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Smashing Drive (Game Cube)
Game (c) 2000, '02 Gaelco, S.A.     
Licensed by Namco-Hometek, Inc.
Ported by Point of View

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Table of Contents

A. Introduction
B. Game Modes
C. Controls
D. Power Ups
E. Routes (13)
F. Drive-Thru
G. Closing Comments, etc.

A. Introduction

"In Smashing Drive, you live a day in the life of a frantic city cab 
driver working for 24 hours straight. On each shift, your mission is 
to deliver your fare to the destination in as short a time as possible 
using every advantage you can get. This may include running vehicles 
off the road, taking shortcuts through malls and buildings, jumping 
over traffic jams, and even blowing obstacles clear from your path."

Smashing Drive plays like San Francisco Rush with cabs and power-ups.
In essence, it's a racing game. Each stage begins with a timer, which 
increases as you cross checkpoints or gather time bonuses. 

Your goals are:
 Beat the CPU opponent to the destination
 Uncover as many shortcuts (Risky Routes) as possible
 Gather as many Power-ups as you can, especially Boost items
 Arrive with your cab relatively intact

These goals alone factor into the tally of your overall score, which
is important for accessing bonus stages.

The game doesn't reward blowing pedestrian vehicles to bits - that's 
just a fun perk.

B. Game Modes

Arcade Mode
 - Beat the clock
 - Compete against CPU opponent
 - (3) different main shifts, each with (3) sub-shifts
 - Complete all (3) main shifts to access FINAL shift

Survival Mode
 - Same as Above, except you fail if you incur 100% damage

Head To Head Mode
 - Split-screen Racing against a friend
 - Play any shift you've completed in Arcade Mode

C. Controls

'A' - Accelerate
'B' - Brake
'R' - Horn / Use Power-Up

Skid Turn:
Just like in Sega's Crazy Taxi, you can perform a skid style turn by 
quickly sliding your finger from the 'B' to 'A' button. The drift
effect is short-lived however.

While crashing into vehicles and property is fun, incurring too much 
damage will slow down your cab. It is ALWAYS better to collide with
the sides of an oncoming vehicle rather than the front bumper.

Your cab drives faster on pavement than it does on snow, dirt, or 
staircases. The Glider power-up is very handy in these areas.

Use the Horn:
It'll make cars in front of you move out of the way.

Smashing Drive will re-position your vehicle if you drive in reverse
for more than a few seconds. Amusingly, it's near impossible to turn
the wrong way - even if you want to - since the game is somewhat on
rails. For fun, spin your car around to hear the announcer say 
"U turn!"

D. Power Ups

50% of the game is knowing where to go. The other 50% is collecting 
the right mix of power-up items. They also increase your score at
the end of each route.

In all, there are (10):

Sonic Blast - 'R' Button to Activate, Diminishes Over Time
 Emits a powerful sonic horn that obliterates vehicles, property, 
 and other obstructions that are directly ahead of your cab.

Turbo Boost - Instant Activation, Diminishes Over Time
 Ignites the rockets on the back of your cab. Your cab isn't as
 easy to steer in this condition, so be careful. The Turbo Boost 
 power up is required to access a variety of shortcuts, including
 the sky scraper in (West Central Park - Rush Hour Shift) and the
 King Kong chase in (Times Square - Night Owl Shift).

Glider Morph (Body) - Instant Activation, Diminishes Over Time
 Gives you extra height for jumps, but also decreases the friction
 caused by snow and dirt. Also increases your cab's maneuverability,
 which makes it handy when used in conjunction with a Turbu Boost.

4X4 Morph (Body) - Instant Activation, Diminishes Over Time
 Morphs your cab into a monster truck in order to drive right over
 oncoming traffic. Cuts damage from head-on collisions by 80%. An
 added side effect is that the height of your cab increases, which
 makes it possible to gather power-ups you've missed when passing
 a jump ramp.

