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a) Introduction:

Hello to every reader. This guide will cover many areas of Rogue Legacy and 
although an actual walkthrough can't be made, it will go over aspects and 
mechanics of the game, such as enemies, rooms, and equipment.

b) Contents: 

Sections marked with an asterisk contain spoilers in a part of 
the section, and those marked with two contain spoilers throughout the whole 
section. Use Control/Command + F to find any specific area; this guide is 

a)	Introduction
b)	Contents
c)	About the Game
d)	Walkthrough*
e)	Journal Transcripts**
f)	Story and Interpretation**
g)	Characters*
h)	Classes, Abilities, and Stats
i)	Traits
j)	Spells
k)	Enemies*
l)	Chests and Runes
m)	Equipment
n)	Rooms
o)	Combinations
p)	The Skill Tree
q)	Difficulty Scale
r)	About New Game +
s)	Achievements
t)	Tips
u)	Credits
v)	Disclaimer
w)	Version History
x)	Copyright and Distribution Rights

c) About the Game

Rogue Legacy is a single player 2D platformer game incorporating some rogue-
like elements, but with twists. As the game progresses, it will also appear 
to become a bullet hell, due to all the projectiles coming at you.

Rogue-likes have some noticeable elements unique to the genre, in which 
include randomly generated levels and permanent death (permadeath). Rogue 
Legacy takes these two characteristics and gives them a twist to make it 
less frustrating, and to make people feel like they are progressing through 
the game, not just wasting time dungeon after dungeon.

In Rogue Legacy, you, as an heir to your ancestor, explore an ancient castle 
in search of something that's never quite clear as the generations move on. 
The castle is composed of 4 main areas and a fifth smaller one: The Castle, 
The Forest, The Maya, The Darkness, and in some specific points of the 
story, the Inner Castle. Your goal is to move as far as you can, and improve 
a little bit more every time.

As said before, Rogue Legacy incorporates permadeath and randomly generated 
levels to compose a combination the developers call a "rogue-lite". The 
twists on these two characteristics are as follow:

*Permadeath: Instead of starting from scratch, you get to succeed your 
ancestor and explore the castle again, retaining any past equipment 
and stats, and even with the option of continuing your past progress. 
Once you die and choose an heir, you can use the money you've 
collected to buy equipment and stat upgrades, making death a fun, 
rewarding, and necessary part of the game. You will however, lose that 
ancestor's exact name and stats, and you will have to find another 
heir with the same characteristics if you really liked them. The 
character is lost, but your progress isn't.

*Randomly generated levels: The whole map will have a varying amount of 
rooms per section. Each type of room in the game can spawn next to any 
other given room, causing different combinations every game. One time 
you might encounter a trap in the other end of that corridor, and 
other times, a boss or chest room. However, while the arrangement and 
order are random, the rooms themselves aren't. The rooms are prebuilt, 
but may contain different monsters in them. This means that after 
enough playing, you will eventually recognize each room and how they 

d) Walkthrough

Upon starting the game, you will start a type of tutorial which is the 
introduction of the story itself, so pay attention to it if you are 
interested in it. You will start as an unnamed character in armor, and the 
game takes on a sepia, nostalgic color for the duration of it. A text 
displaying the words "My duties are to my family... But I am loyal only to 
myself." appears, and then you are placed inside a castle, playing the theme 
music for the game along with some credits. Navigate the castle, following 
the prompts on the screen in order to move your character. Feel free to 
smash statues or chandeliers. You will eventually encounter some enemies. 
They cannot kill you, and die very easily. You can either kill them or 
ignore them. You will come to a hallway with some statues, and a door. Enter 
it. You will enter a large chamber with a king sitting inside it. The only 
option is to kill him. Do so.

The outcome is unknown, and you can now start with your legacy. Press Start 
and you will brought to a field as another knight, now in full colors. This 
knight, known as Sir Lee, is a paladin with no traits or unique stats, along 
with no skills, making him possibly the weakest character you can play with. 
You can explore the Manor (where you can upgrade your skills once you have 
some money) or run around the field, practicing the controls a little more. 
When you are ready, enter the castle.

You will enter a lobby room, which is always the first room by default. Four 
major things are in here: a teleporter which you can use once you discover 
at least one other one across the map, the golden door to the inner castle, 
the map, and the journal, which allows you to read the first excerpt and, 
eventually, all the other ones you have discovered. Go past that room and 
you will reach the actual dungeon.

As it is randomly generated, there's not much of a walkthrough. The idea is 
to kill the monsters (or ignore them) to get some gold and progress through 
the level, until you run out of health. You will need to use a mixture of 
maneuvering and swift attacking to succeed in the game. If you are horrible 
and die extremely quick at first, don't worry, it's made that way.

Your second run will be slightly different however. You will have some money 
from the past dungeon (hopefully) that you can use in new equipment or 
stats. The cost increases as more levels are bought, but eventually, you 
will start finding more money as well. You can use the money in the Manor 
for skills/stats, or in the training field before the castle entrance on one 
of the characters there. However, as you enter the castle again, you will 
see a shadowy figure. This character, named Charon, will take ALL your money 
that you didn't spend. This means you can't save up for an expensive upgrade 
that you don't have enough for. It is suggested you spend as much money as 
you can. Often you will have some low cost skills or equipment that you 
haven't yet bought. The exception to this fee is Charon's Obol, described in 
the Rooms section.

If you look in the map, you will discover 4 sections as stated before. The 
order, from easiest to hardest, is Castle, Forest, Tower (Maya), and Dungeon 
(Darkness). At first, try not to cross into another area until you've 
completely cleared the past one. When you feel ready and encounter it enough 
times, you can enter the boss room of each section. You don't have to do 
them all at once, and you can try as many times as you want, the doors won't 
close until you beat the boss. You can freely move on to the next area 
without killing the boss of the previous one.

The big section of the game is basically exploring the dungeon, getting 
money, and upgrading your skills, eventually taking the time to kill the 
boss when you are strong enough. Once you kill each boss, their respective 
symbol will be marked off on the golden door. Kill all 4 and the door will 
open. Be careful when you wish to enter it: after finishing the Inner 
Castle, you will start New Game Plus (NG+), a much harder version of the 
game which you might not be able to beat to easily. NG+ is covered later in 
the guide.


If you don't feel ready, you can always grind a little more to upgrade your 
stats. Once you do, you will encounter a familiar scene: the same area in 
the introduction tutorial. Progress through it as you did before. This time, 
the coins will count towards your total, but the enemies can hurt you, 
though they will still remain weak. A final journal sits before the door, 
revealing the conclusion of the story. Go through the familiar door, and you 
arrive at the chamber again. You will encounter the unnamed hero, revealing 
his true intentions. A boss battle will ensue, making you fight Johannes the 
Traitor. After you kill him, he will reveal he is stronger than he appears, 
taking the power of the Fountain for himself, reviving him and making him 
powerful once again. Pick up the mana potions and chicken legs he drops if 
you are low on them. Kill The Fountain, and a quick scene of Johannes/The 
Fountain dying will ensue. Exit the chamber and the credits will roll and, 
when done, you will be able to enter NG+, along with being able to use the 
stack of gold from the past dungeon.

e) Journal Transcripts`

As you navigate the dungeon, you will sometimes find journal rooms, which 
contain a new entry up to #24 and later on #25. These narrate the story by 
themselves, giving background on what exactly is going on. The transcripts 
of these are below.

Journal Entry #1

Treason! An assassin has wounded my father, the king!
To bring order back to the kingdom, he has sent my siblings and I on a quest 
to save him. Together, we will venture into the cursed woods, and enter 
Castle Hamson.
This cursed castle has stood on the edge of the woods since time immemorial, 
but rumors say that within it dwells an item which will cure any ailment.
Tonight I will get a headstart over my brothers and sisters, and set forth 
on my quest while they lay asleep.
To fail this quest would be an embarrassment to my name.

Journal Entry #2

Although I am the eldest child, I am not my father's favorite. I have always 
known he planned to leave me with nothing.
But if I find the cure, everything will change.
The victor will earn nothing less than the throne upon his passing!
Upon my ascension, my wife and my children shall move back into the royal 
quarters, Back to the royal city, where we once again will be treated with 
the respect we deserve!
No longer will we stand for the gossip and petty slander of my cousins. The 
other dukes shall bow as we pass! But I am getting ahead of myself.
I must keep my priorities clear: Conquer the castle. Find the cure. Collect 
my reward.

Journal Entry #3

I have paid my dues, and entered the castle proper. That devil Charon has 
taken all that I own as payment.
He has even pilfered my private coffers! I have left my wife and children 
with nothing.
He says it's the price for any and all who hazard the depths of the castle. 
He says it is fair.
It is fair because of all who have entered, none have returned. But I will 
change that.
I will be victorious! There is no greater swordsman than I, even amongst my 

Journal Entry #4

Everything about the castle is off. I can't seem to keep track of my 
headings, and there is no sun or stars to guide me.
I find myself backtracking constantly, and I must painstakingly map out my 
progress lest I go in circles.
The maps I have pilfered off the corpses of other adventurers are 
breathtakingly inaccurate. It is almost as if they were describing a 
different castle altogether!
Perhaps this place does something to the mind...
Or are the stones truly shifting beneath my feet?

Journal Entry #5

I cannot exit through the front gate, but that is of little concern. I am 
committed to my cause and will not back out!
So far none of the maps I've found coincide with my own.
Yet upon comparing them as a whole, I believe I have unearthed a slight 
pattern. It seems the forest is always to the right; the tower above...
And below? Well, hopefully I won't have to find out.

