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                    Brigandine - FAQ/Strategy Guide – v1.0
	           Made by *Leitaum* [[email protected]]	                              
			(feel free to contribute anything)


I.      Introduction
II.     Controls
III.    Basics of playing Brigandine
IV.     Battle Tips and Strategies
V.      List of Quests
VI.     List of Classes
VII.    List of Items
VIII.   The Monster List
IX.     The Ruler's Walkthrough
X.      Contributions/Contributors/Thnx
XI.     Version Info
XII.    Disclaimer


Here is a short introduction to this game..

Brigandine is a Strategy/RPG game, which requires you to deploy your 
men around the borders of your country. The story take part somewhere 
in the second month of 215, the Sacred King Calender that Admiral 
Zemeckis assassinated King Henguist of Almekia under the corruption of 
Death Knight, Cador and thus proclaimed himself as the emperor and 
established the Esgares Empire. Now he tends to set his eyes on the 
neighbouring countries... Now you take the role of becoming one of the 
Rune Knights and participate in the war for the continent with a mission. 
Your mission: Bring peace back to Forsena.


Here you will find the list of controls for the game, Brigandine- Legend
of Forsena. Note that you can't change the button configuration.

Name of Button                Functions
D-Pad	                        Moves the cursor on the battlefield or map
Cross                         Select commands on battlefield or map
Triangle                      Cancel commands
Circle                        View the status of monsters, knights and 
                              country's income.
Square                        Allows you to do multiple selections.
Select                        Brings up main menu.
                              Brings up the selection menu while in
Start                         Pauses the game.
R1                            Moves to the castle where the lord 
                              currently is located at.

This is quite straightforward and clear. Isn't it? If you find quests
description a bit troublesome and irritating, try to hold down the R1 
button along with X button.

III.Basics of playing Brigandine

What makes this game having such a high replay value? In Brigandine, you 
can complete the game with 6 rulers. [well, one of them is hidden ^_^;]. 
Plus there is a lot of fun watching the raising of flags of different 
colours! You can also enjoy animations of monsters evolving. Different
rulers have different attack moves and blasting spells.

First of all, I will introduce the rulers and some facts about their 
respective countries.

- Rulers' Attributes / Countries Breakdown

After selecting the [New Game Option] with X button, you will end up at
the selection of the rulers. Below is a short description about the
country's background.

Norgard [Blue]
Name of Ruler:  Vaynard
Knights:        13            Domain: 6
Monsters:       44            Mana:   797

Norgard is actually the country that lies in the northern region of
Forsena. Norgard is really a huge country but it is difficult to end.
Once you start the game, Vaynard will summon all his Rune Knights and 
gathered for the meeting, where they planned to rule Forsena once again.

New Almekia [Red]
Name of Ruler:  Lance
Knights:        12            Domain: 6
Monsters:       31            Mana:   797

New Almekia is formerly known as Padstow. Padstow was formerly ruled by
King Coel. Almekia was overthrown through the betrayal of Zemeckis and
eventually Gereint, along with Lance, flee to Padstow. King Coel decides
to help Lance by lend Lance his army as an aid, thus founding New 
Almekia Kingdom.

Caerleon [Green]
Name of Ruler:  Cai
Knights:        8             Domain: 6
Monsters:       23            Mana:   797

The Magic Kingdom lies in the southwestern area of the continent. 
The ruler was one of greatest and powerful magicians in Forsena. Cai is
also nicknamed as "Quiet Wise King of Caerleon". The early alliance with
the New Almekia along with the aid from the Knight Master, Dinadan, this
country is not that be triffled easily.

Iscalio [Yellow]
Name of Ruler:  Dryst
Knights:        12            Domain: 6
Monsters:       33            Mana:   797

A country, which is supposed to be fortunate... but due to its ruler. 
The parilament consists of clowns! Dryst have the dreams of dominating 
the world and was supported by Camden, Ulster and the girl, who he have 
saved several years ago, Iria. 

Leonia [Light Green]
Name of Ruler:  Lyonesse
Knights:        11            Domain: 6
Monsters:       26            Mana:   797

A country that is surrounded by natural barriers, where Queen Lyonesse
wishes for peace in Forsena. However, the country was involved in war 
due to the declaration of war from Norgard. 

- Meaning of the Organize Phrase

This implies to all rulers [that also includes Esgares]. Firstly, I will 
explain the meaning of the Organize phrase. During this period, you can 
move your knights around castles [provided that you have a route] or 
wait and defend the castle that they are currently at. You can also send 
your Rune Knights for quests, summoning monsters, place your troops in 
order or viewing the stats of your knights and monsters.

Stats        allows you to view the statistics of the Rune Knights and
             Monsters. They covers information on the characters.
Organize     Allows you to organize the characers and given the 
             Organize screen:
             Order    change the Order of the Rune Knights and Monsters
             Class    change between classes for Rune Knights, promoting
                      classes for monsters. Monster must achieve the
                      minimum requirements before they can get promoted.
             Item     Allow you to use items to raise attributes. 
                      Certain items are meant for Rune Knights only.
             Equip    equip essential equipment for Rune Knights. Note
                      that certain classes can only equip certain 
             Name     Give your monsters a name. :)
             Delete   Allows you to eliminate monsters.
Move         Allows your characters to move to another castle. This is
             only applicable if roads are provided.
Wait         Cancels the Move/Quest command
Quest        Send Rune Knights on quest. There is no limit of the number
             of Rune Knights that you can send on quests. But rulers 
             can't be on quest.
Summon       Allows you to summon monsters. This is only avaliable if
             Rune Knights are avaliable.

This option allows you to view the stats of your leaders or monsters 
based on the amount of HP, MP and their strength, intelligience, agility 
and their movement range. Note that you can also view the stats of your 
opponents too. If you press Circle, the second time, it will bring up
the attack list and also includes magic. The third time, applies to 
characters will give you the character's information sheet, which 
includes their age and their past. The information sheet also changes as
you advance in the game. For example, you will see Loufal's information
sheet changes once he has gotten to the Cavalier Class and gotten his 
father's sword, Mithril Sword.

This option allows you to switch places of your monsters and moving 
monsters from your stocks. Take note of the amount of Rune Power that 
the Rune knight has or you will not be able to exit this screen, if it 
has exceeded the Rune Knight's Rune Power. Pressing Circle will view the 
status of your Rune Knights [even opponent's Rune Knights]. You can also
equipped weapons [You can only equipped weapons on Rune Knights. BTW, 
not all weapons can be equipped on every class. For examplle, you will 
not see an Archer carrying a sword. i.e. Archers can't equip swords.] 
or use items. You can also re-name your monsters or delete your monsters. 
The organize screen also allows you to have various options such as 
changing classes into other classes. Once monsters have proceed to the 
teritary classes, they can't be changed back to its original form. 
The Rune Knights ,on the other hand, can change from one class to 
another. Refer to the list of classes and monsters for more details and

This command allows you to move the Rune Knights (along with the 
monsters within their Rune Power) from a castle to another castle [This
can be done, provided that the castle carries the same coloured flag, 
and must provide a route]. Note that you can not move monsters that 
found in the stocks to another castle. You can have a wait command too, 
by selecting the same castle. To provide more than one Rune Knights in
one turn, press Square button to do the multiple selection [You will 
find the words being highlighted with yellow] and move the cursor
to the desired castle and press the X button.

This cancels the "MOVE" command. BTW, please note that you can have as 
many Rune Knights as you want to be stationed in the same castle. BTW, 
the calender is measured by month, so take note of it. 

Any Rune Knights who went for quests do not return for while and takes 
about 3 months at most. You will be unable to assign them to defend the 
castle and attack the enemies' castles. They are temporarily out of duty 
and will only return back to the castle, where your ruler currently is
situated at [This will be done once they have completed the quest]. 
Sometimes, your knight may wounded during the process of the questing 
OR may have attributes gained or new weapons. [More details will be 
covered under the Quests and Items sections.] Quests also allow you to 
nab high-level monsters too. All knights can be sent for quests except 
for Rulers.

Notes about Quests

Once the month is over (i.e. you can completed the Attack phrase), you 
will see either one of the following pictures:

  1) Picture of Woods
  2) Picture of a Valley
  3) Picture of a Road
  4) Picture of a dark cave
  5) Picture of a city street
  6) Picture of a desert house
  7) Picture of an island
  8) Picture of a village
  9) Picture of a magnificent house - applies to Rain (getting 
     Ranguinus)/ Liguel, Castor and Miguel (The Rand Family)
 10) Picture of a sword stabbed on the earth - Halley returns to 
     Leland's grave where she says of a resemble of Cador and Leland.
     This applies to New Alemekia only.

Of course, you will not any animation regarding to do. Instead you will
see a short summary regarding the Rune Knight's quest. The quest also described what
items that Rune Knight has gained for country, the attributes that the Rune Knights
has recieved and whether he is wounded or not.

As you are done with organizing your country, press the SELECT button 
and choose "EXCUTE" option and you see the "ATTACK" phrase. You can only 
attack adjacent castles only and take note of the following tips:

- Begineer's Tips

Here are some tips, who have just started playing Brigandine. 

1. Once you have won the battle and all victorous knights will be 
   occupying the castle. The wounded ones are sent back to main captial
   of your country. For example, in the case of Norgard, the Rune
   Knights will be sent to Flogeru. They will be able to battle again 
   after a month. Hence always remember to sent other Rune Knights there 
   to replace them and repulse any enemy's invasions. If the captial is 
   being invaded, the wounded character will be placed at the next 
   castle with the highest income. Sometimes they are being sent back to 
   castle, where the ruler is.

2. Get your country in order, move your most powerful Rune Knights 
   along with to-be-trained Knights such as Loufal and Lance to the 
   castles located at your bounderies. At the beginning of the game, 
   there are a couple of Rune Knights that are approaching the next 
   class, once they reach another level. One good example, is Gallo of
   Iscalio and Aphelia of New Almekia.

3. Note that if you managed to seal of those castles, there is no need 
   for you to defend the castles located behind as the enemies cannot 
   reach it. Instead, try to control as many castles as possible as it 
   will be easier for you to launch an attack. Target your attacks on 
   the key castles/ "choke points" such as Orkney of the Esgares Empire. 
   For example if you are playing as New Almekia, you only need to 
   defend Calmary and Gorule as it prevents the enemies from attacking 
   the remaining castles of New Almekia.

4. Before attacking your enemies, take note of the status of the 
   enemy's troops as it would be better to know your foe well before 
   attacking them. Note that the enemy's troops will change when you
   check the castle during the Organize Phrase. Instead check the 
   castle that you would like to attack during the Attack Phrase. BTW,
   attacking unguarded castles nabs you 200 EXP. [You will definitely 
   get this chance, while playing as New Almekia or Caerleon]

5. Here is an advice. Always go with one best leader such as Dinadan 
   and along with a couple of to-be-trained Rune Knights. Try to gain 
   the EXPERT status and change their classes. As for characters such 
   as Filo of Leonia, change her to Enchantress as she has already 
   accquired EXPERT in cleric. Five levels up will gain a EXPERT in 
   that class. However, there is one special class that you need to 
   take note of and that's the Ninja Class. More details will be covered
   under the Units Bestiary section.

6. Most leaders [non-magic users] are great blockers [i.e. they have
   sufficient HP to withstand the damage.] Hence, you can place them in
   front line-up. The best strategy in Brigandine is by placing all 
   blockers [units with high HP] in the frontline while support units at
   the back. There is also a second reason, why I would recommend you to
   place the leaders in the frontline, so that they can gain EXP.

Before moving around the cursor, press Circle will brings up the income

Domain      the number of domains that you have conquered.
Knights     number of Rune Knights for the country.
Monsters    number of monsters you have in your country.
Mana        "cash" used in Brigandine. Required to summon monsters.
Income      the total of the income from all acquired domains.
Upkeep      total unkeep costs for maintaining monsters. The most 
            expensive upkeep is the Lucifer, which exceeds its Rune 
            Cost! Upkeep costs reduces the amount of mana you will earn.

Mana is being calculated using the following formula:

Mana = sum of all conquered castles' income - total upkeep cost.

- In-battle information

During battles, you can only send out the maximum of three troops of 
Rune Knights, therefore make sure that your Rune Knights do not have 
only one monster under their control. Or else, I would recommended that 
you better retreat. The battle will only end if you have accquired the 
following conditions:

1. The enemies has retreated. 
2. You have succeeded in defeating them by have them used up all their
   HP and they will retreat. Normally, once you had defeated one of the
   Rune Knights, there are 70% chance that they will retreat. However 
   if that castle is opponent's last castle, you need to defeat all of
   them or just the ruler.
3. You have wounded the ruler [they are Vaynard, Lance, Lyoneese, 
   Zemeckis, Cai, Dryst and Bulnoil] and the ENTIRE army will retreat.
4. This applies for defence only. If the enemies to do not attack your
   party or kill your generals in time. There will be a time limit and
   they will automatically retreat. This also applies to you too. This
   happens twice to me, at the battle of Lidney and Dilworth.
5. Turns are not in random. The higher levels the characters, they will
   have their turn first. If the character level up, the turn sequence
   will change. So take note.
6. Rants will automatically appear once they engaged in combat. For 
   example you will see Lance and Zemeckis talk to each other before the
   combat begins. Certain rants takes quite a short time. Questing 
   Knights too, have rants such as Layoneil and Helrato /Cortina and
   Zemeckis (sounds funny when Cortina at level 1 challenges a Level 27
   Zemeckis.). BTW, you get to see rants between Shiraha and Kazan...
7. There is a condition known as Force Retreat. This will occur normally
   when a castle is being surrounded by enemies' castles. The enemy will
   be forced to retreat automatically and you have a high chance to 
   getting their monsters to your group.

Conditions for Game Over
 If your country has been eliminated, all castles being conquered.
 Snake of Chaos awakened..
  Different time intervals for different level difficulties
   Easy mode   : 60 years, Calendar: Month 2, 275 
   Normal mode : 30 years, Calendar: Month 2, 245
   Hard Mode   : 15 years, Calendar: Month 2, 230
  Note: all of them are after the attack phrase.
  For more information regarding the Snake of Chaos, you can found more 
  details under the Miscellaneous

If you press SELECT button, you will see the following options appear on 
the top right hand corner of the battle screen. 

Condition - tells you about the combat status. Information on how many 
            turns have been accumulated.
End       - Input "Wait" command for all units/characters.
Auto      - Computer does the battle for you.
Save      - Allows you to save the game.
Option    - Brings up the option screen.

IV.Battle Tips and Strategies

Here are some battle tips and strategies for the game. If you have one,
just sent me the strategy to 

- Battle Tips

1.  As you viewed the status of the knights and monsters, you will find 
    coloured orbs [black, white, red, green, white] and these are 
    called elementals and they are important. These will determine the 
    amount of damage done on your opponents. White units such as 
    Gryhons and Unicorns will do a higher damage on black units such as 
    Ghouls and Hellhounds. There are some monsters that does not have 
    an elemental orb, such as Rocs. The number of these elementals are 
    important. For example, a three red unit such as the Salamander 
    will do massive amount of damage on a two blue unit such as Hydras. 
    However, a monster with a mixture of elementals such as Gigas, a   
    red and black elementals will not do much on the same Hydra.

2.  Movement range is also important as it determines the amount of 
    time that you required to set up your formation. Flying monsters 
    such as Rocs, Wyverns and White Dragons has a longer movement range 
    compared to heavy type monsters such as Hydras and Dragons. Move 
    the heavy units first then the light ones [example: Unicorn] and 
    finally, the flying monsters. Don't overlook terrains on the     
    battlefield, this will sometimes affect the movement range. 
    Unicorns will move slowly on mountains or forests [green patches]. 
    Hydras on the other hand can not walk on mountains but moves faster 
    on water. BTW, Hydras and water units can't cross mountains. This
    may applies to some light units such as Centaurs and Unicorns.
    Mandrake and Man-Eater moves estonishing fast in forest-type 

3.  There are several monsters, which have long-range attacks. One good
    example is the Centaurs. This can done in further distance up to 
    the maximum of 5 hexes. This attacks can NOT be counterattacked 
    even the unit is normally able to do so. Examples are Hunter shot 
    and Killer Shot. But if you will use the Feather Storm [a 2 hex
    weapon attack for Holy Griffin] where the unit is just next the 
    enemy's unit. You will encounter it in battle [i.e. there will 
    definitely be a counter-attack.]. Certain long range attacks can't
    be used after movement. Examples include Feather Storm, Bat Attack
    and Spine Missile.

4.  At higher difficulty levels, especially Medium and Hard, the enemies
    will remain in place and wait for you to approach them. There is a
    case, where the computer trying to escape from battle which leads to 
    time over, so it is advisble to have flying monsters such as Rocs.
    During Hard or Medium difficulty, the enemies will start to counter
    attack, once your troops are within 4 hex away from their units.

5.  At water-based battlefields, it's advisble that you have water-
    based units such as Hydras and Mermans as they could regenerate 
    their HP due to their Aqua Recovery. If you have a Tiamat, you could 
    understand its dangerous position in such battlefields. Most units
    such as Dragons and land type units lost their evasion while being 
    positioned on water terrains. So make use of it to your advantage.

6.  Do not overlook castles that have water surrounding them as they 
    will allows you to summon marine forces such as Hydras and Mermans.
    Examples are Humber of Norgard and Lidney of Esgares. BTW, make use
    of aquatic forces to defend the area. Lizard Men/ Lizard Guards are
    considered to be one of versatile units as water terrains does not 
    hinders its movement and they have low Rune Cost and you need low
    Mana to summon one Lizard Man.

7.  When surrounded by enemies, use area-based attacks such as Holy 
    Word, Geno-Flame, Geno-Frost to wipe them out. This will greatly 
    weaken most of them within a turn. If you have a Bishop, place it in
    middle of group, so that an Area Heal will be fully utilized. 

8.  Target your main attacks on Rune Knights as these will help you to
    conserve as many HP as possible. If the ruler of the country is 
    there, concentrate on attacking him / her and this will force the
    ENTIRE army to retreat. Of course, I would concentrate on lower
    level rune knights than a Level 27 Zemeckis. BTW, Lyonesse and Lance
    are actually good targets ^_^; But the higher the level of the
    Rune Knights are, the more EXP points you will gain upon defeating

9.  Kill off healing parties such as Unicorns or Angels as they will 
    help to regain lost HP and will create more trouble as you will 
    have start all over again, in order, to kill the dying monster or 
    leader. Also, protect your Unicorns from harm as this help to 
    conserve more MP and use it affectively, cast only when the HP is 
    low about 100+. You really need Unicorns /Angels to support growing

10. Cast Fog on low agile and red-elemental creatures such as Dragons 
    as this will causes the monster to miss and aid in conserving HP.
    Fog is extremely effective against low agile monsters such as

11. When you are about to be defeated, try this method to gain most EXP. 
    Keep your monsters within the Rune Area of the Rune Knight. Next 
    have them do the attacking first and then select the knight last 
    and choose "RETREAT". Of course, don't choose dying enemies to 
    attack, instead heal them or don't use them. Have Angels/ Pixies to
    gain EXP by casting spells.

12. Cast Power on the Hydras and don't get shock if they does about
    400+ HP damage to a Mage unit. Same applies to Red Dragons/Phoenix/
    Salamander for an Enchantress unit.

13. Having a hard time fighting against enemies at HARD difficulty
    mode? Here is a trick to lure them. Make use of low levels 
    monsters such as Ghouls to force them to fight and the entire 
    troop will move towards you just like in the EASY MODE. It will
    be better if the "sacrifice" is a flying-type such as Gryhons.

14. Always arrange your units within the Rune Area as the closer the
    monsters are to the Rune Knight, the harder that they wouldn't be
    able to capture. This makes Rune Knights such as Janfaddar of 
    Caerleon quite a weak leader.

15. Centaurs have a couple of weak points too. They can't cross 
    mountains and this applies to light units such as Unicorns. On the
    other hand ground units, such as Dragons and Giants, can cross 
    forests at a faster rate compared to others. Water units can move a 
    lot faster on water terrain, compared to while they are on ground.

16. You will gain the most EXP upon the final-attacks. [the enemy is 
    being killed. Cador at Level 30 can earn you as much as 2893 Exp 
    where I saw my LV 1 Prince Lance to reach LV 5! So always dealt the
    final blow for levelling up units.

17. Graphics glitch? Well, it seems to me a LV 1 ~3 Ghoul never hits a
    Wyvern. It is too low for it. BTW, I have seen a Vampire Lord 
    misses two hits in a row when attacking a Lancer. If you stay in a
    spot for two times and get two criticals. I would recommend to stay
    there as there is a thing called graphics glitch in Brigandine. 
    Remember to place Battle Animation ON under Options menu or this 
    will not work.

18. Enemies will alway attack an unit whose strength is lower than it/
    hers/his. Just make sure that you have at least 2 Unicorns at the
    back row. Rocs/Mandrakes are a headaches as they could does 
    devastating damage along with status effects. So get at least one
    Priest/Bishop/Cardinal along with 2 Unicorns. They are essential.

19. When arrange your units, assign the last spot to flying units. 
    Heavy units such as Hydras must be placed in front of all units. 
    Proceed in an orderly manner. If you haven't attack within 10 turns,
    your units will automatically retreat. If you win a battle, you will
    get a bonus 200 EXP. BTW, make use of Status screen regarding about
    the movement range.

20. Here is a quick level-up tip. Just cast Halo on a unit. Next have a
    Mage/Sorcerer/Druid/Dryst/Zemeckis cast a Power spell. Have that 
    unit kill off an unit and you will be astonished by the EXP gain! 

21. For defending against mountain terrains such as Dilworth, make use
    of Giants and flying monsters due to their mobility in such 
    terrains. Make use of Hydras/Mermans/Lizard Man in water terrains 
    for their mobility. Dragons/Mandrake/Rocs are great blockers for 
    their high HP. When enemy attacks, they normally choose a unit with
    a higher Attacks to attack a unit, which has lower Attack stats. 

22. Place Berserkers/Grapplers/Barbarians/Fighers/Rangers/Monk/
    Cavaliers/Samurais in the front row. Most of them can't gain EXP 
    easily unless you have place them in the front row. They need to
    combat to gain EXP. Of course, be sure to have healing units such
    as Bishops and Unicorns to heal them. Bagdemagus [Iscalio], Kiloph
    [Leonia], Luintail [Norgard], Palomides [Norgard], Shast [Caerleon]
    are great examples. 

23. Always place magic-type units, which are weak attackers, in the back 
    row. Good examples includes rulers such as Cai and Lyoneese. Their
    attacks are quite low but in order to make use full use of their 
    powerful magic, place them in the back row. However, there are some
    great magic users who are also great attackers. Examples include
    Valkyries, Avengers, Shogun and Paladin. Rulers such as Lance, 
    Vaynard, Dryst and Zemeckis are also under this class.

24. Try to get at least one Fairy for each army. They are splendid as
    they has the best support magic, React. This spell allows your units
    to have 2 acts instead of one. Hence, use this to your advantage.

25. When training low level units, you must have AT LEAST ONE healing
    units, so that the unit would not died off that easily before it 
    levels up. BTW, make use of Halo spell to gain levels up for high
    level units. [As you see, secondary classes takes a longer time to
    level up compared to low level units. Due to this reason, Clerics 
    are still quite valuable as they are only single-digit level unit, 
    which has the Halo spell.

26. The amount of damage done by physical attacks is being affected by
    the character's ATK and STR stats. The amount of damage done by
    magic is being affected by INT stats. The ability to dodge from an
    attack is affected by the unit's AGI. Your characters will get 
    these attributes bonuses by levelling up but it can be further 
    improved if you make use of attributes promoting items such as
    weapons like Answeller. Quests is the alternate option, but beware
    of risks.

27. I have found out that Giants or low-level Titans and Gigas, requires
    to have a backup units to support them. They have pretty crappy hit
    rate in the lower levels and low defense against attacks from units
    such as Dragons. Hence, it is always advisible to have Unicorns as
    the backup units. Until, they have reached level 15+, they could be
    more independant on their own.

28. Please note that: the higher the level, the unit is, the more EXP
    you can gain by defeat it. But remember that a level 5 leader [or
    human troops] upon his/her defeat will give more EXP than a level
    5 monster troops.

29. Protect your level 20+ monsters at all costs as they took you so 
    many battles to get to that standard. I would rather protect a third
    class unit such as a Vampire Lord than a pesky Fighter.

30. To nab monsters effectively from an opponent. Try to get the desired
    monster out of the Rune Knight's Rune Area. Once they are out of the
    area, you can nab them 85% of the time... There are two other 
    methods and they are:
   1) Use Charm. Charm allows you to control and cause that unit to turn
      into an opposition unit. Thus most of the time, you will be able 
      to nab the unit.
   2) Keep the captured monster at low HP as possible. I have managed to
      figure out this finally... You need to keep the HP as low as 10%.
      i.e. if the unit has around 500 HP, you can capture it when it's
      HP is around 50 HP. But most of the times, you will end up killing
      the monster, instead of capturing them.

- Strategies

If you have any strategies, feel free to send in yours. I would be very
to happy to edit it and listed you in the contributions section

1.  Straight Line Defence
    This is apparently is the MOST affective strategy in Brigandine.
    Place those high-based HP monsters such as Dragons on the frontline
    knights behind the line. Arrange these monsters in a line and they
    would be able to aid each other. Have Unicorns as support units for
    Heal, while have the rest do the attacking.

2.  V-Shaped Defense
    This is meant for defense purposes. Have your troops consists of 
    Dragons or Hydras, arranging them and form a V-shaped and place
    Unicorns and Knights in the middle. This will enable to set your
    enemies' in cross-fires with these creatures' breath weapon such
    as Acid Breath. This method is more affective if the enemy use to 
    send troops attacking from different directions. While defending 
    Salisbury, I always uses an inverted V-shaped defense.

3.  Golem Defense
    Golem may be rather weak due to their crappy hit rate but they are
    great defenders as they could protect your mages from harm. This
    strategies works well for those knights with low Rune Power. 
    However, this is rather risky. Golems are great for fighting 
    against Rocs as due to their Golem Attributes. Could easily cured
    with a heal spell. To make this strategy more effective, place your
    Rune Knights inside the castle as it heals 100 HP each turn!

4.  Rocs and Centaur Defense
    This strategy is great. Place Rocs in the front row as due to their
    high HP and their petrifying ability. Place Centaurs behind the 
    Rocs. Have your party consists of a mage, pirest and a scout or 
    archer, place them at the back. Have at least 2 Unicorns at the back.
    At the battlefield, concentrate your attacks on the Rune Knights
    and this should works, but do expect serious injuries.

