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 1. Contents

 | 1. Contents              |
 | 2. Basic Information     |
 | 3. Story                 |
 | 4. Characters            |
 |    a. Altus              |
 |    b. Orion              |
 |    c. Sayomi             |
 | 5. Enemies               |
 |    a.Gargant             |
 |    b.Hiski               |
 |    c.Kalus               |
 |    d.Klauticus           |
 |    e.MechMouss           |
 |    f.Miscus              |
 |    g.Morticus            |
 |    h.Mutabuzk            |
 |    i.Orgks               |
 |    j.Paguos              |
 |    k.Raymus              |
 |    l.Rhinotor            |
 |    m.Scalous             |
 |    n.Schingles           |
 |    o.Slimnus             |
 |    p.Taytus              |
 |    q.Valtus              |
 |    r.Viscus              |
 |    s.Wolup               |
 |    t.Zeenus              |
 | 6. Controls              |
 | 7. Modes of Play         |
 |    a. Arcade Mode        |
 |    b. Adventure Mode     |
 | 8. Game Screen           |
 | 9. Power Ups             |
 | 10. Tips                 |
 | 11. Cheats / Codes       |
 | 12. GameShark Codes      |
 | 13. FAQ                  |
 | 14. Credits              |
 | 15. Revision History     |
 | 16. Legal Information    |
 | 17. Contact Information  |

 2. Basic Information

ESRB Rating: Teen (Animated Blood & Animated Violence)
Genre: Action
Released: 11/23/1999
Developer: Toka
Publisher: Red Orb Entertainment
Players: 1
Platform: Dreamcast
Net Support: No
Peripherals: Visual Memory Unit, Controller

 3. Story

Soul Fighter: The Curse Of Gomar

-At the age of 25, King Valmek, well-loved ruler of Gomar, 
wed a princess from the northern frontier of his kingdom.  
in time, his beautiful Queen Antea bears him two sons, 
Sedan and Felies.

-All is well in the Kingdom of Gomar, until the day a royal 
hunt is organized to celebrate the birthday of Sedan, 
Valmek's eldest son.  During the days' events, Sedan is 
found at the bottom of a cliff, having fallen to his death.  
The Curse of Gomar begins...

-Overcome with grief, Antea and Felies are prepared to try 
anything to bring Sedan back to life.  In their desperation, 
they turn to the forces of evil in the ill-founded belief 
that they can defy death.  During the struggle to stop Antea 
and Felies as they muster the powers of Darkness, Valmek's 
Chief Swordsman is slain by Felies.  His son, Altus, can 
only watch helplessly.

-Horrified by their madness and in profound despair, Valmek 
banishes Antea and Felies from Gomar, sending his Royal spy 
Sayomi to follow them and discover any knowledge of their 

-Sayomi's efforts reveal that Antea and Felies have pledged 
their eternal allegiance to each other and, using their 
ill-gotten powers of Evil, Antea has become capable of 
dissolving into a mist that transforms men into beasts and 
monsters, while Felies has turned into a monstrous dragon to 
assail the kingdom of Gomar.  Sayomi warns the King of her 
dark news from her place of observation.  As Antea turns the 
might of her power against the kingdom, Gomar's Chief Wizard, 
Orion, battles to save Altus and Sayomi from the onslaught, 
but cannot save Valmek from his doom.

-The kingdom's salvation now lies in the hands of Orion who 
explains to Altus and Sayomi that the only way to reverse 
the curse upon the kingdom to capture the souls of those 
under Antea's spell in a magic phial and return to where it 
all began.  Let the search for souls begin...

 4. Characters

-Whichever Hero you choose, their goal is the same.  Those 
humans who have been transformed into animals must be defeated 
in order  for their souls to be released from the powers of 
Evil.  Once released, the souls are automatically captured 
into a magic phial.

-Only when all the enemies have been defeated on each level 
and all of the souls recaptured can the player take on the 
mighty beasts that guard entry to the next stage and, 
ultimately, to the final showdown with Antea and Felies in his 
draconian form.

-Only by conquering the dark powers can the Curse of Gomar be 
lifted, and the souls of the hero's kinsmen find their 
eternal peace.


