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             T H E     S K I E S'    T H E     L I M I T !

Skies of Arcadia (Dreamcast) FAQ
Created By: MetroidMoo
Latest Version: 1.0
Created On: September 9, 2001
Last Updated: ---

 1)FAQ Updates
 3)Ship Information
   a. Delphinus Crew Members
   b. Items
   c. Main Cannons
   d. Secondary Cannons
   e. Torpedos
   f. Armor
11)Item Shops
12)Game Downloads
13)Contact/Legal Information


Version 1.0 - September 9, 2001
  First (and complete!) version of the guide.

This section contains an overview of each character along with information
on their Super Moves.

  Vyse is the main hero in Skies of Arcadia. He currently resides with
his father on Pirate Island, helping out with what needs to be done.
One day he hopes to sail around the world and have his own crew and
ship. Vyse is an "all-around" character but focuses slightly more on
physical attacks than magic. His Super Moves are great for attacking
an enemy party.

Swashbuckler Rating
  The Swashbuckler Rating is determined by your answers to the dialogue
questions and your fighting style. If you run away from battles enough,
your rating drops a rank. You can counteract this by fighting and 
winning more battles.

14. Vyse the Unimpressive
13. Vyse the Blue Rogue
12. Vyse the Competent
11. Vyse the Determined
10. Vyse the Respected
 9. Vyse the Admirable
 8. Vyse the Bold
 7. Vyse the Valiant
 6. Vyse the Daring
 5. Vyse the Dashing
 4. Vyse the Fearless
 3. Vyse the Hero
 2. Vyse, King of Rogues
 1. Vyse the Legend

Super Moves
Cutlass Fury
Moonberries: N/A
SP Cost: 7
Effect: Vyse does a powerful slash against a single foe.

Moonberries: 1
SP Cost: 1
Effect: Vyse counters all normal physical attacks for one turn.

Rain of Swords
Moonberries: 2
SP Cost: 14
Effect: Vyse summons the power of lightning to do great damage against 
        all foes.

Skull Shield
Moonberries: 2
SP Cost: 5
Effect: Vyse summons a spirit that defends and counterattacks all 
        normal physical attacks for the entire party.

Pirates' Wrath
Moonberries: 4
SP Cost: 21
Effect: Vyse does critical damage to one enemy.

  Aika is a childhood friend of Vyse and also lives on Pirate Island.
She always travels with Vyse in his adventures in Arcadia. Along the
way, Aika shares a few of her bizarre stories, accompanied with an
equally strange picture (Vyse's hair on fire, anyone?). She is also
an all-around character, but instead focuses more on magic. Her
offensive Super Moves rely on the power of the Red Moon, making the
attacks worthless against certain foes. However, Delta Shield and
Epsilon Mirror are quite useful.

Super Moves
Alpha Storm
Moonberries: 1
SP Cost: 4
Effect: Aika uses a tornado of fire to lightly damage all enemies in 
        a line.

Delta Shield
Moonberries: 1
SP Cost: 2
Effect: Aika creates a barrier around all allies that deflects ANY and 
        ALL types of magic (including your own). Very cost effective.

Lambda Burst
Moonberries: 2
SP Cost: 8
Effect: Aika uses the powers of fire to damage all enemies.

Epsilon Mirror
Moonberries: 2
SP Cost: 10
Effect: Aika is covered in a mirror-like barrier, making her invincible
        for one turn. 10 MP is also recovered.

Omega Psyclone
Moonberries: 4
SP Cost: 12
Effect: Aika summons the Red Moon to demolish all enemies.

  Fina is a mysterious person Vyse and Aika encounter in the outset of
the game. She belongs to an ancient civilization known as the Silvites.
Her morphing pet Cupil follows her everywhere, changing its form when 
fed enough Chams. Fina is the game's core magic user, having the highest
Will and amount of MP. Her Super Moves are mostly healing-related. Lunar
Light is one of THE best techniques in the game, so learn it as soon as

Super Moves
Lunar Blessing
Moonberries: 1
SP Cost: 12
Effect: Fina grants each party member with Regeneration. Restores 200
        HP per turn. Useful technique early in the game.

Lunar Glyph
Moonberries: 1
SP Cost: 3
Effect: Fina causes light damage and can petrify an enemy.

Lunar Cleansing
Moonberries: 2
SP Cost: 6
Effect: Fina erases all adverse effects (except Death) from the party.

Lunar Winds
Moonberries: 2
SP Cost: 6
Effect: Cupil summons a wind storm to damage and remove any beneficial
        effects from all foes.

Lunar Light
Moonberries: 4
SP Cost: 18
Effect: The ultimate recovery technique. All party members are revived,
        HP levels are fully restored, and all adverse effects are removed.

  The man with an artificial arm lives his days searching out for the
legendary arcwhale Rhaknam. You won't learn much about his unknown past 
until later in the game. Drachma is the typical RPG character that has
an incredible amount of strength and limited magical abilities. Dracma's
most important flaw is his attack accuracy; don't be surprised if you find
him missing a lot. His Spirit Charge move comes in handy early in SoA.

Super Moves
Moonberries: 1
SP Cost: 10
Effect: Drachma charges at a single enemy. Similar to Vyse's Cutlass Fury.

Spirit Charge
Moonberries: 2
SP Cost: 0
Effect: Drachma doubles his normal SP regeneration rate and defends
        himself. Make good use out of this.

Hand of Fate
Moonberries: 4
SP Cost: 25
Effect: This slightly comical Super Move can instantly kill a foe.

  Personally, this is my favorite character... Gilder considers himself
the ladies' man, and he and his crew are out to search for the "good
life," which would be anything related to treasure and women. Gilder
is almost an equivalent of Drachma, just a little more magic. His
Super Moves are decent overall, although you probably won't find
yourself using Aura of Denial too often.

Super Moves
Moonberries: 1
SP Cost: 9
Effect: Gilder goes trigger-happy and guns down all enemies in a line.

Aura of Denial
Moonberries: 2
SP Cost: 3
Effect: Gilder sets up a barrier that blocks all adverse effects for
        one turn.

The Claudia
Moonberries: 4
SP Cost: 18
Effect: Gilder uses the Claudia's cannons to severly damage all foes.

  Despite the fact that Enrique is actually the prince of Valua, he
joins Vyse and his crew after learning of how the other royal Valuans
treat the people. It might just be me, but Enrique seems to be too
"fragile" to be much of a fighter... However, that doesn't mean he
is a horrible character. His Justice Shield, used in conjunction with 
Aika's Delta Shield, is certainly a spiffy technique.

Super Moves
Royal Blade
Moonberries: 1
SP Cost: 8
Effect: Same as Vyse's Cutlass Fury.

Justice Shield
Moonberries: 2
SP Cost: 4
Effect: Enrique surrounds everyone in a barrier that reduces damage
        from physical attacks by 50%.

The Judgement
Moonberries: 4
SP Cost: 16
Effect: Enrique summons a snake that severely damages an enemy. Similar
        to Vyse's Pirates' Wrath.

This section contains general information on the equipment and such
for the ships.

Position: Helmsman
Stats: Dodge % +15
Location: Talk to him in the tavern in Esparanze after completing the
          Dark Rift segment.
Special Effect: Increases Dodge % (when active).

Position: Helmsman
Stats: Quick +30
Location: Sailors' Island
Special Effect: Increases Quick (when active).

Position: Engineer
Stats: Defense +20
Location: Automatically joins the crew.
Special Effect: Increases Defense (when active).

Position: Engineer
Stats: Defense +20
Location: Talk to him in Horteka after completing the Yafutoma segment.
Special Effect: Increases Magic Defense (when active).

Position: Gunner
Stats: None
Location: Crescent Island
Special Effect: Increases damage done by Secondary Cannons when active.

Position: Gunner
Stats: None
Location: Nasrad
Special Effect: Increases damage done by Main Cannons when in active crew.

Position: Lookout
Stats: None
Location: Talk to him at Gordo's Bistro after finding at least 30 
Special Effect: Increases rate of critical hits (when active). Chat
                with him at Crescent Island after finding 40, 50,
                and 64 Discoveries to receive rewards.

Position: Lookout
Stats: None
Location: Talk to him in Horteka after finding the Ixa'ness Village
Special Effect: Increases Hit % for torpedoes when in active crew.

Position: Merchant
Stats: None
Location: Talk to Kalifa in Maramba when you have a Suiran Blade
          in your inventory.
Special Effect: Increases chances of finding special items (when active).
                Can also tell your fortune on Crescent Island.

Position: Merchant
Stats: None
Location: Nasrad
Special Effect: Increases chances of finding expensive items (when active).
                Also sets up a shop on Crescent Island.

Position: Builder
Stats: None
Location: Automatically joins the crew.
Special Effect: Increases damage done by the Moon Stone Cannon (when active).
                Can also build and remodel structures on Crescent Island.

Position: Builder
Stats: None
Location: Yafutoma
Special Effect: Fully restores ship's HP when using the Crew Command. Like
                Izmael, she can build and remodel things on Crescent Island.

Position: Cook
Stats: None
Location: Talk to her in the Yafutoman restaurant after recruiting Kirala.
Special Effect: Maxes out the ship's SP when using the Crew Command. Cooks 
                meals on Crescent Island.

Position: Cook
Stats: None
Location: Sailors' Island
Special Effect: Fully restores one party member's MP when using the Crew
                Command. Also cooks on Crescent Island.

Position: Artisan
Stats: None
Location: Talk to him at Ilchymis's Island after learning the Riselem spell.
Special Effect: Raises the ship's stats for a short while when using the
                Crew Command. Sets up a shop on Crescent Island.

Position: Artisan
Stats: None
Location: Talk to him at Ryu-kan's Island. If your swashbuckler rating is
          at least at Daring, he will join.
Special Effect: Raises the offensive and defensive capabilities of the ship
                for a short while. Sets up a shop in Crescent Island.

Position: Sailor
Stats: None
Location: Automatically joins your crew.
Special Effect: Doubles the ship's SP for one turn.

Position: Sailor
Stats: None
Location: Talk to him in the Dark Rift after recruiting Polly.
Special Effect: Reduces the SP cost of actions for one turn.

Position: Jester
Stats: None
Location: Retrieve the note in a bottle from Sailors' Island and talk 
          to Merida at Horteka.
Special Effect: Increases ship's value by 10,000 Gold. She will also
                dance for you at Crescent Island. ^_~

Position: Jester
Stats: None
Location: Pirate Island
Special Effect: Raises chances of attacking first for a turn using the
                Crew Command option.

Position: Delegate
Stats: None
Location: Sailors' Island
Special Effect: Nullifies any enemy cannon fire for a turn using the
                Crew Command.

Position: Delegate
Stats: None
Location: Automatically joins the crew.
Special Effect: Blocks any damage from enemy magic for a turn using the
                Crew Command.

NAME                  EFFECT
Repair Kit            Restores 4,000 HP
Deluxe Kit            Restores 8,000 HP
Complete Kit          Fully restores ship's HP
Gear Grease           Restores SP
Thermal Grease        Fully restores SP
Rudder Grease         Reduces SP cost of actions
Machine Oil           Doubles SP regeneration rate
Hex Shell             Protects from cannon fire for one turn
Magic Shell           Protects from magic attacks for one turn
Apa Wax               Increases Attack and Defense for two turns
Apo Wax               Increases Attack and Defense for four turns
Hybrid Wax            Improves ship's stats for one turn
Speed Wax             Increases Quick for one turn
Bomb                  Standard bomb used to damage an enemy
Big Bomb              Heavier bomb for more damage
Concussion Bomb       Packs twice the punch of a standard bomb
Pyro Bomb             Bomb with Red properties
Frost Bomb            Bomb with Purple properties
Thunder Bomb          Bomb with Yellow properties
Shredder Bomb         Massive bomb for more damage
Captain's Stripe      Adds 1,000/2,000 HP to current ship
Crystal Ball          Sells for 1,000 Gold.
Gold Bullion          Sells for 10,000 Gold

Main Cannon
Stats: At 35, Hi 80, SP 4
Description: The Little Jack's main cannon. It's rather old, but Drachma
             has kept it in great shape.

Standard Cannon
Stats: At 40, Hi 83, SP 4
Description: The main cannon used on Valuan Warships, sometimes
             available on the Black Market.

Heavy Cannon
Stats: At 45, Hi 85, SP 5
Description: An upgraded version of the Standard Valuan Cannon, used on
             light warships in Mid Ocean.

G-Type Cannon
Stats: At 50, Hi 85, SP 5
Description: Cannons used on Armada ships, when they defeated Ixa'taka.
             Slightly outdated, but powerful.

B-Type Cannon
Stats: At 75, Hi 90, SP 6
Description: An upgraded version of the G-Type Cannon, with the same
             basic design, but greater firepower.

Prototype Cannon
Stats: At 100, Hi 85, SP 6
Description: A rotating cannon that can track enemy targets, but doesn't
             do much damage.

Advanced Cannon
Stats: At 150, Hi 90, SP 7
Description: A new rotating main cannon developed for Valuan Destoyers.
             Available on the Black Market.

Pyril Cannon
Stats: At 200, Hi 120, SP 6
Description: A rotating cannon designed for battleships. Has Red
             properties, and high accuracy.

Yamato Spirit
Stats: At 250, Hi 90, SP 8
Description: A large and powerful cannon based on traditional Yafutoman

Ancient Cannon
Stats: At 300, Hi 95, SP 9
Description: A durable cannon made from ancient metals from the Old World.

Harpoon Cannon
Stats: At 350, Hi 999, SP 15
Description: The Little Jack's ultimate weapon. It was acquired to destroy

Stats: At 400, Hi 97, SP 10
Description: A very large cannon that enables large ships to blast small
             ships out of the sky.

Moon Cannon
Stats: At 500, Hi 99, SP 9
Description: A main cannon that uses both Moon Stone energy and gunpowder
             to fire.

Crystil Cannon
Stats: At 550, Hi 60, SP 4
Description: Made of a special alloy for added durability. Has Purple
             properties, and great firepower.

Moon Stone Cannon
Stats: At 800, Hi 999, SP 20
Description: The ultimate weapon of the Delphinus. Builds up Moon energy
             and releases it in a massive blast.

3" Cannon
Stats: At 70, Hi 80, SP 2
Description: A small caliber secondary cannon for smaller ships.

3" Blaster
Stats: At 80, Hi 83, SP 2
Description: A secondary cannon for the Little Jack. An upgraded version
             of the 3-Inch Cannon.

5" Cannon
Stats: At 90, Hi 80, SP 3
Description: A secondary cannon for the Little Jack. More powerful than
             the 3-Inch Cannon.

12" Cannon
Stats: At 170, Hi 77, SP 4
Description: A high-caliber secondary cannon developed for warships.

Wevl Cannon
Stats: At 180, Hi 120, SP 4
Description: A secondary cannon designed for battleships. Has Blue
             properties and high accuracy.

10" Cannon Coil
Stats: At 220, Hi 89, SP 4
Description: A 10-inch secondary cannon with a reinforced barrel that helps
             to absorb shock.

3' Cannon
Stats: At 280, Hi 87, SP 6
Description: A secondary cannon devleoped in Yafutoma, inspired by
             cylindrical plants.

5' Cannon
Stats: At 330, Hi 90, SP 6
Description: A secondary cannon used by the Yafutoman Navy. It is a
             short-range, high-powered cannon.

Moon Gun
Stats: At 400, Hi 99, SP 5
Description: A secondary cannon relies on Moon Stone energy instead of
             draining Spirit.

Light Torpedo
Stats: At 120, Hi 60, SP 3
Description: A light torpedo, well-suited for smaller ships. After launch,
             it attacks its target from above.

Shock Torpedo
Stats: At 160, Hi 55, SP 3
Description: A torpedo equippable by the Little Jack. After launch, it
             charges its target from above.

Hunter Torpedo
Stats: At 160, Hi 60, SP 3
Description: A torpedo equippable by the Little Jack. Has greater
             range than standard torpedos.

Valuan Torpedo
Stats: At 220, Hi 60, SP 3
Description: A torpedo used by Valua against Nasrean Navy during the
             Valua-Nasr War.

Heavy Torpedo
Stats: At 250, Hi 50, SP 4
Description: A large torpedo with the same firepower as a main cannon,
             but has lower accuracy.

Serpent Torpedo
Stats: At 300, Hi 65, SP 4
Description: A medium-sized torpedo that goes after a target like a snake.
             Short range, but very powerful.

Arcwhale Torpedo
Stats: At 400, Hi 70, SP 6
Description: A torpedo with good range and destructive power. But,
             uses a high level of Spirit.

Moon Torpedo
Stats: At 600, Hi 75, SP 3
Description: A torpedo that uses Moon Stone energy to keep Spirit
             consumption low.

Armored Deck
Stats: De 10
Description: A standard armored deck, commonly available. Improves
             ship Defense.

Steel Deck
Stats: De 20
Description: A deck armored with multiple layers of steel. Has high
             defensive power.

Compound Deck
Stats: De 40
Description: A deck armored with layers of different steels. Has high
             defensive power.

Heavy Armor Deck
Stats: De 55
Description: A deck with armor three times as thick as the standard
             weight. Improves ship Defense.

Alloy Deck
Stats: De 70
Description: A deck armored with an alloy including Moon Stone dust.
             Improves ship Defense.

Sparkling Deck
Stats: De 500, Do 2, Qu 6
Description: An armored deck studded with Moon Stones of 6 different
             colors. Improves ship Defense.

Rogue Figure
Stats: Ma 20
Description: A menacing skull with crossed swords, the symbol of the Air
             Pirates. Increases Magic Defense.

Pryn Figure
Stats: Ma 30
Description: Crafted after a mystical red bird, and decorated with red
             feathers. Increases Magic Defense.