5.  Twin-Genos and a Area-Heal
    This strategy only works if you have the following:
    1. Enchantresses Class
    2. Bishop / Cardinal or the Phoneix
    3. Mage Class
    Have high HP units such as Hydras and Dragons in the front row and
    the Rune Knights behind the line. If you use the Phoenix instead of
    the Bishop / Cardinal, place them at the back row. As you are 
    surround, rip off your foe with twin-Genos and Heal all injuries
    will an area-heal. Works well for Leonia.

6.  Hand-to-hand combat
    One strategy which I have discovered while playing Brigandine 
    recently. You can make use of combat hand-to-hand units such as
    Fighter/Babarian/Ranger to be destructive. Just have they with a
    couple of Centuars as their units. Have they work with secondary
    class units/ or magic units such as Priest/Cleric/Mage/Enchantress.
    Archers are also good. Just try to weaken a strong monster and have
    Halo spell cast on the Rune Knights and they will level up fast and 

7.  Modified Warriors
    Well, it is possible for the leaders to have a few exceptions 
    compared to others. Examples are a Priest whom has the ability to
    cast Flame, Geno-Flame, Thunder and Power. It works well for 
    characters such as Millia [Caerleon], Filo and Sophia [Leonia],
    Carlota and Brusom [New Almekia], etc. You need to get at least an
    EXPERT status in the class. 

    BeauArte - LV 13 Bishop, ***
    Have him acquired 2 more levels, which will give him five stars or
    EXPERT in Bishop class. Next you can switch his classes to Mage. 
    Generally Priest and Mage has similar requirements. Next give him
    5 level up in Mage class. You will be able to switch to the 
    Cardinal class along with additions of Flame, Power, Geno-Flame
    and Thunder. Plus the elements does not change! 

8.  Hit-and-Run 
    For this to work, you need to get a Ninja [must get Shiraha to join
    you in order to have this unit.] Next have units such as Centaurs,
    [preferred High Centaurs], Rocs [or Phoenixs] plus a couple of 
    swooping units such as Wyvern. Attack with Centaurs/High Centaurs
    first to lower the HP of a desired target. Next attack with the 
    swooping units and lastly Rocs. Next sent a Ninja with its 
    Shuriken Attack.

9.  Lizards Attack!
    For this to work, you need to have as many Lizard Man/Lizard Guards
    as possible. They are good water surfers. If you have Lizard 
    Guards, you can set them up against low level Dragons. Place a 
    couple of Unicorns in the back row to replace the depleted HP.

10. The Great Trio 
    This is one of most deadly attackers. You need to have the 

    Class                           Elemental Orb
    Mage/Sorceror/Druid             Red
    Sorceress/Enchantress/Mystic    Blue
    Lector/Valkyrie/Cardinal        White

    Iscalio     --> Camden, Iria [must reach another level], Victoria
    Caerleon    --> Dinadan, Janfaddar, Cierra/Lecarra/Cai
    New Almekia --> Aphelia [you need to get her to the Lector status]/
                    Halley, Gilsus/Lance, Carlota
    Leonia      --> Chantail, Filo/Sophia, Paternus
    Norgard     --> Kirkmond, Vaynard/Elaine, Guinglain [must reach 
    Esgares     --> Cador, Gish, Esmeree.

    If you have them, you can destroy your enemy with Genos in a flick
    of a second and while your attacking troops such as Centuars will 
    be able to finish them.

11. Meteor Doom and Area Heal [late in the game...]
    This strategy is extremely deadly as it can wipe out the entire 
    army of your enemy leaving only a few survivors. To make this work,
    you need to have the following:
    1x Necromancer or 1x Witch [W/N]
    1x Satan/Lilith or 1x LV 18 Loki [S/L/L]
    1x Bishop/Cardinal or 1x Phoenix [B/C/P]
    3x Fairies [F]
    2x Unicorns [U]

             xxx [W/N] [S/L/L] xxx
    Note: xxx stands for other units.

    First of all, place the Lilith/Satan/Loki and the Witch/Necromancer 
    in the front row. Meteor Doom also damages own allies which are 
    placed in front of the units
    Once the enemy gets within the area, time to cast React spells on 
    the Necromancer and Bishops/Phoenix. Have the Necromancer cast 
    Meteor Doom, followed by Geno-Flame. Have the Bishop to cast Area-
    Heal. And of course, the Lilith/Satan/Loki cast Meteor Doom. Two
    Meteor Dooms can severely damage the entire army and the remaining
    attacks can remove any troop. The Unicorns are there to remove 
    Petrification/Poison and restore lost HP. To make things better, 
    give the Necromancer/Witch a Tailsman.

12. Wrath of Magic 
    This strategy only works for Cai of Caerleon. But first of all, you
    need to get him protected with high HP units. Next you need to have
    the following monsters:
    - Of course, you need to have Cai
    - 1x Fairy / 1x Wizard for the React spell
    - At least one good blocker [HP exceeds 600 and STR is around 78+]
    - Tiamat/Salamander/Fafnir/Bahamut for its long breath weapon.   

    Get your army in range and try to hit at least one of the enemy of
    the opposing army. The 5 hex breath weapon is deadly. Next once it
    is Cai's turn and the enemy (Rune Knights) are within the range, 
    cast React on Cai. Have him cast Geno Thunder twice and the enemy's
    HP will be reduced greatly sufficient to kill with a Rune Knight
    or the great blocker. It works well on Cador and Zemeckis. But for
    Zemeckis [due to his Tempest Bow and two red-orb], has at least two
    healing units for Cai's backup [preferred Unicorns or Pegasus.]

V.List of Quests

Note:  Rulers cannot go on quests. After a Rune Knight has completed 
       his /her quest and will automatically go to castle where the 
       ruler is.

Here is the list of quests, I myself have managed to get so far and 
their brief explainations. I would greatly appreciate if someone could
sent in those quests that are hard to get. For your information, I have 
added some key phrases.

- Normal Quests

Questing is only method that nabs you items. It also give questing Rune
Knights bonus attributes, new allies plus new monsters joining your
characters. Of course, not all quests bring good stuffs and sometimes
causing the character to be wounded. Quests may take up to a month or 
so. [of course, the calender in the game ^_^]

1.    Flower Girl in Town

Your character will meet the flower girl on the street and the flower 
girl will offer her flowers for free and your character will pick 
either of the following:

Name of Flower                Affect Status
White Lily                    Raises Intelligience
Red Rose                      Raises Strength
Yellow Sunflower              Raises Agility

2.    Old Soothsayer

Your character will meet the Soothsayer on a deserted road and the 
Soothsayer and will ask your character to draw a card and will result 
in attributes gained.

Type of Card                  Affected Status
Chariot                       Increases HP
Star                          Increases Agility
Magician                      Increases MP
Strength                      Increases Strength
Hermit                        Increases Intelligience
World                         Increases Rune Power.

3.    Mushroom from the Drawf in the forest.

Your character will meet a Drawf while in the forest and were asked to 
eat the mushroom, which will either allows your character to understand 
the languages of the birds, which leads to get a treasure from a hollow 
tree OR raises your character's attributes.

4.    Drunken Man in the Bar

Your character will stop at a bar and meet a drunken man whom will 
thank your character as a Rune Knight has helped you once, which gives 
your character nothing [note: "I knew it!"] OR he was rather fed up 
with Rune Knight and punches at your character, causing your character 
to fight back and gives your character a weapon or armor.

5.   Mysterious Fountain in the forest.

Your character will reach a fountain inside a forest and drinks from 
fountain and gain attributes or just left due to the huge hideous thing 
found in the fountain OR your character will meet the Fountain Fairy 
and cursed your character as your character throws a coin is unholy, 
resulted wounded for a month OR the Fairy will says "This is 
beautiful" and kiss your character and gives a good weapon.

6.    Flying Dragon in Deep Valley.

Your character will be walking in a valley and meet a flying dragon 
that is not seen before and hide from it get a weapon or armor OR just 
ran away from it as the dragon spotted him. The dragon will join you 
if your questing knight's level is high, about Level 20+.

7.    Ghost Castle in a City

Your character is resting at a castle and meet a group of Rune Knights 
[Ghosts] talking about whom is going to get the weapon and they 
quarrelled over it and your character laughs, causing them to overhead 
and try to attack your character but sunlight enters and your character 
gets the weapon.

9.    Nabbing a Secondary Monster

Your character will be greeted by the Mayor of the vilage and your 
character were asked to tame a secondary monster [promoted one] and 
will stare at the monster over the night, until one of them give way. 
Aldis and Dogal has always a high chance getting one, no matter what 
level they are at presently. Low Rune Power Knights has little chance 
of getting them.

10.   Bard Reciting Street Parade

Your character were walking on a street and heard a Bard singing 
praises on Rune Knights and shake hands with your character, thus left. 
When your character is trying to sing but seems forget the lyrics and 
due to this mysterious song, your character gains more MP.

11.   Ancient Ruins and the Forgotten Tomb

Your character will be at an ancient ruins and reads some words and get 
a item or cannot get out due to a trap and left. OR your character 
found a tomb and a rare weapon on the tomb take it and leave or lost 
his/her way due to the weapon and suffered from Malaria and rest for a 

12.   The Lake and the unattended boat

Your character will see an unattended boat coming towards him/her and 
gets on it and reach a deserted island and meet an old Rune Knight 
trapped in a tree, whom teaches about Rune Power OR find a huge idol 
and get the Final Class promoting items such as Rage Lightning.

13.   Hunting a Rabbit in a Forest.

As your character is about to kill the rabbit, it's start to talk and 
would give it's treasure on a condition, not to kill it and your 
character will search the place and get either a weapon or an armor OR 
bitten a little viper and wounded for a month.

14.   At the edge of the Lake

Your character will meet dancing maidens and was taught on how to walk 
on water and gained AGI attributes OR invited to a paradise island and 
stay for a night and gain in MP.

15.   Kettle found on the ground

Your character will find a kettle containing honey and attempts to 
drink results a huge bee chasing him/her, which results in MP gained.

16.   Flower in foggy Forest

Your character will find a flower and smells it and become drowsy and 
fallen asleep. As your character awakes, results in attributes gained 
OR got robbed and lost his or her way in the forest.

17.   In Front of a Secret Cave

Your character will find tracks on the ground, revealing someone is in 
the cave which results to get a primary monster OR get a weapon from 
the altar OR got wounded due to fall into a pitfall ["something wet 
fall onto your character"]

18.   Waiting for a loved one under a tree.

Your character will walk to a huge tree for shelter and thus meet a 
girl whom will mistook your character for her boyfriend and thus give 
an accessory and left after telling your character to watch the 
rainbow. Actually, the lady is a ghost!

19.   Cursed Sandstone

Your character meet an old man grinding a sandstone in a cabin. Your 
character tries it and it's cursed. After seven days, the curse is 
broken and your character received a welcome breeze, results gained in 
strength or HP [rare]

20.   The Forbidden Bridge

Your character was about to cross the bridge and meet an old man 
telling a sad story [he is actually the guy in his story] and raises 
your character's intelligience.

21.   Tower

Your character ended up at forbidden tower and go up, taking a look and 
found the Lost Text [which blown off] and gains INT or your character 
hear rumbling sound from the ground and caught in an explosion and took 
a month to heal.

22.   Merchant on the Road

Your character will meet a merchant and has a short conversation. The 
merchant gives the accessory as a memento of the time they have met 

23.   The "Free Drink" Bottle

Your character find a bottle that says "Free Drink" and drink it. The 
drink will causes the body of the character to jump, results gain in 
AGI or fall over as the drink is a poison and order to rest for a 

24.    Reading the Scroll about the Snake of Chaos

Your character will enter a dark cave and found a scroll in the 
Underground labyrinth which stats about the Snake of Chaos. The scroll 
disappears after the character has read it.

25.    Fastest animal in Forsena

Your character will meet the eight-legged horse and grab it. The horse 
will fight over the land of Forsena and your character gains in STR due 
to the horse's blessing.

That's all the quests that you will normally get. Proceed onto the 
Special Quests section.

- Special Quests

Note: reading too much of these sections will leads to spoilers!

1.    Reunited at the Rand's Residence

Characters: Liguel (New Almekia), Castor (Esgares), Miguel (Iscalio)
The quested character will returned back to their residence [I think it
only works at the third month of 215.] and meet up with their family.
Generally, this is a small chit-chat.

2.    Getting Officer Glauze

Characters: Coel (New Almekia)
After you will have reached Month 4 of 215, Coel will say that he should
take a visit to Glauze. Next he will be a door and met up with Glauze
[whom he have saved earlier]. Glauze will eventually joins New Almekia.

3.    Getting Eloute

Characters: Millia (Caerleon)
Millia will say that she should take a visit to Eloute. She met Eloute
at the village. Next Eloute will joins your country.

4.    Getting Gush

Characters: Millia and Eloute (Caerleon)
Millia decides to pay a visit to Gush whom lives in deserted area. Next

they will persuade Gush to join them. Gush joins eventually.

5.    Getting Lecarra

Characters: Millia, Eloute and Gush (Caerleon)
Millia decides to take another visit to the city. Of course the guys 
tends to tag along. BTW, here got some adult stuff....

6.    Getting Georg

Characters: any Rune Knights from Leonia
The character will meet up with Georg at the deserted house near Leonia.
Georg will joins but still could not get out from his drunken stupor.

7.    Getting Rierre's Ring

Characters: Georg (Leonia)
Georg will find himself ended up at the forest. He will have an 
illusion of Rierre. Rierre told off Georg and let him and you will get
the Rierre's Ring.

8.    Attainment of Cavalier

Characters: Loufal (New Almekia)
You must have changed Loufal into a Cavalier and send him for a quest.
Next he will ended up at the entrance of his house. His mother was so
proud of him and handled his father's sword, Mithril Sword.

9.    Leland's grave.

Characters: Halley (New Almekia)
You must encounter Cador in combat with Halley in the party. Next wait
for a year and Halley will left. If it is done correctly, you see this
quest the next year. Halley visit Leland's grave and she was blabbling 
about the resemblence of Cador and him..

10.   Lucia's Past

Characters: Lucia (Iscalio)
This is one of the quests where most people tends to forget. While under
the Scout status, sent Lucia for a quest. She will be back at her 
village where she visits a boy where she is being responsible for that
boy's mishap. After you have attained the Archer status, sent her for
a quest again and she will received forgiveness from the boy. She will
get a whooping upgrade of Strength +5, Agility +5, Intelligence +5 and
Rune Power +20!

Remember that doing Quests, not only allows you to get items/attributes
bonuses, it also allows you to get characters. The following section 
will be illustrating it with details.

- Character Quests

All countries will have a chance in getting these characters except for 
the Esgares Empire. There is one exception that is Carmine, Level 10
Bishop, Rune Power: 181 will join Esgares after complete Millet's and 
Mira's Quest.

1.    Cortina

Your character meet Cortina in a theater, whom is presently a dancer 
and receives a scolding from her boss as she is a Rune Knight and 
decides to join your country. You will get her quite early in the game.

Rune Power: 199, Level 1 Enchantress. Age: 18

2.    Hyude

Your character will lost in a forest. As fog embraces the forest, your 
character will meet Hyude and has a short chit-chat. Hyude will joins 
you but he is go for another quest. Same as Cortina, you will get him
quite early in the game.

Rune Power: 202, Level 4 Ranger, ***. Age: 22

3.    Hyude's Quest: Getting LimLight

After about 3 months, sent Hyude for a quest. He will be lost in the 
Fileria Forest and meet an Elf Young Woman and an Elf Young Man. The 
Elf Young Woman tells Hyude her name [Peryner] and they gradually fall 
in love. After the second month, Hyude remembers his duty as a Knight 
and meet Elder. Limlight will thus joins you.

Rune Power: 150, Level 5 Mage, ****. Age: 78

4.    Klauques and Cathleen

Your character will reach a village, where he/she will meet a pirest 
approaches your character and asked him/her to help to heal the wounded 
and this lasts a month. On the second month, your character would tell 
them whether they are interested in becoming Knights. Then Cathleen is 
injured and your character decides to stay until Cathleen recovers. On 
the third month, Klauques and Cathleen will joins you.

Klauques, Rune Power: 163, Level 4 Priest, ***. Age: 22
Cathleen, Rune Power: 163, Level 12 Lector, **. Age: 24

Note: Your character must be in a class where he/she has a Heal spell.
      Examples are Monks, Priests, Bishops, Clerics, Lectors, Mystics,
      Cavaliers, Paladins, etc.

5.    Mira and Millet [After the fall of Esgares]

Your character will meet them on a road and they tell your that they 
have no intention of fighting your character and wishs to join your 
country and will meet your ruler and joins in. Once the fall of 
Esgares, you will be able to get them.

Their status varies depends on the time that you have defeated the 
Esgares Empire. I have managed to recurit Millet when she has attained
the Witch status...

6.    Mira's and Millet's Quest: Find Nanny

Send both of them at a time and they will be back at their hometown, 
the Goache Village and decided to visit their parents' graves. They 
meet a Bishop [notice the Bishop's attitude towards them] and a woman 
will scream and a Salamander will attack a village, the twins decided 
to help, but Mira got injured and Millet was knocked unconscious. At 
the next month, they recovers and meet Carmine whom has healed Mira's 
injuries and meet their nanny there and recieve the Pin of Protection.
and Carmine will joins you about a year later, no quest needed.

Carmine - Rune Power: 182, Level 10 Bishop, Age: 33

7.     Rain [Fall of Esgares]

This guy will joins your country in about 2 or 4 months later after 
both Millet and Mira joins your country. Esgares has no chance of 
getting him. He is Millet's step brother and loves one of the twins. If 
you send him for quest about a year later and he will meet his father, 
Ranguinus, who is a former Ex-Esgares Rune Knight.

Rune Power: 149, Level 1 Mage. Age: 21

8.     Ranguinus [Fall of Esgares, after getting Rain]

You can get him by doing the following. You need to see the scene where 
Rain actually mistaken Mira for Millet. After that scene, Ranguinus will 
return back home and meet his father. Ranguinus will join your country 
after that quest. His levels may be promoted depends on the length of 
time that he serve for the Esgares Empire.
- In order for the cutscene to happen, you need to have all Mira, Millet
  along with Rain in a castle. Otherwise, the sequence will not occur!

His status varies based on the time that you have defeated the Empire.

9.    Shiraha [Fall of Esgares]

After the fall of Esgares, your character will meet Shiraha, whom is 
sitting on the rocks near the stream meditating and he will join your 
country. Note that another Ninja calls Kazan along with his Bronze Golem 
and a Dao will join the other country.
- Shiraha needs to get to the Ninja Master status otherwise, your Ninjas
  will not be able to reach the EXPERT status.

His status varies based on the time that you have defeated the Empire

10.   Balder

In the town, your character will meet Balder's father whom is a 
merchant whom thinks Balder is a suitable person for being a Rune 
Knight [he could reap in more profits] if not he will disowns Balder. 
Balder did so and then joins your country since they are not longer

Rune Power: 185, Level 10 Sorcerer. Age: 26

11.   Dogal

Your character will find a wounded Pixie in a mountain crossroads. On 
saving the Pixie, your character got hurt by a rock. Next your character 
will meet Dogal [whom has retired for 30 years] and will join you with 
his little friends, a Pixie, a HellHound and a Centaur.

Rune Power: 268, Level 2 Barbarian, *. Age: 55

12.   Layoneil

Your character will meet him in a forest displaying his swordplay and 
he will joins your country. His old rival, Helrato will join the other 
country with two Fenrirs and is an Avenger.

Rune Power: 172, Level 16 Samurai, EXPERT!. Age: 29

13.   Aldis

Your character will arrive at a savage island called the Lake of the
Illusion Dragon and meet Aldis whom is playing with her Dragon. She is 
a member of the Dragon Clan and will join you with the Fafnir, Puro.
You must try to keep down the number of Dragons in your country, she
does not like dragons being used for battles that much ^_^; Normally, I 
have met her quite late in the game, and she will joins the second 
strongest army/weakest army in the game. Plus, you must have two 
countries being defeated by other countries. The country that stands 
the most chance of getting her is Leonia.

Rune Power: 301, Level 10 Lector. Age: 18

As you have succeeded in defeating a country, two of the Rune Knights 
will join your counrty and some of them will join the other countries 
except for main generals. For example, Iscalio: Iria, Dryst, Camden, 

Defeated Countries: Rune Knights

                       Defeat                   Other Country

Iscalio:               Daffy and Victoria       Bagdemagus, Teath
Caerleon:              Janfadar and Bilcock     Cierra, Shast
Leonia:                Langueborg and Chantail  Isfras, Raizen, 
Norgard:               Kirkmond and Dillard     Faticia, Zerafin and 
New Almekia:           Loufal and Carlota       Batercus, Adilicia
Esgares:               Fiel and Ivan.           Castor, Shred, 

For alliance manners, if New Almekia defeat Norgard, you will not get 
any new leaders if you played as Caerleon.

- Special Notes!

  Miguel can persuade Liguel to join Iscalio once they met in combat! It
  have occured to me once while playing New Almekia. *Sob*, There goes 
  my Archer, Liguel...
  It seems that better Rune Knights can be gotten if you let enemies to 
  defeat them. But it does not work for most of the cases. For example,
  Bagdemagus will not join Caerleon as Bagdemagus is not in good terms 
  with Cai.
  To get Schutlesis, you must launch the first attack at Esgares. I have
  also discovered that the highest levels [the sum of the levels of Rune
  Knights] will have their attack launched first.
  To get Luintail, you must win the first combat (Norgard) only.
  To get Lance to King status, you must acquired Logres. As that's the
  place where the commodation of King took place.

VI.List of Classes

Before I begin this section, I think there are several important things
to take note of and here they are:

1.  When a character gains a total of 5 stars for that particular class 
    and they reached the EXPERT! status, which will result all magic and
    skills permanently remain in them, no matter what class they have
    changed to. Even before you have change the class before reaching 
    EXPERT!, the stars will remain. This explains why a Priest unit can
    cast Mage's magic.
2.  Note that you can only choose an one-way path. For example, a Mage
    can be promoted to a Druid or Sorcerer and you can only choose one 
    of them and can't change back to former class and will not be able
    to the other class.
3.  When you reach higher levels, and the maximum is Level 30 and you 
    can advance to the secondary classes or the final classes, provided
    that you has attained an EXPERT in the lower classes. The EXP 
    requirement is rather a lot in higher levels. For example, you need
    about 5000+ EXP to gain a star for Paladin in Level 28!
4.  Since that you can go up to Level 30, and each star requires a level
    and so it's rather a waste to remain in that particular class. For
    example, if you have reached Level 5, so that you can changed to a 
    Cavalier/Berserker or a Sorcerer/Druid.
5.  Rulers such as Cai, Vaynard, Zemeckis and Lyoneese cannot changed 
    to any other classes except Prince Lance and Dryst.
6.  Ninjas can't advance to Ninja Master unless Shiraha has did so. [
    well you will not see any stars to prove the level.]

For the case of Lance, you need to defeat the Esgares Empire and Lance 
will promote from Prince to King and he will acquire Geno-Flame in 
addition to his normal attributes. PS: Must accquired Logres.

For the case of Dryst, you need to have Dryst reached Level 30 and he
will declare himself as Super Tyrant and gain extra spells and boosted 
abilities. Now for the list of abbreviations used in this FAQ.

List of Abbreviations
Symbol            Meaning
MPC               MP Cost
hex.              Hexagons
RunePow.          Rune Power needed to control monsters
ATK               Attack
STR               Strength
INT               Intelligence
AGI               Agility
MOV               Movement Range
Hit               Hit rate
[A]               Area based attacks
[C]               Critical

Okay let's begin with the list of spells.

- List of Spells

This is the section where you can find notes about magic. This section
also includes MP Cost, range (hex.) and brief description what the magic 

Flame:          | Throws a fireball at one opponent. Standard magical  |
                | damage. Good against units that have blue elementals |
                | MPC: 68, 3 hex.                                      |
Geno-Flame:     | Summons a firestorm and burns enemies. Area-based    |
                | attack. Great for attacking a troop of monsters in   |
                | a single turn.                                       |
                | MPC: 166, 3 hex. [A]                                 |
Thunder:        | Calls a thunderbolt from the air. High blasting      |
                | damage against one enemy.                            |
                | MPC: 91, 3 hex.                                      |
Power:          | Increases offensive power of one unit temporarily.   |
                | Great when use on powerful units such as Giants and  |
                | Bahamut. [use on allies only]                        |
                | MPC: 62, 4 hex.                                      |
Exa-Blast:      | Calls forth a thermal explosion. Extreme blasting    |
                | damage against one opponent [about 200 HP damage]    |
                | MPC: 152, 2 hex.                                     |
Geno-Thunder:   | Summons unlimited thunderbolts. High blasting area-  |
                | based attack.                                        |
                | MPC: 193, 3 hex range, 2 hex area.                   |

Frost:          | Freezes one opponent, blue-elemental damage. Standard|
                | magicial damage. Good against Dragons.               |
                | MPC: 68, 3 hex.                                      |
Geno-Frost:     | Freezes surrounding enemies. Area-based attack. Great|
                | for attacking a troop of monsters in a single turn.  |
                | MPC: 166, 3 hex. [A]                                 |
Fall Berg:      | Causes damage with a giant Iceberg. Extreme blasting |
                | damage against one opponent. [about 200 HP damage]   |
                | MPC: 135, 2 hex.                                     |
Flight:         | Allows an ally to float in mid-air. Use in on heavy  |
                | creatures such as Hydras and Dragons.                |
                | MPC: 90, 3 hex.                                      |
Fog:            | Cover an opponent in smoke. Use this only low AGI    |
                | creatures such as Golems.                            |
                | MPC: 49, 4 hex.                                      |
Charm:          | Causes enemies to fight each other. Cast this on a   |
                | powerful unit will result in massive damage on your  |
                | foe.                                                 |
                | MPC: 110, 2 hex.                                     |

Venom:          | Generates poison around one opponent. Standard       |
                | magicial damage, which poisons the enemy.            |
                | MPC: 45, 3 hex.                                      |
Curse:          | Damages enemies by hex. High blasting magicial       |
                | attack. Use it wisely.                               |
                | MPC: 108, 2 hex.                                     |
Dimension:      | Transport one foe elsewhere on the terrain. Move     |
                | away key Knights such as Bishops and Priests.        |
                | MPC: 83, 4 hex.                                      |
Weakness:       | Lowers the power of an enemy briefly. Use this on    |
                | Dragons and Hydras.                                  |
                | MPC: 66, 4 hex.                                      |
Meteor Doom:    | Causes meteors to fall on those that are within      |
                | range. One of the most deadly spells in Brigandine.  |
                | This affects both allies and enemies.                |
                | MPC: 255, 3 hex. [A-2 hex.]                          |
Necro Rebirth   | Blows false life onto a dead monster within the same |
                | battle. This spell is very effective as it could get |
                | you a dead monster into your party without any       |
                | Rune Cost.                                           |
                | MPC: 97, 1 hex.                                      |

Heal:           | Recovers lost HP. Standard healing magic. This is one|
                | of the most commonly spells.                         |
                | MPC: 65, 3 hex.                                      |
Area Heal:      | Recovers surrounding allies' lost HP. Area-based     |
                | healing magic. Good for healing a troop at a time.   |
                | MPC: 147, 2 hex.                                     |
Cure:           | Cures abnormal status. Another useful magic used to  |
                | cure Poison, Paralysis, Petrify and Silent.          |
                | MPC: 54, 4 hex.                                      |
Halo:           | Raises EXP by half after a single hit on one ally.   |
                | MPC: 88, 4 hex.                                      |
Divine Ray:     | Sacred Ray that destroys one foe. High blasting      |
                | magic against one opponent.                          |
                | MPC: 112, 2 hex.                                     |
Holy Word:      | Holy Word destroys enemies. Largest area-based attack|
                | in Brigandine.                                       |
                | MPC: 183, 4 hex.                                     |

Protect:        | Raises DEF Power briefly. Use this on high DEF units |
                | such as Golems.                                      |
                | MPC: 61, 4 hex.                                      |
Accel:          | Increases MOV briefly. Use this on units that has    |
                | low MOV, e.g. Hydras.                                |
                | MPC: 59, 3 hex.                                      |
Paralyze:       | Paralyzes one opponent. Once it took effect, assign  |
                | other units to attack the foe as it is unable to     |
                | counterattack.                                       |
                | MPC: 77, 3 hex.                                      |
Silent:         | Keeps one opponent from using magic. Use this on     |
                | Mages as Mages use Magic.                            |
                | MPC: 50, 4 hex.                                      |
React:          | Enables one unit to do another act. One of the best  |
                | spells in Brigandine. Can't cast React on the unit   |
                | that casts it.                                       |
                | MPC: 126, 2 hex.                                     |
Solid:          | Petrifies one opponent. Applies the same for         |
                | Paralyze.                                            |
                | MPC: 85, 3 hex.                                      |

Now, let's proceed to the female units.