Journal Entry #6

I have never liked the dark. I prefer to meet my enemies on an open field in 
plain sight.
But now I find myself braving these darkened gallows with one gauntlet 
outstretched, the other by my hilt. I can never tell what horror lies beyond 
each corner.
I am the greatest swordsman in all the lands, yet even I am having trouble 
keeping these demons at bay.
My siblings should be grateful that I rushed ahead of them. For them it was 
a blessing in disguise. They would not have the fortitude to survive these 

Journal Entry #7

It is still night. Past every window stares back the same melancholic moon, 
but I swear I have been here for at least a whole waking day.
It must be the adrenaline. I have never felt so powerful, yet simultaneously 
challenged. It is exhilarating to charge through these rooms, cutting down 
enemy after enemy.
In some ways the foes in this castle feel tailored to me. Training me, 
guiding me, watching me.
This may sound crazy, but if this castle can somehow sense those within it, 
I fear it may hold malicious intent as well. If my assumptions are correct, 
the design of these halls could all be a ploy, culling me down further into 
a trap.
I must stay alert.

Journal Entry #8

From the number of dead adventurers I have passed in these halls, I have 
come to the following conclusions:
1: Many did not take enough provisions with them. I assume many died of 
hunger. I myself am running low and will have to find more supplies.
2: Many are missing clothes, which explains the pant-wearing zombies.
3: No one has made it as far as I, since I haven't passed any corpses in 
over an hour.

Journal Entry #9

The door to the throne room is driving me mad! Beyond it lies the king's 
salvation, and my reward, but it stands silent in the middle of the castle 
foyer, taunting me.
I've tried pushing it, kicking it, yelling "Open Sesame", but nothing works.
There are icons emblazoned into the doors, and one of them looks like a 
beast I avoided deeper in the castle. Perhaps there is some sort of 

Journal Entry #10

The emblems on the castle door are a clue! I slew the giant beast that 
matched one of the icons, and I sensed something shift behind the throne 
room doors.
As if in a dream, I could see an emblem on the door glowing in my mind's 
A truly out of body experience.
At least I know I'm on the right track. But I must hasten my pace, for the 
king could succumb to his injuries at any moment...
But first I must rest. Tomorrow, I enter the Forest.

Journal Entry #11

This forest is unlike anything I've ever seen before. It is both serene and 
terrifying. I stand on lush grass, but beside me yawns open a chasm so wide 
and deep, it threatens to swallow me whole.
I still have not heard a response from the rock I tossed in earlier. A 
single misstep, and my descent would be eternal. It is truly a horrifying 
An eternity of darkness is more frightening than any beast I have fought 
thus far. If I fell, what would kill me first? The hunger, or myself?
On a side note, I am now using the forest fissure as my own personal 
lavatory. I wonder if I am pooping into another dimension...

Journal Entry #12

I have found a solution to my hunger problem. The forest holds an endless 
bounty of delicious mushrooms.
And within these mushrooms lie chicken legs! Also gold coins, and vials of 
sparkling water... I broke open a tree trunk earlier, and a bag of money 
fell out.
Sometimes I feel like I have gone insane.
... Plus, what is up with the moon? It's HUGE!

Journal Entry #13

I slew the beast of the forest, and I have felt the throne room weaken once 
So far my assumptions have proven correct. Each wing of the castle houses 
its own guardian beast. Was this designed as a test of will? If so, then I 
cannot fail, for the further I venture, the more bold I become!
Tomorrow I scour the tower. I am on a roll.

Journal Entry #14

I have been methodically clearing the demons in these rooms in my quest to 
slay the next guardian, but I am losing track of time... and other things...
As I entered the tower, I felt time stand still. Or perhaps that is the 
vertigo talking? I was never keen on heights... or was I?
I am finding it increasingly difficult to remember my past...

Journal Entry #15

I remember being a famous adventurer. My martial prowess surpassed all of my 
brothers. That, I am sure of. While they spent their days buried in their 
bookish studies, I was out killing brigands and monsters.
I always wondered why my father favoured them over me? Isn't it always the 
opposite in fairytales?
Fortune favours the bold. Not the insipid intellectual... Or something like 
Man, I would love to see my brothers try to out think my sword in their 

Journal Entry #16

What if years have passed since I first entered these walls? It is true that 
I am becoming more proficient in clearing monsters, but it feels like an age 
has passed.
I have even forgotten what my kin look like.
What if they think I have failed? What if one of my brothers has beaten me 
to the cure?
... And what if I mistook them for a monster?

Journal Entry #17

I must be going insane. I stumbled across a carnival inside this castle. 
Complete with a sad clown and everything.
He's sort of an ass. But I guess you can't be picky with your friends in a 
place like this.
I'm getting hungry again. Good thing I topped up on chicken legs. I found 
these in a chandelier.
This castle... Sometimes I wonder if it's all just a big joke.

Journal Entry #18

I have bested the beast of the tower, and once again I could feel the throne 
give up some of its power.
The rush I feel from this victory is intoxicating! Never have I felt so 
confident, so powerful, so... at home. Just a little further and I will be 
able to earn my reward!
I'm so close! I will make my father proud!

Journal Entry #19

I have been standing outside the dungeon gate for longer than I care to 
My courage has finally been sapped, for I have spied the monsters below, and 
they make my previous struggles laughable in comparison.
I must steel myself. I must focus. There is so little light down there, I 
fear that I may lose myself.

Journal Entry #20

I thought I knew what darkness was, but here in the dungeon, the darkness 
has a voice.
It calls at me through grates, and around corners. It taunts me.
The darkness is so thick, it is almost tangible, and the beasts here have 
made it their home. They move swiftly through the corridors, and are more 
terrifying than anything I've fought before.
I must be prudent and choose my battles carefully. Being confrontational now 
may cost me my life.

Journal Entry #21

I have done it! I have defeated the dungeon's master! All that remains is to 
enter the throne room.
After this, the king will honor me for my valor and acknowledge me as 
rightful successor to the throne!
Not my faceless siblings!

Journal Entry #22

I sit here making my final preparations. All that lays between me and the 
lord of this castle is the golden doors.
There is a nervousness in my body that I cannot quell. Is this fear, or 
fearcitement? All I know is that my journey is finally reaching an end.
I have almost forgotten why I entered this castle in the first place, but I 
remember now.
I have bested my siblings, I will save the king, and leave this castle a 
greater man than when I entered. My family will get the honor they so 
rightfully deserve.
Now I enter the throne room.

Journal Entry #23

I never knew what treasure lay in this castle. I knew only that it would 
cure the king.
Who could have suspected it would be the fountain of youth?
I expected a monster to greet me at the dias; a foe of unimaginable 
strength. I imagined it would take all my strength to best him.
But when I entered the castle and saw my father - the king - sitting atop 
the dias with goblet in hand, I knew all was lost.
He would never die...
... And I would never be heir.
There are no words to express what I feel.

Journal Entry #24


Journal Entry #25

Today marks the rest of eternity.
I never knew what treasure lay in this castle. Just that it would cure the 
king of his illness.
... Who would have known it would have been the fountain of youth? A myth, 
which grants one eternal life.
As I look down on the body of the king I realize that it is inevitable: 
children will always answer for their father's sins.
I entered this castle a swordsman, a savior...
But all I have left is a rogue's legacy.
I can feel your anger, but know it was not I who sent your family to ruin.
The moment the king set foot within this castle, the royal coffers were 
emptied by Charon. My family - all families - had lost all hope for a better 
And in my mind's eye, I foresaw only desperation and poverty ravage the 
country. There was nothing for me to go back to.
To my children, and my children's children, here I sit, impassive, immortal, 
and await thee.

f) Story and Interpretation

Though there are some doubts and room for debate, the following explanation 
seems to be the most common and reasonable. The journals reveal details as 
they progress, so the story can't be understood until you've found the last 

The journals are written by Johannes, a powerful swordsman, who wishes to be 
the heir and chosen amongst his other siblings. However, he states he is not 
the favorite. Johannes thus looks for a way to please his father and move up 
to the top of the list. That's when the king sends out a distress call, 
claiming to be ill and dying. Johannes knows of Castle Hamson, which 
contains something to cure all evil. He prepares and ventures out there, 
before any other family member can. A horrible realization comes to him when 
he realizes that by entering the Castle, he has given up everything. All his 
money is gone. His family is doomed as well. There's no going back, and he 
must keep going if he wants to regain his status. Johannes slays and makes 
his way through the dungeons, losing track of time and forgetting very basic 
things. Johannes eventually eliminates all of the 4 bosses, causing the door 
to open. That's when the tutorial begins. Johannes enters  the Inner Castle, 
and makes his way to the big chamber. He sees his father sitting on the 
Fountain of Youth, looking healthy and fit as a king. Though we don't 
realize it since we don't know any of the journals, Johannes actually 
realizes his father falsely sent the distress call, possibly hoping someone 
would take him out of that dungeon safely. Upon entering the castle himself 
however, the King doomed his family and his kingdom, leaving them with 
nothing. In a rush of anger, Johannes kills the king (as seen in the death 
screen after killing The Fountain), and consumes the water of the Fountain 
for himself, knowing he has nothing left, and leaving his past life behind 
forever, claiming he found a "new family". As the family children, our 
characters keep visiting the castle in hope of getting to what their 
ancestors, unaware of the incident, haven't. The statement said by Johannes 
"As I look down on the body of the king I realize that it is inevitable: 
children will always answer for their father's sins." reflects the cycle of 
the game.

g) Characters

*Sir Lee: The first heir. Weak, traitless, and statless.

*Charon: A "demon" who will take all your gold, and he is the one 
responsible for having taken everything from the King and Johannes.

*Booyan: Runs the Circus, giving you a price if you meet his goals.

*Elf: Gives you a chance to triple your gold by allowing you to choose 
from one out of three chests. He will deduct 25% of your money if you 
choose to do so.

*The Blacksmith: Sells you equipment split in 5 sections: swords, 
helmets, chestplates, bracers, and capes. The first tier of equipment 
is available by default, but all others must be found. These are the 
armor tiers form first to last. Be aware that the last may not be 
necessarily the best, it all depends on playstyle.