-Altus is the son of King Valmek's chief swordsman, Melkior.  
Melkior was slain by Felies in his madness as the Powers of 
Darkness were evoked and the Curse of Gomar descended on the 
kingdom.  Trained in the arts of Warfare from an early age, 
Altus was already a master of the sword when his father was 
killed, but could only watch, held in thrall by the powers of 
Evil, while the deed was committed.  Since the day that Antea 
and Felies was banished, Altus has sworn to avenge the death 
of his father, abandoning other studies to perfect his sword-
fighting skills and prepare for the Day of Reckoning when the 
two Accursed Royals would be brought to justice.

-Though Altus is not the fastest fighter on two legs, learning 
to control his brute, strength and combat techniques with the 
sword should stand you in good stead against the evil minions 
as you fight to save their souls.


-When Antea and Felies made their initial onslaught against 
the Kingdom of Gomar, only the magical skills of Orion proved 
successful in halting their advance.  The powers of Evil have 
since regrouped and enlarged their army...while the warrior 
characteristics of Altus and Sayomi may be better suited to 
out and out combat, Orion alone possesses the power to finally 
lift the curse from the kingdom and destroy it to its previous 

-Though not skilled in the arts of swordsplay like Altus, nor 
swift like Sayomi, his magic staff is a lethal weapon when used 
properly.  Use the magical firebolts to cut through the enemy 
when they attach in swarms.  Remember, as with all of the main 
characters' weapons, to be careful not to run out of weapon-
energy in the middle of the melee, or you may not live to tell 
the tale.


-As a trusted servant of King Valmek, Sayomi was chosen to 
spy upon Queen Antea and her son Felies after their banishment 
from the Kingdom of Gomar.  Renowned for her swiftness of foot 
and cunning in hand-to-hand fighting, Sayomi proved more than 
a match for the enemies she encountered during her mission to 
discover the fate of the Accursed Royals.

-It was Sayomi who warned the Kingdom of the return of Antea 
and Felies and would have been transformed into an animal 
herself by Antea's evil mist Saved from the initial onslaught 
of the dark powers by the skills of the Wizard, Orion.  Soyomi 
acts as the perfect counterpart to the brute force of Altus - 
swift where he is slow and cunning where he is apt to be ruled 
by anger as he runs to meet danger head-on.

 5. Enemies

Again, no weapons here, but these gorilla-like creatures are 
notoriously difficult to defeat, but to their sheer physical 
presence.  The fact that they usually attack in numbers adds 
further to your problems.

Like the real animal, these hyena-like creatures are fast 
and cunning.  Extremely skilled with the short sword, be 
careful not to turn your back on the hyena, or you may find 
yourself literally stabbed in the back.

So far you've only met opponents on the ground, so be 
prepared to look up once in a while as well.  Flying in from 
above, raven-like creatures will try to kick you to the floor 
using their taloned feet, as well as beat you with their 
mighty wings.

Carrying no weapons, these tiger-like creatures can be 
perceived as an easy target.  Do not be misled.  Their claws 
have mutated into razorsharp killing machines, designed to 
inflict maximum damage on contact.

Half mouse-half robot, do not be taken in by the minute size 
of this robotic freak's head.  What it may lack in 
intelligence is more than made up for by the sheer bulk of 
its body and the lethal nature of its electronic discharges. 
Be warned.

The most frightening of the aerial enemies, equipped with 
razor-sharp claws and incredible strong wings.  These bat-
like creatures are also capable of spitting firebolts from 
a distance, so evasive measures are essential to defend 
against them.

Both the zombie monsters and the Frankenstein-type monsters 
have incredible strength and will knock you to the floor with 
a single blow.  Beware of the vicious headbutts and foul, 
biting attack in close combat.

Like the ravens, these fly-like creatures will attack from 
above, but not only with vicious claws and feet.  Stand back 
from them and they will spit vile, green and exceptionally 
damaging mucous at you.  Avoid at all costs.

Though renowned for their supposed intelligence in real-life, 
there is nothing too smart about these pig-like creatures.  
Armed with vicious, spiked clubs, all they want to do is shed 
your blood at the earliest opportunity.

Well-known for their deviousness, these rat-like creatures 
are heavily armed with long range crossbows, though are not 
as effective in close melee.  Try to get in close as quickly 
as possible to attack them.

Obstinate, stubborn and always ready for a fight, the ram-like 
creatures are armed with double-headed Fugil Sticks that are 
difficult to get past in close combat.  Be sure to line up 
some combo attacks to defeat them.

