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                               WWW             WWW
                                WWW     W     WWW  II LL     DDDD
                                 WWW   WWW   WWW   II LL     DD DD
                                  WWWWWWWWWWWWW    II LL     DD DD
                                   WWWW   WWWW     II LLLLLL DDDD
Running Wild FAQ Version 1.0 - by Michael Koenig 
Table Of Contents
1. Introduction to the Game
2. Legal Information
3. The Characters
   3.1 Regular Characters
   3.2 Hidden Characters
4. Controlling Your Animal
   4.1 Controls
   4.2 Power-Ups
5. The Courses
6. Secrets
   6.1 Cheat Codes
   6.2 Unlocking the Game
7. Credits

1. Introduction to the Game

Running Wild is a wacky racing game that was published by 989 Studios. 
It can be likened to a kart racer that uses bi-pedal animals to compete 
against each other in fast-paced, zany racing action. The game was 
released in October 1998 and can support up to 4 players via multitap. 
The game is aimed more towards children but adults can find as much, if 
more fun in the multiplayer modes and by unlocking everything the game 
has to offer. It is rated "E" for "Everyone" by the Entertainment 
Software Rating Board . The game has no violence or 
objectionable content (I told you it was aimed towards kids!) and is a 
safe, fun, family game.

2. Legal Information

This FAQ belongs and is Copyrighted to Michael Koenig 
 under the international Copyright law. You may 
not in any way shape or form change the content of this FAQ or 
distribute it without permission of the author. Any information taken 
from this FAQ must be credited to me. This FAQ cannot appear in any 
magazine/website/guide without my permission. The only site that this 
FAQ can appear on is GameFAQs .

Running Wild is a trademark and copyright of Universal Studios Inc. 
1998, and 989 Studios is a trademark of Sony Computer Entertainment 
America Inc. All rights reserved.

3. The Characters

<3.1> Regular Characters:
These are characters that are available at the start of the game. My 
character of choice is Boris. He has so much power that once he gets 
going fast, nothing stops him.

Mei-Ling the Panda
Speed:   OOOO
Power:   OO
Jumping: OO
Agility: OOOOO
Turning: OO

Gwynne the Bunny
Speed:   OOOOO
Power:   O
Jumping: OOOOO
Agility: OO
Turning: OO

Brazz the Zebra
Speed:   OOO
Power:   OOO
Jumping: OOO
Agility: OOO
Turning: OOO

Coronado the Bull
Speed:   OO
Power:   OOOO
Jumping: OOO
Agility: O
Turning: OOOOO

General the Ram
Speed:   OOO
Power:   OOO
Jumping: OOOO
Agility: OOOO
Turning: O

Boris the Elephant
Speed:   O
Power:   OOOOO
Jumping: OO
Agility: OOO
Turning: OOOO

<3.2> Hidden Characters:
These are characters that you must unlock (The character in brackets is 
the character that you must beat hard mode with to unlock the 

Blizzaro (Brazz)
Speed:   OOOOO
Power:   OOO
Jumping: OOO
Agility: OOOOO
Turning: OOOO

Kostra (Coronado)
Speed:   OOO
Power:   OOOOO
Jumping: OOOO
Agility: OOOOO
Turning: OOO

Lunarr (Mei-Ling)
Speed:   OOOO
Power:   OOOO
Jumping: OOOO
Agility: OOOO
Turning: OOOO

Pyro (Gwynne)
Speed:   OOOO
Power:   OOOO
Jumping: OOOOO
Agility: OOO
Turning: OOOO

Rex (Boris)
Speed:   OOO
Power:   OOOOO
Jumping: OOO
Agility: OOOO
Turning: OOOOO

Tox (General)
Speed:   OOOOO
Power:   OOO
Jumping: OOOOO
Agility: OOOO
Turning: OOO

4. Controlling Your Animal

<4.1> Controls
The controls are pretty straightforward:
 ______                                    ______
(  L2  ) Not Used                Not Used (  R2  )
 ------                                    ------
 ______                                    ______
(  L1  ) Hard turn left   Hard turn right (  R1  )
 ------                                    ------

    Not Used / \                      Not Used (/\)
           __|_|__                         _
Turn Left <__|_|__> Turn Right      Jump (|_|)      (O) Use Powerup
             | |                               
             \_/ Brake                         (x) Accelerate

<4.2> Power-Ups

Speed Boost - Double green arrow - Increases your speed for a short 
amount of time.