Crash Morph (Front) - Instant Activation, Diminishes Over Time
 Forms a plow on the front of your cab, which lets you smash 
 your way through oncoming traffic with little - if any - speed
 or damage penalties. It's still best to avoid head-on

Cutter Morph (Front) - Instant Activation, Diminishes Over Time
 Activates saw blades that can cut through tree branches, pipes,
 or even passing oil trucks. Decreases damage in collisions by 
 roughly 10%, but not very useful against oncoming traffic.

Repair - Instant Activation, Single Use
 Repairs all damage. Immensely useful near the end of routes. 
 Remember, part of your bonus score depends on a fresh cab.

Time - Instant Activation, Single Use
 Adds (5) seconds to the timer

Bonus - Instant Activation, Single Use
 Free points!

'?' - Instant Activation, Single Use
 Gives you a random power-up, though for each stage, it's usually
 one of two possibilities.

The Sonic Blast and Turbo Boost items may be used simultaneously
in conjunction with a single front and both body morph items. For 
example, you can trigger Turbo, Glider, 4X4, Crash Plow, and Sonic 
Blast all at once. This results in a ton of speed.

E. Routes

There are (13) total routes in Smashing Drive, split into (4)
 - Early Bird (Easy)
    - Brooklyn
    - Wall Street
    - Little Italy
    - Bonus Stage (Little Italy)
 - Rush Hour (Medium)
    - Brooklyn Navy Yard
    - Music City Hall
    - West Central Park
    - Bonus Stage (West Central Park)
 - Night Owl (Hard)
    - Sea and Air Museum
    - 5th Ave - 34th Street
    - Times Square
    - Bonus Stage (Times Square)
 - Dusk & Wired (Statue of Liberty)

Each of the (3) main shifts have (3) sub-shifts and (1) bonus 
route, which is accessible only if you meet the scoring 
requirements for that shift. 

Bonus stage entry point requirements vary depending on if
you've successfully completed previous bonus routes.  I've
included a couple possibilities for each, but basically - if
you find the risky routes, you're golden. The bonus stages 
are full of power ups and based upon the entire RISKY ROUTE 
run of the previous stage. The traffic is increased in bonus 
stages, and there are many construction areas with pop-up 
water hazards to slow you down. 

There is also (1) Reward shift, called Dusk & Wired, which 
is 3x lengthier than normal.

Once you complete a full shift, you'll unlock the next shift -
Shifts remain unlocked thanks to memory card storage.

The best way to rack up points is to access shortcuts (a.k.a 
Risky Routes), get as many power-ups as possible, and make
sure to snag Boost Items - which as near as I can tell are 
Turbo Boosts and Sonic Blasts.  You get some points for each
power-up, but there is a seperate Boost bonus tally. The risky
routes you take can prevent you from acquiring certain Boost 
items, but the game seems to account for this.  In fact, 
thanks to '?' items, it's very possible to snag more than the 
required number of Boost items - but you'll always only see 

F. Drive-Thru

I've listed the start time, number of risky routes, and potential
earnings. The + after earnings reflects that the bonus items you
collect and the speed you exhibit will vary the overall fare a 

Brooklyn, Early Bird Shift
- Start Time: 45 seconds
- Risky Routes: 5 total, 3 possible
- Potential Earnings: $100,000+
Head straight ahead, the entrance to the airport has the first 
RISKY ROUTE. Drive up the ramp to take it. Snag the '?' power-up,
which is probably a Repair or Turbo. Get the 4X4 power-up by
leaping the ramp. After you crash out the window and topple over
the airplane, head to the far right of the runway. Drive up the
jetway ramp to snag the Turbo Boost. Drive behind the main
landing gear until the first wave of traffic passes, then drive
between the main and rear gears. Watch out for the rear gears of
the landing plane, leap the middle ramp to snag a Repair, and leap
the next ramp for a '?', which is almost always a Sonic Blast. 
Dash for the checkpoint.