Pyrynn Figure
Stats: Ma 45
Description: A sculpture based on the mythical guardian of Pyrynn.
             Increases Magic Defense.

Bluheim Figure
Stats: Ma 130
Description: A sculpture of Bluheim, the Yafutoman Gigas. Increases
             Magic Defense.

Goddess Figure
Stats: Ma 160
Description: A sculpture of the goddess of love, courage, and victory.
             Increases Magic Defense.

Spherical Figure
Stats: Ma 300
Description: A glowing sphere. Increases Magic Defense.

Engine Cover
Stats: Do 3, Qu 10
Description: Protects the ship's engine from getting dirty, and increases
             the ship's Quick.

Turbo Kit
Stats: Do 5, Qu 20
Description: Ship Modification, that increases the Moon Stone power output,
             increasing the ship's Quick.

Bore-up Kit
Stats: Do 8, Qu 30
Description: A kit that increases engine size for greater power and exhaust,
             increasing ship's Quick.

Air Intake
Stats: Do 12, Qu 80
Description: Sends clean air into the engine, stabilizing fuel consumption
             and increasing ship speed.

Twin Turbo
Stats: Do 15, Qu 90
Description: A compound turbo kit that modifies the engine and increases
             the ship's Quick.

Timing Valve
Stats: Do 17, Qu 100
Description: Standardizes valve timing to stabilize engine exhaust,
             increasing ship's Quick.

Triple Turbo
Stats: Do 20, Qu 130
Description: A triple turbo kit for maximum engine power, for a speed
             boosts even greater than the Twin Turbo.

Double Shaft
Stats: Do 26, Qu 200
Description: Splits the engine into two independent stages, doubling
             power output and increasing ship speed.

Enhanced Kitchen
Stats: De 1
Description: State-of-the-art cooking facilities for great-tasting dinners
             every night.

Stats: De 1
Description: Luxurious lighting favored by Valuan nobility. Brings a touch
             of opulence to airborne life.

Floor Heater
Stats: Ma 1
Description: Takes advantage of engine heat to keep living quarters nice
             and comfortable.

Air Purifier
Stats: Ma 2
Description: Purifies the air below decks to keep everything smelling
             clean and fresh, not sweaty.

Yafutoman Alcove
Stats: Ma 2
Description: A bit of Yafutoman culture to help calm the mind and soothe
             the soul.

Wooden Doll
Stats: None
Description: A carved wooden doll, shaped like a cuddly animal. Simple,
             cute, and adored by Fina.

This section guides ya through SoA.

  Skies of Arcadia begins with a scene involving Alfonso chasing after 
a strange silver vessel. Alfonso's cruiser attacks and retrieves the girl
aboard it. Then, much to his suprise, the Air Pirates decide to jump in.
Vyse and Aika appear and engage a battle with Valuan soldiers...

BOSS: Soldier (x2)                   EXP: 1                MAGIC EXP: 1

  Since this is your first battle, don't expect the game to throw any
unexpected punches at ya. Have Vyse and Aika concentrate their attacks
on one soldier, and then move onto the other. Piece o' cake.

ITEMS: None                                                GOLD: 10

  The Valuan soldiers surround Vyse and Aika, but Vyse's dad, Dyne, pops
a cap into one of them. Dyne tells the duo to enter the ship.

50 Gold
Magic Droplet (x2)
Sacri Crystal (x3)

  Open up the chest for a crystal and enter the door in the southeast
corner (using the mini-map). Continue through the hall into the next
room, where Alfonso greets Vyse and Aika with a bit of Valuan 
hospitality... Follow the same strategy used in the first battle.
  There's a chest in this room containing a few more crystals. Run
to the southern end and go up the metal staircases. You can try
following the admiral, but he decides to use what little brain cells
he has by locking the door. So Vyse and Aika need to seek out an
alternate route.
  Go outside of the cruiser by exiting through the tiny hallway.
Climb down the ladder. After marveling SoA's sun flare, go through
the entryway. The Vice Captain opens the hangar bay as the "mighty"
Alfonso plans to flee the scene. However, the admiral conjures up
another one of his brilliant schemes. Syonara Vice Cap'n!
  Vyse wishes to fight Alfonso, but he wants one of his pets to duel
with him instead...

BOSS: Antonio                        EXP: 18               MAGIC EXP: 2

  This will be your first major fight... Have Vyse attack the mechanical
beast using normal attacks and Cutlass Fury (when available). Then
have Aika heal and focus for most of the battle. Use Sacri Crystals
instead of the actual spell to free up SP. What you need to watch
out for is Thunder of Fury. This maneuver can take off roughly 50% of
a member's HP.

ITEMS: Moonberry                                              GOLD: 165

  Alfonso leaves the coop, and the Blue Rogues now have control of the
ship. The mysterios girl that was kidnapped wakes up and reveals her
name, Fina.

DIALOGUE SELECTION: That's a great name.

  Situations like the above occur frequently throughout your journey
in Skies of Arcadia. Making the correct selection results in a chime,
meaning that Vyse's Swashbuckler rating increased. If you keep doing
so, his rank will gradually move up.
  After that, Vyse and Aika give a lil bit of background information
on the Air Pirates in Arcadia. Dyne tells the group to get a move on
and meet him in the bridge.
  Talk with Dyne and then Briggs. The Vice Captain lends Vyse control
of the Albatross. Here is where you'll learn how to fly the ships in
the game. Head to Pirate Island.

150 Gold
Magic Droplet (x2)
Purple Moon Stone
Sacri Crystal (x3)

  The Albatross docks inside the island, where the headquarters for
the Blue Rogues is. After they do some celebrating over their raid,
talk with Dyne in his office.

DIALOGUE SELECTION: Sit quietly and listen.

  Search behind Dyne's bookcase to find a chest with gold. Exit the 
docking area to the outside of the island. Aika says she has to return 
to her house for a moment. Now, if you REALLY need to satisfy your 
perverted side, you can have Vyse look through the hankerchief on the 
side of Aika's home for an "interesting" scene. Poor Vyse... ^_~
  This place is pretty much a training ground for the rest of the
game. Talk to people to learn various things about SoA. You can
also save your file here. When you're ready, enter Vyse's house
(right by the save point).
  Climb the mile-high ladder to the lookout point for a purdy
sunset sequence. A shower of Moon Stones appear, and one of them
lands on Shrine Island. Vyse and Aika want to head to the isle
tomorrow to get the stone.
  Once morning arrives, chat with Dyne to receive a Purple Moon
Stone to use with the party's weapons. You can change a weapon's
color via the equipment screen, or with the Y button in the middle
of battle.
  Walk up the wooden pathway and board the boat. Now wouldn't be a
bad time to do some fighting around the isle. Build Vyse's and Aika's
levels to at least 5 and try to have both of 'em learn Sacri, Pyri,
and Crystali. When you have acquired enough gold, go back to the
shops on Pirate Island and purchase new equipment and crystals.

Raw Moon Stone
Sacres Crystal (x2)
Sacri Crystal (x2)

  When you land on the isle, Aika points out where the Moon Stone has
crashed and that water is now flowing into the shrine. Save your game
and enter the structure. Unfortunately for the crew, the hub with the
Moon Stone is flooded. So now you must find a way to drain the place.
  Walk around the outside ring here and go through the red entryway
to the outside. Activate the crystal device to lower the entire island.
Head right to find a chest with 2 Sacri Crystals. Backtrack into the
shrine and make yer way through the entrance, which is now underground.
Follow the pathway and open the floodgate. Too bad you can't stick Aika
in front of it... Then you wouldn't have to put up with her memorable
lines she says after battle. =P
  Enter the hub, take a left, and find a chest with a Moonberry in it.
Make your merry way up the staircase in the central room and open up
the next door ya see. Continue along the path to locate...yet another
door! Steal the crystals from the chest. Keep movin' and let the
water flow out in the upcoming floodgate (but heal and save before
doing so!). Notice there is a save point before an usually large door...
I wonder what that could mean... *cough*

BOSS: Sentinel                       EXP: 233              MAGIC EXP: 2

  Just who the hell does this guy think he is? Rayman?
  Anywhoo, like before, have Aika focus and heal while Vyse beats him
down. Sentinel's Blaster will cause the most trouble, taking off ~350 HP
and possibly to both Aika and Vyse. Now, if one of the party members
should happen to fall, well, you're screwed. Just hang in there and
don't immediately give up.

ITEMS: Moonberry                                              GOLD: 755

  Once Vyse and Aika do their slapping routine, they depart for Pirate
Island with the Moon Stone intact. But back on the isle, Ben spots the
Imperial Armada heading straight for the Blue Rougues' headquarters.
  Head back to Pirate Island to see what the fuss is about...

  As you can see, just 'bout everything has been burnt to hell and back.
Enter Dyne's office and chat with Vyse's mother to find out what exactly

DIALOGUE SELECTION: Try and save everyone!

  The scene transitions to Galcian's Serpent cruiser. Galcian has taken
Fina captive and desires some information from her. Of course, she
doesn't comply, and they head off for Valua.
  Walk up the wooden path to the boat, and engage a conversation with
Lindsi there. Tell her that you'll return safely with Dyne and the
crew. Head off!

Blue Moon Stone

  Pass Shrine Isle and continue northeast to a rock formation. The screen
gets all foggy, and a mammoth arcwhale rides along Vyse and Aika. Then they
get eaten and find Pinocchio inside. Okay, maybe not...


  Actually, no matter what you pick, the ship gets blown away. So do
what you want... The dynamic duo land on some foreign vessel, owned
by the Man with an Artificial Arm. Doesn't that name just strike terror
into you? Well, if you were in Vyse's position you'd think so. Heh heh...
  Drachma wants Vyse to bring up two crates from below deck. Vyse
struggles tremendously to carry whatever is in those crates. Drachma joins
the party, gives you a Blue Moon Stone, and control of the Little Jack.
Head to the rock area you saw before and pass through the low tunnel to
spot Sailors' Island.

Note in a Bottle

  Drachy doesn't like the idea of babysitting Vyse and Aika and decides
to leave the group. So you must persuade him to stay. Talk to the guy
at the counter in the Sailors' guild to learn about how SoA's Discovery
system works. If you have a Sega VMU with the screen, make sure you don't
forget to yak with Pinta in the weapons store. Doing so opens up the
Pinta Quest option under the menu.
  Trot on over to the ship parts store and discuss the information the
merchant has about a brand spankin' new cannon, the Harpoon Cannon.
Speak with Drachma about it. He agrees to take Aika and Vyse to Valua,
although he'll need a passport to do it. Chat with the Guildmaster to

DIALOGUE SELECTION: We accept your offer!

  Before you leave, check the lighthouse for a balloon containing a note
in a bottle. You'll need this much later in the game.

Valuan Passport

  Your objective here is to simply follow the merchant's directions
and reach Nasr. When you attempt to pass through the South Dannel
Strait, Captain Baltor's ship flies in...

BOSS: The Blackbeard                 EXP: 137              MAGIC EXP: 0

  This is your first of many ship battles in Skies of Arcadia. Pay very
close attention to Drachma's instructions, as you'll be using 'em for
the rest of the game. Generally, attack when the grid blocks are green
and take a defensive stance when they reach yellow and red. Try and
maneuver behind Baltor when the time arises. Then let loose with 
everything ya got. Remember you can still use Sacri during ship battles.

ITEMS: Captain's Stripe, Bomb                                 GOLD: 300

  Now that you kicked Baltor's ass, he won't be bothering you anytime
soon. Move through the strait to Nasr to acquire the passport. Backtrack
to Sailors' Island and head north to Valua.

Sacres Crystal (x2)

  After showing the patrol ship the passport, the crew is granted
perimission to enter the city. The scene moves to Galcian and the
admirals of the Valuan Armada. The game also introduces you to
this "unique" band of people.
  The Little Jack docks in the Lower City area, and Drachma departs
to install the Harpoon Cannon. As you're exploring this place, a
little boy, Marco, will stop Vyse and Aika in their tracks to speak
with 'em. Once Marco is PO'ed, hop on the cart to ride to the next
sector of Valua. Stop at the inn and rest.
  Drachma reports that Dyne and his crew will be executed the next
day at the Coliseum.

DIALOGUE SELECTION: Let's sneak into the Coliseum!

  The crew notices someone was spying on them (*cough*Marco*cough*).
Jump from rooftop to rooftop and meet Marco at the sewer manhole.
Collect the Moonberry from the passage behind the mass of barrels
and enter the Catacombs.

Assassin Blade
Curia Crystal (x3)
Heavy Armor
Magic Droplet (x4)
Pyri Box
Sacri Crystal (x4)
Yellow Moon Stone

  The path here is very linear, so directions aren't necessary. There
are a few side rooms that contain treasure chests. Have Aika learn
Alpha Storm since many of the enemies' formations will help to make
good use out of it.
  You will know when you reach the Coliseum entrance when you spot
one of Kirby's relatives up a staircase. I would suggest build everyone 
to at least Lv 12 if you want to make things easy. Having a party 
member (preferably Aika) with Sacres wouldn't hurt either.

BOSS: Bleigock                       EXP: 433              MAGIC EXP: 2

  This mutant sack of marshmallows tends to poison the party. If you
were lucky enough to win a couple Ivy Bands off of enemies, equip them.
Have Vyse and/or Aika heal and focus. For Drachma, use his Tackle tech.
Tackle does ~600 HP damage, so this battle won't take that long.

ITEMS: Vidal Seed                                             GOLD: 953

  Heal and save your game file. When you're ready, climb the ladder!

BOSS: Executioner, Spell Warden (x2)   EXP: 238            MAGIC EXP: 2

  Now, honestly, did you expect you could do this without a fight? =P
Concentrate your attacks on the two Spell Wardens before attempting the
big guy. Tackle and Cutlass Fury maul them to pieces. Try and take 'em
down before one can cast Increm on the Executioner, which will make
his physical attacks even more damaging. Have Vyse and Aika focus and
heal, while Drachma Tackles him.

ITEMS: Electri Box, Sacres Crystal                           GOLD: 1122

  Rush back to the save point to find Marco, who has revealed a hidden
room in the sewers. Meet up with Dyne in there. Apparently Fina is missing
and has been taken captive...

DIALOGUE SELECTION: We have to go save Fina!

  Dyne hands over the Yellow Moon Stone, and Marco informs ya how to
reach the Upper City. Open the two chests and make your way through the
tunnel. When you reach the end, Marco and Vyse have a touching moment.

  Looks vastly different the lower city, don't ya think? Walk up the
stairs to the bridge. Vyse spots Fina being taken to the Grand Fortress
in a railcar. Our hero elegantly jumps onto the train, while Aika gets
her face smashed in... ^_^
  Dash towards the front of this vehicle. Along the way, you must fight
groups of Patrol Guards, but they're just pushovers. Just make sure
the godly Lord Galcian doesn't nab ya! In the front car, you have to
duke it out with a couple Royal Guards...

BOSS: Royal Guard (x2)               EXP: 440              MAGIC EXP: 2

  These two goons are, overall, easy. You just need to keep an eye out
for their Counter Stance. Every time you hit one of 'em, he counter
attacks. Then there's Sacri... The Royal Guards use it frequently.
If one goes down, taking out the other is *much* easier.

ITEMS: Magic Droplet (x10)                                   GOLD: 1562

  Before the group can celebrate their victory, Galcian pays a visit.


  And of course, Drachma flies in and saves the day. Now Valua is
closing the gates and has ships blocking it. Time to test out the
Harpoon Cannon, ya whack sucka!

BOSS: Valuan Cruiser                 EXP: 231              MAGIC EXP: 0

  Fire Harpoon Cannon. Watch Valuan Cruiser go down in flames. w00t.

ITEMS: Repair Kit                                             GOLD: 500

  After taking out one single ship, the whole blockade seems to have
disappeared. And Galcian is still standing in that rail car. It would
be humorous if one of the guards *accidentally* nudges him...but then
we wouldn't have much of a game, now would we?

Cham (x2)
Silver Moon Stone

  Back on Pirate Isle, Fina reveals her mission and story background.
Your main objective now is to collect all of the six Moon Crystals.

DIALOGUE SELECTION: Leave everything to us!

  Fina finally joins the party and gives you the Silver Moon Stone.
Now you can learn any spell set in the book. Enter the underground
docking sector, and Fina explains about feeding Cupil Chams. You can
find one on the walkway by Luke the Raider. Talk with Vyse's parents
and board the Little Jack.
  I'd suggest heading to Sailors' Island and buy new equipment,
particularly for the Little Jack. Just as a little side note, you can 
pick up a Cham near the note you found there. Since Fina starts out at 
Lv 1, it wouldn't be a bad idea to level her up now.
  When you're ready, head southeast through the stone reef and look 
for a fairly large desert isle with Maramba. Then Vyse and Aika begin 
talking about the Nasr deserts. And Aika brings up one of her kooky 
stories... The picture you see here is Vyse with his hair on fire. 
Trust me, folks, it gets better later in the game. =P

Excavation Arm
Gem of Fluidity
Magic Droplet (x3)

  Unfortunately for you, Drachma leaves the group, along with the
Little Jack. Now Vyse must find someone to take them to the temple
with the Red Moon Crystal. Head to the main portion of Maramba.
  Hit the shops and buy what you can. There's also a Cham hidden
near the chest on top of the inn. The weapons merchant mentions some
sort of cache containing equipment hidden beneath Maramba. Chat with
the Dhabu trainer and ride to the detached section of the town.
  Here there's a ladder leading underground to the sewers. You can
find several items here just by moving the switches on the pedestals.
These devices flip the gates. Flip 'em correctly to open a pathway
to a chest. You can collect a Gem of Fluidity and Excavation Arm
from here. A ladder leads outside to a chest with a Moonberry.
  Enter the pub, talk with the customers, and then Bellena. Agree
to watch her dance. While Aika rambles on about the adventure, Vyse
just sits and watches the dancer (if you were in his shoes, you
probably would too. ^_^). 