- Female Units

Before I begin with the list, here is a flow chart to illustrate the 
list of classes for the females.


   Scout ================ Archer ===================== Artemis
    || |
    ||  ================= Lancer ===================== Valkyrie
 Enchantress =========== Sorceress =================== Witch
    ||  |
    ||   =============== Mystic ====================== Sage
    ||                     |
 Cleric ================ Lector ====================== Saint

- Once a Scout has reached EXPERT!, she can change to either an Archer
  or Lancer. If you have select the Archer class, the unit can't change
  to the Lancer class or the Scout Class.
- The Mystic Class is a special class as either an EXPERT Enchantress or
  EXPERT Cleric can change into this class. But once the unit can change 
  into Mystic, you can't convert it back to the Sorceress/Witch/Lector/
  Saint/Enchantress/Cleric Class. The only class that you can get is the
  Sage Class or the Scout --> Archer/Lancer --> Artemis/Valkyrie tree-


The beginning classes of the female units. Most of Rune Knights started
with the following classes. You can advance them further through gaining

Scout [*]
Requirements:      STR 55 and above
Attacks:           Short Bow, 2 hex.
                   Twin Shot, 2 hex. [C]
Elemental:         Nil
Class:             Scouts

The basic attacking class of the femine Rune Knights. Works like the 
Centaurs except no elements. They become really powerful once they
have attained intermediate levels.

Enchantress [*]
Requirements:      INT 60 and above
Attacks:           Slash Whip
Magic:             Frost, MPC: 68, 3 hex.
                   Geno-Frost, MPC: 166, 3 hex. [A]
                   Fog, MPC: 49, 4 hex.
                   Charm, MPC: 110, 2 hex.
Elementals:        1 Blue
Class:             Enchantresses

This unit is quite good for its arsenal of blue magic, which is great
against red element monsters. Also, it is extremely weak against red
element creatures. Enchantress have the similar requirements as Clerics
and it's more offense in nature. Charm is rather a good spell as it 
allows you to get enemies to your side.

Cleric [*]
Requirements:      INT 60 and above
Attacks:           Pilgrim Rod
Magic:             Heal, MPC: 65, 3 hex.
                   Halo, MPC: 88, 4 hex.
Elementals:        1 White
Class:             Clerics

This female unit is only healing unit in the primary class. I would 
rather place them in the back-court of the troops. They worked like
Unicorns. Halo spell is quite good as it could double the EXP gain for
the enemy being hit.


To get this unit from primary units, just go to Organise menu and select
Class sub-menu. You need to gain the requirements stated at the 
corresponding classes.

Archer [**]
Requirements:      EXPERT Scout, Level 10+
Attacks:           Middle Bow, 3 hex.
                   Triple Shot, 3 hex. [C]
Magic:             Accel, MPC: 59, 3 hex.
                   Paralyze, MPC: 77, 3 hex.
                   Silent, MPC: 50, 4 hex.
Elementals:        1 Green
Class:             Scouts

Archers have carried a green element and it has a longer, shooting 
range. It has also an range of green magic. It is a better High Centuar
along with an range of green magic. Archers are deadly when accompanied
by High Centuars/Centuars.

Lancer [**]
Requirements:      EXPERT Scout, Level 10+
Attacks:           Spear
                   Mirage Spear [C]
                   Spear Throw, 2 hex. Unable to use after movement.
Magic:             Fog, MPC: 49, 4 hex.
Class:             Lancers

Spear Throw can't be used after movement. Lancers are quite good 
attackers. It has a long range attacks of a Centuar, plus Fog spells 
which is great against low agility monsters such as Dragons and Golems/
Stone Golems/Bronze Golems.

Sorceress [**]
Requirements:      EXPERT Enchantress, Level 10+
Attacks:           Slash Whip
Magic:             Frost, MPC: 68, 3 hex.
                   Geno-Frost, MPC: 166, 3 hex. [A]
                   Fog, MPC: 49, 4 hex.
                   Charm, MPC: 110, 2 hex.
                   Venom, MPC: 45, 3 hex
                   Dimension, MPC: 83, 4 hex.
                   Fall Berg, MPC: 135, 2 hex.
Elementals:        1 Blue, 1 Black.
Class:             Enchantresses

Sorceress is a better Enchantress and is combination of a Demon and an
Enchantress. Fall Berg is very damaging even against the fiery 
Salamander. BTW, to defeat Zemeckis/Dryst, you really need this spell. 

Mystic [**]
Requirements:      EXPERT Enchantress, EXPERT Clerics, Level 10+
Attacks:           Force
Magic:             Frost, MPC: 68, 3 hex.
                   Geno-Frost, MPC: 166, 3 hex. [A]
                   Flight, MPC: 90, 3 hex.
                   Charm, MPC: 110, 2 hex.
                   Fog, MPC: 49, 4 hex.
                   Heal, MPC: 65, 3 hex.
                   Halo, MPC: 88, 4 hex.
Elementals:        1 Blue, 1 White
Class:             Mystics
Notes:             This is an odd class, once change into a Mystic, you 
                   can no longer changes back to Enchantresses or 
                   Clerics Classes except for Scouts Class. The Mystic 
                   could only change to the Sage Class.

Mystics is a combination of Enchantress and Clerics which provides 
white and blue element magic. Flight is a good spells when you are 
battling in mountainous regions such as Dilworth and water battlefields
such as Lidney. It is an attack-and-support unit.

Lector [**]
Requirements:      EXPERT Cleric, Level 10+
Attacks:           Pilgrim Rod
Magic:             Heal, MPC: 65, 3 hex.
                   Halo, MPC: 88, 4 hex.
                   Cure, MPC: 54, 4 hex.
                   Area Heal, MPC: 147, 2 hex. [A]
                   Holy Word, MPC: 183, 4 hex. [A]
Elementals:        2 White
Class:             Clerics

Quite a good support unit and it is a better Arch Angel with Area Heal.
Lectors have low attacking power. Holy Word is extremely damaging plus
a 4 hex. range against all enemies. I myself preferred Lectors over
Bishops as they have Holy Word which is a much better spell compared to
Divine Ray.


Again, you will see "UP" appearing at the lower corner of the icon 
representing the unit. Of course, these units requires an intensive 
amount of EXP.

Valkyrie [***]
Requirements:      EXPERT Lancer, Level 20 
Attacks:           Spear
                   Mirage Spear [C]
                   Spear Throw, 3 hex. Unable to use it after movement.
Magic:             Fog, MPC: 49, 4 hex.
                   Heal, MPC: 65, 3 hex.
                   Holy Word, MPC: 183, 4 hex. [A]
Elementals:        2 White, 1 Blue
Class:             Lancer

Valkyrie is really a strong unit with Holy Word and healing magic. But
most Valkyries have low MP. This may cause a problems. In fact, Iria is
one good example. They are extremely good attackers. The Spear Throw
has a good hit rate and you can't execute it after movement.

Artemis [***]
Requirements:      EXPERT Archer, Level 20+
Attacks:           Long Bow, 4 hex.
                   Marvellous Shot, 4 hex. [C]
Magic:             Accel, MPC: 59, 3 hex.
                   Paralyze, MPC: 77, 3 hex. 
                   Silent, MPC: 50, 4 hex.
                   Protect, MPC: 61, 4 hex.
                   Solid, MPC: 77, 3 hex.
                   React, MPC: 126, 2 hex.
Elemental:         2 Green
Class:             Scouts

With the entire list of green magic and a whooping 4 hex. attack range,
this unit can be the most damaging offensive units of all female attack
troops. Extremely dangerous when accompanied by High Centuars. The 
problem lies in the game is that only Eniede [Esgares] and Brangien 
[Norgard] has the most chances to reach this class.

Witch [***]
Requirements:      EXPERT Sorceress, Level 20+
Attacks:           Slash Whip
Magic:             Frost, MPC: 68, 3 hex.
                   Geno-Frost, MPC: 166, 3 hex.
                   Charm, MPC: 110, 2 hex.
                   Fog, MPC: 49, 4 hex.
                   Fall Berg, MPC: 135, 2 hex.
                   Venom, MPC: 45, 3 hex.
                   Curse, MPC: 108, 2 hex.
                   Meteor Doom, MPC: 255, 3 hex. [2 hex A]
                   Flight, MPC: 90, 3 hex.
Elemental:         2 Black, 1 Blue
Class:             Enchantresses

An advanced unit with a list of magic and acquired Meteor Doom. The 
Witch is the strongest of all Enchantress classes. It has a wide range 
of blasting magic spells. Meteor Doom also does damage to own units. So
be careful when to use it.

Sage [***]
Requirements:      EXPERT Mystic, Level 20+
Attacks:           Force
Magic:             Heal, MPC: 65, 3 hex.
                   Halo, MPC: 88, 4 hex.
                   Frost, MPC: 68, 3 hex.
                   Geno-Frost, MPC: 166, 3 hex.
                   Fog, MPC: 49, 4 hex.
                   Charm, MPC: 110, 2 hex.
                   Flight, MPC: 90, 3 hex.
                   Area Heal, MPC: 147, 2 hex.
                   Exa-Blast, MPC: 152, 2 hex.
                   Power, MPC: 62, 4 hex.
Elementals:        1 White, 1 Blue, 1 Red
Class:             Mystics

A wide range of the three elements: red, blue and white. The Sage class
is the best class of the Mystics with powerful magic. Exa-Blast is the
best spell after the Geno-Thunder, however it attacks only a single 

Saint [***]

Requirements:      EXPERT Lector, Level 20+
Attacks:           Pilgrim Rod
Magic:             Heal, MPC: 65, 3 hex.
                   Halo, MPC: 88, 4 hex.
                   Area Heal, MPC: 147, 2 hex.
                   Cure, MPC: 54, 4 hex.
                   Holy Word, MPC: 183, 4 hex.
                   Divine Ray, MPC: 183, 2 hex.
Elementals:        3 White
Class:             Clerics

The equivalent of Arch Angels with additons of Area Heal. The Saint is
actually a better Lector. The Saint has only gotten an additional spell
compared to Lectors and that's Divine Ray.

- M A L E   U N I T S *

  Priest ================= Bishop ============= Cardinal
     || |
     ||  ================== Monk =============== Guardian 
Barbarian ================ Berserker ========== Avenger
     ||  |
     ||   ==================
     ||                     |
 Fighter ================ Cavalier ============ Paladin
     ||  |
     ||   =============== Samurai ============= Shogun
   Mage ================ Sorceress ============ Wizard
     || |
     ||  =============== Druid ================ Necromancer
  Ranger =============== Grappler ============= Champion

* Ninja is a special class, avalible if you have Shiraha in your
  country. You must get Level 10 and above. A Ninja can be promoted
  to a Ninja Master. [This can only be done once you have a Shiraha 
  reaches the Ninja Master status]


Here you will find the list of male, primary classes. These units are
typically the units that they start from.

Priest [*]
Requirements:     INT 60 and above
Attack:           Clergy Mace
Magic:            Heal, MPC: 65, 3 hex. 
                  Cure, MPC: 54, 4 hex. 
Elemental:        1 White
Class:            Priests

The basic healing unit of male primary troops. Priests have aweful 
attacking power but it can be considered as an average support class.
But the effect will be better when it has acquired the Bishop Class. 
In short, Priests just work like Unicorns.

Fighter [*]
Requirements:     STR 60 and above
Attacks:          Fighter Blade
                  Power Strike [C]
Elemental:        Nil
Class:            Fighters

I myself don't use Fighters quite often, but they can reached the 
Cavalier class with Heal magic. Fighters are quite good combat as they
seldom misses attack. So let them deal the finishing blow. Fighter 
blades are great weapons. So use it to your advantage.

Barbarian [*]
Requirements:     STR 65 and above
Attacks:          Fury Axe 
                  Axe Rush [C]
Elemental:        Nil
Class:            Barbarians

Barbarians have poweful attacks but they can't heal themselves. But 
once they reach the Berserker which has a regeneration of HP, this 
downside can be removed. Barbarians are strong attackers. One key stuff
about Barbarians is that they has high attack stats. They are even more
deadly once they reached the Berserker class.

Ranger [*]
Requirements:     STR 55, AGI 60
Attacks:          Brave Knuckle
                  Crash Beat [C]
Elemental:        Nil
Class:            Rangers

Ranger units are quite agile and strong in attacks, plus they seldom
misses their attacks. Rangers have long movement range compared to
Barbarians. Rangers are great units while battling in mountainous 
regions or regions where movement is very restraint. Rangers can go into
forests for their movement which helps to increase evasion by 15%!

Mage [*]
Requirements:     INT 60
Attacks:          Sorcery Staff
Magic:            Flame, MPC: 68, 3 hex. 
                  Geno-Flame, MPC: 166, 3 hex. [A]
                  Thunder, MPC: 91, 3 hex. 
                  Power, MPC: 62, 4 hex.
Elemental:        1 Red
Class:            Mages

The only magic attacking class of the male units. Mages have weak 
attacks and it is better to keep them at the back area of units. Mages
needed to be guarded. Power spell can be extremely dangerous when
being cast on offensive troops such as Salamanders.


Same as the female units, just get the unit to LV 10 and choose "Class"
to switch to the secondary class. Secondary units have more attacks and
stronger moves.

Bishop [**]
Requirements:     EXPERT Priest
Attacks:          Clergy Mace
Magic:            Heal, MPC: 65, 3 hex. 
                  Area Heal, MPC: 147, 2 hex. [A]
                  Cure, MPC: 54, 4 hex. 
                  Halo, MPC: 88, 4 hex. 
                  Divine Ray, MPC: 112, 2 hex. 
Elemental:        2 White
Class:            Priests

Bishops, in my opinion, are the second best support units until they
have attained the Cardinal status. [Cardinals will take a long time.]. 
Their Area Heal makes them destructive as it does an area effect healing 
on the entire area. Bishops are quite good as they have acquired Divine 
Ray and Halo spell. I would preferred to have Lectors. But Bishops are
considered to be great attackers.

Cavalier [**]
Requirements:     EXPERT Fighter, EXPERT Barbarian
Attacks:          Knight Sword
                  Cross Cutter [C]
Magic:            Heal, MPC: 65, 3 hex.
Elemental:        1 White
Class:            Armoured Knights

Cavaliers are good attackers but they are quite weak as they can only
combat hand-to-hand. But they can be dangerous once they have proceed to
the third class, Paladin. Their attacks seldom misses even if their 
levels are low, hence making them the best units for finishing off 
dying units. Cavaliers are pretty weak against two orbs black units such
as Demons. So keep them off from Demons.

Sorcerer [**]
Requirements:     EXPERT Mage
Attacks:          Sorcery Staff
Magic:            Flame, MPC: 68, 3 hex.
                  Geno-Flame, MPC: 166, 3 hex.
                  Thunder, MPC: 91, 3 hex.
                  Exa-Blast, MPC: 152, 2 hex.
                  Power, MPC: 62, 4 hex.
                  Frost, MPC: 68, 3 hex.
                  Fog, MPC: 49, 4 hex.
Elemental:        Blue-Red

An advanced version of the Mage, but with additional spells such as 
Exa-Blast and blue magic. Well, a Sorcerer will works fine against most
countries whereas Druid is extremely destructive for Leonia. As most of
the Leonia units are white-element based. [You can change the elemental
if you want, but the computer normally doesn't]

Ninja [**]
Requirements:     Shiraha in your country, STR 60, AGI 70
Attacks:          Kunai
                  Illusion [C]
                  Shuriken, 2 hex. able to use after movement.
Skill:            Hit and Away
Magic:            Weakness, MPC: 66, 4 hex.
                  Accel, MPC: 59, 3 hex.
                  Paralyze, MPC: 77, 3 hex.
Elemental:        Black, Green
Class:            Ninjas

Ninjas are great units as they are able to use a 2 hex. range attack
weapons. Even if he attacks in short range, it can also does a Hit and
away tactic. Quite a decent sniper as the male version of Archers. You
need to Shiraha to get Ninja Master, otherwise you can't gain any stars!

Monk [**]
Requirements:     EXPERT Priest
Attacks:          Debar Knuckle, may cause paralysis
                  Prana Burst [C]
Magic:            Heal, MPC: 65, 3 hex.
                  Cure, MPC: 54, 4 hex.
Elemental:        1 white
Class:            Rangers

Same as Cavaliers except these units have Cure spells. They could use
Prana Burst quite often while their HP are low. The basic attack which
could cause paralysis is extremely good. But it is quite rare for that
to occur. Compared with a Grappler, Monks has lower attacks but at the
same time, it is quite a good support unit. 

Druid [**]
Requirements:     EXPERT Mage
Attacks:          Sorcery Staff
Magic:            Venom, MPC: 45, 3 hex.
                  Curse, MPC: 108, 2 hex.
                  Weakness, MPC: 66, 4 hex.
                  Flame, MPC: 68, 3 hex.
                  Geno-Flame, MPC: 166, 3 hex.
                  Thunder, MPC: 91, 3 hex.
                  Power, MPC: 62, 4 hex.
Elemental:        Red, Black
Class:            Mages

Druid are great units against countries such as Leonia. Camden could 
nearly eliminate any characters in Leonia. Druids has a mixture of red
magic such as the basic mage's spells along with black magic. It is
a mixture of Demon and Mage [with an additional of Weakness spell]

Grappler [**]
Requirements:     EXPERT Ranger
Attacks:          Brave Knuckle
                  Crash Beat [C]
Skills:           Critical + 5 %
Elemental:        Nil
Class:            Rangers

One bad downfall for Grapplers is that it does not have magic. Almost
all characters have at least 70 MP which is sufficient for a Heal magic.
Grapplers are good units as it could travel across mountains. Grapplers
has one advantage over other units is its versatile mobility. It moves
rather fast.

Samurai [**]
Requirements:      EXPERT Barbarian, EXPERT Fighter [higher in DEF]
Attacks:           Katana Blade
                   Shadow Moon [C]
Special:           Iai Slash, MPC: 40, 2 hex.
Skills:            Hit rate +10%
Elemental:         Nil
Class:             Samurais

Deadly... compared to Cavaliers. It has higher defense, along with Iai
Slash which can does a minimum damage of 100 for a LV 10 Samurai. But
the weapons are quite rare compared to the Cavaliers. But if an unit 
can reach this class, choose this one instead of Cavaliers.

Berserker [**]
Requirements:      EXPERT Barbarian, EXPERT Fighter
Attacks:           Fury Axe
                   Axe Rush [C]
Skill:             HP Recovery 5 %
Elemental:         1 Black
Class:             Barbarian

Another deadly unit. Berserkers work fine against white units [such as
Angels, Unicorns, Priest and Clerics] but they can be a downfall as they
only exceed in attacks. But armed with a good hit rate and a HP recovery
of 5%, this unit can easily eliminate dying enemies in one blow.

FINAL CLASS [Level 20+ Units]

Same applies to the female units, you will see an "UP" found near the
character. But remember that it is kinda difficult to have all units to
reach LV 20. 

Avenger [***]
Requirements:     EXPERT Berserker
Attacks:          Knight Sword
                  Genocide [C]
Magic:            Curse, MPC: 108, 2 hex.
                  Weakness, MPC: 66, 4 hex.
Skill:            HP Recovery 5 %
Elemental:        2 Black
Class:            Armoured Knights

Same as Berserker but gained black magic. Avenger are great units for
their strong attacks. [BTW, their attacks are equalvent of a secondary
monster unit.] Keep them away from Angels as the Divine Ray can easily
kill this unit.

Paladin [***]
Requirements:     EXPERT Cavalier
Attacks:          Knight Sword
                  Justice Cutter [C]
Magic:            Heal, MPC: 65, 3 hex.
                  Cure, MPC: 54, 4 hex.
                  Holy Word, MPC: 183, 4 hex. [A]
Elemental:        2 White
Class:            Armoured Knights

Paladin is better-off compared to Avenger. Not only it has healing 
magic, it also acquires Holy Word and most Paladins could use this once 
they have reached LV 20. Good support units plus they does similar 
damage compared to monsters. However, Paladin is extremely hard to 

Shogun [***]
Requirements:     EXPERT Samurai
Attacks:          Katana Blade
                  Shadow Moon [C]
Special:          Iai Slash, MPC: 45, 3 hex.
Skills:           Hit + 20%
Class:            Samurais

With a skill of Hit +20% and an Iai Slash of 3 hex, this unit is more
devastating compared to Paladin or Avenger. [this probably explains why 
Layoneil is always stronger than Helrato ^_^]. With a cheap MP cost of
45, you can does at least 2 Iai Slashs in one combat at LV 20. Shoguns
are rather hard to get as there are too little Samurais...

Cardinal [***]
Requirements:     EXPERT Bishop
Attacks:          Clergy Mace
Magic:            Heal, MPC: 65, 3 hex. 
                  Area Heal, MPC: 147, 2 hex. [A]
                  Cure, MPC: 54, 4 hex.
                  Halo, MPC: 88, 4 hex.
                  Divine Ray, MPC: 112, 2 hex.
                  Holy Word, MPC: 183, 4 hex. [A]
                  Flight, MPC: 90, 3 hex.
                  Charm, MPC: 110, 2 hex.
Elemental:        2 White, 1 Blue
Class:            Priests

A better Bishop with Divine Ray and Holy Word. Cardinals are extremely
difficult to get but they really worth it. Great leaders such as Ulster,
BeauArte, Roadbull, Coel and Asmit has really the chance of getting to
Cardinal. If you have defeat Esgares early, and you can recruit Soleil
which has also a high probability of getting to Cardinal Class. Of 
course, Soleil will be a better opinion as he has acquired high Rune 

Necromancer [***]
Requirements:     EXPERT Druid
Attacks:          Sorcery Staff
Magic:            Venom, MPC: 45, 3 hex.
                  Meteor Doom, MPC: 255, 3 hex. [A]{affect allies]
                  Curse, MPC: 108, 2 hex.
                  Dimension, MPC: 83, 4 hex.
                  Weakness, MPC: 66, 4 hex.
                  Necro Rebirth, MPC: 97, 1 hex.
                  Flame, MPC: 68, 3 hex.
                  Geno-Flame, MPC: 166, 3 hex. [A]
                  Thunder, MPC: 91, 3 hex.
                  Power, MPC: 62, 4 hex.
Elemental:        2 Black, 1 Red
Class:            Mages

Nothing much to say as it is dangerous. Necromancer takes time and only
a few characters have the chance. It has most deadly black magic, 
Meteor Doom plus the Necro Rebirth.

Guardian [***]
Requirements:     EXPERT Monk
Attacks:          Debar Knuckle, causes Paralysis
                  Ultra Combo [C]
Magic:            Heal, MPC: 65, 3 hex.
                  Area Heal, MPC: 147, 2 hex. [A]
                  Cure, MPC: 54, 4 hex.
Elemental:        2 white
Class:            Rangers

Guardian has been a combination of Monk and Bishops. This makes them a
better opinion compared to Grappler. But they are quite hard to get as
you need to gain a lot of experience. Guardians are great attackers and
great support units.

Champion [***]
Requirements:     EXPERT Grappler
Attacks:          Brave Knuckle
                  Ultra Combo [C]
Skill:            Critical Rate + 10%
Elemental:        Nil
Class:            Rangers

Champion is rather a rare class, but if a skill of Critical rate of 10%,
plus its versatile range in movement, Champion are great attackers.
Champion can does a lot of damage and will not be effected by 

Ninja Master [***]
Requirements:     EXPERT Ninja
Attacks:          Kunai
                  Illusion [C]
                  Shuriken, 3 hex. able use after movement.
Skills:           Hit and Away
Magic:            Dimension, MPC: 88, 4 hex.
                  Weakness, MPC: 66, 4 hex.
                  Accel, MPC: 59, 3 hex.
                  Protect, MPC: 61, 4 hex.
                  Paralyze, MPC: 77, 3 hex.
                  Solid, MPC: 85, 3 hex.
                  Silent, MPC: 56, 4 hex.
Class:            Ninjas

Imagine a High Centuar-Ninja-Nightmare combination.. That's made a 
Ninja Master. It is extremely dangerous as it has acquire Accel spell
which makes your troops move in order easily. Ninja Master is a deadly
sniper as they can eliminate any leader within a couple of turns along
with High Centuars/Archers. I think only Shiraha can reached this class.

