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Okage: Shadow King (PS2) FAQ/Strategy Guide
Version 1.0- First Version
This document Copyright 2001 Leonard Greenberg
Started on 10-29-2001

Leonard Greenberg
[email protected]

I saw an FAQ for Okage: Shadow King on GameFAQS and I thought it was
pretty undescriptive.  I didn't like it.  It had most of the basics,
but was based on a Japanese version of the game, and was therefore
inaccurate and confusing.  I borrowed the information from that guide
and expanded on it.  Basically, what I'm saying is this guide covers
the American version of Okage: Shadow King but is based on the guide
by Bodi Anderson.  I am not stealing, as I have noted the person 
in this guide.  Please, no one sue me. :-(

Reproduction and distribution
This document is copyrighted and any reproduction and
distribution of this document is prohibited to the extent allowed by 
law.  No part of this guide may be reproduced or transmitted in any 
form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, by any information 
storage or retreival without permission from myself or if you note

The game of Okage: Shadow King is a wonderful game.  It is about an
evil king who tried to take over the world.  In doing so, he took the
form of a young boy's shadow.  The pair and their allies explore the
world on a quest to eliminate any evil kings.  But soon, it becomes
a journey far more complicated than that...
E-mail me if you need help with this game.  My e-mail address is at
the top of this guide.

Playable Characters and their descriptions-

Ari- A young, ordinary boy.  His sister, Annie, was put under an 
unfortunate curse.  In order to save her, Ari submitted himself to
the evil king, Stan.  He travels the world to stop the fake evil kings.

Stan- Former Great Evil King.  Stan used to be the most powerful evil
king ever.  He got trapped in a bottle and was robbed of his power
over a period of time.  He took the form of Ari's shadow so he could
assist in the reclaim of the world.

Rosalyn- The Hero.  Rosalyn used to be Stan's subject, but escaped.
She is now helping heroes everywhere and vows to tear Stan limb from 
limb once he seperates from Stan.  Rosalyn fights with Stan through 
the whole game.

Kisling- The Ghost Scholar.  Gutten Kisling is an award-winning scholar
who joins the team because he wishes to learn about Ari's evil shadow,
and encounter the ghosts that he beleives are attracted to Rosalyn.

Big Bull- Muscle Moron and Former Big Bull Evil King.  Big Bull used to 
be an evil king.  After you knock him flat on his butt, he realizes you 
are strong and joins you so he can fight ghosts and evil kings.

Linda- Singer and Former Teen Idol Evil King.  Linda has two horns and
used to be an evil king.  Ari helps her sing better, so she develops an
"interest" in Ari.  When she begins brainwashing the world, the team
is forced to fight her.  She joins you because she likes Ari.

Epros- Mysterious Being and Former Phantom Evil King.  Epros is a 
weirdo who speaks in riddles.  After you beat him, he joins you 
because he has developed a grudge against Belioune.

Combat Guide-
This combat system is simple but hard to explain.  The following are
the options.

Attack- Two sub-options.  Both are physical attacks that consume no 
health or LP.  
Attack Sub-options: Attack- Physical attack with one character against
one enemy.
Combine- Only available if you chose Defense-Wait on a previous 
character (see below).  Uses the current character and the character(s)
that waited with a combined physical beating against a single enemy.

Special- Magical commands.  Individual to each character.  Specials can
heal you, deal damage to an enemy, or cause status to an enemy. 
Specials consume either health or LP.  Try an use these to your
advantage by looking at the attribute of your opponents.

Item- Uses Items in stock.  Can cause damage, status, or heal you.
Save attack items for later in the game when you fight Phantom Evil
King.  Simple enough.

Defense- Three Sub-options.  All with either protect you or save your
power for later.
Wait- Let's you do nothing for this turn.  You can wait up to two of
three characters.  Once you have put the characters you want to on 
wait, you can use Attack-Combine (see above) and attack with those
Defend- Brings up your defense but skips your turn.
Escape- Uses LP but lets you instantly leave battle.  You can't run
from Urns or Evil Kings (why would you?).