DIALOGUE SELECTION: Hehe... Okay, I'll stop staring!

  Bellena sits down with Vyse and says she'll take him to the temple
tomorrow. So, rest at the inn, unless you desire watching her a couple
more times... Heh heh heh...
  Drachma continues searching for Rhaknam and sees a vessel heading
in the general direction of the temple. When Vyse and the crew wake
up, head to the docks and speak with the dancer.


  Fly off to the Temple of Pyrynn in the east. Build the party's levels 
to at least Lv 15-17 and try to have two of them learn the Risan and 
Sacrum spells. Investing time into learning Ice spells would help, too.

1301 Gold
Ancient Robe
Dancing Arc
Magic Droplet (x5)
Rune of Ill Omen
Sacres Crystals (x3)

  Bellena wants to wait outside the temple while you go search for
this crystal. Save your file at the save point and enter. Go down
the corridor to a room with two barrels. Have Vyse run on top of 'em
to get across. To your left, you should see another hallway. Use the
barrel to reach it, walk on through, and attempt to open the casket.
You're automatically engaged in battle with three Magma Tikis. Ice
spells will easily eliminate them.
  Backtrack and go down the third hall. Eventually you'll come across
a room with boulders rolling through it. Take a right at the first
opening you find. Walk through to find another casket, with an Ancient
  Continue on to discover a puzzle involving those barrels. Move the
two barrels on the left and right sides into the slots in the floor.
Then take the final barrel into the last opening to open the exit.
  Dash on through to locate yet another treasure chest, this one with 
Sacres Crystals. Head east to find a goodie, the Dancing Arc. Return
to the area with the crystals in the chest and move north, then west.
  Another puzzle! Move the upper red container in the appropiate
opening. Then the other red one. Repeat said steps for the blue
barrels. Once that's completed, the entire floor shakes and falls
to the lower sector of the temple. Pass through the now open entryway.
  Vyse goes Indiana Jones and must outrun a rock. Slip to the west
opening and search for the Cham there. The east exit has a Moonberry.
Move the heavy barricade to reach the Temple of Pyrynn's lava section.
Along the path there be a chest with five Magic Droplets.
  In the next room, there's a switch that sends water here. Don't worry
about it now, just move on. The chest up the stairs is guarded by Zivilyn
Bane, a character you will encounter quite frequently in Arcadia.

BOSS: Zivilyn Bane                    EXP: 199             MAGIC EXP: 2

  Well, Bane isn't really a boss, but he is much tougher than the average
bear. Cast Crystali/Crystales on him and heal when needed. His Burst
technique can take off nearly a 1/3 of a character's HP.

ITEMS: Zaal Seed                                             GOLD: 1898

  Defeating Zivilyn nets you a rare treasure, the Rune of Ill Omen.
The next spot has the temple's final annoying puzzle to solve. Move
the middle-right blue barrel into the slot in front of it. Now push
the one below it. Then the lower-left blue, lower-middle blue, and
ultimately the red barrel.
  The completion of this increases the level of the lava. Activate
the water flow to solidfy the molten lava. A boss is up next, so
heal and save! If you desire to restore all of your HP without
wasting any MP, use Fina's Lunar Blessing in a battle against weak
foes. Just defend until everyone's health is maxed out.

BOSS: Rokwyrm                        EXP: 1021             MAGIC EXP: 4

  The difficulty ramps up a bit here... Rok's Cinder Storm can instantly
petrify a party member, so be prepared to use Curia. Try to set up Fina's
Lunar Blessing move as soon as possible. Give everyone's weapon the
purple attribute and pummel away with attacks and Ice spells. If you're
fortunate enough to purchase Aika's Swirlmerang, that'd be a big help.

ITEMS: Riselem Box                                           GOLD: 1584

  Walk over the remains of Rokwyrm into the room with the Red Moon Crystal
on a pedestal. A secret passage to the outside reveals itself. Save and
talk with Bellena, who seems to have other plans about the crystal...
  Belleza summons the Red Gigas, Recumen, to kick your booty. Vyse, Aika,
and Fina try running away from this monstrosity. And, out of the blue,
Drachma comes to rescue them, again...

BOSS: Recumen                        EXP: 0                MAGIC EXP: 0

  The Litte Jack won't be able to put a dent into this funky thing,
so don't even try to defeat it. Recumen attacks with Red Ray when his
turn pops up on a red square. Keep healing with Sacres. Fire the
Harpoon Cannon on the red squares to knock the Red Ray attack off
balance. Continue attacking the head with the Harpoon Cannon until
Drachma gives you the choice to retreat. Do so.

ITEMS: None                                                     GOLD: 0

  Yer not out of the woods yet...

DIALOGUE SELECTION: You mean, attack Belleza's ship, right?

BOSS: The Lynx                       EXP: 881              MAGIC EXP: 0

  The Lynx has a Magic Cannon equipped, which means she can throw an
offensive spell at ya. Most of the spells do ~2,000+ HP damage, so
keep an eye on the health bar. Choose the "Catch her off guard" option
to gain an advantage for a few turns. Then get behind her the next
selection. Head upward and blast the Lynx with the Harpoon Cannon.

ITEMS: Captain's Stripe, Magic Cannon, 3" Blaster            GOLD: 2400

  After defeating Belleza, she calls off Recumen and makes an
emergency landing in the desert. Drachma gets the wonderful idea of
taking the engine from the Lynx and putting it into his own ship
to get through South Ocean. Fly southwest of Maramba to reach it.

  There is a headwind in South Ocean, so flying through will take quite
a bit of time. Expect many random battles to fight. Get past this
place, and the Ixa'taka Discovery is automatically added to your log.
Map out the place and drop anchor at Horteka.

Moon Stone Fuel
Paranta Seed
Sacri Crystal (x25)

  The crew walks into Horteka and receives a rather awkward greeting.
Don't bother talking to anyone, as none of 'em trust Vyse and his
friends at the moment. Take the right path, then left, and climb down
the ladder. Pass through the tunnel and enter the leader's hut here.
Chat with the elder to learn what's goin' on. He speaks of the king's
hideout north of here.
  Go back to the beginning of this place. In the northern section of the 
Horteka minimap, there is an exit to where Centime's ancient ship is 
located. Right before the entrance, you can collect a Cham. Talk to
Hans to receive the Moon Stone Fuel.
  Return to the Little Jack, and fly north to the King's Hideout.
The forest is now on fire because of De Loco's Chameleon ship. Now, of
course, we must stop this mad man from comitting such an atrocity. =P

BOSS: The Chameleon                  EXP: 726              MAGIC EXP: 0 

  The battle starts out easy. Just plug a couple cannonballs into the
side of De Loco's ship. But once the red squares start rollin' in, 
defend yourself or have the Little Jack turn into crispy chicken. Blast
him before he uses the Flamethrower to knock him off balance, enabling
you to hookshot the Chameleon from behind. Two shots, and he's done for.
Well done at that... Ha ha ha...

ITEMS: Captain's Stripe, B-Type Cannon                       GOLD: 1900

  De Loco passes out, and the Chameleon is barely able to flee. Now
you may reach the king.


  Vyse explains the dilemma to the king of Ixa'taka. The king mentions
that the High Priest Isapa knows where to find the lost city that holds
the Green Moon Crystal. But...Isapa is being held prisoner in Moon
Stone Mountain.

DIALOGUE SELECTION: Let's break into the Moon Stone Mines!

  Be sure to take the Cham before you jet. Head southwest of Horteka to 
Moon Stone Mountain.

3" Blaster
800 Gold
Cham (x2)
Curia Crystal (x4)
De Loco Mail
Glyph of Might (x4)
Glyph of Speed (x4)
Healing Salve (x2)
Zaal Seed

  Access the save point and enter the interior of the prison. When Vyse
steps onto the blue panel, the alarm sounds, and De Loco knows who has
intruded. Walk left.
  In this room, there's a Cham lying on the floor by the shutter. Go
up the slope and then left. You will see three squares: O, X, O. Cross
over the X. Otherwise, Vyse'll fall into a trap and have to start over.
Continue on to spot yet another set of squares. Again, walk ONLY on the
  The next area is essentially the hub of the mountain. Run across the
arrow panel on the left. You can also collect another Cham...it's near
the middle arrow. If you want to obtain the De Loco Mail, go through 
the door up ahead and procede. Now you end up a floor above where you 
just were. Head left and step on the O. Open the chest and hit this O
to get sent on a mine cart ride to the beginning.
  Retreat to that exact room again and fall through the O on the right
side. This presents you with three arrows. Walk on top of the middle
panel. Open up the first door to rescue Centime from his cell. As a
reward for freeing him, he will activate the elevators in the mines.
Procede into the elevator in front of ya.
  Take a right and continue on through the moutain. Eventually
you'll find a room with Mine Partol enemies. Slap some sense into them.
Sort through all of the doors, and Isapa will be in one. Isapa is so
suprised that two women have come to rescue him and wishes to spend
some "time" with them. Of course Aika isn't too happy over this...
  De Loco opens up one of the massive entryways to his "favorite room."
You know ya gotta do it, so walk through the tunnel... Try and get
everyone's level to around 20. Save and enter. De Loco is just about
ready to send the spiked ceiling plummeting on Vyse and the crew, but
the obnoxious Alfonso has to screw things up.

BOSS: Antonio 2                      EXP: 1503             MAGIC EXP: 4

  Yes, you have to fight this improved boss again... Set up Lunar
Blessing, and use Drachma's Tackle when you have plenty of SP. Aika and
Fina should do the routine focus and heal. You can have Vyse focus or
use Cutlass Fury.

ITEMS: Moonberry                                             GOLD: 2387

  In a humorous turn of events, Alfonso gets knocked down by his own
creation. De Loco throws the switch...but nothing happens. Centime
saves the day again. Exit Moon Stone Mountain and return to the king.

  The wise Isapa shares his knowledge of the Lost City with Vyse and
the party. Unfortunately, Isapa doesn't even know what the riddle means
either, but Fina explains. 
  Locate the Golden Man and Great Bird Discoveries. Each one contains a 
gem you need. Follow the general direction the Golden Man is pointing at.
You should spot a stone head, which is the Lost City of Rixis.


  Put the gem from the Golden Man into the statue on the left. There's
also a Cham southwest of that statue. Insert the other gem into the other
head. This opens up the gate to Rixis.

1186 Gold
Golden Mask
Icyl Seed
Light Coat
Ruin Arm
Sacrulen Crystal (x2)

  The city area is shrouded in mist, making visibility not so spiffy.
Rixis was hit by the Rains of Destruction. Because of this, you have
to weave in and out among the craters and city ruins.
  The next sector of Rixis is simply platform-hopping. Just keeping
moving from floor to floor and open up any treasure chests you spot
along the way. Move onto the platform and step off onto the ledge.
Step up the staircase and pick up the Cham. Go down, take a left, and 
attempt to lift the lid on the chest to fight Zivilyn Bane.

BOSS: Zivilyn Bane                   EXP: 397              MAGIC EXP: 2

  Again, watch out for Burst. This time it takes out 800-1,000 HP,
possibly to multiple characters. Focus, heal, and use Tackle. Have at
least one character with a revive spell and/or crystals. You'll be
needin' them.

ITEMS: Magus Seed                                            GOLD: 2912

  The treasure you acquire is the Golden Mask. Now exit via the stairs
near the chest. Walk up to the ledge and hitch a ride on the hover pad.
The alcove to the side has a Moonberry. The floor up above has a Light
Coat in a chest. 
  The top floor has three paths. The very left takes ya to the beginning
of Rixis. In the middle, there be a ledge that leads to the Ruin Arm. 
You should head to the right path.
  At the northern point on the minimap, Vyse spots the "ghost" Aika saw
earlier in Rixis. You have to chase him around these three circular
platforms. Get him to run into the middle one and then approach from the
east to force the apparition into a new place. Follow him to a temple.
  File your game progress at the save point. Have everyone at Lv ~20.
Waltz up the structure's stairs to get ambushed by a giant bird.

BOSS: Rik'talish                     EXP: 1830             MAGIC EXP: 4

  If you're feeling lucky, you can try to use Lunar Glyph on Toucan Sam
here to save the party from harm for a short while. Assign Aika and Fina
to do the focusing and healing, while Vyse and Drachma take up the usual
spot of using physical attacks and Super Moves. Cast Increm on those two
to help speed things up slightly.

ITEMS: Sylph Seed                                            GOLD: 2700

  The Green Moon Crystal is supposed to be in the pedestal, but it's
gone. I wonder who could have it...? *cough* After Vyse tackles the
mysterious dude that's been following the crew, it turns out he is
a High Priest of Ixa'taka. And he reveals the entire plan the King and
Isapa wish to carry out, summon the Green Gigas.
  Of course, that's what exactly happens. However De Loco blasts the
King with his prototype Moon Stone Cannon. Grendel is no longer
controlled by the Ixa'takan and decides to rip through anything and
anyone it sees. Save and board the Little Jack.

BOSS: The Chameleon                  EXP: 1043             MAGIC EXP: 0

  For the first round, focus and fire once. Choose the option to open
fire upon the Chameleon to gain a better shot at blasting De Loco.
Defending yourself on the red squares to soften the blow from the Moon
Stone Cannon. A hit or two from the Harpoon Cannon should cripple the

ITEMS: Hunter Torpedo                                        GOLD: 2400

  And next up to bat is...

BOSS: Grendel                        EXP: 1161             MAGIC EXP: 0

  Like the Red Gigas, you can't really take him down, so you need an
alternate strategy. As Drachma explained, you have to knock Grendel into
the river. Just continually pummel the Gigas with cannon fire and use
the harpoon when available. Eventually the Jolly Green Giant acts like
a drunk, opening the door for you to boot 'im into the river. Slap a
harpoon into his back and watch Grendel trip.

ITEMS: Captain's Stripe, Complete Kit, Grendel Wing          GOLD: 2700

  While the Gigas can demolish a city in seconds, they can't even swim,
apparently... The King of Ixa'taka thanks you and hands Vyse the Green
Moon Crystal. He mentions the Iron Net has been removed, allowing easy
access between Valua and Ixa'taka. Exit and depart for the north.

  As you head into Valuan airspace, the crew encounters the bizarre
Black Pirate named Gordo. And he decides to board the Little Jack...

BOSS: Gordo, Mad Chef (x3)           EXP: 648              MAGIC EXP: 2

  Take out the Mad Chefs first so you don't need to put up with their
Pyres attacks. The chefs can also poison your party members whenever
they use the normal Attack. Once they're out of the picture, focus and
have Drachma use Tackle on Gordo.

ITEMS: Cham, Flying Fish (x20)                               GOLD: 1049

  Continue on to the Maw of Tartas (the Stonehenge-like circle).

Chom (x3)

  There are three Choms (not Cham =P) hidden around the seal. Walk 
into the hub of the circle. While the crew is discussing about how 
to get in, they're ambushed by four Valuan Enforcers. Piece of cake. 
They then blurt out some important info. Drachma hears about Rhaknam 
being nearby and desires to find him.

DIALOGUE SELECTION: We understand. We'll go with you...

  Drachma drops anchor in a canyon near the seal and waits for the
arcwhale. Vyse can't sleep, so he walks around the Little Jack.
Go on deck to engage a cutscene with Vyse and Drachma. This provides
background information on Drachma, so pay attention!
  Fogs rolls in, and the mammoth whale is finally here. Fly east to
a deadend with Rhaknam and Ramierz's cruisers. Drachma wants Vyse
to fight the gunboat first.

BOSS: Valuan Gunboat                 EXP: 306              MAGIC EXP: 0

  Choose the fight aggressive option and launch the harpoon. End of fight.

ITEMS: Deluxe Kit                                             GOLD: 600

  Drachma fires the Harpoon Cannon and latches onto Rhaknam. But the sly
bastard Ramirez throws everything at the Little Jack, forcing everyone
to abandon ship. Head down below into the room with the lifeboats.
  The crew jets out, but Drachma has a different idea... The boats get
shot down, and they're all disconnected from each other now...

Gonzales's Map

  Head to the cliff at the end of the isle to see an improved view of
what's here. Near the entrance to the eastern cave is a skeleton. Vyse
notices there is something in his pocket and pulls out a piece of a map.
Explore the tunnel directly in front of Vyse to locate a Moonberry and
a resting place.

Sylph Seed

  While Vyse is stranded in the middle of nowhere, Aika and Fina end
up on Clara's ship. She hands them 5,000 gold and drops the two at
Nasrad. And for the first ever, you can actually control someone other
than Vyse! *gasp* Well, okay, it's not that exciting... Explore the city, 
talk to people, and stop in at the inn when you're done. 

  Vyse needs to do a bit of huntin' for food supplies... Wander around
the island and kill at least 15 Grapors. Don't worry, you can take 'em
out just with a single slash. 
  The following day, Vyse sets up a signal flare just in case someone
happens to fly by. Collect the fire wood and Moon Stones, and Vyse
begins to fix what's left of the Little Jack's lifeboat.
  And of course, since Vyse has the boat working again, another ship
moves in nearby. He signals the vessel to come down.

  Vyse explains to Gilder what's been happening. Then Gilder mentions
his famous motto... "Women are like sunsets... They're beautiful, but
there will be a different one tomorrow." He hands control over the
Claudia to Vyse and tells him to fly to Nasrad. So head south! 

Abirik Cham
Pedro's Map
Sacres Crystals (x4)

  Walk into the inn and rest. For a while, you'll notice how Vyse,
Aika, and Fina will never meet face-to-face although they're in the
same place. Talk to the old merchant you helped out earlier (in the
weapons shop) for an Abirik Cham.
  Enter the tavern and speak with the man at the counter. Now head
to the door that leads into the inn. There's an old man lying on the
ground. Aika and Fina help him out. As a reward, Pedro gives them
a piece of a map (*hint* *hint*). Pedro explains the past about this
paper and the pirate named Daccat.
  Now Vyse and Gilder are in control. Run north to the palace.