Wizard [***]
Requirements:     EXPERT Sorcerer
Attacks:          Sorcery Staff
Magic:            Flame, MPC: 68, 3 hex.
                  Geno-Flame, MPC: 166, 3 hex. [A]
                  Thunder, MPC: 91, 3 hex.
                  Geno-Thunder, MPC: 193, 3 hex. [A, 2 hex.]
                  Geno-Frost, MPC: 166, 3 hex. [A]
                  React, MPC: 126, 2 hex.
                  Exa-Blast, MPC: 152, 2 hex.
                  Power, MPC: 62, 4 hex.
                  Frost, MPC: 68, 3 hex.
                  Fog, MPC: 49, 4 hex.
Elementals:       Red, Blue, Green
Class:            Mages

Wizard unit is a better unit with an range of magic. The React spell is
extremely useful if you want to see the rocking Salamander does its turn
again. Plus it's Exa-Blast and Geno-Thunder makes it deadly. Zemeckis
is much stronger due to its Archery ability along with the Geno-Thunder.
Geno-Thunder is great as it allows you to set your targets. 


Special Classes

This classes only applies to certain Rune Knights, or more specific, 
this applies to the ruler of the kingdom. 

Requirements: Only Lance begin with this class. [New Almekia]
Attack:       Twin Blade
              Wing Slash [C]
Magic:        Heal, MPC: 65, 3 hex.
              Flame, MPC: 68, 3 hex.
Elementals:   n/a
Class:        Prince

Lance is quite weak and only acquires two magic, Flame and Heal. Give
him some training and he will become stronger. His Wing Slash can does
a critical amount of damage. 

Requirements: Lance can get to this class, once he acquired Logres upon
              defeating Esgares.
Attack:       Twin Blade 
              Wing Slash [C]
Magic:        Heal, MPC: 65, 3 hex.
              Flame, MPC: 68, 3 hex.
              Geno-Flame, MPC: 166, 3 hex. [A]
Elementals:   1 Red
Class:        Prince

The class is rather hard to get. He has acquired Geno-Flame and becomes
stronger once he has attained higher levels. You must conquer Logres 
upon defeating Esgares.

Requirments:  Only Cai of Caerleon begins with this class.
Attack:       Word of Magic
Magic:        Heal, MPC: 65, 3 hex.
              Flame, MPC: 68, 3 hex.
              Frost, MPC: 68, 3 hex.
              Thunder, MPC: 91, 3 hex.
              Geno-Flame, MPC: 166, 3 hex. [A]
              Geno-Frost, MPC: 166, 3 hex. [A]
              Geno-Thunder, MPC: 193, 3 hex. [2 hex. A]
              Exa-Blast, MPC: 152, 2 hex.
              Flight, MPC: 90, 3 hex.
              Silent, MPC: 56, 4 hex.
Elementals:   1 Red, 1 Blue, 1 Green
Class:        Warlock

A guy acquired with a huge list of magic. The Warlock is seems like a 
combination of a Wizard Class and a couple of green magic. Cai is quite
weak against Red Dragons/Hydras/Phoenix/Lizard Guard, therefore keep 
him away from them. [He has an elemental disadvantage against units]

Requirments:  Only Zemeckis of Esgares begins with this class.
Attack:       Tempest Bow, 3 hex.
              Lightning Bow, 3 hex. [C]
Magic:        Power, MPC: 62, 4 hex.
              Geno-Thunder, MPC: 193, 3 hex. [2 hex. A]
Elementals:   2 Red
Class:        Emperor

Zemeckis is really powerful as he has long range attacks, plus a 2 red
elemental orb, which makes he compete with Hydras and blue elementals
creatures farely. Don't leave Enchantress freely for him to target at..
But the Emperor has also a fear for a particular spell, the Fall Berg.

Death Knight
Requirements:  Only Cador of Esgares begins with this class
Attack:        Death Bringer
               Dolorous Stroke [C]
Magic:         Curse, MPC: 108, 3 hex.
               Geno-Flame, MPC: 166, 3 hex. [A]
Elementals:    2 Black, Red
Class:         Death Knight

Cador is not a guy to messed up with. The only class that can have an
edge over this class is the Valkryie. [strange huh? Halley is also in
the Valkryie class..]. Cador's Dolorous Stroke can causes as much as 
400 against an Angel unit. [instant dead attack against low levels 
Angels.]. But units with Holy Word such as Dinadan can also stand a par
against it. 

Requirments:   Only Dryst of Iscalio starts with this class.
Attack:        Vandal Scythe
               Dark Spiral [C]
Magic:         Curse, MPC: 108, 3 hex.
               Flame, MPC: 68, 3 hex.
               Power, MPC: 62, 4 hex.
               Weakness, MPC: 66, 4 hex.
Elementals:    1 Black, 1 Red
Class:         Tryant.

The Tryant is a combination of Mage-Demo with an exception of certain
skills. But it can be quite dangerous against white and blue units. 
Dryst's attack is quite strong but unforunately he does not have 
area-spells unlike other rulers.

Super Tryant
Requirements:  Only avaliable when Dryst have acquired Level 30.
Attack:        Deluxe Scythe
               Gorgeous Spiral [C]
Magic:         Meteor Doom, MPC: 255, 3 hex. [2 hex. A]
               Curse, MPC: 108, 3 hex.
               Flame, MPC: 68, 3 hex.
               Power, MPC: 62, 4 hex.
               Weakness, MPC: 66, 4 hex.
Elementals:    1 Black, 1 Red
Class:         Tryant

Super Tryant really takes a long time to acquired. But with Meteor Doom
acquired, this monster can does tons of serious damage to all foes.

Requirements:  Only Lyonesse of Leonia starts with this class.
Attack:        Liath-Fail
Magic:         Heal, MPC: 65, 3 hex.
               Area Heal, MPC: 147, 2 hex. [A]
               Cure, MPC: 54, 4 hex.
               Divine Ray, MPC: 112, 2 hex.
               Holy Word, MPC: 183, 4 hex. [A]
               Charm, MPC: 110, 2 hex.
               Protect, MPC: 61, 4 hex.
Elementals:    2 White
Class:         Queen

Queen is really a good white elemental class. The Queen has acquired 
Holy Word, which is pretty damaging against all other classes. The Queen
has area-heal which makes a good support unit too.

Requirements:  Only Vaynard of Norgard starts with this class
Attack:        Caladbog
               Wolf Fang [C]
Magic:         Frost, MPC: 65, 3 hex.
               Geno-Frost, MPC: 166, 3 hex. [A]
               Fog, MPC: 49, 4 hex.
Elementals:    1 Blue
Class:         Lord

The Lord class is quite weak and as it will withstand a huge damage
while in combating against red element units such as Dragons and Giants.
The best is to place this unit far from the combating area against 
Dragons. Have him to fight against dying Dragons.

Requirements:  Only Bulnoil starts off with this class.
Attack:        Endless Seeker
Magic:         Venom, MPC: 45, 3 hex.
               Meteor Doom, MPC: 255, 3 hex.
               Curse, MPC: 108, 2 hex.
               Dimension, MPC: 83, 4 hex.
               Weakness, MPC: 66, 4 hex.
               Necro Rebirth, MPC: 97, 1 hex.
               Geno-Thunder, MPC: 193, 3 hex. [1 hex. A]
               Exa-Blast, MPC: 152, 2 hex.
               Fall Berg, MPC: 135, 2 hex.
               Solid, MPC: 85, 3 hex.
Elemental:     n/a
Class:         Claimer

A secret class and only Bulnoil started off with this class. He is very
dangerous as he has Meteor Doom/Curse [works well against Lucifer], 
Geno-Thunder/Exa-Blast [works well against Tiamats], Fall Berg [works 
well against Salamanders, Fafnirs]. I guess it will takes sometime to
defeat this unit. Bulnoil is extremely tough....

VII.List of Items 

This is the list of items, I myself have managed to get after playing 
the five rulers. Well here is the list:

Name of Item                        Effect
Power Potion                        STR +3
Wisdom Potion                       INT +3
Speed Potion                        AGI +3
Life Potion                         HP +~18
Magic Potion                        MP +~18
Rune Potion                         Rune Power + 10 [Knights only]
Rune-A Potion                       Rune Area + 1 [Knights only]
Fruit of Vice                       Changes Seraph to Lucifer
Liquor of Charm                     Changes Satan to Lilith
Rage Lightning                      Changes Titan to Thor
Wisdom Seed                         Changes Gigas to Loki

* Notes:
- Class Promoting Items does not causes change in the unit's Rune Cost
  except it only increases the Upkeep Costs and the upgrades on the 
- Power/Wisdom/Speed/Life/Magic Potions can be used on both Rune 
  Knights and Monsters, whereas Rune and Rune-A Potions can only be 
  used Rune Knights.
- Once an item is used, the effect cannot be removed. 
- To get this items, you need to quest for them. Refer to Quests for
  more details.

- Weapon List

There are several things to take note before I begin this section. 
Firstly, you must finished reading section 5. before reading this
section. Now there is a reminder for everyone, that this list is still
not complete, so feel free if you managed to get those that is not 
mentioned in the list.

I have reached e-mails that Flame Sword is included in the game, but I
have guessed that it is actually called the Flame Edge in the game.

For those whom are too lazy to read, here is the summary.

Fighters:         Fighter class
Barbarians:       Barbarian and Berserker classes
Mages:            Mage, Sorcerer, Druid, Wizard, Necromancer classes
Rangers:          Ranger, Monk, Grappler, Guardian, Champion classes
Priests:          Priest, Bishop, Cardinal classes
Scouts:           Scout, Archer, Artemis classes
Enchantresses:    Enchantress, Sorceress, Witch classes
Clerics:          Cleric, Lector, Saint classes
Armoured Knights: Cavalier, Paladin, Avenger classes
Samurais:         Samurai, Shogun classes
Ninjas:           Ninja, Ninja Master classes
Lancers:          Lancer, Valkyrie classes
Mystics:          Mystics, Sage classes
Rulers:           Lance, Dryst, Vaynard, Cai, Lyoneese, Zemeckis, Cador

A R M O U R E D    K N I G H T S                        [Swords]
Name of Swords                Status                        Elemental
Laevatein                     ATK+20, Hit-5                 Red
Answeller                     ATK+14                        White
Mithril Sword                 MP+20, ATK+10, INT+4          Nil
Flame Edge                    ATK+8                         Red
Claimh Solais                 MP+30                         White
Bastard Sword                 ATK+6                         Nil
Gram                          ATK+18                        Nil
Tyrhung                       ATK+14, Hit+5                 Black
Ice Sword                     ATK +8                        Blue

F I G H T E R S                                [Blades]
Name of Blades                Status                        Elemental
Death Master                  ATK+22, Hit-10                Nil
Evil Buster                   ATK+12, Hit+5                 White
Claymore                      ATK+10                        Nil
Giant Sword                   ATK-6, Hit-5, DEF+6           Nil
                              Rune Power + 15

S A M U R A I S                                       [Katanas]
Name of Katanas               Status                        Elemental
Kokoro                        ATK+16, Hit+10, RunePow-30    Nil
Kaze                          ATK+10                        Black
Tora                          ATK+8                         Nil
Tsuki                         ATK+19, HP+5                  Blue
Kusanagi                      ATK+5, RunePow.+20            Nil

B A R B A R I A N S                                  [Axes]
Name of Axes                  Status                        Elemental
Balor                         ATK+18                        Black
Revolving Axe                 ATK+14, Hit+8                 Nil
Flame Axe                     ATK+10                        Red
Beheading Axe                 ATK+8                         Black
Dwarf Axe                     ATK+6, Hit+5                  Nil

L A N C E R S                                         [Spears]
Name of Spears                Status                        Elemental
Gae Bolg                      ATK+18, Hit+10                Nil
Goddess Spear                 ATK+8                         White
Black Spear                   ATK+6                         Black
Ice Javelin                   ATK+10                        Blue
Gungnir                       ATK+24, Hit+5                 Nil
Brionac                       ATK+16                        Nil
Mithril Spear                 MP+20, ATK+12, INT+2          Nil

S C O U T S                                          [Bows]
Name of Bows                  Status                        Elemental
Crescent Bow                  ATK+19, INT+2,Hit+8           Nil
Heaven Bow                    ATK15                         White
Mithril Bow                   MP+20, ATK+10, INT+4          Nil
Flame Bow                     ATK+8                         Red
Elven Bow                     ATK+6, Hit+5                  Nil

M A G E S                                            [Staves]
Name of Staves               Status                         Elemental
Striking Staff               ATK+10                         Nil
Red Staff                    INT+4                          Red
Blue Staff                   INT+4                          Blue
Ganbantein                   ATK+8, INT+8                   Nil
Mithril Staff                MP+20, ATK+12, INT+2           Nil

C L E R I C S                                               [Rods]
Name of Rods                 Status                        Elemental
Telesis                      ATK+18, Hit+5                 Nil
Mithril Rod                  MP+20, ATK+6, INT+4           Nil
Madonna's Rod                INT+4                         White
Death Rod                    ATK+12, INT+2                 Black

P R I E S T S                                         [Maces]
Name of Maces                Status                        Elemental
Gravity Mace                 ATK+12,                       Nil
Judgement Mace               ATK+6                         White
Brave Hammer                 HP+10, ATK+10                 Nil
Skull Flail                  ATK+18                        Black
Mithril Mace                 MP+20, ATK+8, INT+4           Nil

E N C H A N T R E S S E S                            [Whips]
Name of Whips                Status                        Elemental
Cat O' Nine Tail             ATK+12                        Nil
Snake Tongue                 ATK+8, Hit+10                 Red
Torn Whip                    ATK+6                         Nil
Love Whip                    ATK-10, Hit-10,               Nil
                             Rune Power +10

R A N G E R S                                        [Knuckles]
Name of Knuckles             Status                         Elemental
Blast Knuckle                ATK+18                         Red
Speed Knuckle                ATK+9, Hit+10                  Nil
Rivet Knuckle                ATK+6                          Nil
Ogre Knuckle                 ATK+13                         Black
Wind Knuckle                 ATK+16                         Blue

N I N J A S                                           [Knives]
Name of Knives               Status                         Elemental
Shock Knife                  ATK+14, Hit+10                 Red
Painless Knife               ATK+8                          Nil
The Ripper                   MP-20, ATK+9, INT-10           Black

- Armor List

Certain classes can only equip certain armor. Here is the list of
armor (i.e. accessories, shields, plate mails, robes, helmets, hats, 
gloves and boots). BTW, below is a summary.

Accessories:                  All
Shields:                      Only Priests, Clerics, Armoured Knights
Plate Mail:                   All except Mages, Rangers, Enchantresses
                              Mystics, Ninjas and Rulers
Robes:                        All except Rulers
Helmets:                      Only Fighters, Barbarians, Armoured 
                              Knights, Samurais and Lancers.
Hats:                         All except Rulers
Gloves:                       All except Mages, Enchantress, Mystics 
                              and Rulers
Boots:                        All except Rulers

Name of Accessories           Status
Pin of Defense*               DEF+8, Lowers damage by magic
Talisman                      Prevent status disorder
Wiseman Medal                 MP+10, INT+2
Ancient Book                  INT+6
Fire Amulet                   Red resist Up
Sacred Amulet                 White resist Up
Ring of Sorcery               MP+30, INT+4
Earring of the Sea            DEF+2, Blue resist Up
AntiMagic Ring                Lowers damage caused by magic
Wind Armband                  AGI+5
Forest Amulet                 Green resist Up
Solomon's Ring                Rune Power+30, Rune Area +1
Heal Ring                     Gain 20 HP every turn
Almighty Ring                 STR+3, INT+3, AGI+3, DEF+3
Soldier's Medal               HP+20, STR+2
Rune Armband                  Rune Power +25
Black Amulet                  Black resist Up
Bell of Comfort               Rune Power +15
Pirate's Medal                AGI+2
Ice Amulet                    Blue resist Up
Apostle's Horn                Rune Area+1
Rierre's Ring*                INT+5, DEF+5, Red Resist Up

* The Pin of Defense is obtained from the twins, Mira and Millet's 
* The Rierre's Ring can be only obtained from Georg's Quest
  [This applies to Leonia ONLY]*

Name of Shields               Status
Battle Shield                 ATK+4, DEF+8
Flame Shield                  DEF+7, Red Resist Up
Ice Shield                    DEF+7, Blue Resist Up
Large Shield                  DEF+5
Aegis                         ATK+8

P L A T E    M A I L S
Name of Plate Mails           Status                        Elemental
Diamond Mail                  Evade-30, DEF+22, MOV:Down    Nil
                              Red resist Down.
Ice Mail                      DEF+10                        Blue
Volcano Armor                 DEF+15                        Red
Holy Armor                    DEF+12                        White
Evil Armor                    DEF+12                        Black
Heavy Armor                   DEF+6                         Nil

Name of Robes                  Status
Light Robe                     DEF+8, White resist Up
Dark Robe                      DEF+8, Black resist Up
Mirage Robe                    Evade+10, DEF+4
Solar Robe                     DEF+6, Red resist Up
IcyFog Robe                    DEF+6, Blue resist Up
Star Robe                      Evade+5, DEF+5

Name of Helmets                Status
Rune Helm                      DEF+4, Rune Area+1
Horned Helm                    DEF+5
Brute Mask                     HP+30, ATK+4, INT-8
Aiguil Helm                    HP+10, DEF+10

Name of Hats                   Status
Circlet of Wits                INT+6
Cool Hat                       DEF+3, Blue resist Up
Fairy Crown                    INT+4, DEF+1
Pixie Hat                      INT+2, DEF+2

Name of Gloves                 Status
Precise Glove                  Hit+15, DEF+6
Power Glove                    ATK+8, DEF+4
Ruby Glove                     MP+20, DEF+8, Red resist Up

Name of Boots                  Status
Fairy Pumps                    Evade+5, MOV: Up
Wing Shoes                     DEF+2, MOV:Down, Type: High Sky
Aqua Shoes                     MOV Type: Shoal
Flipper Boots                  DEF+3, Type: Water
Valient's WIng                 Type: High Sky
Speed Boots                    MOV: Up

VIII.The Monster List 

This list consist of the elementals, Rune Cost, Mana Cost, requirements
and my personal comments. Feel free to send your comments if you have
one. For your convience, I have arranged in order of their Rune Cost.
I have also added their Upkeep and Movement Range. Before I begin with
the explanations on various factors, here are some notes on the evasion
and hit rate:

Water units get a low-down on evasion rate when it is on land, ranging
from 10% ~ 25%

All units gets an increase in evasion rate when it is forests but 
low-down on hit rate besides Mandrake and Man-Eater

Water units get a rise on hit rate and evasion when it is placed on 


The Elements carries a great importance as it effects the amount of 
damage that the unit will does to the units with an exposing units.

Colour      Symbol
Black       Evil
White       Holy
Red         Fire
Blue        Water/Ice
Green       Earth
n/a         Neutral

Units that carries a black elemental orb will receive more damage from
white elemental units and also dealt more damage on white elemental 
units. Red elemental units are weaker compared to Blue elemental units.
Green elemental units does more damage to flying units.


I have only included the name of the attack. As for describing them, I
will not be doing it as it will be unnecessary/ irrelevant. Critcial 
attacks will be excuted when the units are facing death. Some critical 
attacks does some additional damage such as poison, charm, petrify and

Rune Cost

The amount of Rune need to have this unit under the control of the Rune
Knight. If the total amount of monsters' Rune Costs being added up, 
exceeds the Rune Power of that Rune Knight, you need to remove some 
units. As monsters approaches to secondary classes, you need to have 
more Rune Power.

- If you have equipped a Rune Knight an accessory/equipment that boosts
  the Rune Power, you can't disarm the equipment if the Rune Knight's
  Rune Power does not meet with the required Rune Power without 
  equipment. Sounds confusing huh? Below is an example:

Vaynard has a Rune Power of 332. If you have equipped him with a 
Solomon's Ring, an additional of 30 Rune Power, therefore Vaynard has
a total of 362 Rune Power. If he has 4 dragons [75 x 4] and a Roc [60],
it will occupy 360 of 362. Now you can't unequipped the accessory, as
Vaynard's Rune Power 332 [without the accessory] can't meet up with the
required 360.


Mana is the currency used in the game. To get Mana, you can get it from
the castles for the next organize phrase. The more castles you have, the
faster the amount of income you will have. Hence, go for conquests. Mana
allows you to summon monsters. You can summoned monsters from castles
provided that there is at least a Rune Knight [it does not matter where 
it exceeds the total Rune Power for all Rune Knight(s)]. Not all castles
can summoned a certain monster. For example, Sendon does not allows you 
to summon Dragons whereas Flogeru allows you to do so. Refer to castles
breakdown under every rulers walkthrough. However, you can't summon
secondary-class/ teritary-class monsters.


There are typically several types of movement-based monsters. They are:

(1)     Slithering Type
The monster moves by slithering. The movement is quite average. The 
monster can't cross mountains and moves only 1 hex per turn on water. 
The monster moves on its best on road.

(2)     Shoal Type
The monsters moves by slithering but moves a lot faster as it was on 
water. Shoal Type monsters can't cross mountains.

(3)     Heavy Type
Average movement for this type of monster. It is quite slow-moving on
water as it moves only 1 hex per turn on water. It moves about 1 hex
slower on mountains as compared while it is on land/forests.

(4)     Horse Type
It is extremely fast-moving, especially on land. It moves a maximum of 8 
hexes on road. It is quite slow moving on water as it moves only 1 hex
per turn on water. It's movement range is reduced when the unit is 
placed within forests.

(5)     High Sky Type
This type of monster moves as fast as whether it is on land/water/
mountains. It can move a maximum of 7 hexes.

(6)     Low Sky Type
A weak flying type monster seems to have been slowed down mountainous 
areas. It moves an average of 5 hexes.

(7)     Water Type
This type of monster moves extremely slow on land. It moves at its best
at water.

(8)     Land Type
This is an average and normal moving monster, it moves normally on 
land, but its movement range is reduced greatly when the unit is on

(9)     Forest Type
This type of unit moves slow on land/water and can't cross mountains. 
However it moves extremely fast on forests and get improvements in hit
rate and evasion.


For the movement range, you will see them being written in the below 


A stands for the smallest number of hexes that the unit can move, 
whereas B stands for the maximum number of hexes that the unit can move.

- Primary Monster Units Bestiary [Level 1+, *]

Primary units can be obtained from quests and summoning. Sometimes you
can get them when someone has joined your country [For example, Dogal]

Elemental:        1 Black
Attacks:          Necro Eater
Comments:         Cheap and good attacker. Low Rune Cost makes it
                  affective. An ideal monster which can be use to lure
                  enemies. Level very fast. Medium MOV range.
Rune Cost:        15          Mana: 60 
Movement:         4-6 (Land Type)
Upkeep:           6

As they are cheap and relative easy to get. But the key weakness is 
strength. You can make use of them to support training Rune Knights as 
to weaken the enemy.

Elemental:        1 Red
Attacks:          Poison Tail, may poisoned the enemy
Comments:         Low HP is the main weakness. But Poison Tail can be
                  dangerous as it cause poison [removes HP slowly]. 
                  This may forced healing parties to waste their MP on
                  Cure. Low MOV range.
Rune Cost:        20         Mana: 100
Movement:         3-5 (Slithering Type)
Upkeep:           10

Guard Scorpion's key weakness lies in this extremely low HP. But its
Poison tail could poison an enemy unit. Target them on dangress but 
protect them from harm. Poison Tail is pretty effective against Dragons.
Don't place it in front of Hydras as it will be an easy target for the

Elemental:        Nil
Special:          Air Storm, MPC: 40, 2 hex.
Comments:         Does a fair amount of damage with Air Storm. Basic
                  attack requires MP. Can't counterattack. The enemy 
                  can't counter even it is a hand-to-hand combat.
Rune Cost:        30         Mana: 120
Movement:         5-5 (Low Sky Type)
Upkeep:           12

You can still use the Air Storm after movement. Great sniper as enemy
can't counterattack its Air storm. But Air Storm requires MP, hence move
it away once a Silent spell is being cast on it or it is low on MP.

Elemental:       1 Green
Attacks:         Stick Tap
                 Leave me be! [C]
Magic:           Protect, MPC: 61, 4 hex. 
                 Silent, MPC: 50, 4 hex.
Comments:        Good as prevent Mages from using magic by using 
                 Silent. Low attacking power make it useless in
                 combat, but a good support team.
Rune Cost:       30          Mana: 120
Movement:        5-5 (Low Sky Type)
Upkeep:          12

Pixies' Silent Spell has a low hit rate and it tends to fail especially
on high level enemies. Keep on cast Protect [a barrier] which helps
to reduce damage. Once it is around level 7, its Silent spell can be 
quite effective at most times.

Elemental:      1 Blue
Attacks:        Splash Arch
Skills:         Aqua Recovery 5%, Aqua Attack + 20%
Comments:       Strictly an aquatic force. Does higher amount of
                damage in water and recovers HP in water. Moves more
                faster in water than on land.
Rune Cost:      25           Mana: 120
Movement:       3-6 (Water Type)
Upkeep:         12

Even though is an aquatic unit, it's HP, ATK and DEF is still quite
reasonable. Use them to defend castles such as Lidney-Jukes. Merman's
attack can be raised by 20% while on water which makes them a killer 
weapon on aquatic battlefields.

Lizard Man
Elemental:       1 Blue
Attacks:         Lefty Axe, high hit and critical rate.
Comments:        High critical and hit rate makes this monster a
                 valuble one. Good on marine battlefields and land.
Rune Cost:       30          Mana: 140
Movement:        4-4 (Shoal Type)
Upkeep:          14

Believe it or not, this unit is key unit to weaken Dragons. It has high
hit rate and critical rate and seldoms misses its attacks. It is pretty
effective against low AGI monsters and this includes low level Dragons.
It has a blue elemental orb, which is the opposing element against the
Dragons. You can use this if you don't have Hydras.

