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Shovel Knight FAQ

By Troa11

This guide may not be copied, reproduced or reprinted without permission.

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How to Use This Guide.....................[SUSE]
Revision History..........................[SVER]
Game Mechanics............................[SMEC]
 Map Section 1
  Troupple Pond...........................[STRP]
  Pridemoor Keep (King Knight)............[SKGK]
  The Lich Yard (Spectre Knight)..........[SSPK]
  Forest of Phasing.......................[SFOP]
  Enemy Encounter 1.......................[SEE1]
  Treasure Bonus 1........................[STB1]
 Map Section 2
  Explodatorium (Plague Knight)...........[SPLK]
  Iron Whale (Treasure Knight)............[STRK]
  Lost City (Mole Knight).................[SMLK]
  Armor Outpost...........................[SARO]
  Knuckler\'s Quarry.......................[SKQU]
  Hall of Champions.......................[SHOC]
  Enemy Encounter 2.......................[SEE2]
  Treasure Bonus 2........................[STB2]
 Map Section 3
  Clockwork Tower (Tinker Knight).........[STKK]
  Stranded Ship (Polar Knight)............[SPLK]
  Flying Machine (Propeller Knight).......[SPPK]
  Frigid Flight...........................[SFFL]
  Black Knight............................[SBLK]
  Phantom Striker.........................[SPHS]
 Map Section 4
  Tower of Fate: Entrance.................[STF1]
  Tower of Fate: Ascent...................[STF2]
  Tower of Fate: ????.....................[STF3]
New Game+ Changes and Tips................[SNGP]
Feat Guide (With Song Scrolls List).......[SFTG]

How to Use This Guide [SUSE]
Please read this before you go any further.

This guide is designed to help your way through the Shovel Knight quest.  It 
primarily covers the standard game mode.  Along the way it will offer 
suggestions on getting through difficult areas and locations of hidden 
treasures and song scrolls along the way.

If you’re not terribly familiar with the game, check out the Game Mechanics 
section before getting started.  Although the walkthrough will help you find 
your way through areas and show the secrets, I recommend playing through at 
least once without it!  Obviously, spoilers abound.

The walkthrough is designed to give strategies for any area without using 
relics.  When applicable, suggestions on using relics to make a situation 
easier will also be given.  This is assuming a normal playthrough of the 
game, not a new game+, so relics you wouldn\'t have won\'t be suggested.

Many of the items and enemies in this game do not have published names (at 
least not as I wrote this).  I made up boring names that are at least 
descriptive so you\'ll know what I mean when you see it.

Lastly, the guide is tag-searchable from the table of contents.

Version History [SVER]
1.0 – Complete walkthrough and game overview.
1.2 – Added New Game+ Section.
      Added Feat Guide.
      Added Map overviews of each stage where applicable.

Controls [SCTR]
Shovel Knight is completely configurable.  Not counting the pause button, 
the game uses 3-4 buttons depending on your settings.  The button layout is 
entirely at your discretion.

Start – Pause menu/skip dialogue or cutscene
D-Pad – Movement
D-Pad Down in air – Shovel Drop
Attack – Swing your shovel/Cancel in menus/speed up text
Jump – Jump in the air/Select in menus/speed up text
Relic Menu – Pauses game and opens a menu to change current relic
Use Relic – Can be set to a button input or Up+Attack (default)

Although the nostalgia factor of Up+Attack is great, I prefer setting Use 
Relic to a single button

Game Mechanics [SMEC]

Shovel Knight has a pretty decent moveset for an old school hero.  He can jump 
a decent amount, moves pretty quickly and can do a number of different things 
with his signature shovel.  A standard attack press will swing his shovel in 
front of him, damaging anything in the 2x2 space directly ahead.  This can also 
be performed in the air.  He also uses this button to dig up dirt piles and 
break destroyable walls/blocks.  The basic shovel swing can also reflect almost 
any projectile in the game.  Each projectile rebounds differently when hit.

The best move is the Shovel Drop.  Pressing Down in midair will do a downward 
stab with the shovel.  Once you press down, Shovel Knight will continually 
downthrust until he lands, is hit or it is cancelled by pressing the attack 
button.  Cancelling a Shovel Drop is a necessary game mechanic, so get used to 
doing it!  If you hit an enemy with the drop, you will bounce back higher than 
a standard jump, allowing you to reach areas you couldn’t otherwise.  Not 
everything in the game provides a full-height bounce.

A charged swing is available later in the game.  This arcs wider and does a 
full point of damage.

A regular shovel swing or shovel drop both do a half-point of damage.

Shovel Knight starts with 4 health bubbles worth 2 hp each.  This can be 
upgraded to 10 by brining meal tickets to the Gastronomer in the Village.  3 
tickets are purchased in the Village from the Goatitian, 3 are awarded after 
completing each \"set\" of Boss Knights.  Health can be restored by finding food 
on platters in stages, or buried in dirt piles, fishing for blue fish in any 
bottomless pit, or by drinking a red Ichor.  Small health (carrots, small fish) 
restores 2 hp (one bubble), medium health (apples, medium fish) restores 6 hp 
(3 bubbles) and large health (turkey, large fish) restores all health.

Shovel Knight starts with 30 magic points.  Each relic uses varying amounts of 
magic when used.  Magic can be upgraded to 100 points in 10 point increments by 
purchasing the upgrades in the Village from the Magicist.  Magic is restored by 
picking up small and large blue pots or with a red Ichor.

The main way to enhance Shovel Knight is to buy relics and upgrades.  To do 
this you need gold which you collect in various gems during the stages.  The 
following gems are available to be found:
Grey - $1
Blue - $5
Green - $10
Yellow - $20
Red - $50
Pink - $200

Checkpoints are glass balls on stands.  It is activated by passing underneath 
it.  With the exception of Plains and Tower of Fate: ????, all checkpoints can 
be destroyed.  When a checkpoint lights up, an image of one of the gem types 
will be flaming inside the glass ball.  If you shatter the ball by hitting it 3 
times, you will be given a pink gem and a circle of whatever color is showing.  
The higher the value shown, the more difficult the upcoming section is.  
Smashing a checkpoint stops you from respawning there if you die, you will go 
back to the closest unbroken checkpoint or the start of the level.  Checkpoints 
return when you exit a stage and come back.

When you run out of health, fall down a pit or touch spikes, you die.  Where 
you respawn is covered above under \"checkpoints\".  When you die, you drop 1/4 
of the total gold you were carrying in 3 floating bags.  You can retry each 
area indefinitely and you can recover you money each time.  Be warned though, 
if you die trying to get your money back, you\'ll drop new money bags and the 
first set will be gone forever.  After death, enemies, health and magic drops 
respawn but treasure pickups do not.

Song Scrolls
Scattered throughout the land are floating pages with a musical scroll symbol 
on. If you collect any, you can take them to the Bard in the Village.  Each 
page you turn in will reward you with 500 gold and allow you to listen to the 
music track from the Bard\'s menu.

Troupple King/Ichors
By purchasing up to 2 Troupple Chalices from the Village, you can visit 
Troupple Pond and have the Troupple King fill your chalices with one of 3 
Ichors for free.  Red Ichor restores health and magic completely, Blue Ichor 
grants you 10 seconds of invulnerability, and Yellow Ichor attracts all 
treasure to you for 60 seconds.  Ichors can also be randomly given if you have 
an empty chalice and fish a red fish out of a sparkling hole.  There is no 
limit to how many times you can visit the Troupple King for refills.

The overworld map is how you get around and choose your destination in the 
game.  It is divided into roughly 4 sections that open as you progress.  After 
you beat the intro stage, Plains, you’ll have access to the first section (You 
need to enter and exit the Village once to move beyond it).  Each new section 
unlocks when you defeat all the Order of No Quarter Knights in the section 
you’re in.

Section 1 – Plains, Village, Pridemoor Keep (King Knight), The Lich Yard 
(Spectre Knight), Troupple Pond, Forest of Phasing

Section 2 – Explodatorium (Plague Knight), Iron Whale (Treasure Knight), Lost 
City (Mole Knight), Armor Outpost, Knuckler’s Quarry

Section 3 – Hall of Champions, Shortcut?, Clockwork Tower (Tinker Knight), 
Stranded Ship (Polar Knight), Flying Machine (Propeller Knight), Frigid Flight

Section 4 – Tower of Fate: Entrance, Tower of Fate: Ascent, Tower of Fate: ????

At different points in the quest, random map encounters will also.  They wander 
the map each time it is reloaded.  These encounters are optional if you can 
avoid them, but there is reward for finishing them all.

Additionally, Pridemoor Keep and the Iron Whale each have bonus stages that pop 
up after they have been beaten shown by a red gem hovering over the stage.  
These are short stages using the original stage\'s aesthetic with an extra load 
of loot to be grabbed.

At certain points in the quest (after the Plains and each set of Knights), 
you\'ll have a dream sequence.  In all but the first one, you\'ll be attacked by 
enemies that you can kill for extra gold.  It does not matter if you actually 
catch Shield Knight or not, but you should...what are you, a monster?  When you 
wake up from these combat dreams you\'ll find a chest with a meal ticket at your 

Dirt Piles
At the very start of the game and throughout, you’ll see piles of dirt on the 
ground.  These can be dug up with your attack button to unearth treasure.  
Typically the last \"dig\" of a pile will give you the largest reward.  Sometimes 
however the last dig will be a carrot or in the later game, a mole enemy that 
will charge at you.  Piles always have the same last reward, they are not 
random.  A shovel upgrade from the Armor Outpost enables you to dig an entire 
pile in one swing.

Block Types
There are three basic destructible block types in the game; sandstone, 
dirt/ice, or rock.  Sandstone are light yellow and can be destroyed from the 
side with a shovel swing.  Attacking from the top with a Shovel Drop will go 
right through the block without bouncing.  Dirt/Ice can be destroyed from the 
side or the top in the same manner, but you will short bounce off them.  Rock 
functions the same but takes two hits to destroy.  All come in smaller and 
larger varieties.  Additionally, any exploding enemy or enemy attack will 
destroy blocks the same as a shovel swing.

Relics [SREL]
Relics are Shovel Knight\'s \"subweapons\".  You can have one equipped at any 
time.  Apart from the Troupple Chalices, each use an amount of magic for each 
use.  Four of the relics can be purchased in the Village.  The other eight can 
be found and purchased from Chester in a blue chest in each Order of No Quarter 
Knight stage.  If you could not find Chester in the stage or did not have 
enough money to buy the relic, he will have it in his shop at the Village after 
you finish the stage...however, the price will go up.

Flare Wand
Found: Pridemoor Keep (King Knight)
Cost: $1000 in field/$2000 in Village
Magic: 4/use
Description: Conjure Fiery Blasts!
Notes: A slow moving distance projectile with a low cost.  Does 1 hp damage.  
Can have 2 on screen at a time.  Useful for out of reach enemies or enemies 
that are dangerous to approach.

Phase Locket
Found: The Lich Yard (Spectre Knight)
Cost: $1000 in field/$2000 in Village
Magic: 8/use
Description: Escape from all harm... briefly.
Notes: Grants roughly 4 seconds of complete invulnerability.  Freezes you in 
place for the first second or so (including mid-air) and will completely kill 
jump momentum if activated in the air.  Useful in tough spots.  Easy to abuse 
if having a rough time of an area.

Dust Knuckles
Found: Lost City (Mole Knight)
Cost: $3000 in field/$3500 in Village
Magic: 2/use
Description: Dash through dirt and foes alike!
Notes: Propels you forward with a giant fist 2 squares.  Breaks blocks.  If 
breakable blocks are lined up, you will continue forward (even in mid-air) as 
long as you keep hitting the relic button and there are blocks to hit.  
Penetrates shields.  Does 1 point of damage.

Throwing Anchor
Found: Iron Whale (Treasure Knight)
Cost: $3000 in field/$3500 in Village
Magic: 6/use
Description: An unstoppable arc of destruction.
Notes: Flies in an upward arc through walls/shields etc and does 1 point of 
damage on each hit.  It is possible to hit an enemy twice at the peak of the 
arc.  Useful for enemies above and below.

Alchemy Coin
Found: Explodatorium (Plague Knight)
Cost: $3000 in field/$3500 in Village
Magic: 8/use
Description: Toss a coin for a chance at riches.
Notes: throws out a 1-block sized coin that runs along the ground.  Anything it 
kills in its path produces more gold than usual.  Will bounce off shielded 

Mobile Gear
Found: Clockwork Tower (Tinker Knight)
Cost: $3000 in field/$3500 in Village
Magic: 6/use
Description: Ride over hazards and reach higher places!
Notes: Creates 1-block moving platform that rolls forward when stepped on and 
kills anything with 1 hp.  If it hits an enemy when tossed out before it lands, 
it does a half-point of damage and disappears.  Can be used to safely cross 
spikes or to get a 1-block boost up to a higher ledge.

War Horn
Found: Stranded Ship (Polar Knight)
Cost: $4000 in field/$5000 in Village
Magic: 20/use
Description: Clear space around you with a powerful blow!
Notes: Destroys everything around you in a significant radius.  Can be 
activated in the air.  Has a moment of warm-up before it fires.  Though it can 
destroy high-hp enemies in one blow, it will only do 1 point of damage on 
minibosses or bosses.

Propeller Dagger
Found: Flying Machine (Propeller Knight)
Cost: $4000 in field/$5000 in Village
Magic: 4/use
Description: Soar through the sky blade first!
Notes: Shoots directly forward and does 1 hp of damage on impact.  Also 
destroys blocks if it.  Can be stopped short by enemy impact.  Can be activated 
multiple times in a row, but height is lost between each use.

Fishing Rod
Found: In Village (from Chester)
Cost: $1250
Magic: 6/use
Description: Cast into a pit, and wait for a bite!!
Notes: Has multiple uses.  Once you own the fishing pole, special pits will 
sparkle.  Stand at the edge and drop your line in.  When Shovel Knight gets a 
!! over his head, press the jump button to reel in.  Sparkle pits may contain a 
gold fish worth 350 gold, a red Troupple acolyte fish who will fill any empty 
Troupple Chalice with a random Ichor, or sometimes a Song Scroll.  Fishing in a 
non-sparkly pit will either come up with junk or a small, medium or large blue 
fish that fill health same as a carrot, apple or turkey respectively.  You can 
also kill enemies with it, though it\'s a bit unwieldly, it does 2 points of 

Chaos Sphere
Found: In Village (from Chester)
Cost: $2500
Magic: 6/use
Description: An orb of boundless combat potential.
Notes: A green orb that bounces forward and does 1 point of damage for each 
enemy it contacts.  Speeds up and increases in bounce as it goes before 

Troupple Chalice (x2)
Found: In Village (from Troupple Acolyte)
Cost: $1500/each
Magic: N/A
Description: A vessel for storing mythical Ichor.
Notes: See \"Troupple King/Ichors\" under Mechanics section.

Each stage will be broken up by numbered \"screens\" defined by when there is 
a screen transition.  Optional side areas will be lettered with the screen 
number they came off of.  Each will have a short description to help finding 
your place in the middle of a level.

Map Key
Each map shows the general layout of the rooms based on the numbers assigned 
in the walkthrough.  \"--\" or \"|\" denote rooms being connected.  \"||\" shows a 
room connected by 2 or more ladders that reach different paths.  \"[\" and \"]\" 
are simply there to show the room is larger than one screen.


Plains [SPLN]
Map Layout

        4--5--6        14--[15]--16--17
        |     |        ||
[1]--2--3     7        13
              |        |
              8        12--[12a]
              |         |

Rooms of Note
4, 11, 14, 20 - Checkpoints
9a – Song Scroll #20
12a – Song Scroll #21
21 – Black Knight

1 – Opening
  Nothing much happening here.  Be sure to dig up the dirt piles and smash 
the dirt blocks for treasure.  Roaches are easy to kill or avoid.

2 – First Shovel Drop
  Teaches you to use the shovel drop to break blocks from above.  Dirt pile 

3 – Bubble!
  Use the shovel drop to bounce off the bubble to get to the higher 

4 – Checkpoint 1
  If you can jump to a moving platform then this shouldn\'t bother you.  You 
can\'t smash the checkpoints in Plains, by the way.

5 – Spikes
  Teaching you that spikes kill you instantly.  Move along.

6 – Giant Dragon 1
  Shovel Drop repeatedly on the dragon\'s head, moving as he moves to kill 
him and grab the treasure.  If you\'re speed running, you can bounce across 
him and go down the ladder as soon as he moves.

7 – First Skeleton
  He\'ll back up if you try to Shovel Drop him, walk up and smack him when he 
rears back to strike.  Do that twice and move on.  (You can also soften him 
up by hitting a skull towards him if you want.)

8 – Destructible Walls
  Designed to teach you that walls can be destroyed sometimes, especially 
those with a \"knot\" in them of some kind.  Watch out for the second wall at 
the top of the screen, two green slimes are in it.  Also, you can jump up 
the ladder openings and ignore the ladders entirely.

9 – First Split
  If you\'re going for full completion, you\'ll want to hop over the spikes, 
smack the skeleton and break the wall on the left.  Otherwise just drop and 
go right.

9a – First Note
  There\'s a wall-based dirt pile here, smack it once to dislodge it and 
again on the ground to get the treasure.  Collect Song Scroll #20 across the 
pits and head back to the right.

10 – Big Pile of Dirt Blocks
  Get the wall dirt pile, and then after the L-bend in the path, use the 
dragon to Shovel Drop bounce up to the red gem and then climb the stack of 
dirt blocks and smack the wall at the top on the right for a pink gem.  
Smash the whole stack of dirt blocks for the cash and flip open the platter 
for some healing if you need it.

11 – Checkpoint 2
  Just bounce across and climb up.  Shovel Drop the dirt blocks for some 

12 – Split Path 2
  Follow the horizontal platform over to the elevated right wall and smash 
through for a bonus area.  Otherwise use the horizontal platform only to 
reach the ladder and head up.