DIALOGUE SELECTION: We have important information.

  Vyse attempts to warn the almight, overconfident Nasultan, but he
merely laughs at the two. Don't you just love his mustache? ;)
  As Aika, depart for Daccat's Island. Fly north, behind Crescent
Island. There you'll find several isles. Land on the larger one.

2001 Gold
Cham (x2)
Daccat's Armor
Daccat's Coin
Electrum Box
Magic Dew
Magic Droplet (x4)
Maiden Armor (x2)
Risan Crystal (x2)
Sacrulen Crystal (x2)
Soul Crystal
Vidal Seed

  Have Aika move onto the black panel and read the wall inscription.
Pick up the Cham near the trees, too. Repeat said steps for Vyse
(minus the Cham part). With both groups on the panel, it opens up 
the doorway.
 Aika & Fina: Take the left hall to find the Skywing. Touch the
cutlass-boomerang icon to switch to the other party.
 Vyse & Gilder: The hall off to the side has a chest guarded by
Zivilyn Bane...

BOSS: Zivilyn Bane                   EXP: 518              MAGIC EXP: 2

  Since Vyse and Gilder are the only two here, Zivilyn Bane is weaker
than he typically is. Vyse should focus and use Cutlass Fury, while
Gilder fires away with his pistol.

ITEMS: Paranta Seed                                          GOLD: 3444

  And this Zivilyn Bane treasure is the Soul Crystal. The other nearby
hall has a lever that opens up the door by Aika. Switch.
  Aika & Fina: Open the chest, flip the switch, and change to Vyse.
  Vyse & Gilder: Open chest and step on the tile.
  Aika & Fina: Walk down the stairs and pick up the two Maiden Armors.
Now touch the icon.
  Vyse & Gilder: Rotate the device in the next room, head up the stair-
case, and open the chest with the Magic Droplets. Activate the thing
twice, go down, and open chest. Rotate it twice AGAIN and switch.
  Aika & Fina: Open box, step on tile, and switch.
  Vyse & Gilder: Step onto the tile...
  Aika & Fina: Get the Vidal Seed from the chest. You can also collect
a Cham that's on the circle directly left from the entrance to here.
Step on the next panel and change.
  Vyse & Gilder: Touch the door in front of ya. You can find an Electrum
Box and two Risan Crystals here. Hop onto the tile...
  Aika & Fina: Change groups at the next icon.
  Vyse & Gilder: This area is essentially the same as the other spot. 
Just keep moving forward by rotating the device and switching groups.
Eventually all four will end up on two panels, moving the entire room
  Heal and save at either point. And AT LAST, the entire group is
reunited, but before they can celebrate with this touching moment,
you have to defeat two kooky heads.

BOSS: Sinistra, Destra               EXP: 2373             MAGIC EXP: 4

  Sinistra and Destra are red- and purple-elementals (respectively). 
So hit Sinistra with purple spells/attacks, and Destra with red ones.
Both of these characters hit HARD. Their Explode and Tundra Blast
attacks hit each party member for 500-650 HP. And Death Waltz is twice
as bad. Concentrate all fire on one of them first. Once one head is
removed, Death Waltz is no more.

ITEMS: Icyl Seed, Magus Seed                                 GOLD: 3180

  Approach Daccat's treasure chest. Gilder opens and finds...a piece
of paper and a single gold coin. Vyse and Gilder laugh at this, but
Aika fails to see the humor in it.
  Meanwhile, Ramirez and his fleet have passed through the rift and
plan to burn Nasrad to the ground. Fly back to Nasrad.

  Walk into the central part of the city, and the Valuan Armada comes
in. Before the group can leave the port, Ramirez demands you to


  You could *try* to fight Ramirez, but you won't stand a chance. 
Vyse, Aika, and Gilder are in the Grand Fortress, for the second time...

Cannon Room Key
Harbor Key
Unholy Dagger

  A rather interesting scene occurs in Aika's cell with her and Vigoro.
You see, kids, this is why the game has a T rating. ;) In Vyse's cell,
Gilder's parror flies in carrying a note. Gilder picks the lock and
opens the cell door.
  Down the hall there are two Officers. Slay 'em and ride an elevator
to the other prison block. Interrupt Vigoro's fun to engage a battle.

BOSS: Vigoro                         EXP: 2101             MAGIC EXP: 4

  Vigoro constantly uses his Charm attack on Aika, which causes confusion.
Use Cutlass Fury and Gunslinger on him until he falls to his knees.

ITEMS: Cannon Room Key                                       GOLD: 4087

  With the key in hand, head to the cannon room via the elevator. Here
Vyse and Aika look at a gigantic cannon Valua has fabricated. Vyse
suggests exiting through the hole, so do it. Use the platform to ride
to the top of the Grand Fortress. Along the way, Gilder's crew fires
away. Save your progress at the save point and enter the gate.
  After Ramirez has left the corridor, engage combat with the two
Officers. Defeating them nets you the Harbor Key. Open the door to
recruit Fina back. Ride the platform down and go through the entryway
off to the side.
  Every time you touch an area the spotlight shines on, a random
battle begins. One chest is guarded by, you guessed it, Zivilyn Bane...

BOSS: Zivilyn Bane                   EXP: 809              MAGIC EXP: 2

  Burst does 1,000-1,750 HP damage to your characters now, so break out
the healing spells.

ITEMS: Magus Seed                                            GOLD: 3807

  The Unholy Dagger is now yours. When Vyse enters the next room, an
elevator pops up with the Dralkor Tank...

BOSS: Dralkor Tank                   EXP: 2014             MAGIC EXP: 4

  Pain in the butt, plain and simple. The tank's Wheel Blast can easily
cut off 50% of a character's HP. Possibly the "easiest" way to win is
to cast Increm on Vyse and Gilder and let them use their Super Moves.
Aika and Fina should focus, heal, and/or defend.

ITEMS: Riselem Crystal (x5)                                  GOLD: 4678

  The alarm sets off, and guards are on their way...

DIALOGUE SELECTION: Let's take our chances and hop on.

  Prince Enrique decides to help the crew, which seems rather odd to
them. He explains why he is doing this.

DIALOGUE SELECTION: Of course you can come with us.

  You're now in control of the newest airship, the Delphinus! Now you
just need to break through the gate to get out of Valua.

BOSS: Fortress Gate                  EXP: 1408             MAGIC EXP: 0

  Fire the Moon Stone Cannon. You're done.

ITEMS: Gear Grease                                           GOLD: 3000

  Everyone must now decide who should be the captain. It's Vyse, of
course. =P


  Enrique and Gilder mention about giving the Delphinus a flag and that
they should check out the rest of the ship. Check out the compartment
to the left of the bridge. Inside is Marco, who automatically joins
Vyse's crew as its first member.
  Speak with Gilder when you're done. He says he is going to leave the
group and leaves Vyse with some advice about getting a crew and
headquarters. Fly to Crescent Island.


  You can tell Enrique hasn't been outside of Valua too much... Gilder
has sent Brabham and Izmael to help tweak the Delphinus and construct
a base, all at the low, low price of...100,000G! If you already have
the moolah, then just give to 'em. If not, then fight, sell Discoveries,
etc. until you have the cash.
  Now you can pick one of three designs to be used on the Delphinus. 
It doesn't really matter what you choose, you can adjust it later. 
While the group sits around a campfire, Fina tells who Ramirez really is.

DIALOGUE SELECTION: Try and cheer her up.

  Back in the bridge, Fina suggests heading to Yafutoma in the east.
And Aika creates yet another wonderful picture... Enrique says to
visit Esparanza. Head directly south of Maramba.
  You can also pick up a Cham near what's left of the fountain in
the Nasrad square.

2248 Gold

  Enrique is still airsick after that ride, so Fina looks after him.
Pass through the fortress walls into the town. Climb down the ladder
and search for a Cham. Enter the pub and talk with Don to learn about
the Dark Rift. Fina rushes in and tells Vyse to head to the port.
Head to the Delphinus and talk with Enrique.
  Admiral Gregorio wants the prince to return to Valua, but Enrique
doesn't plan to do so anytime soon. Save at the inn and return to
the airship to battle Gregorio...

BOSS: Gregorio Cruiser             EXP: 848                MAGIC EXP: 0

  Just focus for four turns, heal on the fifth, and let loose the Moon
Stone Cannon.

ITEMS: Speed Wax                                             GOLD: 1700

  Round two...

BOSS: Gregorio Gunboat               EXP: 848              MAGIC EXP: 0

  Focus and heal until you have the dialogue choice box. Select the
close in option. One hit from the Moon Stone Cannon will cripple the

ITEMS: Shredder Bomb, Crystal Ball                           GOLD: 1700

  And the final bout...

BOSS: The Auriga                     EXP: 2573             MAGIC EXP: 0

  The Auriga will pose much more trouble than the other two ships. Don't
fire your cannons too much when the battle first begins. Focus and heal
whatever damage you take. When the red square appears, cast Quika right
before that square. This prevents Gregorio from hitting you with the 
Hull Ram attack. Dodging it allows the Delphinus to pummel the hell 
outta him. As long as you don't get rammed, you'll survive easily.

ITEMS: Captain's Stripe, Heavy Armor Deck, 12" Cannon        GOLD: 5200

  Now it's time to tackle the Dark Rift. Fly south of Esparanza and
scan the dark wall for a portal.

Aura of Valor
Chalice of Blood
Dream Cutlass
Magus Seed
Moss Armor
Sacrum Crystal (x3)

  Think of this place as a dungeon, except you use the Delphinus
instead of Vyse. Scattered around the rift are derelict ships that
act as treasure chests. The Dark Rift is perhaps THE most confusing
area in SoA to navigate through. While you're here, you can recuit
Robinson if you have Polly in the crew.
  If you want to travel directly to the exit, follow these directions
(Let's see if I can confuse the hell outta ya. ^_^) Fly through the
tunnel by the save point. Move up, through the gap in the wall, then 
down, and through the portal you see. Now the Delphinus should be in
a huge room with black Moon Stones. Fly forward and then to the right
wall. There should be two portals, both diaganol from each other. Take
the lower-right one. Hover up. Now, wouldn't you know it, Zivilyn Bane 
is guarding yet another chest here!

BOSS: Zivilyn Bane                   EXP: 751              MAGIC EXP: 3

  Nothin' new here. Use Pirates' Wrath if you have it by now.

ITEMS: Zaal Seed                                             GOLD: 4361

  And your prize today is...Chalice of Blood! Head into the tunnel. And
viola! The final room! Save and approach the bizarre critter you see...

BOSS: Anguila                        EXP: 2708             MAGIC EXP: 0

  For the first set of commands, focus and then defend on the red
square. Choose to stay in your current position when given the chance.
Doing so opens up the Moon Stone Cannon option. Anguila's attacks are
not exactly effective, so you'll be okay. Eventually it leaves its hole.
Now's your chance to beat 'im down!

ITEMS: Concussion Bomb, Heavy Torpedo, Timing Valve          GOLD: 5400

  With that thing out of the way, you can finally leave the rift! Fly
a bit northeast until a cutscene starts. Mysterious vessels from the
East attack the Delphinus...

BOSS: Tenkou Spellship               EXP: 478              MAGIC EXP: 0

  This battle is tricky... The Tenkou ship can fly much higher than
the Del, making it more difficult to nail it. Just shoot when ya got
the chance.

ITEMS: Pyro Bomb, Crystal Ball                                GOLD: 900

  Then a couple shadowy figures from the Tenkou flagship board the
airship. Go out on deck to encounter Mao and Jao...


BOSS: Mao, Jao                       EXP: 1490             MAGIC EXP: 3

  Don't be fooled by their lack of any weapons, these two can wreck lots
of havoc to your party, dealing out at least 1,000 HP to a character. 
Set up Lunar Blessing and keep the health levels high (Sacrum Crystals
are a HUGE help). Boot one off the boat, and the another'll easy to

ITEMS: Moonberry                                             GOLD: 2554

  Continue your flight to Yafutoma.

3,000 Gold

  Upon arrival, Vyse and the gang are escorted to Lord Mikado. Vyse
explains what he is trying to do, and the ruler mentions that the
Blue Moon Crystal is hidden somewhere inside Mount Kazai. Hop into
the elevator once you gain control.
  There's a Cham near the waterfall on the right side of the minimap.
Hit the shops and stock up on crystals, and you might as well recruit
Kirala and Urala while you're here. When you are ready to fly off to
Mount Kazai, speak to the ship parts merchant.

Windsong Orb

  Aika immediately sees the Blue Gigas, Bluheim, encased in a rock
wall. Anyway, enter and follow the path. You'll come up to an azure
crystal switch. Press it to raise the room's water level. What ya
need to do here is activate all of these devices. For now, let's take
the path that leads to the right.
  When you first enter the room, the area in front of you should look 
something like this:
     _     _
    | |   | |
    |X|   | |
    |_|   |_|
 _____     _____
|_____|   |_____|

  Walk down the one with the X in it. Jump down and traverse the pathway.
Then turn on the switch you find. Backtrack to the main room.
  Pass through the doorway directly across from your current position.
This sector is a piece of cake. Go up the one slope and activate the
crystal. Then do the same to the other one.
  Now go through the final door into an frozen cavern. Take the right
path when it forks. This leads to an underwater area. The tunnel on
the right wall (from the minimap perspective) leads to a room with
a box guarded by...

BOSS: Zivilyn Bane                   EXP: 854              MAGIC EXP: 3

  Nothin' terribly new here... Aika and Fina should do the routine
healing and focusing while the other two use their Super Moves on Bane.

ITEMS: Vidal Seed                                            GOLD: 4738

  And Windsong Orb is found in the chest... Go back to the former room
and search for another short passage that exits the water. Head up,
take a left this time, and turn on the last switch. Now traverse the
entire way back to the central room.
  Now after all that work the entire place is flooded. Make a long
leap down to the bottom and head up the slope. Again, you have another
path splitting up. Go straight for a Moonberry, then travel through
the other one. You can find a Cham on the ground right after you turn
left. When you make an entry into the next stone room, there are two
strange things latched into the wall. Try to walk past them, and you
gotta fight 'em. Just watch out for their petrifying attack.
  Hit the next switch you see. When the water lowers, turn to the side
and turn that device on. Run past the third one but hit the fourth. 
Walk across the tiles and board the hover platform. Everyone's level
should be around 30 by now. Heal, save, and go over the stone walkway 

BOSS: Tortigar                       EXP: 3875             MAGIC EXP: 6

  This turtle is one pain in the ass... Its Steelskin ability covers
itself in a metallic shell, neutralizing ALL attacks for a round. Ice
Storm does ~1,000 HP damage per character, and Tortigar can petrify as
well. It can't get any worse, right? Wrong... It can cast Sacrulen,
healing ALL damage... Cast Increm/Incremus and equip Fina with a Gem
of Fluidity (remember that you can change equipment during battle). 
Pirates' Wrath will be your best bet against Tortigar. If not, well,
just do what you can... Since it can heal itself, it is absolutely
necessary that you beat Tortigar down with everything you have as soon
as possible.

ITEMS: Moonlight Robe                                        GOLD: 4350

  Now you can retrieve the Blue Moon Crystal... Speak to the merchant
and tell him to head back to Yafutoma.

Sacrulen Crystal (x4)

  Chat with Mikado about the crystal. He wants it back and decides
to throw a celebration for this event. While Moegi is taking the
group to the guest house, the wimpy Muraji talks about this exiled
prince named Daigo. And out of nowhere appears Belleza...
  The Valuan Armada shows up at the port the following morning. 
So, run there! Aika is rather stunned to see Vigoro here. Belleza
and Vigoro are going to try to weasel their way into "borrowing"
the Blue Moon Crystal.

DIALOGUE SELECTION: Wait and see what happens.

  The Valuan crew end up taking over Yafutoma by force. Moegi rushes
in and tells Vyse that they should get the heck outta here.


  Moegi pushes a revolving door and opens up a hidden exit. Go left
to acquire the Sacrulen Crystals. Head the opposite direction and
jump onto the escape ship. Moegi suggests picking up her brother
Daigo to help take back Yafutoma.


  Along the path you will need to fight against the Tenkou soldiers.
They're pushovers. Collect the Cham that is on the circular platform
right after the wooden structure. At the tip-top of the island is
a shrine with Mao and Jao. Don't worry, you won't be fighting the 
twins this time. Daigo walks through the door, and Moegi explains
the situation to him. 


  Fly back to Yafutoma to take on Valua...

  Muraji is now in possession of the Delphinus, and being Air Pirates,
Vyse and the crew gracefully jump on board, well, except for poor
Enrique. ^_~ The first battle is against four Yafutoman soldiers. Just
pummel 'em with Rain of Swords until they fall. Now head to the bridge.

BOSS: Muraji, Soldier (x3)           EXP: 1650 (varies)    MAGIC EXP: 6

  Like before, use Rain of Swords until the three Soldiers are dead.
Two times should do it. Muraji acts as a spellcaster, casting Increm
and other various spells. If he ends up boosting his speed, defense,
and offense, just weaken him with Lunar Winds. He also summons more
Soldiers to come to his aid, so be prepared for that.

ITEMS: Magic Dew (x4)                                        GOLD: 3096

  After hearing Aika's humorous comment about the Draco, you must fight 
the ship.

BOSS: The Draco                      EXP: 3246             MAGIC EXP: 0

  "Hey Vyse! My cannon's bigger than yours! Hahaha!"
  On the red squares Vigoro fires the Draco Cannon which deals at least
6,000 HP damage per hit. Defend during those times and focus on the
green squares. Once you have at least 20 SP, fire the Moon Stone
Cannon. Three hits will send Vigoro fleeing.