Elemental:      1 Black
Attacks:        Hell Fang
Special:        Hell Fire, MPC: 40, 2 hex.
Skill:          Hit and Away
Comments:       Levels up fast. Still can move after attacking. Use
                in conjuction with Halo spell.
Rune Cost:      35          Mana: 140
Movement:       5-7 (Land Type)
Upkeep:         18

Hellhounds are high agile creatures, which makes them deadly against 
Golems. It's Hell Fire can easily destroy units plus it has the hit and
away skill.

Elemental:      1 Green
Attacks:        Hunter Shot, 2 hex. useable after movement
Comments:       Good and decent sniper. Attacking from long range
                enables opponent to unable to counterattack, but low
                attacking power.
Rune Cost:      35           Mana: 160
Movement:       6-6 (Horse Type)
Upkeep:         16

Centaurs are pretty weak against high level enemies and the attack is
quite weak in early stages. Upon reaching level 6 or 7, its Hunter Shot 
becomes more effective and deadly. But its movement will be slowed down 
in aquatic and mountainous battlefields. Use its as sniper to lower the
HP of target Rune Knights and have Giants/Wyverns/Gryhons/Dragons for
the kill.

Elemental:      1 White
Attacks:        Horn Attack
                Back Kick [C]
Magic:          Heal, MPC: 65, 3 hex.
                Cure, MPC: 54, 4 hex.
Comments:       Cheap and good support for Heal and Cure. Place them
                in the back row and recovers allies lost HP.
Rune Cost:      40           Mana: 220
Movement:       6-6 (Horse Type)
Upkeep:         22

Unicorns has good healing magic and great backup support. It is even 
better as compared to Angels. It's Cure spell allows you to recover 
petrified units [due to Rocs] and poisoned units [due to G-Scorpions].
It's Back Kick can move an enemy unit 1 hex away from it. The enemy will
not be able to counter-attack after this had happened.

Elemental:      1 Green
Attacks:        Tentacle Snap, may causes Paralysis
Comments:       High HP for a good blocker, could paralyze opponent
                with it's Tentacle Snap, but low attacking power.
Rune Cost:      35           Mana: 220
Movement:       3-6 (Forest Type)
Upkeep:         20

It's Tentacle Snap is pretty effective against bird-type units such as 
Gryhons/Rocs and it could paralyze them causing them unable to 
counter-attack. Mandrakes has high mobility in mountainous regions such 
as Dilworth. It's hit rate and evasion stats raises by 15% where it is
placed in the forest. It moves at 6 hexes while within forests.

Clay Golem 
Elemental:      Nil
Attacks:        Golem Punch
Special:        Golem Attributes
Comments:       High in defense, makes it a great blocker. But low
                AGI causes it to misses it's attack. Can't petrify,
                paralyzed, silent or poisoned. Note that when a Fog
                spell is being cast on it, it will be vulnerable.
Rune Cost:      45           Mana: 240
Movement:       3-3 (Heavy Type)
Upkeep:         24

The key weakness of Golem is its low hit rate. Overall, this unit is 
quite acceptable to be use. It has higher defensive stats compared to 
its attack which makes it a great defender. However, don't go nuts with

Elemental:      1 Red
Attacks:        Power Fist
Comments:       Great attacker. Could do a serious damage to 
                Enchantresses with a Power spell cast on it. Pretty weak
                hit rate. But it works against huge targets such as 
Rune Cost:      60           Mana: 280
Movement:       4-4 (Heavy Type)
Upkeep:         28

Giants is a great defender and attacker. However, levelling up Giants
really needs a Unicorn to support it till it becomes level 12+. But it
is quite a great unit in moving across mountainous terrains which 
Golems can't. 

Elemental:      1 White
Attacks:        Beak Attack
Comments:       High MOV range allows it to move fast and catches the
                escaping general. Decent attacking power but misses
                quite often against low lying creatures.
Rune Cost:      55           Mana: 300
Movement:       6-6 (High Sky Type)
Upkeep:         30

Nothing much too say. But if you want to level Gryhons up easily, look
for Hellhounds or Ghouls.

Elemental:      Nil
Attacks:        Tail Whip
Comments:       Use it to snipe up dying creatures, but beware of
                average hit rate. It has better hit rate compared to
Rune Cost:      60           Mana: 320
Movement:       7-7 (High Sky Type)
Upkeep:         32

Wyverns are fast movers. In fact, if you have a Rune Knight that could 
support 6 monsters. Place Wyverns in the last row. 

Elemental:      Nil
Attacks:        Solid Claw, may petrify enemy
Special:        Cry Bird, MPC: 60, 2 hex. [A]
Comments:       Best swooping monster. Moves fast and has a high rate
                of petrifying monsters. Cry Bird causes random 
                paralysis, but it also affect allies.
Rune Cost:      70           Mana: 380
Movement:       6-6 (High Sky Type)
Upkeep:         38

Even though it is a great sniper as its Solid Claw could cause 
petrifaction [enemy turns into stone], but its relative low Strength
stats as compared to Wyverns/Dragons makes it weaker as being compared 
to these units.

Elemental:      1 Red
Attacks:        Terrow Jaw
Special:        Acid Breath, MPC: 40, 3 hex.
Comments:       Obviously the BEST troop. A solid line of this could
                does massive amount of damage to enemies. Acid Breath
                does damage to those in range, but also affect allies
                that are within the range. There is a high rate of 
                being poisoned.
Rune Cost:      75           Mana: 420
Movement:       4-4 (Heavy Type)
Upkeep:         42

Acid Breath can be a devastating weapon. But even though it has a great
statistics, it is still quite weak against multiple enemies. Hence, have
a healing/backup unit to support it.

Elemental:      2 Blue
Attacks:        Freezing Spiral
Special:        Ice Breath, MPC: 45, 4 hex.
Skill:          Aqua Recovery 5%
Comments:       Treat it as the aquatic version of Dragons. it moves 
                slowly on land, but moves much faster on water. The
                4 hex. breath weapon could does huge amount on mages 
                with a Power spell being cast on it.
Rune Cost:      80           Mana: 460
Movement:       3-6 (Water Type)
Upkeep:         46

Hydras are slow moving units on land. They can move only with 3 hexes 
in forest areas whereas in water, they could move an astonishing range 
of six hex. These unit are deadly against the Dragons for its elemental
orb has 2:1 ratio over the Dragons.

Elemental:      2 Black
Attacks:        Evil Spike
Magic:          Venom, MPC: 45, 3 hex.
                Curse, MPC: 108, 2 hex.
Comments:       Average attacking power and high MOV range. High
                blasting magic. Venom may causes poison and Curse
                packs a punch.
Rune Cost:      85           Mana: 480
Movement:       5-5 (High Sky Type)
Upkeep:         48

Even though its HP is relative low in the early levels, it is still a
good attacker. Place in middle row of your units, so that it can still
cast Curse, which is deadly against Rune Knights. Once it has reached 
the Arch Angel status, you can place it in front row but it still 
requires a backup unit for its HP is still rather low.

Elemental:      1 White
Attacks:        Cross Strike
Magic:          Heal, MPC: 65, 3 hex.
                Divine Ray, MPC: 112, 2 hex.
Comments:       Good healing party and average attacker. Divine Ray
                can does a high damage of 130+ HP. But high Rune Costs
                and Mana makes it tough to choose.
Rune Cost:      85            Mana: 500
Movement:       5-5 (High Sky Type)
Upkeep:         50

Angels are like Bishops except it does not have Halo, Cure and Area Heal
spells. But it still packs a punch for its Divine Ray. But its high Rune
Cost will causes most people to use Unicorns as the preferred backup 
unit over the Angel.

- Secondary Monster Units Bestiary [Level 10+, **]

Once a particular monster have reached Level 10, it's time to change to
the secondary class [2 stars]. Firstly, choose Organize from the main
menu and then choose Class from the sub-menu and you should see an "UP"
and select it and you will be given the list, that a monster could 
change to. Note that you can only choose one. Secondary monsters has 
higher Rune Costs compared to primary monsters.

Elemental:    2 Black
Attacks:      Life Drain
Skill:        HP Recovery 5%
Comments:     Vampires are just better Ghouls with HP recovery. Life
              Drain not only causes damage, but as drains about 5% of
Rune Cost:    30             Requirements: Level 10 Ghoul
Movement:     4-6 (Land Type)
Upkeep:       12

A better ghoul with Life Drain [when it attacks, it get back some of
HP, ~5%.]. Just proceed on with a few more levels and it can become 
deadly Vampire Lords.

Death Needle
Elemental:    2 Red
Attacks:      Deadly Tail, may causes poison.
Comments:     Just a better Scorpion and higher attacking power. But
              unfortunately not much improvement on its HP.
Rune Cost:    35             Requirements: Level 10 G-Scorpion.
Movement:     4-6 (Slithering Type)
Upkeep:       22

No comments.

Elemental:    2 Blue
Attacks:      Wave Arch
Special:      Maelstorm, MPC: 40, 2 hex. [A]
Skill:        Aqua Recovery 5%
              Aqua Attack + 20%
Comments:     Maelstorm can only be used in water. Improved attacking
              power. However it is still better to used on marine
              battlefieds such as Lidney.
Rune Cost:    40             Requirements: Level 10 Merman
Movement:     3-7 (Water Type)
Upkeep:       33

Maelstorm can't be use on land! It is meant for aquatic use. But having
two blue elemental orbs, it can be as deadly as an Hydra against 
Dragons on aquatic battlefields. Maelstorm also damages allies that are
within the attack area. Hence, use it appropiately!

Elemental:    1 Black
Special:      Rotten Storm, MPC: 50, 3 hex.
Comments:     Improved attacking power and range. It's still can't
Rune Cost:    45             Requirements: Level 10 Jinn
Movement:     6-6 (Low Sky Type)
Upkeep:       28

Same as Jinn.

Elemental:    1 Blue
Attacks:      Aqua Storm, MPC: 50, 3 hex.
Comments:     Longer range and higher attacking power. It's still can't
Rune Cost:    45              Requirements: Level 10 Jinn
Movement:     6-6 (Low Sky Type)
Upkeep:       28

Same as Jinn.

Elementals:   1 Red
Special:      Fire Storm, MPC: 50, 3 hex.
Weak:         Longer range and improved attacking power. Still can't
Rune Cost:    45             Requirements: Level 10 Jinn
Movement:     6-6 (Low Sky Type)
Upkeep:       28

Same as Jinn.

Elemental:   1 White
Special:     Ray Storm, MPC: 50, 3 hex.
Comments:    Longer range and improved attacking power. Still can't
Rune Cost:   45              Requirements: Level 10 Jinn
Movement:    6-6 (Low Sky Type)
Upkeep:      28

Same as Jinn.

Elemental:   2 Green
Attacks:     Magic Stick
             Leave me be! [C]
Magic:       Protect, MPC: 60, 4 hex.
             Paralyze, MPC: 77, 3 hex.
             React, MPC: 126, 2 hex.
             Silent, MPC: 50, 4 hex.
Comments:    Slight improvement in attacking power. Has accquired more
             spells. React is useful and Paralyze could give them an
             edge in combat.
Rune Cost:   45               Requirements: Level 10 Pixie
Movement:    6-6 (Low Sky Type)
Upkeep:      28

It's Magic Stick can occassionally causes Charm. Upon criticals, its'
Leave me be! attack can does high damage as much as 100 compared to its
regular 20. Fairies are strong units for its React spell, but it can't 
be cast on oneself. LV 18 Fairies can cast React for two turns.

Lizard Guard
Elemental:   2 Blue
Attack:      Guard Axe
Special:     Poison Breath, MPC: 30, 2 hex.
Comments:    Has very high hit rate, seems almost perfect. Average
             attacking power and Poison Breath also causes poison.
Rune Cost:   45              Requirements: Level 10 Lizard Man.
Movement:    5-5 (Shoal Type)
Upkeep:      32

An excellent hit rate. It can be placed as a frontline unit upon 
reaching level 14. Use Life Potions to upgrade its HP or have backup
healing units.

Elemental:   2 Black
Attacks:     Ruin Fang
Special:     Inferno, MPC: 45, 3 hex.
Skills:      Hit and Away
Comments:    Improved breath weapon and high attacking power.
Rune Cost:   50              Requirements: Level 10 Hellhound
Movement:    5-8 (Land Type)
Upkeep:      36

Fast moving monster and has the highest movement range of 8! Inferno is
deadly as it works like the Acid Breath. Inferno can't be used after 

High Centaur
Elemental:   2 Green
Attacks:     Killer Shot, 3 hex.
Comments:    Basically, a better Centaur with improved range and good
             attacking power. A solid line of these will result in a
             massive amount of damage to foes.
Rune Cost:   50              Requirements: Level 10 Centaur
Movement:    7-7 (Horse Type)
Upkeep:      32

You can't finished the game without this. When teamed up with Archers, 
they are extremely deadly. Upon level 14+, its attacks can average up
to 120+!

Man Eater
Elemental:   2 Green
Attacks:     Tentacle Beat, may paralyzed opponent
Special:     Spine Missile, 3 hex. 
Comments:    A beefed up Mandrake plus a long range attacks. Spine 
             Missile can not be used after movement.
Rune Cost:   50              Requirements: Level 10 Mandrake.
Movement:    3-7 (Forest Type)
Upkeep:      36 

If you defending mountainous-terrain battlefields such as Dilworth, Man
Eaters will be a perfect choice. It's Spine Missile has a 3 hex range,
but it can't be use after movement. Astonishing high HP compared to 
other units. 

Elemental:   2 White
Attacks:     Diving Horn
             Back Kick [C]
Magic:       Heal, MPC: 65, 3 hex.
             Cure, MPC: 54, 4 hex.
             Halo, MPC: 88, 4 hex.
Comments:    A Unicorn with wings plus the Halo Spell. Back Kick will
             moves an opponent 1 hex. away. An ideal heal support.
Rune Cost:   55               Requirement: Level 10 Unicorn,
                                           Level 20 Nightmare
Movement:    6-6 (High Sky Type)
Upkeep:      38

Pegasus has a Halo spell and has better movement range compared to 
Unicorns. It allows it to move freely even on mountainous regions and
water terrains.

Elemental:  2 Black
Attacks:    Calamity Horn
            Back Kick [C]
Magic:      Dimension, MPC: 83, 4 hex.
            Weakness, MPC: 66, 4 hex.
Comments:   A unicorn with no healing spells. Dimension can move away
            key monsters such as Unicorns and Angels. Average attacking
            power. Use Weakness on your foe before start attacking.
Rune Cost:  55                Requirements: Level 10 Unicorn
Movement:   7-7 (Horse Type)
Upkeep:     38

Nightmares can be somewhat useful in defense. It allows you to move away
key units such as Dragons so that you can focus on the Rune Knights. But
the Dimension spells does not work quite well at most times.

Stone Golem
Elemental:  Nil
Attacks:    Stone Punch
            Stone Throw, 2 hex.
Skill:      Golem Attributes
Comments:   Just a better Golem with higher defence and has a long 
            range based weapon, but low hit rate.
Rune Cost:  70               Requirements: Level 10 Clay Golem.
Movement:   4-4 (Heavy Type)
Upkeep:     38

Same as Golem, but don't use Stone Throw, unless it's on other Golems.

Elemental:  1 White, 1 Red
Attacks:    Hyper Fist
Comments:   Just a better Giant with improved attacking power, but it
            has a low movement range. When a Power spell is cast on 
            these guys, they can do a massive amount of damage.
Rune Cost:  75               Requirements: Level 10 Giant
Movement:   4-4 (Heavy Type)
Upkeep:     48

Titans are great killers on Sorceress and Witch class. It's Hyper Fist
can does an average 140+ even though it is just level 10 on a Sorceress.

Elemental:  1 Black, 1 Red
Attacks:    Heavy Fist
Comments:   Slow movement, but high attacking power. With a Power spell
            cast on these guys, they can do a massive amount of damage.
Rune Cost:  75               Requirements: Level 10 Giant.
Movement:   4-4 (Heavy Type)
Upkeep:     48

If you want Meteor Doom, pick this unit and get the Wisdom Seed to 
convert it into a Loki. But it must reach level 19 [based on which 
Giants that you have summoned from], so that it has at least 255 MP.

Elemental:  Nil
Attacks:    Tail Chain
Special:    Dragon Roar, MPC: 25, 1 hex [A]
Comments:   A better Wyvern with higher attacking power. Dragon Roar
            affects both allies and enemies within the range [it reduce
            1/6 of total HP]
Rune Cost:  80                Requirements: Level 10 Wyvern
Movement:   7-7 (High Sky Type)
Upkeep:     50

Dragon Roar is deadly against high HP enemies. Use it wisely. But Couatl
seems to have better hit rate than Wyverns. Couatl has the great 
movement range as its prequisite!

Holy Griffin
Elemental:  2 White
Attacks:    Beak Clash
            Feather Storm, 2 hex.
Comments:   A better Gryhon with a long range attack. Feather Storm can
            not be used after movement. A decent attacker.
Rune Cost:  80               Requirements: Level 10 Gryhon.
Movement:   6-6 (High Sky Type)
Upkeep:     48

Holy Griffins can killed Berserkers! Holy Griffons have a two white 
elemental orb. It's Feather Storm can be used within 2 hex or 1 hex, 
just Man-Eater's Spine Missile, but can't be used after movement.

Elemental:  3 Red
Attacks:    Fire Claw
Special:    Heal Voice, MPC: 80, 2 hex.
Skill:      HP Recovery 10%
Comments:   The toughest secondary class monster. It has a 10% HP
            recovery plus a decent attacking power. Heal Voice is 
            useful, just like the Area Heal, but beware enemies 
            whom is within the region also gets healed too.
Rune Cost:  90               Requirements: Level 10 Roc
Movement:   6-6 (High Sky Type)
Upkeep:     58

When attacking a Phoenix, attack in groups as when it's HP is low, it 
will use its Heal Voice. But it is still deadly as its three red-
elemental orbs can allows it to eliminate any blue elemental units. The
downside of the Phoenix from the Roc is that it's Fire Claw can't cause

Red Dragon
Elemental:  2 Red
Attacks:    Burning Jaw
Specials:   Fire Breath, MPC: 45, 4 hex.
Comments:   An improved Dragon with longer breath weapon and increased
            attacking power. A walking powerful machine. Pick this as 
            it can be promoted to rocking Salamander.
Rune Cost:  95               Requirements: Level 10 Dragon
Movement:   5-5 (Heavy Type)
Upkeep:     64

If most of your Rune Knights are low in Rune Power, I would recommend 
that you choosen the Red Dragon. It is just as powerful as the White 
Dragon and it does more damage to a Hydra as being compred to a White
Dragon. But it does not fly which makes slow moving on water 
battlefields. It's Fire Breath is deadly for a 4 hex range. Save it when
the entire army is being surrounded.

White Dragon
Elemental:  1 White, 1 Red
Attacks:    Lightning Fang
Special:    Energy Bolt, MPC: 45, 4 hex.
Comments:   A flying Dragon with improved movement, attacking power and
            extended breath weapon. More expensive compared to Red
            Dragon. 5 Rune Power seems to make it worth it for its 
            flight ability. Flight is pretty important for water 
            battlefields such as Lidney.
Rune Cost:  100               Requirements: Level 10 Dragon
Movement:   5-5 (High Sky Type)
Upkeep:     64

The White Dragon has only one advantage over the Red Dragon and that's 
its flight ability. Flight can be important as it allows an unit to 
escape when it's being surrounded. But for its elemental orb, it is 
still quite weak, especially against the Tiamats. It's Energy Bolt is
deadly against most enemies.

Arch Demon
Elemental:  3 Black
Attacks:    Crime Spike
Magic:      Venom, MPC: 45, 3 hex.
            Curse, MPC: 108, 2 hex.
            Weakness, MPC: 66, 4 hex.
            Dimension, MPC: 83, 4 hex.
Comments:   A better Demon with two more spells. High attacking power
            makes it a better attacker in combat.
Rune Cost:  105               Requirements: Level 10 Demon
Movement:   6-6 (High Sky Type)
Upkeep:     72

Arch Demon has an average attacking power but it is still deadly as 
ever. With additonal spells such as Weakness and Dimension to boost,
it's still as deadly as ever. It's Dimension spell allows you to
teleport enemy unit away from your army, hence you can focus on the
Rune Knights. Not forgetting its ability to cast Curse, a very deadly

Elemental:  2 Blue, 1 Black
Attacks:    Ruinous Spiral
Special:    Death Breath, MPC: 50, 5 hex.
Comments:   A better Hydra. High HP makes it a tough one on both land 
            and sea battles. Plus it has 5 hex. breath weapon, which is
            also a killer weapon too.
Rune Cost:  110              Requirements: Level 10 Hydra
Movement:   3-7 (Water Type)
Upkeep:     70

The final form of Hydras. Extremely high HP and it has the second 
highest HP unit [the unit with most HP will be the Man-Eater]. The only
disadvantage over Dragons is its slow movement. Hence try to move it as
fast as possible.

Arch Angel
Elemental:  3 White
Attacks:    Cross Blitz
Magic:      Heal, MPC: 65, 3 hex.
            Halo, MPC: 88, 4 hex.
            Divine Ray, MPC: 112, 2 hex.
            Holy Word, MPC: 183, 4 hex.
Comments:   Rather expensive, but more affective as it has more spells
            such as Holy Word and Halo.
Rune Cost:  105              Requirements: Level 10 Angel.
Movement:   5-5 (High Sky Type)
Upkeep:     74

Arch Angel has the best white magic, Holy Word. This is the key word for
making Leonia into one of the strongest army. But it's Holy Word does 
not does that much damage as compared to Divine Ray. But it's a pity for
it does has a crucial white magic, Cure. This factor can eliminated by
equip the Rune Knights with Tailsman.

- Final Class Monsters [Level 20+] (***)

Please note that the following units are stronger than any of your 
character-type units [unless you uses gameshark.] These units requires 
intensive training. Just reach LV 20 or 30 and you will be able to 
switch to this class. Some of the units required special items such as
Wisdom seed, etc.

Vampire Lord
Elemental:    3 Black
Attacks:      Life Drain
Special:      Bat Attack, MPC: 50, 2 hex.
Skill:        HP Recovery 10%
Magic:        Weakness, MPC: 66, 4 hex.
              Necro Rebirth, MPC: 97, 1 hex.
Comments:     The easiest to get among all Final Class monsters. 10%
              HP Recovery make them a tough unit, plus they have
              Necro Rebirth
Rune Cost:    70             Requirements: Level 20 Vampire
Movement:     6-6 (Low Sky Type)
Upkeep:       42

This is a reward for Brigandine players, who managed to carry up their
Vampire units up to the Vampire Lord status. The Vampire Lords have one 
of most deadly spells, Necro Rebirth. It has a 2 hex weapon, The Bat 
Attack, which requires MP. It's Life Drain does damage and brings back 
HP. It's Necro Rebirth can revive dead monsters in that battle. But you 
can't use the "revived monsters" for the next battle.

Elementak:    3 Blue
Attacks:      Flood Arch
Special:      Mael Storm, MPC: 50, 3 hex. [A]
Skills:       Aqua Recovery 10%
              Aqua Attack 20%
Comments:     Not much to say as Tritons are rarely used. Mael Storm
              can only be used with water!
Rune Cost:    55             Requirements: Level 20 Triton
Movement:     4-8
Upkeep:       44

After staying up for a night to upgrading the Triton, I managed to get 
this unit. This unit looks cool as it is gold in colour. It has a long
hex-area based Mael Storm [but it still damages the enemy that is 
within its range.]

Bronze Golem
Elemental:    Nil
Attacks:      Bronze Punch
              Rock Throw, 3 hex.
Skill:        Golem Attributes
Comments:     Basically a better Golem. Longer Rock Throw makes it a
              better attack, but still has crappy hit rate with the
              Rock Throw.
Rune Cost:    85             Requirements: Level 20 Stone Golem
Movement:     4-4 (Heavy Type)
Upkeep:       52

Bronze Golems are deadly when they managed to hit their enemy. It's 
Rock Throw can does a hefty damage of 200+ on a low defense unit. Magic
does not work well on Golem as they have 0 INT.

Elemental:    2 White, 1 red
Attacks:      Mjolnir
Special:      Thor Hammer, MPC: 120, 3 hex.
Comments:     A very powerful attacking warrior with a new outfit. 
              Thor Hammer gives this guy an edge to combat. At the level
              13, Thor can already uses two Thor Hammers..
Rune Cost:    95              Requirements: Rage Lightning + Titan
Movement:     4-4 (Heavy Type)
Upkeep:       66

Thors are strong! Their Thor Hammer does damage to all including your
own party members! But it's Mjolnir can wallop off an enemy...

Elemental:    2 Black, 1 red
Attacks:      Megaton
Magic:        Dimension, MPC: 88, 4 hex.
              Meteor Doom, MPC: 255, 3 hex. [2 hex. A]
Comments:     Similar to the Titan, but has Meteor Doom. Reach until 
              Level 18 so that Meteor Doom can be used or use Magic
Rune Cost:    95              Requirements: Wisdom Seed + Gigas
Movement:     5-5 (Heavy Type)
Upkeep:       66

This is one of most dangerous units that is very damaging. It has the
most deadly spell, Meteor Doom. It is not necessary that you need to
upgrade it to Lv 18 -Lv 19 in order to use Meteor Doom, as you can make 
use of Magic Potion to upgrade its MP.

Elemental:    3 Red
Attacks:      Burning Fang
Special:      Grand Flame, MPC: 55, 5 hex.
              Dragon Roar, MPC: 25, 1 hex. [A]
Comments:     A very powerful monster. Grand Flame can does damage up
              to 200+ and can have Enchantresses for breadfast!
Rune Cost:    110              Requirements: Level 20 Red Dragon
Movement:     5-5 (High Sky Type)
Upkeep:       86

This monster is one of the most deadly units, partly due to its high
strength stats. It's Grand Flame is considered to be the most blasting
breath weapon. Dragon Roar removes 1/6 of the units' current HP [that's 
within the attack area and it also includes your own units.]