Those are the commands you can use.  Your characters and the opposition
may be inflicted with a status effect or curse caused by someone on 
screen.  Status effects and curses will affect the battle.  Status
effects go away after the fight, but curses need to be healed by an
item or Rosalyn's Blessing special.  Another battle tip is if Stan
asks you a question before the fight like "What's my name" or
"Who would be a good wife for me" answer so you think he'll be happy.
If you satisfy him he'll give you a good attack to begin the fight so
the enemy is weakened for your attacks.  That just about covers 
battling.  Now for the walkthrough!

Walkthrough of Okage: Shadow King
Note: This walkthrough contains only one boss strategy (Phantom Evil

Chapter 1 Walkthrough
First, when you get control, talk to Mom and the pot.  Go to Tenel 
(big red dot on top of map).  Go to the bakery and talk to the lady 
until you get the bread.  You automatically go home when you leave the 
bakery.  Talk to the whole family.  Dad will spend two hours explaining 
the pot.  Then go to the little red dot on the map.  Initiate sister-
ghost-Stan event.  Go to town with Stan and talk to the man by the
Tinker place.  Go to city hall and talk to Dad so he'll open the 
church.  Go into the church basement and fight the ghost.  Start the
water and open the chest.  Talk to the man at the city gate.  Talk to
the circus guy in the bar to get the Map O' Evil Kings (a verrryyy
useful item).  Go gome and talk to the whole family, get the items
and leave the house.  You can save in Ari's room if you want to.

Chapter 2 Walkthrough
Go south on the map.  Meet Kisling and Rosalyn.  Remember to equip new
weapons.  Enter Madril (city of steel).  Learn about the Sewer Evil
King by talking to everyone.  Then talk to the kid outside the cafe.
Go inside city hall (building by city entrance) and see Rosalyn again.
Talk to guard twice to enter the back of city hall where Rosalyn went.
Witness Rosalyn event.  Talk to boy outside Cafe again.  Talk to Toby
in the building next to city hall.  Choose second option to enter the 
door.  Talk to Rosalyn and the people around.  Enter the manhole behind
her.  Talk to the kids in the tower.  "Talk" to a box to pass the box
game.  After passing the tower, Rosalyn will join your party.  In a 
small building near the sewer tower, you can sell the fruit knife (if
you got it) for money.  You can also buy new weapons in this shop.
Meet Rosalyn by the gate where you met the kids.  Go down to the sewer
(between two sewer towers).  Knock the socks off of the Sewer Evil 
King.  Talk to Rosalyn until the chapter ends.

Chapter 3 Walkthrough
Go up the elevator near the Cafe and compliment Linda, the horned 
singer.  Go out the exit in the back of the floor and let Kisling join
your party.  Go to the big red dot at the bottom of the map.  This is
Rashelo, the oceanside paradise.  Go with whomever you choose.  Buy
some items at the shop.  Go to the stone area where the people are 
gathered and meet Princess Marlene.  Talk to the guard by the boat
docks and initiate the event with Stan and James.  Go to the inn so you
can save and rest.  When you come out after resting, initiate the 
Bubble Evil King auto-event.  Go to the mayor's house and talk to 
everyone and leave.  Talk to Belioune, Marlene's butler, then talk to
the sailor at the dock and board the boat.  Beat all the urns and enter
the next floor.  Do this until you reach the Bubble Evil King.  Fight
and put his lights out.  You will automatically save Marlene.  Go to 
the inn.  Save and rest.  Talk to Belioune at the mayor's house.  Go 
back to Tenel and enter Ari's house.  Talk to everyone then rest in 
your room.  At night, meet Marlene in the basement.  Go to the circus
area and talk to Rosalyn.  Help Marlene look for the stupid flower. 
Talk to Marlene and Mom the next day.  Give the music box to Marlene.