ITEMS: Captain's Stripe                                      GOLD: 6100

  Belleza wants to fight Vyse, but another problem arises...Kangan
has summoned Bluheim. Being the Blue Gigas, it sends nearly every
ship out of the area with its wind.

BOSS: Bluheim                        EXP: 4286             MAGIC EXP: 0

  Bluheim is not very different compared to the other Gigas creatures
you've fought. Its wind attacks deal anywhere from 3,000-7,000 HP a piece. 
Pay attention to what the next command set is like. If you see two red
squares, that mean Bluheim will use the Blue Winds maneuver. Engage
evasive action so the Delphinus doesn't get blown all over Creation.
Make use of the C! squares with your cannons and attack with the Moon 
Stone Cannon whenever possible.

ITEMS: Captain's Stripe                                      GOLD: 8100

  Bluheim bites the dust, and Kangan surrenders to Daigo. Mikado
eventually comes up with the decision that the Blue Moon Crystal
belongs to Vyse. Daigo also gives them the Book on Polarity, and
Moegi joins the ship's crew.
  Return to the bridge of the Delphinus to discuss what to do next.

DIALOGUE SELECTION: Let's try heading east.

  And, now you have FINALLY completed Disc 1! Fly east until you
encounter a gray stone reef. Head south, and you will eventually
find a gap you can move through. Now fly to Crescent Island.


  Upon arrival you obtain the World is Round Discovery (why is it they
have mechanical warships, but don't even know the world is round...?). 
Izmael and Brabham greet Vyse and join the crew of the Delphinus. Vyse
hands the engineer the Book on Polarity and begins the construction
on an engine that would carry the Delphinus higher and lower than
ever before.
  Talk to Belle, who is standing by the save point. This *bouncy*
girl decides to join Vyse in his quest. You can find a Cham in
this port by the barrels and junk that are near the structure with
the cannon. Leave the port to the outside of Crescent Island.
  Ride the platform up the side of the mountain and enter the meeting
room Izmael set up. Fina suggests the Lands of Ice to the south be
the next target for a Moon Crystal. Aika speaks of one of her famous
"legends" she has heard... This time Vyse is entrapped in an icicle,
or a "Vysicle" as Aika says. ^_^
  Check around the flagpole outside for another Cham. Then head on
out of here. Fly off to the Lands of Ice. You can reach it by going
to the very north or south of the game map. In one spot there, you
can see through the sheet of ice. Scan the ground for some sort of
structure beneath the ice. Crash into it with the Delphinus.

Cham (x2)
Ice Splitter
Winter Orb

  Lucky you, there's a Cham right in the first room! Pass through
the first automatic door and consult the Guardian Stone in the center.
It asks you a question...

Q: What is the Purple Moon Stone's power?
A: The power of Ice.

  Answering correctly the FIRST time contributes towards raising Vyse's
swashbuckler rating. Anyhow...slide down the frozen tunnel the stone
opens for ya. Then there be another question...

Q: What number is hidden in the Crest?
A: Maybe two?

  And for the final Q...

Q: Which abilities?
A: Will and spirit.

  In the upcoming room, it's completely shrouded in fog. Vyse doesn't 
pay attention and ends up falling off a ledge, well, almost. ^_^
Suddenly the fog lifts and displays a topsy-turvy city of ice. 
Ride the platform over.
  Take a left at path split you first spot to pick up Aika's Ice
Splitter. Go back and walk through the other path choice. Then you
find a chest guarded by Zivilyn Bane, containing the Winter Orb. I
think you've tackled Bane enough times by now, so I won't list any
more info on 'im from now on.
  Continue along yer merry until you come upon a three-way split.
The east path has a Cham on it. North contains a chest with the
Frostblade. So, of course, that means the last path is where you
should head to. Build the party to at least Lv 35, save, and move

BOSS: Veltarn                        EXP: 3357             MAGIC EXP: 6

  Like Destra, Veltarn is a purple-elemental (since we are in the Lands
of Ice that should be obvious =P), so fight using weapons with a red
element and cast the Pyri family spells. Avalauncher will be your
greatest fear in this fight. This inflicts 1,800+ HP damage to at least
one party member. Death Laser has a CHANCE at instanting knocking out
a character... Make use out any Riselem Crystals you might have in your
inventory. Cast Increm on Vyse and then use Pirates' Wrath (if you
actually enabled it by now). The most important objective is to keep
everyone's HP at 2,000 or more. Things get ugly if half the party is
wiped out because you didn't bother healing them.

ITEMS: Crystalen Box                                         GOLD: 6491

  Take the hovering platform to the central temple thingy. Aika notices
someone in the fog, and it is...Drachma! The game goes into a sequence
with Drachma talkin' about why Rhaknam is here. The Purple Moon Crystal
is embedded in Rhaknam's skin. The arcwhale perishes and drops the
  Drachma believes he should leave the group for good and start a new

DIALOGUE SELECTION: Yeah. We should just let him go.

  Make the long trak back to Crescent Island.


  Using that Yafutoman book, Brabham has constructed an engine that
allows the Delphinus to fly anywhere on the map. Ride up to the meeting
room. Fina says that you need to obtain the Yellow Moon Crystal. With
this brand new engine, you're now able to get to it this time.
  Leave the island the following morning. Since you can go anywhere,
now would be a great time to locate the crew members. Recruiting
Ilchymis should be one of your main priorities since he can set up
a shop that sells Seeds. There's also a Cham in his island.
  Remember that there are absolutely no random battles while in High 
Sky or Low Sky. This makes the situation much, MUCH easier. Search
for the Dancing Lights Discovery under the Valuan continent. Near
it is the entrance to the Maw of Tartas.

  Nothin' too interesting here. Go west, then east, and enter the
open room. Float up to the top to the Yellow Gigas...

BOSS: Yeligar                        EXP: 4763             MAGIC EXP: 0

  Assuming you went and upgraded the Delphinus, Yeligar is a breeze.
Its attacks are weak (3,500 or so HP), however, its HP level is quite
high. Select attack from above when able to do so. Diminish its health
slowly with your main cannons and let loose the Moon Stone Cannon. 

ITEMS: Captain's Stripe, Thunder Cutlass                     GOLD: 8700

  Yeligar goes out with a bang and leaves a huge crater with the Yellow
Moon Crystal. Retreat back to the homebase...

  Vyse walks in and discovers Gilder sitting at the meeting room table.
After their discussion, Fina plans to return to the Great Silver Shrine.
The only way to accomplish this task is by using the ship she had waaay
back at the beginning of the game.
  Morning arrives, and you should head off to the port. Gilder lets
Vyse know about this secret base Valua is building that travels down
into the "bottom" of Arcadia.
  Depart for Dangral Island. You can find it a hair northeast of Shrine
Island in Low Sky.

4,000 Gold
Imperial Blade
Sacrum Crystal (x2)

  Save at the point and climb down the ladder into the air duct. Vyse
spies on two Valuan guards around a power switch. In this section of
the base, there are fans you must pass through, but the power needs
to be shut off. So you know what that means? Bust out the C4!
  You can peer into the grates in the duct to see what's on the next
floor. One of 'em shows the guards at a table with unique schematics
for the ship that can reach Deep Sky. Search out for the power lever
and pull it, although C4 would be more fun...
  Pass through the fans and jump down to the lower floor. The eastern
zone has six rooms, some of which have chests. Take the hallway in the
  Enter the doorway directly in front of you. Borrow the plans for the
ship off the table. Galcian notices the crew so, of course, he has some
scheme ready to use...
  Attempt to leave Dangral Island, and Galcian intervenes. Gregorio
appears and leaves the evil mastermind to himself. Don't let his
sacrifice go in vain, just get the hell outta here!
  Hand the schematics to Brabham and have him modify the Delphinus.
Then fly to the Vortex near Shrine Island.

Velorium (x2)

  Descend into the unknown... Enrique gives a demonstration of how
the sonar system works. The device is limited to ten charges. You
will need to resurface to gain the charges back. But just to make
things easy for ya, here's a grid with the locations:
       _ _ _
   _ _|_|_|_|_ _
|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|V|    F = FINA'S SHIP
|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|    V = VELORIUM
|_|_|   |_|_|_|_|
|_|_|   |F|_|_|_|

  The Velorium pieces are used in constructing Vyse's Vorlik Blade.
Return the items to Ryu-kan to create the weapon. Retrieve the ship
from the mud when you're ready.
  As soon as it's picked up, the Delphinus is fired upon by De Loco..

BOSS: The Chameleon                  EXP: 3988             MAGIC EXP: 0

  It's pitch black in the Vortex, meaning that you have absolutely no
idea when De Loco is open to attack. You'll just have to fire and hope
they hit... Fortunately, the Chameleon's HP is fairly low.
  But defeating De Loco once ain't cuttin' it... He decides to hook on 
to the Delphinus with his own variant of the Harpoon Cannon. Like before, 
you can't tell what's going on. De Loco won't be any trouble.

ITEMS: Captain's Stripe, Twin Turbo, Magic Shell             GOLD: 7000

  And the Chameleon finally crashes and blows to bits. Exit via the
vortex you came down in. Move off to Sailors' Island, and Captain
Baltor spots the Delphinus...

BOSS: Blackbeard II                  EXP: 1381             MAGIC EXP: 0

  The "improved" Blackbeard is incredibly weak, defensively anyway.
A few cannon shots will take down Baltor.

ITEMS: Timing Valve, Spherical Figure, Hybrid Wax            GOLD: 2400

  Park the airship at Sailors' Island and drop off Enrique.


  Now return to Crescent Island...

  Gilder and Clara show up and hold a farewell party for Fina. While
they're sharing stories and such, the Valuan Armada attacks out of the
blue. Three soldiers paradrop from a ship...

BOSS: Shadow (x3)                    EXP: 2272             MAGIC EXP: 4

  Although you only have three party members here, the Shadows are not
too tough. Use Cutlass Fury/Pirates' Wrath or Rain of Sword. The only
attack worth watching out for is Death Strike, which can instantly kill
a character.

ITEMS: None                                                  GOLD: 3351

  Ramirez appears and demands to have the Moon Crystals.

DIALOGUE SELECTION: You'll have to kill us!

  Battle time...

BOSS: Ramirez, Shadow (x2)           EXP: 0                MAGIC EXP: 0

  Try as much as you want, you can't win this fight... When I first did
this, I thought you could actually win. >_< Anyway, just let the foes
beat you down.

ITEMS: None                                                     GOLD: X

  Now big, bad Ramirez has all of the crystals and informs you of the
true purpose of the Moon Crystals. He *tries* to remove the crystal
from Fina's body, however, Gilder saves the day.

DIALOGUE SELECTION: I will not give up!

  The homebase has been burnt to the ground, and reconstruction has
begun. Fina is in a bit of a slump, so Aika suggests talking to her 
in the meeting room. 

                     We'll go anywhere with you, Fina!

  Now it's time to shove off for the Great Silver Shrine, and Gilder
rejoins the party. Hop into Fina's ship.

Moonberry (x2)
Silver Armor (x2)

  This cardboard box in the sky is one kooky place. Save your game and
activate the teleporter down the line. The next section of the shrine
is essentially a maze...
  Head up the ramp and go forward to flip the world upside down. Now
you can choose one of three ways. The north path leads to a Silver Armor.
Take a left when yer ready. Walk right when the new pathway appears.
Grab the Moonberry there and keep headin' straight until you reach a
hover platform device. Again, dash forward to find a Moonberry box.
Backtrack and procede until you encounter a sort of three-way. Left
has another Silver Armor. The other takes ya to the Chamber of Elders.
  The Elders learn of Ramirez's theft of the crystals and takes the
party to the Hall of Knowledge. Elder Prime reveals *everything* of
the background information in the game. 

DIALOGUE SELECTION: Who do you think you are?!

  Galcian and Ramirez just happen to show up and extricate the Silver
Moon Crystal from Elder Prime. Flee back to headquarters.
  The base is rebuilt, and Gilder says that the elevator in Dangral
Island is now constructed and ready to go. So make that your next

  Work your way through the air duct to the outside. Look around for
an elevator with a control panel. Activate it and ride to Soltis...
well, not quite...

BOSS: Vigoro                         EXP: 4658             MAGIC EXP: 8

  Vigoro is more prepared this time around...with a bazooka. He can
either do 3,500+ damage to one character or about 1,500 to all using
his two bazooka attacks. Gilder and Vyse should duke it out with
physical attacks, while the two left heal and focus. Hopefully you have
Lunar Light by now... 

ITEMS: Paranta Seed                                          GOLD: 6812

  Vigoro knows when he is defeated and leaves. Move on and locate the
elevator to reach Deep Sky. Soon you come to a walkway with several
flickering lights. Run up to Galcian and Ramirez...

BOSS: Eliminator                     EXP: 4658             MAGIC EXP: 8

  Apparently this guy is a distant cousin of the Sentinel...
  The Eliminator does a "Target Search" before it uses its Laser Blast
or Blaster attack. The former can petrify an ally. Cast Incremus and 
pummel the boss with Super Moves.

ITEMS: Moonberry                                             GOLD: 6812

  Although you have defeated their guardian, Galcian and Ramirez break
the seal and raise the continent of Soltis. Run up the elevator rail
and flee from the island.
  Fly the Delphinus into Soltis. The Dome of Light sets itself up
and prevents any sort of entry. Galcian gives a demonstration of the
Rains of Destruction...on Valua. Needless to say, there's nothing left
of the city after that... Fly back to HQ.

  Vyse needs a fleet to penetrate Galcian's defenses and that's exactly
what he receives. Various characters from the game, even Baltor, are
aiming to help Vyse against Galcian.

DIALOGUE SELECTION: We can't let Galcian get away with this!

  Talk with Aika near the meeting room entrance.

DIALOGUE SELECTION: Hey, I'm scared, too.

  And then Fina by the flagpole...

DIALOGUE SELECTION: Say comforting words.

  Leave the isle the following morning.


  Your first ship battle is against...

BOSS: Valuan Mage Ship               EXP: 278              MAGIC EXP: 0

  Most, if not all, of its attacks can't even do more than 10 HP damage.
A couple shots to the hull, and this thing is kaput.

ITEMS: Frost Bomb, Thunder Bomb                               GOLD: 600

  The second line of defense...

BOSS: Galcian's Elite                EXP: 1446             MAGIC EXP: 0

  Certainly a step up from the last fight. No real strategy needed here.
Remember to hold your position when the ship "runs away."

ITEMS: Complete Kit, Crystil Cannon, Double Shaft            GOLD: 2400

  And here we go...

BOSS: The Hydra                      EXP: 6943             MAGIC EXP: 0

  Just as a friendly warning here, this battle will probably take you
AT LEAST 30 minutes to complete. If you don't have that kinda time,
turn off your DC now until you can. =P
  The Delphinus is open to heavy fire almost every single turn, and some
of these attacks can deal more than 10,000 HP damage at a time. ALWAYS
keep the Del's HP gauge at least 50% full. Heal only by using either
Complete Kits or Sacrulen.
  Retaliate with your best cannons when the C! square is available.
Casting Increm can help, too. Use the Moon Stone Cannon when you can. 
Eventually the Hydra drops some of its metal casing and reveals the 
Hydra Cannon. Galcian can fire it on the red squares at the end of each 
round, so take evasive action. The Hydra can also heal itself. 
Fortunately it's only Sacres (8,000 HP) instead of Sacrulen. Hang in
there and slowly dish out the damage.

ITEMS: Captain's Stripe, Moon Cannon, Moon Torpedo          GOLD: 11900

  Yeah, even though you crippled the hell out of the Hydra, it's still
flying... Vyse and the party board the air fortress to find Galcian.

Magic Dew (x2)
X Cannnon

  Heal up with Enrique, save, and enter the interior of the Hydra.
Travel down the catwalk and get across to the other side. Take the X
Cannon from the chest and then climb up the pole and ladder.
  Four entrances are on the deck of the Hydra. The middle-left has a
chest with two Magic Dews. The far right has a Moonberry. Since you
just came out of the middle-right, that leaves the entrance way left
as your ultimate destination. Look around for the hall into the
engine room. Exit out to the bridge to find Galcian...

BOSS: Galcian                        EXP: 7471             MAGIC EXP: 8

  Galcian loves to use instant death spells, so setting up Delta Shield
every round would be recommended. And Terminal can take off 75% of an 
ally's HP. Use crystals instead of spells to help conserve SP. 
  I found that this battle flow works pretty well:

Vyse - Pirates' Wrath / Focus
Aika - Delta Shield / Focus / Heal
Fina - Lunar Light / Focus / Heal
Gilder - Focus / Heal

ITEMS: Valuan Medallion                                     GOLD: 10387

  Galcian refuses to lose to Vyse and his friends. He flees using
the bridge as an escape pod. However, Belleza's ship comes into the
  Ramirez plans to use the Rains of Destruction again, but the Elders
are going to stop that from occuring... Their noble deed also crushes
the Dome of Light over Soltis. 