Elemental:    2 White, 1 Red
Attacks:      Lustral Fang
Magic         Photon, MPC: 55, 5 hex.
              Dragon Roar, MPC: 25, 1 hex.
Comments:     Very powerful and destructive and seems stand at pace
              with the Tiamats. High destructive attacking power.
Rune Cost:    115           Requirements: Level 10 White Dragon.
Movement:     5-5 (High Sky Type)
Upkeep:       86

I myself like the Fafnir over the Salmander. It is gold in colour and 
is very powerful. It's Photon has a 5 hex range, which is similar to
the Salmander's Grand Flame. Dragon Roar removes 1/6 of the unit's 
current HP (that's within the attack area and it also includes your
own units]

Elemental:   Nil
Attacks:     Final Fang
Special:     Final Breath, MPC: 55, 5 hex.
             Dragon Roar, MPC: 25, 1 hex. [A]
Comments:    Has higher MOV range compared to Salamander. Very 
             destructive when a Power spell is being cast on it.
Rune Cost:   115            Requirements: Level 20 Couatl
Movement:    6-6 (High Sky Type)
Upkeep:      76

The advantage between Bahamuts and Salmanders/Fafnirs is the speed. They
have higher movement range and it allows them to reach enemies that are
run away. Since the Bahamut has no elemental orbs, it is considerable to
get one, even though it's a bit weaker compared to the Salmanders/

Elemental:    3 Black
Attacks:      Dark Pleasure
              Death Lip [C]
              Nasty Needle, 2 hex.
Magic:        Venom, MPC: 45, 3 hex.
              Meteor Doom, MPC: 255, 3 hex. [2 hex, A]
              Curse, MPC: 108, 2 hex.
              Necro Rebirth, MPC: 97, 1 hex.
              Dimension, MPC: 83, 4 hex.
              Weakness, MPC: 66, 4 hex.
Comments:     It has the whole load of Black Magic. It has also 
              acquired the Meteor Doom, the mostly deadly black magic
              The only problem is that it practically takes rather a
              long time for an Arch Angel to advance this far. Nastly 
              Needle can used after movement
Rune Cost:    115           Requirements: Level 20 Arch Demon
Movement:     6-6 (High Sky Type)
Upkeep:       96

It is very difficult to get this unit. But I found a method to nab easy
Satans. Just get another unit to cast Halo [Bishop/Cardinal/Queen/
Lector/Cleric] and have the Demon kill the dying monster. But it will
be more appropiate to use this method on training Rune Knights such as
Lyoneese and Lance. [Like what I have say earlier on, they are easy prey
for levelling up..]

Elemental:    3 White
Attacks:      Punish Rise
              Nemesis [C]
              Light Feather, 2 hex.
Magic:        Heal, MPC: 65, 3 hex.
              Area Heal, MPC: 147, 2 hex. [A]
              Cure, MPC: 54, 4 hex.
              Halo, MPC: 88, 4 hex.
              Holy Word, MPC: 183, 4 hex.
              Divin Ray, MPC: 112, 2 hex.
Comments:     A very good healing party. This unit has accquired the
              a whole load of White Magic, plus a two hex useable
              attack [after movement]
Rune Cost:    120           Requirements: Level 20 Arch Angel
Movement:     6-6 (High Sky Type)
Upkeep:       98

On the other hand, Arch Angels are much easier to level up. This is
partly due to their magic. As you heal an injured unit, you will get a
fair amount of exp. Plus it's Holy Word can hit enemies that is as far 
as 4 hex away. 

Elemental:    1 White, 1 Black, 1 Blue
Attacks:      Dark Ecstasy
              Lilith Kiss [c], may messerises opponent.
              Chaos Needle, 2 hex.
Magic:        Heal, MPC: 65, 3 hex.
              Divine Ray, MPC: 112, 2 hex.
              Venom, MPC: 54, 3 hex.
              Meteor Doom, MPC: 255, 3 hex. [2 hex A]
              Curse, MPC: 108, 2 hex.
              Dimension, MPC: 83, 4 hex.
              Weakness, MPC: 68, 4 hex.
              Necro Rebirth, MPC: 97, 1 hex.
              Frost, MPC: 68, 3 hex.
              Charm, MPC: 110, 2 hex.
Comments:     Wow! This is great. With a whole of magic, this unit 
              can be use as a defensive unit or attacking force.
              Needed to get Liquor of Charm.
Rune Power:   120                   Requirements: Satan + Liquor of
Movement:     6-6 (High Sky Type)
Upkeep:       120

I managed get one while playing as Iscalio. It is deadly as it can charm
units with it's critcial attack. It is much better than Satan as it got
Heal, Charm and Frost.

Elemental:    1 White, 1 Red, 1 Black
Attacks:      Fallen Shine
              Shalom [C]
              Chaos Feather, 2 hex.
Magic:        Heal, MPC: 65, 3 hex.
              Area Heal, MPC: 147, 2 hex. [A]
              Cure, MPC: 54, 4 hex.
              Halo, MPC: 88, 4 hex.
              Divine Ray, MPC: 112, 2 hex.
              Holy Word, MPC: 183, 4 hex. [A]
              Meteor Doom, MPC: 255, 3 hex [A-2 hex]
              Dimension, MPC: 83, 4 hex.
              Flame, MPC: 68, 3 hex.
              Power, MPC: 62, 4 hex.
Comments:     Has Meteor Doom, Holy Word and Area Heal. Great, but
              it also consume time for an Angel to reach so far.
Rune Cost:    125              Requirements: Seraph + Fruit of Vice.
Movement:     6-6 (High Sky Type)
Upkeep:       122

The unit has the highest upkeep cost. It is a great unit as it can be 
an effective backup and attack unit. It also owns the Power and Flame 
spells which are deadly attacking magic. 

Elemental:   Nil
Attacks:     Mega Punch
             Rock Throw, 4 hex.
Comments:    This unit is deadly as it does tons of damage to a
             single foe. The 4 hex Rock Throw may be deadly, but it
             still has quite a crappy hit rate.             
Rune Cost:   90               Requirements: Level 30 Bronze Golem
Movement:    4-4 (Heavy Type)
Upkeep:      66

It takes me to use this unit for just one battle. In fact, I managed 
to use for New Almekia against Caerleon for that one last battle, 
otherwise Snake of Chaos will occur... It's hit rate is much better and
it does an astonishing damage of 200+ per hit! You can use this unit
early in the game, unless you managed to nab that Bronze Golem from 

VIII.The Ruler's Walkthrough

These are just the basic guidlines for a ruler. I have also included a
list of data about the castles. There is a list of Rune Knights and the 
Rune Knights breakdown under each walkthrough. 

I have added the list of sequences that occured when Rune Knights are being place in
the same castle. Some of sequences (which are marked with '*') are not necessary to
meet up with the requirements as they just occur in time.

- Vaynard:     Norgard's Walkthrough

This kingdom is situated in the north continent. The ruler, Vaynard
begins with several good generals such as Guinglain, Yvain, Palomides
and Brangien. This country has a powerful troop of dragons, therefore
it is not a good one to mess with. The only problem with this country
is that you may have trouble in defend your domain as there are a total 
of four castles to defend.

Country Sequences
Rune Knights               Description
Vaynard, Guinglain         Vaynard is having a short chit-chat with 
                           Guinglain that Guinglain will make a better
                           king than him, but Guinglain says it is much
                           more fun to be an advisor as it allows them
                           to control the lords to do what they want...
Guinglain, Noie            Noie is actually ill and she intends to fight
                           until Vaynard has successfully unify the 
Vaynard, Noie              Noie is standing outside the castle and 
                           Vaynard wishes to know more about her past.
                           Vaynard says that he wishes to hear Noie sing
                           once he has unify the continent.
Zerafin, Kirkmond          Zerafin is drinking at the bar and he is 
                           rather upset as Vaynard ignores him... 
Guinglain, Faticia         Faticia is singing and Guinglain comes and
                           interrupted her. Guinglain hands her a letter
                           Faticia thoughts that it is a love letter,
                           but it is actually a document on mana. After
                           reading this, Mana increases by 5.
Roadbull and Elaine        They were discussing on Vaynard's capability
                           to unify the continent. Roadbull gets 
                           attributes bonus and Elaine becomes a better
Yvain, Palomides*          Palomides seems a bit restless and has not
                           being paying attention to the meetings...
Vaynard, Brangien*         Brangien is upset as she is not a man [as she
                           can't succeed to the throne of Norgard]. She
                           fights off with Vaynard in a battle. Cling...

Okay, here is the character's list in their respective castles at the
Name of Castle          Name of Leader          Occupation
Flogeru                 Vaynard                 Lord
                        Brangien                Archer
Senadon                 --                      --
Kardiff                 --                      --
Humber                  Noie                    Cleric
                        Kirkmond                Sorcerer
                        Dillard                 Grappler
Jukes                   Guinglain               Cavalier
                        Yvain                   Cavalier
                        Palomides               Berserker
Listinoise              Roadbull                Bishop
                        Elaine                  Enchantress
Alliryme                Zerafin                 Mage
                        Faticia                 Lancer
                        Ector                   Fighter

C A S T L E S   O F    N O R G A R D

Name of Castle:    Alliryme        Income: 225
Summon List:       Jinn, Unicorn, Clay Golem, Dragon
Status:            Prevent New Almekia's invasions from Gorule.

Name of Castle:    Kardiff         Income: 196
Summon List:       Ghoul, Giant, Wyvern.
Status:            An important castle. In hot soup, if this castle is
                   occupied by an enemy. 5-castle path.

Name of Castle:    Senadon         Income: 234
Summon List:       G-Scorpion, Centaur, Unicorn, Roc
Status:            Another key castle in the northern terrain. 4-castle

Name of Castle:    Flogeru         Income: 439
Summon List:       G-Scorpion, Jinn, Lizard Man, Hellhound, Giant, 
                   Wyvern, Dragon
Status:            Captial of Norgard. Valuble for northern conquests.

Name of Castle:    Listinoise      Income: 231
Summon List:       Ghoul, Hellhound, Roc, Demon
Status:            Choke point for Norgard, prvent Esgares' invasion
                   through Orkney.

Name of Castle:    Jukes           Income: 216
Summon List:       Pixie, Lizard Man, Gryhon, Dragon
Status:            This castle is separated from Lidney by a bridge.

Name of Castle:    Humber          Income: 207
Summon List:       G-Scorpion, Merman, Hellhound, Hydra.
Status:            This castle prevents invasions from Leonia.

Firstly, move your Rune Knights/leaders around the castles located at 
the borders, so that there are at least 3 Rune Knights guard a castle 
that are located at the borders. Defend your borders well and attack 
them slowly, about one at the time. At 215, 3rd month, Vaynard will head 
to Leonia and engage war with Leonia. After your first victory, Luintail 
will join you. [If you attack Esgares first, you can get Schutlesis to 
join you] Attack New Almekia until you reach Camelford. Morholt will 
join you at about 4th month of 215 [provided you have two victories], if 
you are lucky enough, you will get Schutlesis to join your party. Now 
Attack Leonia, which is the "weakest" country in the game, keep on 
attacking just sending your best knights and you will be able to finish 
Leonia in a year. Station a decent force at Hadrian. Do some quests and 
hopefully can get more Rune Knights. Attack Lidney with marine force 
such as Hydras [Lidney has a high income of 300!] and this will greatly 
weaken Esgares. Attack Orkney to create more trouble. Now concentrate 
on finishing New Almekia. Take the castle of Camelford and advance to 
other cities until you reach BaydonHill. Now with enough manpower, 
advance on your attacks on Esgares. Hopefully that it is greatly weaken 
by other countries. Dealt the finishing blow and you be able to finish 
Esgares in a year of so. Now concentrate on quests, getting ex-Esgares 
Knights to your terrain. Soleil will join you if Schutlesis is on your 
side. Now advance your attacks on Iscalio and move with same party that 
have defeat Leonia, if not consider send in more reinforcements and 
finished off Iscalio. At last, down to the last country, Caerleon. 
Advance your attacks on Squests with marine force and from Asten, 
advance towards Hervey and capture Linnuis and Baynock. Caerleon will 
be greatly weaken as Kail is the lowest income castle in their country. 
Now dealt the finishing blow and you have succeeded in unify the entire 

Tips in using Norgard:
- Keep on train your Rune Knights, they are just a few levels away from
  achieving the final class. Examples are Guinglain, Palomides, Yvain
  and Roadbull.
- Defend your border castles well. Try to take down the key castles such 
  as Orkney, Lidney, Damas and Camelford. This will weaken your enemy.
  For Lidney, send marine troops for easy battles, otherwise you have 
  problem in attacking the enemy.
- Leonia are weak against black elemental monsters, hence have 
  Palomides/Luintail, Morholt and Zerafin [switch to Priest class] to
  attack them. Send other three Rune Knights to support them.
- Launch an attack at Esgares first [Orkney or Lidney], so that you can
  get Schutlesis to join your army and Soleil after you have defeated
- Have Roadbull to aid one of teams that guarding the border castles [
  Jukes and Listinoise]. You really need a Bishop.

R U N E   K N I G H T S   O F   N O R G A R D 

Norgard's Rune Knight Analysis
Almost all the Rune Knights have high Rune Power, which makes Norgard an
easy country to use. Vaynard can get an awesome Rune Power of 400+, once
you get to Level 30. Norgard has a great mixture of Rune Knights. But 
keep your lord from red elemental countries such as Iscalio or Esgares 
unless you get to Level 22+.

Vaynard    [leader]
Level 18 Lord, Rune Power: 332. Age: 21
Equipment: n/a

A warrior who wields a halberd. He is known as the "White Wolf". He has 
the second best Rune Power after Zemeckis in the beginning of the game. 
His sister, Esmeree is being send to Almekia when Almekia once defeated 
Norgard. He seems to be on bad terms with all the leaders of other
Level 17 Cavalier, EXPERT, Rune Power: 294. Age 23 
Equipment: Answeller

A minister who helps Vaynard as a strategy. He is also a good friend of 
Vaynard. Just gain 3 more levels and he will reach the Paladin class. He 
is also known as the "Silver Knight". You need to gain an additional 
level after attaining Paladin so that he can uses Holy Word.
Level 10 Archer, Rune Power: 257. Age: 17
Equipment: Heaven Bow. 

I guessed she's the only Archer that possess the chance to get to the 
Artemis class. BTW, she is the daughter of King Dormeditt, but she can't 
be the successor to the throne of Norgard as she is a girl. She seems
to be jealous of Vaynard...
Level 2 Cleric, Rune Power: 201. Age: 18
Equipment: Madonna's Rod.

She is said to be a genius in the field of music. Even facing death due
to her illness, she still fights for the sake of Vaynard. She has very
high Rune Power for low levels. Just need another 4 additonal levels to 
reach EXPERT in Cleric.
Level 12 Sorcerer, Rune Power: 191. Age 34.
Equipment: n/a

He is one of Rune Knights that I have reached level 20. Just 3 stars to 
reach EXPERT! in Sorcerer. You can get to the Wizard Class easily.

Level 10 Grappler, Rune Power: 180. Age: 25
Equipment: n/a

Just requires 5 stars to reach EXPERT! in Grappler. Dillard is one of 
the Rune Knights are being hired by Vaynard after Vaynard have succeeded 
to the throne.

Level 7 Mage, Rune Power: 175. Age: 35 
Equipment: n/a 

Just requires 3 more levels to reach secondary class [Sorcerer/Druid].
He is very upset as Norgard has lost to Almekia where he witness the
death of the late king in the battle at Lidney.

Level 10 Lancer, Rune Power: 164. Age: 22
Equipment: n/a

One of the key weakness for Faticia is her low Rune Power. Equip her 
with a Solomon's Ring/Bell of Comfort/ Rune Armband to support her. She
is quite a good fighter and it seems to me that she is secretly in love
with Guinglain...

Level 5 Fighter, Rune Power: 161. Age: 16 
Equipment: n/a

Just a star is required to reach EXPERT! in Fighter Class and 5 levels 
to secondary classes [Berserker/Cavalier/Samurai]. I would recommend 
you to send him for quests.

Level 14 Bishop, Rune Power: 247. Age: 49 
Equipment: n/a

Just a star is required to reach EXPERT! in Bishop. High chance of 
getting to Cardinal Class. He has a daughter called Elaine, and he has
doubts about Vaynard's ability.

Level 1 Enchantress. Rune Power: 151. Age: 16
Equipment: n/a

Need to gain more experience points! Better off by sending her for 
quests. But she is rather easy to level up. She is the daughter of 

Level 13 Cavalier. Rune Power: 231. Age: 22
Equipment: Large Shield

Just required 2 stars to reach EXPERT! in Cavalier. At the level of 13,
he has a considerable high Rune Power. I managed to get him to the 
Paladin Class, but it is already quite late in the game. He seems to be 
the only one who understands Brangien...

Level 13 Berserker. Rune Power: 211. 
Equipment: n/a

Just 2 stars to reach EXPERT! In Berserker status. Palomides has one 
strong point and that is his high HP. He is a good friend of Yvain.

Level 16 Druid. Rune Power: 205. Age: 34
Equipment: n/a
Requirements to recruit: Win 2 battles.

Just 4 levels to reach the Necromancer class. Morholt is a former 
Almekian Knight and he joins Norgard as he believes Norgard can put an
end for the war. He does not join New Almekia as he thinks Lance is not
ambitious enough...

Level 17 Berserker. Rune Power: 225. Age: 41
Equipment: n/a
Requirements to recruit: Win the first battle.

Requires an additonal 3 levels to reach the Avenger class. Luintail left
Norgard as he formerly believes that Vaynard will not be a good lord, 
but seeing Norgard won the first battle, he decides to join Norgard.

- Lance:       New Almekia Walkthrough

This is probably the best country to start with and you will be going
to have an easy time. Lance may be just a Level 1 Prince, but he reach
support from several powerful knights such as Gereint, Coel, Meleagant
and Halley. Lance may be weak, but in no time, you should be able to 
see the real power of Lance. He will become King with the addition of
his original magic spells plus the Geno-Flame. Lance is really strong 
once he reach level 20+.

Country Sequences
Rune Knights               Description
Lance, Carlota             Lance and Gereint quarrels... Carlota tries 
                           to cheer him up.
Adilicia, Aphelia          It's about sewing a button...
Lance, Glauze              Glauze is surprised seeing Lance in battle 
                           [he thoughts that people from the royal
                           Almekia country are pampered.] He would like
                           to protect his lord from harm. If you bring
                           Glauze for a battle, you will see a battle
Meleagant, Brusom          Jealousy...
** I think there is a few more...

Well let's proceed to the list of Rune Knights and the castles they are
originally at.

Name of Castle          Name of Leader          Occupation

Calmary                 Lance                   Prince
                        Gereint                 Samurai
                        Coel                    Bishop
                        Meleagant               Avenger
                        Carlota                 Enchantress
Phazard                 Loufal                  Fighter
Camelford               Adilicia                Lancer
                        Batercus                Grappler
                        Brusom                  Samurai
Gorule                  Gilsus                  Sorcerer
                        Aphelia                 Cleric
                        Liguel                  Scout
BaydonHill              --                      --

C A S T L E S    O F     N E W    A L M E K I A

Name of Castle:   Gorule      Income:     209
Summon List:      Pixie, Merman, Clay Golem, Wyvern
Status:           Prevent Norgard invasions through castle Alliyrme

Name of Castles:  Camelford   Income:     289
Summon List:      Jinn, Mandrake, Gryhon, Angel
Status:           A key castle, defend it well as it prevents attacks
                  from the Esgares Empire through castles Eorsia and

Name of Castle:   Calmary     Income:     405
Summon List:      G-Scorpion, Jinn, Centaur, Unicorn, Clay Golem, 
                  Gryhon, Dragon
Status:           High income and former captial of Padstow.

Name of Castle:   Phazard     Income:     200
Summon List:      Ghoul, Merman, Giant, Hydra.
Status:           A castle that is located at the east of Calmary

Name of Castle:   BaydonHill  Income:     239
Summon List:      Ghoul, Merman, Giant, Hydra
Status:           A castle that leads to Squest of Caerleon.

Defending this country is extremely easy as you can seal off your 
terrain with two castles, Camelford and Gorule. Set a decent troop at 
Camelford so that you can prevent any enemy invasion through Orkney or 
Eorsia. Start out by attacking Alliyrme and Kardiff. After the first 
month, Cai on the behalf of Caerleon will form an alliance. Now with 
sufficient support, launch repetitive attacks on Esgares. Intial 
assaults on Cador may be tough but do give up. As Coel says that whether 
he is should pay a visit to Officer Glauze, sent him for quest and this 
will recruit Glauze to your side. On the 9th month of 215, the lady who 
had saved both Lance and Gereint, will come and meet Prince Lance. She 
is searching for Bulnoil, the magician who is responsible for all the 
chaos caused on the continent. During the first month of 216, Alsace 
will join Lance. Now start to attack Norgard, take Flogeru, an ideal 
castle for ruling the north continent. Then about somewhere around this 
year, Halley will join you. Now dealt the finishing blow on Norgard and 
this should be no problem. With Halley in your party, attack on Esgares 
[which is should be greatly weaken by Iscalio, Caerleon and Norgard]. 
This may take up to the maximum of 3 years. Now you will held the 
coronation at Logres and Prince Lance will be promoted to King and he 
will gain Geno-Flame. Now attack on Leonia, just send Meleagant, Gereint 
and a Mage will do the trick. Attack and dealt the finishing blow. 
Caerleon should be intensively with war against Iscalio and should be 
able to finish Iscalio in a year or so. At last, victory is yours. Note: 
You may need to occupied Logres.

Under ANY circumstances, do NOT attack CAERLEON. If you did so, you 
will introduce a strong foe, Cai and ths Knight Master, Dinadan. This
will make life tough as you have to guard more castles and so don't
ever try to fight Caerleon!

Tips in using New Almekia
- Lance is pretty weak early in the game, hence sent him along with a
  couple of good leaders. Protect him at all costs! Place him in the 
  middle, so that you can effectively making use of his healing and
  Flame spells. Have him deal the finishing blow for a quick level up.
- Defend Camelford at all costs.
- If you get Loufal to a Cavalier, he can get his father's sword [
  Mithril Sword] upon questing.
- The three ladies [Carlota, Aphelia and Adilicia] forms a great trio.

R U N E    K N I G H T S    O F    N E W    A L M E K I A

Country Rune Knight Analysis:
You will start off the game with a couple of good leaders such as 
Gereint and Meleagant. Lance will become one of strongest Rune Knights
once he has acquired level 20+. But most of New Almekia's leaders have
low Rune Power and does not deliver the impact that you can have with
Norgard. But it is generally one of the most easiest countries for its
well-balanced team of Rune Knights.

Level 1 Prince. Rune Power: 220. Age: 14
Equipment: n/a
This guy may have low levels, but once he has gained more levels he will
become one of best warriors in Forsena. His Rune Power can reach up to
500 upon reaching Level 30. If you defeat Esgares and acquired Logres,
Lance will be prompted to the King [which means he will acquire 

Level 19 Samurai. Rune Power: 284. Age: 31
Equipment: Tora

Gereint is the only general that left along with Lance upon escape from
Zemeckis' clutches during the day of rebellion. He would even risks his
life to save Lance at all cost. Just gain about 1,000+ EXP and Gereint 
will reach the Shogun Class. But his teacher is none other than Master

Level 20 Avenger. Rune Power: 209. Age: 25
Equipment: n/a

This guy is tough. He could be your best bet at the beginning of the 
game. He was the former prince of Padstow and strongly objects Padstow 
to be involved in war. However as Lance managed to conquered more 
countries, he gets really jealous and admire Lance at the same time.

Level 16 Bishop. Rune Power: 254. Age: 62
Equipment: Sacred Amulet

Just gain 4 more levels and you will reach the Cardinal Class. He can 
get Glauze to join New Almekia upon going for quest. Coel is the former
king of Padstow and he is very supportive of Lance and thus forming the
New Almekia. It's seems to me that the only person that get on bad terms
with him is the White Wolf...

Level 8 Enchantress. Rune Power: 170. Age: 17
Equipment: Ring of Sorcery

Gain 2 more levels and you will reach the secondary class from the 
basic Enchantress. She is just like a sister to Lance and is always in a
good mood.

Level 6 Fighter. Rune Power: 165. Age: 23
Equipment: n/a

Just gain 4 more levels to the Cavalier Class. He can get the Mithril 
Sword by questing once he had become a Cavalier. His father is one of
greatest cavaliers in Padstow history.

Level 11 Lancer. Rune Power: 230. Age: 25
Equipment: n/a

She is also known as the Death Lady. But considering that she is just 
only a level 11 Lancer and has a walloping Rune Power of 230, this makes
her a great fighter.

Level 11 Grappler. Rune Power: 176. Age: 30
Equipment: n/a

Low Rune Power makes this guy much weaker as being compared to Adilicia. 
He is known as the "Ogre of Padstow". A great fighter for his high 
strength statistics.

Level 13 Samurai. Rune Power: 158. Age: 40+
Equipment: n/a

Just gain 2 more stars to reach EXPERT! in Samurai class. He has 
horrible Rune Power. He is also known as "Brusom the Gale". He is quite
a weak leader and is the assistant of Meleagant. But he can be quite a
strong leader if you have gotten him to the Shogun Class.

Level 11 Sorcerer. Rune Power: 189. Age: 24 
Equipment: Striking Staff

Gain 4 more stars to reach EXPERT! in Sorcerer class. He seems to like
any kind of woman, even a tomboy-looking Brangien ^_^;

Level 9 Cleric. Rune Power: 183. Age: 26.
Equipment: n/a

Just a level from the Lector or Mystic class. She is an EXPERT! in 
Cleric class. It is better to change her into the Enchantress Class, so
that she can be a more effective magic user.

Level 2 Scout. Rune Power: 163. Age: 19
Equipment: n/a

The only person in New Almekia who has the probability of reaching the 
Archer class. She can get Miguel upon defeating Iscalio and Castor by 
defeating Esgares] to join your country. But she can recruited by Miguel
upon battles. She is the youngest of the Rand Family. You can know more
about her at the beginning of the game, by sending her for a quest.

Level 15 Cavalier. Rune Power: 222. Age: 31
Equipment: n/a

He is an acceptable fighter who formerly works for Duke Coel. Just 5 
more levels from the Paladin status. However, he has a different opinion
of the Royal Almekian family but it was Prince Lance who had changed it

Level 1 Fighter. Rune Power: 150. Age: 15
Equipment: n/a

This guy is better off by sending him for quests. He can be said to be
the No. 1 fan of Lance and has a dream of becoming king!

Level 21 Valkyrie. Rune Power: 294. Age: 25
Equipment: Brionac

She has high Rune Power and has acquired Holy Word. She will join you
after the first year and leaves after serving a year. She is known as 
the "Shooting Star Halley". She is in search of the magician called 
Bulnoil who has killed her finance, Leland.