12a – Wide Open Bubble Bounce
  Shovel Drop bounce across the bubbles to the far right for Song Scroll #21 
and some gems.  The bubbles will come back so you can head back the way you 

13 – Double Breakable Wall
  Smash the lower wall on the right with the knot in it for some gems and a 
skeleton.  Jump up and smash the right wall above that for another skeleton, 
a dirt pile with some food and an alternate ladder to the next screen with a 
$300 treasure chest.  Head up the ladder by the dragon to move on.

14 – Checkpoint 3
  Treasure chest can be gotten from a hidden ladder on the previous screen.

15 – Green Dragons and Slimes
  Nothing fancy, work your way across.

16 – Giant Dragon 2
  The same basic principle applies here as before (including skipping him if 
you want.  But some extra caveats: he will probably start blowing bubbles 
before you can get on his head.  If they hit you they hurt.  Secondly, be 
careful about killing him over a pit so you don\'t drop straight down and 
die.  If you\'re coming through here on a replay, you can fish the left pit 
for a treasure fish.

17 – Narrow Jump
The skeleton will run right into the pit if you let it.  Just watch your 
step after that.

18 – Slimes in the grass
  If you want the red gem, you have to cancel your Shovel Drop after going 
down 2 layers into the dirt blocks.  Coming down, there\'s 3 slimes hiding in 
the grass so watch yourself.  There\'s a hidden pink gem in the wall on the 
left at ground level if you smack into it.

19 – Dragon Jump
  Alternate area to the left if you bounce off the green dragon.  Otherwise 
just move on to the right.

19a – Falls
  Basic platforming over to a $300 treasure chest.  Head back once you got 

20 – Boss Checkpoint
  Smack the wall just to your right when you walk on for a food platter.

21 – The Black Knight
  Except for a highly telegraphed fireball attack, the Black Knight shares 
your speed and moveset.  Try to stay on him with Shovel Drops.  If he jumps 
out of the way of your drop, jump as soon as you land and hit him again or 
he might swing at you.  If he goes into doing multiple Shovel Drops, either 
get out of the way or try to interrupt him by landing on him just after he 
comes down.
  If you\'re going for Feats, take him down to a half-point of health and 
then wait for him to do his fireball attack so you can swing it back at him 
and kill him with his own fireball.
  Defeating Black Knight awards you $1000.

22 – Campfire
  After the cutscene, jump to wake up.  Each time you end up at a campfire 
you can dig it out for treasure if you like.  Each time you finish a \"set\" 
of Boss Knights, your campfire will have a chest with a meal ticket next to 

|Map Section 1|
Map section 1 contains the following points of interest and will be covered 
in this order:

-Troupple Pond
-Pridemoor Keep (King Knight)
-The Lich Yard (Spectre Knight)
-Forest of Phasing*
-Enemy Encounter 1**
-Treasure Bonus 1***

*Must clear The Lich Yard to access
**Random Map Encounter – Appears after clearing 1 Order of No Quarter stage.
***Appears on top of Pridemoor Keep some time after clearing it.

You must visit the Village before moving on to anything else, but in each 
section feel free to go in whatever order you like.  The only required areas 
in this game are the Order of No Quarter Knights.  Everything else is 

Village [SVIL]
Map Layout


1 – West
  Only two things of note here.  First the Bard is here, where you can turn 
in your Song Scrolls for cash and have him play back any tracks you\'ve 
collected.  He\'ll also list the song by number so you can see which pages 
you\'re missing (by the way, you start with songs 1-5 already in your 
inventory).  Secondly, if you use your relics in town and want to refill 
your magic, you can smack the heart/magic shop sign for small magic jars.

2 – Shop
  Has the Gastronomer, the Goatician and the Magicist.  Buy up to 3 meal 
tickets from the Goatician for $1000, $4500 and $6000 in turn.  Turn meal 
tickets into the Gastronomer for a meal that will extend your life by one 
point.  Increase your available magic total by 10 by buying upgrades from 
the Magicist.  You need to own at least one relic to do this.  The 7 
upgrades she sells cost $1500, $2200, $2800, $3400, $4000, $6000, and $8000 
in order.

3 – East
  The dirt pile here has nothing in it.  Jump off the lady with the bar and 
buckets to reach the roof to the right of her, and then jump further up for 
a $300 chest and Song Scroll #06.
  When you open Map Section 3 a catapult will be here that launches you to 
the Armor Outpost room 5.

4 – Mona\'s Juggling
  Reach this room by smashing the left wall in room 5.  For $100 play a game 
to smack vials into targets on the walls.  Clear 150 points for Song Scroll 
#12 and the Feat \"Juggler\".  Try to jump and hit all the vials in the air to 
get more points and never miss a flashing vial.

5 – Bar
  If going for a deathless run, the witch on the left can tell you if the 
game thinks you\'ve died or not.  The Dancer girl second from the right will 
award you Song Scroll #11 after you clear The Lich Yard.

6 – Cellar
  Talk to Croaker over and over until he\'s done for the Feat \"Pungent\".  
Smash the left wall above the exit for Song Scroll #07.  The Troupple 
Acolyte will sell you 2 Troupple Chalices for $1500 each.  Chester has the 
Fishing Rod and the Chaos Sphere available for purchase right away.  If 
going for 100% completion, be sure to at least get the Fishing Rod right 
away.  This is also where you can buy any relics you miss in an Order of No 
Quarter stage.

Notes: You should have about $5000 coming into the stage this first time and 
two Song Scrolls to cash in.  You can also get 3 more song scrolls and a 
chest in town.  Spend that wisely.  If you\'re not putting on any special 
restrictions, I would recommend the Fishing Rod, both Troupple Chalices and 
one Meal Ticket at least.  I won\'t mention the Village again much, so take 
your own initiative to return to cash in your song scrolls and buy new 
upgrades as you see fit.  However, I do recommend saving some of your money 
from near the end of this map section.  After you defeat 1 Knight from 
section 2, you\'ll have access to some expensive armor and shovel upgrades 
that are very useful.  You\'ll want at least $10,000 when you get there for 
the best of those.

Troupple Pond [STRP]
If you have a Troupple Chalice, the Troupple King will pop out of the water 
and ask if you want his help.  He will fill your chalice(s) for free with 
whichever type of Ichor you want.  The first time you have to sit through 
his song and dance.  After that he\'ll just give it to you.  Even if you 
drink it in front of him.  Go fishing between the platforms for Song Scroll 

Pridemoor Keep (King Knight) [SKGK]
Map Layout

                10b--11--12--[ 13 ]-–[13a]
                |    |            |
                10a--10          14
                      |           |
           5--6--7--[8]          15    18--19--20--21
           |         ||          |      |
           4         9 --9a 16a--16--[17]

Rooms of Note
5, 8, 11, 13, 16, 20 - Checkpoints
9a – Flare Wand
1a – Song Scroll #23
16a – Song Scroll #24
21 - King Knight

1 – Opening
  Head immediately to your left for a secret area.  Otherwise just head 
right and work your way to the castle proper.  After you drop through the 
dirt blocks, exercise caution around the jousters and the cauldrons.

1a – Easter Egg
  Don\'t smash the dirt blocks, you need them to jump up.  Cross the moving 
platforms and head on to find Song Scroll #23.  You can fish down the pit to 
the left of the moving platforms for a treasure fish.  All the knight 
statues in this level can have the heads knocked off and then Shovel Dropped 
(the heads, not the headless statues) for $10 each.  Smack the side of the 
hanging wall over the 4 knight statues for some treasure and a neat 

2 – Cauldron Back and Forth
  You can fish a treasure fish out of the pit here.

3 – Blocks and Cauldrons and Rats
  Let the second propeller rat drift past or at least into the first 
cauldron before you try and smack him.  Take your time breaking through the 
dirt and getting between the cauldrons.

4 – Back and Forth with a Mage
  Try to lure the propeller rats down so you can hit them below before 
jumping up by the red mage.  This is a good place to practice reflecting 
shots at him.  Deal with the mage before digging up the dirt pile.  There\'s 
a breakable wall with a red gem in by the roach on the upper level.

5 – Checkpoint 1
  The upper area to the right has a meal and magic jar hiding behind the 
curtain.  Checkpoint is worth $210 if smashed.

6 – First Knight
  The gold knight on the next screen is your first complex enemy.  He has a 
shield in front and will put it above him if you try to Shovel Drop.  Either 
wait for him to lower his guard to strike and strike first, or Shovel Drop 
bounce off him, land next to him and strike while his shield is above him.  
Later on you get items that can pierce shields.  If cash is not what you 
want and you\'re in a hurry, just bounce over him and move on.

7 – Jousters
  Bounce off the second jouster to get to the red gem above to the right.

8 – Checkpoint 2
  Checkpoint is worth $210 again.  The chandelier crowns will break and drop 
as you get near.  Either run under them without stopping or trigger them 
from nearby.  You won\'t be able to just run under the one over the spike 
pit, jumping over the pit will make you hit the chandelier.  For the one on 
the far side of the spikes, either dash, or jump just to the far edge when 
it\'s swung wide right to have it miss you.  Jump ON the last one to jump up 
to some treasure before it falls.

9 – Relic Branch
  Carefully work your way across the moving platforms to get to the Knight 
silhouette if you want the Flare Wand relic here.  Align yourself perfectly 
with the shadow of yourself and wait a couple seconds to be taken to the 
Relic room.  Otherwise just head up the other ladder, back through room 8 
and onto room 10.

9a – Flare Wand
  Use the higher chandeliers to reach the blue chest with Chester in and buy 
the Flare Wand for $1000.  Use the lower chandeliers to get back.  Be sure 
to smash the dirt blocks over the entrance for a red gem and magic pot.  Go 
back by the same method you used to get in.

10 – 3 Mages for Dinner
  Another good spot to practice reflecting shots.  The lower mage on the 
right can\'t be hit this way, kill him normally.  Head to the left for a 
longer path with extra treasure; take the ladder up to go on right away.

10a – Dirt Blocks
  Smash the blocks here for treasure, but don\'t smash the sticking out from 
the wall under the ladder on the left or you won\'t be able to climb that 

10b – Alt Path Continued
  Either use the Flare Wand or run up and kill the mage right away.  Dig out 
the dirt path and then smack the right side of the overhang for some 
treasure, then smack the inside of the new area for a $300 chest.  Jump up 
and over the right for an alternate entrance to screen 11.

11 – Checkpoint 3
  If you\'re coming from 10b you can break down through or just ignore the 
area and walk across to 12.  Otherwise get rid of the jouster and do what 
you like.  Checkpoint is again worth $210.  There\'s a $5 gem behind each 
banner if you jump behind them.

12 – Gryphon 1
  As soon as you get on this screen, clear the pit and stand near the edge 
of it on the right side.  This is a safe spot for the fire the gryphon 
shoots.  After 2 fire shots, get up close and smack his head.  You can get 
in 3-4 shots before he tries to attack again.  If he raises his claw, just 
back up a little and let him swipe.  If he opens his mouth, get back to the 
safe spot and wait.  You can damage through him and move on if you\'re in a 

13 – Checkpoint 4
  This screen is noteworthy as being an easy place to get a number of the 
Relic-related Feats later on.  Checkpoint is worth $210.  Carefully work 
through the first cloud of propeller rats.  After the first 4, when you see 
the 5th, Shovel Drop off him and the successive rats if you want access to 
an extra treasure area above and to the right.  To move on, head by the 
banners and drop down through the dirt blocks.  There\'s $5 gems behind each 
of these banners too.

13a – Treasure Halls
  The first two platforms have banners that hide gaps in them.  If you try 
walking where the banners are you will fall down.  The third platform 
section has smashable walls on both sides of the upper section.  You can 
only get through to the other side from the middle platform and by smashing 
through 2 dirt blocks.  Gather up all the treasure you see and head back.

14 – Dropping in the Middle
  Stand on the chandelier and jump off to the right just before it lands.  
This should trigger the jousters.  The wall across to the left is smashable.

15 – Knight on Dirt
  Fight the gold knight same as before.  When he\'s gone, get the dirt clump 
on the right wall, smash the dirt bridge for some treasure, and smash the 
bottom right wall for a red gem.  There\'s also $10 gems behind the banners.

16 – Checkpoint 5
  This checkpoint is worth $350.  Smash the bottom wall on the left for an 
alternate area.  Shovel Drop the book to bounce off it and make some new 
temporary platforms appear.  Use them to move on.

16a – Flying Rats and Page
  The propeller rats here can cause more trouble than you think.  Kill them 
as safely as you can.  If you\'ve got the Flare Wand, use that from a 
distance or lure what you can over to you away from the pit first.  Ride the 
platforms to collect Song Scroll #24.

17 – Books and Cauldrons
  If you need Ichor, fish in the first pit with your Fishing Rod.
  Otherwise, bounce off the first book and cross the platforms carefully.  
You should be able to do this easily and cautiously without the platforms 
running out.  On the second book, jump off the second platform and shovel 
drop the propeller rat that comes out just in front of the third platform.  
Use that momentum to reach the third book.
  Bounce on the third book until you can move to the next platform just 
after the lava has passed.  Get to the second platform and wait for the next 
lava dump.  Then hop to the small block and up to the ladder.

18 – Refill
  Charge across to your left to drop all the chandeliers and then help 
yourself to the spoils.  There\'s a $20 gem behind each curtain here.

19 – Gryphon 2
  Safe spot here is about halfway between the gryphon\'s platform and the 
left overhang.  Deal with him same as before.

20 – Boss Checkpoint
  Worth $210.

21 – King Knight
  King Knight\'s basic move is to do a short jump followed by a high jump.  
After a few of those he\'ll start mixing it up.  Occasionally he\'ll do a 
telegraphed downthrust that will stun you if you\'re on the ground when he 
lands, then he\'ll come up and smack you.  Wiggle the dpad to get unstuck.  
If he winds up with a \"zing\" noise, he\'s about to charge across the room.  
After he takes more than half damage, he\'ll start calling his trumpets which 
will toss confetti in the air that can damage you.
  Just keep Shovel Dropping him as much as you can, swinging if you happen 
to miss and land next to him.  Shouldn\'t be a problem.
  Defeating King Knight awards you $1500.

The Lich Yard (Spectre Knight) [SSPK]
Map Layout

                         |   |
               9a--9--[10]  13
                   |         |
1--[2]  4a 6--[7]--8   14a--14--[15]--16--[18]--19--20
     |  |  |       |                  ||
     3--4--5      8a                  17

Rooms of Note
4, 8, 15, 16, 19 - Checkpoints
14a - Phase Locket
9a - Song Scroll #26
15 - Song Scroll #25
20 - Spectre Knight

1 – Intro

2 – Hover Bushes
  This screen introduces the small green bushes that you can hit to make 
them float briefly.  While floating you can Shovel Drop bounce off them.  
There\'s also the electric frogs.  If they\'re nesting in the ground and you 
don\'t touch them you can just go right past them.  Otherwise they jump 
around and get in the way a lot, including charging with electricity.  If 
you Shovel Drop them then, you\'ll take damage.
  When the land raises up, you can smack the right side of the top for a red 
gem.  Just beyond that are gravestones which you can shovel bounce off of 
once, but breaking them may release a ghost.  Ghosts cannot be killed in 
this stage, hitting them just gets them out of your way for a while.  Bounce 
up and over on the hover shrub to move on.

3 – Break Stuff
  The platters in this room all have bombs in.  Smack the bombs with your 
shovel to break parts of the stage.  If you want to get to the area on the 
upper left where there\'s a chest, you\'ll have to break it open with a bomb 
and jump across, or break it as you fall and bounce back up off a skeleton 
or jump over, smack it at the top and swing back to the right so you can 
jump across.  The red skeletons lose their heads on the first hit and then 
wander back and forth without knowing where you are.  This makes it easier 
to Shovel Drop on them since they stop dodging.

4 – Checkpoint 1
  Worth $210.  To go up to some extra treasure, bounce off the headless 
skeleton.  Do not break the dirt blocks before you do this or he\'ll wander 
off the raised platform.

4a – Little Graveyard
  Treasure around and a breakable wall for more to the left.  Watch out for 
the ghosts.

5 – Big Skeleton 1
  Kill the yellow skeleton without getting too close to the bone pile at the 
back.  When the big skeleton activates you can trade a point of damage for 
getting on top of him with a Shovel Drop right away or you can wait for him 
to jump a few times and collapse again for a chance to get on top.  Or once 
he\'s out of the way you can just make a dash for the ladder.

6 – Frogs and a Lift
  If you want to attack the frogs for the little bit of treasure, great.  
Otherwise hit the shrub, bounce up to the moving platform, grab the red gem 
if you want and then move on to the right.

7 – Dark Area 1
  These areas are lit only by intermittent lightning.  Move carefully, learn 
the layout and get comfortable with how Shovel Knight controls to navigate 
them safely.
  Just past the entrance under the long overhang you can double back 
underneath for some treasure and a breakable wall on the left for a red gem.  
Otherwise, carefully make your way to the other end, being especially 
careful by the pits.

8 – Checkpoint 2
  Worth $210.  The platter has a bomb in.  Open it when the skeletons are at 
the other end and get out of the way.  The far right wall can be broken to 
reveal food and go to an extra area with treasure.  Otherwise head up.

8a – Watery Graves
  Bounce across the three gravestones to the ladder and get the chest.  
Break the wall to the right of the chest and watch out for a red skeleton.

9 – Double Bush
  To head up over the left for a song scroll, hit the bush on the left and 
then hit it again in the air, then hit the one on the right.  Bounce from 
the right bush up to the left bush and then over the wall.  Otherwise just 
head right.

9a – You Are In Darkness
  Just take it slow and careful.  Use the treasure pickups to get an idea of 
where you are.  Keep the ghost stunned.  If you really have trouble with 
this, consider coming back with the Gold Armor so you can see yourself 
better.  For your trouble you get Song Scroll #26.

