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This is a FAQ/Strategy Guide for Legends of Wrestling II, specifically for the
Xbox.  Some of the points in this FAQ may translate to the PS2 and Gamecube
versions of the game, but not all of them.  First off, this is the first
FAQ/Strategy Guide I have ever written.  I threw it together in an afternoon
when I was bored.  Basically, this is the final draft of the FAQ, because I
will not be doing another revision.  There have been a lot of people having
problems with the game, and this FAQ/Strategy Guide should answer a lot of
questions.  Feel free to use this FAQ/Strategy Guide as you see fit.  I'm not
going to pretend that this is a copywritten document.  Go ahead and duplicate
it, change it, or even call it your own.  I don't care.  Please don't email me
asking questions about the game.  That's what the message boards are for.


EXHIBITION:  You can either take on a CPU controlled opponent or another human
player in all sorts of game modes including single, tag, 3 way dance, 4 way
dance, 6 man tag, 8 man tag, 6 or 8 way tag (3 or 4 different teams versus each
other), ladder match, cage match, or battle royal.  You can also control the
referee.  You can change the rules of the match such as DQ, countouts, and
interference ON/OFF in the screen that asks: Ready to wrestle?  In that screen,
you can also turn on in-game cheats that you have unlocked and purchased.  You
can also make the tag matches Survivor Series elimination style matches from
that screen as well.  Finally, you can put your acquired titles on the line
from that screen.

CAREER MODE:  In the career mode, you take a wrestler through 5 different
wrestling regions (Northeast, Southeast, Midwest, Southwest, and Pacific.)  In
each region, you will have a specific storyline, and meet a different promoter.
 Once you win all of the titles in the U.S. regions, you go on to the World
Region to win the World Title.

CREATE:  This is where you can create a wrestler.  I am not going to get into
much detail here on that section of the game.  You can either create a male or
female wrestler.  Unlike last year's game, you cannot clone or edit
pre-existing wrestlers in the game.

TOURNAMENT:  You can schedule and compete in single, tag, or win the tag belts
in a tag team title tournament.

SHOP:  You can bet your earned green coins in the gambling mode to win red and
blue coins from this screen.  Once you have won some blue and green coins, you
can buy and unlock wrestlers, arenas, clothing, abilities, cheats, and concept

THEATRE:  From here, you can watch fantastic interviews with some of the
in-game legends, or see the career ending FMVs of wrestlers in the game, as
well as view all of your unlocked concept art.

OPTIONS:  Self-explanatory here.  You can change game options, turn on a custom
playlist, edit the sounds settings, etc.



Left Thumbstick:  Move around the ring
Right Thumbstick:  Change focus on different wrestlers
D-Pad:  Taunt/Finisher
X, X up or down, X left or right:  Strike
Y, Y up or down, Y left or right:  Ready attack move
B: Grapple
A: Block
White: Call in tag partner or call for manager interference
Black:  Pick up weapon
L trigger: Climb to top rope while in corner/ Exit to apron while near ropes
L trigger + direction: Exit to floor while near ropes
R trigger: Run


Left Thumbstick:  Push opponent around the ring
D-Pad:  Finisher
X:  Vertical suplex ISP
Y:  Scoop slam ISP
B: Head between legs ISP
A: Belly to belly ISP
L trigger: Spin opponent for rear grapple
R trigger: Irish Whip


Left Thumbstick:  Push opponent around the ring
D-Pad:  Finisher
X:  Gutwrench ISP
Y:  Full nelson ISP
B: Samoan Drop ISP
A: Random pin
L trigger: Spin opponent for front grapple
R trigger: Irish Whip


X:  Swing weapon
Y:  Special weapon move (Varies by wrestler and weapon)
B: Throw weapon
A: Drop weapon
D pad: Taunt


X:  Swing ladder
Y:  Set up ladder (in-ring only)
B: Throw ladder
A: Drop ladder
D pad: Taunt


D-Pad, A:  Taunt
X and Y:  Turnbuckle attacks
B: Reach for belt or duffle bag
L trigger: Climb down ladder


X:  Turnbuckle attack 1
Y:  Turnbuckle attack 2
B:  Turnbuckle attack 3
A : Taunt
D pad: Taunt/Finisher
L trigger: Climb down
Right thumbstick: Change focus on different wrestler