1)	Squire
2)	Knight
3)	Blood
4)	Silver
5)	Ranger
6)	Sage
7)	Guardian
8)	Sky
9)	Retribution
10)	Imperial
11)	Dragon
12)	Holy
13)	Royal
14)	Slayer
15)	Dark

*The Enchantress: Sells you runes that enhance your abilities. You can 
have a maximum of 5 active at a time, one in each body section.

*The Architect: Allows you to lock down the castle, receiving only 60% 
of the normal gold gain. The deduction is applied to the money 
multiplier and not deducted from the final. Without any bonuses, a 
coin with the Architect active will be worth 6 instead of 10.

With the Architect you CAN:

*Revisit past rooms.

*Retry boss rooms.

*Retry miniboss rooms, which usually contain valuable equipment.

*Use teleporters to any room you have found them in.

*Retry failed fairy chest rooms. Useful for those that require 
dwarfism, a rune or a specific spell, or if you simply lacked the 
skill at first to do it.

*Discover unexplored areas.

With the Architect you CANNOT:

*Reloot chests regardless of their past contents. All looted chests 
will remain in their original positions and in the state they were 
left in, open or closed.

*Retry Circus rooms regardless of whether or not you won.


*Johannes: The first child to attempt to save the King, becoming angry 
and corrupted when he discovers the truth.

*The Fountain of Youth: The "cure" talked about in the journals, able 
to keep anyone alive. The powers of the Fountain can apparently be 
consumed as well, gaining immense powers and abilities.

*The King: The ruler of the kingdom, leaving it in ruin after entering 
the castle. Drank from the Fountain and became immortal.

h) Classes, Abilities, and Stats

There are a total of 9 classes. You begin with 4 and must buy the rest 
through the Manor. All classes have unique stats and traits that are better 
suited for certain scenarios. Abilities can also be purchased, enhancing 
classes and their potential.

1)	Knight
2)	Mage
3)	Barbarian
4)	Knave
5)	Shinobi
6)	Miner
7)	Lich
8)	Spellthief
9)	Dragon

The skills and attributes are as follows:

1)MP: Mana Points, allowing you to cast spells and use abilities.

2)HP: Health Points, allowing you to take more hits.

3)STR: Strength, determining your attack power and critical damage.

4)INT: Intelligence, making you do more damage the higher it is.

5)CRIT CHANCE: Critical chance, making critical strikes more common.

6)CRIT DMG: Critical damage, making critical strikes do even more 

1) Knight/Paladin

Stats: 100% HP, MP, STR and INT

Ability: Puts up a shield, nullifying the initial attack and any immediate 
ones after it.

Ability Cost: 25 MP

Ability 2: Pressing down before activating the ability causes you to turn 
into a statue, nullifying all damage and damaging anyone who comes in 
contact with you.

Ability 2 Cost: 15 MP when activated, 4 MP per second while active.

Characteristics: None.

Overview: The Paladin is a balanced class, with no positive or negative 
stats. His abilities make him able to absorb damage and deal good damage.

2) Mage/Archmage

Stats: 150% MP, 125% INT, 50% HP, 50% STR

Ability: Alternate between 3 spells. 

Ability Cost: 0 MP

Characteristics: Kills regain mana.

Overview: The Mage is a weak class. Although his spells are powerful, his 
low strength cause the mana regeneration to be slow. His low HP make him 
extremely fragile too. As opposed to the Spellsword, the Mage only 
regenerates on kill, making it slow to max MP again. The Mage does, however, 
have the Time Stop spell, which can be deadly when used right.

3) Barbarian/Barbarian King; Barbarian Queen

Stats: 150% HP, 50% MP, 75% STR, 100% INT

Ability: Shout, destroying any projectiles and knocking away enemies.

Ability Cost: 20 MP

Characteristics: None.

Overview: The Barbarian's massive health allows for high tanking and a high 
gain from chicken legs. His ability can be a true lifesaver when in later 
levels, where you are flooded with projectiles. His low strength does lead 
to slower kills however, in which you can take considerable damage.

4) Knave/Assassin

Stats: +15% CRIT CHANCE, +125% CRIT DMG, 75% HP, 65% MP, 75% STR, 100% INT

Ability: Mist. Makes you invulnerable to projectiles and direct contact, but 
you cannot attack or the effect will end.

Ability Cost: 5 MP when activated, 14 MP per second while active.

Characteristics: None.

Overview: The Knave is weak at the start. Once you maximize your CRIT DMG 
and CRIT CHANCE skills, you will crit nearly three fourths of the time, and 
lead to upwards of 500 damage per crit hit. His ability allows him to get in 
position and take out the deadlier targets first, although the cost is very 

5) Shinobi/Hokage

Stats:  175% STR, 60% HP, 40% MP, 100% INT, and no chance to score critical 

Ability: Dashes you a short distance, making you go through any enemies and 
projectiles, but not through walls. Be careful not to activate it when your 
dash will end on top of an enemy, as you will take damage.

Ability Cost: 5 MP

Characteristics: +30% movement speed.

Overview: Shinobis are extremely powerful in the first stages on the game. 
The speed allows for fast movement and evasion. However, the inability to 
crit makes two of the most useful skills useless, and nullifies the 
extremely high damage from them, which is necessary in later stages, making 
him inferior to the Knave later on.

6) Miner/Spelunker; Spelunkette

Stats: 50% HP, 50% MP, 75% STR, 100% INT, and a 30% bonus to all gold 
applied to the coin, not at the end.

Ability: Activates the headlamp which lights up the entire room in the 
Darkness, as opposed to just a circle around you.

Ability Cost: 1 MP per second while active.

Characteristics: A Spelunker/Spelunkette can reveal chests, fairy chests, 
and journal rooms in the map when the rooms haven't been explored.

Overview: The Miner is very weak and has no real positive attributes. He 
kills slowly, and he can't take many hits. His ability is nearly useless. 
After NG+ and on subsequent NG's, the bonus gold starts losing its value and 
the low stats make it a poor choice. However, switching to the Miner just to 
map and locate chests and fairy chests can be useful from time to time.

7) Lich/Lich King; Lich Queen

Stats: 150% INT, 75% STR, 35% starting HP and 50% starting MP. Can reach up 
to 100% HP and 200% MP through kills and abilities.

Ability: Turn half of your HP into MP. The amount will be taken from the 
total, not your current health. If you have 50/100 health and use the 
ability, you will remain with 50/50 health, not 25/50. Be careful not to 
accidentally activate it, as leaving you with too little HP can be fatal.

Ability Cost: 0 MP

Characteristics: Kills increase the maximum health by 4 points, and regains 
4 points as well as long as you haven't hit the maximum HP cap.

Overview: The Lich can be very good at the start, allowing you to spam 
spells with the high mana capacity. The Lich is also the only class that has 
Crow Storm, which hits all enemies on the room. However, as you raise your 
HP stats, only increasing 4 HP per kill is painfully slow, and it can take 
more than 2 sections before hitting the maximum. The lower strength leads to 
slower kills and thus an even slower maximum HP cap.

8) Spellthief/Spellsword

Stats: 75% HP, 40% MP, 75% STR, 100% INT

Ability: Create a giant version of your spell, covering more area and 
dealing twice the amount of damage. Costs double the mana as well.

Ability Cost: Varies, twice as much as your normal spell.

Characteristics: Regains mana on every HIT, including critical strikes. The 
amount recovered in equal to 30% of the damage dealt.

Overview: The Spellthief is the only viable class for higher stages that 
isn't from the ones available at the start. His Empowered Spells can cover a 
high amount of area, and by spamming it, it can lead to consistent damage. 
The MP decrease can easily be ignored, as a maxed up critical hit will 
regenerate pretty much your entire MP bar. The spells allow you to kill 
safely and from a distance.

9) Dragon

Stats: 40% HP, 25% MP, 0% STR, 100% INT

Ability (comes by default with the class): Fly around.

Ability Cost: 0 MP

Characteristics: No jump, no sword attack or sword modifiers. Dragon Fire 
spell, 8 MP regeneration per second.

Overview: The Dragon is a very unique class. If unlocked in early stages, 
his flight ability can be extremely useful, as you can traverse rooms very 
quickly, and use a hit-and-hide technique. The Fireball Spell has more range 
than the sword, allowing to attack safely from a distance. However, his 
extremely low health can be crippling and eventually, the absence of 
critical hits from magic spells will make the Dragon's damage slow and weak, 
requiring many hits to kill enemies. Fireballs cannot go through walls as a 
sword can, and you cannot down-attack, which can put you at risk at times. 
The Dragon is an easy boss killer however, being able to avoid many 
projectiles easily. The Dragon is also one who can make fairy chest rooms 
that require careful jumping or dashing easily doable. He also makes dagger 
circus rooms easier, as he can hover and not jump before throwing. If using 
him, use a sword with a non-offensive bonus, such as a gold bonus or an HP 
regen bonus, as the Dragon's damage is based on his intelligence and not the 
attack bonus. Siphon, Flight, Vault, and Dash runes are pretty useless on 
this class. 

i) Traits

Most characters will have traits. These traits modify the character, be it 
visually or by having an actual impact on the game. There are a total of 31 
traits, and a character can have 0, 1, or 2 traits.

1)ADHD: Move 30% faster.

2)Alektorophobia: Live chickens will spawn instead of chicken legs. 
Kill them to get the chicken leg. Can cause damage, but can also be 
left there, and when you come back to the room, they will remain, 
allowing you to "store" chicken legs.

3)Ambilevous: Projectiles come from the other side they normally 

4)Savant: New spell after casting the previous one. No chance of 
receiving the Quantum Translocator if active.

5)Baldness: No hair or feathers on helmet.

6)C.I.P: HP is not displayed.

7)Color Blind: Causes your vision to be a black and white tone.

8)Nostalgic: Causes your vision to be a sepia tone.

9)Coprolalia: Causes swearing when hit. Reduces recovery time.

10)Hypochondriac: Number displayed when hit is 100x the actual value.