Abirik Cham (x2)

  The next place to shove off to is Shrine Island in Soltis. During
this time you can switch your fourth party position between Gilder,
Enrique, and Drachma on the deck of the Delphinus. There's a Cham on 
the deck, too.
  If you want to do heavy leveling before venturing into Soltis, there
are two spots I could recommend. One is the area around the Loopers'
Nest. The only enemies there are Loopers, of course. The other place
is in the final room of the Dark Rift (enter it via the Yafutoma
portal). You'll notice a giant Looper named Elcian there. It's a
tough fight, but Elcian is worth 7,500 EXP, 20 Magic EXP, and 15,000 
gold. You can fight it again by reentering the Dark Rift.
  There are also two Abirik Chams you oughta get if you plan to evolve
Cupil all the way. Capture 10 Sky Sardis. Some are near Gordo's Bistro
above a tiny island. Take the fish to the vessel flying around south of
Horteka. The captain gives you the Cham in return. You need to do a bit
of running around to get the second Abirik Cham. Talk to the tavernkeep
in Esparanza and then her mother in Maramba. Keep conversing between the
two until the woman from Esparanza wants Vyse to search for three food
ingredients: Kabal, Khale, and Gentum. Speak with Gordo (either at his
restaurant or his ship near Soltis) to receive Kabal. Find the Spice
Island Discovery in the East to get the Khale. And chat with the items
merchant in Nasrad to purchase Gentum for 500 gold. Deliver the improved
skewer to the mother and return to Esparanza for your reward.
  Before you fly to Shrine Island, make sure the party's levels are at
least 60. Have 'em at 70 if it all possible. If you don't mind being
really cheap, spend all of your money on buying Paranta Seeds from
Ilchymis's shop on Crescent Island and give them to Vyse. In the end
he'll do a ridiculous amount of damage, especially when firing cannons
in ship battles. ^_^ Now head to the Shrine.

Cham (x3)

  Before you even move anywhere, a boss appears...

BOSS: Gadianos                       EXP: 1531             MAGIC EXP: 0

  You just need to be quick here. A couple shots will take it down.

ITEMS: Complete Kit, Sparkling Deck, Moon Gun                GOLD: 2500

  Traverse down the pathway and pass through the door. Walk around
the outside ring to the bottom of the hub. If you continue left past
the stairs that lead to the Sentinel's remains, you can collect a Cham.
When you're done, activate the large door near the Sentinel.
  The next area has several dead ends for you to run into. Go straight,
right, right, left, left, straight, walk around the ring, right, forward,
right, and finally...left (hopefully those directions are correct ^_^). 
If you look on the minimap, check out the northern most circle in the 
yellow ring for a Cham.
  Continue on to a circular room in the style of the Great Silver
Shrine. There's a Cham here, too. Warp through the place and scan the
walls for a door. Record your progress at the save point you encounter
and enter the entryway to Ramirez. Needless to say, he is rather
pissed about the incident with Galcian...

BOSS: Ramirez                        EXP: 7835            MAGIC EXP: 10

  Now, if you actually leveled up to what I recommended, this boss is
incredibly easy. Ramirez uses Drilnos and Eterum, so set up the Delta 
Shield every round. His Silver Eclipse does at least 1,000 HP damage
per character. And he has his own version of Lunar Blessing, except
this regenerates 600 HP at a time. Cast Increm on Vyse (when you can) 
and have him use Pirates' Wrath.

ITEMS: None                                                     GOLD: 0

  Ramirez goes insane and "merges" with Zelos. Now you must battle this
Gigas, which reminds me of the Technodrome for some reason...

BOSS: Zelos                          EXP: 8398             MAGIC EXP: 0

  This battle takes time but not as much as the Hydra did. Zelos has
power from all of the Moons, allowing it to cast any type of spell.
Take an aggressive stance and fire yer best stuff.
  Eventually Zelos transforms into a clawlike shape. The Delphinus is
open to many more attacks... The Great Moon Ray will deal around 6,000
damage, and it is used nearly every other turn. And then there's
Judgement and Moon Lament, which cause over 10,000 a hit. Use any 
Complete Kits you have with you. The chance to fire the Moon Stone 
Cannon is rare, so obviously make use of it when you can.

ITEMS: Captain's Stripe                                         GOLD: 0

  And just when you thought it was over Ramirez appears with a little
aid. Heh, I like the way he says "DIE!" here...

BOSS: Ramirez                        EXP: 0                MAGIC EXP: 0

  Follow the exact general strategy as before. The new techniques at
Ramirez's disposal include Silver Nightmare, where he takes control of
a random character and has he/she use a Super Move on the group, 
Destruction, an ice attack that causes 1,000+ to all, and Silver Binds,
which nearly rips a character to shreds. Always keep an eye on the
health bars...

ITEMS: None                                                     GOLD: 0

  Now you can sit back and enjoy the kick-ass ending! And it looks like
Cupil finally received the eye patch we've been looking for! ^_^

This section covers the spells and their SP costs.

SP Cost: 2
Effect: Restores 500 HP to one party member.

SP Cost: 4
Effect: Restores 1,000 HP to one party member.

SP Cost: 8
Effect: Restores 1,000 HP to all party members.

SP Cost: 6
Effect: Restores all HP to one party member.

SP Cost: 3
Effect: Damages and can Poison one enemy.

SP Cost: 6
Effect: Damages and can Poison all enemies.

SP Cost: 2
Effect: Damages all enemies with fire.

SP Cost: 4
Effect: Damages all enemies with a fiery explosion.

SP Cost: 6
Effect: Damages all enemies with fireballs.

SP Cost: 10
Effect: Summons a firestorm and scorches all foes.

SP Cost: 4
Effect: Increases offensive and defensive powers of one party member
        by 25%.

SP Cost: 16
Effect: Increases offensive and defensive powers of all party
        members by 25%.

SP Cost: 1
Effect: Freezes one enemy in ice.

SP Cost: 2
Effect: Impales a single enemy with an icicle.

SP Cost: 3
Effect: Uses a column of ice on one enemy for massive damage.

SP Cost: 4
Effect: Most powerful ice spell. Summons pillars of ice.

SP Cost: 2
Effect: Causes Silence to one enemy.

SP Cost: 3
Effect: Causes Confusion to one enemy.

SP Cost: 2
Effect: Summons a whirlwind that damages one enemy and any others nearby.

SP Cost: 4
Effect: Summons a tornado that damages one enemy and any others nearby.

SP Cost: 6
Effect: Summons wind and rain to damage all foes.

SP Cost: 8
Effect: Summons several tornados that rips through all enemies.

SP Cost: 6
Effect: Doubles the speed of all party members. Helps to dodge attacks
        run away from battle easier.

SP Cost: 6
Effect: Can cause Sleep to all enemies.

SP Cost: 2
Effect: Creates a bolt of electricity that damages a single enemy and
        anyone else in its path.

SP Cost: 4
Effect: Creates a damaging electric bolt that hits all foes in a line.

SP Cost: 6
Effect: Creates a massive bolt that strikes all enemies in a line.

SP Cost: 8
Effect: Causes critical damage to all enemies in a straight line.

SP Cost: 3
Effect: Lowers a single enemy's stats by 25%.

SP Cost: 6
Effect: Lowers all enemies' stats by 25%.

SP Cost: 2
Effect: Cures one party member of any status effects (except death).

SP Cost: 4
Effect: Has a 50/50 shot of reviving a party member with 50% of their HP.

SP Cost: 8
Effect: Revives one party member with maximum HP.

SP Cost: 5
Effect: Can cause instant death to one enemy. Of course, this does not
        work on bosses and a few powerful enemies.

SP Cost: 10
Effect: Can cause instant death to all foes.

SP Cost: 15
Effect: Causes instant death to one enemy, unless it is immune. If that's
        the case, then the foe takes damage.

This section lists the discoveries and where they're found.

NOTE: If you need help determining where a map coordinate is located
      on the world map, I made a simple image with the letters and
      numbers on the sides. You can get it here:


Pirate's Grave
Guild Hint: "It stands on a small island north of Moon Stone Waterfall,
             in Blue Rogue territory."
Map Coordinate: E8

Guild Hint: "If you go north from Sailors' Island, you'll see a small
             island. You'll find something there."
Map Coordinate: H6

Sky Coral
Guild Hint: "From the ruins on Shrine Island, go southeast, and it's just
             beyond the stone reefs."
Map Coordinate: G8

Silver Moon Pit
Guild Hint: "Silver Moon Stones are found near Shrine Island. Try going
             through the stone reefs east of there."
Map Coordinate: G8

Topple Rock
Guild Hint: "It's on the island that Maramba is on. You'll see it when you
             get there."
Map Coordinate: I7

Wandering Lake
Guild Hint: "If you go to the Nasr desert, you should be able to find it
             right away."
Map Coordinate: J7

Guild Hint: "Try looking in the narrow strip of desert in southern Nasr."
Map Coordinate: J8

Guild Hint: "Try looking high above Nasr. I hear it's an island high
             above the desert."
Map Coordinate: J8

Temple of Pyrynn
Guild Hint: "It's a huge ruin that stands in the middle of the Nasr desert."
Map Coordinate: K6

Beak Rock
Guild Hint: "Somewhere in the South Ocean, there's an island that never 
             moves in the wind."
Map Coordinate: E10

Sky Anemone
Guild Hint: "It lives in South Ocean. There's all kinds of creatures
             out there, eh?"
Map Coordinate: G10

Guild Hint: "You know, you're still the only one who's ever gotten to
             the new continent via South Ocean."
Map Coordinate: D10

Garpa Fruits
Guild Hint: "I hear that Ixa'takans usually settle on islands where these
             fruits grow."
Map Coordinate: C8

The Great Bird
Guild Hint: "It's on the plains near the large lake in Ixa'taka, with a
             waterfall feeding into it."
Map Coordinate: B7

Golden Man
Guild Hint: "It's right next to the King Ixa'taka's hideout. They say it
             points to the lost city of Rixis."
Map Coordinate: C7

Gates of Rixis
Guild Hint: "The ruins are by a plateau in north Ixa'taka, indicated by
             the Golden Man and the Great Bird."
Map Coordinate: B6

Ixa'takan Palace
Guild Hint: "You can find it on a large island north of where the 
             Ixa'takans live."
Map Coordinate: C7

Ixa'ness Village
Location: "Look for an island to the north of the Moon Stone Mountain
           in Ixa'taka."
Map Coordinate: B9

Mysterious Rings
Guild Hint: "Try looking right in the middle of North Ocean, between
             Valua and Ixa'taka."
Map Coordinate: C5

Will o' Wisps
Guild Hint: "Try looking right in the middle of North Ocean, Valua, and
Map Coordinate: C5

Roc's Nest
Guild Hint: "They say the nest is on the tip of a peninsula in the north
             of Ixa'taka."
Map Coordinate: B5

The Giant Throne
Guild Hint: "It's on an island near the middle of North Ocean. Once you
             get there, you'll see it."
Map Coordinate: E5

Lighthouse Ruins
Guild Hint: "It's on an island facing North Ocean, on the west coast of
             the Valuan continent."
Map Coordinate: F3

Ancient Palace
Guild Hint: "There's a large valley in the middle of the Valuan continent.
             It's somewhere near there..."
Map Coordinate: H4

Skull Rock
Guild Hint: "On the tip of a peninsula on the east side of Valua, there's
             a strange-looking rock..."
Map Coordinate: J3

Stone City
Guild Hint: "Try flying along the northern coast of Valua. You should be
             able to see it."
Map Coordinate: H3

Ship Graveyard
Guild Hint: "It's near North Dannel Strait. You can't get there with a
             normal ship, though."
Map Coordinate: I6

Philoshopy Stone
Guild Hint: "It's in the skies of northern Valua. A philosophizing
             sailor, eh? Sounds interesting..."
Map Coordinate: G1

Balloon Flower
Guild Hint: "I never thought anyone would actually find it... Try
             looking in the skies above northern Valua."
Map Coordinate: J2

The Lands of Ice
Guild Hint: "Far south of South Ocean, under the Purple Moon, that's where
             the frozen continent is."
Map Coordinate: F11

Guild Hint: "They live on the western snowy plains, in the Lands of Ice."
Map Coordinate: E12

The Frozen Giant
Guild Hint: "Near the Land of Ice, there's floating masses of ice called
             icebergs. It's in one of those."
Map Coordinate: E12

Guild Hint: "Go to the Lands of Ice, and I'm sure you'll have no problem
             finding it."
Map Coordinate: E1

Blimp Wreck
Guild Hint: "You might want to try looking in the area right near the
             entrance of the Dark Rift."
Map Coordinate: J11

Giant Squid Nest
Guild Hint: "It's somewhere in the southern area of the Dark Rift. I guess
             not too many people go there..."
Map Coordinate: K12

Black Moon Stone
Guild Hint: "I've heard rumors about a strange Moon Stone floating somewhere
             in the Dark Rift."
Map Coordinate: K11

Guild Hint: "The object of many a sailor's dreams...it's to the East,
             beyond the Dark Rift."
Map Coordinate: M6

Uguisu's Nest
Guild Hint: "It's on an island straight south from Yafutoma, near the
             Dark Rift."
Map Coordinate: L9

Guardian Walls
Guild Hint: "Go through the Dark Rift to Yafutoma, and you can't miss it."
Map Coordinate: M8

Guild Hint: "They've been seen flying in the skies north of a mountain
             called Kazai, in Yafutoma."
Map Coordinate: M4

Guild Hint: "I hear there's a big wall that goes around Yafutoma. It lives
             on an island on that wall."
Map Coordinate: N5

Grieveing Prince
Guild Hint: "Try looking for an island near the stone reefs far to the
             south of Ixa'taka."
Map Coordinate: B9

Spice Island
Guild Hint: "The island is in the skies south of Yafutoma, they say. They
             say they got pepper there, too."
Map Coordinate: L7

Mystic Orchard
Guild Hint: "It's in a wide area south of Yafutoma. Apparently it comes
             up a lot in Yafutoman stories."
Map Coordinate: A11

Inverse Isle
Guild Hint: "It's in an area east of the Dark Rift. I guess no one goes
             there too often."
Map Coordinate: M10

World is Round
Guild Hint: "Everyone said monsters lives beyond the end of the world...
             but...the two ends were connected!"
Map Coordinate: N/A

Ruins of Rolana
Guild Hint: "It's really hard to get to, between a sky rift and some
             mountains in eastern Nasr."
Map Coordinate: K7

Southern Cross
Guild Hint: "It's just south of South Ocean. I hear it's a beautiful
Map Coordinate: D11 (Low Sky)

Rainbow Island
Guild Hint: "Somewhere at high altitude, they say there's a place where
             there's always a rainbow."
Map Coordinate: K5 (High Sky)

Moon Stone Lake
Guild Hint: "Just follow the Moon Stone waterfall to its source. You
             should find it easily."
Map Coordinate: E9 (High Sky)

Iron Star
Guild Hint: "It's high above Nasrad. I hear it's some relic from some
             ancient civilization..."
Map Coordinate: K5 (High Sky)

Guild Hint: "There's an island with a waterfall that feeds a lake in
             Ixa'taka. Look in the forest there."
Map Coordinate: B7 (High Sky)

Guild Hint: "The ruins are on the continent of Ixa'taka, on a plateau
             that rises above the clouds."
Map Coordinate: B7 (High Sky)

Dancing Lights
Guild Hint: "You can find 'em near a giant crevasse low on the eastern
             side of the Valuan continent."
Map Coordinate: I4 (Low Sky)

The Mother Tree
Guild Hint: "It's on an island north of Yafutoma. I hear it's pretty well
             known among the locals."
Map Coordinate: M2 (High Sky)

The Ghost Ship
Guild Hint: "I hear it flies in a circle along the sky rifts around the
             Dark Rift."
Map Coordinate: H11 (High Sky)

Guild Hint: "I hear they fly in the high areas of Mid Ocean. You gotta
             be pretty lucky to see 'em."
Map Coordinate: C6 (High Sky)
NOTE: Flutterflies move from C6 to about I6 and then back to C6 again.

Eclipse Point
Guild Hint: "In north Ixa'taka, find an area inside the sky rifts and
             stone reefs where the sky turns dark..."
Map Coordinate: C2 (High Sky)
NOTE: Stay close to cloud level around C2. The sky should darken slightly
      if you reached the correct spot for this Discovery.

Loopers' Nest
Guild Hint: "Try searching the area bounded by stone reefs and currents,
             north of Ixa'taka."
Map Coordinate: C4

Flying Machine
Guild Hint: "It's at low altitude, near the Vortex. Maybe it's a relic
             of an ancient civilization..."
Map Coordinate: F8 (Low Sky)

Valuan Wreckage
Guild Hint: "It's down low, west of North Dannel Strait, where one of
             the Valua-Nasr battles happened."
Map Coordinate: H6 (Low Sky)

Guild Hint: "They live on the bottom of the Valuan continent, on the
             eastern side."
Map Coordinate: I4 (Low Sky)

Bottomless Pit
Guild Hint: "Head east from Dangral Island. It looks just like it sounds,
             so you'll spot it easily."
Map Coordinate: D7 (Low Sky)

Ancient Fish
Guild Hint: "It's somewhere at low altitude, near the Dark Rift. You
             gotta keep your eyes peeled, though..."
Map Coordinate: J12 (Low Sky)

7)   ITEMS
This section lists the items and their effects.