D-Pad:  Taunt/Finisher
X, X up or down, X left or right:  Stomps
Y, Y up or down, Y left or right (Near head): attack move
Y, Y up or down, Y left or right (Near legs): attack move
B (by head): Rear chinlock ISP
B (by legs):  Holding legs ISP
A: Pick up opponent
A plus direction: Roll opponent over


Right thumbstick:  Change focus to attack the cage door
Left Trigger:  Climb cage

Left thumbstick:  Move around cage wall
X, A, B, or Y:  Jump off and attack from cage wall or swat at opponent also on
Left trigger:  Hop down from cage


D-Pad, A:  Taunt
X:  Somersault senton
Y:  Splash
B: Double axe handle
Left thumbstick down: Climb over and out of cage (Only when cage door is broken
off hinges)


To do special moves:  Your special meter needs to be full.  The position your
opponent needs to be in varies by the wrestler.  In the wrestler selection
screen, the finisher of the wrestler as well as the position they need to be in
is listed.  For instance, to do King Kong Bundy's avalanche finisher, the
victim needs to be stuck in the turnbuckles.  You then run towards the
turnbuckles and press the D-Pad when you are close to the corner.  To do Hulk
Hogan's leg drop finisher, the victim needs to be laying on the mat.  You run
towards them and hit the D-Pad.  To do Bret Hart's sharpshooter finisher, the
victim needs to be laying on their back.  You need to go their legs and press B
to do the holding legs ISP.  While you are holding their legs, you press the
D-Pad to apply the sharpshooter.  To do Bam Bam Bigelow's Greeting from Asbury
Park, you need to grapple, and then press Y to go to the scoop slam ISP.  You
then press the D-Pad to do the finisher, etc.

To throw your opponent over the top rope:  Grapple and push them against ropes,
and then press and hold the L trigger plus the direction towards the ropes. 
Also works if your back is against the ropes.

To run and slide out of the ring.  Run with the R trigger, and then hold down
the L trigger as you approach the ropes.

To get weapon: Press black button while out of ring near ring apron

Double team:  There are 4 kinds of double teams:  double team facing opponent,
double team facing opponent's back, sandwich double team (one person in front,
one in back), and corner double team.  To do any double team, both wrestlers
need to grapple at the victim at the same time.  Double teams vary per match,
and are not assigned to a specific wrestler.  What that means is that The Road
Warriors will not always do the Doomsday Device as their corner double team.

To go into a crouch after being knocked down, you need to hold the R trigger. 
NOTE: You need to hold R immediately after being knocked down or you will not
come up in a crouch.


X: Attacks
Y: Rolls away
B: Grapples
A: Block


The following wrestlers are available immediately:

Andre The Giant
Bam Bam Bigelow
Baron Von Raschke
Bob Backlund
Bret "Hitman" Hart
Brian Pillman
Cowboy Bob Orton
Don Muraco
Dory Funk, Jr.
Dr. Death Steve Williams
Dynamite Kid
Eddie Guerrero
George "The Animal" Steele
Greg "The Hammer" Valentine
Hacksaw Jim Duggan
Harley Race
"Hot Stuff" Eddie Gilbert
Hulk Hogan
Iron Sheik
Ivan Koloff
Ivan Putski
Jerry "The King" Lawler
Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka
Kerry Von Erich
Kevin Von Erich
Michael Von Erich
David Von Erich
Fritz Von Erich
Koko B. Ware
Mil Mascaras
Mr. U.S.A Tony Atlas
"Mr. Wonderful" Paul Orndorff
Nikolai Volkoff
One Man Gang
Road Warrior Hawk
Road Warrior Animal
Rick Martel
Rick Steiner
Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat
Ricky Morton
Robert Gibson
Rocky Johnson
Rowdy Roddy Piper
Scott Steiner
The Sheik
Sid Vicious
"Superstar" Billy Graham
Ted DiBiase
Terry Funk
Tito Santana

The following wrestlers are available to be purchased immediately from the Shop

Killer Kowalski
Nasty Boy Brian Knobs
Nasty Boy Jerry Sags
King Kong Bundy
Abdullah The Butcher
Mr. Fuji
Jimmy Hart
Bobby "The Brain" Heenan
Captain Lou Albano
The Grand Wizard

The following wrestlers are available to be purchased after defeating them in
Career mode:

Andy Kaufman  (Defeat with Jerry Lawler in "The Comic Wrestler" storyline)
Big John Studd  (Defeat with anyone in the Pacific region storylines except
"Sensationalized Violence)