Don't be fooled by the lack of weapons here.  The rhino-like 
creature is a formidable foe, not least for his sheer size and 
physical prowess.  One blow from those mighty paws could spell 
the end of your days wandering.

As they slither across the floor, these snake-like creatures 
are notoriously difficult to defend against.  Be prepared to 
use your defensive skills as they make random strikes against 

Skilled in the arts of gladiatorial warfare, the skeletons may 
not be the strongest enemies you will come up against, but they 
will certainly slow your progress though each level.

Inhabiting the foul swamps of the outlands, these evil smelling 
lizard-like creatures will try to drag you down into their damp 
dwellings.  Armed with ferocious, electrically charged tridents, 
one touch could sink you and the hopes of Gomar.

One of the most dangerous adversaries, as these are the 
transformed bodies of the elite of Gomar's former noble 
warriors, trained in the use of the sword and equipped with 
the cunning of their new fox-like creature form.

Most of Gomar's former sailing force has been transformed into 
these walrus-like sea-dwellers and, though not as quick, they can 
do untold damage with their short pirate swords when they attack 
en masse.

Even more lethal than its normal counterpart, these white tiger-
like creatures carry two short swords and is exceptionally 
skilled in their use.  Again, long distance attacks are advised 
where possible.

Like the ravens, these vulture-like creatures will attack from 
above and, like its real-life counterpart, will usually join in 
a multiple enemy attack to pick you off when injured.  Watch out 
for its clawed feet and wing combo attack.

Armed with two short daggers, the wolf-like creature is ideally 
equipped for close, hand-to-hand combat.  Coupled with its 
enormous strength, the wolf should be taken out from afar when 
at all possible.

 6. Controls

Walk .......................... Partial Up (D-Pad)
Run ........................... Full Up (D-Pad)
Left .......................... Left (D-Pad)
Right ......................... Right (D-Pad)
Turn Around ................... Down (D-Pad)
Punch / Use Weapon ............ X Button
Kick .......................... Y Button
Block ......................... A Button
Jump .......................... B Button
1st Person View ............... Right Trigger
Reset Camera .................. Left Trigger
Start / Pause ................. Start Button
Take Out / Put Away Weapon .... A Button + Up (D-Pad)
Collect Power-Up .............. A Button + Down (D-Pad)
Reverse Punch ................. X + D-Pad (Enemy Direction)
Reverse Kick .................. Y + D-Pad (Enemy Direction)
Jump Punch .................... B Button, X Button
Jump Kick ..................... B Button, Y Button

 7. Modes of Play 

Arcade Mode
This is the default mode of play. Each level is timed.  
You have the option to switch characters between levels.  
You have five continues per game.

Adventure Mode

Levels do not have a time limit in Adventure Mode.  You must 
play as the same character through the game.

 8. Game Screen 

| 1 2 3         4               |
|                               |
|                               |
|                               |
|                               |
|                               |
|                               |
|                               |
|                               |
| 5                          6  |

1. Health Bar:  
  This bar tells the amount of energy you have left (It 
  decreases as you receive more damage).
2. Combo Bar:  
  You can perform Super Combos only when this bar is 
  completely full.
3. Weapon Bar:
  Loss of the ability to use your current weapon occurs 
  once this bar has been depleted completely.
4. Time:
  The amount of time that you have to complete a level 
  in Arcade Mode.
5. Souls Saved:
  The number of souls you have saved from the curse that 
  was put on them by Antea.
6. Map:
  This map indicates your position, the position of enemies 
  around you, and power-up chests.  The map can also indicate 
  other threats.

 9. Power Ups 

Energy Power Ups:
Pig           24 energy points
Chicken       16 energy points
Fish          16 energy points
Water         12 energy points
Fruit         8 energy points
Horse         Full energy
Gem           5000 points to score
Ring          5000 points to score
Gold Bag      5000 points to score
Gold Lingot   10000 points to score

Weapon Power Ups:

Magic Weapon: Magic Branch
Used for Magic Combo

Weapon 1: Throwing Knife
Speed: Quick        Damage: Low

Weapon 2: Cross Bow
Speed Very Quick    Damage: Low

Weapon 3: Throwing Axe
Speed: Slow         Damage: Medium

Weapon 4: Oil Bomb
Speed: Very Slow    Damage: High

 10. Tips 

-Asleep/Awake: Some enemies may appear to be sleeping when you 
approach them.  Be sure to attack those first, as they will be 
slower to react than those that are on ground.