Now, you have some choices. Follow the CPU cab to the right for
the normal route. To access (1) of (3) possible RISKY ROUTEs, 
you can (a) take the left tunnel and veer right, snagging the '?'
power up, which is probably another Sonic Blast. You'll end up near 
the tollbooths; (b) follow the CPU, then head up the emergency 
truck's ladder. You'll snag a 4X4 power-up and be deposited before 
the toll booths; or (c) keep far right and smash through the 
orange barricades to take the snowy hillside path. Snag the Cutter 
and the Turbo Boost items in front of you. You'll be deposited in 
front of the toll booths. Since it yields a Turbo Boost, you 
should go take (c)

After the toll booths, the CPU cab is going to go left. For those
who wish to follow this route, grab the Turbo Boost up ahead. 
It's best to veer right after the toll booths, though, in order
to snag the Sonic Blast and earn a RISKY ROUTE. From here, steer 
left into the green tunnel to grab a nifty Bonus Points item! 
Whether you went left initially, right, or missed the tunnel, 
grab the Glider near the end and use it to snag the Turbo Boost 
and Sonic Blast items - Cruise to the Finish.

Wall Street, Early Bird Shift
- Start Time: 40 seconds
- Risky Routes: 5
- Potential Earnings: $100,000+
Veer left. To earn a RISKY ROUTE, take the jump ramp and veer
right onto the bridge. Get the Glider item, then drop and float 
onto the jump ramp below, which will boost you over to the 
bridge again. Hold right, so you can snag the '?' item, which 
is usually a Repair.  If you hold right, you can stay on the 
bridge to get the Time and Sonic Blast items, as well as to earn
another RISKY ROUTE. If you aren't skilled at snagging that Time
bonus, just stay left after getting the '?' in order to use the
jump ramp to earn the risky route and get the Sonic Blast. Drive 
around the curve and head right into the barricades for another 
RISKY ROUTE. This will propel you into a '?' item, which will 
be a Turbo Boost or Sonic Blast. Zoom into the checkpoint.

Use the upcoming jump ramp to snag a Crash Plow item. After 
navigating the two sharp turns, you can follow the CPU down 
the path or head straight over a jump to access a RISKY ROUTE.
Get the easy 4X4 power-up too.

If you don't take the risky route, steer right and use the 
snow men to launch you into the Sonic Blast item. Follow the 
CPU down a tunnel, which eventually nets Glider and Turbo 
Boost items.

If you veer left after the snowmen jump, or took the first
risky route, you can drive into the fountain area for another

Steer directly into the fountain, which will net you a Turbo 
Boost and Crash Plow item. If you let the Crash Plow deactivate
or execute a skilled jump over the globe sculpture, you can 
snag a '?' item.

Regardless, grab the Repair item at the end and cruise to the

Little Italy, Early Bird Shift
- Start Time: 40 seconds
- Risky Routes: 6 total, 5 possible
- Potential Earnings: $100,000+
Veer left and take the stairs to snag the Glider. Get the Crash Plow
right after, which will allow you to smash through cars in order to
access the upcoming jump ramp (after a small turn). Use the jump ramp
to leap over a bridge and snag a Turbo Boost. I think this nets a
RISKY ROUTE as well.

Head down the street and veer hard left on the sidewalk to get the 
Cutter over the ramp.  Stay on the right down the next street and turn
INTO the glass of the corner building to access a RISKY ROUTE. You'll
get a '?' (usually a Repair or Turbo Boost) after being deposited onto 
the street. If you missed the risky route, tough luck, you can at 
least snag the '?' with the jump ramp.

Right after the '?', head right into the building on the corner! RISKY
ROUTE #3 - woo!  If you missed the chance, you can grab a Sonic Blast
and veer hard left in order to enter the building on the left side. 
This also counts as RISKY ROUTE #3!  Pay attention to steer hard right
on the eventual right turn in order to snag the Glider and Turbo Boost 
items that are over the jump ramp.

Here is where luck plays a role. Depending on how slow/fast you got
to this point, a car with a jump ramp may be driving around the
corner. If so, leap it and enter the park for a RISKY ROUTE. If 
you're good, you use the snowmen to snag the Crash Plow and '?'
power ups.

