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|Army Men Air Combat FAQ/Strategy Guide |
|/Tips and Tricks  For The N-64 console |
|      By "General" Eric Bukemper       |
By "General" Eric Burkemper [email protected] (For e-mail and MSN 
Last updates 12/17/00
Version 1.2

Hello, I'm Eric Burkemper, you can call me General Eric, and I rented this 
and found it good, here you will learn all about the game and info and 
to be able to win. This game is much like the Desert Stike series so please 
note that.

E-mail info
You can e-mail me or message me any info about this game or me. 
[email protected]
This is copyrighted by me, Eric Burkemper at hotmail.com

Sites this is on
If you want this on your site, e-mail me and ask permsission.

Version history
Version 1.2
Addded a How to beat the robot in the last level in the FAQ's section.

Version 1.1
Added stuff here and there

Version 1.0
Made it

Table of contents
1.Game info
2.Everything about you and your enemy's
4.Multiplayer strategy's and info
6.End notes

1.Game info
The story(part of it recylcled from my Army Men Sages Hero's 2 

Ever since they were made, the Tan and Green army have been fighting,
the Green for peace, the Tans for World Conquering, since they have
fought each side had tricks up their sleeves, the greens have a great
team called "Sarges Hero's", and the Tans have a big army and always have
something stored for attack and also treachery, there  leaders, General
Plastro for Tan, and Colonel Grimm for Green have been always targeted
for attacks, they fought the war in the real world, and their world.
But now, the Tan's have amased on the Green borders and being beatened,
but now, a special helicopteer force is made, called Army Men Air Combat
they are the last hope to the green's, because if they fail, the whole world
is at stake............

The main menu

Start Game:
1 player game- YOU PLAY the regular  missions
2 player game-You play the regular missions with a human partner
Officer's Club- You play the multiplayer games

Load Game:
You play a game loaded off the controller pack

You enter a level password

Sound- Adjust the sound and music
Controller- Pick from three controller button styles
Credits- Watch the credits

The controller options

Control 1 (default)
L-Strafe Left
R-Strafe Right
-Same as R
\/ C- Change special weapons
^C- View objective map
Control Stick- Move helicopter
Control Pad- Same as Control Stick
A-Fire special weapons
B-Drop Winch
Z- Fire machine guns

Control 2 (advanced)
C> and A-Fire machine guns
Control Stick and Contol pad- Move helicopter
L and Z-Strafe Left
^C-View map
control pad-Fire special weapon
\/ pad- Winch

This game is just like the Desert Strike series so if
you played them, then this should be just like that.

2.Eveything about you and your enemy's
Green weapons and info

Green(the allies scarttered through the level)troop info

RIFLE Carrier
This guy has a medium firing gun and is pretty weak

Bazooka Carrier
Has a slow firing Bazooka and can take out a tank in about 3 hits, great 

Flame-thrower carrier
Has a flame-thrrower and is a good back-up

A jeep that fires rifle like bullets, faster and more armored then the
green rifle carrier

Guard Tower
Protects any green base, can delay any enemy force

A long lasting thing, it will go up to enemies and shoot away,
great back-up

Carries a flame-thrower and is like a tank

Sometimes another huey will join you and fire it's machine guns,
great back-up

The  Green helicopter's(your aircraft)

Your helicopter's weapons

Machine gun- Infinite ammo, it does little damage but can
take out small enemy's with some effort, best used as
a strafe weapon and used in conjuction with other weapons

Rocket- A unguided rocket, it will go straight and cause minor damage,
best used as a last ditch attack. Fast fire rate

Missle- Same as rocket but will hit any nearby enemies, same damage
as the rocket, best used in many situations. Medium fire rate

Naplam- A missle that when on impact, will spread a fireball that
will take out most enemies, best used against a lot of enemies or
enemies that take a lot of hits. Slow fire rate

Paratrooper flare- When fired, a flare will pop out and land in front of 
then two paratroopers will land there and will do a sucide dive on any 
medium-heavy damamage, best used as a diversion or weakening device. Slow 
fire rate

4 missles- Will fire 4 regular missles, each tageting a nearby target, 
medium damage
for each rocket, best used in many situations. Slow fire rate

Laser- Fires a laser that will hit both far and close range targets, causes 
heavy damage,
best used in any situation. Medium fire rate.

Helicopter info
Helicopter name
Helicopter info
Weapons carries
-Stats info-
Mobility- Rates how quick it can go and how it's evading is
Winch- Rates how much it can carry with ease
Armor-Rates how tough it can last
Weapons-Rates how much damage the weapons do
-Stats rating info-
Best- This helicopter's stat is the best among the other's
Excellent- It excels in this catogory
Good-Medium at it
O.K Sort of good at it
Bad- Crappy at it
Rating(1 being worst, 10 being best)

Info:The huey is a mobile aircraft often used in hit-and-run situations
because of it's mobility, great for hit-and-runs but not good in major 
Weapons:It carries rockets,missles, naplam, and machine guns

Info: This helicopter was made to carry heavy payloads,
it isn't good in big firefights and only should be used in
pick-up missions

Super Stallion
Info: A helicopter that's the most used in the navy,
the Stallion one ups everything on the Chinook except
for winch, it is a great fighter.