The following wrestlers are available to be purchased after defeating Career
mode with a specific wrestler:

Owen Hart  (Defeat Career mode with Bret Hart)
British Bulldog  (Defeat Career mode with Dynamite Kid)
Bruno Sammartino  (Defeat Career mode with Hulk Hogan)

The following promoters are playable after you defeat their region in Career

Tony "The Boss" Pavarotti  (Northeast region)
Scotty MacDougal  (Midwest)
Belle Jackson  (Southeast)
Tex McGraw (Southwest)
Randall Schmandall  (Pacific)
Hiro Natsume  (World region)


In each career region, there are 5 different jobbers.  You cannot control the
jobbers.  The lone exception is the storyline "Promoter's Nephew" in the
southwest region.  Each jobber seems to have the exact same moveset, and all
wrestle pretty much the same.  I am pretty sure that all the jobbers have a
powerbomb for a finisher.


Sam Phillips:  5'11" 160 pounds from Providence, RI.  Skinny guy with a Jerry
Lawler beard and wears black tights.
Slick Reed:  5'8" 170 pounds from Parts Unknown.  Slick is a skinny black guy
with red and black tights like Rick Martel from his AWA days.
Ted Finnegan:  6' 2" 210 pounds from Newark, DE.  Ted wears flannel shorts and
a black tank top.
Perry Jones:  6'1" 240 pounds from Pittsburgh, PA.  He is a fat guy with a
black singlet.
Tim Ball:  6'1" 190 pounds from Boston, MA.  Skinny guy with black jeans and no


Christian Reed:  5'11" 265 pounds from Charleston, WV.  Fat guy with a hairy
chest and blue jeans.
TJ Smith:  6'1" 290 pounds from Birmingham, AL.  Fat guy with long sideburns.
Jack Hall:  6' 0" 185 pounds from Brandon, FL.  Bald headed wrestler with black
tights and white stripe.
Frankie Garcia:  5'9" 210 pounds from Baton Rouge, LA.  Fat black guy with
purple and yellow tights.
Leo Duran:  5'9" 175 pounds from Nashville, TN  Scrawny guy with red singlet.


Chris Andersen:  5'10" 220 pounds from Minneapolis, MN Muscular blond guy with
shiny wet singlet.
Mark Hyatt: 5'9" 150 pounds from Boise, ID  Wears black pants with no shirt or
Arnold Martin:  6' 1" 290 pounds from Sioux Falls, SD  Arnold is a fat black
guy with gold trunks.
Ronny Davis:  6'3" 260 pounds from Kansas City, MO.  Fat bald guy with gold
Patrick Weichert:  6'3" 210 pounds from Chicago, IL  Skinny white guy with gray
hair and purple trunks.


Mike Clayton:  6'0" 225 pounds from San Antonio, TX.  Big muscular guy with
blond hair.
Brad Asay:  5'8" 300 pounds from Santa Fe, NM.  Big fat white guy with black
Chris Fasy:  6' 2" 230 pounds from Salt Lake City, UT.  Chris is a muscular guy
with green shorts.
Chris Burchard:  5'10" 240 pounds from Denver, CO.  Wears green jeans, hairy
chest, and has long "Rico" sideburns.
Bubba Jones:  6'2" 280 pounds from Dallas, TX.  Huge fat guy with a bald head
and black tights.


Cole Dunford: 6'0" 310 pounds from Portland, OR.  Fat guy with a one strap
Vlad Williams:  6'3" 220 pounds from Spokane, WA.  Vlad has red hair and wears
black tights.
John Calhoun:  6' 1" 195 pounds from Los Angeles, CA.  Skinny guy with pink
Gary Meints:  6'4" 200 pounds from Seattle, WA.  He wears red tights and looks
a lot like Jerry Flynn.
Tommy Wells:  5'11" 275 pounds from San Francisco, CA.  Tommy is hairy all over
and wears green tights.