If you're late to the ramp, it'll probably be to the left, so you 
can use it to grab the Sonic Blast. Leap the next ramp for a Turbo 
Boost. Around the corner, stay right and jump the ramp to get the
Glider, Crash Plow, and '?' power ups.  The '?' is usually a Turbo
Boost or Repair. 

Up ahead, when the screen goes red, you can drive to the right and 
up the fire truck ladder for a RISKY ROUTE - stay right atop the 
building to grab a Glider and 4X4 items. If you didn't go up this 
way, you can take a jump ramp up a fire escape after the 2nd turn 
to grab a Time power up. You'll end up with the 4X4 from above if 
you veer right for the next ramp.

From here, head right up the next fire escape, then go left right 
away for the next.  This will net a Glider and Turbo Boost - zoom
to the end!

Bonus Stage (Little Italy), Early Bird Shift
- Entry Points Required: $250,000 - $437,500
- Start Time: 30 seconds
- Potential Earnings: $200,000 + bonus items
I'm not including drive throughs for the bonus stages, since 
they're fairly straightforward. The Bonus Stage for the Early
Bird Shift is based upon Little Italy. The route itself is
modelled after the locations of all of the RISKY ROUTES, and
invisible barriers keep you on pace. Avoid the water hazards
surrounded by hazard indicators and do your best to collect
power-up items. There are (2) checkpoints.

Brooklyn Navy Yard, Rush Hour Shift
- Start Time: 43 seconds
- Risky Routes: 5
- Potential Earnings: $100,000+
Head down the street on the left side and take a wide right to snag
 the 4X4 over the jump. Take a tight/hard left to leap the ramp onto
 the roof for a RISKY ROUTE & eventual Crash Plow item. If you miss, 
you can go into the sidewalk mall to the left or down the street.  
Veer hard left at the corner to snag the '?' over the ramp (It's 
usually a Sonic Blast if you're on the street or a Turbo Boost if you
took the risky route). For insane skill, push hard right after 
snagging the '?' in order to blast into a secret passage on 1st floor
of the corner building.  It's easier if you miss the risky route, 
though. If you manage this one and snag the Glider, RISKY ROUTE #2 is
on the next roof. The '?' after yields a Sonic Blast.

Follow the next streets and do a tight left after the 2nd corner in 
order to get a Repair item.  Around the corner to the left is a jump 
ramp and a bridge.  Take the jump ramp for the RISKY ROUTE (Get the 
Glider and '?', which is usually a Turbo Boost, drive past the wrecking
ball and then go hard left up the high ramp for RISKY ROUTE #4 - If 
you take the low ramp to the right, you get a 4X4 item.  Leap off the 
bridge and grab the Turbo Boost before the checkpoint). If you just 
took the bridge, get the Sonic Blast by veering left before the tunnel.
Sickeningly, the only way to grab the Turbo Boost after the checkpoint 
is to have taken the risky route and used the top of the tanker truck
to keep you aloft.

If you go left of the burning wreck on the bridge, you'll follow an 
uneventful highway.  Go right and snag another RISKY ROUTE instead.  
You'll get a Repair item, followed by a Cutter, and finally a Crash 
Plow.  Try not to smash into too many of the parking obstructions. 
Leap the ramp on the left side of the highway for a '?', which is 
usually a Turbo Boost or Repair. Home stretch - floor it!

Music City Hall, Rush Hour Shift
- Start Time: 54 seconds
- Risky Routes: 5
- Potential Earnings: $100,000+
Around the corner, take the jump ramp for a cutter and RISKY ROUTE. 
There is a set of purple pipes ahead, take the left most one for RISKY
ROUTE #2 and slow down near the exit, then veer hard right and go up 
the ramp for RISKY ROUTE #3. You can snag a Crash Plow and 4X4 as 
well. Keep left along the next twisty road way to get a Turbo Boost 
- in the tunnel, just left of the checkpoint is a red pipe entrance 
for RISKY ROUTE #4. You'll get a Turbo Boost going that way, as well 
as a Crash Plow once you exit the pipe. If you missed the risky route,
you can snag a Sonic Blast.