Info:The main hero in The  Desert Strike series,
and the best helicopter to choose from in the game ,
it has excellent all around stats and can take out enemies with ease.
Weapons: Machine guns, rockets, missles, naplam, paratroopa's, 4 rockets,
and laser's
Rating: 9

Tan troops

Coming soon!

Here are stategy's to use in single player levels
On some of the levels, it's easier to get a friend and help you
in the level, each of you can take differnt paths and take out enemies 

Always Strafe, it's easier to cause damage and take less hits that way

Level fun to know info!
Level 1- You can get 7 green troops and 2 green veicles to follow you,
you get 1 rifle carrier and two jeeps by just waiting at the start, after 
go past the base another rifle carier will follow you if you save him, in 
the area
where you pick up the supplies will be two rocket guys battling tanks, 
destroy the
tanks and they'll follow you. Now follow the path to the portal and go near 
the mountains to the right,
you'll see two green rifle carriers and destroy all neaby Tans and they'ss 
follow you, now keep on going
and you'll see one last rifle carier, now after they are all following you 
play some fun games
like "Follow the leader" or go back to base and see how long they take to 
come back!

Level 6- Put as much food in a green base and see how long you can hold them 
Also you can put all the food in one area and watch all the ant hills ants 
come to it!

4.Multiplayer stategy's and info
Everything you need to know about multiplayer and more!

Pleasee e-mail me strategies and scenarios!

Note:The helicopter's have the same stats from the single player game.
Also I give school type grades on the games, also you can hurt your
friends helicopter's by fring weapons at them in the games.

The games

Bug Hunt-Chew Chew Bug B Q
In this scenario you have to kill 100 points of bugs
(Big insects are worth around 8 points, small ones are worth about 8)
before your opponent does, you battle in a level 3 like arena with a 
train going around the arena, if you hover by it, it will drop you a item.
Funness rating- B+


Bug Hunt-Crispy Criters
Same scenario before but with a twist,the bugs are more prone to attack you, 
  there's a magnifying glass that's
trying to destroy eveyone and sometimes when you destroy a buy, it will 
transform into
four ladybugs, a bottlerocket launcher and others, you have to get 100 
points top win.
Funness rating-B-

Strategies- Remember, when you kill a bug that transforms into a bottle 
the bottle rocket goes away after it fires it's rocket, also if you have a 
glass chasing you, try going over a bug or anothe helicopter to distract it.

Flag-nab-it-Fort Frenzy
It's capture the flag! You must steal the others guy's flag from their base
(their base is just a guard tower near the enemy's flag that attacks you and 
you destroy it it comes back after 5 seconds) Each enemy flag dropped off at 
base is worth 25 points and you must get 100 points to win.
Funness rating-A-


Flag-Nab-it-Freezer Burn
In this one there are paper cups are all over the place, if you
destroy the cups there will either be nothing, a powerup, or a red flag,
bring 3 red flags to your base and you win, enemies can't steal the flag
from you if you dropped it off your base, but there are 3 UFO's hideen 
the 3 seperate cups and if you release them they will barrage anyone near to 
them with lasers
and there hard to destroy, sometimes the UFO's may find a flag underneath  
and take it, if you destroy them if they have a flag then you may steal the 
flag from them.
Funness rating-C+


Food fight-Picnic panic
In this game in the middle of the arena there's a machine, the color of the 
in the machine will be the color of one of the human opponeats, drop food 
into the
machine and helicopters and Tanks of the color the water is will start 
coming out,
they will attack any enemies near them, the object of the game is too put 
100 points of food in the
machine and have units by the machine of your color to win, if the color of 
the water in the machine
isn't yours you can find a crayon lying around of one guys color and if you 
drop it into the machine
the machine will start making units the color of the crayon you put in it.
Funness rating-A+


Food fight-Cherry Suprise
In this game you must bring a chicken leg, a apple, a cupcake, and a ham can
to your base to reveal a doughnut in the middle of the arena, in order for 
this to happen you must bring the food mentiond
earlier and dop them off at your base, a countdown will occur and at the end 
of the countdown the doughnut will appear,
you must them bring the doughnut to your base, you can delay the countdown 
by throwing a cherry bomb to theirr base, but watch out
dragonflies will attack you.
Funness rating- C+


Rescue-Don't feed the crabs
In this game you must save ten scientist before the bugs kill them, the 
first to rescue ten scientist
wins, but there's a lot of bugs waiting to kill you.There's really nothing 
to talk about here.
Funness rating- C+


Rescue-Tide pool terror
This game is very much like "Don't feed the crabs" except for differnt Bugs 
and the scientist
seem to live longer, the same rules as above, this game is kinda like a 
"Expansion" to the the crab one.
Funness rating-C-


Q:How do I defeat the robot in the last level?

A:This strategy is best done with two people, but one person could do it if 
but it would be harder.
First, ignore the cherry bomb on the battery thing, that does not do 
anything in the mission, go toward the robot and
switch to your paratroopers, fire them off and while doing this fire your 
machine gun, then after your paratroopers are done strafe around him and
try to avoid the gun fire, now fire your naplam at him, keep on doing it 
until you run out of naplam, now use your laser aganist him, if you run out 
of laser,
use your 4 missles, while doing all of this keep on firing your machine gun, 
this is the best strategy used on him.

6.End notes
This info should help you on this game enough so you can win,
I hope you enjoyed it.
General Eric

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