#1  Fixed Match = Promoter "The Boss" wants you to throw a match for him.  The
storyline will change whether or not you choose to throw the match.
#2  Injured Opponent = In your first match, you wrestle a mid-carder.  After
you beat him, the promoter tells you that he was injured in the match.  He then
interferes throughout the rest of your career in the promotion.
#3  Vindictive Opponent = You face a mid-carder in the first match, and after
you beat him, he interferes throughout the rest of your career in the
#4  Daughter's Crush = The promoter's daughter has a crush on you.  The
promoter wants you to do well so you do not disappoint his daughter.  She ends
up falling for the pizza delivery boy.
#5  Disappearing Jobbers = Inferring to his mob ties, "The Boss" states that
there has been a problem in the promotion with jobbers "disappearing" after the
kept on losing matches.  The Boss wants to make sure that you do well or else
you may disappear.
#6  Bundy vs. Pillman = King Kong Bundy and Brian Pillman have a feud in the
region.  Depending on whether your a babyface or heel, one of those 2 wrestlers
join you in your corner.
#7  The Animal = The storyline revolves around George "The Animal" Steele.
#8  Albano in Charge = Captain Lou Albano manages a group of wrestlers that are
causing problems for the promoter.
#9  Former Friends = The promoter tells you that he has friends in the prior
region you just competed, and those friends were pals with the champion you
defeated.  The friends want the promoter to make life rough for you.
#10  Critical Promoter = The promoter advises that he is not impressed with
your former accomplishments, and gives you tough matches in the region.


#1  Hitting on Promoter = You are making eyes at the promoter, and she does not
like it.  She constantly tells you to keep your mind on wrestling.
#2  Amorous Promoter = Direct opposite of the first storyline.  The promoter is
hitting on you.
(#3)  The Comic Wrestler = The storyline revolves around the historic Andy
Kaufman/Jerry Lawler feud.  This storyline is specific for Jerry Lawler.
#4  Pilfered Gear = The promoter wants you to steal Jerry Lawler's crown and
robe as a favor.  When you do, Lawler causes problems.
#5  Rock N' Roll Express = The storyline revolves around the Rock N' Roll
Express.  Lots of tag matches in this storyline.  You also have to win the
singles title too.
#6  Jimmy Hart in Charge = Jimmy Hart manages a group of wrestlers that are
causing problems for the promoter.
(#7)  Mr. Wonderful = The promoter advises that a tag team from another
promotion has come in the region and taken the belts.  She assigns a partner to
team up with Mr. Wonderful Paul Orndorff to take the titles back.  This
storyline is specific for Paul Orndorff.
#8  Unimpressed Promoter = The promoter advises that he is not impressed with
your former accomplishments, and gives you tough matches in the region. 
Storyline ends with a battle royal.
#9  Vindictive Former Champ = The wrestler from the previous promotion you just
competed in comes to this region and causes problems


#1  Knock off the Old Champ = The promoter wants you to defeat the longtime
champion of the region.
#2  Vindictive Rival = You face a mid-carder in the first match, and after you
beat him, he interferes throughout the rest of your career in the promotion.
#3  Desperate Manager = The manager in the region has control of the region. 
When you start winning matches, he sends his wrestlers to interfere in your
#4  Gambling Promoter = The promoter gambles, and puts money on you to win.
#5  The Road Warriors 1 = The storyline revolves around The Road Warriors. 
Lots of tag matches in this storyline.  You also have to win the singles title
#6  Wrestling's Richest Man = The storyline revolves around Ted Dibiase.  The
storyline ends with a battle royal.
#7  One Man Gang Warfare = The storyline revolves around The One Man Gang.
#8  The Posse = Cowboy Bob Orton is the champion, and he also manages a group
of wrestlers that are causing problems for the promoter.
#9  Road Warriors #2 = After winning a title in a different promotion, you go
to the Midwest Region. Scotty tells you that you should compete in tag team
competition against The Road Warriors.  Basically the same as storyline Road
Warriors #1.
#10  Promoter's Kid = You are the promoter's son's favorite wrestler.  The
promoter wants you to do well.  Eventually, the promoter's kid takes down your
poster and puts up posters of a pop singer.
#11  The Baron = The storyline revolves around Baron Von Raschke.