After snagging the Crash Item, veer right and take the snowman ramp 
that's just to the right of the curve for some Bonus points.  Stay in 
the middle of the road, then take a hard right for a 4X4 - keep 
holding right in order to access RISKY ROUTE #5. If you drive down 
the water, you'll snag a Turbo Boost and ride up a Christmas Tree 
- which will launch you into Extra Time, Crash Plow, Turbo Boost, 
and Glider items. Drive down the road (or through the mall if you 
took the risky route) to the finish.

West Central Park, Rush Hour Shift
- Start Time: 48 seconds
- Risky Routes: 6 total, 5 possible
- Potential Earnings: $100,000+
This stage is chock full of alternate risky routes. Take the 
sidewalk to the right and then turn the corner left. For an easy 
RISKY ROUTE, go left up the steps then the hard right. If you 
take the left side ramp, you'll probably go through the building
and exit the other side.  Or, you can take the right side ramp, 
get the Turbo Boost, and ride up the building for some cool 
factor. You'll get the 4X4 regardless of which risky route you 
take.  Should you just follow the CPU, you can snag a '?' off 
the snowman to the left, and a Glider and Turbo Boost by taking 
a sharp right.

Take the turns and get the ramps on the corners (more sharp 
tight turns) for a Repair, Glider, and '?' (usually a 4X4 or 
Sonic Blast).  When the time is getting low, you'll reach a 
left turn - take it sharp to leap the jump, grab the Sonic 
Blast, and blow through the checkpoint - literally.

From here you can take the road (for a Turbo Boost) or veer 
left into the snow for another RISKY ROUTE. You'll snag a 
Turbo Boost, and if you're smart, you'll keep straight and 
take the snow up ahead to leap upward into the large 
church-like building for another RISKY ROUTE. (If you go under
 the building, veer hard left onto the snow as you exit for a 
Sonic Blast) Come out of the "church," grab the Cutter item, 
and plow through the treebranches on the right side to zoom 
into the clearing - another RISKY ROUTE - grab the Crash item. 
Head up the stairs and find yourself launched into a museum.

Regardless of how you enter the museum, take the left / upper 
route through the dinosaur's mouth for a RISKY ROUTE. Exit the 
museum and grab the Glider and Turbo Boosts, the fly to the 

Bonus Stage (West Central Park), Rush Hour Shift
- Entry Points Required: $625,000 - $750,000
- Start Time: 25 seconds
- Potential Earnings: $200,000 + bonus items
As usual, this bonus stage mimics the risky route circuit of 
the stage before - West Central Park. Key things to watch out 
for are the water hazards / construction zones - which usually 
lie on sidewalks or in areas you like to drive. If you try 
driving a little more wreckless than usual, you'll avoid them.
Make sure you take the shortcut on the 2nd floor of the church,
as the lower route eats time.

Sea and Air Museum, Night Owl Shift
- Start Time: 48 seconds
- Risky Routes: 4
- Potential Earnings: $100,000+
Perhaps the least complex of all the harder stages. Go left
quickly to avoid being rear ended, then take a hard left at the
turn to get a Cutter. Go down the sidewalk to the left or 
straight down the middle of the street to minimize damage. Take
a hard left at the turn and veer right onto the ramp to get the
Repair item. After the next turn, stay straight and enter the 
subway opening just past the green arrows for a RISKY ROUTE (note 
the fuzzy Burger X sign above). If you miss, you can take the next 
right turn and ramp to get a Glider, 4X4, and eventually, a Sonic 
Blast. Up ahead, take the left ramp to fly into a Crash Plow item 
(a Glider will also be here if you did the first risky route, then 
go hard left for a RISKY ROUTE. A ramp will net you Glider and 
Turbo Boost items. If you miss the risky route, you can get the 
Repair item by doing a hard left turn at the end of the corner.

