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----------Written by CHU Vegetta

I wrote this FAQ to show some useful information and tips about this game. In Section A we will see the ranks you will earn during the game 
by the governors of the towns, the items you will receive from governors' daughters and the "mysterious travellers" (they are in the tavern on 
each town) and the specialist persons who will join your crew when you capture an enemy ship. In Section B we will see some quests you 
should complete to gain fame, money and also find some people and cities. In Section C we will present the upgrades of the ships and some
ways to gain fame.

-------------------SECTION A--------------------------------


You are going to be promoted by Governors when you complete quests, arrest buccaneers/ pirates riders, attack enemy towns,capture enemy 
ships, transfer stuffs or eminent persons (such as governors) in towns.
The ranks you will earn are in order:

1)  Captain
You can recruit crew more easy

2)  Major
You can repair you ship cheaper

3)  Colonel
Merchants become more cooperative

4)  Admiral
Ship upgrades become cheaper

5)  Baron
You can recruit crew even easier

6)  Count
You can repair your ships for free

7)  Marquis
Merchants become even more cooperative

8)  Duke
You can upgrade your ships for free


Specialists are persons that provide their services for you and your ships permanately. When you win a ship battle you may discover that 
the captured vessel has a specialist. When you are lucky enough to encounter these specialist they quickly persuaded to join your crew.

1)  Carpenter. 
He can make hull repairs at sea

2)  Sailmaker. 
He makes sail repairs at sea

3)  Cooper. 
He preserves food in sturdy barrels

4)  Gunner. 
He trains gunners in rapid firing

5)  Surgeon. 
He heals wounded sailors

6)  Navigator. 
He increases the fleet's speed

7)  Quartermaster
He enforces descipline at sea

8)  Cook
He prepares meals at sea


 You will get items from "mysterious travellers" (they are in the tavern of each town) or governor's daughter after you have danced with her.
The second item is the upgrade of the first one.

1)  Swords: Balanced Sword / Set of Balanced Swords
They improve your dueling skills

2)  Pistols: One-Shot Pistol / Brace of Pistols
They give you an advantage before dueling an enemy

3) Armor: Leather Vest / Metal Cuiraiss
These items protect you while dueling.

4)  Fencing Shirt: Puffy Fencing Shirt / Silk Fencing Shirt
They increase your dueling speed.

5)  Rutters: Dutch Rutter / Spanish Rutter
These books reveal you the locations of hidden settlements.

4)  Weather instruments: Weather Glass / Precision Barometer
These items protect your ship against storms.

5)  Music instruments: Three-Stringed Fiddle / Concertina
They improve your crew morale.

6) Disguise: False Mustache / Theatrical Disguise
These items allow you to trade with unfriedly merchants.

7)  Medicines: Medicinal Herbs / Incan Mystic Salve
They heal your wounds.

8)  Native Artifacts: Shrunken Head / Carved Shaman Stick
These items impress native leaders such as indians.

9)  Religious Artifacts: Golden Cross / Sacred Relic
They help you to have the favour of the priests

10)  Jewelry: Ruby Ring / Diamond Necklace
Offer these items to infatuate governors' daughters.

11) Dancing Shoes: Calfskin Boots / Dancing Slippers
They improve your dancing skills. You will need them if you want to dance with a governor daughter 

12) Hats: French Chapeau / Ostrich Feather Hat
These items guarantee you an invitation to a dance with a governor daughter

13) Lockpicking Items: Lockpicking Kit / Skeleton Key
They will help you to escape if you are imprisoned

14)  Signaling Devices: Signal Mirror / Signal Flare 
These items will help you when you are marooned.

15) Spy Glass: Quality Glass / Fine Telespoce
They increase your visibility on sea.

-------------------SECTION B--------------------------------


Talk to a barmaid or dance with a governor's daughter and they will tell you where to find a buccaneer.  Beware, buccaneers sail around Caribbean, 
so if you are late for arresting them, talk to the barmaid or bartender in the tavern of the last place the buccaneer has visited and they will inform 
you where to find him.

 You will have to arrest the following buccaneers during the game.

1)  Henry Morgan
2)  Captain Kidd
3)  Stede Bonnet
4)  Roc Braziliano
5)  Blackbeard
6)  Jack Rackham
7)  Jean Lafitte
8)  L' Olonnais
9)  Bart Roberts


Get the treasure map from the "mysterious traveller". You will find him in the tavern. Look carefully the landmarks and find out where is the treasure

1)  Henry Morgan treasure
2)  Captain Kidd treasure
3)  Stede Bonnet treasure
4)  Roc Braziliano treasure
5)  Blackbeard treasure
6)  Jack Rackham treasure
7)  Jean Lafitte treasure
8)  L' Olonnais treasure
9)  Bart Roberts treasure


Learn about your lost family from the "mustyrious traveller" ,if you pay him, or governor's daughter (just dance with her and she will reveal the location
you should look for your family). Look carefully the landmarks of the map and find  where is your lost family

1)  Lost Sister
2)  Lost Aunt
3)  Lost Uncle
4)  Lost Grandfather


Dance with a governor's daughter or talk to your family and you will find out the location of the lost city. Look carefully the landmarks on the map 
and figure where is the lost city.

1)  Maya City
2)  Inca City
3)  Aztects City
4)  Olmec City


1) Marquis Moltalban. He is your main enemy that you will learn about him during the game from your family,governors' daughters, 
enemy captains and the mysterious travellers.

-------------------SECTION C-------------------------------- 


You can upgrade your ship in the shipwright of the towns.

1) Copper Plating
Allow the ship to turn more quickly

2) Cotton Sails
Allow the ships to sail faster

3) Triple Hammocks
Allow the ship to carry more crew

4) Iron Scatling
Ships resist more hull damage

5) Chain Shot
It causes damage to enemy sails

6) Grape Shot
Damage enemy crew

7) Fine Grain Powder
Cannon balls travel further

8) Bronze Cannon
Cannons shoot more accurately


There are some ways you can gain fame and become respectable to governors and other captains. Let's see what you can do to gain fame

1) Find Buried Treasures
2) Find Lost Cities 
3) Arrest pirates riders and buccaneers
4) Arrest criminals
5) Save governors' daughters
6) Dance with governors' daughters
7) Marry a governor's daughter
8) Complete quests

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