10 – Weighted Lifts
  The skeleton lifts in this section go up if one or less \"weight\" is on 
them or down if two or more are on.  You and any enemy count as one each.  
The crowned head that a king skeleton leaves behind also counts.
  Lure the king skeleton on the platform to lower it enough so you can get 
by.  Kill him or get past him.  If you dig the dirt pile there while facing 
right, some of the treasure may end up in the water.  On the next lift, 
knock the head off with a shovel hit and ride up.  Up next, kill the frog 
before moving on further (if you have it, a shovel smack followed by a Flare 
Wand shot works quickest), jumping to keep the lift up if needed.  Move on 
and get past the last king skeleton and take the ladder up.

11 – Darkened Spikes
  Again, tread carefully here.  Watch out for the roach on the far side.  Be 
sure to break the dirt blocks as you ride the upper lift across.

12 – Darkened Lifts
  Get the frog gone.  Head over to the right and ride the king skeleton head 
up and then smack it across to the lift on the left.  Ride down, kill the 
frog and get the wall dirt pile if you like, then stab down.

13 – The Fall
  The treasure here is on the left and in the middle.  Align yourself and 
you can get it all without moving as you fall.

14 – Skeleton Pit
  If you want the Phase Locket Relic here, you need to bounce off a skeleton 
up to the left path.  The platter on the left only has a bomb in it, though 
you can smack it down to hit the skeletons if you want.  The one on the 
right should have food.  Head to the right to move on.

14a – Phase Locket
  Head up over the left to find Chester in the blue chest.  Buy the Phase 
Locket from him for $1000.  You can use it to bypass the crowd of frogs and 
move back to the right.

15 – Checkpoint 3
  Worth $500.  Work your way right, kill the skeleton and jump back up over 
left to the king skeleton head.  You can also get up by bouncing off the 
grave in front of it, but that means possibly spawning a ghost.  Bounce it 
left and onto the skeleton lift to get under the overhang to the treasure 
chest and Song Scroll #25.  Head back to the right, the skeleton will likely 
have respawned.  Jump up to the far right platform where the king skeleton 
comes down from to get a dirt pile and a breakable wall on the right with a 
few gems and then jump up OVER the right wall to get some extra gems in room 
16.  Come back over, push the king skeleton onto the platform and let the 
two skeletons drown themselves before riding the platform down and heading 

16 – Checkpoint 4?
  But you can\'t reach it until you get to room 17.  Here, grab what treasure 
you like, but know that the floor of the middle pit is false and will drop 
you down to room 17.  When you come back up, the checkpoint is worth $500.

17 – Giant Skeleton 2
  Kill him like before and then break the wall on the left for a treasure 
chest.  Head up the ladder on the right when you\'re done.

18 – Last Dark
  Nothing special here, just tough and dark platforming.  Learn the area, 
keep the ghosts at bay when you need to and take your time.

19 – Boss Checkpoint
  Break the block under you on the left for a dinner.  Checkpoint is worth 

20 – Spectre Knight
  Spectre Knight drifts back and forth across the top of the arena and 
performs the following moves:
  -Sickle Toss: When he pauses on either side he\'ll throw the sickle twice 
in one of three predefined patterns.  1 – a C-shaped arc from upper to lower 
and then back again in the same arc reversed.  2 – a complete loop across 
the top back across the bottom to where it started and then a U shaped loop 
across the bottom to the opposite side.  3 – across the top to the bottom 
opposite side and then back again across the bottom up.
  -Sickle Swipe: He\'ll wind up with the same \"zing\" noise as King Knight and 
dash toward you with a forward slash.  A well timed jump can land on him 
with a shovel drop for damage.
  -Minion Summon: Fist in the air, he\'ll bring out a green skeleton on each 
platform and one on the ground.  They have half the hp of a yellow skeleton.
  -Darkness: When down to about 6 hp, he\'ll cast darkness over the arena 
just like the same areas of the stage.  His attacks and patterns do not 
change afterward.

  Stay up on a platform, preferably the one opposite Spectre Knight.  When 
he floats toward you, smack him back.  Dodge his sickle tosses, attacking if 
he does pattern 3 when he appears below you to the side and changing arena 
sides if he does pattern 3.  Counter attack the sickle swipes when you can 
and dispatch the skeletons that appear on whatever platform you\'re on, 
ignoring the others.  If you have the Flare Wand you can use it to get extra 
hits from a distance.
  Defeating Spectre Knight awards you $1500.

Forest of Phasing [SFOP]
Map Layout


Rooms of Note
5 - Song Scroll #18

This area is available after clearing The Lich Yard.  You\'ll need the Phase 
Locket to clear it.  The area is very straightforward with no hidden paths 
and little hidden treasure.

1 – Intro
  Hit the Phase Locket to get over the first set of spikes and get a feel 
for its timing.

2 – Traps 1
  You can activate the Phase Locket in mid-air to increase its duration on 
the spikes themselves here.  If you\'re bold, you can jump to the dirt blocks 
over the spikes, shovel drop them and reactivate the Locket for an extra 
$300.  Over the next pits, use the Locket just before the first flight of 
green dragons, and then keep moving to get past the second line of them 
before the locket runs out.  Lastly, Locket onto the spikes and hit the 
right wall for a pink gem.  Locket again to bounce up to the top and on to 
the next area.

3 – Spikes and Jousting
  You\'ll need to use the Locket at least twice to get all the way across 
here.  You can reactivate the Locket anytime in the middle of using it, so 
don\'t push your luck too hard, there\'s plenty of magic to spare here.

4 – Eagle Heads
  This can be navigated without the Locket, but why risk it?

5 – Through the Wall
  This can be done a few ways, without the Locket even.  Bounce on the 
slime, smack the wall and move on to the chest for $400 gold and Song Scroll 

Enemy Encounter 1 [SEE1]
Represented on the map by a gold knight.

  There is nothing special going on here.  The only thing of scroll is to 
watch for the green dragons.  The ones here do not fly in a predetermined 
pattern like the ones you\'ve encountered so far.  Instead they hover on 
either side of the upper screen and swoop down on you.  They have one health 
point.  Otherwise just navigate carefully around the enemies and collect 
your gold.

Treasure Bonus 1 [STB1]
An autoscroller with treasure.

  Also fairly straightforward with only two tips to mention.  First, when 
you get past the magic books where the path splits 3 ways, ignore the upper 
route and try to alternate between the lower and middle paths.  Lastly, just 
beyond that when you see two dirt blocks in the air with a hover shrub in 
the middle, you can ignore those and keep trying to collect gold on the 3-
level area.  The screen will stop scrolling before those blocks are off 
screen and give you plenty of time to grab them.

|Map Section 2|
Map section 2 contains the following points of interest and will be covered 
in this order:

-Explodatorium (Plague Knight)
-Iron Whale (Treasure Knight)
-Lost City (Mole Knight)
-Armor Outpost (1)
-Knuckler\'s Quarry (2)
-Hall of Champions (3)
-Treasure Bonus 2 (4)
-Reize (5)
-Baz (5)
-Enemy Encounter 2 (5)

(1) Must defeat one of the three Knights in this section to reach.
(2) Need Dust Knuckles to clear
(3) Must defeat Plague Knight to reach.
(4) Appears on top of Iron Whale some time after clearing it.
(5) Random encounter, appears some time in section 2.

Again, this is not the recommended order.  My personal recommendation is to 
do Lost City first, then Knuckler\'s Quarry and then stop at the Armor 
Outpost before moving on.

Explodatorium (Plague Knight) [SPLK]
Map Layout

[1]       4a
  |        |
  2--[ 3]--4
           5--6--[ 7]--7a        13--14--[15]--16--17
                    |            |                  |
                    8            12                18
                    |             |
                    [ 9 ]--10--[11]--11a

Rooms of Note
4, 9, 11, 13, 16 - Checkpoints
7a - Alchemy Coin
4a - Song Scroll #30
9 - Song Scroll #29
18 - Plague Knight

1 – Flame Jets
  The yellow blocks on the floor shoot out flame just behind you as you walk 
over them, so don\'t stop.  Loop around the floating section counter-
clockwise if you want the gems, otherwise bounce up and down the sandstone.

2 – Rat
  Move fast here, too.  The green rats in this stage explode when killed, so 
don\'t shovel drop them in close quarters.  The also jump when they get 
close.  So you need to short jump and swipe them to send them safely flying.  
Or if you have relics, hit them from a distance with something.  The rats 
and most exploding items in this stage do 2 hp damage so be careful.

3 – Explosions
  There\'s no secrets here, but the area is fast paced and dangerous.  You 
have to be careful around the green rats but you can\'t stand still too long 
because you\'re either on fire jets or there\'s a bird that flies across the 
top and drops bomb-potions on you.  The dirt pile before the vertical lifts 
usually has a carrot in it, and the sparkly hole here has a treasure fish.
  Be extra careful near the end with the rats on by the lifts.  Take them 
out from a distance if you can, otherwise, get good at countering them when 
they jump at you.  No real tips except practice and skill are going to get 
you through this safely.

4 – Checkpoint 1
  Worth $500.  Most of the blocks in this room are destructible, and the two 
on the bottom, middle and right have another rat hiding inside.  For a bonus 
path, use the rat on the far right to break the section on the upper right 
by knocking him back there.  For the first rat in the middle and the one 
underneath him you can shovel drop and bounce safely back up to the first 
platform while they explode.  The bottom right block also contains a meal 

4a – Flames, Spikes and Lifts
  Move quickly to the moving platforms and figure out the timing to get up 
to the chest, which has Song Scroll #30 inside.  If you have the Phase 
Locket, keep it handy in case you miss your jump.  Ride back when you\'re 

5 – Plague Bomber
  The bomber here tosses two small exploding sparks out that will destroy 
what you\'re standing on.  One goes close, the other far.  Get in and hit him 
three times to end him.  You can try reflecting the sparks with your shovel 
before they explode, but they fly somewhat randomly and are hard to aim.

6 – Bubbling Pots Intro
  As soon as you enter here get on the first pot after it lands.  When it 
pops again shovel bounce off the grey ghost before it goes nuts on you.  
Backtrack if you want the gold to the left.  Never let those guys go 

7 – Bubbling Pots
  In this section the pot lids alternate so pay attention to which are about 
to go off.  Start by hopping across to the fourth pot and when it pops, jump 
to the middle of the next one.  When that pops jump over to the first lid of 
the next set.  Wait there.  When that one pops, jump and shovel drop bounce 
off the grey ghost and get up above the ceiling.  Skip the rest of the 
section easily until you have to drop off.  Land on the last pot and wait 
there for the two grey ghosts to drift closer.  Once the second one clears 
the far overhang, bounce off them both in order and get up to the right.  
Smash through the blocks and wall there to access the area with this stage\'s 
Relic.  The dirt pile under the overhang has a carrot in it.  Drop down on 
the right to move on.

7a – Alchemy Coin
  This room is another to take note of as a valuable place to get an 
achievement later.  For now, take the high road, deal with the green knight 
or bypass him and get to Chester on the other side.  The Alchemy coin costs 
$3000 and you can use it to clear the lower path to make your way back.  
Watch out when you come back into room 7, you\'ll be almost immediately 
attacked by a grey ghost.

8 – Purple Spider
  The purple spider throws random projectiles (which can be reflected) from 
above.  Either dash under and grab the meal or wait for the pot to boil so 
you can go up and smack him first.

9 – Checkpoint 2 & 3
  Worth $350.  Kill one of the rats by bouncing down and back up and use the 
other rat to bounce up to the red gems if you want.  In the next section you 
have to work fast if you want the song scroll.  Everything the green blobs 
are on is destructible and the potion bird flies by to help with that.  Try 
to dodge the blobs without activating your shovel drop.  You need to get to 
the third stack near the top without it being destroyed and then shovel drop 
bounce off the bird when it flies by to get up over the ceiling and drop 
down onto Song Scroll #29 through the dirt blocks.  Alternatively you can 
return to this stage with the Propeller Dagger and jump from the right of it 
if you want.  Past the song scroll is another plague bomber.  At the bottom 
right of the stack of stone blocks is a meal platter.  Checkpoint 3 is just 
before the room change, worth $250.

10 – Mr. Hyde?
  While the doctor is throwing potions, bounce on the edge of his far side 
and you\'ll only rarely get hit.  When he shows off a potion instead of 
throwing it, get clear or you will get hit by his last two tosses.  When he 
changes, bounce on the creature once across the screen then hang out at the 
left side and hit him a couple times each time he comes near you.  He\'ll be 
going too fast to keep up with the whole way.  When he changes back repeat 
the process.

11 – Checkpoint 4
  Worth $500.  Jump up for the meal if you need it.  The blue flame vents 
are timed, not triggered so just watch their patterns and jump accordingly.  
The first pit has a Troupple fish in it.  The long raised platform has a 
green knight, you might be better off skirting by him, up to you.  After 
hopping down the steps, up the ladder and dropping down the flaming wall, 
you come near the end.  Kill the grey ghost before anything else.  The wall 
to the left of that drop can be broken for a dirt pile with a carrot in.
  The timing on these last 3 blocks is super tight.  You have to be in the 
air when they flame.  Fortunately if you miss, it will knock you back to the 
previous block, not into the pit.  Do your best, take the hit or use the 
Phase Locket if you have it.  The far right wall can be smashed to an area 
with extra treasure.

11a – Flames All Around
  The timing here is about as tricky as a moment ago, but not impossible.  
Just jump when the lower flames come up and you should be okay.  The chest 
has $750 gold, so it\'s a big one.

12 – Flames and Ladders
  Climb the ladder quickly so you can be on level ground to dispatch the two 
ghosts.  Swipe the one as soon as you\'re up and either swipe or shovel drop 
the other depending on where he\'s drifting from.  Follow the flame pattern 
to navigate the rest of the area.  The last four flame jets you can just 
jump over straight to the ladder.

13 – Checkpoint 5
  Worth $350.  This section introduces Shovel Phantoms.  They move much like 
you but only have one hp.  Shovel drop, smack them first or use a distance 
item to play it safe.  The wall just under the checkpoint can be smashed for 
a dinner platter.

14 – Back and Forth with Phantoms
  The phantom above will likely jump down by you, if you\'re quick you can 
just keep going and get up to the second level before he gets close.  Take 
out the second one as best you can in close quarters and move on.

15 – End Road
  Here you can either go up or down.  To go up along the path with the 
phantoms, bounce off the wall dirt and go over.  If you swing first and 
early as they charge at you, you\'ll always get them first.  Then take out 
the purple spider further on the path and drop down (the walls around him 
are destructible).  If you take the low road, watch out, the phantoms can 
shovel drop through the dirt blocks onto you.
  Take your time using the pot to hop up while dodging the plague bomber\'s 
throws.  Get up close and knock him down and if you want pull up a treasure 
fish from the last pit area.

16 – Boss Checkpoint
  Worth $350.  Smack the bottom left stair for a meal platter.

17-18 – Plague Knight
  This guy is the hardest to read.  He has a number of different moves, does 
them in basically random orders, bounces randomly around the arena and 
disappears and reappears at random.  On top of that the bottom rows of the 
arena are destructible so the landscape gets messed up.  Here\'s what he\'s 
got and suggestions for countering.  Good luck.
 -Bomb toss:  Always starts with this after his first jump.  Tosses out a 
single bomb that explodes on impact.  Every second one sends out green 
fireballs that follow the line of the floor/walls.  Can be reflected.
 -Jumps: Jumps in sets of three of usually increasing height.
 -Triple bomb: If he throws three bombs at once, they land and create 
temporary purple flares where they hit.
 -Beaker summon: Conjures two or more beakers with purple liquid in the 
arena.  If you shovel drop on them you\'ll bounce with a short bounce instead 
of landing.  If one of his bomb attacks hits they explode violently and 
trigger any nearby ones to explode too.  Later in the fight he\'ll summon 
them all across the room and then detonate them.
 -Rage bombing: Sometimes he\'ll jump high in the air and throw 5-6 
explosives in a row along a line toward you.  If you can get on top of him 
with a shovel bounce before he goes up, you\'ll get in a lot of hits (but 
probably take one too).

  Like I said, this is not easy.  Just get used to reacting as best you can, 
get in the hits where you can, and don\'t jump towards him as he lands or 
you\'ll get hit with his bomb toss.  If you\'re not doing any special run, use 
red Ichors and your Phase Locket if you have to.
  Defeating Plague Knight awards $2500.

Iron Whale (Treasure Knight) [STRK]
Map Layout

2  3a
|   |
[ 3 ]--4
                 9       16--17--[18]--18a
                 |       |          |
                 10      15        19--[20]--21--22
                  |      |
                 11      14--14a
                 |        |
                 [ 12 ]--13

Rooms of Note
6, 11, 13, 18, 21 - Checkpoints
12 - Throwing Anchor
8a - Song Scroll #27
14a - Song Scroll #28
22 - Treasure Knight

1 – Bubble Blocks
  Nothing here, just teaching you that if you stand on a bubble block it 

2 – Hermit Crabs
  Nothing truly dangerous here either.  The lesson is that if you kill a 
purple hermit crab and smack the shell, it will go flying and destroy blocks 
for you.  It also does 2 damage to anything it hits.  This area also gets 
you used to water physics.

3 – Sea Creatures
  Basic platforming here.  If you kill and hit the hermit shell right away, 
you\'ll break the block on the upper right over the pit that drops a pink 
gem.  Wait until you can break it yourself if you want the gem.  The 
mollusks that shoot out the slow moving projectiles are pretty easy to 
reflect their own shots back at if you like.  The first pit has a Troupple 
fish in if you need it.
  Just beyond that pit, kill the next mollusk and then look at the crab on 
the next platform.  You want to kill him when he\'s on the upper side near 
the left.  Then smack him to the right to break open a bonus area above to 
the right (and hopefully kill the mollusk up there too).  If you dig up the 
dirt pile nearby you\'ll learn that stuff out of a dirt pile underwater 
floats in bubbles.  Head right to move on.

3a – Invincible Crabs
  The gray crabs cannot be killed, just avoided.  Navigate around to get the 
dirt pile and the chest and drop back down.

