomae.
POWER: 720

Body 13: It looks like a bomb. Cool.
POWER: 630

Body 14: A rabbit head.
POWER: 430

Body 15: A pineapple head.
POWER: 620

Power: Determines special attack. >500 = beam, <500 = shockwave.
Weight: Determines special attack 2. >500 = flying somersault, <500 = spinning attack.

Choosing a face is easy. Just choose one that looks cool.

Legs are a different matter. Here's a rundown of the legs.

Legs 1: Light humanoid legs.
SPEED: 080
TURN: 056
JUMP: 290

Legs 2: Heavy humanoid legs with toes.
SPEED: 090
TURN: 040
JUMP: 290

Legs 3: Spider legs.
SPEED: 100
TURN: 056
JUMP: 300

Legs 4: Crab legs.
SPEED: 090
TURN: 064
JUMP: 300

Legs 5: A spring.
SPEED: 120
TURN: 048
JUMP: 400

Legs 6: A human foot.
SPEED: 100
TURN: 056
JUMP: 400

Legs 7: A single propeller blade.
SPEED: 120
TURN: 056
JUMP: 200

Legs 8: 4 propeller blades.
SPEED: 110
TURN: 064
JUMP: 200

Legs 9: A big tank.
SPEED: 070
TURN: 064
JUMP: 250

Legs 10: A mini-tank.
SPEED: 080
TURN: 056
JUMP: 290

Legs 11: A 3-wheeled motorcycle.
SPEED: 150
TURN: 048
JUMP: 270

Legs 12: A stripy car.
SPEED: 200
TURN: 040
JUMP: 270

Speed: How fast the legs move.
Turn: How quickly the legs can turn.
Jump: How high the legs can jump.

Arms will be covered in a later version.

    3:   Tactics

Since there really is no actual order that you have to fight in, I will simply give some

-Don't fight bosses until you have 100% on both weapons.

-Avoid fighting enemies with 2 shields of any type, because not only can you hardly hit
 them, but they can easily knock you out of the ring.

-Do fight enemies with two of the same weapons other than shields.

-Equip two of the same weapon to bring up the % faster.

-To defeat TekeTeke, just avoid his 20-some shots, then move in for the kill. Stay away
 from the edge of the arena, though.

-Your first robot will probably become your champion. When you first start out, the enemy
 robots are much easier to beat than later on in the game.

-Enemy skill increases as you raise your rank. They are more accurate with everything, and
 they go right for the attack.

-Your ranking is dependant on the number of points you have. You get more points for KO-ing
 an enemy than you get for simply getting a ring-out.

-There are 6 ways to attack with a non-shooting weapon. If you hold [up] when you attack,
 the attack will take longer, but will be more powerful. If you hold [down], then you will
 do an uppercut. [left] and [right] are hooks. Press attack without pressing any other
 buttons to do just a regular strike. Finally, holding block will weaken the strike.

-You can train in 2P mode. Make two robots, set player 2's bot on auto-battle, and fight
 it. Note that you need a second controller for this. The AI in the 2P mode is much harder
 than it is in 1P mode.

-When using punch weapons, you can grab objects in the arena and throw them at the enemy.

      4:    Beating Zio Gigas

Zio Gigas is the final boss of Robo-Pit. It is very tough to beat. Here's a few ways to beat

WAY 1) Equip your bot with 2 Punch1 arms, and throw the objects in the arena at Zio.

WAY 2) Equip your best weapons and try and beat it in melee combat. (Not recommended).

WAY 3) Your robot has to be a spring-legged type. Again, equip your 2 best melee weapons,
       but this time jump above him, land behind him and attack, jump, land behind, attack,
       rince and repeat.

WAY 4) Equip a Teke Gun and a powerful melee weapon, make sure that every teke shot hits,
       and hit the weakened Zio with the melee weapon. (Not recommended.)

***If I think of any more, they'll be in the next version.***

      5: Trivial Stuff

There are a few pieces of trivia in this game. Use these to impress your friends!!!

*The game's designer, Kokopeli, is the name of an Indian goddess of fertility.

*In the FMV, the word "Sortie" appears above the exit. Sortie is Exit in French.

*The little robots shot out of TekeTeke's gun are replicas of what TekeTeke looks like
 in the Sega Saturn version of Robo-Pit.

*In the Saturn Version, there was an extra weapon called the Dagger.

*In the Saturn Version, the default view is first-person.

*In the Saturn Version, bosses are HUGE and there are only three of them.

*In the Saturn Version, TekeTeke is the easiest robot to beat in the game, and you can
 get little, wimpy claws by beating him.

*In the Saturn Version, there is no Bigfoot leg.

*In the Saturn Version, there is a training mode where you compete against 3 enemy robots
 at once.

I think that's it. If anyone has anything they'd like to add to this list of trivia, please
post it on the Robo Pit (PSX) message board and I'll add it.

      6: Next Update

Things planned for the next update of this FAQ are:

***A list of all the arm weapons

***Passwords to get my champion robots

***(hopefully) more trivia

***Possibly some other cool stuff.

      7: Disclaimer

This guide should only be at gamefaqs.com. If you see it anywhere else, e-mail me and I'll
get on their case. You cannot reproduce this guide in any way, except maybe printing it out.
That's all that's allowed. Once you print it, you cannot sell it. If you sell it, then you
are breaking copyright laws, and that can get you sued by me if I catch you. This FAQ cannot
be printed in any magazines, linked to by any sites, put on any sites other than GameFAQS or
anything else like that except with my permission. If you want to use this guide on your
site, or you want it to be in your WELL-KNOWN gaming magazine, then e-mail me and ask for
permission. I'll probably say yes.

I think that's it. See you next version!!!

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