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Spawn: In The Demon's Hand Mini Guide. Version 1.0

This Faq/ Mini Guide is Copyright 2000 Kevin Deane

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This Faq/ Mini guide may be posted on any web site that wishes to 
do so, but please e-mail me and ask me first. In pretty much all
instances i will say yes, but i want to know who is actually using
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Table Of Contents:

I. Version History

II. Introduction

III. Game Modes

IV. Game System

V. Basic Controls

VI. General Strategies

I.Version History

  1.1 (8-27-00) - Added evasion Tactics to the basic controls
section. Thanks to VvRedeemervV for the info! 

  1.0 - Initial Release. I have only had the game for a few hours 
so far, but it is pretty easy to pick up, so im writing this to give
players a glimpse of what to expect

II. Introduction

  Spawn: In the Demon's Hand is one of Capcom's newest Dreamcast
games, and also one of their best ones so far. At first glance, 
impressions and comparisons to Powerstone will most likely be among 
a player's initial reactions. After playing the game for a while however,
Spawn quickly comes into the light as its own games, with its own set 
of unique playing styles and innovations.

III. Game Modes

  Spawn Features several modes of play. The first choice is an arcade 
mode. In Arcade mode, there are 3 types of play: Boss Mode, where you
progress through various stages fighting a different character from the 
Spawn Universe. There is the option of fighting alone, or with a 
teammate. Battle Royal Mode is an all-out deathmatch with four
people. Team mode is also available. You can either fight with a CPU 
character or with a human character as you go through the stages.

  There is a tournament mode. Similar to the deathmatch mode, 4 
people are pitted against each other. However, a certain amount of
points are the goal. When the player reaches those set amount of points,
they move on to the next three oppnents.

  Network allows you to connect to various players to find deathmatches 
with. Unfortunately, for importers, this option is useless because there is
no way to do anything from their current location. There is also an option
to go to the Spawn webpage on Capcom's site. Information and other things
are available from this site.

  Gallery mode is composed of two sections: Picture gallery and Items. 
The picture gallery is a various assortment of Spawn artwork. The Item 
gallery is a database of every weapon used by the characters in the game. 
As the game is beaten with various characters, their weapons are added to 
the database.

  The option mode allows you to change various aspects of the game. The
camera can be adjusted, length of the battles can eb made longer or shorter,
and the difficulty and controls can be modified. 

IV. Game System.

  Spawn is a very easy game to pick up and play. Controls are very easy 
and responsive, and the gme moves at a brisk pace. Stages are large and 
varied, giving the player plenty of space to explore, run around and evade 
incoming attacks. Boxes can be hidden behind (they can aslo be destroyed, 
revealing your location), barrels can be blown up on unsuspecting opponents
(remember DOOM?). You can also push an unknowing opponent into some
hot lava, resulting in a quick end There are various powerups to be found in each level,
some of them which are VERY crucial to your survival. Speed, Weapon Power
and Defense can all be increased, giving you a better fighting change against
some of the bosses.

  Whether with a teammate or alone, In Boss Attack mode, the object is to simply 
destroy the boss and move on to the next level. This is not as easy as it sounds. 
For starters, you only have three minutes to complete this task. The second obstacle 
that must be overcome is that every boss has their own little bunch of henchmen 
intent on stopping you. And for the most part, they do a very good job. Upon being 
defeated, 12 seconds are subtracted from your timer. Being defested too many times
can bring a swift end to the match. When time runs out, you must restart the battle.

  Tournament and Battle Royal are very similar to each other. The key differences lie
in how to win the battles. In Battle Royal, the winner is determined by who has the 
most points after a certain amount of time. In Tournament, however, the winner is 
determined by who reaches a set number of points first. In each mode, a kill is worth 
two points, and a suicide kill is a 2 point penalty. So you cannot just go and kill 
if someone is about to kill you.

V. Basic Controls

  The Controls in Spawn are very simple. In the first battle, the controls are outlined
while you are fighting (It is In Japanese though).

X Button - Attack with the selected Weapon.

Y or L Button - Switch to first person view. *note: If any camera problems are 
encountered, going into first person mode and then going back to normal "resets" the 
camera back to normal.*

A Button - Jump  *note: some characters are able to double-jump*

B Button - Weapon switch. Each character has 3 types of weapons to fight with. 
A standard weapon, their fists, and some kind of weapon that is thrown, such as knives or 
grenades. These are limited however, so take note. It also seems that under certain
circumstances (im not sure what yet) a weapon can be broken somehow, forcing a bare
handed fight.

X+B or R Button - Special Attack. Depending on the character, the special attack may be 
executed differently. Some characters can only do their special moves when they are using
their fists as their weapon. Other special moves are two part deals, with an additional 
button press required to do the move.

Tap left or right twice + Y button - Evasion roll. Use this roll to avoid quick one hit 
or to get out of the way of some of the enemy bullets. Extremely useful maneuver.

VI. General Strategies.

- Keep moving! In Spawn, staying in one place for more than a quick second can get you 
killed in a hurry.

- Find the powerups early. Attack up greatly increases your attacking power, and for some 
fights, it is a necessity due to some of the bosses' LONG energy meters. Defense is 
even more important than attack. Some of your opponents are capable of killing you in one 
hit, quickly draining your time to finish the level. Obtaining defense allows you to 
survive, and 
find some health. Speed is useful for quickly getting around some of the opponents 

- Know your enemy.. As stated above, some of your opponents can take you out in one blow,
so going toe-to-toe with them is not a very good idea. look for ways around them and 

- Know your character. Ties in with knowing your enemy, if you have a fast, but weak 
do not try to fight a head on fight. run around and hit them from behind. If your 
character has a 
long range weapon (like Spawn himself) take advantage of it.

- Do not ignore the little henchmen. The time spent taking them out is far better spent 
than the 
time taken away after you are killed. lure them in a spot away from the boss, quickly 
of them, and then return to the boss. it will make the fight MUCH easier. Be quick about 
because they regenerate.

- Try to use the environments. Sometimes, the only reasonable way to kill an enemy is to 
them into lava, off a cliff,  or some other method because you are so overpowered.


- ShinjiNaju: For convincing me to get this game. If you werent constantly telling me how 
this game was, i would have never have gotten it.

- Rahim: For actually getting me a copy of the game. I owe you big time! Now get me SNK 
Capcom and youre the man!

- Ranma_Shiro: You've always been there when ive needed it. Lets continue to do our thing.

- VegetaWM: What can i say? You've pretty much turned me into the gamer i am today.

- To VvRedeemervV for telling me about the evasion moves.

- And of course to Capcom for making this game. Wouldn't be writing this without you.

Copyright 2000 Kevin Deane

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