4 – Purple Knight
  Here you meet the first purple knight who hurls anchors at you besides the 
usual knight patterns of attack.  You can try to smack him with a rebounded 
shell but if you don\'t have any special attacks to hit him with, best to 
just break through and move on.

5 – Eels
  Two eels appear in this area as you move through.  One just to the left of 
the block in the middle and one at the top of the rise on the left.  If you 
move quickly you can bypass them before they get tangible.  On the bottom 
right side of the left pillar is a breakable wall for a dinner platter.

6 – Checkpoint 1
  Worth $350.  Also worth noting this room is the best place to quickly get 
the \"Another Dimension\" Feat.  See the Feats section for that.  The yellow 
platforms break and shoot upward when you land on them so hop off fast so 
you don\'t get crushed.  The bottom left wall can be broken to access a bonus 

6a – Crabs on Spikes
  Bounce across the spikes on the grey crabs and get the treasure chest, 
then go fishing for a treasure fish.  Note that pulling up a fish underwater 
will not just bring him right onto you, but he\'ll swim around randomly.  
Don\'t kill yourself trying to grab him.  To get back you have to time your 
jump with the crabs in the middle of the spikes (or use the Phase Locket if 
you have it).

7 – Through the Ocean
  Obviously jump carefully around the spikes here.  When you reach the 
mollusk on the other side an eel will appear and come towards you as well.  
Just past that you can break the dirt blocks and the wall behind them for a 
red gem and a hiding purple crab.  Into the next area you\'ll be assaulted by 
a fish man.  Over a moving platform pit against a random 4 hp enemy is 
dangerous.  Best to jump over him and move on.

8 – Octopus Arms
  Stab the arms that pop out at the end to make them retract and watch out 
for appearing eels, one after the first arm, one after the third.  If you 
come around under where the mollusks are, the wall to the left of them can 
be broken for a dinner platter.  The wall on the far right then can be 
broken for a bonus area.

8a – Bubbles and Arms
  If you want the chest on the far side, do that first.  Hop across the 
bubbles, grab it, and shovel bounce back on the octopus arms.  Fish down the 
edge of the pit from the left for Song Scroll #27.

9 – Arm Maze 1
  The arms in this section will alternate, and there\'s an appearing eel 
between the two arms in the pit.  Try to activate and kill him before 
bouncing over to get the treasure.  If you happen to miss and drop down 
between the two arms, you won\'t die, you just miss the $250 in gems and move 
on to the next screen.

10 – Arm Maze 2
  Break the rock blocks, drop down and kill the two arms there.  Then jump 
back up and bounce across the remaining two to move on.

11 – Checkpoint 2
  Worth $350.  Dodge the grey crabs and break the upper blocks for treasure 
before dropping down.

12 – Angler Fish and Relic
  Break open the chest and search it to activate the mid-boss.  Stay ahead 
of him as he chases and use short hops from platform to platform or you\'ll 
wait too long to come down.  If you know it well enough you can skip a 
platform or two with a long jump or bouncing off the fish he spits at you.  
Once you see the middle height long platform, you\'re ready to fight him.
  He can only be damaged at the light in the treasure chest.  Jump up and 
hit it 2-3 times in a jump.  If you have the shovel charge, jump with that 
then swing again on the way down.  When he drifts lower and vibrates, he\'s 
about to charge and change sides.  Back off a little and shovel drop bounce 
off the treasure chest to safely dodge him.  Repeat from the other side 
until dead.
  Once he\'s down, search the chest again to see Chester and buy the Throwing 
Anchor relic for $3000 if you like.

13 – Checkpoint 3
  Worth $500.  The wall under the checkpoint can be smashed for a dinner 

14 – Ladders
  The right wall can be smashed to reach a bonus area.  With the water 
physics, ladders and slow enemies, this area shouldn\'t be a problem.

14a – More Bubbles and Arms
  Use the bubble platform or Arm bounce to get to the next platform.  
Fishman attacks.  If you got the Anchor, use it, otherwise do you best to 
dispatch him before trying to move on.  Fishing over the right edge here 
will get you a treasure fish.  Hop down to the treasure chest for Song 
Scroll #28.  Up above, stand on the left side of the platform and swing to 
the right to switch it on and fly back from where you came.

15 – Rocket Platforms
  Be sure to stand safely away from the switch when you hit it or you may 
not ride the platform as it launches.  Shoot to the right and then back to 
the left.  Hold up as you come back left to grab the ladder automatically.

16 – Rocket Platforms 2
  If you have the Phase Locket, keep it handy, the next jump is tricky and 
missing can mean heading back for the spikes in room 15.  Climb up between 
the shooting platforms and then try to ride the top one over to the right.  
Don\'t even bother with the gold in the middle of the top of the room.

17 – Anchor Rocket
  Get across the top quickly and watch for the purple knight to try to 
anchor you.  Coming back to the left underneath, jump and stab at him 
repeatedly.  If you don\'t kill him but knock him onto the rocket platform, 
you can jump to the other side and launch it with him on.  Get the chest and 
take the platform over safely yourself.

18 – Checkpoint 4
  Worth $350.  The anchor platforms in this section drop when you get close 
and then reel up.  Be careful.  This game has a very low tolerance for going 
off the bottom of the screen and dying.  Wait until you can see the cross 
bar of the anchor before trying to land on it.  Use it to reach the 
checkpoint, and then get over the next side.
  Stab the mollusk and then carefully/quickly work your way to the other 
side of the next pillar as the fishman shows up.  You should be able to get 
him behind you and ignore him as you concentrate on the line of anchor 
platforms and if timed right, he\'ll be killed by a falling anchor as he 
tries to follow you.  If you have the Anchor relic and want to play it 
safer, kill him while down below by the second anchor lift.
  Take the anchors to the bubble blocks and jump up over the right edge for 
a bonus area.  Otherwise kill or bypass the purple knight and drop down.

18a – Falling Projectiles
  If you have the Anchor, you can try to take out a mollusk or two to make 
this easier, otherwise deal with the purple knight and break into the chest 
for a cool $1000.  If you don\'t have the anchor or charge slashes, you 
probably don\'t need the money anyway so just skip this area.

19 – Blocks and Crabs
  As soon as you drop down here work your way left quickly to the upper 
block with the purple crab.  Kill it and smack it left right into the wall.  
The trajectory should clear out the whole room.  Grab the dinner platter and 
everything that dropped and move right.

20 – Final Rocket
  Hit the switch and clear the breakable walls in your way as you cruise 
along.  Be ready to jump at the end just past the first gold gems.

21 – Boss Checkpoint
  Worth $350.

22 – Treasure Knight
  Uses his attacks in a mostly random order.
 -Dash: between attacks he\'ll usually dash about 1/3 of the room back or 
forth twice.
 -Anchor shot: Shoots his anchor line straight ahead.  Sometimes pulls it 
back, sometimes pulls himself to it.  Always starts with this one.
 -Anchor up: Just like above but shoots vertically up.  Again, sometimes 
pulls the anchor back, sometimes pulls himself up.  If he pulls up, he\'ll 
float across the top for a while.
 -Anchor down: While hovering, shoots down and causes a local explosion of 
treasure that hurts.  Does this twice in a row.
 -Pound down: Jumps up, charges and pounds the ground to create an explosion 
and two waves of treasure on either side that can be jumped over with 
correct timing.
 -Mines: Shoots out 4 mines that float down.
 -Treasure Chest: Happens when you get him to 6hp or less.  Stands at the 
side of the screen and throws a treasure chest in the middle that opens with 
a vortex trying to suck you in along with 4 mines in the area.  If you land 
in the chest you lose $500 and have to wait for him to smash you out.  Try 
to predict this move coming and be bouncing on his head for the duration.

  For the rest of the time just do damage where you can and dodge elsewhere.  
You move slower in water but his moves are pretty telegraphed too.  Practice 
makes perfect of course.  If you have the Dynamo Mail on, use the charge hit 
whenever you can get one.
  Defeating Treasure Knight awards $2500.

Lost City (Mole Knight) [SMLK]
Map Layout

[ 4 ]--5--[ 6 ]--7--7a

Rooms of Note
6, 7, 10, 14, 15 - Checkpoints
10a - Dust Knuckles
7a - Song Scroll #31
11a - Song Scroll #32
16 - Mole Knight

1 – Dig Down
  You can\'t shovel drop flaming slimes.  If you jump up over to the right, 
you can get some extra treasure.

1a – Precarious Blocks
  Watch your shovel drops here so you don\'t kill yourself.  Break what 
blocks you\'re comfortable with to get any treasure inside but mainly worry 
about getting over to the treasure chest and back.  Fishing by the sparkles 
here will bring up a Troupple fish.

2 – Slime Mechanics
  If fire falls on a green slime, it\'ll flame.  The enemy below is shielded 
in front.  Get behind it and stab or break the block on the right so it runs 
into the lava.  The last lava vent on the ceiling on the far right doesn\'t 
drop anything.

3 – Further Down
  Smack the wall to the left and then again to the left inside that for some 
treasure and a dinner platter.  The flying eagle heads have 2 full health 
points, so take care around them.  Get what treasure you want and drop down.

4 – Scarab Ride 1
  The front is platform, the back is springy.  Dodge the fire, go over the 
eagle head.  Stay low in the next section under the fire vents.  Go under 
the slimes but aim for the path with the rock blocks, there\'s $300 worth of 
gems between those three blocks.  At the end of the ride the scarab will 
stop in place, smack the right wall for a treasure chest, then bounce over 
and on.

5 – Giant Moleman 1
  Stand in the middle of the area on the left of the bridge until he shoots 
his flame attack past.  Then get close, and when he rears up, he\'ll lean 
forward to stab.  You can bounce on his head then, and get in 3 hits easily.  
Jump up and swipe his head one more time if needed to take him out.  He only 
has 4 health points total.  When he\'s dead, go back to the left and hit the 
wall for a meal platter.

6 – Checkpoint 1
  Worth $350.  In this area watch for fire fish to pop up from the lava pits 
between platforms.  You can shovel drop across them but you do not get a 
full bounce from them.  You can permanently kill them from the side only.
  The first dirt pile is booby-trapped with a mole.  Be ready to jump or 
slash when he pops out.  Work your way across, and be ready for an eagle 
head just beyond a double lava vent on the ceiling.  Two jumps past that is 
a red knight.  They act much like gold knights, except they wind up to 
attack further back out of your reach and then do two quick thrusts in a 
row.  If you don\'t have any shield piercing equipment, it might be best to 
just bounce over him and move on.  Otherwise the same strategy from the gold 
knights will work.  Shovel Drop to get him to raise his shield and then hit 
him from the side.  Like all knights he has 5 hp.

7 – Checkpoint 2
  Worth $350.  Hit the first group of chain-exploding blocks and wait for 
the fire slimes to fall.  Then climb up over the second group and head over 
the right edge for some bonus treasure.  Otherwise, break the second big 
group of chain blocks for a meal platter and drop down to the next area.

7a – Fire Fish Bounce
  Use the fire fish that pop out of the lava and pits here to work your way 
across.  Remember you don\'t get a full bounce off them, so make sure your 
next platform is not super-elevated when you get there.  $400 gold and Song 
Scroll #31 await in the chest.  Go back the way you came.

8 – Line Over Lava 1
  Be ready to cancel your shovel drop after you break the first line of rock 
blocks.  Smack the top right end of the chain blocks and get across to the 

9 – Line Over Lava 2
  Kill the fire slime, then stay to the left a bit to lure the slimes away 
from the right edge.  Drop down and hit the middle line of blocks at the 
bottom edge that you can reach, kill the slimes there, then smack the top 
line of chain blocks, kill the last slime if you didn\'t already, and then 
move on down.  Don\'t shovel drop here.

10 – Checkpoint 3
  Bounce up to the left and smack the wall to go to a side area with the 
stage Relic.  Otherwise, cross the checkpoint, worth $500, and bounce on.  
The pit on the right side of the moving platform can be fished for a 
treasure fish.
  Green jelly blobs can be bounced off of with a shovel drop (destroying 
them) or smacked to other places from the side.  Bounce off the first one, 
jump down on the other side, kill the flaming slimes (and/or use the jelly 
blob to put them out) and then whack a blob to the right so you can bounce 
up and over.

10a – Dust Knuckles
  Buy the Knuckles for $3000 from Chester, then jump up to the left and 
pound your way across to the left until you get to the treasure chest.  If 
you do it right, you should get the Knuckle Down Feat right away here.  Grab 
the chest and then Knuckle your way back underneath and then up to where you 
started.  The dirt pile on the left side of the room is mole-trapped.

11 – Cool the Lava
  Knocking a blob onto lava will turn it into bouncy jelly for a short 
while.  Cool the first pit and drop down and smack the left wall for a 
treasure chest.  Cool the pit again and bounce over to the next area.
  If you want the red gem, hit the blob from the right side and bounce down 
for it.  To move on, hit the blob from the left onto the moving platform 
then follow over after the lava is cooled.  Bounce up to the platform on the 
other side of the pillar and jump over.
  Hit the dirt block to drop the first blob, then either stand at the very 
edge of the step and smack the falling blob in the air to knock it over to 
the other lava zone, or bounce on the jelly and time your swing to hit the 
blob across the gap.  Either approach is a little tricky but not dangerous 
if you\'re careful.
  To get the red gems, knock a blob over to cool the lava, then knock 
another one over.  Jump down and shovel drop bounce off the second blob up 
to the left.  Re-cool the lava before moving on.  At the top, bounce up and 
over the right wall for a bonus area, otherwise drop down.

11a – Lava Note
  Getting across to Song Scroll #32 should be no trouble by now.  On the way 
back you\'ll have to hit the blob over in mid-air as it falls.

12 – Line Over Lava 3
  Break through the rock blocks and cancel your shovel drop right away.  Do 
not try to shovel drop here.  If you have the Dust Knuckler you can take out 
the red knight as it will penetrate his shield, but don\'t try to do it all 
at once, 5 hits will push you to the left and hit the chain blocks.  Either 
hit him a few times, back up and repeat or just jump over him, smack the 
blocks from safety on the left and drop him in the lava.

13 – Giant Moleman 2
  Stay up on the left.  When he does his sword attack, drop down on his head 
2-3 times.  Repeat once more to kill him.  Be sure to bounce back up to the 
left when he dies so you can cool the lava and get the meal/treasure on the 

14 – Scarab 2/Checkpoint 4
  First off, hit the blocks to the left if you have the Dust Knuckler and 
want some easy treasure.  Checkpoint here is worth $750.  Start the scarab 
moving at your leisure.  At the first section of blocks you have the option 
of releasing the eagle heads right away and trying to take them out before 
the scarab gets past you, or you can wait until the last minute to free them 
and try to ignore them the rest of the area.  I usually do the latter.
  Across the second land-mass you have other options.  Easiest is just to 
climb over the pile of blocks.  If you\'re confident and looking for 
treasure, you can dig or Knuckle your way through the bottom of the pile for 
the most treasure.  Just be sure the scarab is lined up under you for the 
gaps.  At the end bounce up and over the dirt blocks before the scarab drops 
in the pit.

14a – Knuckle Treasure
  Knuckle your way across the top, grab the chest and Knuckle back 
underneath.  Easy.

15 – Boss Checkpoint
  Worth $350.  Before trashing the blocks, jump up and smack the wall by the 
skeleton for a meal platter.  Feel free to Knuckle through the blocks if 
you\'re in a hurry, there\'s magic at the end.

16 – Mole Knight
  Mole Knight\'s attacks and pattern are as follows:
  -Wall Dash: He always starts with this.  He\'ll burrow from wall to 
opposite wall quickly, usually 4 times in a row.  You can shovel drop him on 
each of these if you\'re quick.  The last time he pops out he\'ll slow down 
and skid across the ground across the arena and back once, shooting sparks 
out that damage you.  When he stops, he\'ll start his next attack.  Try to be 
on top of him when that happens.
  -Block Push: He\'ll drop blocks in front of him, dirt/ice at first, later 
rounds chain blocks, then push them across the arena.  After a few of these 
he\'ll dive into the ground.  When he starts this attack by bouncing his back 
to the ground, he\'ll hurt you if you shovel drop him, but trading that 
damage point is worth being on top of him to bounce for the rest of the 
attack pattern.  He\'ll continue with his lava barrage.
  -Lava Barrage:  Next 4 dirt mounds will appear.  You\'ll be able to see his 
helmet in one of them.  Dig up whatever mounds you like but if you can get 
to his, dig that up first.  Whatever mounds you don\'t destroy will explode 
with fireballs when he pops up, unless you dig him up first, which cancels 
that.  He\'ll then infuse himself with lava and shoot it across the room at 
you, while fire drops from ceiling vents too.  He can\'t be hurt by regular 
attacks during this.  At the end, he\'ll slam the ground and drop some blocks 
on you, then burrow into the ground again.  Destroy the blocks you need to 
so you can move and get ready for him to start Wall Dashing again.  Note 
that the dash picks up speed when he down to 6 hp.  The basic pattern 
repeats from here.
  Defeating Mole Knight awards $2500.

Armor Outpost [SARO]
Map Layout

   |  |
2--[ 1]

1 – Town Proper
  The only thing of value here is Song Scroll #08.  You can either shovel 
drop bounce off the hat sign to climb up and work your way over, or you can 
climb up the ladder to room 3, go left and drop down from room 4.

2 – Hat Shop
  In the hat shop is the owner, Mr. Hat, and 3 patrons.  If you give the 
patrons each $1000 gold, they will each leave and leave you with a surprise 
fight against Mr. Hat.  He does two different hat-based attacks depending on 
which hat he\'s wearing.  With the black hat he\'ll swing his sword and launch 
some at you that stick in the ground.  When he charges across them, they\'ll 
fly up in the air and then at you.  With the white hat he\'ll bounce around 
the room and throw plates across at you.  Neither is terribly dangerous.  
Just keep on him with shovel drops, and side swipe him when he\'s changing 
hats and he\'ll go down fast.
  You\'ll get $5000 for defeating him.  Once he leaves, find him just outside 
in room 1 on top of the sign.  Bounce up and talk to him again for another 
$1000.  Find him on the airship for another $1000.  Then up in room 5 (if 
you have access) for another.  If you leave the area before talking to him 
all 3 times, he won\'t be there anymore.