11)Dextrocardia: HP and MP bars are inversed, taking on the values of 
the other.

12)Dementia: Spawns harmless, invulnerable enemies.

13)Dwarfism: Your hero is tiny, allowing you to go in the various 
dwarf passages. Swing range reduced.

14)Gigantism: Your hero is big, increasing your swing range and area 

15)Dyslexia: Journals, character text, and sector names have their 
letters scrambled. Sections change places from their regular 

16)Ectomorph: You will be knocked back much farther than normal.

17)Endomorph: No knockback from enemies.

18)Hypergonadism: Your knockback improves a lot, both from sword and 
spell hits.

19)Muscle Wk: You get no knockback.

20)Flexible: You can change your direction while swinging, causing the 
swing to land there instead.

21)Eid. Mem: Enemies on rooms are represented by red dots, allowing 
you to see their position.

22)Alzheimers: No big map, minimap will work.

23)Far-Sighted: Blurry vision for nearby things.

24)Near-Sighted: Blurry vision for far away things. 

25)Gay: Changes very small things, such as the ending scene and the 
location of the chicken leg and MP potion.

26)I.B.S: Hero will fart when he jumps or dashes. No benefit.

27)O.C.D: Hero will regain a mana point when destroying objects.

28)P.A.D: Hero will not activate spike traps. Normal spikes will still 
affect him.

29)Stereo Blind: Characters and enemies will flip instead of smoothly 
turn. Can turn some enemies invisible if they attack when in the 
middle of a flipping animation.

30)Tunnel Vision: Signs showing incoming projectiles will not be 

31)Vertigo: The screen will be flipped vertically, making the ground 
seem like the floor.

j) Spells

Rogue Legacy has a total of 11 spells that you can get. Some are class 
specific, however.

1)Blade Wall: Forms a blade in front of you, damaging enemies who 
come in contact with it. Despite popular belief, it does NOT block 

2)Flame Barrier: Flame balls circle the hero, causing damage to 
anyone in contact. Can go through walls.

3)Chakram: Throws a disc which will fly, hover for a while, and come 
back. Can be evaded to complete a line, otherwise it will be picked 
up and stopped in its way.

4)Axe: Throws an axe in a diagonal way, creating a curve. It will 
rise, and fall down.

5)Dagger: Throws a dagger in a straight line with incredible 
precision and unlimited range.

6)Conflux Orbs: Launches 4 spike balls which will bounce and harm 
enemies. If you touch them, they will disappear.

7)Time Stop: Stops time for as long as active, halting projectiles, 
flying enemies, and attacks. You can walk around normally and 
attack without any harm. You can still get damaged if you touch an 
enemy or come in contact with an attack or projectile.

8)Quantum Translocator: Creates a shadow of your character. Activate 
the spell again to return to the shadow created. Deleted when 
changing rooms.

9)Crow Storm: Summons crows based on the total amount of enemies in 
the room. Each crow will hit one enemy no matter where it is.

10)Scythe: Throws two scythes in a diagonal pattern.

11)Dragon Fire: Launches fire orbs with limited range.

k) Enemies

There are a wide variety of enemies in Rogue Legacy. There are various types 
of enemies, and each of those types has a tier 1 (weakest), tier 2, and tier 
3 (strongest) versions, along with some having a boss or miniboss variation.

1)	Skeletons: One of the most basic enemies, skeletons will walk 
around and throw bones which travel in an arc pattern.
*	Tier 1: Skeleton (single bone)
*	Tier 2: Mr Bones (dual bones, jumps)
*	Tier 3: Mc Rib (stream of bones, jumps)
*	Miniboss: Berith and Halphas (still, dual bones, enraged 

2)	Sword Knights: Have a decent amount of health and hit hard. Don't 
be too greedy with your hits, as then can suddenly strike.
*	Tier 1: Gray Knight (simple strike)
*	Tier 2: Gray Baron (dual strike)
*	Tier 3: Graydiator (furry attack, energy wave ability)

3)	Eyes: Pupils float in midair and when approached, will launch a 
tear attack which flies right at where you were when homed on.
*	Tier 1: Scout (single tear)
*	Tier 2: Pupil (tear stream)
*	Tier 3: Visionary (triple stream of tears)
*	Boss: Khidr (tear wheel, stream of tears in all directions)

4)	Fire Mages: Launch fireballs and float around, occasionally 
bumping into you.
*	Tier 1: Flamelock (triple ball)
*	Tier 2: Blazelock (ball stream)
*	Tier 3: Sollock (triple, huge balls)

5)	Ice Mages: Shoot ice projectiles and float around, occasionally 
bumping into you.
*	Tier 1: Frosten (single projectile)
*	Tier 2: Icen (projectile stream)
*	Tier 3: Glacien (projectiles in all directions)

6)	Earth Mages: Summon an earth column from the ground. A seal will 
appear in the location where it will be summoned.
*	Tier 1: Earthsor (small, low column)
*	Tier 2: Gravisor (medium, decent height column)
*	Tier 3: Terrasor (big, tall column, remains for a 
considerable time before disappearing)

7)	Mage Bosses: Huge, and fly around. Throw huge fireball streams, 
ice projectiles in all directions, and huge columns.
*	Miniboss: Barbatos and Amon

8)	Zombies: Remain buried in the ground until approached.
*	Tier 1: Zombie (slow)
*	Tier 2: Zomboner (medium speed)
*	Tier 3: Zombishnu (fast)

9)	Mimics: Resemble chests and will bite when touched.
*	Tier 1: Mimic
*	Tier 2: Mimicant
*	Tier 3: Mimicrunch

10)	Portraits: Resemble portraits and will fly and home into the 
player when touched.
*	Tier 1: Doomvas (fly around)
*	Tier 2: Doomtrait (fly around and throw energy balls 
*	Tier 3: Doomscape (fly around and throw energy balls 
vertically and horizontally)
*	Miniboss: Sallos (huge, flies around and throws energy 
balls in all directions)

11)	Flame Skulls: Fly around, and come in contact with you.
*	Tier 1: Fury (shoots energy balls in a cross pattern)
*	Tier 2: Rage (shoots 3 energy balls in a cross pattern)
*	Tier 3: Wrath (shoots energy balls in horizontal, vertical, 
and diagonal directions)
*	Boss: Alexander (huge, empowered energy balls, summon fury 

12)	Archers: Throw arrows and move around. Arrows suffer from speed 
and distance drop-off.
*	Tier 1: Archer (single arrow)
*	Tier 2: Ranger (double arrow)
*	Tier 3: Sniper (triple arrow)

13)	Spear Knights: Can dash towards the player, and throw quick 
energy waves.
*	Tier 1: Corrupt Knight
*	Tier 2: Corrupt Vanguard
*	Tier 3: Corrupt Lord
*	Miniboss: Botis (triple dash, energy waves in various 

14)	Turrets: Stationary, wooden boxes which shoot constant, fast 
projectiles. Do not go through walls, so only get on their 
shooting path when it's safe to strike.
*	Tier 1: GuardBox (single rocket)
*	Tier 2: GuardBox XL (triple rockets)
*	Tier 3: GuardBox 2000 (single homing rocket)

15)	Fire Stars: These stationary enemies float in air, firing 
fireballs in various directions.
*	Tier 1: Plinky (cross shape shooting)
*	Tier 2: Planky (cross + diagonal shooting)
*	Tier 3: Plonky (larger, white energy balls in all 8 

16)	Plants: Stationary plants which shoot energy balls upward, which 
fall and explode on contact with the ground or hero.
*	Tier 1: Bud (3 projectiles)
*	Tier 2: Plantite (5 projectiles)
*	Tier 3: Flowermon (9 projectiles)
*	Miniboss: Stolas and Focalor (multiple projectiles, capable 
of moving sideways)

17)	Fireballs: Flying enemies which try to come in contact with you.
*	Tier 1: Charite (simply flies around)
*	Tier 2: Pyrite (can light up and charge, causing it to dash 
towards you)
*	Tier 3: Infernite (charge also throws white energy balls)
*	Boss: Ponce de Leon (flame trail, dash)

18)	Chain Knights: Swing a spike ball around them, which are released 
when killed.
*	Tier 1: Chaintor (swings a single ball, releases a small 
*	Tier 2: Chaintex (swings 2 balls, releases medium ones)
*	Tier 3: Chaintus (swings 2 balls, releases big ones)

19)	Ninja Demons: Quick and with the power to release shurikens.
*	Tier 1: Ninjo (1 shuriken)
*	Tier 2: Ninpo (3 shurikens)
*	Tier 3: Ninopojo (5 shurikens)

20)	Slimes: Single enemy capable of jumping large distances. Splits 
into smaller slimes when attacked.
*	Tier 1: Bloob (2 total small slimes, requires 1 split 
before getting to the smallest)
*	Tier 2: Bloobite (4 total small slimes, requires 2 splits 
before getting to the smallest)
*	Tier 3: Bloobasaurus Rex (8 total small slimes, requires 3 
splits before getting to the smallest)
*	Boss: Herodotus (16 total small slimes, requires 4 splits 
before getting to the smallest, summons one Earth Mage for 
every small slime killed)

21)	Guards: Possess shields when, if hit, will send you flying away 
from them. The shield absorbs damage, so it is suggested to hit 
them from behind, where you won't be sent flying nor have your 
damage reduced. Coming into contact with them will cause 
noticeable damage.
*	Tier 1: Tall Guard (small)
*	Tier 2: Hulk Guard (medium)
*	Tier 3: Tower Guard (large)

22)	Horses: Quick ground enemies that will run and come into contact 
with you. To be safe, wait for them to run away from you and hit 
them from the back.
*	Tier 1: Headless Horse (runs)
*	Tier 2: Dark Stallion (runs and leaves a trail of fire 
which will damage you)
*	Tier 3: Night Mare (runs, leaves a damaging trail of fire, 
and has a flame barrier)

23)	Wolves: Stand still until gotten close to. When that happens, 
they will immediately charge at you at an amazing speed. If you 
are slightly above them, get as close to the edge as you can and 
jump, causing them to jump too and being able to hit them in 
*	Tier 1: Warg (small)
*	Tier 2: Wargen (medium)
*	Tier 3: Wargenflorgen (large)

24)	Johannes: Penultimate boss. Very fast with the ability to jump 
and dash, and can cast a stream of daggers and axes, along with a 
blade wall.