Chapter 4 Walkthrough
Wow!  Chapter four already!  There are only seven chapters in the whole
game, and six and seven are amazingly short.  Go back to Madril.  The
shop has new items for everyone.  In the first room of city hall, the
man on the right side toward the back will give you an Official Card.
Go to 2F and get the Gaudy Card from woman in the bar.  Get the
Researcher Card from a sciency man in front of a building on 2F.  I
don't remember if they give it to you automatically, but if they don't,
get the Ordinary Card from Dad in Tenel.  Now explore Madril and talk
to everyone on the first floor.  When you have, go to the house where
there was a sign that a guy left because he was tricked by Mr. Big Inc.
There is a big man there now, in front of the house.  Talk to him.  
Then talk to the man in black clothes in front of the building near the
sewer entrance.  Go in the building and enter the door to the left.
Give the man the researcher's card and go up to the next floor.  Give
him the gaudy card.  Go up.  Give him Business Card.  Go up and show 
the man the Ordinary Card.  This doesn't satisfy the guy.  Then Marlene
shows herself.  Go up and initiate the Chairman Evil King event.  Now
leave Madril through the south exit.  Cross the first bridge and turn 
left.  Look at your map and go to the yellow dot.  This is the Endless
Abyss.  Green shiny spaces open doors.  Destroy Urns to open floors.
You'll be going back and forth from floor to floor, so try going back
a floor if you get stuck.  You'll eventually fight and beat Chairman
Evil King.  A little south-east in the desert is a stone statue.  
Examine it and go through the tunnel it opens.  Witness the Big Bull
Evil King event.  The house a few steps further sells good but costly
items.  Between Madril and Tenel is a sign that warns you to go no
further.  Since when has that ever stopped you in any video game?  Go
further and enter the Big Tree Hole.  Beet the Urns and go to B2.  On
this floor you'll see a sign.  Read the sign.  Go back to B1 and go to
the room with the treasure chest.  Go through the wall behind it.  In
the only empty room on this floor, there is a wall you can go through.
On the next floor, just run around looking for the weak wall and go 
through.  Beat Big Bull Evil King and he'll join your party.  Go back
to Madril and witness the Linda event on 2F.  In the reasearcher's 
building talk to the guys that don't look like researchers and learn
that Linda is Teen Idol Evil King.  Talk to Linda in front of the train
station.  Go back to the snowfields.  Go down the map until you see an
island with a pyramid-like thing on it.  You'll know you're there when
a scene initiates.  Beat the Urns and open doors.  There is only one
level before you fight Teen Idol Evil King.  Kick her butt and she 
becomes the second-last addition to your happy group. (Weird, huh?  An
Evil king, a boy, a hero, a ghost scholar, a fighting idiot, and a 
singer.  Don't worry, your last friend is the weirdest of the bunch.)
Go to the Madril sewers.  Behind where you beat Sewer Evil King is an 
open gate.  Go down to B2.  This is a pretty confusing puzzle but let
me explain it bit-by-bit.  There is a box of gears next to you.  This
is used later.  In front of you is a 3x3 panel.  In front of you is
a large puzzle that is 3x3.  By standing on the corresponding box in
the 3x3 mini-panel, it will turn 90 degrees the box.  You need to use
this to reach the right side of the dungeon map on B2.  Go down below
to B3-East.  Go down and beat the Urns.  Go down to B4-East and get
the item.  I don't remember the name of it, but it's the only thing 
there.  Bring it upstairs and go to the Gear Box next to where you
came in.  Put the item in there.  Now manipulate the 3x3 panels near
the south and east of the map to reach the B3-West.  Beat the urns and
go to B4-West.  Get the item and bring it upstairs to the Gear Box.
Now manipulate all the 3x3 panels to reach the north of the map.  Go 
downstairs to B3-North.  Beat the urns and go to B4-North.  Witness the
event and... FINALLY!  CHAPTER 5!