3 – Upgrade Shops
  This screen has the Armorer and the Shovel Smith.  For a fee, the Armorer 
will give you access to different kinds of armors with different special 
effects.  The Shovel Smith will unlock new abilities permanently for a 
price.  As follows:

 -Stalwart Plate: Your original armor.  Simple, but sturdy.
   Cost: $0
   Notes:  What you already have.

 -Final Guard: Drop half as much gold when you fall in battle!
   Cost: $3000
   Notes: Does what it says.  Drop 1/8 of your gold when you die instead of

 -Conjurer\'s Coat: Sacrifice some protection for a higher magic limit, and
  harvest magic from defeated foes!
   Cost: $4000
   Notes: Doubles your magic limit and makes you take double damage.  Also
   increases magic drops from enemies.

 -Dynamo Mail: Perform two consecutive shovel drops to unleash a powerful
  charge slash!
   Cost: $6000
   Notes:  Anytime you shovel drop twice in a row off anything (including
   going through two sandstone blocks), you start to glow.  You have a short
   time to swing your shovel with a charged-shot that pierces shields and
   does double damage.  Unlike the charge shot the Shovel Smith sells, this
   does not hamper your movement.

 -Mail of Momentum: Heavily plated.  Keep your footing when struck by
  enemies, but stopping may be a problem!
   Cost: $6000
   Notes:  What it says, stops you from being knocked back, but increases
   your movement momentum when moving normally.

 -Ornate Plate: Flashy!  Acrobatic!  Useless!
   Cost: $8000
   Notes:  Causes Shovel Knight to do a flip in the air when he jumps.  And
   when you take a catapult you\'ll land gracefully instead of on your face.
   Actually useful if you revisit The Lich Yard any time because the
   sparkles on it show in the dark.  Also, if you wear it to the Tower of
   Fate: Ascent, King Knight will comment on it instead of his usual
   dialogue at the end.

Once you buy an armor set, you can switch to it anytime free of charge by 
visiting the Armorer.

Shovel Smith
 -Charge Handle: Hold your attack to unleash a powerful charge slash!
   Cost: $4000
   Notes: Attack and hold to charge up a double-damage, armor piercing
   attack with an extended range.  Your movement speed will be severely
   compromised while charging, but you can still jump as high and fast as

 -Trench Blade: Dig up a whole pile in one mighty motion.
   Cost: $3000
   Notes: Convenient, but not at all necessary.  Dirt piles come up all in
   one swing instead of the usual 5 or so.

 -Drop Spark: Slash to spark the ground when you\'re at full health.
   Cost: $6000
   Notes: Sends a fast moving spark along the ground for as far as it\'s the
   same level.  Does 1 point of damage.  Only at full health.  Needed to get
   the \"Sparker\" Feat.

I would highly recommend getting both the Dynamo Mail and the Charge Handle.  
The extra damage of those attacks comes in handy.

4 – Blimp West
  Nothing of scroll here at first.  You can drop down the hole for easy 
access to the song scroll in room 1.  After you open Map Section 3 you can 
climb a ladder here to room 5.

5 – Catapult
  Accessible from the catapult in the Village that appears when you defeat 
the second set of Knights and open Map Section 3.  Song Scroll #09 is just 
sitting there for the taking.

Knuckler\'s Quarry [SKQU]
Map Layout

[ 1 ]--[ 2 ]--3
              [ 5 ]

Rooms of Note
5 - Song Scroll #16

Again, you need the Dust Knuckles to clear this area.  I would also 
recommend upgrading your magic to at least 50 max first.

1 – Intro
  If you have the Dust Knuckles you should be familiar enough with how they 
work to clear these areas easily.

2 – Gaps
  Knuckle your way across the gaps as usual.

3 – Bombers
  Climb up quick and take out the Plague Bombers before they destroy the 
blocks too far to get the pink gem.  Clear out all but the bottom row of 
dirt blocks for treasure.

4 – Double Fun
  Knuckle, bubble bounce, Knuckle across.

5 – Final Stretch
  If you have enough magic you can Knuckle all the way across here.  If not, 
stop and refill with the blue pot halfway across.  Be prepared to shovel 
drop bounce on 3 bubbles at the end.  Then collect your treasure and Song 
Scroll #16.

Hall of Champions [SHOC]
Map Layout

    |    |    |

Rooms of Note
5a - Song Scroll #14
8a - Song Scroll #15
3 - Final Ghost

*This area is non-linear and you can do the 4 sections in whatever order you 

1 – Entrance
  Pay $5000 to the Ticketer to access the hall of champions.

2 – Foyer
  Nothing here.

3 – Center
  Once you clear the four wings of ghosts, this is where the boss battle 
will take place.  Use the two orbs to shoot light at the ghost when you can.  
He can only take one hit at a time, so piling up the orbs doesn\'t do 
anything.  He starts drifting at the top and hitting an orb again in the air 
can reach him if you time it right.  Next he\'ll circle around the room with 
increasing speed.  If you shovel drop the orbs on the ground you can catch 
him with them.  Then he does some appearing/disappearing dashes at you.  
Next he creates a ghost shield that can be taken out with the orbs.  Last 
he\'ll create duplicates which will only disappear when you hit the real one.  
He\'ll then repeat the set.  When he gets to about 6 hp he\'ll summon some 
floating skulls to drop stuff on you to hurt you, just try to ignore them.  
Once he is dead you\'ll be rewarded $6000 and sent back to the Entrance for 
an apology from the Ticketer and another small reward.

4 – Random Ghosts
  The ghosts here appear when you cross near them and float after you like 
the ones in the Lich Yard did.  The light ball is hidden in the wall under 
the far left ledge.  Smack the ball in the air or shovel drop on it to send 
light out in four directions that will kill a ghost.  Defeat all 6 ghosts to 
clear this area.  You\'ll know you have them all when the room lights up.

5 – Hidden Ghost
  There\'s a secret area to the left through the wall.  This room has 4 
ghosts.  One on the upper right and left each that fly in a repeating back 
and forth pattern, and then two you need to trigger to appear, one near the 
spike pit and one underneath that when you break your way through on the 
bottom.  To get the red gems on the right, bring an orb over and bounce off 

5a – Secret Room 1
  This room has a dinner platter, a chest and Song Scroll #14.  The floor in 
front of the 4 statues on the upper path is false, jump between them to get 

6 – Interlude
  Nothing here.

7 – False Floors
  The first ghost here flies in a pattern so just leave him till you\'re 
ready.  The first ledge is broken up into 3 pieces and the middle one is 
false, jump over it.  Use the orb to kill the ghost then jump over the 
pillar, there\'s another orb on the other side.
  The alternating sections of floor here are false too.  Kill the ghost 
above first then take the ball below to get the one down there.  Shovel 
dropping the ball works better on that one.  They both stick to their flight 
patterns of back and forth.

8 – Through the Pillars
  Breakable wall to the right for goodies.  Each of the two pillars in the 
room has a breakable section you can get through.  One ghost on the far 
right section and two in the middle.  Once you\'re done here and have lit up 
all four sections, exit left to room 3 for the boss fight.

8a – Secret Room 2
  This area also has a dinner platter, treasure chest and Song Scroll #15.  
No surprises.

Reize [SREZ]
Reus is a random encounter shown by a birdman-looking icon on the map.

  Reize will always start by jumping and tossing his boomerangs.  One will 
go straight out and the other to the ground at a 45-degree angle.  Until he 
randomly recollects the bouncing boomerangs, he\'ll jump around the area and 
occasionally try to dive-kick you.  Just stay bouncing on him as much as you 
can and if you have Dynamo Mail, swing when you hit the ground by him.
  After he takes enough damage he\'ll summon a five-fireball shield around 
him.  The fireballs each are destroyed with a single hit, so if you can get 
on him and bounce while he\'s conjuring the field, you can destroy most of it 
right away.
  Defeating Reize awards you $1500, an assortment of gems and Song Scroll 

Baz [SBAZ]
Baz is a random encounter shown by a beefy guy-looking icon on the map.

  Baz will attack in a few different ways.  He\'ll launch his whip at you, 
he\'ll jump around, he\'ll swing from the anchor points or he\'ll pound the 
ground and shoot out lightning when he lands.  Take extra scroll that if you 
shovel drop him, you have to hit his head and not the spiked shoulderpads.  
You won\'t take damage from them, but you won\'t hurt him either if you miss 
his head.  He may also not be taking damage when his whip is circling over 
his head, it\'s hard to tell.
  When he gets down in health, it\'ll get dark and he\'ll summon more 
lightning that will randomly strike him from above and shoot out from him in 
the four diagonals.  Watch out if you\'re shovel dropping him a lot there.  
There\'s no major pattern to the order he does these attacks so just keep on 
him and dodge whatever you can.  If you have the Dynamo Mail use that to 
your advantage.
  Defeating Baz awards $2000.  You can also smack him on the ground for some 
extra blue gems before you exit.

Enemy Encounter 2 [SEE2]
  This encounter takes place in the flashing darkness like The Lich Yard 
sections.  There are no hidden treasures, just be careful and take your 
time.  Try to deal with both flaming slimes before dropping below to the 
skeleton.  On the next screen, don\'t break any blocks that would open up a 
pit for you.  Get the chest in the middle and move on.  Beyond the yellow 
skeleton is a giant skeleton like from the Lich Yard.  Be extra careful 
around him not to get knocked into a pit and don\'t backtrack too far with 
him or he\'ll respawn when you come back to where he started!  If you can 
afford it, bring the Ornate Plate so you can see yourself better.

Treasure Bonus 2 [STB2]
A series of descending screens with chances for big loot, no need for a map.

1 – Blocks and Crabs
  You CAN smack a hermit crab shell around here, but you\'ll lose lots of 
treasure if you do.  Try to take out the blocks methodically from top to 
bottom.  When you\'re done, drop down on the right half of the screen.

2 – Rockets
  Ride the first rocket platform to the pink gems, and the second across to 
get all the reds.

3 – Treasure and Dirt
  You should be on the left, drop into the treasure chest area first, then 
hop the bubbles over to the dirt pile.

4 – Bubbles
  Here drop to the center top, head left, drop down, head right, angle back 
up as you go then drop down to the last pink gem and on to the next screen.

5 – Arms
  Each red gem has an octopus arm under it.  Work your way bouncing right to 

6 – Bonus
  Open the chest for more riches and exit out either side.

|Map Section 3|
Map section 4 contains the following points of interest and will be covered 
in this order:

-Clockwork Tower (Tinker Knight)
-Stranded Ship (Polar Knight)
-Flying Machine (Propeller Knight)
-Frigid Flight (1)
-Black Knight (2)
-Phantom Striker (2)

(1) Need the Propeller Dagger to clear.
(2) Random encounter, appears some time in section 3.

Shortcut? [SSCT]
Just a catapult that will launch you back to the Village.

Clockwork Tower (Tinker Knight) [STKK]
*NOTE: In original versions that have not been updated, this stage has a 
phantom fourth song scroll that does nothing when collected.  It was in room 
8.  In future versions it has been replaced behind the wall with a pink gem 
and gray ghost.

Map Layout

                    |  |
                 10a   12
                 |      |
    8a-- 8--[9]--10--[11]
    3a   6--6a
     |   |
2--[3]-- 4
|       ||
1        5

Rooms of Note
4, 10, 12, 16 - Checkpoints
8a - Mobile Gear
6a - Song Scroll #34
10a - Song Scroll #33
13b - Song Scroll #35
17 - Tinker Knight

1 – Conveyors
  Nothing special here, just getting you used to conveyor belts.

2 – Clockwork Mice
  The mice dive and break when they get close, be ready for that and pound 
them.  Under the first overhang to the left you can smash the wall for a red 

3 – Gears
  Just beyond the first gap you can smash the right wall for a pink gem and 
a clockwork mouse.  Watch out for the red gears the black mage rolls down at 
you, do not try to reflect them, it just bounces them in the air right into 
you.  Double back underneath for a pink gem if you\'re brave and then clear 
the gap ahead.
  Watch out for 3 big yellow gears from the upper path as you make your way.  
You\'ll have to back up out of the way of the second one for sure.  You can 
smash the wall on the upper right for a ladder to a bonus area.  Down below, 
you can go fishing for a Troupple fish if you need it.  Head right to move 

3a – Gear Bouncing
  Bounce repeatedly on the yellow gear to clear the gap for your treasure.

4 – Double Bend/Checkpoint 1
  When you first enter this room from the left, smash through to the right 
and down as quick as you can while dodging the mage\'s gear attacks.  If you 
hurry you can avoid the grey ghost altogether.
  When you come back up the right from room 5, climb high so you don\'t fall 
all the way down if the grey ghost hits you.  Smack him as best you can, but 
frankly I always get hit by him.  Clear the gap and eliminate the mage if 
you want the $100 he guards.  Otherwise hit checkpoint 1, worth $500 if you 
want to smash it and climb up to room 6.

5 – Timed Bars
  Run to the left and stand on the block pile.  When the grey ghost gets 
under you shovel drop until he\'s dead.  Then break your way out and work 
carefully across, bounce up off the gear to get back into room 4.

6 – Welders by Day
  To the right is a breakable wall with a food platter.  The ladder up takes 
you on, the path right behind the second welder takes you to a bonus area.  
The welders telegraph which way they\'ll shoot, so watch for your chance to 
jump in and shovel drop them to death.

6a – Dangerous Gems
  Wait for the grey ghost to get close enough to kill, then work your way 
around the room for treasure and Song Scroll #34.  If you\'re not feeling 
daring, you can take the lower route to the song scroll and then head right 

7 – Up, Up or Up?
  This room has three exits up to room 8.  The far left one lets you 
continue on.  The middle one drops you back in the middle left so you can 
bypass the spikes.  If you get hit or have the phase locket, just hop over 
there instead of climbing up and back down.
  You can smack the hanging section on the right for a third ladder that 
leads to some treasure and a dead end.

8 – Red Knight and Relic Path
  If you came up the ladder on the right, smack the wall on the left to 
reveal a pink gem and a grey ghost, then head back.  (If you have an 
original version of the game without updates, this will be the Song Scroll 
that doesn\'t do anything.)  If you came up the ladder on the left, smack the 
wall to the left at the top for the alternate area leading to the Mobile 
Gear.  Otherwise, clear your way through the red knight and move on.

8a – Mobile Gear
  Work carefully across the top left until you get to Chester.  Buy the 
Mobile Gear from him for $3000.  You can use the Gear as a platform to reach 
the chest behind him.  If you\'re feeling ambitious, you can also ride it 
along the bottom all the way back to the entrance of the room (It 
automatically bounces over short gaps).  If not you can jump back the way 
you came.

9 – Lifts and Rockets
  Drop down between the two moving bars for some pink gems and dinner.  For 
the rest of the area...just watch your step.  Nothing hidden or special just 
time your jumps well and watch out for the mini rockets.  You can fish at 
the end for a treasure fish.

10 – Checkpoint 2
  Worth $500.  You can jump repeatedly on the striped spinning bars as soon 
as you touch them.  Jump up to the left for a bonus area with a song scroll.  
Jump over to the right to move on.

10a – Mobile Note
  You can use your Mobile Gear twice to cross this, or if you have the 
Propeller Dagger already, that works too.  No getting this if you don\'t have 
those relics.  Song Scroll #33 is waiting for you.

11 – Going for a Ride
  Only one tricky bit here as you ride, just past the dirt blocks.  Get on 
the right ledge and jump up just after the lower upper bar passes.  Swing 
your shovel as you jump to hit back the clockwork mouse.  Then clear on.  
You\'ll face two gold knights further on, but you\'ve lots of time to fight 
them, interrupted only by a grey ghost.  At the end a grey knight is 
waiting.  If you have the shovel charge you can damage the first gold knight 
by jumping up to him with the charge at least twice before he\'s pushed onto 
your platform.

12 – Checkpoint 3
  Strike the mouse twice as it comes at you, grab the checkpoint ($500) and 
then climb the steps to get to the two mages.  Just hit them carefully 
between dodging the gears to get by.  If you have the Phase Locket you could 
just bypass them too.

13 – Path Split
  As you climb the ladder you can smack the left wall for a dinner platter.  
Upwards you can go straight across and up for the simple path beyond the 
welder, or you can go down and left for a longer path with treasure, a song 
scroll and a bit more trouble.  If taking the lower path, still kill the 
welder first.

13a – Falling Gears
  Not really difficult, just time your jumps between the gears and keep 
bouncing on the striped platforms as you work your way back and forth.

13b – Welding Notes
  If you\'ve got the magic and relics, take the right welder out with 
Throwing Anchors, but otherwise ride the lift left and take out that one 
when you get up there, then ride it across to the right, grab Song Scroll 
#35 and go through the right welder to continue on.

14 – Moving On
  If you came from 13, fight past the gold knight and drop down to the 
right.  If you came from 13b just walk across the top and drop down to the 

15 – Rising Tower
  The bottom screen death limit is a little more relaxed here but don\'t be 
pokey.  Also don\'t rush and get up on platforms you can\'t see.  Climb the 
far ladder, jump across the lifts to the left and hop on the striped 
platform.  Don\'t jump to the next lifts until you can see both sets.  Get 
right to the upper set and jump in place until you can see the conveyor 
platform you need.  Wait for a few more to be revealed to the left and then 
jump across.  When you can see the next striped platform, jump to it.  You 
can\'t get on top of it, so jump repeatedly working to the right.  Get up on 
the moving platform and from there to the conveyor on the right.  One more 
moving platform above you on your left, and then the exit on the right.

16 – Boss Checkpoint
  Worth $500.  Run across and smack the right wall for a dinner platter then 
hit the switch repeatedly to lower the steps.