25)	The Fountain: Final boss. Can summon blades which travel from 
wall to wall and from floor to ceiling, summon a pit of blades 
which will remain for a few seconds (jump pads can be used for 
safety), along with a simple sword attack.

26)	Spiked Balls: Found naturally as obstacles, following a specific 
path, or released by Chain Knights. When they hit a surface, 
their health will decrease, killing them off eventually. This 
counts as a normal kill, as it drops health and regains HP and MP 
if you have vampirism or siphon. They can also be killed through 
Retribution runes and armor.
*	Tier 1: Spiketor (small)
*	Tier 2: Spiketex (medium)
*	Tier 3: Spiketus (large)

27)	Wall Turret: Found naturally as obstacles. They shoot fireballs 
in a straight path which are destroyed when they hit a surface. 
Can only be killed through Retribution runes and armor. Their 
firing rate varies, from very slow to fast. Some may even have a 
time period before they start shooting.

28)	Spike Trap: Found naturally as obstacles. When stepped on or 
gotten very close to, a spike will shoot up, causing damage if 
touched. The spike will retract if it doesn't detect a nearby 
hero. Heroes with P.A.D are not affected by these. Can only be 
killed through Retribution runes and armor.

A note on bosses...

Rogue Legacy contains a total of 6 bosses. Each of them has different 
strategies and ways of attacking. Some classes and equipment are better suited 
for some than for others. The first four bosses must be killed to allow 
passage to the other two. When killed, bosses will drop various amounts of 
money (the harder the boss, the better the pile), mana potions, and chicken. 
A Boss Chest containing stat upgrades will also appear for the first four. The 
Bosses, from easiest to hardest (from the game's point of view), are Khidr, 
Alexander, Ponce de Leon, Herodotus, Johannes, and The Fountain.

l) Chests and Runes

Rogue Legacy has 5 kinds of chests, though one of them is scarce.

1)Wooden Chest: Contains mostly coins (and not in very big 
quantities) and rarely blueprints, mainly at the beginning of the 

2)Iron Chest: Contains a generous amount of coins and diamonds, and 
blueprints have a higher chance of appearing in these.

3)Royal Chest: Obtained from minibosses, circus rooms, and Calypso's 
Compass rooms. Has a high chance of blueprints and if not, drops a 
very high amount of coins and diamonds.

4)Fairy Chest: Easily identifiable by its shine. Always contains a 
rune, and requires a challenge to be met in order to open it. Once 
all runes have been found, they will always contain stat upgrades, 
making them valuable. There are three tough ones to figure out at 

*No Looking: Use dash runes, or swing and quickly move a 
little right after, until you reach the end. Practice 
the last technique before attempting. Remember to jump 
to the platform looking the opposite way.

*No Jump: Sprint or Flight runes are required to get 
through this, seeing as the platform are far way.

*No Objective: Often, they are hidden on an invisible 
ledge, or require dwarfism. Look for darker platforms 
to jump up or down to.

5)Giant Chest: Found after a boss is defeated. Contains generous stat 

As said before, Fairy Chests will contain runes. These can be bought and 
toggled at the Enchantress, enabling a number of benefits. Runes DO stack, 
making 5 jumps possible, for example.

1)Sprint: Quickly dash, not losing nor gaining any altitude.

2)Vault: Allows for an extra jump.

3)Bounty: Increases the base value of a coin by 10%.

4)Retaliation: Return 50% of the damage back at your attacker. Only 
way to kill spike and fire traps and a quick way to kill spike 

5)Air: Enables 0.6 seconds of flight, which you can freely control.

6)Haste: Makes your character move 20% faster from the base speed.

7)Grace: Lowers enemy levels and tiers, but the rewards will be less.

8)Curse: Increases enemy levels and tiers, making higher rewards.

9)Vampire: Regain 2 HP per kill.

10)Siphon: Regain 2 MP per kill.

11)Balance: Regain 1 HP and 1 MP per kill.

m) Equipment

When you unlock the Smithy, you can buy equipment from him. There are 5 
types: sword, helmet, cape, bracers, and chestplate. You are given the first 
tier of every slot from the beginning, but you must find the others in 
chests (see "Chests and Runes"). You cannot equip an item if it requires 
more Weight than you have. Upgrade Equip Up in the Manor to do so. Below are 
the stats of each tier with a slot.

Abbreviations: DMG = Damage, WGT = Weight, HP = Total Health, MN = Total 
Mana, ARM = Armor, MG = Magic Damage/Intelligence

1)	Swords

*Squire: +7 DMG, +15 WGT

*Knight: +11 DMG, +20 WGT

*Blood: -30 HP, +9 DMG, +35 WGT, +1 Vampirism (restore 2 health 
on kill)

*Silver: +17 DMG, +35 WGT

*Ranger: +22 DMG, +40 WGT

*Sage: -10 DMG, +45 WGT, +10% base gold

*Guardian: +14 DMG, +12 ARM, +55 WGT

*Sky: +27 DMG, +45 WGT

*Retribution: +15 DMG, -15 ARM, +50 WGT, +50% DMG Return

*Imperial: +36 DMG, +55 WGT

*Dragon: +46 DMG, +75 WGT

*Holy: +25 MN, +20 DMG, +55 WGT, +1 Siphon (restore 2 mana on 

*Royal: +60 DMG, +85 WGT

*Slayer: +40 DMG, + 75 WGT, +4% crit chance, +15% crit damage, 
+50% damage return

*Dark: +50 DMG, +100 WGT, +1 Vampirism, +1 Siphon, +1 Air Dash 
(Sprint Rune)

2)	Helmets

*Squire: +15 HP, +5 MN, +10 WGT

*Knight: +25 HP, +20 MN, +15 WGT

*Blood: -30 HP, +25 MN, +35 WGT, +1 Vampirism (restore 2 health 
on kill)

*Silver: +35 HP, +25 MN, +35 WGT

*Ranger: +55 HP, +15 MN, +30 WGT

*Sage: -10 DMG, +45 WGT, +10% base gold

*Guardian: +20 HP, +20 MP, +18 ARM, +45 WGT

*Sky: +40 HP, +45 MP, +40 WGT

*Retribution: +30 HP, +30 MP, -15 ARM, +50 WGT, +50% damage 

*Imperial: +55 HP, +40 MP, +50 WGT

*Dragon: +75 HP, +60 MP, +60 WGT

*Holy: +25 HP, +50 MP, +55 WGT, +1 Siphon (restore 2 mana on 

*Royal: +90 HP, +90 MP, +70 WGT

*Slayer: +40 HP, +40 MP, +65 WGT, +4% crit chance, +15% crit 
damage, +50% damage return

*Dark: +60 HP, +60 MP, +100 WGT, +1 Vampirism, +1 Siphon, +Air 
Jump (Vault Rune)

3)	Chestplates

*Squire: +9 ARM, +20 WGT

*Knight: +16 ARM, +30 WGT

*Blood: -30 HP, +14 ARM, +35 WGT, +1 Vampirism (restore 2 health 
on kill)

*Silver: +25 ARM, +45 WGT

*Ranger: +38 ARM, +55 WGT

*Sage: -10 DMG, +45 WGT, +10% base gold

*Guardian: +70 ARM, +80 WGT

*Sky: +48 ARM, +65 WGT

*Retribution: +30 HP, +30 MP, -15 ARM, +50 WGT, +50% damage 

*Imperial: +59 ARM, +75 WGT

*Dragon: +78 ARM, +85 WGT

*Holy: +25 MP, +40 ARM, +65 WGT, +1 Siphon (restore 2 mana on 

*Royal: +100 ARM, +125 WGT

*Slayer: +50 ARM, +140 WGT, +4% crit chance, +15% crit damage, 
+50% damage return

*Dark: +50 HP, +100 WGT, +1 Vampirism, +1 Siphon, +1 Air Dash 
(Sprint Rune)

4)	Bracers

*Squire: +5 MG, +10 WGT

*Knight: +11 MG, +20 WGT

*Blood: -30 HP, +9 MG, +35 WGT, +1 Vampirism (restore 2 health on 

*Silver: +17 MG, +35 WGT

*Ranger: +22 MG, +40 WGT

*Sage:  -10 DMG, +45 WGT, +10% base gold

*Guardian: +10 MG, +18 ARM, +45 WGT

*Sky: +32 MG, +50 WGT

*Retribution: +15 MG, -15 ARM, +50 WGT, +50% damage return

*Imperial: +36 MG, +55 WGT

*Dragon:  +42 MG, +60 WGT

*Holy: +25 MN, +72 MG, +100 WGT, +1 Siphon (restore 2 mana on 

*Royal: +60 MG, +85 WGT

*Slayer: +40 MG, +60 WGT, +4% crit chance, +15% crit damage, +50% 
damage return

*Dark: +50 MG, +100 WGT, +1 Vampirism, +1 Siphon, +Air Jump 
(Vault Rune)

5)	Capes

*Squire: +10 WGT, +4% crit chance

*Knight: +15 WGT, +15% crit damage

*Blood: -30 HP, +35 WGT, +1 Vampirism (restore 2 health on kill)

*Silver: +35 WGT, +1 Siphon (restore 2 mana on kill)

*Ranger: +40 WGT, +15% crit damage

*Sage: +75 WGT, +10% base gold

*Guardian: +27 ARM, +40 WGT

*Sky: +55 WGT, +2 Air Jump (Vault Runes)

*Retribution: -15 ARM, +35 WGT, +50% damage return

*Imperial: +55 WGT, +50% crit damage

*Dragon: +75 WGT, +2 Vampirism (restore 4 health on kill)

*Holy: +25 MN, +65 WGT, +1 Siphon (restore 2 mana on kill)

*Royal: +80 WGT, +3 Flight (Sky Runes) (1.8 seconds of free 

*Slayer: +85 WGT, +4% crit chance, +15% crit damage, +50% damage 

*Dark: +100 WGT, +1 Vampirism, +1 Siphon, +Air Jump (Vault Rune)

As you can see, the same tier items often have some resemblance and harmony 
between them. However, each set has its advantages and disadvantages, and 
some may suit your playstyle better than others. See "Combinations" for some 
of these. Here's a note on some specific sets:

Dark Set: This set has a huge disadvantage, and that is that it's not the 
best in stats, with the Royal pieces taking that place. The main 
disadvantage of the set sits on the chestplate. While this gives 50 HP, it 
is no match to the 100 armor a Royal Chestplate provides. Of course, you can 
combine pieces, mitigating these problems. The Dark set provides a high 
amount of mobility along with the ability to spam spells and take a few 
hits. Coupling it with 5 Vampirism runes provides a high amount of healing, 
but you'll never quite have as much total damage, HP or armor as you could.