-Attack speed: Different enemies take different times to 
respond to attack.  Work out which ones are the slowcoaches and 
plan your attacks to perfection to make the most of any brief 
breathing space.

-Energy level: Like the main characters, each enemy has an 
energy level.  When the player hits an enemy, each hit takes 
away a certain amount of energy (this can be seen on the top 
right of the screen).  The enemy is dead when its energy level 
reaches zero.

-Aggression level: Each enemy has a certain aggression level 
which increases when the player fires weapons at them in the 1st 
person view mode or attacks continually at close range.  Be 
warned, an angry animal is a deadly animal.

 11. Cheats / Codes 

-At the Soul Fighter logo screen, press Left + Y. Enter the 
options menu, then exit. If done correctly, the next screen 
that appears will be the cheat code screen. Then, enter one 
of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat:

|  Extra Health:            |
|  Enter ABXXYA as a code.  |
|                           |
|  All Weapons:             |
|  Enter XAAYBB as a code.  |
|                           |
|  Level 2:                 |
|  Enter AABXYA as a code.  |
|                           |
|  Level 3:                 |
|  Enter XAYAAB as a code.  |
|                           |
|  Level 4:                 |
|  Enter YYBAXA as a code.  |
|                           |
|  Level 5:                 |
|  Enter BABXXY as a code.  |
|                           |
|  Level 6:                 |
|  Enter XAXBYY as a code.  |
|                           |
|  Level 7:                 |
|  Enter ABXBYB as a code.  |
|                           |
|  Level 8:                 |
|  Enter YBBAXY as a code.  |
|                           |
|  Level 9:                 |
|  Enter BYAAXB as a code.  |
|                           |
|  Level 10:                |
|  Enter XABBAX as a code.  |
|                           |
|  Level 11:                |
|  Enter YBYXAB as a code.  |
|                           |
|  Level 12:                |
|  Enter XBAXBY as a code.  |
|                           |
|  View Credits:            |
|  Enter AAAAAA as a code.  |

 12. GameShark Codes

|  Infinite Health:           |
|  7655D6B8 00000064          |
|                             |
|  Infinite Weapon Power:     |
|  43221A73 000000A0          |
|                             |
|  Infinite Throwing Knives:  |
|  76E596B8 00000009          |
|                             |
|  Infinite Crossbow Arrows:  |
|  912C4F4D 00000009          |
|                             |
|  Infinite Throwing Axes:    |
|  AF3B142B 00000009          |
|                             |
|  Infinite Oil Bombs:        |
|  CE97A242 00000009          |
|                             |
|  Max Power:                 |
|  7655D6B8 00000090          |
|                             |
|  99 Souls Saved:            |
|  6F7B6EFB 00000063          |

 13. Frequently Asked Questions 
When questions are asked they will be put here.
Email questions to: [email protected]

 14. Credits 

Jason Leyanna:
 Making this FAQ
Soul Fighter Instruction Booklet: 
 Some story information / character information

 15. Revision History 

Version 0.1 (2/17/02) 
 File Size: 17.5 KB
 Contents, Basic Information, Story, Characters,
 Enemies, Tips, Cheats/Codes, GameShark Codes,
 FAQ, Credits, Legal, Contact Information

Version 0.2 (2/19/02) 
 File Size: 21.6 KB
 Spelling Corrections, Design Modifications, 
 Controls,  Modes of Play,  Game Screen, 
 Power Ups, Revision History

 16. Legal Information 

-This document Copyright 2002 Jason Leyanna.
-Any reproduction of this document in part or in whole without 
 the author's written consent is strictly forbidden. 
-This document may be printed out for personal use. 
-Ask for permission if you want to put this FAQ on your site
 (email me at [email protected]) and do not modify this 
-The newest version of this FAQ can always be found at:
 http://www.realmofgaming.com        and

-The following sites may post this FAQ:

 17. Contact Information 

Jason Leyanna
Email: [email protected]
ICQ: 49290625
AIM: jasonleyanna
URL: http://www.realmofgaming.com

-If you have something to contribute to this FAQ please 
 email me at: [email protected]
 with "Soul Fighter" in the subject line.
 You will be listed in the Credits section if you contribute.

-The newest version of this FAQ can always be found at:

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