17 – Tinker Knight
  Phase 1:  Just shovel drop him as much as you can, but when he\'s down in 
health and stands in place for a second get clear before he throws a wrench 
tantrum.  Not really a huge threat.  If you have the Mobile Gear, use it to 
one-shot him.
  Phase 2:  Actually easier than the first if you can follow the pattern.  
When he shoots the three red platforms in a line, use the first two to hop 
up to his \"drill\" that works the same as the other striped platforms.  From 
there, hop up to his shoulderpad.  It always fires in the same pattern: 
forward, upleft and upright.  After the upright shot clears, bounce over to 
his head and back before the next upright launches but after the other two 
have gone off.  Bounce back and forth between Shovel Dropping on his head 
and landing on the shoulderpad in time with the shots to dodge them.  At 7 
and 14 damage he\'ll back way up and spin the drill fast.  If you\'re ready 
for it you can stay on and hop back up to the shoulder pad and ride that out 
until he starts again.  If you fall down just use whatever he\'s throwing to 
bounce up and try again.  If you\'re in a hurry, you can drop a projectile 
onto his head with each cycle too.
  Killing Tinker Knight awards $3500.

Stranded Ship (Polar Knight) [SPLK]
Map Layout

             5--6                         15
             |  |                          |
1--[2]--[3]--4  7              13a--[13]--14
                |                   |

Rooms of Note
4, 9, 12, 14, 18 - Checkpoints
13a - War Horn
17 - Song Scroll #36
17a - Song Scroll #17
19 - Polar Knight

1 – Opening
  The far right wall is breakable for a red gem and a bomb.  Watch out for 
bombs in this stage.

2 – Across the Ice
  There\'s plenty of treasure to be had if you can keep to the high road and 
dodge the wolves.  When you drop down, the first dirt pile has a carrot in 
it and the second dirt pile is trapped with a mole.

3 – Viking Yeti
  Try to kill the wolf before approaching the yeti.  When he jumps back, 
watch for an opening and bounce off him for the treasure and onto the next 
platform.  When the next yeti jumps back, break the top block of the ice 
block stack and jump up.  Fish for a treasure fish if you like, then jump 
down in front of the second yeti and right up on top of him to bounce for 
the treasure.  Kill the third yeti with 3 timed swings at his front after he 
moves.  The upper right wall can be smashed for a bomb and a normal treasure 

4 – Checkpoint 1
  Watch for the falling snow from the white mage.  The moving platforms will 
catch most of it but be careful.  Hit the checkpoint ($500) and climb up.  
Drop on the mage 3 times and cross over.

5 – Ice Horses
  If you do not have the charged swing, bounce off the first shielded horse 
onto the moving lift.  From here you can jump up and hit the second one when 
he turns around.

6 – Blue Dragons
  Work straight across the top until you drop in on the first dragon.  Hit 
him twice from the side to kill him.  Then when the second dragon is almost 
all the way left and about to turn around, drop down to through the ice to 
the big ice block and then get out of the way of the bomb that releases.  
The bomb should kill the second dragon, if not hop down and do it yourself.

7 – Snowy Spikes
  Carefully knock down the snow to head left.

8 – Ice and Horses
  Bounce off the lower ice horse to break the wall on the upper left for a 
bonus area.  Then kill him and knock down the snow to the left of the second 
horse.  Kill him jumping up from below like before and make the rest of the 
way across.  Smash the upper right wall for a pink gem and bomb.

8a – Mage and Treasure
  At this point, you\'re probably just better off skipping this.  If you have 
the Throwing Anchor you can use that to kill the mage before dropping down.  
Also the large ice block has a bomb in it.  The reward is a standard ($300) 

9 – Checkpoint 2
  Worth $350.  Hop on the ice dragon platform and jump once to let it raise 
up.  Smack it with your shovel to move it and see the platform it makes.  
Get comfortable with how it operates and then use it move on, collecting the 
treasure underneath to the left if you like.  Note, you cannot bottom out 
the dragon, it will stop before it drops into an open pit.

10 – Rainbow Dragon 2
  Take the dragon platform over to the right and go up through the opening.  
Kill the mage and break open the hole with 2 large ice blocks (if you smash 
the blocks further left, watch out for a bomb).  Jump back on the dragon and 
shoot it left and ride it up the new opening.  Maneuver down the other side 
and head straight at the lower yeti, crashing through him to move on.

11 – Dragon Treasure
  Climb the first ladder and break the top two ice blocks.  Stand on the 
bottom one and jump up to hit the yeti every time he jumps to the right.  On 
the upper left, smash the wall and then smash the inside of that for a 
dinner platter.  In the next area you can bounce off the swooping blue 
dragon for treasure if you like, just be sure to cancel your shovel drop 
before you land.  If you want to you can fish in one of the pits for a 
Troupple fish.

12 – Checkpoint 3
  The guys on ladders follow very specific patterns and rules.  They always 
move the same ways, throwing hammers right then left and on.  The hammers do 
not hurt you if you\'re on the ladder with them.  Your shovel swing can reach 
from a ladder across a single gap to the next ladder to take them out.  
Alternatively if you have the Throwing Anchor you can use that (or in some 
places the Flare Wand) to clear them out instead.
  Make your way to the checkpoint ($750).  If you need it, just underneath 
the checkpoint you can break the wall for a bomb and a dinner platter.  
Smash the hanging ice blocks and jump up to kill the last ladder Viking and 
move on up.

13 – Rainbow Dragon 3
  At the top of the ladder smash the wall to the left to get to the Relic 
chest in this level.  Otherwise, jump and clear the ladder Viking, then drop 
down and deal with the gold knight.  Watch out, hits against him on the ice 
will really send you flying backward.  Use the Dust Knuckles if you can, 
otherwise maybe just hop up past him and go over the Ice Horse too.
  Smash the ice block and let the wolf run under you as you jump.  If you 
want you can smash the next blocks to fish for a treasure fish.  Head up and 
do the same thing with the wolf, jump after you smash the block so it runs 
under you.  Drop to the dragon platform.  Bring it up to be level with the 
ladder Vikings and then plow through them, watching your timing so you don\'t 
run into a thrown hammer.  Shoot the platform back after they\'re dead if you 
want the lower treasure then move on.

13a – War Horn
  Carefully work your way across, dropping all the snow in the process.  Buy 
the War Horn from Chester for $4000 and be prepared to use it on the way 
back.  As you land on the moving platforms you\'ll be assaulted by 4 grey 
ghosts at each diagonal.  Let them in close enough and blast the horn.

14 – Checkpoint 4
  Bounce across on the blue dragons, getting treasure if you want and hit 
the checkpoint ($500).

15 – Up and Down
  This section alternates between room 15 and 16.  Safely work your way to 
the second ladder, kill the third ladder Viking, move over and climb up to 
kill the second and first and climb up to room 16.  If you have the Throwing 
Anchor you can take out all three in one well-placed throw (and earn a Feat 
for doing so).
  When you drop back down from 16, bounce on the blue dragon a time or two, 
grab the ladder to the left and climb back up.

16 – Down and Up
  At the top of the ladder bounce over or kill the blue dragon and shovel 
drop down through the ice.  Be sure to cancel your drop after the second 
block.  Speed down through the sandstone back to room 15.
  When you come back up, take out the ladder Viking, then change ladders, 
break the ice, change again and climb up to 17.

17 – The Long Spikes
  Be on your guard here, and take it slow.  There\'s a bonus area up over the 
left side behind the white mage.  Otherwise, make your way to the right 
however seems best to you and get ready to start the spike gauntlet.  If you 
have the Phase Locket, keep it handy.  Throwing Anchors and Flare Wand shots 
can be helpful too, but we won\'t rely on them.
  You\'ll have to hop to the upper level to reach the first two snow blocks.  
When you hit them you\'ll reveal a white mage and blue dragon to your right.  
The mage is easiest to just ignore and watch for the falling snowflakes.  
The dragon is best to back up a bit and kill safely (not too far back 
though).  If you\'re daring you can bounce from the dragon to the mage\'s 
platform to kill him.
  Going under where the mage is, smash the first two ice blocks and keep 
dropping the snow but don\'t break the second set of ice blocks right away.  
Inch forward under the ice blocks and try to trigger the blue dragon.  Lure 
him back a bit and get him to swoop a little higher than ground level so you 
can bounce from him to the ice blocks.  Then from there bounce off him again 
to get to Song Scroll #36.  Kill him when that\'s done and move on to get to 
the mage on the lower level.
  From the snow just past where the ice blocks were you can reflect the 
mage\'s shots to kill him or charge him if you like.  The last stretch just 
needs careful jumping to drop the snow while avoiding the last mage\'s 

17a – Spiked Note
  Straightforward, just be careful.  Use the Phase Locket if you need to and 
have it.  Reward is Song Scroll #37.

18 – Boss Checkpoint
  Worth $750 with good reason.  Don\'t break this one unless you\'re 
deliberately doing a run with no checkpoints or deaths.  Above to the left 
you can break the wall for a dinner.  Mind the gap.

19 – Polar Knight
  Polar Knight starts off with a relatively predictable pattern and then it 
goes to hell.  He\'ll roll snowballs at you which you can jump or short 
bounce over.  Land on him and he\'ll charge to the other side of the screen, 
collecting the snowballs in his shovel and toss them at you.  The safe spot 
is usually about 1/3 of the screen away from him or so.  He\'ll then more or 
less repeat this.  If you try to shovel drop on him twice in a row, he\'ll 
defend himself and by the third or fourth bounce will counter attack and 
hurt you.  Bounce on him once to injure, a second time to raise his guard, 
and then land next to him and swing to do another hit of damage (2 points if 
you have the Dynamo Mail).  After doing this with the snowballs only a few 
times he\'ll leap in the air...run to either side, do not jump.  He\'ll come 
crashing down and leave instant death spikes there.  Now he\'ll start doing 
much of what he did before, but he\'ll also dig out more spikes (throwing 
painful snow at you) from time to time.  If there get to be too many spikes, 
he\'ll stomp the ground and drop icicles from the top that land and cover the 
spikes, but then instantly leap into the air and come crashing down again 
like before.  Don\'t be afraid to spam the Phase Locket in this part of the 
fight if you have it.  Otherwise, keep double bouncing followed by a ground 
slash where you can, just be sure to land on the safe side of him, and be 
extra careful in case he decides to dash away after the first hit.
  Killing Polar Knight awards you $3500.

Flying Machine (Propeller Knight) [SPPK]
Map Layout

                      15a          18
                        |           |
4a--4--[5]--6--7--[8]  15--[16]--[17]
    |               |  |
    3               9  14
    |              |    |
    2              10  13--[13a]
    |              |   |   |   |
    1              11--12  [13b]

Rooms of Note
6, 12, 16, 18, 22, 25
13a - Propeller Dagger
13b - Song Scroll #39
15b - Song Scroll #38
26 - Propeller Knight

1 – Opening
  Bounce off the white jellyfish to the ladder.

2 – Drops
  The platforms drop when you stand on them.  Ride the last one down until 
you can jump to the ladder.

3 – Fans
  Ride the fan up and hit the blue jelly when it\'s not electrified.  The 
left wall can be hit there for treasure, but you\'ll have to fall to the 
right and jump back, the fan doesn\'t blow you high enough to land there.  
Then jump and swing right when the second blue jellyfish is safe, break the 
dirt blocks and fly up to the ladder.

4 – Hidden
  If you have the Throwing Anchor use it on the black mage first.  Work 
across to the left, there\'s a roach on the second and third lower platform.  
The left wall can be destroyed, to get in you have to jump into the fan high 
from the right and push left.  You can break the mage\'s shot if he\'s not 
dead when you\'re coming at him instead of jumping over it (which makes it 
split at you).

4a – Electric Treasure
  You can fish in the first pit for a Troupple fish.  Use the fans to fly up 
and kill the blue jellyfish, then get across to the chest by running into 
the second fan from the right and letting it blow you high and left.

5 – Wind
  Careful if you drop down to the left here, both from the wind and the 
roach.  There\'s two pink gems in the wall behind the dirt blocks on the 
left.  Hop the gap and bounce on the blue jellyfish when safe for the 
treasure.  Land by the dirt pile and wait for the green fan knight to come 
down.  After he does his fan attack get in close and swipe him twice or use 
a charged hit.  The dirt pile has a carrot in.  Bounce on the last jellyfish 
when safe for more treasure.

6 – Checkpoint 1
  Worth $500.  You can duel with the gold fan knight here if you want, but 
it\'s easier to just stand in the middle and let him bypass you and move on.

7 – Cannons
  Go inbetween the large cannon shots and then bounce across the small shots 
to the dirt block on the upper right to move on.

8 – Cannons 2
  Stop before the fan and let the green fan knight come at you, kill him 
like before.  Then hop over to the three vertical cannons and time your 
jumps between them.

9 – Hidden Rats
  There are platforms under most of this so don\'t get too nervous.  The 
exception is the covered gap on the left side under the two gold gems.  Jump 
that.  The rats are more dangerous.  Just try to watch them and hit when you 
can.  Drop down the left to move on.

10 – Cannoned Platforms
  If you want the treasure chest you can use the cannonballs\' impact to see 
where the platforms are and are not.  Otherwise you can drop down the first 
gap and drop left again.

11 – Air Ship
  The ship lands with a thud and throws out two bombs.  If you\'re on the 
ground when it lands, you\'ll get stuck.  Swing the close bomb toward the 
ship.  Get in a hit or two when it\'s in the air if you like.  After it lands 
the second time, go under it when it moves further left.  Repeat until dead.

12 – Checkpoint 2
  Bounce off the cannonballs to the checkpoint ($500).  The wall just to the 
right of the checkpoint can be smashed for a dinner platter.  Hop over to 
the ladder.

13 – Relic Path
  Drop down this gap with a shovel drop to bounce off a grey fan knight who 
appears.  There\'s a passage on the right to the stage Relic, but to get in 
you have to climb all the way to the top of room 14 and drop to sink through 
the fans enough.

13a – Propeller Dagger
  Get carefully past the fans and moving platforms to the blue chest and 
Chester.  Buy the Propeller Dagger for $4000.  You can either move on to the 
right for some practice with it and treasure that loops back to the entrance 
here or just go back left onto the main path again.  If you head right, use 
the Dagger to reach the ladder on the right, but stop to smash the dirt 
blocks for a pink gem.

13b – Propeller Dagger Practice
  You can fish in the first pit here for Song Scroll #39.  Dagger across the 
gap and walk to the left edge to trigger a green fan knight.  Take him out 
before moving on.  Navigate the moving platforms and from the high left jump 
and Dagger over to the next platform.  Drop down, jump off the falling 
platform, Dagger over to the other and hop up and climb back up into room 

14 – Patterned Jelly
  There\'s an alcove on the top right you can just walk in with a pink gem 
and magic.  Watch that the non-electric jelly moves to the left.  Land on 
the rightmost one when safe and bounce over to the left and the ladder.

15 – Fans and Mage
  Nothing super complicated here, just tricky to navigate.  There\'s a bonus 
area above if you smash the wall behind the black mage.  You need the 
Propeller Dagger to get what\'s up there so if you skipped it, don\'t bother.  
Otherwise just work your way carefully right.

15a – Mind the Gap
  Hop up on the dropping platform, jump high and left and then Dagger over 
the gap.  Grab Song Scroll #38 and smash the wall behind it for a high value 
chest.  Jump high again and Dagger back.

16 – Checkpoint 3
  Worth $750.  Follow the gold gems, watching at around the third one for a 
green fan knight.  Head over to the fan and watch for another green fan 
knight.  At the top of the ledge next to the fan, a third one will approach.  
Once they\'re cleared, use the cannonballs to cross over.

17 – Autowind
  Hop the platforms against the wind until you get to the dirt covered fans.  
Break all the dirt and wait there for a green fan knight.  Once he\'s dead 
jump on the platforms to the rock blocks.  Smash through and tread here 
until the falling platforms on the other end can be seen, then ride the 
cannonballs over and head up the ladder.

18 – Checkpoint 4
  Worth $500.  Use the timed fans to get up and not blow you off on your way 
to the ladder.

19 – Rats in the Air
  Hit the first propeller rat at the top of the ladder, then either wait for 
the other one or hover over to it on the fan.  Drop down and then ride the 
other fan over to the ladder.

20 – Many Fans
  If you stand here at the top of the ladder you won\'t get blown off.  When 
the fans quit dash through to the ladder.  Some gems are hidden near the 
ladder to the right if you want.

21 – Fanned Knight
  After the ceiling fan goes by, hop to the second platform and wait for the 
gold fan knight to come at you.  Get by him (he usually just goes over you) 
and dash to safety on the right.  If you want to fight him over there where 
you can\'t get thrown down the pit, go for it.  There\'s a breakable wall in 
the alcove he was standing in with a standard treasure chest.

22 – Checkpoint 5
  Worth $500.  The wind moves you slowly up or slowly down in this section.  
Use the blocks to stop yourself and keep the Phase Locket handy if you have 
it and drift too close to the spikes.
  Drift down to the checkpoint first then up to the edge of the overhang 
next to the spiked ceiling.  From there drift down to the block ahead and 
below.  Drift up to the next block above to the right, pause there for a 
second and then move on and continue drifting up over the white jellyfish.  
Come down on it with a shovel drop and land.  Then drift up to the right 
over the spike tunnel and down through it to exit.

23 – Super Windy
  The wind here alternates fast to the right and then fast up.  When it 
blows up, get to the far end of the overhang.  Push left as you come down if 
you want the gem and magic jar.  Wait for the next right gust and hop to the 
next platform.  Hold here against any right gusts until you can kill the 
propeller rat on the right (use the Flare Wand if you have it).  Then at the 
next right gust, jump across and over.

24 – Cannon Travel
  Hop on a cannonball and bounce-ride it over.  Hit the white jellyfish as 
you encounter them.  Take extra care around the propeller rat, you may need 
to switch cannonballs after you do that.  At the end you can pull up a 
treasure fish from the pit if you like.