NAME                  EFFECT
Sacri Crystal         Restores 500 HP to one party member
Sacres Crystal        Restores 1,000 HP to one party member
Sacrulen Crystal      Fully restores HP to one party member
Sacrum Crystal        Restores 1,000 HP to all party members
Ilchymix              Fully restores party's HP and MP. Cannot be
                      used in the middle of battle.
Magic Droplet         Restores 1 MP to one party member
Magic Dew             Restores 10 MP to one party member
Curia Crystal         Erases all adverse effects (except death) from
                      one party member
Risan Crystal         Has a 50/50 chance of reviving a party member
                      with half of their max HP.
Riselem Crystal       Revives a fallen party member to full HP
Healing Salve         Regenerates 200 HP per round for one party member
Glyph of Might        Temporarily increases a party member's Power
Glyph of Speed        Temporarily increases a party member's Quick
Sacri Box             Casts "Sacri" multiple times
Sacrulen Box          Casts "Sacrulen" multiple times
Pyri Box              Casts "Pyri" multiple times
Pyrum Box             Casts "Pyrum" multiple times
Crystales Box         Casts "Crystales" multiple times
Crystalen Box         Casts "Crystalen" multiple times
Sylenis Box           Casts "Sylenis" multiple times
Panika Box            Casts "Panika" multiple times
Wevles Box            Casts "Wevles" multiple times
Wevlen Box            Casts "Wevlen" multiple times
Slipara Box           Casts "Slipara" multiple times
Electri Box           Casts "Electri" multiple times
Electrum Box          Casts "Electrum" multiple times
Riselem Box           Casts "Riselem"
Driln Box             Casts "Driln" multiple times
Paranta Seed          Increases an ally's Power by 3
Icyl Seed             Increases an ally's Will by 3
Zaal Seed             Increases an ally's Vigor by 3
Sylph Seed            Increases an ally's Quick by 3
Vidal Seed            Increases an ally's max HP by 30
Magus Seed            Increases an ally's max MP by 1
Cham                  Helps Cupil evolve if given enough
Chom                  Cupil spews up all Chams given to him
Abirik Cham           Instantly sends Cupil into his next evolution
Gold Pollen           Sell it for 5,000 gold each
Rune of Ill Omen      Valuable treasure worth 1,000 gold
Golden Mask           Valuable treasure worth 2,000 gold
Soul Crystal          Valuable treasure worth 3,000 gold
Unholy Dagger         Valuable treasure worth 4,000 gold
Chalice of Blood      Valuable treasure worth 5,000 gold
Windsong Orb          Valuable treasure worth 6,000 gold
Winter Orb            Valuable treasure worth 7,000 gold

This section contains a listing of the game's weaponry for each character.

Stats: At 20, Hi 90
Description: Vyse received these swords as a gift from his father, Dyne.
             It is light, with a short blade.

Pirate's Cutlass
Stats: At 33, Hi 90
Description: The favorite sword among Air Pirates in the Mid Ocean area.
             It is light and very easy to wield.

Sky Cutlass
Stats: At 45, Hi 90
Description: A cutlass used by Pirates and fishermen alike. Its edge is
             perfect for cleaning fish.

Assassin Blade
Stats: At 58, Hi 90
Description: A favoritr among assassins of the world, mainly because it
             has a chance to Poison its target.

Nasr Cutlass
Stats: At 70, Hi 90
Description: A cutlass used by desert-faring merchants for self-defense,
             its blade is finely worked stone.

Hunter's Sword
Stats: At 87, Hi 90
Description: A hunting blade fashioned to resemble a beast's fang. A
             favorite about Ixa'takan warriors.

Stats: At 112, Hi 90
Description: An ancient blade of pre-Old World times, it is said that
             this blade was used to cut iron ore.

Sword of Daccat
Stats: At 120, Hi 90
Description: The sword of the great Air Pirate Daccat, it has the power
             to lull enemies to sleep.

Admiral Cutlass
Stats: At 128, Hi 90
Description: An old sword that once belonged to a Valuan Admiral when
             he was stationed in Esparanza.

Dream Cutlass
Stats: At 137, Hi 90
Description: A legendary sword that can supposedly rip the fabric of 
             reality and make dreams come true.

Suiran Blade
Stats: At 141, Hi 90
Description: A short sword used by Yafutoman soldiers, its thick, heavy
             blade is still easy to handle.

Tuna Cutlass
Stats: At 150, Hi 0
Description: A special item for people on the Net. Boasts high attack
             power, but low accuracy.

Stats: At 153, Hi 90
Description: A blade so slender that it is fabled to be able to cut the
             very air in half.

Thunder Cutlass
Stats: At 160, Hi 90
Description: An ancient cutlass made from Yeligar's hardened skin. Some
             say it can cut through lightning.

Soul Sword
Stats: At 174, Hi 90
Description: The ultimate sword, the best work of the master swordsmith,
             Ryu-kan. Can cause instant death.

Vorlik Blade
Stats: At 200, Hi 200
Description: A masterpiece of the legendary swordsmith, Ryu-kan, forged
             from Velorium.

Stats: At 19, Hi 110
Description: Aika's favorite boomerang. It's large but light, and relatively
             easy to aim.

Leather Crescent
Stats: At 30, Hi 110
Description: A leather-reinforced boomerang that is very sturdy in build,
             and packs an extra punch.

Throwing Blade
Stats: At 38, Hi 110
Description: An ancient weapon found near Sailors' Island. Thought to have
             been used for wood and stone work.

Stats: At 46, Hi 110
Description: A light boomerang used to practice for the annual boomerang
             contest in the Valuan Coliseum.

Scout Wing
Stats: At 53, Hi 110
Description: A weapon carried by crews of scouting parties, it is meant
             to be fast and deadly.

Dancing Arc
Stats: At 65, Hi 110
Description: A decorative throwing blade used by Nasrean dancers. It is
             used as a hunting weapon as well.

Wing of Hope
Stats: At 119, Hi 110
Description: Crafted in memory of those lost in the Dark Rift and in
             hopes that others will fare better.

Storm Wing
Stats: At 69, Hi 150
Description: Used by guards in an ancient imperial palace, this blade
             has the power to weaken enemies.

Hunting Arc
Stats: At 80, Hi 110
Description: A traditional Ixa'takan hunting weapon, children are taught
             to use them from a very young age.

Grendel Wing
Stats: At 96, Hi 150
Description: A boomerang made from a bone of the Green Gigas. Its power
             rivals the Fist of Grendel.

Stats: At 100, Hi 200
Description: A special item for people on the Net. Will always Confuse
             enemies without fail.

Stats: At 107, Hi 110
Description: A boomerang shaped like a flying bird. It always returns,
             no matter how far it is thrown.

Yin Wing
Stats: At 130, Hi 110
Description: A tear-shaped blade crafted by a master weaponsmith from a
             single piece of Moon Stone.

Ice Splitter
Stats: At 142, Hi 110
Description: A boomerang with an icy clear, sharp blade that seemingly
             freezes the air it flies through.

Moon Wing
Stats: At 161, Hi 110
Description: A superb weapon created by the master, Ryu-kan. A perfect
             balance of design and functionality.

Hydra Wing
Stats: At 168, Hi 110
Description: A boomerang modified by the Valuan army with reinforcement
             for close-quarters combat.

NOTE: Depending on when you feed Cupil Chams and Abirik Chams, you might
      not see all of its evolutionary forms.

Stats: At 58, Hi 120
Description: An artifical life form created by Silvites. Cupil has been
             with Fina since she was 4.

Cupil Blade
Stats: At 67, Hi 115
Description: Cupil learns the ability to morph into an extremely sharp

Stats: At 73, Hi 120
Description: Morphs into a sharp cone, and lunges itself at its enemies.

Cupil Cannon
Stats: At 86, Hi 105, Do 5
Description: Morphs into a small, but heavy, cannonball, and drops on an
             enemy from high above.

Cupil Sword
Stats: At 90, Hi 115
Description: By morphing into a sword, Cupil can cleave almost any enemy
             into two.

Cupil Club
Stats: At 99, Hi 110
Description: Morphs into a club and bludgeons enemies into submission.
             Even Cupil has a mean-streak.

Cupil Star
Stats: At 103, Hi 120
Description: Cupil morphs into a star and spirals toward its enemy.

Cupil Lance
Stats: At 110, Hi 120
Description: Cupil morphs into a lance and lunges itself at whatever
             enemy Fina commands.

Cupil Cutlass
Stats: At 127, Hi 115
Description: Cupil learned to morph into a cutlass by watching Vyse
             fight. Cupil Fury!!!

Cupil Spike
Stats: At 141, Hi 105, Do 10
Description: Cupil morphs into a spike-laden board and drops on an enemy's
             head. It misses a lot, though.

Cupil Spear
Stats: At 147, Hi 120
Description: Morphs into a barbed spearhead. Each barb helps Cupil inflict
             more damage.

Cupil Claymore
Stats: At 157, Hi 115
Description: Morphing into a giant 2-handed sword, Cupil can cause
             massive amounts of damage on any enemy.

Final Cupil
Stats: At 500, Hi 100
Description: Cupil's final and ultimate form, it looks very impressive,
             and packs quite a punch.

Artifical Arm
Stats: At 43, Hi 80
Description: A mechanical arm that shows signs of rigorous use over many
             years, yet it looks sturdy.

Hook Hand
Stats: At 51, Hi 80
Description: An attachment for Drachma's arm, it is a hook-shaped blade
             that is razor sharp.

Beak Hand
Stats: At 60, Hi 80
Description: An attachment for Drachma's arm that is shaped like a bird's
             beak. It can also Confuse enemies.

Excavation Arm
Stats: At 73, Hi 80
Description: An instrument designed for archeological digs, it can even
             be used for delicate movements.

De Loco Drill
Stats: At 95, Hi 80
Description: A drill taken from mining equipment designed by De Loco,
             its spinning blade can kill instantly.

Dragon Arm
Stats: At 181, Hi 80
Description: An arm specially designed for Drachma by the master
             swordsmith, Ryu-kan.

Marksman Gun
Stats: At 100, Hi 200
Description: A small pistol used by Valuan assassins. Can cause instant
             death with a good shot.

Gilder's Own
Stats: At 104, Hi 100
Description: A gun that has gotten Gilder through many a tight spot.
             Small, but easy to handle.

Nasr Pistol
Stats: At 112, Hi 100
Description: A replica of the weapon used by the Royal Guard, without
             the unnecessary decorative elements.

Gilder Special
Stats: At 168, Hi 100
Description: A gun made specifically to fit Gilder's touch. It has
             unequaled accuracy and power.

Warrior's Pistol
Stats: At 176, Hi 100
Description: A small gun used by ancient warriors. Its appearance hides
             its destructive power well.

Stats: At 122, Hi 95
Description: A thin but sharp blade, a symbol of the noble warrior.
             Can impose Silence on enemies.

Blade of Slumber
Stats: At 138, Hi 95
Description: A large sword used in Yafutoman ceremonies, its mysterious
             powers can put enemies to Sleep.

Stats: At 150, Hi 95
Description: A blade so sharp and cold, it is almost numbing to the
             touch. It can Confuse enemies.

Imperial Blade
Stats: At 163, Hi 95
Description: The sword of the legitimate heir to the throne. Can impose
             Silence on enemies.

Stats: At 171, Hi 95
Description: A work of genious by the master swordsmith, Ryu-kan. It can
             also turn enemies to stone.

9)   ARMOR
This section contains a listing of the game's armors.

Aika's Shorts
Used By: Aika, Fina
Stats: De 19, Ma 21
Description: Aika's favorite pair of shorts, given to her by Vyse's

Vyse's Uniform
Used By: Vyse, Aika, Gilder
Stats: De 20, Ma 20
Description: Uniform of the Blue Rougues. Given to him by his father.

Light Robe
Used By: Aika, Fina, Enrique
Stats: De 29, Ma 34
Description: A lightweight robe crafted from magically resistant fabric.

Valuan Uniform
Used By: Vyse, Aika, Drachma, Gilder
Stats: De 32, Ma 32
Description: A uniform stolen from a low-ranking Valuan navigator.

Mystic Dress
Used By: Aika, Fina
Stats: De 42, Ma 46
Description: A dress made of magically resistant fabric that enables
             the wearer to resist magic attacks.

Sailor Uniform
Used By: Vyse, Aika, Drachma, Gilder
Stats: De 44, Ma 44
Description: Inexpensive, light weight, and durable, this is the 
             preferred dress of sailors.

Drachma's Shirt
Used By: Drachma
Stats: De 45, Ma 42
Description: An extra large, heavy shirt that's been well worn by years
             of hard work.

Valuan Armor
Used By: Vyse, Drachma, Gilder
Stats: De 51, Ma 44
Description: An old suit of armor worn by guards in the Valuan Imperial

Used By: De 54, Ma 54
Stats: All
Description: A tight-fitting suit that resists damage from yellow magic

Fina's Robe
Used By: Aika, Fina, Enrique
Stats: De 55, Ma 64
Description: A traditional Silvite Dress, worn by women of the Silver

Used By: Vyse, Aika, Drachma, Gilder
Stats: De 56, Ma 56
Description: Durable coat worn by sailor to protect them from the harsh

Heavy Armor
Used By: Vyse, Drachma, Enrique, Gilder
Stats: De 58, Ma 53
Description: Very thick and heavy armor made for a man. Offers protection
             against physical attacks.

Agile Robe
Used By: Fina, Enrique
Stats: De 65, Ma 65, Hi 10, Do 5
Description: A lightweight robe that increases the wearer's Agile.

Nasrean Mail
Used By: All
Stats: De 66, Ma 66
Description: Durable, lightweight outfit made for desert travel. Defends
             the wearer against Red Magic.

Nasr Combat Mail
Used By: All
Stats: At 5, De 66, Wi 5, Ma 66
Description: An old uniform worn in the Valua-Nasr War. It boosts attack
             power and spirit.

Ancient Robe
Used By: Aika, Fina, Enrique
Stats: De 69, Ma 82
Description: A robe belonging to a long-dead, but once powerful wizard.

Ceramic Armor
Used By: Vyse, Drachma, Gilder
Stats: De 73, Ma 62
Description: Light, but very durable armor created from baking different
             types of Nasrean Clay.

Fiber Robe
Used By: Aika, Fina, Enrique
Stats: De 77, Ma 90
Description: Ceremonial Robe woven from plants. Protects the user from
             magic attacks.

Miner's Overalls
Used By: Vyse, Drachma, Enrique, Gilder
Stats: De 87, Ma 80
Description: Thick overalls, worn by miners. It is very difficult to find
             a pair that isn't dirty.

Golden Armor
Used By: Vyse, Drachma, Gilder
Stats: De 90, Ma 77
Description: Extremely heavy armor forged from Ixa'takan gold.

Holy Robe
Used By: Aika, Fina, Enrique
Stats: De 92, Ma 108
Description: Sacred Robes worn by the Priests of Nasr. Protects the
             user from magic attacks.

De Loco Mail
Used By: Vyse, Drachma, Gilder
Stats: De 99, Ma 84
Description: A suit of armor crafted by De Loco, designed to protect the
             wearer from enemy attacks.

Caravan Armor
Used By: Vyse, Aika, Drachma, Gilder
Stats: De 100, Ma 100
Description: Thick armor made from the hides of the desert animals.

Light Coat
Used By: Fina, Enrique
Stats: De 103, Ma 103, Hi 10, Qu 5
Description: A lightweight robe crafted from magically resistant fabric.

Maiden's Armor
Used By: Aika, Fina
Stats: De 103, Ma 112
Description: Legendary armor given to a great female warrior by Daccat.

Nasr Uniform
Used By: Vyse, Drachma, Enrique, Gilder
Stats: De 104, Ma 96
Description: A uniform designed for the Nasr Sailors. It's in good
             condition, but has no rank markings.

Daccat's Armor
Used By: Vyse, Aika, Drachma, Gilder
Stats: De 108, Ma 108
Description: Very durable, light armor, engraved with Daccat's seal.

Ixa'takan Armor
Used By: All
Stats: De 109, Ma 109
Description: A cloth tunic worn in the jungle, designed to protect the
             wearer from Green Magic.

Naval Uniform
Used By: Vyse, Aika, Drachma, Gilder
Stats: De 112, Ma 112
Description: A fairly light type of armor, designed for stealth missions.

Miracle Robe
Used By: Aika, Fina, Enrique
Stats: De 114, Ma 133
Description: A robe worn by a monk who miraculously returned unharmed
             after being lost in the Dark Rift.

Gilder's Mail
Used By: Vyse, Drachma, Gilder
Stats: De 116, Ma 99
Description: Light armor, worn by Gilder under his coat. Gilder likes
             to have fun, but he's no dummy.

Enrique's Coat
Used By: Enrique
Stats: De 119, Ma 119, Hi 10, Do 5
Description: The light armor of the Valuan Imperial Court. It improves
             the wearer's agility.

Daccat's Tunic
Used By: All
Stats: De 121, Ma 121
Description: A Legendary Tunic said to have been worn by Daccat.
             Protects the user from Blue Magic.

Moss Armor
Used By: Fina, Enrique
Stats: De 126, Ma 126, Hi 20, Do 10
Description: An old suit of armor crafted from moss found in the
             Dark Rift.

Ghost Mail
Used By: Vyse, Aika, Drachma, Gilder
Stats: De 128, Ma 128
Description: A strange outfit that appears transculent in light, and
             floats eerily when released.

Long Robe
Used By: Fina, Enrique
Stats: De 130, Ma 130, Hi 20, Do 10
Description: A long cloth, designed to wrap around the wearer's body.
             Increases Agile.

Battleworn Armor
Used By: Vyse, Drachma, Gilder
Stats: De 133, Ma 114
Description: A well-worn suit of armor that has apparently saved the
             previous owner's life many times.

Moonlight Robe
Used By: Aika, Fina
Stats: De 134, Ma 145, Do 20
Description: A shimmering robe that reflects moonlight, the way a calm
             lake reflects light at night.

Soranchu Robe
Used By: Vyse, Aika, Drachma, Gilder
Stats: De 136, Ma 136
Description: A robe belonging to a legendary Yafutoman adventurer, who
             earned the nickname "Sky King."

Scale Mail
Used By: Vyse, Drachma, Enrique, Gilder
Stats: De 141, Ma 130
Description: Extremely effective armor from the east, crafted from the
             scales of large creatures.

Blessed Robe
Used By: Fina, Enrique
Stats: De 142, Ma 142, Hi 30, Do 15
Description: Robe blessed in holy water, it's light weight allows the
             wearer to be more agile.

Insulated Mail
Used By: All
Stats: De 145, Ma 145
Description: An insulated tunic made from very thin fabric. Protects
             the wearer from Purple Magic.