Through the checkpoint, take care to leap the snowman on the 
left corner of the upcoming street - it's a Turbo Boost. Leap
the next ramp for a glider, and the ramp on the left corner of
the upcoming street for a 4X4 item. To access the next RISKY 
ROUTE, glide over or go behind the bus into the small alley 
just across from the ramp. Veer hard right after exiting the 
parking lot to access a similar RISKY ROUTE (yes, you won't be
able to get that repair item off to the left). Grab the Sonic
Blast and head up the onramp.  If you didn't take the risky
routes, you can snag Glider, '?' (usually a Sonic Blast), Turbo 
Boost, and Crash Plow items.

Up the onramp, take the two jump ramps for a Sonic Blast and 
Bonus item, then speed to the end.

5th Ave - 34th Street, Night Owl Shift
- Start Time: 49 seconds
- Risky Routes: 3
- Potential Earnings: $100,000+
For the easiest RISKY ROUTE ever, head up the ramp to the 
right. Be careful to avoid smashing into all the vehicles. You
can do an excellent job of avoiding them if you go dead center,
then stay left in the left-side turn.  You'll grab a 4X4 for 
your trouble. Leap off of the end of the next roof for Glider
and Crash Plow items.  If you didn't take the risky route path,
use the ramp in the middle of the road after the firetrucks to
get a Turbo Boost - then get the Glider/Crash anyway.

The ramp to the left will net you a Sonic Blast - whee! After a
quick left, take the next right hard and drive into the opening
on the right to take the bus depot RISKY ROUTE. You'll get Turbo 
Boost, Crash Plow, Time Bonus, and Sonic Blast items if you do.
You'll then literally blow through the checkpoint.

Grab the Glider and 4X4 items over the ramp up ahead, then take
a calm right into the glass of the arena dead ahead. RISKY ROUTE!
Drive through the basketball game (ha ha, Go Knicks) to get Glider 
and Turbo Boost items.  If you miss this one, you can get a Sonic
Blast behind the arena. After exiting the building, an upcoming
ramp on the left holds a '?', which will be a Turbo Boost or Sonic
Blast. You can get Glider, Turbo Boost, and a Repair items at the 
ramp in the next turn. The finish is ahead.

Times Square, Night Owl Shift
- Start Time: 49 seconds
- Risky Routes: 5
- Potential Earnings: $100,000+
This level has some subtle risky routes. For the first RISKY 
ROUTE, steer hard left after the first turn. You'll go down
a side street and can snag a Sonic Boom. Go left at the end of 
the street for another RISKY ROUTE and a Time item. Veer left 
and leap right from the ramp to grab a Repair item. Take the
snowy sidewalk hard left for RISKY ROUTE #3. Go over the next
ramp, get the Glider, and glide right to use the next ramp for
Turbo Boost and Crash Plow items. Veer left at the next turn
for a Sonic Blast and follow King Kong down the street.

Past the checkpoint, use the ramp to the right to leap and
get the 4X4, Turbo Boost, and Crash items. You'll follow Kong
up the skyscraper (Empire State?) for a RISKY ROUTE. Once you
exit the building, you can snag Turbo Boost and Sonic Blast
items (Boost items!) If you don't follow Kong, you can get 
Glider and 4X4 items using the ramp to the left after the turn.

At the next turn, don't turn left all the way, but go into the 
movie theatre entrance and smash the doors for RISKY ROUTE #5. 
You'll cruise into a Turbo Boost. Leap the jump on the left 
for a Glider and on the right for a Sonic Blast - floor it!

Bonus Stage (Times Square), Rush Hour Shift
- Entry Points Required: $1,000,000 - $1,250,000
- Start Time: 25 seconds
- Potential Earnings: $300,000 + bonus items
This bonus stage offers more cash, but it's a bit trickier 
since the traffic is heavy. I'd stick to the middle of the
street as much as possible, but keep an eye out for ramps
to the sides. Near the end, there will be a huge traffic 
snarl. There are fewer cars on the right side of the road.