25 – Boss Checkpoint
  Worth $350.  Hit the wall on the right for a meal platter.

26 – Propeller Knight
  Propeller Knight\'s basic attack is to lunge back and forth a few times.  
Try to keep on top of him with shovel drops.  He may mix this up with a fan 
attack that shoots you high in the air.  He\'ll then point his sword up and 
try to get under you.  You can either swing wide to avoid him or try to come 
down on his edge to damage him again.  He also will use his propeller to the 
side to either suck you in or blow you away, but since you should always try 
to be on top of him this should never bother you.
  After an early damage threshold he\'ll fly up high to one side and call in 
a flying ship in the background.  The ship will either launch bombs onto the 
arena or cannon balls that create two pits.  If you have the Throwing Anchor 
get under him on the far side as he starts this and keep tossing them into 
him.  While the attack finishes he\'ll start swooping side to side, you can 
hit him with your shovel at the bottom of the arc on either side.
  When he lands again, if he\'s not on the side with you, wait for him to 
come to you.  He\'ll likely try thrusting forward again, but he\'ll stick just 
to the tiny area you\'re on, making it easier to land on him.  Stay near the 
edge of the screen (you can\'t go off on the sides)keep shovel dropping and 
he\'ll go down fast.
  Defeating Propeller Knight awards $3500.

Frigid Flight [SFFL]
Map Layout

Rooms of Note
5 - Song Scroll #17

The Propeller Dagger is required to navigate this area.  Like the other 
Treasure stages, it\'s a pretty obvious stage with no huge secrets.

1 – First Gap
  Jump and Dagger over the first gap, get your chest.

2 – Hover Shrubs
  Hover the first shrub, bounce off it and shoot right to get the first two 
lines of jewels.  Go back at normal height for the other two.  You can clear 
the two ice blocks (pink gems in each) by bouncing off the hover shrubs next 
to each.  Hover the third shrub again, bounce high and shoot right to move 
on.  Shovel drop on the white jellyfish, shoot right and repeat to get up to 
the ledge.

3 – Gaps
  Dagger from standing over these two gaps and then drop down to attack the 
yellow skeleton.  Get on the first set of moving platforms and Dagger over 
to the next two.  Hop up that set to the top left and shoot back left to the 
first set but high up now to reach the treasure chest.  Shoot back over, 
drop down and head right.

4 – More Danger
  You have to time this right.  The blue jellyfish is always electric moving 
away, always safe coming towards.  Shoot over and land on it at the end of 
its safe time then shoot again to the ledge.  Climb the right ladder to the 
level of the top red gem then dismount and shoot right to room 5 to land by 
a treasure chest.

5 – Over and Over
  The dirt pile down there is trapped with a mole.  Ride the platform up, 
jump at the top and Dagger as many times as you need to in order to reach 
the safe platform at the end.  Grab Song Scroll #17 and enjoy the high-value 

Black Knight [SBLK]
  Black Knight is back with some extra tricks.  He is much like before but 
has extra health, is quicker to dodge and has two new attacks.  First of all 
his fireball attack shoots out more fireballs and if you reflect the ground 
level one at him you\'ll end up batting it back and forth a while before it 
hits him.  Secondly he\'ll occasionally start digging up the ground throwing 
rocks in an arc at you.  He shouldn\'t be much more trouble than the first 
time if you keep your wits about.
  Defeating him this time awards $1500.

Phantom Striker [SPHS]
  He mostly lances at you not too quickly.  When he raises his lance in the 
air, stop bouncing on him until he gets hit by lightning, which he\'ll shoot 
out in front of him.  This will mostly repeat until he charges up and shoots 
around the area launching lightning balls at you, then coming back down and 
repeating.  Just do your best to stay on top of him and use the charge shot 
when you can if you have the Dynamo Mail.
  You are awarded $???? for beating him, plus he drops gems when he leaves.  
The gem type varies, if anyone has any info on what affects this, let me 

|Map Section 4|
Map section 4 contains the following points of interest and must be done in 
this order:

-Tower of Fate: Entrance
-Tower of Fate: Ascent
-Tower of Fate: ????

Tower of Fate: Entrance [STF1]
Map Layout


Rooms of Note
7, 8, 12, 15
7 - Song Scroll #22
13 - Song Scroll #40
16 - Black Knight

1 – Set the Tone
  The opening stretch is basic platforming.  All the pits but the first one 
have fire fish that pop out.  The dirt pile at the end has a mole in it.

2 – Over the Books
  Activate the book platforms and hop up.  The last two gaps have fire fish 
that pop out.  Either bounce off them to the ladder or hop over it all and 
Propeller Dagger straight to the ladder from the top platform.

3 – Falling with Rats 1
  Get to the first safe platform and take out the propeller rats from here 
as they get close.  Ride the lift over to the skeleton and kill him without 
getting on his platform.  Once he\'s dead, jump across the falling platforms 
to the ladder.

4 – Falling with Rats 2
  The platform in the middle is one platform that drops all at once.  Climb 
high and bounce off the rats, with a brief stop on the platform, then keep 
bouncing rats to the last platform and the ladder.

5 – Of Gryphons and Cauldrons
  The timing on this is rough.  The cauldrons pour at different intervals 
than the gryphon\'s attacks.  If you\'re super patient eventually there\'s an 
opening to get in and strike some.  But it\'s tedious.  If you have relics, 
use some like the Flare Wand to take him out from a distance.  If you don\'t, 
just damage boost through him and move on.

6 – Plague Bomber
  Get up and take him out fast but don\'t shovel drop whatever you do.  If 
there\'s enough blocks left you can smash the upper right wall for a meal 

7 – Checkpoint 1
  Worth $1000.  Moving platforms here to watch for.  Self-explanatory until 
the last stretch.  Watch out for fire fish in the pits.  Dash forward as the 
first section comes up, wait for the fire fish and jump out into the open.  
Kill fire fish on the other side while you wait for the platforms to come 
back up (you can skip a cycle with the Propeller Dagger here if you\'re 
good).  Remember the death line at the bottom of the screen is pretty 
unforgiving.  Dash through as the platforms lower down, stay on the highest 
one until you can kill the grey ghost where you\'re standing.  Hop down and 
jump over to the next safe ledge.
  Kill the fire fish to the right here as you wait for the platforms to 
cycle back up.  Jump and bounce off the bubble then run across and shovel 
drop through the ice.  Wait for the bottom to come up then dash across as it 
starts to go down again and jump across.
  Here you have to alternate between high and low hiding places to stay 
safe.  As the platforms go back up go up to the right a bit.  When it goes 
down, follow the line down to an area next to some spikes.  Smack the right 
wall for Song Scroll #22.  As the platforms come up, get over the spikes as 
soon as it\'s safe and jump up to the right and run for the next safe zone.  
The last lower safe zone requires you to break an ice block to get in it.
  The dirt pile here has a carrot in.  Lastly you have to get through a 
small gauntlet of green knights.  Kill them if you want or just get past 
them and break the rock blocks to move on.

8 – Checkpoint 2
  Worth $750.  Wait and kill the gray ghosts before dropping down.  Jump 
from platform to chandelier to pot just after the pot fires.  Ride it up.

9 – Samurai
  Just fighting here.  Samurai are fast, try to shovel drop them when they 
stop.  If they\'re hiding in a floor or ceiling you can hit them once from a 
little distance.  If you have the charge swing you can kill them that way.

10 – Under the Spikes
  Hit the Samurai off the ceiling and again if you didn\'t charge shot him.  
Wait for the gray ghost and kill him.  Hop on the first chandelier, ride it 
down until it\'s safe to jump to the second and up to the exit.

11 – Passage of Samurai
  The Samurai Archers can have their shots reflected at them.  Two will kill 
them.  Take out the one at a distance while waiting for the gray ghost to 
get close enough.  If you need to, drop to the lower level for a meal 
platter.  The archer on the ledge can be killed by jumping to reflect his 
shots (watch for the gray ghost from below to the right) or get up close.  
If you get close they\'ll try to jump away.  Go up and over at the end.  You 
can come back from room 12 if you really want that pink gem.

12 – Checkpoint 3
  Worth $750.  Use the ice platform to reach it.  There\'s breakable walls on 
each side behind the statues but all they have is platters booby trapped 
with bombs.

13 – Darkened Bridge 1
  The first stretch has a yellow skeleton, gold knight and yellow skeleton.  
Fish down the first gap for Song Scroll #40.  On the other side face a 
purple knight, a samurai and a swooping green dragon.  When you come to 
walls you can break through them.  After the second wall you\'ll face another 
purple knight.  Climb up the stairs, drop through where the rain doesn\'t hit 
and then go straight right (break the dirt block) to move on and ignore the 
other enemies.

14 – Darkened Bridge 2
  Not all the shadows here are platforms.  See where the rain hits to know 
where you can land.  Just over the first pillar is a meal platter.  On the 
longer disconnected platform, wait to be approached by a green fan knight.  
Take him out safely there after he does his fan attack.  Hop across the real 
platforms to the end.

15 – Boss Checkpoint
  Worth $1000.

16 – Black Knight
  The Black Knight gets infused with the Enchantress\' power and adds some 
new attacks.  He still has all the old ones, but now he can dash about 
further with purple power!  His fireball attack is crazier, get to the edge 
of the screen if he starts it.  His digging attack digs up bigger chunks, 
get in close and hit him to stop it.  He can turn into a bird!  While 
flapping around you can hit him as he swings low.  He\'ll occasionally try to 
strike down at you from the air.  When he raises his sword over his head, 
he\'ll call down a meteor strike.  Two will swing left hitting the middle and 
left edge (these may happen in either order), two right hitting the middle 
and right edge, and then two straight down and get stuck there.  The meteor 
bits will stick to the ground and hurt you if you land on them.  After the 
meteor attack he will always change back to normal.  If he downthrusts into 
the meteor fragments as man or bird, they will explode sideways.
  Just stay on him, get in hits when you can and watch for his new bird 
attacks.  You should be able to outpace him pretty decently.

Tower of Fate: Ascent [STF2]
Map Layout

3                10--11--12
|                10       |
4--[ 5 ]--6      10      13
          |      10
          7      10
          |      |
          [ 8 ]--9

Rooms of Note
5, 7, 9, 12 - Checkpoints
8 - Song Scroll #19
10 - Song Scroll #41
13 - Boss Rush

1 – The Drop
  Shovel Drop through the sandstone and head right for the center drop 
before the eels can appear.

2 – Left or Right
  You can veer right immediately after clearing the spikes and get down the 
side before the eels can get near you, or you can try for the left exit that 
leads to a few extra gems.

3 – Down and Down
  Either side, shovel drop off the white jellyfish and down the center.

4 – Spikes
  Shovel drop through the sandstone and cancel before you hit the bottom.  
Carefully make your way across.  Make the last jump when the moving spikes 
are out to the right (you have to smash through).

5 – Checkpoint 1
  Worth $750.  Get carefully past the clockwork mice and onto the moving 
platforms.  You want to take the upper route from here, watch for the 
hanging samurai archer.  Work carefully again past the first two mice.  If 
you have the Dust Knuckler, cruise through the ice blocks above to bypass 
the gray knight below.  Otherwise work through him and move on.

6 – Fire, Ice and Slimes
  If you have the Dust Knuckler, plow a path straight through to the end, 
hop up and shovel drop down the right.  The second block down the drop has a 
slime in.  If not, work your way carefully across the top without doing any 
shovel drops to the far side.  Many of the blocks contain more slimes so be 

7 – Checkpoint 2
  Cancel your shovel drop before you land in the lava.  Break the right wall 
from the checkpoint for a meal.  Checkpoint is worth $1000.

8 – Last Rainbow Dragon Ride
  This is tricky, but if you do exactly what I say it should be okay.  Line 
up the dragon platform so you\'ll hit the red mage and wait for the dropping 
lava to pass.  Strike twice in a row to run into the mage and then settle 
the platform onto where the red mage was standing.  Shoot it forward once, 
let it lower so it\'ll hit the next mage and shoot it forward again without 
hitting the platform he was standing on.  Shoot forward once more and then 
move to the right edge of the dragon to trigger the samurai into dropping.
  Push the platform the rest of the way into the wall and then drop it down 
to the bottom (remember it will stop itself at the bottom of the screen).  
Double hit under the flames when it\'s clear.  When clear of lava here, hit 
into the next platform and then raise all the way up.  At the top, send the 
dragon twice in a row quickly to plow through the green fan knight that 
appears.  (you can fish for a Troupple fish by the sparkles there).
  Push up to the next wall.  Lower to line up and shoot through the flames 
when safe.  Raise up to align with the next flames and wait until shortly 
after they trigger.  Hit twice in a row to hopefully go through the opening 
and kill the green fan knight at the same time.  Use the platform to reach 
and break the far right wall for Song Scroll #19.
  ALTERNATELY:  If you have the Propeller Dagger you can get up on the 
ceiling sections just after the samurai drop.  You can dash between the 
sections, kill the green fan knights and then dash over to the breakable 
wall at the end.  A little more skill needed but much faster and easier if 
you can do it.

9 – Checkpoint 3
  Worth $1000.  Climb up to the ladder

10 – The Final Climb
  This section autoscrolls up and has platforms moving back and forth.  If 
you want the song scroll here you\'ll need to be quick and nimble, especially 
if you don\'t have the Propeller Dagger.  Hop up to the right, and wait for 
the steps to come back to jump over the left.  Watch for the falling lava 
and get left quickly.  You want to use the edge of the moving section to hop 
up past the spikes if you can.  Song Scroll #41 is at the end on the right 
there.  If you miss your first chance to get up, you can still make it to 
the song scroll if you Dagger dash, but you have to be quick.
  Use the moving platforms to zig zag jump up to the rock blocks.  Use the 
Dust Knuckler if you have it to plow through quicker.  If you\'re fast enough 
you can hop up on the left to the magic jars, if not you\'ll have to wait for 
the platforms on the right.
  Smash the ice blocks in the center and above the middle stone blocks.  Hop 
up and then over right or left.  Stand two blocks from the edge of the wall 
to trigger a samurai archer drop.  Be ready with a charged swing if you have 
it.  Work back to the center.  Use the Throwing Anchor on the green rats if 
you have it.  Otherwise hit them carefully as you get close and work back to 
the outer edge.
  Turn back and head for the rat above in the center, Anchor him if you can.  
Work up the ice blocks to the outer edge again and be ready for another 
dropping samurai archer.  Break through the ice blocks between the rock 
blocks to the ladder.  On top to the left, break the wall for a meal 

11 – Meals?
  Some of these platters are booby trapped and you should have full health 
now so ignore them.

12 – Boss Checkpoint
  Worth $1000.  Another one you probably should leave unless you\'re doing an 
achievement run.

13 – Boss Rush
  Face off against all 8 knights in a random order.  Between each battle you 
get a meal platter.  Every other platter has a big magic jar included with 
the turkey.  If you don\'t need it, try to save it to midway in the fight, 
but if you don\'t open it before you beat the next knight, you won\'t get a 
second one.
  Some minor changes:  Propeller Knight can no longer make holes in the 
stage.  Spectre Knight\'s double C sickle arc swings lower the first toss and 
will hit you if you\'re standing opposite him (before it would go over your 
head).  Treasure Knight\'s floating above pattern is higher than before and 
harder to hit with a jump swing.  Mole Knight uses ice blocks instead of 
dirt blocks.  Plague Knight won\'t have destructible floor under him, so the 
arena will stay mostly level.
  Once you defeat them all, be a nice guy and dig them back up into the 
room.  You can talk to each if you like.

Tower of Fate: ???? [STF3]
Map Layout


Rooms of Note
4b - Song Scrolls #42-46
7 - Enchantress
8 - Evil Presence

1 – Boom
  Strike anywhere in the room to start falling down.

2 – Block Barrage
  The blocks here shoot at you in a regular pattern.  Jump over or shovel 
drop bounce, and duck under others.  The last set is blocking the right door 
so maybe stay more left so they don\'t surprise you.

3 – The Drop
  Head in and fall down.

4 – From Where Platforms
  Head to the left for a bonus area.  Walk right and jump up and continue 

4a – Lava Run
  Carefully work your way left over the lava pit with the platforms that 
rise up.

4b – Bonus!
  Enjoy the last 5 Song Scrolls #42-46, a meal platter, pink gems and a 
Troupple fish at the edge.

5 – Blind Jumps
  Just jump carefully from platform to platform.  If you can\'t get the next 
one to appear, just do a full jump, it\'ll pop in in time.  When you hit a 
four block long platform followed by a short gap and a longer platform, you 
can start walking straight forward without fear.

6 – Final Checkpoint
  You can\'t break this one.

7 – Enchantress
  She\'s tough, but follows a basic pattern that\'s easy to predict.  Because 
the platform you\'re fighting on is basically dirt blocks that you and she 
can destroy, you are most likely to die from falling in the pit than from 
taking damage.  Though the Dynamo Mail is still useful you may want to 
consider switching to the Mail of Momentum so you can\'t get knocked into the 
pit as easily.  The same is true for form 2, though the Dynamo is more 
useful in that fight than this one.
  She starts by throwing 2-3 slow fireballs.  Stand in the center and shovel 
them back at her.  If you hit with two of them she\'ll come back to the edge 
after drifting away and throw 3 faster fireballs.  You can reflect two back 
at her but jump the third one unless you\'re really good.
  After this she may make part of the floor flame or she might go right for 
hovering over you and throwing fireballs down.  These will go through the 
floor but she won\'t move after she starts firing this first time.  Get on 
the side and hit her while she\'s shooting.  She\'ll do that twice.
  Next she\'ll dash 5 times between the upper and lower sections.  If you\'re 
lucky you can get in some hits as she comes up, but if you use shovel drop 
cancel it right away.
  Now she\'ll be underneath you. She\'ll get directly under you and throw 
fireballs UP this time and from this point on she\'ll try to follow you as 
you move.  She\'ll do that once usually and then cast a fire block spell.  
Flaming blocks will appear under you and then fly up to where you\'re 
standing.  They will flame for a moment, but replace any missing blocks when 
they cool off.  Try to position those to fill in the arena.  She\'ll do that 
  Next she\'ll go back to dashing 5 times, ending up top again.  She\'ll 
circle about throwing more fireballs, some at angles down, stopping to throw 
some straight down and then firing the floor.
  If she\'s still going she\'ll zoom below and start again, this time probably 
throwing some at an angle from below too.
  Get in hits as you can while she\'s above, charged shots if you can.  If 
you have the Propeller Dagger charge into her as she floats towards you.  If 
you have the Throwing Anchor you can try to hit her with it when she\'s below 
but it\'s a tough shot as much as she moves.  Be smart about where you let 
her break and replace the platforms early on.  Don\'t worry about health or 
magic use, it gets refilled before the next fight.