Giant - Lightning bolt - Doubles your size and makes stepping on other 
characters and bouncing off of objects easier (and you won't lose 

Ghost - Ghost - You are immune from attacks and hazards on the 
racecourse and can run through competing players and obstacles.

Flight - Pair of Wings - Fly in the sky and go faster than normal and 
avoid all those pesky ground obstacles.

Attack - Crosshairs - Selects one of the following attacks to affect 
other players:

   Mud Bomb - Opponents have to run through mud and it slows them down.
   Ice Bomb - Makes your contenders slide on ice and lose speed as well.
   Get Small - Other players shrink to miniscule sizes and lose speed.

Multi-Collect - Upside-down triangle - A series of these will appear and 
if you grab them all then a cool power-up appears, just for you!

5. The Courses

There are 4 regular courses in Running Wild and 2 that you open up as 
you progress in the game. Each of the courses are different depending on 
the difficulty. More shortcuts will open up in medium mode (with more 
obstacles as well) and the medium tracks will me mirrored in hard mode. 
All the strategies are for medium mode and up tracks since these modes 
open up all of the shortcuts.

Strategy: After the first turn, get the purple multi-collect to activate 
the ghost powerup. Grab that and hit the green speed arrows on the 
raised ledges. Once you enter the place with the platforms go straight 
down the middle and 
grab the next ghost powerup. Hit all the double green speed arrows going 
up by zig-zagging with L1 and R1. Avoid the tumbleweeds and grab the 
speed powerup. Once you come to the canyon, leap onto the pillar with 
the attack powerup. After this, leap to the ledge below the shortcut and 
grab the flight powerup. Don't take the shortcut since the vines will 
not affect you while flying. Navigate yourself throught the cave and 
come out at the finishline. This is one of the more difficult problems 
due to the fact that there are so many obstacles and sharp turns.

Strategy: Hit the first speed powerup and then take the lower path to 
the side of the trees. Jump over the puddles and dodge the icicles in 
the tunnel. At the exit of the tunnel leap up to the high road. Stay on 
the high road and hit the speed pads and the multi-collects if you can. 
At the end leap off of the end ramp and into the hole in the wall. Go 
through the cave and then jump onto the raised platforms in the space 
ahead. Go to the side of the ship with the giant power-up and drop off 
the front to grab the attack and speed power-ups. Head up the hill and 
across the finish. This track is a cinch if you can stay on the high 
road and make the shortcut. If you happen to fall off at either of these 
locations, just hit as many powerups as you can.

Strategy: Right off of the starting line, jump through the window and 
grab the speed powerup. This is much quicker than going around the 
building. Jump over the barriers and take the path to the side of the 
tunnel. Grab the multi-collects and speed powerup if the computer 
doesn't first. Follow the tunnel into the slime and drop off the 
"slimefall". Head up the thin ramp and leap into the shortcut in the 
wall and follow the path into the larger room. Stay on the ledges on the 
sides and at the last minute, jump to the raised path in the middle. If 
you happen to not go through the shortcut, take the red tunnel and grab 
the flight powerup outside the exit. Head forward after the finishline. 
This track is easy and shouldn't give you any problems.

Strategy: Start by grabbing the multi-collect and then the speed powerup 
that appears. Jump on the raised platforms, one after the other, and 
then to the shortcut in the wall. Use the attack powerup if you grabbed 
it along the way and hit the jump just past the exit of the tunnel. If 
you can leap to the ledges and get a nice shortcut. Since this is 
difficult, I usually just take the bottom path by grabbing the flight 
powerup to the side right after the jump. Fly across the islands in the 
lava and nab the ghost powerup. With the ghost on you can run through 
the fireballs and grab all the powerup goodies. Head on to the finish 
line. This is also a fairly easy track and shouldn't be much more 
difficult than the city.