Captain's Cloak
Used By: Vyse, Aika, Drachma, Gilder
Stats: De 148, Ma 148
Description: A thick cloak, designed to protect a ship's captain as he
             braves the elements.

Swift Dress
Used By: Aika, Fina
Stats: De 149, Ma 170, Qu 20
Description: An enchanted dress that increases the wearer's speed.

Robe of Truth
Used By: Aika, Fina, Enrique
Stats: De 154, Ma 181
Description: A lightweight robe that allows the user to resist magic spells.

Silver Armor
Used By: All
Stats: De 160, Ma 160
Description: A silver suit of armor that has a high resistance to Silver

Robe of Faith
Used By: Fina, Enrique
Stats: De 161, Ma 161, Hi 30, Do 15
Description: For the pure of heart. This robe will protect the user from
             enemy attacks.

Vengeance Armor
Used By: Vyse, Drachma, Enrique, Gilder
Stats: De 162, Ma 149
Description: Enchanted Armor that improves the wearer's counterattacking

Gaia Cape
Used By: Vyse, Aika, Drachma, Gilder
Stats: De 168, Ma 168
Description: An enchanted Cape that protects the wearer as he enters
             new lands in search of adventure.

Plated Armor
Used By: Vyse, Drachma, Gilder
Stats: De 181, Ma 154
Description: Finely crafted armor forged by the greatest smiths in
             Arcadia's history.

This section contains info on the accessories and their properties.
Items are listed in alphabetical order.

Behemoth's Ring
Used By: All
Stats: De 5, Ma 5
Description: Boosts Defense & Magic Defense, especially to Yellow Magic,
             and protects against Weak.

Black Eyepatch
Used By: Vyse, Drachma
Stats: At 7
Description: Drachma's old leather eyepatch, made from the hide of a wild
             beast. Increases Attack Power.

Black Map
Used By: Vyse
Stats: None
Description: A map that leads enemy creatures to the holder. Also improves
             chances for First Strike. Prevents enemies from running.

Blue Rogue Patch
Used By: All
Stats: At 18, De 18, Wi 18, Ma 18
Description: Can be worn to show determination. Improves Attacks, Defense,
             Will and Magic Defense.

Burocca's Shell
Used By: Vyse, Aika, Drachma, Gilder
Stats: De 36
Description: The shell of a Burocca, even harder than that of a Marocca.
             Improves Defense.

Crescent Amulet
Used By: Aika, Fina, Drachma, Gilder
Stats: De 28, Ma 28, Qu 19
Description: A magic amulet, in the form of a Crescent Moon. Improves
             Quick, Defense, and Magic Defense.

Critical Vision
Used By: Vyse, Aika
Stats: At 19, Wi 19, Hi 50
Description: An enchantment that allows a fighter to detect an enemy's
             weak points.

Crylhound's Claw
Used By: Vyse, Aika, Drachma, Gilder
Stats: At 2, Hi 20
Description: A weapon modification used by Valuan Soldiers. Improves
             Hit %, and Attack Power.

Defensive Aura
Used By: All
Stats: De 40
Description: Renders the wearer invulnerable to normal Attacks and
             improves Defense as well.

Everlasting Gem
Used By: All
Stats: De 10, Ma 10
Description: Boosts Defense and Magic Defense, and protects against Fatigue.

Used By: Aika
Stats: Qu 2
Description: An enchanted ribbon that improves Aika's Quick.

Gem of Fluidity
Used By: All
Stats: De 10, Ma 10
Description: Boosts Defense and Magic Defense, and protects against Stone.

Gemstone Ring
Used By: Vyse, Aika, Fina, Enrique
Stats: Ma 21
Description: A finely crafted ring engraved with runes, that protect the
             wearer against magic.

Gilder's Amulet
Used By: Vyse, Aika, Gilder
Stats: At 11, De 11, Wi 11 Ma 11
Description: Worn around Gilder's neck. Improves Defense, Magic Defense,
             Attack Power, and Will.

Hunter's Hand
Used By: At 4, Hi 40
Stats: Vyse, Aika, Drachma, Gilder
Description: A gauntlet worn by Ixa'takan men while hunting. Improves Hit %
             and Attack Power.

Immunity Ring
Used By: Drachma, Gilder
Stats: De 21
Description: Sacred Ring. Boosts Defense and Resistance to adverse effects.

Ivy Band
Used By: All
Stats: De 5, Ma 5
Description: Boosts Defense and Magic Defense, especially to Green Magic,
             and protects against Poison.

Jade Swirl Ring
Used By: Vyse, Aika, Fina, Enrique
Stats: Wi 45, Ma 45
Description: A ring decorated with two drops of liquid jade. Increases
             Magic Defense and Will.

Lover's Ring
Used By: Vyse, Aika, Fina, Enrique
Stats: Wi 12, Ma 12
Description: A finely crafted ring that depicts two lovers embracing.
             Increases Magic Defense and Will.

Marocca's Shell
Used By: Vyse, Aika, Drachma, Gilder
Stats: De 6
Description: The shell of a large primitive crustacean. Improves Defense.

Mage's Bane
Used By: All
Stats: At 4, De 4, Wi 4, Ma 4
Description: A helm that increases the wearer's Attack, Defense, Will,
             and Magic Defense.

Meditation Ring
Used By: Vyse, Aika, Fina, Enrique
Stats: Wi 8
Description: A ring crafted from weaving the sprigs of magic trees.
             Increases the wearer's Will.

Moondust Ring
Used By: Vyse, Aika, Fina, Enrique
Stats: Wi 48
Description: A ring decorated with tiny shards of Moon Stones. Increases

Nocturnal Sight
Used By: Vyse, Aika
Stats: At 6, Hi 60
Description: An enchantment that allows a fighter to detect targets at night.

Nomadic Veil
Used By: All
Stats: De 9, Ma 9
Description: A veil worn by tribes of nomads in Nasr. Improves Defense
             and Magic Defense.

Prophet's Sand
Used By: Vyse, Aika, Fina, Enrique
Stats: Ma 63
Description: A ring created from enchanted sand found around Moon Stones.
             Protects the wearer against magic.

Quetya Feather
Used By: Vyse, Aika, Fina, Drachma, Gilder
Stats: De 4, Do 20
Description: A feather ornament imbued with the power of the Quetya.
             Improves Dodge % and Defense.

Radiant Fur
Used By: All
Stats: De 24, Ma 24
Description: A thick fur, designed to protect sailors from the cold.
             Improves Defense and Magic Defense.

Revered Voice
Used By: All
Stats: De 5, Ma 5
Description: Boosts Defense and Magic Defense, especially to Purple Magic,
             and protects against Silence.

Sailor's Buckler
Used By: Vyse, Aika, Drachma, Enrique, Gilder
Stats: De 20, Do 15
Description: A light, but small shield worn by sailors. Improves
             Dodge % and Defense.

Sand Storm Ring
Used By: All
Stats: At 9, Wi 9
Description: An enchanted ring worn by desert nomads. Improves Attack
             Power and Will.

Shard of Purity
Used By: Drachma, Gilder
Stats: De 38
Description: An enchanted Moon Shard that protects the wearer from adverse
             effects and improves Defense.

Silver Veil
Used By: Fina, Enrique
Stats: Wi 16, Ma 16
Description: A mystic veil that protects the head. The silver strands
             increase Will and Magic Defense.

Silvite Ring
Used By: All
Stats: De 5, Ma 5
Description: Boosts Defense and Magic Defense, especially to Silver Magic,
             and protects against Death.

Skull Cap
Used By: All
Stats: At 24, Wi 24
Description: A unique hat sometimes worn by Eastern Air Pirates. Improves
             Attack Power and Will.

Skyseer Goggles
Used: Vyse, Aika
Stats: Hi 5
Description: A pair of goggles that can zoom in on distant targets.
             Improves Hit %.

Slayer Ring
Used By: All
Stats: De 8, Wi 8, Hi 10, Qu 8
Description: Raises Defense, Hit %, Will, and Quick. Its background is

Thermo Ring
Used By: All
Stats: None
Description: A ring that increases resistance to Red and Purple attacks.

Thief's Aura
Used By: Vyse, Aika, Fina Drachma, Gilder
Stats: De 2, Do 10
Description: A ring with a black stone that improves the wearer's Dodge %
             and Defense.

Throkryn's Scale
Used By: Vyse, Aika, Drachma, Gilder
Stats: At 10
Description: A weapon modification made from a Throkryn. Raises Attack

Thryllak's Scale
Used By: Vyse, Aika, Drachma, Enrique
Stats: At 36
Description: A scale of a Thryllak, an animal even deadlier than the
             Throkryn. Raises Attack Power.

Unseen Hand, The
Used By: Aika, Fina, Drachma, Gilder
Stats: Do 5, Qu 30
Description: An enchantment that enables a warrior to attack faster, and
             avoid enemies.

White Map
Used By: Vyse
Stats: None
Description: A map that leads the holder away from enemies. Also improves
             chances of running away.

Wind Gem Ring
Used By: All
Stats: De 5, Ma 5
Description: Boosts Defense and Magic Defense, especially to Blue Magic,
             and protects against Sleep.

Valuan Medallion
Used By: All
Stats: De 30, Ma 30
Description: Enchanted medallion worn by officers in the Armada. Negates
             Eterni spells.

Vigoro's Chain
Used By: Vyse, Drachma, Gilder
Stats: At 20, Hi 30
Description: Vigoro's idea of a fashion statement. Improves Hit % and
             Attack Power.

This section tells what shops sell what items.

Mystery Merchant
Thermo Ring...........2080
Slayer Ring...........1010
Crystales Box..........800

(After Installing Internet Download)
Tuna Cutlass.........22222

Erinn's Items
Sacri Crystal...........20
Magic Droplet...........40
Curia Crystal...........30

Zack's Weapons
Pirate Cutlass.........220
Leather Crescent.......180
Light Robe.............130
Valuan Uniform.........170
Meditation Ring........100
Marocca's Shell........130

NOTE: The inventory of the shops here change periodically throughout
      the game. Check back later to purchase better items.

Bonita's Items
Sacri Crystal...........20
Magic Droplet...........40
Curia Crystal...........30

Lor's Ship Parts
Standard Cannon.......1000
3" Cannon..............700
Engine Cover...........800
Armored Deck..........1000
Repair Kit..............30

Roscoe's Weapons
Sky Cutlass............450
Hook Hand..............580
Sailor Uniform.........330
Mystic Dress...........310
Gemstone Ring..........150
Throkryn's Scale.......300

Item Distributor
Sacri Crystal...........20
Sacres Crystal..........60
Magic Droplet...........40
Curia Crystal...........30

Arms Distributor
Hook Hand..............580
Valuan Armor...........480
Lover's Ring...........300
Mage's Bane............480
Gem of Purity..........300

Vala's Item Shop
Sacri Crystal...........20
Sacres Crystal..........60
Magic Droplet...........40
Gylph of Might.........100
Glyph of Speed.........100
Healing Salve...........50

Dak's Ship Parts
Heavy Cannon..........1900
3" Cannon..............700
Light Torpedo.........1520
Rogue Figure...........800
Turbo Kit.............1520
Steel Deck............1900
Big Bomb...............150
Pyro Bomb..............450
Repair Kit..............30
Deluxe Kit..............75
Apa Wax................100

Quemal's Weapons
Nasr Cutlass..........1340
Nasrean Mail...........920
Ceramic Armor.........1040
Agile Robe.............930
Nomadic Veil...........640
Sand Storm Ring........770

Karah's Items
Sacres Crystal..........60
Sacrum Crystal.........600
Magic Droplet...........40
Glyph of Might.........100
Glyph of Speed.........100
Healing Salve...........50

Ral's Ship Parts
Advanced Cannon.......5500
10" Cannon Coil.......3710
Valuan Torpedo........2400
Pyrynn Figure.........4400
Compound Deck.........5500
Enhanced Kitchen......5500
Deluxe Kit..............75
Gear Grease............500
Apa Wax................100

Alaz's Weapons
Nasr Pistol...........3520
Nasr Uniform..........2070
Caravan Armor.........1930
Holy Robe.............1520
Immunity Ring.........1490

The Black Market
G-Type Cannon.........3000
5" Cannon.............1330
Shock Torpedo.........2000
Pryn Figure...........2400
Bore-up Kit...........2400
Floor Heater..........3000
Concussion Bomb........200
Deluxe Kit..............75
Gear Grease............500

Kiski's Items
Sacres Crystal..........60
Sacrum Crystal.........600
Magic Droplet...........40
Curia Crystal...........30
Risan Crystal..........150

Puck's War Shop
Hunter's Sword........2280
Hunting Arc...........1820
Miner's Overalls.......910
Fiber Robe............1040
Golden Armor..........2480
Quetya Feather.........810

Admiral Cutlass.......4970
Wing of Hope..........4760
Daccat's Tunic........3500
Battleworn Armor......3810
Miracle Robe..........2400
Vigoro's Chain........2890
Sailor's Buckler......1930
Nocturnal Sight.......1930
Sacrum Crystal.........600
Magic Droplet...........40
Magic Dew..............400
Curia Crystal...........30
Advanced Cannon.......5500
10" Cannon Coil.......3710
Valuan Torpedo........2400
Pyrynn Figure.........4400
Compound Deck.........5500
Deluxe Kit..............75

Thorn's Items
Sacrum Crystal.........600
Sacrulen Crystal.......200
Magic Droplet...........40
Magic Dew..............400
Risan Crystal..........150
Riselem Crystal........450

Kan's Ship Parts
Yamato Spirit.........6700
3' Cannon.............4690
5' Cannon.............5110
Serpent Torpedo.......5360
Blueheim Figure.......5360
Yaufotman Alcove......6700
Concussion Bomb........200
Deluxe Kit..............75
Gear Grease............500
Rudder Grease.........2000

Jetah's Weapons
Suiran Blade..........7500
Yin Wing..............5930
Blade of Slumber......5690
Scale Mail............3990
Soranchu Robe.........3750
Long Robe.............4110
Jade Swirl Ring.......2960
The Unseen Hand.......2960

Belle's Store
Ancient Cannon........8500
Wevl Cannon..........10200
Arcwhale Torpedo......6800
Goddess Figure........6800
Air Intake............6800
Shredder Bomb..........480
Complete Kit...........300
Rudder Grease.........2000
Machine Oil...........2000

Ilchymis's Lab
Sacri Crystal...........20
Sacres Crystal..........60
Sacrum Crystal.........600
Sacrulen Crystal.......200
Magic Droplet...........40
Magic Dew..............400
Curia Crystal...........30
Risan Crystal..........150
Riselem Crystal........450
Glyph of Might.........100
Glyph of Speed.........100
Healing Salve...........50

(After Upgrade)
Paranta Seed..........5000
Icyl Seed.............5000
Zaal Seed.............5000
Sylph Seed............5000
Vidal Seed............5000
Magus Seed............5000
Ilchymix (10).........4000

Osman's Store
Pyri Box...............400
Crystales Box..........800
Wevles Box.............800
Electri Box............400
Sacri Box..............800
Sylenis Box............600
Panika Box............1200
Silpara Box...........1200

(After Upgrade)
Pyrum Box.............1200
Crystalen Box.........1600
Wevlen Box............1600
Electrum Box..........1200
Sacrulen Box..........1200
Driln Box..............600

Ryu-kan's Forge
Captain's Cloak.......4500
Blessed Robe..........4980
Insulated Mail........5180
Radiant Fur...........3580
Skull Cap.............4300

(After Upgrade)
Soul Sword...........12340
Moon Wing............10170
Dragon Arm...........11850
Gilder Special........9460
Gaia Cape.............5910
Robe of Faith.........6510
Plated Armor..........7430
Robe of Truth.........4590
Crescent Amulet.......5710
Critical Vision.......6660
Shard of Purity.......4760

This section contains general information about the Internet downloads 
available for Skies of Arcadia. You can retrieve these files by logging
into the SoA site from Disc 1.

Download 1
File Size: 4 Blocks (1 File)

  The first game download sets up a new island, Hamachou Island. Here
you will find several little Hamachous partying and dancing. There's
also a new Cham to find. At top of this tiny place is an old man in
a giant Hamachou costume. Talk to him, and he'll inform you of various
game statistics, such as how many times you've run away from battle,
your treasure discovery rate, and a few other things.

Download 2
File Size: 4 Blocks (1 File)

  The second download adds a new shipfight to the game. Head a bit
northwest of Gordo's Bistro and search the long island for the Loopers'
Nest. Now head north, and a Giant Looper will be movin' around. You can
engage battle with it if you wish. Doing so gets you a Captain's Stripe
and a few other goodies.

Download 3
File Size: 4 Blocks (1 File)

  The third download adds two interesting weapons to the Mystery
Merchant's shop, the Tuna Cutlass and Swirlmerang. To purchase both of
them, you will need a total of 33,333 Gold.

Copyright Information
(c) Copyright 2001 MetroidMoo 
  This FAQ cannot be distributed in books, magazines, etc. or in any 
other form of printed or electronic media (CDs, etc.) in any way. It 
may not be given away as some sort of prize or bonus with a purchase, 
and it may not be used for promotional or profitable purposes.
  Any characters, names, or other objects are copyright their 
respective companies. This document and its author are in no way 
affiliated with any company involved with this game.

E-mail Information
E-mail Address: [email protected]

  Before you e-mail me a question, make sure you've looked through 
the FAQ to see if your question is answered. If you send me a question 
that is answered in the FAQ, it WILL be ignored.
  Also, please do not send questions regarding the Pinta's Quest VMU
game, as I have not extensively played it yet.

Posting Notice
  If you wish to use this guide on your site, you may post it without
my permission AS LONG AS this document is NOT changed in any way, 
shape, or form. The latest version of this guide can always be found 
at GameFAQs (www.gamefaqs.com) or Video Game Strategies 

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