8 – Evil Presence
  Catch Shield Knight and be ready to fight again.
  Between the Evil\'s attacks Shield Knight will jump up and hold her shield 
over her head.  Bounce twice on it to get enough height to land on the 
Evil\'s head.  After 3 bounces it will zoom away to the other side of the 
screen.  If you have the Propeller Dagger you can try to zoom after it and 
stay on, but she\'ll move again after each bounce until you drop.  If you 
have the Dynamo Mail, bounce twice and do a power swipe on the way down.  Or 
some combination of all that that works for you.  Do not try to bounce off 
Shield Knight when she has her shield at an angle, just stay behind her.
  The first wave of attack consists of four pairs of energy spheres that 
come down at you.  Stay way to the side until the fourth pair gets low and 
be ready to move in when Shield Knight jumps.
  This will repeat a few times, eventually the Evil will do a few other 
attacks.  She\'ll spray dark energy out in a line, get behind Shield Knight 
when that happens.  She\'ll also send out the energy spheres in different 
patterns, four close groups of three targeted at you or four groups of two, 
one from each hand.
  After taking enough damage, she\'ll start dropping on sections of the stage 
across three of the pillars, knocking the center one down and making a pit 
for a while.  If you\'re on any of those three pillars you\'ll take damage and 
risk being knocked into the new pit.  The basic idea is to stay clear of 
where she\'s flying but close enough to get near Shield Knight when she jumps 
up for you.
  If you beat her, you win!  Congratulations, enjoy the unskippable ending 
  Now go for some of the fun challenges.

New Game+ Changes and Tips [SNGP]
After beating the game if you select your save file you are asked if you 
want to start a New Game+.  Doing so will overwrite the save slot so if you 
want to keep monkeying around on the cleared file, make a copy first.  New 
Game+ is a complete replay of the entire game with the following changes:

 -You keep all Relics, Gear and Upgrades that you finished the game with.
 -All hits do double damage, effectively dropping you to 10 health points.
 -All meal platters are booby-trapped with bombs, with the exception of 
every second platter in the boss rush during Tower of Fate: Ascent.  The 
platters that normally would give turkey and magic together still do.  Mid-
bosses that would drop food before now drop bombs too.
 -Each stage has only two checkpoints now.  One midway through and one 
before the Boss Knight.
 -The Village has a new inhabitant, the Goatarmorer.  He stands opposite the 
Goatician under the Magicist in room 2 of the Village.  He allows you to 
change to other armor types you\'ve bought before unlocking the Armor 

Probably the biggest difficulty change is the health restrictions.  Not only 
do you lose it faster, but it\'s harder to refill.  The dirt piles with 
carrots still have them in and remember you can fish in normal pits for 
health replenishing fish as well.  Otherwise, the same basic approaches 
apply, you just have to be more careful.

Feat Guide (With Song Scrolls List) [SFTG]

Victory – Finish the game.
Notes: Self-explanatory.  Defeat the final boss the first time.

Music Lover – Find and return all song scrolls.
Notes: Here is a list of where to find all 46 Song Scrolls.  See the
  walkthrough for specific locations.
    Scrolls 1-5: Start the game with these.
    Scroll 6: Village, Room 3
    Scroll 7: Village, Room 6
    Scroll 8: Armor Outpost, Room 1
    Scroll 9: Armor Outpost, Room 5
    Scroll 10: Troupple Pond
    Scroll 11: Village, Room 5
    Scroll 12: Village, Room 4
    Scroll 13: Reize
    Scroll 14: Hall of Champions, Room 5a
    Scroll 15: Hall of Champions, Room 8a
    Scroll 16: Knuckler\'s Quarry, Room 5
    Scroll 17: Frozen Flight, Room 5
    Scroll 18: Forest of Phasing, Room 5
    Scroll 19: Tower of Fate: Ascent, Room 8
    Scroll 20: Plains, Room 9a
    Scroll 21: Plains, Room 12a
    Scroll 22: Tower of Fate: Entrance, Room 7
    Scroll 23: Pridemoor Keep, Room 1a
    Scroll 24: Pridemoor Keep, Room 16a
    Scroll 25: The Lich Yard, Room 15
    Scroll 26: The Lich Yard, Room 9a
    Scroll 27: Iron Whale, Room 8a
    Scroll 28: Iron Whale, Room 14a
    Scroll 29: Explodatorium, Room 9
    Scroll 30: Explodatorium, Room 4a
    Scroll 31: Lost City, Room 7a
    Scroll 32: Lost City, Room 11a
    Scroll 33: Clockwork Tower, Room 10a
    Scroll 34: Clockwork Tower, Room 6a
    Scroll 35: Clockwork Tower, Room 13b
    Scroll 36: Stranded Ship, Room 17
    Scroll 37: Stranded Ship, Room 17a
    Scroll 38: Flying Machine, Room 15a
    Scroll 39: Flying Machine, Room 13b
    Scroll 40: Tower of Fate: Entrance, Room 13
    Scroll 41: Tower of Fate: Ascent, Room 10
    Scrolls 42-46: Tower of Fate: ????, Room 4b

Master Angler – Successfully fish 5 sparkling fishing spots.
Notes: The guide mentions all the fishing spots as you go, there\'s way more
  than 5 in the game.

Decked Out – Purchase or unlock all relics, equipment, and upgrades.
Notes: Must get and turn in all 6 meal tickets, buy all 7 magic upgrades,
  all 12 relics (counting the Troupple Chalices), all 3 shovel techniques
  and purchase all 5 armor suits.

Relic Roundtable – Defeat an enemy by using each relic.
Notes: Not exactly what it says.  You can\'t kill anyone with the Phase
  Locket or the Troupple Chalices so those are exempt.  Otherwise use the
  remaining nine to kill at least one enemy each to unlock.

I Scream for Ichor – Sample each of the Troupple King\'s Ichors.
Notes: Use each kind of Ichor once.  You can actually do this right in
  Troupple Pond.  Just drink there and ask for more until you drink all

Nice Hat... – Help out all the moochers in the fancy shop.
Notes: Give each patron $1000 in the hat shop (room 2) of the Armor Outpost.
  This triggers the fight against Mr. Hat.

Reflect Lord – Hit enemies with a reflected projectile 30 times.
Notes: You can work on this throughout the game, but probably the easiest
  enemy to do it on is the red mages.  A good place to grind them is in
  Pridemoor Keep, room 10.  Just keep re-entering the room and killing the
  upper-right mage until you have it.

Again! – Finish new game plus.
Notes: Beat the game on New Game+ mode.  See that section of the guide for
  some tips.

Hall Champion – Solve the woes of the Hall of Champions.
Notes: Finish the Hall of Champions.  See that section of the guide.

Well Met – Defeat all of the wandering travelers.
Notes: This just means Reize, Baz, Phantom Striker and Mr. Hat.  Yes, Mr.
  Hat, even though he doesn\'t technically wander.

Halfway – Defeat 4 of the Order of No Quarter.
Notes: Awarded automatically when you defeat your fourth Knight.

Hey Big Spender – Spend a combined 25000 gold.
Notes: Should get this easily on your way to getting \"Decked Out\".

Impossible! – Finish the game without dying.
Notes: Not as impossible as it sounds.  This only counts deaths that are
  saved to your file.  If you die in a regular stage, pause and select
  \"Return to Map\" to try again without that death counted against you.
  Beware of the random map encounters though.  If you die in them, you are
  kicked to the map and the game autosaves.  To get around that, make a copy
  of your save file for safety each time you go to challenge a map
  encounter.  If you\'re going to go for this, you might as well get
  \"Checkpointless\" at the same time.  You\'ll also unlock \"Perfect
  Platformer\" if you pull this off.

Penny Pincher – Finish the game without spending any money.
Notes: This means beating the game with only the 3 meal tickets you get at
  the end of each Knight set as upgrades.  No relics or other upgrades.
  Doing this will also unlock \"True Shovelry\".  Remember as you play that
  you don\'t need to go to any side areas or any dangerous paths for

Perfect Platformer – Finish the game without falling into a bottomless pit.
Notes: See \"Impossible!\" above.

Checkpointless – Destroy every possible checkpoint in the game.
Notes: The checkpoints in Plains and Tower of Fate: ???? cannot be broken
  and don\'t count.  You need to break every checkpoint in the 8 Knight
  stages and the first 2 Tower of Fate stages and THEN beat the game for it
  to take.  The Feat is awarded when you deliver the final blow to the last
  boss.  The only reason to do this and not to go for \"Impossible!\" at the
  same time is if you have trouble doing Tower of Fate: ???? all in one

First Purchase – Buy your first item.
Notes: Buy anything from any of the vendors.

Master Shoveler – Purchase all available Shovel Blade upgrades.
Notes: Buy the 3 upgrades from the Shovel Smith.  Will get as part of
  \"Decked Out\".

Flare Wanderer – Defeat an enemy with the Flare Wand from more than 25
  blocks away.
Notes: I\'m sure there\'s other ways to do this, but here\'s one that works.
  In room 13 of Pridemoor Keep, go all the way to the right end at the
  bottom.  Now walk back left.  Shoot the Flare Wand on the level when you
  reach the right edge of the leftmost window.  Keep running left and the
  shot should kill a propeller rat just on the left edge of the screen.  If
  it misses, time your shot a little later.  If it hits but doesn\'t trigger
  the feat, shoot a little earlier.

Another Dimension – Collect 2000 worth of gold lying on spikes, while using
  the Phase Locket.
Notes: If you don\'t get this automatically during your playtime, head to
  room 6 of the Iron Whale with at least 8000 gold in your possession and
  not wearing the Final Guard armor.  Trigger the checkpoint and then turn
  on your Phase Locket, walk under the platform with the gray crab and die.
  The platform will keep your dropped gold at ground level.  Respawn and use
  the Phase Locket to recollect your gold for the achievement.

Super Sphere – Destroy 5 enemies within 5 seconds using Chaos Spheres.
Notes: Notice this is plural, so you can keep tossing as many as the game
  allows.  There\'s a few good places to do this, especially during the dream
  sequences, but room 7a of the Explodatorium can work well.

Knuckle Down – Hang in the air for more than 4 seconds using the Dust
Notes: You should get this right away using the block line just to the left
  of where you collect the Dust Knuckles in the Lost City.  That\'s room 10a
  if you need to head back there.

Reflected Riches – Bounce the same Alchemy Coin 5 times in a row.
Notes: There\'s different ways to do this, but the easiest is to bounce it
  back and forth with a shielded enemy who\'s not \"activated\" yet.  Easiest
  place is in Pridemoor Keep, room 6.  Just keep hitting the coin with your
  shovel when it\'s bounced back to you.

Arc of Iron – Defeat 3 enemies with one Throwing Anchor.
Notes: Again, lots of places you could get this.  Pridemoor Keep, room 13
  with all the propeller rats offers some great opportunities.  As mentioned
  in the walkthrough, the ladder Vikings in room 15 of Stranded Ship also
  present an opportunity during normal progression.

Flying Feat – Defeat 3 enemies using the Propeller Dagger without touching
  the ground.
Notes: Pridemoor Keep, room 13 is again the location of choice to grind this
  out.  Otherwise, you could try hammering it during the last dream sequence

Boom! – Defeat 5 foes at once using the war horn.
Notes: Pridemoor Keep, room 13, on the right end there are 5 propeller rats
  all there.  Let them get in close and blast them.

Clearing a Path – Run over 5 enemies using the same Mobile Gear.
Notes: For this one you\'ll want to go back to the Explodatorium, room 7a.
  Defeat the knight above and lure the slimes below over to one side.  Run
  back to the other, wait for the rats to be out of the way and toss the
  Gear down.  Hop on and off quick and let it run through.  Don\'t stay on or
  run above it, it will make the green rats jump and dodge it.

I\'m Alive! – Finish any stage without dying.
Notes: You\'ll get this of course if you\'re going for \"Impossible!\" but if
  you just want to get this one out, go back and do the Plains with all your
  upgrades and equipment.

True Shovelry – Beat the game without collecting any relics.
Notes: If you\'re going to do this, you might as well do \"Penny Pincher\" too.
  The only advantage to just this one is you can upgrade your health more if
  you need to.

Hurry Up! – Finish the game within 1 hour and 30 minutes.
Notes: This is based on the game time listed on your save file.  Time passes
  in stages, in towns and on the maps.  Exiting a stage without completing
  it does NOT add to your time, except a few seconds on the map for the
  wanderers to reshuffle.  You can also keep backup saves and return to them
  if you mess up terribly.  There\'s a variety of choices you can make as to
  what to go for and what to skip to save time.  In general you want to
  avoid any map encounters.  You\'ll also want to be playing deathless to
  save game time, so smash checkpoints to get most of the gold you\'ll spend.
  Ignore any side areas except necessary relics, don\'t stop to dig dirt
  piles.  Bypass any mid-bosses you can damage through.
 Otherwise my suggested order is as follows:
  -Enter Village, exit immediately
  -Defeat King Knight and Spectre Knight, get both relics
  -Enter Village, buy 1-2 meal tickets, upgrade health, buy magic upgrades 
up to 50.
  -Defeat Plague, Mole and Treasure Knight (get the Dusk Knuckles and 
Throwing Anchor).
  -Return to Village, buy remaining meal tickets, more magic if you can 
afford it, save 10,000 gold.  Catapult to Armor Outpost.
  -Buy Shovel Handle charge and Dynamo Mail.
  -Defeat Propeller Knight (get Propeller Dagger)
  -Defeat Tinker Knight (get Mobile Gear to one-shot him in both encounters)
  -Defeat Polar Knight (alternately you can buy the Chaos Sphere earlier to 
use on him and a few other bosses that stay on the ground a lot)
  -Do the Tower of Fate; win.
 Keep backups of your saves and keep an eye on your time.  Ideally you
  should have almost a half hour to spare going into the Tower of Fate.  At
  least 20 minutes.

Order of Hoarders – Have 50,000 gold on hand.
Notes: You\'ll probably get this if you do New Game+, but wear the Final
  Guard Mail if you\'re having trouble holding on to your gold.  Not to hard
  to grind out otherwise if you need to.

Get the Point – Destroy all checkpoints in a single stage.
Notes: What it says.  You\'ll get this automatically if you\'re going for the
  \"Checkpointless\" Feat.

Untouched – Emerge unscathed from a battle with any knight of the Order of
  No Quarter.
Notes: Even spamming the Phase Locket, this will take a little practice.  I
  usually do it on King Knight as he\'s the most harmless, just watch out for
  his confetti rain.

Shovel Economy – Finish a level and swing the shovel blade fewer than 20
Notes: Notice it says \"swing\".  You can shovel drop to your heart\'s content,
  this only counts if you use the attack button.  Easy to do on the Plains
  or Pridemoor Keep.  Just stick to the shovel drop attack, break the few
  blocks you need to from the side and you should be fine.

On a Diet – Finish a level without eating any food.
Notes: In New Game+ you\'ll probably get this automatically since you almost
  have to.  But if you want to grind it out easily, then just head back to
  the Plains or Pridemoor Keep with all your upgrades.  Don\'t open any meal
  platters or even dig up dirt piles.  And don\'t stand under the large
  enemies as they die, since they tend to drop turkeys or apples!

Sparker – Finish off any boss using the Ground Spark technique.
Notes: If you kill Tinker Knight\'s first phase with this it counts, but
  doesn\'t unlock until you defeat his second phase.  Either refill your
  health with Ichor when he\'s down to 1 health point and hit him, or do it
  in the Tower of Fate: Ascent when you face him there.  Leave the meal
  platter until he\'s just about gone, fill up and then spark him from a

You\'re Fired – Finish off the Black Knight with a reflected shot.
Notes: Easiest to do on his first form in the Plains.  You can even do it on
  your first encounter as mentioned in the walkthrough.

Pungent – Listen to all of Croaker\'s puns.
Notes: He\'s located in room 6 of the Village.  Just keep talking to him
  until he says he\'s done.  There\'s a lot.

Juggler – Impress Mona with your skills.
Notes: Get enough in the vial mini-game in room 4 of the Village to earn the
  Song Scroll from Mona and you\'ll get this Feat as well.  See the
  walkthrough for some minor tips.

Dirt Poor – Don\'t collect any gold for an entire Order of No Quarter stage.
Notes: I do this in Pridemoor Keep, but there\'s just a few things you need
  to watch out for.  Be careful whenever you break any dirt block.  Don\'t
  jump behind any banners.  Stand clear when you kill a gryphon.  Try not to
  shovel drop enemies in case their loot bounces into you.  Do not shovel
  drop the gold knight on the dirt block bridge, those blocks will give you
  gems if you hit them.  Take your time and let any dropped gems disappear
  before you move on.

Hooper – Bounce on the Hoop Kid\'s hoop for 5 seconds.
Notes: Located in room 3 of the Village.  Just what it says.  Try to start
  at one end of the room and bounce with it across.  Doesn\'t take too much

Troupple Acolyte – Discover the secrets of the Troupple King.
Notes: Buy at least one Troupple Chalice from the Troupple Acolyte in the
  Village, room 6 and take it to Troupple Pond.

Only You – Use caution and common sense around campfires.
Notes: Dig up your campfire when you wake up after beating any stage.

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