Slayer Set: A great and balanced set. You can have a total of 75% more 
critical damage and a 20% higher critical chance, making it great. It's not 
quite as good in raw stats however, but the bonuses can make up for it, 
along with reflecting a nice amount of damage and being able to eliminate 
otherwise invulnerable enemies.

Royal Set: This set is the best when it comes to raw stats, but lacks any 
special abilities. The cape does however have a very nice flight bonus, 
which can be used to maneuver around a room much more quickly without having 
to jump up from platform to platform. You might find that you prefer the 
bonuses of other sets at times, though.

Holy Set: Mainly focused on magic and magic damage. Can be a good choice for 
when you want to spam spells, or are using a mage class. Of course, it's not 
quite as powerful as those sets above it in terms of stats and versatility.

n) Rooms

Rogue Legacy has many predesigned rooms. Other than normal enemy rooms, each 
has a specific function.

1)Plain Rooms: Regular rooms, often with enemies in them.

2)Boss Stage: A specially designed stage in which a boss fight 

3)Calypso's Compass Room: When you follow the compass, you will enter 
this room. Small room with only 2 royal chests. Once you exit, you 
cannot reenter, so be careful not to accidentally exit it.

4)Miniboss Room: Contains a specific miniboss. If killed, a royal 
chest will spawn.

5)Journal Room: Random but common. Will give a new entry journal when 
found, and can also be used to reread past journal entries. A new 
entry will be given regardless of location, making it possible to 
read an excerpt about the forest while in the castle.

6)Boss Room: Contains the entrance to a boss stage, a teleporter, a 
statue containing an MP potion, a statue containing an HP potion, 
and two chests, which can be wooden or iron, or a combination of 

7)Sector Links: Contains the entrance to another sector, a statue 
containing an MP potion, and a statue containing an HP potion.

8)Random Teleporter: Empty room with a maroon teleporter. Will take 
you to any room, explored or not. Avoid these until you can handle 
the Darkness well. Can be used for an emergency escape if in danger 
around, but it's a gamble.

9)Jukebox: Choose from all the soundtracks of Rogue Legacy and play 
your favorite. The music will remain until you change sectors.

10)Spell Stand: Holds a spell which can be switched out for your 
current one. Once changed, you cannot go back. As an Archmage, your 
selection of spells will change, not just the selected one. Cannot 
contain a spell that is not available to that class.

11)Regeneration Fountain: Restores 20%-30% of HP and MP. Single use.

12)Portrait Room: Contains a large portrait displaying a game from 
Cellar Door Games, the developer. Press up in front of it to view 
development time and how production went. May contain Sallos, a 
giant portrait miniboss. Always hit or cast a spell before 
approaching it.

13)Elf Chest Room: Contains an elf and three chests. If you pay 25% of 
your total gold, you get to pick one of the chests. One of those 
will contain triple what you paid, without taking into 
consideration gold bonuses, making it possible to get even more.

*Comments: There's no actual mathematical advantage or strategy to this. Feel
free to pick whichever chest you want. Sticking to one at least until you get
the reward can be more comfortable though, since you can quickly go and choose
that one, along with remembering much more easily your past choices.

14)Circus Room: Contains a carnival tent and a clown. If you talk to 
Booyan, the clown, you have the chance to play a game. The game is 
random and can be one out of 2 possible ones.

The first game is a dagger game. You are given 12 targets, and must 
shoot and hit 8 targets. The targets are moving and increase in 
speed gradually. However, the little opening to shoot makes you 
have to jump AND shoot; otherwise the wall will block your shot. 
This means you have to carefully time it, considering the time the 
jump takes, and the time the dagger travels, along with the speed 
of the dagger. There's not much of a strategy to this, you just 
have to time it extremely well. Being a Dragon will allow you to 
hover, making you not have to jump, and making the shot easier.

The second game is an axe game, and is significantly easier once 
you manage to get your shots right. You are given 5 axes and must 
hit 100 still targets arranged in a 10x10 pattern. An axe will 
destroy any targets it touches.

*Strategy 1: Before entering the arena, stand at the very 
edge, and shoot an axe. As long as you don't enter the arena 
or stand right at the edge, it won't reduce from your total, 
though you will use mana. You can slowly move a bit closer, 
or jump, in order to hit some more targets, until you get so 
close you will automatically enter the arena. This can 
usually take out the first whole line, making the rest 
easier. Working as of game version 1.1.0.

*Strategy 2: Start at one of the bottom corners, tap the jump 
button, and shoot an axe. Do the same for the other corner. A 
new bottom "corner" should be formed in each side. Get in the 
middle of that pattern, jump, and as you're about to hit the 
ground, shoot an axe. Repeat for the other pattern. You 
should now have an extra axe, which you should use to your 
own advantage wherever the most targets will hit. You might 
have to experiment a little with this, as it's not perfect 
and depending on how you execute it, it might not work. It 
is, however, a good guideline to work with.

15)Shrine Room: Allows you to pray a single time and receive an item. 
There are up to 7 items, one of them being a negative one, adding a 
risk factor to praying. However, it's usually worth it. The item 
you receive will be placed in the box next to your spell. It will 
only remain for that round, and if you find another shrine and 
pray, the item will be lost.

*Curse of the Hedgehog: This negative item will make you drop 
50 coins (not gold) when hit. This is 500 base gold, but DOES 
take into account gold bonuses, making you drop more if you 
have any active. The Curse will remain until you die or pray 
at another shrine.

*Nerdy Glasses: Correct the vision traits (Color Blindness, 
Nearsighted, Farsighted, Nostalgic and Vertigo), making the 
game have a normal view again. This will also reveal the Elf 
chest with the gold inside. The Glasses will remain until you 
die or pray at another shrine. This item appears to be found 
only if the character has one of the above traits.

*Hermes' Boots: Allows you to walk on any white floor spikes 
without taking any damage. Wall and ceiling spikes, along 
with retractable spikes, will still damage you. The Boots will 
remain until you die or pray at another shrine.

*Helios' Blessing: Increases the gold rate and the amount from 
enemies. It does not act as a gold modifier; you will still 
receive the same amount per coin. This does not affect any 
kind of chest, including the Elf Chest. The Blessing will 
remain until you die or pray at another shrine.

*Calypso's Compass: When found, a compass will appear on the 
top of your screen and a special room will be triggered. The 
compass points to an invisible door in another room which you 
can enter by pressing up. Inside, will be 2 royal chests. You 
can only enter once, so loot them both before leaving. The 
compass can point to any sector, even those that you have not 
explored. The Compass will remain until you enter the special 
room, die, or pray at another shrine.

*Hyperion's Ring: This item allows a revive, spawning you back 
where you died with 25% of your total HP and all your 
equipment and gold. This is a single-use item, meaning you 
only get revived once. The Ring will remain until you hit 0 
HP or pray at another shrine.

*Charon's Obol: This item will allow Charon to ignore the 
usual fee, allowing you to continue with the amount of gold 
you had. Good if you are a few thousand coins away from 
another upgrade, and you want to save up for it, or simply 
for having a huge pool. It is suggested to use the gold 
anyways, as you always run into the chance of getting a Curse 
of the Hedgehog, which will subtract coins from your 
protected gold. Usually not very useful in the later stages 
of the game, as you can buy a lot of upgrades at once and a 
few thousand coins left over is not much of a deal. The Obol 
will remain until you choose to talk to Charon (there's no 
warning message before, as there usually is before paying), or 
pray at another shrine.

o) Combinations

With the big variety of equipment and class abilities, various combinations 
can be put together fun or powerful combos.

*Couple the Royal Cape with 5 Sky Runes, allowing a total of 4.8 
seconds of flight.

*Couple the Slayer Equipment (you can also change the cape for an 
Imperial one) with the Assassin, allowing a critical chance of 85%. 
Watch that critical hit text pop up all the time.

*Couple the Retribution or Slayer armor with 5 Retribution runes. Make 
sure the enemies regret attacking you.

*Couple the Dark Equipment and a Royal Cape along with 5 Vault or 
Sprint runes. Get unstoppable mobility.

*Couple the Dark Equipment with 5 Balance, Vampirism, or Siphon runes. 
Be a tank, spam spells, or both!

*Couple the Royal Sword, Royal Helm, Royal Chest, Holy Limbs, and a 
cape of your choice. Suggestions are Guardian for fitting in with the 
theme, or Royal for mobility. This set is the best as for raw stats, 
providing high armor, health, mana, and magic damage.

*Couple a Spelunker, Sage Equipment, and 5 Bounty Runes for 130% bonus 
to base gold. Time to rack up some coins.

*Couple a Hokage with 5 Haste runes and break the speed of sound.