The tracks that must be unlocked are:

Strategy: This track has tons of powerups that the computer uses so 
expect mud, ice, and miniscule sizes to occur often. Head through the 
tunnel in the beginning and grab the multi-collects on the logs and the 
speed powerup on the end. If a computer player is ahead of you, they 
will grab and use the attack powerup to the side, so go for the ghost 
powerup to nullify it's effects. If there is no player ahead of you, get 
the powerup and use it to your liking. Proceed forward and get on the 
raised ramp with another attack powerup on it. Jump down and head into 
the cave. Go the way of the log and hit the powerup on the way. You can 
jump through the waterfall on the side but it doesn't affect your time 
(and can slow you down if you mess up). Go throught the waterwall at the 
end and jump high in the air to get the giant powerup. You should land 
almost on the finish line. This track can be slightly difficult because 
of the computer's attacks.

Strategy: Grab the powerups next to the pillars at the beginning and 
head towards the ramp in the middle. Instead of taking the ramp to a 
shortcut that will slow you down, just go the same way as the computer 
characters and follow the canal. Jump across (but don't land in the 
middle) to grab the speed powerups and go off the edge at the end. Jump 
over the beam and make your way to the side to grab the ghost powerup. 
When you get to the islands, jump on the middle one and then to the far 
left ramp. Use this to grab another ghost. Jump off and land on the 
electrified jump pad. Bounce through the space ship and head to the 
finish line. Alot of times, your character will be going too fast and 
will not land on the jump pad, just go around the space ship. It will 
not affect your time too greatly. This track can be hard because there 
are tons of moving obstacles and lots of hazards. 

6. Secrets

<6.1> Cheat Codes 

When the race starts, hit X just before the word "GO!" appears and you 
will get a speed boost off the starting line.

From Gamesages: 

Change Uniform
To change the color of your characters uniform press L1 or R1 while on 
the character select screen.

At the options screen:
Play as Blizzaro: Up, Down, L1, Circle, Circle, R1, R2, L1
Play as Kostra:   Up, Up, Square, L2, R2, L2, R2, Down
Play as Lunarr:   Down, Down, L1, Up, Square, R2
Play as Pyro:     Up, Down, Circle, Down, L2, Down, R1, L2
Play as Rex:      L2, R2, R1, Up, Square, R2
Play as Tox:      Circle, Up, Square, Circle, Square, R1, L1

From Gamewinners 

At the difficulty select screen:
Medium Difficulty: Up, Square, R1, L2, L2, Up
Hard Difficulty:   L2, Down, L1, R1
Expert Difficulty: Square, Down, L2, Down, Circle, L2

<6.2> Unlocking the Game:

The two tracks that you need to unlock are Jungle and Moon. To unlock 
Jungle, play the Challenge mode and beat the easy difficulty setting. 
The Jungle will then be playable in the medium difficulty setting. To 
get Moon, beat the Challenge mode on the medium difficulty setting. The 
Moon will then be playable in the hard difficulty setting.

To unlock the extra players, beat the hard mode once with each 
character. Each time you beat it you will unlock a new character 
totaling 6 after all is completed.

After beating the easy difficulty setting, the option to have the 
computer players always be small. This is available in the Secret 
Options menu but you can't advance in challenge mode with this option 

By beating the medium difficulty mode, you unlock an option to make the 
players faster. This will let you race at unbelieveable speeds.

To unlock the insanely hard expert mode, beat the game on hard mode with 
one character. It can take a while to beat this mode.
7. Credits
I would like to take the opportunity to thank several of the people and 
institutions that made this FAQ possible.

For background information on the game, I thank Sony Computer 
Entertainment America. 

For cheats used in the FAQ, I thank Gamewinners  
and Gamesages 

I thank GameFAQs  for giving the opportunity to post 
this on the web.

I thank 989 Studios  for publishing this fun and 
exciting game.

If you have any questions that are not covered in the 
FAQ/suggestions/things to add to the FAQ etc... please send them to me 
at [email protected] If you suggest something or something is added 
to the FAQ because of your e-mail you will be credited.
This document Copyright 2001 Michael Koenig

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