Chapter 5 Walkthrough
The ghosts went away so take your time and explore.  Eventually go to
the south-most point on the snow map.  There is a diary, a city, and
a stone circle there.  Make sure you activate the stone circle!!!!!  
You need this one for later.  Activate it by entering it, then leaving
through it again.  Now save at the diary and enter Triste.  Choose the
2nd option to enter the city.  Talk to the guy by the theater to buy
good items.  Now go to the park and talk to the circus guy.  You have
officially started the single most annoying point in the game.  Go to
Madril, coming from Tenel, and witness the Marilyn scene.  Visit her
in the hotel and an event will take place.  Now... go around the world.
Talk to every person, inside or outside buildings.  Eventually, the
screen will go black for a minute.  When it returns, you will be
solid again.  Woo!  When this happens go back to the Circus guy in 
Triste.  Ask for K.T. to get in.  You will automatically get your
friends back.  Go to your house in Tenel.  Talk to everyone many
times, including calling Stan, until the scene ends.  Put Big Bull in
your party now.  He needs to be ready for a hard fight later.  There is
another gate in the side of Triste.  It leads to the desert.  At the 
tomb in the sand, go right to the deep grave pit.  Destroy all the urns on
all nine floors until you find the bottom floor.  Get the doll and 
bring it to B5.  In the north-most position there is a treasure chest.
Put the doll in the chest.  Go behind the door and go down to the 
hidden room on B6.  Get the Gear Tower Key from the tile and leave the
dungeon the way you came in.  Go across the bridges to reach the north 
of the weird little blocks on the map.  You're in the right starting
place when the camera goes up high to show you the scenery.  This took
me hours because I didn't have a walkthrough for it.  I can't help 
much, but the basics of what you need to do are here.  Manipulate the
maze so you reach the North-eastern part of the ruins. (use the map to
know where that is.)  There should be an opening.  Go through it and
follow the narrow path until the end of the path.  There is another
hole-in-the-wall to go in.  Now manipulate the rest of the maze to get
south of the maze, where the little red dot is.  Use this stone circle
to go back to Triste.  I would stock up on a lot of Black Cat
Jewels. (If they sell them.)  If you have Big Bull's Blaze Special
then go back to the desert.  If not, buy some more attack items. (not
black cat jewels.)  In the desert, proceed to the diary.  Save there.
Now enter the Gear Tower.  This is not a level.  You will immediately
fight the Phantom Evil King.  Start by using every Black Cat Jewel you
have until you run out.  When you run out than use Big Bull's Blaze or
other attack items.  This is the best strategy you can use, since
Phantom Evil King is immune to about everything.  Enter this stone 
portal.  Epros will join your party.

Chapter 6 Walkthrough
The purple stone portal can now be used as a regular stone portal.
Talk to the people until it is about dusk.  Make sure you shop at the
store.  They sell the best items except the Hero's Sword.  When the
sun is setting, sleep at the inn.  You'll wake up at night.  Find
a little house that wasn't available earlier.  Now enter and beat up
the Vampire Evil King. (The last one!)  

Chapter 7 Walkthrough
That was short, huh?  Go down steps in the city until you reach a large
bridge.  Cross and enter the next area.  Move around until you reach
the Great Library.  Save and talk to the guy there.  Go to this site
for a library map.  Print that and use this walkthrough to conquer
the Great Library.  
When you reach a colored door, use X to open it.  It'll only open if
you have the right key at hand.
From the entrance at the bottom, follow the Red line to the Garnet Key.
This map doesn't note most bookcases but shows you where to go on the 
map.  Now follow the Green line to the Emerald Key.  Follow the blue 
line to the Sapphire Key.  Now follow the pink line to the Amethyst
Key.  Now explore and get the little brown dots on the map (chests).
The Hero's Sword is around here somewhere.  
Go toward the gray door at the direct north of the Center Wing.
You'll pass a diary on the way, so use it.  Enter the door to initiate
the scene.  Stan doesn't look anything like that dumb shadow!  When 
Epros tells you to stop Stan and Rosalyn, go to your items and use the
Voice Recorder that Linda gave you.  This will initiate the next scene.
Eventually you'll fight Belioune.  Beat him and initiate the final 
scene.  The game is now over!  Congratulations!       

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