*Couple a Dragon with 5 Haste runes and receive the best mobility in 
the game. Extra points if you have Dwarfism.

p) The Skill Tree

Rogue Legacy has a pretty big skill tree, accessible through the manor. Your 
first upgrade is the Smithy, but after that, you can branch out, with most 
upgrades unlocking further paths. Some of the abilities are passive, and 
others require activation. Apart from the scaling cost as you level up the 
skills, every upgrade causes all others to cost 10 extra coins. Below are 
descriptions of each.

*Death Defy - Give you a small chance to defy death and come back to 
life with a few HP when you die.

*Upgrade Lich - Turns Lich into Lich King. Lets you convert some max HP 
into max MP.

*Unlock Lich - They increase max hp by 4 (up to a certain cap) when 
they kill an enemy.

*Upgrade Shinobi - Turns Shinobi into Hokage. Gives you the Flash 
ability, which is like a really short range teleport which doesn't go 
through walls.

*Haggle - Charon lets you keep some of your money when you enter the 

*Unlock Shinobi - A high damage class.

*Crit Chance Up - Improves % chance to crit.

*Upgrade Barbarian - Turns Barbarian into Barbarian King. Gives him a 
shout ability that damages objects and enemies slightly, and pushes 
them back.

*Architect - He'll appear outside the dungeon, and will lock the 
dungeon down to its previous version for you, but you'll make less 
gold (60%) as a result.

*Attack Up - Raises your strength.

*Crit Damage Up - Raises % damage bonus on crit.

*Down Strike Up - Raises damage of the downward thrust attack.

*Armor Up - Raises your armor score.

*Equip Up - Raises your encumbrance so that you can equip heavier 

*Upgrade Knights - Turns Knight into the Paladin. They have a special 
ability where they can raise their shield to block attacks. Blocked 
attacks drain MP.

*Health Up - Raises your hit point total.

*Smithy - Blacksmith appears outside the dungeon and lets you buy items 
from blueprints or change your equipped gear.

*Mana Up - Raises your max mana.

*Bestiality - Unlocks the half dragon class.

*Invuln Time Up - Increases the amount of time you are invulnerable 
after taking damage.

*Upgrade Spell Thief - Turns the Spellthief into a Spellsword. Gives 
them an ability to cast a larger version of the spell for twice the 
mana cost.

*Unlock Spell Thief - Unlocks the Spell Thief class, which gets mana 
upon killing enemies.

*Mana Cost Down - Lowers the mana cost of spells.

*Potion Up - Increases the effectiveness of food and potions.

*Upgrade Knave - Turns the Knave into an Assassin. They have a stealth 
ability that makes them invisible but eats mana quickly.

*Upgrade Mage - Turns the Mage into an Archmage. Instead of just one 
spell, they get 3 and can swap between them with their skill button.

*Enchantress - Lets you visit the Enchantress outside the dungeon, from 
whom you can buy and equip runes that you find in the dungeon.

*Magic Damage Up - Increases the damage of magic attacks.

*Randomize Children - If you don't like your three character choices 
for a generation, you can randomly reroll the three of them (once per 
generation). You cannot go back once you reroll.

*Unlock Miner - The miner class has low stats but has increased gold 
gain (30%).

*Gold Gain Up - Increases the amount of gold that all characters 
receive by 10% per skill level.

*Upgrade Miner - Turns the Miner into a Spelunker, who gets a fancy 
mining hat, and allows them to see journal rooms and chests.

Priority refers to how much you should focus on each. The lower the 
priority, the less you should focus. Try to look for something with a higher 
priority when you have some coins left over. The list is sorted from 5 (buy 
as quick as you can) to 1 (ignore until the very end or completely). The 
actual upgrades within each priority are in no particular order, so you can 
freely choose the one you like best. However, you will usually want to 
upgrade ones with low maximum levels first.

Priority 5:
*Smithy/Enchantress/Architect: Base upgrades that are necessary for 
unlocking further upgrades.

*Unlock Shinobi/SpellThief/Miner: Grant access to various upgrades.

*Upgrade Lich/Shinobi/Barbarian/Knight/SpellThief/Knave/Mage/Miner: 
There is no reason not to level these as soon as you can. They are 
cheap and greatly enhance the classes. Many of these abilities could 
help you take less damage, or even complete a fairy chest room with 

*Gold Gain Up: Upgrade this whenever you can, and max it out quickly as 
well. The earlier you have this maxed out, the more long term gold you 
will be able to get. 50% increase to gold is huge, especially in the 
first stages where the coin will be a half more than it usually is.

*Randomize Children: Doubles your chances to get a good character, or 
at least something that isn't terrible.

Priority 4:

*Attack Up: A good offence is the best defense.

*Health Up: Take more hits and makes chicken legs more valuable.

*Crit Damage Up: Deal ridiculous amounts of damage, especially when 
further coupled with some attack levels.

*Crit Chance Up: Extremely useful when coupled with attack. Critical 
strikes are necessary in the later stages of the game as they can 
score massive amounts. A maxed out Crit Chance Up will produce a 50% 
chance of criting, which is huge.

*Invuln Time Up: Being invincible for a few more split seconds can 
allow for many actions to be done, including escaping, getting that 
money laying on those spikes, and going berserk on your attacking 
knowing you are safe for a few moments. The extra time is noticeable 
as long as you are quick with your moves.

Priority 3: 

*Equip Up: ONLY upgrade when you need to. Good for using better 
equipment and pretty much mandatory if you want to have a strong 

*Upgrade Lich: Unlocks the Death Defy upgrade. Considering the 
character isn't that great, don't get him until you want to start 
leveling Death Defy.

*Death Defy: Useful at times, but sometimes you will be purposely 
killing yourself and it will activate. You come back with very little 
health and chances are if you died, there's no easy way for you to get 
back up too easily other than to continue attacking and hoping to get 
somewhere. The cost of this becomes extremely high as it is upgraded, 
as well.

*Mana Up: A big mana bar is always useful. MP potions will restore 
more, and mana can be used for spells and abilities as well, the 
latter of which are necessary to use from time to time.

*Potion Up: When your health and mana are high, this upgrade is even more 
valuable. A maxed out Potion Up will give you a half more than potions 
and chickens would usually restore.

Priority 2:

*Armor Up: Health is much more useful than armor, except in the latter 
stages of the game where you will need some armor in order to take 
considerably less damage. You shouldn't upgrade this save for one 
point until you max health.

*Magic Damage Up: Mainly useful for classes like the Archmage and the 
SpellSword, and you usually won't be using spells too much on other 
classes, making this upgrade not that used.

*Mana Cost Down: Same as Magic Damage Up, mainly situational, and a 
bigger Mana bar will usually be more favorable if you are planning on 
spamming spells.

Priority 1:

*Haggle: If you use your gold wisely, you should have so little gold 
left that it's not worth it to invest thousands to keep a couple 
hundred coins which might end up being wasted in the next upgrade 

*Down Strike Up: Apart from not unlocking anything, the cases where you 
would pogo (down strike) are not many, and if you are even attempting 
it, you should be good enough to score a few more successful pogos.

*Bestiality: The Dragon is a fun class and can be good in some scenarios, 
but those will have to be very specific. It's usually not worth it as 
they become very weak. They also do not unlock anything more. Even if 
you have more than enough money, think twice about buying it, because 
it means that a weak class can be chosen for an heir.

q) Difficulty Scale

Often, you might feel like the game is way too hard. This is especially true 
at the beginning and later stages of the game. This is due to a variety of 
concepts the game introduces, some which are out of the player's control.

1)Timing and patterns: You will not be able to time many rooms right at 
first, or learn the patters flames and spike rooms. As you learn how 
the game works, these will start to be easier.

2)Evasion: Evading and striking when the time is right is a very 
important concept in Rogue Legacy. With the high amount of flying 
enemies, and their special abilities (for example, flame balls which 
can dash), learning attack patterns or, as the game calls them, 
"tells" can be tough. As you encounter these enemies their patterns of 
movement and attack rate will start to be clearer.

3)Controls: Be sure to map any controls you feel are necessary to 
change. This can be done through settings. Some other options, like 
quick dropping, are highly beneficial and can save you a lot of times. 
Most people find a keyboard inferior to a gamepad/controller, so if 
you have one, try that. However, keyboard is perfectly viable to use.

4)Enemies: Different enemies have different abilities. Some have a 
shield, others will dash, otherwise will shoot a pillar out of the 
ground. Each has to be taken with a different method.

5)Statless: You will begin the game at level 0. As you progress and 
upgrade your Manor, you will be able to be naturally better.

And all these lead to...

6)Slow Gold Gain: Gold gain is largely dependent on how far you can get 
in the dungeon. Getting deeper inside allows for more and better 
chests. Once you start learning these and leveling a little more, 
you'll get better. At the start, you might get only 2,000, but as you 
progress, you can easily get 100,000 by completing a dungeon, and 
that's without considering NG+.

While grinding in this game is a pretty big aspect, once you start completing 
dungeons and exploring all of them with ease, you shouldn't stay in an easy 
difficulty just to get some more gold, unless you feel like you absolutely 
need that upgrade. The base gold increase, along with better gold drops (see 
"About New Game +") will usually result in an equal amount of gold in lesser 
time. However, if you are barely completing the dungeon before dying, you 
should consider doing it a few more times to be a little stronger. Staying 
in an easy difficulty with no challenge provides nothing but boredom.

Difficulty spikes in between New Games are definitely something to take into 
account. In the base game, the vast majority of enemies are tier 1 and 
easily killable. However, in the final rooms of the base game, you will 
start seeing tier 2 enemies, and with enough practice, they will become 
easier. Once you move to NG+, you will be able to have an easier time with 
them, and tier 2 enemies will not be as hard. However, in NG++, you will 
encounter tier 3 enemies, which are not only strong and have high HP, but 
also usually some type of ability (see "Enemies"). The difficulty spike in 
between the base game and NG+ is not much if you are geared well, but even 
with a maxed out manor, the difficulty spike with NG++ is significantly 
bigger and harder.