- Cai:        Caerleon Walkthrough  

This country is probably the second best as Cai is very powerful 
magician who has accquired all Genos. Under him, includes the cheerful
Merriot, Bishop BeauArte and Knight Master Dinadan. This country is
the easiest to defend as you can just seal off the entrance with one

Country Sequences:
Rune Knights             Description
Merriot, Cai, BeauArte   Merriot is doing Cai's laundry and cares for
Dinadan*                 Cai.
Merriot, Cierra, Cai     It's about jewellery. Watch out whether Cai
                         will choose the bracelet [Merriot] or earrings 
Bilcock, Cai (1)         Bilcock has created a car but it moves slower
                         than people ^_^; Before that, there is a lot
                         more funnier toys!
Bilcock, Cai (2)         Bilcock has created another new invention 
                         called the Magic Knight. However, the magic
                         knight goes haywire and Bilcock has to destroy
                         it and he gains 1 STR point!
Millia, Eloute           Millia is painting and express her views on
                         painting and the world.
I will not be covering any parts regarding the sequences after Esgares
have been defeated, otherwise it will spoil your game.

Now onto the list of Rune Knights and castles in Caerleon.

Name of Castle          Name of Leader          Occupation
Linnuis                 Cai                     Warlock
                        Merriot                 Scout
                        Dinadan                 Paladin
                        BeauArte                Bishop
Kail                    Janfadar                Druid
Baynock                 Cierra                  Sorceress
Hervey                  Shast                   Grappler
                        Bilcock                 Priest
Squest                  --                      --

C A S T L E S    O F     C A E R L E O N

Name of Castle:   Squest           Income:      211
Summon List:      Merman, Lizard Man, Roc, Hydra
Status:           One of the castles in the four castles path. Leads to
                  BaydonHill of New Almekia. Vital if is fighting 
                  against Caerleon.

Name of Castle:   Kail             Income:      176
Summon List:      Ghoul, Hellhound, Wyvern
Status:           Two-castle path leading to Linnuis and Squest.

Name of Castle:   Linnuis          Income:      469
Summon List:      Pixie, Jinn, Lizard Man, Centaur, Mandrake, Giant,
Status:           Captial of Caerleon with a high income and in the 
                  three castle path.

Name of Castle:   Baynock          Income:      214
Summon List:      Unicorn, Gryhon, Wyvern, Dragon
Status:           The choke point of Caerleon against eastern invasions

Name of Castle:   Hervery          Income:      233
Summon List:      G-Scorpion, Centaur, Clay Golem, Angel
Status:           The castle that allows Caerleon to attack Salisbury
                  and Xanas. Second highest income for Caerleon.
Okay, now let's get started. Sent some of Rune Knights for quests and 
stabilize your defense at Hervery. At 215, 3rd Month, Cai and Merriot
will head for New Almekia and confirmed the alliance. Millia will join
you soon afterwards. As Millia says that she is going to visit an old 
friend call Eloute, sent her for quest and you will get Eloute to join
you. With sufficient manpower, attack Salisbury and Xanas. As Eloute
mentions to Millia about a guy named Gush, be sure to sent both of them
for a quest, provided you have enough manpower. With Gush on your side, 
launch attack on Iscalio with Dinadan, BeauArte and Jandafar. From 
Xanas, keep on attacking down the row. After a year of so, Millia will 
talk to both Gush and Eloute about visit a friend which will recruit 
Lecarra by sending all 3 at time. Make sure you have enough manpower
to cover all the castles at your border for the time being. You will be 
able to finish Iscalio and keep on attacking on Leonia and defeat this 
weak country and take Humber of Norgard. Hopefully that Esgares is great 
weaken by New Almekia and Norgard and give some aid to New Almekia. 
Capture key castles such as Kardiff and Senadon which will greatly 
weaken Norgard. New Almekia should have done a massive amount of damage
on Norgard and Esgares. Finished off Vaynard with your troop and 
allowing New Almekia to defeat Esgares. If there is a need, remember to
aid New Almekia and you will beat the game.

Tips in using Caerleon
- The great trio comprises of Dinadan, Cai and BeauArte. With this 
  party, you are almost unbeatable. Cai has all Genos and includes a
  couple of green magic such as Protect. 
- Cierra, Lecarra and Janfaddar could make the second trio team. They 
  can do a lot of damage with magic.
- At the beginning, you will experience problems in defending your 
  castles due to the lack of manpower. But as you proceed onto the game,
  you will get more Rune Knights and it makes conquest much easier.
- Get Fairies to support Cai and effectively making use of his 

R U N E   K N I G H T S   O F   C A E R L E O N

Country Analysis:
If you are a begineer to Brigandine, I would recommend you to play as
Caerleon. This country is generally good for begineers as you will have
much easier life with magic users than combat units. This country could
wipe out any enemy threat when you have a strong one-on-one fighter 
like Dinadan. The only person who could stop this country will be 
Zemeckis [with a Power Spell].

Level 22 Warlock, Rune Power: 319. Age: 25
Equipment: n/a

This guy has acquired all-Genos and is considered to be best magic user
[with the exception of Bulnoil]. Very destructive when using magic, but
his attacks makes him weaker. He is known as the "Silent Wise King" or
addressed as the "Sleeping King of Caerleon" by Merriot ^_^;

Level 25 Paladin, Rune Power: 307. Age: 27
Equipment: n/a

This guy is the only Knight Master as he has accquired EXPERT in 
Paladin! He is really powerful for his high attacks and has Holy Word.
He is the reason why Caerleon can defeat Cador easily.

Level 3 Scout, Rune Power: 221. Age: 16
Equipment: Elven Bow

A cheerful lady with high Rune Power. Gain 3 more levels to reach 
EXPERT! in Scout class. She is the "younger sister"of Cai, but as you
proceed onto the game, you will get known more about the actual 
relationship between the two. If you switch to the Enchantress class, 
make sure that you get to at least level 9, so that she can cast 

Level 12 Bishop, Rune Power: 224. Age: 53
Equipment: n/a

The late advisor to former king of Caerleon. He has a pretty high Rune 
Power, which makes him better in combat as compared to other Bishops. 

Level 15 Sorceress, Rune Power: 180. Age: 30
Equipment: Earring of the Sea

She has quite low Rune Power for such a high level, but she is just only 
five levels from the Witch status. She is in love with Cai...

Level 11 Grappler, Rune Power: 172. Age: 23
Equipment: n/a

He has pretty low Rune Power, but he has a higher ATK statistics 
compared to other Grapplers. Shast is a good friend of Dinadan.

Level 5 Priest, Rune Power: 180. Age: 21
Equipment: n/a

He is just a level from the EXPERT! status in Priest. He has the chance 
to advance to a Monk or Bishop. He is an inventor more than a Rune 
Knight, but his inventions seldom work... You can switch him to a Mage
once he masters the Priest status.

Level 12 Druid, Rune Power: 198. Age: 41
Equipment: Ancient Book.

He has acceptable Rune Power and seems to me that he is the second 
male magician of Caerleon. Just 3 stars to reach EXPERT! in Druid class. 
He has a very high chance in getting to the Necromancer class.

Level 5 Enchantress, Rune Power: 194. Age: 22
Equipment: n/a

She is an acceptable warrior with high Rune Power for such a low level. 
She is just a star from reaching EXPERT! She is a friend of Merriot and
is an artist. She can helps you to recruit three more Rune Knights upon

Level 9 Fighter. Rune Power: 208. Age: 23
Equipment: n/a

He is a nice guy and extremely concern towards Millia. He is just a 
level from the Cavalier/Berserker/Samurai status. 

Level 11 Monk, Rune Power: 167. Age: 25
Equipment: n/a

He is the other guy who is crazy over Millia. He is just four stars from 
becoming EXPERT! in the Monk status. But his Rune Power really reduces
the chances of you using him.

Level 16 Mystic, Rune Power: 217. Age: 27
Equipment: n/a

She is just four more levels from reaching the Sage status. The only 
downside is that you can only get her quite late in the game. And the 
good stuff is that she is an EXPERT! Mystic. BTW, she can't switch to
other classes!

- Dryst:    Iscalio Walkthrough

So you have decided to play the Man in Fancy Hat, Dryst. He is a 
Tryant and a tough cookie along with good warriors such as Iria, 
Ulster and Camden. This country is easy to defend [can seal off with
only two castles], but it is still very difficult to attack. There is 
another problem, he loves gambling and he is rather stuborn in nature.
Let's proceed to the list of castles and Rune Knights.

Country Sequences
Rune Knights          Description
Ulster, Iria, Dryst   Ulster finds Iria being covered up with blood and
Bagdemagus*           she seems wounded. It was found out that Iria has
                      proceed to the Valley of Death for feathers [which
                      are meant for Dryst's hat]. Ulster says that Iria
                      is an important leader, but Dryst says that the
                      blood stains are dead bird's, not Iria's...
Victoria, Ulster,     Victoria finds that Iria is a bit too strong for a
Camden, Dryst*        women and describes to the remaining leaders. 
                      Later, Dryst comes in and interrupted...
Hula, Teath           Hula is talking to Teath and Teath was surprised 
                      that Hula says that Dryst is a good man. Teath
                      wants to confide his feelings to Hula, but yet he
                      just can't do it..
Victoria, Iria        Victoria pays a visit to Iria in her room. Iria
                      is overjoyed when Victoria says that she will cry
                      when Iria is hurt. Yet, surprisingly Iria sheds a
                      drop of tears..
*I think the sequences are not yet compeleted, I will be covering them
for the next update.

Name of Castle          Name of Leader         Occupation
Caelsent                Dryst                  Tryant
                        Iria                   Valkyrie
                        Camden                 Druid
                        Ulster                 Bishop
                        Hula                   Cleric
Lothian                 --                     --
Bronceliande            --                     --
Letishnote              Daffy                  Samurai
Xanas                   Bagdemagus             Berserker
                        Gallo                  Rnager
                        Victoria               Sorceress
Asten                   Miguel                 Cavalier
                        Lucia                  Scout
                        Teath                  Fighter

C A S T L E S    O F     I S C A L I O

Name of Castle:   Xanas             Income:     236
Summon List:      Pixie, Mandrake, Clay Golem, Dragon
Status:           Three castle path. This castle is the choke point for
                  Iscalio. Prevent attacks from Esgares and Caerleon.

Name of Castle:   Asten             Income:     203
Summon List:      G-Scorpion, Jinn, Centaur, Giant
Status:           Another three-castle path. This castle is another
                  choke point and prevent attacks from Leonia and 

Name of Castle:   Letishnote        Income:     208
Summon List:      Jinn, Merman, Unicorn, Giant
Status:           A two-castle path that leads to Xanas and Caelsent.

Name of Castle:   Bronceliande      Income:     253
Summon List:      Pixie, Hellhound, Mandrake, Demon
Status:           A two-castle path, that leads to Asten and Caelsent.

Name of Castle:   Caelsent          Income:     424
Summon List:      Ghoul, Lizard Man, Centaur, Hellhound, Mandrake,
                  Wyvern, Roc.
Status:           Captial of Iscalio. High income make it worth to
                  defend. It is the core of Iscalio. 

Name of Castle:   Lothian           Income:     202
Summon list:      Ghoul, Lizard Man, Hellhound, Hydra.
Status:           A backyard castle, no importance in geographical

Firstly, take a strike at Hadrian at Leonia and attack with 2 parties.
Stationed a party for Xanas and Hadrian each. Just send Dryst, Camden 
and Iria to attack Leonia. Do take the castle of Humber yet as Norgard 
is a huge country, more tougher with Vaynard and Guinglain. There
is one bad thing for Iscalio, that is there is no Knight whom is going
to join you freely, just like Millia of Caerleon. You can only obtained
new Rune Knights through quests. With sufficient manpower, attempt to
take Karnabone, Salisbury and Hervery. Have Camden and Ulster to attack
Caerleon. Capturing Hervey will greatly decreases the income of 
Caerleon and attack Linnuis and Squest and you will be able to finish
Caerleon. Now advance your attacks on New Almekia until, you have
captured Phazard and invade Toria and Oltroute. Invading Toria will
causing Esgares to split up and will make Norgard and New Almekia to
invade Esgares. So seize the opportunity and get Aldis on your side.
As New Almekia's attention is drawn away, attack Calmary and Camelford 
and this will weaken New Almekia in addition of Norgard's attacks.
With Norgard's attention being drawn to Esgares start attack Humber
and take the castle of Jukes and Senadon. Dealt the finishing blow
on Esgares and you will have no problem in defeating the other two. PS:
Take note of the stupid war between Dryst and his partners after they
have defeat all countries. 

Tips on using Iscalio:
- Dryst can become Super Tryant [he will gain new clothing, new attacks
  and a new spell, Meteor Doom] once he gets to level 30.
- Lucia has been upset over an accident and hence send for her quest.
  Once you have the cut-scene where she meets the boy that she has 
  causes the boy to be crippled. After a year or so, send her for a 
  quest again and she will be relieved that the boy will be able to walk
  once again. She regains her ability with STR +3, INT +3, AGI +3, Rune
  Power +30!
- Miguel can recruit Castor and Liguel, who are his siblings. He can get
  Liguel automatically [once they have met in battle].
- You can find more about Iria's past by defeating Esgares and have her
  met Cador and Halley. She is a failure product....
- Badgemagus requires to get level 22 in order to use Curse spell. There
  is another method and that's to get Magic Potion via questing. Iria 
  needs another level to use Holy Word.
- Dryst is quite weak as compared to other leaders except Prince Lance.
  He does not have a area-based spell unless he gets to Lv 30. Hence 
  have Ulster and Camden to give him a lending hand.
- To recruit Aldis, have one country to defeat two others and Aldis will
  join you. I have gotten her when Esgares defeat Caerleon and New 
  Almekia.... But most of my units comprises of Rocs or the Phoenix.

R U N E    K N I G H T S   O F   I S C A L I O

Country Analysis:
It may be a joke to see clowns working for a country. But this country 
is not weak either! The country's sequences are funny to watch. You 
should use this country or Norgard if you want to conquer the entire
continent. Iria, Badgemagus and Dryst are great fighters. Ulster and 
Camden are good magic users. Dryst is almost unstoppable once he has
reached the Super Tryant. He can use wipe out most units with the 
Meteor Doom.

Level 16 Berserker. Rune Power: 215. Age: 31
Equipment: Power Glove.

Extremely high attacking power and he is just four levels from Avenger 
status. Bagdemagus is one of key generals in Iscalio. You need to get 
another additional 2 levels, so that Curse can be used. [Use a Magic
Potion to solve this..]

Level 9 Ranger. Rune Power: 197. Age: 21
Equipment: n/a

He is just a level from the Grappler status. He can get a lot of Rune
Power once he gets to Lv 10+. Gallo's face resembles like a clown...

Level 11 Sorceress. Rune Power: 144. Age: 27
Equipment: Pixie Hat

She has extremely low Rune Power. Just required four stars to EXPERT! 
in Sorceress. Victoria is rather weak by strong in character. BTW, her 
attacks seems to be a lot stronger compared to other Sorceress.

Level 12 Samurai. Rune Power: 181. Age: 31
Equipment: Horned Helm.

He is just 3 stars from an EXPERT! in Samurai class. He is also known 
as the "Wallet with a hole". This guy just loves money and he is more of
a mercenery as a Rune Knight.

Level 21 Tryant. Rune Power: 322. Age: 28
Equipment: n/a

He has high attacking power and along with 4 average magic. He is deadly 
when Super Tryant is reached [requires Level 30]. This guy does not care
about anything else except for one's expense. However, he is good guy
in the eyes of ladies in Iscalio...

Level 20 Valkyrie. Rune Power: 248. Age: 28
Equipment: Black Spear

Just a level from this class and you can use the Holy Word [here is a 
trick for fast levelling up. Switch her to Enchantress class as it 
requires less EXP to reach the next level.] She will be your second 
best bet for Iscalio. Iria is great against Leonia as her weapon 
carries a black elemental, but her class Valkyrie is a blue-white 

Level 14 Druid. Rune Power: 235. Age: 34
Equipment: n/a

He is just a level from reaching EXPERT! in Druid. He becomes more 
deadly when he has advanced to the Necromancer class. He seems to 
believe that everyone is equal.

Level 12 Bishop. Rune Power: 228. Age: 32
Equipment: n/a

Just 3 stars to reach EXPERT! in Bishop class. He is the only guy, 
along with Iria, cares for the benefits for Iscalio. He always get 
headaches for Dryst goes for other plans and he was being accused by
someone as a pervert...

Level 1 Cleric. Rune Power: 178. Age: 15
Equipment: n/a

She has high Rune Power for a low class. Level up very fast. Switch her 
to Enchantress class, so that she can be also a good attacker. She seems 
to be very obedient towards Dryst and not afraid of Dryst...

Level 10 Cavalier. Rune Power: 178. Age: 26
Equipment: n/a

He has quite low Rune Power [Hey! Compare him with Hula....] and this 
guy requires serious upgrading. Required 5 stars to reach EXPERT! in
Cavalier. can get Liguel [defeat New Almekia] and Castor [defeat 

Level 8 Scout. Rune Power: 165. Age: 20 
Equipment: n/a

She has low Rune Power but she is just 2 levels from reach the Archer/
Lancer. But if you send her for quests [refer to tips for Iscalio for
more information], she can get an upgrade of STR +3, INT +3, AGI +3 and
Rune Power +20!

Level 2 Fighter. Rune Power: 153. Age: 16
Equipment: n/a

He has acceptable Rune Power and just 4 stars from reaching EXPERT! in 
the Figher class. He is in love with Hula.


- Lyoneese:        Leonia Walkthrough

Now I have reached the fifth ruler, Lyoneese. This country is "hardiest"
to use as Queen Lyoneese has only one Level 20 general and that's 
Paternus. The country may be weak but you can defend it well, but 
guarding the castles at it's borders [Damas and Hadrian]. There is 
another point, that is the only one castle that allows you to summon
Dragons and that is Glume. [it also applies to Iscalio, which is Xanas]

Country Sequences:
Rune Knights          Description
Paternus, Chantail    Paternus is getting worry for Queen Lyonesse as 
                      she is the kindest Queen for the Leonia history.
                      Paternus hopes that he could end the war soon, and
                      this applies to Chantail as for the future of
                      Chantail's son.
Lyonesse, Langueborg  Langueborg says that there is a strategy that can
                      conquered the world! He gets the thick document 
                      regarding the strategy. Lyonesse suggest that he
                      should show it to Asmit and Paternus. However....
Baleen, Kiloph        Baleen wants Kiloph to go for a walk...
Kiloph, Asmit         Err.. 
Galonwand, Baleen     Galonwand and Baleen are talking to each other and
                      its about Kiloph. Mushy stuff...
Sophia, Filo          About Master Solon??

Okay, let's proceed to the list and the castles.

Name of Castle          Name of Leaders         Occupation
Tallas                  Lyonesse                Queen 
                        Kiloph                  Barbarian
                        Paternus                Cardinal
                        Asmit                   Bishop
Damas:                  Isfas                   Monk
                        Charlene                Lancer
                        Langueborg              Cavalier
Whislind                Filo                    Cleric
                        Sophia                  Cleric
Kelilauns               --                      --
Glume                   --                      --
Hadrian                 Chantail                Mage
                        Raizen                  Monk

C A S T L E S    O F   L E O N I A

Name of Castle:   Damas            Income:     201
Summon List:      G-Scorpion, Jinn, Centaur, Gryhon
Status:           Prevent Norgard invasions from the north

Name of Castle:   Whislind         Income:     226
Summon List:      Unicorn, Clay Golem, Giant, Roc
Status:           A castle in three-castle path. Provides route to
                  Tallas and Damas.

Name of Castle:   Keliluans        Income:     195
Summon List:      Merman, Lizard Man, Wyvern, Roc
Status:           A castle in two-castle path. Provides route to 
                  Tallas and Damas.

Name of Castle:   Tallas           Income:     391
Summon List:      Pixie, Jinn, Centaur, Unicorn, Mandrake, Gryhon,
Status:           Lowest income gaining capital, but the income is

Name of Castle:   Glume            Income:     213
Summon List:      Pixie, Lizard Man, Gryhon, Dragon
Status:           The backbone of Leonia as the only castle that 
                  summons Dragon

Name of Castle:   Hadrian          Income:     249
Summon List:      Jinn, Unicorn, Clay Golem, Roc
Status:           Prevent Iscalio invasions from Asten.

Station all your forces at Damas, Glume and Hadrian. At the fourth 
month, Lyoneese will meet Vaynard and Leonia will become an enemy with 

At about the next month, Galonwand and Baleen will joins you. This
country is rather weak. Get Paternus, Isfas and Sophia or Filo and 
attack Asten, hopefully that it's defence is loose. As you have occupied 
Asten, attack down the row and advance to backyard castle with 2 
parties, the other with Kiloph, Charlene and Lyonnese, while the rest at 
Damas. Have your troops comprises of Rocs and Centaurs. This may work
on Hard and you should be able to defeat Iscalio for the most in five
years time. Station a decent force at Xanas and Asten while the rest
go for quest and hopefully you can get Rune Knights and Georg whom is
an Ex-Leonia Knight. Continue and concentrate on training Lyoneese and
get Hydras in your force [that's Lothian] and send them to Damas. With
Hydras in your arsenal, you can defeat Humber [hopefully that Norgard
is greatly weaken during that five years]. Attack and take the castle of 
Jukes and Senadon and you will create confusions for Norgard and it 
should be heavily wounded by Esgares and New Almekia. Seize the
opportunities and dealt the finishing blow. After Norgard had been
defeated, continue attack those castle in the south continent. Take 
Hervey and do not attack Baynock! With sufficient manpower, start to
attack New Almekia [about 3 years] and advance until you have reach
BaydonHill. Now cover as many Esgares castles as possible and you will
be to defeat Esgares. Do more quests and get all the Ex-Esgares Knights
to your side and you should have no problem in defeating Caerleon.

R U N E    K N I G H T S    O F    L E O N I A

Country Analysis:
To gain victory, you really need to come up with splendid strategies to
beat the game using this country. Most of them are generally white 
units but they can be a killer once they switch to the magic attack
units such as Mage. This country is considerable easy to defeat but you 
will have a hard time to fight your opposition. But Leonia gets the
second best benfits from trained Rune Knights next to Norgard.

Level 16 Monk. Rune Power: 233. Age: 27
Equipment: n/a

Probably your second best bet after Paternus. He is just 4 levels from 
the Guardian status. He is a monk that focus on his training. He 
seldoms talks and he loves gardening..

Level 12 Lancer. Rune Power: 226. Age: 28
Equipment: Ice Javelin.

Just 3 stars to reach the EXPERT! status. She has pretty high Rune 
Power and is a great fight even though she is a lady...

Level 10 Cavalier. Rune Power: 138. Age: 21
Equipment: n/a

This guy is extremely weak with such a low Rune Power. Plus he is the 
only Cavalier. Well, this character seems a bit werido as he challenges
to the Silent Wise King for a battle... He has invented a strategy 
called "Lightning"...

Level 7 Cleric. Rune Power: 193. Age: 18
Equipment: n/a

Just 3 levels from reaching the Lector/Mystic class. She is other 
friend of Sophia. Change her to Enchantress Class, so that she can 
acquired Geno-Frost.

Level 7 Cleric. Rune Power: 174. Age: 18
Equipment: n/a

Just 3 levels from reaching the Lector/Mystic class. Change her to the
Enchantress Class, so that she can acquired Geno-Frost. She seems to
linked a person called "Wiseman Solon"...

Level 3 Barbarian. Rune Power: 203. Age: 17
Equipment: n/a

He is very high Rune Power, even he is just a level 3 Barbarian. Just 3 
stars for gaining EXPERT in Barbarian. Deadly when he has attained 
high levels to other classes. I guess he may be the guy who who has the
highest Rune Power for Leonia.

Level 3 Queen. Rune Power: 262. Age: 17
Equipment: n/a

She has second highest Rune Power in Leonia plus she has acquired Holy 
Word, but has very low HP. She was an ordinary girl who has been 
selected as the oracle. [Even the White Wolf of Norgard thinks that she
is not an easy opponent... "Vaynard says she is an oracle and Leonia 
will not be an easy country to handle"]

Level 20 Cardinal. Rune Power: 273. Age: 42
Equipment: Gravity Mace

Obviously the best warrior for Leonia. Cardinals are strong as they have
Holy Word and they can use Area Heal. Paternus seems to be a secondary
advisor for Lyoneese.

Level 13 Bishop. Rune Power: 214. Age: 29
Equipment: Almighty Ring

He is just 2 stars from reaching EXPERT in Bishop. He is known as the 
"Perfect Man". He has been the chief advisor for Leonia. Of course, you
may need to use him quite often.

Level 6 Mage. Rune Power: 168. Age: 28
Equipment: n/a

He is just 4 levels from Sorcerer or Druid class. But his Low Rune Power 
makes him weaker compared to other magic users. He has been trying to
stop the war at all costs.

Level 11 Monk. Rune Power: 180. Age: 26
Equipment: Rivet Knuckle

Just 4 stars to reach EXPERT! in Monk class. He has considerable high
MP which could makes him more better Rune Knight to the Mage series.

Level 2 Barbarian. Rune Power: 157. Age: 20
Equipment: n/a

He is just 4 stars from reaching EXPERT! in Barbarian. Of course, he 
has very high chance of approaching level 10. He is an old friend of
Kiloph and Baleen. BTW, he loves someone in the country of the Leonia.

Level 1 Archer. Rune Power: 187. Age: 21
Equipment: n/a

She is an old friend of Kiloph and she secretly loves Kiloph... She has
considerable high Rune Power compared to other early level Rune Knights.

Level 8 Priest. Rune Power: 177. Age: 30

A former Leonia Knight who has retired due to the death of his wife, 
Rierre. This causes him in drunken stupor. Gain more two levels to reach 
Bishop. He can get Rierre's Ring when questing later, which is a special

- Zemeckis:   Esgares Empire Walkthrough

The Empire is the most powerful country and has four extremely great generals such as
Esmeree [Vaynard's older sister], Death Knight Cador, Gish and Esclados [Gereint's

To play as Esgares Empire, at the Character Selection screen, press
L1 + R2 + Start. If it is done correctly, you will heard a ring and the screen
quickly changes to screen where you select the difficulty.

I have finished the game with all countries but I will not be writing
a walkthrough for Esgares but I give the list of important castles and
important information. [since this country is just so easy to use..]

Choke Point No. 1 Lidney: Prevents attacks from Norgard.
Choke Point No. 2 Orkney: Prevents attacks from Norgard and New Almekia
Choke Point No. 3 Eorsia: Prevents attacks from New Almekia
Choke Point No. 4 Salisbury: Prevent attacks from Caerleon and Iscalio
Choke Point No. 5 Karnabone: Prevent attacks from Iscalio.