Statue of Liberty, Dusk & Wired
- Start Time: 32 seconds
- Risky Routes: 8
- Potential Earnings: $200,000+
If you're good, you can begin the stage, leap the ramp
for the Sonic Blast AND catch the left ramp for the
Turbo Boost also. Take the left street for a RISKY ROUTE.
Veer right at the corner for a 4X4 and keep going for a
Turbo Boost. If you didn't take the risky route, you can
get the Turbo Boost anyway. (Note: On this stage, it's 
good to keep in mind that snowy sidewalks can slow you 
down). Follow the emergency vehicles and leap the ramp 
for a Turbo Boost and entry into the fiery building RISKY
ROUTE with a 4X4 at the end. If you go right instead, you'll
get a Crash Plow, then a Turbo Boost, then a Repair item. 
After the building, get the Crash Plow on the right and
the Repair on the left, then zoom through the checkpoint.

Leap the ramp just left of the checkpoint for Glider and 
Turbo Boost items. A Sonic Blast is on the right corner
up ahead, with a Repair on the left sidewalk after the
turn. Go down the street, snag the Cutter item on the right
corner, then stay left on the sidewalk. If you remain on the
street, you merely get a Crash Plow item. However, via the
sidewalk, you can take a hard left at the ramp and get not
only the Glider, Turbo Boost, and Sonic Blast items, but a
RISKY ROUTE as well. Stay left in the next turn for a ramp
and more Turbo Boost, 4X4, and Sonic Blast items. Roughly
at the end of the long street is a pink building - smash into
it and leap out the second floor window for another RISKY
ROUTE. You'll get Turbo Boost and Sonic Blast items also.
The next ramp has a Cutter, and if you're skilled, you can
veer left for another Sonic Blast and Turbo Boost. Go hard
left right before the checkpoint for another RISKY ROUTE.
It'll leap you out into a Crash Plow. If you miss, oh well.

Take the ramp on the right for a Turbo Boost, then take
the ramp in the middle of the street to leap onto the right
side roof for a RISKY ROUTE. You'll miss a Glider power up,
but so what. If you time the next roof ramp right, you'll
get a Turbo Boost and end up on another roof for a RISKY
ROUTE. Leap off for a 4X4 item. Up ahead, even if you 
missed the rooves, snag the Turbo Boost. You can stay 
right to grab Crash Plow, 4X4, and Cutter items, but if 
you go left, you'll launch into the Crash and 4X4 items 
anyway and leap onto another upper level for a RISKY
ROUTE. If you miss, fight the traffic in the tunnel. If
you don't, You'll kick the globe sculpture down and race 
through a building chasing it. If you stay dead center, a 
waterfall will boost you into a Time item.

Leap over the boat ahead for Turbo Boost and 4X4 items,
then cruse onward to the end... the end... the Statue of

It is possible to score at least 1,800,000 points. 

Sadly, you will not get a code to enter into Gaelco's
Smashing Drive WorldWide Rankings at: 
They didn't include this feature in the Game Cube version.

G. Closing Comments

It's too bad Smashing Drive is so ugly and so minimalist, because
the premise is superb. The game won't win any awards for visuals or
sound, and it probably isn't going to last most people even a full
rental period, but there is no denying how joyous it is to drive
badly and blow stuff up.  

If only it were Crazy Taxi with weapons...
If only it were S.F. Rush with cabs...
If only there was a lot more freedom...
If only the music weren't so horribly awry...

If only.

Why did I write this FAQ? So one of you poor souls didn't have to.

If you have some information you think should be included in this 
guide, or have any suggestions for improving it, please direct your
comments to Frank Provo at [email protected]  Tips, codes, hints,
and pretty much anything Smashing Drive related is welcome.

Thanks to Joel Regus for pointing out the first RISKY ROUTE for Sea
and Air Museum, Night Owl Shift.


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