If you wish to remain in a lower difficulty, you should attempt to use some 
Curse runes to practice for the higher difficulties, and keep the game 
fresh. The same can be said if you are in a higher difficulty and having a 
hard time with it. Use Grace runes, which will still make you encounter 
tougher enemies, but towards the end. Be sure not to exaggerate on them 
however, or you will end up with what you were trying to avoid in the first 

r) About New Game +

New Game Plus, abbreviated as NG+, is a mechanic in many games where the 
game becomes harder but usually offers higher rewards. In Rogue Legacy, NG+ 
affects the game in the following ways:

1)Increases the tier of an enemy for every NG+. A previously tier 1 
enemy will now be tier 2. Cannot go past tier 3, or NG+2.

2)+50% gold coin multiplier, making a base coin worth 15 instead of 
10. Each NG+ will add another 50%.

3)Ability to get higher tier equipment. In the base game, you can get 
up to Imperial tier items. NG+1 allows you to get all other 
equipment, but NG+2 makes the final tier be easier to find. On 
NG+1, the only way to get Dark tier equipment is from miniboss and 
circus chests in the Darkness.

4)More gold and gold drops. An enemy in the first room of NG+ could 
drop an equal amount to one of the Darkness in the base game. This 
makes the first rooms often have diamonds, leading to more gold in 
shorter time.

If you have advanced to a high NG+, it is possible you have no chance of 
receiving a low tier item. For this, use Grace runes, which will make 
enemies easier and decrease your rewards, enabling the low tier items again.

s) Achievements

Rogue Legacy contains 22 achievements of varying difficulty. Except for two 
(Barophobia and Decidophobia), all of them can be obtained through regular 
gameplay and don’t require you to go out of your way for them.

1) Biophobia: Die 20 times.

2) Decidophobia: Put at least one point in every skill in the manor. Includes 
the Dragon Class.

3) Plutophobia: Reach level 50 or higher. You gain 1 level for every upgrade 
bought in the Manor.

4) Aurophilia: Open your very first gold chest. Gold chests are royal chests. 
See "Chests and Runes" for the location of these.

5) Gymnophobia: Have one piece of equipment in every item slot. You must buy 
and equip one of each type.

6) Disposophobia: Find all blueprints, all the way from Squire to Dark. You 
do not need to purchase them. See "Characters: Blacksmith" for the list of 

7) Rhabdophilia: Earn your very first Enchantress rune. Runes can be found in 
Fairy Chests.

8) Cainotophilia: Have one rune equipped in every item slot. See 
"Characters: Blacksmith" for the parts you have to find runes for.

9) Ommetaphobia: Kill Khidr. He is the Castle Boss.

10) Phasmophobia: Kill Alexander. He is the Forest Boss.

11) Pyrophobia: Kill Ponce de Leon. He is the Maya Boss.

12) Blennophobia: Kill Herodotus. He is the Darkness Boss.

13) Paterphobia: Kill the Fountain. He is the final boss, after Johannes.

14) Zoophobia: Kill all of the minibosses. See "Enemies" for the miniboss enemy 

15) Geminiphobia: Beat the game... twice. Finish NG+1 to unlock.

16) Bibliophilia: Read all the journal entries. Entry #25 is not needed.

17) Alektorophobia: Kill a chicken. You must have the trait of said name for 
chickens to appear.

18) Barophobia: Use the special class at least once. The "special class" refers 
to the Dragon Class.

19) Atelophobia: Choose a hero with no traits. The chance of a trait is random.

20) Somniphobia: Play the game for 20 hours. Will be earned when you start the 
game again after having a 20 hour playcount.

21) Coulrophilia: Beat one of the clown’s games at least once. Winning means 
getting the needed number of targets. Most people will find it easier to win 
the axe game. See "Rooms" for potential strategies.

22) Gnosiophilia: Find all the runes. This means all runes for all the 
equipment slots, not just one of each type. You do not need to purchase them. 
See "Chests and Runes" for the list of runes.

t) Tips

Here are some tips in which you might find something you don't know, or 
something that might help you get through the game easier.

*Though cheap, you can hit enemies through walls. Some spells go 
through walls as well.

*When in mist form, don't spam the down button, since if you fall 
through a platform and are in air, you can activate the down attack, 
getting you out of mist form.

*A Doomvas and a Mimic can be identified by moving when you are close 
to them.

1)Mimics will not appear on the minimap as a chest, so if you are 
near to a chest with no indicator on the minimap, it's a Mimic.

2)A Doomvas will have a black outline that normal paintings don't. 
Also, an actual painting will NOT overlap any background art, 
such as lamps or other paintings.

*Guards (enemies with shields) can be used as a mean of escaping any 
danger, like incoming projectiles. If you are near a guard, hit them 
by the front, and you will get a fast lift. You can even jump to go 
higher and further.

*A Paladin's ability, the shield, will absorb an initial hit and any 
other immediate hits after that. If you are hit with a stream of blood 
tears for example, you will be able to take the whole stream using 
just on trigger of the ability.

*You should often try to have some sort of mobility, which will make 
the game much easier. Some possible and very good suggestions are a 
vault and a sprint rune, or a royal cape. The little air time you get 
from Sky runes is usually not worth it as opposed to a sprint and a 
vault. Royal capes are usually much better once you get access to one, 
since the air time is very good, and you can maneuver and move around 
much better.

*Sprint runes can be used to get out of the way of an attack, not just 
to run forward. This way, you can hit an enemy and back off quickly 
before he hits you.

*A sword actually slashes and retracts. This means that you can hit 
someone in midair if you are able to time it right, or if you slashed 
and jumped, you might hit it when the sword comes back.

*Just as the hero, enemies have some invulnerability time, which is the 
reason you can't hit an enemy twice right away, and if you spam spells, 
especially Dragon Fire, you will miss a few.

*Although enemies can drop a significant amount of gold, sometimes it's 
better to ignore tough enemies or let a Doomvas or Mimic in its sleep, 
and go straight to the chest looting.

*Enemy projectiles and locations will reset upon leaving and reentering 
a room. Careful though, gold will disappear as well. Exceptions to this 
are Doomvases and Mimics.

*Not just because an equipment is of a higher tier means it's better. 
Holy Bracers for example, are lower than Royal but still superior to 
Royal Bracers in every aspect (except Weight).

*You can change your Hero and Heroine names to whatever you want, as 
long as they are under 8 characters and with no special characters. 
On your computer, go to ProgramFiles\Steam\SteamApps\common\Rogue Legacy
\Content\, and look for HeroNames.txt and HeroineNames.txt. There, 
you can remove, add, and edit names. Changing names is purely aesthetic 
and safe to do.

u) Credits

I have used 3 sites which have aided me in my guide. They were used for very 
specific parts of the guide and not as a complete copy-paste on all aspects 
of this guide. Anything else not signaled before the link has been thought, 
seen, and written by me.

1)IGN has been used and quoted for Journal Entries: 

2)A post on StackExchange has been used and quoted for the Skill Tree: 

3)Various stats have been taken from the Rogue Legacy Wikia: 

4)The path and files for Hero name changing were also taken from the 
Wikia: http://rogue-legacy.wikia.com/wiki/Names

v) Disclaimer

I do not guarantee all of this information is correct or accurate. This 
includes stats and other game aspects, along with self-written texts like 
strategies. Errors may be present, and I am not to be held responsible for 
any misunderstood or incorrect information. Strategies are merely a guideline 
and may not work for everyone as well. Please check the game version, since 
patches and updates may have changed existing mechanics which were present 
at the time of writing this guide.

w) Version History

Below are all the changes made to this specific guide since release. Version 
History may change between publications if not all of the versions need the 

*Version 1.0.0 (11/16/13)

-Rogue Legacy: Complete Guide released.

*Version 1.0.6 (11/20/13)

-Added section: Version History.

-Added section: Disclaimer.

-Added tip on Hero name changing.

-Added version of the game the guide was written on.

-Added new cite.

-Corrected some spelling and grammar mistakes, along with rewording some 
sentences for clarification.

*Version 1.0.9

-Added section: Achievements.

-Added a note on section: Enemies to give more information about bosses.

-Changed some spacing to match the order of the other similar ones.

x) Copyright and Distribution Rights

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document and the discussed 
game are owned by their respective trademark and copyright holders, in this 
case Cellar Door Games and anyone associated with the rights of it through 
legal processes. I do not claim these as my own, nor do I claim this as an 
official or authorized guide as per Cellar Door Games.

This guide is for personal use only, in effect, for personal entertainment 
and guidance. Under no circumstance can anyone post this guide in or 
remotely close to its entirety, on any other site, forum, or message board, 
nor can they monetize off it in any way.

You are free to do the following with this guide: use it for personal 
entertainment, guidance, and assurance, discuss EXCERPTS and SECTIONS 
amongst other people*, share an excerpt or section to prove a point or help 
someone else*, and distribute the link freely to the original author's guide 
(as long as you are not charging to disclose it).

*You, whether you are a company or an individual, are allowed to post up to 
four (4) sections of this guide or up to one thousand (1,000) word excerpts. 
This is a cumulative amount (company or individual) and not per account or 

If quoting or using an excerpt for anything other than what is stated above, 
you must be given written permission by the author ONLY. The permission must 
be given through the publication site (in this case GameFAQs) and any other 
methods such as email or any type of message will be void and cannot count 
as permission. The author is not forced nor obliged to provide permission.

By reading this guide you agree to follow these statements and agree to have 
various sorts of action taken against you if they are not met. Not complying 
with these is a violation of copyright.

This guide was originally posted and written for GameFAQs under username 
"Maxscart", making it the original site and place of origin on the internet. 
This guide is owned by me, the author, Maxscart, all of those being the same 
person. This guide is not owned by GameFAQs. Only I am able to provide 
permission for use of this guide.

Copyright 2013 Maxscart

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