For Esgares, you can only recurit members by defeating other countries.
You can not do other character quests except for Mira and Millet's 
quest. Through that quest you can get a Bishop, Carmine to join you.
Rain will NOT join you !

Let's proceed to the list.
Name of Castle          Name of Leader          Occupation
Lidney                  Cador                   Death Knight
                        MelTorefas              Fighter
                        Ivan                    Druid
Fato                    --                      --
Cadbury                 --                      --
Dilworth                --                      --
Toria                   Soleil                  Bishop
Karnabone               Esclados                Shogun
                        Shiraha                 Ninja
Salisbury               Paradoll                Bishop
                        Roecod                  Cavalier
                        Fiel                    Cavalier
Oltroute                Ranguinus               Sorcerer
Eorsia                  Mira                    Lancer
                        Millet                  Sorceress
                        Irvin                   Mage
Orkney                  Gish                    Wizard
                        Eniede                  Archer
Logres                  Zemeckis                Emperor
                        Esmeree                 Lector

C A S T L E S    O F    E S G A R E S   E M P I R E

Name of Castle:  Lidney            Income:      301
Summon List:     Merman, Lizard Man, Clay Golem, Wyvern, Hydra
Status:          Highest income amongst all non-captials. Greatly
                 weaken Esgares when conquered.

Name of Castle:  Orkney            Income:      227
Summon List:     Pixie, Centaur, Hellhound, Dragon
Status:          A key castle for defeating Esgares Empire. Five castle
                 path. Prevent attacks from New Almekia and Norgard

Name of Castle:  Eorsia            Income:      202
Summon List:     Pixie, Lizard Man, Unicorn, Giant, Wyvern
Status:          A castle that connects to Orkney and Oltroute

Name of Castle:  Toria             Income:      215
Summon List:     Pixie, Mandrake, Unicorn, Dragon
Status:          One of the best summoning castles. Important 
                 geographical site which leads to the 3 castles found
                 in the center of Esgares.

Name of Castle:  Salisbury         Income:      183
Summon List:     G-Scorpion, Giant, Wyvern
Status:          Low income, but great geographical site for defeating
                 Esgares when playing as Caerleon or Iscalio

Name of Castle:  Karnabone         Income:      147
Summon List:     Ghoul, Centaur, Hellhound, Clay Golem
Status:          Connects Salisbury and Toria, fastest route to Toria.

Name of Castle:  Cadbury           Income:      236
Summon List:     G-Scorpion, Lizard Man, Dragon, Angel
Status:          Great and ideal castle, leading a path to Orkney, 
                 Logres and Lidney.

Name of Castle:  Dilworth          Income:      181
Summon List:     G-Scorpion, Hellhound, Giant, Gryhon
Status:          3-castle path leading to Logres, Toria and Orkney.

Name of Castle:  Fato              Income:      221
Summon List:     Ghoul, G-Scorpion, Roc, Demon
Status:          Castle that connects Lidney and Toria

Name of Castle:  Logres            Income:      452
Summon List:     G-Scorpion, Jinn, Clay Golem, Giant, Gryhon, Wyvern
Status:          Highest income recieving castle in game. Central 
                 position of Esgares. Former captial of Almekia.

R U N E   K N I G H T S    O F    E S G A R E S

Country Analysis:
This country has to be the most powerful as it is key enemy against 
other countries in Forsena. 

Level 27 Emperor. Rune Power: 351. Age: 36.
Equipment: n/a

He has accquired the Geno-Thunder and Power spells. He can easily 
defeated Vaynard. He has long-range and powerful attacks. He is the 
general who has started this war and started the rebellion.

Level 17 Lector. Rune Power: 304. Age: 24
Equipment: n/a

She is just three more levels to reach the Saint status. She can easily 
toast Dryst. She is the wife of Zemeckis and older sister of Vaynard. 

Level 26 Shogun. Rune Power: 218. Age: 51 
Equipment: n/a

He is just 4 more levels to prefection. He has extremely high attacking 
power. BTW, he is the teacher of Gereint! He was one of strongest 
swordsmen on the continent. He is one of the 4 great leaders of the 

Level 14 Ninja. Rune Power: 173. Age: 21
Equipment: Painless Knife

He is just 6 more levels from Ninja Master. A star to EXPERT! Ninja. 
You can get this guy through questing after defeated Esgares. His face 
is always hidden by his scarf... Shiraha is perhaps the only Ninja that
can get to the Ninja Master...

Level 11 Bishop. Rune Power: 311. Age: 20
Equipment: n/a

He has one of most highest Rune Power as he is known as the "Beast 
Ruler". Get him to your country if you have Schutlesis [Level 12 
Cavalier, Rune Power: 171] on your side when defeat Esgares. He joins
the Empire as his mother is being held captive by the Empire. To get 
Schutlesis, launch an attack on Esgares first and gain victory!

Level 11 Bishop. Rune Power: 182. Age: 27
Equipment: n/a

He is just 4 stars to reach EXPERT! in Bishop class. Nothing much to 

Level 11 Cavalier. Rune Power: 177. Age: 27
Equipment: n/a

He is just 5 stars to reach EXPERT! in Cavalier class. He is a member of 
Death Corps. [Hmm...]

Level 12 Cavalier. Rune Power: 166. Age: 27
Equipment: n/a

He is just 3 stars to EXPERT! in Cavalier class. He will join you if 
Esgares is defeated by your country. He is the other member of the Death 

Level 29 Death Knight. Rune Power: 275. Age: ??
Equipment: n/a

He is just 1 more level to perfection. He has acquired Geno-Flame and 
Curse. He is the person who has instigated Zemeckis to betray King
Henguist and he works for someone... He carries a huge mean axe.

Level 10 Druid. Rune Power: 154. Age: 35
Equipment: n/a

He has pretty low Rune Power but only 5 stars from EXPERT! status in 
Druid class. He is an old friend of Gereint.

Level 7 Fighter. Rune Power: 152. Age: 19
Equipment: n/a

He has low Rune Power but only 3 levels from Cavalier/Samurai/Berserker 
class. He seems to admire the Death Knight a lot...

Level 20 Wizard. Rune Power: 232. Age: 26
Equipment: Dark Robe

He is the 3rd most powerful magician in Forsena. He is one of four 
leaders of the Empire. He is one of best magic users in Forsena.

Level 11 Archer. Rune Power: 192. Age: 19
Equipment: n/a

She requires 4 more stars to EXPERT! in Archer class. She seems to plot
to assasinate Zemeckis for revenge... [or join Esgares due to revenge].
She is other archer that can get to the Artemis..

Level 8 Fighter. Rune Power: 169. Age: 24
Equipment: n/a

Just 2 more levels to Cavalier/Samurai/Berserker clas. He is second
oldest of the Rand Family. His elder brother, Miguel works for Iscalio
and his younger sister, Liguel works for New Almekia.

Level 10 Lancer. Rune Power: 223. Age: 17
Equipment: Goddness Spear 

She is one of the twins. You can get her and Millet to join after the 
fall of Esgares. 

Level 10 Sorceress. Rune Power: 219. Age: 17
Equipment: n/a

The other twin. Rain will joins on her behalf, except for Esgares. 
Millet is being used often by the Esgares due to her high Rune Power.

Level 3 Mage. Rune Power: 162. Age: 16
Equipment: n/a

Obviously the weakest Rune Knight in the Empire. Required 3 more stars 
to reach EXPERT! status. BTW, he is a good friend of Prince Lance...

Level 16 Sorcerer. Rune Power: 216. Age: 50
Equipment: n/a

He is just 4 more levels from the Wizard class. He is the father of 
Rain. BTW, you can get him by having Rain to quest, refer to Quests 
section for more details.

X.Gameshark codes

The following codes are taken from the Gameshark Official site. Here
is the HTML address of the Gameshark Official site.


For your information, this requires a Gameshark or Pro Action Replay 
to work. For your convience, I have reformat the order by arranging
them in order of their countries


999 HP Vaynard                     80076E7803E7
999 MP Vaynard                     80076E7A03E7
Super Strength Vaynard             30076E7C00FF
Super Intelligence Vaynard         30076E7D00FF
Super Agility Vaynard              30076E7E00FF
999 Rune Power Vaynard             80076E8003E7

999 HP Brangien                    80077C3803E7
999 MP Brangien                    80077C3A03E7
Super Strength Brangien            30077C3C00FF
Super Intelligence Brangien        30077C3D00FF
Super Agility Brangien             30077C3E00FF
999 Rune Power Brangien            80077C4003E7

N E W    A L M E K I A

999 HP Lance                       80075E2803E7
999 MP Lance                       80075E2A03E7
Super Strength Lance               30076E2C00FF
Super Intelligence Lance           30076E2D00FF
Super Agility Lance                30076E2E00FF
999 Rune Power Lance               80075E3003E7

999 HP Gereint                     80076FB903E7
999 MP Gereint                     80076FBA03E7
Super Strength Gereint             30076FBC00FF
Super Intelligence Gereint         30076FBD00FF
Super Agility Gereint              30076FBE00FF
999 Rune Power Gereint             80076FC003E7

999 HP Meleagant                   80076FE003E7
999 MP Meleagant                   80076FE203E7
Super Strength Meleagant           30076FE400FF
Super Intelligence Meleagant       30076FE500FF
Super Agility Meleagant            30076FE600FF
999 Rune Power Meleagant           80076FE803E7

999 HP Coel                        8007714803E7
999 MP Coel                        8007714A03E7
Super Strength Coel                3007714C00FF
Super Intelligence Coel            3007714D00FF
Super Agility Coel                 3007714E00FF
999 Rune Power Coel                8007715003E7

999 HP Carlota                     8007741803E7
999 MP Carlota                     8007741A03E7
Super Strength Carlota             3007741C00FF
Super Intelligence Carlota         3007741D00FF
Super Agility Carlota              3007741E00FF
999 Rune Power Carlota             8007742003E7


999 HP Cai                         80076EA003E7
999 MP Cai                         80076EA203E7
Super Strength Cai                 30076EA400FF
Super Intelligence Cai             30076EA500FF
Super Agility Cai                  30076EA600FF
999 Rune Power Cai                 80076EA803E7

999 HP Merriot                     80076F6803E7
999 MP Merriot                     80076F6A03E7
Super Strength Merriot             30076F6C00FF
Super Intelligence Merriot         30076F6D00FF
Super Agility Merriot              30076F6E00FF
999 Rune Power Merriot             80076F7003E7

999 HP Dinadan                     8007705803E7
999 MP Dinadan                     8007705A03E7
Super Strength Dinadan             3007705C00FF
Super Intelligence Dinadan         3007705D00FF
Super Agility Dinadan              3007705E00FF
999 Rune Power Dinadan             8007706003E7

999 HP BeauArte                    800777B003E7
999 MP BeauArte                    800777B203E7
Super Strength BeauArte            300777B400FF
Super Intelligence BeauArte        300777B500FF
Super Agility BeauArte             300777B600FF
999 Rune Power BeauArte            800777B803E7


999 HP Dryst                       80076EF003E7
999 MP Dryst                       80076EF203E7
Super Srength Dryst                30076EF400FF
Super Intelligence Dryst           30076EF500FF
Super Agility Dryst                30076EF600FF
999 Rune Power Dryst               80076EF803E7

999 HP Iria                        80076F9003E7
999 MP Iria                        80076F9203E7
Super Strength Iria                30076F9400FF
Super Intelligence Iria            30076F9500FF
Super Agility Iria                 30076F9600FF
999 Rune Power Iria                80076F9803E7

999 HP Camden                      8007780003E7
999 MP Camden                      8007780203E7
Super Strength Camden              3007780400FF
Super Intelligence Camden          3007780500FF
Super Agility Camden               3007780600FF
999 Rune Power Camden              8007780803E7

999 HP Ulster                      800777D803E7
999 MP Ulster                      800777DA03E7
Super Strength Ulster              300777DC00FF
Super Intelligence Ulster          300777DD00FF
Super Agility Ulster               300777DE00FF
999 Rune Power Ulster              800777E003E7

999 HP Hula                        800776E803E7
999 MP Hula                        800776EA03E7
Super Strength Hula                300776EC00FF
Super Intelligence Hula            300776ED00FF
Super Agility Hula                 300776EE00FF
999 Rune Power Hula                800776F003E7


999 HP Lyoneese                    80076E5003E7
999 MP Lyoneese                    80076E5203E7
Super Strength Lyoneese            30076E5400FF
Super Intelligence Lyoneese        30076E5500FF
Super Agility Lyoneese             30076E5600FF
999 Rune Power Lyoneese            80076E5803E7

999 HP Kiloph                      8007700803E7
999 MP Kiloph                      8007700A03E7
Super Strength Kiloph              3007700C00FF
Super Intelligence Kilpoh          3007700D00FF
Super Agility Kiloph               3007700E00FF
999 Rune Power Kiloph              8007701003E7

999 HP Asmit                       8007721003E7
999 MP Asmit                       8007721203E7
Super Strength Asmit               3007721400FF
Super Intelligence Asmit           3007721500FF
Super Agility Asmit                3007721600FF
999 Rune Power Asmit               8007721803E7

* When New Almekia is defeated, Carlota will joins you. The code can be
  used for other countries too ^_^;*

U N A U T H O R I Z E D    C O D E S

Here is some of the unauthorized codes, I have found while browsing
the Internet.

M A X    M A N A                   800C4AB8E49F

This code is taken from Cheat Code Central [http://www.cheatcc.com/]

With this code on, you can enjoy infinite 99999 Mana. Note that you can
only hold up to 140 monsters.

Give ???? MAX EXP
Just subsitute the name of character with ????
Your character will automatically level to Level 30.

Vaynard                            80076E77FFFF
Brangien                           80077C37FFFF
Lance                              80076E27FFFF
Gereint                            80076FB7FFFF
Cai                                80076EBEFFFF
Coel                               80077147FFFF
Carlota                            80077417FFFF
Merriot                            80076F67FFFF
Dinadan                            800776E7FFFF
Ulster                             800777D7FFFF
Hula                               800776E7FFFF

Character Modifier
Certain characters can use this code only. Here is the list and codes

Name                               Modifier Code
Vaynard                            80076E7400xx
Brangien                           80077C3400xx
Lance                              80076E2400xx
Gereint                            80076FB400xx
Coel                               8007714400xx
Carlota                            8007741400xx
Merriot                            80076F6400xx
Dinadan                            800776E400xx
Ulster                             800777D400xx
Hula                               800776E400xx

 < NOTES >
*     Your character will be at Level 0. Once you start to attack and
      the opponent receives damage, you will gain levels. With MAX EXP,
      your character will automatically reach Level 30
*     For example, if you modified Gereint into an Archer, the weapon
      he has originally equipped will remain unchanged. Once you disarm
      the weapon, you can no longer equip it anymore. 
*     You can't changed to any other class, even the graphics did so.
*     Some characters has originally mastered the class, the magic and
      skills will remain even if the code is on.
*     Once you have enabled Max Strength, Max Magic and Max Agility 
      attributes, if the character levelled up and get any bonus, his/
      her attack will dropped to miss or cause zero damage.

Here is list of codes, replace xx with digits. The list on the left
column is the list of character modifier digits while on the right is 
the monster modifier digits.

01    Barbarian               2C    Angel
02    Berserker               2D    Arch Angel
03    Samurai                 2E    Unicorn
04    Shogun                  2F    Nightmare
05    Cavalier                30    Pegasus
06    Paladin                 31    Gryhon
07    Avenger                 32    HolyGriff
08    Mage                    33    Seraph
09    Sorcerer                34    Lucifer
0A    Wizard                  35    Demon
0B    Druid                   36    Arch Demon
0C    Necromancer             37    Ghoul
0D    Priest                  38    Vampire
0E    Bishop                  39    Hellhound
0F    Cardinal                3A    Fenrir
10    Monk                    3B    Satan
11    Guardian                3C    Litith
12    Ranger                  3D    Vampire Lord
13    Grappler                3E    Merman
14    Monk                    40    Poseidon
16    Ninja Master            41    Lizard Man
17    Scout                   42    Lizard Guard
18    Archer                  43    Wyvern
19    Artemis                 44    Couatl
1A    Lancer                  45    Pixie
1B    Valkyrie                46    Fairy
1C    Enchantress             47    Centaur
1D    Sorceress               48    High Centaur
1E    Witch                   49    Mandrake
1F    Mystic                  4A    Man Eater
20    Sage                    4B    Dragon
21    Cleric                  4C    Red Dragon
22    Lector                  4D    Giant
23    Saint                   4E    Titan
24    Prince                  4F    Gigas
25    Lord                    50    G-Scorpion
26    Queen                   51    Death Needle
27    Warlock                 52    Salamander
28    Tryant                  53    White Dragon
29    Emperor                 54    Fafnir
2A    Death Knight            55    Bahamut 
2B    Claimer                 56    Hydra
66    King                    57    Tiamat
67    Super Tryant            58    Thor
                              59    Loki
                              5A    Roc
                              5B    Phoenix
                              5C    Clay Golem
                              5D    Stone Golem
                              5E    Bronze Golem
                              5F    Talos
                              60    Jinn
                              61    Djinni
                              62    Efreeti
                              63    Marid
                              64    Dao

PS: I have found out there are a total of 3000+ codes for Brigandine
    found in a website. There is so many and I won't be bother to 
    write them down. They are found at the following address:


These are observed in different difficulty levels.

1.    The nations become smarter in their attacks and defense. They 
      will not leave the key castles such as Camelford undefended and
      will only advance cautinously.

2.    During battlefields, the enemies will stay in place and would not
      rushes forward towards your troops, unless you approach them OR
      they got attacked. Normally, you need to get as close as 4 hex 
      towards opposition army, before you can start to fight them.

3.    The snake of chaos' interval will be changed based on the level 

4.    At hard diffculty mode, you can fight Bulnoil after defeating ALL 
      countries, if you met the below requirements. He is rather tough 
      as he has one of the most deadly spells plus Cador on his side. So 
      be prepared for a tough fight. 

5.    Esgares will always have their lord along with Soleil [well, for
      my case, Esgares always use Soleil to defend their last castle due
      to his High Rune Power.]

Proof and Requirements
- Bulnoil's class is known as Claimer [Lv 30!] and this is proven by 
  gameshark. How? Refer to the Gameshark codes section for more 

- It is possible if you had defeat Esgares Empire last. [Remember the
  time where he always attacks the ruler after the fall of Esgares?]

- Encounters with Bulnoil:

  New Almekia - Sequence after Halley decide to left. It is possible to
                combat him before Halley leaves you.
              - Upon defeating Esgares last
              - After the quest sequence, where Halley visits his 
                boyfriend's grave. [this gives you additional sequence/
                special ending, BTW, Halley must meet up with Cador in
                combat] (applies to after defeating Esgares). You may
                get the chance to see Iria if Halley has encounter Iria
                during her one-year service.
              - Upon meeting up with Iria, Halley has stumbled. Halley
                and Iria must be meet during battle.

  Norgard     - Upon defeating Esgares last.
              - the attempt to assassinate Vaynard and Brangien at 
                Flogeru cementary.

  Leonia      - Upon defeating Esgares last. 
              - the attempt to assasinate Lyonesse at the hall of Damas.

  Caerleon    - Upon defeating Esgares last 
              - the attempt to kidnap Merriot by Cador. Merriot will
                stays wounded until you win a country.     

  Iscalio     - Upon defeating Esgares last
              - Iria got "brain-washed" by Bulnoil and attempts to kill
              - Bulnoil reveals Iria regarding her starring past.
              - Iria has a short conversation with Shooting Star Halley.

The name of the place where Bulnoil summons the Snake of Chaos, 
Ouroboros is known as Dolorousgard, which is found at Logres. Remember 
the place where Cador has a speech in persauding Zemeckis for 

Bulnoil Information

A man of endless desire. He is the person, who has instigate Zemeckis
to betray King Henguist, Lance's father. At the battle of Lidney, he
has stopped King Doremiditt, Brangien's father. As you defeat Esgares,
he will appear and tries to kill the ruler. It seems to me that Cador
will leave Zemeckis if Esgares is down to one castle. Bulnoil will
fight you in the final battle, along with Cador on his side, so be
prepared for a tough fight....

I myself have battled against Bulnoil when using Norgard and Iscalio. 
I have defeated the Hard mode with New Almekia, Leonia and Caerleon but 
there is still no sign of fighting against Bulnoil.

Okay, here is the "suggested" possible steps to battle Bulnoil:
[it is still not confirmed yet..]

1) You must encountered all the necessary sequences (mentioned above)
2) The Ruler must reach LV 30. [I have check my previous saved game 
   files where I have seen my LV 30 Vaynard and LV 30 Dryst (he has 
   acquired Super Tryant!) and that's the reason while I fought him.
3) You must defeat all countries.
4) You must defeat Esgares last (?). If you defeat Esgares last, you 
   can forget about the sequences mentioned above.

Cador Information

A man who is already dead and was ressurrected by Bulnoil. Cador's
actual name is Leland, Halley's boyfriend. Halley has been searching
for Bulnoil whom has killed her boyfriend. Towards the end, Halley
will take the sword from Leland's grave and finally fight the last
battle. Leland regains consicious and instigate Halley to break the
mask ....... [applies if Halley meet Cador in combat]

Special Rune Knights

NOTE: The following Rune Knights can't be recruited.

Shred:   Shred was in jail under the Main Castle until it was overtook,
         When the empire retook the castle he has no choice but to join
         the Empires army. Level 20 Champion. Equip: Ogre Knuckle.
         Rune Power: 160. Age: 34.

More about Shred:
I don't think that you can use him as Esgares. Shred was one of the 
generals that against the rebellion and was captured by Cador. Upon the
fall of Logres [Cador left the country when it is under 3 castles], 
Shred will be released and hence joins the Empires replacing Cador as 
one of the top four generals. Shred will join another country when 
Esgares Empire falls.
[This information was sent by Frank Mantis.]

Helrato: Level 20 Avenger, An one-eyed Avenger whom seeks revenge on
         Layoneil and has a mean sword. Equip: Tyrhung. Age: 32
         Rune Power: 190. Joins another country along with 2 Fenrirs
         He has a rant sequence when he meets Layoneil in a battle.

Kazan:   Level 15 Ninja. Fellow disciple of Shiraha. Joins another
         country after Shiraha joins you. Rune Power: 179. Age: 24
         Join the other country with a Bronze Golem and a Dao. Equip:
         AntiMagic Ring. 

"SPOILERS!" - Why Kazan joins the war!
If you have him fight with Shiraha, you will get this rant. Kazan wants
to kill Shiraha as he has causes the death of their fellow disciple,
Sakura and that's the reason why Shiraha wants to end the war.


This is my first time, drawing maps using ASCII Art. Hope that it will 
be easy for you to read. It practically takes months to master.

Symbol                Meaning
- -                   Path
[Name]                Castle
[N]                   Norgard
[A]                   New Almekia
[C]                   Caerleon
[I]                   Iscalio
[L]                   Leonia
[E]                   Esgares

M A P   O F    N E W   A L M E K I A

               To Alliryme [N]
                     |      _ _ _ to Orkney [E]
                     |     /
                     |    /
                     |   /
              /     |   \
             /      |    \
            /       |     \_ _ _to Eorsia [E]
           /        |
     [Calmary] _ [Phazard] 
               To Squest [C]

M A P    O F   C A E R L E O N

               To BaydonHill [C]
                    |                        To Salisbury [E]
                    |                            /
          _ _ _ _[Squest]_ _ _                  /
         /          |         \                /
        /           |          [Baynock]_ [Hervey]     To Xanas [I]
       /            |          /             \         /
   [Kail]_ _ _ _ [Linnuis]_ _ /               \_ _ _ _/ 

M A P    O F   I S C A L I O

                                To Karnabone [E]
                  To Salisbury [E]    |
                         |       \    |
                         |        \   |      To Hadrian [L]
                         |         \  |       / 
                          \       _[ Asten ]_/
     To Hervey [C] _ _[ Xanas ]_/      \
                             \          \
                              \          \
                               \       [Bronceliande]
                        [Letishnote]       |
                                 \          \
                                  \          \
                                   \_ _ [Caelsent]

M A P    O F     L E O N I A

                To Humber [N]
                 _ _ [Damas]_ _ 
                \              \              
                 \            [Kelilauns]
                  \              \
                   \              \
                    \             |
                [Whislind]_ _ _ [Tallas]
                      \           |
                       \          |
                        \         |
                         \       /
                          \     /
    To Asten [I] _ _ _ [Hadrian]

M A P     O F     N O R G A R D                               

                            /     \
                           /       \   
                   [Kardiff] _ _ _ [Senadon]
                   /    |   \          |   \
   [Alliyrme] _ _ /     |    \_       /     \_ 
         /              /      \     |         \
        /              /        \    |          \
       /    [Listinoise] _ _     \   |           \
      /          |           \   |   /            \
To Gorule [A]    |            [Jukes]  - - -[Humber] 
                /                |                  \
          To Orkney [E]          |                   \
                            To Lidney [E]           To Damas [L]

M A P   O F   E S G A R E S    E M P I R E

                  To Listinoise [N]
                       |                [Lidney]
                       |              /    |    \
  To               _[Orkney]_ [Cadbury]    |     \
   Camelford [A]_ /             |          |      \
            |  \                 \_ _      |       \
            |   \_ _ _ [Dilworth]_   \     |        \
            \              \      \_ _ [ Logres ]   [Fato]
             \              \              |         /
              \              \             |        /
              [Eorsia]        \_ _ _  [ Toria ]_ _ /
                  \_                     /  \_ _ _ _ [Karnabone]
                    \                   /              /  |          
                     \_ _ [Oltroute]_ _/            _ /   |
                              \_                   /      |
                                \_ _ _ _ [Salisbury]      |
                                         _ /   |_   \     |
                                       /         |   \    |
                                      /           \   \   |
                                     /            |    \  /
                          To Hervey [C]   To Xanas[I]   To Asten [I]  

Well... nome....

XI.Version info:

v1.00 (10-Apr-03)   -- First Release.


This FAQ can be freely distributed, however ONLY in its entirety and 
with due credit to its author. It has taken me ALOT of time and effort 
to do this. If you wish to use this information for your own FAQ or web-
page, etc. PLEASE give credit I don't mind sharing this information, 
otherwise I would not have sent it to Cheatcodes.com.  I give credit to 
ANY contributions, and I only expect of others what I expect of myself.


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