#1  Promoter's Nephew = This is probably my favorite storyline in the game. 
The promoter's nephew is just starting to be a wrestler.  The promoter wants
you to take him under your wing.  You compete in a lot of tag matches with
Bubba as your tag team partner.  You finally get to control a jobber.  If you
lose a match, the promoter punishes you with tough matches.
#2 Manipulative Champion = You start this region out skipping the jobber
matches and go right into matches against the mid-carders.  The champion is
demanding that you face tougher competition.
#3  The Champ's Girl = You hit on the champion's girlfriend, and he wants
#4  Fill-In Tag Team = Tex has a tag team with an injured partner, so you get
plugged in with the healthy member of the team.
#5  Protective Champ
#6  The Von Erichs = The storyline revolves around The Von Erich family.  Fritz
Von Erich is the champion.  Other members of the family interfere during the
#7  Tough as Nails = The storyline revolves around Terry Funk.  Tex goes on and
on about how tough Terry Funk is.  The storyline ends with a cage match for the
#8  Beat Down = The champ is Terry Funk.  You start out by facing Dory Funk Jr.
 After beating him, both Terry and Dory Funk Jr. interfere later on in the
#9  Superstar = Superstar Billy Graham is the champion, and he also manages a
group of wrestlers that are causing problems for the promoter.
(#10)  Family Feud  1 = Centers around the Funk/Von Erich feud.  This storyline
is specific for The Von Erichs.
#11 Cutbacks = There are tough financial times in the promotion, and Tex had to
fire a lot of wrestlers.  When you finally win matches, the crowds increase,
and Tex is able to hire back everyone else he fired.
#12  Unimpressed Promoter**  =  The promoter advises that he is not impressed
with your former accomplishments, and gives you tough matches in the region.
#13  The Man of a 1,000 Masks = The storyline revolves around Mil Mascaras.
(#14)  Family Feud  2 = Centers around the Funk/Von Erich feud. This storyline
is specific for The Funks.


#1  Rival Tag Team = Randall has a tag team with an injured partner, so you get
plugged in with the healthy member of the team.
#2 Coalition of Wrestlers = There is a group of wrestlers who constantly
interfere in your matches.
#3  Movie Star = Randall has a movie part open to either you or the champion of
the region.  Whoever wins the title match gets the movie role.
#4  Sensationalized Violence = The promoter wants bloody, violent matches. 
NOTE:  This is the only storyline that Big John Studd can compete in, although
it is not specifically made for him
#5  Promoter's Girl = You hit on the promoter's girlfriend, and he schedules
you in tough matches.
#6  Martial Arts Master = The storyline revolves around Ricky Steamboat.
#7  Snuka vs. Muraco = Snuka and Muraco are feuding.  You get involved in the
#8  Gimmick Envy = You are heard talking bad about Ricky Steamboat's gimmick. 
It gets back to The Dragon, and he causes problems in the promotion.
#9  Big John Studd = The storyline revolves around Big John Studd.  Of course,
you have to win a body slam match before you get a title shot.
#10  Rock and a Hard Place = The storyline revolves around Don Muraco.
#12  Killer Champion = The storyline revolves around Killer Kowalski.


#1  Enemies from the Past = A bunch of wrestlers that you faced in previous
regions invade the world region and cause you problems
#2  World Class Battle Royal = When you finally work your way up to a title
match, there is a 30 man royal rumble battle royal that you have to win to get
a title shot
#3  Rival Promotion = There is a rival promotion competing against the World
Region.  Hiro Natsume schedules you in exciting matches to draw big crowds.
#4  Superfly = The storyline revolves around Jimmy Snuka.  The storyline ends
with a battle royal.
#5  The Iron Sheik The storyline revolves around The Iron Sheik.  The Iron
Sheik is always accompanied by Nikolai Volkoff, and halfway through, you face
Volkoff and Sheik in a tag team match.
#6  Hulkamania = The storyline revolves around Hulk Hogan.
#7  Andre the Giant = The storyline revolves around Andre the Giant
#8  The Best There Is = The storyline revolves around Bret Hart.
#9  The Red Champ = The storyline revolves around Nikolai Volkoff.

A quick note about storylines.  If a storyline is about a specific wrestler, it
will be blocked out when you are taking that specific wrestler through career
mode.  For instance, when controlling Baron Von Raschke, storyline #11 "The
Baron" in the midwest, will be blocked out.  Additionally, when controlling a
female created wrestler or the Promoter Belle in career mode, all of the
storylines involving romances will also be blocked out.  Sorry guys, no lesbian



The point behind the career mode is to gain 100% popularity with the crowd in
the region.  Along the way, you may be asked to do different things by the
promoter, like winning the tag team title or throwing a match when the promoter
is betting against you.  You raise your popularity bar by the way you perform
in the ring during your matches.  In your matches, you can earn percentage
points in the following ways:

Win Match
3-Way Dance
4-Way Dance
Ladder Match
Cage Match
Battle Royal
Counters or Reversals (3 times)
40% less damage spread
Turnbuckle  (3 times)
Damage Bonus   (3 times)
Fight on Apron
Attack outside Ring
Ref Bump
Linked ISP  (2 times)
Move Variety
Minimum High Spots
Taunt (3 times)
2 on 1 moves (3 moves)
Break up Pinfall/Submission
Tag minimum
Eliminate Opponent (2 times)

You can lose points in the following ways:

Lose match
A.I. Pins opponent
Never Call in partner
Never distract ref
Repetitive moves
Not enough tags
Not enough ISP
Not making minimum high spots

No matter how much your final match percentage is, the maximum you can raise
your region popularity is 17% in the U.S. regions, and 12% in the World region.
 So that means even if your end match percentage is 146%, your region
popularity will only raise 17% at a time.  If your end match percentage is
around 85%, your region popularity may only raise 13%.  While competing in the
career mode, a helpful hint is to let one of your first 2 matches against the
jobbers not gain 100%.  You will only advance to the next cut scene with a
region popularity total of 34%.  If you have not reached 34% after your first 2
jobber matches, you will face another jobber, which is an easier match than the
other more well-known wrestlers.

You can also change your upcoming opponent in most situations.  For instance,
if your next scheduled match in career mode is a 4 way dance, and you do not
like 4 way dances, you can press "B" to exit career mode.  Make sure that you
save your career.  Go back into career mode, and your next opponent probably
has changed.  It should be noted that key points in the storyline cannot be
changed.  If you have to win a battle royal to get a title shot, your next
match will always be a battle royal; there is nothing you can do about it.

Personally, I always liked 3 way dances.  That way, you can exit the ring and
grab a weapon.  You can taunt 3 times, and you will get percentage points for
each time you taunt.  While the other 2 wrestlers are going at it, you can go
to the top rope and dive off.  If you hit both of them, you will get turnbuckle
points for each wrestler.  You can also gain points for double team moves. 
Finally, you receive big percentage points when you break up a pinfall or

A note about tag team storylines.  When you have a storyline like "The Rock N'
Roll Express" or "Promoter's Nephew," and you reach a critical part of the
storyline like a title match, make sure that the wrestler you control gets the
pin, and not your partner.  If your partner gets the win, the promoter will act
like you lost the match.  In a similar aspect, if your partner gets pinned in
any tag match, you will not lose the percentage points like if your character
was pinned.

A way to speed up the career mode is to turn off the introductions before each
match.  You can cut almost a minute off each match.  To make you not lose your
mind hearing the same songs over and over, make your own playlist for the
background music in the game.

Battle royals are tough.  This is probably the best way I have found to win
them.  First off, stay in the center of the ring.  Concentrate on one wrestler,
and let the other 2 wrestlers fight as long as they want.  You can only
eliminate a wrestler when he loses about 1/4th of his health bar.  After you
get past your first opponent, start to taunt.  By the time your original
opponent makes it to the dressing room and the next opponent comes out, you
should be close to having your special.  If you do have your special, punch the
new opponent as soon as he comes in to make him groggy.  Now, hit your special.
 This will take off more than enough to eliminate him.  Pick him up, and toss
him out of the ring and eliminate him.  Continue to taunt while staying away
from the other 2 wrestlers in the ring.  Continue this strategy until you win
the battle royal.

If you really want to be cheap, if a wrestler pins you, don't press anything to
kick out.  Unless you are in the northern lights suplex, you will not lose
energy.  You can let the other wrestlers in the ring fight it out until the
very end.


The easiest way to win cage matches is to climb the side of the cage and jump
off with either an axe handle or moonsault.  You can keep doing this
repeatedly, and the CPU will get hit approximately 85% of the time.  Do not
attack the cage door until the opponent is completely drained of energy.  Once
they are out of energy, any move applied to them will make them groggy.  That
is when you can attack the cage door.  For what it is worth, the fastest way to
break down the cage door is to change your focus to the door, and then press
"B" to shake it.  Once the cage door is off its hinges and the opponent is out
of energy, one strike will make your opponent groggy and you can escape out the
opening by pressing L.


