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Dan P.

1.) How do I beat the game?
To beat the game you have to drive the humans out of the house and kill off all 
the red ants.

2.) How do I get a new colony?
Once you have males and new queens then go to yard. Click on mate. Then 
when you have a queen to place then click place and the box you want to place 
it in.

3.) How do I kill the spider?
Recruit a bunch of ants and swarm around the spider. Then you'll kill it. It's the 
same way with the ant lions.

4.) How do I make my colony survive if I just started one in a red colony with a 
lot of ants?
Just put a colony there. Make sure you don't play as that colony until you have a 
lot of black ants. If you start a black colony in a red colony of obout 200 and you 
play as that colony then you'll die out. If you just don't go there you have a way 
better chance of surviving. You might have to try this a few times.

5.) How many colonies can I have? 
There's no limit to how many colonies you can have. You can only have one 
colony per box but you can have one in every box.

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