The strategy to winning the ladder match is similar to the cage match.  First
drain your opponent of all their energy.  Do not go get the ladder until the
very end.  Once they are drained of all their energy, you can go get the
ladder.  Hit your opponent with the ladder.  Set it up in the middle of the
ring.  Now, pick up the fallen opponent and toss them out of the ring.  Now
climb the ladder and press B to reach for the belt.  Sometimes there is a
glitch where the opponent cannot climb into the ring once you are reaching for
the belt.  It does not happen all of the time, but I have seen it numerous


I love the tag team matches.  They are a lot of fun.  The best way to win them
is to use your double team moves.  Either tag your opponent in with the A
button or call them in the ring with White button.  Now, go bump the referee so
the ref's count stops.  With the referee down, you and your partner can double
team as much as you want.  When the ref gets up, run into them again to allow
you to continue to double team.  If you did not know, you cannot call your
opponent in the ring if the word "Cheat" does not appear under your names. 
However, you can still double team after a legal tag.  Keep bumping that

To avoid being double teamed when your opponent makes a tag, try this.  Simply
exit the ring.  Both wrestlers will follow you out.  When you roll back in,
only the legal man can enter for the opposite team.  If that is too cheap for
you, you can grapple the illegal man and throw him over the top rope, and he
cannot reenter at that time, either.


I hate gambling.  However, if you want to unlock any of the hidden wrestlers or
arenas, you have to do it.  The best way to win your bets is to only gamble 1
green coin at a time.  Place it in the first square, in the upper left. 
Concentrate on that square alone while the cursor bounces around.  As soon as
the cursor stops on your square, stop the cursor.  You will find that you will
be successful about 85% of the time using this method.


Unfortunately, there are no known cheats to allow you to unlock all of the
characters without gambling or going through career mode.  Listed below are a
couple of things that will help you get through the game quicker and enjoy it

Northern Lights Suplex glitch:

There is a glitch with the northern lights suplex. If you hold them down for
the pinfall when executing the move, you continue to drain their energy and
your spirit bar grows as well.  You can quickly drain your opponent's energy
this way, and build your spirit bar just as fast.

Big John Studd unlimited green coins trick:

Take any wrestler besides Big John Studd through career mode in the Pacific
region.  Choose any storyline besides "Sensationalized Violence."  Once you
reach the bodyslam match with Big John Studd, save right before you start the
match.  Now compete and win the bodyslam match.  After you win the bodyslam
match, you will be awarded with 35 green coins.  You can then quit the match,
and exit career mode.  When you are asked to save career mode, choose "NO." 
Reenter career mode and win the bodyslam match again, to get +35 more green
coins.  Exit career mode without saving again.  You can keep doing this as many
times as you want.  Before you turn off your Xbox, make sure you go into the
options menu from the title screen, and save from there.  Go into Shop mode and
you will notice that you have lots of green coins.

Fast way to defeat career mode:

 First off pick a wrestler with the northern lights suplex and a submission
hold for a finisher. Bret Hart and Rick Martel are 2 examples.  In career mode,
use the northern lights suplex, and make sure you hold them down for the pin. 
After you hit the move 3 times, you will be very close to getting your special.
Exit the ring and grab a weapon. Do your taunt 3 times. You will get points
each time for every taunt. By now you will have your special. Unless your
opponent is in the red: DO NOT DO YOUR SPECIAL. Instead, strike them and get
them groggy. Use this time to work on your linked ISP moves. Hit at least 1 in
the match (and get the points for it) so you don't get deducted for "Not enough
ISPs" at the end of the match.

When your flashing spirit meter ends without you using it, your spirit bar will
drop to half. In your match, don't forget to bump the ref as well as do an
apron grapple. Those are easy points to earn, as well as fighting with weapons
and fighting outside of the ring. You can also get points for turnbuckle
attacks 3 times. In tag matches, make sure to get your minimum tags and also
call in your partner into the ring. You get big points for breaking up a
pinfall as well.

Anyway, once your opponent is in the red and you have your special, applying
your submission special twice will drain them completely of all their energy,
and a quick 3-4 minute win.

You can use that to build up to a title match very quickly. In the title match
and the match that follows, it does not matter how much in percentage points
that you get. Therefore, use the northern lights suplex glitch over and over to
get an easy 2 minute win.

Follow that formula and you will beat career mode in about 4 hours.

Add your own playlist.  You will go nuts hearing the same 5 or 6 songs over and
over again.  Make your own playlist and add as many songs as you want to it.


Where the majority of the content is, however in no way am I claiming that
everything in this FAQ is my own work.   The Big John Studd unlimited green
coin trick was posted numerous times at the Gamefaqs message board.  The
original poster is unknown.

Again, if you need help in the game, don't be afraid to post messages on the
message boards.  Thanks and enjoy.

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